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Welcome back friends into a little interlude of our tale, a return to form is needed, far too many people refuse to get out of bed as of late. Think you folks can remedy that?

Below are our usual lists. No changes needed there yet.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.
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Tic. Toc.

Annoying noise. A dizzying wave of lethargy quickly smother all traces of this sound, tiredness has seeped into your bones, overwhelming senses and logic with irresistible needs to continue sleeping; consciousness naught more than sands flowing through your fingers. Even if that annoyance keeps ringing at the edge of hearing... It's not a problem, not at all...


Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

A weighty sensation sank into your bones, uncomfortable and exhausted your entire existence scream for more rest despite consciousness desperate sparks bringing ephemeral realizations of time cruel, stubborn march. You cling onto something and blissfully return to your slumber.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

A sea of green stretches into a flat horizon dotted by the occasional dotted trees. One herd of horses graze far, far out of reach while the one under me sniffles, whipping the air with his braided tail.

''Not now, Adamant.'' Rubbing his mane whilst taking a rope away from the saddle, the horse grunts at wanting more always bring a giggle. ''It's always us two that need to please those damn hags, time isn't our ally today so... Our bellies will have to keep on grumbling.'' Horses were always needed for warlike nomads and the ones in these plains were massive beasts that grew big enough to dwarf bears, wrangling them was a deadly danger but a quick way to earn some good faith.

''It'd be nice if there was a pretty girl for you in that lot huh...?'' I leaned forward to tap his neck. ''...You won't have to be too lonely once I leave.''

After vengeance comes surviving, it'll be far too dangerous to impose that on my partner. ''Let's think about that later, cmon big guy.'' A light tap on his flanks motivated a forward trot.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

''Eat! Eat your fill and be merry tonight, tomorrow and always! Bless our benefactors for yet another day of bliss!''

Cheers and slapping mugs followed the village elder proclamation, a dozen inhabitants -the wisest and richest in this remote area- enjoyed a place of honor near a massive wooden table in the village center. Awkward songs from hobbyist musicians began a familiar chaotic tune that only deserved to be described as an attack on the senses. Torches planted on high poles conjured malicious firelights, conjuring an eerie atmosphere with the moving shadows of early dancers despite the general festive mood.

Today's sky was pure darkness, clouds not only hid the moon but also the stars themselves, making flight incredibly dangerous; one can easily get disorientated in such absence of light.

Yesterday was the same, tomorrow will be too.
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789 KB JPG
''Not participating lady angel?'' The youthful, beautiful priestess leaned toward me. ''At least eat your share!''

Right. I've been wilfully looking away from that table. Enough food for a platoon of soldiers was laid out: meats, veggies, and local specialties combined into a genuinely succulent aroma that twisted my stomach in disgust.

''I'm no man-eater.'' I replied, keeping my eyes away from the colorful plates and into the tenebrous gaze of that cursed woman.

''Please, the Sabbath festivities shouldn't be a cause of dread, my dear. You've barely eaten yesterday, there's no such thing as an underserving guest. Hurting yourself like this is sad...'' She stopped briefly to grin when she saw me lean close to the plate, reaching for a fork and knife. ''...and our father would love to see you enjoy yourself. It's by his benevolence that we can enjoy this sanctuary of joy, receiving a holy woman's ble-''

Her spiel ended in bloody choking when a dinner knife was suddenly embedded into her throat. A quick and practiced stab was all I needed to put this hypocrisy to an end.

At least for tonight.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

''...I do.''

Cursed words. It took everything I had to avoid grimacing, my body rejected this reality hard enough to make me feel dizzy and weak, hot and cold. ''Do you take this man, Rudolf Saintenau, as your husband?'' had asked the bishop...

Throne Town largest cathedral still bore signs of damages from a recent skirmish with the Sabbath but that didn't stop a crowd -of noticeably mixed emotions- from gathering: people even stood on the roof, peering in from a large hole.

''I do swear upon my ancestors and Father Sky to be true to my wife in triumphs and woes.'' Said the man -no, my husband- giving me a sideways glance and smirking with glowing self-satisfaction, biting my lips made it possible to resist that damnable arrogance.

Nobody from my family was here. Auntie Belphegor hated this man perhaps even more than I did, there hadn't been any news of my sisters for a decade, mother rejected this marriage with all fibers of her being... but it was a necessary step. Another conflict against mankind was brewing and after twenty years of civil war instigated by the Sabbath, Throne Town wasn't in any shape to fight off the kingdom of Lescatie, the church and possibly more if this started escalating. A marriage to the second prince was...

''Mmh!?'' I had forgotten the inevitable next stage of this ceremony. Rupert sealed this marriage with his lips, one hand settling on my back claiming me like a piece of meat. A sharp noise resounded when my tail stabbed the richly colored ground and as we parted, the prince licked his lips and turned toward the assembled Mamonos and few humans noble.

I couldn't bear to say anything, my throat was so tense I could barely manage to breathe. This is all for the city, for my family and my mom... A Demon Lord can't walk away from her position.
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Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc.

Then you came to, looking into a bright blue sky with the close sound of flowing water revealing that you weren't exactly inside Throne Town school anymore. Those dreams weren't yours; amnesia might be your curse but your unknown memories always carried a feeling of definite familiarity that resonated deep within your psyche.

''Where...?'' Speaking was difficult, your throat felt hoarse and dry, your limbs were weighted by invisible fatigue and your head was cursed by a fog of dizzying disorientation. Hearing your own voice managed to somewhat help you re-center yourself. ''...How long have I been asleep?'' You growled, musing to yourself, deciding to shelve the nature of these foreign memories for the time being.

The noise of crashing waves brought your attention into a second sight of endless blue. You're standing on a beach barely wide enough to fit a dozen people with a span of azure water stretching across the wide horizon. What looked to be a shadowy continent barely come to view in a perpetual unidentifiable landmass. A path behind you led deeper into this... island you've awoken in, surrounding cliffs revealed what looked to be a chapel built precariously close to an edge.

Whoever built it clearly disregarded proper safety measure in favor of a good view but it also made for an easily identifiable landmark, this place looked inhabited, the structure didn't give any hints of abandonment from this angle.

How did you even end up here...?

''Ah!'' This thought was a spark that lit up a wildfire of spotty remembrance.

Lady White assault in Throne Town, those abominations killing innocents students, her followers having somehow infiltrated Daiyu fortress and ambushing Sieglinde... Then nothing. No explanation for this island, no aftermath just... a blur, mishappen images of yesterday. Was it yesterday?

You've grown particularly intimate with the sensation of amnesia, the memories of your past are a fog vague memories without shapes but trying to explore this new memory hole was a depressing venture into a void.

''Gardy? You there?'' You called out, newfound alarm easily dispelling the lethargy of your terrible nap. Unfortunately, the familiar inward stir inside your mind -something you could only describe as a sudden lapse in attention- didn't herald his presence, leaving you very much alone with unanswered questions.

Sieglinde, Elina, Hao, Klesiah... Are they all safe? What about Teruko and Vilma?

You remember the horror of seeing Sieglinde throat being slit and the subsequent event when your magic violated her sacred sentience followed by sudden rapid mutations of Corruptions that completely changed her body, transforming her into a menace that...

Gave you goosebumps and shudders even now despite remembering nothing about it. Your body at least seems to remember.
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195 KB JPG
''Great.'' Fear and frustration at memory holes were becoming dangerously familiar. ''Might as well get some answers.'' With Gardy absent and no idea about where you are or how much time you've been asleep, reaching the only landmark in sight was your only other choice.


Reaching the chapel was a simple effort, the road was a continuous upward slope after leaving the beach and a quick perusal revealed definitive signs of habitation. Pretty flowers surrounded a rocky path leading to the chapel doors, absence of wild grasses and vines around the stained glasses told of adequate maintenance.

This hill also offered a good view of your surrounding. The island was midling in size, going straight down this hill will lead into heavy forest. A little exploration would likely uncover more but now wasn't the time.

When you gently tested the doors of the chapel, you found them unlocked.

''I'm a lost visitor, sorry for the disturbance!'' You announced clearly, no longer feeling the dry soreness in your throat. The double doors opened effortlessly revealing a proper place of worship inside a land so isolated.

Dark wooden floor, six rows of benches, a few decorative pillars of marbles and the addition of rainbow colors from the sun filtering through stained glasses gave this chapel a proper aura of calm for a place of worship but the lonely presence here observing you was undeniably breathtaking.

Sitting on a stone altar was a heavenly woman. Gorgeous white wings spread wide enough to touch a nearby set of pillars, familiar blue metal covered a feminine silhouette with hints of silk from a battledress resting on this solemn seat.

''Elina...?'' You blurted out. The sight of hardened yet gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair spilling out of an open helmet made you far too hopeful.

''You speak a familiar name.'' Responded the lady angel, expression softening into a closed-eyed smile. ''She is alive and healthy, but still in need of recovery.''

Regaining your composure was genuinely difficult, so strong was the resemblance that explaining this angel existence as your friend older sister felt natural.

''Alive...?'' That's when you mind finally caught up to reality. ''Ah! I'm sorry to have intruded into your land, milady...'' Your bow was awkward. ''...I've no idea how I've woken up on your island.''

''Peace, Arawn. I was foretold of your coming.'' Responded the angel, she gently floated down the altar with a minimum of metallic clicks coming from her armor. The dull sound of walking boots followed her arrival, the radiance of her halo awed you into respectful silence; you've met your share of beautiful women... and it seems they'll never stop having this effect on you.

''Do forgive the armor.'' Her wings folded around her shoulders, then she grabbed the side of her battle dress to give you a welcoming curtsey somewhat spoiled by clicking metal. ''I am Hadraniel and I welcome you into my soul.''

File: CG000002.jpg (224 KB, 1024x576)
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224 KB JPG
''Hehe.'' Her face relaxed into a beautiful spot of teasing amusement and behind her, all the benches peeled away like piles of leaves sent scattering by a strong gust of wind. Gone were the wooden furniture, naught more than an afterthought, replaced by two chairs and a table. ''It was important to avoid scaring you after awakening, matters of souls always need a delicate touch.''

''You know about the health of my friends?'' Trying not to be afraid was impossible when there were so many unknowns plaguing you, your past was the least of your worries!

''Yes.'' The angelic lady tightened her lips, her wings flapped in a manner so familiar that it instilled a strong sense of déja-vue, reinforced by the shower of blue sparkles disintegrating her heavy armor.

She is indeed a gorgeous woman, the long silky dress of peachy silk went perfectly with her shoulder-length golden hair and her face radiated serene vitality.

''They, like you, are recovering from terrible wounds.'' She gestured for a chair and you swallowed your discomfort at approaching the empty tea table. Her words made your throat contracted with rising stress.

''Hao, Elina and Sieglinde aren't beyond recovery.'' Hadraniel was quick to add, offering you a polite smile after sitting first. ''I do not know what kind of battle your group was into, but all four of you suffered terrible injuries in your souls, resulting in an extended coma. The fact you still hold onto your identity now is a good portent for their recovery.''

Of course. It's not that you didn't know the cause of this memory hole, you've been afraid of admitting to yourself that you've consumed the memories of Sieglinde transformation and the events that followed to fuel some kind of magic. Why must it have been this one? There's probably no true definitive answers; desperation leads to rash actions, especially if your only option is self-destruction...

But why did you have those three dreams?

''Are you alright?'' Hadraniel warm hand gently grabbed your wrist.

''Yeah.'' Your voice came out as a grunt. ''Processing, I can't remember what happened in the later stage of the assault.''

''Mayhap the answer lies in the three sleeping beauties. Arming yourself with patience is your only choice because forcing awakening would be most unwise.'' Authority and sympathy dwelled in equal measure on her features.

''Of course, their health is what matters most. You said this is your soul?'' Memories, damnable memories, why must they disappear?

''Explaining how all four of you were...transferred here isn't something I'd be able to do myself, I still have no idea how the sisters managed that feat.'' She chuckled, charming redness blossoming her cheeks. Sisters? She must mean Daiyu daughters. ''But I was glad to help.''
File: 10.png (2.22 MB, 1108x1500)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
''I once was the Embodiment of Love.'' She said quietly, gazing at you calmly. ''I've willingly discarded this mantle but my existence can be used for something rather unorthodox. Angels are extremely resilient of body and soul, using my own existence as an area of rest and osmosis was the basic idea for your and the girl's recovery. Think of it as a garden, I am the soil that nourishes all four of you.''

''Isn't that dangerous for you? Sounds like you are...feeding us your very soul.'' Her smile was soothing but the curt nod to your answer gave you mixed feelings.

''Rituals are being done outside to keep us all healthy, essentially feeding pure energy into myself to avoid worsening my condition.'' Hadraniel let out a slow sigh, wings unfurling gently behind her. ''Communication with people outside will be possible now that you've grown healthy enough to hold onto your consciousness, I'm sure you have many questions... We have plenty of time.''

''Time...'' Now you remember. Elina told you a tiny bit about the Embodiment of Love, something about Hadraniel being her old master... and that she's been stuck in a coma for more than a decade. ''...I'm a bit afraid to find out how long I've been unconscious.''

''Measuring the flow of months and years in our current situation isn't something that can be done accurately. Ephemerals dreams often last an entire night, for us, words can be days and there's no telling how long you need to naturally recover from your ordeal. Worry not overmuch, my good sir.'' Hadraniel leaned on the table grasping your hand. ''We have our loved ones taking care of us, our role is to rest and recover until the time come that we can walk Mother Earth realm once again.''

