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Welcome back one and all for the continuation of this assault inside our very home, this time we'll be switching perspective toward a certain blue knight and see for ourselves how the other side of this conflict is faring.

Klesiah doesn't have a sheet because this situation isn't something that'll happen often. We'll have to see how this thread end to know if she'll need one.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.
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166 KB JPG
''It's done! Breathe and rest valiant folks! None of you better dare conceal injuries to my inquisitive Titania!'' A voice resounded out of the carnage of corpses. Sweat imbibed the padding of my armor, limbs screamed from efforts and my heavy breathing made it difficult to hear everything around me.

''Have we... Has anyone...'' A reinforced body recover its stamina quickly but the interim wasn't any easier to handle; each lungful of air seemed to worsen the pain of my exhausted muscles yet recovery infused a tiny -distracting- sensation of euphoria. ''Nobody fell?''

The corpses at my feet brought me joy; this feeling always needed repression.

''Teruko fairy helped the wounded mid-battle, no casualties outside summons.'' In this chaotic conflict, Martha had become my impromptu partner and like me, she sat on the mutilated corpses of these towering, meaty monstrosities. She didn't look any worse despite a half-hour of interrupted battle, she looked almost serene with that dark exoskeleton covering her body and lower face effectively masking all signs of fatigue.

''I see...'' This battle, while not the hardest one I've ever fought, definitely earned its place for intensity. Fighting forty enemies at once, with half being these hulking mutants and the other comprised of these pale skinny humanoids made this introduction into my very first mass battle something of a striking one, doubly so with so few allies on my side.

''I'll admit to having thoroughly underestimated the potential of summoners.'' Martha semi-hidden blue feature relaxed in mirth at my remark. Back in the Allied Kingdoms... I remember knights teaching squires about the Demon Lord army and its ''explosive'' potential: a dramatic way to describe a summoner ability to act as mobile force multipliers. In those few seconds following my lord departure and the battle was joined, the three teachers joined forces to create big, sturdy golems of magic that would act as a first barrier against the coming onslaught, Teruko conjured pale combatants to reinforce the line in number and that demon champion, Elenor, somehow created clones of herself. All of this combined to make our little group of less a dozen combatants into a proper squad of thirty-some bodies.

Not that it made things easy. However, these additional friendlies... made it possible to avoid casualties.

''Thank for helping me out by the way.'' Martha spoke once my breath settled down, stirring me out of my thoughts. Her expression was clouded by her mask but there was an honest glitter inside that yellow gaze swimming in dark scleras; midway through the battle, Martha became isolated by mutants so I did my best to reach her and like that, we two managed to create a safe pocket by hacking our way through oppositions but...
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Had our enemies been coordinated, I wouldn't have survived. Martha, on the other hand, proved herself extremely able. Coupling odd bodily metamorphosis and agility that rivaled her mother, what I witnessed from her combat style was incredibly focused, methodically taking down her foes one by one.

She'd make a fantastic sparring partner.

''I acted on impulse.'' My throat was parched, hearing my broken voice felt terribly embarrassing but Martha constant neutrality was encouraging. ''My lord... Arawn asked me to remain with you all, I did what I could to obey his will.'' Even if I could only help a single person... The Overlord, the summoners, the minotaurs, and the blond champion handled themselves perfectly by keeping their fighting in a group even when the wave of flesh forced everyone back into the arena.

That small and gentle lich proved herself a valiant tactician in the way she maneuvered those unearthly ghosts as reinforcement. As everything degenerated into a worrisome melee... Teruko student did what I couldn't and kept her teacher safe with the ferociousness of a den mother. Even now those ethereal beings floated like watchmen, waiting for a fleshy twitch to sink their cold fings into livings being they so envied.

The flow of creatures coming out of Internalization had slowed into a trickle of confused individuals that, thankfully, weren't attracted anymore with the temporary lapse in violence.

''Still good in magical juices?'' Asked Martha, slowly rising to her feet. In normal circumstances, I'd need a few more moments of rest to recuperate from my exhaustion but the bodily reinforcement brought with synchrony of souls allowed me to stand head-to-head with the blue Lilim.

''Half is gone.'' I responded, doing my best to avoid averting my gaze toward the garden. Arawn and Hao...?

''Company!'' Reflexes immediately had me grab my weapon and wait for suspicious sound or dodge incoming shapes but thankfully nothing had snuck up on us. One of the three Minotaurus -the only twin in good enough shape to walk- was waving toward a small group rounding the path that led into Throne Town and proceeded into the messy middle grounds of the fortress.

''They'll attract abominations!'' Martha stopped my momentum by holding onto my armor right when I witnessed a pack of these pale humanoids animals charges these newcomers, only to be swiftly and methodically hacked to death by the oversized axes they had been holding onto slung over their shoulders.

It was a pack of ten Minotaurus sharing armors and weapons moving together with a coordinated purpose: anything aggressing them was ruthlessly slaughtered in response and they all proceeded with practiced cadence. Lingering students had mostly disappeared during that infernal melee, making for a relatively easy pathway.
''Yo!'' A loud bellow tensed my shoulders. The mother of the twin Minotaurus, Barbara, had walked forward with the rest of our group leaving the middle of the arena to also welcome this heartening sight.

Reinforcement was reinforcement.

''Them's the Bullhorns, bit of an odd job squad her ladyship Sieglinde put together.'' Barbara proclaimed proudly, her composure hadn't faltered for a single moment during that fight, even when one of her daughters was grievously wounded. Teruko magic prevented the worst, but its potency couldn't rival Holy, time and treatment would be needed for complete recovery.

''Seven of em are my sisters, rest are stray mits we picked along the way.'' Mits? ''Girls!'' Barbara snapped her attention at her two daughters who straightening their back in response, one of them noticeably leaning on her sibling's shoulder. ''Gonna need you both to sit this one out, go into the Throne, maybe convince some of the guards to come here if some of em are holed up there.'' The big woman turned toward Martha. ''That okay, your highness?''

The Lilim simply shrugged. Without Arawn, leadership now fell on her shoulders. ''I'm no leader, do what you think is best.'' She responded with nonchalance; for a brief moment the twins were about to protest but the weakness of one sister was obvious that she wouldn't be able to make the journey on her own. Elenor went to join them and the group lingered with Teruko; heavy noises of clicking metals and heavy steps forced my attention toward a more pressing matter.

''Mam!'' One of the new arrivals spoke, the entire group audibly slammed their fist on their heart, a few of them unpacked a few bags that contained quite the array of weapons, they must have been expecting a bigger group...

''Report, there's no time to bother about hierarchy or politeness.'' Martha annoyance was visible in her tone and glare.

''Yes!'' Perhaps she was the second in command, her resemblance to Barbara was striking indeed, softer traits and darker hair differentiated her from the big bull-woman, they were still obvious kins. ''Four of these unexplainable portals opened all at once around the gatehouse and effectively put our entire garrison under siege but the odd state of the enemy gave us enough time to rally a counteroffensive. Some of these freaks bashed through the gates and spilled further island.'' A bitter failure with an intense sting, such was this warrior grimace. ''Thankfully volunteers Mamonos bolstered our forces and joined with the guards to destroy those portals, messengers were sent for the militia putting those vamps under house arrest.''

''Sitting tight will improve our chances then.'' Gwendolyn statement was met by a dull nod from the blue Lilim. More and more creatures stepped out from the bowels of Internalisation, another big confrontation was inevitable.

''Sitting tight...'' Frustration boiled my guts painfully. It's been half-an-hour now, Goddess where are they?
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''Aaaaah!?'' Weapons were raised, tension rose to a fever pitch the moment this scream was acknowledged. Feverish ringing -bells- resounded from behind.

''Vilma!? What's wrong!?'' Teruko stood next to her student who swung her staff with desperate energy. Many of the bluish, translucid floating humanoids diminished, a few outright disappeared, cutting their numbers into a measly four. ''Necromancy!'' Screamed the little lich ''Someone is using Necromancy over there!'' Swinging her bell staff with a single arm, she pointed toward the one area that'd terrify me.

''The garden...!''

''Shit!'' Barbara voice easily trampled my own. ''Mutants coming out!''

An apt remark. A crowd of things was walking out of the serpentine path beyond the squares of flowers, masses of mutated flesh carved into familiar humanoid shapes: large and tall as a man with twisted limbs as makeshift weapons that looked to be a reshaping of bones. They looked eerily similar to our previous giant foes, except created with purpose instead of being out of a madman vision for a walking weapon and their obvious coordination made for a much more dangerous menace.

''This is going to be a bitch.'' Martha growled. ''Gather near the center! We've got to keep this corridor open!''

Behind this crowd was a glowing presence of foggy, purplish light, it's silhouette concealed by some infernal ritual that hid their identity in a familiar cloak of darkness. His silhouette was tall, heavy and masculine, obviously, the same individual that ambushed me and Vilma yesterday! ''That's it, it's the source!'' Vilma screamed, struggling to hold onto her ghosts amongst all the movements. New summons were conjured as the teachers gathered near Teruko and a new line of defense was promptly established by the Minotaurus, Barbara daughters were still in sight as they ran toward the safety of the Throne.

''Incoming from the school!'' Gwendolyn screamed, pointing toward Internalisation. A group of creatures had begun to run in a chaotic group toward us, a mixture of these awful pale and thin skinny freaks and the fatter abominations whose numbers had been thankfully dwindling, they'll definitely be upon us in a few minutes...!

''Jena! That's Jena, I'd always know this damnable face!'' There was a distinctive whistle of flame when Elenor conjured a sword of solid fire, she pointed the orange blade toward the tall woman with a naked rage of equal temperature. ''Hear me, bitch!? You think I forgot the bullshit you put me through, wanting me to kidnap an innocent friend!?''

''Goodness...'' Teruko murmured, she was still holding onto Vilma who had managed to regain her composure. ''...That one will be after me.''
This person, Jena, was still far enough away to not be an immediate concern. Hearing the summoning ace, however, made her grin and she pointed her weapon forward while walking amongst these abominable freaks, corpses risen to walk on their feet and somehow sculpted by necromancy into walking weapons!

''Right...'' Martha spoke, seconds mattered now. ''These guys obviously don't feel like talking. I'm going to hold our open flank by myself.'' She pointed toward Internalization. ''You guys push toward the garden, don't think we can afford to hold this position for students anymore.''

''Hold on Martha!'' Gwendolyn protested. The Overlord was surrounded by floating weapons, using her telekinesis to put the spares weapons brought by the Bullhorns to good use. ''That's far too dangerous! There's about twenty...''

''Aint got any time to worry about that.'' Responded the Lilim. ''That bitch vamp is obviously going after Teruko and I'd rather not run, family's still holding out.''

''Let me fight that parasite!'' Elenor passion had completely ignited and she forcefully introduced herself in the small circle of leaders; I still don't know why Martha and Gwendolyn seemingly believe myself adequate to be burdened with such responsibility... ''She'll be going after Teruko, someone has to keep her contained to avoid her wrecking havoc in our backline of summoners!''

There's also an obvious grudge that doesn't bring me any confidence. I've no idea of this Jena capabilities, but I've seen the way this young demoness fight. Those clones are impressive, but she's still lacking in finesse, how will she fare once those shades start dwindling?

''...'' Arawn told me to remain here, that means protecting everyone; my duty, nay my very existence as a knight is to fulfill his will.

Goddess if only there was time to think or analyze, that's what he always did!

As you guys are incarnating a totally different person, choices and general customizations might not come out as intended because I'll actively filter everything through Klesiah personality. Don't let that stop you from trying to customize your choices. If there's one advice I can give, know that Klesiah doesn't have Arawn intense proactiveness so it's possible there won't be choices where there would otherwise be a chance for reactions.

>I have to insist on facing that vampire myself. Elenor can bring numbers to our little squad and that's extremely important right now.

>Let the blond fight for her revenge; perhaps it'd be a wiser course to attempt carving my path through these freaks and reach that necromancer.

>Free: I want to help against the vampire! But I can't face her alone!

Klesiah going one on one against the vampire strikes me as two dangerous. On the other hand, I want Klesiah to be the one who gives Arawn the news of "I killed the vampire bitch"

Is it possible for both Elenor and Klesiah to team up against the vampire? Or would that leave other fronts unattended?
It's possible but it'll weakens your front against the risen mutated corpses.
We'll likely proceed at a pace similar to last thread. What's happening is fairly important so I'd like two votes at least to get things going.
What are our forces, their apparent ideal role, and where are they located relative to us and our enemies? How many abominations did that asshole just raise?

Then, I'll see what other people vote for, and if I like any other thing they propose better, I'll switch to theirs. For now, I'll remain voting what I already voted.
File: Va1.jpg (269 KB, 1200x744)
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269 KB JPG
I knew I forgot to put needed informations.

>What are our forces.

11 Minotaurus, all of them are excellent warriors that can be considered semi-champions.

3 Summoning teachers, who can either conjure one particularly strong entity or a pocket of smaller creatures to bolster your numbers. For now, they've opted to create 3 strong golem-like entities.

Overlord Gwendolyn, whose telekinesis allows her to throw up to ten projectiles at once or manipulate weapons with her mind, effectively making them dance with the power of her mind. she's a Supreme monster and can be considered a champion.

Teruko, who's been somewhat conservative with summons to heal wounds. Her ability needs to be split, she cannot heal effectively whilst conjuring creatures; she excels in both roles.

Vilma ghost summons (who were all semi-champions) has been reduced to four. She can still use necromancy, but her potential seems to have been curbed somehow.

Elenor, who is a champion in her own right and with her special use of summoning, can really help bolster your forces against regular troops because her clones share her abilities.

Martha, who doesn't really need explanation. Her fighting style is extremely focused, she doesn't do too well against group.

You, Klesiah, a champion in her own right.

Being a ''champion'' for this mass battle is a mean of description to elevate these particular agents compared to regular troops. Meaning they are people whose strength is enough to be considered a menace by their lonesome.

>How many abominations did that asshole just raise?


These aren't the HUGE guys that have been the primary menaces you've faced, they are humanized with bodies mutated into weapons, looking uniform and coordinated. They aren't mad like your other foes.

