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The ruby steel was strong, it did not give in under the infernal power. But the flesh is weak.
Bones crackle and pop, flesh rips and tears and muscle snaps.
It's thanks to the armor that Zsold survived at all but as the vile creature pulls its leg back his arm goes limp and lifeless as a scream of agony escapes his mouth.

Szikra screams to her partner but quickly turns back as a voice reminds her of her place.

"You should be more worried about yourself! Gehehehehehe!"

Tightening her hold around her spear she stares the almost dog like demon down.
She knows that it's right, that she can not throw caution to the wind and rush to his aid no matter how much she wants to.
But she's not going to just take what this monstrous filth is giving her.

"I will gut you ALL for this!"

"I am quaking in fear! BITCH!"

Gritting her teeth she prepares herself.
She's not about to go down without a fight.

>Stay defensive. Observe, try to find an opening.
>No time to hold back! Go all out and FUCK THEM UP!
>Tell Beatrice to grab Zsold and try to get out of here!
>Other? (write-in)
Well... I guess this is it huh?
>No time to hold back! Go all out and FUCK THEM UP!
Probably not the most survivable option, but it feels like the most Szikra option.
>>No time to hold back! Go all out and FUCK THEM UP!

My preferred time for university stuff and my own dinner conflicts with the time you start your sessions

Let's see if this works out

I don't even dare to ask for a dice roll but if there is enough of you, you can go ahead and roll 3d10.
Best of 3
DC:20, Crit: 25
Rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 7, 2 = 10 (3d10)

remember the basics of CQC
Rolled 7, 7, 2 = 16 (3d10)

I guess I'll do the last roll then
Ciel is laughing so hard right now.
File: Blog_vicente_BGimage.jpg (243 KB, 1000x986)
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243 KB JPG
Realizing that this was not the time to hold back Szikra steeled herself in preparation for the upcoming fight.
Her previous run-in with demons will have to suffice as preparation against this thing.

Gripping her weapon real hard she charged the beast crawling on all four.
With a ferocious scream she advanced and after pulling back her spear she drove it forward with her entire bodyweight.
She expected the demon to shapeshift, she expected it to jump over, she was prepared to respond to almost anything it could've done to avoid her. But not what she got.

As the demon reels back it raises its front limbs and clamps them down hard on the tip of Szikras weapon of choice.
Grinning like a jackal the monster raises its hands, lifting Szikra off the ground and tossing it behind itself.
Letting go of the hard steel the hound laughs as it follows the spinning human with a backflip and kicking her in the abdomen with its feet shot out like a pair of industrial strength springs.

Feeling her organs being almost launched out of her back Szikra threw up as she flew through the air before crashing on the hard ground. Coughing and gagging she stands up with the aid of her trusty spear and looks at the demon before her with horror.
"T-There is no way!
No way there is such a difference between us!"

Sensing her growing fear the demon prowls around the girl in a circle while grinning.
A long, tapered tongue rolls out of the monsters mouth and moistens its owners lips.
Lowering its posture the demon stops before preparing for an obvious pounce and Szikra felt a shiver crawl up her spine as she realizes that she may not be able to dodge it.

The lunge is quick and carries great force. Instinctually Szikra raises her spear at one side while jumping to the other one in an attempt to save herself. With inhuman speed the creature flies past her and locks its jaws around the spears handle, easily tearing it out of Szikras hand.

As the creature lands it turns to face the girl with the heavy steel still in its mouth.
"Sho... Afhraidh yheth?"
Casually it then spits out the spear which decimates the ground as it crashes down on it.
Szikra just stares as the spear causes the ground to quake.

Left without any options she tightened her fists and raised them in a last ditch effort.
"Back to the basics then..."
Closing her eyes she mutters softly as she tries to collect herself.
"Come on... Come out! Just this once!
I need it! I NEED to save him!"

Slowly crawling up to her the demon gloats victoriously.
"Submission? Or futile resistance?
Doesn't matter!
You're just meat now... We'll see which kind though.
The boys have MANY needs. All in need of meeting.


