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“Of all the thoughtless, bone-headed, inconceivable chicanery I’ve witnessed over the past several weeks! Tell me, what precisely were any of you boys thinking!?”

Silence hangs thick in the air, his only response for a long while as Cici’s armor clad uncle continues to pace back and forth before the would-be werewolves that had just moments ago been chasing the girls through the cornfields. Masks now gone, faces decidedly pale, the many pocked and freckled lads had taken a decided interest in their toes, apparently unwilling to meet the gaze of the man who had just moments ago been completely aflame or the manticore that loomed on the other side of him.

“Well? Come now,” he demands, cape billowing behind him as he continues to stalk the grounds. “The cat can’t have run off with all of your tongues. So, explain to me why three nearly adult boys would be attempting to frighten as many children half to death in the middle of the night! Huh?”

Uncle Lee’s tone is severe as he swaps glances between the three bowed heads before him, occasionally turning toward his niece where she quietly cradles her rabbit off to the side. Her heart pounding, Din-Din’s breathing coming rough as he meekly nuzzles against her stomach, it’s hard to gather the thoughts to do or say much past the pain in her scraped knees and the throbbing pressure mounting against the inside of her skull, the latter likely from attempting magic far beyond her years.

“I-It w-were just a j-joke, s-sir…” One of the boys speaks up shakily. “We w-weren’t lookin’ to h-hurt ‘em or nothin’…”

“It’s what ya do on Hallow’s Eve,” another insists.

“Hallow’s Eve or no, there is a point where a joke has simply gone too far,” the man admonishes them. “First of all, the essence of comedy is in punching up, not down, and no self-respecting comedian (or really any other individual) would waste ammunition on directly bullying someone a third his age and a third his size for kicks.”

“B-but she t-tried to hex us!” the last boy accuses, pointing a finger toward Cici. “S-She’s a monster!”
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365 KB JPG

“Oh, my dear, dear boy,” Lee’s voice drops from its usual prim and proper lilt as though by magic, sinking down to something deeper, darker, and frightfully conspiratorial. “You have no idea how thin my patience is running having to explain this over-and-over again. Now, do I really have to explain to you the difference between a man and a monster?”

The boy panics as Lee bends down to meet them at their eye level, all of their heads shaking vigorously, begging him not to say more.

“Too late now,” he chuckles darkly, a shadow seeming to creep up around him and encircle the boys as he continues. “I think you’d all do well with a practical lesson anyway. You see, the difference is that a man is compassionate. He thinks and acts, at least sometimes, in the best interest of others before himself. A monster, on the other hand… Well, a monster only thinks of how it can benefit.” The shadows deepen and elongate, twisting as though they were alive. “Whether for survival or simple entertainment, it is all too content to prey on those weaker than itself, to grow fat on fear and violence…”

The sound of low growling and other such menacing things rolls out like gentle thunder as the air takes on a colder quality.

“Baron’s, bigots, and bullies, a monster doesn’t need fangs or formidable powers. Those help, of course, but all they really need is an utter lack of empathy for those that surround them. So I’ll ask again:”

“What. Were. You. Doing. To. My. Niece!”

With each word, a monster made of smoke arises from the darkness, horrible faces carved from fire and the void cackling madly as tendrils of shadow rend themselves away from the scenery and begin chasing after their already fleeing, screaming targets. Up the road and faster than the wind, they fly, their screams carrying far past line of sight as they flee into the night.

“Well, that takes care of that, I suppose,” Lee sighs, dusting off his hands, and then returns his gaze to Cici. “Are you alright, my dear?”

Cici simply shakes her head, cuddling Din-Din a bit closer.

> Write-in.
Let's... lets ask your Uncle to take you home.

And Bones, be careful with fire, or you might end with us!
Yeah, let's go home.
Let's cry, hug your uncle and go home.

And Bones, be careful with the magic stuff, is you run out of it then you will get here. Magic is the only thing keeping you undead!
That was so cool!
We should go home now.
File: 1475856231294.png (39 KB, 366x561)
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Also, just in case:

Welcome to Gorgon Child Quest! Where-in you take up the role of a magical talking artifact being wielded by a young gorgon girl named Cici. Living out of the steadily improving remains of a once great dungeon, the game will focus on exploration, character interaction, and learning as the voices of the players within the amulet help guide her along. I may also include a magic system down the line depending on how things go, but we'll see what the future holds.

For news about quest updates, my twitter can be found here:

And the archive can presently be found here:
"If I had hands I would applaud him."
Cici, do you feel up to that sleepover still? That was a good job with the stonegaze. Hopefully you won't need to try that again until you are older.
No, it was bad idea to use that. You don't know how to reverse it. No using petrification until you are an adult and you know what you are doing
Agreed. Even if is just a natural ability you have, don't ever use it again until you know what you are doing.

And let's go home.
Hey, operating off of the information we were privy to at the time, those being werewolves, I think firing up the stonegaze was a good last ditch. Not something that should be tried again anytime soon, but I think Cici done good.
No, we were sure they were people using costumes, but then it got dangerous and the kids got hurt.

We didn't know if they were just kids or monster haters after Cici.

Yes. Those kids were very mean.

Also is true that they could have been evil people wanting to kill a monster.

We didn't have enough information.

And Bones really, be careful with the magic, as an undead if you use too much you will die.
File: 1460499620076.jpg (77 KB, 587x700)
77 KB

“Mama is back at the barn…” Cici says quietly both to her uncle and the voices, her legs unwilling to move as she just sits there with Din-Din miserably perched on her lap.

