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Edgequest: Get Over It #4
an Over the Edge inspired quest

Previous thread archive:


The Story So Far:

You are Marie Kingston, a bartender with sticky fingers and somethign like a spider sense. Five years ago your cousin Darron disappeared while doing some unknown cybersecurity work. You tracked him down to the Edge, a strange city on an isolated island. Since you've arrived, you've met a bunch of weirdos and found out that Frank, a former employer of your cousin's has been secretly helping you out. On your way back to your hotel room to get drunk with Kim Sommers, a performance artist who also knew your cousin, you were surrounded by a gang of weird satanists who wanted you to meet someone. FOr some reason, you went along with it. Now you're in the back seat of a black limosine, Kim is next to you tied up and unconcious, and you're enjoying a nice drink while talking to a friendly, refined, and genuinely creepy gentleman.

Italo, a taxi driver, you have his card
Esa Main, a young unkempt moody looking man, or woman... hard to tell. Runs the Forrester front desk and is always drawing in a sketchbook. Has what he calls an "electric memory" and doesn't forget what he sees. He remembers your cousin.
Kimberly Summers, "a desperate college student from Darbane University is up next trying to make this months tuition". Also a performance artist who knew your brother. Member of the Alpha Rio Theta sorority. "vegan". Currently tied up and unconscious.
Frank, owner of Sad Mary's, overly connected and too well informed to just be a man running a bar, strip club, and underground fighting ring.
Hulk Smash, inquisitive and friendly member of a gang of satanists. His tattoos mix pentagrams with anime characters.
Thug1, Hulk's assistant and muscle. He grunts.

Clues (Things you might want to look into later or follow up on)
-Weird dude in a cherokee headdress with a badge saying SNS on it who works at The School of the Original Sensation, in a picture with your brother.
-The School of the Original Sensation, a consciousness raising educational facility that runs classes at 10, 2, and 6 on weekdays, taught primarily by Ben Windfeather and Daryush Madari, the founder of the school.
-Darron Kingston. Your cousin. Works in Cybersecurity. Likes guns. Disappeared five years ago until you found a picture of him on an obscure internet forum. Turns out he used to be a high class courier as well as a fighter at Sad Mary's. So far everyone on the island seems to have known him.
-The Black Car. Kim is terrified of it. It has a really expensive skull hood ornament. The satanist gang seems connected to it. The man you're meeting in it makes pretty good cocktails.

So far, none that you know of.
Rolled 5, 1, 4 = 10 (3d6)

Your Traits (the signs revealing that they exist):
Bartender (talk about liquor, able to pay attention to multiple things at once, look like you sleep in and stay out late)
Stick Fingers (has a bunch of credit cards without her name on them and a pock full off pilfered odds and ends she barely noticed taking)
Something Like Spider Sense (all your clothes are rip and stain free despite spending lots of time in dingy bars and rough areas)
Mysterious Weakness (everyone seems to know who you are lately)

Stuff You Have (most of which is back in your hotel room):
Light weight travel bag on wheels
a change of clothes: white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers
Bar uniform: If you know King of Fighters then like King's outfit. Vest, pants, bowtie, gloves, women dress shoes
Purse: ID, $200, business cards
A Photograph of your cousin in front of the Forrester, a hotel built by a gargoyle obsessed artist
A rented room in the Forrester for a week. Strangely, it's the same room your cousin stayed in.
Esa Main's graphite pencil
A key belonging to Frank from Sad Mary's
A $5 bill covered in roman numerals belonging to Kim Sommers
A note on how I'm QMing this:
This is Over The Edge updated using some PbtA merchanics.
Most actions roll 2d6 adding bonus and penalty dice. If you have one bonus die, you roll 3d6 and pick the two highest. Penalty dice pick the lowest.
You get bonus dice from your traits as well as your situation.

