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You stare out into the night as you sit on the hotel rooftop overlooking the city, your convenience store sushi rolls floating and vanishing in midair as you eat them one by one. Your armour fully attached and making *very* sure there’s nothing loose or missing after what happened the other day.

“Probably the last good thing I’m going to have for a while unfortunately.” you reply as you toss the empty container aside. After getting your money back the group wanted to see if you could order a fancy take out meal, but nearly all of the restaurants around town are closing up as they simply have no supplies left inside. With all of the food gone in the hotel, your first fancy meal with your millions of dollars was a convenience store sushi platter.

“I’ve had worse.” you mutter as you place your mask back on, eyeing the communications tab of your HUD for a while now. You’ve had the contact information for the Eastern War Goddess Forestia for some time now, but you’ve never really bothered to contact her. Possibly out of anxiousness. Putting that aside and hoping it's still not too late, you take a deep breath and press the connect button.

After several rings someone on the other line picks up. “Allo? Who’s there?” a woman in a french accent asks on the other end, no image being displayed on your conversational window.

“Mr. Forrest? Ms. Atlasia Forrest? Eastern Goddess of War?” you ask on the other end of the line.

“Forestia, Eastern Goddess of War is a bit too long of a name to roll off the tongue properly.” Forestia says on the other end, sounding very casual as some shuffling sounds are made. “May I ask who you are and how you got this number?”

“Etto... Yes. My name is Junpaku Hibiki, your contact information about you was given to me by Alvin Vanks.” you reply.

“Oh! Alvin’s the one who contacted you!? Why didn’t you say so!? Just a minute then!” Forestia says as some sounds of shuffling can be heard around the room, things clattering to the floor before a video screen shows up on your HUD. On the other end you can see a young mid-20’s woman with her glasses put on sideways, silver-white hair ruffled up with strong but tired brown eyes, currently wearing an anime t-shirt with some young boy on the front. Not exactly the image of divinity in mind you had for a major War Goddess.

“I-I’m sorry, did I call at a bad time?” you ask.

“No no, I was just getting up from a nap.” Forestia says as she straightens out her glasses. “Alvin told me a bit about you, including how you saved his life.”

“I just happened to be in the area.” you reply to Forestia.

Forestia gives a few small nods as she listens to this, a regretful smile on her face as she listens in. “I used to be a type of Exalted as well, so trust me I know the feeling.”

Well, you’ve got her on the line now, so the first step has been taken at least.

- “I heard you once battled an army of darkness by yourself and your skill with the blade!? Is that true!?” (Fangirl)

- “From what I know about you, your home is in the Great Forks. How are you planning to help us from here?”

- “Is this line secure?”

- “Used to be an Exalted? I remember hearing that you were one years ago, but how did you become a god instead?”

- Other
>What is this quest?

Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest, a quest set in the Modern version of Creation from the Exalted setting, focusing on how the robotic Alchemical Exalted came to be within the setting. If you love hints of Cyberpunk and high action quests, then you may enjoy this quest.

>Who are we?

The quest is mainly going to be played out in flashbacks, in which during the flashbacks we take control of the Moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalted Junpaku Hibiki, while in the current time you play as “Anonymous”. The game will take place within the city of Versino within the central continent of Creation Meruvia. Labelled as a dangerous and murderous science experiment gone rogue, you need to evade forces of the mightiest army within Creation sprinkled with the powerful Elemental supersoldiers known as the Dragonblooded, trying to find out who is responsible for what you’ve become and how to escape their clutches once and for all.

>Alchemical? Moonsilver? I don’t know anything about Exalted, much less Modern Exalted...

I’ve made this quest to be as friendly to newbies as possible, and I also see it as an introductory guide to the World of Modern Exalted. You can google “1d4chan Exalted” for information on the general vanilla setting, but what I’ll be using is the Modern Version of Exalted as shown in “Shards of the Exalted Dream” book, in where its Alchemicals are quite different than those of Vanilla Exalted. Feel free to ask any question about Exalted in the thread and I will do my best to answer it.




Dicepool system. When performing an action, everyone rolls a number of d10’s based on what the action is (I will list the pools for most actions, but if you want to have a roll for an action, ask and I’ll make the dicepool for it). The first roll is the one that’ll be used, but if someone makes another roll for a different action and more people vote for that, I’ll be using that one instead.

>This seems hella complicated, is there any way you can boil things down for me?



Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each. At the end of every “mission” (In game objectives set by either me or some goal the audience desires) you will be presented with a possible acquisition list of charms. Experience can also be gained by developing the character, learning about the world, or just in general things people find interesting.



>Where can I yell at you and your players?


I forgot to update the character sheets, gimme a bit and I'll slap those up.
>- “I heard you once battled an army of darkness by yourself and your skill with the blade!? Is that true!?” (Fangirl)

- “Used to be an Exalted? I remember hearing that you were one years ago, but how did you become a god instead?”

Seeing one of your personal role models in real life in front of you makes your heart/reactor beat a mile a minute. You try to hold up your bursting emotions as best as you can, but fail in doing so.

“I heard you once battled an army of darkness by yourself and your skill with the blade!? Is that true!?” you ask in an excited tone.

Forestia gives a small chuckle as she hears this. “Yes, the Lord of Darkness himself. I had many friends who helped me during that time though. Not all of them could be here today, but it's due to their sacrifice that we’re all here today.”

“Hm... I’m just a bit envious of you I guess. I read up on the Prince of Darkness incident, how you were called by a higher power and a sense of purpose. Right now each and every one of us is just trying to survive, our own crime just merely existing.” you reply.

“I understand what you’re going through, at least for a certain extent. The Guardians caused hell for us during our time, but even back then there was questions of what we were actually fighting. The Prince of Darkess was a developing threat, but there was much infighting between the various Exigents back then.” Forestia says before pointing a finger at you. “Much like how your country made the Rider and Mahou Shoujo fad after what happened with us.”

You give a small chuckle to yourself. “Yes, but I have more in common with a Rider while you were more of a Mahou Shoujo. Speaking of which, how did you become a god in the first place? Didn’t you used to be a god? From what I remember Exalted, such as Dragonblooded or Exigents, can only come from mortals.”

“If they’re willing anyone can become a god. I choose to become a god after the previous war goddess, Sunipa or One Thousand Drawn Blades, died in accident after she left town. Since I was her Exigent I was the one most suited for the role apparently and here I am today.” Forestia replies. “It was a bit unfortunate as I lost a bit of my power.”

“You were stronger as an Exigent?” you ask in disbelief.

“A little bit, but yes. Thousand Blades was more popular than I was, and since Gods gain strength in both the importance of their purview and number of active followers, I’m not as strong as what I used to be.” Forestia replies. “Don’t ask how that works though, all mystical mumbo-jumbo to me. ...Wait, Junpaku? From the banking firm?”

“Yes, my mother is the CEO and I’m the eldest daughter.” you reply.

“Oh yes, I remember you from that kendo competition I judged a while back. Even though you were so young I remember how you had such a single minded dedication to the way of the sword. Looking back it makes perfect sense that you were chosen for an Alchemical core, I just wish the circumstances could’ve been better for you.” Forestia replies.

“To be spoken of so highly by the Goddess of Blades herself, I’m deeply honoured to hear such words.” you say bowing, even though Forestia cannot see it.

- “How much do you know about our situation?”

- “How was what you went through similar to us exactly?”

- “From what I know about you, your home is in the Great Forks. How are you planning to help us from here?”

- Other
>- Fufu, I have lots of money! Do you want me to get you something?
>- “From what I know about you, your home is in the Great Forks. How are you planning to help us from here?”
>- "By the way, is this line secure?"
>- “How was what you went through similar to us exactly?”
>- “How much do you know about our situation?”

“From what I know about you, your home is in the Great Forks. How are you planning to help us from here?” you ask.

“Physical support or items I can’t do much with, but I still have my abilities as a war goddess. I can provide things such as tactical information and one of my abilities is being able to identify weapons at a glance.” Forestia replies.

“You read into the weapon’s soul?” you ask.

“In sense that’s correct. Just by looking at a weapon I can tell what it is, what it's made of, how to use it and what it can do, who made it, and what they were feeling at the time it was being made.” Forestia replies. “They actually stole that ability for an anime as well, people thought I’d be mad about it but I was actually flattered.” Forestia says with a smile.

“Wait, is the Eastern Goddess of War an otaku?” you ask.

“Not in your sense of the word. You have to remember that the rest of the world doesn’t consider that phrase an insult.” Forestia replies.

“Let me guess, if you pan the camera over to the right more I’d see a stand full of anime figurines.” you say dryly.

“Everyone has their hobbies.” Forestia replies.

“So you don’t deny it, fantastic.” you say with a small sigh, before forcing yourself to give a small chuckle. “I owe you for helping me out here at the very least, and since I’m rich if there’s anything within my power that you w-”

“All the manga and merchandise you can carry from the next Comiket.” Forestia says cutting you off, something like a hopeful sparkle in her eye.

You’re thankful she can’t see your expression right now, wide eyed and open jawed, as if someone shattered the noble image you had of the Goddess of Blades. ...Well at least she takes pride in her appearance at the very least.

“How much do you know about our situation?” you ask partly sighing, changing the subject.

“I heard the situation from Alvin and a few others from what wasn’t shown on the news. I know about what the Meruvian Government was doing and it makes me sick to my stomach. Back then we all learned that Exigents were made with good intentions and with no one harmed. There were stories of pushy gods but not on the scale of wholesale abducting innocent people. The media blackout reminds me of what happened with the Prince of Darkness only on a far larger scale, and that at least made sense to censor to avoid public panic.” Forestia replies.

“How exactly is what you went through similar to us?” you reply.
Forestia pushes her glasses up before she continues talking. “Like you, I was only a teenager when things got really bad for us. We were told about the Prince of Darkness, but some gods wanted to ignore that and basically used their Exigents as pawns for destroying a rival gods shrines, and at worse a battle royal. The Guardians, which is a police force dedicated to handling Gods over here, tried their best to help us as much as an underfunded government agency could do at the time.”

“Underfunded? The Guardians are one of the top special forces units in the world.” you reply.

“After the Prince of Darkness debacle they got a significant increase in funding. I guess it was around the middle or two thirds of the way through the Prince of Darkness event that the fighting got really bad, people protesting against gods and their newfound ‘servants’. The military tried against us along with... ‘other’ forces, before finally the Prince of Darkness tried to make a final push. What I meant was Meruvia is busy fighting itself in the situation, and you’re a single person with no clue to what’s going on.” Forestia replies.

“With foreclosure comes wisdom, but as of right now my heart aches for answers.” you reply.

“Learn as much as you can is all I can tell you. Even though it's been nearly a century since that event I still have not learned everything that happened during that event.” Forestia replies.

“No offense, but I plan to leave as few loose ends hanging as possible.” you reply.

“I won’t stop you, in fact I even encourage it. Just remember that you can’t unlearn what you have learned.” Forestia says.

“At this point I’d be hard pressed to be shocked by anything.” you reply.

“I said the same thing once, trust me, you will find things that will shock you down to your very core.” Forestia replies.

- “It sounds like you know about these things.”

- Forestia seems to be avoiding a few subjects, plus she’s talking to me so just let sleeping dogs lie. “I thank you for your time Goddess Forestia.”

- Other
>- “It sounds like you know about these things.”
>- "I wont press you for details regarding your experiences, but I've already been seeing things that do that. Things that should be impossible."
“It sounds like you know about these things.” you reply.

“I’ve been through quite a bit if that’s what you mean.” Forestia replies.

