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You shout angrily at Tsukishima as you stab him for the twentieth time in a row.
The boy is tenacious you give him that.
Despite your best efforts he still hasn't succumbed to his wounds due to his use of fullbring.
Even after destroying most of his circulatory system he still hasn't bled out.

With every additional stab you get more and more furious until your gills are crimson red and your eyes are practically glowing.

You shank the boy an additional five times and you prepare for the sixth one when all of a sudden you feel someone holding your hand back.
Quickly you turn your head to see Harribel standing behind you.
''That's enough Dear...
He's already dead.''
She speaks in a heavy-hearted tone.

Your eye waver as you see tears swelling in the eyes of your wife.
However you find it difficult to let go of your anger and you explode with as much vitriol as you can.

But before you could continue Harribel hugs you.
"Stop this, please!"
Her voice is shaking from holding back her tears.
"It's not worth sacrificing yourself for this!"

Tsukishimas sword falls out of your grasp and clatters on the ground as her words reach you.
Finally calmed down you return Tias affection and hug her tightly.
''I... I couldn't bear the thought of losing you.
Forgive me!''
You beg her with a sorrowful voice.

Harribel gets significantly less tense and she whispers in your ear.
"Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

In the background however you hear Tsukishimas gurgling as he tries to spit out the blood that welled up in his throat.
"H-how touching!
But I... I won't die here!
And when Ginjo comes back he'll-"

Tia looks up at him from behind your shoulder and gives him a pitying look.
"Your friend...
He already left..."

His eyes go wide in disbelief.

"No, he left you here right after he got sent flying.
I'm sorry to say this but he abandoned you..."

Tsukishima coughs a bit before crying out in pain.
GINJO, PLEASE! Don't leave me!

But as he was holding onto life by a single thread the thought of abandonment was enough to push Tsukishima over the edge.
Faced with the sad reality that his friend and mentor has left him to die he couldn't go on anymore and the spark of life slowly faded from his eyes.
He could feel the cold creeping up on him slowly, gently and without uttering a word he died in a pool of his own blood.


Mere moments afterwards you see chains erupting from the ground and wrapping around Tsukishimas body.
Though the chains do nothing to his body you feel them pulling his soul out of his corpse and into a large door held ajar by two humongous skeletons.
As the gates of Hell close shut before you Dante lets out a sharp whistle.

In response to that Neliel looks down at him.
"Don't even think about it!"

"Oh Neliel you never fail to be a buzzkill!"

However as they bicker between themselves the ones that ee affected by Tsukishimas mind control fall to the ground one by one.
Each of the humans grab hold of their heads and groan in pain.
To your surprise Ms Kurosaki apparently also loses consciousness but before she'd collapse Dante quickly dashes in and grabs hold of her.
Tia gives him an odd look for that.

"Are you feeling ill Dante?
What's with the sudden sense of chivalry?"

The boy carefully places Masaki on the couch before giving his snarky reply.
"And I thought you guys were supposed to be the honorable ones.
We came in and wrecked their home so the least we can do is help out a bit."

Meanwhile Tatsuki groans and struggles to get up on her own.
"Ugh... my head.
It feels like someone dropped a road roller on it and then punched it repeatedly...
What ha-
Reality slowly sets in as she looks over the ruined house.
"Oh God! Oh no! Oh GOD!
It wasn't just a bad dream, was it?''
She nervously looks around before she finally finds you.
''Krieger I'm so sorry!
I-I didn't mean to..."

You manage to stand up and cut her off before she could finish.
"Calm down Arisawa. I'm not holding you responsible for all this.
And my name is still Kaizar..."

Dante raises an eyebrow at that.
"Really? You'll just forgive the girl who literally stabbed you in the back like that?"

"It's because she stabbed me that I can forgive her.
I got to experience that bastards brainwashing first hand.
I'm just glad that his powers died with him as otherwise we'd have been in trouble.''

He merely shrugs at that.
Then he turns around to look at the two kids that still haven't recovered fully from their migraines, he even gives a passing glance to the passed out Karin upstairs.
What are we gonna do about this?
Stay here and try to untangle this mess or go straight for the source and tidy up?"

You step forward and draw Basilisco.
"First I'll undo this mess."
With a quick resurreción you fix all the damage you did to the surrounding buildings and incinerate Tsukishimas body with a small and condensed cero.
Once done with all that you seal your sword and look at your friends.

>Have Tatsuki enlighten you about what actually happened.
>Try and wake up Ms Kurosaki just to be safe.
>Go straight for the fullbringers as you have a pretty good idea about where they are holed up.
>Other? (write-in)
>>Have Tatsuki enlighten you about what actually happened.

sup spookyng
>>Go straight for the fullbringers as you have a pretty good idea about where they are holed up.
Yo Spook!
change my vote >>892552

to >Go straight for the fullbringers as you have a pretty good idea about where they are holed up.
>Wake up Kurosaki
>Get the lowdown from Tatsuki
Someone tell me the specifics yeah?
Drag em back to hueco mundo, put them in the arena.
>>Go straight for the fullbringers as you have a pretty good idea about where they are holed up.

Ah the bastard went to hell where he belongs, good.

Maybe a few centuries of torture will teach the fucker not to be a bastard, though I'm also giving Ginjo his fair share of blame for his dickatry. He raised the kid after all.

Speaking of which we need to have a, chat, with him.

Maybe give him a taste of what we gave Aizen, because he made this shit /personal/.

In the meantime try to decide who you want to bring with you or if you'd rather go alone.
Bring people, cause he is most likely setting up a trap for us and the more people there is, the more of a guarantee that we'll get him
We back boys.
So are we gonna salvage any of these Fullbrings or is this gonna be a scorched earth kill them all and salt the earth type of deal?
definitely bring dudes.

Let's just make it a family outing.
Still quite mad you look at Dante.
"I won't stop until these bastards pay for what they've done!
And I'm not planning on sitting around and waiting for them to disappear."

He scratches his head.
"Okay but... do you really need all of us?
I mean they are still just humans.
It just looks like overkill to me."

There is truth in his words.
If you exerted yourself you'd probably be able to take on the fullbringers alone judging by what you've seen from them.
Angrily you grit your teeth you look at Dante.
"Fine! I guess one of us will stay back here and make sure the fullbringers won't try anything funny!"
But as you were about to continue your eyes waver as you look at Tia.
As much as you trust her abilities you still feel nervous about exposing her to danger with your newfound knowledge.
"Dante! Since it's your idea you get the honor of baby sitting the humans."

He blinks a few times and then practically explodes.
HEY! I just wanted to be the sensible one for once and you congratulate me by screwing me over like that?"

"Deal with it.
If you want to act mature then you have to start taking responsibility for your actions."

He pouts and then throws himself on the couch.
If you want to do all the work then I won't stop you!
In fact I think I'll just sit here and relax!"
He begins waving his hand at you.
"Go on! Shoo!
You are ruining my nap!"

Not paying him any attention you turn to Nel and Harribel.
"Let's get this over with!"

