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Today’s the big day! You have to defend Constance at all costs! They’ve all doubted you since the Neko incident, but you’ll show everyone what you’re made of!

“Everyone this is it. 6:05 AM and the effects on the Crimzone are already in effect! I’ll be brief because I need everyone in positions sooner than later.” Nina starts talking, all business. “We divide everyone in four pairs, coordinating through two intel rooms. The pairs will each have designated zones to occupy, and a cat accompanying them for comms.”

“Meow!” Melodia, Bradford Jr., the weird cat, and a few others appear in the room out of nowhere! They’re all wearing weird collars and have a bag attached to them.

“Each cat has a collar camera feeding directly to here. I repeat, just here to Control Room B.” Nina points behind her at the screens. All the screens show the same room you’re in, except one. That screen is showing Constance’s room with Constance and Lise in it. The mummy is sitting idle with her eyes exuding green light, while a concerned Lise sits next to her.

“Control Room A is where the bunker camera feeds route to, and Matilda and Yu Yan are the ones responsible in there. The main clinic building itself has no cameras whatsoever. Because of this, I’ll need a pair guarding the clinic above, another pair guarding the entrances to here, another patrol down in the bunker halls, and finally one staying with Constance. Any questions so far?”

“When you say ‘patrol’, you mean just walking around the place?” Osgood asks a simple but important question. “Because that’s a lot of ground to cover…” A lot of ground you got lost in multiple times now!

“Yes and no. The cats have mics on them, so you could potentially receive direct orders from me or Control Room B. Sadly, all connections to phone lines and internet are completely disabled, so it’s the only way we are going to be able to communicate. Please when you ask any questions, refer to the girls as Control Room A, and me as Control Room B to avoid mixed messages. Ask for any feedback if you feel it’s necessary, and report any information to me or the girls.” Nina points behind her at the screen with Constance on it. “But as you can see, Constance is in a weird immobile state. We can’t count on her to do anything at all. No flame removal. Nothing.”

Nina claps loudly. “So let’s get moving! Each cat has a bag with the breakfast I made for all of you, hope you enjoy them. And –”

“What are the pairs? Where should we go?” Amelia looks around at everyone.
“I-I a-a-asked specifically to be deployed inside the b-bunker!” T_T Neko complains loudly. Not even five minutes and someone’s complaining… “O-O-Or else I’m taking all my c-cats and m-my cameras, a-and…!”
“It’s all on the board behind you. You have 5 minutes for complaints before I kick you out…”

Nina holds up her wristwatch and taps it impatiently, as everyone turns to see what fate has in store for them…
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338 KB PNG

Oh no! You’re paired with…!

>Henry! And you’re Clinic Patrol! You’re the front-line cannon fodder for whoever shows up!
>Amelia! And you’re Clinic Patrol! Amelia is fast enough to move around, so it makes sense.
>Osgood! And you’re Gatekeeping! You can go invisible and make the enemy think it’s unguarded…
>Nariko! And you’re Gatekeeping! This might be awkward, but nothing you can’t handle, right?!
>Richard! And you’re Bunker Patrol! Fuck! If worst comes to worst, you can just duel him in SoL…
>T_T Neko! And you’re Bunker Patrol! Did she at least shower? Did she learn her hygiene lessons?!
>Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?
>Write In.



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Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=do+your+best+quest (Rough Grammar ‘till half of the 9th Thread)
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Votes are counted until 25 minutes have passed. This rule doesn't apply to the last reply of the day.
Votes that require a dice roll are counted until 15 minutes have passed, so we can speed up the process. Rolls are counted until 10 minutes have passed, so be prepared!

(NEW) Dice Mechanic:

We always roll 1d100s!
Since most people weren’t happy with the system of averaging top four rolls, we’re using best of 2/3/4 depending on the attribute a prompt requires. If Johnny is a genius and it’s a Knowledge based roll, he gets more rolls (Max. 7)! If he sucks, he gets less dice (Min. 2)!

When asked for rolls, I will specify how many you’re going to get. Rolling begins after it’s asked.

Rolling over a 95 is a critical and ignores all other rolls! In the same vein, rolling 5 or under means a critical failure (only for hard rolls and above).

The difficulty of the roll is tied with the effectiveness of the action. In other words, the harder the option the better the result!

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, this is a story-driven quest! What the prompts are describing is more important than the difficulty of the rolls, for results in a fight.

Again, rolls are only counted when they are posted within ten minutes of being asked, so watch out!
Serving as the vanguard and secret weapon; Ando deals with flames and she deals with mooks
>Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?
>Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?
As much as i'd like to see the Sibling Power team make some noise, it IS ultimately our responsibility to watch over the Mummy, team leader or not.
>Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?
>>T_T Neko! And you’re Bunker Patrol! Did she at least shower? Did she learn her hygiene lessons?!
Stopped reading this around October during the Lise thread and only just managed to get caught backup. Good job everyone for managing to salvage an almost completely fucked scenario.

I wish Yu Yan had shown up sooner. She's been by far the best friend and ally we've had since this whole thing started.
>Good job everyone for managing to salvage an almost completely fucked scenario.
Which one? Also got any other stuff to comment on?
Pretty much everything after the meeting with Neko was a clusterfuck. Thankfully the group is still more or less intact. Bradford being a spy kind of sucked, since I kind of liked him. Amelia's mental breakdown, while pretty extreme, I can't really blame her for because we did keep breaking our promises with her. Her thinking we hated her though caught me by surprise.
>Her thinking we hated her though caught me by surprise.
Johnny did neglect her and distance himself a shitload, even before and after Thread 1.
>Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?
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[6:15 AM]

Oh no! You’re paired with… Lise! And you’re defending Constance! That’s… kind of easy, isn’t it? Last line of defense and all?

“Johnny, you have the most important job of everyone here. If you fail, it’s all over for us. I believe in you.” Nina grabs your shoulder and stares at you with determination. You feel better already!
“You can count on me! I’ve been protecting her for far longer than anyone else here.” You adjust your glasses and Philonune smirks next to you. It’s almost like you’re the final boss of the group, or something! Lise is with Constance, so you don’t have anyone else to talk with about this revelation.

The final line of defense before the resident Judge. The success of this entire mission rests on you!

“We’re together, huh…? Good. Just what I expected.” Amelia approaches Nariko, who is happy to be around her manipulative friend. Then again, is Amelia still as manipulative now that you two have made up? Food for thought later…
“But why are we patrolling at the surface level? I feel we have the acumens suited for better tactical positions.” Nariko wonders while putting her ego at display again. Her defiant tone has lost a lot of its luster since yesterday – sounding more like the shy hobo she once was. Along with her beanie, she’s wearing more clothes for the cold weather.
“With your powersets, you can move to engage any threat we detect without wasting precious time. We’ll be counting on you to repel or disable any attackers in short order, possibly the toughest job anyone could have here.” Nina explains to the two of them. “Besides, of all the remaining pairs, you two are the only ones I can see working together without needless arguing.”
“Pfft. I’m not complaining!” Amelia shrugs while Nariko grins. Your OG hobo already has a chain ready in her off-hand, playing with it casually. What could they be planning?

So Amelia and Nariko are doing Clinic Patrol. That’s kind of dangerous for the two, but if you think about it, the two of them are like a scout squad! And those usually survive in movies, right?

“Why exactly do I have to do Gatekeeping duty? I came here specifically to protect our Judge and nothing else. I don’t trust anyone else for the job.” Richard shakes his head in disapproval, then fixes his glare right on you. Sucks to be him!
“I’m not exactly sure why I’m your partner either. I hate your guts.” Osgood doesn’t even look in his direction!
“The Gatekeeping duty is a tricky one, because there is a degree of misunderstanding in what your true role is. You two will move from front to front where you are needed, and I expect you to fight.” Nina looks at Amelia and Nariko, then back at the two dicks. “While it won’t necessarily happen to the Patrol team, anyone sneaking inside will have to go through you.”
File: 1312.png (67 KB, 512x512)
67 KB

“That still doesn’t change the fact I hate him.” Osgood points his thumb at Richard, while Richard suddenly brushes off his shirt as if something disgusting stained it.
“Then you have my full permission to ‘vent your frustrations’ on anyone who tries to sneak in here.” Nina smiles at Osgood, gaining a smirk from the bad-humored man. Richard doesn’t seem to be content, shuffling restlessly.

