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Recap: You, Terry Tazo, have discovered your psychometric powers through identifying Gekky the Lamia's bully, Vireen Vainglory. Now you are heading to Salimance Field through a canal that runs through Milafoy Wood to meet a person you know from school who is very interested in your newfound powers. During the trip you were ambushed by an admirer of Vireen who attacked you with a biological weapon grown from Vireen's own body. Unpeturbed, you march on with your friends Maddox, Sara, and Gekky.

At last you arrive at Salimance Field. The smell of dung is very present. Something large and spidery notices you and skitters over to you, and she is euphoric with glee to the point where. She is, without a doubt, the mentally unstable arachne named Ollie-Anne Tapwise, or "Mad Seaweed".

She has wavy green hair on her hair and on her spider body which comprises the entirety of her below the waist. Essentially pic related from the waist up, with more spoder.

Ollie-Anne: heyyy!!1111!

Terry: Sorry if we're late, Seaweed. We got jumped.

Ollie-Anne: doesn't matter, welcome to our club! So I hear you can do psychometry, right?

Terry: Sure can do.

Ollie-Anne: Excellent! And these three are-

Terry: Gekky, Maddox, and Sara.

Ollie-Anne: Right, yes; come with me and i'll lead you to where we are right now.

She brings you to what seems to be a very crowded campsite facing a wide open area with many rows of seats. There are many braziers burning, perhaps for dramatic effect. She's hammered some poles into the ground and carved occult symbols into them for some reason.

Ollie-Anne: So i'll give you half an hour to get to know everybody, and then we have the big exhibition. I've got snacks if you want some. Right after that comes my speech - and it'll be a riveting speech of revelation! You won't see the world the same again, I tell you! It's gonna be great, it's gonna be revolutionary, and i'll be world-famous! It'll blow your mind!

Ollie-Anne leaps from one leg to another. It's a hilarious sight for one to see especially when she has eight legs.

Ollie-Anne: "So if you need anything come to my tent."

She gestures to a tent which has been densely webbed up, by her, no wonder.

Ollie-Anne: "Ohhhhhh, I can barely contain my excitement!"

She scuttles into her tent. Everyone in your group stares at each other, dumbfounded.

Gekky: Well, this ought to be a trip.


> Talk to someone in the camp

> Talk to Sara

> Talk to Gekky

> Talk to Maddox

> Talk to Ollie-Anne

> Write-In
>Talk to Ollie-Anne
> Talk to someone in the camp
>Talk to someone in the camp

> Talk to Ollie-Anne
> Talk to someone in the camp
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> Talk to someone in the camp

Bored out of your mind and with nothing to do, you decide to converse with a random person. And by 'random' you mean somebody who you can faintly recognize from school; and the person in question is Simon.

Terry: Hey, Simon; you're from class 7RE, right?

Simon: Yep. And you must be Terry, the psychometrist!

Terry: Did you get her invitation letter?

Simon: Wait... there was one? She sent me an email because I live at the other side of town.

You show him the letter. Simon cannot contain his laughter.

Simon: I always knew she was unhinged... But now i'm sure this is gonna be one wild ride. Now I regret leaving behind my video camera.

Terry: So? Did she snoop on you showing your powers lately?

Simon: Yes, in fact, i'm ferrokinetic.

Terry: Holy cow! Imagine how badass that could be - ever tried flipping a skimmer with it?

Simon: I get that all the time, Terry. Last time I used it was a whole week ago, and all I did was bend a spoon. It wasn't even that thick. Boy, did it hurt.

Terry: But still, practice makes perfect!

Simon: One can only hope.

And now the exhibition begins. Ollie-Anne brings people to a table in the middle of the field and asks them to show off their powers. The displays are very disorganized, using several household objects and miscellaneous things to exemplify them. Halfway through there's basically no order left and people are using them wantonly for shits and giggles. There's an aquakinetic catboy who is juggling teacups but then loses his shit when she fumbles and one of them pours on his head. He loses control and tears the water from a mermaid's bathtub, causing her to go flying and fall down a giantess's shirt.
In a futile attempt at establishing order, Ollie-Anne pulls out a goddamn dildo from her bag.