Her clear eyes, her beautiful presence, her soothing voice... she sounded like an older sister. ''I see the title of Embodiment of Love isn't misguided.'' An honest smile came to your lips, a little bit of cheer felt quite good despite your bleak situation.

Hadraniel blinked in momentary surprise then chuckled gently, leaning back on her chair with wings flapping in amusement.

''There's a certain someone I love very dearly whose vision of the world is bleak and depressing, bringing a little sunshine is always a joy when fate allows our meeting.'' A memory that brought another giggle out of her. ''I haven't had the chance of a long talk with someone in quite a while, would you humor me with a discussion, my good sir?''

>Tell her about your situation with Gardy, the Embodiment of Protection. With both of you so intertwined, why is it that you cannot even feel his presence?
>Speak about those three strange dreams that clearly do not belong to you. How could such a thing happen? Some kind of delusions brought by the girl's proximity?
>Ask about Hadraniel herself, her past, she was one of humanity greatest heroes during the Great Crusade...
>Try to keep a feeling of levity in the conversation. Who is it that she mentioned loving?
Boy that's a lot of reading. So we're all currently chillin' within' Hady's soul, which means the entire group (us and Hady included) are essentially deeply soul linked at the moment? The fact Gardy isn't here, and wasn't even mentioned, is deeply worrying but we are fused so what happens to one happens to the other I'd imagine (i.e. if we go down, he goes down with us and vice versa so he should still be alive).

About how important is this choice? Will there be time to address other questions after the initial one is asked?
File: CG000008.jpg (195 KB, 1024x576)
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195 KB JPG
>So we're all currently chillin' within' Hady's soul, which means the entire group (us and Hady included) are essentially deeply soul linked at the moment?

Something like that. She's not the best to explain it, so I'll have to withhold a bit of info until you meet someone qualified to explain the entire thing properly.

>About how important is this choice? Will there be time to address other questions after the initial one is asked?

It's possible that you might get carried away by discussing certain things but overall, there's nothing to be afraid of and coming back to these choices will be possible. Nothing too vital going on yet. Arawn just regained consciousness so going too fast won't be helping anybody.
Alright. She also said it would be possible to communicate with the outside world now, but that can wait.

We ask if it would be possible to see our friends without risking them harm, extending the time it'd take for them/us to fully recover, or taking a year of time to do it safely. Then we ask her if there is a fifth (or would it be sixth?) presence somewhere within this realm. Might spill the beans after that answer, but I'd like to try and get info regarding the extent and full nature of our bond and if Hady's apparently ignorant of our nature then we might be able to get hints.

Also trying to gauge reactions and stay alert, this is a realm of souls and we're in it, meaning there's a non-zero percent risk of an invasion from a certain fluffy bitch (if we aren't already in an illusion conjured by her). Keep our head on a swivel, an additional presence could be her.
File: 1518661313456.jpg (294 KB, 960x480)
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294 KB JPG
Already being careful huh? I'll go with that. Time to unrust those writing hands of mine.
File: 32.jpg (107 KB, 790x444)
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107 KB JPG
A strange lapse in judgment made you feel half asleep. The silence between you and Hadraniel stretched for a few minutes, her gentle hand squeezing your wrist anchored a feeling of urgency and you fought off the urge of getting lost in thoughts.

''Are you okay?'' She asked when you suddenly shook your head.

''Yeah, don't worry. A bit of lethargy is all.'' Perhaps the excitement of a first encounter is draining when it comes to souls, or maybe your mind working its feverish pace wasn't the most healthy of things in this place. ''I'd like to ask you... have you felt a presence that wasn't mine or the girls in the days that followed our transferrence?''

Hadraniel observed you carefully and released her hold, gazing up toward the colorful glasses.

''I was made aware of your unique situation with the Embodiment of Protection.'' She grinned in sweet honesty. ''Having two souls to intensely linked, to be described as a fusion, is really amazing. The Embodiment of Protection... I haven't been able to feel his essence, I've merely been assuming that you'd need much more time to recover because of this situation.'' You haven't felt a thing coming from him, it's worrying.

Then she let out a quiet sigh.
File: CS050AAB.jpg (116 KB, 1280x724)
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116 KB JPG
''Do not dread a witch machination here. I do swear to promise you and those girls you love.'' A sudden rush of heat and a contracted throat nearly made you choke on your saliva.

''I-I-I... we.. I mean... there are no relations... we're just friends!'' Hadraniel giggled openly, wings flapping excitedly, producing a strong momentary breeze.

Jeez, she's a teaser huh?

''Ahem! Think it'd be possible to safely find your other guests, Hadraniel?''

''I can only answer with uncertainty.'' It seems she might not have laughed in a long time because she was still grinning despite the serious change in topic. ''You stand before me now in your body because your soul has recovered enough to hold onto your consciousness and identity. The girls right now are likely having intense dreams; inducing a sense of lucidity could be possible yes.'' Her wings flapped as she frowned in uncertainty. ''But I believe we'd only be able to see their sleeping forms... which could be a good thing in of itself.''

''Do you think my nature as a mage of souls could help?'' She gently shook her head.

''You would need to step back within your own mindscape in order to interact with your own body and activate Focus... Perhaps your feelings alone could help. I haven't been able to do much of anything... I'm sorry if all my best answers come as maybes.''

''It's fine, you're doing so much by hosting us here. I don't think I'd be able to have such a pleasant conversation if I were still asleep and recovering.'' This does give you an idea. It might be possible to forcefully pull Gardy soul out of slumber if, for example, you were to imagine his body; he always made certain to keep the two of you separated when you ventured into mindscape, so perhaps the same logic applies here.

>Try to impose your will a little bit on Gardy and see if you can awaken him, with Hadraniel help.
>Try to find the girls. You might only be able to see their sleeping forms... but that'll be enough.
Returning to previous choices here >>3604897 is also possible.
>I do swear to promise you
Meant protect.
Ah well, everything always escapes me even with rereading.
>Try to find the girls. You might only be able to see their sleeping forms... but that'll be enough.
Great to see you back!
So... we can probably find the girls but waking them up right now would be bad? Would it be possible to look for them as we speak with Hady about the dreams?
>So... we can probably find the girls but waking them up right now would be bad?

''Bad'' is putting it a little too dramatic, it could just be useless. You'd end up seeing them sleeping in the worst case.

>Would it be possible to look for them as we speak with Hady about the dreams?
Yeah, that can work.

Glad to have you back too. We'll be going a little bit slower but keep a steady pace until I get my groove back.
If there's any confusion, I meant that waking them up won't work at all. They'll just keep on sleeping despite your efforts.
Ok then, we ask about the dreams as we search for the waifu candidates. We, of course, remain pure in intent and action should we find them sleeping.

God I hope we still remember that bet with Sieg and Elina when we wake up. Exotic bits need touching but gosh darn it we're trying to be moral about it!
File: 1539511278871.jpg (156 KB, 750x900)
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156 KB JPG
Searching for waifus it is.
File: 9.png (832 KB, 800x1049)
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832 KB PNG
''I'd like to find my friends.'' Ultimately, Gardy's solitude might be something you'll need to respect. Both of you share the same body but it's been proven that your souls aren't so intertwined, the simple truth might just be that you're worrying too much about it.

Hadraniel perks up at your words and rises from her seat with a little too much excitement. ''Celebrating your loves so soon? I'm glad mister Arawn!''

Celebrating!? You managed a halfhearted response that comes out as a coughing ''just friends.'' Hadraniel giggles heartily, wings fluttering emotively. She's reacting a little bit strongly... but that might simply be due to her long isolation, even if there's contact from the outside world, it might not be enough.

''There's been a little weirdness before I woke up, I think it's related.'' You continue after Hadraniel gestured for you to rise, your seat and the table you were leaning onto both disappear like dust in the wind. ''Three dreams that I believe were foreign memories, some kind of events the girls went through that somehow... filtered onto me?''

''Not your memories?'' Asked the Embodiment, her previous excitement replaced by gentle seriousness.

''No.'' Your reply is firm here. ''My own memories come with a feeling of firmness, an absolute certainty that they are mine. Perhaps it's because all of our souls are close together?''

''Hmm... I don't think so.'' Hadraniel grabs her waist, gazing skyward, apparently undisturbed by the brightness of her halo. ''Let's take my previous garden analogy. Soils and plants do not mix together, even if one needs the other to blossom into life, a tulip cannot grow out of a rose... or maybe it can because of alchemy?'' She grimaced in shame. ''Deruella really took her time to explain this to me but it's difficult.''

''Hold on, alchemy?'' That's when something sparks into your mind. Martha... she helped you immensely the day before the assault. ''I believe we're sharing an artificial soul link.''

''Artificial...?'' Hadraniel frown, perhaps for the first time. ''You mean you aren't sharing the wonders of a link with your lovers? I-I mean your friends?'' Thankfully you're starting to grow a shell around that constant tease, it might be impossible to remove the idea of your relationship out of her head. ''I... I happen to be linked to a wonderful man.'' Hadraniel continues, closing her eyes and putting a palm above her breasts. ''The sharing of dreams is something that happens occasionally, oftentimes those coming from his other links to flow onto me so what you've experienced is what'd I'd call the manifestation a Soul Link tying you to all three girls.''
File: CG.jpg (238 KB, 1024x576)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Unlike the previous discussion of alchemy, there's no awkward grimace or hesitation in Hadraniel tone. This matter was one of love and she definitely knew this subject.

''Then it has to be Martha experiment because we didn't tie ourselves to each other so intimately.'' Hadraniel nod but her little smile convince you she might be doubting that. ''Maybe... we could wake them up by using that?''

''Possible. In the worst case, we'll drag a sleeping beauty into this chapel, which might not be a bad thing.'' Hadraniel slowly closes the distance, hands behind her back and wings flapping a slow, gentle beat. ''Bringing all three at once, however, isn't going to work.''

''I don't want to play favorite...''

''Of course you don't!'' You speed that blurred your sight, Hadraniel index poked your chest. ''It's all of them or none at all so even if things get tiring or we get a trio of sleeping beauties I don't want you giving up you hear?''

''Yes mam.'' Whoa, she's intense all of a sudden.

''Good. If you are willing to trust me, I believe it'd be possible to slowly but surely, summon your friends into this plane of existence; you see both of us stand within the conscious part of my soul, the area which can be roughly called my place of authority. By working together, it should be possible.''

''An exercise of love with the Embodiment herself?'' Hadraniel eyebrows shot up and she grinned a near wolfish smile. ''T-that was... I thought out loud. Please don't mind that.''

''Mayhap there's a sensitive soul inside that burly exterior.'' She replied, her teasing smile is more than enough to congregate your body heat into your face.

''I-I... Ahem well if we're doing this I guess we gotta go one by one.''

>Summon Elina.
>Summon Sieglinde.
>Summon Hao
>Free (old choices still works)
I think I'll end here tonight unless we get a quick majority for a girl.
I'm voting for Sieglinde
>Summon Sieglinde
File: Sieg 01.png (1.15 MB, 991x1421)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Looking like a majority to me. We'll continue tomorrow but I'll need 1d20.

Crits, whether success or failure, won't be taken into account here. Only the dc. Nothing to be afraid of! Let's see what'll happen with our applehead.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Alright. Hoowee

God. I love it when you unnerve me with spoiler text
File: 25.jpg (761 KB, 1500x834)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
And so our history of high roll begins anew.
I am honored to be the first of many INH
File: 50.jpg (120 KB, 850x701)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
That low roll with Klesiah still stings huh?
>that spoiler
You've trained us well, we know now to always be afraid of your need to REJOICE.

Nice roll, I hope Sieg's alright.

You must have rejoiced quite mightily when we crit failed that roll...
File: 79.jpg (173 KB, 1305x1246)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I actually felt pretty bad because she held out like a champ against a superior foe despite engaging her after a grueling battle in the center. Alas...

Though let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Arawn hasn't learned what happened, it might take a little while given our current situation, so our blueberry will have to remain unknown.
File: Spoiler Image (103 KB, 474x522)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Rolled 11 (1d20)

It's still Bo3 right? Time to sweat like a pig in a sauna.
The only thing that would remove the highest roll would be a 1 but then I went and said that crits don't count. No way to sabotage this success here!
Aahhh! I can't believe I missed it!

I will catch up and vote tomorrow, after I sleep! XwX
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Okay, had a night's rest, caught up with the thread.

The tic toc sounds at the beginning make me think of the passage of time, and also, of lady White. Perhaps she spied in our dreams?

Second, I missed Hadraniel. I want to help her awaken outside, too. But we first need to practice with helping our friends.

Gardy's absence worries me, though I suspect, he might have latched to one of the girls and is protecting her. Or maybe, keeping har from losing control and harming the others. If so, by going to Sieglinde, we might be able to find him. Or, he could be keeping Lady White's influence away from this safe haven.

Either way, if he is doing something important, we should not disturb him.

Let's see if Sieglinde is okay.
Uhh so.
C-crits don't count, was it?
File: Facepalm.jpg (17 KB, 405x289)
17 KB
You just had to roll didn't you. Welp, at least we have an embodiment with us so round 2 vs Nightmare Sieglinde may end well if we can find a good place to hide and Hady is as great of a combatant as Gardy was/is in his prime...
File: 87.jpg (76 KB, 450x509)
76 KB
Boy, I sure regret saying crits don't count now! That was a juicy 1... That I can't take.