But as you are about to walk outside the door Tatsuki grabs hold of you.

"What's wrong Arisawa?"

"Listen, there's something you should know.
Since everyone they brainwashed seemingly turned normal I think we have a problem."

"Then just tell me Tatsuki.
Every second we waste is precious!
Do you want them to get away?"

"No but this is important!
They have Yuzu!"


She nods before continuing.
"They took her to their place.
And since we all thought we knew them we let her go just like that.
Apparently they suspect her to have fullbring powers!"


And no doubt she's freaking out as her mind control wore off!"

That is indeed troubling news.
Them having a hostage will certainly complicate things.
But before you could properly react to these news Uryu shambles before you.

"There is... another thing..."

"Fuck me..."

"I suspect that they might have some unknown..."
He hesitates a bit.

"What do you mean?"

"It was a man.
He wore a black robe so I couldn't see much of him and I caught a glimpse of him only once.
I don't know what his deal is or what their relationship is but I'd be careful if I was you."

While hearing this makes you nervous there's just too little information to worry about it.
"Thanks Ishida...
You're alright for a quincy."

Giving him a quick glance you see that he's visibly nervous.
You'd guess there's more to this that he's not telling you but you don't really care about it.
As you step out of the door you turn around for the last time and speak to Dante.
"Keep them safe, you hear?"

"Sure, sure.
Get lost already."

Neliel and Harribel activate their gigais ejecting mechanism and leave their corporeal bodies behind.
Free of your restraints you all take off towards the building where you encountered Ginjo once before.
On your way there you give a few nervous looks to Harribel.

After a while she notices that and asks you a question.
"Is something wrong?"

You sigh.
"Let's just get this over with...
I swear to everything holy that I'll flay them alive if they so much as touched that little girl."

Neliel looks at you.
"I assume you feel responsible for her "recruitment" into this gang."

"You are right...
I only wanted to heal a girl who got mutilated by someone masquerading as me!
And now she's in danger because of that!"

Shortly afterwards you land before the inconspicuous residential building.
Your comrades look at you in bewilderment.
"Are you sure we are at the right place Dear?
This just looks... I don't know. Normal."

"Don't you feel the reishi of that bastard Ginjo all over the place?
He came here in a hurry. I can almost taste the adrenaline in the air."

"Yes but...
They have their headquarters here?
Of all places?"

"This is the last place you'd look. Isn't it?"

"I suppose you're right.
Well? How should we do this?"

>Go in, shoot first, ask questions later
>Kick down the door, give them a chance to surrender and then beat down anyone who doesn't comply
>Tell them to let go of the hostage and nobody gets hurt
>Sneak in.
>Other? (write-in)
>>Kick down the door, give them a chance to surrender and then beat down anyone who doesn't comply
>>>Kick down the door, give them a chance to surrender and then beat down anyone who doesn't comply

We tell them the hostage is valuable and that gives them power. Better to make them think they have nothing.
>>Kick down the door, give them a chance to surrender and then beat down anyone who doesn't comply

Also roll 3d10 for "persuasion"
Higher is better
Rolled 4, 6, 3 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 6, 3 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 5, 4 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 2, 2 = 9 (3d10)

Could be worse, could be better
Rolled 1, 2, 7 = 10 (3d10)

Yeah, it could have been this instead
We go in and they release Yuzu."

"And if they don't comply?"

"I secretly hope they won't.
One way or other the girl will be freed."

"We're behind you Kaizar."
Neliel chimes in.

Afterwards you enter the building and lead the two ladies up the stairs and to the entrance of the fullbringer headquarters.
Once there you casually start charging a cero in your hand and allow it to detonate as you press it against the entrance.
As the energy tears a hole in the wall you casually walk in through the smoke.


"Knock, knock."
You look over the fullbringers and you count over all six humans, all varying in age, sex and size.
"Where's the girl?"

"In a safe place."
Ginjo answers in a coy manner.

"You do realize that she's the only reason why we haven't torn off your heads yet.
Let her go and I'll let you off with a slap on the wrist."

"Tempting. But no deal.
She's in a place you'll never find without us.
So right now you'll do as we say or you can kiss her goodbye."

While he seems to be mostly calm and collected, his comrades seem a bit more nervous.
So much so that they don't dare to speak up.
How do you react?

>Fine, what do you want?
>I don't deal with criminals (attack)
>Threaten them a bit more
>Other? (write-in)
"We have ways of making you talk. Traditional German methods."
And then make them sing.
>>Threaten them a bit more
>Threaten them a bit more
"Look, I like the kid, but do you seriously think that I'd put all of my people at risk by picking a fight with Soul Society to save one human girl?"
Does he seriously think we're letting him get out of this alive?

I don't think he understands who the fuck he's dealing with.

Added bonus, I don't think his flunkies realize that he left one of their own to die just to save his own ass.

>Threaten them a bit more

>>Tell Ginjo exactly what you're going to do to him if a single hair has been harmed on Yuzu's head. Use what you've done to Aizen (A shinigami CAPTAIN), Barragan (The previous King of Heuco Mundo), and Tsukishima (Someone who had gained complete control over our mind) as examples.
>I don't deal with criminals (attack)

Beat the shit out of them until they comply
This >>892743 and this >>892752

And once more roll 3d10s.
Best of 3.
DC of 12 and a Crit of 20.

If you crit they release Yuzu willingly.
Rolled 10, 10, 9 = 29 (3d10)


They shit themselves in fear!
Well then...

Okay, change of plans.
You can decide what happens EXACTLY to the fullbringers.

Make two lists.

>Let live

I think they just released control of their bowels as well.

I say we kill them anyways.
Just the principle of the matter.
Actually could we give them to Yata?

He gets fun new test subjects, we get knowledge they get a fate worse than death, everybody is happy.
Alright time to do some research.

I do want the Gambling kid and the Motorcycle woman to live.

From what I recall they're pretty nice.
I'd say let everyone but Ginjo live. Might take their fullbrings though. Tatsuki could use the dirty boots for example to increase her power.
kill ginjo, spare the others.
Ginjo dies, everyone else isn't too bad iirc so they can live.
Kill ginjo. The fucker and everybody else lives

Did some reasearch.

Old watch man is a bastard, killed his wife for shits and giggles. He dies

Video game kid had a shitty childhood, stole his parents cash and ran. Parents commited suicide, but considering they put him in solitary because he didn't act like he loved them enough I say they kinda earned it. He lives

Doll girl is a bitch. also serious Tsundere. She locked a guy away because she liked him, but when she realized she was doing more harm then good she let him go. Pass

Motorcycle girl is good, loyal, and willing to go the distance for her loved ones. She's their Version of Harribel, the token blatantly good at heart character. She lives.

Gambling kid is loyal to Tsukihima, but knows it's one sided. He's nice, chivalrous in a way (can't hit a pretty girl) and has a lot of promise. He lives.

Ginjo is a fucker, he dies.
The way I see it Ginjo is dead.
Almost everyone got a free pass but Giriko got one death mark.

