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Quest Summary - http://pastebin.com/PuEDV5Ac

Thread Archive - Read here to understand - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pokemon%20civ%20evo
General Civ. Stats - http://pastebin.com/B4bgBxNn
Military Stats - http://pastebin.com/K5ydbEM8
Twitter - @Artic_Spark

TECH -| Iron Ships - 4
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 2
MILITARY -| Research, Modular Parts - 6
MILITARY -| Gatling Gun - 6
POLITICAL -| Trade, CHA - /
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Help Rebels - 2
RECRUIT -| 3 Artillery - 1
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183 KB PNG

>From last thread:

>Send over all GIs
>Political contact Aljierni
>Social-set up a national firefighters association

The remaining Infantry Platoons in Valornia are sent into northern Karovia, with the notion of peacekeeping but the rebels already know the truth- the "peacekeeping" is more of kicking out the Karovians.

Contacting Aljierni was a game of patience as when the diplomatic ship came to dock, their navy gave them the order to hold- not as a hostile gesture but as a matter of celebration.

As it turned out, it was Aljierni's King's Day, and a massive festival was being held, which meant that the port was chock full of ships. Eventually, the Aljierni navy decided to let them anchor in the harbor and row into town on a smaller boat.

Once ashore, a familiar face greets them.

"Well, well. The Valornians are back... welcome mysafirët e mi, to the captital of Aljierni, Çernesi! said Pavli. "And what a time for you all to arrive, during the King's Day festival! Come, join the celebration- politics can wait!"

For an Aggron, Pavli was very cheery.

Fire's happen all the time and putting them out was more a community effort. Public support for a public service to fight fires has spread as the warm season closes and dry leaves have already started falling from trees.

The main idea is to employ Water and Ice types to fight fires, with the Water types putting them out and the Ice types helping any victim cope with the their injuries.

Within a month, the measure will be voted on.
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523 KB PNG
The fight for Hasglow has all but stalled- with soldiers from each army refusing to continue, even with the threat of martial punishment. Most state an eerie aura is felt as they get closer to the palace while others state that they've seen death itself and wish not to meet him.

"ARGH, Nemůžu jen tak sedět!"

All of this is angering Lucia Dušek, General of Valornia's 1st Army.

"Lucia, calm down and think rationally." said Denis Machán. General of the 2nd Army. "If none of the troops wish to move forward then we have no choice but to stay put and hope our message to Oliver gets where it needs to go."

Lucia grabbed a knife and stuck it through a desk. "I don't wish to wait! We're on the verge of winning! I want to be in the history books but... ARGH!"

She kicked an end table only to hurt her foot.


Her Yanma colleague shooks his head. "I still don't know how you're a general."

The Sneasel rounded on him. "I've proved myself plenty of times as a commander- battles are my thing."

"Yes and none are happening- so calm down."

As she sat back down across the table from him, a messenger Zigzagoon arrived.

"Sirs, there's someone who needs to see you two right away." he said.

"Who?" asked Denis.

"Lieutenant Sarka. She says those balls of light following her have started acting very peculiar lately."

"Send her in."

"Right away."

The messenger left and moments later arrived the Ledian and a rather compact but bright ball of light.

Nina saluted. "Sirs! I have something to report!"

"Go on, I'm interested." said Lucia.

"This ball of light has been formed from all the others but that's nothing too shocking but... it recently started saying things to me. Heck, it even told me there was an ambush once."

"That is strange. Have you tried asking it something?" asked Denis.

"Well... no. I wanted the permission to do so- in case something happens."

Lucia snickered. "You don't need our permission to talk to a ball of light. If you can talk to a Gastly, you can talk to whatever that thing is."

Denis rolled his eyes. "So careless. You have my permission to ask it questions."

"Right... hmm..."

>What are you?
>Who are you?
>Why are you here?
>Why shadow me and help me?
I was planning on working with the rebels to oust the corrupt government

>What are you?
>Who are you?
>Why are you here?
>Why shadow me and help me?
all of them
>I was planning on working with the rebels to oust the corrupt government
Don't worry, that's happening as well. But to get there, the Karovian Army has to be dealt with as well. Can't just waltz to the capital- defense is still strong for civil war.


"Well... what are you?" Nina asked the ball of light.

It spoke in a hushed but rather wispy voice that carried throughout the room in the same manner.