“Well then, best we take you back that way before she gets worried,” Uncle Lee remarks, turning to the mount he flew in on and, with a nod and an unspoken word, sending him away. “She’ll no doubt be in a tizzy over your legs, but it’s best we deal with these things one step at a time. Speaking of which…”

He turns to the bushes a way down the road.

“Girls, if you would be so kind as to come out, I assure you, my bark is worse than my bite.”

A moment of silence is followed by rustling bushes before Katie and Hannah once more reappear just a stone’s throw down the road.

“S-so are you Cici’s Grampa?” Katie asks nervously, hanging back and notably with a rock still in hand as she approaches.

“Nonsense, I’m nowhere near the old… Then again…” Uncle Lee’s eyes drift away as he ponders that one, but he wastes no time scooping Cici up off the ground, rabbit and all, with one arm supporting her shoulders and the other beneath her legs. “Anyhow, I’ll take it by the fact you stuck around that you three were traveling together this evening.”


“It was lots of fun,” Cici adds weakly. “Until the werewolves attacked…”

“Always a shame when that happens,” Lee agrees. “Moreso on a pleasant evening like this. Still, I’m glad to hear you’ve been well, and what’s more that you seem to be making friends.”

“Mhm, I’ve been trying real hard,” Cici says, catching a bit of the bare white bone that hid beneath Uncle Lee’s helmet.

“Well, we have time on the walk for you to tell me all about it,” he suggests. “It’s been too long since I’ve been home.”

“I think the voices wanted to talk to you first though,” Cici explains, placing a hand on his arm.

“Wait, what? Oh…”


[“Oh. I think I understand how this works. That said, no worries gents, I’m fit as a fiddle, albeit one that’s been mashed into powder and reassembled a few more times than was likely necessary over the past month or so. Still, it’s otherwise been a jolly good bit of exercise, meeting new people and old friends. Still, I’m more of a mind to discuss Cici, if you don’t mind. How has she been? Moreover, what exactly are you?”]

[“Also, no worries, it will take far more than a few simple illusions to send me back to the other world. Even then, I suspect my patrons would just wind up booting me back to this side.”]
We're like spirits communicating through the artifact Cici has.
I'm not sure how it works though.
And hi!
We are the spirits of the lost, less than ghosts more than nothing. We just wait here in the darkness and drive each other crazy talking since we cannot do much more. I think some call this place purgatory? Is not hell or heaven, basically a long wait.

We talk to Cici because we like her and we try to give her advice, but we are all crazy here so some of the spirits says things they should not.

And patrons or not, there is a limit on how much you can do with magic. Go over that limit and your patrons will have to deal with Lady Death itself comming for you.

Also the old wizard is installing a bath with warm water in the dungeon. Ask him about magic before he leaves.
Cici has been doing really well. She is sharp as a tack, learns quickly, and seems to be on her way to making some friends. As for us, it seems that we are some manner of disembodied spirits given the ability to communicate through this brooch. Don't have anything else to go on regarding that.
Have you even been waiting for very long and run out of things to talk about? Imagine hundreds, no thousand years of that. Add every spirit going crazy and you will have an idea what's like here.

Cici been doing well, she is a mage in training and has a bunny familiar, and had made new friends too.

Oh and she wants to kearn how to cook.

Wasn't there a spell to let bones like you eat? Ah yes, a dumb wizard wanted to make carnivorous skeletons and... well if I were to tell you stories of wizards doing stupid things that got them killed I would be talking to you for days.

And don't be overconfident, I think we have more than a former hero around here. Or maybe not, who knows? We are all crazy.
I'm not crazy.
I am bored though.
It's boring here most of the time.
We are all crazy here, you are just lying to yourself.
"Cici's magic and has magic dreams. Grandpa wizard is visiting; try not to get blasted on sight. Wait, was he already told about you?"
"'Sanity is a human invention; it is a mere preference for a familiar way of thinking.'

So sayeth Vanishu, he of the endless void."
There are no gods here in the void. If they were, they would go crazy by us trying to talk to them.
When thou gaze long into the abyss the abyss gazes into thee.
Or something like that right?

So sayeth Vanishu, he of the now gibbering void."
This place is basically just a dark massive room filled with shouting voices.
It's depressing really

[“And here I was worried that Cassandra wouldn’t even allow her out of the house. Honestly, when you consider what almost happened before that, it makes sense but even so… I suppose I’m just glad to hear that she’s developing relationships with the other children nearby and several interesting hobbies. It can only help matters in the long run.”]

[“As for pressing my luck, I assure you, I’m quite content in not rolling those dice any more than is necessary. It just seems this second thread of fate I’ve picked up is interwoven endlessly with conflict. Giant beasts, demons, bandits, and politicians, it made for quite the adventure getting there and back. You could say that after all of that, however, I have a rather grounded sense of exactly how much it takes before I kick the proverbial bucket for a second time.”]

[“In any case, insane or no, you seem like fine enough fellows to help young Cici along. A few fast friends for a girl far too new to the world is no doubt a welcome boon.”]

“So what’s this I hear about you studying magic?” Lee asks, wandering down the road with the remaining pair now on either side. “That’s very impressive at your age, you know.”

“Mhm,” Cici agrees shyly. “Grampa says I’ve got magic, an’ he taught me how to make warm water.”

“Ah, the good old fashioned basics,” Lee sighs wistfully. “I still remember how many of my class passed out while trying to boil their first egg.”

“Boiled eggs are gross,” Cici grumbles softly.

