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The moon sheds its gaze across a frozen land

Its false light fading, a mimicry of time past.

Shadows creep, dark grows deeper,

And hunger begins to growl.

In defiance of the dark, across the foreboding night,

Do bright sparks fall to dying earth.

Clasping to their chests a memory long forgotten, a light long lost,

They stand to find their fates.
File: pitter patter.jpg (281 KB, 1680x1120)
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281 KB JPG
You open your eyes.

You lie at the center of a small crater in the ice, made by your fall. You sit up, craning your head around, seeing the landscape in a new, unfamiliar perspective.

A wide open space. Huge, rectangular shapes, distant but not too much so You sift through Wisdom that isn’t yours.

You recognise that you are in a ‘City’.

You recognise that you fell in a ‘Park’.

Noise. Crackling of broken ice. You make out other forms. Two arms, two legs, upright - ‘Humanoid’ - each with a unique pair of horns growing from their heads.

Stars, like yourself. You count three, four, five, six.

A handful of unusual coincidences.

That so many stars fell at near the same time.

That so many stars fell at near the same place.

You look up, meeting a pale gaze.

A thin crescent, barely there.

Perhaps the most important coincidence. At least, most important to your survival.

That so many stars fell barely a night from the new moon.

Pitter, patter. Pitter, patter.

The rain comes. As does the hunger.

> You sift through Wisdom that isn’t yours.

[ ] A place to hide. Anywhere nearby. Away from the rain.
[ ] Underground is safer. Through the City. There has to be a way.
[ ] The other stars. You should stay together.
>[ ] The other stars. You should stay together.
>[ ] The other stars. You should stay together.
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551 KB JPG
> I totally forgot to do an intro post so here it is

Mornin' folks! It's sorta been a while huh.

Last time was the end of Pisces' arc. A magical journey under the sea.

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls
Announcements: https://twitter.com/boxofmithril

Update timing will probably be a bit inconsistent.
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154 KB JPG
You push yourself up. The other stars are already standing, looking at their surroundings.

It is not safe here.

All of you can feel the weight in the air. The dark pressing down.

What should you do.

A place to hide. A place to run.


The rain falls heavier.

--- -- -----

Out of ‘Alleyways’, along frozen roads, wispy shades come. Teeth, fragments that hunger. Large, wolf-like forms, shifting and twisting.

-- ------ -- -----

More and more. Closer, and closer.

You step back. You feel weak, unsteady. Breathless, like something grips your chest.

Something brilliant pierces the dark.

A flash of starlight from nearby shoots across the ‘Park’, stabbing through one of the encroaching Teeth, banishing it to nothing.

A star. Their right horn is no longer on their head, having been shaped into the spear they wield. The star sweeps their horn back and lowers their stance, ready.

Hunger pounces.

File: dark places.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
The rest of you move. You stand to follow the star with the spear.

You should stay together, you think.

The other stars seem to come to the same thought.

All except one, who leaves while the Teeth are focused elsewhere.

How a star seeks is theirs to decide.

The six of you, headed by the spear-wielder, force your way through the City.



Your group takes refuge in a tall ‘Building’. The Teeth were banished but the dark is still there. The safety you’ve found won’t last.

Rain keeps falling. Pitter patter, pitter patter.

You look around.

A star has taken their horn. A soft light envelops it, molding its shape.

The star with the spear has a sharp look. They seem to be deciding something.

Another stands nearby. Their eyes are elsewhere.

The last two stars sit by bones, holding pieces of their horns. Slowly, they begin to carve.


[ ] Watch the star with the spear.
[ ] Watch the star shaping their horn.
[ ] Try to interact with the nearby star.
[ ] Approach the bones.
>[ ] Watch the star shaping their horn.
>[ ] Watch the star shaping their horn.
>[ ] Watch the star shaping their horn.
File: sink.png (609 KB, 1024x645)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
You watch the star molding their horn, their starlight glowing, gathering in their hands. They brush their palm over their horn, gently, deliberately, and it changes with each moment that passes.

Like watching something grow.

You feel restless. You too, need a way to channel your starlight.

You raise a hand, touching one of your curved horns,

And you feel-


A star’s horn is their will.

It is their sword and shield against the dark.

It is their torch, guiding them on the path to what they seek.

You don’t know how to shape yours.

That feeling again.

Breathlessness. A painful pressure on your chest.