A wave of 20 enemies are closing in from Internalization, 5 of them are hulking mass of meats, the rest are pale fleshgaits.

Jena can also be considered a champion, though I cannot hint at her full potential.
File: Crude Map1.jpg (84 KB, 1652x960)
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>Where are they located relative to us and our enemies?

Harkon contingent came from the garden, the second force of chaotic creatures are from Internalization.
Oh yeah, don't mind those portals in the gardens and the path of Elementalism, those were taken care of last thread.
File: 2.png (681 KB, 800x1000)
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681 KB PNG
Trying to number crunch and/or minmax here will be very difficult because of who you guys are incarnating. Klesiah isn't someone tailored for support and she doesn't have authority to lead, so it'd be wiser to stick with what she can do personally.

I recall Klesiah had some good swordsmanship and also potent lightning powers, plus her own reinforcement which gave her extra-focus and general combat prowess, right?

Does she have any other proficiencies or talents we can take advantage of?
>I recall Klesiah had some good swordsmanship and also potent lightning powers

Yes, she's also very good with a glaive. Her skill with a sword and that polearm are essentially equal.

>Plus her own reinforcement which gave her extra-focus and general combat prowess, right?

Yes, all warrior-type can reinforce their bodies with their soul.

>Does she have any other proficiencies or talents we can take advantage of?

Good aim for lightning bolts, otherwise she's a little hamstrung at the moment because Klesiah coordination with Arawn is excellent, obviously, he's not here now. Outside excellent battle prowess and lightning capabilities, she can't offer anything tactical.

She's considered a weak mage because she cannot creates lightning outside her body.
Champions come in two flavors in my mind, duelist and anti-horde (the implications as to what you want them to do/face is obvious). What flavor are our champions? How long would it take Teruko or Vilma to pull a "big" summon?
Oh, almost forgot, what's the range on our lightning bolts? That's very important.
>Champions come in two flavors in my mind, duelist and anti-horde

There are also hybrids.

>What flavor are our champions?

Elenor = Hybrid.
Klesiah = Duelist.
Martha = Duelist.
Gwendolyn = Anti-horde.

>How long would it take Teruko or Vilma to pull a "big" summon?

They'll have enough time to make one before the battle begins, although Vilma is having trouble handling necromancy, Harkon is doing something that is interfering with her magic.

>What's the range on our lightning bolts? That's very important.

3 Meters.
Hm, perhaps this feels a little too aimless for you guys.

Remember, we're operating under Klesiah point of view, her skills and strength are totally different than Arawn.

Sticking with green texts choices isn't a bad idea, I didn't make a sheet for her because I wanted to avoid a situation that'd force you guys to overthink something with little gain.

So far our vote is for fighting Jena with Elenor, essentially committing two champions against the vampire.
Any way anyone could threaten/hurt the oni and make him roll concentration? He seems to be vulnerable to that given last thread. Can Gwen mind blast or psychic scream people? What's the range on that and the telekinetic weapon throw? Can we charge a weapon with electricity quickly?
>Can Gwen mind blast or psychic scream people?
>The telekinetic weapon throw?
Pretty much as far as she can see if she concentrates hard enough. The real difficulty is aiming.

>Can we charge a weapon with electricity quickly?
Yes, charging weak to medium electricity is a free action. Stronger bolts will need one round (one regular combat action) to ready up.

Also, I think it might be best to keep things simple and focus only on what Klesiah can do and tailor your choices that way. Keeping the bigger picture and everyone abilities in mind are the kind of stuff Arawn do, Klesiah isn't exactly on his level here so trying to mastermind a good strategy could be a little difficult. You'll need to do some rolling to make it stick.

I won't prevent it of course, but it's important to remember in whose shoes we are now.
>Any way anyone could threaten/hurt the oni and make him roll concentration?
I'm really distracted today.

Harkon as at the very back of the formation so he'll be difficult to reach. Successful ranged attack has a good chance of interrupting his channeling, the hard part is reaching him.

Let's see how things unfold tomorrow. If we still don't have any concrete choices, I might have to chalk this pov switch experiment as a failure.
I don't think there is disinterest on Klesiah's POV switch.

I think it's more a result of postponing the start of the thread too often. Give it some time and people will jump back in, once they see it's ongoing, now.
True, I might be a little bit more nervous than usual given that act 1 should be ending this thread if things go according to plans. As if that ever happens.
File: Trollfox.png (646 KB, 1181x1181)
646 KB
646 KB PNG

Relax, good QM.

You don't need to worry. You know it won't.
File: Fem Ky Kiske.png (601 KB, 907x1210)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
This. I've said it before, a regular schedule does wonders for a QM's player base/participation rate. The PC's are just as much creatures of Order as they are of Chaos after all.

So far as I can gather, you wanna blitz/rushdown the Vampire with Elenore right? Well, if that works then Harkon's wide open. It would also be incredibly stupid as if we fail to eliminate her in a round or two the fact that Harkon's basically a "Synapse Creature" will come into play in a very painful way soon after. It is, after all, already about to. Those 30 risen corpses are *not* uncoordinated, he's directing them in a most methodical fashion...

I say it's worth the risk though. Gwen will likely lose an eyestalk or two and mama Minotaur will have to roll on the critical table to not die but if we can eliminate this one particular champion within these opening rounds it makes taking him out pretty damn easy provided most of ours did not join her in death. Take out the summoner's tanks and, well, that's curtains for them 9 times out of 10...
File: 1.png (205 KB, 587x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Hm, so a 2v1 against Jena.

Quite the odd partnership. Don't mind the roll, it's for a little something I want to take into account as I write tomorrow.
I believe it'd be a bit more than that. Elenore has full powered 3-5 times Shadow/Fire Clone summoning Jutsu I thought...
Oh, that roll wasn't for Elenor, her summoning/fire clones will be taken into account. That dice was for something else.
I but only hope that my idea of a pipette lance rolled good upon the shadowlord's hide of Sieg.

God do I not wanna have to kill her...
Shit. That roll is either very good or very, very bad depending on who and what it's for. If it's for our enemies then yay they failed and either ate or are going to eat a nasty hit next round. If not then fuck, one or ours took a nasty hit. Oh well, we were kinda going to research how to make automail limbs work for monstergirls anyway (and that's still me being nice and optimistic).

Speaking of which, we need to make these girls some artifact-tier weapons once this is over. Hopefully (if Martha doesn't die), we can get to work on that. Klesiah needs a version of Thunderseal+leadership training She's basically a gimped version of Ky Kiske it terms of combat and leadership potential ATM. Gotta fix that. Gwen needs an aid for telekinetic sniping, Martha needs a monomolecular edged sword to go full cyber ninja, etc.
''Let's fight that vampire together, lady Elenor!'' I honestly do not believe she could take down that vampiress by her lonesome but her spirit shouldn't be curtailed here, anger can be as good as courage in a fight.

Feeling all set of eyes on myself was particularly nerve-wracking. ''If-if we join forces and take her down together quickly we can proceed with flanking their channeler, let's not waste time arguing!''

Gray silhouettes rose from beneath as the three summoners pursued a new ritual. It gave me the image of witnessing Mamonos ancestors coming to aid their progenies but the murky swords and shields of these entities alongside their total lack of traits were the very definition of rank and files. However, having thirty bodies added with the squad of Minotaurus was a good idea, those mutated... Risen moved with worrying cognizances.

This will not be an easy battle.

Teruko held onto her student who seemed struck by invasive lethargy whilst simultaneously creating her own summoning ritual. A strange phenomenon of coalescing colors was happening to her fairy sitting on her palm.

She needed time we didn't have and almost all of our flanks were completely wide open, Vilma -stalwart girl- was keeping her few ghosts as guards against creatures from the forests despite the opposing mage curse.

I'll never suffer anybody insulting this girl resolve.

''Alright.'' Martha said, serene. Her back was turned to us, a few forward fleshgaits would be upon our us very soon. ''Whatever happens, hold out until Deru come. Then we'll see what's up with Arawn and Siggy.''

She didn't wait, or rather didn't suffer, counterarguments and set off in a dizzying sprint aimed directly at a charging foe with deadly momentum: her knee shattered the face of an unlucky maddened beast and thusly did her battle begin.

''Okay, okay.'' Elenor held onto her conjured sword, dark spaded tail flicking around nervously. ''You guys can hold out...'' She directed her stare at the Overlord but activity from the garden forced this fledging strategizing session to an end.

Enemies closed in slowly, moving in a disciplined block of infantry that saw the Mamono side line up with similar orderliness. ''This is going to be violent...'' I couldn't help but murmur.

A lone silhouette peeled off from this orderly block of incoming violence. ''She's running!''

There was no time to say good luck to Gwendolyn. Jena was a striking figure. Long white hair, natural tallness, and darker tanned skin made her stand out with the vivid colors of death throughout the battlefield. ''Aaah damn it!'' Elenor cursed behind me, the sound of her heavy boots followed mine and we left this battlefield for another, personal one.
File: Va2.jpg (359 KB, 850x614)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Jena had made a wide -yet quick- cut out of the garden toward the Demonic Throne in, perhaps, an attempt to reach the forest quickly in order to circumvent our line of defense. ''I won't let you!'' Magic coursed through my veins in this addicting, familiar sense of power. Lightning crackled out of my glaive, my blood bubbled with energy and a weak zap of purple light struck the vampire before midway out of the cobblestone path.

Her reaction was impressive, her strange rapier struck the magic and promptly dissipated it... rather the lightning was absorbed without damage, the entirety of her left arm had undergone a disgusting change. Tendrils seeped out of the weapon guard to roll around Jena limb, the single eye of sickly orange embedded in the guard stared at everything with something akin to a newborn curiosity. Her flesh had turned a sickly, necrotic darkened white yet it gripped the weapon with ferocious strength.

''Weew, damn it girl.'' She had retreated to stand in the middle of the road, long and thin monument surrounding the Throne extended like a giant needle behind her with many people visible around its base. ''Weak thunder was a good bait.'' She pointed her weapon at me.

Then came violent noises of battle, screams, roars, exploding magic, summoned entities coming to life, iron striking into flesh... This hateful vampire smirked crudely, openly enjoying this sadism.

I had to repress a wave of joy myself, all of my worries somehow made me feel so... alive.

''Jena Javed!'' Swoosh of flames and a very uncomfortable increase in temperature accompanied Elenor arrival, her flaming sword pointed forward at the vampire. ''You! You damnable parasite, not only did you force my hands in dishonorable kidnapping but you're actually attacking her majesty stronghold!?''

''Huh...?'' Jena smirk changed into genuine confusion. ''Who are you?''
File: 12.png (1.72 MB, 1013x1553)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
''You!?'' Elenor slammed her foot, I quietly walked toward the forest to prevent any attempts from the vampire to take refuge in there. ''You don't know!? Elenor Jucunda! Who do you think had to do my mother dirty work in your childish attempt at revenge!?''

''Childish huh?'' Jena made a few circles with her rapier, chuckling loudly. ''I remember now. If you hadn't fucked up, you'd have saved quite a few lives I'd say.''


''Bringing me that lich could have been enough to bait that pregnant bitch, today wouldn't have happened. How many people died now? I've counted about forty, it's likely the number is a whole lot higher inside that big manor.'' I couldn't refrain a frown, what a disgustingly childish provocation. ''Nice work girl, you really did good.''

Spirits of flames emerged out of Elenor body, silhouettes of fiery composition stepped away from her existence, five sword-armed clones made a disciplined line beside their host, mirroring all of her movements. Six flaming swords were now pointed at the vampire whose features frowned in amused interest.

''So, seven it is? Talk about an unfair gangbang.'' Jena made big, wild circles with her sword and held her second hand in a closed fist above her heart. ''Ain't no more time to waste.''

''Indeed.'' I couldn't repress my words. This woman -this creature- was undeniably rotten to the core.

That brought me joy. I felt it bubble inside of me light my magical lightning.

>Have Elenor strike first. the Summoning champion has numbers on her side, she should provide ample distractions and give me an opportunity to strike.

>Become the primary combatant of this duel -no this murder- so that Elenor can use her clones aggressively.

Talking and trying to establish a strategy will NOT be a free action.
>Become the primary combatant of this duel -no this murder- so that Elenor can use her clones aggressively.
>Become the primary combatant of this duel -no this murder- so that Elenor can use her clones aggressively.

I don't fel like Klesiah is the kind that lets others do the fighting while she waits in the sideline to strike.

She feels to me like an attacker who is used to have Arawn cover/support her and direct her.
Rolled 18, 17, 4, 12, 19, 14 = 84 (6d20)

Roll me 1d20

/roll 1d20

Let's pray
dice+1d20 in the options field, friend.
Great, a cursed sword that's taken a liking to its new host. Damned thing apparently has the manaphage ability too. Wunderbar.

Elenore's weapons and summons are pure fire magic yes? Leaning towards us being the tank if that's the case. Plus I'm getting paladin vibes off of her, she must be desiring to smite evil pretty hard right now. Hopefully our girls know how to best slay a vampire. Does it involve fire, crossroads, decapitations and heart piercings?
Rolled 3 (1d20)


Dammit, I keep messing up with this >w<
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

>Elenor's weapons and summons are pure fire magic yes?


>Does it involve fire, crossroads, decapitations and heart piercings?

Sunlight too! Oh wait, it's actually the afternoon... Vaps are a sturdy bunch.
File: 1361361754406.jpg (21 KB, 287x175)
21 KB
Why do I take best of three?

Woah. This is good, right? :3
File: By fire be purged.jpg (152 KB, 620x877)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Nat 20
Our sword is hatred and our armor is contempt. Purge the beast!
Yeah, I'll have to think about this one a little longer than usual.

If the rolls you made earlier are meant to be the actions of our enemies, we did need that 20, otherwise, Jena would surely have streamrolled us, with those 18, 17 and 19
File: 34.jpg (90 KB, 607x800)
90 KB
A tickling sensation going through my arm heralded the spell of lightning enchantment that soon covered the length of my beloved weapon, its special alloy allowed for my magic to course its length without weakening the iron. Elenor was still fuming in rage but I've had enough, all seconds wasting our spits increased the dangers of the people Arawn asked me to protect.