“No sense in being a picky eater, my dear, especially if you intend on being a chef. My old friend Marcus once told me that a professional must always appreciate every ingredient for what it’s worth, and to see the opportunities to bring out their best qualities in any given situation. Coincidentally, he also made a glorious deviled egg.”

“They get stuck in my teeth…”

“Ah, speaking of that, I’d noticed you’re one shy in that department… I do hope that wasn’t the result of those miscreants from earlier.”

“Uh-uh,” Cici says, shaking her head.

“She lost it apple bobbing,” Katie explains.

“It was lots of fun,” Cici comments. “Plus, I learned a new trick.”

With a smile, Cici then hooks a finger between her upper and lower jaw, gently pulling until it once again pops out and distends.

“I’m sure that talent will make someone very happy one day, dear, but in the meantime…” Lee gently tweaks her nose. “It may be best to take smaller bites. Food is to be savored, not swallowed whole.”

“I know!” Cici giggles. “I just thought it was neat…”

[“Anymore questions, gentlemen, ladies, and those of unspecified gender?”]

> Write-in
Do you have a girlfriend? I know of a possessed suit of female armor who is very lonely... she must still be around. But I dunno if she is awake or not.
"How do you work? Humans move because their muscles pull on their bones, but you don't have any muscles. If it's magic that makes you move, can you use that magic to move other things? Can you move bits of yourself while they're not attached?"
Of course is magic that moves him. Why do you think Lady Death will claim him again if he runs out of magic?

And levitation should still be one of the basics, just don't try to levitate yourself more than a few feet. That kind of magic is too wasteful to use to fly.

And all bones can put themselves back together, that's the very basics of the magic that animates them.

And moving deatached parts for stupid party tricks? Bad idea. That's how you lose parts of yourself.
"If the magic can control inanimate substances, why doesn't it affect, say, the rocks on the ground?"
Because the rocks aren't part of his body. Or if you mean levitation, is not a magic meant for power. if you want to move rocks is better to use earth magic.

Using levitation to float over the air is mostly just a hard to do party trick. Is hard to do and rarely useful in a fight.

Not to mention that's a wasteful magic, levitation is not for greats show of force.
"No, I mean, what stops the magic from recognizing other objects as part of it and moving them? Why isn't the spell extended?"
Since rocks aren't bones or part of the skeleton, it doesn't work. To put it simple, the spell has orders to move the skeleton bones and nothing else, not even other skeleton bones.

And the more the spell has to move, the more magic wasted.
File: 1460497432723.jpg (204 KB, 480x583)
204 KB
204 KB JPG

[“Well, I fear most ladies prefer their men a bit more lively, and much as I’d be keen on meeting another with the same haunting habits that have kept me stuck to this golem, I’m not sure how we’d get along.”] H͇̬̟͍̒͆ͮͣė͆ͮ̚͏̴͚͚̘̫̲͈ ̢̲̘̝̫̬͎̥̹͊ͨ͊͗i̢͖̲͔̠͋̉̆͑̓ͯ͋́ͅs̴͍͎̠͕̬̝͑͋͠ ̷̨̯̤͇͕̘̗̯͒͗͐̉ͣ͐ͦ̒m̷̷̅̎͏͎̳͔̼ī̱̰̩̫͔̍̀͒̉̒n̷̲̯͉̝̺̼͚ͨ͡e͖͖̞̥͙͓̺͖̙͗ͦ̏̓!̸̝͍̎̈́ͤ͑̊͌̌̒͌̕ [“After all, I’m quite pleased with my normal, non-sapient suit. And even if the protection she provided was comparable and we got along well, a man needs his privacy.”]

[“As for the magic that keeps me up and running, you could say that I’m a bit of an… unorthodox case. A certain magical book scrapped my skeleton to turn it into a golem, and then my soul kind of just drifted back and took over the unclaimed faculties. In essence, as one of my dear mentors likes to put it, I’m haunting myself, with the most part of my movement handled by the golem producing a magical propulsive force that binds my body together and my spirit running reserve power like some sort of mana battery.”]

[“Of course, batteries run out, forces can be disjointed, and pieces can be shattered, but I’ve found that so long as I don’t try anything too unreasonable, I’m not at immediate risk of departing anywhere. Choosing to disjoint those parts and manipulate them independently is… well, we’ll call it a work in progress.”]

By the time Lee finishes his thoughts, the barn yard is coming into focus, Cassandra turning out of the gates and apparently making to leave until she catches sight of the cadre heading her way.

“Oh gods!” Her coils immediately spin into action as she heads toward Lee. “What happened? Sweetling, what-“
File: cute bunny 010.jpg (43 KB, 500x320)
43 KB

“It’s okay, Mama,” Cici whispers, as the snake woman takes her into her own arms. “I just fell is all, cuz I thought we were being chased by werewolves…”

“Werewolves.” Mama’s eyes widen.

“Just some boys in costume,” Lee reassures her. “Nothing to worry yourself about.”

“It was Danny and some of his stupid friends,” Katie tattles. “They probably thought it would be funny to scare people.”

“What in the world?” Granma Agatha is already out of her front door and heading toward the children. “Why are you kids cut up six ways to Sunday?”

“Mama,” Cici insists tearfully, calling her attention back. “Mama, they hurt Din-Din real bad.”

“Those animals! Why would they-“

“It seems one of them caught a case of rabbit to crotch,” Lee fills in. “Not to argue their case, but the boy was a bit more concerned with his “condition” than the welfare of his betters.”

