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Somewhere a lone Bloat Carrier was selected from its convoy and diverted, its cargo holds filled with tankers of raw Cauldron biomass and metal slurries, transporting the valuable resources between the planets. These very resources caused you to select it upon a whim.

Now you stood among the large tankers, Kyn'tk twisting and coiling excitedly in your grasp. The ships Cauldron lay before you, just finishing filling with the dark churning liquid. This Cauldron and several others in the carrier were linked to the tankers, the glass Reconstruction chambers on the lower decks serving as mobile producers of Reconstructed should they have to.

Thoughts of ancient memories, of past conflicts in the Wormstars name, surfaced in your mind. You remembered Kyn'tk, the starforged weapon that served as your familiar, possessed abilities you had forgotten. Memories of the spear slithering through knots of spacetime like a living beast, of it splitting its impossibly folded mass in its ever shifting way. You had always known it's relation to solidstate reality was tenuous at the best of times, its form perpetually shifting and consuming itself in ways that should be impossible.

Once imprisoned, stuck on the edge of an event horizon, the living weapon had forgotten its past glories as well. But now, with it psionically linked to your very being, your soul, it too was beginning to remember its past self.

You stretch a hand out, palm up as Kyn'tk coils above it like some frenzied snake. Turning your hand palm down it lashes out, clinging to your hand and forearm with tendrils of black metal, the rest stretching out and unfolding and inverting its fractal edges. The spear blossoms, spreading into an impossibly complex array of strands, perpetually weaving in and out of each other before they suddenly shoot down, plunging into the Cauldron brew like roots into a pond.

The effect is immediately noticeable as, much like the roots they now resembled, Kyn'tk began to drink the liquefied biomass and metal ore slurry. Ravenously the living weapon feasted, siphoning the brew into itself, into the impossibly folded pockets of reality that formed its being. You could hear the tanks gurgling and creaking with the pressure change as they were rapidly drained, a whisper of glee leaking from the simple-minded weapon.

Mere minutes later you watch as the Cauldrons fluid drops then drains, the roots of Kyn'tk scouring the bottom and licking at the pipes that led into it at the bottom as it searches for any remaining drop. The Think Tanks of the carrier mentally complain about the damage the rapid draining had inflicted, the vessel not designed for that strain as tankers had imploded.

Drawing your hand back, Kyn'tk rapidly retracts tendrils dozens of meters long that had snaked into the network of piping to feast from the tankers directly, the weapon reforming into its default shape of a spear. Hefting the weapon it felt no heavier than it had before its feast.
File: sectormap.png (63 KB, 816x611)
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Welcome back to Death Among the Stars Quest!

Pastebins: http://pastebin.com/u/ceronull
Make sure to follow my twitter where I announce the threads: https://twitter.com/CeroTheNull
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=death+among+the+stars
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/DeathAmongTheStarsQuest

Resource system is for the moment essentially a non-factor. One of the things I need to do is take a day and refine it into something that's actually useable

(Biomass stat + structures) * 500 * dev score + modifiers = Biomass income total
(Metal stat + structures) * 400 * dev score + modifiers = Metal income total


Trade Route:
>Armatocere: 3mil Metal <=> 3mil Biomass

Horizon's Drop
>60B (60 + 55) * 500 * (45 + 40) = 4,887,500B Daily
>60M (60 + 40) * 400 * (45 + 40) = 3,400,000M Daily
>45% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Vampire Vine: 10B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>4 Wormstar Fingers: +40D

The Bastion system

>80B (80 + 55) * 500 * (10 + 10) = 1,350,000B
>10M (No Mining Presence)
>10% Developed
>Coral Farms: 30B
>Vampire Vine: 10B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>1 Wormstar Finger: +10D

>30B (30 + 45) * 500 * (15 + 20) = 1,312,500B
>90M (No mining presence) + 250,000M
>15% Developed by Armada
>Volcanic Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Obsidianborn Tributes: +250,000M
>2 Wormstar Fingers: +20D

>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 75 = 562,500B
>70M (70 + 40) * 400 * 75 + 450K = 3,750,000M
>75% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Asteroid Belt: +450,000M

Bastions sister moon
>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 50 = 375,000B
>90M (90 + 40) * 400 * 50 = 2,600,000M
>50% Developed
>Mining Facitilites: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Asteroid Belt: Gives 450K extra Metal to nearest planet (Protoplanet)

Urdir System:

Rocky Planet(s) x3 (1 Heavily damaged, Income reduced by 1/3)
>0B (0 + 15) * 500 * 50 * 3 = 1,125,000B
>50M (50 + 40) * 400 * 50 * 3 = 5,400,000M
>50% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Ice planet
>70B (70 + 45) * 500 * 50 = 2,875,000B
>50% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
File: 11(1).jpg (47 KB, 400x265)
47 KB
Andai System:

>15B (15 + 45) * 500 * (40 + 10) = 1,500,000B
>70M (70 + 40) * 400 * (40 + 10) = 2,200,000M
>40% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Space Elevator + Station 88: 10D

B'Nan System:

>5B (5 + 15) * 500 * 85 = 850,000B
>90M (90 + 40) * 400 * 85 = 4,420,000
>85% Developed
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>Solar Farms: 15B

Worllunan system:

>85B (85 + 55) * 500 * 35 = 2,450,000B
>20M (20 + 40) * 400 * 35 + 450k = 1,290,000
>35% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Vampire Vines: 10B
>Mining Facilities: 40M
>>Asteroid Belt: +450,000M

Ice Planet
>65B (65 + 45) * 500 * 30 = 1,650,000B
>30% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B

Asteroid Belt: Gives 450K extra Metal to nearest planet (Vannec)

Drakon system:

Tenebrous (Lesser+Greater)
>100B (100 + 55) * 500 * 30 * 2 = 4,650,000B
>30% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
>Vampire Vines: 10B

Ice Planet
>65B (65 + 45) * 500 * 20 = 1,100,000B
>20% Developed
>Biomass Farms: 30B
>Solar Farms: 15B
Likewise I also need to redo how we keep track of Reconstructed numbers

Special Units:
>9 Voidknight Disciples
>1 Arc Disciples
>1 Solar Disciple
>Gral, Void Juggernaut
>2 Void Juggernauts
>Illuminator Juggernaut
>2000 Void Centurions
>900 Solar Wardens
>2500 Arc Vipers
>2600 Arc Savages
>10 Ur-Wyrms

>Aquatic Talons
>Aquatic Cyclops
>Aquatic Gargoyles
>Flatbody Gargoyles
>Shock Trolls
>Arc Trolls
>Molten Trolls
>Obsidian Dirges
>Bone Clusters

