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You, the players, are in control of the great nation of Valornia, a state founded by the Skorupi and Yanma tribes long ago. In this world, Pokemon are the only sentient beings and as such, civilization grows on their backs. These days however, the time of the guilds of yore and small separated towns are long gone, replaced by kingdoms and empires ruled over by a king or queen, casting stability over the land with power, might, religion and politics. One of your main goal is to ensure the continuity of the state, prosperity of its people and the security of its land through those very same measures:

Military might, political savvy, economic power and stability of the nation.

The Counsel State of Valornia has, by this point, through politics and conquest, gained the northern half of Root Island as its own land, which is starting to be called "Ostrov of Srdnatosti" or Isle of Valor by the populace. Your other goal's as of now, however, is to unite the Haven Isles under your banner. First Root Island and eventually, the Haven Island.

Thread Archive - Read here to understand - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pokemon%20civ%20evo
General Civ. Stats - http://pastebin.com/B4bgBxNn
Military Stats - http://pastebin.com/K5ydbEM8
Twitter - @Artic_Kobold

Recap: The Steam Engine had been invented, kicking off the Steam Age, a situation has cropped up in the Halzæ Peninsula and the siege of Hasglow is going well. Along with all this is the news of a large continent to the west ripe for the picking.


TECH -| Ballistic Pendulums - 1
TECH -| Strange Vehicle, Decipher - 3
MILITARY -| Research Remoraid - 0
MILITARY -| Howitzer - 2
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 4
POLITICAL -| Contact, Meriden and Molkasia - 1
SOCIAL -| Youth Organization - 0
ESPIONAGE -| Culture Spread, Karovia - 3

The research on Remoraid has been completed. Designs for a new attachment, a sniper scope, to the Láska-Stárek Bolt Action and Kolar-Kasun is now available for development using a Military slot. Also available is the Water Cannon, which may be used to wash walls, fight fires and disperse protesters whenever needed.

The new 'Young Monster Caretaker Association' has been created to aid the development of young monsters and to inspire them to do great things while teaching them skills like carpentry, welding, leadership and such. Another benefit is that through this program, young minds will be easier to keep a hold of and become loyal members of the state- something that hasn't been made public.


"Hmmm..., we'd like to learn more about the situation in these lands before making a formal decision. Things are still open to discussion however and we hope to have future dealings with all of you."

The response was vague enough to assure Mihael and Pavli that Valornia isn't that willing to jump in headfirst. Krištof is okay with the decision, hoping Valornia would wish to talk later on.

The parties in the room give their permission for the envoy to continue searching for Groudon and are given special permission to cross their borders, as long as the deal is kept.

With the announcement of a new continent, the government has been working hard to try and figure something out. It wasn't long ago when they found Rulona, or rather, rediscovered it considering they possibly migrated from that land... presumably.

Although Valornia has colonized before, it was only minor islands to the southwest but another continent is a different story. One suggestion that has been making rounds is the idea of making an official charter of colonization, detailing how colonization may work. A large proponent is advocating that within this charter, the local populace of tribes and such are to be left alone for now, something that is agreed on. It was only 100-200 years ago that Valornia was a mere tribal state itself.

But the charter will need more than that, some other things must be evaluated:

>Resources - How much does the colony keep? 20% or 40%?
>Trade - Should Valornia handle a colonies trade or let them handle it?
>Should the colony be governed directly or have it's own sub-governence?
>What rights do the colonists have over there? Are they full citizens of Valornia or are citizens of the colonial state?
>Should the colonial state be able to pass its own law or must it go through Valornia first?

Choose one answer for each.
-In the beginning, the colony gets to keep 40% with the expectation to lower 20% after things are settled
-trade should be handled by valornia at first, with partial transition after
-governed directly until at least 1 major port+major city are created
-full citizens of valornia, but acknowledge that they will become "colonials"
-go through valornia for now
actually, change the percentage from 60% to allow ample growth to 30% later
100-200 years. Man, that's some fast development.

supporting this>>492924>>492930

>Military: sniper scope
ah, didn't notice the 0's
-social:let's do another survey of the island, in depth this time, focusing on resources we are importing: plants+minerals
Yeah, it's fast but that's an estimate in Valornia, they have no actual calender and use the seasons to know when it's been a year so everything time-wise is just guesswork.

I can say it's been at least 60 years since Rulona has been discovered for reference though.

