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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure, are things finally winding down now that you've ruined Lady White plot?

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

Objectives and Happenings to remember.
Act one is coming to an end. Whatever events have happened or could happen aren't worth worrying anymore, right? Enjoy your day, the Suppression is underway!
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A familiar noise stirred your mind, gentle yet incessant mechanical clicks kindled a familiar sense of nostalgia that slowly burnt consciousness into your sleeping mind like tiny resuscitating embers. A sense of fatigue lingered inside your bones, a yawn escaped your jaw and when you opened your eyes, a familiar red table adorned with peerless porcelain had you indulge in a satisfied smirk.

''Couldn't let me go one night huh?'' You spoke before fully opening your eyes. Sitting inside her familiar chair was your fluffy tormentor enjoying a sip of blood colored tea, her many tails dancing in the air in what was becoming a customary sashay.

Seems like nowhere is truly free of that vixen influence.

''Now now, my dear.'' Answered the witch in a thoughtfully measured tone, the click of her half-emptied cup produced a strangely powerful resonance. One quick inspection of your surrounding revealed the two heavy oaken doors firmly closed and all traces of your intrusion with Gardy, Martha, and Tuilelaith erased. ''Let's not begin this party on the wrong foot.''

''Your adventure made me learn the joy of being a spectator.'' Ama gently began, crossing fingers above her tea. ''Whatever ending graced this little play would be one that can satisfy me, it was a unique experience, although not exactly my style.'' She smirked, amusement traveling into her red gaze. ''Amazing how a little concern, a small harmless suspicion blew up into such a grandiose event, who could have guessed poor Vilma was preyed upon by such an old, dangerous entity? That her friend was actually trying something so nefarious?''

It was a good thing you never took the habit of drinking this imaginary tea because you might have succumbed to the temptation of spitting on her face. Your fusion with Gardy had been a very odd experience; recalling minute details of your mindset as Embodiment of Protection was difficult but the battle itself wasn't something that'll be removed from your memory.

''Bullshit, Ama.'' You respond dryly, earning a displeased frown from the vixen. ''An audience isn't supposed to take an active part as you did with this nonsense about making Vilma your apostle.''

''It wasn't my idea.'' Replied the foxy woman, tails shaking from concealed mirth. ''I was simply allowing one of my dear follower's ambition to be accomplished, quite a strange feeling to be a pawn, isn't it? Besides, would you have been sharp enough to get a clue about Vilma state of mind?'' Satisfaction clung to her like an evil aura.

Young Mimiru had been Vilma friend yet when you saw her yesterday the kid was shapeshifted into... a horrific creature that could scarcely be called a child yet the small build of the girl couldn't conceal her age. Not only has she wounded Klesiah, but also plotted the kidnapping of her benefactor? On her own?
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''I find that hard to believe.'' Maybe you were soft, you didn't want to admit that a child had planned Vilma misery. ''Not only did Mimiru have access to a Magritew but she also directed two of your... followers to coordinate an ambush?'' Referring to Ama's agents by their proper title felt like empowering them; being roundabout was your own petty way to defy this witch.

''Would you say providing tools is beyond the role of an audience?'' Ama didn't miss a beat in her answer, plush lips widening into a dangerous grin with a predatory glint inside her red gaze. ''My darlings really didn't understand how to play nice with one another; we both saw how that ended hm? Granted I gave them a little help, so it was perfectly fair to give you a hand too.'' As you stared incredulously at your host, she broke her stance to grab her cup and indulge in a slow sip.''Had I wanted Vilma as my apostle, you wouldn't have been able to do anything.''

A statement delivered with such cold assurance that she didn't even sound arrogant. Ama interrupted you the moment you uttered a syllable of protest.

''I would have taken actions when you left with Daiyu to help the slaves, or I'd have acted the day after with all of your friends concentrating on accommodating your darling knight. It's true Vilma would be a great beloved apostle...'' She chuckled on seeing you cringe. ''...But it was far too soon for me to plot against you, my darling toy. My associates already had their little plans and ambitions when your resurrection forced me to be a little authoritative; they weren't able to accomplish much but I'd call yesterday valuable entertainment. ''

''What are you even...?'' From the moment she tricked you into a contract you've been dreading her ambitions and plans. Getting a better perspective on this vixen with Tuilelaith help hadn't helped matters in this particular angle, yet everything that's been happening really was nothing more than play? ''...You're telling me your friends, your apostles, were the ones responsible for what happened with the vampires? Vilma attempted kidnapped happened before my own emergence, you're telling me you weren't trying to recruit her back then?''

''No.'' Ama plainly said, leaning back on her chair. She was wearing different clothes than usual, today she was adorned with a dark heavy kimono with golden embroidery of clouds. ''It's so fun to see walk in circles around obvious truth.''

''If you're telling me not to worry about Teruko now...''

A dangerous wolfish grin spread on Ama features. ''I believe it would do us both good to find a way for us to establish a way to show absolute truths. I have no design on that lovely scaled lady.''

''What about your goons?''

That was perhaps your first victory in this dialogue, Ama relaxed in her chair and remained silent for a few seconds, unwilling to answer.
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''What exactly can be done I wonder? You've accomplished admirable things yesterday by communicating and sharing information with your friends. Now the vampire entire household is under house arrest and the Demon Lord fortress will be in near total lockdown until the Suppression is over; what dangers remain that could affect Teruko with so many stalwart friends surrounding her?''

''Don't try to sound fancy.'' You retort quickly, midway through her spiel Ama had begun enjoying herself immensely by lifting her arms sideways in a poor show of grandiosity. ''Just... stop.'' What was that about house arrest? What's Sieglinde thinking? You might have found proof of guilt but you didn't capitalize on it. She's way too reckless!

''Mmh, you're not one to indulge in triumph?'' Asked the vixen. she plucked a grape out of a bowl -both having somehow appeared when you were distracted- and plopped it inside your mouth.

''Why have you come to disturb me? Thinking you'll somehow become my friend by saying you can't keep your dogs on a tighter leash?'' Hao had gifted you with a wonderful memory, you went to sleep in one of the best moods of your life, this damnable fox really knows how to abuse her influence.

''I was wondering if you'd like to meet.'' Ama spoke casually, arms crossed under her generous bust. ''Fufufu, that's a cute face, my dear. Surprise and astonishment really suit you.''

Agreeable circumstances had been your only saving grace when it came to diluting the girls angers after your stunts but nothing will ever justify a meeting with this damnable vixen!

''Are you in Throne Town?'' Cold reality washed over delusions of panic with merciless clarity.

''Do forgive my lingering, chatting with you always brighten my days. I've invited you into this tea party in the hope of making a little exchange.'' She had no intention of answering you. ''Remember our nerve-wracking game of dice? I'd like for you to exchange one of your memories: you had a lovely evening with your strange tribal friend, didn't you?'' Ama closed her eyes, faking a dreamy look of girlishness that clashed with her general demeanor. ''We've had a similar deal yesterday so you know I can be a little trustworthy right?''

''Memory for a hint, huh? Meaning you've got something planned today as well, in the middle of the Suppression?'' Ama gently scoffed at your remark.

''Or you could see this as the opportunity to fully assuage your worries and enjoy your day. Let's not play dice this time, your luck truly is devilish.''

>Take the deal. Sharing your memory with Ama is distasteful and you're indulging in her fun, but getting a better perspective about her ambitions would be immensely helpful.

>Refuse. There's only so many deal with the devil you're willing to risk.

>Refuse. There's only so many deal with the devil you're willing to risk.
I'm not entirely certain if she's asking us to permanently part with that memory or asking us to retell the evening with Hao but I say NO.
Hm, sorry for not making that too clear. She's asking you to share it, you won't lose anything. Essentially the same deal when you played dice with her in thread 23
Ask her if there are other things she'll take in exchange for the hint. Does it really have to be a memory? Can't we just groom her tails or something?
File: 1329071942437.jpg (243 KB, 744x744)
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She doesn't want anything else. You could wiggle a deal with sharing Klesiah story of your past instead, for now, she's wanting to know the details of what happened when Hao offered herself as your knight.

Although offering to pet her tails... well that's a choice in of itself so we'll need some agreements there.
>Hm, sorry for not making that too clear. She's asking you to share it, you won't lose anything. Essentially the same deal when you played dice with her in thread 23
Aahh, I see now. Hmm. I'm still not willing agree to it out of spite.

HOLD UP! Is Gardy still out of it? If so then we have no way to ascertain that White won't try to cheat us in any way.

>Can't we just groom her tails or something
WE will NOT offer such a thing!
Our hands must remain pure for when we cash in on those dice game winnings Sieg and Elina still owe us.
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>HOLD UP! Is Gardy still out of it? If so then we have no way to ascertain that White won't try to cheat us in any way.

He's here, holding up his part of the bargain by not interrupting the tea party.

So far we have one solid vote to tell Ama to get bent, I'll wait about 15 more minutes before settling on that.
Come now, he's going to make us touch the fluff eventually. Maybe we get something out of it this way?
File: Sleeves1.jpg (444 KB, 1400x1000)
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I'd rather not make a roll for the tail rubbing since I'd prefer players committing to that.

Guess Ama will need to handle rejection.
>Refuse. There's only so many deal with the devil you're willing to risk.



I want to see if we can bargain something out of a fluffy tail rub.
Indeed, Ama's basically an info broker who's creating her own demand. We should try to figure out what buys what.
''No.'' Ama dejected grimace filled with intense satisfaction and perhaps that mood influenced you a little too much. ''How about I rub your tails in exchange for that little hint?''

Pure, genuine astonishment raised her eyebrows and widened her red gaze for a few seconds, a smirk soon twisted her expression into twisted amusement. ''Hahahaha!'' She loudly laughed, losing herself into a moment of hilarity that translated into all nine of her tails shaking with her body.

''A wonderful temptation!'' She announced after taking a deep breath, slowly rising away from the chair. ''Wouldn't you rather feel the real thing? This dreamy landscape is our precious teahouse that helps us communicate but mine fluffy wonders will only be worth it when we meet face to face.''

When we meet face to face. A cold chill ran up your spine, restraining the urge to fidget was difficult.

''No?'' She continued, offering a practiced look of dejection, the way her long foxy ears flattened was... As loathes as you are to admit it, it was genuinely cute. ''I'll have to refuse your tempting offer in turn, I really want nothing more than indulging in the wonderful feeling of closeness you share with your precious friends... I hope you'll be amenable in the future.''

Her tails curled around her body as she slowly walked toward you.

''I won't be overstaying then. Thank for the laugh, my darling doll. Enjoy your day of respite - you clearly deserve it- although...'' Voice low and seductive, the vixen placed a hand on your shoulder and leaned close, her choice of attire today was thankfully concealing her generous bust. ''My hand isn't guiding anything.''

She really wants you to believe that.


Changing from dreamscape into Mother Earth realm was a little jarring; the groggy feeling of lethargy that came after waking up was much more intense when consciousness roused your actual body.

Camping almost without covers on top of a hill bereft of trees meant the rising sun made it impossible to sleep in late, quiet noises of activity -mostly ruffled fabrics- near you revealed that someone was up and about while the close feeling of a pair of bodies on your sides revealed that at least two girls slept in late.

Hm, who could be up now?

File: Absolute Field of Floof 5.png (411 KB, 1771x1771)
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411 KB PNG
So far, we are one person voting no to touching the floof, and 2 voting for yes to touhing the floof, right?
File: Sleeves2.jpg (903 KB, 1600x1200)
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903 KB JPG
Touching a fluff wasn't enough to get a hint out of Ama I'm afraid.


Oh well. For now, we have a more or less vague assurance that in regards to our matters, she isn't actively pressing her apostles to do anything, though they are still likely to make a move on Teruko if left on their own.


I am guessing the girl we select is the one we will be talking to? Or is she the one who wil lbe excluded from our bedtime ssnuggling shenanigans?
You'll enjoy a little scene with the chosen girl.
The patrician's choice, obviously.
Hm, two votes for the angel.
Alright, we'll proceed thataway unless we get a sudden influx of votes.
Angel is fine, you've strongly hinted that we should spend more time with her after all. Hao needs more attention, but that can come later. She's knight number two now so that ought to net her more screentime.
File: 1.jpg (145 KB, 1280x784)
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It took a few more seconds of careful listening to chase off your lingering grogginess, in doing so you understood these muffled noises of activity to be much closer than you originally thoughts. Someone was gently moving next to you in a way that wouldn't be disturbing someone without your keen sense of hearing, gentle swooshing of ruffled fabric translating someone gently tossing about inside their sheet.

It was Elina. With Klesiah and Hao sleeping side by sides behind you, the soft, rosy-red winged angel had chosen your other side (with Sieglinde; everyone had forcefully put you in the middle to prevent ''mishaps'') and had somehow shuffled away at armlength during the night. What you heard was her constant worrying tremblings, she was holding tightly onto her camping blankets whilst her wings tossed about faintly, a drenched forehead and tightly worrying expression telling of some particularly intense nightmare which she enforced herself to suffer through silently.

Klesiah and Hao were still sleeping, the tribal girl snugly seeking your blue knight warmth and for a moment you wondered where Sieglinde could be. Her absence -and the high soon- was all the answers you needed here, it would seem everyone here overslept into late morning.

It would seem not even the sun and the close proximity of her friends was enough to chase off Elina nightmare today... What should you do?

>Wake her. Better to end her agony soon.

>Let her be, forcefully dragging an angel out of a nightmare might not be the wisest thing to do.


Sorry for the delay.
>Wake her. Better to end her agony soon.
Soul Arm pokes/gentle shakes to the rescue! This has already saved us from getting smacked once, surely it will do so again.
>Wake her. Better to end her agony soon.