“Then do you happen to know about anything else? Such as things capable of body snatching?” you ask. “Things that should be impossible.”

“Body snatching? Those kinds didn’t even exist back then, it was only recently...” Forestia mutters to herself, looking away from the camera deep in thought as scratches the underside of her nose.

“So you do know about them.” you reply.

Forestia appears to be deep in thought for several more seconds before snapping back to reality. “I know a few of them if that’s what you mean.”

“You’re not going to tell me aren’t you?” you reply.

“They could be listening. If they found out we were talking then I’d get in trouble.” Forestia replies.

“In trouble? You live in the Great Forks! That’s a part of the U.E.S.! How can you get in trouble for such a thing!?” you ask.

“You’re talking about people which political boundaries means nothing to them.” Forestia replies.

Your mind races to the conclusion. “The people who set this whole disaster up...”

Forestia gives a slow nod on the other end. “Think of it like a dumb computer search for a keyword. This line may be secure, but I’d rather not talk about such things over a line like this. If you get out alive, I’d be glad to meet you in person so we can discuss in detail, but not on this line.”

You begin to break out in a cold sweat just upon hearing this. Someone you know and trust actually confirming that such a shadowy organization actually exists. “I... I have so many questions...”

“I can tell you one thing I learned at least. Just make it out alive. In the end no matter what happens, so long as you’re alive you can keep searching for the truth.” Forestia replies. “Just try and calm down for now.”

- “Calm!? How can I be calm when I’m up against a global secret organization that knows whenever they’re mentioned on this planet and can manipulate reality!?”

- *Take a few breaths* “You’re right, one thing at a time.”

- Other
>>- *Take a few breaths* “You’re right, one thing at a time.”
just chill

Taking several deep breaths, you eventually manage to calm yourself. “You’re right, one thing at a time.”

“That’s the spirit.” Forestia replies.

“Hibiki, you up here?” Mochire calls out from the rooftop entrance.

“Yes, I am.” you reply back to Mochire.

“Good, come on down then. Osvald has something to say to us all.” Mochire says before heading back down the stairs.

“Something come up?” Forestia asks.

“It seems so. Thank you very much for your time Forestia.” you say to her.

“Pleasure’s been all mine Miss Junpaku, or in your case Junpaku-san. If you ever need advice, don’t hesitate to call me back.” Forestia replies.

“Will do. Sayonara.” you say cutting the connection to head back down to meet the others.

As you head down to the ‘meeting room’, you can see Osvald sitting down in an armchair, everyone gathered around him as if waiting for you to come back.

“What’s blowing up this time?” Mochire asks point blank.

“Does it involve gremlins? We haven’t heard from them as of late.” Father Marcellius replies.

“That’s because others are helping to take care of the problem.” Osvald replies. “The military has mainly been regrouping for the last few weeks, but with all of their reinforcements now in I believe there is an 89.073 percent chance that they’re going to become significantly more aggressive against us now.”

“You called us here to say that? I cancelled an appointment with a cute masseuse because you called me you know.” Dexter says with a sigh.

“Glad to see you’re spending my money well.” you say to Dexter.

Dexter gives a half hearted shrug with her signature smile. “Hey, if I can’t have food then I’m going for another form of stress relief, and the spa’s still open at least.”

“That and it regards the scientists from Sub Basement Eight. Now that the military has regrouped they no longer need to keep them in one central area. In all likelihood they’re going to spread them out and put them under heavy guard.” Osvald replies. “Our intelligence cross referenced with predictions show that the military will begin moving them out tomorrow night.”

“That’s bad... We still need those scientists to explain what’s going on with us.” Marina says.

“Correct. Bell must’ve had a plan for us to escape this island, and these jamming devices confirm that she must’ve had some other contacts, but with Bell dead and no Alchemical able to find these contacts, we’ll need to ask the scientists instead. In addition, any information they have about a possible escape plan or how to disable our tracking devices would prove to be invaluable.” Osvald replies. “Our course of strategy is to then break them out of the military holding facility down by the docks, af-”

“The military facility by the docks!? The one with tanks, helicopters, and worse patrolling around it!? Osvald are you insane!? They have Dragonblooded there, LOTS of Dragonblooded! There is no way we’d be able to break through that area!” Mochire cries out.

“We will not be alone. This will be a joint effort collaboration between us and several other Alchemical teams. It will easily be the most dangerous operation we’ve had since the escape from the institute, so we will need to be cautious.” Osvald warns.

“No fuck ups, got it.” Wendy says. “I assume you’ve already got a plan in motion?”

“I am finalizing the plans with the other Alchemicals, and we have narrowed it down to two possible options. We will be one of the groups freeing the scientists directly, so we can choose to either sneak in or force our way in after a distraction.” Osvald replies.

After waiting several seconds you decide to chime in. “This is the part where you explain both plans to us as we’re not mind readers.”

Osvald opens his hand, showing a spinning 3D hologram of the military based, it spinning around in the air and going through steps as Dexter explains them. “Sneaking in will involve Dexter gathering a disguise than either Wendy, Mochire, or myself entering the base while cloaked. After securing the scientists, the remaining forces of our group will join forces outside to combat the military, who will be spread thin around the city responding to other Alchemical groups at the time. The brute force method will be triggered by having one of our Alchemical allies cause a tidal wave against the military base, damaging the outside and throwing the ranks of soldiers into chaos. During that chaos we’ll head inside while the other Alchemical group remains outside.”

Huh, looks like Neptune is helping out in this operation too.

“Any significant difference in between the plans?” Father Marcellius asks.

“There would be if I knew what was inside of the base itself.” Osvald says as the hologram zooms in towards the massive military warehouse, a map inside of it shown along with soldier routes. “Strike Force Zer0 has been reported to have set up guards on the inside. Accurate data on them is extremely difficult to come across.”

“Strike Force Zer0 is Meruvia’s special ops team. They get some of the best toys in the world and the training to use them. There’s a world of difference between those guys and marines.” Dexter warns.

“Correct, which is why one part of the sneaking plan is dangerous, as if we’re caught than we’ll be pinned. The frontal assault option stops us from being pinned and allowed more flexibility in deployment, but we’re sure to encounter Strike Force Zer0 members protecting the scientists.” Osvald states.

- “We’re going to be fighting our way out anyways, let's go with the frontal assault.”

- “They may be the best in the world, but I’m pretty confident we can still sneak past them.”

- Other
>>- “They may be the best in the world, but I’m pretty confident we can still sneak past them.”
>- “They may be the best in the world, but I’m pretty confident we can still sneak past them.”
>- "Osvald, if possible, don't say anything to sensitive over any wireless connection anymore. We need to make sure that we aren't compromised, and even our network implants can't have perfect security."
>- "I hope you have a plan for if and when if goes pear-shaped."
File: Charmssheet.png (206 KB, 808x4287)
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206 KB PNG
“They may be the best in the world, but I’m pretty confident we can still sneak past them.” you reply. “With the new updates I’ve installed recently I’ll be able to hide from core detectors as well.”

"I hope you have a plan for when this goes pear-shaped." Dexter says to Osvald.

“61.091 percent chance of it succeeding, but I understand your joke.” Osvald replies. “Our backup plan is completing the primary plan faster.”

“That’s not a good joke.” Dexter replies to him.

“That wasn’t a joke.” Osvald retorts.

You think for a few seconds before asking Osvald the next question. “Osvald, how secure is your, or rather our communication network? Should we maintain radio silence inside?”

“Since Dragonblooded are known to listen to the air currents for audio information, yes.” Osvald replies. “Dexter may talk inside, but Hibiki and her partner should maintain silence to one another.”

“They stole that from us...” Mochire pouts.

“Who is Hibiki sneaking in with anyways?” Dexter asks.

There’s only a few other people you can choose from who actually have stealth as well.

Choose one of the following:

- Wendy (Soulsteel caste, no-nonsense tactical agent type that is proficient at ranged combat and specializes in fear based tactics. Good leadership ability)

- Osvald (Starmetal caste, Light combat ability, but extremely knowable with computers, machines, doors, medicine, and everything else. Very high tactical capability)

- Mochire (Starmetal caste, devastating magical powers and long range capabilities. Extremely knowledgeable about the occult)
File: Martial Arts Charms.png (167 KB, 912x3139)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Sorry these took so long.
>- Osvald (Starmetal caste, Light combat ability, but extremely knowable with computers, machines, doors, medicine, and everything else. Very high tactical capability)
>- "Would it be possible to transmit static on specific frequencies as morse-code? Ones that wouldn't be suspicious or might be just confused for just noise from the jammers? It wouldn't be much, but it could give us some basic info on warnings, danger, or something else to that effect."
Let me make some late dinner and I'll be updating once again!

Voteing for Osvald also.

While it would be interesting with Wendy or Mochire. I think we would be better suited with someone who has skills more in line with break and entry.
Mochire also isn't completely specced into stealth yet, unfortunately.
“I say Osvald. Mochire said he has stealth but is the weakest amongst us at that. Dexter and I should be able to handle most of the things in there once the action starts, so most of the heavier artillery should be outside.” you reply.

“I agree with Hibiki on this one. Outside is going to be pretty bad, so having our less durable members inside would be for the best.” Wendy adds.

“What? I’m squishy as hell though.” Mochire replies.

Dexter snorts, a small tuft of her hair briefly going up. “You turn your skin into brass Mochire, I really doubt it matters.”

“It stops small arms not heavier ones!” Mochire yells back to Dexter.

“I calculate a 74.382 percent chance of survival outside for you Mochire.” Osvald says to Mochire.

“A one in four chance of dying are not odds I like to be taking!” Mochire yells back.

"Would it be possible to transmit static on specific frequencies as morse-code? Ones that wouldn't be suspicious or might be just confused for just noise from the jammers? It wouldn't be much, but it could give us some basic info on warnings, danger, or something else to that effect." you ask Osvald.

“I’ve been trying that, but as of late frequencies on normal radio channels do not work. The main secure communication line appears to be only online connections to other Alchemicals.” Osvald states. “In terms you’d understand, texting would be like telepathy to Alchemicals who also have the submodule.”

“You explained things to us in simple Meruivan, you’re learning.” you reply.

“But why do you want to maintain radio silence in the compound?” Dexter asks.

“On the 5.193 percent chance that they can listen in.” Osvald replies.

“Anything we need to do to prepare for this?” Mochire asks.

“None, do as you please. Just remember that the operation is going to commence at around 10 AM tomorrow. I will contact you with the information at that time.” Osvald replies.

10 AM huh? That gives you quite a bit of time to do other things.

- See if you can spend some time with Marina tonight, after all she is kinda cute.

- Drop by and see what your sister is doing before a risky operation

- Other
>- Drop by and see what your sister is doing before a risky operation

Oh just as a question does this setting have jet packs or mechanical wings of some sort?

As high end objects? Yea it does. Marina for example has a jet pack in her suit and is capable of flight.

For more mundane methods, large jump boosters exist that allow people to jump up to the height of a two story buildings.

Ah Thanks. for some reason i keep thinking of Habiki having a raven motif but not sure if she would actually do such things. Probably because of the heavy ninja influence
“I’ll be heading out then.” you reply as you head towards the exit.

“Do not be gone all night like last time.” Osvald replies.

“And you stay out of my private life!” you point to Osvald before your cloak engages.


Getting into your own company building is now more of a hassle than anything else now that you’re a wanted criminal. After carefully scaling the building, going inside of the ventilation ducts, and then getting Shouko’s help to get into her room, it's quite the ordeal to say the least.