''Ah!'' Jena grin twisted fiendishly, she moved to meet my charge with clear excitement and first contacts occurred violently in a shower of sparks when the keenly honed iron blades met and clang. Lightning traveled the rapier blade in evil, veiny arcs of dark purples but ended upon meeting that strange organic guard instead of hurting my opponent wrist.

The reach of my glaive was undeniably my best advantage and I took full advantage of my weapon to prod this woman defense.

Upward slice. Parried. Crescent to her left side. Parried Backward hop with blade aimed at the tendon of the knee. Clang her blade against mine and pushed forward. Bend my torso back and swing. Parried. Stop my momentum by falling on my knee and let out a quick zap through my fist. Projectile finds purchase with loud crackle on Jena hand covering her heart, forcing her back with a painful grunt Let out another bolt through my glaive. Swipe of her rapier absorb it Barely have enough time for a two-handed grip for a crescent slice aimed at the neck on the right side. Her body twist, she swings her rapier for a powerful clash that make my weapon rebound from impact. Control the momentum and hop backward, weak bolt fly from the end of my staff, striking her on the flank.

''Fuck!'' Jena roared, shuffling back. Heat and sound heralded the coming of another offensive. My partner had found her opportunity, two clones joined in a decisive attack that was nonetheless avoided, one by parry and the other... The vampire was holding the flaming sword, hand having undergone a worrisome metamorphosis. Nevermind the pale, darkened necrotic flesh, the fingers of that hand had twisted into claws and the skin possessed a dry, leathery consistency that didn't seem to burn.

Another clone attack from behind, Elenor had successfully predicted Jena movement but the vampire swung with renewed force and that strange organic rapier... sliced right through fire blade of this silhouette and promptly decapitated it.

The lady vampire seemed to float on the ground, curving away from the two clones and charging into another one while Elenor regrouped with her summons. There came a swift exchange of irons but the vampire pressure was too intense and far too quick, once the rapier found purchase in the demoness additional combattant it flickered out of existence with dying embers of protest.
File: 1.jpg (160 KB, 1000x600)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Jena, however, was forced forward -toward me- when Elenor and her remaining summons banded together and pointed their blades forward. Columns of magical fire erupted toward the vampire with such intensity that the entire small patch of trees between the garden and the throne was saturated in flames; magical blazes aimed solely on burning flesh, thus no kindlings were set alight.

She's coming to me.

Forward stab. Retreat when she aimed to parry Another stab, aimed at the leg. Retreat when she attempted to grab my glaive with this strange new hand. Hop back when she charges, launching another weak bolt of lightning through my palm. Purchase, it land on her face. !
Forward hop with a sideways slice aimed at her belly, half of my glaive blade the sink into her belly, almost disemboweling her.

''Fuck!'' No blood oozed out of her stomach but the bolt that landed on her face was a stroke of good luck. Her left eye socket was disfigured, burnt to a crisp. ''Bitches be making me thirsty!''

My muscles ached, each breathes entering my dry throat was painful, sweat poured down my face. Thankfully bodily reinforcement was already helping me recuperate my stamina but this wasn't good, I had already fought a bitter battle earlier...

That's no excuse to stop. Blood coated my glaive, trophy of success, looking black against the afternoon sun.

''This might take longer than we anticipated.'' Elenor had ran to my side, something in her gaze had changed; her fury had transformed from fiery hot into cold purpose. ''Things are sounding pretty bad back there.''

There hadn't been any interruption in the struggle behind us, Teruko grand summoning was supposed to be spectacular... surely we'd have heard it by now.

Yet nothing.

''I was supposed to be the one grabbing the bitch, I'd be a little gentle ya know.'' Jena tapped her stomach from which no blood oozed, her bronzed skin had grown a shade paler, tendrils from her rapier covered her entire arm, pumping like a heart. ''Guess the big guy will be the one to rub it in my face, fuck just get the fuck off my face you bitches! Gotta sacrifice every fucking thing I have for a little bit of satisfaction huh!?'' Jena snarled, sharp fangs gleaming. ''Time for a little blood boil!''

I don't know what's truthful or not with vampires. I've recently learned that ''undead'' are actually genuinely alive, perhaps Jena had been arrogantly underestimating our duo...

''Yeah, she won't be going down quickly.'' I finally agreed with the blond.

>[Send Jena back to help with the fight in the arena. It's not exactly wise but things are likely not going well back there]

>[Keep Jena at my side and continue this fight. She might not be Jena equal in strength but she can provide vital distractions]


>Go on the offensive, pressure your foe.

>Stay on the defensive, Jena is preparing something.

>[Keep Jena at my side and continue this fight. She might not be Jena equal in strength but she can provide vital distractions]

I want to go back to help, but... we can't leave her half-finished. Now's our chance!

>Go on the offensive, pressure your foe.
File: 14.png (315 KB, 642x495)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
As always, I'll wait for another voice. Making sure to be fair for my players.

Let's hope your knight can continue to do good.
>[Send Jena back to help with the fight in the arena. It's not exactly wise but things are likely not going well back there]

This. Though I guess you mean elenor and not Jena, right?

>Go on the offensive, pressure your foe.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>This. Though I guess you mean Elenor and not Jena, right?

Man, this is super embarrassing. I meant that.

Two votes to attack and we've got a tie for the first choice. rolling to break it, unless another anon act as a tiebreaker of course.

Roll me another 1d20
I agree we ought to keep the pressure on, but how far are we from the arena and about how far away is Harkon?
Rolled 7 (1d20)


Let's try!
Up the path leading to the Throne. As seen here >>3392877

>How far are we from the arena

A little under a minute at running pace, you're not too far.

>How far away is Harkon?

He's still behind his troops, reaching him will need less than 5 minutes.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Another 20 please!
One last roll... or we can stick with that 15.

Here's what to happen.

>Have Elenor reinforce the fight in the arena.
>Put the pressure on Jena.
With a 15. I'll lock things in 10 minutes.

That's pretty good. Also, my rolls today have been a bit on the low side >w>
Rolled 6 (1d20)

I am very scared to roll.....

Eh it was a shot
File: 14.jpg (251 KB, 1914x1914)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

Lucky that I take best of 3.

Let's see how potential best girl does.

>We believe you're talking about Klesiah, but in truth you're talking about Jena, who is secretly best girl, and we will only learn of that when she'd ded.
>that spoiler
Well, she is moving up the ranks. So cute, so devoted, so thicc, and hopefully very good at being a vampire hunter.

She fried one of her eyes out and knows how to leverage that advantage right?
File: 48.jpg (235 KB, 1635x1677)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Of course, Klesiah is a vet. But there's no telling if that's a true advantage, she's dealing with a strong, almost elder-type vampire.

The advantage is not being a green-horn who doesn't know how to fight.

We don't have many of those in our group. Even Vilma is experienced now, thanks to her duel against Elenor back then I believe, all that training she underwent in order to show Elenor who is boss is paying off now in the middle of this battlefield.
File: Va3.jpg (190 KB, 992x772)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I have this bad feeling tickling my spine. A whisper of instincts, the same kind of chill running through my body when I had that fight with Zhu... Does a warrior instinct truly exist?

''Elenor.'' My breath had settled down. Jena was massing her face, eyeing us with hatred but cautious had also settled in her bone, there wasn't any traces of that arrogant confidence anymore. ''Go back and crash upon our enemy flanks, unleash the raging inferno dwelling in your bosom upon their worthless hides.''

''Eh..? But...''

''Don't argue, don't talk!'' Spit flew out of my mouth as I slammed by staff on the cobblestone. ''You've helped me immensely, you've got the potential of pulling a reversal on the center fight by flanking our enemies!'' That was nothing more than embellishment; I've got this bad feeling that won't go away.

''Okay.'' Realization dawned on Elenor, perhaps she understood that she truly wasn't good enough to fight this vampire after all, two of her clones had quickly perished. Her fate would have been the same, had she fought Jena alone.

''Yeah sure, split up. Make my job easier.'' Jena didn't try to pursue because she knew very well that she couldn't.

I simply answered with a practiced twirl of my glaive, feeling a little refreshed by the cooling temperature that followed Jena departure. I was glad to see that my weapons hadn't suffered any tears: for years on end did I carry this polearm and sword, the reinforced titanium that allowed my lightning to be conduct throughout my weapons truly was a miracle work.

The Knights of the Storm fails in many areas, forging isn't one of them.

''Think you taste like blueberry?'' Asked Jena, dark tongue darting out of her mouth. ''I've no idea who the fuck you are, woman, I know spy reported about that elf coming with someone out of literally nowhere last week-''

With my polearm reach taken into account, I wouldn't need much distance to reach her. Lightning crackled out of my fist then my hand gripped my staff for a forward, two-handed jab; Jena swiped my magic away with that infernal rapier and calmly parried with her hand.

Backward hope. Thrust at my left need to be redirected. Another backward hop, downward slice on her wounded side. Jena deflects with her hand; believing her blinded eye an advantage is far too dangerous Sidesteps to dodge thrust, backward hop to dodge another, whistling noise and instinct has me bend a knee to dodge a thrust to my shoulders. Iron scrape my armor Another weak bolt escape my hand. Purchase on Jena wounded flank. Follow with an upward slice that opens a bloody line on her arm. Run in the middle of the road. Need air.

"Pretty good, didn't even change your angle on the road." Breathing was far more important than replied but I readied my stance. A solid offensive had only yielded one measly lightning bolt and she wasn't even winded, this woman has me beat in endurance.
File: 55.jpg (413 KB, 1583x2048)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Remember, Klesiah. I need to delay, not kill.

The wound on her side was slowly trickling out to be imbibed by her clothing. As my breath settled down and my body reinforced, Jena toyed with that wide slice on her belly. ''Fuck this, too much is gone now, do you got two feet in the grave too, Blueberry?''

She brought her rapier forward, turning her wrist to make me look into that sickening orange eye.

''No, my lord asked me to protect his friends, I'll be standing in your path till my last breath.'' I have my purpose, I have my loyalty: dying here means doing so on my own two feet, honored my goddess and my oaths.

''Loyalty to a dead man is admirable.'' I knew this bait would be coming eventually, there was no preparedness for the icy chill running up my spine. ''I'm kinda like that too, though it's about time to show you a little something. I've got an appointment with a premature baby and you're really, really making me late.'' Then she jabbed her sword into the gorund and I heard something sizzle.

It was the blood that had fallen out of her wounds, red fume was escaping her clothing and the few drops that'd hit the ground was melting the cobblestone.

''I'm gonna be getting a taste, Blueberry.'' Blood Magic ''A little talk would be nice too, vengeance ain't a disgusting thing... it's kinda fun actually, having to fight for what I want.''

Vampires, what do I remember about them? They function by bloodlines yes, practice blood magic inherently... Ugh, it smells terrible!.

Roll 1d100


>We'll likely continue tomorrow. Good rolls sorta expedited the threat levels so I had to write bigger chunks of texts instead of smaller back and forths.
Rolled 59 (1d100)

Is higher good, or bad?
Higher is better.
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Kicking myself for forgetting to check twitter more often
Rolled 42 (1d100)

I have faith in this one!
File: 17.png (150 KB, 400x400)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Well well, better than I expected. 87 is a nice result so I'll have to change a few things... meaning that I'll have to answer tomorrow.

This human girl sure is tenacious.
Shit, Jena's going for her insta-kill isn't she. Well, if that miffs Klesiah will get a free shot with her own. Of course, if it hits we are officially down one waifu and our enemy is up about one and a half gallons of blood which should just about top her off in spite of these losses.

Can she use Rising Force? Please tell me we get to inflict electric HOPE AND JUSTICE upon this bloodsucking bitch!
File: 21.jpg (831 KB, 1457x1032)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
Find out tomorrow. It seems the dice gods really, really like making our crew win when the objective is to stall for time/endure.
Likely to update a little later than usual.
File: Va4.jpg (218 KB, 337x450)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
That terrible smell soon instilled a distracting sensation of nausea and vertigo. The world spun with increasing dizziness that ate into the solidity of my battle stance, soon forcing me to plant my staff on the ground as support and take in long gulps of air to settle this queasiness.

I've never fought in the middle of sickness before... Now isn't the time to show weakness. It is dangerous to believe Jena rapier planted in the ground was an advantage; I've been shown far too often how dangerous Mamonos can be with their hands.

Jena could have easily taken advantage of my state but she's still standing beside that awful weapon staring at me incessantly.

''You're a stubborn one, I'll have to take a little refreshment before moving on, I really doubt that lizard will be coming willingly.'' She stepped forward, I stepped back. Blood slowly pooled down her arm and side. Blood...

''You think...'' Speaking gives me an urge to hurl. ''...to be justified in this madness? Complicit to an attack inside the Demon Lord fortress, murdering more than a hundred students -majority of them teenagers- a-and... wanting to harm a pregnant woman, someone who's expecting next month!?'' I didn't like the idea of giving this blood parasite satisfaction but buying time here was undeniably my best option.

''Now you care about motivation, blueberry? Can you even understand the natural difference between immortals and people like you? Or what it means to sacrifice everything for one single chance?'' Jena scoffed. ''What's your name?''

''Klesiah Zaheed'' What!? No! She doesn't deserve to know! Only honorable duelists reveal their names like this!

''My blood speak to you, Klesiah.'' She took another step forward, this time I stood my ground, redying a mid-guard stance with my glaive, I'll likely have to abuse my longer reach and keep myself extremely defensive...

It didn't seem she was going to extend. Extending both hands sideways -one a mutated claw, the other looking somehow gangrenous yet functional- her wide smirk gave her the consistency of manic enjoyment.

''Vampires have always been mankind greatest predators no matter what you've heard from those myopic inquisitors and paladins. Your blood is our feed, as alive as we are, our existences still cling to your blood free of Corruption.'' I...huh? Yeah, I know that... Undead as a whole -but vampires above all- enjoyed great prosperity under Demon Lord Nigil since he was one of them. ''You've stood against me admirably, Klesiah. You've honored your lord and accomplished your duties as a knight.'' She's walking forward. ''Breathe and calm down...'' Her voice is almost melodious. But, but... there's something poisonous... rotten smell, nauseated mind...
File: 53.jpg (85 KB, 639x880)
85 KB
I remember my time as a squire, vampires were a subject of study. Monks spoke about their employ of blood magic; something cultivated over generations through specific bloodlines, they've been known to violate laws of magic by shedding their blood by... By what?