Some good pats could help alright~
Also, that thing we did with Vilma on which we found the Magritew inside her, by linking energies with her or something like that... I want to try doing that with Elina too, at some point. If something is having a bad influence in her, we should be able to see it.

Is it possible to do it while someone sleeps, or do we need their cooperation for it?
>Is it possible to do it while someone sleeps, or do we need their cooperation for it?

It's possible to attempt it during someone sleep but there's no way to ensure success here, they might unconsciously boot you out. It's also considered extremely rude since it means stepping near someone soul.

Waking it is.

I am not saying we try this now. But, I certainly want to try it next time she's having a nightmare. Having warned her of this haead of time, so that she isn't outraged at us for trying out of the blue without consulting her about it first.
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You did your best to rise out of your sheets silently. Hao had been very thoughtful with the camping equipment, she found a few heavy sheets to act as makeshifts mattress and insisted on trying to build a roof from the nearby woods during the night but was thankfully dissuaded by the girls, the high sun made Elina look even more lonely and miserable.

That won't do, won't do at all.

Embracing Focus and conjuring a weak spell of your soul arm was easy indeed, a careful measurement of your inner magical reserves revealed the night had been good to you indeed: your reserves had completely regenerated.

''Mh...'' Elina whined when you gently rubbed her forehead with your magical limb, she tossed about to lean away from the touch, glowing halo cutting into your magical spell and then she swiped at your fleeting limb. ''...I'm not yours.'' She growled this breathy whisper then promptly opened her eyes as her entire body tensed in some unseen fear.

''Elina?'' For a second her bluish-green eyes didn't seem to recognize you, her stare was focused on your translucent limb, you promptly dispelled it. ''Sorry for waking you, were in a nightmare so...''

''Aaah...'' A long sigh escaped the angelic blond, making her look tiny and vulnerable. She covered her eyes with one hand, then wiped her face with her sheet while quietly rising, unashamed of her practical sleepwear. ''Thanks.'' She whispered after taking a few seconds to fully settles her emotions, Klesiah and Hao were still dozing behind you.

Sleep didn't seem to be Elina friend. While she hasn't' displayed any weird symptoms after Sieglinde...indulgence, her unusual bout of sleepwalking wasn't something you could forget.

''It's stress.'' Said the angel, forcing an awkward smile while quietly getting out of her sheet. Her wings seemed to act like barriers around her now, her voice was hoarse from emotions and thirst. ''Last few days were rather crazy, you don't have to worry.''

There must be a cosmic reason why introducing ''don't worry'' in a sentence always produced the opposite effect. Elina wasn't someone that talked about herself, nor did she try to trouble anyone with her personal problems -a trait very similar to Sieglinde- and likely both f them would need you to be a little pushy if you want to know a little more about them...

Maybe your meeting with Lady White is making you paranoid. Elina still didn't know that you saw her bout of sleepwalking, maybe... this morning was a good occasion to reveal that, sleep in general seemed to be the angel personal enemy. She was doing her best to fully rub lethargy out of her eyes while silently folding her bed.

>Try to inquire about her dream and reveal that you've caught her sleepwalking during your first night inside the demonic altar. you'd like to honestly know more about her troubles.

>See about changing her mood instead, talk about something else to get her mind away from this bad morning. No need to impose yourself on her.

>See about changing her mood instead, talk about something else to get her mind away from this bad morning. No need to impose yourself on her.
Better leave the talk of sleepwalking and dreams for when we're actually in private. Hao and Klesiah might wake up soon.
I'm thinking of making one last update for tonight, so I'll wait a little longer than usual for this choice. Maybe 20 minutes.
Have we ever linked with Elina? If no we should try that. It seems to make people happy and content when we do it and she needs some of that right now.
You haven't. Vilma, Teruko, Martha and Tuilelaith are the ones who enjoyed your Battery spell.
If I remember correctly we did offer to try the Battery spell with Elina when we learned said spell, but she declined for some reason.
Didn't Klesiah as well?
>See about changing her mood instead, talk about something else to get her mind away from this bad morning. No need to impose yourself on her.

I want to try and keep the tone lighthearted for a bit. But, I want to use that >free prompt we're given to add something else:

>Suggest to Elina doing the Soul examination we did with Vilma and Klesiah. Explain that we did it with them back then and that it was key in revealing something was off about Vilma. Then express that we'd really feel much more relieved if we could make sure everyone was away from such subtle influences. Plus, getting to know someone else's soul that well was an act of trust and even intimacy we'd enjoy to have with Elina. Plus, it might help her with her nightmares if we tried it while she slept! We want her to at least considder this possiblity and give us our thoughts on it.
Oh right. I really should note that down. Klesiah really enjoyed the link.

>If I remember correctly we did offer to try the Battery spell with Elina when we learned said spell, but she declined for some reason.


Interesting choice.
Two votes for changing the mood. Doing this alteration >>3254936 is more or less a free choice of its own, I'd like to see if we'll get an agreement here.
Does changing the mood involve the battery spell and the suggestion to try it? Important detail that.
It'll essentially combine both. I've opted for the chosen choice for now but I can rewrite a few things to accommodate this new one if it get supporting votes.

From what I've gathered, we will change the mood to something lighter anyway. What we want to decide is if we will suggest the battery spell to Elina or not. I vote Yes so far. But regardless of what we vote, the main agreement is that we'd try to cheer Elina up.

My suggestion was in addition to the change of mood, not as an alternative to it.
Whatever gets us linked to the angel has my vote.
Alright, I'll have to redo my update but it's fine, better to close tonight with how you guys want to operate.
Hrm, look like this will be one of those scenes that'll take a little longer to write than I thought. I'll be updating tomorrow with the potential agreement or refusal of our lovely angel.
Despite Elina efforts to wake up her movements were plagued by a noticeable sense of lethargy, making the rolling of her camping bed slow and clumsy.

''At least we'll be able to indulge in Sieglinde hospitality again tonight.'' Your weak attempt at a joke earned a forced chuckle out of Elina.

''I'll be glad for that, don't worry I'm fine. There are more important things to worry about than my dream today.'' She said, lazily rising to her feet, slowly uncurling her beautiful wings. Despite her claims, her emotional barrier had evidently weakened yet she was patching up this wound with increasing seconds in a way that seemed a little artificial to you. Perhaps you were only overthinking because you couldn't keep yourself from remembering her bout of somnambulism, but you had to remember that angels emotions were an order of magnitude stronger than regular people, intense enough to affect their biology; what looked to be the onset of a potential cold truly was temporary drowsiness.

''Elina.'' You had fully gotten out of your bed now and slowly approached her, immediately making her react with a suspicious -albeit gentle- glare. ''There's something I want to try with you.''

Her pale eyebrows knitted together but her expression shifted into an honest vision of tiredness. She let out a long, genuine sigh when you stopped close, gaze listlessly observing the grassy soil. ''I don't think walking with naked feet is healthy.'' She idly remarked, rolling a finger around a wild strand of wild bed hair.

Such a feeble attempt at distracting you felt endearing.

''You remember that I can fuel people spells?'' Her expression tightened, revealed that she definitely deduced your intentions. ''I've found that emotions can also be shared -to a small degree- but it's also what allowed me to find out something was wrong with Vilma...'' Inspecting your friend soul without her permission wasn't commendable but it had been an important step nonetheless, the side effect of your spell clearly has a limit. ''...I'm not trying to impose, Elina. Interactions between souls are incredibly intimate but that didn't stop that fluff from poisoning our friend, we know what happened next.'

''You think my nightmare was some kind of symptoms of a soul manipulation?'' Asked the angel, breaking into a strangely sweet smile. ''I honestly wish that could be the case but I've been plagued by these... moments for a long time Arawn, it's nothing dramatic.''

''Still, I-I think it could maybe help if we were to maybe try a little harmless link before you sleep tonight? It could help, I have a close relationship with the Embodiment of Protection.'' The irresistible urge to rub the back of your neck made you look away from the smiling haloing girl whose smile widened in obvious amusement. ''I'm not the best at cheering up people but I'm confident that my feelings alone will help.'' you tried to sound more confident than you truly were by thumping your chest.
File: 9.png (832 KB, 800x1049)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
''You're sweet, Arawn. Clumsy, but sweet.'' Her whispery tone was soft and when you risked a glance, Elina had closed her eyes and folded her wings around her shoulders. ''You already asked me to attempt a Battery once...''

''Don't feel guilty if you don't want to, I just... I hate the idea of twiddling my thumbs''

''How many of our friends have enjoyed this link of yours?'' She suddenly asked, gaze turning toward the sleeping beauties.

''Ah?'' That felt like a dangerous topic but Elina expression remained gentle. ''More than a few, I had to link with Martha, Tuilelaith, and Klesiah yesterday. Things were... a little wild, I really was desperate for clues.'' You were also desperately worried but that wasn't something you'd want to admit to anyone but Gardy.

''Klesiah, huh...'' Whispered the angel, peeking around your shoulder to briefly observe the knight. ''...moving fast.''


''Nothing.'' She replied swiftly and with some embarrassment, forced a gentle smile while crossing her hands behind her back. ''I don't think having a link is a good idea, Arawn... we don't really know how your magic affect angels right?''

''That...'' Was damnably true. ''I'm not afraid to find out. No, I want to find out. I won't insist on knowing what's causing your night terrors, Elina, but if I can help you get better sleep then it's entirely worth it.''

''This isn't the first time you've seen me having a nightmare.'' Her blunt statement caught you off guard and despite your practiced emotional mask a wince sneaked through before you could control your emotion. ''I don't think I've met anyone so worried about my rest before.'' She stated with a forced giggle.

''Bad nights don't make good health.'' You replied, resisting the urge to clear your throat. Why were you feeling so bashful this morning? This isn't how you are!

''Yeah...'' She leaned around your shoulder again to sneak another glance at the snoozing girls. ''...I guess I'll fall behind if I keep hesitating.'' Elina straightened her back, gently slapped her cheeks then extended a hand forward. ''Wanna try this battery of yours now?'' She asked casually, wings giving a few nervous twitches, her smile was forced, her traits looking tired but she was doing her best to appear cheerful.

Now that'll make for a strong start to your day.

>Agree. Elina is offering, don't squander her good faith.

>Refuse. It might be better to stay prudent here, she said it herself after all: you've no idea how your magic will interact with angels.

>Agree. Elina is offering, don't squander her good faith.

I don't see why not we can give it a try.
Though if her smile is forced, perhaps she doesn't feel completely at eas with it?

Let's tell her that if at any point she fels uncomfortable and wants to end it early, she can let us know, and we will respect that.
Alright, let's see how a battery works out.

All things considered, we should find out what happens with angels now when not in combat. A tertiary/long term goal does involve such a being after all so there's that too.

Be extra careful about it though. Also, since I doubt he even needs to sleep it couldn't hurt to ask Gardy if he thinks its a bad idea. He'll backstop any particularly harsh nastiness yes?
>He'll backstop any particularly harsh nastiness yes?

Yeah, you can expect him to be conscious whenever you are. You've chosen the fusion path in term of ability.
I think the QM curse is striking again, big snowstorm dropping in my area so if I dop out without warning, it's because I lost power.

Things will continue as usual if I can do it.
Did we ever mention to her about when we saw her sleepwalking?
''I'd like to.'' Elina looked surprised by your complete lack of hesitation. ''If you're uncomfortable, you can bring things to an end whenever you want. This spell doesn't give me any influence, Battery is only one way: I provide power and that's that, our traveling feeling is a side effect of our mingled flow, an incredibly small part of our souls touches and that's that.''

''It's fine.'' Elina smile still looked forced. ''If I don't push myself I'll stay in perpetual stasis. Let's find out how this little paste of yours taste.'' She extended a hand that you gladly took and led you a few steps away from the pair of sleepyheads. ''We need to keep a physical contact right?'' Asked the angel after being satisfied with her distance, twirling to face you with her expressive wings curling around her shoulders one more time.

''Yeah.'' You squeeze her hand for emphasis. ''That'll do nicely.''

''Okay.'' Elina took a long breath to reassert herself. ''Work your magic.''

You promptly embraced Focus and your companion followed, her veins glowed a gorgeous shine of luminescent gold reminding you of her strong, burning soul.

''You should be able to feel my...intention, it's hard to explain.'' With joined hands acting as bridges, you directed your inner flow toward your limb while Elina tentatively stood in place, unsure; your magic immediately hit a gate and Elina gasp in surprise.

''O-oh... So that's what you mean by permission.'' You nodded silently. ''So you really can't do anything... sorry Arawn, I-I couldn't help feeling suspicious.''

''I'm not angry, you can stop whenever you want.'' Instead of stopping, Elina slowly lowered her guard, dismantling the strong emotional gate that kept both of your souls apart. This led into the organic mingle of magical flow, your nature of souls easily adapting to the angel existence and then was the familiar sensation of foreign -yet close enough to be mistaken as your own- sensation and emotions.
File: 10.png (2.22 MB, 1108x1500)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
That... She...

What came out of the angel was a powerful torrent of incredibly potent feelings strong enough to drown the life out of you. Everyone you've mingled with could be described as a powerful river with many emotions mingling together organically; Elina felt like a raging ocean, a tsunami of one single feeling coming to ravage the small hamlet that was your individuality.

Guilt. Pure, raw guilt festered inside the angel, a simple enough emotion yet of such unbelievable intensity... a sensation so strong that you'd likely succumb to the temptation of slashing open your wrist were you condemned to its suffering.

How can she still smile!? Why in the world does she hate herself like that!?

"Endure, Arawn." Gardy appearance was a wave of reinforcement, a strengthening of your individuality combining your will into a single hole. Your essence -your individuality- became a statue against Elina choking soul, standing upright without wavering as she simply... invaded everything.

