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An easy mistake to make in life is to attempt to become normal. Such a parameter is vague, subjective, and prone to close more doors than it opens; yet it proves an effective, straight method towards dealing with insecurity.

Yet one has to wonder, before making the trade, if the sacrifice is worth skipping the long journey that dealing with one's fears and demons implies.

Maybe you have more to lose than you know.

Welcome to anon and waifus!
File: apples.png (28 KB, 251x243)
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To the new anons:

This is you. They call you Trash. And, just a few minutes ago, both you and your sweetheart declared your love to each other.

That's Snacks. Your now very own, personal loveball. A very shy girl that likes to make people happy by any means she can muster. Watching her struggle against her fears made you feel again after twelve years of being almost emotionally numb, thriving on playing pranks on people and fucking up in order to feel a thing or two occasionally.

Now, the two of you are leaving the shithole of a restaurant you work at, with some flames still lingering at the roof. You both will come back, of course, but today your best friend came to meet your treasure, one already feel like hoarding like a dragon with agoraphobia.

Furthermore, OP has vowed to, even if he ends up more coffee than man, to run his little quest properly for at least a few more hours. If for some reason the next post doesn't come, just assume I'm drenching my shirt in saliva.

>Still taking all the previous choices into account, when their time comes!
File: Leaderhorn.png (221 KB, 585x1143)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
As you walk over the small wooden bridge, muffled sobbings draw your attention from below. It seems some people are still hiding after the whole Cross Boss vs Morgan Freeman massacre. Oh well. What the hell. You don't fail to notice Leaderhorn and Snacks whispering to each other, since they, pretty much, are right next to you. You let it flow, yet, like some sort of ritual.

After all, she's your only friend. Which, in turn, also makes her your best friend.

You swallow. What happens if she rejects her? Or even if she finds something wrong with Snacks? Leaderhorn is pretty smart, that's why she's the Leaderhorn after all. Maybe you should talk. Yep. You should definitively talk, perhaps.

You hmm, as Leaderhorn chuckles way too loudly over Snacks stutters and giggles. Maybe not.

Why are her horns so big? Well, she's pretty big and, like, things barely make sense anyway as of late. Why wonder. Yet, they are pretty big. You peek out from inside your colorful cloud of thoughts, wondering where are you going. What was that thing Vaal did to you at the warehouse? Is that... the sex? But isn't sex about getting something inside something? Did she get something inside of you? Wouldn't it have hurted? Did it? The three of you stop, Leaderhorn and Snacks still talking among themselves. You look at the horns as Leaderhorn turns her black eyes with golden irises towards you. Then your mind makes the connections, a certain image involving the three of you blurries into your mind.

A powerful shiver makes you pale and swallow. Leaderhorn raises an eyebrow... then smirks.

"What are /you/ thinking about, eh?"

You pierce the floor with your stare, as your cheeks suddenly puff and your lips form into a down syndrome smile- if something could ever be called like that-. Yet you can't get a word out, giggling without grace.

Something slaps you in the head, a bit less than gently. Then you explode in laughter, and attempt to hide behind your arms. As you run out of breath, you notice Leaderhorn smirking at a very red Snacks, like a blushing statue with deep eyes.

"I...I'm done." you gasp, just about to laugh again. You look at Leaderhorn and your words get stuck; for a second there, she seems so fucking happy.
"O-K! Now, where to?" she blurts out, calmly.
"What, what do you mean, I was following you all this time!"
"I was just walking around. That place is awful, I just can't believe you two work there." She crosses her arms. "We could get in the Greathorn. You've never been there, either."
"I was." you reply, dryly.
Leaderhorn chuckles. "When it was underwater, filled with Anythings, ancient things, and don't make me think about that or I'll take Snacks hostage and lock her in a tower."

Hmm. Or, we could go home. Maybe the Leaderhorn can tell you a few things about the place. It seriously shouldn't be that big, but you didn't care enough to do the research.
>Go home with Leaderhorn, Snacks, and Vaal

Leaderhorn sure has grown.
File: Vaal!.jpg (11 KB, 285x177)
11 KB
...and yet for some reason, you can't get Vaal out of your head. There should be some guilt there, inside, but after all the awful, sad shit you endured through the early years were you could still feel pain and panic, feeling bad over feeling good is /not/ something you will ever allow yourself.

You liked it. End of story.

"First, let's get Goofy." you say, then nod. "Yup."

It's Snacks that asks. "Goofy?" It's like you've forgotten her frail, careful voice in these last ten minutes. Her eyes tilt. "I may come out as mean now... but, you mean Vaal, right?"

"I'll tell her you said that." You nod again. "Brace yourself. She's not a forgiver."

God dammit, it's so hard not being sloppy is she puts on that face; it's like a hug magnet.

Alas, you endure. Glad that the restaurant is not that far yet.

"Greetings! Welcome to the Great Lady!"

Behind her strikingly fancy pose, Pedro is still watering the walls with a hose as Bobo stabs the wall with a banana. The whole place is still a fucking mess, no kinder words would be valid, yet everyone seems in good spirits doing whatever it is that they are doing.

"May I find you a table?" Vaal smirks, yet without evil. You point at Snacks.

"She wanted you to come with us! To home!"

Vaal tilts her head. "But, we are still in working schedule, aren't we?"

"Don't fucking worry, it's alright here!" the passive-agressive remark of the Cross Boss echoes a few seconds. Your cheeks puff, then you shrug.

"I don't feel like anyone is coming here to eat anytime soon." you state, sagely.

"Is she another one of your friends?" asks the Leaderhorn.

Vaal giggles. "More like a fuck-buddy!"

"What" says Leaderhorn.
>"Don't worry about it. Let's go!"
move live vampier
put hand over vaals mouth or make her gaged some how
as we say will get to that latter but for now away we go fllow me as we drag her out
Braking just in time to avoid blasting all of her teeth from her mouth, you manage to cover Vaal's mouth with your bruised hand.

"Don't worry about that! Let's go!" You ask cheerfully as you drag the tall blonde by the face, who walks meekly like there's not a thing wrong with the world. You avoid glancing back, and soon the four of you are out of the restaurant.
"Hmm." It's Leaderhorn. If she avoids the subject, it's because she figured it out. "I left my speeder behind the old garden with the watchtower."

She glances at you, smirking, perhaps thinking "My, my, what has the Trashy been doing on my back?". Having a friend way smarter than usually has more ups than downs, but the ups require you to deal with a lot of shit instead of wallowing in sweet denial. "What are the coordinates?"
"3212-2552." Snacks tumbling through numbers somehow felt kinda cute. Maybe it wasn't at all, but fuck you, you are in love.
"We should split, then." States the Leaderhorn, giving you a chance you damn well know you'll need.

But who will you go with?
dosnt matter who we go with as they going to talk and say thigns about us
hmmm go with leaderhorn
and tell snacks to not let vaal tease her too much
ask leaderhorn if we cana hold onto her horns like a harle
Let's go with Leaderhorn. We've probably got a lot of catching up to do anyway.

"I'll go with you!" You get a palm up her shoulder... it wasn't as easy as it should be. "Snacks takes the Goofy home and we take the long walk."
Vaal pouts. "That's the /worst/ nickname. I'm having a lot of trouble thinking up a character more retarded."
"But, um, in the movie he just wanted to bond with his son, and that was kinda nice..."
Vaal glances at Snacks, who takes it as a blow. But the tallest of the blondies pats her in the head.
"You know, I have a boy, too. It makes sense now."
"Oh, is that so?"
Vaal nods, already taking Snacks with her. "Did you see that one with the fishes? Finding Nemo?"
It takes her some effort, but Snacks manages to look at her in the eyes. "D-doyoulikethosetoo?
Vaal nods, letting out a cute "hmh!"
Snacks swallows. "I... I haveabunch, theresthisonewiththetinyrobotandandanddoyouremember-"
"That's Wall-E, I loved it!" Vaals gently pushes Snacks's back, and the shy girl starts walking. "They did it so well! My kid loved it so much, but wait till he grows up and gets the whole picture, it's so deep..."

You can still hear them chatting away, as Leaderhorn grabs you by the arm and leads you.

"That girl is so weird." You tell Leaderhorn, once you both get a safe distance. "She locked me in the warehouse and raped me."
Leaderhorn stares at you, dumbfolded. "And you let her take your girlfriend away from you?!"
"She didn't rape me, alright." You look around, like looking for an exit. Welp, no exit. "She, kinda, forced me against a wall."
"That's rape."
"She didn't use hold me, even Snacks could have walked away from that. And, yeah, I /did/ try to intimidate her-"
Leaderhorn stops you, suddenly. She gives you the Side Glance To End All Side Glances, the clouds making an exception to let the sun shine exclusively on her smirk; it tells you more than she could with words. You just stare at her, pouting, as one of your eyes twitches.
"It felt incredibly good." you state, blankly. "One of the best things I've ever felt in my whole life-scratch that, the best." You find yourself looking at the floor.
Leaderhorn headpats you.
"She seems nice." she states heartily, her hand going up and down over your head.