Ollie-Anne: I bought this second-hand, so i'd like you to describe where this has been... in graphic detail!

Her show becomes a straight-up circus until a loud rustling can be heard in the forest.

Two dozen heads turn towards it... and from it emerges a red stickman. No joke, a fucking stick figure, like one you'd see on youtube beating the shit out of other stick figures. People start going apeshit, but Ollie-Anne pretends that it's all just part of the plan.

Maddox: The Scarlet Berserker! The Scarlet Berserker!

The stickman charges into them, sword bared, and every volley of metal balls, every psychic attack, merely bounces off of him. Maddox decides to charge him head on but he gets knocked aside a pommel. Having enough of this, he runs back up and grabs him.

Maddox: Cease, demon, and I shall permit you to live; albeit only in a life support system!

He gets elbowed and is sent flying into Ollie-Anne's tent.

The stickman advances on Gekky. She shuts her eyes tight. Ollie-Anne whispers to herself: "It's all part of the plan... Just part of the plan". And Gekky emits a powerful frequency.

He drops his sword.

> Write-In
>Use a gel capsule on the sword so that the berserker can’t get to it as easily

>Use a gel capsule on the sword so that the berserker can’t get to it as easily

Thinking quickly, you hurl a gel capsule towards the sword lying on the ground and it is quickly engulfed in the wobbly substance. From Gekky there emanates a strange and calming feeling... that must be none other than telepathy. But of what sort?

The stickman ceases his angry growling and begins to breathe heavily as sweat pours down his face. Then he slumps down as all the energy and aggression has been drained from him. Maddox sees this as an opportunity and storms up to him, cricket bat raised high..

Maddox: Take this, Scarlet Berserker! Is anyone recording this?

Gekky intercepts what would have been a fatal blow by knocking Maddox prone with her tail.

Gekky: Explain yourself, tomato!

Scarlet Berserker: I've become something of an urban legend here, have I? Well first off, my name is Ckaro, and assuming you're familiar with the concept of dimensional travelers...

Ollie-Anne froths at the mouth and leaps over a dozen people.

Ollie-Anne: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! This is what my speech was all about - and now i've got evidence! Tell us all about how you got here!

Ckaro: Obviously there aren't that many stickmen here; that's for sure, but this dimension was so poorly put together that it began spilling out into other dimensions, which is in really bad taste considering that everyone else just trying to get along. I mean, just look at this place!

Some people begin laughing. Ollie-Anne listens intently; but you can see anger building up in Sara. Ckaro continues his monologue.

Ckaro: The deity whom I serve as his warrior-priest, I've met his avatar, right. And he told me this dimension was outright unnatural - nothing was left to develop by its own devices. The wildlife has been stolen from a dozen different dimensions and you need to perform mass cullings to prevent yourselves from starving!

Sara: Enough of this blasphemy! What sublime authority do you have, alien, to run your mouth against the omniscient Theo?

Ckaro: Plenty! See, Lord Jayk has told me some fucker here has been conspiring with the sole deity of this dimension to tear holes and steal shit from us. Genemods, Skimmers, things you can't be bothered to invent because you haven't undergone the proper cultural development to do so. Even a device that accelerates metamorphosis in zoophytic species. I carry the seal of Jayk in the pommel of that sword... which you, kid with the lame haircut, have so successfully gummed up!

Sara: You mean to say we're to...

Ckaro: Yes, get to wherever Theo is and have a word with him.

Sara: You know... I could always do a prayer at the nearest temple...

Ckaro: What do you take me for, woman? Think I don't recognize you as a death-priestess? Do you think i'd let you melt the flesh from my bones far, far away from me?

Sara: Wait... you have bones?

Ollie-Anne: You've heard that Theo is actually an extra-dimensional entity, right? Those forums, they can't be wrong... i've connected all the dots, if you really want proof you can come see the wall in my basement.