''Ah... That's...'' Elina had closed her eyes, she couldn't see your strained features. Your entire face felt hot, sweat clung to your forehead, back and chest while you measured your breathing.

Calm down Arawn, calm...Elina isn't going to hurt you... If your emotions can help her in any way...

The angel gazed at her second hand, small puffs of steam exited her skin to disintegrate in the air. ''What an amazing feeling, I understand why Teruko and Vilma could get carried away.'' Then she glanced at you, eyes wide open with a genuine smile. ''I don't understand why I was hesitating so much, is it fine for you Arawn?''

>Lie. Of course you're fine.

>Admit that Elina emotions are very... powerful.

Can we ask her how she's feeling? The others said they felt a sense of paternal care and safety along with incredible power.
That's a free choice and essentially dodging her question. It's not inherently bad though, of course, we can do that.
Alright, I'll go with that choice unless I get an influx of votes.
Can we reassure her that we are fine while noting that we can feel the intensity of the emotions? Then, we ask about how it was on her end.

Saying "All is fine, no problem, nothing at all" would be kinda suspicious, I believe. But we can let her know that it was something we can handle.
>Admit that Elina emotions are very... powerful.
It wouldn't do to tell Elina that she can cut things short if she's uncomfortable and then not practise what we preach.

>''O-oh... So that's what you mean by permission.'' You nodded silently. ''So you really can't do anything... sorry Arawn, I-I couldn't help feeling suspicious.''

I am curious about what she expected would happen. I'd like to ask her.

Also, seeing her genuin smile was worth this~
>Lie. Of course you're fine.
This sounds alright.
File: 7.jpg (174 KB, 1680x946)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
''You're... intense.'' That was the nicest way to put it; things could have turned dramatic without Gardy. ''I'm getting used to it, don't look so worried.'' Elina had looked almost heartbroken after giving your body a proper look over and was ready to stop right there, but a stronger squeeze of her hand had been enough to at least instill some hesitation and stop her.

''Are you sure...?'' That sea of emotion was starting to change, while no less intense Elina absurdly powerful guilt was changing slowly into a myriad of other feelings that was finally starting to resonate within you organically, although Gardy reinforcement was undeniably needed to avoid succumbing to Elina pressure.

''Can you tell me how you feel? That was the purpose of this exercise after all.'' Her pale eyes traveled toward your joined hands, a gentle squeeze followed as her traits finally relaxed into a gentle, peaceful emotion.

''You're warm.'' She stopped, perhaps unable to find the right words. Her emotions were slowly changing, something lighthearted -almost bubbly- was finally allowing you to breathe peacefully. ''Powerful, warm... I guess that's your kindness? There's also a spark of intensity I can't really place.'' She said with a faint blush creeping on her cheeks. ''There's also something else, I mistook it for yourself but there's another presence inside of you isn't it?''

''Yeah, Gardy's here.'' You nodded.

''That's... I see. There's a warmth from him too, it's like a cocoon enveloping me, telling me I'll always be safe...'' Was that what Klesiah described yesterday? A strong sentiment of paternal feeling?
''I want to try too!''

Elina emotions that had previously settled into a calm sea roared with life once more and she promptly broke contacts -handhold and psychical connection- when Hao boldly stepped closer, leaving you dazed and winded.

''Nothing happened!'' Elina sputtered, wings flapping wildly enough to poke your shoulders, stepping away from you as if you were on fire.

Hao was the perfect picture of innocence. Her long dark hair was completely wild, thrown around her face to keep her eyes uncovered without a mind for elegance, her rumpled clothes barely covered half of her stomach and her dark scaly tail swung sideway energetically. Behind her, Klesiah was awake -still in bed- but slowly rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, her own long blue hair in no better state than Hao's.

''Really? Holding hands is nothing?'' Said your second knight, head tilting in confusion whilst you and the angel slowly settled out of Focus.

What a shame to have broken your spell so quickly... Gardy amusement almost made you grunts.

''W-well I mean... you can hold his hand, sure that's all we did.'' You've never seen Elina so red before, though there's no need to hide anything.

''You know about my magic Hao?'' Your tribal knight vigorously nodded. ''I wanted...''

''He was asking me for breakfast but I told Arawn we'll need to go back in the shrine.'' Elina glare was excessively fierce, imposing you to remain silent. Why? Neither of you did anything wrong! A little emotional weakness isn't embarrassing, angel!

''Oh?'' Behind Hao, Klesiah looked completely groggy, barely registering her surrounding. ''Hold hands, my lord? While grabbing supplies?'' Her tanned hand looked a little rough with more than a few dark scales covering her skin, yet her features were so adorably genuine that refusal was plainly impossible.

''Absolutely.'' You answered without hesitating, the angel openly growled and pouted, crossing her arms under her breasts and st about to grumpily pile up the camping gears.

What do you intend to do once you return in the shrine? Your day is fairly free now.

>Find Vilma as soon as possible, you have to resolve her memory trouble quickly.

>Try to find Sieglinde and ask about what's been happening after your duel against the Magritew. She's been clearly busy despite sparing enough time to camp out with you and the girls.

>Find Vilma as soon as possible, you have to resolve her memory trouble quickly.

We've kept her hanging long enough.

Also, Hao also needs a go at the Soul Battery thingy at some point. We're doing a lot of use of this ability lately. We need to keep upgrading it to make it even better! Especially since the girls like it :3
Think you can handle the cheeriness?

Of course!

Also, I wonder if by being battery fr two girls at once they can feel each other. It feels like as we are right now, being a battery for Elina + another girl might get complicated if Elina's intensity leaks nto the soul of the other person.
>Also, I wonder if by being battery fr two girls at once they can feel each other.

You've attempted it before and they didn't. Possible that it's a trait you could acquire.
Damn right we can. Still, this battery spell is a bit *too* much of a crowd pleaser. If we're not careful we might become a living, breathing, walking, ear wiggling drug to these girls. Can we wiggle our ears?

Now, if I was reading this correctly, Elina could have really hurt us inadvertently if it wasn't for the fusion? Even more glad we picked that option now if so.
>Now, if I was reading this correctly, Elina could have really hurt us inadvertently if it wasn't for the fusion?

There are ways to strengthen your soul without Gardy, but this would have indeed been a bit of a rude wake-up call on that front. Angels are overwhelming individuals.

Update should be coming soonish. You'll be able to plan out your day a little better.
File: Deru1.jpg (41 KB, 500x707)
41 KB
When your group finally emerged out of the forest and toward the side of the demonic shrine, the rather carefree state of the fortress and it's two biggest schools was a surprising, but ultimately obvious sight. With the Suppression well underway, the disappearance of a thousand soldiers, the Demon Lord leaving and the near total lockdown of the area had seemingly instilled a general sense of restlessness amongst the Mamonos, things were likely to remain relatively free until the operation ended.

Inside the shrine itself, your group absence had gone without notices, maids went about maintaining the floor cleanness, a few remaining guards welcome your arrival...

''Oh, you guys slept well?'' Sieglinde was on the bottom floor, having finished speaking with a tall Minotaurus. ''Slept well?''

''Yeah.'' Elina answered. ''How's Vilma? It's about time to finish what we started yesterday.''

''Yeah...'' Sieglinde smiled awkwardly. ''Promise you won't get mad?''


''Accident?'' That was about the only thing you could say now.

Sieglinde personally led everyone into her room which accommodated one more surprising visitor. Overlord Gwendolyn was here with all of her glorious eye-tendrils, hands on her knees and every eyes drooping to stare at the stone floor in quiet guilt. Why wasn't she with her soldiers?

''What kind of mistake are you talking about?'' Elina was holding Vilma by her shoulders, staring deep into her small friend who squirmed under this intense attention.

''I-I'm fine.'' Squeaked the small lich. ''Nothing bad happened.''

''Huh-uh.'' Elina didn't seem to buy it but Teruko presence seemed enough to cool her head.

''Us folks fell into the trapping of enthusiasms and attempted to puzzle that statue mystery, there's no need to worry about Vilma, dear. All falsehood have disappeared.'' Stated the professor.

''Really? Was your mentor a man or a woman, Vilma?''

''He was a druid in the frozen isles of Arnbjorn...'' Vilma answered with a small smile.

''When did we meet?'' Continued the angel.

''Two months ago.''

''Why did Teruko took you as her student?''

''B-because she saw...potential.''

''What happened?'' The general subdued atmosphere was at least enough to calm your nerves. Sieglinde and her sisters, Teruko, Gwendolyn and now your own group arrival made for quite the crowd. In the background, Priscilla was hard at work cooking late breakfast.

''A little mistake, nothing more darling.'' Deruella was the one to answer. Standing from her seat and deploying the leathery white wings on her hips, she was holding onto the small statuette you somehow made out of the Magritew. ''We were studying this artifact...'' she gestured at Martha. ''...and asked for the Overlord opinion, however her natural affinity with memories as a Gazer triggered a sudden reaction.''
File: Lich101.png (3.31 MB, 2700x3300)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
''Vilma's memories were swimming inside that statue.'' Gwendolyn continued, single eye shrinking whilst her eyestalks bent to observe you and Elina. ''I've often handled memories problems amongst my subjects but looking into that artifact provoked a sudden rush; memories flowed into me without warning so I... I guided them into Vilma psyche as quick as I could.''

''Leading to a happy ending.'' Deruella concluded, smirking. ''What was so cruelly toyed it has been restored, missing bits have returned and all falsehoods are evaporated. Teruko was very thorough.'' The pregnant white lizard nodded. ''Witness here, that little shine burning inside that cowled artifact is gone.'' Deruella held up the item for your perusal and true to her words, it was nothing more than a statuette of dull jade now.

''Alright.'' Well, that felt a little anticlimactic but the shy smile Vilma gave you made it worth it.

''A-Arawn... Actually everyone too...'' Her small voice carried no charisma and barely any presence, Vilma still stood on up to be heard, Sieglinde having pulled Elina away from her. ''I-I'm...'' The small lich clapped her hands together. ''...eternally grateful. That p-poison in my soul made me s-suspect everyone, Arawn f-fought so hard to protect me...'' Had she been facing the table, how bow would have smacked her forehead on its surface.

''Vilma... you're everyone friend. Helping you was natural.'' Impossible not to feel bashful now, your hand went to rub the back of your neck while you did your darndest to resist the heat on your face. ''All's well that ends well.''

Choosing her over the Javed had been worth it.

''Quite, quite.'' Sieglinde said, talking beside you then dumping a hand on your shoulder. Her grip was uncomfortably strong. ''Mister Loukanos pulled an enraging heroic but it was no burden for any of us.'' Crap, her smile was genuinely terrifying.

Surely... surely the girls can't be too angry...yeah?

''Is Sieglinde intimidating my lord?'' Hao suddenly chipped in, breaking the intimidating silence, leaving Sieglinde momentarily off-guard.

''Nuh-huh not good! Arawn did his duty, helped cure Vilma! No punishment here! Not right, not Justice!'' Hao stomped a foot and pointed at Sieglinde fiercely. ''Ignominy to punish him! Hao and Klesiah will take his punishment!''

''What!?'' Klesiah, who had been quiet as a mouse, nearly jumped on hearing this.

''It's what knights do!'' Hao replied, grinning at her compatriot.
''Knights... A lord doesn't get a free pass when he goes and does something dangerous, something that should have been handled by his sworn warrior.'' Nevermind the fact that it was completely impossible to send Klesiah in the Red World, your constant advice to strengthen her individuality was certainly showing up now!

''Better a lord who fight then a fat slob!'' This tribal knight-to-be wasn't going to let this go. There was no place for you to say anything here; were you to accept ''punishment'' Hao would gladly force herself to suffer through it alongside you. This sudden turn of event had taken the entire gallery by surprise, Deruella and Teruko were openly guffawing.

''Aah! Fine! Just...'' Sieglinde gave up, stepping away from you angrily. ''It wouldn't be a good day for punishment anyway, it's not like I cared that much anyway, I wasn't worried at all yesterday since mister Loukanos here was clearly confident to go and fight on his own!''

''Yeah! That's the spirit!'' Hao offered the princess a thumb up, Sieglinde did her best to restrain her laughter. This tribal girl cheeriness really is infectious.

Will everything truly be alright today? You've saved Vilma but none of the culprits were stopped... Should this fear stop you from enjoying your day?

Day 01 of the Suppression is a Free Day The hour is roughly 10 am

There are two possible group activities to undertake.

Elenore has organized a mock tournament with the Summoning and a pocket of Internalization students to blow off some stress, it's not considered serious by any means but the competition is still bound to be fierce. (Vilma, Teruko, and Hao are interested in this)

Deruella would like to visit the school of Elementalism to investigate your artifact but also as a general outing: nobody has gone there yet. She intends to go there whether you allow her to bring the statuette or not. (Gwendolyn, Teruko, and Martha would be interested in finding out more about your strange item. Priscilla would also like to go to the school, although she'll never voice her opinion)

In term of regular activities...

Sieglinde and Elina are completely free and will likely occupy themselves by keeping company with whoever is free.

Martha is willing to help you out in Magitek, if you so desire.

Klesiah intends to teach Hao a little more in what it means to be a knight.

And as always you are free to do what you want. Training can be done.
Oh yeah, forgot to say that we'll end here tonight.
>Elenore has organized a mock tournament with the Summoning and a pocket of Internalization students to blow off some stress, it's not considered serious by any means but the competition is still bound to be fierce. (Vilma, Teruko, and Hao are interested in this)

I like this. Catching up with Eleonor seems good, plus it'd let Vilma train a little, should she participate. Lastly, we'd be keeping Teruko company, which would be good for our paranoia about people targetting her. We could even discuss with her personally what we saw in the red world and warn her of the kind of things that were going on against her.

