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>Soooooo after that disastrous quest had gone kaput, I decided to start it again from scratch by rebooting the quest with a different starting location and (hopefully) a different plot. So here is take 2 of The Odd Story RPG.

So you are at a library reading some books for a study at 11th grade English class at Quagburry's High School for Young Geniuses.

The subject for your study is about comparisons between fantasy and reality and how we aways escape from reality to immerse ourselves in the wonders of imagination.

You have worked really hard on working with your study, it seems that you have a good time finishing your homework...

That is until about an hour in at the library that a cloaked stranger was standing here, watching you finish your homework so he can show something important.

"Hey, you." The stranger called "Meet me in the fantasy section, I want to tell you something, avatar."

Would you follow him to see if wants something or finish your 30-page study first before you follow him?
>finish the study first
You told him that you have to finish the study first before you could follow him.

"Alright, I'll wait for you." the stranger said.

About 10 minutes later, you have finished the 30-page study and you told him that you are ready to follow.

"Alright then, Avatar," he said, "Follow me, I have a surprise for you."

You stand up from the chair and started to follow him to the fantasy section.

As you had reached to the section that he wants to meet you, he turns at you and stares with glowing blue eyes.

"What's your name, Avatar?" he asked.
>God-Tier Chan Ready for responses!
>God-tier waits for responses til night comes, where more people would come online.
"my name is Jezingal Wampole. But you can just call me Wammy."
"Wammy, eh?" The stranger said, "That's a simple name for a teenager who had rad classes on a hippie school filled with lesbian vampires" he chuckled.

"Anyway," The stranger started, "I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tribunal, I am a half-elf and a demi-god from the 7th dimension known as Krutaan and I have an assignment for you, Wammy."
"Thanks, yeah, all these lesbians make getting a girlfriend hard.
Neat, what do i get for completing it?"

This is a reboot? what was the other quest like?
"Glad you have asked," Tribunal said.

He then casts a purple mist surrounding you and Tribunal as they teleport to a different world.

"Now listen, I have one favor to tell you." he said, "I wanted to have this gift from in an island far away from humanity."

He gave you an egg-shaped basket as he started to talk about the assignment.

"What's inside the basket?" you asked.

"I won't tell you what it is, you have to find out for yourself once you have delivered the basket.

He then shows you a rainbow afro wig and a clown nose for a disguise, "You will also need this once you got to the house." Tribunal said.

You take the clown disguse from his hands. "Why would I wear this?" you also asked.

"You'll see." Tribunal replied.

He then smiles grimly and gave it a laugh.

"Once you have done the simple task, I will give you a mission after your first management class." Tribunal added.

"MANAGEMENT? WHAT MANAGEMENT?!" You said in shock.

"Don't worry, Wammy, or I would say Red, just do it what I had told you and DON'T BE LATE!" Tribunal told you.

He then started to vaporize as he started to laugh maniacally and the mists disappearing leaving you behind in the jungle.

"Red? Who's Red?" you questioned.

Nobody answered, all of what's left is the noise of the jungle with a few crickets started chirping.

Then a voice started to talk to you in your mind, "Run, Run, you're on a run, don't let the time consume your patience and your life" Tribunal's voice said.

You are now scared and ready to scream, you ran off carrying the basket with a clown costume in your pocket as you rushed straight to deliver the package.

And so, it begins...

>OOC: The orignal quest is here: >>797754 It's a mess on the first take.
Meanwhile, back at Quagburry's High School for Young Geniuses, A light blond girl with blue eyes wearing a snow cap covering her ears so she cannot be seen as an elf was walking down the hallway as she was heading to science class.

A boy with red, spiky hair that looked like a cardinal noticed her wearing that hat.

"Hey, senorita," the boy asked, "Why are you wearing a winter cap?"
>God Tier-chan waits for more responses til the morning.
Lift the cap off and show him
>God Tier Chan testing tripcodes.
Once the girl has lifted the cap off to show him, he seems to be a little surprised.

"Ah, I see the point there, senorita." The Boy said, "You were wearing a winter cap because you are worried that someone will make fun of your ears is that correct?"

The girl shakes her head yes.