I'll try to update by 4pm but possible that today thread will be on the shorter side, have some irl stuff to take care off.
Oh don't you worry, the dice gods remember. Someway, somehow, this will come back to bite us. Or perhaps save us, because as we all know, there are rolls and checks that one may wish very much to fail.

This wasn't one of them though. At least, I hope not.
File: holding.jpg (236 KB, 1920x1080)
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236 KB JPG
''I...'' Images of the assault bubbled to the surface of your mind, Sieglinde didn't have a chance to do anything after being ambushed by a squad of apostles, then afterward... things escalated quickly. ''...I'd like to start with Sieglinde.'' You've hesitated far too long.

''Alright. Follow me.'' Hadraniel walked a slow gait toward the other end of the chapel, where both doors lay firmly shut despite your earlier entrance. She gently grabbed onto one of the long handles and turned to face you, wing curling backward to keep proper eye contacts.

''This chapel act as a focal point of absolute authority, everything outside is easily influenced by everyone's souls, often changing completely at random when a peculiar dream increase in intensity. We'll simply have to bring them here if they keep sleeping and convince them to follow us if they happen to regain their consciousness.''

''What if they're stuck in a nightmare?'' That could be a very dangerous thing.

''Our presence will be enough to erase them, even if they happen to be stuck in the middle of intense adversity.'' Hadraniel put her other hand on your shoulder. ''We are seeking their conscious mind, not delving into the very depth of their personality and existence. It's impossible to be dragged into anything.''

''Here, hold onto my hand.'' Your entire body stiffened when the angelic Embodiment grabbed your hand, fingers boldly interlocking with yours. ''Think about her now, your link -artificial or true- allows you some influence onto Sieglinde mindscape, parts of yours existences flows onto me... things will shape themselves organically.''

''Alright.'' Your nerves might be very, very weak against feminine affection but at least you're able to recover quickly. ''I'll... get to thinking I guess?''

''Hehe, please do.'' There it is again, that teasing smile.

You tried your best to shake off your suspicion. This entire situation; a gorgeous girl you've never seen before who wants nothing but the best for you, hadn't been a particularly good experience.

Still, it'd be better to cast off the shadow of that witch for now.

Closing your eyes, you did as instructed and begin to reminisce about Sieglinde. Your first encounter had been mere minutes after awakening without any sense of identity and she... she tried so hard to help you, even involving her family, always asking for permission and making you know what'd she attempt to do in order to solve the mysteries of your memories. Then, of course, was the undeniable fact that she provided you with stability, granting you the time and peace needed to actually become part of a group despite your complete lack of ties in this world.
File: Red 19.jpg (120 KB, 800x1132)
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120 KB JPG
She does have the frustrating attitude of trying to shoulder people problems alongside her own; not only did she tirelessly work to prepare the Suppression and take advantage of it politically but she was also extremely quick in salvaging the aftermath of Vilma duel. You've done your best to help but this girl really is a feverish worker with the biggest of heart. She trusted you to negotiate with humans, she accepted Klesiah without questions... A strange fleeting sensation took hold in your chest, a refreshing sensation brought you a sense of comfort as if drinking cold water.

''I think that should be enough.'' Hadraniel gentle voice brought you out of a peculiar nightly memory when Sieglinde was trying to slip into that massively occupied bed. Good thing really, because that was already quickening your pulse.

Always moving with careful gentleness, Hadraniel broke the handholding and opened the door after waiting for you to recenter yourself. One can often get carried away with remembrance in the realm of souls.

At first, the angel opened a tiny crack to peer through then proceeded to open it fully revealing a completely different scenery. The entire island had disappeared, changed into an indoor landscape that you immediately recognized.

It was the temple of Sieglinde dream, down to its battered details with a hole in the roof and a few pillars with, thankfully, a total absence of the previous crowd.

''What the hell is this!?'' It took all of your self-control to avoid screaming, Hadraniel remained silent.

Out there in the middle was an open casket with Sieglinde resting inside. Golden flowers laid all around her, mixing beautifully with the redness of her hair and horns, her deformed hands were interlocked together to rest on her belly and that large deadly bladed tail was left dangling on the side like a sleeping snake.

''Perhaps... this is a manifestation of the last thing she saw before losing consciousness.''

You preferred not to say anything to avoid forcing hostility the Embodiment did not deserve. Sieglinde had indeed wished for death before the Corruption overtook her body... Reaching Sieglinde side was thankfully eventless, Hadraniel followed in respectful silences; the temple felt real enough for steps to resonate.

''She's asleep.'' You stated after reaching the demoness side, there wasn't any stir in her stance but you could hear her breath and witness the rise and fall of her belly. ''She's... She's the one who suffered the most.'' You didn't need your memories to know that. ''Perhaps we should be glad that she's not in any worse state.''

''Traumas that forces a long sleep often leads to dramatic dreams and chaotic manifestation in one's mind.'' Her tap on your shoulder echoed in the hall. ''Let's bring her back in the chapel, that ought to avoid future torment.''
File: Sig habit..png (57 KB, 429x750)
57 KB
''Alright.'' You can't force her to wake up. Body and soul need time to recover, she'll have to naturally open her eyes. Your hand went to gently cup her cheek, her skin was warm. ''...!'' Her eyes opened, golden reddish pupil peered at you in confusion then closed silently, her expression remaining neutral.

''She might be closer to waking up than I thought'' Whispered Hadraniel.

Nothing happened afterward, you carried Sieglinde in your arms like the princess she was and your angelic companion took hold of the tail. Once back in the chapel, Hadraniel conjured a bed for your redheaded friend and that was the extent of that little adventure.

''Ready for another sleeping beauty?'' The angel quickly asked.

Given her previous disposition, there wasn't going to be any ''no'' here.

>Ask a question (free choice)
>Go fetch Elina
>Find Hao.
>Find Hao.
Let's find our knight, it's a part of our duty I feel.
I'll wait about 30 minutes for another vote before locking things. I feel like choices relating to girls oughta have more voices.
A tough choice as it almost feels like we're ranking the girls...
I want to make sure this is not a fake of some sort. Elina did know Hadraniel, right?

Then, perhaps we could ask Hadraniel about Elina and see what she has to say about her. Doesn't she long to wake her up and talk with her?

>Ask about Elina.

However, I do want to leave Elina for last. When we fetch her, we won't leave her alone to go for someone else.


>Fetch Hao
Of course, if Hadraniel says something suspicious like "I don't know who she is", we stop fetching the girls and stay close to the sleeping Sieglinde until she awakens.
File: 2.png (681 KB, 800x1000)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
>Elina did know Hadraniel, right?
Yes but the reverse wasn't true, it's one of the reasons she left Zipangu.

>Ask about Elina.
I can make a short answer here before we proceed with Hao.

>A tough choice as it almost feels like we're ranking the girls...
Nonsense, you're with the Embodiment of Love, there's no quantifying feelings!

Huh, I did think they knew of each other.
Maybe I need to re-read the quest already? It has been a while :P
It happened a bit early on, it's one of the first things Elina opened about.
File: 4.jpg (710 KB, 1088x1624)
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710 KB JPG
''Hadraniel, earlier you said that Elina was a familiar name. How?'' Standing beside you, the golden angel nodded, bringing her hands behind her backs.

''I was informed about the girls identities alongside yours but there is a history between myself and Elina.'' Hints of discouragement graced her lovely features, her gaze trailed toward the snoozing Sieglinde, creating the beginning of awkward silence.

Elina hasn't gone into details but she was apparently an apprentice to the Embodiment of Love in the long, distant past and her mentor had apparently forgotten her.

''Did Elina speak to you about her time in Zipangu?'' Hadraniel asked, gazing at you carefully. She almost looked... analytical and this brought an inevitable parallel to that damnable witch grand introduction.

This entire situation couldn't be some kind of big illusion pulled off by that fox... right?

''Not in details, but enough to tell me the reason of her presence in Throne Town.''

''I see...'' Hadraniel brought a hand to her chest and closed her eyes, expression turning solemn.

''My relationship to her is something I can only think of as a tragedy. Elina was present during the crusade in Zipangu twelves years ago but we never met during that time, only afterward where I was... stuck here.'' She gestured for her chapel and reopened her eyes. ''She claimed to be my apprentice back when I was in still in the heavens, before the great angelic schism. I'm speaking about the very onset of the Great Crusade, more than two hundred years ago.''

''Yeah, she said that you've forgotten about her.'' Your dryness made Hadraniel wince.
File: 5.jpg (145 KB, 1280x784)
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145 KB JPG
''That is the plain truth and I've no excuses.'' She faced you wholeheartedly. ''My life before the Great Crusade is an endless tapestry of holes because the battles of that time had me sacrifice memories after memories to triumph against the forces of Damien. I believe that I've sacrificed my time with Elina to, hopefully, gain a victory that was worthy enough of such a precious souvenir.''

Immortals who do not shy away from conflicts do seems to bear a heavy burden and a difficult, nasty curse. Your memory problems are your own... but it might not be a unique case.

''I know that I've hurt her deeply when I did not recognize her.'' Hadraniel continued. ''Her presence in my mindscape grew dim and she retreated onto herself, we couldn't talk afterward but I've always meant to try and clarify this situation.''

But there hadn't been a chance. Elina didn't seem to like her treatment in Zipangu and it seems that event had been the catalyst of her moving onto Throne Town.

''Sorry if I've opened a wound.'' Your heart was torn, you've been burned by trusting a stranger in your soul once... Although this time, nothing is being asked of you.

''It's fine.'' Hadraniel smiled, using her ring finger to replace a wild strand of hair behind her ear. ''I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little happy about our situation, it's a chance to talk with Elina and many other people.''

...Fetching the girls isn't something Hadraniel can do on her own, you need to resolve yourself with trusting her. Or not.

>Go find Hao
>Stop this exercise at once. You can't trust this woman.
This is an unexpectedly important choice because it'll situate Arawn attitude and trust with Hadraniel, so I figure it matters to establish.
Would we be able to find Elina now, instead of Hao.
As it may be worth it to see if she can be woken before finishing with the search.
Yeah, I was just going with the flow of earlier decisions since you guys went with Hao. Continuing the gathering of girls will mean trusting Hadraniel, that's the important point I want to make sure is understood in this choice.
Would we still be able to back out after ascertaining the status of whomever we go after next.
Yeah, if things get dangerous you can back out.
>Trust Hadraniel

Now I don't know who to go after but while I am nervous as hell Tui did say that allowing ourselves to become overly paranoid would be a mistake. Plus her explanation checks out. We've consumed memories ourselves, we know what it does and that's what it does. Too bad we didn't bother to look into angelic lore though. We should do that sometime. Lacking lore knowledge seems to be a thing that constantly bites us in our immortal elven/shiny metal ass.

However, on that note, would it be possible to give that bed Sieg's on some wheels or a hover plate? Not that I distrust Hady, it's that bad fluffy is a sneaky git and anywhere we are (or, I shudder to think, have been) in a world of souls is, again, a prospect for invasion both from her and her apostles. Thus, I *really* don't wanna leave any girl alone once acquired. Especially Sieg, the evil fluffy's apostles were directly gunning for her and now she's right here, defenseless, meat on the table.
File: 1.png (205 KB, 587x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>Too bad we didn't bother to look into angelic lore though.

You can't expect to be an expert on all things!

>However, on that note, would it be possible to give that bed Sieg's on some wheels or a hover plate?

Haddy can add some wheels.

Getting a few more votes to make a majority will be needed I'd say. Perhaps it'd be safer to end here this evening and collect voices. You guys have indeed found someone extremely important to you... and she's completely helpless, it'll take a good deal of trust in Hadraniel to continue.

Spoiler taunts could perhaps cause some influence so I'll avoid it.
>You can't expect to be an expert on all things!

True, but something of that nature is entry level lore. Sadly, we still don't even know basic shit about, well, most everything. It's a huge weakness. We need to get a tutor to quickly fill us in on the basic shit once we're out of here.

Also, it won't take as much trust as you'd think if we don't have to leave Sieg all alone in that temple as we search for the others. The presence of that embodiment is pretty much the only thing stopping an apostle assassin from coming in, knocking us out ninja style, and ending Sieg's (or any of the other girl's) life. I also fear that a death here, in the realm of souls, is as true a death as one can die. That must be prevented at all costs.
>Go find Hao

And trust Haddraniel, yus!
File: 2.png (206 KB, 587x600)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>True, but something of that nature is entry level lore.

Let's say that heavenly lore isn't easy to learn...
You sure like to cover your bases.

That's another vote for trust. I'm not exactly sure how long I'll need to write up Hao scene (if we go that route of course) so I'll close tonight and continue tomorrow.
>Heavenly lore isn't easy to learn
Perhaps, but we're acquainted with people who'd know a lot if some lores are very occult/hidden or forbidden.