As for Deruella and her group, they can take the statuette with them, we are okay with that.
Which one is Teruko more interested in, the artifact or the tournament? Also, I just caught it but we got away with saying "Gardy" out loud earlier. Did Ama revise the forbidden words list or was the intensity of Elina preventing proper activation of the dental mines?

And why wouldn't Priscilla never voice her opinion? Does she think the act to be above her station as a servant?
File: 1.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720)
41 KB
> Did Ama revise the forbidden words list or was the intensity of Elina preventing proper activation of the dental mines?

Nice catch. I won't be giving that a definitive answer.

>Which one is Teruko more interested in, the artifact or the tournament?

Both, it's why I put her there twice. Teruko is easily distracted.

>And why wouldn't Priscilla never voice her opinion? Does she think the act to be above her station as a servant?

Damn, of course you won't. Though it seems the more our will aligns with Gardy's the more we can slip past Ama. It would seem our fusion has levels, the deeper we go the better the bonuses but, likewise, the deeper the cost. Full fusion, for instance, requires strong feelings of similar intent. Must protect Vilma's smile, for instance, was an ideal scenario. Can't have her become an apostle after all.

Thus we get to go essentially Super-Saiyan with, in retrospect, minimal repercussions. Had we tried to just leverage our fusion status with Elina in some form against her will, yeah, no bonus, roll on your extra fun chart of harsh suffering and the like. If/when we roll a 1 and/or a 100, what are you going to ask of us and how bad will that be?
>If/when we roll a 1 and/or a 100, what are you going to ask of us and how bad will that be?

You'll see once we get there.

Don't forget to vote, we have only one voice for a course of action now. Chosing how to spend your day matter.
I'm fine with whatever keeps us near Teruko and thus in a position to un-fuck her in the event an apostle makes their move. Ama seems to give her slaves/apostles a great deal of freedom ironically. So long as they ask nicely, it seems, they can do pretty much whatever they want. Just so long as they don't fuck with the "toy" too much, that's her exclusive and most treasured joy. Only she gets to really, utterly fuck with us. I hope.

It's a tough choice though, gonna have to think on it for a bit. I wanna make Vilma and Hao happy, but the chance to caress Gwen's lovely eye stalks is ever so tempting...

How long is she gonna stick around? Why is she not joined in battle with the suppression now that I think about it? You'd think she'd be leading her troops from the front after all...
>How long is she gonna stick around?

She's not going to leave, she's staying here for the full length of the Suppression.

>Why is she not joined in battle with the suppression now that I think about it?

Answering that will mean actively asking her.

Let's see, if we don't have a consensus by 4 pm I'll proceed with what I've got and hopefully update by 5.
Oh, so we'll have other chances to touch wriggly eye stalks then. In that case, the soul figurine isn't going anywhere (i.e. the royals are gonna keep that thing secure I assume) and can also be researched at any time yes?

The tournament, however, is time sensitive. It's also a chance to keep our new knight's battle lust sated. So long as the figurine will be kept well and thoroughly secure until we decide to research it I'm OK with attending the tournament. Is there any way to train a spell while we watch the battles? Maybe try to buff someone if the rules allow it? Perhaps even place a bet or two?
>In that case, the soul figurine isn't going anywhere (i.e. the royals are gonna keep that thing secure I assume) and can also be researched at any time yes?

Deruella would like to take it for a little research; she'd like to borrow it.

>Is there any way to train a spell while we watch the battles? Maybe try to buff someone if the rules allow it? Perhaps even place a bet or two?

You could try to participate but training your magic during the fights would be a tad too distracting. Bets are fine though.
File: 1550027346630.jpg (687 KB, 924x1240)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
After some thinking, I've decided to continue tomorrow. I didn't fully flesh out both options due to the wildly different events that'll be going on, now that we are going for the mock tournament I'll take this evening to plan things out and come back tomorrow on firmer feet.
Ok then, we're gonna go see the tournament it would seem. Too bad Zazawu's not here to enjoy the show. We need more bro candidates for we got romantic interests/girls aplenty.

I also think I know what happened in regards to our "curse". We started to get away with forbidden words right after our full on fusion activation with Gardy. I want to think he just diffused those accursed dental mines somehow, but a part of me just knows better. He simply redirected the agony matrix onto himself. Thus, fittingly enough, he protects us. He gets to feel the pain every time we trigger it instead of us. Bet he's proud of that accomplishment too as Ama has yet to notice it would seem...
I'm fine with them studying the figurine. Sorry I've not participated so far, Wisdom teeth removal surgery is pretty not fun to say the least. Looking forwards to more good stuff from you.
I fell asleep before usual update time, so I thought I had missed last night's update. It is good to see I didin't miss anything, hehe.


We can participate? I thought the match was for students only! Well, then... should we? Gaining combat experience kinda does count as training.

On the other hand, we'd leave Teruko alone (welll, not alone, with Hao) on the audience seats. Then again, what if Hao also wants to participate?

Does Vilma want to participate? I think we should encourage her to participate, then ask the group about if it would be a good idea to participate ourselves, too.
The more the merrier dude.

There's also the factor of our race to consider. As the "Aldari" are a dying breed as of right now. Unless they are folks we've encountered before somehow, the other noble houses will suspect us of either holding back in some way or Daiyu of pulling a geopolitical stunt of some sort.

Neither is good for us, but it other ways it pushes us to the fore. In a very weird sense I would wonder what the consequences of us revealing the truth of our new nature would be. I mean, if the Embodiment of Protection itself tells you that they ain't gonna fuck you over do you really want to countermand that diplomatically? They are, after all, offering a fair deal with a pretty damn hefty insurance angle. Do ya really wanna turn it down?
Thread will be resuming at 5 pm.

I don't know when 5 PM is, for my timzone, but I am hoping, soon-ish! :3
Yeah, I'm late, just about to post now.
I'm rarely satisfied with what I write.

You still do a good job. Don't become discouraged!

Patiently awaiting for the update~
File: 12.jpg (147 KB, 867x1200)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Attending the student's day's event became the popular decision (in no small part due to your and Hao's support). After some preparation, the near entirety of the Jawahir living grounds was emptied as Sieglinde not only insisted that her reclusive sister accompany everyone but also imposed a ''day off'' on the headmaid Priscilla, leading into a significant group setting out after a late breakfast and gathering supplies for what would undeniably be a busy day.

The general mood felt jovial once you proceeded outside, students allowed to go anywhere that wasn't inside the Demonic Shrine made for many smaller gatherings of Mamonos lingering at the edge of the forest or loitering around the gardens with pockets of smaller crowds distracting themselves with discussions or games but the echoing brouhaha of a noticeable congregation at the school of Summoning was your undeniable destination.

Your first expectation about this tournament was that it would be taking place underground, inside the small coliseum that hosted Elenor and Vilma duel that managed to house a few hundred onlookers but things were decidedly different. The general dueling grounds for summoners had been repurposed into a single, big square arena limited by the activation of those strange alchemical apparatus that created walls similar to Elina holy shields. Inside was a pair of familiar faces; two Minotaurus locked in a pushing contest, horns and hands locked into an intense test of strength.

Repeating ''good morning your majesty'' and ''well wishes, your graces'' accompanied your group as the crowd organically parted at everyone's arrival. Sieglinde with her sisters and the Overlord made four Supremes, Teruko and Vilma's increasing notoriety also looked to be a small subject of conversation, Elina natural strikingness as an angel wasn't unremarked and of course, Hao oversized fissured axe seemingly pulled out of a volcano didn't give much credence to her maid uniform. You and Klesiah were perhaps the most ''normal'' of the bunch and even then, your knight full plate armor and armaments inevitably projected intimidation despite her subdued stance.

''I'll make sure to inform you of anything I find, darling.'' Deruella held onto the figurine carefully while giving you a reassuring tap on the shoulder. ''Enjoy yourselves, I'm sure her ladyship Overlord will be impressed by our hospitality!'' The tall demoness of alabaster set off on her own in the not-so-lonely pathway leading into the secluded school of Elementalism while the duel between bull-women continued. At the same time, a familiar face came to greet you, momentarily taken aback by Deruella noticeable departing.
''Your graces!'' Elenor made a small, calculated bow. Beside her was a pair of familiar teachers; one was the purple skilled Lamia who greatly fancied wearing a witch hat you remember seeing around and the other was a tall, short-haired red-horned succubus that was often overseeing duels between summoners. ''It is a great honor to be meeting everyone again.'' Elenor smiled with calculated politeness but her red gaze looked honest, especially when she crossed eyes with Vilma who did her best to return the mood.

''Now now, there's no need to be stuffy. Everyone will be able to enjoy two days of rest, what's happening here?'' Sieglinde answered in a gentle demeanor. The atmosphere will take a moment to properly cool off, at least the two roaring fighters were far too absorbed in their bouts to put themselves on their best behaviors.

''Friendly matches, nothing more your highness.'' The lamia was the one to answer. ''It's a good way to deal with everyone restlessness and so we figured that inviting folks would be a good way to blow off steam. Of course, we didn't expect to accommodate Supremes, I'm sure we could move underground...''

''No no, it'll be fine.'' Sieglinde continued. ''You can expect some of us to participate for sure but minding our own strength as Supremes matters, too.''

''Yes...'' A brief eruption of excitement in the crowd as one of the twins had thrown the other over her shoulder, only to end up in a mean headlock. Elenor couldn't resist a chuckle. ''We are only having friendly sparring, people who can fight without summoning are free to participate however they want while summoners enjoy a little unfair advantage because they can keep themselves out of the ring itself and only control their astral puppet.''

''Killing the creature itself is always flashier.'' You commented and Elenor nodded. Then the ongoing fight ended when one of the sisters yielded, the one stuck at a disadvantage had apparently lifted her sibling and knocked her on the walls violently enough to gain the upper hand. ''We have something of an order going on but we'll gladly accommodate anyone here, it is always an honor to welcome Supremes!'' Continued Elenor, the snake-teacher beside her slithered into the ring.

''I think my sister would like one bout.'' Sieglinde statement made her quiet blue-skinned sibling groan.

''What? Hell no!'' Martha immediately protested. ''I was supposed to be in my lab, I'm not going to let ya walk all over me now.''

''Touchy, touchy, can't let you indulge today.'' Sieglinde grin was downright cruel. ''A little fight does a world of good to a girl, Martha, wouldn't you say so, Hao?''

''Yes!'' Many eyes turned toward the maid -who was wearing a genuine armor under her frilly uniform- when she slung her heavy axe hover her shoulder and made it crash on the ground, creating an evident indentation on the smooth soil.

''So much for collateral...'' Muttered Elina, Gwendolyn covered her mouth to mask her giggles.
File: Red 02.jpg (943 KB, 1046x1500)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
>The student's tournament is more a collection of duels than a real tourney, winning a fight is more bragging rights than any real honor. Fight themselves can be considered spars instead of being an outright serious match you'd find inside an arena. Losing isn't considered shameful - everything is in good fun.

>Summoners enjoy an unfair advantage by being completely free of harm but here the aim will be to kill their puppets when a non-summoner goes into a duel with them.

>Everyone in your party can fight one another, a volunteered student or someone a little higher on the power scale. Here's a list of candidates.

Arawn, Elina, Sieglinde, Gwendolyn, Klesiah, Martha, Hao, Teruko, Vilma.

Summoners of all kind, Internalisation warriors, Elenor (she's a strong one)

2 from the summoning school. (Lamia and succubus)
1 instructor from Internalisation is also here (A beastwoman )
The mother of the Minotoraus twins is also here, she's the captain of the guards overseeing the fortress security. A particularly strong axe-wielding Minotaurus.

You can set up fights between these actors. Any fights you won't be actively participating in will be passive watching although bets are perfectly legal, none of the fights are expected to be particularly long; these are sparring, remember that.
Interesting! So we get to pair up who fights with who, to some extent?

Well, first of all, I think Arawn should fight, but without Relying on Gardy. This is a sparr, after all. Gardy is for important things. Do we currently have in our person our magitek devices?

Either way, let's decide who will Arawn fight against! We've already sparred with Elina in the past. I think I recall Klesiah being in a fight with us, too, against Daiyu.

Actually, they are not in the list, but we did have in the past some bad blood with the two minotaur girls that used to accompany Leonor. We never ended up fightting against them, and we are no longer on unfriendly terms, but perhaps they werre left craving that fight that never happened? We could offer to them if either feels like giving it a go. The problem is they literally just finished fighting each other.

If we can suggest it to them, to one of them. If not... We could try fighting agaist a random summoner student! As a last option, Arawn could challenge Gwendolyn! Excuses to touch eyestalks~

Klesiah could go against Hao, so that they could learn about how each other fights! They are both our Knights, and Klesiah had a couple of things to teach Hao.

Elina could have a match with Teruko.

I am sure more matches could be fun, but the last one I will suggest, at least in this one post, would be Martha vs Eleonor. Martha can't be allowed to indulge today, after all~
>Do we currently have in our person our magitek devices?

Yep. It's on your character sheet so you can expect to always have it unless I make it obvious that's not the case.

>We've already sparred with Elina in the past. I think I recall Klesiah being in a fight with us, too, against Daiyu.

Yeah. That fight against Daiyu rocked both of your worlds something fierce.

>We could offer to them if either feels like giving it a go. The problem is they literally just finished fighting each other.

A little healing form Elina will resolve that, a fight against one of the twins is possible yes.