>Military: sniper scope

The military decides to move forward with the designs gleaned of observations made of the Remoraid and create a new version of the old scopes used on earlier muskets but one that can be used by Pokemon of every type, not just Dark-type.


-In the beginning, the colony gets to keep 60% with the expectation to lower 30% after things are settled
-trade should be handled by valornia at first, with partial transition after
-governed directly until at least 1 major port+major city are created
-full citizens of valornia, but acknowledge that they will become "colonials"
-go through valornia for now

This is a good charter to start with and can be changed at any time using the Political slot if anything you desire needs to be changed.

>ah, didn't notice the 0's
I'm doing that from now own to show what's done, it's a little confusing in my eyes for anyone who just wanders by.

>social:let's do another survey of the island, in depth this time, focusing on resources we are importing: plants+minerals

The Exploration Guild has been chartered once again, but this time to search inland and in depth for resources, plants and other things that can be imported and summarily exported.

TECH -| Ballistic Pendulums - 0
TECH -| Strange Vehicle, Decipher - 2
MILITARY -| Sniper Scope - 3
MILITARY -| Howitzer - 1
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 3
POLITICAL -| Contact, Meriden and Molkasia - 0
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 6
ESPIONAGE -| Culture Spread, Karovia - 2

With the new Ballistic Pendulums, gun manufacturing has given way to more accurate rifles and the testing of new bullets and their design. This is an especially useful thing to happen and new ammunition companies have already opened up alongside this new device.

These cartridges are now available: 7.2 mm, .225 and .25.

Diplomatic contact has been made with Meriden and Molkasia. What do you wish to discuss?
Tech: Study Lanturn orbs.
-interest in trade and possible diplomatic relations, tech trade if they have anything interesting

The study of Lanturn, and in turn their orbs, has been put forward in Jakoelfton University. The orbs are being studied fairly closely, since they seem to be able to produce electricity through these orbs as well as light in the depths of the ocean. This will take 4 rounds.


>interest in trade and possible diplomatic relations, tech trade if they have anything interesting

Meriden and Molkasia are both rather mixed countries, unlike Karoslav and have plenty of food to go along with their raw resource gathering. Meriden though. has wine-making as well as large scale operations in logging while Molkasia specializes in growing berries that grow elsewhere in the world: Roseli, Kee, Maranga, Micle, Custap, Jaboca, and Rowap berries are all grown in Molkasian soil, said to be some of the best for berry farming. They also grow zucchini as well.

Tech wise, they're on par with the rest of Rulona, which is a smidgen behind Valornia.

Diplomatic relations is where things get interesting. While Meriden isn't all that concerned about their position, the Kingdom of Molkasia is feeling the heat from the Empire of Laronn, who wants them to become a vassal state of theirs. Already allied with Karoslav and Meriden, the king, King Jules Dubois III, wishes to have more allies under his belt. Valornia would be a great start, being the little upstart nation that it is. While Laronn may disapprove, there is little they could do. It is up to you to decide whether or not an alliance may happen.

TECH -| Lanturn Orbs - 4
TECH -| Strange Vehicle, Decipher - 1
MILITARY -| Sniper Scope - 2
MILITARY -| Howitzer - 0
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 2
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 5
ESPIONAGE -| Culture Spread, Karovia - 1

The medium range cannon, the Howitzer, has been developed and is ready for construction by the artisians of Jakoelfton and Chrabrost.
It does 150 damage to all troops, 130 damage to fortifications, 140 damage to all ships. It costs 4500 KYR to produce.


The walls around Hasglow in all sections has weakened enough that only a few good blows will knock them down while the small crack the 1st Army produced has widened enough to let in a medium column of men at a time. Soon, the city will be overran.

Meanwhile, the lights around Nina Sarka have actually spread around the camp haphazardly and are now following random soldiers in their task but only a certain few are actually followed for prolonged periods of time: Renáta Marek, Peter Janda, Vavrinec Sykora and the two commanders themselves, Lucia Dušek and Denis Machán, a Scorupi and a Drapion respectively, were also followed. Of course, explaining how they were Denis, who was in a camp on the south side of the city, at least 5 km away is a bit of a stretch but when it is revealed that more cages have been opened, then it makes sense.
Political: begin positive economic ties with these nations. Conduct cultural exchane along with trading any food items they dont have for ones we dont have. Ask if there are any other nations we could have positive relations with.
Military: can we develop submarinesyet?
Military: Water Cannon.

