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>You're sixteen years old, your name is Erin Finch, and you like creepy things. You reached the town of Patina Hill, and found it to be host to a large battle between a group of dedicated thugs and the authorities. That all gave away, when monsters started crawling out of the church, and killing everything in sight. All signs pointed to the church being the center of everything, so that's where you're headed.
>You met a young woman who actually turned out to be five women inhabitting the same body. They all seem to have the ability to protrude at will, and the sight of it is just as interesting as it is stomach turning. Luckily for you this woman's condition gives her improved reaction time simply because they're able to syncronize so well, she seems to be able to take on monsters by herself; At least the ones you've seen so far.
>Also it's been a while since you've checked on the thread, and you hope it isn't dead.
You've finally arrived at this church where some supposedly mad scientest named Shelby experimented on the quite a few of the people. The gate is locked, and the place is a mess. Cops, civilians, bodies all torn up and scattered across the property. Plumes of black smoke billow up from behind the church, and lose themselves within the void of the overcast night sky.
>A.) Try to climb over the gate.
>B.) Try to shoot the lock.
>C.) Write in
>A) climb that shit
You have an audience.
i'm guessing you didn't what was choose ?
let's go this way then.

(Unexpected delay. Will have to continue tomorrow. Sorry about that guys.)
File: Spoiler Image (132 KB, 800x800)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Brooke carefully began to examine her surroundings, she seemed to be deep in thought about something.

The fence seemed to be simple enough to climb, so you clambered up the iron bars and hoisted yourself over. You drop down onto the ground only to hear an unfamiliar voice calling from behind you.

"Hey, get the fuck back here!"

You turn to see a new head protruding from Brooke's neck. This girl had wavy short hair, and her facial expression seemed to denote no patience for bullshit.

"Who're you?" You ask.

Brooke turns her own head back towards you, "Chelle, and she's right. There has to be a reason nobody made it inside the church. And no matter how well equipped the hired thugs were, I highly doubt they were responsible."

You shrug, "You said it yourself, though. The guy's probably gone already, why would he need to defend this place anymore?"

"Watch out!" another unfamiliar voice calls out, accompanied by a small arm thrusting itself out of brooke's forearm and pointing towards the church.

You turn to see another humanoid abomination, this one much larger than the one before it; It charges directly at you with incredible speed.

>A) Climb back over the fence.
>B) Serpentine
>C) Try to trick the charging monster into hitting the fence by jumping away at the last second
>D) (Write in)
Quadraped? It must be a jump-and-bitey!

>C, but duck.

The creature leaps at you, and you duck trying to avoid the thing. One of it's bloated arms swings from under it and strikes you in the head. The momentum from the creature's jump does lead it straight into the fence, but it seems to brush off the impact rather quickly; You - on the other hand - are seeing stars.

You desperately attempt to stagger away, your head feeling light, as the beast redirects itself. Gunfire fills the air, as Brooke and the sisters attempt to kill the thing. Unfortunately, the bullets act more as a distraction than anything that might prove to be lethal. The beast effortlessly jumps over the fence and begins to chase after Brooke.

>A.) Head for the church while the beast is distracted.

>B.) Help the sisters take down the monster.

>C.) (Write in)
Survey surroundings within fence, the way back over is looking mighty wavy. Addledness can surely only increase our receptiveness to useful details.
Could Erin merge with the sisters?

Your face is sore, and your head is still spinning somewhat, but within the shell-shocked seconds of pulling yourself together you manage to find some clarity. The sisters seem to be doing okay... you guess; So you opt to investigate this side of the fence rather than going up against quick leaping abominations.

Inside the fence, the church stands above the madness, and as far as you can tell there seems to be no monsters blocking your way into the belly of the beast.

Well - at least from the outside.

>A) Cautiously head into the church If any more monsters were about, the noise would have surely drawn them out.

>B) Help/wait for the sisters.

>C) (Write in)
I'd rather check the door, but I'll go with this if we can think of a way we can safely help, like splitting the thing's attention without setting it after us again. We're not in a good state and we're not practiced with our gun.

You resist the urge to explore the church and make your way back over the fence, gun in hand.

