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When you made your intentions clear to Jin that you won't assist him in his conquest he was more than displeased.
But even so he honored his end of the bargain and is now leading you through a long stairway down to the basement.
The dark corridor is only illuminated by the sole torch in Kariyas hand.

You follow him along the steps while a second bount is walking just behind you.
While you understand that she's there as an insurance for Jin but that doesn't mean her constant complaining is not driving you crazy.
''I can't believe you're actually doing this Kairya!
We hold all the cards! So why are you letting go of our hostages so willingly?!"

Jin merely sighs as he slowly descends the long stairway.
"Just be quiet Yoshi, you're embarrassing yourself..."


"If you're about to say we could have taken him on together then you can save your breath.
While you'd be more than comfortable with that the rest of us are not!
And besides even if we were the chance of winning would still be non-existent..."
Jin looks ahead of himself into the tunnel and speaks up.
"Speaking of which..."

He promptly stops and puts his torch into a scone.
The light faintly illuminates the small corridor and reveals two figures within the shadows.
One of them is an old man sitting in an ornate chair and the other one is surprisingly a shinigami.

"Ah Kariya!
It's good that you're finally here!"
The decrepit old man speaks up.
"I don't think I can hold our "guests" locked up any longer...
Baura is at his limits."
The old man then looks past Jin and sees you.
"Hold on... What's he doing here?"

"Sawatari! Call back your doll.
I've finished what I wanted and now we'll simply let go of our guests."

The old man grumbles and starts shouting.
"Baura! Come back to me!"

In that instance what you assumed to be a wall composed entirely of jagged rocks begins to move around.
As you observe its movements you finally make out the image of a rather large fish and suddenly you realize that it was this thing that swallowed up your friends.

Once the rather big creature moves out of the way by seemingly swimming through the ground the space that he occupied reveals a large, steel door that bursts open the moment it becomes freed.
Ash and dust begins to fill the room as the cell door is torn open by the large explosion made by Tatsuki.
Arisawa hurries out and immediately begins shouting


Meanwhile Dante just casually walks out.
"Tsk tsk tsk.
Come on Arisawa.
No need to be so aggressive.''

And just as he finished his sentence Asher jumped out completely out of the blue.

He shouted at the top of his lungs while waving his cross around.

At this Dante facepalmed himself harder than ever before.
The old man named Sawatari stares at them in disbelief and grumbles.
"Stupid young brats.
It's no wonder how you did barely any damage to my Baura.
Even the eldest among you is just an idiotic child!''

Dante looks up at this.
Actually that was all the ladies doing.
She's the one who insisted on bashing your stupid fish all this time.
Not even the quincy felt the need to help her.''


"Oh believe me old fart.
If I threw a punch you'd have fuckin' felt it!''

As this is going on Jin looks at you.
''I've done as you asked Kaizar...
You're all free to go...
After we are done with your quincy friend of course."

You give him a quick glance.
"I never agreed to such thing!"

"It doesn't matter since it's not you whose permission I need.
But I'm thoroughly disappointed in you Kaizar...
You've lost that famous killer edge of yours. The man I once knew wouldn't care about such trivial things.''

''You're wrong Jin.
I haven't changed a bit! You're just not on my side anymore!
And I'm more concerned about the wellbeing of my people than your quest for vengeance!"

Still, you have no right to forbid me from making any sort of deal with the quincy."

>Fine, do as you please.
>You can speak with Uryu but I'll be present.
>No, we're leaving!
>Ask a few questions from Kariya
>Other? (write-in)
>Ask a few questions from Kariya
The soul society are dicks but you realize you're going on a suicide run right? wouldn't it better to spite them by living?
>>Ask a few questions from Kariya
>Ask a few questions from Kariya
"You do realize that you will die? You are the only bount that is a match for a captain, and they have 12. 4 of whom are serious threats to me."
A good choice!