What do you seek?
File: candle.jpg (20 KB, 852x480)
20 KB

You look up, shaking the feeling away. The star with the spear is walking away.

The star that was shaping their horn now holds it in the form of a candle and bronze candle-holder. They too stand, and follow.

Follow? They don’t look at each other, don’t recognise each other. They just move in the same direction.

You get up and go after them. You hear stars around you do the same.

You won’t be safe alone.

Pitter patter pitter patter.

The stars with the spear and candle walk quickly through the building. You feel like you have to jog to keep up.

Pitter patter pitter patter.

Where are they going?

They feel it too, don’t they? The weight in the air that grows heavier with every step. The dark that lies ahead.

You look around. The other stars are following too. They don’t seem to hesitate.

There are five of you.

Was one left behind?

You glance back for a moment before chasing after the others.
A door to a ‘Courtyard’.

Freezing rain. Chilling air.

The unmistakable, suffocating feeling of danger. Of hunger. Of void.

There is a Light-Eater nearby.

The star with the spear turns towards the dark. Towards nothingness.

The star with the candle turns away. The others do the same, leaving the spear-wielder.


[ ] You think you should stay together.
[ ] You follow the star with the candle.
[ ] You chase the star with the spear.
[ ] (Other?)
>You chase the star with the spear.
>[ ] You chase the star with the spear.
File: rain.jpg (33 KB, 480x332)
33 KB
The groups of one and three start to separate.

Where should you go?

You thought it would be safest if all of you stayed together.

Do they not think so too?

Why do you feel so


The star with the spear picks up their pace, moving with purpose.

To danger. To void.

Your enemy. Your predator.

Your hair is being drenched black.

Pitter patter pitter patter.


[ ] They shouldn’t have to go alone.
[ ] You seek something from them (what?)
[ ] (Other?)
[ ] You change your mind. Follow the star with the candle (why?)
>[ ] They shouldn’t have to go alone.
File: crescent.jpg (12 KB, 750x500)
12 KB
(In hindsight I should've asked for a reason with the previous vote.

Anyway. Given votes, updates continue tomorrow.)
>[ ] You seek something from them
>[ ] They shouldn’t have to go alone.
>[x] They shouldn’t have to go alone.
>[x] You seek something from them
Guidance, like >>3129078
File: blur.jpg (10 KB, 852x480)
10 KB
You leave the group of three, and chase after the star with the spear. Bare feet splashing on concrete.

Rain, heavier and heavier. Already you have lost them in the night, but you know where they were going.

So you run.

The nothingness seeps in.

You lose your misting breaths. You lose your steps.

You cannot see the dark.

You cannot hear the silence.

Where is the way forward

Run. Run. Run.

A flash of starlight.

Oblivion recedes.

Through blurring vision you make out the figure of the spear-wielding star, brandishing their horn against a tar-like blot of black. Light-Eater, twisting, shapeless - the star’s strikes pierce, slowly forcing it into form.
File: heavy.jpg (42 KB, 852x480)
42 KB
With the rain, with the gaze of the moon, danger comes from all around.


Hunger pounces with shadowy fangs. The star does not relent, sweeping and jabbing their spear, banishing the endless torrent of Teeth, continuing to strike at their foe.

In each clash, the dark makes a soundless, incomprehensible screech, rattling in your skull.


Chilling cold. Rain grows into storm, its icy grip draining.



It hurts. It hurts-

You lose your balance, falling to the hard concrete.

Even as your hands shake, even as your legs fail you-

Stand, stand-

Because hunger comes-


[ ] Drag yourself up.
[ ] Get close to the star with the spear
[ ] Run. Run.
[ ] Try to draw your starlight.
>[x] Try to draw your starlight.
Maybe we can help, or at least understand our wish
>[ ] Try to draw your starlight.
>Try to draw your starlight.
File: teeth.jpg (139 KB, 1024x847)
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139 KB JPG
You push off the ground with your hands, dragging yourself through the unnatural weight. Ghastly shadows seep through the rain, bearing on you.

Your legs are failing you. You can’t stand. Teeth come to you as hunters.

Banish the dark. Like the spear-wielder does. Like a star should.

You can’t.

It dwells in you. Yours, only yours.

But no matter how you draw on it-

No matter how you try to let it shine-

You can’t wield your starlight.