Osgood and Richard will guard the main entrance as the first actual line of defense! They have the elevators in front of them too, and if any enemy gets in them they could let others in through somewhere else in the clinic, or head into the bunker! Their job’s rough, but Richard’s ability might be their trump card…?

“W-who’s Henry?” T_T Neko reads the board in confusion.
“I’m the one who everyone calls Henry.” Henry walks up waving at Neko. Neko carefully watches his hand move, inching backwards slowly.
“Oh… N-ni-nice to meet you.” T_T Neko extends her hand for a handshake.
“We met yesterday, you forgot?” Henry grabs her limp hand and shakes it enthusiastically. Neko stares down at it in a mixture of wide-eyed horror and… something else…
“C-can I get a new p-partner? T-this is already too awkward…” Neko couldn’t go five minutes without spilling her metaphorical spaghetti on the not-so-metaphorical floor!

“We don’t have more people, sorry.” Nina deadpans, then smiles at them both. “I know you’re going to be a great team! You have the safest job out of everyone; we have cameras everywhere and the enemy doesn’t necessarily need to engage with any of our guards. But you’re the first people we’re going to call if they somehow pass our defenses and make it to Constance, so it’s not going to be easy.”

“Hey, I didn’t want an easy job in the first place! You goin’ easy on me teach?”
“No. Wouldn’t dream of it.” Nina’s voice is too apathetic for the moment. “She’s not the most team friendly person here, I’ll give you that. The only other candidate I had for her is one she can’t even speak with.” Nina looks at Osgood, who’s still looking away, and T_T Neko hides her blushing face. She has a thing for Osgood? Eugh. Knowing what you know about him and girls, you’re not sure what to feel about this.
“Oh, fuck. Okay. Alright cat lady, we’ll get this done for everyone’s sake.” Henry nods and clenches his fists. Good thing someone is getting into this…
“S-sure…” Neko is an extremely awkward person, but it’s great progress from the shrieking mess she was before.
File: 1313.png (161 KB, 512x512)
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161 KB PNG

Nina nods and turns back to her rigged equipment. “Now I need everyone to move. Once you get into positions, you can eat your breakfast. Let’s go!“ Nina starts clapping and everyone moves out. The cats are picking which duo to follow among themselves, and you end up with laziest one: Bradford Jr. Before going separate ways, you wished everyone luck.

You’re all going to need it.

[6:25 AM]

With the fat cat on your shoulder, you head for Constance’s room. “Meow!” That’s still a very deep cat voice. Could be a singer if it could say anything other than a meow.

Opening the door to Constance’s room, you see the mummy herself sitting on the bed as always, but her eye is blazing green and looks extremely unsettling. Human eyes aren’t supposed to glow like that. When you walk in, Lise breaks out of her worrying and turns to you.

“Woah, nice.” Lise smiles, relieved. “Someone decent to partner with.”
“You know the whole deal?”
“Yep. Uccelli told me beforehand.” Lise nods and waves you over. “C’mon, sit over here – we got a lot of time to kill before shit goes down.” Lise points to one of the folded chairs on the other side of the room.

What do you do here?

>Eat breakfast with Lise. When was the last time she ate?
>Ask what exactly happened to Constance. Judge stuff?
>Talk strategy with Philonune. Might help to get some ideas.
>Ask Control Room B through Bradford Jr. if you can come back to see what’s happening with everyone.
>Ask Control Rom A through Bradford Jr. to keep you updated with what’s happening to everyone.
>Write In.
>Talk strategy with Philonune. Might help to get some ideas.
>>Eat breakfast with Lise. When was the last time she ate?
Also we can keep the utensils as melee weapons.
And since we can talk and eat at the same time,
>Talk strategy with Philonune. Might help to get some ideas.
Backing this >>3174810
>Eat breakfast with Lise. When was the last time she ate?
>Ask Control Room B through Bradford Jr. if you can come back to see what’s happening with everyone.
Huh...Neko and Henry are cute together. BROTHER SHIPPING POWERS ACTIVATE!
We should have flipped Richard off.
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[6:35 AM]

“Bradford Jr. has my breakfast on him. You wanna eat some?” When was the last time she ate anything?
“Honestly, I don’t really have the appetite right now.” Lise scoffs at you, then her stomach starts to rumble almost immediately, setting her blushing. How cliché. “…A bite or two wouldn’t be bad.”
“I’m hungry too.” Your stomach grumbles the same way, right on cue! “See?”
“You’re pretty chill today, huh?” Lise is skeptically impressed of you. Not bad.

You motion Bradford Jr. to come closer and open the backpack he has. inside, there are two lunchboxes and some papers. “What are these?”
“Instructions if I’m remembering right.” Lise takes the meal you were handing to her. “How to use the communicators the cats have and other super-useful crap.”

You skim through the paper. The gist of it is that in the cat’s collar there are two buttons, one red (to talk to Control Room A) and one blue (to talk to Control Room B). The cats were explicitly instructed to push the right button when asked. Otherwise, the mics don’t transmit anything. A map of all the clinic floors is also included in here, thankfully! Now you won’t get lost again!

“Eat already, man. It’s awkward as hell if I do it alone.”
“Sorry, thought this was important.” You start digging in as you leave the papers on Constance’s bed. “…Tastes decent.”
“Ha! Imagine if Uccelli heard you, she’d say she made them with love. To me it tastes so fuckin’ great I’d believe it.” Lise responds after eating another piece. She eats far more elegantly than you expected, a rich girl with the mouth of a truck driver. It’s weird, but endearing. “Too much sugar though. Ugh.”

“Meow!” Bradford Jr. wants a piece!
“They all got fed before, so don’t even think about giving him a piece. Also I’m pretty sure this stuff would kill him in minutes.”
“Sorry, buddy. This is all mine.” You give the cat the bad news!
“Meow…” Bradford Jr. looks disappointed.

You two eat in silence for a good bit while Bradford Jr. lazes around.

“…I think we should talk strategy.” You say out loud. This piques Philonune’s interest.
“You know what Welimor does, right?” Lise turns around and checks her ass. She doesn’t notice you doing the same thing.
“Something about… finding stuff through sound waves?”
“Yeah, you got it. Goes through solid objects and the ground too.” Lise nods and gives you a thumbs up! “Don’t know how much that can help down here though.”

“Might be useful, not sure how at the moment. Maybe my partner Philonune has an idea how.” You glance at Philonune with his endless grin. You half-assedly invoke him for Lise to be able to listen.
Lise cringes a little, composing herself quick. “Gah, shit’s still weird to watch…”
File: 1315.png (115 KB, 512x512)
115 KB
115 KB PNG

“I may know a thing or two that we can do. Keeping those utensils as weapons for later is one.” Philonune points at the forks and knives.
“I had that in mind too.” Great minds sure think alike, huh?!
“But these are cheap plastic, not great for anything serious.” Lise bends one of the plastic forks to show off how shitty it is.
“Don’t underestimate what a well-placed attack can do to an enemy.” Philonune says with his usual spark. “Eyes, ears, throat. These are only three weak spots of many on a human. Any damage can be enough damage if applied correctly, no matter the threat.”

“I’m usually the type of person that goes big or goes home. Even then, I don’t want to get close to death ever again…” She looks down at her shaking hands, taking deep breaths. Slowly, her hands still as if nothing happened.
“We’re all here in this together, Lise. We won’t fail this time. We can’t.” You reassure Lise, who seems moved again like that one time at her house when you kicked her parents’ asses. Good times!
She snaps out of it. “I won’t fail this time either.” Her hands squeeze into fists. That’s the spirit!

“Good. Now that we are talking about our possible future battles, we do have the entrance locked, correct?” Philonune turns to check the door.
“…Shit, we don’t! The keys are over there!” Lise points next to you, at the drawer. Sure enough, there’s a bunch of keys right there. “I almost forgot!”