The speeder dashes across the seas, spitting water to the sides like two gigantic foaming wings.
The speeder makes its way across the deserted waters, and soon Snacks "manor" sprouts to sight.
"Trash? Are you kidding me?"
Your mouth gapes with the wind. Now that you see it, you realize how wrong you've been. Snack's ship isn't big.

It's mother-fucking huge.

File: Almostlikethis!.jpg (281 KB, 1920x1080)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
If the averge size of a ship for three persons is 1, and the Second is a 25, then Snack's mannor is a 7. Which is pretty goddamned big for an aircraft.

As you near ,you notice Snacks's hovercraft resting near the edge of the platform that sprouts from a window above.

"I'M GOING TO LAND MY BOAT ON THAT PLATFORM." It's Leaderhorn, her voice punching you in the face.

"I'LL KICK YOU IN THE GODDAMNED TEETH." you state, politely.

She takes out her insta-fire scythe , turns it in as you scream like a little girl watching Santa Clous shred to pieces, slams in under the boat, and instantly sinks the boat in a crater... in the water.
It lasts less than half a second until the feedback sends you both flying towards the mannor. You don't even get to scream, as the speeder soars the heavens and smashes itself againt the platform, spinning uncontrollably.
Once it's all over and you regain the capability to think, you slowly lift your ass from the seat, take your shaking legs outside, and puke. Puke like you were born to be a waterfall. The second you stop, you notice Leaderhorn giving you a severe scowl.

"Next time you vanish for a whole year, at least let me know."

You just give her a sad smirk, then keep on puking.

File: ineedmoresnackspics.png (269 KB, 860x1041)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
She ended up giving you a horse-ride.
"Maybe you over did it."
"Nah." she deadpans, still walking towards the door at the platform. It opens on its own.
"You know..." you start, still a bit dizzy. "I'm actually very scared, Horny."
"How's that?" you hear her asking, as you stare at the room below, looking for Snacks.
You blink slowly a few times before replying. "Because it's just too good, and it barely makes any sense." you are almost whispering at the horn. "Even Snacks said so. I don't really know what's going on."
"Does she know?" she asks.
You nod. "She's shy, but very straight. We are looking at this like a test."
"Well, regardless of what's going on she seems quite solid so far."
You get a biit closer to her hear. "What have you two been talking about, huh?"
Leaderhorn smiles widely. "Oh, you'd like to know."
Ffffffffffffucking himehorns.

After some more silent wandering, you finnally stumble upon Vaal and Snacks... as the second walks with her eyes closed across the room, then suddenly opens it and gasps.
"Heya, what did we miss?"
"Wash your mouth, it stinks." Leaderhorn pretty much drops you, yet you land well. Vaal walks up to you, as you lean from behind the big himehorn's back.
"I'm teaching Snacks a new exercise to fight against her shyness!" she states, proudly. You tilt your head to the side. She goes on; "Take a good look, then walk with your eyes closed for as long as you can."
You glance as Snacks walks veeeery slowly across the almost entirely deserted main hall in fron of the tiny kitchen, and opens her eyes again, gasping.

>yup vote time!
>Help Snacks overcome her shyness.
However, we have our own (somewhat lewd) way of doing things.
File: uykykj.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
Acting like we're about to do something sexual, but if she shows any signs of shyness, backing out at the last second and starting over.
wash mouth out, not kissing snacks with thowup on them
tell her shes doing great
mybe ask if people want to have a movie night and food, show them around the place
change into just a tshirt and hold hands and shit with snacks as we talk with the others/watch movies(under a blanket so we can rub snacks)
You know, this actually sounds like a much better option since we just threw up and everything. I shouldn't tired-post.
thank you
i like snacks a bit shy makes her cute
and funer to tease
File: 23qweqwe.jpg (264 KB, 500x500)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Yet she closes her eyes again. Step after step, she gets slower. Shaking, she stops; then takes another step.
"It's an exercise against the unknown!" Vaal explains, rising a finger. "Those who trust their own judgement don't fear walking in darkness."
You ponder, trying to get tie things togueter. Shyness, darkness... Vaal chuckles, as Snacks strays far and far. As you wonder, you catch Leaderhorn from the corner of your eye, already crouching inside the kitchen and struggling with her horns to open the cupboard. The himehorn gasps, irritated, then to your sudden dismay takes both horns off and carefully drops them on the floor.
"All the things you see when you don't see are of your own making!" states Vaal, proudly raising her finger. Snacks stops and opens her eyes, gasping. Vaal walks up to her and gently shakes the messy golden cloud. "Take a break, dear."
"This girl is too healthy!" you hear Leaderhorn rumble from behind, truly annoyed.

Her horns resting on a basket too small, over the half wall, Leaderhorn learns her back on the fraction of the half-wall that's all wall, right next to the entrance, from the side of her chair one size too small. Vaal sits in front of her across the table, glancing around, while you sit next to the two of them facing the wall, as Snacks works on the breakfast right behind you, wearing her appron.
"You busy today?" you ask, enjoying Snacks every little move.
It's Leaderhorn that answers. "I'm staying."
"I'm not asking you to stay."
"I don't care." she says, very neutrally. "Go wash your mouth, it stinks."
"sadgasdhajksd." you mutter.

You find yourself gargling at the bathroom, looking at the big scar across your right eye in the mirror. Glancing around the comfy place and it's tiny details, like a small smiling haremhorn figure, you wonder how she'd feel after watching everyone take a shit. You pick one of the ten toothbrushes at random, and make sure not to traumatize Snacks with a kiss.

When you come back breakfast is ready, and Snacks is sitting in your place, holding her ground against Leaderhorn, as Vaal munches on things like freed from the shackles of this realm.

>still keeping all votes into account! if you don't vote, I go on in a while.
>Eat breakfast with everyone
File: goddammitimhungrynow.jpg (15 KB, 180x180)
15 KB
"My, I... didn't really expect so many guests!" Snacks blinks as you stop her from rising from her seat. You pause, "hmm"ing, then let her stand and take the sit.

Then you drag her by the waist and sit her over you. You forget about the rest of the world as you shake your head against her back, suddenly feeling a bit sleepy. Then you remember that Snacks might feel embarrased right, yet as you glance from behind her neither Leaderhorn or Vaal are paying you any attention. /Especially/ Vaal. You feel something in the back on your neck, and it's Snack's arm; she giggles as you look at her.

You ditto Vaal before even thinking. Donuts, cookies, orange juice, hot chocolate, crunchy yet soft toasts, warm croissants that burn the tongue... the table reeks with them and more. It even endures Vaal's and yours unearthy rage, much more than likely passed on by the ancient lider of a ninja clan, who was betrayed by his brother and had his childs kneel and cry, losing their heads one by one, as he watched in silence. As the table shakes, Leaderhorn peacefully drinks her hot chocolate, perhaps fully convinced that she managed to stop time. Snacks, however, seems struggling to land a hand amidst the mayhem.
Once we finish our breakfast, we should have Snacks take all of us on a tour of the airship.
File: YEAH.png (209 KB, 326x387)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
You gotta be the kindest anon aboard the ship, man. No horn fucking, no threesomes, no bitch-slapping Vaal.

What the fuck. Watching TI and doin mega-post again, maybe even run like a proper QM for once at night.

Vote, fatherfuckers!
I was gonna save the hornfucking and foursomes for later. After all, the longer the wait, the better the payoff, right?
That's what I'm waiting in the shadows for...
Still staying with my moving vote.
Gotta get some cute tears/giggles when Snacks sees our tiny cheese
the real mosnter is trule shown at last
we will get there but all in due time
show everyone around the place
but like say things like, ere where i tryd to make food for snacks, heres where we washed each others back, he is the lawd pc for lawd things,
oh and a tv and this fuckhuge bed that we could all totaly fit on latter etc
File: 1455420047188.gif (271 KB, 170x215)
271 KB
271 KB GIF
You salvage a croissant from Vaal's sharp claws, and get it to Snacks mouth; she hesitates, but reaches out for a bite and is soon chewing early. Soon you find a donut in yours, and you don't even think it a first time before sinking your teeth in. You notice the slender hand behind, pushing the donut perhaps a bit too hard into your mouth, choking you. Yet you thrive, without a complain.
"Can I eat till I die?" It's Vaal, smirking like a kid with a porno.
"I think I'd rather if you didn't." After the donut is gone, you lick Snacks hand like a cat would. She caresses your cheek in return.