You follow the noise of gun shots a ways down main street. The sisters gracefully fight the beast, each one focusing on different needs and assisting the host body. It looks like Brooke herself is focused on avoiding the beast, as she seems to be the host, but Chelle, with her black painted nails, seems to be focused solely on shooting the thing. The middle girl, Myra, seems to reload and keep track of their ammo, and the two younger ones are devoted to situational awareness and communicating their surroundings.

The result of everything, is a beautiful mess that you can barely understand yourself; but in the end she's able to react much faster, and position herself a lot better than the average person.

The monster was relentless, it sounded as if it was having trouble breathing, as the breaths it would take were somewhat labored, stopping abruptly sometimes mid-breath. Occasionally it would cry out in frustration as it's furious swipes would miss Brooke by a hair.

Because of how well Brooke could maneuver, and how durable the monster was, this was all a test of endurance. Unfortunately, the monster's rapid labored breathing didn't seem to be a sign of the thing slowing down; Brooke, on the other hand, was beginning to break a sweat.

>A.) Shoot at the monster.

>B.) Search the area.

>C) (Write in)
Search the area for somethin erin could potentially use against the beasts?

You search the area trying to find something that might be effective.

Main street was host to - yep you guessed it - even more corpses. A few cars lined the side of the road, and the buildings close to you on the sides of the street were a grocery store, a fire station, and a music store.

The beast strikes Brooke in the knee, causing her to grimace in pain; Her movements are slower, and she's having trouble avoiding the creature now.

>A.) (Write in)
Shoot the beast and lead it into the fire station, perhaps you can find keys to use a fire truck.

You try to shoot at the beast; The bullet goes flying through a window.

Unfortunately, the beast doesn't seem to be bothered by the noise, and instead continues to attempt to kill Brooke.

You quickly raise your gun again, for another shot.

Roll a d20.
(17 or higher to hit)
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Okay theeeeeen!
Options field, brodeo.
Rolled 2 (1d20)



You strike the beast, causing it to turn around and rush towards you. You run as fast as you can into the Fire Station, regretting that you don't exercise more every step of the way.

You enter the building and navigate your way into the engine room. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot another one of the more slender humanoid abominations tearing peaces off of a corpse; You dive into the fire truck and close the door behind you while the creature pounds on the truck.

Luckily for you the keys are in the ignition. Unlucky for you is that the dashboard is decorated with levers and switches you barely understand. Hell, you just started driving your moms car for practice not a month ago, and it's an automatic.

A). Look up "how to start a fire truck" on your phone.

B.) Just flip switches and turn the key.

C.) Write in.
A.) (Write in)
B. Stick to what you know. Firemen have to act fast, so it's prooooobably not like launching a rocket. If you can get the truck going, see if you can scrape the freak off on a wall or something.

You manage to start the truck -- it wasn't really all that hard. You drive the thing out onto the street, the smaller monster still trying to claw its way into the truck. The larger monster jumps directly onto the front of the truck, pounding its hands on the windshield.

>A.) drive the truck into a wall, to pin the large monster.

>B.) Try to shake the monsters, and pick up Brooke.

>C.) (Write in)

You punch it, driving as fast as you can towards the sturdiest building you can see hoping to pin the monster to the wall.

You brace yourself for impact as you rapidly approach the wall; The large monster crying out as it continues to beat the truck.

Suddenly, darkness.

And then -- Pancakes.
File: pancakes.jpg (87 KB, 800x600)
87 KB


You find yourself at the dinner table in the house you lived in when you were five, except you're now sixteen. In front of you are pancakes, but you have the massive desire to tell your family about your time as a prisoner in North Korea. You remember vividly the tight group of operators sneaking in silently and freeing you.

"Erin, eat your pancakes," Your mom states, somewhat annoyed.

"I-I don't really want to --" You meekly reply.

"Do you know how much those things cost these days? And the prices just keep going up!"

>A) Tell mom about the times your captors would bring you out to the field to execute you, but instead shot at you with guns that weren't loaded.

>B) "Pancakes are pretty good."

>C) "Where's the cat?"

>D) "Where's sis?"

"I'm right behind you," Your sister Abby is standing behind you, she throws her arms up and shakes her head incredulously, "You're sitting in my seat."