Philonune scoffs as you go lock the door. Breaking a door down might take less than a minute, but a minute can make all the difference when it’s a matter of life and death! Then again, these panic bunker doors are probably ultra heavy-duty, enough to hold out against someone with superpowers…

“Not much of a strategy we got here, huh? Locking doors and hoping others do the work?” Lise laughs, but it’s a shaky laugh. Too nervous.
“If you can perceive any notable anomaly with your ability, let us know. We can blend in with our surroundings and sneak attack a possible enemy…” You use the power to demonstrate while Philo talks, and Lise almost falls out of her chair in shock. “…But we can’t move too quickly or we suffer for it. We’re lucky in the sense that there is only one way to enter this room.” You undo the power and reappear in place.
“R-right…” Lise looks conflicted, probably because she’s not that used to her ability. Then again, you did just think of this application of your power literally yesterday despite having it for a month and a half, so who are you to judge?!
File: 1316.png (71 KB, 512x512)
71 KB

“Nothing is activated out there, I believe. Shouldn’t be too many of those soundwaves in the immediate vicinity due to that Crimzone effect. Picking out allies from the enemy is a non-issue, especially due to your ability ignoring the earth and walls.” Philonune is right, but you never know! If Nina had the power to prevent sound from escaping a location, then who knows what other powers could be out there on people?! “Stay alert regardless. Underestimating enemies is the way to ultimate defeat.” Philonune folds his arms and calmly stares at the ceiling as you and Lise sit in idle silence.

Time passes. The tension starts to rise, barely noticeable at first…

[7:10 AM]

Unexpectedly, Bradford Jr. leaps onto the bed next to Constance and Lise! A voice comes from the collar.

“This is Control Room A calling. Do you copy? Over.” It’s Matilda’s voice sounding more robotic than ever! Bradford puts one of his paws on his collar in a ready position.
“Copy…? Over?” You respond, moving in closer to hear.
“Everything fine over there? This is a routine check up. Over.”
“Yes, we’re good. Over.”
“Good to hear. Over.” As dry as ever.

How do you respond?

>“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.”
>”Do you guys have a window up there? How’s the outside look? Over.”
>”How are you doing so far Matilda? Any trouble with Yu Yan? Over.”
>“Anything else you need from us? We’re kinda bored down here. Over.”
>“Will you let us know if anything goes wrong with the others, or is that Uccelli’s job? I’ll pay you later. Over.”
>“Okay, bye! Over.” Then ask Lise about what happened with Bradford that one time. You know full well what happened that one time, but you want to hear it from her anyway.
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day, we continue tomorrow!)
>“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.”
>“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.”
>“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.”
>”Do you guys have a window up there? How’s the outside look? Over.”
>“Will you let us know if anything goes wrong with the others, or is that Uccelli’s job? I’ll pay you later. Over.”
>“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.”
Is Johnny Han in the prison unit?
File: 1317.png (87 KB, 600x512)
87 KB
[Yesterday, June 3rd, 7:55 PM]

At the Western District of Pokyo Lokyo, in the restaurant “Bullseye” owned by a member of the Youhao Clan, Flint Masterson is eating an expensive fish meal on the counter and chatting with the owner. Scattered at other tables are other rough-looking people eating, drinking, and chatting. The place is surprisingly well-kept for a yakuza haven and money laundering front.

“…So that’s why you guys changed names? Damn shame. I preferred the old one. Rokyo Clan had a nicer ring to it.” Flint downs his beer while Huo Huang, the owner, watches unimpressed next to him.
“New regime, new name.” Huo rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his own mineral water. “Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and all that sentimental crap.”
Flint tears into his fish like there’s no tomorrow. “Didn’t think… the old man would let this pass… him being a hard-ass… about tradition and all.” He mumbles out in between bites.
“What old man?”
“Master Spice, remember? Or did you forget how much he beat our asses way back when?”

“Heh. That’s an old name I haven’t heard in a long time! Just like you coming to us for help.” Huo chuckles and takes another sip. “…Too bad the old man thought I was too weak to be trained by him. I got on with old man Koroma okay; better than with that bastard Rodenhall anyway… Changing topics, you did bring in a lot of dosh for us with the Ka-Shing deal this time, man. I appreciate it greatly.” Huo pats Flint on the shoulder proudly.

“Whaddya ya mean ‘you haven’t heard it in a long time’? He retire or some shit?” Flint shoots Huo a befuddled look. “I know he was one of the big heads in youth development. I mean, sure business is tough shit for someone his age, but he didn’t exactly disappear from the city. Or get disappeared.” Flint looks down at his quarter-full beer glass and almost empty plate. He looks almost regretful. “…I still respect him a lot, ya know?”
“You and I both know it’s not as easy as to just hang up the boots and leave. We have procedures. Protocol. The rules to follow.”
“Hey, if someone deserved that it’d be him, don’t ya think?”

Huo goes silent and looks away. Then he bursts out laughing and pats Flint on the back enthusiastically. “I’m just bustin’ your balls, man! Of course he’s fine now, but I don’t know for how long! The old man doesn’t deserve jack shit after what he did to us. He’s been quiet for a while now, but you never know with stubborn men like that. Past their prime, past their time, am I right?” He elbow nudges Flint a few times and downs his glass.

Flint puts his knife and fork on the plate and turns to Huo. “Explain. Now.” All good humor he had is gone.
“I told ya, you can’t just hang up the boots and leave. There are prices to pay when you disobey like that.”
File: 1318.png (163 KB, 600x512)
163 KB
163 KB PNG

“…When I fucking said ‘explain’, I did not want to hear cryptic bullshit like that, Huo. Now start talking.” Flint’s voice oozes menace!
“Defying orders from the new boss to collaborate, not acknowledging the new regime, and closing the dojo because his dumb bitch granddaughter was learning how to talk shit from the trainees. That’s what he did.” The owner goes back to being unimpressed.

“What, that’s it? And what were those consequences exactly?”
“A monthly protection fee. Too bad he can’t run a dojo without our consent!” Huo grins savagely! “If the bastard doesn’t want to train any of us anymore, he won’t train anyone at all! He barely has any money left to scrape by, too prideful to leave that shack he calls home and sell it. So we’re waiting for him to finally give up and open the dojo to us again. We played the long game, but his health is falling apart – pretty soon, we’ll have to pull out the big guns.”
“And those are…?”

“Have you gone soft or did you leave your brain behind overseas? Extortion, man!” He snaps his fingers, grinning from ear to ear. “We kidnap his granddaughter and the magic starts. With this whole ghost shit happening around the city and with what happened to those fucking terrorists, we need our men trained better than ever. And if you think for one fucking second he can take us all, you win the dumbass-of-the-year award. One man can’t take the whole clan, everybody knows that.” Huo grabs a bottle and pours himself a second glass. “I know how much you like sucking his cock, but he’s not a big deal. I know for a fact he’s going to go ballistic with this whole shit, and we’ll end up killing him in the end. You know how it is in this business, man; you have to follow bad ideas anyway.” He stares into his glass and starts smirking with an unsettling look in his eyes.

“I wonder if they’ll end up killing his granddaughter with him too. I’m going to ask to keep her and whore her out somewhere, make her a cumdump. Give her a week and she’ll start begging for cocks. Money won’t mean shit to her anymore…”

The entire rant, Flint’s expression became darker and darker. Now he’s beyond mad! “But can two men take the whole clan?” His whole body tenses up like a spring.
“Are you declaring war on us? Not exactly a smart move. I’m not a mere henchman anymore, so tread lightly.” He absentmindedly brushes his shirt off, looking away from Flint.

Big mistake.

“I’m just issuing a warning to the Clan, that’s all…” Flint casually grabs his beer glass with one hand and his knife in the other. “…And I’m going to leave you in a pool of blood to show how serious I am.”
Huo turns back to Flint, immediately noticing what he’s holding. “H-Hold on! Wait! Stop!” He throws himself off his stool in a panic, dropping to the floor.

