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As Backdraft takes you back to your cell once again, you can feel his intense stare burrowing a hole through the back of your skull. Not like the semi-watchful eyes of the other guards in the elevator next to you, but rather something that feels akin to a deep seated loathing. Backdraft himself doesn’t like how he was overruled back there, and it's only by the skin of your own teeth that you didn’t face an execution squad back there before being ‘defective’ with the Gremlin Syndrome, but Backdraft is right in his assumption that you now pose an enormous threat to this facility, one that you intend to capitalize on as soon as you have your chance.

The trip back to your own room is rather uneventful on the way there, but that changes the very second Backdraft gives a hard shove with his boot into your own cell, causing you to collapse down on the floor.

“What the hell’s your problem Backdraft!?” you complain as you climb up off the floor.

Backdraft doesn’t utter a peep as he walks on over to the security camera in the corner of the room, reaching behind it and yanking out a wire from the back of it. As soon as this happens, several members of the room pretend to shuffle themselves into a corner and quickly pretend to hear and do nothing. Father Marcellius on the other hand doesn’t shy away, rather taking steps towards Backdraft.

“NOT TODAY MARCEL!” Backdraft roars, nearly screaming at Father Marcellius as he points at him.

You give a roll of your eyes as the smoldering rage that was building up within Backdraft has exploded into an inferno. “Backdraft you’re acting like a child. Your concerns were dismissed by a superior, but th-”

Your own words are cut short by Backdraft placing his hand around your neck, applying an inhuman amount of pressure with his hand as he lifts you off the floor. “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MECHANICAL MONSTER! MY SQUAD AND I HAVE BEEN ASSAULTED MORE THAN ENOUGH TIMES BY YOUR INFECTED ‘FRIENDS’ TO KNOW WHEN WE’RE DEALING WITH A GREMLIN, AND I CAN TELL JUST BY YOUR LOOKS THAT YOU EASILY FIT THAT BILL!”

Backdraft lets go of your neck, but not before launching a vicious knee directly into your own diaphragm. You gasp for air as you’re sent sprawling down to the floor, only to be met with Backdraft’s boot across your check, expelling what little air you gathered so far.

“MANIPULATIVE BITCH! If others are going to believe my word then I’m just going to expose it!” He says before stomping down on your chest. “I don’t care how long I need to watch you or what evidence I need to make up, but know so long as I’m on your ass that it’ll only be a matter of time before I cut off your head!”
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“S-Stop it!” Marina calls out, protesting with large teary eyes. “H-Hibiki didn’t do anything wrong! S-So please stop hitting her like that!”

Backdraft simply stares at her, eyebrow vaguely twitching behind his mask as he does a small kick to roll your body over. “I don’t like your tone of voice Blues...”

Marina’s facade instantly crumbles when she sees Backdraft take a step towards her. “N-No please! I didn’t mean it! P-Please don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!”


Through various means, your character may become damaged. This is shown by the boxes underneath the Structural Integrity box. As you become more and more damaged actions will become more and more penalized. If the Incap box is checked off then Hibiki will be knocked unconscious, and depending on who knocked her out this may indeed kill her! Health levels are healed by spending an amount of time out of battle simply resting.

- Grab Backdraft by the ankle. “I’m the one you want you bastard, leave the others out of it.”

- Call the guards outside the cell, Backdraft may be going to far as his orders were not to kill or harm the specimens.

- It may be best not to push Backdraft too far...

- Other
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>What is this quest?

Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest, a quest set in the Modern version of Creation from the Exalted setting, focusing on how the robotic Alchemical Exalted came to be within the setting. If you love hints of Cyberpunk and high action quests, then you may enjoy this quest.

>Who are we?

The quest is mainly going to be played out in flashbacks, in which during the flashbacks we take control of the Moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalted Junpaku Hibiki, while in the current time you play as “Anonymous”. The game will take place within the city of Versino within the central continent of Creation Meruvia. Labelled as a dangerous and murderous science experiment gone rogue, you need to evade forces of the mightiest army within Creation sprinkled with the powerful Elemental supersoldiers known as the Dragonblooded, trying to find out who is responsible for what you’ve become and how to escape their clutches once and for all.

>Alchemical? Moonsilver? I don’t know anything about Exalted, much less Modern Exalted...

I’ve made this quest to be as friendly to newbies as possible, and I also see it as an introductory guide to the World of Modern Exalted. You can google “1d4chan Exalted” for information on the general vanilla setting, but what I’ll be using is the Modern Version of Exalted as shown in “Shards of the Exalted Dream” book, in where its Alchemicals are quite different than those of Vanilla Exalted. Feel free to ask any question about Exalted in the thread and I will do my best to answer it.




Dicepool system. When performing an action, everyone rolls a number of d10’s based on what the action is (I will list the pools for most actions, but if you want to have a roll for an action, ask and I’ll make the dicepool for it). The first roll is the one that’ll be used, but if someone makes another roll for a different action and more people vote for that, I’ll be using that one instead.

>This seems hella complicated, is there any way you can boil things down for me?



Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each. At the end of every “mission” (In game objectives set by either me or some goal the audience desires) you will be presented with a possible acquisition list of charms. Experience can also be gained by developing the character, learning about the world, or just in general things people find interesting.


>- Call the guards outside the cell, Backdraft may be going to far as his orders were not to kill or harm the specimens.

If that doesn't work, then discharge an essence attack or something randomly, trying to trigger an alarm.
“Guards!” you yell out to the closed door. “Backdraft’s going nuts!”

Backdraft only has the time to look back at you with an inferno in his eyes, the two guards in combat armour stepping into the room.

The guards take a very brief look around the room, noticing a crying girl in the corner of the room and you laying down on the ground with dusty bootprint of Backdraft’s shoe on your chest.

“...As much as I’m with you sir, at the same time we need to be mindful of the orders we receive.” the guard tells him in a calm voice.

“MINDFUL OF ORDERS!?” Backdraft screams at them, a gout of flame erupting from his body as he points at you laying on the ground. “That unit over there is a hair’s breadth away from becoming defective and killing everyone in this block! You seen what happens when they attack, and the other Alchemical units sure as shit don’t help as they like seeing us, YOU slaughtered!”

The guards take a step back, visible fear on their faces before one of the pair speaks up. “T-Then we’ll address it to the doctors as soon as possible! But you know what happens when you violate orders down here!”

“Is something the matter?” another male voice chimes in from the outside. Looking over you can see what appears to be a man fitting the definition of huge in every way. Towering over even Marina in his white armour, a qaud-barrel cannon nearly as thick as a man’s calf hanging off his side, along with a deep and commanding voice coming out from the monovisor helmet that seems to demand respect just by hearing it. Another Dragonblooded soldier in this complex flanked by what appears two other soldiers.

Backdraft stares at the man for several seconds before putting on his mask and walking past him, leaving flaming footprints in his wake. “Nothing Shale! Nothing that matters to those stupid fucking scientist!”

The large white man in armour shakes his head as Backdraft storms off. “You two go follow him. Keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything else stupid today.”

The two soldiers who were guarding your room salute the white armoured man before running off after Backdraft. The White armoured man pays you no heed as he once again locks the door to your cell.

“Hibiki! Are you alright!?” Marina quickly runs towards you, offering a hand to help you stand up.

“I’m fine.” you say as you stand back on your feet, dusting yourself off.

“OK what was that about? Why was Backdraft so pissed off with you?” Mochire says coming off against his wall. “Better yet, what the hell happened down there? You were gone all night.”

“Gremlins exhibit behavioral changes from their original selves, and I can tell Hibiki has none of those just by looking at her.” Wendy says lifting her own head up off the wall, her sunglasses retracting on her head to look at you with her brown eyes. “But something did happen down there, didn’t it?”

Backdraft unplugged the camera and the guards outside your doors are gone, if you wanted to talk about it now then it should be safe.

- “Yes it did, Doctor Trine deleted my safeguards. I’m able to lock on and attack anyone in this facility.” (No reason to keep it a secret from the group who’d help you with their lives)

- “He definitely did something to me if that’s what you mean.” (Dodge answering, knowing could be dangerous)

- “Besides barely escaping an operating table, not much happened.” (Dodge, but don’t even give them a hint for plausible deniability)

- Other
>- “He definitely did something to me if that’s what you mean.” (Dodge answering, knowing could be dangerous)

“He definitely did something to me if that’s what you mean.” you reply to Wendy’s inquiry.

“Yes, but what did he do is the question.” Wendy immediately retorts back.

Dexter gives a small chuckle as he walks over towards you. “Lay off the kid Wendy. If anything she barely understands what she is now, much less what that nutcase Trine tried doing to her.”

“Interjection: Doctor Bell’s mentor was Doctor Trine. It still stands to fact that he knew far more than either us or Bell when performing his experiments on Hibiki. He may be mad, but when it came to programming his skills were easily with the 0.012% of people with programming skills. Figuring out his code will take time.” Collin replies sitting in his corner.

“Still... If you experience any sort of problems, don’t hesitate to ask for help Hibiki.” Father Marcellius implores you. “If Doctor Trine fiddled around with your programming than that man basically performed brain surgery on you, and that can’t possibly come without side effects.”

“Thank you Father, but I’ll be fine.” you nod towards him.

Dexter claps his hands as the situation is resolved. “Well then, with that juicy bit of drama over it is now time to continue what we were doing before.”

“B-But we weren’t doing anything...” Marina sheepishly says.

“Nothing is a dirty word!” Dexter walking over to Marina, using his thumb to wipe away the tears on Marina’s cheeks. “You can do lots of things! Play cards! Imagine yourself being literally anywhere other than here! Or brood in a corner like Osvald!”

“I am currently in the process of running an escape simulation from this facility for the 176th time.” Osvald calmly replies.

“Which goes to show you can make a game even out of the most dreadfully boring things imaginable!” Dexter says giving Marina a pat on the shoulder before looking towards you as well. “That applies to you as well. Find something to keep your mind as sharp as that blade on your hip, such as perhaps, having a conversation with someone as amazing as my-”

“No.” You reply, shutting down his flirting attempts immediately.

“Alas! My single idea has be mercilessly cut down!” Dexter says making a grand gesture towards the ceiling as if speaking to an audience. “I’ll leave you to your own whims than, Junpaku-san.”

After Dexter’s attempted flirtations your mind begins to race. You have the power to escape this facility, you have the power to fight back against your aggressors, however you are still only one. A literal army is down here backed by the mightiest army in all of Creation who want to keep their little experiments underground where they belong. You are very knowledgeable on fighting, but when it comes to planning an operation such a thing is far beyond your capabilities.

From what you heard amongst your group, Wendy and Osvald are the most knowledgeable in that front. Before your arrival Wendy has led your group through thick and thin and has always done her damnest to make sure that everyone has come home alive. Osvald himself may seem cold, but has a near OCD level of making sure plans go off without a hitch with mechanical precision when he does come up with them. You could ask one of the others, but you doubt you’d get that much out of them compared to Wendy or Osvald.

- Ask Wendy the trenchcoated hardass on how she’d plan an escape

- Ask Osvald the living computer on how he’d plan an escape

- Other
Both, I'd say. Maybe even at the same time.

I would also ask both.

Also interesting their are other alchemicals? Back draft seem to talk about them. I wonder what back drafts history is it sounds like he has a personal grudge against alchemicals.

Also do you have any ideas why this program exists? I would like to believe unless proven otherwise that people don't do this shit to other people under normal circumstances. I think the higher ups are afraid of something.

You as well see if you can gather the input of them both at once. As the Meruvian saying goes, “Two minds are better than one.”

“Wendy, Osvald. I ask for some time from you both.” you say to both of them as you walk in between the two of them.

Both of them just simply look up to you, flat expressionless glares visible through their visors as they wait for your words.

“Have either you planned out a potential escape route out of this facility?” you ask.

“I just said recently I am planning the 176th escape scenario from this facility.” Osvald replies.

“I haven’t run through as many or as detailed simulations as Osvald has, but I led a few SWAT teams through raids as my time during a cop.” Wendy replies. “The problem with those times vs now is that our current captors are holding all the cards. We have no way of fighting back.”

“If we were to attempt an escape right this instant, we’d have a 0.341 percent chance of success.” Osvald explains. “The safeguards make any sort of escape attempts statistically unlikely.”

“With odds that low it’s better to use the word impossible.” Wendy retorts.

“What if those safeguards were no longer a concern?” you ask.

Wendy and Osvald look at each other for a moment before looking back towards you. “52.634 percent chance of probable escape.”

“Osvald is right. The safeguards are not the only concern. There’s a literal army down here filled with some of the best equipment in the world, including the really heavy stuff such as Hardliner Urban Combat Suits and small Assault Striders.” Wendy adds. “That’s before adding Dragonblooded into the mix.”

“The Primary blast doors at the entrance of the testing wing is my main concern. If those were to close than even someone such as Father Marcellius would not be able to open them. By the time we’d be able to break through them or dig underground, the Meruvian military would have more than enough time to assemble a force to purge every single living thing down here.” Osvald replies.

“So what you’re saying it's still impossible.” you reply.

“Not quite. All defensive systems only as good as their operators.” Wendy replies. “If you disable the doors and remove their control system, then they won’t be able to close them.”

“Which means not alerting the men who control the door until we have a way towards the doors.” Osvald replies. “Our chances of escaping increase dramatically if we only use ourselves as a group in that case, but once we are outside our lifespans would be measured in potential days. Those without powerful stealth and disguise augmentations such as Marina or Father Marcellius will not last longer than a few days at most, with us only being a few months behind. If we rouse the entire facility than our combat strength would increase by an order of magnitude, but with the way the facility is set up no large organized attack force would be able to move fast enough before the guards could shut the doors.”

“Stealth would be out of the picture if every Alchemical were to escape at once. Even if we used something like waiting for a signal, even if we could get a clear message to what said signal would be, there is too many emotions running through this facility. An Alchemical will very likely attack guards near him as soon as he had the ability to do so.” Wendy says.

“And if that issue is solved?” you ask them both.

“A full power head on assault would seem attractive, but the enemy still has considerable power behind its back. We’d need to disorganize the enemy, take away their fighting strength to have a better fighting chance.” Wendy explains.

“Yes, and the way to do that is to access the computer that logs all firearm ID’s on this base. If that is accessed, than there is a strong chance one could simply restore factory default settings on a large percentage of the base’s firearms.” Osvald explains.

“There’s no way anyone would be fast enough to disable the thousands of weapons in this base, not even you are good enough to do that.” Wendy interjects. “When, not if, the computer locks you out it’ll send an alarm, and that alarm will tell people exactly what you were doing and where you are.”

“Yes, but in exchange a large percentage of the Meruvian fighting force would be rendered useless. If you can survive the exchange it will be a worthy exchange.” Osvald comments. “I predict you have a better solution?”

“Yea, one that doesn’t involve soldiers managing to reactive their firearms.” Wendy replies. “Make them scared out of their mind. If the soldiers realize they’re fighting a hopeless battle then they won’t even put up a fight, much less try to stop us.”

“Such a plan is optimal when one has sufficient time to assassinate commanders before the initial assault. You previously stated that as soon as some Alchemical found out if their safeties were disengaged they’d immediately attack.” Osvald replies.

“The is the best, but not the only method. Harass their flanks, making yourself appear to be everywhere at once, and executing people in as flashy of a method as possible in order to make a demonstration. All of these things will destroy one’s own will, to the point where you’re no longer fighting a disciplined army but a scared group of children who only want to escape.” Wendy explains.

“That doesn’t prevent others from taking up the mantle of leadership. In addition, doing all of that running around the facility would make a plan such as mine worthless. Variables prevent one from doing both of the plans at the same time unless we had several other people with skill at subterfuge such as Colm or Dexter.” Osvald replies.

Wendy gives a small sigh as she shakes her head. “But they won’t Dexter. A person whose will is destroyed doesn’t simply get back up and fight, it just doesn’t work that way.”

At this point both Wendy and Osvald go into tangents related to the conversation, mainly Wendy saying Osvald has no idea how humans actually think while Osvald claims Wendy isn’t using hard empirical evidence for her claims. Thankfully before they went off topic they gave you some ideas to sleep over at the very least. Speaking of which you’re going to do that, that headache Doctor Trine gave you is still throbbing within your head.


The next morning you’re escorted down to the ‘Cradle’ room before breakfast for a check up. You notice its the white guard from yesterday, Shale, who’s now escorting you down. You secretly hope that Backdraft was put on probation or punished somehow, and that small tidbit of information alone gives you some small measure of comfort.

“So Miss Junpaku... Or wait should I use honorifics with you instead?” the male laboratory researcher asks.

“Whichever you prefer.” you reply as you gently lower yourself down into the cradle.

“Very well then Junpaku-san. Have you felt any strange feelings of discomfort lately?” the male researcher asks.