As you step into Shouko’s room after she has opened it up for her food, you walk inside and look around. The executive suite at J&P International Bank is decorated according to the traditional themes of Coral, fans and kanji scrolls hang down the wall as the glass window overlooks the entire city, plumes of smoke and orange flames mixed in amongst the city backdrop.

“Hey, I think I was the one who made this.” you say uncloaking in front of the kanji scroll.

Shouko gives a small chuckle as she places the sushi on the table. “It has to be. Who else would write ‘dedication’ so flawlessly?”

“It wasn’t done the first time, it took me an hour to do after many attempts.” you reply retracting the top part of your helmet before removing the mouth guard.

As you both sit down at the traditional table, both you and Shouko make a clapping gesture of respect before the meal before reaching for your chopsticks.

“I’m so happy to have real food again that I could cry.” you reply picking up your chopsticks.

“You can’t buy any food with your money?” Shouko asks as she picks up hers.

“Yes, but most of the good restaurants ran out of supplies. Plus Marina kept eating all the food at the hotel.” you say putting the sushi pieces on your plate.

“Anything she ate probably would’ve went bad a long time ago. As for supplies I stocked up when I got the mercenaries, so we should be fine for now at least.” Shouko says picking up her sushi pieces from the platter. “Besides, I’m more worried about your behavior than your partners.”

“Why’s that?” you ask dipping your piece of sushi in soy sauce.

“I’ve been hearing stories amongst the mercenaries. Like how the ones at the bank said a black haired white skinned Alchemical at the bank fought a group of mercenaries while naked.” Shouko says with a flat tone of voice.

You cough on the piece of sushi in your mouth, quickly covering it up to look at Shouko’s glare.

“Jjjjjjjjiiiiii...” she mutters as she looks at you.

Ah stop that!

- “I-I-It’s a misunderstanding!”

- “Who said that!? I’ll kill them!”

- Other
>- "I-I-It’s a misunderstanding! I was trying to get my money back and they destroyed my clothing!"
"I-I-It’s a misunderstanding! I was trying to get my money back and they destroyed my clothing!" you protest.

“You didn’t even notice you were naked?” Shouko asks with a raised eyebrow.

Your fist comes down on the side of the table, rattling the objects on top of it. “I wasn’t naked! I at least had the vest of my armour on!”

“I still find it hard to believe that you didn’t believe you were going without any sort of underwear down below.” Shouko says as he gaze continues to cut through you.

You groan as you lower your head in shame, your hands rubbing the back of your head. “I get more embarrassed just thinking about how I even sat on top of a guy during that time...”

Shouko’s eyes go wide in shock. “Sat on top of!? Hibiki did you actually do such a thing in the bank!?”

“NO! I mean yes! I mean...”

Shouko’s own stare has turned from one of judgement to one of pure and utter shock.

“It wasn’t that way alright! I had to sit on top of him in order to restrain him as he was trying to kill me! After he ran away we had reports of the military coming right for us, and to help with that we needed to clear out the mercenaries down below... What I’m saying is one thing led to another.” you reply.

“And none of your teammates thought to point this out?” Shouko asks.

“One didn’t notice as she was busy with other things, the other bitch noticed a long time ago but didn’t tell me because she thought it was funny.” you reply.

Shouko giggles to herself as she hears this. “At least it sounds like you’re getting along with them.”

“I wanted to gut her like a tuna.” you mutter as you reach over to grab more sushi.

“But you still have other members of your group that you like?” Shouko asks, taking a bite of a sushi roll. “What about that one girl you talk about, blue one.”

“That’s Marina yea. You’d expect the helmet to open up and see a badass space marine, but instead you see a timid girl inside.” you reply as you dip another sushi piece.

“Not everyone has trained themselves since birth to be a fighter Hibiki.” Shouko reminds you.

“She’s a survivor though. Her dad’s a military nut so she at least knows basic CQC and gunplay.” you reply.

“What do you think of her personally though?” Shouko asks you.

- “Well... I kinda want to ask her out but I’m not sure if she’s into girls.” (Tell Shouko what you think)

- “Cute, but a bit of a crybaby.” (Put off)

- Other
>- “Well... I kinda want to ask her out but I’m not sure if she’s into girls.” (Tell Shouko what you think)
>- “Well... I kinda want to ask her out but I’m not sure if she’s into girls.” (Tell Shouko what you think)
>- “Cute, but a bit of a crybaby.” (Put off)
OK going to a bit of early X-mas shopping, but hopefully will be back as the game starts or not long after it.
(Sorry for >>886081 but I wrote most of this last night before bed and I didn't want to rewrite, normally I'd tiebreaker)


You feel your face warm up as you admit it. “Well... I kinda want to ask her out but I’m not sure if she’s into girls.”

“Do you know she’s not into them?” Shouko asks as she takes her piece of sushi.

“Not a clue.” you reply. “Most of the time she’s been shivering like a small helpless woodland animal.”

Shouko nods her head as she hears this. “You know what, I’m surprised you’re hesitating in this. Usually you’re pretty headstrong about everything, like the last girl you were with.”

“Kazanari was different. First is that she was one of the first people who I came out to, secondly she was the one who came onto me.” you point out to Shouko.

“So basically you’ve been confessed to and not the confessor.” Shouko replies.

“That’s right.” you reply to Shouko reaching for another piece of sushi.

“Then just take your time and wait for the right moment. Don’t do it in the middle of a firefight, unless it feels like you’re both about to die then it's all the more romantic.” Shouko replies.

“You have an odd notion of romance.” you tell Shouko.

Shouko smiles as she waves her chopsticks into the air. “Nothing wrong with liking the tragedies! But yea just approach her and ask if she’s willing to give you a shot.”

You make a small groan as you look at the piece of sushi in your hand.

“Oh don’t give me that.” Shouko tells you, pointing her chopsticks towards you.

“Give me what?” you reply.

“You’ve always been a perfectionist ever since we were kids, and when it comes to matters of self-perfection you take to it with all your heart and soul. However when it comes to things that are outside of your control you drag your feet on it. You have trouble placing your trust in orders, and are afraid of failure.” Shouko tells you.

You nearly jump back from hearing this. “What!? I’m not afraid of failure nor placing trust in others!”
File: Abilitysheet.png (152 KB, 864x3146)
152 KB
152 KB PNG

“Yes, you are. Those times where you could train yourself you could always come back, even when it comes to bossing around others you’re comfortable with that. However when it comes to things on an emotional level? You procrastinate, a lot. Hibiki nearly everyone in your grade knew that you were eying Kazanari for a while, but until she made a move you were simply content to watch from afar.” Shouko says as she takes another bite of Sushi. “It's the same as back then, you’re only just making a tense atmosphere around yourselves for nothing, when it's far better for everyone involved for you just to come clean and either get Marina on your side or remain as friends. Failure sucks, as does the heartbreak that comes with getting rejected, but it’s better to stamp out a spark then it is to put out a raging inferno.”

You give a small sigh as you poke a piece of tuna on the platter. As much as you hate to admit it, Shouko’s right. When it comes to an emotional relationship where you are both equals then it's always something that concerned you. “Yea... I guess you’re right.”

“I would like to meet her at least.” Shouko tells you. “Whenever or not you two would be going steady.”

“I got a feeling the two of you would get along quite well.” you reply. “She also has influential friends too. One of them is a member of the royal family in An-Teng.”

“Ever the watchful eye for future clients?” you ask.

“Get enough of it and your currency won’t bounce around like rubber.” you reply as you finish the last bite of sushi, turning your head towards the outside. “I just hope we can get out of this city as soon as we can...”

“You’re concerned about getting those tracking devices removed, I’m more concerned about the military blockade.” Shouko says before taking a sip of her miso soup. “By the way, how is the plan with getting those things out working?”

- “We’re going to see if we can break out the scientists tomorrow. It's a big operation for us.” (Discuss)

- “...Wait we had a plan?” (Don’t mention details)

- Other
>-"We're trying to find some of the scientists who escaped and if we can, they might be able to start removing them." (Don’t mention our raid or the details)

"We're trying to find some of the scientists who escaped and if we can, they might be able to start removing them." you reply taking your miso soup.

“Removing them? From the island?” Shouko asks.

“Pfft, no. They’re keeping them on it as far as I know. Hell no one’s allowed to leave this island.” you reply.

Shouko shakes her head and sighs. “What a stupid quarantine law. There are tons of VIP’s on the island. I don’t mean to sound heartless, but not even taking the chance to remove them? They can already locate any Alchemical who tries to leave the island, so why are they doing this in the first place?”

You swallow the miso soup and place it down on the table. “That’s what I want to find out. I think the scientists know about it, or have some idea.”

“Do you know that for sure?” Shouko asks pouring herself and you a cup of tea.

“No, but it's literally the only thread that I have left to follow.” you reply accepting your cup of tea.

“Sister, you’re taking a giant blind leap of faith with this.” Shouko replies, holding her tea to let it cool down.

“Yes, but I think the scientists know something. They worked with Bell, and if had this jamming device prepared for us on the surface, wherever or whatever it is, Bell must’ve left some sort of contingency plan in case of the deaths of any key members.” you reply as you wait for your tea to cool down.

“Wasn’t your escape boiled down to the plan of ‘I’ll cause a distraction then you run here?’” Shouko asks.

“Yes, but that was last minute, but they had parts of the plan well planned out. It seemed they were prepared topside, but not down below.” you reply.

Shouko takes a deep sip of her tea before giving a small sigh. “Still... Something bothers me. You told me in our texts that someone named Doctor Trine disabled your safeguards against attacking people, but if he could do that why not the tracking device for Alchemicals? He could’ve killed two birds in one stone. Why didn’t the scientists warn you about the tracking device before you left?”

You give a small shrug after you put down your teacup. “Maybe it's a piece of hardware while Trine specialized in software?”

“I think it's because of a backup plan the higher ups had in case their staff betrayed them, which obviously came true.” Shouko replies.

“And trained professionals wouldn’t notice such a thing for years?” you ask.

“Do you have a better theory?” Shouko asks.

You grumble a bit as you hear this, your mind trying to knit the possibilities together but only going around in endless circles.

Shouko looks depressed before talking to you once again. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be accusing. I have no right to talk about stress when you’re the one the military is actually hunting.”

- “It's fine Shouko. You have a reason to be stressed out as well. If a dedicated Apostate came in here these mercenary guards may as well be puppies with knives in comparison.” (Apologize)

- “It’s... getting to me bit by bit. Having the military trying to execute me for just being alive. I’m not even an Apostate, how does that make any sense!?” (Brood)

- Other

- “It’s... getting to me bit by bit. Having the military trying to execute me for just being alive. I’m not even an Apostate, how does that make any sense!?” (Brood)
>- “It’s... getting to me bit by bit. Having the military trying to execute me for just being alive. I’m not even an Apostate, how does that make any sense!?” (Brood)

“It’s... getting to me bit by bit. Having the military trying to execute me for just being alive. I’m not even an Apostate, how does that even make any sense!?” you reply slamming your fist on the table.

Shouko gives a small sigh, putting her tea down and walking over behind you. Her arms wrapping around your neck and resting her head against the side of yours. “Come on, don’t act like that, you’re scaring me.”

You give a small sigh as you hear this. “I know I know... Just that’s... it’s stressful is all.”

“We’ll make it off the island.” Shouko says to you.

“I know we will. I don’t plan on dying here.” you reply with a small nod.

“Well then, with that said I only wish you good luck on your little operation!” Shouko says with a pat on your back standing back up.

“Cheers to that.” you say holding your tea up like a drink before gulping it down.


After spending the night with Shouko, your little slice of normality vanishes and you’re once again put into the fray. Unfortunately the closest that you and your group can get to the military bunker is nearly three blocks straight down the street. Any closer and you’d be danger of your less stealthy members being caught by the core detectors.