"Alright, now I got two questions for you: 1. Are you new here? And 2. What is your name" he asked.
>God Tier-chan yet again has to wait for more responses til the morning.
"Okay then, Crystal." the boy said, "Welcome to High School for Young Geniuses, I'm Pedro and I will help you make your first day at school perfect."

"Thanks, but no thank you, Pedro." Crystal said, "I will handle my first day of school myself."

"Eh. Alright, but if you need help, just find me." Pedro said.

Crystal continues to walk down the hallway to find the science room to start her first day of school with her winter cap on her head just to hide her ears to avoid embarrassment.

"Poor senorita," Pedro thoughted, "I wonder if she'll ever survive her first day at school."

He then walked to his locker room just to pick up his study for today's class and then he wore his gloves, why? Because he wants to hide his identity as a human rather than his real one...

Because when he gets nervous, his feathers would appear on his hands and he would eventually be turned into a bird either in human or bird size when he was afraid, because he is actually an avian shapeshifter and he had just started his second year of class after his rough first year of class.
This quest is unclear. What do we do?
Want to check out what Wammy's doing with his "Assignment"?
File: OddStoryMeanwhille1.jpg (384 KB, 1920x1080)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>Okay then, let's how Wammy's doing with the "Assignment".

Meanwhile, back at the jungle, you were still running to deliver the package for 30 minutes, and you were halfway there to your destination.

You kept thinking and repeating to yourself "Keep running, don't stop." for a while, and you are almost satisfied with reaching that goal after avoiding the mostly dangerous obstacles.

"Just a few miles," you thought, "and then I will be done with this nightmare."

As you reach to the river you saw a log bridge in-between the river, would you:
1. Cross the bridge.
2. Swim the river instead.
>God Tier Chan is waiting responses on a very slow weekday. (Except for weekends)
It's a jungle, right? Vine swing Tarzan style!
File: log.jpg (425 KB, 1920x1080)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
>You took the third option, you little snacker.
You found a very strong vine in one of the branches and take a vine swing, Tarzan-style.

You did a yell as you are swing across the river and made a safe landing. (Kudos for double karma points)

After that, you kept running and found a shortcut through a hollow log.

You ran through that hollow log and avoided a spider inside as you run, you feel lucky that you didn't get any trouble or harm...

...Until you tripped and slipped out of the log.

You look down and noticed that you are about to fall to your death.

Suddenly, your arms and legs had started to lose control for about 3 seconds as they flailed around like you are trying to fly.


Eventually, you have gained back control from a few seconds as you go on a fall, it's now do or die to find another vine or something strong or you will get squashed.

Throw a D12 for two times go over 15 and you'll will be safe by grabbing a vine.

If not, throw 2 D6s to find a safe landing to break your fall, you must go over 12 to save your life, if not then you die and the game will go back to the response before.

Good Luck!
>God Tier Chan looks for more responses in the dreaded slow weekday road.
2d12 11+8=19

Rolled 2 (1d12)

File: saved.jpg (246 KB, 1920x1080)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
You have luckily found a vine to save your soul and thought about grabbing the vine with your hands to catch the falling basket tortellini-style and grab another vine to slide to safety.

But, unexpectedly, your feet has somehow has turned into bird feet and it grabbed the vine instead for a better chance.

"Why do I have bird feet?" your thoughts questioned "Wierd."

Eventually, you have grabbed the basket and decided to swing to another vine like you have planned, but somehow your right feet was tied up to the vine, leading it to the vine swinging toward to the trees!

Roll a D20 if you want to avoid crashing a tree trunk, it must be 16 or higher in order to be lucky to survive a collision course.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

>Ouch, so close.
You tried to get your foot untied so you could avoid those tree trunks, but unfortunately, you have crashed on one of the trees trunks, launching the basket towards the trees.

Would you chase the basket from tree trunk to tree trunk and grab the basket or use a tree trunk as a catapult to get the basket faster?
File: BasketLaunched.jpg (337 KB, 1920x1080)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
catapult, we ina hurry
File: Catapult.jpg (291 KB, 1920x1080)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
You decided to use a tree trunk as a catapult so you can catch the basket fast as possible.

You ran to the edge of the tree trunk and jumped on it like a plank.

Eventually, you had been launched from the trunk and flew like a bird, not to mention that you had cached the basket while you are in the air.