Sinking its claws into the ground as it runs, the demon charges Szikra with its tongue still sticking out.
As it reaches the end of its path it finally jumps and pulls one of its front legs in preparation for the slice.
But Szikra pays no attention to it until the very last moment.

Her eyes snap open and she steps forth with a scream. Only narrowly does she manage to move her head, causing most of the paw of the demon to miss her but leaving her with a nasty scar as one claw scratches her face.
The beasts eyes open wide and even a few new ones sprout in surprise.
Reaching forward Szikra erupts in a storm of sparks as she grabs the tongue of the demon and begins spinning it around.

As the demon goes 'round and 'round before its tongue snaps, causing the hulking beast to roll on and dig a trench into the ground. It stands up slowly due to the dizziness before it looks at the girl.
The tongue that got ripped out grows back before Szikras eyes and the demon adjusts its jaws as the girls body continues to produce electricity.

"So you were still hiding something.
Good. Looks like you might still be fun BITCH!

Ignoring the demon Szikra dashes back to where her spear was thrown and lifts it back up.
Before focusing on the demon she gave a passing glance to her comrades to see if they were still alive.
Zsold was holding out... barely. But Beatrice... she-

>Was fighting tooth and nail
>Tried her best to save Zsold
>Ran straight for the carriage
>Other? (write-in)
>>Tried her best to save Zsold
>Tried her best to save Zsold


Again, if you would please roll the dice.
Best of 3.

DC: 23 Crit: 26
Rolled 9, 4, 6 = 19 (3d10)

tpk incoming
Rolled 4, 5, 2 = 11 (3d10)

well i just got here and everything is swell
Rolled 9, 6, 1 = 16 (3d10)

Well, we're dead.
This is what happens when you try to move up from only killing small fry like wolves and goblins.

You die.

I could see one or two more tricks still being up our sleeves, assuming we manage to survive long enough to actually try using them.
File: Hastur.jpg (121 KB, 900x675)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
It's readily apparent that Beatrice never encountered a being like this before and therefore she's making a bunch of REALLY bad decisions. The first one stemmed from her training as a guard no doubt. Ignoring her opponent she rushed to the aid of Zsold, thinking that if they just worked together and gave it their all they could overcome this together.
But turning your back to a demon is not a wise choice.


As she starts running towards the horned devil she trips on something and lands face first in the dirt.
Looking at her leg she sees a strange tentacle wrapped around her ankle. Tracing it back she sees that it comes from the shrouded demons sleeve.

It stares at Beatrice silently as the strange appended begins to retract and pull Beatrice back towards the hooded figure.

She struggles and grunts as she hacks away at the demonic tendril but finds it to be hard like stone where it's holding her.
As she's being dragged back the figure raises its other arm and from the sleeve of its dark shroud a dozen similar looking 'limbs' sprout. But before she has a chance to scream in her shock the demon cracks them and from the slimy, slick flesh innumerable spikes, blades and claws sprout.

Realizing the position she's in she stabbed her sword into the ground and held onto it like her life depended on it.
The demon even seemed stunned as it tugged on its tendrils and they just didn't budge.
Seeing this reinvigorated Beatrice and with one fierce kick she managed to tear off the tentacle that bound her.
Springing up she prepared her blade for the incoming barrage of attacks but was found wanting as the demon dumbly stared at its severed appendage.


Bring it then you foul creature!"


Shifting back to face the elf the demon raises its remaining arms, each tipped with several lethal weapons and prepared to bring them all down at her. The steel of her sword sung as it spewed sparks and fire into the air around them.
Giving it her all the elf actually manages to keep up with the innumerable attacks that rained down on her.
For the time being...
But with each second passing she finds herself more and more outmatched.
At first it was five attacks in a second, then it became ten, then fifteen, more and more until she was unable to keep up with the unholy fervor of the monstrosity before her.

Feeling the first scratches landing on her Beatrice rolled out of the way just as one tentacle was ready to pierce her skull.
Instead the sharp weapon hit a rock sticking out of the ground and promptly crushed it into dust.
Pulling its limb free the demon silently turns towards the elf and Beatrice can feel it mocking her as it taps two blades together.

"I am not afraid, demon scum!"