Bonus points if we mention that SS is a dump that nobody sane would want to conquer anyway.
''You do realize you're marching to your death, right?
I've been to the Soul Society Jin and after seeing what one of you is capable of I'm certain you'd all be slaughtered!''

Kariyas eyes twitch at your word but just barely.
As you notice this sign your mind goes wild with speculation.
The only thing that manages to snap you out of the almost trance like state is the shouting of the shinigami by the side of the elderly bount.

"You dare insult Master Kariyas strength?
Quite the nerve you've got there weakling!"

You give a quick glance to the shinigami with as much murderous intent as possible.
Dante sees your reaction and he begins to panic. Quickly he yanks Uryu close to him by his arm and he reaches around Tatsuki.
While the girl squirms in protest the boy shuts her down promptly.

Arisawa is a bit taken back by Dantes sudden harshness.
"Watch! And DON'T move!"

Slowly you begin to radiate with turquoise energy.
The room soon gets filled with reiatsu that starts to weigh on everyone and those without sufficient amounts of spirit energy fall to their knees excluding Asher and Dante, who is shielding the two humans with his own reiatsu, and the bount that's sitting in his chair.
Even Karya can't stand against your spiritual pressure.

Now the pressure exerted by your reiryoku is so dominant that the deep booming sound is painful to hear.
As you look at the shinigami on his knees you begin speaking.

''If I so choose I could grind your bones to dust with only my reiatsu you scum!
One more word and you'll wish that I did!"
You turn your attention to Karya.
"This is the magnitude of my power and it's only the tip of the iceberg Jin!
And even with power like this I'm terrified of the Soul Societys might.
So tell me, why would someone throw away their life for a heap of garbage like the Soul Society?!''

''Y-you wouldn't-"


Both the one called Sawatari and the shinigami look at Jin with a puzzled look.
"M-Master Kariya?!"

"S-shut up Ichinose!"
You walk over to the grounded bount and lift him up by his collar as you keep purposely leaking your reiatsu.


The man visibly starts tearing up as he starts speaking.
"I-It's true...
For many years I... I sought vengeance for what the shinigami have done to my people...
But as the centuries passed... I saw generations of humans die...
And the shocked expression of all the souls I consumed lingered with me until eventually that's all I could ever see.
I can't sleep and whenever I feed I feel like throwing up...
That's when I realized... I wasted all those years that I devoted to seeking revenge...
And that the shinigami were right!"

Hearing his words shocks you to your core and you slowly begin suppressing your reiatsu once more.
Now Jin is crying without remorse.
"Us bounts are abominations...
We feed on the souls of innocent in order to prolong our unholy existence...
That's... That's why I decided to erase all traces of our race.
You see, us bounts can't reproduce. We are infertile because we aren't meant to be!
If only... If only I could kill all of us then it'd set things straight... no more bounts, no more vampires, no more abominations...''

Your grip slowly loosens and Kariya falls to the ground.
Staring down at him you begin muttering.
"So you lured them all into a false war...
Even those two children I've seen?"

"Hah... that's funny.
Those twins are just as old as Sawatari over there...
Do you see now? We were a mistake.
Sure they tried to erase us but ultimately they were right.
In fact I believe they did a favor to those they killed. At least they were freed from this curse..."

"Then why didn't you just kill them yourself?!"

"I couldn't bring myself to do it...
And even if I did we bounts are good at staying hidden.
Once they got wind of me slaughtering bounts they'd hide so well that I'd never be able to find them.
It was easier this way..."

As you look at your downed adversary you can't help but feel pity and even some sympathy towards him.
It's not that difficult for you to imagine yourself in his position after all.
But this brings up an interesting question. How do you want to handle this?

>Offer Kariya the exit he desires then reveal his plan to the other bounts
>Tell him that you'll complete his plan
>Give him an alternative solution
>Other? (write-in)
>>Give him an alternative solution
>Give him an alternative solution
"I'm a hollow, and I haven't had to eat a soul in years."
>Give him an alternative solution
>Give him an alternative solution
Introduce soul fruit. Offer a home in hueco.
>Give him an alternative solution
No reason bounts can't stay in bone world, right?
That's pretty one sided.