Large Troops:
>Volcanic Crawler

Necrolyte Legion:
>Cve'jok Ahkam Female
>50 Officers
>20 Solar Arbiters
>80 Voidsingers
>38 Arcdancers
>13 Necromancers
>6,190 Legionnaires

Legion Immortals:
>Commander Rethak
>3 Voidsingers
>1 Arcdancer
>10 Immortals

Living Subjects:
>Necromancer Jor
>Vle'Karak Ahkam Elder
>8 Necromancers
>6,116,363 Civilians
>950 Stonestar
>115 Tyrre Gladiators
>2 Epikor Elites (Gladiators)
>7 Ructu Elemental trainees
>Dne'tec Ahkam Male
>Vil'cva Ahkam Male

Armatocere Guests:
>6 Solar potentials
>3 Void potentials
>4 Arc potentials
>2 Necrotic potentials

>Martin Graim, Rogue Necromancer
>Nru'jok, Ahkam Female
>13 Ahkam Serpents (8 surrendered)
>3 Deathshead Guardians (2 Surrendered)
>2 Imperial Juggernaut Commanders
>113,000 Ahkam soldiers (45k surrendered)
>23 Necrotic potentials
>22 Void potentials
>21 Solar potentials
>4 Arc potentials
>2,060 Osjiic Soldiers
>25 Voidsingers
>5,800 Soldiers
File: flagship.jpg (51 KB, 620x250)
51 KB

Unique ships:
>1 Flagship "Charnel Vault"
>Fury of the Wormstar
>Blackscale Destroyer "Pestilence"
>Ravager Bioship
>7 Void Terrors
>2 Pyroclastic Destroyers
>The Wick - Confederate disguised Smuggler Corvette
>6 Smuggler Freighters

>10,000 Chariots
>5,000 Hearses
>2,000 Battletombs
>2,000 Devastators

>15,000 Coffins
>10,000 Support Coffins
>2,000 Stealth Coffins
>15,000 Common Nails
>10,000 Piercing Nails
>28,000 Gunships
>15,000 Craw-Bombers
>2,000 Intruder Coffins
>2,000 Stealth Gunships
>24,000 Squid

>2,000 Corvettes
>11,020 Support Corvettes
>250 Stealth Corvettes
>100 Sower Corvettes
>6,920 Frigates
>300 Stealth Frigates
>980 Boarding Frigates
>1280 Light Cruisers
>730 Boarding Cruisers
>1050 Heavy Cruisers
>150 Boarding Heavy Cruisers
>1,200 Plasma Weaver Cruisers
>100 Void Weaver Cruisers
>480 Plasma Weaver Heavy Cruisers
>480 Void Weaver Heavy Cruisers
>530 Stake Cruisers
>800 Bloat Carriers
>920 Terrordromes
>100 Shockdromes
>12,000 Kraken

>390 Battlecruisers
>1,180 Hangar Battlecruisers
>100 Voidspear Battlecruisers
>50 Torpedo Battlecruisers
>2,000 Swarm Battlecruisers
>1,085 Destroyers
>70 Void Destroyers
>2,240 Battleships
>1,210 Mirrorsoul Battleships
File: Cabal Frigates.jpg (407 KB, 1800x900)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Captured Ships:
>7 Osjiic Heavy Cruisers
>8 Osjiic Light Cruisers
>18 Osjiic Frigates
>22 Osjiic Corvettes
>3 Osjiic Battleships
>5 Osjiic Destroyers
>4 Osjiic Battlecruisers
>10 Dagger disguised Frigates
>5 Osjiic disguised Frigates
>14 Osjiic disguised Fighters
>2 Ahkam Battleships
>2 Ahkam Destroyers
>2 Ahkam Battlecruisers
>3 Ahkam Light Cruisers
>8 Ahkam frigates
>7 Ahkam corvettes
>1 UON Battleship
>1 UON BattleCruiser
>1 UON Heavy Cruiser
>2 UON Light Cruisers
>6 UON Frigates
>7 UON Corvettes

In Construction:

Capitals Completion: 4/5
>Battleship: X120
>Destroyer: X240
>Battlecruiser: X240
>Voidspear Battlecruiser: X240
>Torpedo Battlecruiser: X240
>Hangar Battlecruiser: X240
>Swarm Battlecruiser: X120

Flagships: 5/7
>1 Voidknight Flagship
>1 Dominator Flagship
>1 Punisher Flagship
>1 Unclaimed Flagship
>Necromancers Inspiration - One of the talented Necromancers dwelling in the Spire, the other half of the twin vorh Necromancers while their sibling is relocated helping Blackscale Guir, has had a stroke of inspiration and unveiled a unique specialization of an already deadly Reconstructed.

>Both the Synth Arc Reactor and Arc-powered Synthetic research subjects being carried out by the Wayward Disciples Think Tanks have been discontinued due to returning both subjects to the Transcendent Protectorate delegates.

Finished Research:
>Orbital Structure Shields:
With the fragility of orbital superstructures the Think Tanks researched more extensive measures to defend them. While shield domes and city shielding is already developed and adapted for superstructures such as the Wormstars Fist and Fingers, the Think Tanks knew they could improve on the designs.

>Ahkam Datafiles:
Decrypting and studying the vast amount of files stored upon the warships of the Ahkam was expected take some time. However with aid from the newly loyal Vil'cva the files were rapidly decrypted unveiling a wealth of knowledge.

>Gremlin Genetic analysis
Scans and genetic samples of the arthropod creatures called Gremlins by the pirate clans. Once a common pest aboard starships and space stations they were nearly wiped out thanks to a dedicated extermination campaign due to their compulsion to sabotage machinery. Analysis of its genetic code reveals a surprising find concerning their possible origin.
Current Research:

Medium, possibly dangerous - As the study of Psionic energy progresses more and more revelations have shown that telekinesis and telepathy are merely scratching the surface of potential applications that psionics can provide.

>Floral Necrotic Experiments:
Unknown, Dangerous - A project proposed by a Think Tank, who worked on the original Necrotic experiments on the living that lead to the Immortals, has grown intrigued with the Armatocere Necrotic initiates and requests their aid in experimenting with Necrotic energies and floral organisms

>Ahkam Matriarch Dissection:
Medium - Think Tanks that long wished to study an Ahkam Matriarch are excited to study the corpse of Quantac'Vrix and already begin discussing Reconstruction

Medium - Inspired by the Armatoceres developments into gravity manipulating technology the Think Tanks have begun looking at base theories concerning their Interdiction Field technology and studying gravity manipulating materials including exotic matter and Void energies.