>Klesiah could go against Hao, so that they could learn about how each other fights! They are both our Knights, and Klesiah had a couple of things to teach Hao.
>Elina could have a match with Teruko.
>I am sure more matches could be fun, but the last one I will suggest, at least in this one post, would be Martha vs Eleonor. Martha can't be allowed to indulge today, after all~

So, do you vote for Arawn to fight against one of the Minotaurus? That's perfectly reasonable. You'll have the possibility to set up a second fight afterward, then we'll have the opportunity of doing something else.

Then yes, my vote is for whichever Minotaur sister feels the most like it. Arawn needs to admit to himself, he probably can't handle a 2vs 1 fight against them.
Alright, I'll wait for another potential opinion for about 20 minutes. Mostly because my health is a bit woozy, so today's update will be on the slower side.
...To be perfectly honest, if the Storm Gauntlet can't take 'em down Arawn most likely can't handle anyone on that list even in a one-on-one situation.

Meh, my pessimism is showing - this is a spar, winning isn't the point! Putting up a good show is!

What are the chances Arawn could figure out how to form a weapon or two with his soulmid-match? A trident+net combo would help putting up a gladiator-like show!
Close to no chances. Though it's still in the realm of possibility...
Didn't one of them use a racial slur on us earlier? Called us "knife eared little shit" or something along those lines? If memory serves we owe them some violence for that.
Eh, the trident's an option to keep in mind when we pick a weapon for our elf at least!

Let's have a go at them, but if I recall correctly, we made our peace with them, so let it not be a fight with actual hostilities. At least, unless they still retain their aggressive stance toward us.
Indeed. The one who won said that.

Look like we've got our fight.

I want to add to your comment that we could likely win against them both using the magitek and/or Gardy, but only if we were aiming to serously injure or kill them. On a spar, where we'd have to hold back, we'd be hard-pressed against them, who will likely have trouble adjusting their own strength to not deal actual damage to us, as well.

A sparr is the only way we have to engage them on a fight with minimized risk, but that likely means we can't go all out.
File: 1524178386883.png (996 KB, 1084x1358)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
''Lord can fight!?'' Hao quickly reacted to your suggestion and held out a fist, you bumped it in good faith with your gauntlet covered hand.

''Arawn...'' A flash of hesitation appeared on Elenor face, prompting you to immediately step forward while displacing your hair behind your ears; everyone knew your progeny but showing it still felt important.

''Don't treat me any differently, I know harming elves is touchy but I'd like to test myself like everyone here.'' Despite the general sense of immaturity that surrounded Mamono culture, their competitiveness was infectious. It appealed to a primal need deep within you; you've been training pretty hard whenever events slowed down enough to catch your breath.

''Indeed.'' Sieglinde walked beside you. ''Let this gallant man try to show off a little if he can.'' She flashed you a cruel smile, long tail curling behind her. ''Many women will be watching you.''

''No pressure.'' Sieglinde really does have a mean streak. ''Elina, mind tagging along? I'd like to fight one of the two combatants so I want them in peak performance.''

''One of...?'' Elenor seemed taken aback but didn't argue. She led you and the angel inside the arena where the snake lady was giving both Minotaurus a potion, your arrival promptly put an end to their friendly discussion.

''Whoa! Important visitors outta nowhere!'' One of the twin -the victor- stood straight while the other failed to stand while massing her side.

''I'll be taking care of you both, don't go pretending to be too tough for that now.'' Elina ignored all retort and proceeded to shower both Mamonos in a carefully measured steam of Holy that pended bones and bruises, completely repairing what looked to be the loser fractured rib.

''I'd like to fight one of you.'' Your remark made both large twins -easily approaching two meters in height- look at Elenor who nodded silently. ''I remember when we were in conflict, one of you made a certain remark about my ears.''

''Geh!'' The sister still on the ground winced.

''Brenda...'' Elenor whispered in warning.

''It just flew out! Sorry man!'' The (very) large girl stood up, hands joined together and bowing in genuine clumsy sincerity, it would honestly have been endearing were you not... being watched by a few hundred eyes.

''I'm not mad, don't worry!'' Can't even be miffed now. ''I just wanted to, say, get rid of lingering resentment. How about a spar, Brenda?''

''Hell yeah!'' The large bull-woman loudly punched her chest, giving Elina a thumb up. ''Holy's an amazing thing. Sis worked me good but I'm good to go, always wanted to fight an elf!''

''I'm... not exactly special.'' Now that felt like a lie, your battles prowesses weren't extraordinary but you could certainly leverage your unique magic. ''I'll be using a weapon.'' You tapped your gauntlet, it's activation created a faint glower inside the three topaz that barely showed in this clear day. ''Only fair that you get your choice of armaments.
File: Big Girls.png (344 KB, 715x600)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
''Oooh!?'' Brenda cheerily grinned wide, showing all of her teeth. ''I ain't too good at holding back dude, everything here is blunt but...'' She cast a glance at Elina. ''...you'll keep a close eye yeah? Nothing worse than a sad end to a friendly competition.''

''Absolutely.'' Elina wings flapped with her assertion. ''I'll be levitating above the ring and interrupt the fight if I need to.''

''Okay.'' Elenor cast a brief glance toward the crowd, people had begun to gather now that news of a fighting elf had spread and the mother of the twins seemed to look a little worried. ''Duel with weapons it'll be.''

Brenda brown tail swung sideways with the clump of her feet as she loudly cracked her knuckles, flashing you confident grins without hints of arrogance. There wasn't any bad blood lingering inside of her, only a pure feeling of competition likely animated by her recent loss.


Bodily reinforcement activated: High (Continuous use of this spell has made measurement second nature, you won't need any measuring rolls for bodily reinforcement anymore)

Activating this spell was only natural given the nature of your foe. Minotaurus are parts of those Mamonos naturally bred for combat; standing at nearly two meters of height with rippling muscles and education in soul reinforcement made the simple looking Brenda an incredibly dangerous foe, doubly so with that great axe slung over her shoulder. The girl was stretching her legs, testing the heft and weight of that dangerous -murderous- weapon that could have a damn honest chance of killing you outright, saying you didn't feel afraid was a bald-faced lie.

''Yeah! A lord who can fight is a true honor for knights!'' Hao excitedly yelled, jumping in place. She was the only genuinely excited one of your group, Klesiah had a hand on the shield while grabbing her glaive with the full intention of breaking something if things turned bad and the expression of the other girls were equally nervous, nobody had expected you to choose such a dangerous opponent.

Everything will be fiiiine.

The Brenhilda had quite the reputation inside both schools, both dispatched all the summoned puppets they've fought today. Had you not imposed yourself it was highly likely they'll end up fighting one of the teachers.

Thankfully there was quite some distance between you and the big bull-woman, more seven meters separated the two of you and that would likely be your saving grace.

A sudden gong resonated and your foe rushed forward quickly in a loud bellowing warcry.
>As we are outside the Red World, fighting here is a little more customizable. I'll ask for rolls (if needed) once we settle on a choice.

Use of your gauntlet will allow you to strike at a distance, precision on what strength you use here matter. (See your sheet).
>Defense [Evasive. Counterattack]
In this case, guarding is impossible. An evasive posture will have you try to get into a better area relative to your opponent, see if you can catch your foe off guard. Counterattack doesn't do anything special beside the obvious. Risky.
Attempt to use one of your spells. Since you've trained all of your spells into cores ones, you can use them in the middle of an attack or defense.
Suggest a strategy, I'll decide if it falls into attack or defense.

Remember this is sparring match so there's no need to be -too- serious.
First of all, I think her rushing at us is warranting some defending attempt. I vote for

>Defense [Evasive]

If people make their minds on attacking, I'd go with


Brenda is attacking Hard at us, it seems .We should reply in kind.

I am a bit bad of thinking of elaborate strategies, so I will wait to see what other players suggest.
Unless stated otherwise, I'll assume that all offensive/defense will have Arawn focus on throwing light lightning bolts at your foe.

I'll wait for an agreement before asking for rolls.
I don't even follow this quest but who is this thot?

She is a former adversary that lost reason to fight us when her "boss" broke free of the manipulative scheme that had her go after us and our friends.

Now we are on alright terms with them, but we still wanted a match with them.


I am good with that. Ranged lightning bolts sounds more in our line than trying to out-punch her.
What option involves the homing lightning bolt and would it seriously hurt her if we used it? If it won't then I say why give her a chance to dodge when we have homing spells?

Ah, wait. You meant the fox girl? She's our arch-enemy! Lady White, or Ama for.... 'friends', who tricked us into forming a contract.
>What option involves the homing lightning bolt

Medium and above type attacks. Stronger degrees means throwing more bolts.

>Would it seriously hurt her if we used it?
Yeah, there's no true guarantee but you can keep things to light bolts.

It's not a true homing lightning bolt but a jolt you can curve before launching... I knew I forgot to note something in your sheet lately, your progress with the lightning bolts need to be there.
Eeegh. Can't say I'm really feeling good about this fight. Maybe I'm just tired but what real options do we have here aside from the lightning bolts....? Pfeh, I'd have voted for investigating the artifact if I'd gotten to that vote sooner. Oh well, can't be helped.

>Defense [Evasive]
Might be best we get an idea on how Brenda fights.

I wonder if could trip her somehow with our Soul Arms? Lightning blast to the face to unsteady her and then pull on her leg?
It's just some serious fox tiddy so I was curious.

Two votes for a defensive option, roll me 1d20 folks. You'll get a natural +4 bonus due to general experience, your reinforcement, and the distance.

>I'm just tired but what real options do we have here aside from the lightning bolts....?

A simple yet effective tool can be surprisingly effective. Your magic is geared for support, so you'll have to make do with what you can get.

I mean, she's pretty. Even if she is a terrifying, cunning and cruel villainess, we still want to pat her tails.

...At least I do. >w<
Tails aren't the body part I'd choose.
Rolled 4 (1d20)


Let's see if our dodge massively fails or what.
Rolled 20 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Rolls for the Dice Gods!

>Pat her tails
I'm sorry, "pat the evil fox-witch's tails" is not in my vocabulary. Please try "strangling the witch with her own tails"
File: me.jpg (244 KB, 1920x1040)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Why do I even bother.

Let's see how this goes.

Absolutely neat roll!

And, strangling Ama with her own tails, you say?
Kinky~ I wonder if she'd find the attempt amusing
>Nat 20

Holy fuck, I've been waiting to use that for probably 10 threads or so, with this situation! Dice Gods truly have smiled on me today!

Now watch us fail on an offensive roll.
Brenda speed was genuinely worrying, for someone with her bulk and wielding this side-splitting axe, her charge gobbled meters by the seconds, giving her good options to attack you. She could slam right into you if you didn't move, swing that axe in the direction you went into, throw a leg or arm in the direction you'd try to dodge if you went toward the side that wasn't holding that deadly weapon...

Your fight against the Magritew was still a hazy memory but your sparring against Daiyu had completely rocked your world. The Demon Lord had drilled into you the concept of ''fast, decisive action'' mercilessly, making for a risky but ultimately rewarding play in the overture of this battle; hearing the worried gasps of your friends was just a little harmless indulgence. Of course, you knew what you were doing.

Dodging to your left was easy but risky because that was Brenda armed side, enhanced muscles and magic combined to change your sidesteps into efficient jumpings that, of course, were followed by the bullgirl, her weapon aimed at your midsection would put this sparring to an end but the girl didn't expect you to crouch the moments your legs hit the ground.

''Fuuu!?'' Brenda screamed when a sudden jolt of lightning crackled out of your finger to strike her knee, forcing her to use the glowing wall as support whilst you hopped backward out of your awkward crouch once the axe nosily finished its swing above you.

These frog bounces looked rather stupid you've no doubt about that, but they were incredibly useful with the total reinforcement of your body.

>Your successful dodging threw your foe off guard, resulting in a free attack!

The choice between gauntlet or hand-to-hand is always available.
>Add a spell to your assault

All Out would be overkill. Anything below hard, would likely be shrugged off. Hard it is. Time to give her a hearty Zap and see if that concludes the match.
Hm, guess we'll be ending here tonight. I'll wait for another voice before asking for rolls, though... things are looking bleak for the poor bull.
Ring her bell.
Alright, roll me 1d20. Let's hope she's not being ringed too hard.

I-it's not like she's going to die, is it?
Uh oh, should have gone with Medium...
Rolled 14 (1d20)


let's all press F for Bull girl
File: Minotaur11.png (15 KB, 276x397)
15 KB
Minotaurus are very sturdy, you'll have to do much better to actually kill her.
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Well guys, if this goes over the top, I'm blaming you all. Just kidding, but it will give Arawns a bit of a reputation for slight brutality.

One more roll is still available, if any more players dare. Though a 14 looks pretty acceptable, I think.

We likely won't kill her and it will ideally not humiliate her, either.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

accidental cow joke is accidental.
File: Holstaur70.png (277 KB, 1571x900)
277 KB
277 KB PNG

Good thing this is a sparring match... Dice gods certainly like to give Arawn big numbers.

I recall during one early training session we got wasted by Elina, as we critically failed a defend.

But yes, it does feel like the Dice Gods are generous during mock up fights. But what matters is what they do on the actual life-or-death fights.
File: 40.jpg (378 KB, 700x700)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
Now, now there's nothing to fear. you guys rocked that Magritew pretty well, the only opponent that seemed to have completely outclassed you was Daiyu.

The entire thing mostly occurred off screen because I didn't think you guys would like seeing Arawn and Klesiah getting continuously dunked on.
>nat 20
Nice. Seems killing the Magritew earned us the favor of Khaine.

Crit success today, crit fail at the worst possible time. We all know it's coming, it's why you keep asking for rolls.
...Soo Arawns lets loose a little too hard?
Eh, we can chalk it up to our elf's inexperience, making judging how much power he should throw around difficult.