You stand up and back away from the seat. Your sister sits down, while you find that there's only one chair at the table, you sit on the floor, "Oh - uh - sorry I forgot, it's been a while since I've been here."

"Yeah, I'll say," Your mom chimes in, "You really need to take some classes or something, you can't just keep messing around up in that room of yours at all hours of the night."

>A.) "I wasn't in my room, mom, I was a hostage."

>B.) "Why're we back in our old house?"

>C.) "Where's dad?"

>D.) Eat the pancakes in silence.
Going to bed, thanks for the entertainment.

(No problem. I probably should head that way myself. I'll stop here and continue tomorrow.)
>B.) "Why're we back in our old house?"
>C.) "Where's dad?"

"Uh, why are we back in our old house?" You ask.

"The Economy, Erin. This house is the only thing we can afford," Your mom sighs, "That's why you need to start helping out around here like your sister."

"Where's dad?"

"Oh, we got a divorce, and as part of the legal agreement, I bound his soul to this plane of existence so he could walk the earth forever after his execution."

Suddenly, an ethereal voice begins to speak, "Hey, little cub!" it echos throughout the house.

You furrow your brow in confusion, "Uh..."

"Ooh, before I forget," Your mother hands you a glass of water, "Erin, honey, there's something crawling around upstairs and I would really appreciate it if you got rid of it. It's creeping out the clients."

>A) "Could you read my fortune, mom?"

>B) Ask for something more effective than a glass of water.

>C) Proceed upstairs and try to deal with the thing.

You ask if your mom could read your fortune.

Your mother sighs, grabs a deck of tarot cards and lazily throws them upon the table.

"The cards are telling me that my daughter will one day be useful... hopefully." She recites, monotonously.

You look at her with anger.

"What, did you want another reading?" She asks.

"The cards are now telling me that in reality, I know she'll always be a burden up until death frees me from this earth. There. Happy?"

Your face grows forlorn, "Not really..."

"Then you'd better get up there and deal with that thing upstairs before I throw you out onto the street. It's really the least you could do."

You stand up and head into the main room, as you pass the TV you notice a commercial for a superhero movie. The person on the TV appears to be Brooke, but she's wearing ridiculous tights, and fighting criminals with her sisters. You think you'd like to see that movie, but more than that you wish you could be one of Brooke's sisters.

As you reach the top of the stairs onto the second floor, you notice something the size of a cat scurry across the hall way from your room into your sisters room.

You follow the thing to find that it is actually a large spider that appears to be ripping up a doll with three arms.

>A.) (Write in)
Dump the water over it?
Anyone got a link to the first thread? This looks neat.

You approach the giant spider, and dump the water on it. Miraculously, the thing curls up and dies.

You think to yourself "It's funny, usually when I see giant spiders the jump at my neck and biting at it" Then another spider that was lying in wait jumps at your neck and begins to kill you.
File: Chelle.jpg (165 KB, 800x800)
165 KB
165 KB JPG


You awake with a shock. As soon as you gather yourself, you notice a bandage covering your right eye wrapped around your head. You also notice you're inside some room.

"Next time you drive a truck into a wall, you should probably wear a seat belt."

You see a mysterious woman sitting on the couch on the other side of you.

The woman notices your perplexed look, "Lemme guess. 'who are you?' It's Chelle, I'm the one who told your stupid ass not to climb that fence."

"Right," You say, attempting to massage a headache away.

Chelle leans back, "Still though, nice going with that truck and all. To be honest, I was pretty sure you'd get us all killed."


>A.) Where's Brooke?

>B.) What happened to that monster?

>C.) Where are we?

>D.) (Write in)


(Also, I'm off to work. I'll continue this when I get back later tonight.)
Ask about Brooke and the monster?
Danke schoen.
>A.) Where's Brooke?
>B.) What happened to that monster?
>So does this mean I don't get to explore the church?
Atleast we can read chapter 1 while you're awol OP

>"What happened to the monster?"

Chelle shrugs, "We didn't really want to stay and watch."

>"Where's Brooke?" You ask.

"She's taking a break. That monster fucked up her knee."

>You furrow your brow in confusion, "She's just... in you?"

"Yeah, in the dark."

>"... What?"