“Still feel a bit of that headache, but otherwise no.” you reply sitting back into the chair.

“Any visible malfunctions on your HUD?” he then asks as she spins around towards his computer.

“No.” you reply.

“Alrighty then... I’m just going to do a quick systems check on you, nothing too fancy. Should only take a bit of time before you’re back eating breakfast with the others.” the male researcher says as he goes to work typing on the computer.

“I wonder what colour that slop is today...” you mutter as you take a deep breath and relax. Using simple breathing exercises to try and calm your racing mind...

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Loading messages flash across your HUD as the darkness around you is filled up by the light green blocks that make up the virtual reality landscape around you.

“VR? What am I doing here?” you ask as you look around the seemingly endless plane that you’re on. You look around, only to see a computer on a desk nearby, one with its monitor lit up and words displayed on it.

<Myon_The_Softest> Sorry about that, I had to bring you into VR so that we’d have a chance to talk in private

<Myon_The_Softest> When you were in the cradle yesterday I noticed you locked on to everyone in the room.

<Myon_The_Softest> I didn’t say anything because I’d know they’d kill you, but believe it or not we’re on the same side.

<Myon_The_Softest> Hello... You don’t need to be afraid to type back you know. I can see you standing in front of the computer.

<Myon_The_Softest> My name’s Dr. Rosenberg BTW.

Huh... This guy could’ve had you dead much earlier but he’s keeping you alive for some reason.

- Why the hell should I even trust you?

- Why do you want to help me?

- Will I turn into one of those Gremlins thanks to Doctor Trine?

- ...Myon is the name of a character from a dating simulator isn't it?

- Other

(Your health has also recovered to full after a night's rest!)
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215 KB JPG

...Myron is the name of a character from a dating simulator isn"t it?

(want to ask other questions later just could not resist the funny question)
>- Why do you want to help me?
>- ...Myon is the name of a character from a dating simulator isn't it?
No reason to not make a short crack about it while asking something else.

Thinking out your responses, you sit down at the desk and begin typing.

<Kunoichi> Myon is the name of a character from a dating sim isn’t it?

<Kunoichi> Oh and my name is fantastic.

<Kunoichi> My fate is going to be decided by an hikkomori otaku

<Myon_The_Softest> ;_;

<Kunoichi> If my safeguards are removed, you know that I’d give you a black eye if you so much as even try against me right?

<Myon_The_Softest> What!?

<Myon_The_Softest> Mal No!

<Myon_The_Softest> I’d never do that!

<Myon_The_Softest> I mean some of the other scientists do but I’ve never nor will never do such a thing!

<Myon_The_Softest> Just working here makes me sick to my stomach!

<Myon_The_Softest> Miko Miko Panic! is also a fantastic game series.

<Kunoichi> I don’t care who your virtual wife is or anything of that sort.

<Kunoichi> I have a list of questions I’ve been meaning to ask the research staff here, including why you even want to help us.

<Myon_The_Softest> In a way we’re a bit like you. We applied to this job because they said we were special candidates.

<Myon_The_Softest> We were offered to research what they called ‘The Cutting edge of the Cutting edge’ technology.

<Myon_The_Softest> An amazing paycheck right out University, making a difference for your country, helping protect national peace on a top secret project!

<Myon_The_Softest> Moreover it wasn’t for the guy at the head of the class. No, it was *us*. They wanted specifically *us*.

<Myon_The_Softest> How could I say no?

<Kunoichi> So you’re a prisoner here just like Bell?

<Myon_The_Softest> Oh yea, virtually all the research staff is.

<Myon_The_Softest> The only people allowed to the surface are the upper brass, the research heads, and Dragonblooded Guards.

<Myon_The_Softest> Try to get near the elevator and they’ll throw you in a cell. We also signed a contract when we started working here, so legally we can’t leave until the project is done.

<Myon_The_Softest> However the project has been going on for the better part of a decade at least. Some people say it started directly after the Dragonblooded project 30 years ago.

<Kunoichi> They’ve been keeping people down here for 30 years?

<Myon_The_Softest> I got no evidence, just rumors. I know Doctor Trine was working on this project for nearly 15 years.

<Myon_The_Softest> Anyways, a few of the research staff and soldiers are sick of the experiments down here.

<Myon_The_Softest> We hate it. I hate it.

<Myon_The_Softest> I’d rather be homeless than ever do something like this again.

<Myon_The_Softest> The cries of pain coming from the Alchemical containment wings, the scooping up of dust of what used to be a human being after tests.
<Myon_The_Softest> Day after day
<Myon_The_Softest> For years
<Myon_The_Softest> With the government fully aware of what’s going on down here.
<Myon_The_Softest> Bell is leading a small band of people who are trying to break the Alchemicals out before they finalize the upgrades for them.
<Myon_The_Softest> We thought after Doctor Trine died that our group was finished. He was responsible for breaking the safeguards.
<Myon_The_Softest> But I’m so thankful that he managed to at least finish it.
<Kunoichi> You’re saying Doctor Trine going down there and going nuts was part of a plan?
<Myon_The_Softest> Him running away and finishing the upgrade in secret? Yes. Him becoming a ranting lunatic? Less so.
<Kunoichi> Do I want to know what the final upgrades for Alchemicals are?
<Myon_The_Softest> Think of them as your safeguards but only worse.
<Myon_The_Softest> I hear the group discussing them. They want to make Alchemical units without any free will, those who follow orders to the letter but have the ingenuity of a human being.
<Myon_The_Softest> I’d sooner put a bullet in my head than ever do such a thing. I’m happy with the knowledge that I try to heal Alchemicals, not turn them into more inhuman monsters.
<Kunoichi> How much do you know about this project?
<Myon_The_Softest> I’m the IT equivalent of a janitor. I may be low on the totem pole, but I can get nearly everywhere. Doctor Bell also tells us anything she knows.
<Myon_The_Softest> You can go ahead and ask me anything else that’s on your mind.

- Will I turn into one of those Gremlins thanks to Doctor Trine?

- Do you know what they intend to do with Alchemicals?

- Why would the Government be doing something like this, or covering it up?

- Do you even have a plan on how to break us out? (Will continue main plot if chosen, choose only if you’re happy with the questions answered, more questions may also appear as you converse)

- Other
>- Do you know what they intend to do with Alchemicals?
Windows decided to update. Hopefully this won't take too long.
<Kunoichi> Do you know what they intend to do with the Alchemicals?

<Myon_The_Softest> Not really no. They keep us in the dark a lot.

<Myon_The_Softest> But basically a catchall next-generation Exalted perfectly loyal to orders.

<Myon_The_Softest> Why use diplomacy when you can use an Alchemical agent to kill a major figurehead then have the Alchemical become that target.

<Myon_The_Softest> Completely loyal, no chance of just taking over a country and then rebelling.

<Myon_The_Softest> Otherwise I know the basic knowledge. You’re designed to fight wyld and elemental forces at the border of Creation in decisive battles.

<Myon_The_Softest> Oh and stopping the occasional demon.

<Kunoichi> Makes sense. The monsters in the roiling chaos that surrounds Creation and demons were the two major strengths gods and elementals had. With those gone their means of leverage are also gone.

[I]- Will I turn into one of those gremlins thanks to Doctor Trine?

- Why would the government be doing something like this, and even cover it up to this extent?

- Do you even have a plan on how to break us out? (Advance plot)

- Other[/i]
>- Will I turn into one of those gremlins thanks to Doctor Trine?
File: 1448909400560.jpg (148 KB, 1024x603)
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148 KB JPG

Why would the government be doing something like this, and even cover it up to this extent?
<Kunoichi> Will I turn into one of those Gremlins thanks to Doctor Trine?
<Myon_The_Softest> I’m not 100 percent sure.
<Myon_The_Softest> Doctor Trine was way above my level of skill when it comes to this sort of thing. The only person who’d be the closest to him now would be Doctor Owens. He’s the person in charge of writing software updates.
<Kunoichi> So you have no idea whenever or not I’ll turn into a rampaging monster.
<Myon_The_Softest> Its bad enough that Trine left no comments whatsoever when dumping the code into you.
<Myon_The_Softest> I can only see bare snippets of what he did, at least in the parts in your programming I actually understand?
<Kunoichi> Actually understand? You’re a computer programmer and ‘virtual janitor’, yet you don’t even understand my own code?
<Kunoichi> What if you do something like delete one of my own emotions?
<Myon_The_Softest> Woah woah woah woah! OK calm down let me explain!
<Myon_The_Softest> Remember how I told you that I was ‘special’ earlier?
<Myon_The_Softest> What we found out when we were down here is that we’re part some some kinda... special group of people that can make sense out of Alchemical inner workings.
<Myon_The_Softest> And even then, it's only a vague sense, more akin to throwing darts than surgery. The only thing I know for sure most of the time is whenever I’m doing something wrong.
<Myon_The_Softest> It's hard to explain.
<Myon_The_Softest> Occasionally I learn how to do tricks, such as sending you into VR while your body in reality lies down in the chair.
<Myon_The_Softest> Even if the guards look at my conversation, they’ll have no idea what the text on the screen means.
<Kunoichi> Are the other researchers like this?
<Myon_The_Softest> Yea, and it's only the mortal ones.
<Myon_The_Softest> I’ve never seen another Dragonblooded build another Alchemical. Basic maintenance yes, but we little guys do the heavier lifting.
<Myon_The_Softest> We also have specific areas that we’re good at. For example I’m good at programming, Bell is good at Alchemical Augmentation development, etc...
<Kunoichi> Why would be the Government do such a thing? Cover it up to such an extent?
<Myon_The_Softest> When one has a realistic chance to put the world in the palm of their hand, why not go for it?
<Myon_The_Softest> They tried the same for Dragonblooded nearly 30 years ago.
<Myon_The_Softest> Only there was a massive security breach. An-Teng and UES, the two other major world superpowers, also got their hands on the information needed to produce Dragonblooded.
<Myon_The_Softest> This time they’re taking no chances.
<Kunoichi> The means fit the end here for whomever is funding this project it seems.
<Myon_The_Softest> P. much yea.

- Do you even have a plan on how to break us out? (Will continue main plot if chosen, choose only if you’re happy with the questions answered, more questions may also appear as you converse)

- Other
>- Do you even have a plan on how to break us out? (Will continue main plot if chosen, choose only if you’re happy with the questions answered, more questions may also appear as you converse)

<Kunoichi> Do you even have a plan on how to break us out?

<Myon_The_Softest> Somewhat.

<Myon_The_Softest> The essential part of the plan involves heading to Dr. Owen’s office.

<Myon_The_Softest> It just so happened he was going to finalize a system update for Alchemicals soon.

<Myon_The_Softest> All we need to do is add the code Doctor Trine installed on your system to the update and let it work its magic.

<Myon_The_Softest> Unfortunately I am not Doctor Trine. I’ve isolated the code that overrides your safeguards, but a full system update and reboot will need to occur, meaning all the Alchemicals on the base minus you will be human until the update is finished.

<Kunoichi> How long will that take?

<Myon_The_Softest> Half hour give or take.

<Kunoichi> A half hour avoiding a base full of soldiers? I have confidence in my abilities but that is seriously pushing it.

<Myon_The_Softest> There’s no other real option.

<Myon_The_Softest> Even then, the best chance to pull this off is right now. Doctor Owens will probably be finishing the update tonight.

<Myon_The_Softest> And you’ll have some explaining to do when your core rejects the update, as the code Doctor Trine installed on you is likely mutually exclusive with Doctor Owens.

<Kunoichi> That’d give Backdraft all the reason he needs to kill me.

<Myon_The_Softest> I seriously doubt my ability to be able to convince John Doe again yea.

<Kunoichi> Do you have a way to make it easier at least?

<Myon_The_Softest> Yes, we have a way for you to slip away from guard escorts without arousing too much suspicion.

<Myon_The_Softest> The person who controls the door locks for a few blocks is on our side.

<Myon_The_Softest> What we planned to do is bring to a wing where a gremlin is currently jailed, then he’ll open the door and cut it loose.

<Myon_The_Softest> While the military is busy dealing with it, you can get to Doctor Owen’s office. His computer should have permission to send out updates to all Alchemical Cores in the facility.

<Myon_The_Softest> I don’t like killing innocent men and women, but I honestly believe that the time has come for a few to suffer for the good of many.

<Kunoichi> I know a thing or two about computers, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to operate Doctor Owen’s computer to inject the code.

<Myon_The_Softest> Your Omnitool Implant can interface with his computer. Before we log off I’ll program a small command in your code that will automatically upload the relevant code to the update system.

<Myon_The_Softest> All you need to do is plug it in.

You recall back the other day, Wendy and Colm were arguing about their theoretical plans on how to tackle such an escape. Mutually exclusive both of them said, so you can only really adopt one or the other here...

<Kunoichi> I have an idea on what you can do to aid in the escape.

<Myon_The_Softest> We’re scientist not tacticians. Any idea you think is best we’ll try to implement.

- I know this is a closed facility, meaning weapon authentication is local, not global. Where’s the location of the Weapon IFF Servers and Communication hub? (Osvald’s advice. Disable portion of weapons and communications amongst soldiers for escape)

- Give me a list of every Squad Leader and CO in this facility. I’ll be removing them from the picture before we even begin. (Wendy’s advice. Demoralize soldiers and cause havoc in the command chain, resulting in demoralized and poorly organized troops)

- Other
Why do we have to keep avoiding the soldiers for half an hour? Are they really going to automatically know that the update is harmful? Is there any way to stop them from learning it? Or at least, it should be possible take the heat off of the other alchemicals by creating a diversion via sabotage or something. Nobody is going to look closely at what the update is doing if there's something exploding nearby.

And similar for us. As to our core rejecting the update making us obvious, how does that information get to them? I mean, it seems like an either or situation here. Either they know that an unauthorized update is happening on all alchemicals and they DON'T single us specifically out. Or they think the update is fine and don't freak out over it, but they do freak out that it isn't happening to us. I don't see how they can get both reactions at the same time.

<Kunoichi> Actually a few more questions before we begin. How is Doctor Owens going to know the update is automatically harmful?

<Myon_The_Softest> Doctor Owen’s is the one who has the final say on what the code is. People like me are the ones who do some minor cleaning of the code and basic debugging, but Doctor Owen is the person at the end which which basically presses the upload butter.

<Myon_The_Softest> Just like Bell is with Alchemical Augmentations.

<Myon_The_Softest> Doctor Owen will go through the code himself before submitting an update. For something as major as removing safeguards, he’s definitely going to notice it.

<Myon_The_Softest> I mean you could try and infect his computer and try and fake it, install a virus that makes it so that Owen’s code is shell program with the actual program of deleting the safeguards a thing.

<Myon_The_Softest> Or just kill him or knock him out and throw him into his bathroom. He’s one of the trusted members, so cameras are not in his room.

<Kunoichi> But the soldiers and employees aren’t stupid. They’re going to realize that this is an unauthorized update.

<Myon_The_Softest> They’re fast tracking Alchemical development right now. Certain days of the week are told as update days, and today is actually one of those days.

<Myon_The_Softest> John Doe may’ve dismissed Backdraft, but he’s taking other matters very seriously.

<Kunoichi> How will the other soldiers know that my core is rejecting the update?

<Myon_The_Softest> I’ve seen the latest update. While it doesn’t install new safeguards, its does lay the foundation for allowing more to exist.

<Myon_The_Softest> Doctor Trine’s program exists specifically to not only destroy those foundations, but to also ‘salt the earth’ and make sure it won’t happen again.

<Myon_The_Softest> Doctor Owen’s update won’t work on you as it has nothing to latch onto. When it tries to decompress and assign the files to the relevant locations, it's going to find nothing to latch onto.

<Myon_The_Softest> Updating works by once those assigned files are in the proper location, the core deactivates, the Alchemical turning into a human once more in order to safely install the files.

<Myon_The_Softest> Gremlins are the only Alchemical units who currently don’t transform back as their Polymorphic Code has mutated beyond comprehension.

<Kunoichi> So when I don’t transform back into a human they’re going to think I’m a Gremlin.

<Myon_The_Softest> Exactly.

<Myon_The_Softest> It’ll be shoot on sight for you during this time if you show off any obvious Alchemical based powers.

<Myon_The_Softest> You could probably fake something by lying down on the ground and pretending to be your mortal self though. So long as you’re not flaring and you don’t open your visor, they won’t notice. Not even the Dragonblooded.

<Myon_The_Softest> I mean nothing is stopping you from transforming back manually at least.

<Kunoichi> True, but if I turn back into my human form my legs will be worthless.

<Myon_The_Softest> In theory if you manage to get Doctor Owen’s computer to send out the update on a time delay, and then return to your cell and un-transform, then no one is going to be the wiser.

