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(Grand Prophet Skyraker, are you still in? If so, tell me and I'll add you to the map.)

Anyone that has not yet defined their army and navy in terms of "How many Infantry/Cavalry/Etc. regiments do you have", please add that in the Ledger document. Actually, please fill in any missing data. Thanks in advance.

Greetings, rulers, royals and republicans!
Chancellor here. I'm sorry yesterday's turn didn't get updated - I had an appointment I forgot about, which messed my entire schedule up.
When we left off, the United Principality of Wassten was in serious danger of total collapse, the Kattinkrat Noble Republic was fighting a desperate defense against the hordes of the Northern Reich, and greedy eyes turned towards the lands of the East...
(If you want to join, read the next couple of posts.)

You engage several prominent members of the priesthood in theological debate, and astound all of them with your Biblical knowledge. This, combined with your incredible mercy to the traitor, ordering him to be given a proper burial, means that most of your men and several clergymembers, even other Hordes' troops, are now unified behind your claim to theological rule, though it will take the destruction of these pagans to fully convince the last doubters.
>Non nobis domine! Destroy the heathens first.
>Other (Specify)
>The Catholic Faith needs a leader, and I shall be just that. Disregard those who question me and have myself anointed Pope!
You order your men to lay siege to Ksov and Kate's. Initially, this seemed tough, as the pagans know the land well, and launched many raids, so you decide to inspect your offensive capabilities at Ksov. When you arrive, rain pouring down from the sky, a veritable miracle happened - lightning struck from the sky, smashing the gates of the fort! Seeing this as a sign from the Lord, you rally your men and lead the charge, slaughtering everyone inside. After sending one horribly mutilated defender to Kate's, they quickly decide to accept your offer of surrender. The Forts are yours!
>Give the Krattyr an offer to negotiate a peace.
>Demand unconditional surrender.
>We do not negotiate with unbelievers! Gloria in excelcis Deo!
>Other (Specify)

Researching: Enchanted Fire Weapons
Progress: 135/250

With the forts fallen, you decide to fortify what land you have left. The walls around your cities are strengthened, and the peasantry is trained in archery to help defend the walls.
>Add 1000 Archers
The fortification of what once were mere temporary settlements has led to an increasing number of people settling down there for protection. You number amonst the people that abandoned the nomadic ways. Sadly, this has led to you losing the respect of those who already contested your rule, and even those that still follow you faithfully have stated they will not even consider settling down before this war is over.
>The Hordes not directly under your control will now wage independent guerillia wars. roll 1d100 every turn to see how they fare. If you survive this war, you can roll on the Government Table and change government. Re-roll any outcome of 'Nomadic Tribes'. You can add or substract up to your Stewardship score from the roll result.

Researching: Medicine
Progress: 28/150
You did your best to organize a relief effort, but not much could be missed; of the things your nation has aplenty, the colonies need none - spices do not sustain a man. They prove to be quite hardy, though, and at least the colony survives.
>ETC: 4 Turns
Your search for allies in the nobility proves to be a better bet; their powers constrained by the House of Viziers, many noble youths, not remember the atrocities of your insane predecessors, long for a return to the feudal system. You find several skilled and loyal men!
>Call them together and plot to return to a more powerful nobility (Intrigue)
>Support their ambitions to strengthen the loyalist faction (Stewardship)
>Other (Specify)
Seeing the tensions in the North, you demand that your scientists increase their efforts in producing cannons. This rush, however, led them to field-test highly sensitive prototypes which malfunctioned, destroying both the prototypes and some of your researchers!

Researching: Cannons
Progress: 34/180

You attempt to further intensify recruiting and hasten the construction of new ships. Your goals are not quite achieved, though you've made some progress.
>Add 1500 Infantry
>Add 500 Cavalry
>Add 4 Heavy Ships
>Add 12 Light Ships
Speaking of progress, the Sky Galleons are trudging along nicely. The first prototype successfully took flight today, aweing commoners and nobility alike.