Ckaro: Well if I didn't know Theo was somehow fused with this dimension, lurking like a NEET in some hidden plane, then I wouldn't have the knowledge to come here. What i'm asking for is a means to get there. Surely Theo wouldn't be as incompetent as to give his mortals a means of interplanar travel, would he?

Your mind rushes to a news article you read while your mum was talking on the telephone.

Terry: See, I heard Vainglory Inc. was working on a teleportation device, and an astral projection pillow lately...

Ckaro laughs sardonically. He guffaws, he howls, he cannot get himself to his feet.

Ckaro: I can't believe it! You people are so ignorant and backward that the only one who has some glimpse of the truth is some fly-guzzling, tinfoil hat wearer!

Terry: Does this mean we're gonna invade some corporate labyrinth full of weird secrets?

Ckaro sends you a blank stare. You take this as a 'yes'.

With him, you head back to your hometown, Wesflow, without getting jumped. You apologize to your parents for coming home late but at least you're not too late for dinner. That was a one hell of a trip. Before you go to sleep you decide to instant-message one of your friends. Ckaro has access to it because he's crashing over at Ollie-Anne's place.

Who do you want to talk to?

> Maddox

> Gekky

> Sara

> Ollie-Anne

> Ckaro
> Sara
Lets make sure she’s fine with helping us put Theo in his place. Well need all the help we can get.

This got super weird super fast

You log on to instant messenger. Then you contact Sara; the religious one. The acolyte. You assume she is most likely to object to what you're doing.

Terry: You up for our mission?

Sara: Not sure, really. Like I said, it's one thing to say that Theo isn't real, when I can prove he exists with my powers.

Terry: He is real - but he isn't right. Ckaro has proven to us that there are many things wrong with our dimension. Without Theo's direct and constant intervention we wouldn't be alive. But on other dimensions their gods are skilled enough to let nature work its way and have people there shape the world themselves; tell me, do you recall any holy texts mentioning this?

Sara: Yes, in fact, I do. Let me look it up... aha! Got it! So, Terry, if you've been to the temples you'll know that Theo has multiple aspects, which are facades that disguise his true self. Much like how you present yourself in front of your friends and family or you enemies, they're very, very different. Since i'm an acolyte of the Tomb Aspect, I specialize in endings. And in the Scroll of Putrefaction, one of the first verses I learned was one about how everything can and will end, especially his knowledge or his wisdom. Another one states in the Days of Ending he will become as an ordinary mortal before the Truth is revealed.

Terry: Does this mean the Days of Ending are about to happen? Holy hell... I can't believe this.

Sara: You bet your tail-less ass they are. Unfortunately I can't find a prophesy fortelling this - so either we're a bunch of deluded madmen posing as world-changing heroes, or the people who'll bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Terry: So you want to help us?

Sara: Affirmative. Though i'm really not sure as to how we'll carry it out... oh fuck, my dad's about to make a phone call. This late at night?

Terry: No problem. Let's talk about this at school, shall we?

Sara: Definitely. Goodbye.

With Sara offline, you still have half an hour before 11 PM. Maddox is now fast asleep. There are still a few things you can do.

> Keep using instant messenger

> Surf the web (Specify what you want to learn about)

> Play video games

> Read the comics on your shelf

> Read the comics under your bed

> Exercise your psychometry with random objects in your room (You can specify them)

> Look at Dulevis's doodles of Vireen Vainglory, and use psychometry on them.

> Write-in.
> Look at Dulevis's doodles of Vireen Vainglory, and use psychometry on them.
>> Look at Dulevis's doodles of Vireen Vainglory, and use psychometry on them.
This sound gay as fuck lets do it
>Surf the web for info on Theo.

Are you theo OP

You type into your search engine, "Theo". Subsequently, the cutting-edge modem downstairs makes an ear-splitting cacophony. You hope it doesn't wake up your parents. Looking at the loading bar, you grin with pride at how fast your broadband is - only five minutes left until the search page comes up. That should give you some time to look at what you stole from Dulevis.

