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File: Erinfinch.jpg (91 KB, 800x800)
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Ahem! Music please! https://clyp.it/t5hycou3

Let me just begin this story by getting the boring part out of the way:

Hey, guess what, monsters are REAL! Isn't that queer? Isn't that just the most insane thing you've ever heard? Well, normal people might think so, but then again you aren't what one would call normal.

You are a plain, sixteen year old girl named Erin Finch who likes creepy things, and watches violent videos on the internet through parted fingers over her face.

Nobody knows exactly what, but something has happened in the small town of Patina Hill. The area was quarantined and the government claims it to be an outbreak of a virus known as the Mensen Virus, but you know better. After telling everybody on your favorite spooky online community, they asked if you were a girl, and then promptly told you to go out there yourself and post "pics".

Well, they may have just said the part about posting "pics"... Given the subject of the thread you could only assume they wanted you to get pictures of whatever was going on out here.

Popular culture dictates the best person for this job is a naive teenager; so you packed a flashlight, some candles, some tarot cards, your sister's credit card, and set off. After a long ride in a car that smelled like bad breath from a ride-sharing service, you’ve finally arrived at your destination. The place was well fortified except for one hastily constructed area of the parameter on a dirt road, but there seems to be some kind of guard standing outside of the entrance.

“I’m sorry young lady, for your safety you can’t go past,” He states plainly.

>A. (Show him your faked police credentials.)
>B. (Attempt to run for it.)
>C. (Try to find another way in.)
>D. Write in
>C. (Try to find another way in.)
File: OCC.jpg (260 KB, 800x800)
260 KB
260 KB JPG

"Oh! - Uh. Sorry." You say, then you turn around and begin walking away.

You glance behind you every so often to see if the guard is still watching you. When he turns away, you duck behind some foliage and begin to scout the parameter.

You suppose since you forgot to pack any bolt cutters, your only way into the town is by going over the fence.

>A. (Attempt to jump over the fence using the help of a nearby tree.)

>B.(Try to climb the fence directly, attempting to use your backpack to push down the barbed wire.)

>C Write in
File: FOR.jpg (120 KB, 742x742)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>C. Don't do it. It could damage our permanent record and hinder our chances of a good and well maintained college and career!

You contemplate your future, and worry about your prospects of getting into a nice college...

... Well, you would do those things if you hadn't already dropped out of high school. For a moment, you briefly remember your family looking at you as if you were less than a person. Well, you'll show them when you paranormal Investigative business really takes off!

Still... Getting caught might suck.

You use this moment of doubt to view the thread on your phone.


"This place is the fucking worst now. Creativity is dead."

You ask the thread for advice...

"Really? Come on, you're already there!"

"Just try to find another way in."

"Don't do it. It could damage your permanent record and hinder your chances of a good and well maintained college and career!"

"Post feet"

Somehow their words of wisdom don't really click with you...

Suddenly, you hear something moving in the woods on the other side of the fence.

>A. (Hide and watch from afar.)

>B. (Get phone camera ready to take a picture.)

>C. Write in
>>B. (Get phone camera ready to take a picture.)
blurry photo incoming...
File: What.jpg (8 KB, 250x238)
8 KB
>C. Oh No! It could be the proper authorities preparing to give one heck of a lecturing about safety procedures and property rights. Remain calm, keep your camera to take a photo with the nice working figure, and heed his advice.
Also... got any salt on hand? tends to be good for warding off weird nasty spooks. if you don't have literal salt just find an image board and shitpost for a bit, the resulting saltiness will hopefully either repel the supernatural or act as a lure in which case chuck the phone as far away from you as possible and run.
File: Spooks.jpg (8 KB, 216x233)
8 KB
>Weird nasty SPOOKS
Gee wiz sir! You sure are rather resolved in what my opinion to be a queer thing.
poor choice of words on my part, but seriously in a lot of cultures salt was used as a ward against things like undead, ghosts, fae, etc.
if op actually believes in that stuff its a pretty basic thing to carry around for safety.
File: photo.jpg (125 KB, 800x800)
125 KB
125 KB JPG


You try to focus the camera on the --



You just have to tap it again and --



No, that one sucks, so you try again to --


The fence is --


Whatever you heard retreated back into the woods.

You continue to fiddle with your phone trembling in excitement as you whisper swears under your breath.

You glance up from your phone, and out of the corner of your eye, you spot a light. It appears someone is walking along the fence with a flashlight, and they haven't noticed you yet.