The many tentacles twirl and furl into a spear as thick as a man.
Pulling back this massive weapon the demon made its intentions very clear and attacked Beatrice who responded by holding out her spear with one hand and focusing every bit of power she had into it.
As the two weapons clashed their tips flared up from the heat caused by the collision.

Curiously the demon shifts to the side to get a better look at what just happened.
The elfs response was quick and to the point.
"Do NOT underestimate us!"

But as both girls push themselves to the limit another fight is ongoing, one harder than either of theirs.

The horned demon watches as Zsold hisses and groans as his arm goes limp and lifeless.
He wants to reach for it, to make sure his arm is not beyond saving. But he CAN'T let go of his sword.
He mustn't.

"I assure you.
That arm won't be of any use ever again."

"C-Curse youuuu!"

We can't get more cursed than this... And it's all your fault."

"I spit on you and your entire existence!
If you're gonna kill me then do it! But spare me your cries!"

As you wish."

Raising its free hand the demon prepares to rip off Zsolds head.

>Use your intact hand while you can and cut this thing apart!
>Raise your broken arm and use whatever you can draw from it.
>Block the attack with your sword and kick it where it hurts
>Other? (write-in)
>>Raise your broken arm and use whatever you can draw from it.
>>Use your intact hand while you can and cut this thing apart!
>Raise your broken arm and use whatever you can draw from it.
>Other: Use blood magic. The flesh and bone are already broken; that means it's already part of the way there. Warp it fully, and turn it into a weapon to counterattack with.
Zsold's already casually turned an arm into a tentacle before. This should be well within his capabilities.

More to the point, I'd like to see how far Zsold can push his flesh-shaping abilities. Fully mimicking this demon's ability to warp its body and shift its limbs and organs is probably out of Zsold's reach, but who knows?
To be fair that wasn't full flesh shaping but... I get the idea. And I happen to like it


And of course, I'll be needing another dice roll.
Best of 3
DC: 21 Crit: 26
Rolled 7, 2, 6 = 15 (3d10)

did someone say more failed rolls
Rolled 6, 9, 2 = 17 (3d10)

time to fail another roll
Rolled 8, 6, 9 = 23 (3d10)

thank jesus you saved us
Well... that's something
I certainly didn't expect that.

You sir, for saving this roll have earned a privilidge.
Do you want maximum damage or not?
>Do you want maximum damage?
File: doomslayer.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Then this is going to be a big boom
The demon prepares for the swipe but stops halfway.
It taps your forehead before lowering its claw to point at your armor.

It's not a quick death that you've earned."

Those strong claws reach under the ruby colored plate and begin to pull on it with unholy strength.
And although the plate itself was strong enough to withstand the beasts blows, the straps holding them however aren't.
With one quick pull from the demon the leather gives way and your protective shell flies off as if it weighed as much as a feather.

Seeing beneath the armor the horned one grins.
"My, what a pleasing sight."
It pokes your chest and you feel that it could easily tear through you like through wet paper. But more importantly you feel wet fabric clinging to your skin.
"An old wound?"

Looking down you see your garments stained red.
That wound opened up once more, no doubt when that monster struck you.

It reached forward and grasped the wet shirt hard enough for you to wince.

Tell me... if I remove this... will you die?

You hear the sound of fabric being torn apart and feel a sharp, burning pain spread through your chest as the last thing holding you together is finally stripped away. Blood gushes forth and for a moment it feels like the entire battlefield just stops. For a second you believe it's you dying but no, the commotion around you really did stop.

Slowly the cold and ruthless demons mouth opens on its own as it stares at you.
The slackjawed demons eyes widen and he begins muttering something inaudible.
"W-What is this?"

What it saw in that instance could not be adequately described. It has seen such amounts of blood before but only after large skirmishes. There was no doubt about it, this human shouldn't be alive with a wound like this.
And yet here he was.
Staring, judging the demon even now.
His eyes full of unflinching, unending hatred.