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Meanwhile in the Soul Society:

Hisagi Shuhei is currently being lead by his captain outside the boundaries of the Seireitei.
He often goes out to the Rukongai both as a means of passing time and when he has to go there on official business.
But even one as versed in the layout of the district as he is was lost by this point.
Nervousness began setting in as they leave the last remnants of civilization behind.

Cautiously he looks around and sees that there are no more buildings as far as the eye can see.
May I ask where we're going?''

I've told you we're going to train somewhere private.
That's all you need to know.''

Hisagi swallows nervously and dark thoughts begin to cross his mind.
But his worries melt away as he begins sensing the distant presence of Madarame Ikkaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika of the 11th division.

Soon enough they meet up with the pair and Captain Asato greets them.
"Yo Ikkaku! Yumichika!"

"Heh nice to see you too ya' bastard!"
Ikkaku turns his attention to Shuhei.
"So... Hisagi huh?
Did your captain even tell you what ye'r in for?"

"H-he told me it's to get me a... bankai?"

Ikkaku smirks.
"Well yeah but it seems like he deliberately left you in the dark huh?"
He looks back at Asato.
"So who's it gonna be Junichi? You or me?"

The captain carefully removes his haori and puts it on an outstretched tree branch.
He begins stretching his arm as he speaks.
"I guess I'll do it first.
It'd be better if we ease him in rather than tossing the boy into the deep end."


"Also Yumichika.
How's your kido? Can we trust you to conceal us and to keep an eye out?"

The flamboyant shinigami swipes his hair to the side and speaks.
"Sure but you owe me.
I know! How about you treat me to dinner in exchange?"

"Fine but no funny business!"

"Humph! As if!
No offense but ever since you started rigorously working out you became a lot less beautiful."

While that's going on Hisagi looks around completely clueless about what's going on.
"So wait... Ikkaku has a bankai, right?
Does that mean you have one as well Yumichika?"

Of course not!
But that's not really what the conversation has been about!"

"Then wha-"

In that instant black reiatsu begins to fill the area and Hisagi looks back at his captain.
His eyes go wide when he gazes upon a pristine white and owl like mask that has many intricate markings on it.

Captain Junichi then looks up at him with black and yellow eyes and speaks with an odd reverbrating voice.
"Prepare yourself Shuhei...
This is going to get wild!"
Fuggen Vizards
As you look down at Kariya you can't help but feel sorry for him.
But strangely enough as you're lost in thought you feel someone approach you and they touch you.

"Kaizar I think you should help them."
Asher speaks up with his hand on your shoulder.
"Y-you look pale... Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah.
It's just... You know what? I don't even want to finish it.
So what's with your sudden outburst of generosity? I thought you'd be more than happy that you can put a stake through their heart."

He gives you a serious look.
"I just don't agree with the concept of original sin.
And you can't justify wiping out an entire species like that."

It makes sense why he'd feel that way.
Though he pretty much moved on from those events the memories are still with him to this day.
But at the same time you can't help but smirk at his remark.

"A priest who doesn't believe in original sin?
Next you'll tell me that you don't molest altar boys either!"

He simply shrugs with a coy smile.
"And I enjoy the company of women and unlike those kid fiddling faggots I'm not a hypocrite who hates the gays.
How's this news to you?!"

You pat him back on the shoulder after you have your little laugh and collect yourself in the meantime.
"Don't worry.
I'll think of something."

Walking away from your boy and towards the collapsed Kariya you reach under his arm and lift him back to his feet like you did many soldiers back in the war.
"Get up you fuck!
You ain't getting out of this so easily!"
After he's brought back to his feet you shake him a bit to get his attention.
"Man up damn you!"

"What do you want from me?"