Looking down the street you can see no shortage of heavy hardware in the facility. Several helipads can be seen in the back along with two giant rows of APC’s and heavy tanks. Drones constantly patrol the air above you while several Urban Striders can be seen on the rooftops near the base, all of this capped off with a large military warehouse with anti air missile batteries on the roof and two CIWS vulcan batteries looming over the street entrance below them.

“Wow, are you sure this a good idea?” you ask zooming in on the base itself.

“We don’t have much of a choice do we?” Mochire asks.

“Your companion is right, we need to get those scientists out or the chances of us getting off this island decrease dramatically.” Alvin says sitting in the corner of the hotel room, blade resting against his shoulder.

“The base is normally staffed by far more, it is only due to the distractions around the city that there are so few left remaining.” Zanna adds.

“That’s still a lot left over.” you warn.

“It is the main base of the Meruvian forces, keeping behind a sizable guard is going to happen as this is the one base they’ll refuse to abandon.” Osvald replies.

“...Right on time.” Wendy says as she notices a convoy of APC’s, tanks, and several additional helicopters flying up into the air.

“Wish us luck.” you say as you cloak.

“Fear not, we assure you no will get inside of the building after you secure the scientists.” Alvin says thumping his hand against his chestplate.

“Luck is an erroneous term.” Osvald says as he activates his cloaking device. “I believe it's more app-”

“You know damn well what I meant.” you mutter as you step out onto the balcony with Osvald following shortly behind you.

As you and Osvald slowly make your way towards the military camp, tensions are high for both you and the military inside. The constant sound of gunfire seems to worry the guards at the front gate, not exactly reassuring to know that your lifespan in combat is measured in the seconds with an Alchemical like you sneaking through, and on your end the constant tension you feel about entering the strongest military base in the city knowing that you’re one kicked can away from being swarmed in guards.

Heading up the roof where there are several helipads, you wait for Dexter to come out of the top of the roof with a description of a woman she sent you earlier. As a woman in a dress uniform comes out, two guards salute on the roof as she passes them paperwork. A woman in a navy blue formal dress with blond hair and blue eyes, but makes it really surprising is the rank itself. Dexter actually managed to infiltrate as a Captain. This is going to make your job a lot easier.

As Dexter heads back inside with you and Osvald quickly coming back in, Dexter herself takes a pack of cigerettes out of her back pocket, lighting one up as she puts it into her mouth.

“What does FuFu Bunny want the most?” you ask in a whisper.

“Friends to play with.” Dexter replies.

“We are not letting you pick the code names again.” you tell Dexter.

“When you’re here risking your ass under enemy territory, I’ll let you do it.” Dexter replies as she takes a puff on her cigarette.

“If you’ve assumed the rank of a Captain than I believe you can order the guards in front of the scientists.” Osvald states.

“No, they’re Strike Force Zer0. The won’t listen to the normal military.” Dexter says as she takes a quick puff. “We’re going to have to get rid of them. Osvald, I want you to work your computer magic, break into the system and do something with the cameras.”

“That is going to take longer than what we originally had planned.” Osvald warns. “Strike Force Zer0 was in one of my predicted simulations, but there is no need to change the plan so significantly.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Dexter replies, looking down the stairs.

“Do you have any new evidence?” Osvald asks.

“No.” Dexter bitterly replies.

“Then why should we alter our plan with no empirical evidence on your part?” Osvald asks.

- “Diamond (Dexter’s code name) was a secret agent once before while you were a reporter. For situations like this I think we’d best listen to her.”

- “Osvald has been planning this with many other Alchemicals nearly all day and night yesterday, changing it now based on a gut feeling would be foolish.”

- Other
>“Diamond (Dexter’s code name) was a secret agent once before while you were a reporter. For situations like this I think we’d best listen to her.
File: 1223144655602.jpg (105 KB, 750x600)
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105 KB JPG

They say that no plan survives contact with the enemy are frankly strike team zero is exactly the kind of people who mess up plans. Do we know anything about them?

how difficult would it be to incorporate taking out the strike team into our plans?

Strike Force Zer0 are basically some of the biggest badasses known in Creation. Their own training program has a mortality rate of 10% and they're given all the best toys before they roll out on the production line.

Basically these guys are the crack troops, given suicidal missions and actually succeed in pulling them off. Dragonblooded are stronger, but even they'd give pause to fighting more than a single squad at a time.

Think of them as something like SAS, SEALS, or Joint Task Force 2.

“Diamond was a secret agent once before while you were a reporter. For situations like this I think we’d best listen to her.” you point out to Osvald.

“Acknowledged, I will see what I can do about the security systems then. In the meantime please head to recover the scientists. We’ll need the area to be clear when it's time to escort them out.” Osvald says.

“Right, come on Dexter, show me the way.” you say to Dexter.

As Dexter leads through the military compound filled with almost nothing but row after rows of Command and Control rooms full of military personnel discussing long term plans, Dexter herself leads you to a wing of the military base off to the side, pulling you into the break room ordering a drink.

“Alright the camera here is broken, so listen up.” Dexter whispers as she orders a drink. “The scientists are being kept past the next checkpoint. There are sentry guns and Strike Force Zer0 agents inside, and be careful as these guys will shot at you with the slightest provocation.”

“You pulled me aside for something I already know?” you ask.

“I think one of them may be an undercover Dragonblooded, but I can’t confirm it. Wait until Pointdexter shuts down the security and we’ll be fine.” Dexter says sipping her drink before putting it on the counter. “Also what do you think of this girl?”

“Nine out of ten, looks to be a real ice queen though.” you reply.

“She got her rank through nepotism alone.” Dexter says as she looks at the camera outside of the break room, seeing it stop moving before dusting off her clothes and walking ahead of you again. “Follow me.”

As you both head towards the holding area, you can see that it's a rough makeshift area. Two guards in full body armour and gas masks hold up a hand as Dexter approaches, both of them carrying a rather impressive shotgun in one hand with a blade on their back. “Sorry ma’am, no one allowed in.”

“Yes, I have the transfer papers right here.” Dexter says as she reaches into her jacket, ruffling around inside before grabbing her tie and giving a quick swing. Both of the cyborg soldiers don’t even have time to scream before their bodies collapse to the floor.

No matter how many times you see it, you’re still impressed with how he manages to use a simple tie as a weapon to cut people in two.

After you enter the holding facility, you can see why Dexter was leery about things. Aside from the four sentry guns in each corner of the large room, not a single other guard is inside of of this room full of makeshift jail cells with steel plating hobbled together with keypad button doors. Your paranoia increases to dangerous high levels as you turn around in the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

As Dexter flicks the blood from off her tie she heads over to the first cell, taking a quick peek inside of it before moving to control panel next to her.


“Mr. Falcone, or should I say Ms. Falcone in this situation.” A familiar voice rings out behind you.

Your blood turns to ice as soon as you hear those words, your own worst fears coming true as you realize that John Doe is walking into the room himself, still dressed in his suit and greying hair.

“I guess the number of Alchemicals who can cut people in half with clothing narrows it down for you hm?” Dexter asks.

“If you used your hand I might’ve been fooled.” John Doe says as he looks around the room casually. “...By the way, where is your friend Shinobi? She should be around this area as well.”

What!? How!? How did he know that you’re here!?

- *Appear in front of John Doe* “I’m here if that’s what you want.” (He must’ve appeared here for a reason...”

- *Remain hidden* (Roll 14d10, may add up to +7 dice for 7m) [If you wish to make a stealth attack, this needs to be chosen first]

- Other
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB

Forgot this

I am attempted to confront him and try to get him monologing about what is going on. would be wonderful if we can record this for later evidence.

what do others want to do?

Well it seems if you want to you can go right ahead.

Where did the other guy in the thread go?

Biggest problem with this is that i doubt we can get him to make such a rooky mistake.

You never know until you try!

He probably had an errand or something though.
File: 1459886438345.jpg (885 KB, 1000x723)
885 KB
885 KB JPG

I should make a choice then

Well killing him probably would be pointless (he like trying to kill an agent in the matrix) and we are already in a trap of some sorts it seems. May as well try to get info out of him by confronting him.

"So looks like you hijacked another body... What are you up to this time"

"So looks like you hijacked another body.” you say as you drop your cloak next to Dexter. “What are you up to this time?"

“Body hijacking? ...I suppose from you end it would look like that.” John Doe casually replies.

“Then what is it?” you ask him.

“Your friends are smart, I’m confident they’ll find out later.” John Doe replies.

“What are you here for?” Dexter asks.

“I had hoped the military would’ve been able to retire you and your friends by now, but you’ve all been proving to be a consistent thorn in my side, so I’m here to eliminate you personally.” John Doe replies without batting an eyelash. “Be thankful, many people don’t get that honor.”

“You? Fight us?” Dexter says before bursting out into laughter. “I’m sorry, but are you insane? You’re not even a Dragonblooded, what ma-”

You hold your arm up in front of Dexter. “You know martial arts, don’t you?”

“I know a thing or two about it, yes.” John Doe replies.

Something is wrong about this guy. The way he’s standing in front of you with a completely open stance, only two kinds of people do that. Complete novices or expert fighters. “Dexter, remember the feeling you had about this situation? I’m feeling the same way about this guy. Do not underestimate him.”

Dexter’s cheery face goes to one of panic almost instantly. “How’d you know my name?”

“I know many things about you Mr. Falcone. You were a special agent for OMI, worked for years within Linowa as part of Meruvia’s military contract with them. Skilled soldier, but you have a tendency to dig up old skeletons others wish to remain buried and an even more annoying tendency to live through things you were not supposed to.” John Doe replies.

“WHAT!?” Dexter yells out in shock. “Did you order the bombing run on that hospital!?”

“I’m not responsible for that area, but needless to say I did have to clean up his mess, that’s why you’re here now.” John Doe says before turning to you. “And here we have Miss Junpaku herself.”

“I suppose you’re going to say that I should’ve died in that accident I had a year ago?” you ask. “And that you’re cleaning up after that as well?”

“The accident was a test. Even though you were not killed your spirit should’ve been crushed you still preserved. I accepted you into the program as a favor to the other, nothing more or less.” John Doe replies.

“So you were the one responsible for accepting people to become Alchemicals into Sub Basement 8?” you ask.

“I was the one who oversaw the Management and recruitment process for Sub Basement Eight yes.” John Doe replies.

- “Who are you? Really?”

- “Test? My accident was a test? What was I supposed to learn from such a thing?”

- “I’m not surprised you know Dexter’s service record, but I’m curious to know how you got access to it so easily.”

- “Our escape lined up perfectly with the military arriving, did you have a hand in that?”

- "You tend to clean up after a lot of important jobs. Isn't there a better way to kill skilled people such as Dexter or I? I mean I was in a wheelchair, if you could manipulate reality you could've pushed me down a flight of stairs."

All we have to do is throw him around to do that, so that he isn't in an area with other life.

>- "And I suppose you don't view people as people, merely as things."
>- "What are you, really?"
>- "So, you kidnap people based on a secret agenda, test them to see if they pass, kill them if they fail. But when your experiment escapes, you don't go in with the military, you merely keep us here. More tests?"
“What are you? Really?” you ask John Doe.

“A humble servant of the state. Nothing more or less.” John Doe replies.

“You mix lies with truth!” Dexter spits at him.

“I suppose you don’t view people as people, merely as chess pieces to move around on the board?” you ask.

“Perhaps the same could be said of any company.” John Doe replies.

“Stop dodging the question.” you spit back at him.