>A.(Hide until they pass, then go over the fence.)
>B. (Hide until they pass, then follow them.)
>C. (Engage the person in conversation.)
>D. Write in.
File: STOP.jpg (9 KB, 228x210)
9 KB
>C. Engage the proper authority or concerned citizen in conversation of economics.
File: economics.jpg (154 KB, 800x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

The man draws closer, and you begin to make out what appears to be swat gear. Upon seeing you, the man sighs deeply.

"Hello!" You struggle to say.

"Uh - How about that Economy..."

"Yeah... Economics... Money... Can't - we don't have enough of that. Right?"

The man points his flashlight directly at your face.

"What the hell are you doing out here, kid."

You look around yourself, "Just... Thinking about economics."

The man places his left hand over his face, and rubs his eyes as he groans in frustration.

"Tell you what, I'm just gonna bring you to some of my friends, and they're going to take you to a special place where you can think about all the economics you want."

>"...Wall Street?"

"No. Jail."

The man ties your hands together with a zip tie and begins to lead you back to where he came from. You'd rather not end up in jail, so maybe now is the time to think about some kind of escape.

>A. (Make more conversation in an attempt to get some useful information out of him.)

>B. (Ask the man about what you saw behind the fence.)

>C. (Run for it?)

>D. Write in.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


If 1, B. If 2, C.
>C. (Run for it?)

"Hey, so," You pause, "I saw something behind the fence."

"No you didn't," The man replies nonchalantly.

"yeah I did, it looked like a walking tree."

The man stops, and turns towards you.

"Kid, this is a restricted area. Whatever you thought you might have saw, it's probably best that you keep it to yourself."

You look down at your feet.

"So... There are tree people over there?"

Suddenly, right after the man lets out an exasperated sigh, his radio erupts.

"We've got multiple gunmen charging at gate D. We need backup."

Your face lights up, "The tree people have guns?!"

"Shut up! uh - shit. Look, just - uh. Stay put, okay? Really. This place is dangerous."

You begin to inquisitively rub your chin, "How do they pull the trigger with leaf fingers?"

The man ignores your question, and begins to run off to wherever Gate D is. As soon as he disappears into the darkness, you work your phone out of your pocket, and google how to break out of zip ties. With your wrists free again, you contemplate your next move.

>A. (Follow the action)
>B. (Stay put.)
>C. Write in
>C. Write in
Post the photo of the tree man you saw.

This, then follow the action... but make certain you're not caught this time. Keep your distance, look around corners, be the sneaky stealthy thief rogue character.
>C. Post photo of tree spooker and follow the action albeit STEALTHILY
File: blood.jpg (75 KB, 800x600)
75 KB

You post the photo you took in the thread.

"That's a spooky fence."


"can't see shit"

The reactions were pretty much what you expected. You announce that you're following the action, and proceed to head off towards where that man in heavy police gear ran off to. As you cautiously creep your way to the action, you hear gunfire in the distance, but before you can manage to make it to the site, the shots give away to deafening silence.


You arrive at Gate D with not a soul in sight. The area is completely empty, and the only thing implying people were once here are the various blood stains plastered upon the asphalt. You assumed the gun-tree-men were trying to get out, but it seems as if their reason for charging this place had actually been the people.

In light of the violence, and most likely death that happened here; You can't help but realize the gate is unguarded, and you're free to enter the town.

>A. (Enter the quarantined area.)
>B. Write in
>A. (Enter the quarantined area.)
What >>537364 said.
>B. Enter the town, but document THE BLOOOOOOOD
Ye, take a photo of the blood

You take pictures of the blood and upload them to the thread.

"look at all that jaaaam"



You set off into the quarantined area, walking along a narrow road planted between an audience of trees. The wind animates the foliage as it waves back and forth, manipulating the shafts of light provided by the full moon.

Every once and a while, you'd hear more gunfire between long periods of complete silence, but other than that, the only sound accompanying your walk was the wind; You should have brought some ear buds or something.

It takes around twenty minutes, but finally, you reach Patina Hill. It's exactly what you would expect from a hyper religious, secluded town. Modest residential houses, local businesses, a school, a church, a library... All the basic tenants of modern living, just smaller and closer together.

>A (Explore Neighborhood)

>B (Explore the School)

>C (Explore the Library)

>D (Explore Main Street)
>A (Explore Neighborhood)
>C (Explore the Library)

Remember that opening part in Ghostbusters? There's all sorts of ghouls in libraries.
File: Spoiler Image (110 KB, 800x800)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

The neighborhood was a mess. Doors left ajar, furniture in the streets, drywall reminiscent of Swiss cheese; Just an utter mess. After wandering around for a while, you find your eyes drawn to the rather large steeple of the church in the center of town. Amidst the chaos, it stands stall, piercing the stars with an almost sinister, monolithic feeling.