"We'll go upstairs and tell everyone just how much shit you've been stirring!
Then I'll try and fix it!
So get your shit together already! It'd be shameful for your kin to see you in such a sorry state!"
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368 KB JPG
You begin heading for the stairs.
On the way back you can hear the kids bickering behind you.

"You know you can let me go now! RIGHT?"

"Erm... I'm afraid I can't!
Too much residual spirit pressure particle... forces!
Just as Dante finished that sentence Tatsuki drove her elbow deep into him.

''I'm afraid my boss won't hear your pleas son.
Honestly you were asking for that one."

"Aw jeez thanks old fart!
Now I'll be thinking about you when I piss blood!"

You turn around and start shouting at them.
"Can you just BEHAVE yourselves for just ONE MINUTE?!"

"Sorry grandpa..."

With that out of the way you finally reached the big open hall that you were in before.
To your surprise all of the bounts are still here even if they finally took a break and sat down while you were away.
But the second one of them sees Kariya following you they all spring up and look at you eagerly.
The only exception to this is the guy you previously planted firmly in a nearby wall.

One of the bounts, a rather large guy with an orange mohawk looks down at you.
"So Kariya...
How'd it go?"

The man is almost covering behind you while the two bounts, the green haired woman and the old man, simply look at him in disgust.
Rather than waiting for him to grow a spine you step forward and speak to the vampires.

"Your leader betrayed you.
His grandiose plan to invade Soul Society for the sake of revenge was nothing more than an elaborate lie to convince all of you to follow him."

On the balcony a pair of twins jump up the rails and looks down at you and Jin.
"What's the meaning of this Kariya?
The hell's this guy saying?"

''Shut up Ban!''
The decrepit bount orders the twin that spoke up.
"Let the hollow speak. He's telling the truth."

"His goal was the destruction of the bount race all along.
He believes that the shinigami were right to exterminate you since you're nothing more than a mistake..."

Another bount, this time a man with orange hair, speaks up.
I knew there was something messed up going on here.
Oy Kariya! Is this true?"

He looks down at his feet in shame and the other bounts feel a sense of shock washing over them.
After a deep breath you look at them and continue.

"Jin thought that you being soul eating monsters meant that you have no place in this world.
What he failed to realize is that the bounts are NOT the only monsters devouring souls."
You begin focusing your murderous intent and black tendrils appear around you.
"We hollows also prey on the dead. Does that mean we are monsters as well?"
Then the apparitions disappear.
"I'd like to say no.
In fact I haven't eaten a single soul for decades."

The bounts look at each other in confusion and then you resume.
"Back in my home of Hueco Mundo we've found a way for hollows to exist peacefully without needing to consume pluses for nourishment.
I'd say that your hunger is probably similar to ours.
If you're willing then you are more than welcome there."
The army grows!
more drinking buddies!
If anyone's still unconvinced: We have soul booze!
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218 KB GIF
File: Koga1.jpg (13 KB, 640x480)
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The large man with the mohawk jumps down and you see the wooden floor break under his weight.
He walks over you and you realize just what a huge specimen he is.
While he certainly has quite the weight you're certain that it's mostly muscle and not in fact fat.
And even though you're quite tall yourself he is still capable of looking down at you just a little.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that we found a substitute for human souls.
A type of fruit capable of quenching our hunger far better than any regular human ever could."

"And you'd be willing to share it with us? A bunch of strangers?"

"I would and I do it every single day.
I've discovered and grown these for decades now and I used them as the foundation of a prosperous city.
Naturally you can come and see it for yourselves, if you dislike it for whatever reason then you can leave."

The man seems to be quite shaken at these implications.
Perhaps this is the first time in his life when someone didn't shun him for what he is and instead welcomed him with open arms.
That must be a lie! I've heard tales of the promised land hollow.
Know what was common in all tales? They weren't true."

At this Dante walks up and looks up at the imposing man.
"Ya callin' my grandfather a liar?
'Cause then we'd have a problem!"

You mean you have a family?"