Flint pounces on the restaurant owner and proceeds to gouge his eyeballs out with the knife, smiling with bloody glee at his agonized screams. Hearing chairs shoved back from the rest of the room, Flint leaps up and throws the glass of beer at the nearest yakuza thug. Grabbing his stool, Jun Spice’s best student rushes the shocked mooks, laughing a madman’s laugh…
File: 1319.png (111 KB, 600x512)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

[7:25 AM]

“Uh, status report? What’s the situation with the others? Over.” You take advantage of the situation and ask, playing along with Matilda.
“Clinic Patrol is doing well, no sightings to report. They did mention hearing an explosion sound from afar. Gatekeeping Patrol is having issues meshing as a unit, having separated into two fronts; one is now guarding the elevator and the other is in charge of the entrance. Bunker Patrol is doing fine, that’s the best I can describe it. Over.”

“Who’s guarding what in Gatekeeping Patrol? Over.”
“Richard the elevator, Osgood the entrance. Over.”
“Thanks Matil— I-I mean, Control Room B. Over.”
“It’s Control Room A. And no problem. Over and out.” Matilda replies with her same monotone tone, and the transmission cuts out.

Guess that’s that!

“Sis is taking this really seriously, huh?” Lise comments.
“It’s her thing, being a great professional and all. She is great.” You nod firmly, proud your pocket change is going to someone this amazing!
“Her type tends to be like that, very reliable.”

You spend a minute or two staring at each other without doing anything important. Lise has nice eyes and… other nice things.

“Uneventful so far, huh? Part of me wishes the old man would attack us immediately, so everything stops being so tense.” You say as you start petting Bradford Jr.’s head.
“I’d prefer if he didn’t attack us at all. You didn’t see what he was like…”
Actually, you did see it all from the dream vision, but you don’t need to mention that!

A new voice is coming out of Bradford Jr.’s collar! It’s Nina’s!

“Hi everyone! Control Room B testing the ‘talk to all’ button! Also I’m taking the chance to remind everyone, we won’t be attempting to gather any of the crystal parts. I felt the need to disclose this order after being informed by Clinic Patrol that one of the pieces is somewhat close to us at the moment. Our only objective today is to protect Constance and to stay alive. Nothing else. Over and out!” Nina’s voice cuts out.

The day got so hyped up, you didn’t think it would be this uneventful! What do you do?!

>Ask Nina if you can go over to Control Room B to check the cameras with her in the meantime.
>Be a good boy and keep waiting for your orders. Something is bound to happen soon, right?
>Ask Lise to check her the soundwaves in the meantime. Nothing out of the ordinary going on?
>Experiment with Philonune’s power a bit more! Can this affect others too, or just you…?
>Write In.
>Ask Lise to check her the soundwaves in the meantime. Nothing out of the ordinary going on?
There's only a set number of people and cats in the clinic right now. Anybody that snuck in would stand out with a soundwave check.
>Experiment with Philonune’s power a bit more! Can this affect others too, or just you…?
If the power only affects Johnny and anything that's on Johnny, then what exactly qualifies as "part of Johnny"? Could someone touching him long enough count for the power to cover them too, or not?
>Ask Lise to check her the soundwaves in the meantime. Nothing out of the ordinary going on?
>>Ask Lise to check her the soundwaves in the meantime. Nothing out of the ordinary going on?
File: 1320.png (109 KB, 600x512)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
[7:50 AM]

“…Don’t you need one of those to save the world?”
“Yeah, but we can’t save the world if she dies. It would be pointless without the Judges.”
“If it helps, there’s supposed to be three more of the things out there. Enough pieces for a bunch of people…”

After making a bit more small talk with Lise and sitting around quietly, you get the idea for her to check the soundwaves with her ability!

“Hey Lise, could you check the soundwaves in the meantime, please?” You ask very politely. “Maybe something happened already and no one noticed?”

“R-right! Give me a sec! If I recall correctly, they asked everyone up there only to use anything medical related. No phones, no TVs, you know the drill.” Lise grabs her flame and the whites of her eyes become a very pale sky blue. Then she starts grabbing at the air around her. “That’s a cat collar. Cat. Cat. Next room. Cat. Cat. The upper room. One of those heart scanners that beep a lot. Cat. Sorry, I should have checked them all before this. Would’ve saved us the trouble. Another cat. Another scanner. Cat. The FUCK?!” Lise stops moving, firmly clutching at a spot in the air.

“Lise? What’s wrong?” You get out of your seat and move closer. “What are you seeing?”

“There’s something moving up there, going to Constance’s old room on the second floor! It… looks like a phone.” Lise squints a bit, staring off into space. This must be trippy for her, whatever she’s seeing! “The man holding it… looks like a janitor? It’s a tall guy too. Wearing a flat hat. Can’t make anything else out.”

“You sure he’s there? Any other information you can give me?”
“I memorized this place’s map only for this. I’m sure of it. Uh… Well, he’s calling someone right now, but I can’t hear anything with this dumb power going. Now at least I can see more than just the object.”

“How much you are able to see?”
“…A cubic meter around the object, maybe? Does that make sense to you? I’m barely able to see part of his uniform as it is. The signal’s getting weaker now, he might be done with his call. Should we let the others know?”

Should you?

>It’s probably just a janitor that didn’t obey the rules. No need to bother, he’ll move on soon!
>It’s probably just a janitor that didn’t obey the rules. Tell everyone and get him reprimanded!
>It’s gotta be an undercover enemy! They went straight for Constance’s old room! Call everyone!
>It’s gotta be an undercover enemy! Leave the room and head straight there to stop him yourself!
>Write In.
>It’s probably just a janitor that didn’t obey the rules. Tell everyone and get him reprimanded!
>It’s gotta be an undercover enemy! They went straight for Constance’s old room! Call everyone!
They don't know shit about the bunker, so they went off of old info! It makes perfect sense!
>>Write In.
Use cat to alert HQ that there is a suspicious person near Constance's old room, might be a janitor. He is also apparently on his phone also, so it may also be a friggin spy.
>It’s gotta be an undercover enemy! They went straight for Constance’s old room! Sound the alarm.
File: 1321.png (129 KB, 600x512)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
[Today, June 4th, 7:08 AM]

At the top of the Ka-Shing tower, a big group of Cult of Chernobog members ransack the place. The squad leader, Lady Vivienne Neuville, drags one of her men in front of her – her expression only showing her ire.

“Where is the crystal piece? You told me one of the lights pointed directly here!” Her patience seems to have been running out.
“W-We have searched everywhere top to bottom, but there is nothing! Nothing at all!”
“Then would you mind telling me why the light isn’t pointing here anymore? What’s your excuse, hmm?!”
“P-please be patient with us! The crystal beams weren’t supposed to endure the whole day! Maybe that’s wh—”

Suddenly, a spine-chilling sound echoes throughout the whole building, from the foundations to the furniture:

The sound of thousands of tons of concrete snapping in an instant.

Then the floor begins to tilt, along with seemingly endless noise coming from all around…

“W-what in the name of our lord Chernobog is this…?! W-We’re all going to diiiiiiiiieeeeeee!” The recruit screams in pure agonizing terror, not moving from his spot.
“Tch… It was a trap.” Vivienne is taking it rather well for the situation she’s in, though her panicked expression says it all…
“Please save me, lady Vivienne! Save us all! AAAAAHHHHHHH!”
“You’ll be saved in just a moment when you reach his light…” Vivienne closes her eyes and sighs out through gritted teeth, embracing her destiny…
File: 1322.png (148 KB, 600x512)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

[Today, June 4th, 7:04 AM]

One street over from Ka-Shing Tower, on top of a three-story building, a large number of Ka-Shing’s men stand ready next to a truck. How did they get a truck on top of a three-story building? Who cares! Right below the truck’s location, on street level, is an absolutely massive seesaw. And positioned on the other end of that seesaw, facing the tower, is a wrecking ball crane machine! The wrecking ball is absolutely massive, unlike anything used for sensible destruction!