Where is your will

Where is your wish

Reach within. Try, try- Fail, and try again-

It is yours. You are a star, so-

The hunger doesn’t wait.
File: umbrella.jpg (404 KB, 1280x853)
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404 KB JPG
But the fangs don’t reach.

You manage to push yourself onto your knees, sitting on the concrete. You see strings around you. ‘Wool’ you think, from Wisdom that isn’t yours, fallen to the ground, soaked in rain.

The Teeth around you are gone. Something light and pleasant sounds.

Giggle giggle.


A star stands in front of you, holding up an ‘Umbrella’. They are small, covered in thick ‘Coats’, with messy black hair.

The star presents the ‘Umbrella’ that shields you from the rain. You take it.

Giggle giggle.

You feel something behind you. Another star, looking nearly the same as the first. They grin when you meet their eyes, showing you a long red ribbon in their hands. It seems they tied one to each of your horns.


You face the first star again as they reach out. Their mitted hands come to your cheeks, then squeeze.

It doesn’t hurt. It feels weird. The star pulls at your cheeks, grinning.

Then they let go, and together under the second star’s ‘Umbrella’, they turn and trot away.

Giggle giggle.
You aren’t sure what happened.

You hold an ‘Umbrella’. The rain isn’t reaching you.

Still, you are drenched. Cold.

The unnatural weight has lightened.

You look forward. The Light-Eater is gone. The star begins walking away.

You stand unsteady, and chase after the star with the spear.
File: far far.jpg (21 KB, 990x743)
21 KB
You can’t see ahead.

You feel your weight with every trudging step. The star with the spear hasn’t stopped. As time passes, you feel like they grow more distant.

Splash, splash. Forward, forward.

You reach a building. You don’t know of what sort. They continue on, and you continue following.

You don’t know where you’re going.

Why did you go after them?

Because you thought they shouldn’t have to go alone.

Why? Kindness, fairness - some value from Wisdom that isn’t yours?

Because you sought from them something.

Why? A star falls, wanders, seeks. You won’t find your wish from them. They won’t from you.

They haven’t looked at you. Haven’t recognised you. You don’t know of them either.

You don’t know, don’t remember, what they look like.


You can’t see them anymore.

You are alone.

Your feet have long stopped. At some point, you dropped the ‘Umbrella’ given to you.

You no longer stand.

> What was your wish?

[ ] To be useful to someone?
[ ] To not be left behind?
[ ] To survive?
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] To be useful to someone?
>[x] To be useful to someone
Somehow. Perhaps we need to find out which star we are
>To be useful to someone?
File: reach.jpg (22 KB, 500x380)
22 KB
You wonder what happened to the other three. It wasn’t long since you parted.

You wonder what would have changed if you followed them. Nothing, you think. They walk with purpose, seeking their wish.

You don’t know what it’s like to have that strong of a purpose. To have something that guides you, pushes you forward.

What was your wish?

Maybe to not be left behind.

Maybe just to survive.

Or maybe to be useful to someone? To be ‘recognised’, or ‘appreciated’?

Anything would have been fine.

Somewhere distant, you can still hear the rain.

Though you aren’t under its gaze, the new moon will come.

Soon, you will be gone.

Maybe that is how you would be useful to someone. Maybe someone will come across your bones, and better wield your light.

Maybe that is best.

Thank you, you think to those twins stars. For trying to cheer you up.

You don’t think you’ll get up again.
File: .png (595 B, 2000x1333)
595 B
595 B PNG


File: capricorn.jpg (137 KB, 850x1200)
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137 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH3BpmtywJU)

You hear a song. Calm, soothing, and playful.

Something reaches for you. Something finds you, pulls you from the sinking dark.

Something soft cradles you. Something gentle envelops you.

The song grows with quiet energy. It fills you, stirs something in you, clearing the fog from your mind.

You take a long, deep breath

And open your eyes.

You lie on cold stone, but your head rests on someone’s lap. Long gray hair, slender, youthful features. Long lashes on eyes closed, red lips pursed by the instrument held in thin hands.

From the star’s flute comes a melody just for you. One that stays with you after it ends. One that you will remember for as long as you live.

The gray star opens her eyes, looking down to meet yours. She smiles.

You know she is Aquarius. She knows you are Capricorn.

With your meeting, comes the first ‘Warmth’ you have ever known.
File: stars.jpg (63 KB, 849x1200)
63 KB

That's all for this session. Thanks for showing up folks.