''Ugh.'' My legs feel sluggish, it's like I've been slowly sinking into something warm and cuddly but I still manage to take a few steps back, to swipe with my weapon.

''Easy, easy now.'' Jena's eyes are glowing red, the iron smell of blood fills my nostrils. Her dodge is a simple sideways step, she's close now, enough to nullify my reach advantage. Have to step back, have to move. Maybe not?

''I promised...'' No I didn't. Arawn told me to remain here, to fight as he went away. Left me behind again. He ran away, he...!

''Away... Guh!'' There a sense of fear gripping my guts, self-preservation make me shuffle back. Jena follows with a dancer grace. Why resist?

I'm feeling cold. Isn't there something warm, someone...?

Mother Earth. She watched over me after at the lowest point of my existence.

I buried my lord. I failed you, Arawn
I abandoned my friends. I'm sorry Hecate, it was for your safety. Zhu... I hope our duel remains a fond memory for you.
A family of traveling clerics nursed me back to health. This was no coincidence, it was Mother Earth hand at play.
I made an oath without witnesses during my meandering. Gratuituous murder of a family man who had too much to drink; unjust fate. So I prayed and bore my heart to you, giving me purpose in these long dark nights.

My teacher once told me a story about footsteps in the sands. ''During your early days.'' He often said. ''Mother Earth walk beside you, holding your hand. As you age, she silently stays by your side, walking. Then... during the darkest hours of your existence, where life trial weight on your shoulders and slow you down to a crawl, you'll find only one set of footsteps.''

''Why would Mother Earth abandon me so heartlessly?''

''She didn't.'' I remember him chuckling. ''These are the goddess footsteps carrying you onward because you can't do it yourself. Mother Earth has many tenets but the most important one is this: never stop moving forward. Father Sky keep our world safe but there's only one god giving it soul.''

I haven't prayed since I came to reside with these Mamonos. I forgot because I was too busy No. I was simply far too happy to care. Arawn somehow came back from the dead to pull me out of a self-orchestrated sacrifice like a prince out of a storybook... Then here, inside the Demon Lord lair -nay her very heart- I found his friends, his allies, his new family.
File: 50.jpg (68 KB, 669x812)
68 KB
I was overjoyed to the point of being afraid of peace. I didn't go to the chapel once, this isn't right. Mother Earth helped me in my darkest hour, she should be sharing my joys too... In fact, isn't that her greatest bliss? To be able to share in the lives of her children? To know their stories?

''I'm... sorry...'' Goddess. There's a weight on my shoulders, pain in my throat, my heartbeats quicken as my blood flow away. I can feel hot tears crawling down my cheeks.

Mesmerize. This single word illuminates my mind like a spark of inspiration.

Lightning follows. That spark explodes in a wave of power that quicken like the flow of blood exiting my body. A desperate chunk of my inner reserves disappear and nature wrath -alongside Mother Earth anger- manifest in a single jolt that travels my body.

''Gaaah!?'' Jena push me away with the strength of desperate self-preservation. My world spin once more, directions melt into a cacophonous maelstrom of shapes as I somehow land on my stomach, a few meters away.

''What the fuck!?'' She spits. Her wounds have regenerated. ''How!? This fucking sword created its tiny inner dimension and my blood... Fucking hell!'' The diseased eye of that rapier stare at me dully, there's a loud scratching noise that accompanies Jena rough pulling, broken cobblestones roll away, carried by the momentum of her newfound, nay, her true strength.

''Mother Earth wants nothing more than happiness for all of her children...'' Two fine lines on my throat cause thin trails of blood to fall. It is a good thing that vampires bites have this natural tendency to cause immediate healing; nevertheless, my strength is still sapped. My limbs feel heavy and I'm always short of breath.

''Don't give me that shit.'' Tendrils roll back up her arm as she points that thin blade at me. ''Just stays there and rot, I can't afford to waste more time.''

Fortune was kind here because I've somehow managed to land right in the middle of Jena path.

''The Lady Goddess...'' I cough, it is dry and painful.

>''...wants all of her children to stand by themselves.'' [Get back up and fight]
>''...has no places in her heart for ye who break families.'' [Try to gather your strength.]
What's the difference between the two options?
Second one will have Klesiah try to recuperate a little instead of immediately getting on her feet to keep on fighting.

It's an option that could lead into giving up the duel but also safeguard her life.
>''...wants all of her children to stand by themselves.'' [Get back up and fight]
Reasoning a bit more my answer, we are trying to stall Jena, and kill/injure her if we can. Disengaging may let her attack Teruko, and we can't allow that!
Hm, perhaps I'll make a roll to keep things going.
Things are becoming fairly intense.
How bad is the battle behind us going? We're still close to it right?
It's not possible to get a proper look but things seem to still be intense based on sounds. Klesiah can hear echoes of familiar thunders coming from behind, outside of that you can't get any hint about what's happening.
Alright, I'll be going with the one choice I've got unless I get a quick vote.
Can we say the second option line as we get up? I bet it'll piss the vampire off.
File: 19.png (885 KB, 900x1200)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
''...wants all of her children to stand by themselves. She has no place in her heart for ye who break families.'' My instincts whispered truthful warning of impending doom. Our previous exchange of blow had been nothing more than an overture for what's happening now: vampires are mankind greatest predators and even if I've broken through that hypnotism, my foe had been revitalized.

My armor clicked, my body trembled and refused but I slowly got to my feet, grabbing the sword at my waist and pulling it out of its scabbard. My glaive laid discarded on the ground, out of reach.

''I told you befo-Guh!'' Contact. A blurry shape moving with familiar speed reach me in a heartbeat second and roughly shoved me, open palm striking the middle of my armored chest with more than enough momentum and power to lift my entire weight.

Clumsy as it was, I still managed to dig into her skin with the tip of my sword.

The ground was painful, air left my lungs and sounds of scratching metals invaded my ears as my body slide on the cobblestone. Get up. Get up!

Jena was looking on the open path, taking a forward step. Despite dizzyness and weakness, my aim is true when a lightning bolt fly, striking her on the thigh.

Our eyes cross once more as I'm getting on my feet; Jena rush forward in the opening on the road!

I sparred with the Demon Lord, I know this speed!

Magic bubbles my veins, my brain trick me into smelling ozone, an evil cackle of purple light zap into Jena's back.

''You're not getting anywhere!'' A second wind somehow carries me forward, my limbs move with renewed vigor as my sword travel in a true arc- Parried. ''Agh!'' Her knee sinks into my protected stomach with enough force to indent the metal. A shoulder tackle send me on the ground but this time I don't linger; standing up is natural despite pain traveling into my bones, my entire chest is radiating in suffering.

''I won't let you go!'' Perhaps she finally understands she can't be rid of me that easily, she starts making wild swipes with her rapier and assume a proper fighting stance.

''I've sacrificed my entire life for this one chance.'' Her eyes boil in fury. ''I've thought Teruko was going to be my biggest obstacle, guess I was wrong.''

''Lashing out in such a pathetic display speak of weak foundation, vampire! You will not break my lord family, you will not spit on my goddess wish; Mamonos are children of Mother Earth too!'' This is it. I feel it in my soul. This certainty, this faith is what allow me to fight...!

>Roll 1d20
Rolled 2 (1d20)

Let's gooo!
File: 1552348343007.gif (2.42 MB, 360x276)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Finally! I've been trying all night to have this website allow me to post! >w<
File: Chibi.png (284 KB, 675x771)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
At least it's not a crit.

15, good number.

Good to have you tonight. I'm going for shorter updates, so stay tonight! Warm up those dice throws

You guys got really damn lucky with those low numbers, had it been 1... I'd have taken it.
File: 49.jpg (270 KB, 1240x1754)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
So began an age-old dance of steel. Blades swung, every fiber of my beings poured into my arms and legs, each breath reinvigorated me with purpose; glaives were my weapons of choice but I never skimmed on sword fighting, even if that was highly unpopular with other squires.

Blades sang with deadly steel intent, neither of us moving, her wanting to flee and me preventing it. Upward slice. Parried. A glint of darkened steel on my flank. One sideways step into a short stab. Deflection with her hand. Another stop stab aimed at my leg. Lucky hop, force her back with a wide slice. She's already back into range, assaulting me with a concert of fast needles swipes! Deflect with my sword. Bend my knees to misdirect the strike at my shoulder, making the tip slide on the armor. Weave to the left, steel cut into my cheek. Jump back with one leg, dodging a swipe at my throat. Land and deflect another thrust. Lean back, hear the rapier scrape against my damaged chest armor. Weave to the right, deflect her aim on my stomach. In range for a short slice with the tip of my sword, find purchase on the flank I previously wounded. I feel pressure on my chest.

Tendrils of weak thunders escape my fingers when I'm sent flying another time by the strength of her push. I don't know if any was aimed true; my world disappears in pain and vital need of air when I land on the ground.

''Fucking...'' Jena growl. ''Oh I know exactly what's going to happen after today.'' Her rapier swipe in the air, creating a familiar swooshing of steel. ''My entire family will feel the Demon Lord wrath, our entire estate will likely be seized and they'll be likely to come after my head in a way to appeal with that green whore and keep some political power.'' She laughs, nay cackle loudly. ''It was all worth it for one single chance.'' Her sweaty face shows a wide smile. ''Everything, I've sacrificed my entire life for this. One. Chance!'' She spits and howls. ''I'm going to fucking kill you, hear me!? Slash open that throat and leave you gurgling for wasting my time! What the fuck do you even have to be going at me like that!?''

''I was ready to die two weeks ago.'' I even engineered a cause for a worthy demise. My voice is hoarse, dry and broken, my body screams at me to remain still. ''I already lost... everything once!'' Mother Earth was the one who carried me for these three long years following Arawn demise. ''If a drop of my blood can slow you down for one second then you'll have to drain me dry, you worthless, honorless baby killing worthless leech!''

I don't think I've ever been this angry in my life.

>Stand up and fight (1d20)
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Stand up and fight (1d20)
File: 1541793839445.png (71 KB, 205x217)
71 KB
I can safely assume you guys will stay on this?
Woah nice!

Also, from what I read, that one user from earlier (who rolled a 3) was having trouble posting tonight.
File: 3.png (567 KB, 624x881)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
Yeah, probably because of all the April Fool shenanigan. I'll assume we'll go with that 18.

DC have been steadily increasing yet you guys keep high-rolling.

Let's see what happen.
File: 74.jpg (409 KB, 1530x900)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Arawn was buried in a nameless field outside a town, only two others besides me gave him some form of honor...

As this image snuck into my mind amongst burning fury, my body somehow found a new surge of strength. Getting up wasn't a struggle, my armor clicked and groaned when I rose with momentum, all the pains in my bones and my aching muscles fueled a motivation to continue, to keep on standing against this damnable vampire.

''We've said enough.'' My anger has always been quick to change from fiery hot into cold, murderous purpose. Taking a mid-guard, the weight of my blade feels comfortable, light trembles afflict my arms. ''Remove me from your path and see if you can destroy yourself just a little faster.''

Jena snarl. ''Fucking paladin, why the fuck hasn't anybody done their homework with you? Where the hell did you even come from?'' Her traits tense into naked fury and she charge, proving her speed was the real deal.

Our song of steel resounds once again on this lonely pathway.

I've gotten used to the length of that rapier and she, in turn, managed to get a proper grip with the length of my longsword. For one long minute, this next bout is a desperate exchange of single-minded parries as Jena put forth incredible pressure with that thin, yet deadly blade of darkened steel.

A shockwave of pain travels into my arms as she swings for my vital and I parry. Scratch of irons loudly right into my ears as the edges of our blade wrestles one another when she attempting to push forward and slice open my throat. Lightning crackle out of my armor, Jena see the signs and jump back and I follow, putting pressure of my own.

Up and down. Parried. The rebound of my sword allowed me to redirect it into a sideways slash. Deflection with the rapier. Step back and redirect my sword into a thrust. She attempts to grab it with that mutated arm, simultaneously striking with the rapier. Retreat my hand, weave to the right.

''Guh!'' Her rapier pierces through the damaged metal of my chest armor and digs into my skin.

There is no reprieve.

I manage to deflect three thrusts at my chest, sparks fly from out blades. Another swing scrape against the side of my armor, peeling off a protective layer and cutting into my skin. Magic course into my body, lightning bubble my blood Hop backward for some distance. A wild upward swing cut a small diagonal line between my eyebrows. Blood flows like a calm river. Jena close in, I deflect another strike aimed at my leg. Painful punch on my healthy shoulder Magic coalesced in my mind, soul, and body for a single purpose. Jena aims for my stomach. Weave leftward, she follows and manages to pierce through, the tip sinks in my flesh. Twirl my sword into a blade down, pommel grip strike and unleash thunderous vengeance!
File: 73.jpg (547 KB, 758x1075)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
"Grrraak!?" With my pommel as a point of origin and no space to dodge the lightning that strikes is unbelievably strong, almost emptying my reserves. Its force alone is almost enough to lift Jena off her feet, thunder travels her body, cooking flesh and meat, I can even see her muscle tense as those lines of murderous energy travel up and down her frame!

''Enough!'' I yell and charge, putting my entire strength and weight for a swift decapitation!

My sword clang against steel. Jena is only able to utter gargled noises but her red gaze is lucid. My blade slides down, stopping at the guard then a vicious shoulder tackle expels what little air I managed to breathe in. Another painful contact -an open palm shove- rob me of this chance to end this conflict.

Vampiric strength easily conquers my weight and I fly in a confused daze of pain. ''Guh!'' Landing this time is painful. My entire armor rattle as I slide a few centimeters on the ground, parts of my breakfast escape out of my mouth, mixed in a deep red. Hair clings to my face, blood splashes up to my eyes, my entire forehead feels hot.

I'm starting to feel strange... My arms and legs feel a little numb.