"What now? Do we talk now? I don't like this part." You pout, feigning desperation. "We could take a tour around the ship."
"Child. Where did you get this ship? And all this food?" says Leaderhorn, dragging Snacks attention to her. You put a hand over the pale, slender hand in your cheek, just in case she needs the support. "This is a military vessel meant for the transport and deployment of IFA speeders, an old measure against templar aircrafts. Not to mention the food."
"Don't speak like Enna." you raise a finger towards Leaderhorn. She looks... oddly intimidating without the big silly horns. "You aren't Enna."
Yet your words seem completely unnoticed. Except for Snacks, who subtly scratches behind your ear under your hand. It's... exceedingly distracting.
"Both my parents reside in the Fifth, my mother being in charge of Arma development while my father sustains the air conditioning equipment. Yes, she's the one in charge." Snacks giggles a bit. "Shortly before the Alliance, this was one of the ships that got abandoned during the Chasm. Simply put, my family invested in a scavenging team and... we pulled it out!" she raises her open palm, gesturing. "The EKE hovering works like a charm, but the pulsar engines that got shot during the Chasm are too hard-"
"I've never seen you talk so long and so clearly before." You point out, actually pointing at her."
"M-maybe you are helping." Your heart melts. She resumes. "So-"
"It can't 'fly', so to say." Snacks nods at the Leaderhorn. "Looks like you got a wealthy one." Yup, it's the side glance. Leaderhorn chuckles at your subtle, angry retort; you used to hate the rich back in the day. "You weren't serious about eating until you die, were you?" The three of you turn towards Vaal, trying to fit a whole croissant at once. She returns a defiant look.
"Dhume mhe." she adds to the conversation, in order to sprout deep, thoughtful conversation regarding the consequences of living in isolation. The croissant vanishes, her look doesn't, and her cheeks get fat.
Leaderhorn raises an eyebrow at her. "That's not even your food, you should mind your manners."
"She hasn't stuppud mu yut." she manages behind the chewing, making your eye twitch frantically. Well, guess that's how Vaal's mind works.
Yet Snacks is staring at her intently...

File: Haremhorn!.png (45 KB, 551x536)
45 KB
GUYS, old friend came out of nowhere so I'm pausing the quest for the twelfht time in a row. What kind of kind words will you dedicate to him?
his looks tasty?
get a water bottle and spray teh vaal well yealling bad vaal bad stop it
asks snacks frist
He has the best beard. Now he has to meet up with the rest of the fuckers, so instead of fucking his beard OP might get some time to write!
File: IMG_0958.jpg (171 KB, 780x840)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Show him this.
File: likethis!.png (185 KB, 500x394)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
You briefly consider drowning Vaal in orange juice, but that'd have to be explained and you'd very much rather ask snacks first.

"Hey, why don't we take a walk around the aircraft?" you exclaim softly. "I haven't seen it all, yet!"
That breaks Snack's stare.
"Oh, most of the ship is under lock-down." she says, caressing your cheek. You lean your face towards her hand, slowly shaking your head like a cat with several traumas. That makes her pause a bit. You glance at Snacks, she's giving you that motherly, focused smile, and for a second there it seems she never ever feared a thing. "S-sorry!" the charm is broken. Vaal chuckles. "Um... I was talking about the ship... yes, the rest of the ship is under lockdown, deserted. Most of the equipment is not functional, and I've given up in making the doors work again. They are stuck against the floor."
"It's a measure against floods, once the hover-mode goes down and the ship is sank underwater." Leaderhorn states, her eyes closed... you know what she's talking about. "There's a tank of oxygen for that kind of scenarios, it's meant to win time for mainentance ane emergency repairs." She scowls, but sadly. "It was a very flawed system."
Fuck. Not the best time to talk about underwater coffins and death.
Vaal swallows a donut. "So no tour?" she babbles, suddenly in the same world than you. You shrug.
"There's still the second and third floor, though. And the terrace!" Snacks says, trying to lift the mood. Seems nobody wants to wonder what could be behind the locked doors. "I'm fairly certain it's big enough already."

"Oh." An idea showed up. "Can we watch movies here? I couldn't watch anything back home, last time I tried to watch Pulp Fiction for the third time in a row I almost drowned in smoke."
"You must really like that one." Vaal nods, and grabs the same donut Leaderhorn just got her hand over.
You shrug. "I like the scene where they talk about cheeseburgers. It's nice!"
"I happen to have a very big television... but it's broken." You pout at her. "I usually just watch them on the PC.."
"For the time being, allow me to move my butt. I'm not used to staying still." Leaderhorn stands, and everyone soon follows. You close your eyes and stretch your limbs in place, as both Vaal and Leaderhorn leave the kitchen. As expected, Snacks waits for you. You wait for her to turn, then hug her over the neck.

"You are doing great!" You whisper loudly. As you manage to witness her cheek blushing, she suddenly turns and kisses you in the cheek. Yep. Not gonna let her think you don't know it ain't easy.

"This is the sauna!"

You point, more than cheerfully, towards the empty, fancy room as everyone clutches togueter by the door.

"Here we wash each other's backs." You can /hear/ Snacks freezing.

"Trash, this isn't a sauna." Vaal points out, semi-ingly ignoring your lovely commentary, or maybe to spare Snacks. "Saunas have wood! A lot of wood."

Using our masterful knowledge of all things mechanical and electric, fix the TV!
You melted your graphics card watching Pulp Fiction seven times in a row. Not exactly tech-savvy!
They don't have to know how tech-unsavvy we are though.
if its just the reception thats not working then useing a hdmi cord or what they have to hook the laptop to it should work fine
i know this s iv done this
say to vaal she would know alot of wood wouldnt she:P
its a suna becose its soo big all of us could wash each other in there at once
it gets hot and steamy so suna it is( dont need no wood)
You know what they call Quarter Pounders in Ouagadougou?
We Have Nothing To Eat
You know why?
Because of the metric system
Royale with cheese!

OP here, can't fucking write now cuz friends and bitches and social. I FAILED YOU. =<
It's fine man. Tell them we said hi.
but but we are all the friends youl ever need forever and always
Don't forget
You're here forever
y would i ever want to leave?
vaal can bring the wood next time then if it makes her happy
i gue show them the trap door? idk
File: forfucks.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
Thread returning in 5 hours. Late as fuck, I'm gonna run until my fingers melt into the keyboard.
oh yes
finds out its monday where i be, cant be her for most of it nooo
better be 4somehorn rideing when i get back
File: vaalchucklesohgod.jpg (256 KB, 1920x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
“…They what should I call it?” You ask Vaal, as the group heads to your rrom, suddenly feeling that the answer has relevance to everything that is and will ever be.
“Whatever you want, I’m just pointing it out.” She replies. “It can still be the sauna, even if it isn’t a sauna.” She nods. “Like you!”
“You could bring the wood and I'd still be Trash.” Hastily, you drown her retort with your exclamation. “This is my room!” The door opens, revealing the hulking room with the bone-white ceiling that sparkles slightly over the lamps. The rug is where it should, which means Snacks must have dragged the whole thing into place as you slept. Aw.
Leaderhorn “hmms”. “It seems so deserted. It’s like the bed is an island.” She pats you in the shoulder, gently. “Still, moving up, I see!” Snacks looks at her, than at you. “Oh, you’ve never been there? To her house?”
“The island, however, is, as you can see, fuckhuge.” You continue/interrupt, somehow proudly. “Obviously, even all of us would fit there.”
Vaal chuckles.
“We should totally be careful with the remote, though. This is also the cargo room.” You point at the black carpet. “The bridge is under the rug.”
“Those are himehorn symbols.” Leaderhorn’s eyes switch between the white cape over her non-existant right arm and the big black carpet with white, cute symbols. “Where did you get this?”
It took Snacks a few moment to reply, as the rest of you stared at her. “I’m… kind of, a himehorn specialist. Of sorts.” she finishes, flustered.
The Leaderhorn raises an eyebrow. “Would that be embarrassing for some reason?”
“And, we could totally watch a movie in that bed.” your “Interrupting People” skill is clearly leveling up.
Snacks tags along. “But, the TV is broken.”

File: WHY.jpg (174 KB, 337x506)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
“Not for long.” You state, your eyes looming through the far window towards the endless horizon, as you wear the face of a bulky man who decided that THIS, not tomorrow, not the week after, was going to be the day he stuck his whole arm inside his bully’s ass. The three of you stare at you, Vaal almost in admiration, Leaderhorn grinning widely, yet lost, and Snacks with both brown eyes widen.

“Trash.” The Leaderhorn reminds you, politely, resting her hand on your shoulder. “You plugged a radio in a tree.”

You can feel the color leaving your face. “That was /EIGHT/ years ago, you mother..j-jerk!” You try to keep the cool and laugh, but you’d have to be fucked sideways for a years straight to believe it worked. So you give up and pout. “Come on, Snacks is here, you suck at the whole “friend” thing so hard!”

Yet, Leaderhorn is lost in the memory, her cheeks about to explode.

“sorry” she manages. You wonder if her head would explode, if you stab her cheek with your fork.

“Seriously!” you cross your arms and eyes. Yet as you glance, both Snacks and Vaal are giggling like crazy, Vaal leaning on your personal loveball for support. “Oh come on, it can’t be that funny! Let’s fucking go!”