You feel slightly bad for stealing something from him, especially of that nature. The implication that you could potentially use this as blackmail material only makes you feel even worse for thinking about it. You spread them out on your study desk, and boy is he a good artist. Nowhere as good as Gekky, but still skilled nonetheless. Despite his cartoonish style the tone of the art seems disturbingly worshipful. And most of it is pornographic, showcasing the possibilities of what Vireen could do to Dulevis. There's a long, soppy letter addressed to her in the back page which has been crossed out and rewritten many times. It's also smeared with the same kind of stuff Dulevis used to attack you this afternoon.

You begin to use your psychometry. Dulevis draws them during his classes, hiding them from his teachers when they check on him. Everywhere he goes he carries them around in the most secure part of his bag, and never puts them in his locker. When he goes home he doesn't play video games with his friends as much. It's evident from the time he played his favorite FPS and abandoned his team at a crucial moment since Vireen messaged him. She gives him orders and he carries them out. This must have been from before you got jumped - but wait! He huffs a package of greenish pollen, followed with a little vial of sweet fluid. What on earth could those things be?

On the edge of the final page is pink pollen, which you get all over your finger. The search engine has not yet finished loading.

> Sniff it

> Lick it

> Wash it off (In the bathroom, or in the kitchen sink?)

> Write-In
> Wash it off (In the bathroom, or in the kitchen sink?)
In the bathroom
>Scrape what you can into a container for later analysis, and wash off the rest

Alarmed, you are incredibly uncertain about the effects of this pollen. So you stick it in a plastic bag. There's still some left on your finger so you go downstairs to wash it into the bathroom sink. Recovering from the shock of having used psychometry on the drawings, you return to sleep as soon as possible. At 3 AM you wake up in a cold sweat. You've just had a wet dream about Vireen and it's seriously creepy. You read some comics for twenty minutes and then go back to sleep.

You wake up and eat breakfast, then hoverboard to school. The first thing you have is social studies, where you sit next to Dulevis. Thankfully he does not recognize you. Next you've got homeroom, and you sit next to Gekky. Vireen has not showed up due to yesterday's humiliation, and her butthurt buddies are giving you the death glare. As usual, Mrs Reynard is droning on the notices, her fox ears drooping. You are slowly zoning out so you decide to talk to Gekky.

Gekky: How... how are we gonna do this? And not die?

Terry: We're gonna find wherever the hell they're making those astral projection pillows. Or better yet, where they're researching them.

Gekky, suddenly remembering something, pulls out her comics and flips to the ads. It reads "Send $ to 338.5" Skipmire Place, Centropolis.

Terry: Centropolis... that's three days east. How are we gonna get there? And how can there even be a decimal address?

Gekky: That's where my powers come in. Remember how I calmed down Ckaro yesterday?

Terry: Uh-huh.

Gekky: Ollie-Anne called it telekinesis. Not only can I probe other people's minds... but I can affect them, too. Mrs. Reynard is gonna bring us on a field trip in three days; but she's super uncertain whether she should go there.

Terry: And you're gonna convince her into bringing us there?

Gekky: No, no. The decision isn't up to her. The school dean, Mrs. Attercop, is deciding whether we should go on a field trip to Mount Nerufel or the Centropolis Historical Museum.

Terry: Got it. But we've got to let the others know first at interval.

Reynard: And let's welcome our new student, Simon Carcor!

A person whom you obviously identify by his tone of voice as Ckaro walks into the room. Using some kind of shapeshifting ability he is disguised as a vulpine kemonomimi, the same species as Mrs. Reynard. He halfheartedly acknowledges the greetings and walks over to you.

"Simon": So what's this about a field trip? I've already got my supplies stashed in my locker.

Terry: We need Gekky to... influence Mrs. Attercop to let us go there in three day's time.

"Simon": Then where should we go?

