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Last thread: >>3954434

Pic related, from left to right: Terry, Gekky, Maddox, Sara, and Ckaro.

Recap: On a secret meeting an interdimensional stickman told you the deity who rules over your dimension, known as Theo, is a phony. In order to get to him you need to break into a research lab owned by the world's most powerful corporation, Vainglory Inc.

Vireen Vainglory, a reclusive and sinister alraune who has some serious beef with you, has been sending her dreaded minions to make your school life miserable.

So you express your concerns to the dean while stealing her swimming togs so you can later use your psychometry to find out where the spa she often goes to is.

Main Objectives:

> Convince your dean, Mrs Attercop to send your homeroom class on a field trip to a museum at 10 Skipmire Place, in a big city called Centropolis next to where you're from, Wesflow. Your lamia friend Gekky's newfound telepathic powers will come in handy.

> Invade Vainglory Inc.'s not-so-secret research facility at 11 Skipmire Place.
Right now you're at math class and you've just told Maddox that you've taken Mrs. Attercop's spidery togs. Class goes on as usual and you exchange not a single word with Maddox seeing as how he's at the opposite side of the room. Then the last period of school comes and goes, and school's over by 3:20 PM. You meet up with everyone else at Madgehowlet Park to discuss your plan. It's the afternoon.

Ckaro: I salute your unorthodox methods.

Terry: So we've got two days before the field trip takes place, but the dean's gonna make her decision by tomorrow so I say we do it tonight.

You take out Mrs. Attercop's togs. They look incredibly bizarre and have enough straps to accommodate eight legs. It's so complicated she must need an instruction manual to put them on. They're still damp and smell like bath salts, among other things.

Maddox: Can I have a sniff?

Terry: No.

Terry: Right, boys and girls. Tonight me and Gekky are gonna slink over to wherever the dean is so we can give her a good push. And you, Sara and Maddox, are going to-

> Learn about the museum's layout

> Learn about the lab's floorplan

> Grab some stuff from the Temples

> Buy weapons
>Have each one take on a specific task

>Ckaro: museum layout

>Sara: lab floor plan

>Maddox: buy weapons

We can all pool our money for the weapons
Terry: "You guys split up and get down business. Ckaro, go home and research the museum layout, Sara, you go look up the lab floor plan, and Maddox, gear us up."

Maddox: Got it, chief.

After agreeing to allocate a portion of their money towards acquiring weapons and going off to do some research, you remove your gloves and use potent psychometry on Mrs. Attercop's togs. And then not long after you can pin down the exact spa she goes to. You and Gekky board the tubeways to it, and sit on a bench outside it. It's around five o' clock.

Gekky: Is she here?

Terry: Yes, she is.

Gekky: So what's the plan?

You hand her enough money to be allowed in.

Terry: Attercop's gonna be mega suspicious when a teenage boy from her school decides to sit next to her for some amount of time.

Gekky: I can see your logic behind that.

Terry: You gotta - you gotta brainwash her. Everything it takes. Godspeed, Gekky.

Gekky slithers into the spa wearing a sort of loincloth with four straps going around the length of her hips. Her pink coils take up ample space in the pool as she unravels herself. It's an incredible tingly feeling for a cold-blooded person like herself. She faces away from the dean, then when the pool is quietest and nobody is around, she strikes. Gekky trusses her up around the entire length of her body, leaving just enough tail to muffle her screams. She leans in and does her work, making sure that she forgets the event.

Twenty minutes later, she slithers out smelling like spidery pool water.

Terry: Don't feel ashamed of yourself. You did the right thing. It's for the greater good.

Gekky: But I used my powers to control her.

Terry: You didn't hurt her. You helped us, and indirectly, the rest of the world. In other words, you increased the amount of happiness in the world, plus some more to come.

Gekky: It'll all be worth it in the end, I guess.

You go home and eat dinner. As far as your mum and dad are concerned, you've just had a normal day at school considering how you spend the rest of the afternoon doing your homework and then reading some comics.

Then you regret not telling Gekky to make the dean put a higher priority on investigating Vireen. Afterwards you decide to use your computer before you go to sleep.

> Instant Messenger (Talk with any of your friends - recently they made a chatroom for everyone in your school)
> Wizard Duel 6 (Multiplayer strategy game)
> artgallery.ctps (Art website)
> centropolistechnoprophetmuseum.ctps
> thebestiary.eso (Conspiracy theory website about the physiologies of the world's creatures)
> rocktown.ctps/wesflow/ollieannetapwiseastoundingrevelations
> Wizard Duel 6 (Multiplayer strategy game)

After a hard day of work, some video games will be a nice way to unwind
>> artgallery.ctps (Art website)
You've done your dues today. So you decide to kick back and play Wizard Duel 6 with Maddox and Sara, who just so happens to be incredible at it. Guess using magic in real life gives you better intuition as to how it works in a video game. Sara seems incredibly proud of herself, and brags that this game is used as a strategic combat simulation in the Temples. She expresses utmost enthusiasm and behaves like an entirely different person than the shy, demure Sara who accompanied you to Salimance. Then she talks about how she just learned to turn grains of sand into termites.

Shortly after bantering in-game you log on to artgallery.ctps, a forum which most of your friends are on, also known as the Pen and Brush Society. Gekky, or FluffyBarometz, as she is called there hasn't posted anything, but the prospect of invading a research laboratory as part of some epic quest to expose god as an incompetent fraud has certainly spurred the imagination of xXShadowScythe666Xx, or Maddox as he is known in real life.

You hear a quiet knocking at your window. Then you turn on your table lamp and open it. It's Gekky. She squints for a brief moment. She's coiled around the tree beside your house, and there are some leaves in her hair. You feel a little sorry for her, having roped her into your quest at the behest of some tomato. But why has she arrived at so late an hour?

Gekky: Terry...

Terry: What's wrong?

Gekky: The electricity went out at my place after an eel mermaid emerged from my TV and pretty much trashed my place. And now my heat lamp doesn't work now.