Hopefully Brenda doesn't mind too much!

We will eventually gain Measurement proficiency, but with how hard we hit, rather than how well we control our mana, hehe.
While likely true, it would also be expected IMO. I mean, that girl defeated the "Embodiment of Strife" in something resembling single combat. Circumstances and context unknown to us ATM but just that fact alone? Yeah, to even last 5 whole seconds without resorting to your personal "OH SHIT!" buttons that carry hefty costs to activate is a feat worthy of feast and song.

Oh damn it all, that artifact is made of Magritew so I hope to high heaven Deruella is both aware of that fact and taking proper precautions in her research. If it were to suddenly revive somehow Deru is a feast among feasts. I don't wanna be in any way responsible for the loss of one of Daiyu's daughters.

She'd kill us slow for that if it were not for the theoretical repercussions. We are, technically, officially the Embodiment of Protection after all. I'd hesitate to kill that in pretty much all instances... It'd be pretty damn able to preserve itself in the worst case. If she thought "Strife" was one hard cookie to crack...
File: 1.jpg (213 KB, 400x569)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>I mean, that girl defeated the "Embodiment of Strife" in something resembling single combat.

Fought him in single combat but ultimately didn't kill him. It's undeniable that she did the lion share in wounding the bastard though.

>If it were to suddenly revive somehow.
Oh that won't be happening, the spark of life left that creature, there's no regaining it.

>She'd kill us slow for that if it were not for the theoretical repercussions

I honestly feel like sharing the story of Sieglinde second ''boyfriend'' because mama Daiyu really goes overboard sometimes.
Ah, so somebody was dumb enough to actually try and kill a member of her family directly and in a way that labeled them as the culprit after a basic investigation.

Oh boy, poor fucker found out the hard way why the Eldar are so very keen on not getting fed to Slaanesh so to speak. A mistress of pleasure also knows how to inflict the most exquisite and horrific pain one would fear... If they had a functioning brain which that dumb fucker obviously didn't.
Power quickly gathered into your arm, increasing the luster from all three inserted topaz. Crackles of bluish lightning traveled the length of the gauntlet once your magic was naturally broke down and used as fuel by your weapon, converging into creating a potent source of energy that was stil lwell within the safety parameter of your gauntlet.

It'd be a damn shame it break it in front of Martha.

The bolt that followed zapped with echoing might in a powerful reverberation; your target was clear and unimpeded, you aimed for Brenda back as she tried to regain purchase in her knee.

''Kaaaaf!'' Your opponent screamed when your modified magic struck mercilessly. Lightning visibly traveled throughout her body in an organic spread of energy that tensed her muscle and made her flatten herself against the magical wall, her axe loudly clung on the ground when her grip loosened.

Minotaurus weren't so easily put down. Despite that jolt, Brenda was already recovering and pushed herself off in a defiant roar even if it wasn't going to help, her movements were still rigid and clumsy, her only options would be to endure and hopefully gain an advantage. you saw several people wince when another gathering of power made your gauntlet crackle with renewed energy, there were five meters between you; more than enough to press your advantage.

The sudden interference of a bright golden shield put an end to that. The bullwoman knocked herself on its surface when it appeared out of nowhere and Elina following swooping and loud landing put a definitive end to this spar.

''E-eh!?'' Brenda yelled, eyes wilds, still preyed by the disorientation of your lightning. ''Can't be the end cmon!''

''This isn't a grudge match.'' Elina retorted mercilessly. ''Sure you'd be able to get back on your feet after another three or four more thunderbolts but you got dragged into too much of a disadvantage here.''

That was a scary statement but it was undeniably true, you'd likely need a dozen bolts to properly exhaust Brenda but that carried far too much of a risk of genuinely wounding her. Snapping a bolt on her face would be very, very dangerous no matter her endurance.

''Aaaw maaaan.'' The obstructive magical protection disappeared and you relaxed your stance when the bull-girl stance relaxed. ''Two losses in a row? Cmon that ain't right...''

A round of applause followed when you walked near your opponent, holding out a hand. ''We could aim for something a little serious another time, what do you say?'' For a moment the much taller girl peered at you curiously then directed her stare at the greataxe.

''Having something a little proper for a non-lethal duel would feel nice, too. Was kinda scared I'd kill ya, you know?'' Brenda swallowed her dejection and took hold -firmly- of your hand. Without reinforcement, that grip would hurt a whole lot. ''Another time then, elven agility really is a thing huh? And that gadget... yer a sneaky one.''
File: Sieg06.jpg (323 KB, 566x800)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
It was impossible not to return her grin. ''I do what I can to defend myself.''

''Ah!'' Brenda released your hand and rolled her shoulders. ''Think you'd be open to giving me a small zap in the morning? This lightning makes a gal feel alive, I'm thinking it'd be a great way to start a day.''

Talk about unusual statements.

''I'll... think about it.'' You responded a little too late, Brenda had already grabbed her axe and waved to you and the angel. A small brouhaha from the nearby students revealed excited chatter; this spar wasn't much of a victory but it seems you've impressed a few folks.

''Not a long fight at all...'' Hao was the first to welcome you and she looked thoroughly dejected, enough for Klesiah to nudge her with her elbow.

''This is not how you are supposed to welcome your lord.'' Chided the blue knight with a firm voice. ''You said it yourself, a lord who fights is an honor.''

''Mu!'' Hao crossed her arm and pouted.

''An act that ill befit your uniform, young lady.'' This time Priscilla added herself into scolding the poor tribal girl who really was expecting some kind of grandiose bout.

''What in the world possessed you to fight a minotaur?'' Sieglinde reprimand was made in a clearly false haughty attitude, the way she crossed her dark arm under her breasts radiating sisterly disapproval made it extremely difficult to resist your urge to tease her.

''It really was impressive!'' Elenor -who had silently joined your group- spoke excitedly.

These girls... They don't have much faith in your combat capabilities huh?

>And so your spar ended rather abruptly. You can prepare another fight, details in this post >>3262393 are still valid.

>Alternatively, you could also have a chat with someone and concentrate less on whatever fight that'll be happening. Things will progress organically here, Hao and Klesiah would be the next contenders.
>Hao vs Klesiah

This sounds good to me~who will we cheer for, I wonder?

While we watch them fight, we could have some casual chat with Sieglinde. We did want to know what she was up to, didn't we?
A little more details about that whole Javed household under house arrest thing?

I am not the best at thinking of conversation themes. That is a good one. If Sieglinde seems unfomfortable with discussing those matters right now, we could ask her if she's thinking of participate, or about what's on her mind.
These sound good to me. Not sure about Hao vs. Klesiah though, I'd be kinda insulting if we didn't pay attention to the bout between our own knights!
Can we ask Martha what she though of our fight? I wanna see her fight as well but Hao and Klesiah do need to learn how they fight so they can get some teamwork/synchronization in battle going. Would them fighting each other teach them faster or can they learn by watching each other fight someone else?
>Can we ask Martha what she though of our fight?

Of course. A little general relaxation and bouncing topics will work out fine.

>Would them fighting each other teach them faster
Hao is a very fast learner but she does it best when actively doing something, so it'd be best for her to get fights going.
Ok then, Hao vs. Klesiah it is. We should try to pay attention to the fight as we talk with the other girls though. Like the other anon said, it'd be downright insulting for us to not pay attention to their little fight. They are *our* knights after all, we owe them our attention as their lord for we are good one who wishes to live up to expectations and be worthy of their vows.
File: Lilim2.jpg (123 KB, 600x800)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
All it took for Hao eternal cheeriness to brighten her face like a ray of sunshine was the simple suggestion of ''would you like to go next?'' to make her physically latch onto you.

''Hao can!?'' She squeaked, squeezing your hand and shaking it. For the briefest of moments you broke out into a cold sweat, was she wanting to actually fight you...?

''It'd be far too cruel to refuse.'' Teruko responded, obviously used to Hao overwhelming energy. The tribal lizard-girl clapped her hands and threw Klesiah a thumb up, taking the blue knight by surprise.

''Let's show a proper fight! Two knights fighting and bonding under their lord gaze is Justice!'' Hao stated in a loud, pure voice that managed to warm Klesiah demeanor because a gentle smile settled on her face.

''We have to ask his permission first.'' Responded the girl, one hand on the pommel of her sword, holding her glaive in a fashion that betrayed an evident feeling of excitement.

''I don't need subservience from either of you, didn't I say it yesterday?'' The way Klesiah made everyone eyes -with the addition of Elenor too- fall of you in silent judgment felt like a chain passed around your neck. ''Is it fine, Elenor?''

''O-oh? Of course!'' The demoness couldn't even finish giving her assessment, Hao pumped her fist and began running toward the small arsenal of weapons used by Internalisation contenders, cutting through the crowd like an arrow; her frilly clothes that should project an aura of subservience really clashed with her energy.

''Guess that'll be round two.'' Elina stated, nudging Elenor who had been staring at Hao in awe, the girl had pulled a claymore out of the displayed armaments and tested its heft. That's her method of holding back?

''Ah, yes!'' Elenor turned toward Klesiah and your blue knight wordlessly proceeded forward, her clicking armor seemingly speaking for herself.

''Well now, having a little mind for showing off mysir?'' Teruko welcomed you with this remark once you finally stood with your group. The one problem of this makeshift tournament was the lack of seats, forcing everyone to stand close together in a way that was -almost- enough for Gwendolyn tendrils to be touched entirely by mistake.

''Nothing wrong with letting these two have it out. Klesiah doesn't show it, but she likes to fight too.'' You responded, turning to watch your knightly rivals. They were having a chat with Elina, Elenor, and the witch hatted Lamia, making for a small lull that created excited chatter amongst the crowd.

Clearly Sieglinde ''retinue'' was a favorite when it came to duels.

''So, Martha, did I make a good employ of that little toy?'' The blue-skinned demoness looked completely out of it, her golden gaze swimming in dark scleras blinked a few times before registering your words.
File: 68.jpg (135 KB, 1056x1328)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
'Pretty good, I figured you'd be the type to win or lose fast in a duel since your strategy is all about keeping your distance, you don't have many offensive options.'' She glanced at your gauntlet which became the momentary center of everyone attention. ''If you get even better at keeping your distance and get to handle a full set of magitek weaponry, I can see you become pretty damn scary since your nature meshes very well with being changed into fuel.''

A clang of iron resonated from the arena. Hao and Klesiah hadn't started their bout, both had swung their weapons against one another to create their own little dueling gong; they proceeded to walk at the arena edge afterward, putting an end to all the loud chatters. Elina flew overhead, obviously acting as arbiter; a job that had previously belonged to Elenor. She was now sitting with her two big friends and their mom.

Mother's Mercy, Gwendolyn standing next to you made the temptation of petting one of these stalks nigh unresistible...!

''Sieglinde.'' You whispered, a little desperate for distraction. The redhead glanced at you to respond to your whisper, then several clangs of iron resonated, thoroughly captivating the crowd. Your two knights had reinforced their bodies and clashed their weapons again, this time beginning a dangerous dance of steel led by Klesiah polearm. Her movements were a song of deadly steel, the glaive thoroughly kept Hao at bay who parried blows after blows with enough violence to create sparks.

There was a cadence to Klesiah movements, her graceful slashes and curving swing were always horizontal in nature, striking from wide angles; it was almost hypnotic.

''I've heard the entire Javed household was under house arrest, is that true?'' Sieglinde nodded without looking at you. Good thing she didn't ask how you knew about that, explaining the source of this intelligence would be awkward.
''We weren't able to find any big proof of wrongdoing...'' She briefly tore her attention away from the duel to glance at Vilma, the lich was silently observing everything next to Teruko with rapt attention, the bell on her staff gently chimed with her many twitches. ''...But I wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong for these two days. Matter of Vilma kidnapping is a good enough excuse for me to squeeze them, thing is, Jena has been missing for a while.'' Another clang revealed a shift in the fight: Hao had stepped forward in a crouch to get within range and dodge the bladed end of Klesiah glaive resulting in a painful slam of a metal staff on her back, she had attempted to outright skewer the dancing blue knight but Klesiah deftly dodged in a twirl reminiscent of a ballerina and promptly slammed her weapon into Hao with added centrifugal force.

''Jena's been missing since yesterday. The patriarch of the Javed is coming into Throne Town because Jena has been disobeying his commands.'' Both combatants had broken off their engagement to regain their breath, their cruel and bloodthirsty grins evidently removed any precept of ''knightliness'' from this duel, this was pure violent indulgence.

The head of the vampire household is missing? Could this have been the hint Ama would have given you? Suspicious timing for an enemy of Teruko to go missing.

>The girls duel will be going on for a while, you'll have a chance to speak some more.

>Ask about Jena Javed herself, who exactly is this vampiress? What does she look like? You know -roughly- the origin for her feud with Teruko but that's all.

>Talk with Gwendolyn, why did she remain behind, without leading her troops?

>Free/Observe the fight without distraction.
>Free/Observe the fight without distraction.
This is no place for in-depth discussion. Pay attention now, Arawn might learn a thing or two from this.
>Free/Observe the fight without distraction.
Let's sit back and really take the spar in
>Free/Observe the fight without distraction.
We'll ask about the head of the Javed Household after we look at our knights trying to impress us.
File: 137060134356.png (655 KB, 933x1161)
655 KB
655 KB PNG

Alright, next update might be too long but I'll likely only be updating tomorrow due to being a tad tired.

You'll be able to do something else afterward too. for now, on with our knights bout!

Folks, you do not want to miss this next update.
>Talk with Gwendolyn, why did she remain behind, without leading her troops? Also, can we touch the eyestalks now? ;3

It doesn't look like my votte will win out, but oh well. If we watch at the girls, let's note their strengths and weaknesses that are apparent from how they fight.