You aren’t actually mad or angry at all; this is just you, playing with the Leaderhorn, basking in the relief that none of you is trying to put on any masks. She’d know. Your journey was more about killing yourselves than it was about hunting templars down over the snow. And, right now, you just can’t get assblasted at anything. It would be blasphemous.

More so now that you met Snacks.

As you lead them to Snacks room, you gather their voices from behind without turning your head.
“-It’s just, we had this friend who used to say every life is lightning, that all it takes to kill someone is to take away the electricity from their bodies.” It’s obviously fucking Leaderhorn. “She just took it to heart. Where are you guiding us now?”
“To the terrace!” It’s Snacks, barely snapping. And you, actually, were headed for her room. Hmm.
Let's let Snacks keep doing whatever she has planned... It's probably something neat.
Oh well, to the terrace then. Chit-chat still on-going, Snacks soon takes the lead from you across the aisles, and a

And way more than soon, your head pops under the sea of grey clouds. They mash-up, threatening, as if about to unleash a rain of concrete at any minute. It looks kinda awesome.
You walk near the edge and take a swift look around; there's nothing but the ocean up front, melding with the sky in the distance, and the bubbly, purplish mass of the big, round aircraft below you, that reminds you of a zeppelin. The whole "terrace" must be fifty feet long at much, and just ten or twenty in width, parallel to the ship's head. You gasp hard; something grabbed your waist.
"S-sorry!" Snacks still hasn't finished talking as you turned. Glancing above her shoulder, you notice Leaderhorn and Vaal talking among themselves. "Ididnotmeantostartleyou!" she giggles, nervously.
You glance behind. It does seem like a long fall.
Talk with the group for a bit, then explain to Snacks that we should all head to the bedroom. Perhaps hint subtly at upcoming ledwness.
A strong, cold wind hits you from behind. Your blonde hair covers the sides of your sight. Peacefully, you witness Snacks cowering in front of you, as Leaderhorn's long black hair is comically dragged by the wind, as you simply bask in the calming power of the wind. It doesn't nearly last long enough.

"We should head to the bedroom and have sex." You state, cheerfully. "All of us."
"I'd rather, you know, not." It's Leaderhorn, sucking at subtlety as usual. "What else is to this ship? I can't believe we haven't been to the whole thing yet." She strokes her chin. "Not to mention the locked rooms. Alina, how long have you been living here on your own?"
"A... while now?" she giggles her way out of blushing, almost laughing. "It is big, I know."
Leaderhorn turns to her, calmly. "You've been alone all that time?"
You barely turn your eyes to Snacks, glancing at Vaal peeking from behind Leaderhorn.
"I... used to have a pet." Snacks manages to smile. You and Leaderhorn share one of those looks, she quickly winks at you.
"You know, you got me curious." she says, making Snacks turn to her. "Have we been to your room yet?"
Snacks visibly freezes. You've learned to tell when it happens, because her feet is usually moving at any other time, in one way or the other, sometimes just shaking on the spot. Now, she's dead quiet. Your eyes widen; That's right, the whole blanket thing and the figurines! She has, like, the whole history of the Chasm in that room!
Hmm, what's going on?
To Snacks' bedroom we go, then! For completely non-sex stuff, we promise.
"I-I do hope not to seem rude right now... but, may we be excused, for a few seconds?" It's Snacks, facing the Leaderhorn and Vaal, like apologizing.
The Leaderhorn almost bows in her nod. "I won't be the one to take privacy away from you. Miss Hearts, will you?"
"Not at all." Vaal replies, gingerly, as the both head downstairs, her arms under each others like in those old couples with big hat and tuxedos. It really makes your eyebrow twitch.
"Um... Trash?" Snacks seems a bit flustered. "I... well, you've seen my room already, and, well, she's all over the pictures, and the figures... even the sheet I sleep on."
"You must really like her. A lot of people do." you say, actually proud of your horned fucker of a friend.
Snacks scratches her head, looking elsewhere. "I do, but... wouldn't she find it to be weird?"
>"Don't even worry about it."
You chortle. "You won't be her biggest fanboy, don't even worry about it. Also, those figures are too damn /cute/, you could make an Anything with arms for eyes and I'd bet my bed it'd be pretty." you smile widely at her, happy.
"M-maybe I'm just too insecure. I just though, if someone had so many... things about me, I... just don't want to embarrass her."
"Well, I would know." You state, a shit-eating grin infesting your face. "I'm in that bedsheet, too."
Her eyes widen. "What?"
You nod and laugh in silence, over and over. "I am...! I... am!" You smirk. "Really, I am!"
She just... stares at you. Likely wondering if doubting you would be polite or not. You grab her hand.
"I'll show you!"


As the four of you stare into the bedsheet, you point towards the grim-looking, skeletal-like armored blonde man with far more chest than you, even more than you.
"You took me for a guy. I'm flattened." You start, crossing your arms over your endless shit-eating grin. "Yet, that's me!"
Leaderhorn glances round and round, almost pouting, at the endless supply of imagery at every corner; posters, pictures, figurines, small colored statues... Meanwhile, Vaal seems like looking for herself in the bedsheet, as Snacks still stands frozen, much more than likely awaiting divine confirmation of a sort.

>Ask her to believe.
>Give her proof.
>>Give her proof.
We don't want the Russian Proofs Rooster descending on us.
File: himehornplush.jpg (66 KB, 500x637)
66 KB
Upon /some/ searching around the room, at some point almost in desperation -Snacks looking at you, quizzically- you find an empty stop and summon... the giant spoon! Snacks's jaw drops, almost like in one of those old cartoons. Vaal glances, then goes back to the bedsheet, then glances again and her eyes get stuck to the big, black spoon that just spawned from in your hand out of thin air.
"Felt like showing up?" It's Leaderhorn, grabbing a small, smiling haremhorn and turning it around.
The spoon vanishes in a faint black glow. "She didn't know who I was."
"You mean you didn't tell her." She walks up to Snacks, who's still /looking/ at the empty space. The big himehorn gets a hand in her shoulder. "I have to wonder just what did you see in Trashy over there?"
She blushes, then giggles. You quickly hug her, and kiss her in the forehead.
"Hey! I'm the only one allowed to make her all red!" You rumble, holding her head against your chest. One of her horn pokes your chin. "Is that clear?"
"You'll have to admit, it was actually a fair question." Now the shit-eating grin is on her side. Leaderhorn calmly sits in the bed, and Vaal sits next to her. "You are awfully quiet lately." the himehorn says to the blonde.
"I'm good public!" she blurts out, letting herself fall in the wall behind her.
"S-so... then..." Snacks looks up to you, from your chest. "You are him right? I-I mean, her?"
"Trash! Look!"
Leaderhorn is holding... herself, in the palm of her hand. Beaming. Suddenly, her face shifts to a small frown.
"But why?" she asks to Vaal, who dimly pushes herself from you, just enough to face Leaderhorn. "Why would you do all of this, this is... merchandising?"
Wai-What? You turn to Snacks, Vaal does so as well. Snacks is giggling.
"Well, this..." she shrugs, blushing, yet confident. "This is my job!"
Time for /lewd/ things!

Also, you should try advertising in the /qtg/ since our other Anons might be unawares that you're running right now.
File: asasdasdasd.png (46 KB, 258x314)
46 KB
Aight, we wait 20 mins for anons! I'm having fun like this, though. Leaving pl some crumbs.

Furthermore, elaborate!
File: eyebrows of innuendo.gif (375 KB, 273x100)
375 KB
375 KB GIF
Four-way. With steamy foreplay. Hornfucking is optional.
do playfully lawdsnees with the dolls
then ask if peopel are doing anything tongight? mybe we could hav a girls sleep over curledu p on the bed blaket on watching some laptop/pc moves together?
we are making pizza i think
we could ask leaderhorn if any has riden her horns?
ask snnacks if she ants you to pose like one of her franch girls so she can make a new dolls of us?
File: yourbest.png (489 KB, 377x498)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
"We should have a four-way!" You state, smiling eagerly, much like how one stares at a squirrel.