“This is the stupidest plan I have ever seen! How the fuck did no one find us out by now?!”
“What did you say? I told you how we did it man: the magic of the flames!” Ka-Shing stares at his bodyguard Gonzalez with fire in his eyes. An unearthly light shines from the multi-millionaire's coat pocket.

“W-we have everything ready for your crafty scheme, sir! The Cult of Chernobog men are at the top of the tower, including one we presume is a flame user! But sir, why the need to destroy the tower?”
“One, it’s a symbolic death; the great Tower suffering a tragic fall from grace, or whatever the fuck. It’s so strong, so undeniable, the rest of the players will assume we’re done for after this – which will give us the element of surprise! And two, I’m an eccentric man. If I ever need to have another tower made, I totally can!”
Gonzalez rubs his bald head and strokes his goatee. “But this is unbelievably dangerous… We are putting all our lives at risk just standing here.” He’s actually quaking in his boots, that’s how nervous he is!
“Gonzalez, I wouldn’t be the proud man I am now if I didn’t lead my troops head on into unnecessary dangers like this!”

Ka-Shing bravely moves closer towards the truck.
“Is the truck in neutral? We better not fuck this up like the first time, got it?!”
“Yes sir! Truck is in neutral! Everything else is in position as planned, sir!”


Every Ka-Shing man yells out a rallying cry and starts pushing the big truck! With a metallic groan and shattering glass, it falls onto the big seesaw and pushes the other side up… but then that side breaks! The trembling movement still destabilizes the wrecking ball machine enough that the ball swings and strikes the building hard! The Ka-Shing Tower visibly shakes and begins to collapse down, as the weight of the building is too much to bear.

“Run the fuck away! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF MOTHERFUCKERS!” Ka-Shing yells as the spectacular carnage starts! All the suited goons start evacuating through the building stairs, four of them carrying Ka-Shing above their heads!

Soon, the Ka-Shing Tower is no more.
File: 1323.png (99 KB, 600x512)
99 KB

[8:15 AM]

“Yeah, we should. Better safe than sorry.” This is way too suspicious to be a normal janitor!
“Ehm… Cat, help us out here?” Lise beckons Bradford Jr. over!

Bradford Jr. nods and puts his paw on the collar in position!

“Hello…? Over.” You say into the mic.
“Control Room B, here – what’s wrong? Over.” It’s Nina’s voice. Woah, the cat knew immediately who to call! Props to Neko for training them!
“Lise just used her ability to check around, and we found a suspicious person near Constance’s old room. It might be a janitor, it might be a spy. He apparently used his phone too.” You pause briefly. “And Constance is in here and not the second floor. Why would a real janitor go straight there in the first place? Please check it out. Err… Over?”
“I’ll send someone over there ASAP. Over and out.” Nina cuts the call.

Kind of anticlimactic just to wait quietly after that. Even Philonune is floating back and forth in the air. He’d be pacing if he had legs to pace with.

“I hope it’s nothing but an ass being stupid. Haha. Ha…” Lise tries to break the uncomfortable atmosphere. It just makes it even more uncomfortable!
“Yeah…” Your sister and your OG hobo could be in trouble otherwise.

The cat receives a new signal! It’s Nina again!

“Everyone, Control Room B here. We have captured one of the Assembly’s men! He was trespassing wearing a janitor’s uniform; Amelia and Nariko have him trapped in Constance’s old room on the second floor! Everyone is unharmed. Richard, please go and identify this man. He must be one of the flameless our intel told us about, but stay alert! Over and out.” Oh wow, it was actually a spy! Who would have thought!

“Aww yeah! I told you we got this shit! Nice one, Johnny!” She extends her hands for a double high-five.
“All thanks to you!” You double high-five her right back!

Suddenly, you receive a new message from Control Room B!

“Attention Bunker Patrol. An unknown individual has snuck inside your perimeter, possibly the second flameless of the pair! One half of the Gatekeeping squad is chasing him; the man is wearing a janitor outfit as well. Please be advised! Control Room A will take over comms duty! Over and out!”

The message is followed up by Control Room A!

“Yeah… They’re at the 4th corridor. If you guys could go help there instead of fucking around in the 3rd one, that’d be great, thanks… Go through 2nd please. No, that’s not the one… whatever, just keep going! Don’t stop! It doesn’t matter that much!” That’s a very sarcastic and annoyed Yu Yan on the mic. “Also Amelia, head down there quick! Stay at 2nd for a cool pincer attack! They’re at the 8th corridor now, heading south to the intersection…”

Yu continues narrating commands excitedly over the microphone while you check your map. Your room is at the 13th corridor…

What a weird-ass layout! Who designed this place?! No wonder you kept getting lost here!

Shouldn’t you go do something?!

>Ask to be deployed to help! Get out there and go!
>You should go help without asking! No time to lose!
>Wait for your orders! You are the last line of defense!
>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
>Write In.
>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
File: Map.png (66 KB, 600x512)
66 KB
Last Reply of the day. Last post had horrible grammar. Here is the map too.
>>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
Also make sure it isn't too draining on her, don't want her to collapse at a critical moment.
>Stay put and have Lise soundwave track the enemy!
File: 1324.png (116 KB, 600x512)
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116 KB PNG
[Today, June 4th, 7:29 AM]

The fourth floor of an office building in the Northern District of Pokyo Lokyo. Ex-member of the Hosts of Rebellion and current Ka-Shing Corp. employee Charlie Ironheart sits on a hallway bench, enjoying a cheesy pulp novel. An eerie red beam passes through the ceiling and into the floor next to him, completely ignored. Meanwhile, muffled noises of heated battle echo from the ground floor, as a battle royale between the Cult and the police rages on… but that doesn’t matter here.

An average-looking man walks up the stairs and spots Charlie having a pleasant time. His name is Joe, and his mission is to kill the man inside the room Charlie is guarding: Gerard Luther.

Charlie invokes his partner without prying his eyes away from his novel. The odd yellow slime entity holds its sword to the side in a ready position. “So you’re the man who wants to assassinate my good friend here?” Mr. Terrorist carries a calm but intense tone in his voice. A warning.
“Yeah, I guess.” Joe doesn’t feign any interest, though his eyes glance over the blob once. “Having quite the party down there, huh? I barely managed to sneak past at all.”
“A crystal piece buried under twenty feet of concrete is too tedious for anyone to steal in a timely fashion. Not to mention, anyone staying around for it will have to face me.” Charlie turns to the next page. “…Although, I see the promise of easy power isn’t reward enough for you to fight for.”

Joe just shrugs. “I never really liked violence.” He says the words in a plain, bland manner. The hallway, despite nothing having changed, suddenly feels very off…

“So you want to take Mr. Luther’s life, correct?”
“Yup…” Joe yawns.
“Can you enlighten me as to your reasons why?”
“I just want to keep living in peace, like anyone else. And knowing that I’m probably going to die in a year or so… kinda disturbs that.” Joe shuffles in place, appearing uncomfortable.

The hallways feels a few degrees cooler. A pervasive feeling of unease fills the area…
File: 1325.png (108 KB, 600x512)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

Charlie calmly closes his book and sets it aside. “So if you’ve already decided on your course of action, why are you hesitating?” His full undivided attention is now on the inconspicuous man by the stairs.
“Honestly, I didn’t expect him to have backup. And, uh…” Joe stares at his phone.
And…?” Charlie raises his eyebrows.

Joe leans back against the wall, looking relaxed. “I’m not sure if the people I’m working with are going to pull their weight with this whole ‘Judge Assassination’ thing. I don’t want to kill anyone if not necessary. Killing is very unpleasant. It could leave quite a scar on me, and I would prefer my dreams not to be tainted. So I’m waiting to hear good progress from my team while I’m here.”

“…I agree. Taking someone’s life is easier said than done. It changes a man forever.” Charlie responds in an equally casual way, like he doesn’t really mean what he says.
“So you get it too!” Joe smiles, but his expression is absent of all warmth. “Can I sit around here and wait?”
“I’d seriously prefer if you leave.”
“A-alright…” Joe’s expression becomes apprehensive as he backs a few steps down. “See you soon, yeah?” When Joe disappears from view, the hallway atmosphere begins to feel normal again.