Terry: Sure, I'll let you in. I think i've got a few spare blankets.

Gekky: No, no, no. You don't understand. See, i'm cold-blooded. That means I don't have any body heat. And the whole point of having blankets is that they can insulate you warm-blooded people in your own body heat. I just like 'em for their texture.

Terry: Let me think...

> Go downstairs to take the heater

> Go downstairs to boil some water.

> Be the external heat source.
>> Go downstairs to boil some water.
> Go downstairs to take the heater

This will be quicker and leaguer to explain away if we get caught
As good as being completely enveloped in Gekky's embrace all night sounds, your impeccable judgement tells you otherwise. You go downstairs to the kitchen to boil some water. Suddenly your mum, who's watching TV in the living room, turns around.

Mum: What's this?

Terry: Oh, this?

You gesture at a teacup that you put right next to the boiler to avoid suspicion.

Terry: Tea. I've had trouble sleeping.

She turns away and you fill the contents of the boiler into several rubber hot water bottles. These are insulated enough to stay warm all night. Finally, you return up to your room.

Gekky: Thank you.

Terry: It's the least I could do for you after bringing you through all that.

It slowly occurs to you that the power outage at Gekky's place was probably done at the behest of Vireen Vainglory. Your guilt waxes, but your sense of duty mitigates it. With her piled high in a great lazy scaly dollop on your bed and you sleeping in your spare, you fall fast asleep.

The next morning, you wake up at seven 'o clock, with her wrapped around you, the bottles tossed aside. You struggle hard, but she is too heavy. It takes half an hour of grunting and shoving before she is awake. She yawns.

Gekky: Oh, good morning.

You have shut the window because it's cold outside. Eyes half closed, she slithers over to the stairway and yelps when her serpentine body rumbles uncomfortably down the steps.

Gekky: Uh! Uh! Uh! Didn't mum... have them renovated into a ramp...?

Terry: Gekky! You're at my house! Use the window or my parents are gonna get the wrong idea!

Still stuck in her reptilian languor, she keeps going down your stairs instead of out of your window like how she entered. This is bad. After trying to pull her by the shoulders, it's no use. You are answered by yawns and nothing more. Then the familiar smell of breakfast is met not with eagerness but with dread. All hope is lost. At this point she has made it out into the dining room while you are urging her from your bedroom. You give up as she leaves your house, disheveled and too dazed to even say goodbye. You're gonna get disowned, and your family chased out of town.

You try to convince yourself that this is all a bad dream. But then you accept your fate and walk, shoulders stooped, to the dining room. Your father has witnessed everything, staying so silent he might as well have been sleeping. Speaking of which, his room is right next to yours so the grunting and shoving and dormant crooning may have been what woke him up. Embarrassment like you've never felt before washes over you like a tidal wave. He looms over you, ominous and poignant.

Terry: Dad, I can explai-

Dad: Son.

You hang your head in shame.

Dad: I'm proud of you.

He is on the brink of tears. Those tears are of joy. No matter how long you may live, you will never have enough time to process what just happened.

Dad: Let's not have your mum hear about this, okay?

(Continued in next post)
On your walk to school you try your hardest to let the cool wind and pleasant views wash off the confusing mixture of emotions that this morning has left on you. But what works best as emotional detergent is some banter. You catch up with Gekky, and decide to say nothing. Maddox, Ckaro and Sara join you on the way, and Gekky boasts about how well the operation went.

Maddox: The weapons... yeah! Turns out they won't let teenagers like us get our hands on Dual Pulse Rifles but at least I had enough to get us some anti-blaster armour our size. I even had to splurge extra for Gekky's armour.

Terry: What'd you get for us, huh?

Maddox: The most fun kinds of weapons... Improvised! I'll show you after school, they're awesome!

Sara: Yea, like a weed-whacker with a knife duct-taped to the end!

Gekky: Or a lawnmower with the chassis removed!

You have a good laugh with him. He's the sort of person who can turn insults into compliments. When you walk closer to school, you begin to discuss more serious matters, expressing utmost confidence that the dean will take care of the situation. When you go to your first class today, which is mathematics, there's nobody there. Instead, everyone else is outside. There's an emergency assembly. You are filled with hope, anticipation that the strange events shall be addressed.

Principal: Today we must warn you, students of Wesflow High, that one of our deans has been caught exchanging used underwear to a male student.

Oh shit.

Principal: She has since been fired and is now charged for lewd actions with a minor.

Guilt weighs down upon you like an anvil. You feel nothing but defeat as you walk out of the assembly hall. But you still have one glimpse of hope. You ask Mrs. Reynard at Homeroom,

Terry: Where are we going on our field trip?

Mrs. Reynard: The decision was finalized yesterday. Centropolis TechnoProphet Museum.

Any sense of victory you may have felt has been snuffed out by the sheer amount of guilt of having made a good person unemployed. But there must have been some snooping and bribery involved. Her court hearing conveniently takes place after your field trip. Now it's interval.

> Talk to Gekky

> Talk to Sara

> Talk to Maddox

> Talk to Ckaro

> Practice your psychometry (Name any place you might find in a school)
> Talk to Ckaro
Oh dang this reappeared faster than I thought it would.

>Talk to Maddox

How did the dean get caught? 1000000% Maddox bragged about it I bet.
The first place you go to after eating your morning tea is the school gym, where both Maddox and Ckaro are, playing basketball. Upon seeing you, they agree that the best place to stay discreet is the bathroom.

Maddox: Yo, Terry.

Terry: Tell me the truth. How the absolute fuck did they find out about what happened with Mrs. Attercop?

Maddox: Dude... I dunno.

Feeling deeply suspicious, you abruptly grab him by the hands. You receive a vision of him typing rapidly, boasting that he, Maddox, did the deed. This he posted on some other corner on the internet, and even though in this day and age the communities online are isolated, word has still made it back to the school's chatroom. Your composure slowly falls away. You begin quivering in bitterness and rage.