Should Giriko die?
How would kaizar know which specific fullbringers are ok aside from knowing ginjo's a shit, he hasn't talked to Giriko yeah?
Giriko is Arrogant as fuck though.

Remember when he fought Kenpachi and thought his Bootleg Hulk impression was invincible?

He'd probably do the same to Kaizer, but instead of using a sword we'd just tear the fucker in half with our bare hands.
Yes, also phone posting is trash.
ah, I can see that.

Does this little shit think he can order You around?
No, perhaps he just doesn't realize how much shit he's in...
But... that's also wrong. He knows precisely how screwed he is and he's simply trying to bargain with the Grim Reaper at this point.

Feeling disgust fill your entire being you casually walk up to Ginjo.
You walk deliberately slowly to emphasize your movements.
Ginjo extends his arm and shouts to you.


Not caring about his empty threats you keep walking, he knows the only reason he still lives is because of Yuzu.
Once within arms reach you take one more step and stop before him.
You touch his neck and feel his pulse as it rises to the high heavens.

"Do you feel in charge?"

He struggles to not choke on his own saliva as he responds.
"I... have the girl..."

You lean in close and whisper in his ears.
''We both know that's not true...
She's the one who has your life in her hands.
You should have abandoned her and ran for your life.
Maybe then you could have spent your remaining days praying that I'd get bored with chasing you.
But no, you bound yourself by staying here. Now I'll show you who IS in charge."

You look away from him and at the other humans.
They all avoid your gaze as if it'd kill them.
"What did he tell you, what did I do to your ally?"

None of them really try to answer.
Eventually the silence gets too unbearable for them and the dark skinned woman speaks up albeit quietly.
"H-he told us that you killed Tsukishima..."

"Did he now?"
You turn back to your prey.
"Now then...
How did I kill him?"

His eyes widen, his lips dry up and begin to tremble.
Sweat begins to roll collect and roll down on his forehead.
You can almost see him age several years in mere moments.
"Y-y.you... you stabbed him...
With a... sword..."

You grab the back of his head and pull on his hair so hard you almost tear off his scalp.
''How many times?"


You pull on him even harder and he winces.
"I asked how many times did I stab him?
Also, where did I stab him? And what else did I do to him?"

He begins muttering some unintelligible gibberish and you turn back to the other fullbringers.
''Of course you'd have a hard time recalling that!
As you simply abandoned him like a rat on a sinking ship in hopes of extending your miserable life by a few minutes!"

Then with as much force as you can muster you slam Ginjo face first into the ground.
His forehead begins to bleed as you step on his head.
"I killed him, yes.
I even tortured him and loved every second of it.
But what I did to him will pale in comparison to what I'll do to you if I don't see Kurosaki Yuzu THIS INSTANCE!"
He looks up at the blonde boy and begins screaming desperately.

The boy then quickly takes out a portable game console from his pocket, however he's so nervous that he almost drops it to the ground.
"I-I was going to do that on my own you know!"
He presses a button on it and you see a set of black particles pour out from the console.
Once they disappear Yuzus form emerges from within.

Neliel quickly dashes in and carries her out in her arms.
"Don't worry.
Everything will be fine now. We are your friends."

In the meantime the brown skinned woman frowns.
"Is it true Ginjo?
Did you really leave behind Tsukishima?"

This freak! He broke Tsukishimas mind control somehow!

You lean on the leg with which you pin him to the ground.
But at least then you'd have died with some dignity..."

As you speak however you feel something.
Your arm suddenly erupts in emerald green flames and you hear one of the fullbringers cackling.
Is this the monster you were so afraid of Ginjo?
How many times must I tell you? My fullbring is absolute!

And it was that moment where the man officially signed his death warrant.
With a quick sonído you get close to him and grab hold of his head with your still burning arm.
He begins screaming as loud as he can as his flesh is incinerated in his own green flames.
To someone who can recover from any injury pain is little more than a distraction but for a fragile human like him the feeling of his flesh liquefying must be unbearable.
And no matter how much he screams or begs for you to let go of him you simply tighten your hold until his head pops like a watermelon after being shot with a shotgun.

Flaming chunks of brain matter splatter all over the place but as his soul leaves his body the effect of his fullbring disappears much like Tsukishimas did.
And just like then the Gates of Hell open once more and swallow him up in mere moments.
Just as his soul vanishes and the gates close you begin focusing your energies on your burnt arm and it quickly recovers much to the shock of the remaining fullbringers.

"Okay... What the fuck was that?!
And how did your arm grow back? Girikos effect is supposed to be irreversible!''
The dark skinned woman speaks.

"Fuck you, that's how."
You look back at Ginjo and make your way to him.
"Now then... Neliel!"

She speaks, a bit taken back after that display.

''Take Yuzu outside...''
>Fuck you, thats how

Oh god yes. I've waited long enough for this.
You know the best part of this, we just crushed a man's head with our bare hands and she watched.

Kaizer's implying whats going to happen next is going to be more traumatic than burning someone alive and breaking their skull like a kinder egg.
It would be brutal as hell if he uses his micro hollows to attack his nervous system causing endless pain for as long as he wants
She turns her attention to Yuzu.
''Don't worry I'll take you back home.
Would you like that?''

Yuzu sniffs before answering.
''Y-yes... I wanna go home.
I want my mommy."

Once Neliel left the building you turn back to Ginjo.
"And now the last thread by which you were hanging just snapped.
Tell me, what are you your last words?"

"Please... No..."

"How original.''

What followed was nothing short of horrifying.
Bit by bit, nerve by nerve, tissue by tissue you pulled the bastard apart and fed the pieces to him...
After knocking out all of his teeth of course so you had to forcibly shove the chunks down his throat one by one.
You took great care to draw the act out as much as possible so the bastard doesn't get off easy.

The remaining fullbringers all evacuated their bowels without exception.
And while did it the natural way some of them opted for vomiting instead.

But just as he was about to die from either the shock or the blood loss you injected some of the Einherjar into him and brought him back to the world of the living.
You did this only once and just to show him that you could go on for as long as you'd like.
However as Ginjo comprehended this you decided to spare him from further agony and snapped his neck.

With a job well done you stand up with a sigh of relief and look at the remaining humans while still covered in blood.
''Now... What to do with you?''

Naturally they all go pale after hearing those words.

>Get out and don't let me ever see you again.
>How about you start talking?
>I have some questions and you'd better answer. (write-in)
>Other? (write-in)
>How about you start talking?
>>How about you start talking?
>how about you start talking?
>How about you start talking?

Ah that felt really fucking good to read.

Always hated that prick. Not as much as Aizen mind you, but he was up there on the list.

Hold onto your butts boys.
I'm about to drop a bomb
''Well for starters you can explain just what was your deal.
Depending on how much you'll say and how honest you are I might be convinced to let you all go.
But I so much as suspect that you are trying to deceive me and you'll regret it!''

The dark skinned lady steps out from the crowd of children and starts talking.
I guess I'm the only one left...''