Suddenly the basket had slipped off from your hands, you screamed in a panic that you're about to lose the basket again.

To make matters unexpected, you have lost control to your legs and arms again for 6 seconds as your feet grabbed the basket, then your arms had started flapping.

You started to laugh as you had saved the basket.

"I had didn't know what's going on my body," you talked to yourself "but thank goodness I have got the basket!"

File: Down to the lake you go.jpg (333 KB, 1920x1080)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
You then look at the lake as you're about to dive.

"Uh-oh." you muttered.

You dropped the basket from your feet as you have gained back control once again and you had taken a splash.

You then swim back to the surface to catch the basket once more and reached the destination.

You look at a house that looked like it was built by the Polynesians.

"A Polynesian-like like treehouse?" you said, "Well that's a first."

You climbed up the ladder as you reach to the door and saw an egg on a nest.

"Why in a world would someone left an egg on a nest in a treehouse when no one was around to protect them??" you complained. "Anyway, here I am to deliver the basket."

You walk in a door and decides to look the windows to see if anyone's home, It seems quiet inside.

Maybe a little knock on the door won't hurt a bit and you got your clown disguise in your pocket.

What will you do first?

1. Knock the door, then wear the disguise.
2. Wear the disguise, then knock the door.
>2. Wear the disguise, then knock the door.
>Alright then, but it will take a few minutes for the response to be posted because the next one will have .webm footage. Thank you for your patience!
File: ood1.webm (1.92 MB, 1280x720)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB WEBM
>To quote the Dark ld (loosly), Strap in, kids. It’s going to get fucking weird from there...

You decided to wear the clown disguise first, then knock the door second.

As you finally got prepared for the delivery, here's the good news, there's people in there!

The bad news, acording to this short footage on the left, they are not human.

Instead there are birds inside that house, but not just like any other normal birds, those ones were like humans but different than any other.

As the door opens you've seen a green little bird walking out of the door to see who's at the door.

As you look at the kid, your jaws are dropped in shock.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?" you screamed.

The kid eventally begins to scream on top of their lungs like they are terrified by clowns.

What will you do?
1. Try to calm the kid down
2. Faint in fear.

>Behold the .webm footage with somewhat sub-par doodles. Sorry for taking long editing the footage, my apologies.
>1. Try to calm the kid down
Nothing calms kids down like presents.
File: yourelate.jpg (136 KB, 960x540)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
You tried to calm the kid down by telling him he's not scary; if not then you give the kid the basket to stop screaming.

You started to shush him and told the kid "It's okay, I'm not that scary to you, I'm just a clown."

The kid kept screaming on top of his lungs, it wasn't working you went to plan B, give the basket to him so he could open it to see what it is inside the basket.

"Look, kid," you told him "I got a surprise I like to give you, here, take the basket."

You tried to give it to him, but it's no use, the kid is too scared to get the gift so now he's trying to shoo away from you while he's still screaming.

To make matters worse, his dad had come out of the door which he's bigger than the child.

You tried not to panic, but it's too hard not to, you are now ecstatic in fear.

"Hi pal," he said, "you have so disappointed yourself for being this late."

"Late?!" you replied nervously, "I-i-i-i'm not being late on time, am I?"

You look at the clock that says noon on the wall, causing the coo-coo bird pop in-and-out shouting "Coo-coo".

"Okay," The dad told you, "Now you're late!"

"What?" you said in a deadpan tone.

"Where have you been?" he asked.

You staggered in panic as right when the dad had said it to you, Tribunal started to laugh maniacally inside your mind.

"What's wrong, birdbrain?" Tribunal said "Feeling fowl today?"

You looked at your hands and your legs as you realise that you're not human anymore as all of your skin had been covered in red feathers.

Then you noticed earlier that the demi-god has called you "Red" as he was about to vanish in front of you.

Red, that's how they called you now as the first identity of an Avatar.

" I want to tell you something, avatar." you recalled in your mind, "Is that what Tribunal wanted me for, to see if I was the right person to become one of the avatars? How he did not tell me this earlier?"