“Oughta beat those boys bloody…” Granma murmurs as she gently takes Din-Din from Cici, pivoting him back and forth in the light from the door as she tries to see what’s wrong. “Yep. They bloodied his nose pretty good. Swellin’ in the cheeks, neck, and back…. But he’ll live, just needs a warm bath and soft food for a couple a’ days.”

“And I do have a bit of medicine still with me if that helps,” Lee comments, reaching to his side to retrieve a small pouch from his belt. “Moth dust from a bit further out east.”

“Yep, give it here if ya would,” the old woman says, rabbit in one arm as after cleaning up his nose, she takes a pinch of dust and presses it to his nostrils.

The effect is rather immediate, one unexpected breath leading to a tremendous sneeze that blows dust everywhere as the rabbit fitfully squirms for freedom from this strange torture.

“It don’t feel nice, but it’ll fix an infection up there or nip one in the bud somethin’ quick. Ye’ll also probably wanna bandage the little one’s legs with the stuff when ye get the chance.”

“We’ll attend to it as soon as we get home,” Mama promises. “We have clean water, gauze-“

“But Mama…” Cici objects weakly. “What about the sleep over?”

> Write-in
Din-Din really should go with your mother to get bandaged, maybe with some help from Uncle Yesh.
But that doesn't mean that the sleepover has to be canceled.

It's good to have friends, after all.
Well Sarah will have to stay asleep until she finds someone else I guess.

Cici, you will have to leave the sleepover for another day. Bones kind of overdid it in scaring those boys, and for now is not safe.

And Cassandra if you see an idiot firebird Harpy girl around, tell her to go back home. Just because she is basically almost a phoenix doesn't mean her parents don't mix her.
I'd say it's up to you, hun. But if you really want my opinion, from how you sound you wouldn't be in much shape for a sleep-over anyway as it is. You'd conk out as soon as you got in the bedroom. It's a real pleasant thought, but maybe you should raincheck it. Heck, maybe this'll give you time to bake something for everyone!
Cici, now you should stay home and rest. You want to make sure Din-Din is okay, right? Help the other girls home, then head back. You can do the sleepover another time.
File: moon2.jpg (215 KB, 1807x1080)
215 KB
215 KB JPG

“We need to take care of your legs, sweetling,” Mama insists delicately. “Otherwise, you might get scars.”

“Mind ya, there ain’t a lotta room here, but I reckon we could get her wrapped up if need be,” Granny offers. “Might even be able to put a soup pot on for the rabbit that’d serve in place of a tub.”

“I certainly appreciate the offer, it’s just-“ Mama wavers as she looks at Cici’s pleading eyes.

“Well, you know,” Hannah hesitantly interjects. “We could always go with you… You know, if that’s alright…”

“You sure about that, Hannah?” Katie asks. “It’s… Well, it’s…” The girl lets out a long sigh as she no doubt realizes there’s no way to raise an objection without causing offense. “Alright, fine, if Granma will okay it, we’ll go…”

“Hmm. A couple less mouths to feed come the morn ain’t a bad proposition,” the old lady concedes after a moment. “That is, if it ain’t any trouble on yer end.”

“Not in particular, no,” Mama admits. “Just, I’m not sure how much longer Cici will even be able to stay awake. It’s far past her bed time as it is and so much has happened.”

[“I’m so tired, but maybe we could play in the morning. What do you guys think?’]

> Write-in
Sounds like a plan. It's not a really a 'sleepover', it's more 'spending the night', but that can be fun in and of itself.

Maybe you can show 'em there's nothing to be scared of.
Sounds like a good idea.
Let's go before your mother reconsiders.
"Nothing to be scared of on the higher levels, anyways."
"Seems good to me."
Go get some rest Cici, you've had an exciting and eventful day.
File: starry-sky-of-bretagne.jpg (3.29 MB, 2592x1728)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG

“That sounds nice,” Cici insists quietly. “And if we go to sleep early, we can always play tomorrow.”

“Then I suppose that will settle it,” Mama says with a hopeless smile. “Come along then, girls. It’s only a little way. And of course, I’ll have them back safe and sound come the morning.”

“Take yer time,” the old woman insists with a laugh. “I ain’t in a rush for anything ‘cept gettin’ out of this dress and into my jammies.”

“A pleasure meeting you ma’am,” Lee says with a wave, and with that, the family is once more off into the night.

With the cold air gathering, and the moon already falling low, time truly had flown from the start of her adventure. Even now, the exhaustion from her impromptu flight and fight was making the evening all run together in Cici’s head as the adults chat away about things she didn’t quite understand. For her part, she just lies a bit more heavily back in Mama’s arms and lets it happen, cradling Din-Din as she fights to keep her eyelids open against the world ever so gently tempting her to keep them closed.

“So how did the business with the baron go?” Mama eventually coaxes.

“Well enough to secure your title,” Uncle Lee assures her. “Though you may want to steer clear of the capital for some time.”

“Was he that furious?”

“No, but the peasant uprising is looking for a strong leader and something tells me you might just fit the bill.”


“Come now, it’s not entirely my fault. Blinding incompetence and bureaucracy are at least 80% to blame…”
File: fireplace.jpg (197 KB, 1920x1080)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

The conversation fades into the background as Cici falls into that uncanny valley between sleep and the land of the waking, the place where unicorns dance against star studded skies, trees sprout unfamiliar faces, and the air dances with innumerable lights, everything twisting and twirling amidst images of the day’s events so recently left behind. Somewhere in the midst of all this, the tower comes into sight, the graves swaying like grey waves on a silent sea as Mama ushers the skittish girls onward to their destination. It’s a peculiar place to eyes caught somewhere in between, however, a feasting horn of lights rising amidst an impenetrable black like light posts on a dark city street, figures swirling and flitting about in the dark like actors on an invisible stage: men and women looking, speaking, acting, sometimes alone and sometimes with each other, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world. In one particular corner, however, it seems a much larger group is holding a congregation amongst themselves, human and lizard folk alike, as well as things unrecognizable all toasting around Uncle Yesh and a fire that burns purple as he speaks words in a language Cici cannot decipher.