''Fucking...urgh!'' Jena is holding her wounded stomach. There's no blood, only the disgusting smell of cooked flesh.

>Get up and fight. This isn't over. (1d20)
>Remain still, Klesiah has done enough.

Alright, we'll continue tomorrow if I'm able. Possible that I'll need a tiny break but I'll do what I can to bring this duel to an end if I'm able to.

Talk about holding out. I should have posted a heroic song up above instead, Klesiah is one tough knight.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

>>Get up and fight. This isn't over.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>>Get up and fight. This isn't over.

It sure would be nice if another ally swoiped in like "I thought you could use some help" hehe
Um... won't she just suck us dry if we remain still? Also, hows that fight with the rest of the group going and has Jena been knocking us closer to it? She's done well, but could really use a "tag in" right about now.

Why the hell won't this fucking parasite just die or get incapacitated already!
File: 22.jpg (916 KB, 2508x3541)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
>Um... won't she just suck us dry if we remain still?

Maybe, or Klesiah could be better prepared to counter that.

>Also, hows that fight with the rest of the group going and has Jena been knocking us closer to it?

No hints here. Klesiah is far too dazed and in pain to get a clue about anything. You've been actually knocked AWAY from it, not too far from the forest.

Jena is a particularly strong vampire. I did NOT plan on her jobbing so damn hard.

One roll left...
File: 1539754764042.jpg (62 KB, 708x702)
62 KB
>that second roll
if you wanna keep fightin u better fucken roll good, next person
Rolled 6 (1d20)

File: blood_2.jpg (142 KB, 620x512)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Well well, the plot thickens. Can't really slam down too hard given all the good rolls but that's a harsh result for this particular action.
Uh oh.

Your power is equal to mine.

I don't think we pass the DC
File: still has tears.jpg (62 KB, 700x415)
62 KB
I just wanted to help.
I'm so sorry.
File: Sad Saber.png (490 KB, 602x690)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
And yet, after such an inspiring and stalwart effort, still we die for nothing...
Klesiah was a nice waifu. To think she was completely optional too...
Question regarding rolls. Are the only cases success, failure, and crits?

If the roll had been 3, the outcome would have been the same as this 6?

Or will there be a silver lining to our failure?
File: 113.jpg (131 KB, 921x969)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
There are silver linings.

Great success, success, great failures, failures. A six is pretty low but not enough to be a great failure (that'd be a 5)

Crits are their own things.

Okay, that is good to know.

Klesiah did her best. She has earned a formal congratulation once Daiyu returns.
Question, does Daiyu have a torture chamber in that castle of hers? Would it be possible to use blood magic to rip the vamp's soul out of her body and feed it to a particularly sadistic abyssal entity? If Sieg ate it would she get better? Are Martha and Belph in the market for some test specimens of the type you violate the Hippocratic Oath gleefully with?

None of this brings back a waifu, but she's gotta pay in the absolute worst way for taking out our knight.
File: 1439403670092.gif (2.91 MB, 640x479)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
File: 40.jpg (99 KB, 800x800)
99 KB
>She's gotta pay in the absolute worst way for taking out our knight.

We might not have the same definition of ''taking out'' and I like that.

You guys not only rolled well but made good decisions. You'll have to see what that means when I post the continuation.
>That spoiler
What's your definition then? Mine's pretty obvious.
File: 6.png (135 KB, 256x256)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Stay tuned for the next story post.
File: 1553204021922.gif (40 KB, 549x421)
40 KB
you are out of control
Oh, so it's even worse than I thought then. Gonna have to get even more inventive with how the vamp pays for this in that case. The shit I mentioned above was just off the top of my head. Were I to dedicate actual thought, time, and effort into this well... it gets pretty damned nasty.
File: 114.png (1.87 MB, 1480x2093)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
I'll have to make you guys enjoy this cliffhanger a little longer. I'll take today to rest up, but don't go believing I'm ending the thread here. I fully intend to end act 1 with this thread, no matter how long that takes.
File: 76.jpg (1.58 MB, 1684x1920)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Each time my stomach moved with my breathing and touched the indented metal protection, I felt waves of pain radiating throughout my body, tightening my throat, making inhaling a genuine effort. My arms and legs felt numb, cold sweat on my forehead turned warm with the blood pooling out of that superficial cut.

I know my body well. Maintaining my health and understanding my idiosyncrasies meant that I would better serve my lord, all these signs were the ominous onset of dangerous exhaustion.

The kind that becomes life-threatening when surpassed by resolve.

''Ugh..gu!'' Yet I still willed this body covered in steel upward, coughing out spittle of blood that joined the unending carmine trail of those holes in my armor. Noises echoed from the arena, new sounds had joined with the cacophony of chaos and... was that lightning? Everything had melded into an incomprehensible mess but those booming crackles, I've heard them hundreds of times.

''Hehe... Too soon to let you go yet.'' I whispered, hefting the weight of my blade and putting weight in my two-handed grip. If reinforcements came, then I have to fight that much harder to keep my allies flank secured. Having a monster whose close to Supremes in strength join could lead to a reversal.

I need to accomplish my duty to my lord, to my friends.

Jena is still clutching her stomach, I poured nearly every ounce of magic that remained inside of me inside that bolt: what's truly impressive isn't her charred flesh but the fact she hasn't somehow been bisected or cooked alive. My feet resounds with clicking metal, my blade is held in a middle guard for a slice aimed at her weaker side

The fatter steel of my sword cling against the thinner, darker rapier yet again, grunts and metallic scratches follow when the steel slide toward that semi-organic guard. ''Don't know when to give up!?'' The vampiress bark. Her face is a mess, tears crawl out of her red gaze, spits fly out of that deadly mouth, mucus crawl down her nose. No grace to be found in either of us but she still manages to keep me in check with a single hand on her sword handle.

That's dangerous. When she takes a forward step, I quickly retreat with two of mine.

''You aren't getting through.'' I grunt, measuring my breathing. How long have we been fighting? An hour? No... Probably less. Time always stretch on agonizingly in moments of efforts and suffering.

''I'm going forward even if all I'll accomplish is spitting you, goddamn self-righteous fanatic!'' She steps into range and steel sings its familiar song.

The dexterity and sharpness of our movements took a sharp decline because of exhaustion and wounds. Jena abandoned thrust in favor of wilder swings, a practice that would have long shattered her thin blade against my durable longsword were it not strangely enchanted, and with her second hand clutching her belly, the strength of her sword arm has taken a sharp decline.
File: Damaged1.jpg (1.16 MB, 1684x1920)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
That was undeniably what allowed me to deflect these attacks. For a few agonizing minutes, existence became nothing more than awkward noises of slapping iron as parries after parries continued without end, experience easily making both of our defenses ironclad against diminishing physical capabilities.

''Fuh!'' I take a step back, hearing the dark iron whistle through the air, feeling the tip scratch against my damaged front plate. Movements like these don't help with open wounds, I can see the cobblestone growing a faint shade of red from the blood crawling down my armor, meanwhile Jena...

''Pfeh.'' She makes a few sharp circles with her weapon, enjoying the noise as it whizzed through the air. ''Looks like the body doesn't follow the mind. How long can you keep up?''

''Every second where I force you to linger here is a victory.'' I can feel a disgusting iron fluid in my mouth, welling up from deep within me. I plant my feet on the ground and ready my blade. ''Now come on, quit wasting spit.'' I feel something crawling down the corner of my mouth. ''Baby killer.''

Jena features are a mixture of anger and amusement but she takes my provocation and steps forward, a sudden gust of wind picks up, making both of our long hair float wildly.

Her metal boots slap the ground; Jena closes in for a needle thrust, precisely calculating the length of her weapon. Have to lean back and switch stance, she aimed at my shoulder. She weaves leftward, simultaneously thrusting forward. A quick sideswiping parry resounds loudly when I deflect it. however, it's far too soon to commit Instead of continuing into a half circle, Jena steps forward and closes in fast, her blade nothing more than a dark blur! I don't even have time to exhale, instinct takes over, my body moves with fluid naturality, bringing my blade at a downward angle on my back, Jena rapier slide loudly yet harmlessly. Tackle her with my armored side, I feel my shoulder collide with her chest! "Gfuh!?'' Contact on my other shoulder. Jena had enough time to arc her blade upward and slam it down!? Armor took the hit but the strength indented the shoulder protection, pain makes me grit my teeth and stops breathing.

I'm forced to hop back and she's on me, her weapon thrust forward and I'm forced to knock mine into it again, my arms trembles from the shock. She barely retracts her hand, instead, she pushes forward and applies more pressure into her sword arm. [I]I twist my wrist, my blade knocks me above the eye instead of cutting my face open.

''Aakh!'' Something wet escapes my mouth when Jena punch me in the stomach. Nevermind the metal protecting me, my entire body nearly buckles, instinct screams for me to rest. No... No! My blade swing in an upward crescent aimed to create a fat, long diagonal line across my enemy chest, our distance is so close that we are practically grappling! One breath too slow.
Jena step sideways, her rapier thrust at my leg which I managed to wiggle out of the way but her weapon still find purchase on the side, sliding against the protective metallic shell, cutting through, tearing open a long line of skin on my thigh. My knee bend. Impact on my face. Pain and heat, colors and noise blend. Was it another punch, a slap? I don't know. Something pushes against my chest. I walk back, back... stumble and fall, almost losing my sword. Never letting that go.

I need a moment, to breathe, to recollect myself, to know which way is up and down, understand that I'm lying on the cold ground. Moments pass in a strange inward silence, sparks of consciousness cling me to this world...

''Hehehe...'' Blood is covering my face, my arms are trembling too much to clear my field of view. ''...Second time now.'' You beat me just as bad before, Zhu... no, wasn't it worse? I can still move, my ribs are probably a shattered mess, each breath make me think I'm willfully electrocuting myself but I can still move...! My wrist is good, my sword rattles the cobblestone, it's edge is sharp and solid!

''The hell do you mean Demon Lord!?'' Jena voice, she's talking?

''There's no time to explain.'' A male voice reply, his voice is deep yet melodious. ''We needed a change in strategy. The apostles had to join the enemy to contain something unbelievable, you and Harkon were on your own and it seems you've taken far too much time.''

''Bullshit! Pure fucking bullshit! He couldn't handle the summoners and whatever dregs remained with all of his prized experiments pouring in!? Even by putting interference in that necromancer and lizard magic!?'' Someone else was here, one of her comrades... It's an angel, a male one. Rather handsome, brown hair, hazel eye and fine traits that look feminine. Androgynous? He has four wings, thinner and longer than Elina's

That gust of wind earlier wasn't natural.

''Lady Jena, do not lose sight of your charisma, the personality that convinced us to join you in this personal struggle.'' His voice holds a noticeable edge of frustration.

''Oh fuck off, I never pretended to be perfect.'' A sound suddenly erupts out of the lonely throne jutting out of the ground. It's a cavernous boom that radiates throughout the sky as if the fist of a giant titan of ether slammed against the heavens.
File: Damaged2.jpg (953 KB, 1684x1920)
953 KB
953 KB JPG
''Guh...!'' I still can't get up. My entire body is trembling, I need to jam my blade in the ground and hold its handle as I struggle on my knee. It's a familiar position, if I were to put the pommel on my forehead, I'd be praying.

''Let's take her.'' Jena voice pierces through the veil of pain.

''What? I can't carry two people!'' The angel protest.

''I'm not going back empty handed!'' Jena barks, swinging her rapier wildly, forcing her companion to dodge by stepping back. ''This chance, this fucking chance will never come back. There's strength in that woman blood, so might as well gain something instead of running with our tail between our legs! Twice!'' There's a hunger in her red eyes amongst the maddened rage, newfound envy, greed for a trophy.

You think I'm going to make it easy!? My place is here! I wanted to become a martyr once, I don't have to again!

>Resist! [I'd rather die than be taken! I've been away from my lord for far too long, I have to redeem myself in prayers for leaving Mother Earth alone for almost two weeks!]
>Flee. [There is no shame now, this is my home, my friends, my lord, and my goddess are all here. Jena's eyes are on me, perhaps I can...gain more time!]
>Flee. [There is no shame now, this is my home, my friends, my lord, and my goddess are all here. Jena's eyes are on me, perhaps I can...gain more time!]

Let's hope we make it to safety. Somebody save us!
How much magical ammo do we have remaining before we overcast/burnout?
You are straddling a very, very thin line. One weak bolt is the best you can hope for and even then, you'll need to make a measuring roll.

>Flee. [There is no shame now, this is my home, my friends, my lord, and my goddess are all here. Jena's eyes are on me, perhaps I can...gain more time!]

Gotta pick our battles
Roll me 1d20!
Rolled 1 (1d20)


I really don't like her situation.......

File: NOVA FLAME.gif (1.01 MB, 358x202)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Rolled 2 (1d20)

We're dead, worse than dead, we're now the vamp's and bad fluffy's plaything.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

File: 26.png (1.53 MB, 682x962)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Hidden modifier at play... 1 is still very bleak.

Gotta think about this a little.
File: 1411079982255.jpg (41 KB, 500x342)
41 KB
I have destroyed hope in my futile attempt at escape

For this..... I shall forever despair
If the "modifier" is what I think it is she's 0 for 2 now...
File: 54.jpg (749 KB, 2508x3541)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
Now now, you aren't the only one at fault. Next roll was a two... and then a 9.

Dices gods are fickle, however even they cannot say that Klesiah didn't fight with every ounce of her resolves and strength to help these monsters. Let's see what's going to happen now, give me an hour or two.
My 13 didn't count? (I know 1's take over, but I'm just wondering if I shouldn't reply to posts other than yours when rolling)
File: 58.jpg (118 KB, 836x844)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
In this case, it didn't because crits take precedents, be they 20 or 1.
Oh many things could happen, all of em' bad, horrifying, or (most likely), both.