>Mass Shielding
Slow - A splinter research thread of the Orbital Shielding into experimenting with new theories in shield technology

>Calcified Void Fragment
Medium - Research into examining and deducing the properties of the Void amplifying piece of bone taken from a Deathshead Guardian

>Synth Technology:
Medium - Various samples of tech and hardware salvaged from a Protectorate derelict

Ongoing and Joint projects:
>Elemental Experiments:
Ongoing, possibly Dangerous - A long-standing research goal of the Think Tanks into the various elemental energies

>Blackscale Cloning projects:
Ongoing, possibly Dangerous - Efforts to create loyal clones of the Sunscale and Blackscale. With the addition of Armada Necromancers this project has gained a boost

>Anti-Wraith Technology:
Ongoing - A joint project between the Armada and Armatocere to develop defenses against the Sun-Eater Wraiths

>Sub-Space Experiments:
Ongoing, Dangerous - Risky experimentation in the nature of Sub-Space and dimensional energies

>Reconstructed intelligence:
Unknown - Less of an experiment and more of a study and observation into investigating the cause and effects of the development of intelligence and personality within Reconstructed

>Dream Study:
Unknown - Due to the regularity that Necromancers appear to have of prophetic dreams the Think Tanks have begun studying the nature of these visions by examining the dreamscapes of the living citizens in the Armada

>Arc Anomalies:
Medium, Potentially Dangerous - A joint study by the Think Tanks and Mind-Vines to examine and assess the various anomalies left in the aftermath of the Arc Surge and Ahkam Invasion within the Bastion system
File: orbitalring.gif (48 KB, 832x624)
48 KB
>Orbital Superstructure Shielding: Orbital superstructures such as space elevators and orbital rings, despite their size and complexity, are rather fragile all things considered. Frequently the target of attacks during stellar conflicts due to their immense size they require a wide range of defenses including an amplified form of shielding. Spaced evenly along the exterior of orbital ring superstructure and space elevator platorms are oversized shield emitters similar to those used to protect cities, by default forming a bubble of refracted energy around the superstructures similar to those of starship shields. These shields, in the event of attack by large numbers of enemies or at the approach of meteor swarms, will shift their emitters to instead project a significantly larger concave shield out away from the planet. In effect this creates a wider area of effect for the shields while providing additional protection to ships taking cover behind it, also providing some protection against bombardments from hitting the planets surface. This mode of shielding cannot be held indefinitely as it produces immense amounts of heat and requires equally immense amounts of energy, while leaving the interior edge of the orbital ring unshielded.

Genetic Analysis Results:
>Gremlin Genetic Study - By using the samples taken by multiple demi-Think Tanks in the space-city of Barqalan the study of the arthropodal Gremlins have revealed a surprising possible origin. Nearly driven extinct by vengeful spacers the Gremlin appears to be genetically inclined to dismantle complex circuitry and mechanical technology. Only ever discovered aboard starships and space stations spacer myths about their origin are wide and varied. However examination of their genetic code reveals markers that have appeared in a multitude of different races with supposed ties to the ancient, extinct Shapers. A brief study of cloned subjects reveals their bodies are naturally dependent on a precise mix of hormones, vitamins, and nutrients that are naturally unavailable in starships. Think Tanks were surprised to discover that the Nephrean Bioships, also ancient Shaper experiments, naturally secrete a mixture which purpose was previously unknown and fits the exact dietary requirements that the Gremlins required. This has led the Think Tanks to theorize that Gremlins were potentially once a beneficial parasite to the Nephrean before time and circumstances forced the two species apart.

Research Unlocked:
>Gremlin-Nephrean Symbiosis study
Fast: The similarities in genetic markers between the arthropodal Gremlins and interstellar traveling Zaeen requires further study to determine the exact relation these two species used to possess and how they can be adapted.
File: Shrike.jpg (49 KB, 360x360)
49 KB
Reconstructed specialization unlocked:
Derived originally from the vicious Krysser predators of Rukor the Stalker Reconstructed has become a vital part of the Armada's forces and has since been heavily modified and upgraded into several variations and niches. One of the twin vorh Necromancers in Iti'a'Ropku took sudden inspiration from the predatory Nalnac creatures recovered from an Ahkam's personal pet collection and created a new variation of the Stalker rather than attempt to forge a new type of Reconstructed.

>Shrike - These flight capable Stalker Reconstructed are lighter and less densely armored than their standard variation, instead resembling the Nalnac in having a partially flattened body, smaller but still powerful nested beak, and flatter tail. Using their powerful wings to fly at great speed or hover they can nearly move in any direction they wish but are not the endurance flyers that Gargoyles or Scourges are. Intended to fly and hunt in smaller packs they can also be unleashed in large swarms alongside the other airborne Reconstructed of the Armada. Flight allows the Shrike to wield light combi-weapons or large scythe blades on their forearms as well as swap out their large tail pincer for a medium weapon they must fire while hovering or landed.
>Ahkam Datafiles
With the help of Vil'cva providing access codes and their own tailored decryption programs to the Think Tanks, the vast amount of intel stored within the Ahkam Dynasty ships has been laid before the knowledge-hungry constructs. From the data the Think Tanks have already gleaned information regarding the defenses and layouts of numerous Dynasty controlled worlds, systems, and military locations. Diving into this intel they have contacted Valresko, having the Dominator assess the new data in order to refine his invasion plans.

Military intel is far from the only subjects stored in the files including such topics as ship logs, supply lines and economics, news from the various Dynasty controlled worlds, masses of propaganda, religious texts concerning the Ahkam and Arc itself, research both mundane and intriguing, among many others. From the data-stores of one Ahkam throneship, it's owner slain in the invasion, there was data taken from recently interrogated and tortured Esat revolutionaries. Apparently the Ahkam and its investigators had been in the middle of tracking down the Esat revolutionary cells when they were interrupted by the call for invasion.

In the archives of Vil'cvas ship and another history mindful serpent, who had escaped by fleeing their damaged vessel, were large amounts of history and lore involving the Dynasty's and their vassal races. Nearly forgotten histories from the homeworlds of the Kosda, Epikor, and even the primitive art and creations of the Tyrre, were carefully curated and kept. Notes within the other serpents logs stating that 'If we are to be Gods to the lesser races, then we must understand and know them in order to control them', while Vil'cva's motivations seem more academic.

Of note are logs concerning your very own New Necrotic Armada, ranging from theories and strategies concerning yourself, the Predator Order, assumed diplomatic relations with other factions, studies of Reconstructed and Necrotic energy, possible Necrotic shielding technology attempts, and footage of your forces in action. It would seem the Dynasty had dedicated large amounts of brainpower to the conundrum that was you and your Armada but to no avail.