“I do not view people as object Ms. Junpaku. I see each and every person with their own agenda in mind. Sometimes I help them, sometimes I hinder them. Everything I do is for the good of all.” John Doe replies.

“Good of all? Good of all!?” You nearly scream, making a gesture to the outside. “How is this senseless slaughter of what’s going on outside for the good of all!? You kidnap people based on a secret agenda, test them to see if they pass, kill them if they fail. But when your experiment escapes, you don’t go in with the military but simply keep us here!?”

“If we wanted you dead, than we would’ve reduced Versino into a crater by now.” John Doe replies.

“Leveling an entire major city!? There’s no way you could get away with that! Not on Meruvian soil!” You shout back. “The people will demand answers!”

“The people simply want to live in comfort and do not truly care about the suffering of others. They’re more interested in the immediate, sensual pleasures of their mundane lives. If we leveled Versino than nothing would happen, the status quo would go on as normal, for a while longer at least.” John Doe replies.

- “You’re lying! Humanity isn’t that heartless! No person would say the suffering here is just!”

- “You dodged my question, you do know the purpose of this entire farce don’t you!?”

- “What possible good comes from this suffering!?”

- Other
"So, you caused my accident, illegally experimented on both myself and others, allowed the facility to be overrun, AND have allowed the people of the entire country to suffer for some sort of ephemeral 'greater good'? It's not the leaders, with your kind of power, you could 'arrange' for them to be replaced or do what you want. It's not for myself or others, to 'prove' ourselves, you could just ASK us to help. So...either you're trying to grow the world's most complex bonzai tree as it grows...or you've allowed yourselves to become so hide-bound to whatever order you've created that you're just as much of a liability to the world as we are, if not more-so."
prune* the world's most complex bonzai tree, whoops.

"So, you caused my accident, illegally experimented on both myself and others, allowed the facility to be overrun, AND have allowed the people of the entire country to suffer for some sort of ephemeral 'greater good'? It's not the leaders, with your kind of power, you could 'arrange' for them to be replaced or do what you want. It's not for myself or others, to 'prove' ourselves, you could just ASK us to help.” you say as you take out your blade and point it at John Doe. “So either you're trying to grow the world's most complex bonzai tree as it grows... or you've allowed yourselves to become so hide-bound to whatever order you've created that you're just as much of a liability to the world as we are, if not more-so."

“Your arrogance is only outdone by your ignorance.” John Doe replies as he uses his hand to count off his points. “I was not responsible for your accident nor did I have a part in it. You were supposed to die, and after you lived I was asked to clean the mess up. Second, it was not my call hold you all here. Thirdly, your consent to this entire ordeal is not required. People who have a stubborn refusal to die tend to cause me a lot of work. Lastly, you are far more liabilities than I am. You damage the fabric of reality just by existing, and I exist to fix those problems.”

“Are you saying that we should roll over and die!?” Dexter spits.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” John Doe says as he reaches to his side, taking out an odd pair of pistols, small hooked bayonets on the bottom of the barrels.

“Many people have tried using martial arts on me before. It didn’t work out well for them.” you say getting into your stance.

“Miss Junpaku there’s much you don’t know about the world. Let me give you a demonstration of what I mean.” John Doe says as he stands up straight, getting into a stance with his pistols.

“...Hibiki I’ve never seen that before. What’s he doing?” Dexter asks you, getting into position.

Your eyes narrow as you attempt to figure out his form. At first it seems to be making no sense, something like a amatur would do when trying to copy a martial arts forms, but as you realize it your heart sinks into the depths of despair almost instantly. “...No... That’s not possible.”

“W-What!? Hibiki what’s wrong!?” Dexter asks looking at you.

“T-That stance! T-The flexibility of the Snake style combined with the rigid poise of Steel Rain! H-He’s doing the inflexible and flexible at once!” you stammer in shock. “Impossible! Literally impossible! No one has even taken up more than one martial arts form at a time! The techniques of the form are anathema to other styles!”

(Hibiki has become scared of John Doe after seeing him activate his forms!)

“It pains me to kill you here Miss Junpaku. You skill in martial arts is something I’ve only ever seen in a handful of people ever, I mean that sincerely. If we had met another way than I would’ve trained you myself, but fate has made us cross paths this day. So goodbye Ms. Junpaku.” John Doe says crouching down.

“Hang on! I still have questions he-”

John Doe immediately interrupts Dexter, racing over to him in a flash of speed you haven’t ever seen in a human before, using the hooks on his pistol to grab Dexter’s swordarm. “I haven’t forgotten you Mr. Falcone, don’t you worry.”

As Dexter tries to wring his own hand free, John Doe immediately followed, rotating the bladed hook to cut into Dexter’s hand and forcing him away from John Doe just as he puts a bullet directly into Dexter’s own back.

“S-Such speed!” you leap back in shock after seeing John Doe’s reaction time.

“No, I miss his reactor core.” John Doe says as he turns back to you. “Now, let us continue uninterrupted, shall we?”

You take a quick glance towards Dexter, seeing that John Doe’s own attack hit Dexter head on. Its like Dexter bleeding out all over again at the hotel. It’s unlikely Dexter can take another hit, and in her current state you’re going to have to do this alone...

“Now assume one of your forms. Think of this as another test and don’t waste my time.” John Doe says assuming his stance.

John Doe: 17i (Already taken)
Hibiki: 11i
Dexter: 8i

- Pow: With (Liquid Steel Flow, Single Point form, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 19m 1WP) “Take out your twin blades and hit him with everything you’ve got!”

- Eff: With (Tiger Style, 10m) “If he uses range, than I’ll get in his face and slash it to pieces!”

- Other
>- Eff + Gambit (Dual Slaying Stance) Get a healing capsule to Dexter ASAP.
How many dice would I roll for this, and I'm guessing we can't attack while helping Dexter.

You don't need to roll anything. You just pass the item to Dexter and attack at a small penalty for multitasking.

I forgot about defense though.

- Pow: With (Dual Slaying Stance, Liquid Steel Flow, Kaarashi, 11m 2WP, 17d10) "Maintain a defensive stance before trying to lay into him!"

- Eff: Def (Dual Slaying Stance, Full Defense action, 5m 2i 1WP, 17d10) "The others will be coming soon! Send a message for help!"

- Toss Dexter a sub-tank s (-2 dice to action)

- Other
Rolled 4, 9, 7, 2, 10, 3, 2, 8, 10, 6, 4, 1, 2, 9, 9, 6, 6 = 98 (17d10)

>- Eff: Def (Dual Slaying Stance, Full Defense action, 2m for +2 dice, 7m 2i 1WP, 17d10) "The others will be coming soon! Send a message for help!"
>- Toss Dexter a sub-tank s (-2 dice to action)
“Dexter here!” you say quickly ejecting a sub-tank from your shoulder along with your dual blades out from your hips. In a single deft motion you grab and throw the sub-tank to Dexter before taking both blades in your hands and immediately assuming a defensive stance.

Dexter wastes no time, immediately jamming the sub-tank syringe into her arm. The wound on her back heals up in a matter of seconds, Dexter herself glaring at John Doe as her own eyes narrow upon him.

“You should’ve saved that for yourself.” John Doe replies as he rushes towards you. Your attempt at defense is immediately caught by his hooked blade, starring in the face of his other barrel in where you just barely manage to dodge his shot aimed at your head. Your counterattack immediately thrown off course when John Doe retches the blade above your head before applying a hard boot directly to your chest, knocking most of the wind out of you immediately.

(Hibiki takes 8 initiative damage!)

“Get the hell away from her!” Dexter roars as he charges John Doe directly, sword tie in hand as Dexter seems to teleport in a light blue swirl directly above John Doe.

You don’t even see the speed of which John Doe reacts, lashing out at Dexter with both of his bayonets. In what seems like a flash he hooks Dexter’s weapon with his own before making a lightning quick raking action with his own weapon across the back of Dexter’s neck. The cut isn’t that deep, but it causes Dexter to collapse to the floor herself, body twitching.

“Dex!” you yell out in fear.

“She kept getting in the way of our encounter, so I paralyzed her.” John Doe says, casually using his shoe to roll Dexter up on her back. Dexter is clenching her teeth with all of her might, but the only thing she seems to be able to do is just make her own hands twitch.

(John Doe CLASHES Dexter with a gambit! Dexter is fully paralyzed!)

Your mind nearly goes blank with fear due to the shocking ease which he dispatched Dexter in. During this moment you immediately sent out a frantic cry for help.

“Guys! I’m in the base! Dexter’s down and I need help now!” You say opening your communications line. “John Doe is here a-”

“You shouldn’t have done that, now I’m going to have to end this a lot sooner.” John Doe says, slowly leaning forward as he prepares to rush you once again.

John Doe: 21i (Already taken)
Dexter: 8i (Already taken, Paralyzed)
Hibiki: 1i

- Pow: Wither (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, +6 dice for 6m, 15m 1WP, 23d10) “I’ll show him what I’m made of! Charge full speed into him first! Scissor slash him with everything you’ve got before he can react!”

- Eff: Def (Full Defense Action, 2i, this will crash Hibiki) “Reinforcements are on the way! Stand your ground and hold on a little longer!

- Other

hum because of our special ability, Do we now know how to mix styles?

not sure how mechanics handle this but i can give this advice.

knife reach is very short compared to a sword so we have serous advantage. also blocking a sword is hard even if he brought a beefy enough dagger to block it, like a rondel (basically an ice pick). because of short he won't be able to block any attack to the leg block leg attack he would have to wast a lot of energy to dodge them. Try to avoid him hocking our weapon/entangling it. he is quicker so he will try to dodge and get into close range.

Frankly dagger vs sword is very difficult for the dagger fighter unless the dagger fighter can close quickly without getting cut up..

the guns would be interesting as we want to keep him close enough were he can't easy shoot us but far enough were he can't gain advantage from speed.
Frankly we would be able to create our own forms at the level we are technically at. the place i go to requires it for scholar level.
>- Pow: Wither (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, +6 dice for 6m, 15m 1WP, 23d10) “I’ll show him what I’m made of! Charge full speed into him first! Scissor slash him with everything you’ve got before he can react!”

The best defense is offense my friends

Hibiki has no idea how he's doing it. Quite frankly she didn't even think such a thing was possible.

Technically the bayonets are sorta like knives, but more like mini-hook swords here.

While Hibiki probably can make her own Martial Art style, its another thing entirely to assume two different martial arts forms at once.

“You want to see my skills!? Fine! I’m more than happy to oblige!” you reply getting into your offensive stance with one blade held horizontally and the other vertically. Vents open on the side of your body as silver exhaust starts to pour out. Your body body having the afterimages of your own movements flowing along with you with each movement you make. A small leap in the air before you being both of your swords down with an X-Scissor type slash.

John Doe uses his weapons to hook his blades into yours, just as you wanted before you retch the blades apart exposing John Doe’s body just as you react yourself with a quick kick to faint just as you take your blades make and thrust at him with a flaming hurricane itself!

(Hibiki double attacks John Doe, dealing eight initiative damage!)

John Doe barely has time to dodge himself, bending back like a reed just as the flaming tornado passes over his head, his pistols just lining up with you before firing, you which you barely react in time by slashing the blades apart in mid thrust, slicing the bullets in two as the launch out of the gun.

(John Doe attacks Hibiki, Hibiki barely manages a parry!)

John Doe seems to almost slither back to an upright position as his body turns into the stern stance it was in before. “If you had a different destiny than I would’ve been training you myself. Pity.”

“I’d never train under you!” You say pointing your flaming blade towards him. “You make a mockery out of human life! I can never respect that!”