Gekky: Hmm, not sure. When she's at school her mental state is sharpest and she's least easy to influence. But when it comes to anywhere else we would have to track her down somehow...

Terry: The latter won't be that hard with me in on the action.

What do you do by lunchtime?

> Go to the teacher's lounge

> Go to dean's office

> Attempt to learn more about her
>Attempt to learn more about her

If she's sharp at school she ought to be easy while sleeping or at a spa or something.
>> Attempt to learn more about her

Your friends meet up at a table during lunchtime. Ollie-Anne is gritting her teeth and shivering with delight now that she's heard the whole plan. Gekky is shovelling shittons of food into her mouth. Your theory of her having another stomach in her snake part has proven to be true. This wins you $25 from Maddox. Now you have $33.

Terry: She's got one hell of an appetite.

Maddox: Let's hope the same could be said for her *other* appetite.

Terry: And I hope none of it's wasted on you. She'll snap your spine if it happens.

Maddox: You underestimate me. Now what's the fuss about?

Sara: Yea!

You explain your plan.

Terry: So I gotta learn where Mrs. Attercop lives, it won't be a problem with my psychometry.

Ollie-Anne: Ooh! I know her. She's Arachne, like me. So I say don't go to her house because it's webbed up as hell. I been there.

Terry: What about when she's sleeping?

Ollie-Anne: That's another story. We're naturally nocturnal, and those of us who want to live in diurnal communities have to do one month of practice. Recently she's been a bit drowsy so she's doing the practice again.

Terry: Do you know how this practice goes?

Ollie-Anne: Well, my mum goes to this spa which is supposed to help with that sort of thing. Though I don't know where it is. And plus, I think there are others like it in town.

Maddox: The dean's real disorganized. Last week she mixed up an entire year's tests for another's. She stores everything - i mean everything in her handbag. She's also my homeroom teacher.

Terry: So whaddya say we snag her togs?

Everyone stares at you for a brief moment.

Ollie-Anne: So whaddya say I go ask mum this afternoon which spa she goes to?

Terry: That way I won't know when she goes there, at what times. So I'm going to grab her togs and use my powers on them.

Sara: I think I recall about two dozen verses that denounce such practices as sacrilege.

Maddox: Terry, you goddamn legend!

Terry: So where's she at, huh? We got 40 minutes left for lunch.

Maddox: She's in the dean's office, or the teacher's lounge.

Terry: We've got to find a way to distract her...

It takes 10 minutes to hoverboard to It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This.

> Go shopping for prank materials

> Teacher's lounge

> Dean's office
> Dean's office

We should get this done as quickly and low key as possible.
You're casually walking down the hall with Gekky. But then the twisted Un-Man Sebastian Jones corners you. He is accompanied by a short-haired werebat girl named Nellie Abner, who has bat wings and a retrousse nose. A huge fringe obscures both of her eyes.

Sebastian: About to nick the dean's nickers?

Terry: No, actually. We were going to ask when the next class president election was going to be held so we could prepare in advance...

Sebastian: Don't bullshit me. Nellie here's got keen ears. Being a bat and all, yes.

Nellie flashes you a fanged grin as she raises a cheap data cartridge in one hand and her directional microphone in the other.

Sebastian: So, Taz 'n' Gek, turn back right now else we're gonna spill the beans and your blood.

Gekky: If you really did record us talking then she'll hear what we said in context.

Nellie: No she ain't.

Nellie plugs it into an audio cartridge player. Then it says " Then dean's real disorganized *static hiss* So whaddya say we snag her togs?"

Gekky is flustered now as she desperately thinks of what to say to save her. Then she blurts, awkwardly

Gekky: Um, you see, I lost my swimwear and considering how it's really hard to find that for people who aren't bipeds, I was gonna ask her if she had... spares? For, uh, P.E. Swimming.

Both of them stare at you. Then they start to laugh hysterically. Sebastian's nigh-human form begins to distort and twist in some places. His joints and muscles don't connect properly at all, especially in his neck and legs. His jaw hangs in a weird way.