I was going for isolation and hopelessness this mini-arc. How'd you find it? Have fun?

I'll be pausing for a bit, then starting up again in two days in this thread. There'll be announcements on twitter for when that time comes.

Thanks again for reading, and see ya next time.
Thanks for the fun, boss. The hopelessness was clear but not frustrating. That's a tough line to walk
That was nice. Foreboding too. Need some hopelessness in order to better appreciate the hope.

That's a relief to hear. Really. I'm not remotely certain about my writing when I post.

Though that's how QMing works, probably.


A dawn after every night. 'Cept the sun's kinda gone in this setting.
Hi Baphy!
File: horn.jpg (10 KB, 340x226)
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You lower your flute, letting the tune fade. The star is awake, looking up at you.

Her eyes are a light yellow. Clear, innocent. Her short wavy hair is still drenched from rain, staining its pale, peachy hue.

You know she is Capricorn. She knows you are Aquarius.

You felt her light come from your old home, beyond the sky. There were others but she is the only one you found, lying still on the floor of this shadowed corridor.

She rests on your lap now. It was hard to place her here without her curved, goat-like horns getting in the way, but you managed with Libra’s help. You didn’t want to leave her on the cold stone, and you didn’t have a pillow handy.

It’s good that she woke. You feel relieved.

Footsteps. Libra returns. Probably from banishing Teeth. The blue star finds the dark better than you can.

There’s a lot more to find now.

Your gaze hasn’t left Capricorn’s. The pale star stares, as if not thinking. Not knowing what to think.

> The pale star stares. Stare~

[ ] Help Capricorn sit up. You should keep moving.
[ ] Squeeze Capricorn’s cheeks. Cheer up.
[ ] Pat Capricorn’s head. Reassure.

> Why did you chase the falling stars?

[ ] Whether your wishes align or not, now is when you need help.
[ ] You felt like you wanted to.
[ ] If nothing else, you would find bones.
[ ] You didn’t. You simply wandered.
>[ ] Pat Capricorn’s head. Reassure.
>[ ] You felt like you wanted to
>Pat Capricorn’s head. Reassure.

>Whether your wishes align or not, now is when you need help.
>[X] Pat Capricorn’s head. Reassure.
Nothing can ever go wrong with reassurance that, yes, you can still go on.
>[X] You felt like you wanted to.
So many Stars. In such little time. So close together. ~Interesting~

Also, what the hell man? When do you go to sleep? At 6 in the morn'? Because it's midnight over here.
(I live down under, with a pretty standard sleep schedule. We're probably on opposite sides of the world.)
>[ ] Squeeze Capricorn’s cheeks. Cheer up.
>[ ] You felt like you wanted to.
That explains a lot then. A really large amount of stuff actually.
>[x] Pat Capricorn’s head. Reassure.
>[x] You felt like you wanted to.
File: red and orange.jpg (38 KB, 650x381)
38 KB
You stow your horn then place your hand gently on Capricorn’s forehead, slowly brushing her hair back. The pale star looks confused at first, but then closes her eyes contentedly.

She would have faced a lot, even though she only just fell. This is not a good time.

So it’s good that she is okay.

Pat, pat.

You help Capricorn up as Libra approaches, the blue star greeting her with a short bow and a smile. Capricorn mostly just stares.

Chirp chirp.

The red-feathered bird sits on your head, offering its own greeting. The bird has been there for a long time, not bothering to spread its wings. Lazy thing.

Time to keep going, you think.

You had come after the fallen stars, though you don’t know if you can say you had a reason. It would be useful if you could travel together, whether your wishes align or not, but that isn’t why you came here.

You just wanted to, you think. A curiosity. A whim. Or maybe this is how you seek.

You don’t really know.

Still, the other fallen stars should be close. You can still feel hints of their light.

You might find something if you met them. Or you might not.

The blue star takes off her buttoned suit and wraps it around a confused Capricorn. That’s something you should address too.

Other than a pair of long, red ribbons tied to her horns, which don’t count, the pale star isn’t wearing anything. Stars don’t really need clothes, but with these bodies, and with Wisdom that isn’t ours, all of you seem to end up wearing something.

Capricorn is shorter than you and looks young. Your cloak is too big for you, let alone the pale star, and Libra’s suit looks like it’s going to fall off.