At least her terrible fate will fuel with grim purpose our quest to kill every last thing even tangentally related to the white one as dead as the stars at the end of time.
Boy if only the before-times anons had chosen WRATH as our sin
Was trying to run away the right choice, even?
I'd rather not give any hints for that.
File: 1534180904811.png (156 KB, 362x259)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
the dice gods decided we were fucked either way
We can learn the ways of Khorne anon, or is it Khaine because we're an elf?
With the way we play Arawn

I think he'll straight up GAIN WRATH
File: 79.jpg (173 KB, 1305x1246)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
All of my life I trained to overcome my survival instinct and stand-up against dangerous situations. Fleeing... My mind needs a moment to accept this.

''Arawn, How are you doing? Are you safe with your girls? Sieglinde, Elina, Hao too... I want to sleep in Sieglinde bed with everyone again.''

My eyes catch the briefest of movements. Something tiny fly at the edge of my vision, a golden thing -butterfly- flies in a blur amongst the trees.

Time to go! Summoning every last fiber of my strength, my teeth grit painfully and I jump back to run. "Hey!" I heard a scream behind me, Jena was still arguing with that angel so now's the time to be...!

"Agh!?'' Contact. A wall of glittering gold. I ran right into a wall of glittering gold on a completely open road of cobblestone!?

The wind whisper, I hear movement behind me but my body can't follow my mind, reflexes are nothing more than cold, sinking mud. ''Don't you dare!'' A hand grabs me behind the head, my face collides with that familiar magical wall.

Elina makes the same ones.

I feel my grip weaken, Jena put more strength in her push, slamming my entire body into that magical obstruction. "Guh!" I grunt when I feel a strike behind my healthy knee, my wounded leg soon bends and my sword clatter loudly against the cobblestone.

''You're not going anywhere.'' Her grin is a wide predatory smirk of delight, four fangs drenched in blood glimmer with spit. I hear flaps of wings, behind her that angel fly, his face hardened with resolve.

''Someone is running out of the Throne.'' He says. ''Another is coming up the road, a blond girl. Follow me or die, vampire.''

She plays with my body like a toy, easily bending me over her shoulder like some vulgar hunting catch. ''Gfuaah!'' My ribs scream a gulp of red fluids is violently expel out of my mouth. Can`t breath... feels cold.

''Don't let her die damn it!'' This leech voice sounds far away but then... a strange freshness wash over me for, my cloud of suffering diminishes for a second... only a second.

''I'll finish healing once we are out, otherwise, she'll struggle mid-air.'' Jena is holding onto his back, his hands support her legs.

No, no no! I heard a sudden crash. Something fast and blue exploded against raised golden defenses, then come snaps in the air and distinctive flaming swoosh. Elenor is here! And she's with... a pale woman throwing icicles? Both are concentrating their magical might on these defenses.

Move, Klesiah, move!

My body wiggle, blood still dribble from my half-closed wounds, the arm around my waist tighter so I try to kick and punch; everything connects with something.

''Fiesty! You were right to be conservative.'' Jena laugh, the angel man doesn't answer.

We... hover above the ground. My sword, my glaive are both there!
File: 43.jpg (147 KB, 630x877)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
''M-my lord? Are you... I-I don't, there's no need to use our limited funds for... A quick flash of one precious memory.

"Oh it's fine, don't be so uptight. I'm your lord so let me spoil you, a wooden hairband look bland honestly.'' He says, carelessly throwing away something I worked very hard carving with my own hands! Damn it, Arawn!

''B-but... I... This is a tiara of gold!' It's not fake either, there's a weight to it and... it's been carefully adjusted for my head!?

''I thought it'd be nice if you had a little something that displayed that heart of yours.'' He answers with a smirk yet turn away with flushed cheeks, embarrassment mixing with pride.

''Arawn...'' That was a terribly lame delivery but my entire body shuddered happily. Warms tears tickled my eyes, it was such a genuine struggle to keep them from falling!

''...so you like it?'' He asks without looking at me.

''Absolutely!'' It might not be my weapons but I knew this precious gift would become just as important.

In one desperate muster of strength, before the angel establishes distance, I pinch this golden headband keeping these long hair of mind still and let it clatter on the cobblestone. It landed gently, making a harmless click...

I feel the wind, it is an oppressive force almost battering me, my wounded body can scarcely hold onto consciousness.

''Arawn...'' I buried you three years ago and you came back like a storybook prince surrounded by wonderful, wonderful people. Monsters one and all, they somehow welcomed me without untoward feelings, there were no hidden feelings of jealousy or some kind of pressed sense of superiority. Sieglinde, Elina, Hao, Teruko, Belphegor, Martha, Deruella and even the almighty Demon Lord welcomed me without demanding anything, I shared a connection with your unknown past and that, it seemed, was all they needed.

Goddess did that scare me.

But our meeting again truly held the ephemerality of a fairytale.

''...I hope you've... remained healthy.''

I didn't. I can say without doubts, here and now, that I don't want to leave. I don't want to die. Mother Earth, please let me... move forward with them all again!

With the horizon of Throne Town blending together into a dizzying mess of shape and color, I see a single glittering point of gold keeping up with the angel speed. That butterfly of gold fly toward my outstretched hand.

I try to wiggle, the wind makes a powerful barrier but there is a magical protection surrounding all the silhouettes supported by that man, allowing me to move a little, tiny bit forward, reach with my hand toward the glittering phenomenon... and grab it, it disappears like a dream.


>I'll try to post one last thing in the next two or three days. Something that will truly, completely bring act 1 to a close. It's not going to be something that'll allow interaction so, in term of players inputs, Act 1 of Tale of Monsters has indeed, come to an end
File: 1552183313322.jpg (152 KB, 700x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
You're hurting me heart
Guess we're going to have a rescue arc a whole lot sooner than anticipated huh?
Boy I hope so!
That glittery thingy that Klesiah grasped... A link to trace her location, perhaps?

We can't let her linger in the hands of our foes for long
New toy to play with.

What could that golden butterfly be I wonder?
Yes, only this one will be infinitely harder. Now, instead of saving her from an evil aristocrat, we're gonna have to dive straight into that *fucking* swamp!

Plus the enemy has memory manipulation and sireing/the blood kiss on the table! Now, instead of our blue knight, we may instead find Klessiah Javed, freshly sired vampire who loves her "true" family of miss white and her lovely apostles!
File: 48.jpg (2.51 MB, 1000x1414)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
At the very least she held on like a lion against a superior foe long enough to give everyone else a fighting chance.

No matter what state you find your faithful knight in... you'll do what you can to protect her, right?

Oh, I might be having a little too much fun...
File: 50.jpg (580 KB, 1200x913)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Now then you guys can feel free to ask things or have some general chat. My next post won't be for a day or two as it'll be wrapping things up...

It's not going to be in Arawn pov either. Lot's of things happened, Ama Apostles made quite the mess!
I do wonder whose POV we will be playing as, in the next thread.

Part of me wants to stay as Klesiah and we try to pull off a prison preak from whatever place Ama's minions take us.
For when the story continues?
Definitely Arawn, he's not dead. Yet So we'll continue as him. Although I'd like to start a discussion about the future once I post the wrap-up about where to take things and/or speak about a few other projects.
how bad did we fuck up THIS time?
on a scale of "meh" to "oof"
File: 140.jpg (906 KB, 1104x1553)
906 KB
906 KB JPG
Within expectation. Lost Klesiah, won the tactical and strategic victory... Arawn had it pretty hard.
i should have seen that coming

those darn apostles are gonna get it eventually!
I wish I hadnt gotten caught up
File: 1398625403873.png (81 KB, 427x467)
81 KB
The important thing is that you showed up.

So, did you guys like this pov change and Klesiah struggle? It was a bit of a sudden thing to attempt.
I enjoyed it.
Worried about the other side but that's normal.
File: 1351614951673.jpg (225 KB, 700x726)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
I knew this was coming the instant you mentioned that the Glaive was her primary weapon. Sooner or later, the curse of the Lancer *always* kicks in and, like always, at the absolute worst possible time one can imagine.

>What could that golden butterfly be I wonder?
A useless and impotent corpse of a goddess who can't save anyone she's supposedly protecting. Least of all those with the most ardent faith in her.

>That Spoiler
By the time we have recovered from this personally (because you're not gonna let us off the hook for that full powered fusion event) and adding in the time it'll take to have mustered enough additional levels/training and top tier equipment to actually attempt a rescue with a reasonable degree of success without further losses on top of that it'll be too damn late to "really" save her.

We can and should avenge her though. Is it possible to forge a not-Fellblade somehow? The "Shiki Knife" that already exists just won't cut it for what we need to do. Or rather, could get someone else with a grudge against Lady White to do yes yes *squeak*.

So... how many additional waifu's are dead/incapacitated long term?
File: 67.jpg (2.69 MB, 1600x1200)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
>A useless and impotent corpse of a goddess who can't save anyone she's supposedly protecting. Least of all those with the most ardent faith in her.

Very harsh, especially with her best agent giving you a major helping hand with White!

>It'll be too damn late to "really" save her.
You'd be wrong. Ame LOVE a good drama more than anything, you should know the fox by now.

>So... how many additional waifu's are dead/incapacitated long term?

Well... I'm not sure if I should say it here but I will reveal what happened with the Embodiment vs New Demon Lord fight in my next answer so, I guess I can spoil that.

Arawn, Elina, Sieglinde and Hao are all comatose. Next post will offer some details about circumstances and of course, the reactions of all head of states.
I liked the POV change!

Though it makes me wonder if things would have gone like this if we had gone with Arawn instead of Klesiah.

Did you already have in mind the outcome you'd give Klesiah if we decided to stay in Arawn's POV?

Or would you have rolled and seen?

For Arawn's current outcome, is it the result of a roll, or is it the plan you already had for him and Siggy?
>First spoiler
She may love drama, but she loves to see us suffer more than anything. Then there's the fact that Arawn is likely now the focus of Jena's vengeance.

After all, her plan was going so well (perfectly it would seem even), and then we show up and ruin everything. Now that she has a way to get at us, well, Ama's gonna need a very, very short and exceedingly tight leash to keep her from doing anything permanent to the new toy. Assuming Bad Fluffy want's the goods to be in "pristine(ish) condition" should we ever attempt to come and claim them that is...
File: 137060134356.png (655 KB, 933x1161)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
>Did you already have in mind the outcome you'd give Klesiah if we decided to stay in Arawn's POV?

It'd depend mostly on how the fight against the new Demon Lord went, things could have gone two ways.

>For Arawn's current outcome, is it the result of a roll, or is it the plan you already had for him and Siggy?

It's the ''normal'' end I promised last thread. That was the outcome I planned because Klesiah side of the story really was hard mode. But her side also held the biggest wildcard in term of results.

The center group barely, barely managed to hold out long enough for reinforcement against Harkon onslaught. Had the vamp joined, things would have gotten bad really fast. Letting Elenor go back was the biggest force modifier in that engagement.

Don't forget that Ama wants to entertain a ''cordial'' relationship.

I'll leave you to stew on that. Tehehehe
Yes, like how she'll "cordially" ask for a favor or a memory like she's been doing. Only now, now she has actual leverage at the ready. Her screams of agony and despair and/or her pleas for us to make Ama and Jena stop their ministrations, I fear, will be very convincing arguments for our poor elf.
File: 2.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
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Soft clicks of porcelain teacups and silver tablewares resonated gently inside the eldest princess unreasonably big room. A few additional tables had been added for comfort and as the silent maid finished her duty of providing excellent foods for one of the most important assemblies of Mamonos in recent time, a potent pang of guilt squeezed her heart upon seeing the absence of a distinctive redhead.

''I should have insisted on going into the Throne, the students could have led themselves...'' Priscilla thought grimly while exchanging a nod with her beloved liege. Knowing this signal, she proceeded to silently leave the room and close its doors. Her young son was a student of Elementalism, when the unprovoked assault began she had been filled with enough worries that it had undeniably made for the foundation of the ''confidence'' that managed to convince Arawn to let her lead the assembled teenagers out there.

Knowing her boy fine put her heart at ease but the price of this assault had put this serenity into a paradoxical state of unease and guilt.

"I could have done better. Insisting the resisting pocket that remained here go out and fight, I... I could have done better. Of course my son would be fine amongst Throne Town strongest mages.'' Priscilla grimly summarized and closed the door, her heart swayed two way once she heard the muffled voices of assembled leaders through the heavy oaken doors.

That precious undead, Vilma, was inconsolable despite Teruko perfectly fine health, good food and drink should help... but Priscilla also wished to speak with her son, to also investigate how the young champion Elenor was faring; the demoness had been particularly shaken by self-admitted failures that were, in all honesty, plainly abusive.

A sparkle of amusement morphed into guilt. ''Open the warehouse.'' She spoke to one of her maid coworkers. ''We've got very sad girls in need of tasty foods.''


Inside Sieglinde room, Deruella Jawahir stood up. The sun was nowhere in sight but she keenly knew they were in the middle of the Hour of Lullaby and outside, corpses were still being cleaned, soldiers joined with teachers and surviving students into putting a new shine on her family home, only becoming a beloved one by the efforts of her elder sister.

The one little spot in the world that Sieglinde worked tirelessly into being a welcoming area for the all too infamous ''Jawahir.'' Deruella felt like laughing; her heart was a maelstrom of tumultuous emotions that made her feel so very alive. Anger -so genuine in purity- was rare.
File: 1.png (6.83 MB, 2480x4093)
6.83 MB
6.83 MB PNG
''Nobody know what happened after Arawn went on his own to rejoin Sieglinde in the garden.'' She began, she already had a few hypotheses about the strange fate that had befallen this adorable group, but now wasn't the time to share anything without foundations. ''There was a fight, an incredibly intense one: trees uprooted, craters in the ground, we've had general Zazawu troops cordon the entire area because unusual patches of Corruption have been detected. Throne Town holy mages will be dispatched to exorcize this taint, Belphegor is already out there to study what she can safely.'' Her eyes, cursed things of fascination whose effects were suppressed by a ring around her index, stared at the one man in the room. A blond, handsome male who she knew very well indeed. The surge of illogical anger gripping her bosom was another very peculiar feelings, it wasn't right to believe he had a hand in today tragedy because of a little...incident twelve years ago but feelings certainly operated on their own spectrum. Especially once the mind inevitably climbs steps of escalation that began in the past.