Leaderhorn pats Snacks in the shoulder. "You'll get used. I did." She turns to you. "This is interesting, now, you couldn't possibly /want/ to do the nohorn things If your feelings came back just yesterday. So, what's happening?"
"That's my fault." Vaal adds, raising a hand.
"Not exactly." you add quickly, raising a hand of your own. "I used to see the videos, it seemed like a lot of fun!"
Leaderhorn eyebrows melt. "No."
"Let me show you!" you jump happily to the PC, and turn it on. It doesn't take long for the screen to lit to life, and be surrounded by the crowd. And would you look at that, the pictures are still there!
"You know, I missed you more than I thought." Leaderhorn deadpans, as you open the row of pictures, one by one, of boys and girls at the peak of utmost extasis.
"I cut off the faces and stick them everywhere I can." Your smile beams. "They seem happy, yet angry! It's nice."
"I don't even want to begin to understand what you meant by "everywhere"."
"I cut off advertising, and change the faces of happy people for my own."
Vaal turns fully to you. "You are my hero."
You nod, happy, then turn to Snacks. She's so frozen, she actually seems to melt even if it's just sweat. Yet she manages to talk.
"I-I do like... really, really like, how she can just /do/ things. I think it's a gift. Really! It's just... I can't stop thinking things over, and how could they go, and what will they think, and what will they say, and-"
Her speech is promtly shut down by your sweet, slow kiss in front. You can /feel/ Vaal taking a peek, and Leaderhorn sloowly backing away. You stop, and look at Snacks in the eyes, then quickly kiss her in the nose. Someone sighs behind you.
"No, it's not." Leaderhorn deadpans, her eyes not even flickering as you go back to switching the images. "No it's not."
You /fuck/! Ten minutes late!
obviously, still keeping votes into account. you guys have no idea about the size of the pile of votes waiting for me.
well fuck man
i had to rad all the things that happend also this is my only quest, still we could show them how it could work with the dolls
we have to bite vaal back aswell
man that pic is ausome
we could seal some i hope
or at lest post them on the interwebs
File: 1268286777669.jpg (176 KB, 1350x807)
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176 KB JPG
That's all Trash does when she's bored and not spying on anyone. It's really hitting on the Second's economy.

AIGHT, got a shitload of votes to do, little time, and a slight head-ache. Gonna get some fancy tea, sleep, wake up, and write!

I have a request for my dear anons; give me your goddamned schedules. After this thread, I'm going to take into account only /present/ votes, otherwise it turns into a clusterfuck of megaposts and megawaits.

Finally, OP wants to let you know he's starting a career in Game Design fairly soon. So the scheduling thing is important.

Megapost incoming early tomorrow. Gnight!
I'm on EST, but I'm an insomniac college student, so I generally sleep from 04:00 to 11:00. Other than that, I'm usually always browsing 4chan, usually on mobile.
she totalt could make all the best mems,
buy puting snacks and leaderhorns face on things, etc.
im est down in ausyland nsw moveing to qld shorty then usa and canda so yer
good luck with that,
is the frist game you going ot make is a viuals novle game of this quest?
thats sounds fare peopel here in time get to vote
itl be a fun read ether way
File: nanananananaaa.png (10 KB, 116x135)
10 KB
Gotcha, goodanon!
She DID put Leaderhorn's face in, like, everywhere before. Trash got set on getting her friend some attention, and started putting cheap cardboard horns on everything, from cars, people, houses, old angry people, mail posts, telephone cabins, and streetlamps, to all the advertising she could find.
It backfired, lol.

Also nah, I'm just doin this quest out of love.

Always nice to write for you fuckers. Dude gimme your schedule, the usual time you are online and on what days. PL, you too you fuckhead.
old angry people, kek
omg im loving trash even more and more
like almost to the point of trying her hobby of photshoping.
umm guse this week itl be 6 or 7am -9 then back at it from 4pm to like 6pm then back at like 7 pm to late everyday this week part from sunday
got curch to go to to pick up hot chicks(like 20 time or more iv been there and they still think im one of them:P) but my times are going to chang soon
At least I got the times for now, my nag nog. Go get bitches and report, I'm going to faint for a while. Don't drink coffee at night, guys, it's retarded. :D
man this bitchs be tight and freaky all the repressed sexual angery
i dont drink coffee at all so wouldnt know
but you know you shouldnt be taking drugs at all:P
its 4.55pm where im at atm
use up the engery buy flexing in the mirroer at yourslf
hold each pose for about 30 as hard as you can
File: nanananananananana.png (9 KB, 115x135)
9 KB
Just letting the good people know before the autosage, I'm posting a mega-update with /all/ the prompts I have In store, and then I'll let you know when this beutiful clusterfuck of a quest will resume. It will be kind of like an epilogue.
my body is ready
for like 40 more mins then off to op shop
sadly the hot asin milf is no longer orrker there with me:( bring it on
Go naga, it'll be here when you come back. I got dragged to a dota tournament, so it's gonna take a while.
my man
also can we see this from the other perpecttif?
just a shoten verson like them wright how they day went into a diray oh how they fill about trash doing trash things
File: 1466009130437.jpg (36 KB, 847x471)
36 KB
you better be wining that millions prize moneys
File: naanna.png (172 KB, 598x302)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Furthermore.” Leaderhorn’s voice saves you from drowning in Trash’s bright eyes. You turn towards her, almost giggling at Trash’s scowling at the himehorn. “If this is how you make a living –and I have to say, I can’t think of a more lovely way-“
“Th-thank you!” You mutter, early, yet flustered.
Leaderhorn winks at you, then her eyes drift elsewhere. “-and taking your /interesting/ status into account, not to mention the lack of lack of food… then why do you work at that messy place?”
Um… it might seem you… forgot to tell them? It didn’t seem that important. Maybe it’s weird?
“It’s… just for fun!” you smile at her. Trash raises her eyes at you, tilting her head. You face her. “I don’t exactly have economic issues, so It’s just for fun.”
Vaal sprouts into sight, from the side of your sight. “You mean, you work ad-honorem?”
You nod, just shaking instead of giggling. “Do… is that strange?”
Trash stares at you, her eyes wide, her mouth sharp and long as line of the sea in the horizon. Leaderhorn whistles.
“I always thought that was a joke.” Trash seems stuck in the shock. “Really. I always said those words to make the big guys know I wasn’t gonna get ripped off.” She gets starts orbiting you, like smelling you or looking for a small button, and you can /feel/ her face around you as she does; it tickles. She stops very close to your face, her face still kinda blank. “Why would anyone do tha-“
She cuts herself half-way. Trash pauses; then gives you this tender smile.
“You wanted to meet people” she states, clearly.
You look away, then at her, smirking. “W-well, I’m always so alone. Working on things, making food-oh, I sell elaborated food as well!” Trash nods at you, still looking at you as if toying with her prey. “So, I just tought, that maybe I could be missing on so much.” The next words blurt out, out of your will. “…that maybe it was worth it.”
No, no, no, no...! That /definitively/ must have sounded weird! Of course it’s interesting to meet people, why would they do it so much otherwise!
…She doesn’t seem to mind in the least, though. It takes some strength, but you manage to look at her in the eyes again. Both of you pause, as If Leaderhorn and Vaal were elsewhere doing the dishes, or making pizza, alas they still are there.
As Trash bangs two of your toys togueter over and over.
“How could /anyone/ not want to do nohorn things to her!” she blurts out, frantically.
“I, for one, do not.” States Leaderhorn, frowning, but her frown fades as she looks at you. “So you are safe with me.”
File: trash.png (741 KB, 598x720)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
You think of ten thousand things to say, but not one seems to fit; so you just stay there, frozen. It’s way better than saying something stupid, so you take your time to think. She’s obviously not mocking you, it wouldn’t make sense at all! Not after you’ve been through, besides, nohorn things are nice, and nobody would do that to make you feel bad… right? Maybe you should have laughed, this is kinda awkward, it surely must look li-

Trash is hugging you against her chest. It… feels pretty safe, here. Is she going to do nohorns things to you now? In front of Leaderhorn and Vaal? Wait, that doesn’t make sense! But she’s been joking so much about that… but if that happens, what will you do? It will be so awkward, you freeze all the time, you shouldn’t freeze there, it would kill the mood and everyone would be sad-
“How could anyone not like you.”

…you allow yourself to hide the insecurity under the rug. It may come out badly for some reason, but you are going to hug her, too. There’s no way out of this one other than taking chances. So you surround Trash with your arms, trying to just enjoy the moment. Before you even deigned to notice, you can’t almost hear their footsteps. You look up, straight to Trash’s eyes, who kisses slowly kisses you in the forehead.
“…She seems nice.” You manage to pull out, wondering if it should have been something romantic instead.
“Snacks?” You pull your face a bit more from her chest. “Let’s stay like this for a while.”
You nod.