“So the mockery says herself.” John Doe replies. “You’re not even remotely human anymore.”

“I have a human heart and soul! My body may be mechanical by you’ll never damage my soul!” you reply.

“No, you don’t have one anymore.” John Doe says pointing to the gem on your forehead. “You soul was consumed as a catalyst for the Alchemical Core. Additionally all of your personality, memories, and everything that is you was consumed in order to make you what you are now. Your personality is nothing more than a programming running in your head right now, a non-essential one at that.”
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB

“YOU LIE!” you roar at him, activating your new lie detection charm in order to scan his face and vocal cues. As the results come in with a 98.381 percent chance of telling the truth, feels like a bullet was just shot directly through your heart.

He’s right... You don’t have a soul anymore then... What are you right now?

“Hibiki! Don’t let him gode you!” Dexter pleads you while lying on the floor.

John Doe: 18i (Already taken)
Dexter: 8i (Already taken, Paralyzed)
Hibiki: 10i

- “I’M GOING TO HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THIS!” (Get angry, nullifies fear)

- *Attempt to maintain composure*


- Pow: Wither (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, +6 dice for 6m, 15m 1WP, 23d10) “Quickly start to run around him, use your afterimages to confuse him before becoming a cyclone of flames!”

- Eff: Def (Full Defense Action, 2i) “Put all your power in reflexes! Just try to stay alive for now!”

- Other
Rolled 8, 9, 4, 10, 5, 1, 6, 3, 10, 9, 8, 6, 1, 1, 8, 4, 4, 2, 3, 6, 3, 8, 7 = 126 (23d10)

“No, you don’t have one anymore.” John Doe says pointing to the gem on your forehead. “You soul was consumed as a catalyst for the Alchemical Core. Additionally all of your personality, memories, and everything that is you was consumed in order to make you what you are now. Your personality is nothing more than a programming running in your head right now, a non-essential one at that.”


- “I’M GOING TO HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THIS!” (Get angry, nullifies fear)
Not because of the benefit, but because of what seems to be what is more emotive.

- Pow: Wither (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, +6 dice for 6m, 15m 1WP, 23d10) “Quickly start to run around him, use your afterimages to confuse him before becoming a cyclone of flames!”

You clench your teeth as you bring your swords apart, tears rolling down your face. Your emotions and tolerance for this man have reached their fever pitch, and never before in your life have you wanted another person dead so badly.

“I’M GOING TO HAVE YOUR HEAD FOR THIS!?” you roar out, the silver light coming out of you now reaching nearly blinding levels as you explode into a blur of speed, constantly running around John Doe as a whirlwind of flame rapidly builds up around him.

John Doe himself does nothing this end time, simply standing in the center of the whirlwind staring directly ahead of you, eyes narrowed and focuses as you continue to run around him before you and all of your copies leap at him all at once in a frenzy of anger and blades.

John Doe lashes out at you with the fury of a snake striking its prey itself, the two hooked blades of his weapon latching into your swords, retching them apart in a single strike and sending them flying from your hands before a high kick from John Doe himself connects with your chin, your tongue nearly being bitten off as the impact rattles your skill itself.

(John Doe CLASHES Hibiki and successfully disarms her! John Doe attacks Hibiki and deals 9 withering damage!)

Your weapons sail in the air and clatter across the floor. You quickly attempt to self right yourself but only find yourself staring down the barrel of John Doe’s gun as soon as you glance back in his direction.

“If you want to blame someone, blame fate itself for the hand it has dealt you.” John Doe says before he pulls the trigger.

You’re sent tumbling out of the way of the blast as some invisible figure tackles you, the bullet landing in the wall behind you.

“...Oh, I see that you’ve decided to join us now too Mr. Osvald.” John Doe says as he looks at Osvald appearing right next to you.

Osvald helps you up he unfolds a crossbow as part of his arm, his own visor glowing in a kaleidoscope of colours. “What are you?”

“You were always good at finding out information Mr. Osvald.” John Doe says giving a quick flip of his weapon before getting back into his stance. “Maybe you should find that yourself.”

Just as John Doe says this, four other soldiers enter the room, each of them dressed in all black armour with no identifying marks and gas masks. Their muscle fiber augments just barely showing out from the armour they’re under just as they take out the blades out from behind their backs, the short swords crackling with electricity.
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB

“Kill the girl.” John Doe orders them, all of the soldiers now beginning a slow advance towards you with blades drawn.

COMBAT TUTORIAL: ‘Strong’ opponents

Strong or “Badass” type opponents are singular opponents who are often far stronger than most mortals, but still able to be quickly dispatched by lucky Alchemicals. Withering attacks directly damage them and allow you to gain initiative from them as normal, but like battle groups their initiative is frozen and any initiative stripped away by them is gone for good. Their attacks also deal lethal damage when you’re in a crash, so watch out!

John Doe: 23i (Distance: Close, Already moved)
Dexter: 8i (Already moved, Paralyzed)
SF0 Melee Commando 1: 10i (Distance: Short, Strong type)
SF0 Melee Commando 2: 7i (Distance: Short, Strong type)
SF0 Melee Commando 3: 6i (Distance: Short, Strong type)
SF0 Melee Commando 4: 6i (Distance: Short, Strong type)
Osvald: 6i
Hibiki: 1i

- Pow: Single Point (Switch to Single Point Form, Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m 1WP, 17d10) “I still have my soul! This style and blade proves that!”

- Pow: Steel Devil (Remain in Steel Devil, ask Osvald to grab your blades somehow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m) “Osvald! Get my blades back so I can turn these guys into mince meat!”

- Eff: Tiger (Switch to Tiger Style Form, 1WP, 18d10) “You’re not in the mood! Stay low to the ground and rip and tear them to pieces!”

- Other
Rolled 2, 10, 9, 7, 8, 2, 4, 4, 7, 4, 7, 1, 4, 3, 6, 1, 8 = 87 (17d10)

>>- Pow: Single Point (Switch to Single Point Form, Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, 4m 1WP, 17d10) “I still have my soul! This style and blade proves that!”
Time to fall back on the trusty old lady. Let's use Double Attack Technique
Rolled 1, 8, 3, 1, 3, 3, 2, 8, 7, 7, 9, 5, 2, 5, 1, 8, 8 = 81 (17d10)

>- Pow: Steel Devil (Remain in Steel Devil, ask Osvald to grab your blades somehow, Double Attack Technique, Kaarashi, 4m) “Osvald! Get my blades back so I can turn these guys into mince meat!”
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Oops, single Katana can't use Kaarashi or Double Attack, my bad.

Rolling for which choice to use. 1 is >>891364 and 2 is >>891374

“You’re wrong! I still have this!” you say as the Kaze no Ken ejects from your side, immediately grabbing it and getting into a new stance. “I still have my soul! The very fact that I can still use this style proves that!”

“You’re welcome to believe whatever you wish. Doesn’t make it necessarily true.” John Doe replies.

Keeping a half eye on both John Doe and the incoming troopers, waiting for the first one to react by quickly rushing at you, bringing down his blade upon you. Time seeming to slow down for you as you use the shealth of your blade to block the first attack then taking out the blade to attack the commando in one fluid motion, cutting open the entire front of his armour on one clean strike, a deep hit but not fatal for a cyborg.

(Hibiki activated Celebrity Enabling Module! Hibiki takes 5 withering damage from the SF0 Commando 1! Hibiki attacks SF0 Commando 1 for 8 withering damage!)

As the first one immediately steps back to avoid any follow up attacks, the three other Strike Force Zer0 cyborgs all close in around you immediately. With the three incoming at once you’re forced to charge ahead a bit, the blade just narrowly skimming along your helmet as you knock him away, your blade and sheath coming out to immediately block the other two attacks coming from the cyborg commando.

A quick tactical feed comes from Osvald where you slightly adjust your grip, the fourth commandos blade sliding across your own as it shifts due to the weight, turning into a spin as you advance with an onrushing blade before he has even yet to land from his hop back, your blade cleanly carving him two as his torso and legs hit the ground in front of you.)

(SF0 Commando 2 does 9 withering damage to Hibiki! Hibiki parries both attacks from Cyborg Command 3 and 4! Osvald gives Hibiki his attack action and Hibiki destroys Melee Commando 1!)

It's in this instant John Doe leaps back into action, rushing towards Osvald. Even when time is slowed down John Doe moves with the speed of a normal person, and while you try to turn around to help Osvald, only to stop in order to fight off the Cyborg commando lunging back at you. You make a quick lower block with your sheath before attempting a high slash to cut off his head.

(Hibiki attacks SF0 Commando 2 and does 12 withering damage, killing him!)

“As I said to your accomplice, no interrupting.” John Doe says as he takes his pistols and fires them at Osvald. Osvald tries to dodge but John Doe only seems to grab his wrist with a lightning fast movement, taking Osvald towards him before spinning him around, making a lightning quick uppercut on Osvald’s chest, a large bleeding gasp appearing on his chest.

“Osvald!” You cry out to him.

John Doe reacts by kicking Osvald away like a piece of garbage. Osvald collapses down on the floor, coughing up blood as he tries to get up. “Poisoned... 89.018 blades were clean...”

“I hit your pressure points.” he says flicking the blood off his bayonets.

“Hibiki we’re almost there! Just hold out a little bit longer!” Wendy tells you over the radio.

“He’s going to die of bleeding out before you can even lay a finger on me.” John Doe replies.

“KONO!” You cry out holding your blade.

“What do you want more? My head or your friend’s life?” John Doe asks holding his arms out wide. “You can’t have both.”

Hibiki: 16i
Hibiki’s Sword: 13i
Dexter: 8i (Paralyzed)
SF0 Melee Commando 3: 6i (Distance: Short)
SF0 Melee Commando 4: 6i (Distance: Short)
Osvald: 6i (Bleeding out)
John Doe: 3i (Distance: Close, Already moved)

- Save Osvald! Attacking him would fall directly into his plan! (1 Willpower to not attack him due to current anger)

- Pow: Des (Blinding Nova Flare, Shining Starfall Execution, Fatal Stroke Flash, 7m 1WP, 13d10) “*Prepare your mach 3 slash* LET’S TEST THAT OUT SHALL WE!? DODGE THIS YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

- Other
>- Save Osvald! Attacking him would fall directly into his plan! (1 Willpower to not attack him due to current anger)
>>- Save Osvald! Attacking him would fall directly into his plan! (1 Willpower to not attack him due to current anger)

You bite your tongue before you tear your sight away from John Doe, rushing over to Osvald’s side.

“Wise choice.” John Doe says as he puts his weapons back behind his back.

“Hold... Them off.” Osvald tells you as his hand comes apart, opening into a tool kit as he looks down at his own chest.

You spin back around to look at the Commandos. The last two of them approaching from your sides as they try to flank you. You quickly react by putting your sword and sheath in part of a cross arm block. The fourth commando seems to realize what you’re doing but leaps away, but this doesn’t stop you from your blade apart from the spare commando, in a single flick of your blade cutting the third commando in two before making a light graze on the other.

(Hibiki attacks the Cyborg Commando 3 and deals 10 withering damage, destroying him! Hibiki attacks Cyborg commando 4 and does 4 withering damage!)

When the commando jumps away your heart skips a beat with what comes next, soldiers start pouring into the room by the dozens alongside with two Linebackers, but at the rear of the entire army is Amy Ledeel herself.

“OPEN FIRE!” Doctor Ledeel cries out, electricity sparking off her as she hold two new chakrams in her hands, the squad of soldiers opening fire on your location immediately as they drench you in a downpour of bullets. Your immediately go back into full drive, doing your best to parry every single last one of their attacks.

