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Recap: Last thread, Valornia has made some gains tech wise, talked with a Slverian Captain, Krištof, about relations between the two countries, the allure of evolutionary stones in exchange for weapons and armor. Valornia has also got in contact with Meriden and Molkasia and has started to trade with Molkasia, 1 shipment of 300 Láska-Stárek for a whole bunch of berries. The Secret Guard are now in the midst of operating to undermine opposition in Karovia for secession in the northern lands, centered around the city of Czeladź.

Basis of the Quest:

You, the players, are in control of the great nation of Valornia, a state founded by the Skorupi and Yanma tribes long ago. In this world, Pokemon are the only sentient beings and as such, civilization grows on their backs.
These days however, the time of the guilds of yore and small separated towns are long gone, replaced by kingdoms and empires ruled over by a king or queen, casting stability over the land with power, might, religion and politics.
One of your main goal is to ensure the continuity of the state, prosperity of its people and the security of its land through those very same measures:
Military might, political savvy, economic power and stability of the nation.

Thread Archive - Read here to understand - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pokemon%20civ%20evo
General Civ. Stats - http://pastebin.com/B4bgBxNn
Military Stats - http://pastebin.com/K5ydbEM8
Twitter - @Artic_Kobold

---Current Actions Underway---

TECH -| Lanturn Orbs - 3
TECH -| ---
MILITARY -| Sniper Scope - 1
MILITARY -| Water Cannon - 3
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 1
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 4



>For the gangs, either "hire" them so they work us or slowly replace them with our own people. We can also force them into the karovian army (with official? government notices).
>for Klimek, secretly expose his corruption to the masses. Incite them to "take matters into their own hands". Also try to ambush him in the forests or when he's hunting. Do any of these things after we have taken care of the gangs

Considering the S.G is a bit thin in ranks, only one step at a time. Choose one thing to do and work slowly.


"Those evolutionary stones will surely come in handy..." the professor said. Krištof smirked.

"And your people can have some once a deal is made and that may only happen if official contact is made. What will it be?"
>It's a deal.

Isn't Locomotive in the tech slot?

TECH -| Lanturn Orbs - 2
TECH -| Locomotive - 2
MILITARY -| Sniper Scope - 0
MILITARY -| Water Cannon - 2
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 0
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 3

The survey has been completed. It may have taken 3 months to complete but it now politics in Rulona and Haven should be easier.

Known alliances:

South Haven Coalition:

Albrinn Treatise:

Feran Trade League:

Central Alliance:

Lambert Plains Alliance:
Arcila Order

All but Feran are Monarchies.

"It's deal." the professor said.

"Excellent professor- you won't regret this decision. I'll be leaving to the capital now to report this. I hope you all find the Being of Earth in due time. Farewell."

Krištof started to disappear into the darkness along with his men but stopped one of them and sent him back.

"What's this?" one of the other party members stated at the arrival of a different Ledian, sans warhammer but dressed in the rather stealthy looking guise.

"Captain Krištof has assigned me as an escort till you leave Slveria. You have no lay of this land and decided that he should at the very least, give some help in exchange. My name is Daniela. Let me guide you all to a near town."

The group had no choice but to follow her into the forest, knowing they had little knowledge of this land- usually, envoys just got maps in the capitals of the nations they visit but they had no time to do so. Whatever fears and apprehension they had of the strange Ledian passed once they entered a small town named "Chcebuz" and checked into the inn. Tomorrow, the search for Groudon will continue, as well as talks with Kova and Aljeri once the envoy finds the time.
espionage: start replacing the gangs with our own people, (which we can hire) by forcing them into the karovian army (with army recruitment forms)
military: shaped charges
political: also make contact with crokal
>I want to see the situation with their alliance with sylveria
forgot to say, by hiring, I meant either among the locals or our own populace. This is, as you said, the S.G. doesnt have many people available
>start replacing the gangs with our own people, (which we can hire) by forcing them into the karovian army (with army recruitment forms)