"I am... life."

The two generals looked surprised, as did the lieutenant.

"Life... who are you then?" Nina asked.

"I am... the fabric... of life... the one called...."

It paused, if only for a moment.


"I feel like I've heard of that name before... oh wait. Didn't the General of Arthunbrook's 1st Army say something about this?" Denis said, trying to recollect his memories.

"I remember well. He did say something about the gods of life and death- I think..." Lucia notes.

"Well, if you are the fabric of life, why are you here, trapped in Hasglow?" asked Nina, who was starting to look nervous.

The ball of light shook in place for a second.

"Because death... my brother... has decided to act... on his own... separated my very being... and trapped me... in churches... I thank you for... freeing me."

"Uh... uh... you're welcome?"

"I'm curious, I understand being thankful but constantly shadowing one soldier is a bit suspect. Why her and why help her?" asked Lucia.

"Because... she's useful..."

Nina looked alarmed.


The ball of light laughed.

"To become whole... I need.... energy..."

>Are you going to kill... me?
>Become whole? This isn't what you look like?

TECH -| Iron Ships - 3
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 1
MILITARY -| Research, Modular Parts - 5
MILITARY -| Gatling Gun - 5
POLITICAL -| Policy, Fire Brigades - 4
POLITICAL -| Trade, CHA - /
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 3
ESPIONAGE -| Help Rebels - 1
RECRUIT -| 3 Artillery - 0

3 Artillery have been recruited.
>Are you going to kill... me?
>>Become whole? This isn't what you look like?
uhh, how can we help you?
File: xerneas_light.png (344 KB, 1024x1267)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>Are you going to kill... me?
>Become whole? This isn't what you look like?

"Energy? To become whole? Please don't tell me it means that..." Nina quickly asked.

The ball chuckled. "No."

Nina let out a breath of relief. "No? Then how will you get energy to... become whole?"

"Yes, and what do you look like?" Lucia added.

"I need energy... supplied from the dead... to grant myself a body once more. And I look like..."

The ball of light reshaped itself into a new, larger form, almost taking up the entirety of the tent.

"Oh... oh my." Denis said, as the other two looked on in shock.

"This is... my true form... Help me... and I will... help you... defeat my brother..."

"Your brother? Yveltal?" Lucia asked.

Xerneas nodded. "Yes... he needs... a small lesson..."

"So... going backwards a little. You want me too... kill soldiers? I don't think there are any left."

"There are... possessed... further in the city..."

>I'm not going in there.
>I mean... I can try but...
>Write In
>I-I-I mean I could try... but I'd need to convince the general or soldiers to help me. Is there anything we have to do besides that? Like having the balls of light near us as we kill them?

Nina looked apprehensive. "I-I-I mean I could try... but I'd need to convince the general or soldiers to help me.

Xerneas turned to the two generals sitting at the table nearby.

"I assume... I can ask... for permission... for this Ledian..."

Lucia shrugged. "Sure but don't bother asking for reinforcements, no one wants to push forwards so you'll be alone- if you can even get that far."

Nina saluted. "Thank you sir!"

She turned back to Xerneas.

"Is there anything we have to do besides that? Like having the balls of light near us as we kill them?"

Xerneas nodded. "I must... be nearby... or else they will... be taken... by Yveltals forces instead..."

"The demons I presume." Denis butted in. "I advise you kill any you see there as well- less for us to deal with later."

Nina nodded. "Yes sir."

"Let's get... going... grab a weapon... and let's head inwards..."

What will you equip?

>Write in

Where will you head?

>Inner Market
>City Arsenal


TECH -| Iron Ships - 2
TECH -| Light Steam Cruisers - 0
MILITARY -| Research, Modular Parts - 4
MILITARY -| Gatling Gun - 4
POLITICAL -| Policy, Fire Brigades - 3
POLITICAL -| Trade, CHA - /
SOCIAL -| ---
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 2
ESPIONAGE -| Help Rebels - 0
RECRUIT -| ---

The experiment has worked fabulously. The new light steam cruisers can chug along without the use of the wind, breaking naval tradition and will change the world of naval warfare.

Available to Build - Light Cruiser
Research Available - Heavy Steam Cruiser, Steam Frigate, Artillery Battery

The Secret Guard in Karovia have been giving information to the rebels and have reported reinforcements coming from the Nuzleaf lands and from their capital, Królowej Landing.