We got access to pretty much any lore we want because of who we know or have/could get access to once we've recovered. Though perhaps the relevant parties will not impart that knowledge for free or only will once we've gotten close enough to them personally. Knowledge is power, after all, and powerful knowledge is guarded well by its possessors. However, we must also remember that some things are better left unknown or forgotten...
I just thought of this but our visiting a girl would end any nightmare they were having wouldn't it? It seemed Elina was having quite the unpleasant dream given how it involved this Sabbath thing that we've been informed was bad news.
Fetching a girl will indeed end their dreams, or at least stabilize it. For now, we're going with Hao; I'm writing the update as we speak.
''Sorry for my sudden questions.'' Perhaps it was nothing more than paranoia, frustrations bubbled inside your chest at your resolution to give this angel a chance. The similarities to Lad White deceiving acts were eerie enough but the stakes were much higher now because you weren't the only person involved.

''Don't worry, I understand.'' Was her only reply. Hadraniel stood a respectful distance which somehow managed to stab needles of guilt into your heart.

Looking at Sieglinde peaceful rest, you understood fully that all of them will, like you, awaken on their own but gathering them here will only be beneficial.

''Do you think it'd be possible to bring Sieglinde with us?'' You finally asked; you'd rather not state out loud that you weren't comfortable with leaving her here.

Hadraniel wing flapped nervously, a serious expression fell on her pretty face as she gazed at the sleeping redhead.

''With everyone souls sharing a pathway -whether organic or artificial- then I believe it'll be fine.'' She's clearly hesitating, no certainty here to calm your own doubts. ''I have a perfect bed for someone of such noble lineage.'' Hadraniel continued, good cheer returning with a smirk.

Unlike magical phenomenons, there wasn't any heralding of power or lights projected out of her body. Sieglinde comfortable bed peeled off into non-existence in that familiar manifestation of flowing dust, replaced by fluffy whiteness that quickly morphed a handle near her feet.

''That's looking comfortable enough to tempt me.'' You said, grabbing onto that fluffy handle, the bed somehow floated effortlessly with nary any weights to it. ''Thank you Hadraniel, I'd like to go find Hao next.''

''Of course!'' Her good cheer returned with a flap of wings and she extended a hand toward you. ''Shame to anyone leaving their duties half-finished.''

Interlocking your fingers so intimately never failed to give you a rush. With both you and Hadraniel holding onto the handle of Sieglinde bed, you reached those firmly closed doors and the Embodiment repeated her previous gesture, waiting for you to begin this recollection that seemingly allowed you to tune yourself with one of the sleeping beauties.

Hao, Hao Dasyu... even now you aren't certain how to summarize your emotions and impression of this spirited girl. You encountered her inside the cursed dead forest plagued by Harkon necromantic abominations in a way that can only be described as a miracle and subsequently brought her into Throne Town -a place very, very far from her native land- and she never displayed any kind of animosity to anybody who didn't display hostility first. As days went by and events kept making you busy, Hao became a friend whose language barrier created an inevitable emotional barrier... She was vital in resolving that evil plot against the Mamonos slaves in Kreszenz but afterward, you didn't become very close to her, unlike Sieglinde and Elina.
No, your feelings changed that night when she gave you a ''lordly gift'' befitting knights wishing to be anointed by their chosen lord. She never bothered anybody with her fears and hesitation but to learn that she believed herself cursed, to have always been absent during the most important moments of her loved ones' lives must have been agony.

What if you hadn't been there during Vilma duel? What if you didn't go to Kreszenz? What if you weren't present during the assault...


You'll have to talk with her more, her boundless enthusiasm and energy are endearing yet she might also be surprisingly timid. A strange weightless sensation expanded within your chest that somehow made you a little giddy.

''Were here.'' Hadraniel warm hand on your cheek nearly made you recoil. She giggled at your antic and walked away from doors whose tiny opening producing a heavy whistle from strong winds on the other side. ''I'll handle Sieglinde, fetching a woman is a gentleman duty.'' Said the Embodiment whose teasing grin stabbed a tiny needle into your pride.

The world outside had changed into a beautiful scenery of endless green and faraway rolling hills with moss covered rocks dotting the landscape in place of trees. Hao was easily identifiable, sleeping with her back propped against a particularly thick rock, garbed in boyish leathery clothes dyed into a shade of dark blue. On her thigh rested a short dark scaly tail. Her hair had changed into a shorter style that bobbed around her face horns and for a moment this vision of simple peace left you simultaneously awed and happy. It was almost physical proof that her natural optimism wasn't a mask...

For a moment you gazed toward the horizon, trying to identify movements or hints about this ''Adamant'' existence. The huge, bear-sized horses that were present in her dream had entirely disappeared.

She's... in a much better state than Sieglinde.

You walked into this plain of knee-sized grass, turning only once to see Hadraniel push the red demoness into this comfortable place. The Embodiment smiled and nodded to you and you proceeded silently, reaching your second sworn knight in this idyllic place.

''Hao...'' You whispered, lowering to one knee. Her breathing was a little heavy, coming out in quiet snores, so deep in sleep that waking her up would be a sin. Your hand went to cup her cheek, nuzzling between the curved forward horn that extended from the side of her head and her skin dotted with dark scaly patches. She felt comfortably warm, soft yet also rugged because of those darkened additions.

You suddenly stared into a pair of open green eyes.

''Aha!'' Then came weight as she suddenly lunged forward and wrapped her arms around your neck, sending on your butt, only remaining sitting by the strength of your hands planted on the ground.

''H-Hao!?'' Your voice came out choked not because of her strength but pure simple emotions. She's fully awake too!?
''Yes!'' She squeezed you a little too hard there. ''Dreamings no more!''

''My, you two possess amazing resilience.'' Hadraniel statement managed to kindle a flame of remembrance, didn't Hao claim that she could step into the Red World too? Surely she's attuned to her own soul in unique ways!

You gently tabbed the back of your friend but her arms simply squeezed harder! Ugh.

''Oh, dreaming of you too.'' Hao spoke, likely gazing up toward the angelic Embodiment. ''Is Siggy alright?''

''She'll need time to recover. Otherwise, she's healthy.'' Hadraniel answered and after a few more prodding on her back, Hao released her hold and you quickly rose to your feet.

''Hao, you... you're okay right?'' You immediately inquired when you could face her completely. Change in hairstyle and clothes aside, she looked completely fine; standing her usual height and with that constant half-smirk on her face showing constant joviality.

''Of course.'' She nodded. ''Been asleep for a long time, nice and peaceful a little fun too... but I knew it was all fake.'' This realm of soul must be easing conversation because her tone and general phrasing are sounding much more organic now. ''Can't all be true, life's a constant balance and being with Adamant for so long was far too much happiness.''

''You've been having sentient dreams all this while until we came?'' Continued the angel and Hao answered with an awkward laugh.

''My lord would come to fetch me once he's ready right? So... Hao decided to indulge a little bit.'' Then she toward an inquiring gaze to you. ''You okay?'' She asked in plain, honest and damnably attractive empathy that somehow squeezed your heart.

''Y-yeah.'' Your voice broke there. You've honestly resolved yourself to finding them asleep... ''I was much more worried about you. My being a mage of soul likely help out with our situation but you... well I worried for nothing huh?''

''Hehe!'' Hao clapped and her tail whipped the hair. ''I'm always fine!''

Was she?

''Well then, we should return to the chapel and make our last journey.'' In this vast plain, the doors were still open, opening out of the air as if the entire horizon was a mere room.

Mother's Mercy to think she... Yeah, there's no doubt about it. Unlike your own awakening, Hao isn't showing sign of physical discomfort. She keeps smiling to you as you walk behind Hadraniel pushing the comatose Sieglinde forward; had she been waiting all this while, indulging in lucid dreams?

>Take some time to ask Hao questions? (Free)
>Proceed with finding Elina immediately, you can't be wasting time now.
It's going well, a little too well. We can ask Hao a whispered question or two as we move to visit Elina right? Would it be possible to try and get Gardy on the field and then Elina?
File: 555.jpg (319 KB, 763x1084)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>It's going well, a little too well.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
>We can ask Hao a whispered question or two as we move to visit Elina right?
>Would it be possible to try and get Gardy on the field and then Elina?
You'll need to try and reach him which will be a little time-consuming. Hadraniel is likely to find that unfair to Elina since you've reunited with two girls out of three.
File: Red 05.jpg (1.24 MB, 1200x1600)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Hm, I guess I can offer a set of questions. Getting a wee bit too late to pump out another long update. I might be unable to continue tomorrow because I'll have a few things that need to be taken care of, so I won't promise activity there.

>Ask Hao about the battle that wounded everyone.
>Ask her about her dreams, her huge mount was called Adamant?
>Allow her to ask you something instead, is there anything, in particular, she'd like to know?
Give me a minute to catch up with tonight's updates, and I'll vote.
Take your time, it's gotten a bit too late to continue updating but that's alright.
I am concerned about Elina. If we shared Elina's and Sieglinde's dreams, then Elina is probably having nightmares related to that sabbath thingy.

If she is, maybe we could tell Hadraniel and Hao what we saw in the dream, and ask them if this changes anything on how to proceed about waking her up.

If the dreams are meant to help them heal, interrupting them is bad. But if she is having poisoned dreams that are worsening her mind, we should try to wake her up quickly, I think.


>Discuss with Elina and Hao the glimpses we got from Elina's dream.

Regardless of their answeer, we shouldn't postpone going after Elina, too.

Hao should stay close to the sleeping Sieglinde, though, to assist her, should she awaken.

I was too busy to participate until this late, sorry about that >w<

Also. We want to learn more about Hao. If she wants to talk more about it, I see nothing wrong on asking about this, if we are given the chance.
>Ask her about her dreams, her huge mount was called Adamant?
There's no need to apologize for being busy my friend. Adding a little question while seeking Elina will work out fine.
>There's nothing to be afraid of

Oh no, no there's definitely things to be afraid of (which is why people are hesitating). See, either we're making all the right calls here or we're falling for another of Bad Fluffy's deceptions harder than a herd of fainting goats next to an open air full auto gun range on the fourth of July.

Thus, a proposition. We ask Hao in a whisper if her memories seem fully intact, to tell us something only we and her would know about, then ask if we did some soul magic on them during the fight if she says yes and comes up with a good answer. That all matters a lot and shouldn't take more than a minute or two.

Hady might get mad and Hao might be a bit confused but they *have* to understand. We're afflicted by what amounts to a dark god of deception and lies that brings a tear of joy to the likes of Tzeentch! We must be sure it really is Hao and if our theory of the artificial soul links is true or maybe is not.
>Ask her about her dreams, her huge mount was called Adamant?
>Ask Hao about the battle that wounded everyone.
Also, forgot to ask, was that roll at the beginning for the overall health of Sieg and/or all the girls?
File: 1.jpg (204 KB, 461x455)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Whoa, things happening all at once. Look like I can be a little busy before sleep.

>We ask Hao in a whisper if her memories seem fully intact, to tell us something only we and her would know about, then ask if we did some soul magic on them during the fight if she says yes and comes up with a good answer.

That's doable.

Another vote to know about the mount.

I am unwilling to divulge the purpose of the roll for now.
Is it possible to try and fuse options here? Just asking before I conk out but all the options people are voting for don't seem mutually exclusive. Can't exactly indulge in all of them without a time penalty yeah but if we were to go with 2 out of 3 that penalty should be minimal. Hopefully, I mean, if we're right about artificial soul links then given our last experience... dear lord we may have been out for over a full on friggin' year by now in the worst case!

Worth it if Martha put in effective anti-bad fluffy hardware to ensure her evil ass couldn't fuck with us or her big sis in any way that wasn't obvious but still, a year, damn that hurts.

Now that I mention it. The fluffy handle on Sieg's bed, is it just generically fluffy, tail fluffy, or is it more feathery fluffy? The fluffy quality matters here quite a bit now that I've considered this angle.
File: 5.png (1.85 MB, 1363x2200)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Yeah, I'll combine a few things here and there, it's important for me to get actual choices for Arawn agency.

>dear lord we may have been out for over a full on friggin' year by now in the worst case!

My, isn't the agony of not knowing how much time you've missed delightful? Hang in there, Klesiah!

>Now that I mention it. The fluffy handle on Sieg's bed, is it just generically fluffy, tail fluffy, or is it more feathery fluffy? The fluffy quality matters here quite a bit now that I've considered this angle.

Cotton-like fluff because she's floating on a cloud.
Delightful for you perhaps, but for us it's pretty stressful. You say ya felt bad, but we all know you rejoiced when we crit failed that last roll for our once fully and completely human and uncorrupted knight.

I fear very much for her state. She has quite literally been "taken" by the darkest of forces. Poor girl may only have a mercy kill at our hands as her happiest possible end now.
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
You think I'd be that cruel?
In a word, yes. Granted, you probably haven't locked us into that. We'll need to fall for a deception or two, take too long to actually come and save her somehow, and/or fail a dice roll or two, but you're more than capable of forcing us to mercy kill Klesiah.

After all, the enemy could turn her into a vampire and brainwash her hard enough to hate us. Well, hate everyone *but* us given what they almost pulled off with Vilma. That incident is why I'm not putting any of this past you. Had we failed her there, we'd have had to kill her and she probably would have taken another waifu or two down with her given how Ama and Harkon would have powered her up massively.
File: 149012872536.png (874 KB, 1715x1136)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
Have some faith in the witch. Nothing bad will happen.
Oh I have faith in her, faith in her boundless capacity for evil and her desire to see us suffer as much as inhumanly, immortally, and fluffily possible!