Anyways, Wammy, could you respond what the dad is asking you?
Follow him.
It's a little late there, buddy. Have read the rest of the quest so far?
Before you respond?
Tell him, "you're never gonna believe this. So there was this hooker, see? And she tried to piss in my mouth, but I said no." I wave my arms emphatically as I tell this story.

"But then she pulled out an AK and started screaming about a dragon or some shit. So she forced me to get into her car, and drove me all the way around town to see some guy named Tony. And let me tell you something, Tony is a real piece of work, I swear. See, Tony is a real snake. Real slippery, that one."

At this point I slowly start pulling down my pants.

"he says to me, guy you got a lot of guts coming to my house. I says to him, you got a lot a guts coming to MY house! So he looked at me all confused so I capitalized sayin bro, this is my house. I've lived here for ten years, you ain't never noticed me? How long have you been living in my house? Anyways, I'm getting side tracked here. Long and short of it is, I got kidnapped. I got away though, so don't worry. "

I pee on the dad's feet.
I got caught up crossing a bridge and I almost plummeted to my death gettting here.
Okay, now since you have posted different responses, it's time to vote in order to continue the quest, would it be:

1. A crude lie: >>808368
2. A Simple Truth: >>808638

You have 30 minutes to vote.
>And yes, God Tier Chan is worried about the fate of the world after trump has won the election. She is now prepared for the Trumpocalype.
Okay since there are no votes (Since it's a weekday), I will leave the vote on for 10 more minutes to have more time voting on the decision.

If not then I will randomly pick one of the responses and continue it from that way.
File: TakeResposivebility.jpg (143 KB, 960x540)
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143 KB JPG
>Okay then since this is taking too long to get responses, (Because of weekdays.) I decided to go with a third option: I use a bit of both!

You told the dad a very evil lie that ends up you pissing on his feet, making him very angry.

"Look, bud," The dad told you, "I don't know why you are acting like that, but if you don't stop this behavior and tell something crude to me I will kick you out of the house for free and you'll end up going to the judge."

"Okay," you replied to him "then I will tell you the truth here, buddy because I did not get kidnapped in the first place or never met a hooker at all, I was trying to deliver the package to give your kid a present, and oh boy that one was a doozy getting there on time. I nearly fell down to my death when I was halfway there. I almost got a scar on my right arm."

You then show the scar to the kid and he seems to be scratching his head.

"Oh-ho, now I get it, you are telling me a story, is that's how?" The dad said.

"What? No!" you told him "I'm not telling a story, I'm just telling the truth. Here's the basket that I have delivered you."

You opened the basket and as it turns out that you're delivering a cake for a kid's birthday, you also did not noticed that a squirel was in the basket eating the cake, the dad then grabbed the squirel off from the cake and .

"What?!" you thoughted "Why I am delivering a cake to somebody that I did not know, is Tribunal pulling my leg?"

"You hear that honey?" the dad told his wife "The clown we paid him an hour ago fillin' my son's hatchday cake, that's why our son's hatchday party is ruined."

"Hatchday Party?" you also thoughted "Did he mean your son's birthday party by any means?"

"And the next you've messed up" He told you, "Don't tell me a story, just take responsivbilty."

There's that word again, which means that you are about to lose your temper as your mind is starting to lose control through your anger.

You must roll a D20 if you want to gain back control and calm yourself down to solve that situation. It must be rolled under 10 in order to get this problem over with it.

If the dice would roll a low number the player must respond to the conversation.

If not, you will lose control of your temper and the player will resolve the conversation by doing something that makes them mad.

Good luck and happy rolling!
>God Tier Chan waits for responses in the last hours of a slow weekday.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Well done, Anon. You have gained back control in your mind for a while. Now you must respond in order to continue the quest.
>Sorry, got lost
>Have you read my last response? >>809279
>I said that in my response:
>If the dice would roll a low number, the player must respond to the conversation.
>"Don't tell me a story, just take responsivbilty."
just wanting the convo to end and doing whatever to do that made sense to me.
Or if you meant the asshole that sent us here then telling him to fuck off and that wammy would kill him if he didmt change him back seems a good response.
Probably it would either be Scenario A or Scenario B.
Scenario A would be if you want to end the discussion with dad in a friendly way if you were calm makes scene, however, Scenario B, like you said earlier:
>the asshole that sent us here then telling him to fuck off and that wammy would kill him if he didmt change him back seems a good response.