Terry: The fuck's wrong with you, dude? Aren't you taking this seriously, huh?

Maddox: Take it easy, man. Be glad I didn't pin it on you. All the blame's mine.

Terry: That's not the point, Maddox. Sure, I didn't get caught. But the dean did! Have you any idea of how hard it must be for her, to live the rest of her life like that? Have you any remorse?!

Maddox: Well, being a dean in a school like ours does have a high pay and all... but she no longer has to deal with kids like us.

You've had it with his egotistical bullshit. You punch him right down the jaw. He kicks you, but you shrug it off, possessed by fury. Ckaro can see where this is going. He tries to pull you apart, to no avail.

Ckaro: Guys, guys! You're both equally at fault for this - why don't we both make a compromise?

He gets no response as both of you duke it out. So he pummels you and Maddox with a well-placed whirlwind kick.

Ckaro: Right then! Here's what you'll do! Maddox, you go to the court hearing after the field trip. Say that you stole it from her without her knowing. And you, Terry! Ensure that this quest carries on without further infighting!

Asprawl on the cold, hard floor, you and Maddox wearily agree.

You hear Sara screaming from the opposite bathroom. At the moment she can't form words.

Ckaro: Do you see what you've done, you too? You could have bought us more time if you hadn't chosen to fight!

Maddox: We have to fight in the girls' bathroom?

Terry: Well, If I do I guess I'll be as guilty as you are. Farewell, reputation!

> Charge into the girls' bathroom

> Jump through the window

> Leave
> Charge into the girls' bathroom

This had better be important, detention is the last place we should be when attempting to save the world.
>Knock and ask if everyone is ok
File: EATIT.jpg (149 KB, 852x702)
149 KB
149 KB JPG

Terry: Hello... is everyone okay?

If pic related wasn't happening right now what you said might have been true. A girl with a door for a face is holding Sara's mouth open. Another with mist pouring out of her nostrils and mouth is dangling a bloody tampon over Sara's mouth. Then there's a girl with really, really long prehensile hair who's holding her down. You don't recognize any of them because they're a year above you, at least.

Maddox tears the door open.

Maddox: Oi oi oi! What the fuck're you doing?

Prehensile hair chick: Is that your boyfriend, Sara?

Mist face girl: Maybe all of them are!

Ckaro and Maddox get into fighting positions.

Maddox: Feed *me* the tampon, not her!

Terry: Let her go!

They don't listen as mist face girl slowly lowers the used tampon. Prehensile hair chick is the only one with both her hands free, so she pries open the one with the door for a face. Her actual face is superimposed on the door and as it turns around to fully face you she grins. Behind her face is a void into nowhere. In it you can discern stars and nebulae. Prehensile hair chick prepares to load a small round ball from her belt into a slingshot. You don't know where the void leads.

You suddenly remember a crucial detail. Just along the hallway there's a bucket of sand for fire safety purposes.

> Rush forward and attack

> Throw the sand on her.

> Scream for help
Also, I'm open to any suggestions for what nicknames you want the unnamed bullies to have.
File: unnamedbully.png (44 KB, 1634x1452)
44 KB
> Throw the sand on her.

At dragon breath specifically, we should try to get it into her mouth in case she can actually breathe fire.

Dragon Breath, Salon, and I honestly have no idea what to call the last one.
>Try shutting the face again

We've officially moved beyond monstergirls here.

You think quickly and dash forwards, leaping up to kick the one with a door for a face in the head. But then you get sucked into the void, and thrown across bottomless abysses of oblivion, and you flail about for thirty seconds flat screaming like an idiot before getting slammed against the wall opposite the girls' bathroom. Your nose bleeds. Maddox is taking none of this, and flexes his muscles with such puissance his shirt explodes. He's drawn the Big Dipper on his torso with a marker.

Somehow his pants remain intact. The bullies start to giggle. Then they stop. Dragon Breath blows out a cloud of nastiness at him and it burns his skin, but he jumps on a sink to avoid it. She's still holding the tampon above Sara, and a drop of blood is forming on it as drops of tears are seeping under his eyes.

Salon gets on her feet and releases the slingshot. An explosion suddenly appears in the door, sending Ckaro flying forward, and his head is stuck in the wall opposite. The drop of blood on the tampon hangs lower.

Dragon Breath draws in another breath and spews it out at Maddox, and he leaps across the bathroom. The mirrors and wall behind him go black with soot. Then he leaps towards her and gets intercepted by Salon's prehensile hair. He struggles valiantly but that isn't enough to stop her from taking several questionable implements from her bag. Ckaro pulls out of the hole and steals a knife from her, and in one ferocious dash, tears Maddox free. There's no more than a centimeter separating Sara's tongue from the drop of blood.

Growling like Kenshiro, Maddox grabs the one with a door for a face by the hinges and whisks her into the toilet, and suddenly water appears in midair within the doorframe and pours in. During this time you've grabbed the sand bucket. Maddox and Ckaro are being strangled by Salon, while Dragon Breath leans backwards as if preparing for her coup-de-grace. But she's so caught up in the fight that she's forgotten to hold Sara's mouth open. Storming through a roaring curtain of water, you toss the semi-wet sand at Dragon Breath. She throws the tampon away. The blood narrowly misses Sara's face. Sara smiles and utters a prayer.

Every grain of sand becomes a termite. Maddox is awed and somewhat frightened. Ckaro is impressed. The three run away, screaming, and flapping their clothes about to get them off.

Sara: Thank you so much!

Terry: No problemo.

Maddox: Uh, Sara, can you cast healing on me?

Sara: I do the opposite, thank you very much. But I do have some burn balm in my bag. Temple braziers and all. Nice tattoo.

Maddox: I know, right?

Sara: I've never met them before. I think they're Vireen's pals.

Ckaro: I can hardly imagine how petty you'd have to be to sic assailant after assailant after one small humiliation!

You tell Sara about what's going on.

Sara: Maddox, you...

Terry: We're over that already.