Spiced with pockets of joy and hope just to make the suffering that much worse. 24/7/365 suffering is a thing one can grow accustomed to, a thing that one can actually learn to endure. The joy, the small pockets and instances of hope, ya need those to keep that from happening and indeed truly succumb to despair.
Giving a little forewarning. I might be unable to do my usual 2-3 updates/day for today due to a little harmless but draining event yesterday. I'll post for certain, we'll have to see activity and how I feel afterward.
''Say, Hao?'' Walking behind Hadraniel, you and your sworn knight strode in a matching pace. Her features looked content and for a moment you wondered if she'd heard your whisper until she stepped closer to you, reaching for your hand and grabbing it. Her green gaze was questioning, yet so eternally pure that it gave you happy goosebumps.

It was only dawning on you now but this plain, this vast expense of endless greens was Hao soulscape... Quite the serene sight.

''Is your memory intact? '' You question cause her to furrow her brow and break eye-contacts and at Hadraniel whose dutiful pushing of Sieglinde bed made it seem she wasn't getting wise to your dialogue.

Logically deciding to ''trust'' the Embodiment of Love was, unfortunately, nothing more than clumsy stubbornness on your part. You've taken one step in doing so but... the lingering shadow of a witch murmuring invisible taunts in the back of your head wouldn't allow you to commit wholeheartedly. At least not yet.

''Missing a few things.'' Hao whispered back, giving a sad smile. ''It was an intense battle, all of us were really hurt but... everyone's alive so I was able to sleep peacefully. You... Arawn did strange magic that confused me but I didn't care too much; everything was chaotic and I was happy to try and fight with my lord.'' A particularly strong gust of wind picked up, sending Hadraniel long hair and dress into a sideway flutter that had the angel stop to keep her balance. She made a half turn to look at the both of you and grinned a mischievous expression, waving. She'd already reached those odd doors.

''Okay.'' You've likely gone and did some soul magic, then perhaps Deruella and Martha helped created this entire... artificially linked pathway? Did Gardy do something? You decided to move on from this line of questions, for now, if Hao is missing memories she'll have to come forward on her own. You have the impression that could be a sensitive topic for her. ''I think I peeked into your dreams earlier, I remember seeing you ride a massive horse earlier, his name was Adamant?''

''Oooh!?'' It was a surprisingly spirited yell. ''Arawn saw him?'' There it was, that boundless enthusiasm, you answered with a nod and an honest grin. Hao let go of your hand to stride a little forward, dark scaly tail swishing behind her while Hadraniel observed curiously, holding onto Sieglinde bed.
''I raised Adamant since he was a tiny little boy.'' She held a hand a little halfway up her stomach, around her breasts. You've no idea about the average size of foals but that might be well above average. ''He was a gift of my mother and stuck with me ever since. Out there in the wide plains, a faithful horse is vital, I was never really alone thank to him. I trained to fight with him, hunted with him and he's never let anybody but me on his back.'' She giggled and out in the horizon came the echoes of hooves and whining horses heralding the presence of a small clan of these huge animals. ''He's a good guy. Went through a few too many fights with me.''

''Do you believe he's fine?'' Asked Hadraniel and Hao didn't answer right away, her expression soured into seriousness.

''Tribes do not get rid of horses so... likely be made to push things, yes.'' She glanced at the angel then suddenly clapped her hands. ''Now then, inside! Sieglinde needs peaceful dozing!'' She taped Hadraniel on the shoulder and the Embodiment giggled in turn, forcing you to jog forward to keep up with the trio of ladies.

Hao really is an unassuming person, yet the more you learn about her, the more fascinating this tribal runaway becomes. She became your knight, yet what is it that pushed her to do so? How could she have such a masteries of her inner-self, to the point of carving this soulscape without the aid of magic or a guide as you did?


Stepping inside the chapel was another eventless affair. Hao inner world disappeared completely once the doors were closed and your knight took some time to admire the scenery whilst Hadraniel pushed Sieglinde bed onto the vacant lot previously occupied by rows of benches.

''Would there be any dangers if Hao accompanies us?'' Hadraniel hosted all four of your souls and you were the origin of a (temporary) soul link, perhaps things could be different for her.

''Having your harmonious links is enough of protection to avoid being pulled into a nightmare under... normal circumstances.'' Hadraniel gently ministered Sieglinde sleeping face, replacing wild strands of hair around her horns. ''I believe it'd be safer to leave Hao here with Sieglinde before venturing to find Elina.''

''Why do you say that?'' Hao came back beside you to listen.
''Because she's an angel.'' Hadraniel spoke clearly, one hand on her chest. ''Angels are different from Mamonos and humans in many ways, one of them being souls; ours is something of an incredible intensity that can affect our very biology...''

''It was described to me that angels are 50% souls and body?'' You asked and she nodded.

''That's a good way to view this, yes. Perhaps Elina, like Hao, will be able to understand that she's in a dream... but the mood that she was before this coma would heavily influence her and if she happens to be stuck in a nightmare, her emotions could lash out and harm us.''

''Too dangerous for Siggy.'' Hao commented, turning to look at you. ''But can't be leaving Elina to suffer yes?''

''Of course not.'' Ideally, you'd have wanted everyone together to avoid any mishap and keep an eye on Hadraniel but... she's making a good case. You've glimpsed into Elina dreams and out of everyone, it does not herald anything good.

>Follow Hadraniel advice and proceed to venture into Elina soul. You want everyone back into the chapel as soon as possible.
>Try to reach Gardy. Having the Embodiment of Protection around would curtail almost all of your worries.

Now that you have the opportunity, you'd like to ask a few things...
>Ask Hao to explain the battle that wounded everyone in a little more details.
>Ask Hadraniel to reveal how she manages to speak with the outside world. She's alluded to that fact a few times, perhaps you could inform your friends before venturing into Elina psyche?
>Ask Hao to explain the battle that wounded everyone in a little more details.

>Follow Hadraniel advice and proceed to venture into Elina soul. You want everyone back into the chapel as soon as possible.

I'd call for Gardy, but I feel like Gardy is currently with Sieglinde OR with Elina, already protecting them. If we call him to our side, he might just lose the ability to keep protecting them from his position, and then, it'd cause trouble.

On the other hand, having Gardy give us a thumbs up on this whole situation would make me feel much safer
That was a quick answer.

I should have made it clear that asking for things will drain some time, it's something you can do before venturing into Elina soul or trying to reach Gardy.
So do we have until tomorrow afternoon to vote on our next course? I need to think on this one a bit. Hady can protect us if there's any backlash right? If we decide to go it alone tell Hao to stay alert for any would be assassins. The invasion risk is still real.
Yeah, I'd like to have a good set of votes before 1pm, it's about when I settle down to think and write.
>Hady can protect us if there's any backlash right?
Of course. She IS hosting all of you and is the Embodiment of Love.
That's good to hear. A more pressing question besides the one of that battle that landed us here is if Elina's current Sabbath nightmare can harm her soul (and, by extension, us) long term given her current state.

She was only on "tier 1/2" as it were by the looks of things. Bad, quite bad yes, but we're not talking... well I just remembered that in this regard I best keep my damn dirty mouth shut. I don't wanna accidentally feed you any juicy ideas that can/will increase our suffering level.
File: smug.gif (379 KB, 504x398)
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379 KB GIF
>if Elina's current Sabbath nightmare can harm her soul
Because she's an angel, yes she can actually unwittingly harm herself because of a nightmare. This mostly manifests as bad health but things have to get very intense for that.

>(and, by extension, us) long term given her current state.

While there's no certainty, Hadraniel does believe this to be risky enough to insist on making Sieglinde remind behind.

>well I just remembered that in this regard I best keep my damn dirty mouth shut. I don't wanna accidentally feed you any juicy ideas that can/will increase our suffering level.
Now, now there's nothing to fear here, it's important to have your questions answered yes?
How long would it take abouts to summon Gardy? It would remove all fears but time it would seem is of the essence for Elina so if it takes too long we'll just have to believe in bestest buddy ever and his capacity to soak damage and protect things. His fate and ours are inextricably linked I hope thus so long as we live he does as well and vice versa. Damn am I worried about him. Just a little mechanical groan out of him, a single beep boop, would be nice to hear.
Alright, I'll be going with the option I've been given. First to ask Hao a few little things before going for Elina.
>How long would it take abouts to summon Gardy?
Can't give a concrete answer here, it's something you'll need to commit to.
If that's the action we're taking don't forget that we warn Hao to keep her guard up. The witch is cunning and evil beyond measure. Are we leaving Hao with Sieg?
You'll have to do a little something after the discussion so those last minutes details can be added afterward.
''Hao, could I ask you about the battle before we go? Knowing what happened in a little more details could be helpful in understanding Elina mindset before... our collective coma.'' No traces of elegance in this title but nothing better came to mind.

''Hm...'' Hao didn't answer, her gaze peered a curious glance toward Hadraniel then Sieglinde but soon enough settled back on you. ''Okay.'' She stated, crossing her arms on her belly and staring at the floor with a cautious grimace.

Damn, you're starting to get really nervous here.

''It's... Dunno how to start.'' She smiled awkwardly.

''I remember seeing Sieglinde transformation.'' You decided to give her a helping hand. ''Nothing else afterward.'' What glimpses you remember are a shadowy image of a dark creature and intensely choking violence that fills your heart with dread even now.

''Then Arawn likely wasn't himself back then.'' Responded Hao, causing you and Hadraniel to look at each other. ''He... you turned into something else, steel replaced skin making you a walking armor, thin and agile, a mixture of gold and copper. Very strange to see but also comforting somehow.''

That was the result of joining together with Gardy and allowing his true body to seep into reality but you've been warned that doing it anywhere outside the Red World was incredibly dangerous for your health and it seems to have taken its toll in your memories.

''Its the reason Hao and Elina are still alive.'' The awkwardness in her speech was back, probably because you weren't inside her mindscape anymore. ''We joined, fought, together with those enemy apostles because Siggy was too... horrific.'' She winced and looked at the redhead. ''We had to incapacitate her but she was so quick and violent. All claws, bites and roars yet somehow slicing through Elina shields, dodging my axe... Things started to get really weird once Sieglinde was wounded and bleeding.''

She took in a large breath. ''One of the apostles was nearly killed so they retreated, Siggy ferociousness had doubled because of our successes and she... nearly killed Elina by bitting into her throat and almost ripping it out.'' Hadraniel sharp intake of breath didn't faze her, Hao was looking at you without any traces of fears. ''Hao was close so I tackled Siggy away and I think she opened a wound right to my bones on my back. Things got weird afterward.''

Back then Gardy had summarized it Sieglinde transformation as the birth of a new Demon Lord, Hao little tale is making this ring very true indeed.
Back then Gardy had summarized it Sieglinde transformation as the birth of a new Demon Lord, Hao little tale is making this ring very true indeed.

''I began to see strange things... peoples and shapes maybe? I was hearing ringing noises that reminded me of a battle but also got strange urges. Hao somehow felt happy with the pain, sometimes she'd think about opening adamant stomach and eating what's inside, wrapping her hands around mother and choking her, tearing Sieglinde head out of her body and kissing her lips, slamming Arawn in the back with my axe... So many strange things with Sieglinde laughing and praising me in the background.'' Guilt and horror mixed in equal measure now, subjecting Hao to such terrible memories to satisfy your curiosity and paranoia was not fair. Yet your knight didn't look angry or even disgusting, serenity remained on her features, only broken by grimace when she couldn't remember what you wanted to know in details.

''Hao knew rejecting these visions was important but it's difficult to recall what happened after that fever passed. Things got... weird. I remember Elina doing some kind of magic, there were seeing many shapes in a backdrop of red surrounding us and Hao was still fighting Sieglinde but ti all feel like a dream half-forgotten...'' She winced, tail straightening with concealed emotion, then she reached for her forehead, massing it gently with her palm. ''One thing Hao remembers is a feeling of peace when a cool, comfortable hand rubbed my forehead then... there was a strange rush of emotions, something traveled within me deep and deep and I was so happy to take a breather that I didn't think about resisting.''

Her little tale ended here, quite a lot to take in even if it was something to piece together, Sieglinde was... She became something that could somehow influence people souls. Perhaps Elina, as an angel, remembers things more clearly...

''Goodness.'' Hadraniel expressed, hands on her chest and clearly resisting the urge to go hug Hao. ''That you are alive alone is a miracle... To think nothing about this hinted in Sieglinde soul make me believe we have been lucky, Arawn.''

''No no.'' Hao protested before you could reply. ''Siggy is Siggy again, she's sleeping for now but once she's back on her feet, she'll be her same reliable lovely self. Always, yes, so stepping into her soul couldn't be dangerous... especially for Arawn.''

It was impossible not to smile at the sight of her balled fist and shaking tail.

''Yeah, I'd say you're right. Sieglinde is Sieglinde, she might be having a few bad dreams but I don't think she'd ever harm any of us willingly.'' Before her mutated Corruption overtook her mind, Sieglinde had whispered for you to kill her. Hao optimism and faith isn't blind.

It was one hell of a fight, is Gardy resting too?

>Go find Elina (1d20)
Oh, look like we've hit auto-sage. I'll see about wrapping things up in the next few days.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

>Go find Elina

Let's see if there is luck this time.

And, I see, very interesting. Klesiah hasnt stil lbeen mentioned, though >w<
There's no way for any of them to know about her. I still take best of three but you guys can sit on this one.
Is Hao coming with or staying behind? If she's staying behind warn her to stay on her guard. Bad fluffy might try to pull something while we're gone.
She'll be staying behind. Trying to convince Hadraniel otherwise will need some efforts on you guys.