<Myon_The_Softest> The soldiers would be angry if you bolted and went missing after a gremlin attack, but Alchemicals disappearing for a bit after Gremlin attacks are common, especially the stealthy ones.

<Myon_The_Softest> One time it took security a week to find an Adamant after a Gremlin rampaged through a cell door and into the hallway.

<Kunoichi> Is there any way to stop them from learning that?

<Myon_The_Softest> Jamming their communications is one way I guess.

<Myon_The_Softest> During the Gremlin attack, all efforts are going to be focused on the removal though.

<Kunoichi> Still I wish I had more time to prepare. Being told now is the best time to attack without preparing any sort of sabotage or traps beforehand.

<Myon_The_Softest> Well there’s the half hour you’ll have when the update is in progress. That should give you a lot of time.

<Myon_The_Softest> The other are the gremlins themselves. The Alchemical Gremlins, codenamed “Apostates”, are incredibly strong.

<Myon_The_Softest> If one or two are active in a wing, pretty much all forces in the base are going to be replying to that.

<Myon_The_Softest> Everything else is secondary. Everything.

<Kunoichi> And the Blast doors don’t lock automatically when a Gremlin attack happens?

<Myon_The_Softest> The Blast doors for this area operate on a twofold system. One person above ground and the other below. In order for them to activate both of them need to activate it with their keys.

<Myon_The_Softest> From what I heard from security the blast door isn’t any ordinary blast door. It's a beast. Orichalcum exterior, White Jade Struts, Soulsteel Inertial Dampeners.

<Myon_The_Softest> A direct hit from a nuclear missile or a bunker buster wouldn’t even scratch it.

<Myon_The_Softest> It's also just as much of a pain in the ass to open topside as it is from under here. Its a last ditch defense.

(Hopefully this answered your questions >>630937 . Also remember that Osvald and Wendy's plan had diversions baked in. Osvald's plan would break down communications making the soldiers in the base not really able to group up to attack/defend anyone. Wendy's is a reign of terror that will constantly spook troops into thinking a Gremlin is still in a base and you could lure them wherever. Of course if you have another idea go ahead, I don't plan on railroading, just from past experience people said giving options helps more)
Yeah, giving options is definitely a good idea. And yeah, that did answer my questions.

The best thing I can think of now is to go ahead and simulate a gremlin attack as per Wendy's plan in such a way as to divert everyone in the other direction, slip into Owen's room and disable him well enough to last the next 30 minutes at least (preferably a few hours), trigger the update, and stealthily rejoin the other alchemicals and start playing mortal.

Basically the plan so far was this:

- Leave maintenance room behind

- When travelling back to Cell, Dr. Rosenberg's ally will open the gates to a Gremlin containment on the way back. You can use the commotion to give the guards normally babysitting you the slip.

- Sneak into Owen's room, install update. Knock out/Kill/Whatever with Owen for the next 30 minutes.

- Choose to enact Wendy's plan pretending to be another escaped Gremlin or Osvald's plan. Or return to your cell and pretend to be mortal. Either or.

If you're really fast you could use Osvald's plan and head back to your cell, but with the Gremlin rampage and communication lines cut, the guards probably won't notice until the half hour is up.

Again, no railroading, so if you want to alter parts of the plan go ahead.

Also its bed time now, so I need to head to bed. I'll be running this tomorrow for those interested. Don't forget to vote so I know what to enter in tomorrow!
That sounds good. To the end should be added the fact that all of the other alchemicals will be updated after that, so maybe prolonging the distractions may be a good idea to give us a head start for actually getting out at that point. Oh, and we'd probably want to warn everyone to stay sharp and ready before we start.

I also think I found another We in the English language, next to the royal We and the editorial We: the questing We.

So should we tell Myon_The_Softest what our general plan is? Osvald's or Wendy's? Or something else?
I don't think Myon needs to know the specifics of it. He must have suspicions by now just from our conversations, though, so it's not like he's completely in the dark.

Maybe ask him if he can think of anything else he could do from his end, and if he comes up with something valuable let him do it. But don't bank our entire plan of action on him, keep to the general progression of events you outlined here >>631054

If it's possible to do so without disrupting the plan entirely, it would be good to warn the other alchemicals to be ready for "interesting events" in the near future. Not that that means to directly spell out for them what's going to happen in front of surveillance, but to give them a subtle conversational nudge to keep an open mind and open eyes over the next few hours.

Of course if it's no reasonable to contact them right now, then scrap that and just move forward without it.
As a heads up, Quest will be running in 50 minutes!
OK I was a bit off on the time, underestimated the update.


<Kunoichi> Can you do anything else from your end when the escape happens?

<Myon_The_Softest> Bell has a plan in place which will purge open every single cell in the entire compound.

<Myon_The_Softest> She’s going to activate it when the Alchemical upload is complete.

<Myon_The_Softest> Not just Alchemicals. Gremlins, berserk security robots, demons, elementals...

<Myon_The_Softest> All hell is going to break loose as soon as that happens.

<Myon_The_Softest> It may complicate things for you somewhat, but it’s also one of the best ways to keep the military and their Dragonblooded guards in check.

<Kunoichi> I’m well aware of how large of a force multiplier Dragonblooded can be when placed within a unit yes.

<Myon_The_Softest> It isn’t a straight up fight to the last though.

<Myon_The_Softest> All you need to do is get to the surface.

<Myon_The_Softest> We have a support structure up there to help you.

<Kunoichi> Do you know what that support structure is?

<Myon_The_Softest> No idea. Bell assures us that it exists though.

<Myon_The_Softest> Though you’ll probably be bolting from the city as soon as possible like any sane person would.

<Myon_The_Softest> Back to the topic of what to do, I could program a small message for Alchemicals before rebooting.

<Myon_The_Softest> Saying that you have a half hour to prepare or something similarly vague.

<Kunoichi> Leave it cryptic. Tell them that interesting events will happen within the next few hours.

<Myon_The_Softest> I’ll begin programming them immediately.

<Myon_The_Softest> Is there anything else I can do?

<Kunoichi> Find some kind of hole to crawl into and hide until this is over

<Myon_The_Softest> Way ahead of you.

<Myon_The_Softest> Bell apparently has a way to get us to the surface, or at the very least hide us until this is all over.

<Myon_The_Softest> After I leave here, I’ll be doing just that.

<Kunoichi> Good, can’t think of anything else to discuss.

<Myon_The_Softest> Alrighty then. Just as a heads up, the Gremlin is likely going to be going after you as soon as it sees you.

<Myon_The_Softest> So if it spots you, be prepared to run like hell towards any military unit and let them take care it from there.

<Kunoichi> Got it. Let’s get this show on the go.

<Myon_The_Softest> Pulling you out now.


Light comes back into your eyes as you enter reality once more.

“Alright guys, she’s all yours.” Dr. Rosenberg says as he types in a few final words on his keyboard.


“You heard him Alchie, back to your cell.” the guards say entering the clean room as you rise up from your chair.

“Actually no, Dr. Bell has authorized a quick test for her. Basic Servomotor test to make sure everything is working fine hardware wise.” Dr. Rosenberg says as he reaches for a piece of paper on the desk and passes it to the guard. “Wing C Testing room 4.”

A guard reaches over, looking over the piece of paper for all of two seconds before folding it up. “Change of plans it is, you know the drill Alchie.”

“Actually I’ve never been to a testing room before.” you comment as you walk in front of the guards.

“Don’t worry, all you need to know is that you keep quiet and keep moving.” the guards behind you as they escort you out of the room.

The guards slowly take you out of the laboratory wing, past the various labs that display things such as a robotic arm with new synthetic muscles doing a curl with a dumbell or sensitive tune ups to a weapon that looks to be a laser gun straight out of a manga. The guards take you to the central elevator, a soft bump being felt as the doors open to wing C. Your heart skips a beat with the soft bump of the elevator.

The sheer tension bears down on your shoulders like a mountain. The escape of not just you, but hundreds of other innocent lives that are also in this facility. You fingers tap against the hilt of your weapon, any minor thing to stop the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest.

“Move.” The guard behind you warns.

“Ah, sorry.” you mutter as you leave the elevator, walking down the hallway of wing C. Countless cells once again appear to be guarded by thick metal doors, a pair of guards flanking nearly each and every one of them as you slowly march down the halls. One door draws your eyes like a magnet does to coins, one that is currently taped up with yellow warning tape saying, “WARNING: APOSTATE. DO NOT OPEN.”

The red light on the control panel for it being locked quickly flashes to the colour green, your stomach immediately turning into a knot as soon as you see this, the door then sliding open with the sound of a soft hiss.


Your sixth sense for danger immediately begins to flare, immediately taking a small leap back behind the confused then worried guards. They don’t even have time to scream before a golden arc cleaves them both in two, their bodies tumbling down the hall as their waists crumple onto the floor in pools of rapidly growing blood.

Your own visor snaps shut as you gaze upon the monster in front of you. A golden creature that seems to have black and golden spikes erupting at nearly every point of his own body. Incredibly thin arms that appear to have most of the ‘flesh’ torn off of them and stuffed with random components of other augmentations and decaying human flesh, all coupled with a face that appears to belong to a rather handsome man with a main of spikes around his face.

“...Oh I see... You...” the creature says to you as he slowly licks a blood soaked claw in front of you. “I see that you have more in common with us than them... How serene...”

“Oh shi, OPEN FIRE!” one of the guards cries out from down the halls men immediately taking aim with their assault rifles and begin to open fire on the creature.

“YES! GIVE ME YOUR FLESH!” the golden warped creature seems to roar in happiness as it bounds down the hall away from you towards the retreating soldiers, pouncing on a screaming guard and seeming to slowly plunge his claws into the still screaming soldier, all of his cuts slow and deliberate as if harvesting something, the sounds of bullets pinging off his surprisingly strong skeleton. "MAKE ME EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL!"

It takes a second for yourself to compose before you regain your senses, your mind quickly racing on how to react now that soldiers rush around you as if you didn’t even exist, all of them converging on the gremlin.

- Speed is of the essence. Run like hell past the gremlin and the guards before any more reinforcements show up (Roll 12d10, may add up to +6m dice on speed)

- Take it slow and stealthy. Engage cloaking device then slowly make your way around towards Doctor Owen’s office (16d10, may add up to +3 dice on stealth. Optical Shroud engaged automatically)

- Other
Rolled 8, 5, 5, 6, 5, 2, 6, 2, 4, 9, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 10, 8, 3, 6 = 91 (19d10)

>- Take it slow and stealthy. Engage cloaking device then slowly make your way around towards Doctor Owen’s office (16d10, may add up to +3 dice on stealth. Optical Shroud engaged automatically

You slowly back away from the conflict, your form flicking briefly before you vanish entirely in the hallway.

“ATTENTION ALL SECURITY PERSONNEL. A GREMLIN HAS ESCAPED IN WING C. ALL PERSONNEL NOT CHARGED WITH CLASS 4A OR HIGHER ASSIGNED ROLLS ARE REQUIRED TO RESPOND. I REPEAT...” the intercom blares loudly over the sound of screams and boots hitting the ground as more soldiers immediately begin to rush down the hall that you were just in.

“AH! WAIT FOR ME LITTLE MOONSILVER!” the Gremlin calls out behind you, his voice being drowned out in gunfire as a golden stream of energy can be found pouring out from from the hallway behind you.

Up ahead of you Scientists can be seen running out of their labs and towards designated safe rooms by security personnel. The doors of which are left wide open as the men and women run for their lives. Looking into the labs left open, you can see what appears to be some goodies left inside of them. This is the perfect chance to rummage through them if you desire, as there is a good chance you may find something good inside of it. However that Apostate you let out seems to have a... thing for you. It may possibly catch up to you while you’re exploring the lab.

[I]- Explore the lab, see if you can find anything useful inside.

- Ignore the lab, climb into the ventilation shafts and continue heading towards Doctor Owen’s office.

- Head towards Doctor Owen’s office using the front door, they may have traps or alarms in the ventilation shaft.

- Other[/I]
>- Head towards Doctor Owen’s office using the front door, they may have traps or alarms in the ventilation shaft.
No time for distractions. And stealth failed, so we may as well move in a straight line now.

Failed? The stealth worked fine.

The Apostate and soldiers failed their first rolls to find you. If the Apostate catches up to you again, you'll be forced to make a second stealth roll to see if he'd spot you again.

It just depends if you want a chance to get loot vs just completing the objective.
Ah, I figured since the thing was yelling out at us it saw us.

But I don't think that changes anything, I still think the objective definitely comes first.
The best equipment one has at hand is often allies themselves. You silently mouth off that proverb as you continue down the hall as fast as you can without your stealth field breaking up. The sounds of gunfire and screams rapidly fading away. You don’t have time to lose as that Apostate is going to be directly behind you soon enough.

You walk amongst the office doors, solid metal doors with windows peering inside of them, heavy metal shutters now in front of them as red sirens strobe the entire hallway in red as you slowly advance through the area. Eventually you reach an office that is labelled as Doctor Owen, head of the IT Department.

You look at the door panel and see that the door is locked electronically. Thankfully you have your Omnitool Implant now fully functional, and you can use it to see if you can take a crack at this door.

- Use Omnitool Implant to perform an electronic bypass on the keypad (Roll 13d10, difficulty of 4 to open)

- Other
Rolled 4, 10, 6, 1, 7, 2, 7, 4, 2, 10, 1, 6, 9 = 69 (13d10)

>- Use Omnitool Implant to perform an electronic bypass on the keypad (Roll 13d10, difficulty of 4 to open)
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB
You give the mental command for your Omnitool Implant to activate, your right hand opens up into a small series of screwdrivers, small wires, and various other devices that pop out and wriggle about with your body outline while still remaining cloaked.

“Here goes nothing.” you say as you put your hand close to the screen and follow the prompts on the screen, the screwdriver slowly taking apart the panels and shifting the small LCD screen up. The two small Moonsilver wires spread out onto the circuitry, seeming to meld into it as you give a small pulse of essence through the wires.


The small LCD screen turns green as the door unlocks. You quickly put the panel back together and slowly open the door.

“H-Hello? I-I still hear gunshots. Is the security breach taken care of?” A male voice replies in fear inside of the office. “I-I can’t see anyone through the crack.

Shit... Locked doors don’t open for any reason. However he does sound to be rather scared right now, maybe that could be used to your advantage.

- Enter the room, purposefully letting your cloaking field shimmer before holding your blade to his neck and demanding where the upgrade computer is and what the password is (Roll 9d10, may activate Pheromone Regulation Systems for 3m to greatly increase chances of success)

- Rush into the room, knock him out or kill him. (Specify)

- Wait by the door for him to hopefully move away to somewhere else.

- Other
Rolled 2, 8, 4, 9, 9, 10, 7, 9, 10 = 68 (9d10)

>- Enter the room, purposefully letting your cloaking field shimmer before holding your blade to his neck and demanding where the upgrade computer is and what the password is (Roll 9d10, may activate Pheromone Regulation Systems for 3m to greatly increase chances of success)
Activate it
Well, maybe it wasn't strictly necessary, but it still can't hurt I guess!


You stand up and enter the room, door automatically closing behind you. The terrified Doctor Owen holds his breath as his nails dig into the arms of his own chair. He exhales a mighty gasp as he notices your own form shimmering in the dim light of the room, but just before he has a chance to scream you blade is already at his neck.

“What’s the password to your computer?” you ask him, your invisible blade crackling with electricity so Doctor Owen knows it’s directly pointed at his head.

“Haha... an escaped specimen from the Gremlin outside? Y-You won’t hurt me...” Doctor Owen says with a small swallow, his wrinkled face regaining some composure. “You can’t even hurt me!”

You take the blade and very slowly press it against his cheek, his entire body freezes for a second as he feels the electrified blade press into his own skin, a small trickle of blood going down his cheek.

“I’m not asking twice.” you say as you let the four red eyes of your visor visibly glow in front of him.

“R-Right behind me! Login COwen, password ‘panopticon’!” he immediately blurts out in fear.

You immediately push him out of the way, sending his lithe frame tumbling to the floor as you logon to his own computer. It takes about a minute of clicking around before you find what appears to be the folder of the Alchemical OS updates. When you click on the executable you can see a basic GUI for computer coding that seems to go on for countless pages. Comments inside of it describing what he’s doing in scientific terms but still somewhat lost on you.

“Time for a change of program.” you say as a USB input device comes out of your finger and plugs into the side of the computer. From then on controlling the computer is as easy as thinking about what you want done, and as soon as you will Dr. Rosenberg’s updates to overwrite Dr. Owen’s, pages upon pages of text are copy and pasted with alarming speed directly into the code receptacle. Once this is all done, a small prompt can be seen on the screen.

Changes saved. Do you wish to export changes to all Cores? Y/N?