So, clothes.
File: libra.jpg (53 KB, 333x500)
53 KB
If Capricorn wanted to run off, to seek her wish, you wouldn’t have stopped her. But the pale star follows you naturally, seemingly without thought.

That isn’t quite right. From when you had helped her up off the ground, Capricorn hasn’t let go of your hand.

You don’t have a reason to push her away. Do you?

Underground places have started to feel familiar. It doesn’t take too long to find some shops. Though not as much as a shopping mall would have, there’s a big enough clothing store here to find something for Capricorn.

After a few tries, the pale star settles on a beige-coloured, slightly-too-large jumper with wide sleeves, and a pair of knee-high socks. Everything else she seemed to not like.

This is fine for now. Probably. You’ll put pants on her later.

You pull down on her jumper, straightening it out while the pale star waves the overly long sleeves hanging from her arms. She looks pleased.

You notice Libra start to walk away, glancing outside the store.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Stay here. The blue star is reliable.
[ ] Stay here. You want Capricorn to be safe.
[ ] You don’t like having her fight alone. Head out with Libra.
-[ ] Take Capricorn with you. Keep her close.
-[ ] Take Capricorn with you. Warn her to stay back.
-[ ] Have Capricorn stay here, and wait for you.
File: horns.jpg (235 KB, 800x684)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
(A few more votes than I expected from a tuesday morn. I figure most folks are asleep. Is it past midnight for most of you?

I'm going to find lunch, so next update won't be for a bit.)
>[x] You don’t like having her fight alone. Head out with Libra.
>[x] Take Capricorn with you. Keep her close.

Hold her hand and be ready with our wands. We stick together
Its just about dinner time here.
I'd guess everyone is either done with boxing day bullshit, or didn't bother with it in the first place
>[ ] You don’t like having her fight alone. Head out with Libra.
>-[ ] Take Capricorn with you. Warn her to stay back.

2am here
>[ ] You don’t like having her fight alone. Head out with Libra.
>-[ ] Take Capricorn with you. Keep her close.
5:38 pm
>[ ] You don’t like having her fight alone. Head out with Libra.
>-[ ] Take Capricorn with you. Warn her to stay back.

9 PM here
(Staying with Capricorn, plus keeping her out of danger. Fitting both?)
File: storm.png (282 KB, 1920x1080)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
The blue star gives you a troubled look when you head after him with Capricorn in tow. The two of you have been encountering the void constantly, and Libra is always the first to notice.

You aren’t very useful in a fight, but you don’t want her to go alone. You can’t leave Capricorn behind either - the pale star has reattached herself to your arm - so you’ll just have to go together.

You find them quickly, almost just outside the store. Danger.

Distorted things, fragments of nothing crawling out of shadows. Small, featureless lumps for bodies, and many long, thin legs attaching them to the walls, floors and ceiling of the dark and empty hall, mimicking the form of a ‘Spider’.

There’s dozens of them, each the size of, from Wisdom that isn’t yours, a large ‘Dog’ or similar creature. A grotesque sight that covers the entire hall.

Libra draws her sword and advances, ready for confrontation in an instant. You turn to meet the pale star’s wide, clear eyes, brushing your hand atop her head in what you hope is a reassuring manner, before taking your horn from your cloak.

Capricorn is staying with you. You need both your hands, so she settles for holding onto your cloak.

A flash of the blue star’s sword marks the beginning of your battle.
Your melody weaves through the air, low but strong. Through it you channel your starlight against your foe, suppressing the void. The Teeth move slowly without your influence, and with it some stop moving altogether.

But there’s a lot of them. Libra’s sword banishes a spindly-legged Tooth with each stab and swing, but still the space is filled with the twisted things.

Should you take your second horn in hand? You don’t want to stop your song. The Teeth reach out with their legs, extending unnaturally, arcing down through the air with surprising speed. Not enough to catch Libra’s movements. Not enough so far.

Should you retreat? The dark is everywhere, so close to the new moon. Running or banishing them as they come-


A scythe-like leg stabs into the stone where the blue star stood. Two more Teeth, similar to the others in shape but much, much larger in size, have appeared, each leg of the void things much taller than you.


A warning.

You turn, pulling Capricorn behind you. Teeth, coming from the other direction, closer to you than to the blue star. Some in front.

Chirp chirp!

Some above.

> What do you seek?