Researching: Sky Galleons
Progress: 396/500

You attempt to start standardizing pike measurements. Although your military advisors quickly settle on a desirable length, local warriors resist, claiming the longer or shorter pikes feel unnatural. Figuring out a length that works for everyone will take some time.
Meanwhile, you order the construction of a giant statue, to piss o- impress the people of the Isle O' Pine.
>Spend money on artisans. (Stewardship)
>Convince the more patriotic craftsmen of the realm to do it for their country. (Diplomacy)
>Persuade the clergy to donate for a statue to the Great Moose in the Sky
>Other (Specify)

Researching: Standardized Pikes
Progress: 18/100
Your attempt to conserve the animal populace greatly angers the peasantry, who rely on extensive hunting to feed their families. They view your attempts to introduce sustainable hunting as a way to starve them! A revolt is brewing...
>-1 Stability
You send out geologists to find you mineral wealth. Alas, they return empty-handed.
Fortunately - or it seems so at first - those you sent to seek men of science do not. They bring with them a man whose eyes continually dart around in paranoia. Before you can even welcome him, he takes a knife and draws blood from his arm, spitting a curse in an ancient and terrible language.
"I put a spell on you, my liege," he says with a wicked grin. "You will let me live and work here or face... unpleasant consequences."
>Guards! Seize this man! (Martial)
>This man must have put the Devil's eyeo n me! Call the priest for an exorcism. (Learning)
>Arrange an accident for him. (Intrigue).
>Deal with him yourself. (PCS).
>Other (Specify)

Researching: Steam Engines
Progress: 51/350

Disaster strikes! A mine explosion rocks your new tunnels. Many are dead, and removing the rubble will not be easy. In addition, you must work more slowly to prevent another accident.
>ETC is now 3 Turns.

Brighter news arrives in the form of an envoy from the city of Nergüi, offering formal capitulation as soon as they saw the new Horde arrive. It will take some time to fully pacify the locals, but their back has been broken,
>ETC: 3 Turns

You order your men to use the Healing Runes of Water on you, and simultaneously send out messengers across the length and breadth of the Khanate, announcing your desire for a marriage. Due to your rapid recovery and rapid marriage, the Clergy declares another Water Month!
>Add 9% Progress to your Population Size Level
Researching: Hand-Held Bombs
Progress: 15/225

This looks interesting. There an archive somewhere?
Yep! Here's the relevant links:
>Thread 1
>Thread 2
>Groupchat, for all your plotting needs
>Pastebin dump (Fairly obsolete but might be useful)
>The Ledger - All the relevant data for everyone's country

Pic related showcases the rules and charts to get started. Ask me if you need help :)
File: Yes, Sire!.png (396 KB, 1600x1600)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Now available with pic related!
Also, guys, how do you propose we limit everyone's military and navy to a sane level? It should obviously be linked to your Wealth Level, but I'm kinda fuzzy on how to exactly pull this off, so any suggestions are welcome. Same goes for battles and sieges, I can't get much further than "Troop Quantity and Quality as well as Ruler's Martial should influence the competitive roll of Attacker vs. Defender".
What about giving everyone 15 thousand troops and 25 ships and our rolls dictate what those troops and ships are?

For army size: Wealth level + population size x 1000= max number of men.

With cavalry counting as 2 men, elephants as 10, dragons as 20 and so on.

Obviously not those exact numbers, they're just an example. But something along those lines.

Modifiers would have to be applied for any terrain/quality/outnumbering/leaders/whateverthefuckelse as you see fit.

For a siege, additional modifiers would have to be used to reflect the standards of siege equipment/fortifications on each side.

I'd also suggest maybe making major seiges and battles last more than one roll to prevent a single critfail/success deciding a war. Give the winner of the last roll a bonus on the next to reflect their momentum though.

At the end of the day though, do what you want, you're the GM. Go with your gut and do whatever seems right to you. That's both your right and responsibility as GM.
That sounds good.
Let's see:
>Wealth Level + Population Level + Ruler Stewardship x1000 = Maximum Manpower (Add 10% if your Military Strength is Strength in Numbers)
>Manpower Cost Per Soldier:
>Footman: 1
>Spearman: 1
>Archer: 2
>Cavalry: 3
>Gunman: 3
>Siege Engine: 5
>Special: Variable

>Defender adds Fortification Level x10 to Roll. Base Fortification Level is 2 for Forts, 3 for Major Cities and 4 for Capital.
>Attacker adds SIege Weapon Level x10 to Roll, plus an additional 15 if you have High-Quality Siege Weapons as your Military Strength). Base Siege Weapon Level is 1 and increases by research.
>The attacker must beat the Defender in a Competitive Roll+Martial an amount of times equal to the Fortification Level of the besieged settlement to win. Critical success counts as two victories, critical failure as -1.