Maybe you can ask that tree man over there what happened.


Wandering aimlessly, a mass of limbs and flesh dragged its feet across the pavement. It seems to have noticed you, but doesn't seem to be aggressive. In fact, the tree man seems to be in immense pain, as its face(es) show extreme anguish.

You call out to the Tree man, and it doesn't seem to be able to respond.

A. (Take Selfie with the Tree Man)
B. (Avoid the Tree Man and explore *PLACE* instead)
C. Write in
>A. (Selfie Time)
File: Selfie.jpg (152 KB, 800x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG


"oh shi"


"post feet"

(Will continue when I get back from work tonight.)
>"post feet"
Take a picture of the tree man roots and post it.
File: postedfeet.jpg (108 KB, 800x800)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

You give a self-satisfied smirk, and take a picture of the tree man's feet.

"Say cheese..." You mutter under your breath.

The tree man lets out a painful scream, and gurgles for a few seconds as you line up the shot.


You post the Tree man's feet in reply to the foot poster.

"Oh, I see how you're doing it, probably shouldn't have taken a picture so close, but w/e. Continue OP."


"That's kind of gross... Keep us updated."

"i guess that will do brb"

Suddenly, you hear someone approaching from behind, you snap your head back to find yourself face to face with a gun.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

The man was a spitting image of a thug, with a tattered tanktop, and jeans that are a few sizes too big held to his skinny waist by a belt.

>A. (Ask him what happened here.)
>B. (Politely ask him to stop pointing that gun at you.)
>C. (Tell him you're lost and you were just leaving.)
>D. Write in.
Make sure our feet are in frame for comparison and tell them our shoe size, do not take our shoes off that would be dumb.
>D. It seems that the economy is really not doing so well, in fact i was discussing this topic a while back with the armed guards of the fence.

"You know..." You pause, scratching your head.

"The economy isn't really doing so well right now."

"... What?" The man asked, confused.

"I mean, the class divide is just widening, and the middle class is almost non-existant. I was just talking to that guard outside, and he had some interesting views..."

"... You retarded, girl? I have a fucking gun in your face."

You furrow your brow, "This is what it's come to. The collapse of modern society."

The thug places his left hand on his forehead in frustration, "Right, for all I know you can't even hear me..."

"You come from under the church? That crazy fuck do something to your brain?"

> A. (Ask him about that crazy "f-word")
> B. (Continue to talk about the economy)
> C. Write in
And then try to take a selfish with him.

The world must know.
The church? Naturally, a strong religious base is needed to keep a moral base among the people. But it becomes a problem when they start overstepping their boundaries and take control of other organisms of the government, like say, the economy of the nation. Or at least, that is what that guy on /pol/ kept repeating

"Who are you talking about?"

The thug thrusts his gun forward, his eyes widening.

"So you can understand me? Why you acting like you're fucked in the hea-"

"Do you want to take a selfie?"

The thug looks at you with a worried look on his face, "Well now I know you're fucked up."

"Look, you 'prolly don't remember it, but the guy that hired us was diggin' around in your brain or some shit."

"I ain't never seen anyone walk out of that church able to understand shit though ... That's new."

You stare off into space for a moment, and turn to the thug.

"Church? Naturally, a strong religious base is needed to keep a moral base among the people. But it becomes a problem when they start overstepping their boundaries and take control of other organisms of the government, like say, the economy of the nation."

The Thug's face shows legitimate sadness, you almost kind of regret putting on this act.

"Man, truth is, I don't like this shit. It's fucked up, but all Andre sees is the money."

"The one percent..."

"Hey, if the cops catch you, they'll shoot you. I've seen them shoot a couple of those guys over there without stoppin' for a second." The thug gestures to your Tree man friend who has grown bored with your antics, and is now shambling elsewhere.

You don't acknowledge the thug's words at all, instead staring blankly at the ground.

"I'm Bryce," The thug lowers his gun.

"I'm Errrrr - Economy," You reply.

"Yeah, aight 'Economy' ... I-I can get you out of the fence, but I ain't gonna be able to help you farther than that. Okay? You understand?"

Well, surprisingly enough, this thug seems to have a heart of gold. You don't really want to leave yet though; Not before getting to the bottom of this.