Suddenly one thing became clear for the demon and these thoughts dominated its mind.
"How can he be still alive with THAT?! How can he still struggle?!
I... I need to kill him!
I NEED to kill him right here, right NOW!"
File: randy-forsyth-gargos02.jpg (485 KB, 1920x2172)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
This is your chance.
While the demon is distracted you began channeling as much aether as you could muster into your broken arm.
Hopefully you'll be able to make use of that mangled piece of flesh while the demon is busy gawking at you.
But you don't have such luck.

Looking at it you see the emerald eyes of the demon flare up with something... else.
Up until now it looked at you with cold contempt. But now they are burning with murderous intent.
This is bad...
You have to do something about it.

"Heh... hehehe..."

The demon stops and looks at you in confusion.
"What's so funny?!"

"See something you like?
Well... I'll show you something fun!"


You raise the weapon in your right hand but it's just a decoy. The demon goes for it with its own free arm and grabs the C-steel blade effortlessly. But when it sees your left arm rising it can't help but speak up.

"From the left?!"

You thrust your arm forward.

The arm refused to abide. You simply didn't have what it takes to full shape the flesh just yet.
But it doesn't matter now. You had to do something and you made up your mind.
All that energy, all that power compacted into a small area.
There was only one thing to do.
If it can't swing a sword then that arm is useless now.

With a brilliant flash of cosmic energy the arm exploded outward.
All the meat, gristle, marrow and all those bone shards that were embedded in them expunged in an instant.
As the bloody shrapnel flew at the demons head it pelted its skin, digging into its accursed flesh.
Steaming and sizzling from the explosion it let go of you as it reached for its head and screamed.

As you hit the ground it began flailing around wildly.
"My horn! MY HORN!"
You looked around and saw the piece that broke off the demon.
"Y-You... you'll pay for that!"

Looking around you see that everything around you stopped. The other two fighting the girls, the army surrounding you and even the beasts flying in the sky just stared motionless. Some looked at each other and asked their fellows.
"D-Did he just get hurt?!"

As the leader noticed this however it stomped on the ground and screamed.
Fearing their lives the demons then fell back in line.

>"Want some more?! I still have 3 shots left asshole!"
>"Szikra! Beatrice! NOW!"
>Follow up the attack with a stab
>Other? (write-in)
>>"Szikra! Beatrice! NOW!"
>"Szikra! Beatrice! NOW!"
>Follow up the attack with a stab
No real reason to not combine these two.


The girls didn't need much convincing and as their opponents are just as flabbergasted as everyone else they manage to charge the central one rather easily. As they wind up their attacks so do you and prepare to stab this fucking thing through the heart.

But just as your blades would touch it you feel an immense wave of sheer force emanating from the demon which pushes you away. Now literally glowing with anger the horned one is fuming with rage and heaving as he's mustering his power.
"I'm done with this..."
It spoke up.

"E-Erm... Chief?"
One of the other demons spoke up.

"Not now!"


Looking up the demon with the emerald eyes looked where the demons pointed and suddenly his rising power dissipated.
"Oh no...

But before it could finish a golden flash enveloped everything and blinded whoever was unfortunate enough to look at it.
With a thunderous crash dozens upon dozens of demons that happened to stand in a line just straight up disappeared.
Those unfortunate enough to stand at the edge of the wave found their affected bodyparts disappearing as they became little more than dust in the wind.

As the ground quaked under this ungodly force the leader of the demonic pack shouted after he regained his composure.


"Yeah, what he said!

And just as suddenly as they came the horde disappeared. Like roaches they crawled back into whatever hole they came out from and left you alone. Szikra and Beatrice stared in confusion at the figures that appeared.
"What the..."

"Who are they?"

"I don't care! They saved our asses.

"Looks like we're saved Zsold...
Beatrice cried out for you.

But due to the bloodlust the second the demons left you felt your strength and with it the world slipping.
Shapes and figures became blurry and sound became muffled.
Three shapes which you presumed to be the girls sat beside you before a couple more approached.
It was hard to make out a word they said but a few were fairly clear.

"Please! You got to save him!"

"We'll do what we can!"

"Damn it!
If we stop now we'll loose them AGAIN!"

"That's not something I'll accept!"

"Have you lost your mind?!
We can't stop and save EVERYONE!
We help him and a dozen others will suffer later because of it!"