Doctor Owen is on the ground, eyes going wide in fear as he realizes what you’re doing. “N-No you can’t... Do you have any idea what that code is!? Do you have any idea what you’re about to do!?”
You glance back at the Doctor with your own four glowing eyes, ready to give out your response.

Give a suitable dialogue option or one liner to reply to the Doctor with, no right or wrong answer.

Hibiki’s moral code prevents her from killing an unarmed scientist who effectively surrendered!

- Threaten Dr. Owen that if he talks, you’ll be back to kill him.
- Just leave.


- Attempt to go with Osvald’s plan, attempt to shut down IFF tags on most weapons in facility and disable most communications.

- Attempt to go with Wendy’s plan, assassinate the CO’s and other significant squad leaders to demoralize the enemy before the Alchemical breakout occurs.

- Other: User Input
Can't think of a one liner but a punch or something is fine too, right? Knock him out so he'll stay out for a few hours.

Go with Wendy's plan.

Not even a punch. Harming an innocent/a surrendered opponent is something that goes against Hibiki's moral code. No honor in such things.

If Doctor Owen tries to attack or stop you its fair game, but otherwise you're not able to strike him once he gives up (Which he's pretty much done now)
Then use a shock tazer or a drug or something. Do we have anything like that? Another option is locking him into his room and trashing his net access. Basically, I want the dude unable to raise any alarms.

Another check to intimidate him would work just as well. He still has the emotion of Fear towards you, one that is supernaturally empowered. A single threat would be enough to send him running under his bed and refuse to come out.

9d10 for attempting to scare him once again.
Rolled 3, 5, 6, 9, 3, 1, 10, 8, 3 = 48 (9d10)

Alright, if you think that's enough.

Oh yea, I also barely noticed. Do you have a plan that you wish to go with? Wendy/Osvalds/Other as mentioned here? >>634031
Yeah, let's go with Wendy's.
“Unlocking all of the doors.” you say as you confirm the selection on the screen.


“NO!” Doctor Owen screams out in fear before immediately coming face to face with your blade once again.

Your blade immediately flashes directly in between Doctor Owen’s eyes, the arcing sword just barely touching in between his own eyes. “Don’t. If you take enough step towards this computer then I shall personally have your head. You more than anyone should know what I’m capable of now, and the lengths I’ll go through to find you if you try to stop me.”

Doctor Owen looks up at your own blade, a puddle forming from the dark spot in his pants as he doesn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Now get out of here before I kill you.” you add.

Doctor Owen doesn’t waste a millisecond following your command, quickly scampering into his bathroom inside of his room before locking the door shut.

You put your weapon back into its sheath before slowly exiting the room, happy that you’ve done your work.

You’re going to follow Wendy’s own plan, meaning that you have a half hour to sow terror and confusion in through the ranks of your enemy. However right now you need to get to the blast door controls near the front of the compound. Sneaking through the ducts seems to be the easy way, but you’re not sure just what exactly they have up there. Of course it could be the lesser of two evils, the sound of freshly renewed gunfire and screams filling just around the corridor ahead makes passing through a warzone in a cramped corridor unseen a much harder task.

- Attempt to use the vents to find the Blast Door Control room (Roll 13d10 to remain hidden)

- Attempt the direct route which involves sneaking through the battlefield (11d10 to remain hidden)

- Other
Rolled 2, 2, 1, 4, 10, 8, 10, 5, 2, 4, 6, 4, 3 = 61 (13d10)

>- Attempt to use the vents to find the Blast Door Control room (Roll 13d10 to remain hidden)

No matter how short the path is, it's just too risky to be trying to sneak through an active warzone. A single stray bullet can rupture your cloaking field, making the soldiers or worse the Apostate take notice of you.

You sneak out towards one of the vents exposed on the ceilings nearby, using your sword to prop open the vent, then climbing in and using your own feet to close it shut before starting your trek through the vents.

As you climb through the ventilation shafts, you’re privy to most of the holding cells containing other Alchemicals, various laboratories, and other such things as you crawl through them.

“Hey... What did that message ‘Prepare for a surprise soon’ mean after our cores disengaged?” A man in a green piece of armour says down below a grate you crawl over you.

“Probably some other twisted experiment they have planned for us next.” another female voice rings out, out of sight from the view of the vents.

“They normally don’t give us any advance warning about tests, so why would they do so now?” another male voice replies.

“I agree with Adam. Something definitely strange about this update is happening.” Another female says out of view. “The only thing we can do is just wait and see just what this surprise is.”

You give a small chuckle towards yourself as similar echos of confusion are spoken throughout the other holding cells.

You trek towards the Blast doors continues as you reach the elevator shaft. Using your newfound leg muscles to jump high in the area, level by level until you reach Wing A, the top floor. You scurry into the vents inside and continue to make you way towards the Blast Door Control room, a little unit that Dr. Rosenberg pointed out to you. Rooms slowly shift from offices to the comfortable looking entryway that greeted you when you first came down here as a mortal. Up ahead however is the control area for what appears to be the blast door.

“What’s the sitrep, over.” a guard in the blast door room asks.

“One of the more troublesome specimens escaped. O-Class. Over.” the guard on the other end of a walkie-talkie asks.

“Will it be an issue? Over.” The blast door guard asks.

“Negative. We have a defensive line at the central elevator. No reason to lock the door. Over.” the walkie-Talkie guard replies.

“Roger, going back to sitting on my ass once again, over and out.” the blast door guard says as he tosses his walkie-talkie on the countertop, grabbing a datapad nearby and beginning to look through what appears to be some sort of guitar magazine.

You slowly exit the vent, ever so slowly drawing your blade without a single scrap of sound flowing through the air, ready to make the first strike.

(As a header, Hibiki has no problem killing potentially hostile guards with sneak attacks, it's only the ones who have surrendered)

- Kill him and make an example out of him. (If you got ideas, go ahead and mention them)

- Kill him, but move the body away from the windows in the control room.

- Other
- Kill him, but move the body away from the windows in the control room.

rather not kill currently trying to think of alternatives.

Biggest worry i have is that we scare them so much that they lock down everything too quickly.

You can just knock the guard unconscious if you wish. In doing so he won't wake up for hours.
I'm okay with knocking him unconscious
A blood trail would be quite messy and difficult to clean up, so it’ll be all the better just to knock him conscious.

Flipping the blade around in your hand, you lash out with the flat of your blade against the back of his head, immediately causing him to hit the desk in front of him hard before tumbling out of his own chair, blood dripping down from his forehead. His chest slowly rises up and lowers showing that he’s still alive and going to wake up with a pounding headache.

“You won’t be needing this anymore.” you say snatching his ID card off of him and wrapping it around your wrist before taking his body and slowly dragging him back into the ventilation duct and leaving his body there. Now even in the slim chance he wake up he’d be unable to do anything at all.

You sneak back down towards the soldier barracks, leaping several stories down in the elevator as you check the time. 20 minutes remaining, still enough time.

Following Wendy’s advice to head to the barracks first. This’ll be where the soldiers that are off duty are currently sleeping, and this is where your terror tactics are going to begin.

Slowly opening the ventilation shaft from the room and silently landing down on the ground, you take a look around at the soldier barracks section. Several members are lying down in the beds, fast asleep without a single care in the world, while behind you the showers are currently filled with budding laughter accompanied by the sounds of falling water. To your right the sounds of a football game being played on the television set can be heard over the distinctive crack of billiard balls splitting apart.

- Start with the beds

- Start with the Showers

- Start with the rec room

- Other

thinking knocking out guards especially middle management. and make usre they can't lock the doors down.

which academical in our group is good with social manipulation? I doubt we can pull this off but if we can make the guards think that the situation is far bigger than the higher ups let on and they have become "expendable" and are being left to die. Nothing causes panic than thinking you have be deserted and felt to die. Let them see how they like being treated like tools.
>- Start with the beds
We're taking a more direct approach to causing panic, that of killing a bunch of their officers. I don't know if we'd have the time to even try something like you're proposing, but we'll see once the currently 20 minutes are up and the alchemicals wake up

Dexter is by far and away the best socialite in your group. He's good at virtually any sort of social roll.

Wendy is amazing at scaring the utter piss out of people.

Father Marcellius and Marina are good when using compassionate pleas from the heart.

Hibiki is actually not bad at social. Being good at manipulation means that her social takes a bit more of a sly approach to social or being a bitch, but otherwise she is not exactly terrible at it.

I was also waiting for a part for Dexter to explain how social works in full, but haven't gotten around to that yet.
File: 1459886438345.jpg (885 KB, 1000x723)
885 KB
885 KB JPG

Question. Can we just lock them in the barracks?

or could we steal all their guns? ( not sure if they have guns with them or in some centralized location like an armory)

another idea is pull the fire alarm or start a fire. they will evacuate with no time equipping and be poorly equiped to fight in just a bathrobe. as their is a "Fire"
File: 1379826244616.jpg (329 KB, 1280x698)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

Yeah thinking about it we don't have time.

You could, but its a matter of how fast the Dragonblooded guards can break the encryption you place on the doors.

The other option was Osvald's option, which was to head to the server room that broadcasts all of the IFF tags in the soldiers weapons, jamming and effectively rendering a large portion of them useless.

Wendy's tactic is to act like the Predator. Take out the leaders and strike fear into the hearts of the soldiers. By the time the Alchemicals are activated, soldiers will be too scared/scattered/disorganized to mount an effective offense.
File: 1339131652680.jpg (320 KB, 1402x992)
320 KB
320 KB JPG

Hum too late then for that as we are pulling wendy's tactic. Storm trooper tactics probably will be our best bet. as slowly eliminating them will take way too long. Going after the people in the beds first probably would be best. in the confusion knock out anyone who tries to rally people.
The enemy in the beds are the first that need to go. It should send the strongest message across at the very least.

You sneak over to the beds, slowly creeping up towards the bunkbeds. For the first soldier on the bottom of the bed you grab his legs and pull his body so the support pole at the foot of the bed hits him directly in in the crotch. As he wakes up about to scream in pain you sword instantly pierces his own throat, sending him softly gurgling back down to the bed as he clutches his throat in vain.

As you watch the soldier die in front of you, a solemn feeling washes over you. This is the first time you’ve ever killed another man. A feeling of discomfort that lasts for a brief moment before you recenter yourself. All these years training wasn’t just for meditative exercises. They were for forging your soul and spirit into something far greater. The killing you just performed wasn’t a senseless act, far from it. You’re a blade that fights on behalf of others, and unless your blade is used these atrocities are only going to continue.

Taking a deep breath you take your blade and stab it directly up through the top bunk, instantly piercing the skull of the one who sleeps up top. Blood slowly dripping down onto the dead man lying below on the bottom bunk.

This process repeats itself again and again on the soldiers lying down in the bunks, making each and every kill appear as a deliberate act of violence to maximum the psychological impact upon seeing one’s comrades.

When you arrive on the last bunk, you kill the one on the top bunk and let the blood drip down to the single lone soldier remaining, letting him spread the message as you slowly head back to a corner of the room and lie in wait.

The seconds pass by as minutes before the guard himself blinks, adjusting his eyes before seeing the dripping of blood coming from the bunk above him. As he slow rises up, wiping his face reflexively and smearing the blood all over it, he only can only gaze in sheer horror at the bodies of his fellows, lying down in their beds with tears running down their slit throats.

A terrified shriek erupts from the soldier as he tries to push himself in the corner, voice tearing throughout the entire barracks. Soon the sound of many footsteps rush towards the barracks, the guards from the showers and the rec room coming into the beds, their own faces frozen in fear. The sounds of beer cans falling to the floor are heard shortly before one of the guards from the shower kneels over and vomits.

“WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?” a panicked guard cries out.

“T-This... This is a prank right!?” another cries out.

“DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A FUCKING PRANK!?” the one who was in the bed earlier cries out in fear.

“We have a gremlin the area, get a hold of yourselves!” a single woman who came from the showers says. “A friend from that Apostate alert earlier must’ve gotten in the wing. You from the rec room, get in contact with Lt. Typhoon! 4th Linebacker Squad follow me and suit up! The rest of you, arms yourselves and take cover!”

That woman is the one who appears to be the local leader of this area, however with them splitting up this presents a problem. Linebackers heavy assault suits have huge amounts of armour plating on them. Performing a sneak attack that’d actually kill one of them before it can warn the others will be extremely difficult. On the other hand the Dragonblooded are considerably harder to counter. Just having one in the general area will make it far harder for you to hide effectively.

- Go after the men who are attempting to call for Dragonblooded backup. Make them paralyzed with fear and show them what happens to those who try to call for help.

- Go assassinate the Linebacker commander. The Dragonblooded are mighty, but without any sort of rank resemblance in a squad even they won’t be able to keep cohesion and control of the troops.

- Other
- Go after the men who are attempting to call for Dragonblooded backup. Make them paralyzed with fear and show them what happens to those who try to call for help.

The Dragonblooded are definitely the bigger problem here, but also keeping the soldiers as isolated as possible in their own areas so they’ll be afraid to even try and regroup.

You follow the soldiers sent to call for reinforcements directly to the rec room, sneaking by the overturned pool tables while several guards reach for their own assault rifles and begin passing them onto others.

“TURN OFF THAT DAMN TV!” a panicked guard says as he sits in front of a computer terminal, launching what appears to be a communication program.

All too easy as you manage to sneak up behind him, taking out your blade and stabbing him through the chest as your hand covers his mouth. You decloaked for only a fraction of a second before fading back into visibility, the scurrying guards none the wiser to their deceased fellow. Before you go however you use your blade to make a direct cut across the head of the now deceased guard before making another quick cut to the hardline cable entering into the back of the computer. You find it a miracle that they got the IFF for weapons to work, let alone other wireless signals.

Before you leave however you see what appears to be a small spool of wiring next to the computer, along with a small circuit board and soldering iron. Repairing perhaps? Either way, you can use this. You take the spool of wire and fasten it to a small clip on your hip.

“Jeff you got them on the line yet!” a guard calls out to his now deceased friend, now slowly approaching him. “...D-Don’t do this to me man, are you wa-”

As soon as he touches his comrade, the head rolls onto the ground and directly towards his own feet. A scream of fear erupts from him as he immediately collapsed to the ground, backing away from the head while still staring at it.

“WHAT THE FUCK ITS STILL HERE!?” a guard cries out.

“HOW!? WE DIDN’T SEE A THING!” another protects, assault rifle rattling in his hands.
File: Linebacker.png (596 KB, 962x653)
596 KB
596 KB PNG

As this is spoken, a group of four heavily armed figures in black armour come around the corner, two of them holding what appears to be heavy machine guns in both of their hands with belts feeding into them from the back, while two others carry what appear to be large shields with a large blade fastened to their back.

“Alright! Nobody panic! We seal this room tight and await for further reinforcements!” the Hardliner commander says from the inside of her suit.

As she says this to the other troops however you’re already scrambling up into the vent you came out of. Gently closing it shut before continuing to another wing of the facility, only this time you’re going to do things a bit differently.

With 12 minutes left to climb back out of the vents and into the D Wing. Due to the alert from earlier most guards are still likely back at the scene of the gremlin attack, so right now the only thing you can see patrolling the cold grey hallways of this area are a few guards in groups of three. You wonder how to make an example here for the other guards in this wing...

- Use the wire to string the bodies up like pinatas, a silent present to those who find it.

- Take your time finishing off the guards in as bloody of a fashion you can think of and scatter their body parts across the room. Let them call for reinforcements then bolt before they arrive, letting them think multiple Apostates are loose in the building at once.

- Other

(OK 4chan was being 4chan last night but I managed to get this choice written up. We'll continue in about 5 hours from this post.)
>- Take your time finishing off the guards in as bloody of a fashion you can think of and scatter their body parts across the room. Let them call for reinforcements then bolt before they arrive, letting them think multiple Apostates are loose in the building at once.

It’s time to make the guards in this area think that there’s more than one apostate running around the facility. Taking out your blade with a flourish without making a sound, slowly walking up behind the first batch trio of soldiers.

“Where the hell are the guards? Shouldn’t they be back by now?” a guard in the group asks.

“Probably they needed to double up security if the area was heavily damaged.” another guard says.

“I hope they come back soon at least. Walking down here wit-” the guard gasps as ram your blade directly through him, only a thin layer of blood coating the blade as small amount of electrical discharge flow off your body as you slowly the gasping guard up in the air directly between his allies. Both of them staring wide eyed in terror before you quickly remove the sword from his body and give him a solid kick down the hall, his body tumbling across the floor like a rag before coming to a stop.

“RRRAAAGGGHHH!” A guard next to you screams as he immediately opens fire in your general direction. You react by quickly dodging under the shots and wake up with a rising slash directly in the center of his body before kicking his corpse directly into the wall with a wet splat.