When they're back, let's give them our analysis on how they can improve.
The spoiler occludes jack shit but damnit man now I'm worried. What'd we miss and how badly is everyone about to get fucked?

Alternatively, was there a surprise Vampire Count leading an undead army and wrecking the suppression mission with it? Too many heavy hitters stayed behind because of us I fear and now we're about to cost other people dearly.
File: 1.png (205 KB, 587x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>Too many heavy hitters stayed behind because of us I fear and now we're about to cost other people dearly.

Not really. Kreszenz prince marshall and an S-rank mage of fire were added to the Suppression force because of your amazing success with the slaves, Deruella, Martha and Gwendolyn staying behind aren't too much of a power loss.

Especially since Zazawu, Daiyu, Ame, and Tuilelaith are out there. Those four are forces of natures.

Nothing bad will happen, it's just a duel to enjoy.
I was thinking what your spoiler says here, now I'm doubting it.
>that spoiler

See, you say that, and I want to believe you, but I just know better. The question is who is about to have a bad day and how bad is that day going to be?

Teruko's the obvious choice but hey, Ama and her minions might throw us a curve ball here and just randomly screw someone else we like over because why the heck not? Ama does not care how her toy suffers or why, only that the suffering flows in great quantity from it for its tears are delicious and its cries of fear and frustration as the most pleasing of songs.
File: JC how stressful.png (433 KB, 600x592)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
>Folks, you do not want to miss this next update.
Oh shit oh shitohshitohshit
>Inb4 Jena shows up and wrecks up the tournament
Oh, I just though about this, but how about we try embracing that aspect we gained while we watch the fight? It's just a quick focus activation followed by a fast act of will I think right?

You've got me paranoid and she did say "when" we meet her face to face. Not if, when. Had the implication of that happening soon as well. She may well be shapeshifted and watching these fights right next to us without us knowing. After all, she's probably already here in town!
Can't quite insert that in the coming update, the girls fight truly is interesting. I hope.
Darn, we do that ASAP then. Honestly we should have done it first thing in the morning but suffering angel was suffering so we had to help her.

Damn it man why must your spoilers make me worry more!
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
It's cute how scared you guys get of a little harmless taunting.
Let's hop Elina is more attentive to the girls than we are being >w<
File: 49.jpg (270 KB, 1240x1754)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Those short moments of peace between the duelers instilled complete silence throughout the crowd, a sentiment quickly shared by your friends, reducing all chatters to respectful stillness. Once your knights recuperated enough breath, they set out to fight again in a bout completely unlike your own; the quickness of your victory had felt a little hollow (even if it was entirely legitimate), here these two were going to make this last.

It wasn't surprising to see Hao open hostilities first. She rushed forward without grace and swiped her large sword in an upward diagonal aimed at Klesiah legs, the blue knight angled her staff to parry in a violent sound of resounding clinging metal, followed with a small calculated backward bounce whilst simultaneously using the full length of her polearm to thrust at Hao who dropped even lower on the ground to let the blade whizz past her shoulder (audibly scratching against her chainmail underneath), only for her to extend a hand and grab the glaive as it started to retreat!

''Guh!?'' Klesiah grunted when the tribal knight pulled it away from her grip by this single hand. The blue knight weakened grasp because of her thrust had been a dramatic miscalculation. The vision of the polearm flying far behind Hao and loudly clanging on the ground elicited many gasps of tensions, doubly so once Klesiah put a few meters of distances to recollect herself.

Klesiah didn't miss a heartbeat to pull her sidearm, the strange blade of golden-silvery material possessed an inviting dull shine against the strong midday sun. ''You're a devious one, Hao. You've no idea how to handle a blade or an axe but that's not stopping you.''

''Hehe!'' Hao straightened her back and rested the dull claymore on her shoulder, grinning a wide, happy smile at her opponent. ''All self-taught! Hao'll win!'' She briefly gazed skyward to give Elina a thumb up, the angel shrugged.

''We'll see about that.'' Klesiah changed her stance, grabbing her longsword with her dominant hand, extending it forward to imitate a rapier posture. ''I'm not wearing this sword for show, I've got you figured out.''

''Nehehe.'' Hao pale tongue peeked out of her lips. ''Arrogance bad for knights!''

The black-scaled lizard-girl charged and the women duel restarted in earnest, quickly establishing a surprising dynamic. Klesiah actually took to an offensive and quickly became successful in pressuring Hao's defense, the blue knight had figured out the length of her opponent sword during their previous dance of steel and made use of this knowledge mercilessly. Her plates squeaked and groaned as her foots carried her sharp movements with such precision that, again, you had the impression of watching a dance.
File: 69.jpg (826 KB, 2318x2667)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
Klesiah focused entirely on dodging, often twisting her body or outright jumping back after baiting Hao out of position, the lizard-maid quick -yet ultimately clumsy- cleaves left her open for many opportunities of counterattacks in the form of quick, decisive thrusts with the tip of a longsword. Klesiah only committed to full strikes when Hao had left herself somewhat open so as to avoid losing her second weapon to a particularly strong deflection and even then it would only be in the form of a forward lunge to jab that sword into her opponent guts, often relying on the return pull for damage instead when Hao managed to move away in the nick of time.

Klesiah was slowly reducing Hao pretty clothes into a mess of cut up rags.

This change in momentum naturally led to a deadly waltz for both combatants. Parries gave way to genuine evasions, small bounces replaced larger motions, lunges, retreats and need for spaces forced both girls to use all of the available space in the arena: Hao tried her best to force Klesiah into a corner and the blue knight countered by pressuring the tribal maid, abandoning all occasions to reclaim her primary weapon in favor of keeping this pressure with a weapon that wouldn't be so easily grabbed.

''I wonder if the knightly orders actually using rapiers would have an aneurysm on seeing that.'' Gwendolyn said, doing her best to conceal her chuckle.

''I say, let them grumble.'' Teruko responded with similar volume. ''Klesiah will undeniably win at this rate.''

A little cold but true nonetheless. All of these thrusts from a trained, reinforced body led to many near misses and rare purchase into Hao chainmail, Klesiah training might be an insurmountable edge with the handicap both girls placed themselves in.

''Are they actually holding themselves back anymore?'' Sieglinde asked, briefly turning her attention at the hundreds of eyes in silent concentration. Nothing else would ever captivate so many Mamonos.

''Raaah!'' Hao sudden yelled, suddenly stepping back a few feet and throwing her large blade at Klesiah so suddenly that it caught your first knight completely off-guard, she only had time to brace herself for impact by twisting her shoulder in the direction of that spinning sword.

Impact sounded and looked painful. Klesiah stood her ground but the noise of clashing metal and her grunt seemed to reverberate in a collective gasp from the crowd. Hao had fallen back all the way toward Klesiah discarded glaive and promptly picked it up.

''You've no idea how to use that!'' Growled the blue knight.

''Now's the time to learn!'' Retorted your second knight. She was holding onto the glaive like one would a long, oversized stick.

''Oh, fine.'' The plates around her shoulder looked indented but Klesiah wasn't showing any pain. With sweat glistening on her face, she quickly inserted her sword in its scabbard then grabbed the claymore at her feet. ''Guess today is a time for learning!''
''I believe both of milady friends will need a hearty dinner afterward, should I prepare?'' Asked Priscilla, Sieglinde answered with a distracted nod.

A strange faint echo reached your ears, almost sounding like a scream.

''Might have to call a draw at this rate!'' Elina remark made both combatants glance up to her. ''A sparring isn't a grudge match.''

''That means Hao will win!''

''No, the victor hasn't been decided yet!''

a very faint cavernous booming tickled your ears, coming from the big school of Internalisation.

''Hey, folks... can you hear something weird?'' A lull in the duel had been imposed by Elina for both combatants to regain their breath.

''Weird?'' Gwendolyn turned to observe you, constricting her tendrils, soon enough putting you at the center of attention.

''I've heard it twice now, just something echoing, it's very faint...''

Soft crackles from far, far away came from the direction of the school of Elementalism.

''There.'' You pointed at the secluded school. ''Heard it again, I'm not-''
File: 40581239_p0.png (1.38 MB, 3000x1751)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
When a tree from the nearby forest promptly and nosily fell down, your words were drowned in a deluge of suddenscreams and violent, maddened yells.

Something came lumbering out of the forest, a mess of red flesh big enough to dwarf the trees it pushed down, smashing into a crowd of unsuspecting students with remorseless violence. Bodies were crushed, sickening noises of grinding bones and splitting muscles combined into an uproar of slaughter when the creature; a giant of fat muscles and mutated limbs, killed all unlucky Mamonos within reach with wide swipes of those thick arms that cut apart anyone nearby, spreading a small sea of blood and viscera.

Exploding out of a wall from the school of Internalisation, some fat rotting belching monstrosity slithered toward unlucky students trying to run, spewing acidic pus to melt skin, muscle, and bones, crippling all of its unfortunate victims then slithering over the bodies and melting...!

In the path leading into the school of Elementalism, another abomination sprung out. A refined humanoid with four-bladed arms and a red, purplish body of sinew proved itself dangerous and quick when a squad of student stood their grounds and were promptly cut apart. Heads rolled, limbs were cleaved in a torrent of maddened violence.

In the garden not too far from the Demonic throne was another abomination, a mess of flesh and six elongated limbs full of teeth that dextrous wrapped around limbs and with sickening crunches echoing into your keen hearing, ripped off anything it touched. Behind it was a strange, yet ultimately familiar manifestation. A pale green oval shape had pierced a hole in reality, anchoring itself in the middle of a strange rune, barely did you have time to catch a breath that another creature emerged from its depth, stumbled o nits feet... then yowled in agony before lashing out in frenzied rage, ending more young lives.

What...? What!?

''Snap out of it, Arawn!''

>A Tale of Monsters -26- end.


Join me next week for part 27: Purity of Vengeance!

Isn't it fuuuuun?
Is Deruella dead? How many abominations are there and does our party even stand a chance? I knew we were in for a fucking but holy shitballs is this brutal!
Aaahhh! Abominations attacking? >w<
From the School of Internalization? Deruella was there!

I am worried of one of these beings that have apperaed could be Deruella in a frenzy. The green ovel thingy could be our statuette? If so, if we attack mindlessly, it could come to harm to Deruella, if it is there.

My immediate thought is that we need to get Teruko out of there. After that, finding and/or rescuing Deruella is important.

Klesiah and Hao might be too spent to poperly fight, and Elina has invested already a bit of her magic in healing combatants, I think.

Things don't look good..
Yo what the actual fuck
Craaaaap. Maybe we should have risked the gamble with White after all.

>Behind it was a strange, yet ultimately familiar manifestation. A pale green oval shape had pierced a hole in reality, anchoring itself in the middle of a strange rune
It escapes me how this manifestation could be familiar. And that rune better not be one of those Arawn drew up under that geas.

Oh shit, is Deruella alright? I sure hope that artifact we got from the Magritev fight didn't have a part in this.

Okay so by my count we've got 4 abominations to deal with, and more possibly coming from that rift.
...Is it time to hop into that Magitek armor in Belph's lab?

Oh this looks FUN! What could possibly go wrong?
By the looks of things, *everything* HAS gone wrong
File: smug.gif (379 KB, 504x398)
379 KB
379 KB GIF
>Is Deruella dead?

Who knows?

>How many abominations are there.

9 and rising.

>Does our party even stand a chance?

>From the School of Internalization? Deruella was there!

She went into Elementalism actually.

>Klesiah and Hao might be too spent to poperly fight, and Elina has invested already a bit of her magic in healing combatants, I think.

Elina is fine, she used a paltry amount of magic to cure the wounded.

>It escapes me how this manifestation could be familiar.

Red World. It's a chaotic mess of walking flesh.

>And that rune better not be one of those Arawn drew up under that geas.


>...Is it time to hop into that Magitek armor in Belph's lab?

A possible course of action.

Things could have been much worse.
File: Concern.gif (84 KB, 200x181)
84 KB
>Red World. It's a chaotic mess of walking flesh.
Hmmn, I took it that the familiar manifestation was referring to the oval rent in reality. My reading comprehension might be impaired by late hour
>9 and rising
Jaysus fecking Chroist closing that rend in reality is pretty much top priority - but we also need to link up with Deru...
Who's the fastest mover aside from Elina? We need the angel to get any recuprating fighters to top condition and then maybe to heal those wounded in the fighting... assuming there are any that can be saved right at this moment.

Now that I think about it. Could that Rift be connected to the Red World? We can pretty much plane shift to and from the Red World at will, meaning we're the perfect scout for investigating the Rift! Maybe we can even copy the beacons the Magritev used to distract any creatures away from it.
Once the shock pass, I think I can be a little merciful and allow you guys some kind of early action to start out next thread with.

Making a strategy and trying to stick to it is important... although it'll be hard to gauge what the girls will do in front of such horrors.

>Could that Rift be connected to the Red World?

Remember what Daiyu said about Runes of Passages?

>We can pretty much plane shift to and from the Red World at will, meaning we're the perfect scout for investigating the Rift! Maybe we can even copy the beacons the Magritew used to distract any creatures away from it.

The Hour of Lullaby is when you can shift easily, doing it at another time could result in something... unforeseen.
>Remember what Daiyu said about Runes of Passages?
I did not, so I went to reread that particular segment. If I understood correctly, that Rift isn't tied strictly to the Red World.
Assuming a Rune of passage was used for this... It's actually rather clever. Use the Runes to make the other side worry about spies moving around with them when the real intention is to summon eldritch horrors on them. I'd even be impressed, were I not so pissed!
>The Hour of Lullaby is when you can shift easily, doing it at another time could result in something... unforeseen.
Well fuck. So much for that then?