"We help where we can!
Now shut up and get to it!"
You don't know how long it took to awaken after slipping into complete darkness, only that it was a profound sense of pain unlike any you've felt before that managed to snap you back into reality.
Gasping you attempted to sit up and felt like your body was about to split apart before you were forced back into bed.

"Well... would you look at that?
Back amongst the living I see."
An unknown voice spoke to you.

Cautious but too tired to make an escape you looked at the owner of said voice and saw a woman in a red outfit with a pointy red hat and hair of the same crimson shade. She closes the book which she was reading and adjusts her glasses before continuing.

"I'm sure you've got questions but there are a few things you must know before I enlighten you...
Firstly, I'm afraid you were bedridden for... five days."


"Second, your recovery was so fast because I did everything in my power to save you.
But... there were things not even I could fix.
Please, look upon your arm."

You knew what she demanded of you, you even felt some strange sensations coming from your left side.
But you didn't have the courage to lift the covers. When you did, seeing the empty space where your arm used to be... where you could still feel it caused you physical pain. Your head was aching like during the worst hangovers.

"I'm afraid I couldn't save it.
Not after all you put it through you crazy bastard.
But perhaps that's for the best. I closed the stump and not needing to pump blood in an entire arm may have just saved you. Other than that I fixed your chest. Though how you managed to survive with it so far is beyond me.
Were you the one patching it up constantly?"


"Hmmm... impressive...
Now then. I'm sure you have many questions.
Please... ask away and I'll answer to the best of my abilities."

>Where are my friends?
>Who are you?
>What were those demons doing?
>Other? (write-in)
>>Who are you?
>>What were those demons doing?
>>Where are my friends?
in this order
>Who are you?
and then
>Where are my friends?
Damn, I missed that last vote. And here I wanted to try pushing Zsold's blood manipulation too.

One-armed swordsman is go!
>"I'm sure you've got questions but there are a few things you must know before I enlighten you...
>Firstly, I'm afraid you were bedridden for... five days."
>"Second, your recovery was so fast because I did everything in my power to save you.
>But... there were things not even I could fix.
>Please, look upon your arm."
Z has come to
"W-Who... are you?"

The woman smiled.
"Who do you think we are?"

"Y-You are the red priestess, Marjoleine..."

The woman closes her eye and lets out a soft chuckle.
"My... how accurate for a shot in the dark!
Are you perhaps a fan?"

You sit back in your bed and let out a sigh.
"Yeah... you could say that."

"Well Deacon is not going to like that.
He hates letting down people who look up to him."

"If it weren't for you I'd be dead..."

"That's what I always say but he never listens.
That's the kind of a soft hearted fool that he is.
But yes. I am the red priestess, one of the greatest blood healers in the three realms."

"Then why is my arm-"

I don't have the time nor the materials nor the money to perform such a radical surgery.
Sorry but I was more focused on saving your life than anything else..."

You pause for a moment before continuing.
"And those demons... Who are they? Why did they attack us?"

"A good question."
A new voice speaks up as the entrance to the tent is cast aside and a warrior clad in golden armor steps in.
"Hey... I'm Deacon."
Seeing the savior of the world in front of you makes you want to stand up but you just can't.
"Please! Save your strength. I wouldn't want you to get worse because of me.
Anyways... These demons, or should I say That demon is our target and one of the most dangerous creatures currently roaming the three lands. Though not the most powerful demon, it more than makes up for it with smarts, guile and sheer ruthlessness. We've been hunting him for a while now."

"That's... all well and good.
But what did it want from us?!"

"Your head most likely.
Whether you realize it or not, you've managed to anger it somehow.
Perhaps some group or someone you killed was secretly working for him. If such a problem appears Horns is quick to get rid of it."

"But I guess it's just 'Horn' now."
The red priestess let out a chuckle.

Deacon continued.
"You managed to anger the one demon capable of patience and holding a grudge."

"Great... that means we're dead."