Using the ongoing war to their advantage, the agents of the SG work to subvert the gangs in Czeladź by using army conscription, which in Karovia, desertion is punishable by 15 years in prison. With this in mind, most will likely either join out of wanting to stay out of prison or run off to Valornia or Becari to avoid conscription. It will take 4 rounds (60 days)

Explosives of all kinds already exist for the military an industry to use but the military want an even more effective one- one that will transmit all its power in a rather focused way. It will take 6 rounds (90 days)

>also make contact with crokal
You send diplomats to Crokal to see what their situation is in Halzæ and their alliance with Slveria.

Considering that the Secret Guard only has around 150 to 175 agents at a time, the government (at least, the ones that know of it) wishes to expand their ranks. It will cost 130k KYR a new "department store". With it, the number or agents will double, if not triple and the number of ESPIONAGE slots go up to two.

Valornia currently has 689,500 KYR in budget.
yes, build this "department store"
-also, build 2 more trawlers
File: fallentopieceswall.png (132 KB, 1200x1200)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
A brand new, large and expansive department store has been built in Jakoelfton. This type of store is the first of its size, considering most were usually the size of a single rowhouse but this new store takes up a plot that could fit as many as 30 apartment buildings of average size.

Unbeknown to the populace, under this impressive store, the company that owns it being a front of the S.G, is a new, more expansive HQ for the S.G and will allow for more precise operations.

Two more Trawlers have been built for a cost of 10k KYR.

Current Budget is now 549,500 KYR

TECH -| Lanturn Orbs - 0
TECH -| Locomotive - 0
MILITARY -| Shaped Charges - 6
MILITARY -| Water Cannon - 0
POLITICAL -| Contact, Crokal - 2
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 1
ESPIONAGE -| Subvert, Czeladź Gangs - 3

Lanturn orbs have been studied and their effects are quite astounding. Electricity stored within is used to light the darkness with extreme efficiency and can even be used to blind foes and prey alike. Researchers say that this can be used as the basis of a new light source but may have some use in the military.

Research now available: Lightbulb (requires Electricity), Flashbang

Locomotives, or lokomotiva in Arachnael, are now a concept that can actually be realistically be built now that downscaling on the one example Valornia has has occurred but the manufacture of locomotive has brought up issues.

When it came to creating anything in Valornia, like bullets, nails, shoes and other such, it usually fell onto artisans and craftsman who specialize for this sort of thing. Companies like Bartoš Munitions and Bureš & Čermák Arsenal, have developed techniques to build weapons faster to meet Valornia's demand but something like a locomotive, even ones that are as small as a carriage, will need a new system to develop them.

Research now available: Factories, Rail Track, Interchangeable Parts

With the development of the Water Cannon, two things come to mind: controlling fires and watering gardens with a smaller version of this. At least, that's the thoughts for now.

Research now available: Water Hose, Fire Brigades

Hasglow's wall in most places is now abandoned and falling apart. The east wall especially after the Valornian element broke through months ago but the wall in most places has held. While one entry would be great, the assault on the city cannot commence as this would be asking to walk into a meat grinder.

On the south wall, the TNT that had been used on the door did damage it but did not bring it down. The old doors are not made of wood but of stone and intelligence suggest another door on the other side of the wall that must be busted down. Another application of TNT has been laid and hopefully, it will bring the door down and give the second entry the sieges need.

Maybe this will be the end of long siege.

Roll 1d20.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Tech: Electricity
Tech: Steamboat. Put those steam engines on ships.
Military: Flashbang

So much tech and so little slots.
we could build a government funded laboratory
-considering there's not many civilians left, increase bombing of the city itself, targeting defensive buildings. Setting fires would also work to flush them out.
-Have a slow and steady push into the city, taking care to lessen casualties. Utilize combined infantry+air support tactics.
-espionage:start to infiltrate the feran trade league, nothing too overt or risky. Just getting people into positions for now
we could also utilize pokemon abilities, have water types create fog/rain within the city. Rock types to help break down the walls, dig under them (Drilbur). Grass types to grow vines and trees to use as obstacles.
File: fallenwall2.png (215 KB, 1200x1800)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
With the changes I'm considering and doing later, tech research won't be a problem.