(Rifleman squad attacks Hibiki and does 5 withering damage!)

Both of the Linebackers begin their charge towards you as well. The two of them carrying thick huge blades and armour so thick that their comrades firepower just seems to bounce off of them completely. You try to parry the blades of the first Linebacker, being shoved aside before being forced to do a backflip and just narrowly dodge the second one swinging at you.

(Linebackers 1 and 2 attack Hibiki and narrowly miss!)

“I’ll leave this in your capable hands Doctor.” John Doe says as he calmly begins to walk away.

“You’re not leav-”

Before you can even take a step, Ledeel has already thrown an echo of a charkam at you, the ionized air barely missing your head as you take a step back.

“Your duel is with me Apostate.” Ledeel says as her hair crackles with electricity.

“Hibiki! Stand away from the south wall!” Marina calls in over the radio. “...Wait which pedal is gOOOAAAW!?”

(John Doe has left the area!)

Hibiki: 22i
Ledeel: 18i (Aiming)
Hibiki’s Sword: 17i
Dexter: 8i (Paralyzed)
SF0 Melee Commando 4: 6i (Distance: Close)
Linebacker 1: 10i (Distance: Close)
Linebacker 2: 8i (Distance: Close)
Osvald: 6i (Healed himself)
Rifleman Squad: 6i (Short)

- Eff: Wither (Normal attack, 17d10) “Those Linebackers are going to be hell! Let’s take them out first!”

- Eff: Wither (Normal attack, 17d10) “Weave in between the Linebackers before using your only opening as a way to cut the last Strike Force Commando down for good!”

- Other
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB
Oops, nearly forgot this
>- Eff: Wither (Normal attack, 17d10) “Weave in between the Linebackers before using your only opening as a way to cut the last Strike Force Commando down for good!”
Rolled 9, 9, 3, 6, 4, 3, 9, 5, 7, 7, 6, 10, 1, 6, 4, 5, 4 = 98 (17d10)


do we have some sort of spray paint? I like the idea of spraying over their optical sensors rendering the linebackers blind

None on you, but you could get some for later to try that.

You rush back out towards the Strike Force Zero Commander, running low to the ground under the blades just grazing over your head, your attack biting deep into the commando as you cut him directly in two, his attempt to parry your own blade met useless as you directly through it at him

(Hibiki attacks the Strike Force Zer0 Commando dealing 8 withering damage, killing him!)

“There!” Doctor Ledeel yells out, her chakrams flying out across the room as you cut down down Commando, the blades of ionized compressed air biting into your armour directly across the shoulders.

(Ledeel decisively attacks Hibiki dealing 6 lethal damage!)

As soon as you recoil in pain both of the Linebackers are on you almost instantly. You rush towards one of them, ramming it in the chest before making a quick slash at the second one, attempting to rob him of all the momentum he has, only to be shoved back as he activates his jets, pushing you away just as the first Linebacker closes in, slamming his blade down on top of you causing a huge gash in your back. Pain rips through your body as heavy blade rips into your back. Its only by pure instinct that you manage to dodge the second blade coming down upon your head, stepping aside as the blade crashes into the floor, bullets from the nearby bouncing off your armour.

(Hibiki attacks Linebacker 2 but misses! Linebacker 1 attacks Hibiki dealing 5 lethal damage! Linebacker 2 attacks Hibiki and Hibiki barely dodges! Rifleman squad does 5 initiative damage to Hibiki!)


Your HUD sends off warning sirens, your armour HUD cracked as you’re pushed to the limit.

“No! I can’t die here! I won’t die here!” You cry out as you hold your blade in your hand. “No matter what I’m surviving this hellhole!

Just as you make this declaration a tank bursts through the rear wall, debris flying everywhere in the room as it crashes through the room.

“Oh! So that’s the brake!” Marina can be heard over the tank megaspeaker as the tank comes to rest in the room.
File: Charactersheet1.png (37 KB, 787x759)
37 KB

“Hibiki!” Father Marcellius cries out in shock as he rushes towards your aid, leaping down and smashing into the second Linebacker, his fist making such an impact that a large dent on it can be seen on the front.

(Father Marcellius used Defend Other on Hibiki and Osvald! Father Marcellius attacks Linebacker 2 and deals 5 initiative damage!)

“Get in the tank! I’ll cover you!” Father Marcellius says making a motion with his head towards the tank.

“Hey! HEY don’t forget me!” Dexter says, literally flapping on the ground like a fish towards the tank.

“Yea yea shut up...” Wendy mutters as she picks up Dexter.

(Wendy has rescued Dexter!)

Hibiki: 25i
Hibiki’s Sword: 17i
Marina (Tank): 14i
Father Marcellius: 12i
Rifleman Squad: 6i (Short)
Osvald: 6i (Short)
Ledeel: 3i
Linebacker 1: 3i (Distance: Close)
Linebacker 2: 2i (Distance: Close)

- “Thank you...” *Head into the tank*

- “I’m not DONE YET!” *Use the Sub-Tank M*

If second option

- Pow: Des (Fatal Stroke Slash, add up to +6 dice for 6m, 1m 1WP 13d10) “We need to buy time for our escape! Take out the Linebackers with everything you’ve got!”

- Eff: With (Normal attack, 13d10) “The Linebackers are on the ropes already, they’ll back off once you have the upper hand!”

- Other
File: Inventory.jpg (227 KB, 858x1072)
227 KB
227 KB JPG

Items for reference.

I know you're going to kill me, but I need to head into volunteering tomorrow so going to bed a bit early. We'll wrap up the remainder tomorrow!
Rolled 8, 4, 10, 10 = 32 (4d10)

>- “I’m not DONE YET!” *Use the Sub-Tank M*
>- Pow: Des (Fatal Stroke Slash, 6m for 6 dice, 7m 1WP 13d10+ 6d + ?d) “We need to buy time for our escape! Take out the Linebackers with everything you’ve got!”

Rolling first for the M tank. Probably should have grabbed the Force Field over the Cybereyes, but eh.
Rolled 5, 3, 3, 10, 4, 10, 5, 2, 10, 2, 6, 7, 8, 1, 1, 7, 6, 9, 1, 7, 6, 7, 7 = 127 (23d10)

So, 5 HL + 5 sux = no penalties. So that's 13 + 6 + 4 = 23 dice.

You clench your teeth as the syringe on your arm pops out, grabbing it on your arm as you then slam it into your thigh, bullets bouncing off Father Marcellius in front of you. The cracks in your HUD glow for a brief second as the past rushes through your body, revitalizing your body as the pain and weariness seem to vanish after a brief crawling sensation in your skin.

“I’m not...” You mutter as the pain rapidly reparts your body, blade firmly in the grasp of your hand as your narrow in front of your opponents. “DONE YET!”

Taking your blade in hand you rush towards the first Linebacker, exploding in a burst of speed as you make a slash at his midsection, the shallow cut being amplified many times over as your after images tear into him with the repeating slash, immediately then heading towards the second Linebacker as you leap up into air with an uppercutting slash, his entire body being cleaved in two as he then falls to the ground in two halves.

(Hibiki attacks Linebacker 1 and deals 21 lethal damage, killing him! Hibiki’s Sword attacks Linebacker 2 and deals 10 damage, killing him!)

“Which button is it again... Oh yea!” Marina says inside of the tank as popping sounds can be heard behind you, smoking canisters sailing overhead and landing in the midst of the rifleman squad and Ledeel.

“That’s our cue! Come Hibiki!” Father Marcellius says.

“What about the scientists!?” you call out.

“They were in the cargo containers outside! This entire thing was a setup!” Father Marcellius says picking up Osvald on the way out.

“What!?” you exclaim as you head towards the tank.

“You’re not getting away from me this time!” Ledeel says roaring out of the smokescreen behind you, the smoke engulfing her body as you barely serve to the side of her chakram attack, putting her in the way of the rifleman squad’s bullets.

(Doctor Ledeel attacks Hibiki and does 2 withering damage! Rifleman squad attacked Hibiki and dodges successfully!)

“I can’t believe a single robot is giving you such trouble Ledeel.” another voice rings out behind you.
File: Charactersheet1.png (33 KB, 787x759)
33 KB

Turning around you can see another man rapidly approaching you, wearing a solid white armour with a yellow visor, in his hands appears to be a hammer with a rocket engine on the back of it, alongside him two other elite Strike Force Zer0 Commandos. Each step he takes earth from the ground seems to rise up and spin around him, another Dragonblooded.

“Hibiki come on! We can’t stay here!” Marina says backing the tank up. “We need to go, now!”

No kidding. If you can’t retreat away from Ledeel in this instant than you really doubt you’re going to stand up against two dragonblooded, along with a base full of reinforcements.

Marina (Tank): 12i
Rifleman Squad: 6i (Range: Short)
Ledeel: 6i (Range: Close)
Strike Force Zer0 Commando: 9i (Range: Medium)
Strike Force Zer0 Commando: 7i (Range: Medium)
White Armour Dragonblooded: 7i (Range: Medium)
Hibiki: 3i
Hibiki’s Sword: 1i

- Pow: Dis (Swap to Tiger Form, Wind Dragon Speed, Tactical Retreat Algorithms, +4m to add +4 dice, 11m 2i 1WP, 21d10) “Surprise Ledeel by dropping to the ground then run as fast as you can on all fours to run away!”

- Eff: Dis (Tactical Retreat Algorithms, +6m to add 6 dice, 9m, 19d10) “Activate your gravity manipulator and lower your weight just as Ledeel strikes you, use her own wind to make you land on the tank!”

- Other
Rolled 6, 4, 2, 7, 8, 5, 1, 9, 8, 1, 1, 5, 4, 3, 10, 6, 8, 7, 1, 8, 1 = 105 (21d10)

- Pow: Dis (Swap to Tiger Form, Wind Dragon Speed, Tactical Retreat Algorithms, Shrouding the Mind and Body, 15m 2i 1WP, 21d10) “Surprise Ledeel by dropping to the ground then run as fast as you can on all fours to run away!”
Rolled 4, 2, 1, 2, 2, 6, 2 = 19 (7d10)

Rolling 1s and 6s
Rolled 9, 4 = 13 (2d10)

And the other two, that was a depressing reroll.

“Then you and I are in disagreement Ledeel!” You protest as you try to hop away from her, but Ledeel herself is in close pursuit behind you.

“You’re a danger to yourself and everyone around you!” Ledeel yells out as the smoke that followed her out of the smokescreen begins to roil like thunder. Striking at the exact moment she jabs at your neck with both of her chakrams. You quickly block with your sword, electricity flowing into the weapon before you see some smoke coming out from the its hilt.

(Ledeel attacks Hibiki and deals 4 withering damage! Hibiki’s sword action track is disabled!)


“Shimata!” you mutter as you quickly place the sword back to your side, panels opening up and quickly deconstructing the sword before you use the momenteum from the dodge to do a backflip, landing on the ground on all fours, turning around and running as fast as you can towards the tank as it begins to leave.

“Get back here!” Ledeel cries out as she immediately begins chase after you, electricity crackling around her body as she begins chase, only to jump back when the machine gun turrets on top of the tank begin to open fire at her.

(Hibiki disengages from Doctor Ledeel successfully!)

“Knight 12 and 13, that tank on the southern side of the base is escaping. Its not friendly, shoot it down!” The White Dragonblooded yells out on his intercom.

“Roger that, locking on target nOH SHIT!” the helicopter pilot cries out as Zanna leaps onto the helicopter canopy, tearing out the cockpit window before leaping inside of the helicopter. It briefly spinning out of control before it begins opening fire on the other helicopter in the air, its heavy machine gun catching it off guard as it crashes down to the military base in a fiery explosion.