[ ] This is getting dangerous. Look to retreat.
[ ] Draw your wands and the red star’s blade. Banish them here.
[ ] Guard Capricorn, support Libra. Deal with the nearest Teeth then continue your melody.

> From those that came before
Blast (3/4)
Haste (1/3)
Aura (3/4)

> Libra’s light
Haste (2/4)
Heal (2/5)
Hook (3/4)
>[x] Draw your wands and the red star’s blade. Banish them here.
>Aura (3/4)
That will hold off or hurt a bunch at once, right. That's what we need; better odds.

> Libra’s light
>Haste (2/4)

Libra needs speed. Quick elimination of the Teeth.
Also, G'night Mitts. G'night Anons. Got work in the morning. will catch up over breakfast
(G'night mate)
File: 42265652_p0.jpg (575 KB, 707x1000)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
(I still debate with myself whether I should write with 1 vote, and still lean towards naaah.

I'll be updating tomorrow, and probably the day after too. My schedule ain't convenient for everyone, so I figure taking it slow would be fine.

Night folks. Happy holidays.)
I'll support >>3135278
>[ ] Draw your wands and the red star’s blade. Banish them here.
File: sword.jpg (81 KB, 800x800)
81 KB
You won’t run. You know you’ll encounter them no matter where you go. So you’ll help stem the tide.

Though the dark may be endless.

The red-feathered bird takes flight with a cry. You draw your second horn, taking one of your wands with your other hand.

The bone of one who fell seeking her wish.

The red star’s blade starts to shine brilliantly. The Teeth before you flinch and you step forward, slashing down straight through them, the light of your spell tearing the void away.

After banishing the closest foes you retreat, staying close to Capricorn while holding your horn out like a shining torch.


You quickly glance back, seeing Libra confront the two larger Teeth. Starlight whirls around the blue star - each of his steps covers metres in distance, easily evading the long legs stabbing from above, and with what seems like a single swing of her sword the blue star delivers a flurry of slashes.


The first large Tooth falls with a distorted, soundless screech, but the blue star is forced away by an advancing wave of its smaller counterparts.

You can feel Capricorn shaking behind you. You won’t leave her. You slowly step towards Libra, brandishing the light of your spell over the battlefield, keeping the dark at bay. Teeth don’t know retreat, possessing only hunger, but their forms start to break as they draw closer to your starlight.

This is plenty. Sword in hand, the blue star renews their assault.
After Libra banishes the second large Tooth, the rest fall easily. The two of you dealt with them one slash or stab each, many barely keep their shapes under your spell.

It doesn’t take too long for silence to return to the hall.

A familiar weight lands onto your head. You feel like the red-feathered is only growing heavier, though you’re sure you haven’t been feeding it much.


You tie your horns back in their places at your belt, then look to find Capricorn,

Who, when you turn around, immediately buries her head in your chest.

You blink, looking down at the pale star.

She’s trembling. Her slender arms cling tightly around your waist.

> What do you seek?

[ ] You’ll have to keep her close. Keep her safe.
[ ] She needs to be able to defend herself. She can’t depend on you like this.
[ ] You’ll need her in the coming night. She needs to know how to wield her starlight.
>[ ] You’ll need her in the coming night. She needs to know how to wield her starlight.
>[x] You’ll need her in the coming night. She needs to know how to wield her starlight.

But we will protect the poor, confused star until then
>You’ll need her in the coming night. She needs to know how to wield her starlight.
She is without a horn, and without wands. Defenseless. You want to keep her safe, but you know you will need her soon.

There will be more battles like this. Some will be tougher. You’ll get hurt, you’ll burn your light. Alone, you’ll disappear.

Libra is with you, and seems to want to stay with you. The reliable blue star. Even so, you don’t think you can brave the dangers ahead.

The light of a newly fallen star. You’ll need Capricorn.

... You wrap your arms around the frightened, pale star, raising your hand and rubbing the back of her head. She holds you tighter.

Frail, fragile warmth.

You do want to keep her safe.
File: bone.jpg (12 KB, 525x294)
12 KB

You can still sense them. Distant, growing more faded. A fallen star burns bright, but quickly they learn to hide. Should you still look to chase after them, you wonder.

This would be the second you’ve come across. You stand by a collection of bones.

Newly fallen, newly gone. A will, now lost.

Light lingers still.

The pale star holds onto your hand, inching closer.

It seems like this light isn’t for her. As good as it would be for her to have a wand.