You nod.
"I do.
And you wouldn't believe how messed up it already is.
You'll fit right in with a bunch of weird outcasts like us."

At the sound of that the other orange haired bount jumps down.
"Oh I like the sound of that!
Count me in!"
He begins to scratch his head.
"Buuut I also have a question...
What's your policy on eating humans?"

"It's forbidden.
But since it's unnecessary it's never a problem."

"Ah cool! But ya' see...
We have a problem right here."
He points at three bounts, the old man with the walking cane, the green haired girl and the guy you turned into a piece of abstract wall art.
"See we bounts also have a rule that says: Don't eat living humans.
But these guys broke that rule quite a few times actually.
Sawatari over there looks so shit because he never stopped eating living humans and that's the price he had to pay.
And the other two aren't much better. What about them?"

How do you respond?
>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
>I can't allow people like that to come. You are free to go.
>If that's true then I can't let them live
>Other? (write-in)
>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions. None of you are special and I'll treat you all the same as my hollows.
>>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
>>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
>>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
"Anyone who breaks the rules gets to fight the 60 million year old ghost T-rex."
>Everyone gets exactly one chance, no exceptions.
and >>944785 is just too good, add that in
File: Ep83KurodoRenjiYoshi.png (189 KB, 479x358)
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189 KB PNG
''There is a saying in Las Noches that's very fitting...
Enter the city of Vanaheim and your sins are washed away.
What this means is no matter who you were in your previous life you get a clean slate. Once.
I assure you there are people living a quiet life in there who committed worse things than you can imagine.
And these same people could probably kill, eat and shit out all of you at the same time without much effort."

Dante takes a few steps forward and chimes in.
"Plus if that still didn't change your mind about starting shit then let's just say that if you break the rules you get to be the personal pleasure object of the sixty million year old T-rex who probably killed more people than you ever knew.
Or seen. Or existed at once.
Pretty much it means you'll get fucked. And you'll WISH he did it literally..."

The Mr T look-alike looks at you with eyes wider than the Grand Canyon.
"D-did he make that one up?"

Dante laughs.

"Basically what he's saying is that we have ways of enforcing our rules.
In Hueco Mundo might makes right. Always had, always will.
And while you're certainly stronger than a mere human your bodies are still frail compared to ours.
So if they want to then they can come.
But that depends on them.''
You turn your attention to those in question.
''So... your comrades seem to be in favor of coming with us.
How about you?''

The green haired woman who you recall is name Yoshi speaks up.
''I got a question.
What do you guys do for fun?''

''That's... a tricky one...''
You scratch your head.

Dante screams.

''Well yes we do enjoy debauchery.
And yes before you ask, we have alcohol. A lot.''


"Well we have music, weekly magazines you can read.
I've heard one of our police officers is preparing to launch his own one man theater.''

''You guys are fuckin' boring!
Isn't there anything fun for me?''

"Then I don't know what to tell you.
We mostly enjoy our quiet lives.''

Dante speaks up after much pondering.
''Well there's the arena...''

Yoshi looks at him.
''I beg your pardon.''

''We got a big roman style colosseum where we watch and bet on fights.
You can even sign up and fight against the hardiest sons of bitches the city has to offer in a blood soaked arena of brutality...''

Yoshi just stares blankly for a few moments.
''... ... ...
you know, that reminds me, we should have ab Omake of Kaizar participating in the arena, Commodus style.
''Well that was... easier than expected.
And how about you? I hesitate to call you old man since you don't look like that because of your age.''

I'm still older than you are brat.
And no. I don't care about you or your magical land of peace and whatnot.
Also... that man in the wall. Utagawa.
A good man, a straightforward man. You'll see that he shares my views.
He eaten less live humans than I have but that's still far more than any other member of our tribe.
We don't care about that sappy nonsense!
Humans are our food and that's all there's to it!"

You close your eyes.
"Is that true?"

"I just told you, stupid hollow!''

''No. Not you.
I'm asking your kin. Is it true what he said?
Does he view humans as nothing but food?"