Among notices left by Vil'cva and his scientist 'family' indicating data they thought potentially useful to the Armada is one from Vil'cva's personal datastores. The data referred to a theft of a clutch of Ahkam eggs from a neighboring Matriarch Dynasty, one of Quantac'Vrix's sisters. Vil'cva indicates they would like to speak with you about this subject and the intel gained from the archives.
File: Think Tank.png (1.08 MB, 961x1049)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Stretching out your hand once more the weapon unfurls into the same tangle of roots and vines that begin weaving and knitting together in a blinding display of speed. However, as they moved they left behind strands of spun biomass and ore, the weapon rapidly forging the shell of an intricately designed Think Tank. Its shell was more complex than the standard, woven chitin and metal creating a mesh container as Kyn'tk uses the newly consumed resources at your command.

It was a new sensation, Reconstructing something without a Cauldron, but you were Lich-Lord Jadyk, creator and author of the Reconstruction rituals and you would not be restrained by such a limitation any longer.

Weaving the Think Tank's form into a completed sphere, the patterns of its shell forming ancient runes of the Wormtongue that twist with the very power of their shape made manifest, the tines of Kyn'tk retract and recoil back around your forearm. Inspecting the shell you give a satisfied nod before thrusting the hand forth once more and a dozen tines of black, fractal twisting metal lash out like striking serpents and pierce the shell. Filling the interior with the biomass medium, you craft a special core within, a mass of gray-matter that twitches as its submerged.

Kyn'tk finally pulls back, the metal slithering back into its resting spot within your ribcage now that it had feasted and returns to slumber. The inert Think Tank floats before your, spinning as you inspect it for any flaw.

Finally, satisfied, you stretch out a hand and place your chitin palm against its surface. Lowering your head you concentrate, the temperature of the ships atmosphere around you dropping significantly as you focus. Sickly green motes of light begin to flicker in and out of being around your hand then around the Think Tank, being draw in toward its surface.

Suddenly you draw your hand back sharply and you sense the gray-matter within shudder to unlife with that final spark of your very essence. It floats before you in silence for a moment before it's telepathic voice chimes in your skull

<The secrets of our past shall be ours once more. The mists of time have shrouded our minds. I will burn them away and recover the knowledge we lost>

New Personal Research Proect:
>Think Tank Reliquary
Uknown - Through your mastery of Reconstruction and an intense urge to know more of your history, you have created a unique Think Tank that contains a shadow of your own mind with the hopes of it being able to unveil forgotten secrets and rituals of the old Grand Necrotic Armada. This Reliquary was constructed with the sole intent of uncovering these secrets and will dedicate itself to remembering more of your past to share with you. Built into its shell were runes of Domination, a safeguard to ensure this duplicate does not gain delusions of independence.

Honestly, I'd be down to let Kyn'tk drink its fill from our Biomass/Metal stocks. A few hundred thousand "units" are easy to give
The gremlin genetic study and their connection with the Shapers is most intriguing. Can we organize archaeological and zoological survey teams to find more examples of the Shapers genetic engendering? Seems like an avenue of research worth pursuing.
Should be interesting if we can industrialist and weaponize that need to pull appart technology. One for a boost to researching enemy tech and two for the crabmines so they can more readily screw up enemy ships after attaching
I was thinking more along the lines of finding what else beside gremlins they cook up and see if we can make our own reconstructed versions, like we did with the Nephrean Bioships.
With your new Reliquary returning with you to the Charnel Vault to be safely secured where it could meditate on your shared memories you turn your thoughts to matters of other importance.

A new day has dawned over Horizon's Drop, even if you are far from it and your city. As such the Deep Rot contacts you with its daily assessment and report of the matters within the Armada that need your attention.

First and foremost was the preparations for the invasion against the Ahkam Dynasty systems were complete and the fleets readied. Valresko, Muic, and Jareth wished to converse with you before commencing the assault.

Commander Rethak reports that he is waiting for word from both his infiltrators he deployed to the Esat system. He also notes that Cve'joks announcement to join the Legion was met with many reactions both good and bad from the Necrolytes but he knows in time they will come to embrace her as a sister in battle.

The Wick and the rest of the smugglers arrived at Iti'a'Ropku in the early hours of the morning, new freighters being sent to the moon for retrofitting of armor plating and smugglers holds.

Vle'Karak is currently at the protoplanet prison, speaking to the first of the undecided Ahkam serpents. He appears either unknowing or unconcerned that Tor'swi and the other enraged or suicidal serpents were subdued and taken away by Nekris to the Arc Temple on Rukors moon. There he met with Eiton and Qavun, the three Predators preparing a massive Cauldron for their task.

Vil'cva wishes to speak with you concerning some of the data gained from the now decrypted archives. The scholar had already gathered his former crew of researchers to him and began setting up an area suitable for their needs with the Think Tanks assistance and guidance.

From Guir and the Necromancers sent to assist the Blackscale is an invitation to witness the newly forged Bonescale. You could tell the reptile was eager to present their creations, possibly as a way to gain favor while Raakah and Beqor were absent while working with Officer Dretst and the other Cabal.

From Legionnaire Officer Rosa is a request to speak with you concerning Refuge but clarifies it is not an emergency.

Necromancer Jor is on Rukor enjoying Vyi'a'Rthun and meeting with the multitude of clan chieftains, leaders, and merchants that had gathered. He reports that they had assembled to meet him to complete the delegation of integration into the Necrotic Armada officially. Stonestar diplomats were seen as well, meeting with the elder council several times.

Zekrul's Envoy seemed content to sit in the Colosseum and observe the duels between gladiators and Reconstructed, only requesting slabs of raw meat which the undead devoured by incinerating the flesh.

There was much to do and tend to in your Armada. What shall you do first?
Lets talk with Guir, I like his eagerness.
File: faces.jpg (31 KB, 564x798)
31 KB

The only three things that actually need some sort of action on Jadyk's part are the invasion, Vil'cva, and the Blackscale. In order, we should:

>Speak with Valresko, Muic, and Jareth regarding the invasion
Obviously important.
>Speak with Vil'cva and his researchers concerning some of the data gained from the now decrypted archives.
Interesting. I wonder if we could get outside aid decrypting our memories. We'd have to kill them afterwards, of course. Not really. Maybe.
>Witness the Blackscale's presentation on Bonescales.
I'm tempted to try some reconstruction with our new weapon-cauldron powers. Might have more success given it's 'closer' to our power, or something. Reconstructing sunscale is hard... I wonder how reconstructing a Blackscale would go?
It probably is not what people want to see first, but let's talk with Rosa and then Vil'cva and let them continue their work. Also since there will be simultaneous attacks against the Osjiic, are there members of the Armada with he;pful information against the Empire's systems?
I would suggest we get the war effort for freeing the east underway then speak with perhaps Guir or and then Civ'cla
Supporting this basically
Struggling to get 4chan to work on desktop.
Captcha refusing to work and a few other issues.