Sara: At least we've got the field trip.

The bell rings.

(Continued in next post)

During lunchtime, Maddox shrugs every insult thrown his way by the girls and gladly accepts every compliment from the boys during lunchtime. All his guilt is now completely and utterly gone. You visit Ollie-Anne and she's frothing in excitement and he thanks you over and over. After school she follows you to Maddox's house. It's a really dingy place and there's a mouldy sofa on the drastically overgrown front lawn but nevertheless he rolls out a picnic rug.

Maddox: Right, yes, mmmm! Here are our weapons! Pick one, and only one!

> Mutilatinator R (I don't know what this is. Maddox probably took apart everything he thought looked cool and mashed it together.)

> Pussy Slayer (Several pieces of enchanted cardboard, painted green infused with cucumber seed oil, and several dried pickles are glued to it.)

> Diarrhea Decimator (Rocket-launcher looking thing filled with various expired foods, including frozen bread)

> Giantess Rammer (A jetpack made of amalgamated cardboard and plastic with two huge boxing gloves on strings attached to it)

> My Dick (An enchanted sword longer than Pussy Slayer, made of actual legitimate metal. Coated in something that smells really bad. Powerful enough to propel you with every swing.)
> Diarrhea Decimator (Rocket-launcher looking thing filled with various expired foods, including frozen bread)

You can never go wrong with a projectile weapon. We should leave the sword to Ckaro.

You take the Diarrhea Decimator from the picnic rug and hold it high overhead, as though you're pulling it from a stone. Maddox, unsurprisingly, selects Pussy Slayer. Gekky picks up My Dick. Sara acquires the Giantess Rammer, and Ckaro takes the Mutilatinator R. You're all set for tomorrow's field trip, but one important concern comes to mind.

Terry: How we gonna smuggle 'em on the bus?

He simply pulls out a crystal brooch the shape of a hamburger and waves it.

Maddox: MaddoxIsAwesome69!

All your weapons disappear in a flash of light.

Maddox: Gekky, your weapon is pretty much the same as mine except less specialized. Spend yer evening practicing and you'll be peachy keen! Sara, keep in mind that the weapon you have will launch you twenty meters at a time, and is good for ramming shit. Ckaro, write your will before you press the little red button. And you, Terry! Find as many dangerous things as possible because there's a hammerspace drive in there. Before school next morning, show up here and i'll stick our weapons in this brooch. Ciao!

When you go home, your dad is the first person you see. You cringe with great shame.

Dad: Hey, son. Come over here, I want to have a talk with you.

You follow him into the dining room. Your mum's not at home, fortunately. You speak in a dull monotone, masking your immense dread.

Terry: Please don't tell mum about this. Please.

Dad: Don't worry, I won't.

Dad: So, who's this girl who I saw slither down from your room? Is she from school?

Terry: Yep, she is. Gekky, who's from my homeroom.

Dad: What i'm worried about is that we haven't gotten to know her yet.

Terry: Look dad, she was just over because-

Dad: There's no need to deny it. I'm not judging you. So I think that this evening we ought to get to know her family over dinner today. Because if we're going to arrange a shotgun marriage between you and her we'd at least have to warn her folks beforehand.

> "Please no"

> "Sure..."

> Write-In
>”We’re not involved. She spent the night here for a dare.”

Terry: We're not involved, at all.

Dad: ...Not involved? This morning I just checked the tree outside your window and some leaves were missing from the branches. She must have went to some lengths to meet you.

Terry: Yes! It was a dare. Somebody dared her to stay the night in my room.

Dad: So tell me about this dare then. If she really spent the night here she would have told you why, did she?

> Write-In
>It uh was a dare where her house had no electricity and her heat was gone

Terry: It uh, was a dare where her house had no electricity and her heat was gone!

Dad: Damn, that must have sucked.

By some strange miracle, he accepts you explanation and you wake up the next morning completely unscathed. Today's the day! The first place you go to is Maddox's house, where you practice firing the Diarrhea Decimator at the effigies of people whom Maddox dislikes. You do this in a plot of unclaimed land where the grass is dried-up and waist-high and the mouldy, leaning fences are full of holes. You have a great time. The rest of your pals arrive and Maddox sticks all of them in the brooch.

When school is over, you see your homeroom teacher, Mrs. Reynard, the bespectacled kitsune. She's looking stunning in her blue pantsuit, which contrast with her orange hair and six tails. Her tails explain why she always has a folding stool she always keeps with her. How big is the hole in her pants anyways?

Ollie-Anne scuttles over, gibbering and wheezing with excitement. She doesn't have pupils but if she had any they'd be dilated to the size of sand grains.

Ollie-Anne: Terry! I'm so excited! Most of my forum friends live in Centropolis, so I organized a meetup in the same hotel we're staying in! And most of the moderators are comi-

Mrs. Reynard: Alright everybody, bipeds in one group, tauroids in the other. As I have said, there is nothing discriminatory about this, it is only acknowledging the fact that the tubeway cars have seats designed for different body shapes.

You join Maddox and Sara in a big crowd of two-legged people, and walk all the way to an underground station where the tauroids get in one car and the bipeds to one behind them. You wonder what the tauroid car looks like - imagine how big the seats are - or are there even seats at all? Anyhow, Sara takes the window seat to Maddox's left and you're facing the main isle to Maddox's right, and so he's sandwiched in between the two of you with the brooch in his hands for maximum safety. Nothing bad happens, and now you're in Centropolis. It's late evening.

Mrs. Reynard: Alright everybody, we've bought packed food so let's eat dinner at the motel dining room, or if you brought money you can go explore the city. Just be back by ten, okay?

Maddox: Nah, the food they brought is gonna be shit! My uncle runs a great dive downtown.

Sara: Where is it?

Maddox: At Sewer Side! Plenty of awesome places we can go to, so long as we lay low.

Sara: Sewer Side doesn't sound very nice... But as an acolyte I have discounts at the Eightfold Temple, and it gives free food to the homeless and priced food to the homeful.