>Competitive Roll+Martial
>Every 1000 soldiers you have more than your enemy adds +3 to your roll
>Disciplined Troops add +5 to the Roll
>Brilliant Tacticians add +7 to the Roll
>If you have High-Quality Troops, they gain a +10 that applies only if they A) Act alone or B) Outnumber your non-HQ troops.
>Spearmen get +15 against Cavalry
>Footmen get +10 against Spearmen
>Archers and Gunmen get -10 in Close Combat
>Dragons get +20 against everything not specifically designed/trained to fight Dragons. Do not fuck with Dragons.
>You kill or rout 1000 of the enemy's men for every ten you win the roll by, rounding down (so if you win by 17, you kill/rout 1000 men, etc).
>A crtitical success on your part or a critfail on the other means you A) Kill the opposing General - you have a +5 bonus for this battle and the enemy loses their Brilliant Strategists modifier for this battle if appliciable or B) inflict double the amount of casualities.
>A critfail on one side and a simultaneous crit success on the other practically decides the battle.
>Special troops and misc. modifiers get +/-Variable
>A battle is decided when one side retreats, surrenders or is wiped out.
Any suggestions?
Oh, and have the army/navy you start with be (Roll)% of your Max Manpower - go down 10% to take a +5 HQ troops bonus or up 10% to take a -5 Shit Troops penalty?
Max Naval Power uses the same rules as Manpower, except it's x10. A Heavy Ship takes 5 Naval Power, a Light Ship takes 3 and enough transports to transport 1000 men takes 1.
And a request from your Friendly Neighbourhood Chancellor to check your country's stuff in the ledger and update/add stuff that needs to be.
Rolled 18, 74, 53 = 145 (3d100)

>>Non nobis domine! Destroy the heathens first. (+17?)
>>We do not negotiate with unbelievers! Gloria in excelcis Deo! (+17?)
>>Besiege Fort Tarnost, Llytchinkrat, and Petrokrat (+17)
File: Yes, Sire!.png (605 KB, 1600x2200)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
You have to post dice+XdY in the 'Options' box, friend. Also, welcome!
And slow growth is still growth, verdammt.
File: yes sire map.png (5.55 MB, 3050x1500)
5.55 MB
5.55 MB PNG
Rolled 56, 11, 2 = 69 (3d100)

Fixing. Sorry for deleting.
No worries :)
Rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15 (3d10)

What was your country's name again?
Rolled 11, 31 = 42 (2d100)

Rolled 17, 80 = 97 (2d100)

Republic of the Sun.

Border is either crimson or whatever you pick if that's too close to red.
doo dee doo.
Rolled 15, 18, 17, 10, 11, 16 = 87 (6d20)

Think most of those cities are already taken
Rolled 82, 23, 77 = 182 (3d100)

>This man must have put the Devil's eyeo n me! Call the priest for an exorcism. (Learning)

For my three turns, I want to try to
1. I want to sooth the populace by offering land for a very low price in the new territory we captured overseas.
2.I want to once again try to establish new mineral wealth around the empire. Send out those same geologists but tell them there will be punishment for failure.
3.I want to focus on the research of steam engines. Call all of my scientists and engineers to focus on it
Alrighty. Here we go. Map is above;

Republic of the Sun, Crimson

Aristocratic Republic,
Food Exports,
Strength in numbers

Unimpressive wealth
Sizable Population
Stable growth

Pathetic Militia, Small navy

Personal Combat Skill:10

Yay for being the best target in the world.
If i do not have a large population, is my combat skill null or replaced by something?
Rolled 30, 45, 4 = 79 (3d100)


Actions for this turn then.

>Continue colonisation.
Surely I can't fail this roll again...

>Reacting to the young noblemen I've managed to recruit.
I want them to set up a secret unit, reporting only to me. Lets call them Hashashin. They'll be spies, assassins, secret police, special forces. Basically whatever I need them to get done, and nothing to do with either the House of Viziers or the army. In return, of course, they'll be hardsomely rewarded as my most loyal soldiers.