>A (Tell Bryce you need to go to the bathroom, and then give him the slip)
>B (Try to convince him you desperately need to go to the church.)
>C Write in
File: bryce.jpg (118 KB, 800x800)
118 KB
118 KB JPG

You snap out of your pretend trance and dramatically latch onto Bryce. Surprised at seeing you lucid again, Bryce gives you his full attention.

"I need to go there..." You point to the church.

Bryce's gaze follows your finger, once he realizes your destination, he shrugs.

"That ain't gonna happen. Cops tryin' to bust in there every few minutes. Shit's a war zone," Bryce looks back at you, perplexed, "Why you need to go in there anyway?"

"My-uh ... Sister," You lie.

"You got a sister named Maya?" He asks, "And that creepy mother fucker took her there?"

"... yes," You reply, trying to put on your best pouty face.

"Shit..." Bryce looks down, deep in thought, "A'ight, look. I can go in there and see what I can see, but ain't no way you're going with me."

You nod, fully intending to find your way into the church anyway.

Your slow and careful trek to the church was accompanied by the ever increasing sight of dead bodies. The church was obviously the center of all of this, whatever it was. Every so often, you would pass more thugs, all of them giving Bryce nothing but a quick nod, to which he would give one back in kind. This was obviously their town, but who exactly was this benefactor - or rather - "creepy mother fucker" that experiments on people under the church?

The Church was exactly what Bryce described it as -- a warzone. The gunfire was relentless, aside from brief periods of grace which never lasted longer than five seconds. Bryce stops you about a half-mile away from the church, and tells you to hide away inside of an electronics store nearby. You follow as instructed, and wait for a few minutes after Bryce leaves.

A. (Press onwards, carefully.)
B. (Try to find some kind of weapon.)
C. Write in
>B. (Try to find some kind of weapon.)
The economy won't recover if everybody don't do their part, we need to broke some windows.
You are pretty sure that's how it works, probably.
>B. (Try to find some kind of weapon.)
Ask the thug is this place was once his home
File: Searching.jpg (67 KB, 800x500)
67 KB

You search tirelessly for a weapon...
File: Oh.jpg (69 KB, 800x500)
69 KB

Actually, you just grab a handgun off of a dead body a few feet from the entrance of the electronics store...

... How convenient.


With your newly found weapon, you begin to sneak your way towards the church. Suddenly, the gunfire began to subside after an especially loud crescendo. You think the war must be close to being over, as you take comfort in the idea of not being afraid of getting shot every step you take. Of course the war being over means that one side is completely dead; You think It'd be a real shame if Bryce caught a few bullets looking for your fake sister, but for what it's worth, you think you hope he made it out okay.

Not too far now, a quarter-mile away... As you round the corner coming out of an alley, you spot one of the Thugs wearing 'borrowed' police gear running at full speed towards you.

His breathing is deep, and his face shows that of extreme fear. He briefly glances at you, but zips right past you, looking back occasionally.

>A. (Keep going. You have a gun, you're good.)
>B. (You should probably run with him.)
>C. (Hide, wait, and watch)
>D. Write in
>A. (Keep going. You have a gun, you're good.)
I see no way this could possibly go wrong.
Getting killed too early's no fun.
I agree with this fine fellow

You duck back into the alley way, and hide behind a dumpster peeking out into the street.

You see something pass by; It was moving at an incredible speed, and you could only make out that it was somewhat humanoid and galloping on all fours.

Now was a bad time to think about how you've never actually fired a gun before in your life. I mean - if something attacked you, you had no qualms pointing and pulling the trigger, but your accuracy with the thing would probably be terrible.

After waiting for a few minutes, you slowly emerge from behind the dumpster, and creep your way towards the end of the alley way, frantically looking around yourself. The handgun's grip is having trouble with your heavily perspired palms as you nervously swing the thing around, desperate to at least get one shot off at whatever seemed to be lurking about. You spot another blur, bounding across the the rooftops above with great purpose.

You peek out of the alley way just as incredibly close gunfire began to erupt. You spot a woman -- not a thug, not a cop -- engaged in combat with a couple of the blurs. Surprisingly enough, they seem to be holding their own.

>A. (Try to help the mysterious woman in hopes of gaining an ally that can actually use a gun well.)

>B. (Try to double back, and creep towards the church while the mysterious woman distracts what ever those beasts are.)

>C. (Keep hiding until it's over.)