Nellie: Oh please! You're going to sniff Attercop's speedoes too? I'd expect a couple to go watch a movie or something, but it looks like you two share a common interest!

Nellie stops recording you.

Nellie: Well, enjoy your last moments in school. Before you get expelled. Or chased out of town!

Nellie flies off down the hallway. You've got your cellphone with you, but not your hoverboard.


> Call Maddox

> Call Sara

> Fight! (Specify actions)
>> Call Maddox

Use the gel capsule to stop Nellie from flying off. Have Gekky constrict Sebastian so that we can run over and take the data chip from her once she’s downed without him interfering.
this is good +1

As Nellie speeds away you hurl yet another gel capsule. You've now got six of them. It collides with her left wing and the capsule detonates. Then it splatters all over the lockers and ceiling. She is caught by surprise and makes several somersaults before colliding painfully with the linoleum floor. Unfortunately she still holds the audio cartridge under her wing. With both her hands and her skirt, she is trying to wipe the gel. Nellie is veritably strong. Even when grounded, you doubt you can take her on in a fight. Her shoe has fallen off and is within reach.

So you shout to Gekky

Terry: Keep Sebastian where you can see him!

She nods and in an instant, coils her muscular tail around him. She squeezes with all her might. His collarbones bend and his jawbone drifts out of place. Sebastian's shoulder crumples up into his torso. Gekky winces at the sight of him deforming. She squeezes him even tighter. If Sebastian was not an Un-Man he would have died by now, but Gekky learns the hard way that he has no internal organs. He mock-chokes for a few seconds before speaking as though Gekky had not even touched him. He begins to taunt her.

Sebastian: Ohh... Tighter! You know, Gekky, there are some places in Centropolis where adults pay $200 for this kind of treatment! There was this one website - basements decked out like caverns or dungeons, jungles and temples. Some wacky roleplay shit there. Just giving you a tip if you're short on cash. Unfortunately that tantalizing feeling of danger just isn't there for my kind. Yours, however, make one helluva dollar from them joints. And Terry, I bet you give him a member's discount.

Like a Pillar Man, Sebastian oozes free from her grip. Gekky swipes at him with her tail. Sebastian dodges. Then with several forearm strikes he knocks her out of the way. He saunters, every joint contradicting itself, up behind you.

> Call Maddox

> Call Sara

> Use psychometry on Nellie's shoe

> Fight Sebastian
> Fight Sebastian

Grab the shoe (let’s hope they’re heels) and position yourself between your foes. Stay alert and attempt to use their strengths against them. If all else fails just beat either of them with the shoe and hope that Gekky recovers in time to help.
>Fight Sebastian

And have Gekky take Nellie. Not sure how to fight Sebastian though. He can't be crushed, so punches probably won't affect him. Hmm. We shoulda bought pepper spray. Or some extra pollen.
You get on your feet and face Sebastian and Gekky slithers behind you. Before you do that, you get in a low crouch and snatch Nellie's shoes. Sebastian is a terrifying opponent. You don't know exactly know much about his physiology, but it helped him evade Gekky's constriction with ease. If he's immune to crushing, then hopefully a focused bludgeoning attack will do the trick. Rearing back, he bears down on you, stretching an elongated forearm towards your collarbone. But before he can act you slap him in the mouth with her shoe. Two molars fly out of his right ear. This would have been hilarious if you weren't fighting.

Gekky is dealing with Nellie. She can't escape from her. Gekky lifts Nellie's fringe off, and stares intensely into her eyes until she stops struggling. Meanwhile Sebastian has sprouted a dozen new limbs from under his shirt and is using them to remove him. You break three of them off with a well-placed kick and step backwards. With nothing else to use, you throw a garbage bin over his head and it spreads everywhere. He flails about. You kick the bin. Then Sebastian spills out and reshapes himself into a snail-thing with human skin and the bin as his shell. Two retractable eyestalks poke out of it and several tentacles ending in clawed human hands lash out at you.