Gekky: After a trip that long, I reckon monastic fare isn't gonna fill my eight meters of tail. How about we make the most of this city and go to an all-you can eat buffet?

(Continued in next post)
Ollie-Anne: Sorry guys, but I think i'll stay in the motel. The meetup's happening not long after. Terry, you don't have to come if you don't want to...

> Maddox's uncle's dive

> Eightfold Temple

> Buffet

> Motel

Seems like the safest option for max group happiness

Terry: The buffet it is!

Gekky: Yippee!

Maddox: I really hope it's worth it...

You and your pals head over to the Lickety-Split All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and start gorging yourself in ways you never thought possible. Despite being a dog girl Sara has the best table manners. The food is unimaginably varied, and all the drinks are served from a huge row of fountains. The venue itself is a pleasant, warmly-lit place with a very noisy atmosphere, because there are several flaming braziers hanging from the roof. Everyone at your table is having tons of fun, bragging about the violent acts and near-death experiences they had in the past few days. Everybody's chiming in at Gekky fending off the home invasion that caused her power outage.

Gekky: And so that eel girl showed up on the TV screen - I had thought she was some kind of extra in the drama I was watching, but then she addressed me by name! I was so scared I could feel my scales peeling off. But then an oily black hand with long fingernails emerged from the screen, electricity buzzing around it... And so I was totally confused...

Maddox: Did you kick her ass?

Gekky: All by myself! See, my sister was upstairs and mum was at work, so I took it upon my self to lure her into the local playground where there's a sandpit, and since it's not conductive I set off the sonic bomb I have hidden for emergencies and it swallowed her neck up. So yeah, I did. She wasn't there the next day so I suppose she eventually went home. But I still have electric burns now.

Right in front of her there are several plates of nothing but meat. As she gabbles on, the pile of empty dishes rises to incomparable heights. Her story is so intriguing that nobody really notices the sheer amount of food she eats. And after a hearty spoonful of mashed potatoes you notice you need to take a shit. So you head to the bathroom, where there's a lanky girl with purple skin and compound eyes pissing at a urinal. You look behind you and you are certainly in the men's bathroom.

> "Excuse me, isn't this the men's bathroom?"

> "Aha! An agent of Vireen, in plain sight!"

> Leave the bathroom.
>Aha! An agent of Vireen in plain sight!

Jumping the gun
Let's face it. Every time you see something unusual happen, Vireen's ordered it. Just give it up already! I mean, she's been crying to herself for a couple of days, so either she must be the saltiest person you've ever met - you haven't actually because you never spoke to her - or she must have some other agenda.

???: Excuse me?

Eight arachnid legs sprout from holes at the bottom of her head and lift it free from her neck. What kind of species is she, anyways?

Terry: Who are you?

???: Can't I piss in peace?

She doubles up all her headlegs and leaps onto the ceiling, where she clings perfectly. Her unkempt, white hair hangs upside-down. Her headless body turns around abruptly, and then flamboyantly strikes a pose as her voice echoes throughout the men's bathroom.

???: Terry Tazo! Prepare to die!

She promptly reaches into her neck-hole and pulls out a weapon the likes of which you have never seen before. To earth-men it would resemble a ray gun, which would be familiar to them through science fiction. But not to you. You're pretty sure it's a ranged weapon. The tip of it reverberates with radiant energy. Her head starts to crawl out of the bathroom, into ceiling above the dining room.

> Sidestep in front of the mirror

> Sidestep in front of the sink

> Duck (You are facing the entrance)

> Run

> Write-In
>Sidestep in front of the mirror

How is her head crawling? Using her tongue? On the bathroom floor? Tell her that's disgusting.
> Sidestep in front of the mirror

Her head grew legs.
File: snekbelly.png (182 KB, 660x627)
182 KB
182 KB PNG

Thinking quickly, you sidestep in front of the mirror. She fires, you dodge it, and the mirror reflects the projectile. It seems to be composed of solidified light, and it bounces diagonally, smashing a toilet into pieces. A stream of gushing water separates you from her. That's disgusting. Now her head has made it out of the doorway and into the dining hall. She attempts to fire it through the stream of water, but it diffuses and refracts into a dozen little pieces, burning you in various parts and scoring every part of the wall with smoldering spots of ash. She sighs and walks through the water. She gargles a little bit before spewing most of it out of her neck-hole like a fountain.

???: Ugh! Gross!

Her head is now clinging to a chain hanging from the dining room ceiling. This time she doesn't shoot at you but at the hanging brazier. Hot coals pour on a group of people you don't know and they sprint screaming into the punch bowl, trailing smoke behind them. Maddox, Sara and Ckaro stand up in shock. Gekky obviously can't, but even so she looks like pic related, pointing it out in a drowsy manner.

Her belly looks like it's nine months pregnant and her tail looks like an overstuffed stocking. Every food tray in the buffet is now empty, presumably because of her appetite alone. What the fuck, Gekky? Don't you have any consideration for the other diners?

Maddox gets worked up. He shakes his fists.

Maddox: Who the fuck did that, huh? Show yourself and you'll lie in the hospital tonight, as opposed to the morgue!

In his rage he eyes everyone he sees as angrily as possible, his eyes gleaming red. Unfortunately your assailant's disembodied head drops down from the swinging chain and snatches Maddox's brooch. It skitters gleefully out of the restaurant, beneath tables and chairs, dodging the feet and hooves of many startled patrons as the fire begins to spread.

Maddox: Come out here, motherfucker, 'cause if you don't i'll spitroast you! MaddoxIsAwesome69! MADDOXISAWESOME69!!! *wheeze* Eh? Where-

Sara: Looks like the brooch is missing!

Ckaro: Hurry, let's find it!

Gekky: Okay then... *burp*. But isn't there, like, a fire in here?

Sara and Ckaro get on their knees and start scrabbling around for it. Before you can rejoin them, something slimy oozes out of the remains of the toilet. It quivers and heaves like something alive. You've heard of a species like this, but you've seen only a few in Wesflow. You must decide what to do quickly.