Dreams are a strange and fickle mistress, one that Cici only manages to shake as the warmth of the hearth inside her home kisses away the nighttime chill, the bright light making her eyes creak open.

“Welcome back,” greets a cordial voice, Grampa Wizard coming into focus in his seat beside the fire, pipe in his lips, hair and beard drooping wet, and a very satisfied smile on his face as he eyes the lot of them. Of course, that dims somewhat when he notices Cici’s condition.

“What the heck happened?” Vivi is in the seat right across from him, or was before she is rushing up to Mama.

“I fell…” Cici says quietly, “but it’s okay. I just need to take some medicine and go to bed.”

From there the night is somewhat of a blur to the small girl, her mother taking on the effort of scrubbing her clean in the now completed bathroom, the warm water feeling like a dream in itself as they sit on the now marbled floor washing away the day’s grime and aches. Soon after, she is tenderly dressing Cici’s scrapes and boo-boos, applying the medicinal wraps with moth dust on her dry skin before carefully lowering the child into the gap between comforter and bed.

Grampa Wizard’s blankets do the rest of the work in just shy of an instant. So much different than the rough cloth she and Mama had been using before, they are soft as sleeping on a cloud, smell like spring flowers, and seemingly swallow her up consciousness and all before her friends can even scooch in beside her. Of course, they aren’t far behind, nor is Vivi as the harpy girl wanders in shortly after. Of course, with her little sleeping partner already boxed in, she finds herself having to compromise, cradling Hannah in her wings instead as the four all join each other in the land of dreams.
File: ArqXKdG.png (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB

And that's about all I have in me for one night folks. Maybe I can pick up sometime tomorrow though and keep going (though I plan to see Dr. Strange beforehand).
I wonder if Brad's previous examination of our runic matrix, the fact that he's an archmage, and any residual aetheric vibrations due to the planetary alignments will let us throw our thoughts towards him.

"Hello, there! Don't worry, it was just some of the local boys playing a prank on Cici. She just fell and scraped her knees, nothing to be worried overly about."
Well, at least we learned that Lee's magic armor is also sentient in the way of magical artifacts. Probably from the same ancient, fallen Dwarven nation that produced us.

Possessive yandere-type personality, too.
I think that was the golem. Or maybe the armor?

Does Sarah got a sister or brother? Ah this is confusing.

I wonder what that stupid firebird is doing? Probably roasting something.

She isn't stupid! She is just three years old!

Let's Cici sleep and maybe dream about armors that move by themselves, harpies made of fire and an old troll wizard who keeps being smacked around by a little girl that's way older than she lost.

Well, work keeps following me home. Apologies folks, but I'll probably need to table this until Monday to get everything I need to done.
File: 15b.jpg (237 KB, 595x720)
237 KB
237 KB JPG

I'll be back to writing in about two hours.
>looks at clock
>currently 22:30
>have work early @ 7:30 tomorrow.
Why bananon. Why did I have to check my phone right before sleep?
File: dark_ripple.jpg (1.7 MB, 2097x1596)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG

“Vake up, child…” A gentle voice ripples across the void of dreams, somehow unmistakable for anything that might have come from the waking world. “There is little time and so much to be telling. Come now… Vake up!”

As the voice continues its tender coaxing, Cici’s mind slowly centers itself, wayward thoughts gathering and the mists of dreams floating away as she attempts to open her eyes. However, no matter how hard she tries, it is as though her eyelids are now made of stone, her body rigidly held in place as her mind wanders toward wakefulness.

“No, no…” the voice chides gently. “Your body is not the one to be doing the vaking now, nor its eyes to be doing the seeing. It is only your mind, child. You must be opening other eyes now.”

Confusion and more than a little concern as Cici tries to make sense of the orders she’s receiving.

> Write-in


I'm sorry, anon. Please sleep if you need to. Being well-rested is important.
File: gorgon_child.jpg (117 KB, 457x700)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

The voices are quiet this evening. Perhaps they too are asleep, but regardless, eventually as she floats there in that void, Cici manages to tamp down the panic and try new things on her own, stretching and pushing with her mind instead of her body in an attempt to coax her non-physical self into action. And eventually, almost painfully, she succeeds, the eyes of the dream world opening before her to reveal a similar blackness to what she had been in before only this time with the addition of a luminescent woman, one stooped by age and beaten by the weather, but with a kind smile that radiates a gentle warmth as she regards the girl before her.

“Very good, child,” she compliments, leaning heavily on her cane. “That is the vay to be doing it, yes! Now, you should be trying to valk. Quickly now! There is much to be seeing.”

Again, Cici reaches with her intuition, slowly, as though moving through pudding managing to move her first leg forward, then the other, the aether pulling against her all the while as she approaches the old woman on unsteady feat.

“You are learning quickly,” the old woman laughs, “but can you do the speaking?”

“Wh-“ the word comes out more like a windy echo from the world itself. “Who are you?”

“I am being Esmerelda,” the old woman replies, “and you are being tiny snek child with eyes that can see.”

“Eyes that can- What?”