A while later –you can’t be bothered to measure- you walk out with Trash from your room, as she drags you by hand.
She had changed to a simple white top-tank, over a black cloth that covered her chest; in front of you. No one talks. Nothing happened; she just held you, caressed you, kissed you in the face… if anything, you feel like surrounding her arm with both of yours, but maybe she will think that’s weird. So you let her drag you, you let Trash guide you to wherever she wants to take you.
That, this time, happens to be the living. For half a second you glance at the mirror at the end of the bridge: your usually messy hair is, indeed, messier than usual.
Soon, in front of the weak, yellow light of the kitchen, you find the Leaderhorn and Vaal. They talk loudly among themselves, gesturing, just outside the half-wall. You wonder if they are fighting. What you don’t fail to notice, however, is the rain crashing wildly against the huge framed window that surrounds “face” of the ship. It endures the storm, like in peace. It makes you wonder.
File: cmontrash.png (644 KB, 640x571)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
“-so you can either take the situ-“
“Lies! Lies and deceit.” Vaal blames, her arms crossed, her eyes closed.
“Will you at least let me finish the sentence?” Leaderhorn is crossing her only arm, likely trying to ditto Vaal. “
“No!” Vaal blurts out, like a kid told to study.
Leaderhorn “hmms!”. “Can’t argue without words, you know. Oh, now I’m talking, what do you know!”
“Heya.” Trash drags you towards the group. You… kinda hide behind her. Not that they are dangerous or anything. “Wuts wut?”
“This person,” Vaal points at the Leaderhorn, pouting, “is mean!”
“Mean?” Trash replies, getting a hand up her mouth. Leaderhorn gasps, Trash looks at her, then at Vaal again. “Mean?”
And the tall blonde nods. “Mean.” She decides.
The three stay there in silence. Are they… really /really/ fighting?
“Mean.” Vaal adds.
Then the Leaderhorn clears her throat. She looks at you, a faint, polite smile dressing her lips. “We were trying” she emphatizes the word, her sharp side-glance resting on Vaal for a second, “to discuss the most recent event at the Chasm.”
“You mean, the whole thing with the First and the Fifth?” Trash adds.
Vaal shakes her head, dragging her blonde hair for a ride. “The second most recent event, it would be.”
“The Leateli incident?” Trash adds, again, leaning a bit closer.
Both Leaderhorn and Vaal share a look, frowning slightly.
“The third event.” They say togueter.
Trash is scratching her chin. You peek from behind her, your hand resting above her waist.
“Would that happen to be the anima leak incident, by any chance?” you dare, trying to smile as you do.
“Yup, it was the third.” Says Vaal.
File: trashsrsly.png (578 KB, 600x379)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
It’s Leaderhorn that points at her now, confidently. “This fine lady here is saying the whole thing was justified. To me, it’s like something the broken horn Leader would have done.”
Vaal puffs. “I don’t disagree with that last bit, though.”
You notice Trash staring briefly at the Leaderhorn.
“Hmm, me neither.” she adds.
“That girl…!” Leaderhorn closes her eyes, letting a long, strong “hmmmm!” flow through her. “It’s insane, no matter how many times I look at it, and I still try to make at least some sense out of it. How could she even dare to think that murdering all those musclehorns was anything close to sane? She left us defenseless, completely at their mercy! We should have stood by, and make them see they meant no harm!”
“It’s the kind of thing that really makes you wonder, I agree.” Trash nods.
Vaal shrugs. “Some people…”
Leaderhorn winks at you. “Right, Alina?”
…Oh well. You are bound to regret this one way or the other. Yet you wonder, how come it feels worst to consider letting this one pass by?”
“I… I don’t think the broken horn Leader meant Ill.” You can feel yourself losing control of your limbs, as they turn to stare at you in unison. Shaking, you soldier on. “I hope not to come out as mean, but I do believe that, in that kind of terrifying situation, it takes a lot of bravery to make that kind of choice.” You stand apart from Trash. You don’t want to make her feel she has to support you on this, at least. “I think that, with all the evidence they had against that supposed musclehorn murderer, it would have been very hard to keep an eye on all of them. Musclehorns, by their very nature, are extremely protective; andshouldonehavebeenprovoked… it would… have… fed the fire. And maybe himehorns wouldn’t be here now.” You swallow, visibly… did you screw up? Well, it’s too far already so let’s go. “I think that taking the path that makes you look nice is easy, even if sometimes it isn’t the right path. So… sorry. Sorry if we happen to disagree.” You end up bowing your head.
File: NOPAINNOGAIN.jpg (142 KB, 800x500)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Now, you really, reaaally need a- and before you even ask it, Trash is hugging you from behind, her chin resting on your shoulder. And yet, somehow, Leaderhorn doesn’t actually seem that angry.. maybe not even angry. She chuckles, look at you… and then freezes. You blink, then look at Trash, who’s looking at you, and then at Vaal, who’s looking at you and then looks at Trash. Then you all look at the Leaderhorn. She’s not freezing like you do; it’s like, a literal freeze. Over your chin, Trash lets out a calm, mildly surprised. “oooooooooohh!” making you and Vaal turn to her. She smiles.
“I had forgotten she used to do that.” she nods over your shoulder. “Just keep looking at her.
You look at the Leaderhorn. For a while she just stands still, her eyes blank and lost in time. A slight, piercing sounds cuts the air, suddenly, a sound more echo than sound. Then Leaderhorn blinks, and looks around.
“Pathfinder?” Trash says, walking in front of you.
The Leaderhorn nods. “How much did I miss? Did I hear all Alina said?”
“Yeah, you chuckled after that.” Trash states, as Vaal looks at her, quizzically. Trash turns to her. “Leaderhorn here has severe daydreaming issues; she falls asleep all of a sudden, but she wakes up on her own thanks to the thingy in her hand.”
The Leaderhorn waves her left hand in front of her face, carelessly. “This is the Pathfinder. It hurts me so I can wake up.”
Vaal tilts her head. “How do you know when to use it?”
Then the Leaderhorn shrugs. “I have to find out clues inside the dream that don’t make any sense. It got a lot harder after the Anythings, since they don’t make sense on their own.” She pouts. “It really hurts.” Then, she turns to you. “So, you don’t mind the broken horn Leader?”
You… shake your head. It’s too late now to take a step back. All of a sudden, the Leaderhorn is walking up to you. She seems… glad?
“Wanna meet her?” she adds, beaming. Your eyes really widen. “She’s not dead. I think you earned to know that. And…” she grins like a kid, “even if she denies it until the ends of the Chasm, I’m very sure she’s love that plushie of her you got over the shelf!”
Your mouth shakes on her own. She… lives?! And… you are going to meet her. And… Trash is… not to mention…
“I… I think I feel a bit dizzy.” You state, trying to laugh your way out of all the brutal coincidences. Fortunately, it doesn’t work. You are still here.
“Hey, what about some pizza for now?” It’s Trash.
You all nod, almost in unison, you taking the last place.
“I’ll go fix the TV!” says Trash. She walks behind the Leaderhorn, who stands meekly as she stares at her, until Trash starts pushing her. The towering hulk of a himehorn just lets Trash drag her around and struggle, and a bit more than soon neither you nor Vaal find them in your radars.
File: Snacks.png (108 KB, 566x548)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
“I… should have told her were the TV was, haha!” you scratch your hair, suddenly feeling a bit exposed. Hands land on your shoulders, startling you.
“Let’s make some pizza!” Vaal rumbles slowly, cheerfully. You laugh a bit more, nodding.

CUZ LIFE. OP's got a job interview, a date, an appointment with college in the same day. OP needs one of those shits Hermione uses in the third book, to quest, scratch his black balls, gaze into the sky, chase the cat with a banana, and just then put up with all these bullshit.

This is all I managed before my mind melted last night, and there's a shit-ton more incoming. Yeah, votes piled up pretty nicely.