Charlie waits until the footsteps recede far enough, then exhales the breath he’s been holding the entire time.
File: 1326.png (111 KB, 600x512)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

[8:43 AM]

“Lise, soundwave track the enemy!” You order the accountant! This girl needs to be more proactive with what she’s got!
“Uh… Sure!” Lise starts using her ability again, turning her eyes blue and whatnot. “Uhm… There is no new soundwave!” Well, that’s disappointing!

“They aren’t communicating between themselves…?” What the fuck.

“Not that I can see.” Lise keeps grabbing at the air, her face spelling disappointment. “…Yeah, same old, same old.”
“Not even a faint one?”
“Nothing new at all. Isn’t that good though?”
“Then stop using your ability. It could be too draining for you.”
“I feel fine, but if you say so.” Lise releases whatever she’s holding, and her eyes go back to being ordinary white. “Sheesh, feeling quite bossy today are we?”

“Sorry, the nerves got to me.” You scratch the back of your head.
“I’m just kidding! You can’t call yourself a man without a little backbone, yeah?” Lise smiles. If she was closer to you, she would probably be elbowing you right now.

…But all that didn’t stop Yu Yan from continuing her commands!

“...Neko fall back to 13, Amelia move to 11, Henry wait at 10. With Osgood chasing him, he’ll have no choice but to go one of those ways! …And he’s going to 10! And – ACHOOO!” Yu Yan sneezes loudly. “Damn this cold. Or maybe someone talked shit about me, who knows? Ehem… Henry, he’s right there! You got him! Osgood grab him too! Good job! Now beat the crap out of— I-I mean, keep him conscious! Yeah! We need him alive or something… Uuuh… Okay, cutting back to Control Room B. Over and out!” Yu Yan’s feed is over!

Nina takes over the airwaves! “Congratulations everyone! We will send Kata to check on Osgood. Amelia and Henry, please drop the man off on the first floor, next to Control Room A. Richard and Nariko, please move the other suspect there as well. Once you do, Nariko will stay at Gatekeeping duty in the meantime and Henry will go back to his position. We will continue to update everyone once we gain new info. Over and out.” Woah, they are really doing a great job with this tactical operator thing!

“Nice! I didn’t think they’d have it in them.” Lise is all smiles! “You guys didn’t have the same level of coordination before.” Unknowingly to her, she took a stab at you. Ouch!
“First time everyone’s willing to really work together too…” They never cared for this stuff when you were in charge…

“Eh? Something wrong?”
“N-nothing. Ignore me.”

…How? There’s literally nothing else for me to do here except talk to you.”
“I didn’t mean it literally!”
“…Then how’d you mean it? I’m confused.”
“In the way that I said something stupid and not worth talking about.” You rub your forehead.
“I can decide if it’s worth talking about on my own, you know?”
“But it doesn’t matter.”
“It could matter to me!
“What are we even talking about? This is weird.” Why are you discussing this?!
“Ugh… My bad…” Lise hides under her scarf. “I’m just acting silly now…”

You’re doing a real great job, sitting here doing sweet fuck-all! So what now?

>Ask Lise why she needs to act so awkward sometimes!
>Ask Control Room A for an update. Anything happening?
>Keep waiting for orders. Any… second… now… maybe…?
>Advise Nina to watch those cameras! The two spies are bait!
>Try doing what Philonune said and meditate to relax yourself?
>Write In.
>Advise Nina to watch those cameras! The two spies are bait!
>Try doing what Philonune said and meditate to relax yourself?
>Advise Nina to watch those cameras! The two spies are bait!
This >>3179560
File: 1327.png (116 KB, 600x512)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

[9:32 AM]

“No, it’s fine. We’re all under a lot of pressure in our own ways.”
“Shit’s stressful…” Lise is just a normal gal in a weird-ass situation of life and death… Well, everyone is, but she’s technically the least fucked in the head here.
“Hey Bradford Jr., I need to talk to Control Room B – please help me out.”
“Meow!” The soul singer cat bobs his head.

“What’s wrong? Did you come up with something Johnny?”
“I think those two were bait. We need to be more careful than ever.”
“That seems unlikely; they didn’t accomplish anything doing what they did. They just rushed in here trying to be sneaky and got caught out by us.”
“We don’t know that. That could’ve been their plan.” You adjust your glasses. Bradford Jr. nods at you to go ahead. “Hello? Control Room B? Do you copy? Over.”

“Control Room B here, I copy. What’s wrong? Over.” Nina replies almost immediately!

“I don’t want to sound impertinent or anything, but you need to keep an eye on those cameras. I feel like those two we captured are just bait. Over.”
You barely hear Nina sigh out. “I understand your concern Johnny, and it’s something I was already looking into, but I can’t come up with a good reason for them to launch an uncoordinated attack like that. They didn’t even attempt to attack us, or anything. Were they testing our defenses? Were they trying to separate us?” You hear her take a few gulps of a drink. “…Whatever it is, I can’t see it. Over.”

“Maybe they were sent to scope the place out? They started by peeking inside Constance’s old room, then moved into the bunker. They didn’t waste any valuable resources, if you think those guys were virtually useless in a real fight, so now they have parts of the clinic ruled out.” You say, but then you stop and think it thoroughly. “…The last one didn’t communicate with them; we know he never attempted to use his phone, because Lise didn’t spot anything to lock onto… They must be trying to do something else… Ehm… Over.”
“But what? It still doesn’t make any sense. Over.” Nina is as confused as you are.

It would be wishful thinking to pretend these attacks were failures, and even more wishful thinking to assume this is all that’ll happen today.

Something that wouldn’t matter if they got caught…

“Wait. That’s it! They had tracking devices on them! They didn’t need to call each other, they just needed to get caught! Over!” That doesn’t explain the phone call the first man made on the second floor, though.
“We already got rid of their tracking devices, that was the first thing Richard came up with. Over.” Damnit Richard!
“Point is, keep staring at those cameras! Something iffy is going on here. Over.”
“I’m doing that already, Johnny! I can see you getting frustrated from here. It’s cute! Hehe. Over!” Nina sounds cheerful. That’s embarrassing, but part of you is okay with it. Better cheerful than tense.
“Ehm… Well… You know… I… Over and out!” You facepalm as soon as the call ends.

“She can see you do that, you know?” You see Lise raise her eyebrow and smile coyly at you from the corner of your eye.
“Just leave me be…” This hand doesn’t want to leave your face!

“You still have a point. They wouldn’t waste two of the three men they had just to half-ass it, would they?”

This conundrum doesn’t seem to have an easy answer. Or does it?

What now?

>Don’t overthink it and keep waiting for orders. You’re a thirsty man in the desert, and orders are the water you don’t have!
>Call Control Room A and ask to see if that spy left something. There’s a few rooms around where the guy was caught…
>Ask Lise to use her ability once more! There must be something out there! You’re sure of it! It pays to be paranoid now!
>Ask Philonune for his views. He always listens to everything even when you don’t. Did he notice anything you missed?
>Write In.
>Ask Philonune for his views. He always listens to everything even when you don’t. Did he notice anything you missed?
>Ask Philonune for his views. He always listens to everything even when you don’t. Did he notice anything you missed?
>Ask Philonune for his views. He always listens to everything even when you don’t. Did he notice anything you missed?
>Call Control Room A and ask to see if that spy left something. There’s a few rooms around where the guy was caught…
File: 1328.png (101 KB, 600x512)
101 KB
101 KB PNG

[10:12 AM]

“Hey, Philonune. Did you notice anything we might have missed? What’s your view on things?” You ask your partner. He did promise to talk more, but that doesn’t mean he’s impolite and wants to interrupt you anytime he feels like it.
“I didn’t want to mention it because human technology is as marvelous to me as it is confusing, but I do have some inquiries to make.”
“Shoot away, partner.”

“We’re supposedly in a city wide ‘Crimzone’ which deactivates any machinery, am I correct?” Philonune establishes.
“…And medical facilities are unaffected, correct?”

“But they used their phones to communicate before they were apprehended, did they not?”