The last guard only looks on in horror at his own two squadmates being butchered alive in front of him, turning his back and running down the hall screaming in fear, just in time for another squad to come around the corner and see the two bodies laying down on the floor.

“OPEN FIRE!” a soldier cries out as all the guards begin opening fire on you.

You calmly continue to leisurely pace walking down through the hallway, silver flashes in front of you deflecting the hailstorm of bullets in front of you. “I hope those guns have unlimited ammo. The very second they run out you’re all dead.”

A few seconds later the rifles the soldiers are all holding only make hard clicking noises once they’re dry. Closing the distance immediately you do a spinning kick to make them all trip up and then using the same momentum from your spin take your blade and cut nearly all of them into pieces before they all hit the ground in pieces of flesh.

“BACKUP! WE NEED BACKUP!” another soldier cries out over his own radio before you rush towards the next group, cutting off the man’s head in a single fell swoop.

The carnage in the hall continues for about a minute more, five squads of three in total trying to stop you, their bodies now littering the halls in bloody heaps. When your work is done, you can see the single guard who ran away from earlier, huddling down in a corner of his own urine as tears stream down his face. Leaving him be, you head back into the ventilation shaft to the cheering and pounding of doors from captive Alchemical’s nearby.
File: Hallway_of_death.png (476 KB, 1080x537)
476 KB
476 KB PNG

The very second you climb back into the vents and close it up is the same instant the central elevator shaft opens up again, figures in heavy armour running out before freezing in their tracks upon seeing the carnage that happened in the halls.

“Divis Mal! What the hell happened here!?” A man in green power armour gasps as he walks around seeing your handiwork.

“Gremlins! Gremlins man they’re fucking everywhere!” the soldier you spared cries out. “It just showed up and gutted Dylan and Travis like they were fucking pigs!”

“No... No this isn’t the work of a Gremlin!” you hear Backdraft’s voice replying. “I warned them! I fucking warned them that this would happen but no one believed me! Wing B, Wing B security do you copy... Wing B... Fuck!”

“What? The Wing B security force is dead!?” a guard can be heard from below.

“Fuck it! I’m finding the bitch myself!” Backdraft says as he storms off back into the elevator.

“Backdraft get back here! We need to secure this Wing immediately!” The man in the green armour yells.

“Don’t bother she’s already gone!” Backdraft says as the elevator doors close.

“What a bother...” you mutter to yourself. Before it was just attacking the last main area of this facility, Wing D, the testing areas. But with Backdraft now having a vested interesting in locating you his interference could prove to be problematic.

- Ignore Backdraft and continue to Wing D, he’s not your target and you don’t have much time left.

- Follow Backdraft, you don’t want to be on the trail end of any nasty surprises he may have in store for you.

- Other
>- Follow Backdraft, you don’t want to be on the trail end of any nasty surprises he may have in store for you.
You cannot Backdraft to interfere, if he gets the upper hand now than all the effort you put into the plan now could be in jeopardy. You crawl through the vents as quickly as you can towards the elevator shaft and jump down on top of the elevator after it has come to a stop on Wing D.

“What are you up to...” you mutter as you open the next ventilation shaft and crawl inside that out, shimming through the vents.

As you walk through the vents, you can hear Backdraft up ahead. “You two, where are you going?”

“We got a report about a Gremlin attack in Wing C. We were on our way.” a female voice replies.

“It's not there anymore, come with me. We’re going to cut it off.” Backdraft tells the soldier.

“But Lt. Rose s-”

“Don’t worry about Rose! I’ll take responsibility for your actions! Now move it!” Backdraft barks out his orders as the footsteps move away from you, the sound of heavy footprints following behind him.

“Linebackers.” you mutter as you slowly begin to crawl through the vents once more, trying to head in their general direction as fast as possible.

By the time you catch up to them Backdraft can be heard leaving a room with two other Linebackers thundering down the hall once more. As you head on over to the room that Backdraft was just in, you can see what appears to be a panicked man in an orange jumpsuit tending to a person lying down on the floor, trying to shake him awake. As you look over the room, the rest of it appears to have a large glass window in front of it with an array of computers set up in front, only of them currently online but you can’t make out what the computer is displaying.

“Oh shit... What the hell’s going on... Why’d the hell did he do that!?” the panicked worker asks as he attempts to jostle his partner to make him up.

- Engage the calming mode on your Pheromone Systems, ask him what you can do to help. (Roll 8d10)

- Jump down from the ceiling, interrogate him at swordpoint about what just transpired here. (Roll 9d10)

- Sneak down into the room and attempt to look over the computer or room for any clues on what Backdraft did in here. (Roll 7d10)

- Keep on Backdraft’s trail

- Other
Rolled 3, 6, 8, 10, 10, 10, 9 = 56 (7d10)

>- Sneak down into the room and attempt to look over the computer or room for any clues on what Backdraft did in here. (Roll 7d10)
>literally more successes than there were dice
This quest has great rolls.
File: Securitytest.jpg (458 KB, 1200x800)
458 KB
458 KB JPG

i am thinking he activated some security measure or something.

For a possible future action wondering if we can lure back draft into a room and lock him in. the holding cells were after all made to hold alchemicals a dragon blooded should be no problem.
As you silently open the grate and fall gently to the floor, you walk over to the computer to see what the current display for it shows.


It appears that Backdraft is trying to take refuge in testing chamber for some reason. You briefly wonder what’s in there before you tap a few icons on the screen to see what’s possibly in store.


No wonder so many Alchemicals died during the testing, these rooms are configured to be death traps from the get go. Touching the screen a few more times you can see some other possibly layouts.


This just goes beyond deathtraps into sheer cruelty. Being forced to fight above pits of molten metal on electrified platforms during hurricane force winds? On civilians no less? This is less about stress testing and more akin to murder.

You can try to hack you way into the systems using your Omnitool, but it'll take some time, plus if you fail you'll almost be certainly locked out of the system and won't have enough time to try again.

- Attempt to override Backdraft’s security override, allowing total alteration of any of the conditions inside of the testing chamber. (Roll 8d10, difficulty 5)

- Attempt to gain control of the objects section, allowing you control of the objects in the room (8d10, difficulty 3)

- Ask the maintenance worker if he can gain access to the computer for you (Specify whenever you threaten him or try to casually talk to him. 9d10)

- Other
Rolled 5, 6, 7, 3, 1, 1, 5, 8, 7 = 43 (9d10)

>- Ask the maintenance worker if he can gain access to the computer for you (Specify whenever you threaten him or try to casually talk to him. 9d10)

Hum did back draft forgot to log out? (it happens so often it is kind of sad) if so no need to hack the system.

Question do the alchemicals have to go though the testing chambers?

I am tempted to try to persuade the technician. but need more info first before deciding coarse of action.
Rolled 7, 4, 4, 5, 6, 1, 8, 1, 10 = 46 (9d10)

- Ask the maintenance worker if he can gain access to the computer for you (Specify whenever you threaten him or try to casually talk to him. 9d10)
Initially try casually asking, but if he doesn't respond favourably, threats are an option (while still trying to express that you're trying to save lives).
File: ps_ch1_19.jpg (116 KB, 505x768)
116 KB
116 KB JPG

Well if people want to talk i would go for persuade

Just by looking, he did log out. The computer is just displaying information about the testing chamber which anyone can view. Think of it as a Guest account with Read-Only capabilities.

Alchemical's don't need to go through the testing chambers. None of them are down here. However this area doesn't have its own security so you're down here to see if you can demoralize the security down here before the breakout occurs, as otherwise the Alchemicals will have someone attacking their own flanks.
And taking out their commander, which Backdraft clearly wants to be.

Hacking will take too much time, time you don’t have right now. Plus if you fail and are locked out then you won’t be able to do a thing. Convincing the guard is your best bet.

“...OK... he still has a pulse.” the maintenance worker says as he presses his fingers against his friend’s neck.

“What happened down here?” you ask as you approach behind the maintenance worker.

“W-Who’s there!?” the maintenance worker asks, turning around but starting to panic as he sees no one there.

Your body shimmers directly in front of the maintenance worker, letting him know of your existence.

“A-An Alchemical!? W-What are you doing down here!?” the guard asks, now starting to worry even more. “A-Are you the one Backdraft said he was after!?”

“Backdraft has gone insane, I need your help to stop him.” you reply to the worker.

“Insane?” the worker asks.

“He’s gone mad thinking all of the Alchemical units down here are against him. The Apostates released in Wings B and C are believed to be connected back to him somehow in an effort to prove that all Alchemicals have gone mad somehow.” you tell him.

“Apostates are loose!? Oh Mal no!” the worker says in a panic, immediately looking around to every corner of the room.

“I’m trying to keep them in check but it’s not easy, Backdraft has information I need but he’s not making it easy.” you tell the worker. “I can verify that this level is clean of any Apostates or Gremlins, at least for enough time to get you and your friend to the panic room on this level, but I want access to the Testing Room Settings module over there.”

“That explains a few things! Backdraft came in here claiming that an Alchemical was gremlinized then smacked my partner when he tried to stop him.” the worker says as he walks over to the computer, typing away on the keyboard before scanning his card through a device next to it. “There, you have access to the console. But for the love of Mal be careful! We were trying to fix a power overflow error down there, but when we tried to explain that to Backdraft he didn’t want to listen!”

“Which means?” you ask the worker.

“Activating too many features at once will cause the room to overload and cause catastrophic damage to nearly everything on this wing!” the worker says as he helps his partner up. “I’m leaving now! I’m not wasting another second if there’s an Apostate loose in this facility!”

You head over to the console and see that you’re currently logged in as the maintenance worker. The monitor next to it shows multiple cameras inside of the room. Backdraft near the back of the room with one Linebacker with heavy automatic weapons standing on an elevator platform on the edge of a large white room while another waits directly next to Backdraft carrying a sword and shield, both of them standing in the center of the room itself.

What the worker told you is interesting. Overloading the power grid sounds just like the proper way to start things off with a bang, however you have no way of knowing just what exactly it’ll do. With all the options that Backdraft already has in place, activating two environmental conditions at the same time will cause an overload if you’re looking at the power consumption rate of the testing room right.

- Pick and choose what alterations you wish to make in the testing room. Activating two or more Environmental Features at once will deliberately overload the room, with the more of them active than the faster it’ll happen. Combos can be done such as Molten Metal + Water to make steam clouds in the room.
Oh yea, the room settings being in >>637042

wondering what is the sealed cages option?

can we lock back draft in the room in?

What stuff is in this wing?.
So, I'm looking at >>637042 , and can we now modify anything there, or just conditions? It seems like we could essentially screw with a ton of things by just tossing a bunch of water + electrified floors on, along with having the other traps active and hostile to 'all', with Alchemicals as friendlies.
Activate hurricane winds and flood water levels.
Oh yeah, and screw with the IFF of the system if possible, yeah.
Voting just for high water-levels. Lets take into account that the water has to go somewhere, we probably don't want to flood the whole level. Screw with IFF as I suggested >>637205, and try to draw them into a better location by activating the Targeting dummies, with a note to stick to non-lethal protocols.
Oh and add the sealed cages thing from >>637204 to my post >>637228

Anything you want.



Note these are sentient beings. They don't appear to have any settings you can program or access.

This also mean you want to head in after Backdraft as well?
Lets avoid throwing sentient caged beings into this. Can we combine flash-flooding + electrified floors and siphon Backdraft and anyone with him into cages?
Nah, use >>637259, possibly release elementals or something afterwards in case more chaos is needed.

You certainly can if you want to.
Then lets do so. If he ran off on some crazy hunch then gets trapped in one of the training rooms, it'll crush morale.
It's more likely to just piss him off even more, but hey as long as he's trapped.
Pissing him off diverts their attention and the guy is clearly breaking. Containing him means others don't have to deal with him and that we can get back on-mission.

personally think that when he gets out he may be weak enough to no longer be a threat. if we relay want we can sit outside for ambush when he leaves or pull his ass out of the fire if he fails hard. I personally like the humiliation/comedic angle more than killing.

keep in mind do we really want to be near the room if it is going to overload and explode.

i am thinking hurricane winds and water. Whirlpool!!!

tempted to put dragon blood as target instead of academical ( the normal guys are screwed enough as it is)

I change my vote to caging him if we can manage it
Going with two environmentals means that the entire wing will be heavily damaged. Could be very bad news, especially for the innocents in the cages, or the workers heading to the panic room.
“Let’s see you deal with this you bastard.” you mutter to yourself as you adjust the settings to the room.

>CAGES 13-25: OPEN

As you look through the window, warning lights start to blare on the other side for several seconds before panels in the side of the room open up, giant torrents of water pouring out from the walls and onto the ground before several panels open up near the back of the room, giant fans starting to spin up with hurricane force winds.

“JUNPAKU! YOU BITCH!” Backdraft roars over the force of the winds, flames erupting from his own body as he stares at the observation window. “YOU THINK THIS IS GOING TO STOP ME! I WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU, DON’T THINK THESE LITTLE TOYS ARE GOING TO PREVENT ME FROM COMING AT YOU!”

You look at the room intercom button and speaker next to you before you notice the time left until the update finishes: Three minutes 30 seconds.

- “You were right about me being dangerous Engleberg, but unlike those gremlins I don’t do this for my own twisted desires, but rather for the freedom of all. Someone who cannot comprehend human misery has no idea about suffering, so drown like the rat you are.”

- “What’s the matter? Not liking your own medicine?”

- Say other (Specify)

- He doesn’t even deserve a response. Walk away.

- Other: Specify
>- Set the system to shut down the hurricane at 4m 55 seconds, if possible, or try to minimize the damage before leaving.
>- He doesn’t even deserve a response. Walk away.
Why minimize the damage? Sure, what exactly blows up is random, but HE has to deal with it, not us.
Everything in the cages and on the level has to deal with it. I feel like choices having consequences is something that games will have. As long as he's captured, we can continue, plus, not creating collateral damage might have other random benefits (although this facility needs to burn).
It is going to burn.

Let's say, after the five minutes trap the water in there but shut down the system that's pumping it in if possible instead of what >>637318 said

And yeah, don't respond to him.
I agree, but lets not take the easy-way out with the blank consequences.

You objective is to cause panic, and while blowing up an entire wing will accomplish exactly that, there’s no telling how many innocents will also perish in the blast itself. You reach down to the control panel and open the settings up once again.


This should be more than enough time for the system to shut down safely without blowing up the entire wing.


You hit the mute button on the intercoms before heading back out towards the front door, making a cut along the door access panel to the testing chamber control room before heading back out once again.

Red strobe lights immediately being lighting up the entire area, sirens blaring as the intercom comes to life. “WARNING. CRITICAL POWER OVERLOAD IMMINENT IN WING D. ALL EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS REPORT TO WING D IMMEDIATELY.”

“Safe room! Everyone to the safe room!” A scientist cries out as he runs out from a nearby door.

“Hell with that! I’m going to the civilian area in Wing A!” another voice cries out.

“But Apostates are out in Wings B and C! They’re probably already in the elevator!”

“WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SECURITY FORCES!?” another scientist cries out.

You don’t waste any time quickly running back to another ventilation shaft that you see near the roof, propping it open with your blade before quickly leaping into it. You cloak spoils for a split second but that doesn’t bother you. 30 seconds left on the update and you want to get back to Wing C as soon as possible to meet up with the rest of your group.

Leaping up a single story and scurrying into the vent just as the time reaches zero on your HUD you hold your own breath as you wait for the carnage to begin. Seconds slowly begin to turn by into minutes. Where you wrong? Did the update not upload properly?

These questions are immediately resolved as a powerful explosive shockwave rips through the ventilation shaft, the entire area rattling the cramped spaces around you before the screams of soldiers follow shortly after, answering your earlier questions.

With stealth no longer a concern, you immediately begin to shuffle through the vents as fast as you can, the sound of automatic fire being mixed with various energy weapons and explosives going off below you. You reach the vent you believe is your own cell and immediately begin pounding the vent open until it falls to the ground, you landing shortly after as you see the empty room in front of you followed by a torn off door and a guard lying dead in the corner from a large gunshot wound in his chest.

You quickly run around the corner of the room, peering down the hallway to see a scene that appears to be more out of a Crane Bay movie than it is in reality. Men with auras of flame and water clash against beamsabers of robotic opponents, soldiers running in away in fear only to be gunned down by a teary eyed machine holding a minigun, the hallway shaking again and again from repeated explosions so numerous you wonder how this place is still standing.

“Hibiki! There you are!” Dexter’s voice comes from behind you, his tuxedo’d form appearing from a shimmer in midair alongside with Wendy and Osvald.

“I wondered what the guards meant by an Apostate attack from earlier and now I know.” Wendy says looking down the hall at the demoralized soldiers. “I’m happy to say that I was completely wrong about.”

“Inquiry: Is this your doing?” Osvald asks you.