>Try to research the cannons without them blowing up this time.
Rolled 74, 84 = 158 (2d100)

Uhh, sorry, but someone who joined last thread already had that land claimed, I just didn't have the time to add them to the map...
Updated map.
@Sun, could you maybe pick new cities to compensate for those Skyraker already had claimed?
File: Yes, Sire!.png (605 KB, 1600x2200)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Updated rules.
File: Yes, Sire!.png (610 KB, 1600x2200)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
When Will Chancellor Get It Right Damnit
Rolled 61, 78, 37 = 176 (3d100)


>RnD that Skyship Son +19
>Increase population via people moving in from the recent war, Accepting anybody from there. +11
Baroxy Commonwealth
Colour: Brown
Ruler: Grand Prophet Skyraker
Government: Theocracy
Resource: Lumber
Military Strength: High Quality Archers
Population Size: 4 Rural
Population Growth: 4 Slow
Wealth: 8 Ornate
Stability: 10
Army: Terrifying
Navy: Awe-Inspiring

The Grand Prophet of the Baroxy Commonwealth, a man of short temper and fearsome resolve he is determined to gather all the Sky’s children and usher in a golden age for his people.

The people of Baroxy follow the teachings of the Great Sky Father as passed down to them in teachings from the first Great Prophet.

Born of the unification of the tribes of Baroxy under the Great Prophet Skyraker who taught they the glory of the Sky Father and taught them to use his most glorious weapon, the bow!

Grand Prophet Skyraker
Diplomacy 10
Martial 11
Intrigue 7
Stewardship 15
Learning 15
Personal Combat 17

Army Manpower: 19,980/27,000
Total Men: 10,660
3000 Spearmen
1,660 Calvary
6000 Archers

Naval Manpower: 226/270
14 Transport Ships
30 Heavy Ships
20 Light Ships
File: Baroxy Archer.jpg (118 KB, 1096x729)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Rolled 40, 90, 56 = 186 (3d100)

1. The Grand Prophet shall head out to gather new followers among the unclaimed lands, he would challenge the non-believers to best him to prove the might of the Sky Father! [Expand Borders/Personal Combat] +17
2. Begin building a Cathedral to the Sky Father![Stewardship]+15
3. Research Improved Bows [Learning]+15
Rolled 26, 54, 13 = 93 (3d100)

>Construct churches to unite the kingdom under one faith +9
>Look into the existence of the giant beasts called dragons +16
>I will travel the kingdom with my wife to calm the people. +15
And I forgot my trip.
Rolled 4, 58, 42 = 104 (3d100)

Mining in the Khanate 2: Mine Harder (+8)

Conquering in the Khanate 2: Conquer Harder (+13)

Have the clergy teach medics and physicians about the wonders of Healing Runes. This should make them much more efficient, and decrease deaths in the Khanate. (I have no idea what bonus i should add to this.)
Rolled 20, 60, 95 + 20 = 195 (3d100 + 20)

Focus upon continuing my naval research, work towards mining charges, and improve architecture
Rolled 11, 12, 58, 73 = 154 (4d100)

I'm not sure what my starting army and navy was supposed to be so I've simply added in what all I've been told thus far.

1. Army Training

The Reich has refused to accept the terms of any sort of surrender. It's clear what they want is genocide. People will be conscripted if need be to serve as pikemen, and our armor industry will be set to work providing adequate body armor to reduce the impact of horse archery.Equally important is the development of proper field tactics to counter the threat of cavalry.

2. Flank Attack
While the hordes wage a guerrilla campaign the Kattinkrat Navy, easily one of the strongest in the world (based on my 94 roll for it), will take mercenary forces (1k foot, 1k archer, 1k spear) around south to strike the Reich's undefended coastlines and cause havoc. The mercenaries can keep whatever they loot as incentive.

3. Medicine Research

4. Guerrilla War roll
24, 25, 66, 86
Rolled 36, 37 = 73 (2d100)

Rolling to counter the flank attack and Guerilla war
Both +17
54 and 55
make that +18
Thread archived, will post turn results in new thread.

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