Gekky releases Nellie from her coils. She stands in a daze, swaying from one side to the other, blissfully unaware of the situation. For the first few seconds she looks upon her work with a mixture of victoriousness and pride. She politely asks her for the cartridge, and Nellie hands it over to her. She places it in-between her fangs and snaps it with a single bite.

But Gekky almost pisses herself upon seeing what Sebastian has shapeshifted into.

Gekky: Oh shit!

Nellie: *Brainless moaning and intermittent batty squeaks*

> Call Maddox

> Call Sara

> Jump on Sebastian's back

> Run into the dean's office

> Write-In
> Jump on Sebastian's back

We could attempt to trap him in the bin.
Wtf I thought he was just stretchy, he's a full shapeshifter?

Tell him the recording is broke so there's no point in fighting anymore.
Looking back at the remains of the cartridge, you shout to him

Terry: Yo Sebastian, we smashed the cartridge, so now you can't incriminate us!

Sebastian: Fuck!

He removes himself from the bin and reshapes himself back into a human, and gets his clothes back on.

Sebastian: You know what, I'm-a go with you.

Gekky leans in and whispers something into Nellie's pointed, furry ear, her tail wrapped around her leg, and releases her from her trance.

Nellie: Sebastian... why'd you do that?

Sebastian: Do what?

Nellie: Why'd you smash my tunes?

Sebastian: You squeakin' numbskull! That was footage of them conspiring to steal the dean's swimwear!

Nellie: Are you gaslighting me now? I spent $7 on that cartridge from the music store. If you don't pay me back i'll go with them, all right, and tell the dean what you did.

Sebastian's eyes bulge out at Gekky. You've never seen a stare more contemptuous and bitter than his. He finds it counterproductive to argue against whatever Gekky did to her.

Sebastian: Oh, fine. I'll pay. Let's turn tail and forget this all happened. Terry... Hope you enjoy the smell of the dean's webby taint.

Terry: Duly noted.

You chuckle to yourself and lead the way down the hallway into the dean's office. She's there. You think of a way to get her out of her office to distract her, and Gekky thinks with equal intensity.

How do you distract Mrs. Attercop?

> Write-In
We could just go in and share our concerns about Vireen brainwashing students with her pollen. We even have a small sample in a plastic bag that can be linked to her through dna testing or other psychometric users. While we talk Gekky does the deed.

Plan B would be Gekky finds some jerk and hypnotizes them into throwing a fit
You saunter into her office, grinning awkwardly. After poring over an assortment of absurd and chaotic suggestions you at last settle on the one you believe will work perfectly; addressing your concerns to the dean in a direct and down-to-earth manner that will hopefully solve the problem by contradicting the school rules as little as possible. This will surely work. You knock on the door. She lifts up her leg and the door pulls open.

Mrs. Attercop: Yes, come in?

Terry: Oh, yes. You see, on behalf of Gekky, i'd like to express my concerns about Vireen and her recent actions.

Mrs. Attercop: Is this about her prank?

Terry: No, not at all. It's more about recent incidents that have been done on behalf of her. Just recently we were jumped by six students.

You tell her their identities. Gekky reaches around the office, coiling her tail around the edges of the room as slowly and lowkey as possible, ever so slightly getting nearer to her handbag.

Mrs. Attercop: And what about them? Were they her friends?

Terry: I'm not sure. But what I am sure about is that they were influenced by substances that were administered by her.

Mrs. Attercop: You mean to tell me that she's been selling drugs?

The end of Gekky's tail grabs onto the zipper of her handbag. She begins to sweat with anxiety. The good thing is that all eight of Mrs Attercop's violet eyes are trained on you.

Terry: In a way. Not selling, per se. But you know how in the medical records my dad sent you I got psychometry? I suspect that she's been using her pollen to uh, persuade others to carry out her revenge on us.