you just have to have faith and believe! With the power of positivity, nothing is impossible, nothing is a lost cause! Believe in the message of Akemi Ibushi! Don't be a grumpy-guts! Put some joy in your heart, and you can accomplish anything!"
also nice doing it from snacks veiw
File: ...my!.png (70 KB, 550x649)
70 KB
Working on the dough over the fluor, you glance at Vaal at your side and then fully face her, as the blonde spins hers in a finger. You just stare, almost pouting, at Vaal’s focused stare on her dough. Suddenly, it’s all black, and your face feels all sticky and wet.
“Oh crap, c’mere sweetie!” says a soft, balanced voice.
“Blggghlhglhg” You state, eagerly. Light shines again into your world, bouncing in Vaal’s barely puffed cheeks. She turns from you, and soon there’s a wet napking all over your face.
“Darling, close your eyes.”
You comply. She cleanses your face without hurry, almost like if subtly caressing your cheeks. Your mind wanders something else, to turtles perhaps, in order not to freeze.
“I-I think we should work on the sauce, now.”
“Yup.” Vaal takes the napkin, looking at the table. “It looks good.”
…Maybe you should talk to her about it. Her late remarks, and the way Trash reacted... and yet, would it be polite? Why would you doubt her so much? Then again, Trash is so strange... well, Vaal has a few oddities to herself, as well. Maybe you should just believe in Trash. If she lied, and something happened between her and Vaal… why would you stop people from being happy? Who are you?
“Alina?” Vaal’s voice startles you, it seems you did freeze in the end. “Are you feeling well?”
You strike a smile. “I think so! Do not concern yourself in my behalf, it’s just my… personality.”
“Quite the personality you have there.” She sings, yet clearly. “What could Alina be thinking, I wonder?”
“T-things!” You manage to muster up, giggling, as you focus on turning the remaining on the dough into breadsticks, to bathe in hot sauce. “Just things.”
“Things that make you sweat?” You swallow, on reflex. Before you notice it, Vaal is looming next to your ear. “Come on, tell me!” she then turns her face from you, showing you hers.
Whatnowwhatnowhatnowwhatnowwhataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hasjkdhasdjkhaskdhaksdhajkdhajksd!! Your mind rushes, swiftly, over ten thousand possibilites; yet none seems to fit! A far away, loud “thumb!” drives your eyes away, yet Vaal gently grabs you by the chin, guiding you back.
“A-ha! Nope, not running away from this one!” she sings, cheerfully. You can /feel/ the drop of sweat, making it’s way across your cheek without hurry, itching all the way down. It doesn’t help with your thinking, either.
Then, a solution comes to mind. It certainly doesn’t seem like the best life-saver… but it fits, at least.
“I… I was just thinking, that I don’t know much about… l-lewd things.” You whisper into her ear, after measuring every word like sticking yarn in a needle.
..wait. Was that the solution? Vaal turns to look at you, yet her expression isn’t startled, and she’s just smirking.
File: isthatcintiah.png (34 KB, 241x337)
34 KB
“How old are you?” she asks, without further ado.
You pause a bit. Maybe you should lie? “I’m twenty three.” And yet, you did not.
That draws an “awwww!” from Vaal, who’s tenderly tilting her head to the side as she does. “How come! You are so little, yet! But, I have to say, maybe a bit too old already not to know… some things.”
“It’s not that I don’t knowtheworksoranything.” You start, suddenly unable to bear her eyes. “It’s just that, It just-“
“Between two giiiiiiiiirls?” you feel her breath as she sings in a whisper, a bright grin under /evil/ eyes.
…this went way worst than telling the truth. You feel, then, both hands over your puffy, messy hair.
“I can teach you.” The voice came from the right ear, almost in a sweet deadpan.
Yet you take a step to the side, shaking her hands of while dragging the bowl withyou. “I-I think I’d rather have her teach me, thank you!” your voice is almost angry, and it does feel like your head hardens. You chop away the onion with unmeasured strength, sending pieces flying to the sides. Vaal is just staring at you now, you can even feel her stare piercing your head… maybe she was just joking? Maybe she feels bad? Maybe this is how people talk? Maybe you should certainly apologize, yes, at least just in ca-
“I can give you tips, then!” it’s a soft voice at your left ear. Your retort is postponed forever as Vaal whispers and whispers about things that leaves your hand cutting thin air, over an over, like a broken machine.
“Heya.” So focused you were, you just noticed Trash’s head popping over the TV, both of her hands grabbing it from underneath,, as if the black, wide screen was her body… the bottom half of her is, however, a long, black robe. “Where do we put this?”
Behind her, Leaderhorn follow limping, visibly agitated, wearing a military uniform and a skirt, shadowing over her long, muscly legs. “Don’t ask.” She says in a fraternal, slow voice, smiling widely as she does. “Just don’t ask.”
You don’t ask.


The TV flickers to life. Next to you, at the corner of the bed, Trash went back to wear her white top-tank. On the other side, Vaal is swiftly moving through files and folders in your small laptop, the rest of you witnessing the process on the wide tv screen up front, all of your legs hanging outside the bed. The TV is fairly close, and it almost seems that gravity could switch at any moment and you could fall right into the virtual world inside.
File: aseasese!.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
“There.” The screen goes completely black, and Vaal leaves the small laptop behind her.
“It’s kinda cold here, isn’t it?” Trash says, glancing around.
“It’s not.” Vaal sings.
“I’m fine.” States Leaderhorn, eagerly, finally in her black robe again.
You glance at Trash, who leans to pout at the two of them. “Well I’m cold.” She vanishes behind. As you finally decide to turn around, the blanket below you is pulled from under your butt, and is soon over your head as you feel Trash chest pressed behind you, her legs wrapping yours between them. It draws a firm, beaming smirk from you, as you blush. The music from the intro draws your attention, but not nearly as much as the hand making its way between yours.

oh yes
i hope the movie has alot of loud noises so we can get her wet with the others not knowing oh my
mfw it's a porno movie
but snacks wouldnt be like that would shes?
but we would omg
but im sure its how trash would have her thought prosces work out like
hmm to do lawd things to snacks im going ot need a movie with lots of noise and keeps peoples look at it
hmmmm pornos has all of that a prono it is and it might get snacks and others into the right mood
i totalt see trash puting a porno on
but its vaal picking the movie
hmmm so its going to be the 1st Pokemon movie snit it?
Still, it's kind of an abridged version, with never before seen scenes.
ahah nailed it
never befor seen scenes? omg i might just forget all about the lawds
in im mind i see us useing your legs and feet to keep her legs open one arm/hand is holding her and he other is runing all over her body with mouth next to her face/neack kissing/biteing every now and then with the legs and hand runing all over her body
>in im mind i see us useing your legs and feet to keep her legs open one arm/hand is holding her and he other is runing all over her body
Cuz you thinking of Vaal, nagga, Trash is still way too retarded for that. Also where the fuck is pl?

(That being said, that was fucking hot.)
>Also where the fuck is pl?
Good question. B-but I'm here!
>where the fuck is pl?
i dont understand!!???
also this pic is something i think trash would end up making
dont mind my retraedion i just undstoud what you wore saying your asking where he people are
so vaal knows how to get smooth hmm how the fuck is trash going to go about this then?
also thank you i take it from hat iv done in life
File: aseasease.jpg (7 KB, 184x184)
7 KB
>Hyper Rainbow Bread.
Almost canon, holy fuck hahahaha

OP has been awake for 73 hours in a row by now, working, learning Unity, and laughing at old grannys with brain issues. That being said, megapost isn't over. Not. By a fucking. Longshot.
>>how the fuck is trash going to go about this then?
megapost tomorrow l3l

Maybe you should be writing the lewds then.
what only almost canon!! but but theres more let go find them
73 hours!? but y are you doing this?
my spelling holds me back if only i could record my voice and tell it to you:P
also look at all of thses differnt things trash has tryed to make for snacks!! would she eat them to be nice or tell her the truth?
iv done a little smut for tales of jacky chan i think
or ill this be how there morning starts
with snacks cashing after trash saying how much she loves her bread?
File: whosthis!.jpg (48 KB, 422x591)
48 KB
>>would she eat them to be nice or tell her the truth?
She would ask for seconds. ._.

>>my spelling holds me back if only i could record my voice and tell it to you:P
There are ways, you know. :3

>>73 hours!? but y are you doing this?
I'm not even sure anymore.

OP's gonna hit that bed almost as hard as pl beats the shit out of the homeless. But, oh mark my words, the MEGAPOST will be done.
Yet, I can't leave without pointing out just how much Snacks actually resembles Sanae... if she had been beaten down over an over by her parents the first seven years of her life.
just dont die before/during/after posting
need my trash fix man
She would ask for seconds. ._. bitches be carzy!! madman!!
beat it like it ows you money
now im sad for snacks and happy that i know who shes lookign like
so that means she would be very easy to get drunk then?
night man and my you rise reborn
>>so that means she would be very easy to get drunk then?
Even though she's pretty rigid about being healthy,yes!
going out for drinks when?
OP was too fucking fucked to write shit today, but guess what? Yup, tomorrow's another day.
stop geting fucked and not in the good way
File: WHAT.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
“Brock, I need a bathroom now, now, NOW-!”
“Pikaaa piiiii….!”
“Oh no! It’s Team Rocket, they took Pikachu in balloon!”
“Prepare for trouble!”
“Make it double!”
“To protect the world from devastation!”
“To unite all peoples within out nation!”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”
“To extend our reach to the stars above!”
“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now, or prepare to fight!”
Ash cries in silence, his waist pushed forward as both his hands grab into his butt.
“Oh no you won’t! Go, Starmie!”
“Starmie! Use Bubble Beam!”
“What?! No way!”
“That’s right! Wobbuffet has learned to use Barrier! There’s nothing you can do!”
“Don’t worry, Misty! Giratina, I choose you!”
“Giratina! Use Shadow Ball!”
As Team Rocket simply screams, the Shadow Ball travels towards the balloon almost making a rift in reality. Jessie braces onto James… but nothing happens. Because Rayquaza deflected the ball!
“It’s Rayquaza, the Legendary Pokemon!” screams Misty.
Meowth gasps. “Look!”
Lugia, Moltres, Zapdos, Dialga, Mew, Mewtwo, Latios and Latias, Groudon and Kyogre, all rush out of nowhere and start beating each other up as the ground right under Ash sprouts from the ground, rising steadily into the clouds. Foaming and crying, he manages to rise his face from the ground and gaze into Arceus, the god of Pokemons, flying near him.
“Human. For your struggle to understand my kin, you have earned one wish of your choosing.”
Screaming like the god of war, the pokemon trainer manages to stand using only his legs. He gasps and sweats. Then swallows.
“MAKE GARY BLACK.” He shouts to the gods, before falling into the abyss. Arceus just watches him go down, nodding sagely.