''Typical adult...
Thinks she can speak in our stead...''

'Do you want to switch places Yukio you little shit?
I know I do..."
She turns her attention back to you.
"Well... I guess you know what we are.
We're a bunch of fullbringers. Ginjo was our leader but...
I don't need to tell you what happened to him..."

"Him? A leader?
That's a funny one."

"Hey! Screw you!
Ginjo saved all of us!
He sought us out and helped us cope with our ability.
With him we had a family... A dysfunctional, fucked up family but a family none the less.
We all lost many things prior to meeting him. And I think most of us would have ended it all if it weren't for him...''

''So far I haven't heard anything I'm actually interested in!
What were you planning this whole time? Why kidnap Yuzu? Why go out of your way to get me involved in this mess?
And did you really think this was going to end up any other way?"

She sighs and continues.
''If you really want to know then I'll tell you.
Ginjo used to be this... thing. I think Substitute Shinigami was the name.
After awakening his fullbring he got involved with some of the Soul Society's shit and he got his hand on some shinigami powers.
They ''employed'' him but in reality they treated him like ass.
He was basically their janitor, cleaning up the mess they always leave behind.
And what did he get in exchange? They betrayed him.
They took away his shinigami powers and then started chasing him like a wild animal.
Those freaks wanted to experiment on him because of his fullbring!"

"And you were also targeted because of your connection to him and because of your own fullbring.

They wanted to turn us into some sort of lab rats!
So we made a decision! Get as much power as we can, get into Soul Society and fuck shit up once there as payback!''

''You do realize you would have been crushed, right?''

''That's why we wanted to wait.
To amass enough power from all over the place to contest the shinigami!
And once there all the spirit energy of Soul Society would have become ours to use.''

''You were counting on your fullbrings getting stronger on the other side...''

''That's right.
But before that we wanted to get more men.
Like the Kurosaki girl. We even managed to almost completely unlock her fullbring...''
God dammit we just got through busting shit to save Rukia Soul Society, do we have to save Ichigo this time?!

One day, can they go one day without being dicks?!
File: Spoiler Image (213 KB, 529x578)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
''And you almost managed to brainwash us!''

''And would you blame us?
You are strong... crazy strong.
We were desperate, like rats backed into a corner.
If only we could get you to fight with us we could have had our revenge on them...
And it's not like we knew you... Up until now I lived under the impression that hollows are nothing more than mindless monsters...
Well, you are certainly not mindless..."

Okay, I get the why.
I don't like it but I get it.
But from what I've heard you've been making some shady deals.
You'd better not be hiding details from me!''

Where did you hear that?"

"A little bird told me."

I knew that using the quincy was a mistake...
Even as an ally you can't trust him to not snoop around the place.''

I'm waiting.''

''Then you can wait for a while longer.
The only one who knew all the details about that is lying right there, in a pool of his own blood.
Ginjo kept those "deals" a secret even from us.
All I know is what we were trading with him."


She nods.
"It was always the same.
We received a suitcase full of empty vials every week and by the end of said week we had to fill them with concentrated reiryoku.
In exchange we got the two things we needed the most, information or money."

"What the hell did you need that for?
Judging by your little hole I'd say you have more than enough cash already.''

''We had an expensive hobby.
As I said we were looking for potential sources of power all over the place.
One of our best sources was the black market, ancient scriptures, magic books containing spells, occult shit, you name it.
But to get those we needed money and information.
And sure it was almost always a dud but once in a while we struck gold.
Like this one book detailing how certain "witches" of the old times could share their "magical" powers between each other."

Your eyes go wide at that.

"Oh yeah...
A pagan book detailing mostly bullshit magic rituals actually had detailed information on how to share fullbrings between individuals.
Turns out shit like that happened even back then.
But I guess people like that are either thrown in an asylum or burnt at the stake, one or the other."

You try to wrap your head around all that but you just can't.
So instead you sigh and ask her your last question.
Now the last thing I'd like to know is...
Where is Kurosaki Ichigo?"

She crosses her arms.
"We'd also love to know that.
We've been searching for him all over the place.
Kid just disappeared without a trace."

"And I'm supposed to believe that?"

"Why would I lie to you at this point?
I basically spilled everything out for you!"
Sounds like berry boy is in the HTC still.
She looks at the kids and the back at you.
"Look... I've told you everything I know.
I swear I have nothing more!
Now please, if you still feel like shedding blood then at least spare them.
They are just kids!"

You look at Harribel who has been sitting in the back and waiting patiently, she looks at you expectantly.
With a sigh you look at back at the woman.

>Get out, you're free to go.
>You are off the hook for now but don't even think about leaving the city
>I'll let you go on one condition. Relinquish your powers as you clearly can't be trusted with them.
>Other? (write-in)
>Get out, you're free to go.
We should send them to our son
>Get out, you're free to go.
Seconded the fuck out of this.

>Other? (write-in)

>You want to get strong enough to protect yourselves, fine. I'll show you someone who actually knows what the fuck he's doing instead of this sorry sack of shit you shackled yourselves to.
>Send them to Asher and Dante.

That'll be fun.
Either him or Dante.
Bout time for him to get a damn job.

to >>893130
Yes Asher.
Father Asher to the rescue!
Okay then.

It's time for another episode of Father Asher's training from hell kiddies! Pray to the devil he saves you because i'm the only god here!
''Fine, you can all go freely.''
They all sigh with relief as if a huge weight got lifted from their shoulders.
And just like that they almost soiled themselves again.
''If you know what's good for you then you'll go and meet this guy I know.''

''No offense but I don't think we are interested in your psycho friends.''

''Not even if he's the greatest expert on fullbrings with over fifty years of experience?''


You quickly find a slip of paper and write down Ashers number.
"Here, call him.
I'm sure he'd love to meet others like himself.
But a fair warning, don't call him Father. He doesn't like that."

"Why the hell would I-
Is this fucker a priest?"
You snicker at that.
"You've got to be shitting me."

Another old geezer to boss us around.
I don't need this."

''Shut up Yukio!
Need I remind you that we are in quite a shit situation?"

"Psht whatever.
If he'll bother me I'll show him a thing or two..."

You frown at that.
"You are quite arrogant, aren't you boy?
I recommend you drop that attitude or he'll beat it out of you.''

The blonde boy takes a big gulp at your comment and after that you signal your wife that you're done here.
Not feeling like tormenting the humans any longer you take your leave alongside Harribel.

On the way back your wife gives you a concerned look.
''I think you went a bit overboard back there.
They are still just humans...''

''No, they are more than that.
And they are the ones who chose this path.
I think it was about time they learned what ''responsibility'' means.''

She doesn't respond to that but looks at the path ahead of her.
Nervously you look at her and try to speak up but you fail to make a sound.
Noticing that she looks at you.
''What's wrong?
You've been acting strangely for a while now.
Do you not feel well?''

''I should be the one asking this!''

''What do you mean?''