“Yes it is. Doctor Trine installed an update in me that disabled my failsafes. I just decided to share that update with everyone.” you reply to help.

“I anticipated such a possibility from your behavioral changes, however the odds of that were only 3.537 percent.” Osvald replies. “However the odds of escaping now that the blast door will be sealed a-”

You hold up your wrist, showing Osvald the Blast Door ID guard you snatched from the guard.

“54.948 percent chance upon recalculations.” Osvald replies.

“As much as I want to punish those involved with this disaster, we need to get out of here now.” Wendy says as the panel on the side of her leg opens up, taking out a gigantic revolver. “They may be scattered but the Meruvian Military base is going to be notified of this. Every remaining second we spend down here is going to make our escape that much harder.”

“Anyone! Please respond!” A woman says in the walkie talkie of a dead soldier behind you. “Request immediate assistance! This is the Wing B panic room! Gremlins and apostates are trying to get in! Please!” The woman on the other end can be heard crying over the screams and panic on the other end. “They’re going to kill all of us! Help us! Please!”

Your eyes go wide as you hear this. “That’s the area Rosenberg was in!”

“They chose their fate.” Wendy replies coldly.

“They’re the ones who helped me and us escape!” you snap back at her.

“Hm... Rescuing the scientists could come in useful later, especially if they owe us a favor.” Dexter says.

“Our fighting strength will be damaged if we try to take too many.” Osvald replies. “If Hibiki wants to go, then a small force is advised.”

- Rescue scientists

- Leave them to their fate

If rescue, choose two partners:

- Dexter (Adamant caste, High social and stealth based skills)

- Osvald (Starmetal caste, Light combat ability, but extremely knowable with computers, machines, doors, medicine, and everything else)

- Mochire (Starmetal caste, devastating magical powers and long range capabilities. Extremely knowledgeable about the occult)

- Wendy (Soulsteel caste, no-nonsense tactical agent type that is proficient at ranged combat and specializes in fear based tactics. Good leadership ability)

- Father Marcellius (Orichalcum Caste, high powered combat unit that specializes in close combat. Good at social)

- Marina (Jade caste, extremely high defenses render her nigh-unkillable and has potent range and melee options. Somewhat slow speed)
>- Rescue scientists
I want to say
- Dexter (Adamant caste, High social and stealth based skills)
- Mochire (Starmetal caste, devastating magical powers and long range capabilities. Extremely knowledgeable about the occult)

Wendy needs to lead the other team, and they'll need Osvald to get the main doors open and more. Still, there are probably other ways that we can do this.
The only thing I can think of is replacing Dexter with Marcellius, so we have a balanced team.

- Father Marcellius (Orichalcum Caste, high powered combat unit that specializes in close combat. Good at social)
- Mochire (Starmetal caste, devastating magical powers and long range capabilities. Extremely knowledgeable about the occult)
File: 1445923548970.jpg (234 KB, 1000x386)
234 KB
234 KB JPG

also agree with rescuing the scientists.

I agree with this load out as it is the most tactically flexible for this mission while not compromising the skills of the other group too much.
“Wendy, try your best to make a temporary window for us. I’m going to take Mochire and Father Mercellius to help rescue them.” you ask her.

“...Fine, but you better clear a way for us to escape on the upper floors.” Wendy says as she turns around towards the fight, dissolving into smoke before seeming to flow directly into the battle up ahead.

“Father! Mochire!” you yell out down the hall as you run out of the room.

You can tell Father Marcellius’s face lights up even through his faceplate as he sees you. “Hibiki! Thank goodness you’re alive!”

“Hibiki!” Mochire exclaims as ducks behind a door. “What in the name of the elemental dragons ha-”

“Scientists who are helping us escape need our help! No time to explain much else!” you reply.

“I’ll come with you then!” Father Marcellius replies without hesitation.

“B-But what am I going to do!?” Marina asks in a panic, huddling in a nearby room.

“Stay by Wendy and the others, they and your armour will keep your safe.” Father Marcellius quickly says to her.

Just as Father Marcellius finishes Wendy can be seen reappearing up ahead from a plume of smoke behind a barricade of soldiers. Screams and gunshots echo out from the thick cloud of black smoke produced by Wendy.

“There’s our opening!” you yell.

“Hold on.” Father Marcellius says immediately grabbing both you and Mochire under his arms before leaping forth in a supersonic blast of speed that tears through halls and through the elevator doors on the other side of the hall. Father Marcellius legs crackle with electricity as he rebounds off the wall of the elevator shaft and up a single level directly to Wing B.

All of you immediately run down the hallways, past the carved up and vaporized bodies on the floor with bullet holes in every which direction, screams coming from a terrified guard barracks further down the hall as they’re invaded by vengeful Alchemicals.

“Here!” you say as you immediately perform a jump kick through the ‘cradle’ room door from earlier. Small crackles coming from the broken glass on the ground can be heard as the light from the overhead observation room is the only illumination left in the dark room other than those coming from a small group of Alchemicals on the other end.

“TEAR THE DOORS OPEN!” An Alchemical with glowing red and green armour commands a nearly nine foot Alchemical attempting to pull open the safe room doors. “TEAR THE DOORS OPEN SO WE SHALL COME FACE TO FACE WITH OUR OPPRESSORS!”

- Attempt to reason with the Alchemicals yourself, tell them they’re better than the monsters that are inside of that vault right now. (Roll 9d10, may add up to +3 extra dice)

- Have Father Marcellius make his own plea instead (Roll 17d10, unknown charms being used)

- Other
Rolled 7, 2, 3, 2, 8, 9, 8, 10, 9, 4, 1, 9, 4, 4, 6, 7, 3 = 96 (17d10)

- Have Father Marcellius make his own plea instead (Roll 17d10, unknown charms being used)
>Aid Father Marcellius if the system supports that.
Use our Pheromones and point out how the scientists have essentially been caged here just like there are. The ultimate people responsible are the funders and leaders of this, along with John Doe.
Have Marcellius do it
You give a small gesture using your head towards the Alchemicals to Father Marcellius


“Fellow Alchemicals! Search deep within yourselves! The path of vengeance is not one you truly seek!” Father Macellius cries out, his arms going wide as his own bodily aura begins emitting a brilliant golden glow.

“...Not one we seek?” the Red Alchemical says, turning around to look at Father Marcellius in the eye as his own face is wrought with anger and grief. “You’re one of us! You should know more than anyone! The pain... The suffering... THE MISERY THOSE MONSTERS BEHIND THAT DOOR CAUSED US!”

“All the more reason for us to remain in the moral high ground!” Father Marcellius says maintaining his gentle and opening demeanor, his faceguard opening up to show his own face. “True strength comes not from physical power, but from mercy! Mercy one grants to the innocent!”

“Mercy!? Those assholes in there are far from mercy! My friend was thrown on the butcher's block when they decided to ‘help’ him! They just about tore out every organ he had before he turned into a pile of dust!” The red Alchemical retorts, his own red aura roaring as loudly as his force, crashing against Father Marcellius’s own anima like a wave.

Father Marcellius doesn’t even flinch as he hears this, standing steadfast in front of the angry Alchemical. “There may be some lost souls amongst them but that does not give you the permission to decide their own fates! Many of them are trapped here just like us, forced to perform these barbaric experiments on us under the threat of a gun to their head!”

“You’re lying!” The red Alchemical immediately retorts, eyes wide in disbelief.

“You may ask themselves but if you search your heart you know it to be true. How many times have you seen the scientists in this building filled not with the sparkle of wonder and curiosity, but dread and fear? Not just at us, but at the very people who ‘protect’ them and lock us in our cages.” Father Marcellius slowly approaches the Red Alchemical, placing his hand on his shoulder. “What you want isn’t revenge but justice, and you will not find any justice on the dark path you’re heading down now.”


“He speaks the truth.” Dr. Bell’s voice come up over the intercom on the observation level, looking down at all of you from above. “Not a single day has gone by which I have regretted ever setting foot in this place, blaming myself for not having the skillset to do more, save the innocent men and women who were doomed to the hell that they were exposed down here to. Some of my fellows may be willing to do anything for a paycheck but aside from the head researcher each and every one of us down here had a gun pointed towards our heads.”

The Red Alchemical hesitates for a few moments, looking at Father Marcellius with his own eyes before slowly looking down towards his feet. “Then... Then what are we going to do now?”

- Find the people who did this to us. Make them pay.

- We have the abilities to cause great destruction, but using these same abilities we can also build a better world.

- Other
>- We have the abilities to cause great destruction, but using these same abilities we can also build a better world.
>- We can also find those who did this and make sure that they answer for their crimes against everyone that they've harmed, not just us.
>- Find the people who did this to us. Make them pay.
OK, I need to head to bed for the night.

We'll finish this roller coaster tomorrow

“We have the capability to cause great destruction, but using those same abilities we can also build a better world.” you tell the red Alchemical.

“Not only that, we can use these abilities to find who did these horrific experiments and bring them to justice for all the crimes they’ve done. They will held not only for the crimes against us, but for everyone they’ve ever harmed.” Bell replies, the light of the room shining against her back illuminating it for everyone down below. “The evil and wrongs committed inside of not only this facility, but all across Creation ends today!”

The Alchemicals near the blast door slowly release their grip on it, fingerprints embedded in the reinforced steel itself. Father Marcellius gives a solemn nod of respect towards Bell and her words.

“Leaving you alive was one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in hindsight.” John Doe says off behind of Bell.

“You!” Bell gasps as she turns around, her face full of worry and not fear. “...You’re too late, even you and your masters can’t stop what’s about to happen now.”

“NO!” you cry out as you immediately jump up towards the viewing room.

“I’ve made mistakes before Bell, but I will not be making anymore of them. I’ll be fixing my mistakes, this time I’m starting with you.” John Doe says as he takes out a pistol and fires. A blood splatter being left on the glass behind Bell’s head.

(“BASTARD!”) you call out behind the glass as you begin to beat on it with your fists, the reinforced glass slowly cracking beneath your hands.

John Doe meets your own stare with an icy-cold glance of his own. “Rest assured, you’re on that list too Junpaku.”

Father Marcellius and two of the other Alchemicals leap up into the room, shattering the reinforced glass of the observation room. As the glass shatters and you fall on the ground, you don’t waste a single second as you quickly dash with all you’ve got and draw your blade to sever John Doe’s head.

The slight resistance of your blade cutting through flesh is felt before a soft thud happening a few seconds later. As you stand up and look at your work, John Doe is no longer standing there, instead it appears that you’ve simply cut off the head of a lieutenant whose body collapses to the ground.

“W-What the hell!?” The red Alchemical behind you says in total shock. “I let that bastard out of my sight for a fraction of a second and now he’s someone else!?”
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB

You two are greatly confused by this. You *know* he was even standing there a half a second- no tenth of a second before you cut off his head.


“JUNPAKU!” a voice roars out behind you, followed by a multicoloured aura of twirling flames, water, pieces of metal, and leaves blown about in a high wind.

“Backdraft, I’m amazed you made it out of there alive.” you say walking back over to the edge of the observation room. As you look down you can see not only Backdraft, but nearly a dozen other Dragonblooded guards with assorted and very heavy weaponry, several Linebackers, and more soldiers in the door behind them. Backdraft himself still appears to be wet, but water now quickly boiling off his skin from his flaming aura, a few cuts in the fabric part of his armour.

“Is she the one?” the Dragonblooded in green armour asks Backdraft.

“That’s the one, Subject Zero. She’s the one that started this mess.” Backdraft spits, taking off his helmet to look you directly in the eye.

“Give it up Backdraft, you’re not going to stop our escape.” you warn him.

“Oh no! You’re going to leave this place Junpaku! This entire area is surrounded, and the only way through is through us!” Backdraft roars as he takes out his two katana’s, one erupting in the flame and the other howling in wind.

Hibiki: 8i
Linebacker 1: 6i
Hibiki’s Sword: 5i
Backdraft: 5i
Linebacker 2: 4i

- “I accept your challenge Backdraft, your cruelty ends right here, right now!”

- Say something else


- Pow (Liquid Steel Flow, Blitzkrieg Assault System, +6m to hit, 14m 1WP): Surprise Backdraft with a sudden burst of speed, going before anyone and attempting to slash him apart in a trifecta of slashes.

- Eff (Liquid Steel Flow, 5m 1WP): Lure Backdraft up into the observation room where you’ll have more room to maneuver rather than the chaos that is soon to erupt below.

- Other: User Input

(Don't worry, your trapping of Backdraft earlier did weaken him)
>- Pow (Liquid Steel Flow, Blitzkrieg Assault System, +6m to hit, 14m 1WP): Surprise Backdraft with a sudden burst of speed, going before anyone and attempting to slash him apart in a trifecta of slashes.
How many dice am I supposed to roll?

Oops, sorry, forgot the dice.

23d10 for pow

17d10 for Eff
Rolled 4, 3, 1, 2, 10, 10, 9, 9, 5, 9, 1, 8, 8, 8, 9, 4, 10, 9, 10, 4, 2, 1, 8 = 144 (23d10)

“I accept your challenge Backdraft! Your cruelty ends right here and now!” you roar as you immediately jump and draw your blade, it nearly exploding in speed out of its own sheath before your assault on Backdraft happens. In the span of a single heartbeat three silver streaks fly through the air around Backdraft, Backdraft replying in kind as he attempts to counter each and every one of your blows, only for the attacks to slide off your armour.

(Hibiki attacks Backdraft and deals a total of 8 withering damage by herself and 6 damage with her sword, crashing him! Backdraft counters all three attacks with decisive attacks but deals no damage!)

The first Linebacker charges you, his sword opening up on the back and crashing down nearly on top of you as you barely jump away from Backdraft’s own blows. The other seems to have jumped up onto the observation deck, pointing two large miniguns directly at you before they begin pouring a torrent of lead down directly on top of you, barely having time to deflect all of the bullets away from you, a few managing to get past your iron curtain and pound against your armor.

(Linebacker 1 attacks with his sword and deals 4 initiative damage! Linebacker 2 attacks with his miniguns from short range and deals 3 initiative damage!)

“GOTCHA!” Backdraft explodes with speed as he roars out from his position from a pillar of flame, his blades descending upon you with a last from above just before you realize it's a feint. You barely have time to deflect the howling blue sword of wind coming at you before ducking under the sword of flame.

You suspect that he may be using martial arts, the way he opens up with the red blade and then attacks with the blue wind blade... You’ve seen this before but can’t remember when. What is clear to you however is his frightening amount of offense. If you let your defenses exposed for a second then you’re dead. As yells of battle meet with hails of gunfire and the clashing of blades echos around you, you refocus yourself back on your opponent.

Linebacker 1 (Sword): 11i
Hibiki’s Sword: 10i
Linebacker 2 (Miniguns): 7i
Hibiki: 4i
Backdraft: 3i

- Pow:Gam (Celerity Enabling System, up to +6m to add +6 dice to attack, 18d10, 11m 1WP): You’ve got the jist of his pattern, attempt to disarm him of both of his weapons.

- Eff: Wither (Celerity Enabling System, 17d10): Backdraft and his cronies are annoying, but you need to remain on the offensive, hit them both with attacks while attempting to get your breath back.

- Other
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB
Combat Tutorial: Defense

As shown on the character sheet, you’ll see two values of Parry and Dodge. In order for an enemy to actually hit you, the higher of these two values must be overcome on the attack roll. If using a withering attack, than leftover successes from the attack roll are added as extra damage! Be warned though, each time you are attacked your defense is lowered by one, and since you were attacked five times in the action your 7 parry was reduced to 2 by the time Backdraft took his turn! Charms such as Celerity Enabling Module will allow you to keep your defense high. From now on, picking power will automatically mean activating such defense charms in proportion to the lethality of the attack.

Oh, Backdraft hit Hibiki for 10 withering damage. Celerity Enabling Module basically makes it so your defense is always set at the maximum value against a specific opponent. So EFF costs 5m 1WP
Uh. What's everyone else doing? Just standing around?

Technically I zoomed the battle to Hibiki and Backdraft + two Linebackers. The line "As yells of battle meet with hails of gunfire and the clashing of blades echos around you, you refocus yourself back on your opponent." was supposed to allude to a crashing battle going on around you, but I suppose me trying to make things succinct didn't help out in that regard.

Father Marcellius and Mochire are still here but they're also clashing against the other Dragonblooded and other such forces. You can also ask one of them for a hand if you desire.
Rolled 9, 2, 3, 10, 8, 9, 2, 3, 4, 9, 6, 5, 6, 1, 7, 5, 7 = 96 (17d10)

Nah, if they're busy it's fine.