The bount with the mohawk nods.
Sawatari was always the most bloodthirsty of our kind.
And Utagawa is exactly like him. There's no doubt he'd also refuse your offer even after witnessing your power like that."

"I see..."

It has become quite obvious that these two don't care about your offer and instead they'll keep their murderous lifestyle.
How do you deal with this?

>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
>It can't be helped. Let them go. The shinigami will probably kill them someday
>They are too dangerous to let live (kill them)
>Other? (write-in)
>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
>>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
They can fuck up afterwards and serve as the evening's entertainment.
>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
>Drag them to Vanaheim and shove fruit down their throat if need be
if they dont like it set them free in the wasteland of Hueco Mundo or throw them into the Colosseum
Reward for the worthy, punishment for the guilty

''Asher, Dante.''

The two of them almost instinctually look up as you speak their names and disappear from sight for a brief moment.
Everybody is shocked when they suddenly appear at your sides with equally fast motions.

''S-so fast!''

''This is insane! I didn't even see them move!''

Tatsuki and after her Uryu speak up.
It's not surprising since this is their first time seeing either of them at full speed.

Dante and Asher look at you expectantly and your grandson gives you a savage grin.
''Oh I was hoping we'd do this the second the old guy opened his mouth!''

"Well lads I think you both know what this means.
These two are clearly need some relocation.
Asher you'll handle the old guy, let's leave him with at least... some dignity."

"Not makin' any promises Kaizar."

With similarly blinding speed the two take off.
Dante appears beside Utagawa and with a casual motion he pulls him out of the wall he was embedded in.
Sadly in the process a large portion of the wall is also demolished but at least he did his task.

In the meantime Asher used bringer light to get close to Sawatari who begins panicking and for good reason.
He calls for his doll and the large rock like fish emerges from the ground and lifts his master alongside his chair.

Asher merely smirks at this and he casually walks up to the large fish.
He casually bumps into the dolls side and in that instant it shatters to a million pieces.

The old bount then falls to the ground and looks up at him while crawling on the ground.
"W-wha? How?!"

"By the power of the Lord you immortal fuck!
But in all seriousness I noticed that your doll works VERY similarly to a fullbring and to an extent a zanpakuto.
It was childs play tearing its reishi particles apart.''

The elderly pries then grabs the bount under his armpit and carries him on his back after tossing the vampire up there.
He makes his way to you with a satisfied smirk.
''Ah nothing tastes sweeter than a little revenge!"
He looks up t the bount on his back.
''My son warned you but you didn't listen!"

"Impressive work there Asher."

But it wasn't such a big deal after I figured out how that fish works.
Judging by how it behaves I'd say that the bounts are remarkably similar to hollows.
Do you think that's what the shinigami did? Somehow mixing hollow energy into human souls?"

"No idea.
But judging by how they can devour souls to prolong their lives and increase their powers I'd say it's very likely."

Then the mohawk bount comes closer to you.
"Actually our original purpose was somehow achieving eternal life.
All I know is that we have a regular human soul but with some extra component inside."

You put your finger on your chin and begin pondering.
"That's troubling...
Would you mind telling all of this to someone in Hueco Mundo as well Mr..."

"Go. Koga Go.
And yes, I'd be happy to."
While the bounts start to gather around the place Uryu actually comes over to you to voice his concer.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?
Taking them against their will?"

"Would you let two murderers run wild?"

"No but... you know.
You could just kill them."

"I'm a fan of poetic justice.
And since they enjoy the rule of Eat or Be eaten I'd love to see their reaction when they suddenly awaken at the other end of the spectrum."

"I-I guess...
It still feels bad to me for some reason."

"Then how about this?
This is their reward for being straightforward about it.
If they lied I'd have definitely killed them."

He shrugs.
"I guess it doesn't matter.
The other thing I wanted to ask is what will happen to Yoshino?"

"We'll give her the same offer.
If you say that she's a good person then I'll take your word for it and let her remain in this world.
But from what you said about her she won't refuse."