I'm thinking folks will stay on that 16. Always high rolling I swear.
File: 2.jpg (145 KB, 1280x784)
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145 KB JPG
''Thank you, Hao. Will you be alright with staying here?''

Your knight straightened herself into a rigid stance and slapped a fist on her heart. ''Yes!'' A firm answer. ''Permission! Can Hao enjoy Sieglinde horns and tail?''

''No need to ask.'' Keeping yourself from heartily chuckling was impossible. The quiet Embodiment of love shared your mirth and walked beside you to reach those closed doors. The sun was still filtering through all the stained glass but the lightning seemed to hide the outside world. This chapel truly felt like its own little closed dimension.

''Ready for our last sleeping beauty?'' Asked Hadraniel, your answer was to go ahead and grab her hand, feeling an inevitable rush of sensation upon her insistence with interlocking your fingers. ''Okay, now give her the thoughts she deserves.''

Elina...Elina without a family name, one of the two persons who witnessed your awakening and the catalyst for your new chance at existing outside the non-life that was surviving the Throne. Since then she stuck you by you even more often than Sieglinde, in fact in that short month after exiting that pillar there honestly hasn't been a more stalwart friend in capabilities and intent from your entire group.

She was vital in keeping people safe during your first adventure in that forest. She's always been a friendly presence when you knew nothing of the world, easing your meeting with Teruko, always willing to help you train magic. As your group expanded, she slowly opened tiny bits of her heart, making the happy resolutions to remain in Throne Town and the sad realization that summoning for an angel might be completely impossible after all, always sticking by Vilma side... This angel seems made of so many little things and you've witnessed a few cracks.

Frist was that utterly strange night when she sleepwalked the length of Sieglinde inner compound, what in the world happened back then?

The next little thing is something that took you a long while to figure out. With more people sharing your life, Elina gave you constant impressions that she felt incredibly lonely but you don't have anything substantial to back up this impression, only pure guts and a few moments where her eyes didn't show the expression she put on, which often lead you to wonder about her state of mind early on, during that summoning attempt of the rumored Embodiment of Protection.

Melancholy gripped your heart the more you worried about this angel, she's been concealing deep wounds.

''It worked.'' Said Hadraniel, having opened the door to peek outside. ''Really dark out there but I can see lights and buildings, let's be careful.''

''If her dream hasn't ended... I don't think we'll be in for a good time.'' Thinking about Elina so much managed to at least harden your resolves. ''Take care Hao, be vigilant.'' You turned to give your knight one last glimpse who clapped her hands in response, then onward you went, stepping forth carefully into an unearthly night.
File: 9.jpg (1.9 MB, 2000x1556)
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1.9 MB JPG
With Hadraniel matching your steps, the doors behind you vanished completely, her halo had dimmed and her clothes had also changed without notice, pretty long dress replaced by her full armor.

''Don't you think we could send the wrong message?'' You whispered the usually warm face of this lovely Embodiment faced you with hardened resolve.

''I don't believe that we've emerged into a peaceful atmosphere, Arawn.'' That was true, now that you could concentrate, you began to hear chaotic melodies of flutes, voices, and lutes that reminded you of Elina eerie nightmare.

Freedom from its perspective allowed you to at least make sense of your surroundings, which looked to be some kind of pathetic, dingy hovel of mismatched wooden building plopped close together in archaic architectures creating what you'd guess as a village square. Dirt road passed between buildings like scars on the land, lamps propped on pillars at least allowed you to easily find your way but there weren't any signs of inhabitants. Added with a moonless sky without stars, oppressive darkness felt too weak a descriptor for this demonic night.

''Mh, not finding her right away is worrisome.'' Said the Embodiment.

She's right, that was a common occurrence for Sieglinde and Hao.

''I'd wager this is a community that doesn't care about the rest of the world. Could we be walking into a memory of hers?''

''One twisted into a nightmare mayhap. Let's proceed, this girl who called herself my apprentice and your close friend shouldn't be left to suffer.''

Sneaking was going to be useless because of Hadraniel glowing halo (that was at least an effective torch) and being inside somebody mindscape. With the irritating noise of bad musicians combining with increasing dread worsening your mood, trying -and failing- to embrace Focus made you feel so much more vulnerable... But that didn't matter.

Rounding the corner, you and Hadraniel one single nod and proceeded into the village square... Into a vision of insanity.

Close to a hundred people were gathered somewhere far too small and celebrated some unexplainable occasion with a careless passion that looked downright murderous. disfigured corpses were piled in a corner, men and woman sang a graceless local song with some of them participating in an orgy. Others cut meat right out of their dead neighbors and ate while singing. Flesh met fleshes in odious noises of insane merriment. Noises of a hundred voices and smell of a dozen corpses assaulted you all at once, sinking into your flesh, assaulting your senses.

''Grg...!'' You don't know how you managed to avoid yelling. ''What the hell is this?''

''A banquet of the Sabbath, that's how it's been described to me...'' Neither you nor Hadraniel lost composure but this was no easy sensation to shoulder. ''...Oh no.''

She spotted the table of honor before you and whatever traces of disgust that gripped your heart became fuel for fiery rage.
File: baaad.jpg (207 KB, 695x940)
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Nothing had changed from Elina dream. Same wooden table, same dingy chair, a few elders sat and ate their fill of meat -human corpses specially prepared- and the priestess had risen to her feet; long white hair, curvaceous body and wicked eyes of darkened red observed the festivities without acknowledging you and the Embodiment. One hand on her throat clogged a deadly puncture wound and the other held onto a cup that collected the liquid. Another presence at the table was...

Some kind of grotesque mishappen monstrosity of a man sat on a shoddy throne of wood. With a goat head placed on the torso of a man, arms mutated into clawed weapons and a pair of dark wings on his back, calling this a monster was fitting indeed but worst of all... worst of all! Elina was sitting on his lap completely naked and one of her wings had been broken, torn backward by one of this creature hands and it tore into it with its mouth, cannibalizing Elina gorgeous appendage of fluffy redness, spreading blood her blood across its dark fur.

This damn thing is... it's eating her! it's humiliating her, it's violating her! No, no this isn't right this goat-headed mutant freak deserves nothing more than death. Gouge out its eyes, Arawn! Break all of its greedy teeth with a nearby hammer! cut those fingers one by...!

''Stop!'' Hadraniel arm of metal shot forward and stopped your furious charge, knocking the wind right out of you, as if you just ran into a steel pole. ''Arawn, this is Elina dream! It's not real, she's safe in Zipangu, surrounded by worried friends. This is... a dream.''

Oh watchful Father and merciful Mother! What if this is a memory!?
''What the hell do you suppose we do!?''

''I-I'm not expert.'' Hadraniel face had become a shade of furious red perhaps the fact that she worried about you had allowed her to control her own fury. ''Grab her and bring her back to the chapel, maybe try to wake her here and dispell this horrific dream. I don't know!'' She half-yelled. ''If she acknowledges our existence we might be pulled into her nightmare, we are safe for now but... let's do something quickly before things worsen!''

Worse was the right word. That goat freak was beginning the second part of its meal with Elina second wing, leaving the first one a sad, bloody, mangled mess. The dripping red made her colored feather a heartbreaking sight.

>Grab Elina and get back into the familiar grounds of Hadraniel chapel as quickly as possible.
>Impose yourself in this celebration of madness and try to wake Elina from her slumber, hopefully, the Embodiment of Love can live up to her fabled strength and protect you.

I really am bad at managing the time I need to write. We'll continue tomorrow.
Oh no, this is terrible! >w<

Do we recognize Ama or any of the apostles around, in this nightmarish place, as guests?

>Grab Elina and get back into the familiar grounds of Hadraniel chapel as quickly as possible.
>Do we recognize Ama or any of the apostles around, in this nightmarish place, as guests?
By the emperor it's a Slaaneshi cult! My first instinct is to order Hady to murderize them all but then I remember Gardy saying heavy combat within one's soul is a great way to damage it beyond any hope of repair and it'd be 100 vs. 1 with the baggage of having to protect both us and Elina from that crazed mob of followers of the Prince of Excess. In short, I don't think Hady can win this one without either us or Elina taking a dirt nap.

It may well come to that though. Anybody look like they can handle themselves in a serious fight besides the goat demon, any ranged weapon users about, how thoroughly are we surrounded, how thoroughly is Elina surrounded, how far away is she, and how far away is the exit back to the chapel? My current plan is grab Elina and use Hady to just fly us back, but I need more info to flesh it out and increase success odds.

Damn, now I wish we summoned Gardy but if we did Elina might have been killed before we got here.
>Anybody look like they can handle themselves in a serious fight beside the goat demon
Nope, it's just a bunch of villagers in various state of undress and drunkenness. The priestess is the only unusual person.
>any ranged weapon users about
>how thoroughly are we surrounded
The road you used to get here is open, there are also several paths exiting the square.
>how thoroughly is Elina surrounded
She's in the middle of things, so completely and utterly surrounded.
>how far away is she
You'd guess about 20 meters. Can't be accurate here without Focus.
>And how far away is the exit back to the chapel?
Hadraniel can make one as needed, that won't be a problem.
>Grab her n’ go
Are we currently out of effective throwing weapon range (i.e. do the goat or priestess have anything sharp they could throw or magic at us near them)? Do we have to grab her, or can Hady do it? She can throw up shields and use wind magic if necessary can't she? Can she maximize her halo's brightness and/or use wind and holy magic together for a flashbang effect?

I'm fairly certain the instant we or Hady touches her/removes her from the demon's lap we'll be dragged into the nightmare and thus become vulnerable but we will have the absolute and total drop on them (literally coming out of nowhere far as the evil fuckers would perceive it). I have to go to sleep now and I have things to do tomorrow so if I don't get back to make a plan in time hopefully somebody else will.

That roll was to see if we immediately got dragged into the nightmare upon entering wasn't it?
>Are we currently out of effective throwing weapon range (i.e. do the goat or priestess have anything sharp they could throw or magic at us near them)?
Yes, for now.
>Do we have to grab her, or can Hady do it?
You have a temporary soul link set up, so only you can safely touch Elina.

>She can throw up shields and use wind magic if necessary can't she? Can she maximize her halo's brightness and/or use wind and holy magic together for a flashbang effect?
She's an (angry) Embodiment of Love, let's just say you'll be able to see something rather wild coming from her.

This is not a scenario that needs an elaborate battle plan, there's no need to worry that much here. With the option of grabbing Elina being popular, you can expect Hadraniel to protect you.

I will divulge the purpose of both rolls once I close the thread.
Doesn't change the fact she's being eaten alive and violated by a friggin' goat demon that is the namesake of auntie Belph's racial subtype.

Thankfully, if she was here, she'd likely gladly volunteer to utterly butcher it and all things around it save Elina for giving her kind a bad name (in the name of science of course). She'd probably go full doomguy here. Throw Elina to us and then proceed to rip and tear this entire group apart in the name of peace, love, and justice. Damn, that'd bump her up considerably in my personal waifu ranking if I'm right.
Let's just say Belphegor got a history with the Sabbath.

Smash and grab it is. Thread will likely end today or tomorrow.
File: 1518891309076.jpg (723 KB, 1218x1627)
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723 KB JPG
''Let's get her quickly and get out of here. I can't access Focus but I'm not afraid to fight if I have to.'' Your voice was nearly drowned out by the surrounding cacophony, Hadraniel gave you one hard stare and relaxed her arm, then walked toward one of the nearby houses.

''Alright, we'll do things quickly.'' She began, placing an armored palm on the wood. A quick metamorphosis followed, transforming half of the wall into the familiar set of doors. run and grab Elina, then come back here. Your souls are tied together so even if this nightmare is occurring deep within her primal mind you shouldn't come across as a foreign entity.''

''Assuming were lucky.'' That goat-headed freak tore out a big chunk of Elina second wing, its massive hand grasping your friend naked belly, nails digging into her flesh.

''That's enough!'' Hadraniel yell wasn't acknowledged in the reality of this celebration of debauchery. ''You worry about Elina, I'll open the way and deal with them!''

Golden light suddenly radiated out of her skin as her body embraced magical might. She took a step forward to enter that plaza properly, another luster of gold coalesced on her left hand to create a short spear, her wings retreated backward; your experience with Elina taught you to hold onto the nearby wall.

With a flap of the Embodiment white wings came a raw manifestation of murder. Wind unlike anything you ever experienced tore into the denizens with rapacious carnage, as if the very air itself had turned into blades. What looked to be a strong gust tore apart everyone it touched, blood, limbs, innards gushed freely in an amalgam of sickering colors and the next second, Hadraniel threw her held spear that flew like a javelin. She found her mark with the projectile slamming into the priestess chest, the force alone launching her off the ground.

Hadraniel took off skyward, spreading a shockwave of bladed wind, cutting into the crowd on the side and that's when you ran, willingly ignoring the mangled revelers, their frames becoming odd, foggy shapes and mess of organic colors. That goatman had looked up from its meal, white eyes glowing like pearls, giving you a glare of acknowledgment. It rose to its feet quickly, carelessly throwing Elina on the ground, its bulk turning the table over, dark wings stretching. This mishappen man was easily three meters in length, fattened by countless greedy suppers with arms reaching long enough to reach its knee, it'll be able to grab you long before you could reach Elina... but you didn't care.