“Eyes that are seeing,” the old woman emphasizes, taking her cane and gently tapping it to Cici’s brow. “And you are having many questions about what it should mean as are those who are following you. Or am I being wrong?”

The last question, she addresses to the canopy of darkness above.

> Write-in
>Open your snake eyes, the eye of your mind, the eye of your soul, your heart.

"She is of the cursed kind, you must have balls of brass for daring to think she will obey your kind... god. When the gods cursed her ancestors, they LOST THE RIGHT to interfere with their fate directly. Oh but the curse wasn't enough was it? They had to sent heroes after the Gorgons sisters didn't they?

Oh but the final laugh is for her majesty, Lady Death, because she comes for all in the end. Not even the gods live forever."
"By eyes that see you mean the ability to predict without conscious intent and uncanny accuracy present, future, and/or past events. Please explain what this is, and how and why this occurs/will occur/has occured. Feel free to ask us questions."
"Wait, where did you learn this? Could you explain to the rest of us? Our memories may not be of this world, or even entirely accurate."
Hmmm. I don't have any questions. Yep, everything seems straightforward enough.
File: heart.jpg (578 KB, 1920x1080)
578 KB
578 KB JPG

“Well, at least we are knowing they are awake,” the old woman laughs, as the ceiling rumbles. “However, they are seeming not to like the gods very much.”

“They get upset sometimes,” Cici confirms, “but are you a g-god?”

“Faa! Last I am checking gods are not being dead. I am just an old woman who is finally being done with her busy-ness on this earth.”

“B-but why are you visiting me? Your granddaughter is…”

“I have been having my words with her,” the old woman dismisses. “She will be doing better after having spoken with you, I think, and that is why I am being ready to leave. Before that, however, you are the one who is seeing now, but you are not knowing how or what it is all meaning.”

“I see things sometimes,” Cici agrees. “Like Uncle Lee or the town or- But does that mean I can see the future?“

“You are asking of questions,” the woman points out. “That is meaning you are wiser than half of the peoples who are wanting the sights told to them. The answer is being no, however. The future is not a thing to be known.”

“B-but then-“

“What you are seeing is that which is and that which may be,” Esmerelda explains. “It is like planting flower or watching ripples in a pond. You are seeing and you are thinking of what will happen.”

“So why do they think people can see the future?” Cici asks.

“Because they are wanting the harvest before the fall. Because they are fearing that which they cannot be seeing.”

“So the sight doesn’t do anything?”

“The sight may not be doing what they are thinking, but it does many and more things besides,” the woman corrects. You see, you cannot be seeing what is coming, but you can be seeing what is. You can be seeing the weather and seeing the doom which hangs upon all men’s hearts.”

“That sounds scary…”

> Write-in
"That sounds incredibly useful."
So how are you supposed to know which things you see to pay attention to?
Like If you see a really bad thing happening, and alternately like 3 totally normal things happening instead, how do you know whether you should worry or not?
"Eh... gods can die and the gorgons were cursed sisters who got heroes after them. The rest is more from a moral standpoint. You cannot order around those you have cast away."
"You know that Cici isn't good with big words, right? Cici you can see what has happened and what MIGHT happen.

But don't worry, it can be useful, when someone trows a big rock, or will probably trow a big rock, you will see it. Bad news and good news is. The gods are interested in Uncle Lee and your mother. And when is them, be careful with the visions. They might even give you fake ones. Stupid self...


Listen to your grandma Cici, she doesn't have all night. And sorry about being rude, being able to see what is happening and not being able to do anything unless someone can hear us is frustrating."
File: crystal_ball2.jpg (171 KB, 500x375)
171 KB
171 KB JPG

“The world is vast… Incredibly so. To be seeing everything within it is not possible, and to be seeing more is always what they are wishing. To see further, to be seeing clearer… but I must not be being distracted.

“Instead, perhaps, I should be mentioning another time, a time long ago when I was young and beautiful…”

With a wave of her hand, the void suddenly begins taking on shape and color, boards creaking and groaning, dishes clattering against shelves as they sprout from the walls within a cabin suddenly arisen in this mental space. And at the table within this cabin, there truly is a beautiful young woman, one with the same green eyes and black hair as Izzy holding the hands of an important looking man across the tables.

“Upon one day, there came a man into my home. Thick shouldered and proud, he said little of himself but instead began asking me of his wife and whether his child would be being born healthy and strong. And as I looked upon his heart, I saw a great many things…”

The cabin suddenly falls away, replaced by a throne room in which the man now sits in regalia besides his doting wife.

“You see, this man is being the king of a not-so distant kingdom, one not well-loved by his people. And as I am looking into his future to be telling him what may come to pass, I am not being able to see the day his child is born. I am seeing only an assassin and a life cut short…

“So naturally, I am telling him that there is being no future that I can see beyond this time, and being most displeased, he is making of many threats and loud noises, demanding that I tell him more until he leaves. A month later, I am hearing from another customer of that not-so distant kingdom, and that the king had stopped the assassin who vould seek to claim his life. I was not, however, seeing the poison that would come after when that man failed.”

Cici looks horrified.

“This is what it means to be seeing,” the old woman sighs, giving the small girl an understanding smile. “And not all that awaits in the future is being pleasant. However, if there is always one thing to be remembering is that the future is always in motion, and that future will never be truly lost until we are losing the present.”

The woman’s form flickers for a moment, almost seeming to disappear before once again solidifying.

“It is looking like our time is growing short, child, but if there is anything else you would be asking of me, now is the time.”