"I... I guess."

"Speaking of which.
Your grandson appears next to you at a moments notice.
"Go to the Ishida house and get the nice lady you made friends with to come here."

"Okay but she won't like it."

"Tell her that we have an offer she simply must hear.
Hopefully that will make her more cooperative."

It took Dante a few minutes to get Yoshino here and then a few more to explain the situation to her.
At first she was hesitant, apparently she has a VERY bad history with Kariya making her incredibly unwilling to go to the same place as him, but it didn't take much persuasion to change her mind.

With every bount either ready to depart or restrained Koga walks up to you.
"Okay, I think we're ready.
But we also have a problem..."

"Well, what is it?"

"Hueco Mundo is a spirit world isn't it?
We can't just go there since we are mere humans..."

That's... actually a valid point.
Without something to convert regular matter to reishi they won't be able to exist in Hueco Mundo.
You nervously clutch your chest as you carefully weigh your options.

>Ask Urahara for help
>Use the Hogyoku
>Other? (write-in)
>Ask Urahara for help
Could always ask if our science buddy can do it.
>>Other? (write-in)
Fuck Urahara. Call Yata.
>>Ask Urahara for help
>Other? (write-in)>>
yata can do it, I know he can
>Ask Urahara for help

>Ask Urahara for help

Avoid getting into the habit of using the plotrock for trivial things
This, no doubt yata can pull some shit out of his ass to help us
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Remember that one scene where Unohana compared Mayuri to Urahara to motivate him?
Yata won by 1

File: 1473929249198.jpg (175 KB, 777x777)
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In a brief strike of genius you decide to whip out your denreishiki and tap the air to create a miniscule gateway to the Garganta.
Once you see that there's a solid signal you call up Yata who's back home.

"I don't care what you want Kaizar!
You dumped my gigai and now I can't collect any data!
So I'll just hang up and you can rot in hell for all I care!"

"Oh? Wha-?
Okay, I guess I'll go and ask this shinigami scientist I know for help then."

There is a long pause on the other end.

"While it might be a bit awkward I think Urahara will be able to help me if you won't.
Bye then!"

"Nononono! WAIT!
A shinigami?! You think you can replace my services with those of a shinigami?!
Okay then what's that this oh so great fuckhead can do that I CAN'T?!"

"Well I need to convert physical matter into reishi to bring a bunch of vampires back home."

"A bunch of what?"

Get this, the shinigami apparently wanted to find the key to eternal life and they tried to do this by somehow mixing regular souls with hollow energy which somehow resulted in a race of infertile vampires.
They are really something, too bad there's only a handful of them left."

"And you want to bring these spe- I mean... people back home with that matter conversion?
FINE! Just give me a fuckin' second!"

"Thanks Yata I knew I could count on you!"


In the background you hear someone hastily searching through a room full of random junk all the while Yata keeps shouting at both Szayel and Hao furiously.
Not really wanting to drain the battery of your communicator you turned it off which turned out to be unnecessary as a mere five minutes later a gateway opened up before you that was much larger than anything you ever used for personal transport.

A bit scared you quickly dialed Yatas phone and began shouting.

"Haha fool!
You forgot who you're dealing with stupid gaijin!
I always have like twenty projects on hold because I lose interest in them!
All I had to do is take some half finished projects and apply what I learned from my gigai experiments about converting matter!
Now I bet that bastard shinigami of yours would take half a year because he's too busy preparing some holy fucking ritual!"
Then you hear some muffled swearing in the background as you close your communicator.

"Well then...
Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is your ticket to Hell.
We hope you'll enjoy the ride!"
ahhhhh, yata is hilarious as always.
I'd like to imagine working as one of Yata's assistants is simultaneously the most horrible job but also the best from how much cool shit you'd help make.
I'd sign up for that
File: Spoiler Image (47 KB, 640x480)
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Hisagi has been training with his captain for half an hour now and already he's feeling exhausted.
Up until now he's been trying to get answers from his captain without much result.
Captain Asato hasn't answered any of his questions regarding the hollow mask and instead he kept charging Shuhei with ferocity fitting a hollow.
The young lieutenant felt so overwhelmed by his savagery that he had to activate his shikai almost immediately if he wanted to survive.