"Well, we can see and hear whatever the main one hears and sees, but to do that, we gotta - uh - put ourselves out there. If we really - you know - sink back in, it's just black."

>"Well... How do you swap out then?"

Chelle smiles, "With a lot of coordination, and time."

>"Just how long have we been here?"

"A few hours," Chelle leans back, and pulls open the blinds, "I'd say it's about 3 am."

"Shit, Hope you had a nice dream. I had to settle for coffee."

>You smile, and lay back into the couch you'd been resting on, "Sorry you had to drag me here."

Chelle squints her eyes and lowers her brow in annoyance, "You got nothing to apologize for. I already said 'nice going', the fuck else you want me to say?"

Your head is still spinning a little, but you feel much better than you did before. Distant thunder echos throughout the empty town; The sound has always brought you comfort, and no matter where you are, a little rain always improves your mood. For a few moments, the silence overcame you, and the light sounds accompanying the subtle movements of Chelle as she leaned forward to drink her coffee made you never want to leave this place; Where ever this place is.

"Are we still going to the church?" You ask.

"Well, Brooke decided she actually wanted to tell you to go home, and to stay out of it," Chelle's expression suddenly grows grim, "I can't really blame her."

You raise your eyebrows, but before you can protest, Chelle takes your words from you.

"I know. It's not the monsters that we're worried about. It's the people trying to cover all this up."

"If you really wanna find the truth, that church isn't going to give you all the answers. You'll have to keep going, and when they catch on, you'll never be able to stop running."

"I'm okay with that," you say, "really, I am."

"No you're not," Chelle shakes her head, "But you're probably not gonna stop, so I say fuck it."

"The place is crawling with them now, so we'll have to be a little extra sneaky going in. I think we should go around and come in from the back. Although we might be able to move faster and quieter if we split up."

>A.) Suggest you Split up/Exchange cellphone numbers."
>B.) Suggest you stick together.
>C.) (Write in)
>A.) Suggest you Split up/Exchange cellphone numbers."
>Inform the thread that we are not dead
I'm down, we need to time stamp a pic

>"Yeah, splitting up sounds good. We should exchange numbers."

"Sure, hold up." Chelle pulls out a phone from her pocket, and fiddles around with it for a bit. She gives you a phone number, which you quickly enter into your phone.

While you had your phone open, you remember about the thread. You take a quick selfie next to a clock on the wall, to which Chelle scoffs at.

"So the tree didn't kill you?"


"Cool, thought it was over already."

"post ankles"

"What're you doing?" Chelle asks.

You figure, telling her that you're broadcasting your journey might be a bad idea, so you just tell her you're taking down notes.

By the time you leave the small apartment room, the rain is pouring especially hard. The two of you reach the complex entrance, and give each other a half wave before splitting up; Once again, you were on your own. You try to stay out of the rain as much as you can, but there's only so much you can do; You lament not checking the weather forecast before leaving your house.

Your first glimpse of them was two heavily armed soldier types talking while walking down a street. The gear they had on was primarily black, and seemed to be fashioned to look less impressive than it actually was. They held large rifles with attached sights; Obviously not the types you could ever hope to fight head on.

>A.) Go the next street over and avoid them.
>B.) Try to get close enough to listen in. (1d20 >= 12)
>C.) (Write in)

You decide your best bet is to avoid the armed men and continue on; After all, you don't want to keep Chelle waiting, not that she seems like a person who would wait.

You cautiously head deeper into the center of the town, using the church steeple as your guide once again. This time instead of going directly towards it, you begin to make your way around to the back of the church. While carefully creeping down a street near the church, you spot a familiar face.

Bryce was seemingly being hassled by one of them.

"I fuckin' live here, man. Hey - is that -- ECONOMY!"

You duck behind a nearby car.


The trooper seems to be confused, "Sir, I don't understand."

"That girl over there, I know her."

The trooper looks to where Bryce is pointing, but nothing appears to be over there.

"...You're going to have to come with me."

Bryce continues to aggressively motion towards where he saw you, "Nah man, I'm telling you. Economy's fucked up, she needs help."

The trooper sighs, "Look. I'm going to put these shiny cuffs on you, and then I'll take you to a place where you can talk about economics as much as you want."

"... College?"