> Attempt to wrestle the ray-gun from the headless girl

> Block the toilet goo with your shirt

> Lean against the wall beside the toilet

> Run and join your friends (The fire is louder than you are)

> Chase the scuttling head

> Write-In

And as always, i'll give you guys a chance to nickname the girl with the removable head.
> Attempt to wrestle the ray-gun from the headless girl

We should at the very least be as strong as her, and with her mostly occupied with escaping her other half might be somewhat distracted. Once we take out the body, we can deal with the thing in the toilet. Our friends can get the weapons back without our help.

>And as always, i'll give you guys a chance to nickname the girl with the removable head.

Considering how you've rarely brawled a deadly opponent head-on, and the last time you fought somebody the only thing you could do is contribute to another person's magic spell, you feel slightly less confident regarding your brawl against... oh, who cares. Mimi! However, you assume that without her head she won't be able to see you. But still, you feel bad about fighting a blinded opponent.

You march through the toilet water stream and grab her ray-gun. Mimi attempts to pry your hand away, but to no avail. It goes off and a ceiling tile hits her in the head, so she claws blindly at your throat. Then Mimi wraps her red fingers around your neck. You kick her hard in the shin and her grip weakens, and you steal the raygun.

Meanwhile the dark green slime has coiled around your leg, then makes it up your torso. You shiver at the sudden cold. Your bare flesh is now exposed to the slime as it engulfs your torso. But before it can run up your arms you let fly the energy bolts and blow the toilet into smithereens.

Something goes wrong with the water pressure and something *else* fountains up from the hole where the floor and wall meet. The slime loosens your grip and draws back wetly across the floor tiles into the corner. Filled with rage, you prod Mimi's floating ribs with your newly-acquired raygun. She flaps about like a grounded fish.

Across Doberdown Street, three schoolkids chase a disembodied head with spider legs. Mimi skitters across the pavement with a brooch in her mouth, sweating in mortal fear. Every time you kick her in the ribs her head yelps and she leaps half a meter, slowing down somewhat.

In the men's bathroom she realizes if you keep kicking she'll be seriously injured. So she rolls over and holds her hands up in surrender. Then you stop.

Back on the street she's become fatigued enough to allow Maddox of all people in shouting distance. At last the brooch hears him howl


Mimi's head trips over the Giantess Rammer and crashes headlong into My Dick. She is knocked prone and then picked up by Maddox. Mimi was lucky that she chose to attack you right after Maddox had finished eating.

Maddox: Alright miss, was it you who burned that place down?

Mimi: Ababababowawawa!

Maddox: Listen up, hot stuff. Once we get you back to wherever your body is, maybe we'll let you choose which game we're gonna play with you head. Basketball, volleyball, you name it. Eh?

He tosses her head to Sara as Maddox activates the brooch to store their weapons. She notices yellow pollen all over Mimi's upper lip and philtrum.

Maddox: She been snortin' coke or what?

Sara: She... She might not be doing this of her own accord. Whadya say we bring her back to Gekky. If she can do that kind of stuff to people, maybe she can undo it.

(Continued in next post)
In the men's bathroom the dark blue slime leaps at you again and you blast it with a well-timed shot. It lies in the corner again, now with a smoking crater in its side. Then it assumes the shape of a cowering girl.

???: Please don't shoot me! Vireen paid me in advance, I can pay you that!

Bruised and annoyed, you don't know what to say. The restaurant continues to burn down, but thankfully you've heard no lingering screams - that should tell you that nobody has died so far. Several kilograms of roof blockade the door, scattering ash and burning matter into the bathroom floor tiles. You close the door.

Terry: Did you really have to go to all the trouble of burning down this entire place?

???: Believe me, I tried to convince Dlaak otherwise. But once you've had a good sniff of Vireen's flowery goodness there's nothing that'll stop you save for mortal fear.

Terry: I hope she can foot the bills for what she made her done.

???: You're taking this remarkably well, doncha know?

Terry: Huh. These things happen. To us especially.

The sewage has risen up to your heels at this point, so you stand on the toilet. Your only hope is that they reach you before it climbs too high.

A block or three away from the Lickety-Split All-you-can-Eat Buffet, Sara carries Dlaak with her, and Maddox and Ckaro follow behind. Mimi is incapable of forming coherent sentences, only blubbering with confused terror. Sara takes pity and holds her close. After a few failed attempts at starting conversation, they finally bring her to Gekky, who is slumped over a bench, slowly digesting her meal.

Gekky: Oh? Is this the wiseguy who-

Sara holds her in close.

Gekky: Oh dear. She's been forced to do it.

Sara: Now that you've got the power to control people, maybe you can, uh... free her?

Gekky beams. She's never liked her ability. Neither the ethical complications that constantly cloud and torment her every time she uses it. So Sara places Mimi's head on the end of Gekky's tail, she lifts it up and she rolls down the whole length of her body so their chins touch each other. Then Gekky sits up so Mimi's head is balanced on her tits.

She does her work, and Vireen's grip is gone.

(Continued in next post)
File: humanlikekaldane.jpg (97 KB, 448x685)
97 KB
Gekky: Are you just a head? Or do you have a body anywhere?

Mimi: Yeah. It's in the bathroom of the buffet that I just burned down.

Maddox: Oh, so you're one of them dullahans i've been hearing about. Coulda never told. Thought they all had that accent.

Mimi: I'm no dullahan. I'm not even from here. I'm Dlaak, and i'm from Barsoom.

Maddox: Barsoom?

Dlaak: Yes, and i'm a Kaldane. The rest of my body's a Rykor.

Maddox: Is that another town or something?

Dlaak: Nope, another planet, another dimension.

Ckaro: Ah! And you...

Dlaak: Escaped the lab facility from which I was teleported into this mad place. It's so cold over here you people have to slap cloth on yourselves. It's so itchy.