> Write-in
"How does one actually do the seeing, or get better at it?"
Actions have consequences. Don't be a seer for a living and hide your gift unless you are sure that person won't betray you.

Be vague instead of saying "You will find your future wife in the next town over, say something like Fortune might favor you if you continue this road."
Not to complain, but youve been kind of a downer this whole time. Why not leave the poor child with something uplifting, end on a high note?
What would you advise she does with this sight?
File: 3rd-eye-404x315.jpg (18 KB, 404x315)
18 KB

“How do I get better?” Cici asks, mirroring one of the voices. “I just- I kind of see things an’ I don’t know when it’ll happen. I don’t know if I can help people like that.”

“There are many ways to be helping people without the sight,” Esmerelda sighs, “and they are being safer ways as well. But you are asking, so I will be telling you. Most people are living with their spiritual eyes closed and only a very few can be seeing with them in their furthest dreams. When the mind is free, the soul wanders, but to be seeing with both eyes open-“

The old woman lays a hand on Cici, and suddenly both are standing back in the bedroom where Cici had fallen asleep. Yet, the world seems different now, almost drained of color while the bodies of herself, the old woman, and the unconscious forms beneath shine like beacons in the dark.

“That is being a much different thing, is it not?”

“W-wow! I… Wait! Am I a ghost!?”

“There is no time for being silly,” the old woman reprimands. “I have merely removed you from your body so that I may be teaching you. To open them while you are awake, that will be being your goal, but for now, I can be teaching you how to see when they are open. Come then, and let us be seeing.”

With a slow hobble, the woman begins making her way along the cobbles toward the entrance, breath and steps coming heavy and with many grumbles as she leads the younger girl through the patch of moonlight and points without.

“Be telling me then, child. What is it that you are seeing?”

“I-“ Cici looks out at a mass of lights where the graveyard should be, humanoid forms moving about like in her dreams on the way home, spirits talking with one another, though fewer now than they had been then. “Lots of ghosts.”
File: gravestone.jpg (263 KB, 866x1300)
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263 KB JPG

“They are spirits,” the old woman explains. “Some having been dead for ages, many are not so far away as people would be thinking. Fate and old stories cling to them, these heroes of another age, like dust in an antic. Perhaps you could be learning from them when you have learned more. Let us be looking then, at just one.”

In another flash, their spirits are now before a tombstone, one worn beyond recognition.

“Let us then be looking at a fate that has met its end. The future is being more complicated than the past. Simply be placing your hand upon the stone, and be opening the eye without lids.”

“I don’t know if I-“

But as soon as Cici touches the tombstone, it’s like something unlocks inside of her head, her mind expanding and falling into itself as new images begin pouring in. A doctor by the name of Dave, a surgeon by trade. Beakers of medicine, drawers of gauze, and a steady hand had helped him save many lives. He had lived through a war until his old age, lost family and friends for a dispute between someone named Reynold and Conton. And from that single thread of major history, a thousand-thousand days spring outward, like a pool of bottomless depth. This was a person, all of a person’s life thrust into her mind’s eye in an instant, making her feel fit to drown before the old woman pulls her back with a gentle touch.

“That is what it is to be seeing,” she says nonchalantly, and is already hobbling off before Cici can even catch her breath.

> Write-in
Alright, catch your breath Cici, then go and follow the lady.
This is good, you're making good progress.
That's enough. To see a dead person whole life, for what?

You need to see less, focus on the important things. Those he struggled to save but did, those important to him that he could not. How did he save lifes? Was it magic, herbs? medicine? How long ago it was?

Don't see it as a person. The person is long gone, see it as information. Remember the dictionary? Look over that information for what you need and nothing else. That person is not you, so once you have what you want to know just... forget.

Focus on who you are, you are Cici, magus in training. Your familiar is a cute bunny. You are not a doctor.
Oh, were you able to keep anything from when you saw Dave's life? Just as important as seeing is being able to keep what is useful and to refer back to it.
While your grandpa is an archmagus, he isn't specialized in divination. You should ask him to refer some reading materials for you, and maybe think about some tutors specialized in it.
"Not sure its a good idea to forget he was a person."
"Perhaps we should start leaving offerings."
>"Perhaps we should start leaving offerings."
We should consult with Uncle Yesh.
The wrong offering could offend some people, and we should be careful of which spirits Cici associates with.
This was a public graveyard, so not all people are necessarily good ones here.
File: 67871-1-1437017233.jpg (314 KB, 1600x1000)
314 KB
314 KB JPG

[“This is scary. An’… An’ I don’t know if I wanna keep going…”]

Cici seems a bit shaky despite the encouragement, her astral shoulders trembling slightly as her mind continues to shudder beneath the weight of so many of someone else’s memories. Still, she has little recourse at this point but to continue, and so she hesitantly goes trotting after the older woman after a few, deep breaths.

“It is too much to be learning in an evening,” the old woman admits as Cici struggles to catch up, “but I am only being able to offer for this last night, and you are not to be finding a new teacher soon after.”

“I… I’m sorry…”

“You are not to be being sorry,” Esmerelda scoffs. “You are a child, one whose eyes should not be opening for years to come. I should not be teaching you.”


“But to not teach you would be worse,” she concludes. “So simply be bearing with me through the last of it. We haven’t far to go.” A split second later, she is pointing her cane at one of the skeletons, Steffon seemingly unaware of the gesture as he continues shambling.

“You can see in this one, there is no spirit within these bones, and yet memories remain of what once was. Now touch his hand and be trying to remember, just an image of what was.”