"No, Jail."

>A.) Crawl into an alley way, and shoot to cause a distraction. Circle around and help Bryce.

>B.) Keep going.

>C.) (Write in)
>"... College?"
No, with this Economy you don't

(Posting from my phone. At work. Will continue at 2 am cst.)

You sneak away into the closest alley way, and fire your gun off into the ground in front of you. You pray you don't run into one of them on your way around this building. Luckily, you're able to make it back onto the street where you spot a handcuffed Bryce sitting on the concrete.

>"Come on, let's go," You whisper fiercely, helping Bryce stand up

"Economy, what the fuck?" He asks, matching your tone while he shakes you off of him.

>"Those guys aren't cops, they're - like - worse, I guess. Let's go, we have to move."

Bryce squints his eyes while you pull him away, "Wait -- how're you doin' all this? I thought you were all fucked up."

>"Oh - uh - I got better, and stuff," you say halfheartedly, while scanning your path for more of them.

"Really? How?"

>"Yeah they - uh - killed my sister and I remembered everything."

>"Apparently my name is - like - Erin, or something."

"Oh Damn... yeah there were some crazy lookin' things jumping out of the church and shit so I couldn't find your sis before... well... yeah... Sorry, Economy," Bryce bows his head in sadness.

>"It's Erin"

"That's gonna be hard to get used to."

>"We just met - like - six hours ago."

"I match names and faces an' shit, you're already locked in."

>"Whatever, look. Truth is, I need to figure out what the hell is going on inside that church."

"Good, that's where I'm goin' too."

>"What? Why?"

"I think my brother's in there."

>You look back at Bryce with an incredulous look, "... Really?"

"He was Andre's right hand, and last I saw Andre he was going to meet with that creepy mother fucker about business. I mean - I thought they left before shit went down but..."

Bryce's worried expression gives you a whiff of empathy, and you concede to helping Bryce find his brother. I mean, you're both going the same place anyway.

(More tired after closing than I thought I was going to be. Will continue tomorrow.)
Ask him aboout why he and his boys are here
He seems to hold a fair amount of respect among his peers

>"So why're you guys here?" You ask.

"Cause that creepy motherfucker came to the city, and payed us to move down here and keep things on the down low. Muscle in on people that got too curious."

>"Yeah, that seemed to work out."

"Nah, it did. For a few years nobody suspected a thing. Other than that we'd conduct business as usual, except instead of knocking off motherfuckers who stepped to us, we'd bring them to the creepy dude."

"When it really popped off, and people started talkin' about leaving; Dude said he'd pay a grand for every body brought in; Dead or alive. People went kind of crazy, but Andre kept sayin' he had shit under control. I never did any of that fucked up shit though."

>"Why didn't you leave then?"

"The thing you gotta understand Economy, is Andre's like family, he looks out for us. When that creepy dude came around though, all he could talk about was the money. And - like - we stuck with him cause he's always done right by us, but... I dunno, that creepy dude changed things. I guess I didn't wanna see that until it was too late. That's the kinda shit that family does to you."

>You nod your head, "Hmm," you reply, ending the conversation, letting the silence be filled by the falling rain.

You and Bryce creep ever closer to the back of the church, your journey made increasingly difficult by the growing density of soldiers around. Eventually, Bryce is able to work his wrists out of the handcuffs by dislocating his thumbs, and you manage to make your way to the church without getting into any trouble.

The scene at the back of the church was a bit more dire than the front. Just outside of the fence a crashed helicopter pierced the earth, and the pit it sat in became something of a makeshift lake with the introduction of heavy rainfall. Of course the scene is accompanied by the obligatory sprinkling of a few dead bodies.

Surprisingly, Chelle doesn't seem to be here yet. You wonder if she's already inside, so you send her a text.

"I'm here. Where are you?"

A few minutes pass, and your phone remains stagnant. You decide to try to call her, and still get nothing.

"Hey, we goin' or what?" Bryce asks, eager to get inside.

>A.) Wait for Chelle.
>B.) Go into the church.
>C.) (Write in)

(This'll probably be the last one before a new thread. Which will come tomorrow around 7 PM CST )
> take picture of church/helicopter and post to thread
Where are you QM?
Ded :/

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