''Arawn, Elina, Sieglinde and Hao are in good health.'' She continued, grinning at seeing the ninetailed queen grab her husband hand under the table. ''We've had them recover inside Alraunes healing pods, but they aren't waking up despite our means, having the Overlord giving us a helping hand in investigating their mind only revealed confusing glimpses.'' Yet they were telling indeed. ''Stuck in dreams would be my current hypothesis, a very familiar symptom, wouldn't you say?'' She grinned at the mage.

''There's a wound in their souls.'' Siegfried spoke, perhaps disliking the tension. He always liked to be proactive; a valuable trait, although unlike Arawn, Deruella found it difficult to respect him. ''It's... too soon to make an accurate judgment but I believe they share the Embodiment of Love condition. That one symptom -dreamlike trance- is the only concrete thing we know about her coma.''

How precious that he speaks about one of his lovers so neutrally. ''Why am I so bitter?'' Deruella feelings confused her... No, they didn't. Deruella was gradually coming to hate this man purely because of his history with Sieglinde.

That won't do at all.

''I share this conclusion.'' Deruella continued after him. ''I've observed... oddities in their collective consciousness by making use of this precious artifact.'' She palmed the statuette of dull jade. ''Arawn loaned it to me, it came from his magic and I believe it could help us greatly in puzzling out this mystery. I believe the entire group should be moved to Zipangu.'' Slowly, Daiyu youngest daughter looked toward her mother whose face was a gallant mask of neutrality.
File: 1465710585931.png (178 KB, 1000x1000)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
It was common knowledge the Demon Lord would set the world ablaze if it meant saving her children. This was a bitter reality, the island nation had simply better infrastructure when it came to studying souls, so Daiyu couldn't keep her daughter at home.

Not without... bankrupting Throne Town, which could become reality.

''I've always been proud of your sharp mind, Deruella.'' Daiyu said smiling and the Lilim heart quickened, she had to chuckle to hide embarrassment. ''Consider this an official request, queen Ame-no-Uzume.''

''I'd be glad to accept.'' The tall ninetailed vixen response was perfectly timed. ''All I ask is for your expertize to extend to Hadraniel.''

''The world is far too bleak without its living Embodiment of Love.'' Siegfried's face tightened, Deruella felt her grin widen. Hope was cruel honey, he's been waiting twelves years to see her wake up. ''Ont-''

''Hold up.'' Martha rose from the bed. Unlike her little sister, the blue-skinned Lilim was still covered in bruises and bandages, having forgone the use of the Alraunes organic pods for practical healing; essentially giving her spot to someone else. ''I'm moving my study in Zipangu to.'' This wasn't a request, unlike her family, Martha had no patience for tact and diplomacy. ''I can use my altar... maybe. I want to try anyway, a little bit of science oughta help.''

''Alright.'' Daiyu put her hands on her second child's shoulder and gently ushered her back on the bed. ''You'll be able to help your big sister.''

Deruella briefly wondered if, out of all her kins, Martha was the one that had truly inherited her mother intense love.

The queen also accepted this request.

A flutter of warmth sparked a wave of excitement inside Deruella heart upon making a simple realization: never before had she cooperated with Martha in researchs, for they were specialized in rather different -some might say totally opposite- fields that hadn't had a chance to cross before today.

''My, exciting times...'' She thought to herself.

''Klesiah Zaheed, Arawn sworn knight, was kidnapped.'' Deruella cut into the hearts of another matter. ''She fought an elder vampiress by her lonesome and held her long enough for reinforcement to stabilize the center.'' This was no easy feat, Deruella didn't know how to gauge her own chances in a duel against that leech.

Outside the demonic family, nobody really knew this quiet girl. Deruella however, was practically in love with that adorable blueberry; the sheer intensity of her emotions made her existence an absolute joy to observe.

Having her gone was akin to suffering the end of a beloved story far, far before it's time.

''We have her sword, glaive, and golden headband. Elenor saw the kidnapping with her own eyes... but there's no hint of her whereabouts otherwise.'' Deruella wasn't one to shy away from heartbreak: it was plainly impossible to do anything, unlike the Runes of Passages whatever portals used for escape didn't leave a trail.
File: 116.jpg (39 KB, 470x328)
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''I'm thinking I can do a little... nah a big something to get a clue.'' There spoke one of the last two guests in this meeting. Tuilelaith Helewidis was a short yet mighty titan and she stood after speaking, gently patting the tired Gazer on the head so she'd remain sitting.

Having the Overlord remain here had been... a little stroke of genius. Fighting inside the Demon Lord fortress truly was the most perfect show of good faith for a fledgling independent nation wishing to establish alliances.

While she'd certainly not put it past someone so ancient, Deruella found it far too disgusting to believe Tuilelaith had plotted this outcome... But still, doubts remained like a poisonous plant: the curse of intellect!

Not that Deruella could pretend to be any better. She had immediately begun suspecting something was amiss when Gwendolyn had remained behind after that awful business with Vilma attempted brainwashing; investigating that strange statuette had been half of her motivation, the other was to prepare the Elementalism for a potential assault... One that came far, far too soon.

''See, there's gonna be the big festival of summer revelry in a few months throughout the Allied Kingdoms and before things really begin people gather in massive numbers in cathedrals and church to pray and honor Mother Earth and Father Sky, thing is this practice -has- an effect on her grand web, we can take advantage of that.'' A little exploit is always nice. ''Those items have strong sentimental value for the gal right? Well, methink I can do a little ritual somewhere and just... scour the entirety of the web for Klesiah existence.''

''Finding an adequate area would be difficult.'' Deruella prodded the heart of the matter in its entirety. ''Why not make a request of the Prince Marshall of Kreszenz? He's still with us.''

''That'd... I should personally go to Kreszenz and ask the queen for this.'' Deruella didn't expect her mother to speak up. ''I will not let a friend of my daughter become a witch plaything.''

Tension rose perceptibly with this statement.

''Well, there's no guarantee anyhow but there's something else I gotta share and it ain't going to be leaving this room, you guys understand?'' Oooh? Deruella had to smirk there. A little secret that wouldn't be shared anywhere else in the entire world? ''See, once I came back and the web here was repaired I tried to enter a communion with Mother Earth... and I ain't getting anything.''

''What?'' Siegfried almost stood up. ''Are you implying Mother is... Mother Earth is gone?''
File: 38.png (1.66 MB, 800x1193)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
''More like absent.'' Tuilelaith big bushy tail floated beside her. ''Aint the first time really, happened here and there where she'd be gone without notice for months, if not a few years on end. The protection on the web remains solid, blood mages are still going to get rocked hardcore it's just that she's... gone. This ritual will send a strong signal, not only will it help me locate Klesiah but it'll also tell Mother Earth to come back from wherever she is, so if I fail to find that blue lass then I can at least inform the goddess of what's been happening here.''

''A sound plan.'' Deruella honestly taught, she'd do the exact same if she could; simplicity is so often underestimated.

''Please keep me informed.'' Daiyu said, bringing tea to her mouth. ''I will not allow someone who fought so valiantly inside my domain to suffer ignominy.'' Deruella had to refrain a chuckle, it was all too obvious her mother wasn't going to abandon a friend of Sieglinde.

What a month of changes...

''We'll have more to discuss later.'' Continued the Demon Lord, her tall frame stood from the table, projecting a strong domineering presence despite subdued emotions. ''Our alliances with the Overlord central kingdom isn't going to be a question anymore, let's begin hashing out details tomorrow.'' Gwendolyn looked extremely tired, her single eye open and closed with constant shrinking, all of her tendrils drooped around her like an unhealthy plant, her head shook upon hearing this topic but she had barely enough energy to acknowledge any statements.

Deruella had witnessed first hand the sheer ferociousness of this small cyclopean that -undeniably- proven the gravitas of her title. there was a definite potential there, Tuilelaith certainly had a great eye for talent.

''I'd love to continue this evening.'' Ame-no-Uzume had also risen on her feet, long dark vulpine ears twitching in some kind of mischievous interest. ''If I may ask, where are you going Daiyu?''

''To deliver a long-awaited speech.'' Answered the Demon Lord. ''Mamonos can't be left to fester after this tragedy, everyone is welcome to listen.'' She strode confidently toward the closed doors, wings on her hips flapping with each resonating steps.

Deruella looked toward her wounded elder sister and grinned. The blue-skinned Lilim grunted and began to rise from her seat. '' No escape in indulgence for a while, darling'' Thought the demoness of alabaster.

File: 18.jpg (64 KB, 1280x960)
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''My friends, one an all...'' Hands resting on a thick barrier of stone, the Demon Lord stood with her family inside Throne Town largest cathedral facing an ever-increasing crowd. ''...before I continue, join with me in a minute of silence, pray for our departed children -all two-hundreds of them- be they willingly walking into Mother Earth wheel of rebirth and welcomed into the halls of their ancestors, honor them with thoughts of your own; I shall tell you where to direct your anger, so do not wreathe your hearts with it just yet.'' On her left was Deruella, standing to her right was her second daughter in bandages, leaning on a cane to keep standing and sitting directly on the barrier of the balcony was Belphegor. All kept quiet with the wish of the Demon Lord; the startling absence of Throne Town redheaded ruler with her distinctive crown of horn had already been a whispery rumor throughout the thousands-strong crowd.

The very heart of the Demon Lord domain had come under attack, Deruella knew that her family image of nigh invulnerability had been shattered, what was to replace it... Her mother was savvy enough to understand how precious this timing was.

''Now hear me.'' Began the Demon Lord, leaning a little forward. Surrounding magitek equipment easily amplified her voice throughout the square.

''Do not lash out toward the undead of our fair town for no matter what evil rumors that surfaces after today's tragedy, know that those responsible are few and shall be brought to justice.'' Half of the capital militia had surrounded the Javed manor and completely locked it down before the attack, that was certainly a very auspicious timing. If Jena had been able to assemble her few faithful for this attack... ''Consequently, the Jawahir house shall take over the Javed administrative duties and directly deal with our capital undead. Do not under any circumstances believe them lesser citizens of our realm; to harm them is to be fooled by the true culprit of this attack.''

In other words, the vampire incompetence will not be tolerated. Jena was a wild agent and Deruella knew that a very old, perhaps a son or daughter of their antediluvian patriarch, was en route to avoid this outcome.

''Mothers, sisters, children, aunts, and fathers assembled here today...'' Daiyu took a calculated pause to look over the crowd. Deruella couldn't remember the last time she had delivered an actual speech to thousands upon thousands of monstergirls.

In fact, it might indeed be the very first time she's witnessing her mother genuine decorum.
File: 1520520242368.jpg (69 KB, 506x506)
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''...I ask of you all to nurture your anger. Let it become a cold light of vengeance kept alive by the memories of today's children who were forced to pass away far, far too soon. Walk forward with purpose, mitigate your passion with determination and never forget that we weren't the ones who struck first; I thusly declare as Demon Lord that war is upon, one that will start slowly and methodically like a coming storm. Let your current feelings flow into a commune act of nature, my dear Mamonos, your furies at this injustice must be first manifested as shade covering the sun and the faraway growls of incoming thunders.'' An inevitable wave of passion spread throughout the crowd following this very strong statement.

This was no everyday declaration, fitting indeed for the first speech in fifty years!

''It is in the Cursed Swamp that we shall find the orchestrator of today tragedy.'' The Demon Lord didn't pause. ''Somewhere inside that unholy place is an evil witch who gives no thought for the gentle lives of people, be they Mamonos or human, and so do I declare to you all: direct your rage at this ancient, evil creature! Burn the witch!'' Daiyu slammed her palms on the stone barrier, a few impassioned souls repeated this call but it didn't spread throughout the crowd for the Demon Lord raised her hands to cool spirits.

''This will be no Wisemen Folly.'' That time when, during Zipangu crusade, the Allied Kingdoms rallied together and attempted to burn out the swamp to create a safe corridor with the Old World. Nasty business that was.

''Never forget that place is a menace for all living things upon our star. Let us not be fooled by our passions and arrogantly believe ourselves superiors, my brave Mamonos; mankind live on the borders of the Swamp and it is only with their help that we can truly set the troubled memories of all the young futures that were extinguished today.''

''Obviously...'' A cruel smirk graced Deruella features. '' Anyone trying to impede this shall be removed. What better way to galvanized Mamonos into righteous action then by suffering the vilest of ignominy and presenting a worthy, honorable cause?''

''I know all of you will carry yourselves with pride, my dear Mamonos. We will reach to other realms, make friends and join together around a table of camaraderie. Mother Earth cannot exorcize the Swamp by herself, nor can her faithful burn it alone. With the blessing of our ancestors, let all children of Father Sky and Mother Earth join together in single purpose, the onus is n us to take this one step forward my dears. Our purpose will always be indefatigable.'' And so ended the Demon Lord speech of war, the first one in generations and never before had it been so grand. The cheers that followed washed over Deruella like strange energy.

Something was sparked, an indescribable feeling left the demoness puzzled for a few moments.
File: 1477546766009.png (1.04 MB, 857x1604)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
''I get it'' She realize after glancing at her older sister. The Deruella family was standing a little closer on the balcony, Daiyu eagerly gripping her daughters by the waists. ''The Jawahir dynasty isn't declining anymore. Times are changing and mother is keeping up.''

Nay, Sieglinde had been doing it.

Everyone else was busy attending their passions and life, her older sister didn't rule because she liked it. It was all to keep her family together and now that she had done it after twelve years of hard effort to repair a dysfunctional mess, she took a chance in extending a hand of friendship with those around her.

Interesting times...


Once nightfall shrouded the capital of monsters, processions of grievers and faithful came to help workers cleaning the unbelievable mess of the assaults whilst holding mass prayers for the departed, an activity that would continue well into morning early lights. Somewhere deep in the open gardens was a most strange group standing in the now purified area that bore witness to a grim battle.

''My... What a day.'' Deruella couldn't hide her fatigue. With lamps, torches and alchemical light, a literal camping spot had been erected with more than enough space for easy accommodation. ''Uncle Zawu.''

The towering ancient massive frame turned toward the demoness of Alabaster and heartily waved with two of his four hands. Elenor, Vilma, and Teruko were standing near him, alongside one other individual.