One of the agents in the town of Żary, Nicol Štěpánek, a Skorupi, is meeting with a forward scout from the peacekeeping forces sent by Valornia.

To keep from anyone knowing what's been said, they chose to speak in their home language, Archanael.

"Hovno... Prosím, řekněte mi lžeš." (Shit, please tell me you're lying.) the messenger Yanma said, a displeased look on his face.

Nicol shook her head. "Ne, to není lež. Posílají své nejlepší síly a nejsilnější zbraně, které mám. Dělostřelectvo, pušky a netvoři vyškolení dobře v jejich arts- naše armáda bude mít tvrdý čas s ohledem na jeho poloviční velikosti, co oni čelí."

(No, it's not a lie. They're sending their best forces and the strongest guns they've got. Artillery, rifles, and monsters trained well in their arts- our army is going to have a tough time considering its half the size of what they're facing.)

"Co doporučujete pak?" (What do you recommend then?) he asked.

>Guerrilla Warfare
>Form up with the rebels and train them
>Write In
>a Láska-Stárek Bolt Action/brigandine/shell bell/goggles
>try to recruit others to your cause, especially ones xerneas attached to.
>if xerneas is revived, he will fight yveltal for us
>lets go to the city arsenal first, is it heavily defended? if it is, we'd rather destroy it with artillery
>2nd choice is cathedral
>Guerrilla Warfare
>Form up with the rebels and train them
>help out the regular people whenever we can
-recruit 5 more GIs and send them over to karovia along with the 3 artillery we created when they're done
-social:set up a mercenary guild, available recruitment for the more sordid 'mons along with internationals
-espionage: subtly leak news of the outside world to albrinn, I think, (thats the one killing dark types right?) concentrate on smuggling news, international newspapers, and pamphlets through its docks
This is probably going to span into another thread cause its close to be archived. Still, I press on.

Nina has acquired a Láska-Stárek Bolt Action, a brigadine, a Shell Bell and a pair of goggles to keep her eyes safe.

After an hour of asking around and convincing, and trying to convince others, that helping her out will summon a god that will fight Yveltal, which isn't the most convincing of arguments, she got a scant 5 other soldiers to join her, including Staff Sergeant Renáta Marek, 1st Lieutenant Peter Janda and her old partner, Major Vavrinec Sykora. Joined by them is a rather quiet but reputable Skorupi, Segeant Major Radek Slezák.
A formidable group already used to demons and their fighting styles.

> is it heavily defended?
All three are but with some creativity, can be taken down relatively fast.

"Let's go to the Arsenal first... unless its heavily defended then maybe the Cathedral instead- maybe we'll find more of your spirit there." Nina told Xerneas.

"Indeed... but all inner city.... heavily... defended..."

"If I can make a suggestion? How about we take out the most vital part an army needs first? Without weapons, these guys are weak stuff." said Peter.

"I'd rather the Cathedral honestly. Easily to cover each other and it will most likely have a standard layout like all cathedrals." said Vavrinec. "Plus, it helps that me and Nina have fought in 5 churches the past few weeks."

"I think we should go to the Market. Maybe get some food." said Renata. The group looked at her. "What!? I'm tired of the crappy rations we get and rummaging through civilian is beneath us."

Where shall you go? All three locations are heavily defended.


>Guerrilla Warfare
>Form up with the rebels and train them
>help out the regular people whenever we can


>espionage: subtly leak news of the outside world to albrinn, I think, (thats the one killing dark types right?) concentrate on smuggling news, international newspapers, and pamphlets through its docks

Scanio-Taska actually.

TECH -| Iron Ships - 1
TECH -| Factory - 5
MILITARY -| Research, Modular Parts - 3
MILITARY -| Gatling Gun - 3
POLITICAL -| Policy, Fire Brigades - 2
POLITICAL -| Trade, CHA - /
SOCIAL -| Mercenary Guilds - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Spy, Feran - 1
ESPIONAGE -| Scanio-Taska, Subterfuge - 4
RECRUIT -| 5 Infantry Platoon - 1


The colony in the western continent has been set up. What will you name it and the island its on?
let's scout out the arsenal first, lets also try to get some explosives or grenades
let's name it Nové útočiště (New Refuge)

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