Why does this shit happen right as the thread is supposed to take off
Hiroshimoot splitting the site up.
I know literally nothing about 4chan nowadays. I only ever use it for running the quest and reading HQQ
It's better that way, honestly
(As a note, I did update the Star System pastebin with the three previously unexplored systems in the Ahkam Dynasty Chliro, Orichalc, and Quarrus https://pastebin.com/R7nf26FQ so give them a read to further assess the invasion and make changes if needed)

Deep in the Charnel Vault your throne sits in an empty chamber but holograms quickly flicker to life before you, showing the forms of several of your Generals. Valresko salutes with a fist against his chest, as do Jareth and Muic.

"Greetings, Lord Jadyk," the Solar Dominator says.

"War is upon us and we wish to gain your final blessing," Jareth says.

"The Lavafathers fleets only await my order and they will begin. The stonestar thirst for their chance at vengeance and to free those enslaved like they nearly were," Muic says.

"Fear not, they shall have it, my Punisher," you say with a nod to her then look to Valresko, "Tell me, my Dominator, how you shall strike the first notes of invasion."

Valresko stands with hands clasped behind their back, "As we planned, Armada fleets supported by the Obsidianborn will simultaneously attack the Tura, Rolan, and Orichalc systems. With intel gained from both the Eyegores and data taken from the Dynasty archives, the Dynasty appears tumultuous following the death of Quantac'Vrix with these systems possessing less than their normal amount defenders. We believe there is some manner of conflict if succession now that we've slain the Matriarch and captured so many of her children.

"I should add that spoke with Ruscuv only minutes ago and she and her Apprentices are prepared to follow my orders but she wishes to hold the Fury of the Wormstar back until it is time for her assault the core systems."

"While they are attacking the serpents, our fleets will attack the Imperial systems, forcing them to withdraw their own attacks against the Dynasty in order to defend," Jareth starts to say, "Lorgul, Omrhul and I would like to request the assistance of the Predator order during this. Once they are done with their rituals of Reconstruction of course. We believe they would be of great aid against them, Lord Jadyk."

"Yes, I hear we have some new Arc serpents of our own, Lord Jadyk. Will they join the Voidknights? Ahkam have experience fighting the tyrants," Muic asks, showing she had spoken with the Predators recently.

Invasion plan as is:
>First wave of invasion fleets composed of Reconstructed and Obsidianborn ships led by Valresko launch simultaneous attacks on Tura, Rolan, and Orichalc systems with the Predators planned to assist after their task at Reconstructing the Ahkam
>Fleets led by the Voidknights are sent to harass and raid the Osjiic Empires operations to disrupt them and prevent them from interrupting the invasion
>Ruscuv is prepared to join but says she wishes to hold back to lead the invasion of the Esat system proper

>Voidknights request that the Predators assist them in their raids and strikes against the Osjiic Empire
>Muic raises the question if you will deploy the newly "loyal" serpents to join in the attacks against the Empire as well

Do you wish to modify this plan or give your blessing to commence?
>Muic raises the question if you will deploy the newly "loyal" serpents to join in the attacks against the Empire as well

The plan seems fine as it is but I think we should try to trigger mass revolts on each planet by hijacking planetary communications and broadcasting a call to rebellion. As for the Ahkam it might be prematurely but I doubt we will lack volunteers if we ask.
>Voidknights request that the Predators assist them in their raids and strikes against the Osjiic Empire
>Muic raises the question if you will deploy the newly "loyal" serpents to join in the attacks against the Empire as well
Fighting a familiar foe will help them get used to their new station.
Also broadcast that Akham who aid in our invasion will be "rewarded"(which means that they will not be put through as tough of a rehabilitation process).
Supporting sending Predators and the new Ahkam with the Voidknights. If Nrujok wants to prove herself valuable to us, this is the perfect opportunity.

Dont forget to give them the new armor and parasite symbiotes.
Backing, sure
Is it too late to have Zekrul give us our tithe of ships? Necrotic forces like his would be helpful
"The Predators take joy in hunting Imperials. They shall join you once they are done with their tasks, Voidknight Jareth," you say and the hulking undead salutes but you continue, "Let Omrhul know I expect great things from them."

"Of course, Lord Jadyk," he says from his location aboard a battleship in orbit over Kanda.

You look to Muic, "It would give the serpents ample opportunity to prove themselves to me. Nru'jok says she wishes to join us and this will be an excellent test. They shall be kept under watch by the Predators to ensure they do not take this as possible time to attempt escape."

"If you trust them, that is good enough for us and the Lavafather," she says, "Brother Tekalaket is quite eager to begin. Their hatred of the Dynasty burns almost as fiercely as the Lavafathers."

"Very well. Once the Legion establishes contact with the rebels in the Esat system and gain the appropriate intel, the second phase will begin with the Illuminator and Lich Ruscuv leading the invasion.

"You all have your roles to play in this campaign. I have faith in your capabilities and those of your siblings. It is time we ousted the Dynasty from this sector and freed the slaves of false gods," you cast a hand forward, "You have my blessing and that of the Wormstar. Go forth and deliver my judgement upon our enemies."

"By your will, Father," the three saluting before their images flicker out.

Casting your mind out you witness as fleets begin to mobilize, the Generals shouting orders as they each move to the bridge of their respective ships.

Valresko stood aboard a battleship in the midst of his fleets that start to accelerate away from Horizon's Drops moons. At his command the fleet began to depart in large sections, wrapping themselves in twisted spacetime as they travel at FTL speeds towards their targets.

Muic stood in her Pyroclastic Destroyer, the hybrid vessel crewed by both Obsidianborn and Reconstructed. Her fleets, comprised of a mix of the bone hulled Reconstructed ships and the volcanic stone of the Obsidianborn, depart from Caldera's orbit in the Drakon system. Agona and Tekalaket were aboard their own warships, each at the head of a portion of the tri-part fleet that then depart for their own targets.

From the battleship Jareth orders his Void Terror prepared in the hangar bay even as the fleets mobilize around him. Lorgul and Omrhul likewise manning their own battleships as they leave the Void Disciples behind to stand sentinel over B'Nan and the temple on Kanda.

Even Nru'jok and the other Ahkam that swore to serve you were addressed by Think Tanks of their new orders. The serpents were mostly surprised by already being asked to fight for the Armada but to your delight Nru'jok seemed quite eager to begin, the disgraced serpent saying she would gladly flex her coils and feast upon osjiic blood if it meant leaving her cell.