"Not necessarily.
Horn is also very careful.
As I said we've been tailing him for quite a while now. Every time we catch him he escapes with some of his supporters then lays low for even months at a time. You see, that intellect of his is also his weakness.
He may be the only demon smart and intimidating enough to subjugate even other demons, but his smarts make him predictable. Which the other, more chaotic demons aren't."
The priestess continued.
"Though that doesn't make him any less dangerous.
For years now we've been trying to catch the monster... But every time he slips through our fingers and continues doing the same things. He sows chaos and discord everywhere, funding criminal organizations and raiders to cause as much trouble everywhere as possible. And while people are too busy handling these Ne'er-do-well's they fail to notice the ever growing demon army right under their nose."

You find yourself thinking back on your last three missions and suddenly realize that most likely all of them could be traced back to this one entity. And suddenly it becomes very clear to you that you pissed him off.

"But now that he was found out he'll lay low for at least a few months.
And it might take him even longer to replenish his numbers."
Deacon concluded.

"But... why go through all this?"

"We don't know what his ultimate goal is.
Only that it can't be good.
A single demon is capable of wiping a regular settlement off the maps. An army?
I dare not think about it. Especially when his 'hobbies' are doing more damage than full on wars."

You take a deep breath and exhale really slowly, realizing how boned you are.
"And my friends? Where are they now?"

"Oh they are outside."
The priestess spoke up.
"But I thought it'd be for the best if they didn't rush you at once."

"You got good friends Zsold.
They never abandoned you, not even for a minute.
And erm... sorry... for not arriving sooner. Maybe then you wouldn't have- you know..."

Suddenly the tents entrance was torn open and your friends came in.
Szikra and Zana wrapped their hands around you and held you tight while on the verge of tears.
Meanwhile Beatrice simply watched as the girls were crying on your shoulder.

Please let go!"

"Well... I see we are in the way here.
Come on Deacon. Let's leave them alone."

"One moment.
Hey... One last thing Zsold."
Deacon then took what looked like a broken goat horn and placed it on your lap.
"Here, it's your trophy.
You're the first man to have wounded Horns.
And I'm afraid this is as far as I can go today.
I'm feeling exhausted and under the weather.

But in turn I'll be doing several omakes now that the "New arc" has officially begun.
If you have any requests, IC questions or anything else then feel free to post 'em and I'll get around to it.

Archive's up and I'll see you guys hopefully next week. Take care until then
we lost our arm and now we have a demon's horn? We really have become Punished Zsold
On a scale of 1 to 'dying of overconsumption', how hilarious?

>Szikra and Beatrice
So, five whole days. Anything much happen in that time?

Thoughts on Zsold blowing his fucking arm off?

Beatrice, on a scale of 1 to 'I should have just shanked Thomas and gotten executed', how much are you regretting tagging along with Zsold and Szikra?

You still alive? Where'd you disappear off to anyway? On a scale of 1 to I can't think of a maximum for this, how traumatic?

>Deacon and Marjoleine
How much of a dead man is Zsold?

How much of an absolute madman is Zsold?

Also, what process would Zsold have to go through to get a functioning left arm back?

>Griswald and co.
>Also Hugh
How's things going with you? Happen to hear any news about giant demonic hordes lately?

>Tell me... if I remove this... will you die?
So I'm guessing it was extremely painful. For you.

On a more serious note, how the hell do you move a giant demonic horde around without raising a billion alarms everywhere?
Eh... A solid 7.
To tell you the truth I knew it was coming. So it lost the element of surprise.
But to tell you the truth that armsplosion was pretty wild!

Zana was devastated and so I spent most my time trying to reassure her. But I felt so... inadequate.
I was so pathetic sometimes it felt like she was calming me down.

The only good thing I can say is that I managed to... talk things out with Beatrice.
Didn't have much else to do.
I still don't really like her but now I understand her. And can respect her.

I don't believe killing Thomas would've been a wise choice. I understand now.
But I severely underestimated the risk I'd be undertaking.

I must perfect my form if I am to survive!

>Zsold blowing up his arm
Y-Yeah... that happened.

Hid in the wagon.
Scared of monsters.

9. Because Zsold got hurt

That depends on how much he angered Horns.
But after taking its horn... I'd say he got its attention.
He might need to grow stronger if he wants to survive


That depends.
There are many way to get a functioning arm.