Cici closes her eyes and does as she’s told, see-through fingers wrapping around the skeleton’s as she tries to open her eye again, focusing on just the bones and what used to lie upon them. It takes time and effort, of course, and more than a bit of encouragement, but eventually she begins getting an impression of a face, a mustachioed one set on a thin face and neck before she finally lets go.

“Very good,” the old lady applauds. “You are learning very fast, but you are not being finished yet. There is one more type of spirit you must learn about, the kind that is being most dangerous of all.”
File: Spoiler Image (285 KB, 1800x1341)
285 KB
285 KB JPG

Cici swallows nervously, but it’s too late to offer an objection. As the old lady grabs her hand, they are once more teleporting away, this time reappearing in a familiar room toward the bottom of the tower. And there, before Cici, much to her surprise, is what appears to be a man, his soul radiating energy as he carefully scrubs at his armor, pieces by piece meeting a polishing cloth before being tenderly set aside.

“U-Uncle Lee?” Cici asks, and for a moment, she sees the figure shift, scanning the room for just a second before returning to his work.

As with many things involving the sight, Cici didn’t know how she knew, but somewhere behind the light, she recognized the posture, the brown silhouette of a human shaped wicker suit occasionally peeking out through the luminous white.

“Yes, this is being the other type of spirit, the kind which possesses,” the woman confirms.

“B-but Uncle Lee isn’t dangerous!” Cici objects. “He’s always been super nice an’ he helped Mama an’-“

“He is not dangerous,” the woman emphasizes. “Only that which he represents, a spirit which takes on physical form and can be more readily affecting the living. You must be careful of these spirits, child, for not all are being good. And as one who sees, they will be knowing you more readily than others. It is a two-way door, and a two-edged sword, for only those who can see can likewise be being blinded.”

“B-but is this really Uncle Lee…?” Cici asks. “He looks so different than the other skeletons.”

“He is remembering himself better than they are, I would think, and the events which are following him strengthen his convictions. I would not be looking much further, however. Though you could learn much from one around whom the threads of fate have been being so thoroughly wound, I have never seen a doom quite like his. It could bring storms that you are not being prepared for. Still-“

Another shudder runs through her form, and somewhere outside, Cici can almost feel the sun rising.

“Our time together is almost being at an end. Yet, I have time for a few more questions still.”

> Write-in
One, a practical question: how to defend yourself from possession-type spirits.
Two, is this sight different from what Uncle Yesh and the lizards have? Could he help you to learn how to control your abilities?
And lastly, any advice on how to develop and control your abilities and how to center yourself when experiencing a lifetime's worth of memories?
"Make sure to thank her."
File: journey.jpg (6.27 MB, 2716x1810)
6.27 MB
6.27 MB JPG

“I don’t think I understand most of this,” Cici whispers quietly. “I- I have to figure out how to leave my body, and now there are ghosts involved an’…. An’…. I’m just confused. It’s too much. It’s all too much.”

As the gravity of this all has been settling atop Cici’s tired mind, the pressure has been just building and building. And now that it’s reached a head, she has no choice but to let it all out, tears refusing to come to her astral form but sounds still escaping as the woman sweeps an arm around her shoulder. And just like that, they are back in the void, Esmerelda gently stroking Cici’s locks as a few more seconds tick by.

“Child, dear child, you needn’t be seeing anymore than you are wishing,” the matron cooes. “You have been given a gift, yes, but it is your right to be using it if, and when, you are being ready. You are a child, not a Seer, a baker, a wizard, or a scholar. This is simply one path that is being open to you, and now that you are knowing what it is, you should rest.”
“T-thank you…” Cici says, but her heart is uncertain what she means.

With a gentle kiss on the scalp, however, Cici’s form in this space dissipates, her mind retreating back into the quiet embrace of her dreams before morning light.

“Not many questions for ones who are so many,” she chuckles, “but the ones you ask at least have answers. The one who is named Yesh, he is aware of the spirits, yes, but he speaks with them rather than senses them. She could be growing powerful in his ways with teaching, and more if she is learning to see that which lies beyond faces and titles. To be seeing memories, connections, possibilities, that is the little one’s gift. Spirits are merely collections of all of these.

“With your guidance, there is much she could do with the Sight. She could learn to live in the past, the present, and the future all at once, to be traveling long distances all over the world without ever leaving this room, or to build worlds within worlds within her own mind to be exploring. Just remember that to be Seeing is not to be living. For that you are needing love, companionship, and to walk on feet not made of aether beside people for whom you care.

“You are her defense against this, as well as a great many other things that would be seeking to do her harm. But you know this, just as I know that my time in this world is being done. Thank you for guiding her to my own little one. May they both be finding ways that are making them happy.”

And with that, the old woman vanishes, her presence washed away like mist in a strong breeze, leaving no traces behind save the emptiness where she once stood. Her day was done; another’s was just beginning. Sunrise, sunset, as it had always been.
Damn, we forget to get her number!
We'll have to wait till next year, unless there are some other aetheric disturbances we can interact with.
File: njd32TJ.png (251 KB, 700x1000)
251 KB
251 KB PNG

And at this point, I am sleepy. I figure this is a good place to stop. Enjoy your Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, hope you all had fun, and be sure to vote stuff up in the archive if you have a mind.
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running, bananon.

I wonder what happened with Lee's other traveling companions, Falkor's daughter, and if he ever did get that money to Naomi.

Glad you anons had fun. As for RE: Animated, I do regret losing inertia there and all the questions left in the wake of that, just there was little that could be done.
Sleep well Cici.

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