You are curious about Ruscuv who had moved to her Palanquin battleship but with the Fury of the Wormstar floating close to her reserve fleet you merely had to wait to see what new form she and Reconstructed herself into. It was a vague memory, recalling how she seemed to delight in selecting new forms and configurations for each new campaign back in the days of the old Necrotic Armada.

With your fleets in motion you silently offer up a prayer to your dead god to protect your children, both undead and living. It takes a few moments after the fact for you to laugh at the absurdity, your voice ringing out in the dark halls of your flagship. You weren't quite sure when you began to consider the living who pledged themselves to you as your 'children'. Perhaps Ruscuv was correct about you going insane but it was far too late to change the path you were on now.

Roll me 3d100 best of first three please, time to unleash the opening volley of the invasion
Rolled 46, 54, 38 = 138 (3d100)

Rolled 85, 12, 33 = 130 (3d100)

Rolled 69, 28, 97 = 194 (3d100)

Strong start, middling continuation, extremely strong finish.
Just like masturbating.
Rolled 60, 21, 29 = 110 (3d100)

>prayer to your dead god
I wonder what the percentages of population are who pray to the Wormstar vs. pray to Jadyk directly
File: Jesus_Hogging_The_Cups.jpg (450 KB, 958x694)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
I think its something like praying to God, but all of the belief,feeling and emotion(be it fear or love) go to the Church. On a similar note, I have wondered if the peoples prayers could reincarnate the Wormstar in some fashion. Not as a mortal, but as a new metaphysical God. But this God would be fundamentally tied to Jadyk, as to the people, Jadyk is the physical thing that protects them..or, the Wormstar becomes the spiritual manifestation of Jadyk, a divine focus for his beliefs and self-given purpose. I actually visualize it as something like the old-school Halo, a disk of light behind a persons head, shining bright
From a religion panteon stand point, Jaydk would be the equivolent of the highest Angel returning home to find god dead and the throne empty. He may be the most likely to take the throne but it does not necessarily mean he wants to.

A god, even when dead still has power though perhaps no direct ability to apply it without outside influence to give it aim, so perhaps Jaydk is the rightful air to the throne but that remains to be seen.

The fun part is that due to the dominion spikes and dream stone we have direct contact with our followers so in essence Praying to Jaydk or the wormstar would bring those thought and requests directly to the attention of Deeprot and or Jaydk himself amongst the endless murmuring waves of thoughts and emotions of every living and unliving member of the new Armada
With the red sun still rising over Iti'a'Ropku the city was already bustling with activity. With over three million living souls mingling with the undead the city was almost never still, even the dead of night as epikor and other night preferring members went about their tasks.

It was one building, near the edge of the city's limits, that a Harbinger drifts toward. A pair of Requiems sat in meditative poses like large crystal and chitin statues on either side of the entrance but despite their motionlessness they were keenly observing all around. The door unweaves itself as it approaches and makes its way inside, passing by a number of Dirges as well.

Drifting several inches above the ground your mind slots into the puppet undead as it enters a large central chamber. Filled with the noise of conversation and small argumentative discussions they quickly die down then the collection of kosda, epikor, and esat halt and turn to watch the Harbinger as it enters.

They stood at various tables or consoles, seated in hardlight chairs as they debate holoscreens and shimmering displays showing vast amounts of data and a wide range of topics. They were silent as the Harbinger drifts past them, the eyeless and silent undead nodding at those it passes, a few managing to overcome their shock and fear long enough to return the gesture.

The center of the room was a sizable depression where a large blue-scaled serpent was coiled. Vil'cva bows their head and touches the tips of their tailblades to the horns at their brow. A moment later the rest of those gathered hastily give their own bows after seeing the serpents gesture.

"Vil'cva, how do you find it here in my city?" the Harbinger asks in your voice.

Hissing softly the serpent lifts their eyes to the Harbinger, "It is a vast improvement to the cell you had me in," he says with a faint hiss of wry amusement as he looks around the chamber and all those looking at you, "I have not had a chance to explore the city myself yet. Vle'Karak says it might not be time yet before I can. It seems my kind are not well regarded by many of your citizens."

"Many of my citizens were once victims and slaves of the Dynasty. Some cannot forgive the pain the Ahkam have caused them but as long as you dwell in my city under my banner, you will not have to fear for your safety from them," the Harbinger says in your voice, raising it so the rest gathered could hear it as well.

"Of course. Wounds require time to heal," the serpent says with a dismissive flick of the tail.

"You wished to speak with me, Vil'cva? What would you have of my attention," you ask as the Harbinger folds its legs up under them.

Vil'cva looks out to the crowds and raises their voice as well, "Give me and Lord Jadyk a few minutes please. Take a break and get some food. I've been told the cuisine of the Armada is one of its best features," he says to a scattering of chuckles and the scientists and researchers began to file out of the large room. This left only the Harbinger and the serpent in the chamber.

"Sensitive information?" you ask curiously.

"Of a sort," he says as he shifts his coils slightly, turning to look toward a demi-Think Tank that drifts forward, "Have you seen my notes regard the data pulled from the ship archives?"

"I have yes. There were valuable details that will make the invasion progress smoothly we hope," you say, watching as the serpent flinches involuntarily but says nothing regarding it.

Instead they nod and gesture toward the holoscreen projected by the demi-Think Tank, "Then you saw this report," he says bringing up the report concerning the theft of a Matriarchs eggs.

"I did. What of it?"

Vil'cva turns his crimson eyes toward the Harbinger, gulping to calm his nerves before he asks, "Did you or your Armada have anything to do with their poaching?"

Had the Harbinger eyes and eyelids, it would have blinked in surprise, instead settling for tilting its head in a very netu gesture of curiosity, "Before I answer, why would you suspect us?"

"Not included in the report, which was hard enough to get a hold of as no Matriarch wishes to reveal such a weakness as an inability to protect her eggs, is that among the evidence at the scene of the theft there were traces of Necrotic radiation as well as fragments of what looked like chitin. I was unable to attain a sample but I can only conjecture a similarity to your Armada and Reconstructed," Vil'cva says.

"Quantac'Vrix is the only Matriarch I or my Reconstructed have ever encountered and I have never given the order to steal Ahkam eggs," you say, not lying since your recent orders were for the theft of already stolen Sunscale eggs.

Vil'cva flits their tongue, tasting the air in silent thought before asking, "Would you know of any being that it could possibly be?"