A tall human woman of pale wild white hair, piercing red eyes and boyish clothing. The great Firewitch of the Rangers of the Watch, Olga Yevdokiya, one of the strongest mages alive.

Polite greetings accompanied Deruella arrival and the discussion flawlessly continued despite the demoness intrusion.

''The Red Guard is to join with the Rangers?'' Deruella decorum momentarily fell at this new. ''Calling this unusual isn't enough.''

Her mind was abuzz with the most unusual excitement.

'Oh there'll be one massive political bitching that's for damn sure.'' The witch responded, thumb lighting up with a strong flame to lit up the pipe she was holding. Soft blue fume began to waft out as she nodded at the demonic princess. ''Can't say it's a bad idea. We've always known about the Swamp bitch and well... today sure as hell told me we'll have to keep up with the whirlwind.''

''L-Lady Deruella.'' There came the most unusual of intrusion. Vilma, darling little Vilma, trotted up to the much taller succubus in white and stood rigid and proud with Elenor next to her; Teruko languished behind solemnly.

''Would I... Would I be dishonoring my lord if-if I say that I want to do, to-to use my skills for something else... others than helping her wake up?'' The poor girl was so tense.

''Darling, state your mind clearly, as Sieglinde retainer there's no need for jumping in hoops yes?'' Goddess, the urge to pat that head of dark violet hair was so hard to repress!
''I...'' Her stare shifted toward Elenor. ''We want to find Klesiah.''


''I... I know that I'm Sieglinde retainer b-but I-I can't really do anything for her so instead, I-we...'' She glanced toward the blond demon who was once her rival and enemy. ''...We have to help Klesiah, she's my friend.''

"I've seen for myself the depth of her resolve." Elenor quickly added. ''I wanted to fight that vampire myself but now that I can think on it clearly, I know that I was thoroughly outclassed. I'd have died if she hadn't sent me back." The summoning champion gaze turned the mountainous monster listening in silent neutrality, four arms crossed on his massive chest. ''I...I want to do something. She's not dead yet!''

''Dolls.'' Deruella could feel herself grinning. Seeing these two rivals standing so close together kindled a strange flame of excitement. ''You may be students but that doesn't behold you to anyone authority, doing what you think is right matters."

''Yes quite!'' Teruko boldly interrupted, striding with the kind of bold confidence that shouldn't belong to a pregnant woman, especially one that was targeted in today's tragedy. ''Truth remains that you two are -still- inexperienced even if that doesn't mean much anymore...'' Deruella had to give the lizard some credit: she was very skilled at hiding her emotions, there's no way Elina and Hao incapacitation wasn't affecting her. ''...There are still a few things you tow need to improve on, nevermind how to even start this endeavor.''

''Speak with the small fluff among us.'' Deruella said, gestured for the Throne. '' I think you'll only be able to accomplish something by working with her, I'm certain something can be done by working together.'' The princess directed her stare toward the silent duo.

''I don't mind.'' Even with careful moderation Zazawu voice had this distinctive gravely tone of power that sank into people bones. ''If you two can convince a few Redguards to follow and form a proper squad, you'll have my blessing.''

''A what the hell, I supposed I can stick around for a little while.'' An ominous flame of bluish-orange composition light up on the Firewitch palm and she began to toy with it, having it dance across her hand, travel up and down her arm without damaging her clothes. ''You're a fire mage right? Want a few pointers?''

''My oh my, how deliciously interesting.'' Deruella tenebrous gaze was alight with excitement. To so eagerly channel grief and sadness into proactiveness was a valuable trait indeed, that little lich had looked so pitifully vulnerable for her entire time in Throne Town... Now here she is a month later, standing shoulder to shoulder with her rival, who had also succeeded in attaining her ambition, only to aim for something completely different.

The coming month -this coming year- will be a very interesting one...

>A Tale of Monsters -act 1- end.
>Will post something else for a little discussion soon.
File: bea.jpg (1.58 MB, 1000x1625)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
So end act 1 of ToM, it's been about... a year and a few months ride so far and boy was it a fun one despite the QM curse hitting me here and there. I'm slow but dedicated!

As you've read, Arawn actions and Klesiah dogged resistance has created quite the wave of changes and, even if our protagonist is incapacitated and the knight fate remains uncertain, our elf left a profound impact on those around him. We'll be having a time skip, one whose length is something I still need to judge accurately and following into the general winds of changes going on, I'd like to open a little discussion.

Namely about what to do next.

One very important lesson I've learned with my first quest was to pace myself to prevent burning out my candle, so no matter what ToM will be taking a bit of a sabbatical. I'll stop my activity for about two months I'd say; restarting in summer sound like a proper amount of time to rest up my brain after everything that's been happening! I'll still be updating twitter at least weekly though, so don't go thinking I'm ghosting.

What I really want to ask and know is what to do next, so this is something I gotta ask my players. I fully understand the desire of wanting to rescue Klesiah as soon as possible after that mean cliffhanger but... well, I'll lay out my desire on the table.

I'd like to run a new quest for a little while as I'm very satisfied with how things ended here and I feel like it's a good stopping point for things to come.

But I'd like to take my players wishes into account, I know all too well how the suffering that accompany a story we like never continuing.

Anyhow, I'd like to run a potential new quest in a new setting that'll be more of a modern science fiction with slashes of fantasy here and there totally unrelated to ToM...

Or, my second idea was to run a smaller story in the world of ToM, a little something wit ha new protagonist and situation that'll be safely self-contained but also easy enough to add with our current plot. Let's say there have been important events happening elsewhere that could be very nice to play ourselves.

Our thread should remain alive for a little while longer, so I think it's safe to keep using it for discussion.
What would your schedule of runs look like for both/ether additional quests.
Would they be run alongside ToM-Main?
Would they be alternated
some other method of

Ether way good luck with your Future plans how ever you do it, It will be entertaining to read to be sure.
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
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488 KB PNG
>What would your schedule of runs look like for both/ether additional quests.

I'd likely focus on running only one until it reaches a comfortable spot in the story where I could take a small break to return with ToM. I'm still planning that out so I can't give anything concrete.

>Would they be run alongside ToM-Main?

Depend, if I decide to run the smaller side story in ToM, then I'll finish that one before since it won't be a long quest.

The other one will likely end up going concurrently.

>Would they be alternated

Yeah, that' likely be the option I'll go for.

>Ether way good luck with your Future plans how ever you do it, It will be entertaining to read to be sure.

Thank, I'm not too sure how to proceed myself but taking a little writing break will help me out. I'll resume activity this summer for sure.

On an in story note we still need to find out from Ama the following:
What our Father signed away our soul for with that contract and what he got for it.

What are the requirements to fulfill the contract.

Why Ama immediately dropped the act when we Signed it.

The difference between the Fluffy tails feels like

I am going to have to go over the archives to see what i missed. If anything well at least going to have to something to do while you are gone.
Indeed. Act 2 will be styled a little differently. Everything took place roughly during a month here, I'd like to have more time pass with future events.

Lots of things are happening
Science fiction is not something I am a very big fan of. Would there still be monstergirls in this setting?

Still, if you end up going down that route, I'll still be glad to participate, hehe.

I do like more the idea of a new main character for a mini story in this current setting. This gets my vote.
File: 1527264223399.jpg (834 KB, 1181x1181)
834 KB
834 KB JPG
>Science fiction is not something I am a very big fan of. Would there still be monstergirls in this setting?

It'll be a mixture of Girls Frontline and XCOM but still remain heavily character based because that's how I like to write things.

>I do like more the idea of a new main character for a mini story in this current setting. This gets my vote.

Alright, I'll take that into consideration. This other sidestory/quest will probably be a tad similar to this quest here, but take place in the human realms.
A lot to take in. Deru's about as I imagined she'd be (thus is now on my waifu radar), Daiyu's taking a big risk with that speech as "who" the witch is won't take much research for the hoi polli to figure out, and we, Hao, Elina, and Sieg have taken critical/aggravated soul damage apparently. I hope this resolves well for the elf and company, but that's at least a few months of leveling we'll be missing out on for them. Well, at least nobody's dead (yet) and everyone has a common enemy to fight. Ama cannot have failed to see all this coming miles away though, so I'm pretty darn worried about how she's gonna respond to Daiyu's little declaration of war. A pity it seems the apostles got away without any losses (save for Harkon that is).

The real tragedy, however, is that we didn't get to touch fluffy tails, wriggly eye stalks, fluffy wings, *or* lethal leathery tail! We've been robbed! Also, did Jena have any lands or titles personally? After all, if Daiyu decided to give her the Lars treatment we could gladly kill two birds with one stone (provided we beat other adventuring parties to that punch that is). We could use actual lands, a title, all her shit, and a fat sack of gold after all.
File: 1527706760059.jpg (263 KB, 1200x1500)
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263 KB JPG
>A pity it seems the apostles got away without any losses (save for Harkon that is).

He managed to get away, unfortunately.

>The real tragedy, however, is that we didn't get to touch fluffy tails, wriggly eye stalks, fluffy wings, *or* lethal leathery tail! We've been robbed!

Elina and Sieglinde still owe you. They lost that game of dice fair and square.

>Did Jena have any lands or titles personally?
Nothing in term of nobility among Mamonos. All undead were deposed of their noble titles after the Vampire Demon Lord fell but Throne Town nobles still employ and elevate plenty of unrelated people in positions of powers. The Javed were trusted to handle undead and make their lives better and the family disavowed Jena unanimously but Daiyu still slapped them with a crippling attack on their influence.

There's not going to be a ''transfer'' of titles so much as having the very government completely taking over the role of ''helping undeads'' while simultaneously investigating the general means used in accomplishing that.

Long story short, vamps are likely to get kicked out of their estates entirely.
>That spoiler
I hope we still remember that. Soul damage means memory loss among other things I think.

Blue bastard may have gotten away, but it'll take him time to rebuild that army of his and that suppression mission hopefully robbed him of that particular staging area. Sadly, that damned swamp is also probably a great place for a necromancer to hole up and start over (especially as he has protection from the things that usually stop someone from doing that in there).

As for the vampires, boy are they lucky Sieg didn't die outright. If Jena and the apostles had managed to kill any of her daughters (or Teruko, or us, or anyone in our group really) I doubt they'd still be alive enough to disavow. Seems the most powerful ones can take sunlight like it's nothing though. Anything your vampires are particularly weak to? Y'know, silver, blessed weapons, etc? We will, after all, have a big grudge to settle with that parasitic bitchwhore when we wake up and I'd like Arawn/Gardy to be the one who enjoys the pleasure of killing her dead.

As for that other quest, a bit of hard choice for me. I wouldn't mind a side story in this setting, but I do love me some robogirls and sci-fi. How hard are ya gonna try to go on the sci-fi?
File: 1527828953291.png (218 KB, 500x554)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>Seems the most powerful ones can take sunlight like it's nothing though.

They are very much living beings so the sun isn't going to harm them.

>Anything your vampires are particularly weak to? Y'know, silver, blessed weapons, etc?

It might sound funny, but making them drink something that isn't blood after they haven't fed for a while will fuck them up really bad. This is why feeding on monstergirls can be very dangerous for a vampire, they don't tolerate Corruption all that well. Outside of that, nothing overt; vamp killing has always been a nasty, dangerous business since they've sorta developed to become mankind natural predators.

>How hard are ya gonna try to go on the sci-fi?

Not too hard, it'll be a more advanced modern world that's facing a second alien invasion and managed to establish a status-quo with the heavy use of ai/robots. Technology won't be too much of a focus outside shiny new toys made from looting stuff here and there, what I'd like to focus on are the robots themselves. AI ethics, actually conversing and spending time with robogirls etc Not too different from monstergirls not what I'm thinking on it.
So they need to be "well fed" in order to drink stuff that ain't blood? Good to know. Need to get some black powder weaponry going then. Corruption tipped bullets sound like they'd be extremely effective vs. a bloodsucker. That and good ol' pink mist. So very satisfying.

Spending time with robogirls pondering deep questions in the bombed out ruins of civilization does sound appealing. I'll have to think a bit harder on this one. Would any of them happen to have exotic bits as well? I mean, nobody's really stopping the people making em' from giving the girls fluffy tails and such. Well, save for any command staff, but we all know they'd let it happen because reasons. Wonderful exotic bit reasons. That and troop morale. Catgirls can brighten up any day.
File: 1527278352426.jpg (2.58 MB, 3744x2102)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
>bombed out ruins of civilization does sound appealing.
It won't be post-apocalyptic but you'll find a good share of abandoned cities for sure.

>Would any of them happen to have exotic bits as well?

Wearing special headbands and clothes is always possible but nothing organic here. Exotic bits belong to Mamonos. And nothing like that during missions!
>Nothing Organic
My good sir, who said anything about that? Armor plates that resemble wings, a data cable that's like a tail, various forms of mechadendrites, enhanced sonar receptors that resemble cat/fox ears, exotic bits need not be organic!
File: 1527589971125.png (379 KB, 500x652)
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379 KB PNG
...Alright, I like your creativity. Sound like we might have a weird commander.
Speaking of inorganic SCIENCE related exotic bits, I just remembered a way to justify long hair and/or fluffy tails as well. Metamaterial heat conducting cooling fibers, the power of science can blend the need for heat heat sinks and dissipation with the wonders of fluffiness! Just... don't try to cop a feel during times she's in peak operational capacity. It's a heat sink/dissipation device after all, the results would be both bad and predictable for any poor unaugmented meatbag or heat sensitive robotic components.

They probably wouldn't be as soft and brushable as the real "organic" versions (in fact they'd probably feel like a bundle of very thin fiber optic cables with the initial versions) but hey, such minor details can be overlooked because getting the best of all worlds possible is what I'm about (and it can always get fluffier as the tech advances). Then there's good ol' nanomachine colonies that'd basically be slime girls, etc. The future is indeed going to be a wonderful place for those of us with an appreciation for these kinds of things.
File: 1543614919232.jpg (557 KB, 3507x2480)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Let's just say that alien materials and a healthy dose of handwaving science will allow me to write without getting a few PHD's in robotics and science related to ti in order to make robogirls, the onus of (practical) exotic bits will be entirely on you anon!

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