Sara: Anything happen to you upon arriving here?

Dlaak: Yes. Some girl... she did some weird shit to me with her vines. She felt like a Plant Man from the River Iss...

Ckaro: Another interdimensional traveller! Well, greetings and welcome to whatever this place is, we're on a quest to stop the deity of this dimension from resetting it!

Dlaak: Ah, yes. I do remember someone like that from my world, who fought a so-called goddess. Jones Cartman, wasn't he? Warlord of Mars. Now if you'll excuse me, the bathroom i'm in is overflowing with sewage. Mind if you rescue me and my friend from the burning wreckage of the buffet? My clothes are getting soaked.

Maddox: Oh shit, we forgot about that!

In the half-destroyed, shit-flooded bathroom, the slimegirl resumes begging you for her life. How much money do you want from her?

> All of it

> Half of it

> None
>All of it

Don't take dirty money sis
Terry: Gimme it all. I'll use some of it to pay for the damages your pal did to this restaurant. Where you gonna be?

???: The manhole just outside. You can't miss it.

Terry: Remember, don't take dirty money sis.

???: Duly noted.

She withdraws back into the sewers in shame. You pick Mimi's squirming, beaten body from the ground and sit her up on the toilet next to you. Without anything to do trapped in the bathroom, you sigh and wait for the fires to subside. Meanwhile your pals are looking at the smouldering wreckage.

Sara: Oh shit... are we too late?

Dlaak: He's in the men's bathroom. The place is flooding, hurry!

Without saying anything, Maddox charges in there and tosses burned planks aside. Sara uses her pocket sand, turns them into termites, and you can hear them shouting your name and throwing things about. Then finally Maddox uses Pussy Slayer to break you out. You're covered with ash and soot.

Maddox: Bro, you alright?

Terry: Peachy keen. Though i'll need a shower. So will Mimi here.

You gesture towards Mimi, who is soaked.

Maddox: Jeez! You sure did a number on her.

Sara: Her name's Dlaak, not Mimi. She's from another dimension, and was sent to this one by Vainglory Incorporated.

Terry: Let's keep talking when we're all cleaned up, shall we?

You use a fire hydrant to hose Dlaak down. Her disembodied head winces and squeals in Gekky's arms. Then the slimegirl oozes up from the manhole and gives you $5000. You've got $5033.

Terry: Score!

You sit down at the same bench Gekky is at. She makes a great cushion.

Terry: So! Tell us of the nature of your arrival.

Dlaak: Kaor, strangers. Our king, Taak, made a deal with Vainglory Incorporated, and sent me there since I was a criminal. All I can remember from the facility is that there is a vault... with a portal that leads to the Holy Halls.

Sara: The castle where fate is spun! Theo's abode!

Dlaak: It's surrounded by portals to other such worlds from which Theo... takes inspiration from the creations of his brethren. My own being one such example. He also imported three hundred thoats and ulsios. Also monsters guard it.

Sara: And is all this talk of our world being reset true?

Dlaak: Indubitably.

Sara takes Dlaak from Gekky's arms and plants her on Dlaak's body.

Dlaak: Thank you for showing me mercy, it was a lot more than I would have gotten on Barsoom. But anytime you want to meet me Vireen's gave me enough money to stay at a backpackers down the street.

Night has fallen, and Maddox and you share the same bunk. You're in the bottom bunk. There are four other dudes in your room. Everybody else is sleeping. There's an unusual lack of snoring above you, so you go and check on him - but there's nobody in there. There's nothing in the top bunk except Maddox's sock. Where the hell did he go?

> Wake up someone in your room

> Wake up Mrs. Reynard

> Use psychometry on the sock
>Use psychometry

We'll need to wash our hands after this
You really don't want to touch Maddox's sock. When Sara hosed down Dlaak she had you hide behind the building, but that didn't stop Maddox from taking a peep. You can directly quote his words upon seeing her unusual anatomy:

Maddox: What a beautiful Duwang! Perfect for picnics.

Hesitantly you place your little finger on it. It's been on more places than his foot, all right, given how it sticks for awhile when you recoil in disgust. During that brief moment, you dread the psychometric vision that plays in your consciousness but thankfully you only see the parts of it that happened in the last 2 hours.

In the vision Maddox waits until everyone is completely asleep, and as silently as possible tiptoes out of the room. He's sweating and quivering. With him he takes his bag, puts on his clothes, and walks out into the streets. Around this point your mind-vision starts to fuzz up but you can tell that he's walking down to Turnbuckle Road. Which is, if you're not mistaken, in Sewer Side. Is this where his uncle lives?

Backing out of your trance you search around the room and it looks like he's taken his brooch with him. Then you wash your hands three times in a row. You take your camera with you. The only photos you've taken with it were for your science project, and photos of Gekky balancing a pyramid of soda cans on her tongue.

You go there in your thickest clothes. Despite this it's freezing. Moons and stars don't exist in this dimension, so you've got nothing but flickering streetlights to guide you. You wish you brought your torch, but on second thought that'd attract unwanted attention... from whom? You finally make it to the building you saw Maddox at before your mind-vision blacked out. It's made of roughly-hewn brick, run down, and the pavement in front of it is cracked on account of the roots spreading underneath it.

This place is quite refined for a building in Sewer Side, and far enough from the eponymous open sewer that a pomander hung from the front door is sufficient to banish the stink. There's no sign above the door. This place doesn't look like a cafe at all. But your senses tell you that Maddox is definitely in here.

There's an alley beside the building where there's a dumpster and cardboard boxes everywhere.

> Stack the boxes and peek through the window

> Enter through the front door

> Write-In
>Stack boxes and peek
You gulp, and stack enough greasy boxes on top of each other to reach the cracked window. After thirty seconds of meticulous testing the boxes seem sturdy enough to stand on. Here goes. Climbing the stack invokes your fear of heights enough to bring you out of your nighttime drowsiness. If you fell you'd certainly break your neck. Then you stand on your tiptoes and peep through the window which is so high up you can put your nose on the windowsill. But it's wide enough for you to crawl through. Your camera is hanging from a string around your neck.