We'll sit on that alliance proposal for now.
That being said, I'm leaning yes. It's mostly because I don't want Laronn to get stronger. I don't want a potential rival to grow more powerful if I can help it.
File: steamgogo.jpg (328 KB, 1800x816)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
>begin positive economic ties with these nations. Conduct cultural exchange along with trading any food items they don't have for ones we don't have. Ask if there are any other nations we could have positive relations with.

Meriden and Molkasia are open for trade though it will be a slow process. Of course, there is little that Valornia could benefit besides wine and berries, which isn't worth much, while these two nations could benefit from older weapon designs- the Láska-Stárek (not the Bolt Action one) in particular is something they're willing to pay good money for but unlike all trades beforehand, an exchange rate must be calculated considering Krystal is Valornia currency and Molkasia uses Francs while Meriden uses Corona.

Considering Valornia's wealth in valuable crystals, KYR is worth a good amount while FR and CR are worth a lot less considering they have little natural wealth. Valornia would possibly, through exchange, get a minimum of 50,000 KYR for every shipment of 300 Láska-Stárek as well as berries and (more) wine.

Do you accept?

Culture exchange is being done, with Valornian being introduced to them while they introduce Galcionian (remember the Butts'? Valornia has already seen this.) and Kasian (Spanish)

Military: can we develop submarines yet?
Yes... well, rudimentary ones; but over time, they'll be better. Expect the first subs to be like the CSA H. L. Hunley- slow and sinking themselves due to terrible tactics (shooting a torpedo at short distance is a no-no).


The idea of shooting pressurized water out of a cannon, thanks to studies of Remoraid and other Water types, has been conceptualized. It will be done in 3 rounds.

The idea of a alliance may sit for sometime but it is on the table. Just make sure Laronn doesn't try anything before then.

TECH -| Lanturn Orbs - 3
TECH -| Strange Vehicle, Decipher - 0
MILITARY -| Sniper Scope - 1
MILITARY -| Water Cannon - 3
POLITICAL -| Political Survey - 1
SOCIAL -| Survey, Western Continent, Resources - 4
ESPIONAGE -| Culture Spread, Karovia - 0

The strange vehicle has been deciphered. Named the Parní stroj mobile, it is a vehicle that uses a large steam engine to deliver power to large steel wheels that move it along a track. This first model, in the plans provided, would cost over 65,000 KYR to build and would need a track of steel and iron to run on as well as a good 6 months to build but it could possibly pull heavy weight once going.

Karovia has been injected with a good amount of Valornian culture and the northern provinces, close to the war, were starting to consider separation from Karovia and being annexed by Valornia. The only thing in the way is local lords and magistrates that obviously do not want this to happen considering they will most likely be replaced by people who will earn their position through merit, not nepotism, bribery or cheating.
yes, we accept. Just make sure to not give them too many guns. How much work is it to make 1 shipment of the 300 guns? We'll start with 1 for now.
-tech: research basic locomotives
-espionoage:let's oust these leaders, Through exposing their foul deeds and corruption while inciting the public. Subtle assassination (with blame on unrest) if things dont work out
-political:let's continue our discussion with mihael, pavli and kristof (all separately of course)
>if you want, let's do kristof first
Hey Artic, could we get a map again?
Of Rulona or Haven Isles or just Root?
Not him but I'd like to see the new island in comparison to the rest of the map

Well here's a world map, terrain for once. It's not detailed or anything but the it defines the areas of the lands known already. Also, yellow isn't desert- it's wheat fields and such.
File: WorldMap1.png (1.15 MB, 2880x1800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
And I forgot the map. This happens too much.
File: 1440373333232.jpg (85 KB, 600x600)
85 KB
thanks, cause i also wanted to know the terrain of the large empires.
>tfw colonialism

Yeah, the larger kingdoms, naturally, are mostly plains and small forests. The Kalisian wine and beer country can be seen rather well, in the west country.

I think next game of Poke Civ I plan to end it when Valornia gets its first FTL ship. That's a long ways though., I'll just slap down the full map and save myself the pain of editing.

>yes, we accept. Just make sure to not give them too many guns. How much work is it to make 1 shipment of the 300 guns? We'll start with 1 for now.

Well there isn't a factory making it, so the process is slow. It would take 1 round to make 50 guns. 1 round, I should mention, is 15 days. Probably should've said this.

This will the first of many times a nation may ask for weaponry.