We're also very low on essence at this point so,
>- Eff: Wither (Celerity Enabling System, 17d10): Backdraft and his cronies are annoying, but you need to remain on the offensive, hit them both with attacks while attempting to get your breath back.
Rolled 8, 9, 5, 6, 7, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4, 2, 8, 5, 4, 10, 4, 5 = 87 (17d10)

>- "Do you even care about the men around you, or are you just scared of John Doe and his body-snatcher tendencies?"
>- Eff: Wither (Celerity Enabling System, 17d10): Backdraft and his cronies are annoying, but you need to remain on the offensive, hit them both with attacks while attempting to get your breath back.
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB
As you take a step away from the onslaught of Backdraft’s own blades before a Linebacker opens the thrusters on its own back, rushing towards you with his shield and making a mighty slash with his own blade. You concentrate deeply as time literally seems to slow to a crawl for you, bending under the heavy blade like a reed before rising back up with a spin, uppercutting the Linebacker to which he barely has time to raise his shield to block your blow.

(Linebacker 1 attacks you and misses! Hibiki’s sword attacks Linebacker 1 and deals 4 withering damage!)

“Do you even care about the men dying around you!? Or are you just scared of John Doe and his body snatcher tendencies!?” You shout out towards Backdraft as you immediately shift your position around the first Linebacker in order to move away from the hail of bullets before attempting to slash the Linebacker directly across the back

(Linebacker 2 attacks you and misses! Hibiki attacks Linebacker 2 and deals 11 withering damage, crashing him!)

“A doll like you has no right to talk to me about feelings, not after one killed so many men and women so horrifically down below!” Backdraft says as he meets you behind the Linebacker, his entire body erupting into flame as he swings his flaming blade towards you, but as he goes to swing his blue blade you block it with your own blade at the side, staring into his shocked eyes before darting away from the Linebacker’s attempt to clothsline you.

(Backdraft attacks Hibiki and deals 4 withering damage!)

“Hagane Akuma Bujushi! You force an opening with the red while trying to attack with the Blue, you wear down your opponent before raining down on them with a torrent of blades when they’re at their weakest! I’ve seen through your style!” you point your katana, bladed tip first directly towards his head. “I’ve seen through your technique. You won’t leave here alive.”

“At least we’re in agreement on something! One of us won’t be leaving this room alive!” Backdraft says as he bats a stray bullet out of the air as he then takes a wide footed stance over the screams and explosions coming out from the room. “Come and meet your death!”

Hibiki: 21i
Hibiki’s Sword: 11i
Backdraft: 8i
Linebacker 2 (Miniguns): 7i
Linebacker 1 (Sword): -4i (Crash: 3 turns remaining)

- Pow: Gam (+6m to add up to +6 dice, 18d10): His style is worthless without his blades, and now that I’ve seen through it, robbing him of his weapons will make him an easy target.

- Pow: Wither (Kaze No Ken: Fujisen, 17d10, 5m 4i): That soldier with the minigun above me can’t be allowed to continue to fire at me, I need to give myself some breathing room.

- Eff: Wither (Normal attack, 17d10): Backdraft’s secret offense will be his downfall, I just need to wait for the right moment before he exposes himself...

- Other: User Input
>Hibiki: - Pow: Gam (+6m to add up to +6 dice, 18d10): His style is worthless without his blades, and now that I’ve seen through it, robbing him of his weapons will make him an easy target.

>Sword: - Pow: Wither (Kaze No Ken: Fujisen, 17d10, 5m 4i): That soldier with the minigun above me can’t be allowed to continue to fire at me, I need to give myself some breathing room.
Rolled 5, 2, 10, 10, 2, 7, 4, 1, 4, 6, 10, 9, 9, 5, 4, 6, 2, 3 = 99 (18d10)

Whoops, rolling for the first.
Rolled 10, 8, 7, 5, 9, 4, 8, 10, 6, 1, 3, 5, 8, 7, 1, 3, 6, 3, 10, 9, 8, 7, 1, 9 = 148 (24d10)

>- Pow: Gam (+6m to add up to +6 dice, 18d10): His style is worthless without his blades, and now that I’ve seen through it, robbing him of his weapons will make him an easy target.
Rolled 1, 2, 2, 8, 6, 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 9, 4, 7, 4, 4, 1, 5 = 85 (17d10)

And second
This is going to get awkward if we ever get pas 25 dice
Should we take out the sword-user or crash the minigunner as well with the Sword?
I don't think we should split forces like that, but I guess it might work. Not sure.

On the other hand, we already voted and cast dice. It's bad form to change your mind after seeing dice results.
True, it's very bad form. I'm just asking if you agree with the idea tactically or not, but it's a bit late for it.
You bound towards Backdraft with your blade in hand, swinging it directly overhead before Backdraft catches it in between both of his own blades.

“I seen that coming from a light year ahead!” Backdraft growls as he holds your blade in between his.

“You were supposed to!” You immediately retort before grabbing the sheath of the Kaze No Ken and swing it directly up towards the bottom of his hands. Backdraft’s eyes go wide in shock as the grip on his blades loosen up, taking his split second hesitation to remove your caught blade and then put it underneath the crossed pair of blades, raising your blade up as high as you can in the air and sending the dual blades soaring directly up into the observation room, embedding themselves in the ceiling.

(Hibiki successfully disarms Backdraft of his weapons!)

You place your foot off of Backdraft’s chest and summersault off of his chest just as the second Linebacker opens fire on you with his twin miniguns, spinning in the air as you swing your blade towards the Linebacker, the compressed blade of air slicing through the supports of the Observation room and causing a small gash to form in front of the Linebacker’s Armour.

(Hibiki deals 5 initiative damage towards the second Linebacker!)

The Linebacker with the sword quickly moves in front of Backdraft, clumsily swinging his weapon horizontally then vertically, you making a small skip away before the sword crashes into the ground, leaving a small crater on impact.

(Linebacker 1 attacks Hibiki dealing 4 points of Withering damage!)

“Al! A.P.S.!” Backdraft immediately calls out for help over the roaring battlefield as he stays behind the Linebacker.

Those blades you threw from his hands are very high quality, and if you got them you have a general idea on how they can be used...

File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB

(COMBAT Tutorial: Distance and Disengaging

In combat opponents can be various distances from your character, going in the order of Close -> Short -> Medium -> Long -> Extreme. Being close to an opponent means you can hit them with attacks such as your fists and swords. Moving between a range brand each turn can be done without need for an action, but if you wish to safely get away from someone you’re in Close range with, you’ll need to spend an action in order to disengage them, rolling your Dexterity+Dodge against their Dexterity+Athletics, where if you win you manage to move out to short range successfully and automatically move back a range brand for free if they try to move closer to you)

Hibiki’s Sword: 13i
Hibiki: 8i
Backdraft: 6i
Linebacker 1 (Sword): 5i
Linebacker 2 (Miniguns): 2i

- Pow: Dis (Tactical Retreat Algorithms [+1 success on Disengage and reroll all 1s], 3m, 13d10) I need to get those swords back before Backdraft grabs them at any cost!

- Eff: Dis (Straight roll, 13d10) Grab the blades but conserve the resources.

- Eff: With (Straight roll): Attack one of the Linebackers before/after arriving directly in front of their face [Before or after any disengage attempts])

- Other
Is the Sword-user still crashed or did he recover? Can our sword still hit them? If so, I'd like to finish him with the sword, if not, we can do other things with it.

>Hibiki: - Pow: Dis (Tactical Retreat Algorithms [+1 success on Disengage and reroll all 1s], 3m, 13d10) I need to get those swords back before Backdraft grabs them at any cost!
Rolled 6, 6, 7, 3, 6, 10, 6, 8, 8, 7, 1, 10, 9 = 87 (13d10)

Also, dice.

He managed to get a good damage roll against Hibiki, taking his initiative back into the positives. Once your initiative is into the positives you're no longer in Crash.

Also yea you can attack him before you head for the twin swords
Rolled 8 (1d10)

And rerolling that 1.

Lets have the sword wither-attack against the Sword-Linebacker.
On second-thought, we should save our motes, we're kinda low.
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB

You need to get those blades at any costs. You cannot allow Backdraft to have them once again and regain the upper hand. You quickly jump towards the Linebacker with the sword, hopping on top of his sword and bringing your blade down atop his head for him to crash his shield on top of it. You then jump off of his own shield, vaulting off towards the observation room, soaring through the bullet riddled air before grabbing hold of both the blades embedded within the ceiling.

(Hibiki sword attacks the sword Linebacker and deals Hibiki successfully disengages from the sword Linebacker and Backdraft!)

“Excellent weight and balance...” you say giving the blades a quick flip around before turning around to face the Linebacker with the miniguns. “Let’s give them a test now.”

(Hibiki has obtained the Flaming Tempest! Hibiki has learned Fire Storm ability in the sword!)

(Hibiki has learned the secrets behind Steel Devil Technique! Hibiki can now charge her blade when dual wielding! Hibiki has automatically learned Naked Fang Draw and Double Attack Technique!)

As the minigunner opens fire once again you immediately begin your advance towards him, the observation room filling with flames only fanned on by wind from the other sword, afterimages fanning the flames to such an extent that the hail of lead is turned into molten metal long before it actually reaches you.

(Linebacker 2 attacks and misses Hibiki!)

Just as you approach the minigunner you notice a blazing meteor behind him, you barely have time to cross your blades in defense before you’re hit with an immense blast wave of fire. You own ground holds firm as you’re blasted back through the observation room and through the door, slamming against the wall, shocked guards immediately backing away from you.

(Backdraft attempts a decisive attack against you, but deals no damage!)

“You think just because you have my weapons that you know how I use them!?” Backdraft growls as steps into the observation room, the flames around his body causing the electronics around him to explode in cascades of sparks from overheating, now holding what appears to be two mundane blades in his hands.
File: Charmssheet.png (183 KB, 808x3872)
183 KB
183 KB PNG

“Better than you.” you say standing back up.

Hibiki’s Swords: 16i
Hibiki: 6i (Charge: 0)
Backdraft: 6i
Linebacker 2 (Miniguns): 2i
Linebacker 1 (Sword): 1i

- Pow: Clash (Kaarashi, Double Attack Technique, add up to +5 dice for +5m, 9m, 23d10) Give Backdraft a taste of his own medicine, lay into him with everything you’ve got in order to step up the final attack.

- Pow: With (Double Attack Technique, 3m, 17d10) These new blades would be great as a can opener for those pesky Linebackers.

- Eff: With (Normal attack, 17d10) Both Linebackers are on the edge, let’s make sure they stay that way before moving onto Backdraft

- Other: User Input

(New charms learned!)
File: Abilitysheet.png (104 KB, 856x2246)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
And the new ability sheet to show the new weapon
Rolled 5, 3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 8, 6, 7, 10, 3, 2, 8, 10 = 92 (17d10)

>- Eff: With (Normal attack, 17d10) Both Linebackers are on the edge, let’s make sure they stay that way before moving onto Backdraft
>- Eff: With (Normal attack, 17d10) Both Linebackers are on the edge, let’s make sure they stay that way before moving onto Backdraft
Rolled 8, 5, 9, 5, 3, 7, 2, 7, 9, 2, 8, 8, 7, 8, 4, 7, 1 = 100 (17d10)

File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB
Deciding that both Linebackers need to be pressed into a corner, you launch off the walls and run back into the room, spinning your newfound paired blades at the side forcing a miniature flame tornado willing into existence, just before making a single leap over the hailstorm of bullets that comes out from the second Linebacker and bringing both of your blades down in a single cross slash, large tears appearing on the armour as the paint on the steel bubbles from the sheer heat being emitted from the blades.

(Hibiki attacks the second Linebacker and deals 7 initiative damage, crashing him! 3 initiative turned into charge!)

Backdraft immediately attempts the same, bring both blades down on top of your head in an cross chop. Using the wind blade you immediately react by ever so carefully sliding Backdraft’s blades away from yours in a shower of sparks before uppercutting the second Linebacker as he attempts to use his thrusters to jump up into the Observation room, nearly cutting his steel shield in half as it glows red hot from your burning katana before your afterimage follows up with a second attack that just nicks the front of his armour, nearly cutting him in two.

(Hibiki attacks Linebacker 1 and deals 6 initiative damage, crashing him! 3 initiative turned into charge!)

(Backdraft attacks Hibiki and deal 2 withering damage!)

Hibiki’s Swords: 28i
Hibiki: 13i (Charge: 6)
Backdraft: 9i
Linebacker 2 (Miniguns): -5i
Linebacker 1 (Sword): -5i

- Pow (Hibiki uses Double attack Technique and adds +4 dice to withering attack attack Backdraft to attempt to crash him, than 6m to add +6 to attack and Fatal Stroke Flash to end this once and for all, 21d10 for first attack, 14m 1WP) No matter how far Backdraft runs he’s never going to escape me now!

- Eff (Double Attack Technique on first attack to attempt a crash on Backdraft, followed by Fatal Stroke Flash Decisive attack, 4m 1WP) He’s already cornered, he just doesn’t realize it. I can take my time to finish this off.

- Other

Oh I forgot the Linebacker attacks.

Needless to say they both missed.
Rolled 5, 3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 6, 5, 7, 8, 1, 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 4, 1, 3, 5, 1 = 73 (21d10)

>- Pow (Hibiki uses Double attack Technique and adds +4 dice to withering attack attack Backdraft to attempt to crash him, than 6m to add +6 to attack and Fatal Stroke Flash to end this once and for all, 21d10 for first attack, 14m 1WP) No matter how far Backdraft runs he’s never going to escape me now!
Essence well spent I guess :^)

Well... At least you got two successes out of it.
Rolled 4, 2, 9, 2, 9, 5, 9, 5, 2, 6, 8, 10, 10, 4, 3, 5, 10, 6, 10, 6, 8 = 133 (21d10)

- Pow (Hibiki uses Double attack Technique and adds +4 dice to withering attack attack Backdraft to attempt to crash him, than 6m to add +6 to attack and Fatal Stroke Flash to end this once and for all, 21d10 for first attack, 14m 1WP) No matter how far Backdraft runs he’s never going to escape me now!

Only the first roll is taken, or is it best of?

I'll take best of in this case, as good lord
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB
Backdraft’s own swords become coated in flame as he attempts to slash you from down the center, your two katana immediately going up in between Backdraft’s attacks, blocking his swords dead in their tracks.

“No matter how far you run Backdraft...” you say before rending your swords apart, cutting the steel sword Backdraft has in half with a single swift movement. “You’re never going to escape your punishment from me!”

(Hibiki hits Backdraft for 6 withering damage!)

Terror strikes Backdraft’s face as he stares within your visor, quickly jetting back across the room in a plume of flame. “N-NO! G-GET AWAY FROM ME!”

You quickly follow him in pursuit, jumping down to the active warzone below. Jumping off the heads of Linebackers, Dragonblooded with auras that freeze the very air itself, and even a missile soaring directly towards you before you jump off of that and high above the battlefield, afterimages of you replaying the same arc over and over before to descend down below on Backdraft with everything you’ve got, a raging meteor falling to the ground with the fury of all those Backdraft had ever wronged.

A split second later you kneel on the ground, blades still burning and howling in your hands as you stand up.

(Hibiki hits with her decisive attack and deals 26 levels of lethal damage!)

“H-How...” Backdraft's jaw goes slack in wide eyed amazement.

- “Apologize to the Alchemicals you’ve killed in the Underworld.” (The blow was lethal, Backdraft dies)

- “You won’t be moving for months. Spend that time thinking about what you’ve done.” (The cut wasn’t deep, you spare him, you can also elect to main him instead)

(Other quotes/sayings can be used in place of the ones selected if you wish)
I vote for
>(The blow was lethal, Backdraft dies)

But there's plenty of things that we can call him. Kidnapper, slaver, torturer, murderer, etc.
I'm kinda divided on killing or sparing, but I think we should point out about how everyone here just wanted to serve their country, but weren't even allowed to do so. There was nothing scientific about those test-chambers and there was nothing patriotic about updating every Alchemical's OS with a mind-control program.

At least the soldiers Hibiki killed didn't suffer and weren't civilians.
The dude is way past any point of excuse. He knew perfectly well what he was doing and made no attempt to either stop it or at least get out of it. In fact, he just indulged himself in power tripping.
It's not about him, though, it's about Hibiki? Does she just want to end a threat to herself and her allies, does she want to provide an example? As much as Backdraft is an arsehole, he DID run in to save her from Trine.

Killing those soldiers in an extremely bloody manner had a purpose. What's the purpose here, to kill someone, or provide an example of who she is and what Backdraft deserves to others?
With that in mind, I vote for severing his spine so he can't even use his limbs.
The purpose is to get rid of someone who's happily been a party to some really terrible things.
I don't deny he's done them, but it wasn't how I saw the character. If you want to just kill him...eh, I still feel like something slightly grander would work better here.
Well I don't see how crippling him is any better.