>D. Write in.
>Take photos.
File: picture2.jpg (82 KB, 800x500)
82 KB

Your investigation instincts kick in, and you pull out your phone to snap a few photos. The results were extremely blurry, and didn't really come out the way you would have liked, but it's something.

The fighting ends with the mysterious woman victorious, for now.

>A (Greet the mysterious woman.)
>B (Approach monster carcasses, and snap photos.)
>C. Write in
File: Frogger.jpg (150 KB, 503x684)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>C. WAIT A MINUTE! What am I doing!? I could be detained for hazardous acts of trespassing and actively evolving assault crimes against you!
>C. Write in
First approach monster carcasses, snap (non-blurred) photos, post'em and then greet the woman from a save distance.
A sensible choice, if we can afford the time
File: Spoiler Image (86 KB, 800x500)
86 KB

You approach the monster carcasses, and begin to snap photos. The woman curiously watches as you excitedly zip between the corpses.

"Who are you?" The woman asks.

You explain that you're a paranormal investigator, and you've taken it upon yourself to figure out the truth behind this town.

"Well, you've already missed the cause of all this. He's probably long gone," The woman looks off towards the church, which is now closer than a block away.

You stop your examination of the bodies, and look up at the woman, "Who?"

"Shelby," She folds her arms, "It's always the same, he barricades himself somewhere to do more research, tries to keep a low profile until he can't anymore, then unleashes abominations like this to distract while he slips out the back."

"I'm Brooke, by the way... If you want to talk more, we should probably do so while moving."

>A. (Ask about the research)

>B. (Ask about her)

>C. (Ask her to take a selfie with you)

>D. (Ask her to help you get into the church.)

>E. Write in
>A. (Ask about the research)
A then B
>C. (Ask her to take a selfie with you)
Only if she doesn't mind though. She might not want her picture on the Internet.
Music's neat, OP. You compose it?
File: Sisters.jpg (109 KB, 800x800)
109 KB
109 KB JPG


"What kind of research?" You ask.

Brooke sighs, "From what I understand, he started with Teleportation, but something changed with him, and he started making abominations like that thing... Like us."

"Oh! I'm actually not --"

"Of course you aren't, I'm talking about me and my sisters," Brooke says, a forearm beginning to grow out of her right elbow.

The mysterious arm reached into Brooke's ammo pouch and retrieved a magazine, which it then guided to Brooke's primary arm which ad already ejected the old magazine.

"That's Chelle," Brooke announces, Another arm extends out of Chelle's Elbow, this one a little narrower. It excitedly waves at you.

"Myra," Suddenly two more arms begin to extend outwards from each subsequent one.


"And the little one's Emma."

"We're not sisters by blood, but we've been living with each other so long we might as well be sisters."

You couldn't believe your eyes -- well -- actually you could, given that this was somewhat reminiscent of the Tree Man you saw not too long ago. This was something different though, Brooke - or rather - the sisters seem to be a lot more coordinated than Tree Man. Given the recent supernatural events, there was only one thing on your mind.

"You mind if I take a selfie? Like - with you?" You ask.

"I'd rather not," Brooke coldly states, while the tiniest arm rapidly wave about in excitement.

"No," she states again, "Remember what happened last time? We can't have our picture get out."

It was then that a little head - couldn't be more than ten years old - with light brown hair begin to emerge from Brooke's neck, "She seems nice though."

The little head - presumably Emma - looks at you, "Do you like our super power?" She asks, proudly.

Brooke smiles warmly, "It's not a super power, Emma."

Despite Brooke saying that, you can't honestly see how this wouldn't be considered a super power.

"But... Why? Why did he make you?" You ask.

"We don't know. That's one of the questions we want to ask Shelby - should we meet him."

You shrug, "Well, It's cool - like - really cool," Emma gives you a big, toothy smile in response.

Brooke shakes her head, "We might look fine now, but I honestly don't even remember the first five years we spent together. It was just pain. Every second of every day, pain."

"The only reason we were able to figure this out is because our parents found us. Showed us how to live like this."

"I love my sisters, and I wouldn't want it any other way; But no matter what good may have come from his research, Shelby is hurting people, and after we get our answers, he'll die."

You stare at Brooke blankly, "You're so a super hero."

Brooke rolls her eyes, "We're just... us."

You arrive at the front gate of the church, the courtyard decorated with gore. It looks like the cops never even made it past the gate, as the black, rusted, hunk of iron still sits locked to the fence.

(Will continue tonight in a new thread. Probably around 10 PM CST)


Thanks, and yeah.

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