You sigh.
"I guess you really don't know.
Well... I don't think we'll get some privacy for a while so might as well...''
You close your eyes and try to remember.
''Back when that bastard almost wiped my mind...
I saw... I'm not sure what I saw... a vision perhaps.
Whether it was the Hogyoku showing things to me or if it was something else entirely I'm certain that it was true.''

''Well, what is it?
You are not making any sense.''

''The thing that brought me back, what allowed me to break that bastards control was...
You.. And... Well... the fact that you and I are going to be parents.''
And that's where I'll be ending the thread for today.
It's been a rough day so I'd like to get some rest for tomorrow.

Archive's up and the thread will continue tomorrow
Thanks for running Spooky.

See you tomorrow.
Peace Spooky, Thanks for the run mate.
Thanks for running spook
Sleep well spooky.
File: 1467560999448.png (362 KB, 535x509)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>"Tell me, what are your last words?"
>Please... No..."
>"How original."
Holy fuck Kaizar, fuckin brutal
Harribel stops mid air and just looks at you.
Not a word leaves her mouth for a few solid minutes.
She keeps staring at you intently and you feel like she's trying to make you spontaneously combust with her mind.

Nervously she looks down with some rather janky motions.
She mutters as she keeps staring at her abdominal area.
''But I don't... oh God...
I guess I found the reason for my mild nausea and loss of appetite.''
After that she looks back at you with tears welling up in her eyes.
''Are you sure about this?''

You nod in confirmation and she falls into your hands, wrapping her hands around you.
Her blue eyes practically sparkle as she looks at you.
She let's out a chuckle as she struggles to speak up.
''Hehe... I... I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now.''

Casually you brush a stray lock of hair out of her eye and go in for the kiss.
Once your lips part you speak up.
''You don't have to Dear...''

''Heh guess not.''
She then lets go of you and adjust her ruffled clothes.
''Well you've done it now Kaizar.
The most notorious man in Hueco Mundo is going to become a father.
No wonder you went berserk back there."

You scratch the back of your head.
''Yeah... I think I went a bit overboard back there, didn't I?"

Tia shrugs.
''I was going to scold you for it but now...
I think this calls for a celebration when we get back home.''

"Celebrating? You?
Who are you and what did you do to my wife?"

"Hush you!
I know how to have fun!
I just don't typically enjoy debauchery."

"Well in any case it'll have to wait.
I doubt we are out of the woods yet."

"Yes, I suppose you're right.
That mysterious associate of the fullbringers concerns me.
Do you think they are related to the Kurosaki boys disappearance?"

"Maybe but let's not jump to conclusions just yet."

After that you both tidied yourself up and went back to the Kurosaki Clinic where you found a little surprise.
To your relief Neliel and Yuzu both arrived safely but in addition to them there are two more people there.
The Kuchiki girl and Ichigos father also showed up, where were they up until now you can only guess.
Ignoring them for a moment you see Dante chatting with Arisawa and the Ishida boy, no doubt sharing his wacky experiences with the unsuspecting teenagers.
You also see Yuzu having a tearful reunion with her mother who seems to have gotten to her senses and woke up.

What would you like to do now?
>Talk with the Kurosakis
>Say hi to Kuchiki and ask her a few questions
>Ask Dante if anything happened.
>Other? (write-in)
>Talk with the Kurosakis
>>Ask Dante if anything happened.
>>Talk with the Kurosakis
>>Talk with the Kurosakis
>>Say hi to Kuchiki and ask her a few questions
>Talk with the Kurosakis

Are we still covered in blood or have we washed that off already?
File: Kurosaki_Clinic.png (435 KB, 640x480)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
You walk through the door, completely forgetting the fact that you are still covered in a lot of blood.
As you walk in Yuzu and Karin instantly notice you and more shockingly so do their parents.

Kurosaki Isshin the man of the family looks at you and scratches his head.
''Well that's not something you see every day...
A proper arrancar just waltzing into my house, covered in blood...
I never would have guessed I'd ever be glad to see something like that...''

It takes you a moment to truly realize just what's going on and you point at Doctor Kurosaki.
''Wait... You can see me?
Oh who am I kidding, of course you can. Nothing makes sense in this family!
And let me guess, Ichigo is completely oblivious to the fact that you are both spiritually aware.''

''That's about right...
We wanted our son to have as much of a regular life as possible.
In hindsight leaving him in the dark was maybe a bad idea...''

''Yeah. No shit!''
You sigh in exhaustion and then extend your arms towards him.
"Name's Kaizar Soize by the way.
I'm the guy who grew back your daughters arm."

He shakes your hand.
"Kurosaki Isshin. A pleasure.
And I kind of guessed that already."
He looks at Yuzu from the corner of his eyes and he takes a moment to compose himself.
"Thanks for that."

"You're welcome.
Now, how about you start explaining what your deal is.
Because I'm tired of never getting the full story with you humans...''

He sighs and then looks at his wife.
''Well hones, I think the genie is out of the bottle.
Might as well tell them the truth.''

''I suppose you're right darling.''
Ms Masaki looks at you.
''Erm... I'd offer you a seat but I'm not too sure about all the blood...''

You look at yourself and realize just how drenched you truly are.
''Uh... Crap...
No wonder I felt so sticky...
One moment."

You close your eyes and begin focusing your reiryoku and channeling it into your mucus.
Slowly but surely the Einherjar devour all remains of Ginjo on your body and then they retract back into your system.
Karin looks at you with equal parts curiosity and disgust.

"Please tell me he didn't just eat all that blood with his skin."

You shake your head.
"Don't worry, the truth is MUCH more disgusting than that."

I just imagined Tsukishima getting the chance to Facebook Mar.

On one hand, it could be apocalyptic.

On the other hand, Mar wouldn't feel shit for a weakass human, predates humanity in general, and is a psychopath who is probably perfectly capable of turning on his 'friends' in a fit of rage to disembowl them.

So good times.

BTW, recently archive binged the whole story, enjoyed it, but Mar's mauling of Aizen was pure glee for me. Still makes me smile, Aizen had it coming.
I'd expect the overload of information he'd get from sifting through a time period of that size would give him a brain hemorrhage. Too much data and not enough space.

Both of you are right.
Tsukishima would probably become a vegetable due to the overload of information.
And Marr would just fist him immediately as Tsukishima couldn't technically erase memories so Marr would still retaliate if he got attacked
File: White_hollow.png (68 KB, 470x624)
68 KB
You take a seat on the couch and Isshin does the same.
He looks at his wife expectantly.

"Don't look at me!
It was your idea to tell him."

"Okay, okay... Jeez.
In any case... I guess I'll just do it like ripping off a band-aid.
The reason as to why we can see and interact with spirits is simple.
I am a shinigami and used to be a captain of the Gotei 13. And my dear Masaki here is a pure blooded quincy.
And I think that pretty much explains everything else.
Such as why are our children so attuned to the spirit world, why crazy stuff always happens to us...
So yeah... pretty messed up family tree.''