I'm running on a longer interval than most quests. I try to check in every hour or two like a high speed play by post so I can run this while working.
Feel free at any time to toss in questions, votes, suggestions for actions, etc. I'll work them in.

Ok. Now I'm writing.
Sure the man in the limosine is weird, but who have you met in the Edge that isn't? At least this time he's being friendly and at least pretending to tell you what he wants up front. The man is pale, wears an expensive tailored suit, and soft white gloves. He has a crushed velvet leopard spot vest under his jacket and eyes that seem lifeless. His skin is smooth, well maintained, and pale but you can see the healed cracks of age that don't completely vanish. Most people wouldn't notice. He pours himself a drink smoothly, the contents of the glass not shaking even as the limosuine drives over the cracked parts of the road.

"So your cousin is why you'er here, eh? Well that's fascinating. Fascinating. You may not realize it but you've been a busy busy bee since you've arrived on our little island. Organized crime, brainwashing, even mystic weirdness. You may not have realized it but you've seen it all." He nods at Kim. "You didn't think she was a nobody did you? She's not 'somebody' but she is 'something worth noticing.' She performed at a party of mine once. I'm pretty that if she isn't a golem she's a broken doll from one of my rival's experiments." He stops talking to take a sip of his drink.

"You just tossed a lot of words together to make yourself sound like you know stuff."

He laughs. "It wouldn't be the first time someone has made that claim and I'll admit that in days past I certainly did fake such knowledge. But that isn't the case.

You've wandered into a most wonderous land, Alice, and no one seems to have bothered to explain the rules of it to you. I'd like to be your guide. I guess that makes

the Cheshire Cat? Too bad I can't turn invisible. That would be fun. I always like that turning into just a floating smile trick."

"You're not making sense right now," you say.

"Sorry. You're right. A little clarity is in order. I'm to teach you the rules of this place. The first thing to understand is that there aren't any. It's all here.

It's all true. Everything. Magic. Weird science. Ghosts. Clones. Aliens. Interdimensional gambling cyborgs. All the world's great and secret masters come here to

vacation, plot, and have fistfights. That's the mess that your cousin was mixed up in. That's probably what got him killed." He takes a breath.

"Wait. Dead? Are you sure?"

"No. Not really. I just know what he is mixed up in. If he went too far, angered the wrong people, or worse tried to steal something. Or hide something. Or someone."

He looks pointedly at you.

"Me?" There isn't anything particularly special about you, you're pretty certain. Life is different for special people, right? Not for me.

"Well, yes. You didn't think your innate psychic powers would go unnoticed forever did you? Well, I have it on fairly good authority that someone was looking for just such a person. From what I understand, your cousin has spent most of his life trying to cover for you, obscure your gift."

"I don't have any such gift. What are you talking about?"

He pulls a beige folder from his briefcase and flips it open. "There is a statistical difference between being lucky and being psychic. According to this report, you have managed to avoid at least three different attempted kidnapping attempts since you have been on the island and haven't even realized. It could be luck but the people interested in you are pretty thorough. At some point you should have turned the wrong corner instead of the right one. I'm sure it isn't infinite, these things never are, but based on what I'm reading here it's pretty powerful. The wrong people could do a lot with your brain. Or your body. Or your soul, depending on who you end up grabbed by."

This is a lot to swallow. The problem is it doesn't sound wrong. You've always been lucky when other people aren't. Avoiding something spilled, not being there when someone robbed your apartment, choosing the bus that didn't crash instead of the bus that did. You used to joke about having something like a spider sense but this guy is saying it's real and you can't quite find a reason to disagree with him.

"So what's your angle. You want my brain or my body?"
He laughs. "Well your body is enticing. Studying you and teaching you some of my tricks might be fun too. You seem like you know how to have fun. I like that in a woman, man, or interdimensional being of indeterminate gender. But no, what I want from you is a little bit more prosaic. I would like the status quo."

"Huh?" you say.