[15, Average Success]

The TNT charges blew with incredible force, breaking open the already weak doors and damaging the surrounding wall and the door directly behind it as well

With the resounding damage, the wall on the west side of the doors collapsed without fan-fare, kicking up large amounts of dust and debris and tone or two bodies as well.

It seems that a new avenue of attack is now clear to be used.

Should the siege shift to attack or continue and open another path as well?

I know you've already given a plan of attack but I'm just making sure is all.

>we could also utilize pokemon abilities, have water types create fog/rain within the city. Rock types to help break down the walls, dig under them (Drilbur). Grass types to grow vines and trees to use as obstacles.

You can but they must be protected because war.

Electricity - The concept of electricity is not foreign considering electric types are common-place, as populace and as livestock. Many a researcher has wondered if one could utilize electricity in a functional way, to power things instead of straight up electrocuting something or as a matter of offense/defense to those that can wield it. 7 rounds.

Steamboat - While machines that utilize steam are gaining ground on land, the use of steam engines in the sea has come to pass through entrepreneurs throughout the country, who wish to make a name using this new form of propulsion for ships and make it possible to ship anything, no matter the wind or without resorting to copious use of Flying and Water types in emergencies. 5 rounds.

Start to infiltrate the Feran trade league, nothing too overt or risky. Just getting people into positions for now. 3 rounds.

TECH -| Electricity - 7
TECH -| Steamboat - 5
MILITARY -| Shaped Charges - 5
POLITICAL -| Contact, Crokal - 1
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 0
ESPIONAGE -| Subvert, Czeladź Gangs - 2
ESPIONAGE -| Network, Feran - 3

The survey for resources on the continent to the west has produced reports of large amounts of iron and coal. One location has a good amount of chalk and another salt. A couple of sparse points have nickel and one particular location has both aluminum and tungsten. This is all on the east coast alone!

The full report will follow next post w/ map and key.

[Here's something to help craft a better image of this world.]

The national newspaper, Zprávy První, has started up a new section called Světové Zprávy (World News), which functions to inform the populace on matters outside the nation.

Issue 121, Autumn - Year 189


Laronn issues embargo against Karyzan!

Arcila Order of Knights dealing with civil strife!

Kova strains relations with Karyzan!

Ellekria declares war on Skalland over territorial dispute!

From Theodor Kucera, Leader of the 2nd Expedition, to the Valornian Ministry Council,

Enclosed is a better map than before of this new land with a rather crude rendering of the terrain and most resources that we could find mapped.
There may be more but I cannot say for we did not have the equipment
to go as deep as I would've liked, alas, we come back with only reports of basic things we already have.

On the better side of news, I have found two areas where gold is plentiful along with salt and an incredible abundance of coal throughout the land.
Along with all this is large forests and massive plains filled with wheats and grains.

As said before, there are tribes living about but the borders of each one is still unknown to use but they have all taken an interest to our expedition wherever we went, most likely mystified by a group of monsters like themselves but better arms, protected and wearing clothes-
well, most of us anyways. Lukáš couldn't put anything more than a hat on but the young Spinarak was more than willing in aiding exploration.
As most of the crew and others of the whole thing, I can say the same but I have a sneaking suspicion that most would've likened to settling down in the land.

In the map included, I have pointed out three locations in red for a good first settlement: a natural harbor, good defense placement and close to areas that can be farmed. They may not be on the mainland but the do not appear to intrude on any local tribes.

Theodor Kucera, 2nd Lieutenant of the Valornian Army and member of the Exploration Guild

P.S - Excuse the mess that is this map, my best artist has been rather stressed lately. The poor girl had to fight three Ursaring herself last night. Left them full of holes with her rifle.