For a moment the room gets so silent that you could hear a needle being dropped if you paid close attention to it.
But that doesn't last long as Dante puts his hands together, forms a cone with his hands and shouts.


You cough as the awkwardness gets unbearable and speak up.
''Well... that's at least one mystery solved.
At least now I know why Aizen had such a massive fixation with your son."

Karin and Yuzu just blink in confusion and the black haired girl then speaks up.
"Okay I didn't get what half of those words meant...
Basically we are some sort of freaks, right?"

"Oh no Karin!
Nothing's wrong with you"
Masaki tries to reassure her daughter.
''You just... have an unusual upbringing.''

Isshin now looks at Uryu who seems to be quite distraught.
''Didn't see that coming, didya boy?''

I never would have guessed that Masaki-san...
I mean my father never told...''

"And that's not even half of the whole story."
Isshin abruptly cuts him off.
''The whole reason as to why we met in the first place was a hollow engineered by Aizen that infected Masaki years ago.
Thanks to Kisuke Masaki managed to recover from the otherwise lethal infection but now it seems that this hollow energy got passed down to Ichigo...
Basically while Karin and Yuzu are half and half, with Karin having the shinigami parts as the dominant side and Yuzu having an affinity with her quincy side, Ichigos shinigami powers apparently merged with hollow energies..."

"Basically he's half Arrancar and half Quincy.
Harribel observes.

"That's what Urahara said at least."

Damn it Isshin, did you get your medical degree from the same place that taught Liquid Snake genetics?
Meanwhile Rukia apparently just put two and two together.
Isshin-san what division were you in?
I don't recall any captain Kurosaki from our history books."

"Of course not Kuchiki...
Kurosaki is Masakis family name.
I was with the 10th division, formerly Captain Shiba Isshin.''

That gets your attention.
Shiba? Like Kukaku?
I've met her in the Rukongai when we went to save Rukia..."

"Oh? You met my niece?
How is she? Does she still have those stupid arms holding up her name?"

"Yes, yes she does.
And depends, did she lack an arm even back then?"


"Then she's doing fine.
Woman damn near scared the crap out of me..."

"Well that's good to hear.
And how about my favorite nephew? How's Kaien?"

That name sounds quite familiar to you, but you can't quite put your finger on where you've heard it before.
You most certainly haven't met him back at Kukakus place.
To your surprise Rukia bursts out in tears and collapses on the ground.
Her hand covers her mouth as she keeps grasping for air.

Now you have a solid idea as to who he could be.
And judging by Kuchikis reaction she probably has some bad news to Isshin about his nephew.

This is problematic.
Should you reveal Shiba Kaiens fate to those present.

>Let Kuchiki do as she please
>Step in and aid Rukia but don't reveal too much
>There's no point in hiding anything. Tell them the truth.
>Other? (write-in)
>>There's no point in hiding anything. Tell them the truth.
>There's no point in hiding anything. Tell them the truth.
Oh man this is gonna get awkward.
>There's no point in hiding anything. Tell them the truth.
Do we even know which personality ended up in charge of jarhead? I thought it was a fusion of the twins and Kaien anyway
A fusion of the 2 personalities and no sign of Kaien.
They basically just use a perfect recreation of Kaiens body as a vessel

Isn't Kaien's soul still locked up in our bro?

This could get very bloody...
"I... I'm so sorry Isshin-san!"
Rukias tears keep falling as she gets on her knees and puts her forehead on the ground.
"S-Shiba Kaien is dead! AND I'M THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM!"

"W-what are you saying Kuchiki?
What do you mean he-"
But before he could finish you raise your hand before his face.
"What's the meaning of this?!"

You close your eyes and sigh.
"This... is going to get awkward very soon.
But I guess I'll have to set the record straight.
Please just give me a second."

Then you make your way to Rukia still begging on her knees.
Quickly you grab hold of her shoulders and forcibly you raise her up so the petite girl with her measly 144 cm's is at the same height as you are and you look deeply in her eyes.

''Look, I won't pretend that I know what went down between you and that Kaien fellow."
Then you put her down so she can stand on her own two legs.
"But what I do is the name of the bastard that killed him."

You take a few steps away from her so you can face both her and Isshin at the same time.
"You might not like what I have to say... but at least it's the truth.
The one who is responsible for the death of Shiba Kaien is none other than the chief executive asshole Aizen Sosuke...
I'm sure you all know just what kind of a person he was. What you don't know are the many, MANY things he did over the course of centuries.''

You close your eyes and try to recall the times when Aaroniero explained these events to you in great detail.
"Basically Aizen wanted to find a way to mix shinigami and hollows for a while.
One of his earlier attempts included the creation of a modified hollow by the name of Metastacia.
This specific hollow had the ability to destroy shinigami zanpakuto and then fuse with said shinigami.
You see while he was an initial failure the creature proved to be an excellent weapon against your kind.
So correct me if I'm wrong but it was Kaien with whom Metastacia merged."

Rukia nods but you can see on her expression that she doesn't get anything you've just said.
''Yeah... thoughts so.
And I assume you had to kill him in that state.''

She begins crying even harder.
I killed him!
Then as the monster disappeared I caught glimpse of Kaien-dono for the last time.
To this day I often recall him and think that maybe, MAYBE I could have saved him!''

You just shake your head at that.
''I'm afraid not.
The only way to separate the two entities is to kill the host I'm afraid.
By all accounts it was a mercy kill Rukia, so don't let grief consume you.
You didn't kill Shiba Kaien but saved him."
Magic wish granting device can do bullshit.
It's called a plotrock for a reason.
You give Isshin a quick glance and see him clenching his fist.
"Damn it! DAMN IT!"
He looks at you and it becomes apparent just how furious he is.
"Is that true?
There was no way of saving him?!"

"It is.
If there was even a small chance of it failing Aizen wouldn't have used issued that test."

"A test?!
It was just a test?! So there are more of these?''

You shake your head.
''Metastacia was ultimately dubbed a failure.
While it was very good at what it did that wasn't what Aizen wanted.
After the first test he never bothered with Metastacia again."

While Isshin is simmering with rage Masaki looks at you.
"You seem to be awfully informed about this...
Did Aizen trust you so much that he told you all this?''

You scratch the back of your head.
''No... not really.
The truth is... How should I say this?
Well I was told all this by someone else.
A friend of mine who used to serve Aizen faithfully and for his services he was rewarded with... Metastacia...''

Isshin looks at you.
''What does that mean?''

''This individual has the unique ability of absorbing hollows completely.
He can not only grow stronger by devouring others but he also attains all the preys knowledge and memories.
Once he consumes someone he can flawlessly replicate any of their techniques or even movements.
And as it turns out Metastacia also "analyzed" Shiba Kaien while it was bonded to him.
After consuming Metastacia my friend also received all the data on Shiba Kaien..."

Rukias eyes practically light up.
''Does that mean that Kaien-dono-''

But you cut her off by whipping out a communicator Yata gave you.
With a flick of your finger you open a tiny gateway to the Garganta and establish a connection with the other side.
After a brief static sound you hear Yata picking up the phone.