That would be perfect just for the lols could be the possible scenario.
Scenario A
File: teasing.webm (701 KB, 1280x720)
701 KB
"Look bud," you told him politely, "it's not a story, okay, I'm telling you the truth; You got the cake now, so we can end this discussion.

Unfortunately, he does not care or listen to you as he mockingly teased over your so-called "stores" and it seems that the conversation is not going to end well for you.

You eventually got annoyed over his teasing as you mumble under your breath, "I am not making this up, I almost got killed over in the jungle."

"What if we could settle this out and say the cake's on you." The dad said.

He then points at your chest as he thinks that you are going to say it...

>Uh oh, I got a bad feeling about this...

>The Next Response will take a few minutes to come up because we got another .webm footage heading this way. Thank you for waiting!
File: Maddnesstakesover.webm (1.13 MB, 1280x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB WEBM
...but for you, he just broke the camel's back as the mind can't take it for any longer starts to lose your temper again, but this time, it was too strong to handle the situation.

It looks like was trying to get in to take control of your mind and body, so you have tried to say "STOP IT!" in your mind repeatedly but it isn't working.

It's all too late to stop someone from hijacking you as you black out.

You have now lost control to your mind and body as your no longer the person that you have remebered for just a whille.

As since earlier that Tribunal had called you "Red", you are now the person that you are inside of his body.

You've have been body hijacked by the real Red and your indenty has now been changed from that form.

And he seems mad. Really mad.

What will you respond now that you have been transformed?

Throw the cake on the dad's face or something else?
>Sorry for grammar errors.
>God tier chan is waiting for more responces til the morning comes.
Oh god, im going to regret this
>Kidnap his son.
File: ThisCakeIsOnYou.jpg (115 KB, 960x540)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>The God Tier is on the loose, the almight QM is back!

Now with your mind had lost control to the real Red, there is no choice but remain trapped inside his body until he was opened to gain control half of his mind, while he was talking to the dad in a different voice.

"I'm sorry it's on me?" The real Red said.

"Well who else would it be on?" The dad replied.

The real Red then chuckles at first as he was taking of the clown disguise that Tribunal gave you, but then he said, "Well, you know I'm not sure you gonna like this..."

As you watched him do something awful to him in his mind, you groaned and said "Oh shit, what did I have gotten to?"

"But first of all," Red stated "I would like to take your son first."

He then grabbed the kid as he starts to scream for help.


"And secoundly" Red continued "since you asked, rather than being on me as you suggested..."

He picked the cake on his secound hand as he's about to throw the cake at the dad's face.

"This cake..." as Red finishes his statement. "IS ON YOU!!!"

He then throws the cake on the dad's face, then he spreads it.

The kid then screamed even more as he's about to leave.

As you watch the chaos happen through his mind, you then go on a facepalm in shame and let out a sigh.

"God, what did I have done?" you said in embarassement.

What happens next, Red?
Runoff with the kid, backtrack the way we came.
File: ByTheWay.webm (235 KB, 1280x720)
235 KB
Before Red would run off with the kid on his grasp he tells the dad about how he ran here, literally, to deliver a gluten-free cake as he puts the clown disguise on him.

"What the heck is gluten?" he said, "I mean, does gluten even exist?"

Then his wife came out to see that her son is about to get kidnapped.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH OUR SON?!" The Mother yelled.


"Already?" He said to the family "But you just have cake!"

The Real Red then smudges a piece of cake off from the father's face and then tastes it.

"Mm, that's good stuff," Red said as he tries to give it to his wife and the son that he's going to kidnap, "anyone wants some real cake off from dad or husband?"

The kid gets even more confused as Red rambles.

"Who needs plates when you got the guy's face?" Red chuckled as he walks away with the kid until he had almost forgotten about the one thing that he wants to mention.

"You know, I'm supposed to do a quick customer satisfaction survey before I split with the kid, okay?" Red stated, "On the scale of 1 to 3 stars, what do you about my performance and don't forget the squirrel was-"

As he was going to say free, he slips on the said squirrel and lost the grip of the kid as he starts to fall towards to...