Bastards didn't know what was coming.
yes, we should switch to attack. Make sure to take things steady and only to concentrate on making beachheads so we can set up bases within the city. It'll help the soldiers to have places to fall back to.
-They must be protected. That's a given.
-military:develop "modern" tactics. Ex:division, use of cover, not being afraid to get dirty, no more "lines" (learning from ww1 basically)
-political:talk with kova
-social:start a military reserve program, allowing willing mons to hone their bodies and learn teamwork and tactics. (also reducing recruitment costs?)
-send back: Yes, start the first colony on the top most red dot, focusing on infrastructure and survival first. Secure the land, then spread to the other two locations when possible. If you want, conduct limited trade with the locals and learn the local politics.
'Modern' tactics are not that modern. Fighting pragmatically has always been a thing and just adapts with technology. Ex: spears let you kill people without getting near their swords and axes, so people made them longer until they became pikes and could be used by the first six lines instead of the first two.

Flashbang has already been proposed for military anyways, it just hasn't been added.

We should build a laboratory or dedicated university to help research.
File: pikes.jpg (111 KB, 800x348)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Forgot pic.
I was just thinking about the transition of tactics ala WW1

'Modern' tactics is really, squad based engagements, long-ranging bombing and war of attrition- think the OODA loop.

A change to WW1 tactics would be feasible but the main reasons for the main switch to WW1 tactics, trench warfare, is machine guns and they have not been invented yet in universe. Modern mortars and artillery also do not exist. Powered flight as well and all that exists in that regard is balloons, nothing near the bi-planes and zeppelins of the time.

So researching 'modern' tactics is a little impossible to research. Steady work towards WW1 tactics is doable however, as in real life.


>Yes, we should switch to attack. Make sure to take things steady and only to concentrate on making beachheads so we can set up bases within the city. It'll help the soldiers to have places to fall back to.

>-They must be protected. That's a given.

Large groups of soldiers are chosen to work on systematically demolishing the wall in the certain places whilst some fortify current positions.

You have accidentally invented Engineering Corps! These guys make sure an army will get to its destination no matter what and can help during peace time with civil projects.

>political:talk with Kova
After the team has had fun talking with Slveria, they... send for a diplomatic team to be sent to the Halzae Peninsula on the account that the envoy is supposed to looking for Groudon, not playing diplomats. It will be 30 days until the diplomats arrive.

>social:start a military reserve program, allowing willing mons to hone their bodies and learn teamwork and tactics. (also reducing recruitment costs?)
The Valornian military noted that most of its teeth is currently engaged overseas but little force had been left behind. A solution offered by a few enterprising ministers is a program where civilians go through training but instead of going into active service, they will be allowed to live on as citizens until the need arises for soldiers.
(It would not only reduce the cost but rather a program like this means once activated, the army will instantly have new units depending on the number of reserves, which fluctuates over time. So instead of having to pay for 20 units, they're already there. Cheap and effective but these guys will have the downside of having no experience other than basic.). It will take 60 days rounds to implement.

TECH -| Electricity - 6
TECH -| Steamboat - 4
MILITARY -| Shaped Charges - 4
POLITICAL -| Contact, Crokal - 0
POLITICAL -| Contact, Kova - 2
SOCIAL -| Army Reserve Program - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Subvert, Czeladź Gangs - 1
ESPIONAGE -| Network, Feran - 2

The diplomats sent to Crokal have just arrived and are now meeting with a rather happy group of men- along with their many guns and cannons.

"Under the authority of His Majesty, King Andrija Kovac, state your business!" a burly Timburr commands the pair of diplomats, a typical pair of Sneasel.

How will you answer?
political: during those 2 turns, continue to search fro groudon
military: start experimenting with attaching steam engines to our "gliders" (early airplanes)
-Huu~ We come from a distant land are still getting acquanted with Rulona. We're willing to trade, resources, information, technology, and possibly diplomatic ties. We'd also like to know about the situation with your neighboring countries.

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