"I assume you were listening."

"Yeah, Aaroniero is already on his way."

"I knew I could count on you."

After a brief wait you hear Yata explaining the situation to Aaroniero.
Once you hear him approaching you hand the communicator to Rukia.


"Kuchiki Rukia."

To you it looks like Rukias heart just skipped a beat.
"Kaien-dono I-"

"I'll have to stop you right there Kuchiki Rukia...
I might sound like him and I might even possess his memories but I'm not him.
I came to tell you this: Shiba Kaien died with nothing but gratitude in his heart.
He felt no animosity towards you in his last moments.
And it'd bring great pain to him if he knew that his memory hurts you so much.
I ask you to forgive yourself in his name.''
Aaronieros tone shifts from his usual monotone one to one more like Shiba Kaiens.
''Come on Kuchiki!
Who told you that you can get all depressed just 'cause I kicked the bucket?!"


Aaroniero then walks away from the communicator.
Oh it will be a glorious clusterfuck if they ever meet face to face
She desperately clutches your phone as she shouts in it.

Karin takes pity on her and grabs hold of her hand.
"H-hey Nee-san...
Let's go upstairs. You should lay down a bit."

Rukia puts down the denreishiki and looks at her with an exhausted expression.
"Y-yeah that's a good idea."
She turns back to Isshin.
"Please Sir!
I'm willing to pay you back for this any way I can!
Even if it means giving my life for my mistake!"

Isshin merely grumbles before waving her off.
"Are you stupid?!
Go and get to bed already! Stupid girl!"

You are not sure about how you should feel about this.
At the very least nobody resorted to violence.
As you look around you catch a glimpse of Tatsuki muttering something.


Dante still has that typical amused look on his face.
"Fucked up isn't it?
Just wait a bit, you haven't seen anything yet.''
He turns to you.
''Hey Gramps!
I think Dad could pop in at any moment now!''

What's he doing he-"
You slap your forehead.
You shake your head in disbelief while your wife and Nel just laugh at you.
"Great... That's another can of worms I have to deal with!"

But now that you use your Pesquísa you feel that indeed he's almost here.
What do you do now?

>Wait for Asher to come back.
>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
>Keep talking with Masaki and Isshin for a bit longer, maybe they have useful information
>Other? (write-in)
>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
>>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
>>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
>>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.

>Talk with Yuzu while you still have the chance.
"Forgive me but I believe a friend of mine is about to arrive."

Isshin looks at you.
"Yeah... I already figured that reiatsu was coming here.
No need to apologize."

You then walk up to Yuzu and sit down next to her.
She looks a bit taken back by you since she saw you brutally murder a man.
Not too sure how to calm her down you ruffle her hair.
"Hello again.
How's the arm treating you?''

She gets visibly less tense and flexes her new limb.
"It feels great!
Thanks again!''

"You are quite welcome!"

She giggles a little and then looks at you intently.
"I'll never be able to thank you enough...''
She shifts around a bit and visibly tries to look at your pockets.

''I'm afraid I didn't bring Wiggles this time.
Next time I promise you can play with him!"


"In any case I just wanted to ask you if you're feeling alright or not.
Those bastards didn't do anything bad to you, did they?''

She shakes her head.
''No, they were actually very friendly...
Up until the point where I started remembering stuff..."

"That's a relief.
Also... I heard they were trying to teach you well... fullbring stuff.
Did... did it work?"

''Well... it didn't really want to work."
She looks at her arm and gives it a good squeeze.
"But something tells me that it should work now.
Want me to try?''

"Only if it's not too much trouble."

She closes her eyes and begins focusing on her arm.
You see reishi starting to gather near it but strangely enough most of it doesn't originate from her.
Yuzu seems to unconsciously draw on the ambient reishi in the air but not like a fullbringer.
Her technique resembles that of a quincy much more. It seems that Isshin was right.

With a blue flash of light typical to the quincy a skeletal arm materializes just above her regular limb.
''Whoa! Hehe!
How cool!''
She moves around her arm and the spectral appendage seemingly mimics her movements.

''Yuzu! What are you doing?''

''Look Mom! I did it!
I can use my fullbring!''

''Oh dear...''
Quincy shiva is a go!
This will be beautifull.
I agree
Wait is she the one with the quincy blood?

She'll Devil Buster hollows while pulling on gigantic bows with her spectral arm soon enough
The mental image alone brings a tear to this old fool's eye.
So she grabs them from far away, pull them towards her, the impales them on a giant reshi arrow?
Oh i was worried she was gonna die because we regrow her arm with Hollow-Nanos
Arnt quincy's bad because they mess up the cycle of life. Maybe she can use quincy technique's as a last resort
They are bad because old YMCA gobbles up whatever they kill, I believe
This, Hollow juice cuts him off though.
Yes. Yuzu got some very trace amounts of White and while it's not enough for powers it's more than sufficient to give Yhwach cancer.

Also, she's part shinigami. So her connection to quincy jesus is completely shit at best
File: Asher.jpg (10 KB, 231x332)
10 KB
But you don't have much time to look and marvel at Yuzus newly minted fullbring as you hear the doorbell ringing.
Yuzu eagerly jumps up and she's perhaps a bit too excited and doesn't bother with putting her fullbring away.

''I'll get it!''
She rushes to the door and as she reaches for the doorknob her skeletal arm reaches it first and she opens the door with just as much precision and agility as if it was her regular arm.

Asher looks at the little girl who just casually opened a door with an active fullbring in bewilderment.
"Erm... Hello there little girl.
I believe my son is inside...''

Dante shouts at him from the couch.
''I'm inside Pops, come in!''

Tatsuki gives the boy a funny look.
''Did you just seriously invite him in someone elses house?''

''I'm not being rude! I'm just skipping some unnecessary steps!''

So I'm not in fact getting senile in my old age!
What are you doing here?"

"I'm on a field trip! What the hell do you think I'm doing here?
And the better question is what are YOU doing here?"

"Your grandfather left me here and I thought I'd go on a vacation."
Asher then walks in and introduces himself.
''Good afternoon sir and madam! I'm Reverend Asher Bergson."

"Oh my...
An actual priest! And what a gentleman!
Well my name's Kurosaki Masaki and he's my husband Kurosaki Isshin.''

Isshin shakes his hand.
''Hey! Nice to meet you!"
Then he let's go of his hand and looks at him nervously.
''So erm... how did someone like you... you know!"

"Become a priest? Or Dante's father?
Or how did I remain so handsome in my old age?''

''The first one.''

Asher shrugs.
''For ironic reasons.
The best reasons!''

Dante then jumps up from the couch and walks up to Asher.
''So... You don't see your son for almost a year and you plan on ignoring him?''
He gets close to Asher with arms spread wide and hugs him.

The elderly man simply lets out a grin and gives his son the mother of all bear hugs and Dante almost spits on the carpet from the force he is subjected to.
He nervously taps Ashers shoulder to signal his surrender.
As he tries to regain his balance after being freed he looks at his father and speaks.