"Well, most of these people interested in you, they have an endgame. If the Cthulhu cultists summon Cthulhu, the world as we know it ends. If the pod people take over everyone, the world becomes predictable and an alien colony. If we all reach nirvana, there won't be anyone left to enjoy samsara. I already have my endgame. I have a fun little city in which I can taste the thrills offered by a thousand different weird fringe hidden truths and invite them all to my house to get drunk and screw. I don't want that to stop. I'll help you find your cousin, do my best to bring hm back to life if he is dead, free him if he is brainwashed, and replace any limbs he may have lost. I'll also supply you with any spare drugs, magic, or manpower you might need. I have a collection. I can't throw it around at will but then I've never been interested in power, just pleasure. But given the nature of the cold war here in the Edge, you don't always want the biggest guns. What I have should more than suffice. So, will you help me?"

It's a pretty good offer, if he's telling the truth. You think he is though he's probably got a couple of extra angles. If you're reading him right, that's just how he works. This is probably his version of straightforward. So what do you do?

(1) Accept the offer. This'll work. We can always double cross him later if things go sour.
(2) Refuse. This is a bad deal. But better do this politely. He is probably more dangerous than he looks.
(3) Something else?

Also feel free to ask him more questions or do something with Kim or suggest you guys make out first or whatever you feel like. This quest is pretty open ended.
Well this isn't looking good.
Accept the offer.
>(2) Refuse. This is a bad deal. But better do this politely. He is probably more dangerous than he looks.
I don't see why we should refuse, if played right we can use his resources with out him fucking us over.
Ok I'm going to do an update where we haven't decided yet and more conversation happens. Right now the vote looks 1 for accepting, 1 for refusing, and 1 other that I think is for accepting (is it?).

Yay! 3 people!
Rolled 2, 3, 2, 4 = 11 (4d6)

You think for a bit. "Well, I'm fond of the world. At least the drinks in it. So the Cthulhu rising scenario sounds unpleasant. So there's certainly some merit. But I'm a little uneasy. I mean my friend here had a very strong reaction to your rather striking car. It gives me pause when people are willing to get punched by gang members rather than talk to you."

He grins and shows all his teeth. "Well, I have a reputation I suppose. And it's possible she saw something disturbing at that party that haunts her dreams. Some people are people are less open minded than others."

What could Kim have seen? What could have been stranger than the her "eat flesh, microphone abuse, strip knock knock joke" routine? That's a dangerous question so you don't ask it.

"But yes, I have some violent Satanist hangers on. Good for bouncers and keepign an eye on things. Most of the rumors about me have a grain of truth. I probably don't have a moral bone in my body. I had them removed. But I keep my deals. It doesn't really serve my ends to be seen as a liar. I've heard it said that I'm a demon obsessed with the letter of contracts, but sadly I am as yet unascended and remain fully human. I'm heard that it hurts and not in the good way."

"So if you're worried about a double cross, there isn't really any point for me. Simply keeping you happy and out of their hands serves my interests enough that I'd want to invest in you. I promise my non-hostile intentions. And for what I can bring to you, I have many eyes in many different containers that can see lots of hidden things on the island. They can be turned from their usual use to finding your cousin. And in addition I'd be happy to have someone on my staff help you hone your 'talents'."
Rolling for your read of the offer.
You're pretty sure that despite his nature he is on the up and up in this situation. He clearly would prefer to work with you and he means it when he says he wants to keep his friends happy. He's posturing a bit with some of the talk about wanting to turn into a demon but surprisingly he has the ability to back up his promise of assistance. Most useful might be helping getting you oriented on the island. He seems to know who works with who and who wants what. Depending on how deep you need to get in this mess to find Darron, that could be useful information. It isn't as good as someone giving you an army to do a smash and grab, but that probably isn't in the cards.

You can tell he wouldn't take rejection kindly. He isn't used to hearing no, you think. Given that right now you're in his car, he could be a danger if he's armed. He might be willing to give you some time to think about it, but that is iffy.