A harsh impact trambled the very ground when Hadraniel crashed into the beast, both hands holding onto this entity larger wrists and a wall of transparent gold was magically erected, separating you from this creature and the Embodiment alongside the rising priestess.
File: 2.png (1.58 MB, 850x1202)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Elina beautiful red wings, now disfigured, made her look like a broken, dying bird. Her naked body would easily send you into a pathetic fluster in normal circumstance but here, all the wounds from that freak claws dug into her skin like bloody trophies. ''Outta the way!'' You screamed, punching one of the strange shapes the revelers had turned into and scooped Elina off the ground, giving her the same royal treatment that Sieglinde deserved, carefully folding her wounded wings to avoid dragging them on the ground and possibly step on them.

''It's...It doesn't matter.'' You heard the girl in your arms whisper, her eyes still veiled by this vacant, dead look of unconsiousness. ''Doesn't matter how many them I kill them all, it's just another celebration.''

A furious goat screech and noise of sizzling resonating behind you had you almost succumb to curiosity but trusting Hadraniel prowess mattered much more than your satisfaction. Running forward, a dancing reveler got in your way and you shoulder tackled him off your path, music somehow continuing despite Hadraniel carnage.

''Queen bee, Queen bee!'' They sang without rhythm or coordination. ''She who bears the seed of god shall blossom the world in true happiness! Eternity and Life together always and always. Drink, eat and enjoy our fill, bliss is her growing life, pure and human is the angel of god!'' These weren't people, those villagers and ugly yokels had changed into vague shapes of skin, like an oiled painting that's been dropped in water. Smudged shapes danced and got in your way, not acknowledging your existence yet somehow moving to impede your progress.

You kicked every single one of these godforsaken mutants that got close because there wasn't anything else you could do while running toward the open chapel doors.


Someone had run out from within, a tall silhouette garbed in full dark plates and wielding a massive greatsword, they cleaved through this mass of flesh as if swinging through water, rounding and circling, slaughtering everything in sight. For a moment you thought that was Hao but you spotted her further in, waving at you, holding onto a spear.

''Wake up lad!'' A booming, manly voice brought you out of this awed torpor. Who!? ''Hadraniel, quit fighting and get your ass outta here!'' He roared, slashing through more mishappen revelers.

''Somebody.... someone came?'' Your keen hearing picked up Elina delusional whisper amongst the carnage. ''Who's there? Mel? You came again?''

Finally, you stepped within the holy grounds again, Hao covering your exit and shortly afterward thundering booms of a hurricane and wild wind pushing your back heralded Hadraniel wild entry that ought to be called a crash. This new arrival entered last, closing the doors behind him and with that, all noises ceased and a moment of stupefaction lingered as you and Hao stared at this strange knight in dark armor.
File: 29.png (326 KB, 547x800)
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''Tsukiyomi is overreacting again.'' Hadraniel said, straightening her back and discarding her armor with a shower of magical blue, a similar phenomenon occurred on Elina to cover her body with a sundress and her wings were already beginning to regenerate now that she was out of that nightmare.

The silhouette opened its visor, revealing the aged face of an elderly gentleman with a very impressive mustache. ''Not this time, stepping into an angel nightmare is what I call a one way trip into getting slapped. The hell you think gonna happen when you go and embrace Focus for a few hours? Lucky Kin saw what happened.''

Hadraniel laughed. ''You think you'll be able to stay?'' She asked and the man shook his head.

''Naw, hafta make sure little fox doesn't go kill herself sending more of us.'' His sharp gaze turned to you and Hao, giving you both a brief salute by holding his metal palm to his eyebrow. ''You two be careful round this one.'' He said with a smirk, patting Hadraniel head. ''She'll go an' shoulder all yes troubles and fix problems yev didn't know to have cause she's a busybody mommy.''

''Absurd!'' Hadraniel wings flapped. ''Just... go away instead of badmouthing me in front of my charges!''

The man laughed, opened the door -revealing a bright white room where you saw a few other silhouettes stand- and disappeared completely after stepping out.

''That guy was strong!'' Hao spoke afterward, jumping in place. ''Came from a door out of the back, all armored and scary so we fought a little bit, good thing he convinced Hao to stop!''
File: 31.png (774 KB, 768x1024)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
''That was Caïm Ludwig.'' Hadraniel spoke with clear fondness of voice and expression. ''One of the great thirteen heroes of humanity during the Great Crusade, he was our leader in fact.''

What? What!?

''It's a bit of a long story, their souls remain within a living vessel... and as you've seen they retain their individualities.''

''H-how!? Is it soul magic, necromancy, a favor from Mother Earth or some kind of summoning!?'' Hadraniel giggled on seeing your face.

''Geh.'' A groan coming out of your arms put a stop to this conversation. The shadow of unconsciousness that had crippled Elina was gone, she'd awakened properly and hasn't expected to do so while being held.

''Elina! Hi!'' Hao was very quick on the uptake. ''Another pretty princess in my lord arms!''

''Egh!'' This time Elina grew a shade redder, putting both hands on her face. ''What is this dress...? She whispered, feet wiggling nervously, red wings flapping with vigor, even her halo flashed.

She's... fine. That was one horrific nightmare, but Elina is fine now, inside Hadraniel shelter. The realization almost drained strength from your arms; that was a first taste into the potential dangers of souls.

[blueThankfully, everyone has gathered together again.[/blue]

>Take this opportunity to tease Elina. She always did her best to remain placid and controlled when she wasn't angered, this new vulnerability is exciting!
>Let the angel down and inform about what happened. There are important things to discuss.
>Let the angel down and inform about what happened. There are important things to discuss.

As much as I want to lighten up the mood, I feel like this is something Elina doesn't want to be TEASED about. It is something to handle with care. Give her a comforting hug if she needs one, and point at Haddy, I bet she is looking forward to chat with her :3
Alright, let's go with that angle.
We gently tease Elina, then inform her of our situation. It's kinda established that once the ultra serious shit is sorted Arwan goes for a mood lightener (e.g. complimenting Tui and Gwen's exotic bits).
Oh, forgot to add, after the gentile tease, she needs a hug. No matter what, the angel gets a hug.
>Let the angel down and inform about what happened. There are important things to discuss.
Give hugs.
File: 45.jpg (762 KB, 850x1147)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
''It's true, that sundress does make you look like a princess.'' Her feet wiggled with a little more strength and the flapping of wings added to a difficult struggle reminiscent of holding onto a struggling cat. Elina didn't say anything other than growls and you reluctantly let her down, her sudden wobbliness made you reach for her shoulder... but that quickly changed when you surprised yourself by enveloping her in a hug.

''W-wha?'' Her face had gone red in embarrassment from the earlier teases and that addition didn't help at all in calming her down. Holding her felt... nice, natural. You could feel the softness of her wings on your knuckles as they flapped awkwardly, her body stiffened completely... then relaxed and she reciprocated, her arms wrapped around your back.

''You dolt.'' She whispered. ''You went way too damn far.

''I'm not about to let you get tortured, even if its a dream.'' Your throat felt rather chocked for some reason.

''Dream...?'' She whispered back. ''Oh, that... that was.'' There was a long hesitation and you began to feel mightily awkward under Hao inquisitive and jealous gaze alongside Hadraniel downright smug expression. This is friendship, not love! Or is friendship a form of love? Bah! Don't get distracted! ''Thank.'' She said with more vigor and stepped away, her clothes having somehow changed from that sundress into a pair of pants and a shirt; the way she held onto her hair despite the lack of breeze was one of those gestures that belong purely to her.

''I'll explain what happened.'' You said as her gaze went toward Sieglinde, she was also making a concerted effort to avoid looking at Hadraniel who had also grown diminutive.

Elina listened and didn't say anything, absorbing all of the information you've learned from Hadraniel and Hao without emotions. She also seemed to be keeping the Embodiment at arm's length and Hadraniel wasn't trying to bridge this distance. It was honestly sad, there was already an ice wall being built between them.

''Sieglinde's still healthy then?'' Asked Elina.
''Yes.'' Responded the second angel. ''If she hasn't awakened yet, it means she was deeply affected by the trials.''
Elina remained silent, pondering, green gaze venturing between you and Hao.

''It's true that Hao doesn't know the whole story. Sieglinde transformation and our subsequent was... like fighting the god of an enclosed dimension.'' For some reason, Elina kept looking at you. ''You won't like it. I'm not entirely certain what happened either, but... I know what I saw, somewhat.''

>You'd like to know the full story of that battle against mutated Sieglinde.

Or perhaps it'd be better to change the subject...

>Ask about Elina and Hadraniel relationship, both of them tiptoeing around each other is honestly sad.
>Prod the angel about the Sabbath and her nightmare. Getting a little more context would... it's impolite to ask but you're curious and worried. That nightmare was far too detailed to be an ephemeral dream.
>Ask Hadraniel about the man that came in a little more details. The great Heroes of Humanity are still active in the world? That's one hell of a thing to learn!
Have the angels sort their relationship out. It's sad seeing them like this and I think Sieg should be here when that discussion of the battle happens. I don't think anyone with actual memories of that event wants to relive them more than once.

Also, after that, we need to summon/contact Gardy. I'm still pretty damn worried about our mechanical ally. Where is he? Is he OK?
>Where is he? Is he OK?

He still hasn't given any signs huh? How odd! I'll wait a little bit for another potential vote.
Wait, I just thought of this. Would Gardy being here help or hinder them on the relationship issue?
You'd need to find him first, trying to seriously reach out to him is an important action you'll have to commit with.

For now, I'll be going with the angelic dilemma, time for Arawn to be an icebreaker. I'll be updating with that tomorrow, that one could be another long post.
I was going to vote to hear the full story, but a good point was raised that it's best to wait for siggy to wait for the rest of the story. She also has a right to know what happened.

>Ask about Elina and Hadraniel relationship, both of them tiptoeing around each other is honestly sad.
Cool. I just hope we've been making the right calls this whole time. Can't ever be certain we're actually safe with you. Does the good golden fluffy one and her posse have negative feelings towards robots of the protective variety? Is probably Ama's daughter being kept well away from us? Not that she'd screw us over willingly but that resemblance is uncanny enough to make one certain of such a thing.
File: 60.jpg (89 KB, 732x834)
89 KB
>Does the good golden fluffy one and her posse have negative feelings towards robots of the protective variety?
Who knows?
>Is probably Ama's daughter being kept well away from us?
You're still healthy right now, so maybe.
I'll do my best to update today but it might happen tomorrow, been running for a while so I'm having the usual fatigue settling in now. I wanted to offer one or two more updates but ending with angelic wholesomeness is good in my book; you guys will still have one last choice to make to open our new thread, so don't go checking out yet.
File: 55.jpg (434 KB, 786x1100)
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434 KB JPG
''Having you help flesh out Hao memories of that struggle is definitely something I'd like, but I think this is something Sieglinde should be a part of, it concern all of us.'' Everyone gazes centered on the dozing red princess you noticed a slight grimace sneaking on Elina face. ''At least, it's not vitally important right? Nobody at risk by shelving this for later?''

''Yeah, it's fine. I think.'' Elina turned to face you, smiling awkwardly. ''Fact you're up and about is honestly a small miracle, so let's wait for Sieglinde.''

''That is indeed a worthy suggestion, Arawn.'' Now, Hadraniel bridged the distance and with being the source of authority in this mindscape, a conjuring of three chairs near Sieglinde bed had you raise an eyebrow.

''Three? Are you counting yourself out, Hadraniel?'' Pointing this obviousness had the Embodiment wings flap nervously, nearly touching your shoulder.


''I-I... um, it's not my place to impose on all of you. You three are friends who deserve to be with each other and... I shouldn't be imposing.''

''It's fine! Haddy is a friend too!'' Hao responded before you could, she grabbed onto the middle chair. ''Sit here, between Arawn -ehm my lord- and Elina!''

''I agree, you're our host.'' When Elina decided not to show emotions it was impossible to deduce her feelings and this was one such case, at least she wasn't cowardly avoiding Hadraniel eyes. ''You've gone above and beyond any call of duty I can think us for all of us. I'd also like to ask you a few things, so please Hadraniel stay with us.''

''O-okay.'' A little spot of redness on her cheeks, a happy smile she couldn't conceal and this strange meekness combined into a gorgeous painting of what'd you'd call a near-perfect woman.

A few moments later everyone sat in a small circle a few inches away from Sieglinde bed, the girls waiting for you to begin your little line of questioning.

''Elina, Hadraniel.'' Their wings stiffened, the Embodiment white appendage went well past your back. ''I'm not going to be subtle and if you two will need to speak alone then I'll gladly take Hao with me. I'd like to hear a little more about your history.'' Elina wings retreated around her shoulders like protective arms as she feigned disinterest by staring at Sieglinde peaceful sleep. ''You've told me briefly about your time in Zipangu, Elina, about that friend of yours and your meeting with Hadraniel. I think this is a perfect opportunity to have a better talk.''