But if you really want to, then I retract my vote.
I just see her as putting a lot of thought into it. Your vote has meaning, I just want the act here with Backdraft to really underscore who Hibiki is. Lets just go with killing him, but the man is completely scum, and if he wasn't going to come back at some point if we left him alive...

“The impact from that blow snapped your spine. You thought the joke I made about my own spine being snapped was funny, but now you can live in the same world I was forced to live in.” you say giving Backdraft a small push, his body falling back against the ground as he now lays there unconscious.

You battle roaring around you is now dying out in full, piles of dust, armoured husks, and Dragonblooded soldiers lay one the ground all around you, but the Dragonblooded soldiers now roar to pull back, many of them now pouring out from the room.

You reach down to Backdraft’s side, taking the belt that contains the sheaths for the blades and putting it on yourself, spinning the blades around before putting them back in the sheaths as you head over to Mochire and Father Marcellius. “Are you two alright?”

“...I’ll live.” Mochire says, a few minor cuts on his arm with a glowing purple liquid seeping out of it.

“I’m fine, though it was a close call.” Father Marcellius pants, several bulletholes in his own armour along with small dents all over, not bleeding but still seeming to have taken a beating nonetheless.

“Father! Father where a-” Marina stumbles in the room carrying a quad barreled white weapon of some sort, slowing down to a halt before she sees the carnage in the room herself. “W-What on earth happened here!?”

“Long story short, ambush.” you reply to Marina.

“Come on! Let’s go after them!” the Red Alchemical says to your group, holding what appears to be a laser cannon with a glowing red barrel.

“That is ill advised.” Osvald replies, still appearing in perfect shape himself. “Our objective isn’t them, it's the surface.”

“No way in hell! You may’ve been right about the scientist, but with those guys its kill or be ki-”

A heavy rumble can be felt throughout the facility can be felt, bits of debris falling from the ceiling and on top of your head.

“Do I want to know?” Wendy asks, her own trenchcoat currently full of bulletholes.

“In the event that the containment breach cannot be controlled, the security of this facility have set the prototype layline reactor in this place to suffer a resonance feedback.” Osvald explains.

The Red Alchemical gives a small nod as he hears this. “So... What does that mean?”

Mochire stands up, dusting himself off as he looks over the group of Alchemicals in the room. “It means... RUN LIKE YOU’VE NEVER RUN BEFORE!”

As soon as this is said every single Alchemical in the room immediately begins to bolt towards the exit as fast as they can, the rumblings within the facility getting more and more steady as you advance through Wing A, vaulting over the bodies of the dead through the makeshift military barricades and towards the single exit elevator heading to the surface, a first wave of Alchemical’s having cleared out this area prior your arrival.

“Next stop: The Surface!” Dexter says as you all begin to leap up the elevator shaft, towards the light of the surface once more.



“So... Is that how it ended?” you ask Hibiki, looking at the tea in your hands.

Hibiki solemnly shakes her head as she looks at her own half drunk can of tea. “No... That’s how it began. Sub-basement 8 was only a warm up for the horrors that we faced on the surface.”


Major arc completed!

+26 Normal Experience gained!

+20 Alchemical XP gained!

Hibiki is now Essence 2! Motonic Reservoir increased and new charms/submodules can now be learned!
ADA recommendations:
Recommended Normal XP Purchases
Dedicated charm Slot, insert Technomorphic Integration Engine inside of it: This will allow for Hibiki to switch weapons on the fly and greatly reduces the cost for attuning them. RECOMMENDED

Accelerated Response System Submodule “Live Wire Writhing”: When Accelerated Response System is used and the enemy matches your defense, the attack misses. (Normally it would hit) (6 XP)

Optical Shroud Submodule “Dynamic Cloaking Module”: Able to move at much faster speeds while cloaked, extending the range one can move while cloaked (Slow speed -> Normal Movement -> Running speed -> Any distance), in addition each additional purchase lowers the penalty of moving while cloaked by 1 (3 XP each)

Optical Shroud submodule “Sense Countering Upgrades”: Firmware updates and layers of sound absorbing material make the sounds that come from normal operation produce far less sound overall. Upon purchasing this upgrade the Alchemical’s Optical Shroud also protects him against acute hearing or smell, pick one per purchase. If both are installed, a third installation will protect the Alchemical from any exotic sense type (Such as thermal vision/X-Ray/Touch). (4 XP per purchase, Essence 3 means it will need to go into a Overdrive slot)
Omnitool Implant Submodule “Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit”: The Omnitool implant gains a series of tools that allow it to open nearly any sort of door. First an Alchemical never has to damage a door to open it. Mundane doors are automatically opened without need for a roll while against magical doors the Alchemical may always at least try. (6 XP)

Omnitool Implant submodule “Systems Integration Interface”: The Omnipool plants comes with a variety of plugs, ports, and wires allowing it to interface with any computer system. Any actions done on the computer are sped up by (Wits) times and are able to do so without any user interface devices. Information such as files can be downloaded to the Alchemicals brain, and while the Alchemical doesn’t automatically know them may use Investigation to search through files or download files to another computer with this charm. (6 XP)

Charm “Impact Dispersion Module”: Gain (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) Additional soak against withering attack or four hardness against decisive attacks. Basically you gain a small toughness boost. (6 XP, 10 with slot)
Charm “Advanced Stalker Protocols”: When an Alchemical attacks a target, they may pay 4m or 2i reflexively while adding Appearance bonus dice to the attempt. If the Alchemical incapacitates the target using a decisive attack than the Alchemical immediately gains the cost she paid for this charm back. (6 XP, 10 XP including slot) [APP 5 NEEDED]
Charm “Stormwall Interrupter Circuits”: By paying 2WP, the Alchemical is able to completely shed his anima, allowing possible reuse of stealth. After the first time it is used in a scene this charm only costs 1WP
File: Charactersheet1.png (29 KB, 787x721)
29 KB

Recommended Alchemical XP Purchases

Strength Up (5 XP per dot, maximum 5)

Appearance Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5) RECOMMENDED

Perception/Wits Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5)

Presence (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

Athletics (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

Single Point Style “Void Slicing Wind” (8 XP): Automatically travel up to medium range in order to slash your enemy. If both Hibiki and her sword goes at once, a special version is used where she not only travels to smack an enemy, but attacks literally every single opponent in a line on the way there.

Single Point Style “Six-Demon Scabbard Binding” (8 XP): Whenever you are subject to an attack which vector involves a total reality shift or that which warps the mind/body and send it back to the opponent. Additionally it can also cleave through hostile metaphysical environments, such as places of death, the Wyld, or effects caused by sorcery temporarily.

Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Strike” (8 XP): Whenever the Alchemical successfully performs a double attack technique against an opponent, they may launch a decisive attack with a certain amount of automatic successes to hit using the initiative gained from that attack and ignore any hardness. 5m 1WP

Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Form” (8 XP): Increases the amount of charge Hibiki can hold at once and reduces the cost for both Double Attack Technique and Steel Devil Strike. (Requires Steel Devil Strike)

Your current Normal XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 26 / 24 / 50

Your current Alchemical XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 20 / 16 / 36
Can we only have one submodule per charm?

For Normal XP?
Technomorphic Integration Engine + Charm slot sounds nice, Systems Integration Interface sounds useful, and either Advanced Stalker Protocols or Stormwall Interrupter Circuits for the final xp.

Appearance to 5, Void Slicing Wind and...I'm really not sure about anything else, maybe Six-Demon Scabbard Binding, depending on how much we'll have to deal with Fae later, or Steel Devil Strike.
Oh yea, next week I won't be running this due to the various errands in the week I need to run, but I will be running it the week after, so October the 11th

You can have as many submodules as you want in a charm
Stormwall Interrupter Circuits and Six-Demon Scabbard. If another poster has reasons to choose something else, don't treat my choices as set-in-stone.
Can we do this?

Appearance to 5
Wits to 5
Perception to 4
Dodge to 5
Awareness to 5
I don't think so, as we have 24 Normal (Charm) XP and 20 Alchemical (Stat & MA) XP. Appearance, Perception, and Wits are all 4 XP each, then the skills are 3 XP each (We'd need 24 Alchemical). It's probably a better deal to increase Attributes than Skills, as well.

If you want to spend the Alchemical Experience sure. Kinda surprised you don't want the new MA's
No, I just added that in because the other guy wasn't focusing on the alchemical xp. Since I took 4 XP too much, change it to

Appearance to 5
Perception to 4
Dodge to 5
Awareness to 5
Oh wait, we need alchemical xp for those too, right? I thought it was normal.

Wait, I'll think of something.
>Dedicated charm Slot, insert Technomorphic Integration Engine inside of it
This costs, what, 10XP? You didn't say.

MA's can be bought with either normal or Alchemical XP.

In fact anything in Alchemical XP can also be bought with normal XP
Okay, my new proposal for the total purchase is this. It should come up to 26 normal and 20 alchemical XP unless I misunderstood something again. Oh, and I assumed that technomorphic integration engine + slot costs 10 xp.

>Dedicated charm Slot, insert Technomorphic Integration Engine inside of it
>Charm “Advanced Stalker Protocols”
>Omnitool Implant submodule “Systems Integration Interface”

>Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Strike”
>Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Form”

>Appearance to 5
Oh yeah, and advanced stalker protocols should also come with a slot, I counted that as well.
Can our second Augmented Stat be Dex as well?
Keep in mind, our Steel Devil Style is only 3/5 dots right now.

Dedicated slots cost 4 XP, so getting the slot to install the charm only costs 4 XP.


What do you mean by second augmented stat?


I nearly forgot to mention.

MA's themselves increase in dots/skill automatically as you purchase the charms for them. Also, if two martial arts share a similar weapon for their style (In this case, single point and Steel Devil both using Katana's of some sort) than you can use the higher of the two values for determining accuracy.

So yes buying more charms for an MA increases its dot level.
If you think the single point purchases are better, then I'm fine with not taking the steel devil ones. What about the rest of the purchase?

In this case, it would now look like this:

>Technomorphic Integration Engine + Slot
>Charm “Advanced Stalker Protocols” + Slot
>Omnitool Implant submodule “Systems Integration Interface”

>Single Point Style “Void Slicing Wind”
>Single Point Style “Six-Demon Scabbard Binding”

>Appearance to 5

>Dedicated slots cost 4 XP, so getting the slot to install the charm only costs 4 XP.
Yeah, but how much the charm costs isn't written down anywhere I can see. I'm assuming it costs 6.
Honestly, I'm not sure whether one or the other would be better. It depends on whether we can use both styles at once or not. Being able to Wither then Decisively strike would be great for certain attacks, but at the same time, if we don't get a ton of dice...
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Okay then,
1 = the two one point style charms
2 = the two steel devil style charms
Well, the dice think that we will generally get a ton of dice, apparently.

My proposal is back to:
>Dedicated charm Slot, insert Technomorphic Integration Engine inside of it
>Charm “Advanced Stalker Protocols”
>Omnitool Implant submodule “Systems Integration Interface”

>Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Strike”
>Steel Devil Style “Steel Devil Form”

>Appearance to 5
I wish I was more familiar with 3e exalted (and that it wasn't 4 in the morning). I'll go with you if Shining Point's charms aren't exclusive or the like.

To be fair both the system and this game are pretty lenient. You can pick up charms just based on their general descriptions as there is usually no right or wrong answer

Charm costs are written down. Third post.

>Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each.

Wondering what is the history of the setting? I can imagine a political shit storm if we upload what the facility was doing.

The history?

You mean compared to normal vanilla Exalted or just in general?

i don't know much about the setting so i guess in general

Sure, I can give you a general just of knowledge that Hibiki and everyone else in the setting would know about by default. Gimme a few to make an entry about that.
The setting of the game takes place in “Creation”, a setting akin to Earth in terms of people and landmasses, but the similarities stop there. Creation is a flat disc floating through space itself, the edges of it surrounded by a mutagenic substance called the Wyld. The Wyld is always shifting and physical laws make no sense at all (Like a bird flying through the air can turn into a fish, fall into a pool of water, and then that water becomes a sentient shade of purple). Science today dictates that Creation and humanity were ‘stable’ products of the wyld that naturally expanded over hundreds of millions of years, while a few other religions say it was deities such as Divis Mal who created Creation and the cosmos in several days. Space exists in Creation by flying just straight ‘up’, and it's even possible to borrow straight down to get to space! Though the cost means no one has ever attempted it to public knowledge.

Outside of this, science and technology has progressed in the setting, and in terms of technology most of the setting right now is around Deus Ex/Ghost in the Shell technology, where one can get mechanically augmented arms and legs but tend to be a bit of the obvious side. Magic ‘exists’ in the same way Feng Shei, Astrology, and other methods exist, but in large isn’t considered as profitable as say Engineering or Accounting. Actual, real sorcery exists but people tend to distrust Sorcerers due to the tales of the bizarre rituals they often need to do in order to gain power. The study of Motonic Science, a new field of study which undermines even Quantum physics, is a newly emerging field of research. Motonics being an underlaying energy that exists throughout all reality and learning to harness one’s own inner essence they can accomplish amazing things. The Dragonblooded are one such application of Motonic Science, elementally empowered supersoldiers who are not only superhumanly good at fighting, but virtually any field when they put put in significant effort. From gymnastics to paperwork. In order for soldiers to stand the remotest chance in hell of fighting something like a Dragonblooded they often need high numbers or powerful expensive equipment like the Linebacker suits. Dragonblooded are often know public figures unless they’re doing something like black ops, and are most serve the state who made them.
File: MarinaCharmssheet.png (208 KB, 798x2617)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
The three Superpowers in the setting are An-Teng (Not-China), Meruvia (Not-America/United Kingdom), and the United Eastern States (UES, Not-EU). They are regarded as superpowers for not only have nuclear weapons, but the ability to produce Dragonblooded and the incredibly advanced motonic weapons they’re capable of using. If Marina was chosen as the main character, she’d be able to learn special charms with her beginning weapon which eventually involves her turning a being of pure flame and can summon volcanoes, and weapons with capabilities far more devastating than that exist as well.

Creation itself does however have its mystical side too, where gods and Elementals can occasionally spout up, but are often regarded as either tricksters or irrelevant by a society which say they can operate without them just fine. Gods and Elementals however quite possibly be very, very powerful; in fact gods and Elementals were also part of the largest organized force that opposed Creation - The Divine Coalition - and its people until just a short 25-30 years ago when the Dragonblooded were finally produced by Meruiva (Then promptly stolen by the other two superpowers) and evicted them steadily over the years. Now only small pockets of them remain in Creation and their remaining home bases are the Elemental Poles that lie near the edges of Creation, currently unassailable with how modern technology just simply ceases to function there and how outright hostile they are to the soldiers there. It is only by the boons of powerful gods and Elementals that people survive there, and while the Dragonblooded can (in theory) launch an offensive there, no single superpower has the manpower to launch a full scale attack, and others are a afraid of any moves a rival may make if they were deployed, so the war currently remains at a stalemate.

Pardon if any of that seemed scatterbrained or unclear. I was trying to figure out how to explain things without spoiling anything. I intended to explain a lot of through via the game eventually (Showing, not telling) but if you want to binge I see no reason why general knowledge shouldn't be knowable.

no problem trying to get a better idea of what is going on
File: Hero of Sunstone Spire.png (179 KB, 648x592)
179 KB
179 KB PNG

No problem. Its a bit tough to explain at times as this is based off the PnPRPG Exalted, and is a different setting from that of vanilla Exalted (Which was sword and sandals, so modern is quite a departure and confuses even people who know about the setting)

If you want to know anything else just ask.
File: portfolio_centaur.jpg (132 KB, 800x792)
132 KB
132 KB JPG

in the background of my head i am wondering why their is not a dragon blood arms race with genetic tweaking and crazy level eugenics to increase dragon blood numbers.
File: 1369389221492.jpg (95 KB, 800x640)
95 KB

The most commonly accepted reasons are twofold:

1) Only specific people can become Dragonblooded, a very low percentage of people within the population have to have the right gene and have it be found *very* early (Such as 6-13, any older is seriously pushing it. Once you turn 18 you cannot become a Dragonblooded anymore). One of the main reasons they're low in numbers is because only a small subset randomly appears to be able to do so.

2) Once found the state typically puts the Dragonblooded candidate under extremely intense training to where some actually die during it. Those who are successful become catalyzed into full Dragonblooded (If nations think time is of the essence, they'll catalyze an older candidate immediately, but will hold off until training is done at least)

So while Dragonblooded are powerful and have a fair bit of numbers, replacing them is hard to do as you need to wait 18 years for a new one.
This sounds decent enough for us, for now.
Linking this to poke you about my decision. Huh, after-thread discussion actually being a thing is interesting.
While I am sick and won't be able to run this week, I did managed to make this. Its a glossary for people who happen to forget terms while in the middle of the game.


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