“Yeah…” Your eyes widen. “Yeah! That would mean that guy is actually in here!” Holy shit!

“Wouldn’t that man’s ability work in their favor? His weapon wasn’t affected by the Crimzone.” Philonune makes a decent point. “He could use his ability to make the phone work as well, regardless if he’s inside or outside the building.”
“One problem with that though: there should be no signal in the first place. Crimzone took out towers and lines all over the city. Which means whatever is letting the phones carry signal should be in here too! A portable antenna, maybe?” You check your phone, and for some reason you have very weak signal strength! “So he must be in here! No doubt about it Philo, you’re a genius!” Despite the moment, you can’t stop yourself from getting excited.

“But Johnny, why couldn’t he use his ability to make both devices work in the Crimzone at the same time? He makes machinery work regardless of setbacks.”

“That’s a good question…” Nina already briefed everyone about the guy’s power and how it works. You have all the answers in front of you, somewhere. “…Would it be possible for a phone inside the Crimzone to get a signal?”
“If both objects are outside and made to work again, I think it should be possible…” Philonune continues to ruin everything!

“What the hell, we were so close!” Damn it, you were right there! What happened?!

“What’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird for a while now…” Lise is clearly worried. “Is this part of your power or something?”
“Sorry, I was talking to Philonune.”
“About what?”

You briefly explain what you were figuring out.

“I think I get it…” Lise doesn’t get it! “You know what that reminds me of? You mentioned how some of these abilities cost a lot of energy for people. I felt a little dizzy before when I was checking soundwaves. I can’t imagine keeping that vampire rocker’s power up for hours.”
“Yeah, and Howie specifically mentioned Kaz uses a revolver because it isn’t as tiring. Nina confirmed as much.”

Suddenly, it hits you! “I get it! To know if he’s really inside the building, we need to check if the signal disappears!”
“If he’s outside powering the antenna, then he’ll eventually have to stop and lose the signal.” Then again, his power could drain him slower than yours does to you? Who knows? “And if the antenna is inside, then he doesn’t need to be with it to power it with the place not under Crimzone. He could have just left the place ages ago, and we wouldn’t know.”

“It’s been like two fucking hours since we found the first guy, and he was already using his phone. If he’s hiding in here, then why the hell haven’t we found the bastard yet?”

She’s right. Looking back down at your phone, you see two tiny signal pips showing…

What do you do?

>Inform Control Room B right now! He’s already in! It all makes sense if you think about it!
>Check your signal for half an hour to test your theory. You have the time for it, don’t you?
>You can’t trust the signal in the bunker. Better to be patient and wait out for more orders.
>Write In.
>Inform Control Room B right now! He’s already in! It all makes sense if you think about it!
>Inform Control Room B right now! He’s already in! It all makes sense if you think about it!
>>Inform Control Room B right now! He’s already in! It all makes sense if you think about it!

Let's talk to Nina about our theory first, though. We're not the leader anymore, and she has a better eye of the situation than we do.
>Inform Control Room B right now! He’s already in! It all makes sense if you think about it!
File: 1329.png (111 KB, 600x512)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
[10:48 AM]

“Because I’m not sure if he’s in here or not…” Wait a second. You’re fucking stupid! Of course he’s in here! “We made a mistake, I get it now!”
“Uh… what?” Lise now goes from being concerned about your health to being concerned for your sanity. Just great.

“Let me explain. If the phone and the antenna were outside in the Crimzone, there is no way phones in here can send their signals to them: The red wall would stop them!” You point up at the ceiling. “Same if the antenna was in here and tried to send the signal outside! It all gets blocked the same. They couldn’t communicate between them unless they were all in here past us!” Man, your level 4 Knowledge is showing! “Quick, Bradford Jr.! I need to talk to Control Room B on the double!”

“Meow!” Bradford Jr. is ready for the job.
“I’m not sure if I get it…” Lise is still confused. You’ve left her in the dust.
“Don’t worry; I’m going to explain it all to Nina again. Maybe that’ll help.”

And so you explained your theory to Nina! You keep it simple and sane so Lise stops looking at you like that.

“…So Kazuchika Storgaard must be inside the building. At the very least inside our perimeter without any Crimzone activated, which is just as bad. Over.” You finish your exposition.
“Good one, Johnny. It’s true; the Crimzone doesn’t just deactivate machinery, but completely shuts everything down. I can’t find any flaws in your logic.” You hear Nina giggling over the mic. Music to your ears! “To be honest, I had a hunch he already snuck inside, but I didn’t have evidence to support it. Now thanks to you, I do. Over.”

“So did the interrogation give you any clues? Over.” It’s been how many hours since they caught the guy? One hour? Two? They must have something by this point…

“No, not at all. Richard is unable to make them talk. If he doesn’t make any progress soon, we will have to knock them out so they won’t cause any trouble in the future.” Well, there’s the answer to that question! “They got inside only to distract us, so he could sneak past with no problems… Oh yes, over.”

“What makes you say that? Over.” Sounds stupid to cause two distractions at different times to accomplish the same thing. Or maybe that means the first one was caught by surprise.
“Their clear lack of intent, ignoring the attempt to buy time in the second distraction, and that they somehow managed to get their hands on the exact same janitor uniforms the clinic uses. Perhaps they are disguising themselves again, and we don’t know it.”

The audio goes dead silent for a full minute, long enough for you to start worrying. “Oh my god, I’m so stupid!” You hear Nina facepalming rather hard. “Its the flames!

“The flames? Over.” What’s she getting at?
“You and Kata can see flames on people! He can disguise as whatever he wants, but at the end of the day, he can’t hide his flame. Over.”
“I think there’s ways to hide a flame. Over.” The tables have turned. You are the party pooper now! Philo nods approvingly from his spot, which you choose to ignore.
“Not exactly. I asked Constance and her partner about this, and they told me only Judges are able to effectively hide their flames. We have an opening.” You can feel Nina’s smug aura leaking through the mic. “I feel he won’t disguise as a janitor again. Maybe someone in the cafeteria team?”

“Why do you think he’s disguised right now? Over.”

“He wouldn’t be able to bide his time safely otherwise. You don’t throw your two scouts and hide in a closet, hoping the time is right. He must be busy getting familiar with the place under our noses. I wish we had more cameras up there. Over.”
“So what’s the plan? Over.”
“I hope you don’t mind getting replaced now; we’ll have you moved over to Clinic Patrol. I wonder where we should look into first… Over.”

You exchange glances with Lise, then both turn to look at the comatose Constance. Can Lise hold the fort until your replacement arrives?

Either way, you have the perfect idea for where to look! You obviously need to do THIS first:

>He’s probably disguised as a cook! Investigate the cafeteria and kitchen!
>He’s probably disguised as a patient! Check all the occupied rooms listed!
>He’s probably disguised as a janitor, thinking third time’s the charm! Prove him wrong!
>He’s probably just hidden somewhere in the clinic! Find those damn closets!
>Wait for Nina’s orders. She’s doing great, why take over control now?
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day, we end the thread tomorrow! Thanks for playing so far!)
>He’s probably disguised as a patient! Check all the occupied rooms listed!
>>He’s probably disguised as a patient! Check all the occupied rooms listed!

He recently got the shit kicked out of him by Matilda, he could pass off as a patient with that injury
>He’s probably disguised as a patient! Check all the occupied rooms listed!
>And have nearby teams check any closest near them and the stairwells.
>He’s probably disguised as a patient! Check all the occupied rooms listed!
File: 1330.png (72 KB, 600x512)
72 KB
[11:22 AM]

“He’s disguised as a patient. He got his ass kicked by Matilda so hard he could pass off as a patient with those injuries. Over.” You remind your ex-girlfriend without hesitation.
You hear papers being moved around on Nina’s end. “…We’re going to check all the occupied rooms listed. I’m sending someone to replace you, and then we can move through with the plan. Over and out.” She sounds much more optimistic now.

“You okay with me leaving for now, right?” You ask Lise, who still seems left out when it comes to what she just heard.