The idea of the "locomotion machine" has spread throughout the scientific community and beyond and has caught the eye of entrepreneurs and inventive types abound. A design of basic locomotives may be coming sometime soon. 3 rounds.
The Secret Guard, not intent at having their handiwork stall on them, decide to to continue and oust the leaders in the way of their work. The main problem is Lord Klimek of Czeladź. The old Luxray will not let go of power no matter what gets in his way and word is that he has the underground elements in Czeladź on his payroll. All that needs to happen is some 'persuasion' of the heads of these elements and they'll stay out of the way of the Guard. Once that is done, a minor accident is all it will take to kill the old fool. How will you... persuade the gangs and kill the Lord?
>let's continue our discussion with Mihael, Pavli and Kristof (all separately of course)

The envoy meant to find Groudon has been delayed long enough but a parley into politics in favor of their homeland is never something to ignore. Deciding to talk privately, and discreetly, with the Slverian Captain, Krištof, they all head out of the border town towards Slveria before meeting up at a small lake just past its border with Kova. Once securely in Slverian lands, under the cover of night, Krištof was more than happy to let his guard down.

"Sorry if me or my men may have been overbearing but when your neighbors are a bunch of kretén, you keep your guard up at all times."

The lead of the party, a Scorupi professor from Jakoelfton University, was not in the slightest annoyed. "It is fine, we understand. Not too long ago, we had to tread as carefully as you do. Now we have almost our entire island for ourselves."

Krištof looked shocked. "Well, that is impressive. Also, I am sorry I was a little forward in that little meeting. I haven't seen other's of my kind or type outside this land since I was a child."

The professor and the other Bug-types laughed. "Again, it's fine and quite understandable. Being surrounded by monsters of types that can mutilate Bugs swiftly must be harrowing."


Here's a sneaky Ledian for taking so long.
on persuading the gangs, what are they into? protection? prostitution? drugs? Our answer depends on how "hard" these criminals are.
>I don't approve of them, but if we must, we'll allow them certain things. There's going to be crime anyways, might as well have them on our side. There must be limits however.
-for the lord, what are his hobbies? does he like food, zebstrika riding, etc.?


"Yes it is but we have a good military and strong defenses. Of course, times change and those defenses are worthless when it comes to long guns and cannon fire. The situation is that we have very little in the way of firearms, only a few musketsmen here and there and almost no cannon while Kova and Aljeri both are getting supplies- Laronn and Karyzan respectively. They both want the mineral riches we have obtained through steady conquest and diplomacy and our alliance with Crokal will not last."

"So what are you asking of us?" the professor asks.

"What I am asking is that we get help weapons wise and we'll provide Valornia raw goods, so long as we can keep our borders in check. You have been the first contact we have had in some time, even if the circumstances are a bit... haphazard. Nevertheless, you don't have to go beg to your government if you don't want to."

"No, no, that would be unnecessary; as long as you have something our government or military wants, they'll have their way."

Krištof chuckles. "I see Valornia is really not unlike us at all- we have a lot in common."

Krištof gestures for one of his soldiers to give him something. The soldier hands over a rather peculiar stone.

"I'm sure you know what this is."

"Why, that's a Dusk Stone. Where did you...?"

"We have our mines. We have every type of evolutionary stone. It's what Laronn and Karyzan want so badly. The Laronnians want Moon Stones, the Fairy bastards, while Karyzan wants Fire Stones, to evolve and boost their flameworking power."

"This is incredible. We only have access to Water Stone."

"Well, if you help us get in contact with you Council, I'm sure the King will trade these for weapons and armour."


>on persuading the gangs, what are they into? protection? prostitution? drugs? Our answer depends on how "hard" these criminals are.

These gangs are lowlifes and thieves. Racketeering and "trade" is what they prey on and they "patrol" the streets of Czeladź instead of the police. That's how much Lord Klimek has them in his pocket.

Klimek likes hunting alright, either with sword or rifle, although being a quad., it's rather annoying to use a rifle but no impossible. He also loves theatre and has a fancy for trips to the capital, taking him through forests and fields as well as towns and villages.
For the gangs, either "hire" them so they work us or slowly replace them with our own people. We can also force them into the karovian army (with official? government notices).
-for Klimek, secretly expose his corruption to the masses. Incite them to "take matters into their own hands". Also try to ambush him in the forests or when he's hunting. Do any of these things after we have taken care of the gangs
>those evolutionary stones will surely come in handy

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