“I grew up with this!” Vaal blurts out excitedly, suddenly having popcorn.
Her chin resting on your shoulder, you get to feel Trash’s every small breath. You just hope she keeps on breathing for a long, long time.

The movie goes on. You aren’t exactly looking at it-more than once you find yourself lost, wondering why happens what. You don’t mind. Splitting your focus between the pokemons and Trash’s wandering hand is tasking. Soon, you give up, as her hand reaches your breast under the pajama.

It’s cold. You find yourself freezing, this time a tad more literally than usual. Yet you your hand under your pajama, over hers, and endure until it’s all warm again. Vaal’s snore barely startles you. Gently, you let yourself fall over Trash. She doesn’t recoil.
“Snacks?” you turn towards the loud whisper, your face and Trash’s very near. “Do we have a warehouse in here?”
You blink, both your lips almost touching. “I… do happen to own a storeroom, of sorts.” you whisper, almost melodically.

File: 1429264884045.jpg (56 KB, 313x254)
56 KB
>Arceus, the god of Pokemons
That's some deepest lore right there, nigga.
It was either that or Nelson Mandela. Srsly to, isnt it like the god or something?
I'm still around...
Aw, got me worried nignog. I've never been this busy in, like, ever. But now that the dust is settling I might finally be able to set up a schedule, so have this megapost to chew on something in the meantime.

Furthermore, gimme your schedule. I want everyone playing togueter.
man i starting to get worryed that you died
had to go back like 6 pages to find this
its going to be cold in that store room better stay warm
File: raina.jpg (279 KB, 1600x1200)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
As you step outside the room, Trash holding your hand from behind, you find it hard to explain why… but it feels as if clouds or fog calmly swept across the empty aisles. There is not a word as the two of you wander across the cold, metallic bones of the ship, scarcely hidden under the little furniture that remains. It isn’t cold; yet as you both stop as you get to the main room, staring at the hulking, round, framed window; its glass tarnished, it endures a violent storm in silence.

Like you.

Hands envelop your tummy as your back is pressed; you close your eyes shut. Shaking. It’s not cold; maybe it’s the change, maybe you were too warm in that bed. Maybe not.

“Maybe” says the voice behind you, “we should take a shower.”

“I do feel a bit sweaty.” you say calmly, clearly… softly. “But what would be the point?”

“Well, it has some advantages…” You feel Trash slowly cuddling your back, her arms crossing under your breasts. “For one, it’s pretty warm.”

“But so are you.” You state, your mind blank. “And we will sweat anyway, we’d have to shower twice.”

…you actually just said that. And without -one -single -stutter. You grin slightly as your whole head goes red and fuzzy, to the point it’s somewhat scary. No words flow from behind; just the peaceful sound of the quelled rain against the bit framed glass.

“…I think I could take that, yeah.” Trash babbles, finally. You gently break free of her grasp, grabbing her hand as you do, then turn around and walk past her back towards the aisle. The little you managed to glance of Trash was blushed cheeks under downcast eyes. Well… t-that was okay, then! Haha…!
File: shower.gif (479 KB, 500x375)
479 KB
479 KB GIF
The shower’s handles turn, hot water flows from above, and soon your pajama pants get wrinkled under your feet as you take them out one at a time. You unfasten every button of your shirt without any kind of hurry, your fingers slipping by every now and then because of the subtle movements and sounds behind you… those make your heart beat. It kinda hurts. Your whole world freezes as two warm hands rest on your naked shoulders.



Her hands then fall across your arms, her fingers gently scratching your skin on the way down. You eyes widen as you shove your shirt aside, likely with poor aim. Trash’s fingertips travel sideways from your belly to your thighs, yet your mind is blank, your limbs are still, you can’t fuck this up if you can’t think. She stops, and you feel alone. You turn around to find her eyes staring at yours, like peaceful islands in the night, above a slight, mocking grin. Your teeth clench. Your fists ball up. Then as she blinks and wonders, you kiss her less than gently while pushing her under the shower, almost smashing Trash against the cold wall. Hands to her face, you drown her with your lips as your tongue stirs hers inside, her hands firmly grabbing your ass and toying with it. You moan and pause, then jump to her lips again without hesitation. She then pushes you down from the rear. Confused and gasping, you stare from below at her sly grin as you go down, until you feel something hard and wide under your crotch. Firmly, she grinds her thigh between your legs by pushing back and forth from your ass, this time swiftly drowning half your loud moan with her mouth, albeit gently. It goes on for a while. You can’t even afford to solve 1+1 at this point. She starts going faster, while you hug her chest and bury your face between her small boobs.

It stops. Slowly and shaking, you look from under your hair towards her wicked, breathing grin.
Trash giggles. “…We won’t make it to the warehouse like this.” She says, between gasps.

Trembling, you stand to meet her at height. You are just a bit taller than her; it’s not easy to notice if you always cower. “Oh, was that important?” you ask, much like a bluff, hovering near her face.
“Warehouses are nice! Don’t you think?”
“I guess so.” It all feels warm and fuzzy as you kiss. Suddenly, she turns you against the wall; it’s warm now.
“We came here to get clean, right?” as she reaches for a sponge, her eyes fixed to yours with childish glee, you get a wide glance of her whole body; its lines are very defined, yet her muscles are small, clean and soft. She’s not “hulky”, more like a female Bruce Lee, sporting a blonde tail and two long, thick stands of hair falling to the sides of her face. You feel a tender scratch slowly going from your neck to between your breasts; it keeps going down, as Trash quickly moves to kiss your right tit. You let your head rest against the wall, your mouth gaping and gasping as the sponge makes way across your belly. It reaches your crotch. Caressing at first, going up and down, her hand soon gains speed behind the sponge. You drop your head on her shoulder, clenching your teeth tightly, as she cleans between your legs very, very thoroughly, drawing a sharp moan from your lips every so often. All your muscles tighten at once. Your mouth gapes; moans escape without warning, every second the stronger, the faster, the longer, the savage… until your legs give in.

Your foreheads stuck, you find yourself struggling to breathe as you silently hug each other under the shower, as the fog engulfs you both under the rain.
File: Snacks.png (182 KB, 817x1188)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
None of you even moves.

“We should go back to sleep.”

Water falls and rises for a while before Trash replies. “Mhm.” Yet, you two remain like that…





…frozen under the waterfall as the screams continue.

“Ffffffucking idiot.” Trash murmurs.

She kisses you in the forehead and turns towards her clothes. You muffle your gasping; in contrast to her front, Trash’s back has severe injuries and burns, and two long, specific scars, both going from each shoulder to the middle of each side of her cute, round butt. You soon follow suit, but she’s done as you fasten the first button of your shirt, and leaves at once towards the screams. You hurry behind as you finish.

And as you arrive, both Leaderhorn and Vaal are peacefully scattered across the bed, both suddenly snoring. Trash slowly sits herself next to Leaderhorn, carefully resting her head next to hers. She inhales slowly, then slowly blows at her ear, making her snoring paused. Until she laughs. Then Vaal giggles; soon both are laughing steadily. You can’t even swallow, as your stare is locked in the floor. Trash sighs at them. then. presses her head against yours. Cuddling. It’s soothing; you do the same.

“D-d-d-did” you manage, actually smiling. “Didimakeatoomuchsoundimean”

So focused you were on the words that you didn’t notice when something dragged you into the bed. Confused, you look around like a kitten under spotlights, as Trash slides next to you in the bed.

“Don’t worry, you are between friends!” It’s Leaderhorn, facing the ceiling right next to you. You notice Vaal’s head peeking from her side in the darkness.

“…Ok!” You manage to muster, as Trash sticks to you like wine to my 500 dollars white shirt from behind. Your heart is beating pretty fast. . You turn towards Trash, who soon becomes your pillow, as you hear a subtle "thumb" on the other side of the bed.
File: why.jpg (25 KB, 387x531)
25 KB

Taking into consideration the remaining posts, next thread is going to be about moving Trash's shit to Snacks after work.

-Leave me your schedules. Mainly fucking pl.

-Smoke. Asshole, stop hating yourself.

Next thread is due Tuesday, schedule to be set up by tomorrow. Srsly to, Game Dev is hard!
oh my
godo thing i went looking for this
what game you working on?
also when is there going to be a game about this quest?
idk what my timeing is going to be like im going somwhere eisl this week and shit sorry man
il jump in when i know
I'm just a student working on shitty animations and codes, but nigga it's fun.
>also when is there going to be a game about this quest?
If that ever happens it will be before this quest, with LH and Trash beating the shit out of everyone for the wrong reasons.
Sucks not having you next time. Try to have fun and don't fucking smoke, some asshole blew a gray cloud right to my face today.
I'm in Bellingham, Washington. I am available from 8:00 am through 12:00am everyday. I eat lunch at 11:00 and dinner at 4:30. 5:00 during friday-monday. I generally watch anime between 4 and 12 most nights. I always monitor this thread.
As in, 8 in the morning until the next day.
Gotcha. :D

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