Blood magic is a safe one.
But it takes time, experience and lots of hard to come by materials.

I heard there are also prosthetics forged by rune smiths but I've never seen one.
Wouldn't trust one either.

There are of course other methods but they are a bit... out there.
Regardless, they'd all cost a pretty penny.

>Griswald and co.
Fine, all things considered.
The kids are finally starting to bond together.

As for demons... not really? Where did that come from?

Still on the run.
Luckily no grave guards came after me yet. So I guess I'm in the clear.

And no, no demons as far as I'm aware.
Unusually tough monsters though...

There are ways to do that...
Humans are surprisingly easy to manipulate once you figure them out.

Place a nasty monster in the right place and you can safely pass behind them.
Pay the right people and you can achieve the same result.

And once they are occupied it's childs play.
Shapeshift into a flock of migrating birds... or a caravan... or a shepherd with its livestock and you can move unseen.
Our kind could technically blend into human society. It's just that hatred doesn't let them tolerate their presence for any amount of time and they inevitably slaughter all mortals around them.

Luckily I can keep their instincts in check
Omake #1: The shadow

It flew across the blackened night sky on thick leathery wings. Soundless and invisible, like a ghost from childrens fairy tales.
The mission was a failure. Whether it was circumstance, bad luck or a miscalculation on his part was... irrelevant.
In the end it'll cost him all the same.

After Deacon, the golden one thwarted his plans he had to run away with his tail between his legs.
The other demons also had to be told to stay put, not that they needed much convincing.
Loosing roughly half of their ranks to one measly attack broke their morale thoroughly.
So hopefully they are scared enough not to make a scene for a while.
But sooner or later he'll still have to deal with the fallout.

Groaning as he was getting closer to his destination he reached for his head and gently touched it.
When he removed his hand he felt a distinct wetness clinging to his arm. Blood. Something that might cost him more.
Demons don't forget. And if they see their leaders bleed well... they might get some ideas.

He looks at his blood soaked palm for a moment before clenching his hand into a fist and letting out a grin.
"How long has it been since I last felt pain?
He chuckled.

As he was musing however he finally arrived where he was about to hide for a long time. A well lit castle somewhere in Midland. He knew the layout of the place, where every single brick was, how structurally sound they were and he knew the patrol routes and when they change shifts. Therefore getting in was a piece of cake.

He waited until there was nobody to notice him and flew close to an open window.
As he placed one foot in his form began to drastically shrink and change until he looked perfectly normal for a human.
On the bed an evening gown was waiting for him. After slipping into it he sat down in front of his mirror and took out a small, unassuming wooden box.

The insides of the container were stuffed with fine, purple silk and in the middle of it all was an oval shaped hole.
He reached over the table until his palm was hovering above the box and soon an inkish, tar like substance dripped from his hand and into the hole. Drop by drop the blackness coagulated into the shape of an egg.
The 'human' fell back in his chair as the egg formed, tired beyond description and mentally fatigued.
Not bothering to look at his creation he looked into the mirror and examined himself closely.
Everything was in order. Everything... except one thing.

On the left side of his forehead was an ugly scar that wasn't there before.
Carefully he starts prodding it only to stop as he winces in pain.

"Stings. Doesn't it?"
A high pitched voice spoke up and the human looked down.

"Yeah. It's... bigger than I imagined."

"Sorry. But you don't have enough meat on your bones for me to work with.
I told you, you should be eating more!"

"I'm... sorry."

"No, I'm sorry.
I messed up. Big time.
But I can promise you this: That won't happen again!"

"And what about Deacon?"

"Deacon is persistent, I'll give you that.
But he's still human. He has his flaws. And I can exploit them to get his attention.
Once he's out of the way I can fix this hot mess...
But I'll still take full responsibility for this. So as an apology you can have the entire next week all to yourself.
I need to disappear for a while anyway."


The boy nodded and walked up to the door to his room.
After opening it he saw a tray with a plate of food on it resting on the ground.
Bringing it in he began eating and sharing his meal with the little demon in the box one spoonful at a time.

Omake #1: THE END

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