Okay okay first things first, we don't rush into anything. I say we volunteer to help any wounded students to get out of immediate danger OR go with someone to find Deruella. Outside of donning Belph's Magitek armor(we should name that if it doesn't have a name yet) Arawn doesn't have the armanents or spells to fight any of the abominations head on...

*I almost forgot that we can fuse with Gardy outside of the Red World too*. The question, however is if we have the time to do the required ritual for it.
File: 4.jpg (710 KB, 1088x1624)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
>I'd even be impressed, were I not so pissed!


>*I almost forgot that we can fuse with Gardy outside of the Red World too*. The question, however is if we have the time to do the required ritual for it.

Fusing outside of the Red World can be pretty costly/dangerous. You don't actually need a ritual to attempt it but it's true that having more magical fuel to help you out would reduce the risk of complications, it's also possible to attempt a ''lower level'' of fusion instead of completely becoming the Embodiment of Protection.
You see this shit? This is why we get so worried so easily. The equivalent of a fucking full scale Daemonic Incursion is currently in the process of scouring Throne Town clean of all life as Greater Daemons and the like just poor out of the rifts to snack on all the locals. I thought Daiyu had ordered the runes dispelled wherever found and had people regularly scouring the red world. Does anyone know how to close the rifts and, more importantly, *keep* them closed once they do it?

This time, you actually matched one of my worst case scenarios. All the countries involved in the suppression have pissed in the corn flakes of some very powerful factions. Gee, their greatest forces/most powerful individuals are somehow not there anymore. Perfect time to fuck their capital cities and just wouldn't ya know, a fine fellow and/or fluffy woman is offering to do it for the low, low price of signing on the line that is dotted. That or an apostle has a strong grudge against us or Daiyu and is sparing no expense in fucking us over.

>that last spoiler
I am failing to see as to how it could be.

On the plus side, I had an idea thanks to Martha. We could become a fantasy magitek magos with our soul arms functioning like/supplementing servo arm and mechadendrite equivalents. We could make our enemies feel the wrath of the Omnissiah. Also, I remember that we have a small mech in Belph's lab just dying to be piloted. Is Belph here or on the mission? If I remember right about that mech, well, the short bearded ones don't consider Elves to be filthy fucking oathbreakers in this setting right?
File: 3.jpg (368 KB, 1000x750)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
>You see this shit? This is why we get so worried so easily.
But you've been so successful!

>The equivalent of a fucking full scale Daemonic Incursion is currently in the process of scouring Throne Town clean of all life.

How I wish I could say that I can't say anything about this, but I'll put my foot down here. It's only the fortress that's being assaulted, the capital itself is fine.

>I thought Daiyu had ordered the runes dispelled wherever found
Yes but the people didn't get them all. Finding them is very difficult.
>Had people regularly scouring the red world.
This has been happening yes, all the summoning students were made to work extra hard to dry up nearby spirits, it was another lingering reason for the tournament and giving them two days off.

>I am failing to see as to how it could be.
You still have Vilma, Klesiah is here, you're on good term with Gwendolyn and you aren't facing a full-scale vampiric assault.

> Is Belph here or on the mission?
On the mission, Martha can access the lab just fine.

>That spoiler.
Dwarves and Elves became fairly chummy after the Great Crusade. Many bonds were forged in bloodshed, both races have very long memories.
Ok, so we're getting the "gentle" version of what you planned on hitting us with. I bet if we had killed that damned apostle after the Magritew this whole situation may have been avoided. It would have cost us a precious memory or two depending on how the dice decided to treat us however.

Hindsight is 20/20 though. Now we know that if Ama is offering a "hint" it is the prelude to a truly rough proverbial fucking. Of course, she could be setting that expectation up within us so we start giving her memories without getting shit in return as no no, truly nothing bad is happening to us or our friends from her end this time. "Silly Elf, I'm not always trying to hurt you, just sometimes hurting you." Bait and switch, she would do that just to fuck with us. This assumes she never *directly* lies though, an assumption we can't really make until we get our memories back and analyze our long history of past dealings with her to see if that holds up.
File: White Fluff.jpg (1.98 MB, 2480x3507)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
This fox really got into your head huh?
More like I'm trying to get into her head so I can mitigate her fuckery. She's a curse with character and rules that need to be deciphered. It may even be possible to use her to our advantage somehow.

I wouldn't try do that though, evil is not a toy nor is it a tool you ever want to use. Using her to solve a given problem would fuck us quite badly.
File: Smug Fluff.png (807 KB, 1280x621)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
She's done nothing wrong, told you herself!
Now that's a blatant lie. Directly that's true, but indirectly that's BS. For instance, who gave that disciple a magritew and maybe dropped a hint or two that you can use em' for more than just killing a thing in the most absolute of ways? The Vampires were obviously going to make use of blood nests dedicated to her name somehow as well before we shut that down by nabbing the aspect (which we should embrace ASAP now that we're besieged by eldritch horrors).

It's one big fat loophole she's using to say that and I'm calling her out on it!
File: 555.jpg (319 KB, 763x1084)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
There's no proof of wrongdoing whatsoever. Don't let that mindset corrupt you, you should be looking forward to a potential meeting with Ama!

...One that you are far too busy to attend now I'll grant you that. Those abominations really are violent
File: bea.jpg (1.58 MB, 1000x1625)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Alright, the general idea seems to be going into the lab and fire up one of those Anti-Supreme weapons of SCIENCE so before truly committing I feel it'd be important for me to lay out some precision.

Now the action itself is perfectly doable but you guys need to understand that it'll be a significant time commitement because of various factors: distances to the altar itself, potential interruption from the abominations and reaching the lab itself. In the best of circumstances (ie, a good roll) reaching the lab would take around 20 minutes, separated from the rest of the party. Martha will follow and one of your knights can also tag along to ensure your safety.

Once the daze wears off Sieglinde will attempt to rally the students in the arena and hopefully get some information on what's happening; this is the ''vanilla'' option if you guys don't want to commit to doing anything early.

I want you guys to make sure you understand what this option means since you'll have to spend a good amount of time away from active combat.
Hmmm... well, my greatest fear is that they aim to claim the throne itself for some reason and then *really* get this incursion underway and do to Throne Town what happened in Luminaris or that damned swamp. This is OOC knowledge but the thing has been hacked before and we do know IC that there was a gap before our emergence where the thing wasn't all that secure if I remember correctly.

Thus, we may be heading there anyway to stop a plot decades in the making with the whole group. There's also the question of who can fly besides Elina. Can't succubi fly somehow? Then there's good ol' bestest buddy and what he thinks of this. You mentioned lesser levels of fusion, what would each level do, what effect would it have, and how risky are they? Damn, I'd kill for someone who can use portal magic right now but they're all away on that mission! Perfect timing for team villain.
>There's also the question of who can fly besides Elina. Can't succubi fly somehow?

No, flying is the domain of angels and Mamonos bred with the capabilities.

>Then there's good ol' bestest buddy and what he thinks of this.

Outside saving as many lives as you can, he doesn't have any peculiar inputs or observations

>You mentioned lesser levels of fusion, what would each level do, what effect would it have, and how risky are they?
That'll be a trait/perk I'll update your sheet with but so far you can do three things.

All fusions combine with each other as they increase in power.

Weak Fusion: Borrow Gardy battle experience to gain excellent melee skills. (The mana cost is big expect half of your reserves to be spent)
Medium Fusion: Project a manifestation of your and Gardy shared will onto Mother Realm, altering your entire body from the inside. GREATLY increase your physical capabilities, this fusion also allows you to use your spells. (Massive mana cost, potentially going to drain you completely - hope you get a good measuring roll!)
Strong Fusion: Fully manifest yourself as the Embodiment of Protection. You had a taste of this in the Red World; Gardy capabilities aren't flashy but you already know how inexhaustibly quick he is. Important side effect is that you cannot use your spells. (Mana cost here is completely unreliable but expected to be huge nonetheless, this fusion is impossible to do in ''normal'' circumstances. Doing it outside the Red World carries unknown risks)
Succubi can't fly? Then what are the wings for? Can't they at least glide like Raziel?

That medium fusion is looking tempting but if we botch the roll it's overcast/burnout city for our elven ass. How... survivable is that?
>You mentioned lesser levels of fusion, what would each level do, what effect would it have, and how risky are they?

Manifestation of corruption and extension of their souls, it's like the many tails of a kitsune. A succubus soul is too big to properly fit inside a ''human'' body, so appendages need to sprotus here and there.

>Can't they at least glide like Raziel?


>How... survivable is that?

So like a kitsune's tails, the size and/or type of those appendages tells you how powerful or old they are? They can't glide with em' either? Awww, well, shapeshifting's a thing so ya could just make em' nice and sharp to cut people to ribbons with or harden em' for some quick armor saves I guess. Succubi are apparently good at that at least.

Also, while Vilma survived her burnout it did put her in a great deal of pain. That level of agony may leave us vulnerable to Ama as it could drop our mental and spiritual barriers enough for her to gain better footing within our soul (unless Gardy can just shrug that off because hey, embodiment of protection). So far I'm more tempted to wait and get the extra info before we make a hard choice. Dice make me nervous!
File: 112.jpg (185 KB, 1071x1600)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>So like a kitsune's tails, the size and/or type of those appendages tells you how powerful or old they are?

Yes but that's not a blanket statement. Daiyu is monstrously powerful and her soul is immense because of her status as Demon Lord yet she's not showing many additional bits, various races show these ''accommodation'' for a growing soul differently.

>So far I'm more tempted to wait and get the extra info before we make a hard choice.

The situation will change with next thread opening of course so waiting is fine too.

>Dice make me nervous!

You have a frustratingly good history with dices!
It's quality over quantity with Daiyu. I bet her wings and tail are the best feeling and most seductive of all the succubi. Her daughters give her a run for her money though. We must touch them all sometime, nay, thoroughly examine them! For SCIENCE!

The dice gods are fickle and completely unpredictable. Luck exists but it too is fickle. We have been very lucky... so far. Remember, you could get lucky too, you *almost* did with Ama after all.
File: 58.jpg (189 KB, 584x824)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>Remember, you could get lucky too, you *almost* did with Ama after all.

It wasn't luck, you guys totally stepped into her ploy. Can't resist the fluff.

>I bet her wings and tail are the best feeling and most seductive of all the succubi. Her daughters give her a run for her money though.

Haha, yes of course... of course! Daiyu bat wings are totally warm, soft and inviting to the touch of course, of course! Her daughters could never possibly surpass their mother!

Daiyu totally isn't on some 70 years dry spell. No sir.
The price of power. Responsibilities and the like get in the way of dating and finding a good mate. Plus, Demon Lord. She's beautiful, she is sex incarnate, but Demon Lord. That's a hard thing for most people to overlook. Then there's: "Hey, mom and dad, I'm gonna marry the Demon Lord!" After all that's happened I doubt they'd approve. Finally, assuming all went well regardless you'd become a very, very interesting individual to any inquisitor out there. Pretty sure the genocidal orders will not take kindly to you possibly helping to spawn more Lilim...
File: 64.jpg (65 KB, 433x650)
65 KB
Having the demon family talk about their love life would really make for a very interesting discussion. It's a nice thing to think about, isn't it? With so many people dead out of nowhere...
>That spoiler

Ok, a bit morbid here but all this sudden death is basically the equivalent of a big fat unguarded and unblessed graveyard full of once powerful but now dead things that necromancers in most settings practically dream of getting their hands on? Not "boneyard of dragons" tier but it's something right?

Because we did retain our own Necromancer and while I am loathe to do what I'm thinking of this is a desperate situation and if the already dead can save the still living...
Yep, your thinking is right.
Then may the Ancestor Gods forgive us as they hopefully understand just how dire the situation is, because next thread I'm gonna suggest Vilma goes nuts with this. Might even help her do so if she thinks she can do something really major Might be the first instance in fiction that I know of where the "good guys" start a "benevolent" Zombie Apocalypse. Zombies vs Eldritch horrors, god I'm horrible person...
File: 45.jpg (163 KB, 900x718)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Saving Vilma was a good idea huh?
Doubly so because if we did not Ama and the other Apostles would not hesitate in any way to suggest she go nuts right now. Only in that case that'd be bad as the zombies would target us and yet more innocents (who always hated her in her false memory filled head so fuck them they have this coming die-die) instead of the abominations!

Damn, we really are living on the edge it would seem...
Just as a final clarification. We snap out of it next thread then get to vote on various options like, as you said, gunning for either becoming Iron Man and/or a Titan Princeps with the heavy time penalty that entails, attempting a fusion activation that will either gift us with many an option or condemn us to soul searing agony in the hopes of saving our dearest friends, or just being Mr. Soul Mage who can, potentially, allow either Teruko to try manifesting a Dragon again and/or allowing Vilma to start the first benevolent Zombie Apocalypse that hopefully doesn't suck us dry.

I mean, they did kill em' in cold blood. If their rotting flesh could be reanimated and used to hurt the thing that killed them... Is consent and necromancy related? I mean, if a hunk of bones hated someone would that make it easier for necromancy to animate them or not?
That's the gist of it, you'll be able to make a proper decision when we begin the next thread.

>Is consent and necromancy related? I mean, if a hunk of bones hated someone would that make it easier for necromancy to animate them or not?

Not when it comes to raising corpses. Stuff like ghosts do exist but circumstances surrounding their creations are generally incredibly unique, a person dying result in their souls having something of an ''explosion'' and from there many necromantic entities can be created. The deads don't have consent to give unless the necromancer tries to recreate consciousness from the very recently dead but that's very high-level stuff that's rarely useful in combat.

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