''I... well I mean, it's fine.'' She snuck a glance at Hadraniel. ''You've shared so many things with me, Klesiah also spoke about herself, Hao also did it so I kinda wanted to do it too, y'know? But that episode is in the past, I don't...'' Her lips tightened into a tense expression. ''...I'm fine, things happen.''
File: 17.png (796 KB, 992x1398)
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796 KB PNG
''Then you have thicker skin than I, Elina, for I find no peace in this resolution.'' The Embodiment of Love leaned forward, pressing one hand above her heart. ''I will not insult you with excuses, I did not give you the attention you deserve during our first meeting. Apologizing is a poor thing indeed compared to the woes my ignorance caused... Would you please allow me to understand you a little better?''

''I-I mean... There's nothing to apologize for.'' Elina gripped her pants. You've gone and dived headfirst into a subject she wasn't comfortable with but at least she was making an effort to stand her ground instead of avoiding everyone. ''I'm not holding any grudges, it... it's fine.''

Mh? A strange sensation briefly surged inside your body. Your chest felt tightened, your throat constricted into a ball of stress that demanded an effort of will to conquer.

''Elina isn't used to talking about herself.'' Hao spoke with a warm, gentle expression that mirrored her empathetic voice. ''Not afraid to share, don't know how to say things?''

''I-I...Yeah.'' The red-winged angel rubbed a hand through her hair, sighing exasperatedly. ''It was easier to speak before, though... I mean, I don't know. I... it did felt awful to see in your eyes that you didn't remember me at all.'' Hadraniel nodded. ''But I'm not holding a grudge, it was just the wake-up call I needed to know Zipangu isn't a place for me.''

''I have friends, comrades and lovers in Zipangu and never would I dream of leaving... but they do share a most frustrating habit of being far too pragmatic for their own good. Especially Siegfried, so protective and suspicious is he that... It likely wasn't easy when your story didn't hold.''

''No, no. Nobody was mean honestly, the rituals for reaching you are time-consuming and expensive. Since you didn't know who I was I didn't have much of a place anymore...'' Then Elina let out a long, long sigh, shoulders and wings drooping with this release of tension. Her brilliant gaze turned toward Hao, then you and finally settled back on the waiting Embodiment whose expression was one of tense, obvious guilt.

For a moment the chapel was filled only by the sound of nearby waves crashing against the cliff.

''I don't know how long it's been.'' Elina had taken the time she needed to steel her resolve. She kept her head low and closed her eyes. ''Well before the Great Crusade at least, I was... My purpose in the heavens was to become your apprentice, Hadraniel. I... do you remember much about the castes? How things functions?''

''It's a blur I can't make senses of. Only tidbits here and there, brief remembrances of how things functioned up there.'' Replied the Embodiment of Love, keeping her back straight and eyes solely focused on the smaller angel. ''I do feel there's a deeper meaning in your words, our relationship it wasn't so simple as a tutor and her student right?''
''I was to shoulder your aspect of Love, Hadraniel, so I was created to become a potential Embodiment.'' Hadraniel gasped loudly upon making a realization that escaped you. ''I was made out of your essence.''

Hadraniel chair clattered on the floor as she jumped on her feet, hands covering her mouth and Hao proclaimed the obvious. ''Sisters!'' She giggled, all smile. ''Knew it! You two are sisters! Look so much alike, one older and one younger, faces tell it all!''

That had been your first thought upon seeing Hadraniel.

''No way...'' Your host had already recovered from most of her shock. ''...my little sister, my... my little sister, I forgot about my little sister and you, you didn't say anything?'' Traces of tears shone in the Embodiment eyes and a good-hearted giggle followed as she dried them, noises of crashing waves outside growing a little louder. ''Oh, Mother. No fights or struggle was worth such a sacrifice!''

Elina wasn't anywhere this emotional, her smile was resolute, but there were evident hints of sadness beneath. Although... how could you tell her emotions that easily?

''It's probably because you believed me dead.'' Answered your friend and Hadraniel wings flapped furiously.

''Nonsense! I may not recall much about the heavens but family is family! If you were gone then I'd be searching everywhere...'' Hadraniel grew suddenly silent, evident realization coming across her features. ''...I believe I did. The memories of my early life are spotted at best but I have indeed been through many lands below the sky before the angelic schism.''

''There's no concept of family amongst angels, that's a thing belonging to Mamonos and humans. Don't feel guilty for who you were back then, Hadraniel; you were my teacher, you gave me purpose and strength... You were stern and true to your name, faithful and warm. There are no regrets to have, really.''

''I regret the absences of what we've shared.'' Hadraniel steps were a little wobbly, her wings had this nervous twitch in their constant flaps but she dutifully walked near her little sister. ''You aren't dwelling in the despair of what was lost so neither will I, instead I'll have to ask something painful of you now.''

Having recentered herself, Hadraniel walked behind Elina and wrapped her arms around her neck, making your friend inevitably stiffen from the contact. Her white wings went and deposited themselves on Elina smaller red appendages, their halos seemed to melt together... and a strange rush of sensation momentarily took you aback. This was a gorgeous sight indeed but a strange maelstrom of emotions almost physically hurt your chest and for a moment you gazed at Hao who also looked at you in confusion, Sieglinde tossed in her sleep for a brief moment.
Of course, this is Hadraniel mindscape, the first layer of her soul and she's an incredibly strong angel. Strong emotions are likely to have something of a bleeding effect. Putting a hand on your heart, you gave Hao a thumb up and she replicated with a giggle then settled on observed the reunited sisters.

''Your nightmare of the Sabbath was a twisted memory.'' Said the older angel, Elina was keeping her face firmly lowered, shadowing it with her golden hair. ''You've alluded to disappearing and I do remember that I was questing for something very precious long, long ago... now I get it. You've been gone for a very, very long time haven't you?''

''I...'' Elina broken voice didn't utter anything else.

''Thirteen years ago was the crusade against Zipangu, we had a whole lot on our plate. Something very major happened during the onset of the conflict, something that was kept under heavy secrecy by the two fluffy rulers. A portal was discovered inside Ame-no-Uzume inner compound, leading into its own enclosed dimension...'' Hadraniel stopped for a brief moment to see Elina hands balls into fists. ''...Only after many dangerous explorations led by a group of Mamonos immune or resistant to Red World spirits was it found to be a realm of the Sabbath, with its own god. There they found a one-winged angel and extracted her.''

''They... Maegan got me out, so I wanted to help a little. That's all.'' Said your friend, who timidly raised her head, wiggling a hand to remove the hair clouding her face, revealing a serene face that was nothing more than a skillful mask for the tumultuous emotions swirling within her bosom.

''How long were you stuck inside that hellish place?'' Asked Hadraniel, her voice calm, gentle, her demeanor had shifted into a genuine empathy true to her name, in fact, it'd be better to describe her as motherly. ''You disappeared well before the Great Crusade, that means a few hundreds...''

Elina didn't say anything, perhaps she couldn't.

''Someone took you away... I see.'' There was a pause where Hadraniel breath became ragged by a momentary rush of emotions. ''I've been asleep for far, far too long. Oh Mother, not only does Siegfried have a pair of daughters but now I've somehow been reunited with my family...'' She laughed gently. ''You've been trapped for so, so long and didn't even say anything afterward.''

Elina response was subdued, a quiet whisper that filtered through countless -perhaps eternal- emotional barriers. "I've become an outsider, that's all.''
File: Red 09.jpg (394 KB, 546x850)
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394 KB JPG
You forgot to breath when Hao suddenly grasped your hand. The lizardgirl somehow managed to get up silently and now she insisted on pulling you up and, contrary to your initial belief that she'd want to give the two angels space, she led you closer, planted you on one of their flanks and boldly rounded them to occupy the second one.


She hugged them both, boldly pressing herself against the double layer of feathery fluffs and before you succumbed to the irresistible temptation of following here footsteps, you witnessed Sieglinde open gaze observing this proceeding silently.

>A Tale of Monsters -Lullaby- End.


I wasn't able to find a good place for interaction but I think this makes a fitting end for our thread.

Siggy awakens, sisters reunite, and Hao brings us the blessing of hugs for everyone. Sieglinde has the unique chance to join the hug pile, even if she doesn't know what's going on.
What would you do without her?
Wow, literally her little sister, didn't see that one coming. Haddy probably had to kill a "god" or something similar and that tier of memories is about the only kind of thing that'd give you the firepower you'd need to do that. I think I remember that little incursion you mentioned with the pocket dimension. Awoo waifu, a magic gun, and first time meeting Hildegarde I think?

How well did we do here, what were the rolls for, and now, with Sieg thankfully awake, can we try and summon the last (and arguably most important) member of this party next thread? Our guardian, partner, and bestest buddy ever?
File: 26.jpg (124 KB, 531x750)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>I think I remember that little incursion you mentioned with the pocket dimension. Awoo waifu, a magic gun, and first time meeting Hildegarde I think

You'd be right on the mark. That little adventure is something I've decided to end here.

>How well did we do here
Pretty good. There weren't any trap options nad few bad ones, I wasn't aiming to further a villain plans this time. It was important to know the current state of your close crew minus Klesiah.

>what were the rolls for
For Sieglinde, it was to enter her mind in a calm moment. For Elina, it was impossible to avoid being pulled into her nightmare, so the roll was for the outside world instead, to see if someone would notice and bring reinforcement. (Having Hao early provided a safety cushion against a bad roll so failing there wouldn't have been too dramatic.)

>with Sieg thankfully awake, can we try and summon the last (and arguably most important) member of this party next thread? Our guardian, partner, and bestest buddy ever?

Well... Who knows. I've done my best to sneak a few hints about the general state of Arawn and the girls, but Gardy really is a mystery isn't he?

Can we nominate Hao to become the Embodiment of Hugs?
Are you willing to invade the heavens for that?

Yes, one hundred percent willing.
Let's have Arawn dedicate himself to make this happen.
File: Dress.jpg (2.23 MB, 1414x2000)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
You'll need to hug her first!
Anyhow if there's any questions or things to talk about, feel free to ask. I'll be lurking until the thread delete
Oh! I recall that one previous quest too! So the one we rescued was Elina? huh, now it feels like a circle has been closed.

Didn't we control a fox Mamono with a sun-like ancestor, from which she derived powers to cast some exotic, astrology-based magic?

I am now wondering if Arawn will get to meet her. And the crow tengus, too, those were fun.
File: Awoo 8.jpg (343 KB, 621x605)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>Didn't we control a fox Mamono with a sun-like ancestor, from which she derived powers to cast some exotic, astrology-based magic?

Not quite, astrology mage was the first iteration of this quest with Arawn awakening inside the realm of Gwendolyn and making that the center stage.

Maegan adventure was something else. We got to the point where she discovered to be the descendant of Zipangu sun god and could summon her. Those were little tales I had to close early because I didn't give them adequate planning, unlike now; knowing about them isn't going to matter for this quest.

>I am now wondering if Arawn will get to meet her. And the crow tengus, too, those were fun.
Well, you're still in a coma but at least you're on the monster island-nation! Halfway there already!
>"Hmmm, It's been quite some time since I've read Tale of Monsters, I should catch up-"
I can't even-
AAAA, there's too much to parse into one comment! But I'm caught up and will strive to remain caught up! I'll not allow myself to fall behind like I did before. Voting/commenting will be scarce sadly, due to me starting a short period of work on Monday and timezone difference bullshit
Whew, okay. That's most of what I wanted to say off my chest. Need to go sleep, wrangling my sleeping schedule into order is going to be a small nightmare but binging the threads I missed was worth it.

I say our next move is to catch up with Sieg so everyone is on the same page and then search for Gardy.

Klesiah... ;_;
We'll get you, one or the other. Just hang in there, you armored Blueberry you.
Glad to have you back. The important thing is to know you are here, voting can happen later!
Don't worry about your blueberry. A good witch will never allow her follower to spoil her fun. Once this little prologue to act 2 is over, I'll likely have a proposition to give concerning a few potential directions for the quest to go, for now though, girls are awake and an angel finally opened up.
I pray her desire to see us try and come save her for dramatic reasons outweighs her desire to see us suffer impotently.

So is the magic gun still a thing? Because if it is and given the fact we've spec'd into magitek... oh yes, yes this is very good indeed. I have plans for this. We shall "bless" our enemies with dakka!
>So is the magic gun still a thing?
Not anymore. It existed, now it's gone.
Drat. Still, that means firearms tech exists somewhere in the world. We just need to luck into or encounter the concept of it somehow and then my glorious gun related plans can begin!
You've already seen that tech can vary wildly between areas. The Demon Lord inner compound has elevators and indoor lights while your foray in Kreszenz revealed the general camps to be archaic. If (and I do mean if) concepts of firearms exist, you'll have to find em cause they aint coming to ya!
Oh I know, highly advanced tech like glorious guns is a reward that one must go out in search of or invest time in creating oneself. You've always made us earn the good stuff somehow. That's what makes it satisfying when we get it. May the dice gods bless our research rolls when trying to make new magitek!
File: bea.jpg (1.58 MB, 1000x1625)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Why not try to invent something more wholesome? Why not create gifts for the girls
Give them the gift of protection and firepower with their own personalized pieces? Yes, can do!

But yeah, we will make them gifts one day. Gifts they will both cherish and find very useful. It's the least we can do for those who have given us so much and asked for comparatively little in return.
File: 55.jpg (292 KB, 1000x1347)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Arawn is kind of a dork so let's hope he doesn't make an ass of himself. They'd find that endearing though so there's no loss there.
Now we need to access Gardy's memories and discover if he ever tried to give his previous charge a gift shortly after awakening. I bet it resulted in an awkward yet endearing moment between them.

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