He withstands the assault for two more minutes before his stamina finally gives out and his shikai automatically reverts.
Hisagi collapses onto the ground as he keeps panting.

"Wh-wha-what was that?!"

Junichi swipes with his hand and his mask disappears.
"I assume you've heard about the rumors of my Auschwitz assignment..."

"All I heard is that you lost a teammate to the Fear Eater.
Everything else is too unreal to believe."

"It's likely that they are not rumors.
Most of what they say actually happened back there. But I admit I'm not keeping up with that stuff anymore. Too much trouble."
He takes out a pack of smokes and lights one of them.
Extending his arm he offers Hisagi one as well but the lieutenant refuses.
"In any case, there was something that you won't find in any reports.
I was actually the first and the only confirmed shinigami whose sword the Fear Eater stole.
Once he returned it to me I started developing... things... dangerous things. Forbidden things.
In a matter of days I could create a hollow mask that I could use any time I wanted."

"And you kept it a secret because it's outlawed..."

"Yeah... Though technically only the pursuit of hollow power is outlawed I doubt that Central 46 will care about their own damn laws..."

Shuhei looks at Ikkaku.
"Then they are..."

"Only Madarame.
He actually engaged the Fear Eater in Nagasaki after the bomb.
It was purely by chance that we met but when we did... I don't know... we could just "detect" the taint on one another...
In a way it was a relief to know there is at least someone like me out there. Even if he is radically different from me."

As they are speaking Yumichika takes a call on his denreishiki.
Once he receives his orders the two squad 11 shinigami come up to them.
"Erm... Sorry Junichi...
Looks like we gotta bounce."


"Nah we just got an assignment with Yumichika.
Apparently shit's going on in the Living World..."

"And they are sending Squad 11?"

"Actually... they are sending a whole bunch of guys... from 3 bloody divisions...
Ice shota, Matsumoto, her tits and Abarai."

Junichis eyes go wide.
"What?! What's going on?!"

"It's the 12th division...
They're sayin' that there are arrancars in Karakura Town.
Big ones!"
And I believe that's where I'll be ending the thread.

Archive's up and this time I'll actually update the pastebins.

In any case, have a nice damned day!
Thanks for the thread.
No Goddamnit Spooky! I was really getting into it! Thanks for running man, can't wait until next time.
Do not worry my man.
Next week will be an extra long one
(think of it as a christmas present)
When they show up, the first thing we should ask them is where is the squad medic. Then yell at them for being amateurs and leaving the medics at home.
Aw. Thanks spook, you're the best.
>Ice shota, Matsumoto, her tits and Abarai."

>tfw Captain Jobber and cowtits' cowtits are ahead of Renji

Get shit on.

Though to be fair, those are some nice tits.
>Ikkaku shows up.
>No medic
"Do you expect me to heal you again Madarame?!"
Trust me, should shit go SNAFU he's the one who will need a medic the least
Well alright then:
>inb4 Matsumoto Vizard
Or failing that
>Inb4 accidentally transforming Rangiku into a hollow after her zanpakuto's hollow tears her open and wears her like a cheap dress
>Inb4 the difference is negligible because the hollow IS you or at least a part of you.
>Inb4 angry Mila Rose and Lillynette noises.
Because it's late and I'm apparently dumb
Riku is apparently in Hell.
Good for her.

I guess I should catch up with SSQ then.
I took a break from reading it like... 3 maybe 4 threads ago.
Hey spooky I have a question, why is Yata so absolutely fucking best?
One day and nigh fourteen hours later, we just don't know. That is the weight of this question.

That is the weight of Yata the based, Yata the best.

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