''Jeez it's like you're immune to age old man.''

Asher taps his hips and winces in pain.
''I wish!
These old bones have a limit you know!
I can't move like I used to..."

"Seriously though.
Would it kill you to kick the bucket? Mom misses you..."
Dante pauses for a moment then points at Asher with his finger.
''I swear to God that was not intentional!''

Can you not speak about my boss?
I'm on a vacation after all.''
We're not letting asher go to SS riiiight? He's taking a trip to hollow paradise, ja?
He'll likely go to SS unless something terrible makes him Hollow and even then, he'd lose most of his powers in either situation, probably?

He wouldn't want to be stuck with those stupid fucks anyway.

Added bonus he can level up using soul fruit, no carnage required.
>Asher knows his time is now
>SS is waiting for him
>Dante shows up, opens a portal and he just strolls into Ghost Mexico
>Everybody acts natural with him.
Pretty much yeah.
You could just kill him when he decides he wants to go to Huehue and then take his plus ass and turn him into a hollow.

Take the SS out of the equation.
Asher then turns to the others.
''Neliel, Harribel.
You two are still as beautiful as ever.''

''Thank you Father Bergson.''
Neliel responds to him.
''You see Dante? This is why you should be more like your father.''

Dante simply shrugs at this and makes his way to you.
I see you are still hard at work.
Care to tell me exactly where do you keep finding more fullbringers?''

''Oh don't even get me started!''


''Let's just say that you can expect a call soon enough.
Four fullbringers are in dire need of some spiritual guidance.''

And you directed them to me?
Don't you think I should have a say in this?''

''Would you have refused?''

''No, but that's beside the point.
And what's with the groups all the time?
Training one is enough trouble but four?''

''Oh don't start complaining!
This is after I practically halved their numbers!''


''Long story short. They deserved it.''
Not feeling chatty about the topic you decided to change the subject.
''So... how's the vacation?''

He entwines his fingers and gives them a good crack.
Japan is wonderful.
So many sights to see, delicacies to try out and history to learn.
I could fill about a dozen books with my experiences from this short time.''

''You hate it don't you?''

He slams his head on the table.
''The air is so hot and humid that I can't move more than a couple yards without needing a break!
All the food tastes like they purposefully avoid giving them flavors and I swear that I haven't met a more xenophobic race in my life!
No! Not including That!''

''Then why stay?''

''Because despite all that it's still worth checking it out!
I found something that... intrigues me.''


''For some reason I don't think you are talking about Japan anymore.''

''That's because I'm not.
I think I stumbled upon something. Something big!
One night I overheard a bunch of drunkards talking about something that just made no sense to me so I wrote it off as the ramblings of an intoxicated idiot.
But after hearing the same thing day after day I got curious.
What if it's not?
So I decided to stay here for a while and chase some urban legends.''

''Okay now I'm curious.
What are you talking about?''

''Something that made me positively giddy like a schoolgirl every time I imagined it...
Time to get our mud stompin' boots out.
This sounds like a job for CAPTAIN WIGGLES.
Ah bounts, forgot about these guys.

That whole spiritual power in a vail thing makes sense now.

Hmm, I wonder if we should even bother with these guys.
As he spoke you have to admit you almost laughed out loud.
But as you looked at his expression you saw that he is serious.
Then your amusement slowly disappeared.
Slowly the same thought occurred to you: ''What if it's true?''
And then the thought never left you.

Trying to avoid eye contact with Asher you look around the room while trying to come up with a response.
But as you scour the room something catches your attention.
The Ishida boy seems to be just as unnerved as you are at the mention of these ''Vampires''.

>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
>Try to get more details from Asher.
>The Kurosakis and the other locals might now something
>Other? (write-in)
>>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
>>Ask Uryu if something's wrong, he's been acting weirdly for a while now.
Alright did some resarch. The bounts are basically mutants ala Xmen.

Created by an SS fuck up (because of course thry were) and instead of training these people and taking responsibility SS decided to go the genocide route.

Some bounts survive and after living on the human world for a while decide that SS was better so they tried to invade. To do this they tried to use Quincys (whiched pissed them off) and led to their destruction by both SS and the Quincys.

The survivors are the ones who were smart enough to run and have been building their strength in order to get revenge on SS.

Now their main problem is that they need pluses to survive like hollows. Normally this would be a problem, if we didn't literally grow the stuff like apples.

We can solve litterally 99% percent of their problems right off the bat.

If we can get them to calm down their, quite understandable, rage boners, we can solve this whole arc without going full fear eater again.

You look at Ishida and give him an angry glance.
''You've been awfully quiet this entire time Uryu...
In fact you were rather quiet this whole day.
Is it possible that you are withholding information from us?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Listen boy I've worked under a guy for decades whose first words were probably lies.
Thanks to that I got pretty good at identifying bullshit.
So you'd better spill the beans.''

Listen I don't actually know that much!
And I didn't tell you this before because it'd have endangered someone!''
He pauses for a moment, probably for dramatic effect.
"A few days ago I encountered a woman called Yoshino.
She was attacked by a man who sought to kidnap her.
Naturally I stepped in and saved her but I was careless and got poisoned as a result.
While I managed to scare the man away I couldn't pursue him due to my injuries.
Then the woman took me back to her apartment and treated my wounds.
And it was her who explained things to me...''

Asher leans in closely to listen to his story.
''These Vampires are called Bounts.
They are a race of immortal humans who have lived for hundreds if not thousands of years.
All myths about life stealing vampires originate from them as they feed on the souls of humans in order to prolong their own lives.
Supposedly they are a dying race as they are entirely incapable of reproduction and only a handful of them remain.''

You frown at that.
"And that Yoshino woman..."

"Yes, she's one of them.
As well as the man who assaulted her."

"So you were trying to protect the nice vampire lady that helped you out.
That's a noble thing to do but don't you think you should have informed us about this?"

"Why should have I?
It was not relevant up until now!"

"Because you suspected that the Fullbringers suppliers were in fact the Bounts!''
Uryu falls silent. No doubt you hit the nail on the head.
''Well whatever. What's done is done.
And as long as no harm came from it I guess it doesn't matter.
So where is this Yoshino now?''

''Why do you ask?''

''I have some questions for her.
As it stands it's very likely that the Bounts are responsible for Ichigos disappearance.''

Uryu sighs and adjusts his glasses.
He looks like a man admitting defeat.
''She's at my house...''

Dante whistles.
''House? You mean that fucking castle?
You must REALLY love that whole white knight schtick!''

You look at Uryu who looks at you with his puppy dog eyes.
''Don't worry I'll just have a friendly chat with her.''

He stands up and exhales heavily.
''I hope so...
Let's go...''
And I think that I'll be ending this episode.
Next week we'll continue the arc with the bounts.

Archive is the same as last time and I'll edit the pastebins (hopefully tomorrow)

Have a nice day
thanks for the run Spooky, Had a blast like always.
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Night spooky.
Thanks for the run spooky.
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