Mrs. Attercop becomes strangely aroused as you describe what you saw in those visions. She starts to hyperventilate and gets flushed. Then you give her the pollen sample. Meanwhile Gekky's tail has pulled the zipper down halfway. You fight the urge to look at it.

Mrs. Attercop: Oh dear. I'm not so familiar with alraune biology, seeing as how much of it is classified, but i'm sure this will be a learning experience not just for you but everyone involved. But I've got my own concerns, too.

Terry: Like what?

Mrs. Attercop: Allow me to provide you some context, Terry Tazo. Vireen Vainglory has a spotless academic and disciplinary record. What you've told me as of late has made me question everything i've heard about her. Although this is a lot to take in I must tell you that apprehending her for this will be difficult.

Gekky is now fishing through the dean's stuff. You hope that she makes as little noise as possible. Beneath tightly closed lips you grit your teeth and tears well up behind your eyes. You attempt to hide your tremoring.

(Cont. in next post)
Mrs. Attercop: She is in a position of prestige in the student council. Her mother is not only a High Priestess of the Genesis Aspect but also a reputable member of the Board of Trustees and the PTA. Accusing her of such crimes will be an incredible ordeal for me, and if what you are saying is true, it is unlikely that they will not take unscrupulous action against all involved.

You heed her warning. Your eyes quickly dart to the side. She's got it! Both bra and panties are being swiftly pulled out of her handbag. However she begins to turn. Thinking quick, you sneeze as loudly as possible and Mrs Attercop shuts her eyes very tightly. It gives Gekky one whole second of time, which is just enough for her to stick it up her shirt. Just in time!

Terry: Thank you so much.

Mrs. Attercop: You're welcome. Rest assured I will look into it to the best of my ability.

When you leave the office both of you make simultaneous sighs of relief. It's the final ten minutes of lunchtime. Next is mathematics. You share that class with Maddox. You have been entrusted with the dean's swimwear. Maddox is sitting outside of the classroom door, having a good chat with two friends, one of which includes Hank Hajime. Although he's not so smart he knows not to mention what you're doing for the sake of your reputation. You engage in raucous banter as Hank exchanges photos of the oily eel-mermaids.

When the bell rings you and Maddox have two minutes of alone time.

> Show him the togs

> Don't show him the togs

> Ask him what he did
>Don't show
A Cyclops could be spying on us RIGHT NOW from miles away. Just tell him the mission was a success. Also ask what he did.

Maddox: How goes the mission?

Terry: Peachy keen. We got jumped by a Werebat and an Un-Man.

Maddox: Lemme see ZA PANTSU.

Terry: At this very moment there could be a cyclops peepin' on us from the other side of the school! So let's be conspicuous here.

Maddox: Damn it. Gotcha, chief. How'd you beat 'em?

Terry: Oh, I gelled that bat to the ground and Gekky hypnotized her to think that the cartridge of us talking was something for school. We also smashed the cartridge, so the threat is neutralized.

Maddox: Shit... she can do that? That's awesome! Just imagine what I could do with it, Terry. I wouldn't ever get rejected again!

Terry: Steady there, soldier. We're lucky Gekky's on our side. Wajadu?

Maddox: We used the school computers to learn more about alraunes, but to no avail. The only thing we got are conspiracy theory websites to which Ollie-Anne linked us. Also we learned more about the museum.

Terry: And what'd you find out of it?

Maddox: It's a historical museum with artifacts built by techno-prophets from the temples. The place is run by eight stewards who run each wing and represent each of Theo's Aspects. There is some mad shit there, including a time-stopping device under the Tomb Aspect Wing.

Terry: Perfect. So what we've gotta do is for me to use psychometry on the togs, then find out which spa she goes to, and use Gekky's powers to go and convince us to take a field trip there. And did you learn anything more about Vireen?

Maddox: Yea, her mum is hot. She's also a high priestess based in Centropolis and really, really rich. And if i'm to take what Ollie-Anne says seriously, Vireen's birth coincided on the day her dad disappeared?

Terry: Hmmm...! Maybe we could slip a little home invasion into the mix.


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