1. The Egg.
2. The Ground.
What will you choose?
The sea
Did you read the rest of the quest yet before you have respond?
>Okay, we can go the sea (or lake in that matter)

...the lake as he screamed like a woman as he goes on a dive yet again.

After he took another dive, you have decided to take over half of his mind just to apologize for that behavior as he swims back up to the surface once more as you see the family stare at you angerly, except for their newly hatched baby in the mother's arms giggling and smiling.

"Sorry about that!" you said in your normal voice "I did not mean to cause that behavior."

"Okay, Red." The dad told you, "You are going to the judge."

"Oh snap." The Real Red said in his voice.

Now with Jezingal Wampole in trouble for acting in aggressive behavior, would you want check back to Crystal (the elf) to see how she is doing at the first day at Quagburry's High School for Young Geniuses?
>God Tier Chan is Waiting
>God damn you slow weekdays.
>No Responses on a slow weekday
>God Tier Chan waits for more answers in the weekday traffic
back to Crystal
File: science-classroom.jpg (2.25 MB, 2592x1944)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
>Alright then, let's look at Crystal to see how she would survive her first day at school.

Meanwhile, back at Quagburry's High School for Young Geniuses, Crystal was on the front door that leads to science lab as she looks at the door's window to see many students sitting on their desks as they wait for the teacher to arrive.

She feels scared and afraid of being exposed as an elf as she takes a couple of deep breaths before you enter the room.

What do you think when being scared? Are you going to brave and embrace those challenges or what?
>God Tier Chan gets ready for responses as the slow weekday sets down.
Don't think about it. Don't draw attention and try to go by unnoticed
She then enters the room and takes a seat in the second row in the middle as the science teacher was about to enter.

The teacher is called by the name of Alkabus, the wisest of all teachers young and old, who know what experiment would this man at 50 years old could spark some interest.

"Hello there class, I'm Gabriel Vorminghan, but you could call me Mr. Alkabus if you please." The teacher said, "Today, we welcome a new student at Quagburry's High School for Young Geniuses, Miss Crystal Starborne."

The students then turn at her as she started to walk approach to the teacher.

"Crystal, introduce yourself, please." he asked.
Give a short but concise introduction including our reason for moving.
"Hello, everyone," as she started, "My name is Crystal Starborne and I have just moved to town about a week ago after my once-rich parents had just lost money after, somehow for no reason, our money was stolen from out of sight, no robbers, nor tax insurance, it went nowhere to be seen."

"Maybe the aliens had taken it." one student claimed.

The rest of the class then laughed themselves over that statement.

"Okay then, settle your horses down there." Mr. Alkabus told to the students.

The class then went silent after the teacher had told them.

"Okay, Crystal," he told Crystal "go back to your seat, please. Thank you."

Crystal then walks back to her seat and sits as Alkabus begins to talk about today's subject.

"Today is a very special topic here, class." Alkabus started, "This special topic we are talking about is time travel."

As he talked about that statement, the students have now gotten interested in the subject of time travel.

"Now, do you know what time traveling is?" he asked.

Crystal then raises her hand to the teacher.

"Go ahead, Miss Crystal." he said.
>God Tier Chan makes the last leap of faith to get more responses before archiving it on This is not a true ending.
"Going back into the past or future"

Thats not how you go unnoticed young lady
"Correct." Alkabus said, "Which we have very special guests here at our class who just recently that they made a discovery of time travel using state of the art technology, please welcome Mr. Ick and Mr. Ock."

The doors then open up as the 2 guys enter the room with one wearing a black suit with white pants and shoes while the other who wore the opposite.

As they entered the room, the delivery men carried in a Medium sized machine with 4 buttons on it with a Numpad built in, along with 3 specially built watches that were wirelessly linked to the machine, which

Finally, the delivery men then dropped the machine and watches on the table so that the scientific duo could use it for testing later on.

"Allow us to introduce us before we get started, I am Ick and he is Ock, scientists to time travel." Ick said.

"And we come here to experiment with an invention that we worked on for 5 years, we call this, The Chrono-Ember." Ock said.

"And to experiment the invention that we made, we need one volunteer who is brave to try this machine," Ick said dramatically, "Through Trial and Error in Time and Space."

>End of part 1, the story continues tomorrow with Part 2: Through Trial and Time.

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