So, what do you do?
Right now we have 1 for accept, 1 for refuse. If you're changing you're vote, please link back so I know to change the count.
I will try to work any other suggestions into the story even if they don't get the whole vote (like questions, lines of dialogue, or attempted actions). So:

(1) Accept the deal
(2) Refuse. How are you going to avoid making him angry if you do this?
(3) Something else! Your brilliant idea here.
I change my vote, instead tell him to give us time to think it over.
Rolled 1, 1, 1, 4 = 7 (4d6)

Ok. It looks like we're going to be letting him down easy and telling him we need some time to think about it. Probably a safe choice. I'm working on a post but it won't be up till tomorrow. Thanks!

roll is for letting him down easy
Shame nearly anyone is posting here, it's starting to get real interesting now.
Sorry for delay. Working is taking a little longer.

It is a shame but I'm glad people are showing up at all. If I have a couple of people, I'm excited.

Thanks for feedback!
"Look" you say. "I've been here less than 24 hours. You've just basically told me everything I thought was a lie was real and I'm still tipsy from that bar I was just in. I need some time to think. I haven't even slept since I've been here, so I think what I really want to do think on it. Let me get back to you. If the offer's that good, it'll still look good in the morning." You smile nad try really hard to seem earnest. It's not that you're lying. You're just really not sure right now and don't want to anchor yourself in any particular way.

He smiles. "Well, I just warn you now that the ocean here gets stormy quickly and whatever you're going to tie yourself to when the storm hits, you better be sure that deal is sealed. You can have your time though. That is a fair request." The way he says it gives you the impression he is often in a position to grant or deny people permission but you're not sure exactly for what. He slips the envelope back into the briefcase.

"I can't give you any more free information at this point, Ms. Kingston, but trust that we have aligned interests. Even if we can't be partners I hope we can be pleasant acquaintances." His smile is large and shows all his teeth. Even when he sits back in the shadows of the limosine you can see his perfect teeth. "We have arrived at your destination. You and your package may depart now," he says indicating the bundled Kim.

"Thanks for the ride, Mr...." That's when you realize he hasn't told you his name.

"Oh, my pardons please. You may call me Sir Sterling Holloway." Once more he moves to shake your hand but instead sweeps it up and kisses it while getting as close to a formal bow as one can get while sitting in a limosine. He doesn't linger on the hand kiss. If you had to guess, it is an open ended sign of affection instead of the deliberately affected way guys on blind dates have done it before. It isn't unpleasant, just different. "I'll have my man deliver my information to you in the morning. Have a leasant night."

Now you are standing on a damp street in front of a gargoyle infested hotel with a bound and gag performance artist at your feet. Well, that was an experience.

So what's next?

(1) Sleep.
(2) Free Kim from her bonds.
(3) Invite Kim up for that drink you were talking about before.
(4) Find out why Kim was so scared of the man in the limosine. That name fits better than the name he gave you. Weird.
(5) Room service? I'm hungry.
(6) Check out the your room in more detail for clues.
(7) Other stuff. Also please feel free to talk about your plans for the morning if you have any. The more I can post in an update, the faster things move.

Condition: You are currently damp (from the rain), known (by at least some people on the island), and feeling watched (you're not sure why but it seems like a safe bet). You are also getting tired (it's been a long day).
In this order 2 3 4 5 1

If we notice something interesting 6

Tomorrow lets follow up with frank on the passes, ask people about limo dude, and check out the school I guess? Or that weapon shop that was mentioned before. We're unarmed and Darron probably visited there. Maybe we can find the aliens.
2 3 4 5 1, also agree to get a weapon, get two one obvious and another one hidden just incase.
Ok. I'm just going to narrate a bunch of that so we can get on with the story unless anyone has anything specific they want to do with (or do to) any of the characters.That way we'll start the next thread refreshed, armed, and ready to get in trouble. Sound good?
New thread is live at


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