Your thoughts immediately turn to Predator Eitons investigation of the deserted colony of Vannec, where he recovered a fragment of chitin in the wake of the Immortal and the Necromancer Graim consuming the population before their assault on the Refuge system. The similarities were striking, but you were uncertain if it could be related.

What shall you say to Vil'cva?

This is also a good opportunity to question him about the Ahkam, the Dynasty, or to clarify on aspects of the decrypted archives if you have any curiosities
Hmmm...State that there could have been other survivors who followed the Wormstar. If they managed to stay under the radar for thousands of years, then they might be stealthy enough for such a heist. Its best that the knowledge of the first batch of immortals becomes known to no one else if we can help it. Who knows, this dodgy answer may even be the truth. Another possibility to voice is that it could be a cabal of Blackscales looking for fancy new reagents for experiments.
As for the Dynasty, I really, REALLY want to know about the Head Matriarch. We will have to face her eventually and as we grow in power and the war-zone between our empires also grows, so to will the chance that she will take a personal role.
File: jor.jpg (29 KB, 339x598)
29 KB
What shall you say to Vil'cva?
>"I have suspicions: nothing more. The Armada will look into this further, and appreciates your assistance."
Maybe I shadowrun too hard but I don't want to go spreading the knowledge that there are numerous incredibly powerful, malevolent undead scattered about the universe, indirectly due to our own research.

This is also a good opportunity to question him about the Ahkam, the Dynasty, or to clarify on aspects of the decrypted archives if you have any curiosities
>"Do some Akham truly believe themselves gods? Or do all of your kind understand that's just a convenient lie for the slaves?"
>"How much experience does the Dynasty have fighting Necrotic forces? Anywhere you've encountered those in the past?"
If they have, it'll tell us how much we can expect their anti-necrotic tech to give us trouble, as well as interesting places to investigate later. If not, no harm no foul.
The only group I can think of who might fit would be some missing experiments of mine how ever their methods do not match the current crime they are far more... open and messy

Why what of it, surely I have not become so great a bogeyman to your people as to be blamed for every mishap your people's face?
What shall you say to Vil'cva?
I have some suspicions, but I cannot be sure, If I find data on it I will let you know.

What do akham do when not at war or in combat?
Who are the major dynasties?
What will the others do now?
About the Dynasty how do the Ahkam choose who becomes a Matriarch? Any details about the transformation he knows about? Also it could have been the Confederated who stole the eggs through their necromancer mercenary (unlikely but still possible).
Silently the Harbinger taps its chin as you think. Finally it gives a slight shrug of its upper pair of shoulders before you say through it, "I have suspicions, but little more. There were many undead factions in the old Grand Necrotic Armada and there are indeed those who survived the end of the Necrotic Wars just I have. I know the Confederacy enjoys pilfering that which is not theirs. For all I know it could have been a Blackscale Cabal seeking rare reagents for their experiments."

Vil'cva hisses sharply in distaste at the name, "You've encountered the pests too. They are among my other suspects, I admit. Mother suspected you, due to your habit of stealing her children," he says with grim humor.

"Have I become a whispered threat among the Ahkam? A specter of misfortune to be blamed for every mishap and mystery afflicting your people?" you ask with some amusement.

"Merely the most recent," he says, tilting his head from side to side in a noncommittal gesture.

"While I am here, I would like to question you. To learn more," you say, shifting the subject away from the theft. The missing Immortals were one of your biggest anxieties, the Refuge Crisis showing you just how much chaos a single one could sow and there were still nine remaining missing.

"About?" he asks with a tinge of suspicion.

"The Ahkam. Besides Vle'Karak you are the friendliest and the most eloquent I've encountered. Despite your age you show a maturity and understanding that took him centuries and I millennia. I would know of the Ahkam, how they are when they are not at war, whether or not your kind believe the fallacy of divinity you cling to, who leads the other Dynasties and which of them do I need to concern myself with next.

"I may be a Lich created for conquest in war, but in my old age the greatest conquests I yearn for is of knowledge," you say, looking through the Harbinger at him.

Vil'cva is silent for a few minutes as he uncoils and starts to slither and pace in thought. Finally then turn back toward the Harbinger, "The simplest answers first. The nearest Dynasty would be that of Matriarch Quazyn'Tlev. She was the one whose eggs were stolen. Elder sister to Quantac'Vrix, both daughters to the now slain Zaffra'Kro. Quazyn'Tlev is most likely the one who will come seeking vengeance for her sisters death and to absorb the remnants of her territory and adopt the surviving daughters and sons," he pauses then lets out another dark chuckle of their guttural laughter, "If she doesn't execute and replace them with her own children for their failure to protect their mother."

"How long until you think that is?"

They make an uncertain gesture with a dip of their tail, "Hard to predict. She's been embroiled with a prolonged conflict with the Empire and UON over territory. I did see reports that her forces were making great strides in turning the war to her favor during the Arc Surge."

"Let us hope they can keep her occupied," you say.

"Precisely. My Mother was relatively young, her territory split between this sector and her old. She took the risk of expanding here with the discovery of the esat, believing they could lift her to greater respect among the other Matriarchs," he shakes his head, "And then with the discovery of the stonestar and the bounty of Rukor, this sector seemed like it would have become her key to glory and recognition, bringing in two populous, skilled species under her coils."

"Except no one anticipated my arrival," the Harbinger says with your voice and the serpents nods solemnly.

"You asked if we believe the 'fallacy of divinity' and I find it amusing. Those are the precise terms an ancient rebel leader used when they tried to break the other epikor free of the Dynasty's control," he chuckles again, this time with more amusement in his voice than cynicism, "We know that we do not reach the levels of Godhood that entities such as your ancient Wormstar or the Father and Mother of the Sunscale. Terms of practicality? It serves as a leash and goad to enslave those the Dynasty's have taken. Just as I suspect you may some day gain worshipers of your own. From what little I've seen and taken from my talks with Vle'Karak is that you're well on that path, even if you do not wish to tread it.

"I do not think even all of my researchers, my adopted family if you will, no longer view me as at least divinely guided. I know there were some among my siblings and others of my kind who believed that if we were not true gods, then we must be descended or chosen to serve in their stead. These beliefs I have little respect for. I've read the old archives, the studies of our genetics that show we were created yes, but by mortal devices."

"Your species natural gifts for the Arc are truly astounding I confess. It is partially why I and my Predators became obsessed with studying your kind. In the old Armada I was vaguely aware of the Arc, not even realizing it had a name nor that the fires of entropy that fueled me was its natural predator," the Harbinger says with your voice and a slight shake of its head.

Vil'cva was silent again for a few moments as he looks away, seeming to get lost in thought before he turns back, "You asked if you had become a specter among our kind."