> What do you seek?

[ ] You have an idea. You might be able to help Capricorn form her horn. Maybe.
[ ] You should keep going. Look for the other fallen stars, while you can.
>[ ] You have an idea. You might be able to help Capricorn form her horn. Maybe.
>[x] You have an idea. You might be able to help Capricorn form her horn. Maybe.

The other stars have each other. Capricorn only has us, and she needs her light
>You have an idea. You might be able to help Capricorn form her horn. Maybe.
(Hmm. Next update might be a fair bit later in the day. I need some time to think something through.

Also food. Delicious food.

Feel free to add more votes or comments.)
As much as i want to link up with the other stars, Capricorn needs her light sooner than later. She's doomed if we get separated in a fight
File: lamp.jpg (13 KB, 512x325)
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Libra is the one that kneels, carving piece in hand. You’ll stay here for now and wait for the blue star.

You pull Capricorn to the side and sit down. You’ll lose track of the fallen stars soon, but you decide the pale star takes precedence. You want her to be able to wield her light.

Leaving her defenseless is unsettling. If you get separated, or if you can’t protect her for one reason or another.

You think if you can help her learn, you should. And you do have an idea.

You retrieve your flute and untie from your belt the third horn you hold: the dreamer’s lamp. You set the silver lamp down on the concrete ground then tap its lid with a spark of starlight at your fingertips.

After a moment, a small bubble forms at the horn’s spout, separates, and floats while more bubbles are made. Capricorn sits at your side, staring each bubble as they drift up into the air.

You don’t really know how the lamp works. It isn’t your horn. But you remember the hazy, dreamy feeling of starlight filling the space. It'll help. Probably.
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgW1EKWWcO4)

You let the lamp be, bringing your flute up to your lips. Beginning your melody.

Your flute moves starlight. It can bring warmth, invigorate your listener, and hold back the encroaching dark. You don’t give your horn much thought, normally. It’s a part of you. Your will. Your way of wielding light in this frozen world.

Here, though, you think your melody might be useful to Capricorn. Help her feel what it’s like for starlight to flow.

Which might help the pale star form her horn. Or if she grows accustomed to your light, she might be able to use wands you have carved. Maybe.

You’re guessing, but your flute is yours. A star knows their horn.

Slow, but bright. Calm, but lively. Light dwells in the floating bubbles, giving off a slight orange glow. Shivering, like dancing flames.

You feel a weight fall to rest on your shoulder. Small, quiet breaths.

The pale star is asleep.


It’s fine this way, you think. The image of her recent confusion, her nervousness, her fear comes to the forefront of your mind easily. Fallen for so short a time, yet already exhausted.

You continue playing your melody. Your lullaby for the pale star.

Soon it might be impossible to find time to rest. So for now, just for a while, it’s fine.
File: pale star.png (1.68 MB, 1254x1771)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
> A thought on Capricorn

[ ] You need her as an ally. You need her starlight.
[ ] You want her to be able to fend for herself.
[ ] Whatever happens, happens. As long as she wants to, you’ll stay together.
[ ] You’d rather keep her away from danger.
[ ] (Other?)

Choice ain't 100% relevant right now, but there's a nuance with how Aquarius thinks of Capricorn that I'm having trouble pinning down. Feel free to throw at me whatever you think of the pale star.

That'll be today's last update. I intend on updating again tomorrow, similar timings. Will announce on twitter as usual.

See ya then!
>[x] You want her to be able to fend for herself.
>[x] Whatever happens, happens. As long as she wants to, you’ll stay together.

We seem to be a social and helpful star. We go looking for things but end up spending time with other beings, even if they aren't looking for a companion. But we are always aware that a star's wish is their own and we won't prevent them from seeking. We seem to want others to succeed.
And thanks for the fun, boss. See you sometime tomorrow
>[ ] You want her to be able to fend for herself.
>[ ] You want her to be able to fend for herself.
>[ ] Whatever happens, happens. As long as she wants to, you’ll stay together.
File: clouds.png (373 KB, 800x600)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Going to have to cancel - won't be able to write today. Sorry guys. There'll be a new thread for next time, though might have to wait till new year.

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for running. Enjoy the new year and try not to get blackout drunk. We'll be waiting.
I still can't believe mitts broke their own arm just to escape writing this quest. Never thought they had it in them.
Tehe ;p

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