As the tank continues to drive away, Alvin crashes down onto the street between it and the dragonblooded, his sword held high as he eyes down both the dragonblooded. “If you want them you’ll have to get through me first!”

(Battle over!)

Catching up to the tank, you quickly leap onto the back of it and crawl inside, falling down on top of Mochire’s head.

“Ow! Hey watch it!” Mochire says as you fall on top of him.

“Don’t ow me... I just had my back sliced open.” you mutter as you slide off his body and onto the floor, too exhausted to move.

“I assume you want these back at least.” Mochire says holding his index and middle fingers up, floating your Hono no Tatsumaki up in front of you. “I swiped these just before we left.”

“Hold onto them for now...” you mutter without moving on the floor.

“Drive to the nearest tunnel, its near the south side. Do not stop for any reason whatsoever.” Wendy orders Marina, her entire trenchcoat full of bulletholes. Her fist lashing out and punching the side of the tank so hard that blood comes out from her hand. “That entire thing was a set up! They played us like a god damn fiddle!”

“What happened back there!?” Dexter asks.

“The scientists weren’t in the prison area, Mochire only managed to find them by chance after scanning the containers.” Father Marcellius replied.

“What!?” Dexter asks in shock.

“They fed false information to all the soldiers there, the only ones who knew the truth was Strike Force Zer0, who only just recently landed.” Wendy explains.

“Then was all of that for nothing!?” you gasp in shock, quickly sitting up.

“No, we managed to escort most of the scientists into APC’s and the sewers.” Father Marcellius explains.

“It's a good thing you told Osvald to check the security system!” Marina says as she turns the tank. “He found out there was a jamming device meant to block communications. If he didn’t do that then we wouldn’t have shown up and you’d be in real trouble!”

“What!? Did he set all of this up!?” you ask in shock.

“Who set this up?” Mochire asks.

“John Doe met us in the jail cell area. The entire area was guarded by only two special forces guards, so we thought something was off when that happened.” you reply.

“A SINGLE MAN MANAGED TO DO THIS!?” Wendy says gesturing to an unconscious Osvald and paralyzed Dexter.

“Wendy you have no idea what he was like.” Dexter says with a deep sense of fear in her voice. “That man knew things he shouldn’t know. He was also good, damn good. He nearly killed me on the first attack, and when I tried healing myself and going at him again he tossed me aside like a used condom! The very second Osvald tried to interrupt he then opened him up like a trout!”

“He held back on me... He was testing me...” you mutter, realizing these things to yourself.

Wendy grits her teeth walking over to you and grabbing you by the neck, slamming you against the hull of the tank as anger boils within her eyes.

“Wendy!” Father Marcellius yells out at who.

Wendy’s grip around your throat tightens so much that you’d be gasping for air if you didn’t need to breathe. “Who did you talk to last night Hibiki!? Tell me right now!”

- “I... I went to see my sister, Shouko...”

- Don’t say a thing. Wendy may hurt Shouko or worse.

- Other
>- "You should ask us exactly what happened in the fight and what he knew before you ask me that."
>- "Because if my sister is involved in all of this, what could you possibly do to her?"
"You should ask us exactly what happened in the fight and what he knew before you ask me that." you tell Wendy looking up at her.

“What happened is we were fucking ambushed!” Wendy yells back to you. “People died today, and with all the effort we went through to keep it secret well somebody really fucked up on their end!”

“Wendy don’t you ever dare suggest Hibiki betrayed us.” Dexter replies. “I have a personality profile on her too, she has to be the greatest lair in the world to fool both of us!”

“No, what I’m saying is that the one Hibiki talked to may not be all that trustworthy!” Wendy replies to Dexter.

“If my sister is involved in all of this, what could you possibly do to her?" you ask Wendy.

“Is that a dare?” Wendy asks as her grip tightens around your neck, smoke roiling off of her.

“Wendy enough!” Father Marcellius says placing his hand on her arm towards you. “It's been a stressful day for all of us, but shifting blame to Hibiki for this will cause us nothing but grief! We need to refocus our efforts into recovery for now, once we have licked our wounds then we can figure out where to proceed from there.”

Wendy looks at Father Marcellius for a few moments before pulling her hand away from you, tearing her vision back to the road with Marina quaking like a rodent in the drivers seat as Wendy leers over her.

“Wendy didn’t mean it Hibiki, we’re all a-”

“It’s alright Father, we’re all high strung right now. A little break would do well for all of us.” you reply sitting down. “I for one just want some time to figure out all these thoughts racing in my head.”

+20 Normal XP gained!

+20 Alchemical XP gained!

Hibiki is now Essence 3! Motonic Reservoir increased and new charms/submodules can now be learned!

Your current Normal XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 20 / 120 / 140

Your current Alchemical XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 21 / 142 / 163

New missions available!

1) Become the Door (STORY) - Dr. Rosenberg thinks he can identify what the tracking program is! Gr- Oh wait he already screwed up. (Reward: Bonus XP + More Story missions)

2) Confrontation - I think it's about time we confront Shouko about what just happened... (Reward: ???)

3) Meet the Family! (Wendy Companion Mission) - Wendy, most people tend to drown themselves in alcohol for their problems... (Reward: Sub-Tank/E-Tank, Wendy relationship up, can be combined with 7)

4) Bachlorette Party from Hell (Dexter Companion Mission) - Dexter, I think there are other ways to handle ex co-workers besides doing THAT. (Reward: 2x Sub-Tank, can be combined with 7)

5) I Smell a Rat... - John Doe has now outsourced people trying to kill you, quality and efficiency in one low murderous package price! (Reward: New Martial Art Style)

6) You’re a Badass Demon What? - I don’t think we’re in Meruvia anymore... (??? + ??? + New move: Rekkoha, will take entire thread)

7) Confession to Marina - “I-I hope she says yes... What if she says no though!?” (Willpower recovery, can be combined with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)

8) Other - Want to do something else or in addition to the above? Drop a line and we’ll see what we can do!
ADA recommendations:
Recommended Normal XP Purchases

- NEW Charm “First Dexterity Augmentation”: Orichalcum wiring throughout Hibiki’s muscles allows for faster response times, reflexes, and speed. Add +1 to Dexterity. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, 10 XP with slot)

- Optical Shroud Submodule “Dynamic Cloaking Module”: Able to move at much faster speeds while cloaked, extending the range one can move while cloaked (Slow speed -> Normal Movement -> Running speed -> Any distance), in addition each additional purchase lowers the penalty of moving while cloaked by 1 (3 XP each)

- Optical Enhancement “Recording Systems”: Record and store up to (Essence days) of things you see and hear. Can download what you see to external storage devices of stream it via Uplink Node. (1 XP)

- Optical Enhancement “Diagnostic Overlay”: Tell the health of a subject with just a few seconds scanning them, listing all health problems and issues. Can also tell the exact health levels of all opponents. (6 XP)

- Optical Enhancement “Thermal Vision”: See in Infrared spectrum, allowing you to see heat of the target. (6 XP)

- Advanced Stalker Protocols “Maximized Damage Processor”: When making an attack from stealth, up to [Appearance] threshold successes on the roll are doubled while on a decisive attack a likewise amount of threshold successes are added to the damage. That’s right, the prettier you are the harder you hit. (6 XP)

- Charm “Impenetrable Repulsor Field”: If struck with an attack that does actual health level damage, you may engage a force field that ablates the damage based on initiative spent, possibly nullifying the attack completely. Alternatively, Hibiki gains the ability to parry attacks which cannot possibly be parried or gain 100% protection from attacks with arbitrarily large damage sources such as nuclear blasts or supervolcano eruptions. (10 XP including slot)

- Charm “Impact Dispersion Module”: Gain (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) Additional soak against withering attack or four hardness against decisive attacks. Basically you gain a small toughness boost. (10 XP with slot)

- NEW Charm “Omnisituational Evasion Equation”: A trans-phase energy on Hibiki allows her to partially phase out of local reality, allowing her to avoid attacks that would otherwise hit her, represented as a surge of temporary health levels. Later upgrades allows the ability to walk through walls. (10 XP with slot)
Recommended Alchemical XP Purchases

- Strength Up (5 XP per dot, maximum 5)[Suggested for Tiger Style]

- Wits Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Athletics (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Steel Devil Style “Triple Attack Technique” (8 XP): Upgrades Double Attack Technique, where if you gain enough successes over the opponent's defense the damage of your attack has the potential to greatly increase.

- Steel Devil Style “Seconds Between Strife” (8 XP): When making a rush towards an enemy, may convert charge into automatic successes on the rush attempt. If the Rush is successful, the charge spent on the Rush is refunded. Meaning it makes you really fast.

- Steel Devil Style “Sonic Slash” (8 XP):If the automatic move action happens due to a rush action you make activate this charm to make an immediate decisive attack in a line out to medium range with a base damage equal to your current charge. This does not reset you to base initiative. Meaning this lets you fire out wind blasts from your swords from running fast (Must know Seconds Between Strife)

- Air Dragon Style “Breath Seizing Technique” (8 XP): Steal the very breath of life from the opponent themselves. If an attack does a certain amount of damage than the opponent is faced with a penalty to all actions which can be stacked. If this penalty is higher than the opponents stamina then they begin to suffocate until they pass out. Alchemical opponents are immune to suffocation, but the penalty still remains with them.

- Air Dragon Style “Air Dragon Form” (8 XP): Surround yourself with a small personal tempest, providing small boosts to your speed and dodge. All attacks are wreathed in electricity slightly increasing damage, unarmed attacks can be made out to short range while any attacks using Chakram’s turn all aim dice into automatic successes. [Requires Breath Seizing Technique]

- Tiger Style “Iron Claw Grip” (8 XP): Pounce on an enemy and to grapple them, gaining a possible increase to the amount of turns a target can remain grappled. Targets who are grappled cannot defend against your attacks.

- Tiger Style “Raging Tiger Pounce” (8 XP): A fierce attack knocks the opponent prone, forcing them pay resources in order to actually stand up and forcing an action to do so. Attacking an opponent knocked prone by this style results in a small damage boost.

- NEW Tiger Style “Leap from Cloaking Shadows” (8 XP): Count up to (Strength/2) 9s on an attack roll as two successes, meaning it is far more likely for the attack to connect. Against an enemy who attempted to move away from you or an attack made from stealth, get an equal amount of double 8s if one is true or 7s if both are true.
>2) Confrontation - I think it's about time we confront Shouko about what just happened... (Reward: ???)

I will refrain from commenting on XP spenditure for now.

Wondering if we chose #6 does that mean we can no longer do the other mission?

Oh no, if you do six you can do the other missions after that thread.

Just that it can't be combined with other missions.
>- First Dexterity Augmentation (20 - 10, 10)
>- Impenetrable Repulsor Field (10 - 10, 0)

>- Strength 3 -> 4 (21 - 5, 16)
>- Tiger Style: Leap from Cloaking Shadows (16 - 8, 8)
>- Steel Devil: Triple Attack Technique (8 - 8, 0)
2) Confrontation - I think it's about time we confront Shouko about what just happened... (Reward: ???)
File: 1339131652680.jpg (320 KB, 1402x992)
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320 KB JPG
question how are we doing on willpower? While out of game want to do 6 number 2 makes the most sense.

If you really want to do it we could squeeze it in, mainly worried about the duration as that'd be a long one.
File: 1367906953139.jpg (90 KB, 1080x835)
90 KB

Na we could do it later. don't want to rush things

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