The room has been decked out to look like a cavern, which is something that exists only in this world's fantasy fiction. There are stalactites dripping tapwater into little burbling channels emptying into drains which you can't see. Electric lanterns in soft plastic mushrooms shroud the room in warm shades of magenta and orange. Good thing your camera can be adjusted to take photos of places this dark. The room is very dim, but you can see your friend Maddox in here. There's also someone else with him.

There's an intimidatingly beautiful lamia with glowing red eyes and purple scales and very long hair who has him wrapped in her tail, from head to toe. The end of her tail loops around his neck and covers his mouth. She's wearing little, as opposed to Maddox, whose clothes lie in a crumpled pile. She leans in very close to Maddox, and it's so quiet in here that you can hear her whispering things to him. And some things they are. Everything that she utters to him has vaguely sexual and predatory implications. This is just nauseating to watch.

???: Don't worry, dear ~ mommy's gonna savour every last bit of you.

Maddox whimpers.

Her forked tongue flickers along his cheek as she traces a slender hand down Maddox's jawline. You don't know if you should be disgusted or frightened by what you're seeing. But the most prevailing emotion is shame, not only for letting this happen to your friend Maddox but for feeling slightly aroused by this. However you do know that you can't just stand by and watch.

> Politely ask what they are doing

> Jump in with your raygun

> Take a photo

> Write-In
>Unpolitely ask what they are doing, then take a photo
>Ask if you can be next
> Jump in with your raygun
(Happy New Year to you all!)

If this is another surprise attack, you sure as hell won't get caught off-guard. So you holster your raygun and vault through the window. You land as quietly as possible, not that they'd notice anyway. They're snogging like crazy. So you ask

Terry: The absolute flying fuck are you doing? Are you two making out or trying to eat him? Hey. Hey!

They don't listen. You tentatively snap a photo and they still don't notice you. That Lamia is squeezing him real hard while she writhes and undulates, and he's gagging and moaning.

Terry: HEY!

You fire a warning shot at the window, which is so dirty it diffuses into a chromatic spray, suddenly searing the wall of the other side of the alleyway. The sudden bright flash of multi-coloured light is enough to make them stop doing whatever the hell they're doing. She releases Maddox from her grip and uses her tail to pull the light switch. The sensuous atmosphere is replaced with white light. Both of them glare at you with utter disgust. Maddox's naked body has scales imprinted all over it. Finally it occurs to you that it's not Maddox's life but his dignity that's in great danger.

Terry: Yo, can I be next?

???: If you really want to book a session this late at night I think you'll want to do it at the front desk. We have a discretion policy.

The professional way she speaks is staggeringly disparate from the way she dresses. She's dressed like Dejah Thoris.

She fetches Maddox's clothes and he quickly gets changed behind a fibreglass stalagmite.

???: So if you don't mind, i'll help you back out that window and you can book one, 'cause the twenty percent off special is over tomorrow.

She turns to Maddox and talks in her sexy voice again.

???: Sorry about that little interruption, doxy~ now that that's over how about we keep goi-

Maddox: No. We're done. Thank you very much. Help us both out the window.

She does so. When Maddox is angry, he always acts on his impulses and pummels the source of said anger. But you're more concerned that he isn't beating the shit out of you. Instead, he's taking this well. Until you hear his voice, like he's on the brink of tears.

Maddox: Terry... you son-of-a-bitch. You ruined fucking everything!

Terry: Dude, i'm sorry. You just left a sock in your bed and when I used my powers on it I thought you were in danger.

Maddox: Let me guess, you didn't see me at the front desk?

Terry: Nope.

Maddox: If I hear about this ever again i'll fucking kill you, mark my words. I don't care that you're my friend - if word spreads, my life is over. I'll be fucking disowned. Then my folks are gonna get it, too.

Terry: I promise I won't tell this to anyone. Ever.

Maddox: Do you think I agreed to go on this quest so I could save the world? All that heroism and destiny shit? No! I planned this for that exact same moment - I used up most of my earnings from my afterschool job - and this is what happens.

(Continued in next post)
Maddox: You're my best friend, Terry. That means you should know that when I say I will fucking kill you if you tell anyone about my fetish, i'm not bluffing. I really will.

Terry: How much did that... session cost?

Maddox: Three 'undred dollars.

Out of pity and guilt you hand him $500. You've now got $4533 left.

You can see the motel the rest of your classmates are staying in in the distance.

Maddox: You know, when we stop Theo from resetting our dimension, I hope we get some sweet-ass perks. Like godhood, maybe.

Terry: Wouldn't that get boring?

Maddox: Na. If I get ennui'd from that immortality maybe I could delete my memories every thousand years.

Maddox's seething bitterness clears off by the time you return to your room. He seems to have semi-forgiven you for that incident. Despite how hot-headed he may scene he cools off surprisingly quickly.

Maddox: Next time I go there i'll take the 'jungle' option. I reckon it's more warm and humid in there.

Terry: Just one thing... did she actually try to eat you?

Maddox: Nah. Though I wish she did. It's physically impossible, with that tiny little mouth of hers. Goodnight, dude.

Terry: Goodnight.

> Delete the photo

> Keep the photo

> Sleep

> Write-In
> Delete the photo
> Sleep
If the photo ended up in the hands of an adversary, it could spell certain doom not just for Maddox, but for pretty much everyone who's ever met him. The shame would probably kill him. Acting by your own conscience, you turn on your camera, flip towards Maddox's session, and delete the photographs from your data cartridge. If Gekky was still awake maybe you could have asked her to help her sleep, but considering the fighting you did today you suffer no insomnia.

When you wake up the numerous bruises and scratches from fighting Dlaak have all healed. Breakfast takes place in the dining hall downstairs, and you look forward to the trip to the museum and the laboratory raid afterwards. However your plans ought to be discussed soon - but this we shall leave to the next thread.


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