“Ye-yeah. Why wouldn’t I?” Lise chuckles casually.
“You said you were relieved when you saw me come here.” You adjust your glasses. “How are you going to be when you see me leave?”
“Shit, you’re right. Which one of those weirdoes are they going to send next?” Lise seems a little troubled. You wanted to correct her for a second there, but she does have a point. Everybody you know that has a flame is not all right in the head… You included.

After a few minutes pass, your replacement arrives! It’s Amelia!

…Oh fuck, it’s Amelia.

“Oh jeez…” Lise shoots you a worried glance.
“Hello... I’m your replacement." Your creepy sister says in the same empty monotone you feared she’d still have. Her appearance is the same depressed and jaded look she had before. Guess you were wrong to expect her to get better out of nowhere, on top of yesterday’s conversation. “Your new partner is out there waiting for you. Get going already…”

“I will.” You pat Amelia’s head briefly as you pass her. She closes her eyes and her cheeks get the faintest red. “You two take care.”
Your morose sister raises her hand and moves your arm aside! “Don’t do anything stupid.” Her eyes narrow at you, but they’re not as harsh now.

“Yeah, what she said. Be careful, Johnny!” Lise tries her best smile to give you confidence! It works only a little!
“Meow!” Bradford Jr. says goodbye in his own soulful way.

Before you close the door, you catch Amelia waving at you too. There’s hope for you yet!

You head through the bunker halls to the stairs, thinking things over. Amelia’s the fastest one of the bunch, but is she really the best for guarding the little mummy? Doesn’t matter, you have to trust in Nina’s decisions. She may know something you don’t about Amelia’s power, or whatever.
File: 1331.png (118 KB, 600x512)
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118 KB PNG

Nina briefly explains how the groups are going to be laid out:

Gatekeeping Squad merges with Clinic Patrol. The new Bunker Squad consists of Richard and Neko. You, Osgood, Henry, and Nariko will disguise as clinic employees and seek out Kazuchika Storgaard. Richard was left out due to how prominent he is as a public figure.

At the end of the hallway you are joined by Henry first, then the others when you head into the room closest to the stairs and elevator. Now after having changed clothes into your disguise, you’re waiting for Nariko to come out.

“Does it really count as a disguise if it’s my regular patient clothes…?” An unimpressed Osgood mumbles, staring down at his clothes. You think he’s used to being injured anyway, so it’s not that different. He has some extra bandages thanks to the previous encounter they had, and his arm is still broken.

“Hey, this is my old uniform too.” You’re wearing your old part-time janitor clothes from the previous clinic, back when you cleaned the junk out of those rooms for Doc Calamity! They are still somewhat comfortable, though a faint air of spook hangs about them… “And besides, you’re more authentic than the rest of us. I think we’ll have to break a leg to match you.”

You can’t help laughing at the face Osgood makes at you. Right next to you, Philonune and Henry laugh just as hard.

After the laughing dies down, Janitor Henry checks his new clothes with disgust. “Is everyone’s plan today to pretend to be janitors? Can’t people be original for once?” You think they fit him perfectly, but you stay quiet about it.

You hear muffled knocking from the door! “I am ready as well now. Not the sort of attire I’m used to.” Nurse Nariko hesitantly walks out into the open! No beanie anymore, shame. She looks at you for a second, then blushes and averts her eyes. For a second, you see the same perverted face she wore during her ‘punishment’. “S-Sorry for taking my time. I’ve been careless with my appearance to an unhealthy degree lately, and I needed to rectify my wrongdoings.”

Osgood’s eyes go wide, and Henry starts to blush. Internally, you try as hard as you possibly can to dispel your thoughts of yesterday…!

“…Why exactly is she the only one passing as a doctor? She looks too young to play the part.” Henry looks back and forth from her and the rest of you, confused.
“Nurses technically aren’t doctors. It’s a professional thing.” You explain, remembering what you were told. The one exception who told you this isn’t here though.
“You know what I meant, man!” Henry hates being treated like an idiot. Doesn’t everyone?

“So we need to go for Nurse Calamity while the janitors go elsewhere. Right?” Osgood taps his foot impatiently while his derpy shoulder cat looks all over the place.
“Can we exchange pairs? I’m not comfortable with a man with your backstory. I would vastly prefer if Johnny and I would be matched together… but Henry would suffice as well.” Nariko explains formally. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Henry silently pumping his fist.

Osgood grits his teeth. “Yeah, because nurses and janitors hang out the whole time, right? Get in character, dumbass.”

Excuse me?! You incompetent classless womanizer! Who do you think you are to speak to me like that? Do you remember what I did for you?” Nariko loses her embarrassment for indignation! “Although I suppose in your state, you must have broken something else.” She taps the side of her head, making her intent clear.

“Didn’t you live in the streets? Didn’t you just backstab us? Who are you to talk shit to me, idiot?!” Osgood won’t back down!

“Cut it out, you two.” You interrupt their little back and forth and walk between them. “Stop wasting time with this.”
“Yeah, we aren’t here to fight each other. We need to go beat an old man!” Henry backs you up! About time someone does…

“Fiiiiiiiiine. I’m sorry. Can we move on now?” Osgood doesn’t mean it one bit.
“Y-yeah, it’s hard to shake off that attitude. I’m truly sorry, it’s just—” Nariko mumbles her words as the hobo Nariko would.
Osgood interrupts, scoffing at her. “You don’t need to pretend you care.” He says in the coldest you’ve heard from him, and heads up the stairs. Nariko watches him go, her face unreadable.

“…You okay? Those mood swings aren’t normal.” You ask Nariko. This is worrying. What’s going on with her?
Nariko goes back to blushing again. “Yes. It’s just… That’s not who I was before I…” She stares at her hand with her flame. “Y-you get it, r-right? The flames… What they do to you.”
“Yeah, they make you stronger!” Henry grins and strikes a pose.
“N-not necessarily…” Nariko is still conflicted. She’s hesitating a lot more now. “I don’t remember being this conceited…”

Whatever misgivings she might have, you can’t help her with them now. There’s too much at stake to waste more time. “We’ll talk this over after we survive today, okay? We need to go deal with this bastard so Constance stays safe.” You move past and up the stairs, hearing them following behind you.
File: Spoiler Image (100 KB, 600x512)
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100 KB PNG

You’re divided into two groups. Before all this, Kata was checking the 3rd floor rooms, reserved for seriously wounded people, and found no one with a flame. The plan is that you and Henry will inspect the 2nd floor, while Osgood and Nariko work with Kata to do the same in the 1st floor.

Nina specifically asked you not to act on him when you find him, just to identify him and back out to let the others know. Also you have a new cat to talk to! Her name is Boopies, she’s orange and… looks like a regular cat. Not much to say about it. She’s hanging onto Henry’s shoulder, and he seems to be having fun with it.

“Let’s start with this one.” Henry points at the fourth room on the floor. You’re carrying mops, towels, and everything to pretend to do your fake job if necessary.
“Why not go by order? There’s no reason not to.” You don’t want to admit how much this bothers you. You had this as a real job before, for crying out loud! This doesn’t feel right, even if your current role is fake!
“I have a hunch, dude! C’mon, follow me!” Damnit, he already opened the door. Janitors aren’t supposed to barge in like that! “Hello! Janitor duty time!” He says as loudly and unnaturally as a man could say it.
“Shit…” You mutter between your teeth as you follow him inside, trying not to cringe too hard.

“Huh? You aren’t supposed to come in while we’re doing a routine checkup. What’s going on?” It’s that one nurse with the long-haired hime cut who checked on you that one time! And she’s examining the man you’re searching for: Kazuchika Storgaard! His nose looks crooked and his face is all bruised up.

You distantly remind yourself to thank Matilda when you see her later, but then the man turns and locks eyes with you… and the flame on his shoulder flickers rapidly…

Sadly, this is all we have for this week’s thread! Thanks for playing!
Thanks for running.
File: Fixed 1321-1322.png (311 KB, 600x1024)
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311 KB PNG
Added the red filter to these images.

It was a lot fun! Though I wish I could write these updates faster.
Thanks for running!

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