"And you said I was not the first. I assume there were others like me?" you ask curiously.

"Some like you, undead and ravenous, but few as smart or dangerous," he hisses softly, pausing a moment then tilting his head, "What do you know of the Ahkam life cycle, Lord Jadyk?"

"Very little I admit. Sexually dimorphic, the females capable of metamorphosing into a Matriarch due to some unknown trigger or age," you say, giving another shrug through the Harbinger.

"Let me share with you a secret that not even my researchers know," he says, his voice low as if he didn't trust speaking this aloud, "Not every Ahkam hatched is capable of using the Arc. In a clutch of eggs from a Matriarch roughly sixty to seventy percent of all hatchlings are destined to grow up with Arc potential but that potential is not recognizable for several years.

"By the time we have reached ten years our mothers are capable of detecting which of her children are...worthy of receiving the electric gift," he hisses in distaste, hesitating before he continues, "Those who are not so lucky? The newly Arc capable devour them."

You are silent as you let him speak, the empathic sensors in the Harbinger detecting self-loathing and disgust in the serpent. Suddenly you are reminded that he is the youngest of the Ahkam you have ever encountered, this grotesque event fresher in his mind than any of the others.

"No one has studied the Unfortunate as they call them. To see if they are capable of possessing potential for the other elemental forces, they are seen as mistakes good only to bolster the strength of their worthy siblings," he shakes his head again, "But there is one story, nearly as ancient as the First Dynasty. A Matriarch who did not want to slay her children, an instinct that the story says better fits a mammal, and as such hid them away from the others, allowing them to grow.

"The story says they grew and grew. Ahkam with the Arc, powerful but merely creatures of flesh and blood," he hisses softly, "All except one. One who somehow became addicted to the Necrotic, feasted on undead fetched for it by their naive mother who did not suspect. The stories get varied from here, saying they became the first and only Ahkam Necromancer," he says the words deliberately, staring intently at the Harbinger, "Others saying they died and became an undead, poisoned by the virus laden corpses they ate or corrupted by some ancient artifact from the Necrotic Wars, a piece of a slain god in some of the variations I've heard. But the results are the same.

"They became the first Traitor Serpent, a vicious cannibal that slew their own mother and siblings and feasted upon their flesh and Arc. Only through the cooperation of the slain Matriarchs sisters were they finally slain and obliterated, according to the stories. As a young whelp I merely assumed it to be a cautionary tale for young daughters so they could one day be... 'strong' enough to do what they think they must with their own daughters."

Finally he seems to think he rambled on for too long and the Harbinger detects a flush of embarrassment as the green serpent coils back into a relaxed pose, "Forgive my rambling, Lord Jadyk. It was a habit my mother tried to break."

The Harbinger shakes its head and lifts a hand, "Please, feel no such reservations with me, Vil'cva. We both share our love of knowledge and history."

He nods, "Believe me when I say I think that story is just that, a story passed down from Matriarch to daughter. A specter to keep hatchlings behaved and daughters following the rules. Call me stubborn but I only believe in that which can be measured and quantified."

You chuckle through the Harbinger, "There are many things I have encountered in all my millennia that cannot be measured or quantified. It is the way of things."

It was his turn to chuckle, "My belief is that means we just don't understand it yet and must strive to unlock its secrets."

"Vle'Karak mentioned we would relate well to each other. I believe he is correct," you say with a respectful nod.

"I, uh, you honor me, Lord Jadyk," he says uncertainly and bows his head, touching tailblade to horn once more.

"I thank you for your time, Vil'cva. And for the knowledge and trust you have shared. May my Armada become a home to you in time, where you can find yourself free from the shadows of the Matriarchs and their plots," the Harbinger says as it extends legs once more.

"Yes, thank you. I must return to my own work cross referencing our research with that of your Think Tanks to see if there is anything worthwhile we can share," he says, bowing his head once more before the Harbinger turns and drifts out, your mind already vacating the shell.
File: GraveQM.gif (2.23 MB, 500x500)
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2.23 MB GIF
Ok it being so late and all the typos and minor mistakes in that huge post indicate I should probably call it here.

I hope folks had fun, I know I do. Looking forward to this invasion really taking off. Hope you enjoyed the loredump from the snake that's closest to being as big a nerd as Jadyk

Let me know if you have any questions that won't stray into spoiler territory or suggestions for the quest.
File: WAos3r.png (145 KB, 453x430)
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145 KB PNG
Thanks for running Grave
Thanks for running, Graves. You seem to have a knack for character and lore, and how to make both work and weave together.
>a piece of a slain god in some of the variations

A Necrotic adapted Ahkam who swallowed a fragment of the Wormstar would be a sight to behold
Thanks for running, I love this little conversations that expand on the setting.
I was about to ask about that teleportation rune we made.......now it makes sense why we can't use it.
File: Boneman Halo.jpg (123 KB, 540x635)
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123 KB JPG
Looking at the map once we have hit Esat hard enough to draw ships from other systems we should also launch Joint attacks on Tura and Rolan. once they are secuse that would leave only the Osjiic R'jur and Chliro as enemy systems withing our new boarders which would also leave them surrounded and cut off for us to hit at our leisure.

Basically just really put a good stable front for us to steadily expand outwards.

Having said that we should explore the two blue stars south of Bastion
Good ideas. If we plan this invasion right we'll double our territory
Are we going back to the space city outbreak soon?
We back on?
Are we dead yet?
Whoops hit a slight snag there. Ready to go.

Now, what should Jadyk tend to next?
>Meet with Blackscale Guir
>Speak with Officer Rosa concerning Refuge
>Other (write-in)
>>Meet with Blackscale Guir
Meet with the black scale

"Hows that wormscale project coming along"
>Meet with Blackscale Guir
Just do both if you have the time but start with Guir. We should finish as many things as possible before we start the invasions.
Icy winds howled in a perpetual frenzy around the frozen world, vast glaciers creaking and groaning as they shifted with continent sized slabs. Little marked it surface as important, merely a few domes of ice shrouded bone marking the entrances to Armada installations under the ice. Most were biomass farms, using the vast amounts of ice to grow kelp and other crops that would be rendered down or fed to the catoblepas in linking chambers.

One installation in particular stretched deeper than the others. A single shaft bored through the ice to reach down toward a complex that was larger and more complex than the others. Warehouses filled with cloning tanks, training facilities, living quarters, armories, medical lab and dissection stations deep beneath the ice nearly reaching the stone beneath. It was here that Dominator Valresko had stood watch over the Blackscale Cabal in their cloning experiments and trained Sur-Quro and the first of the Armada's Solar Arbiters.

Now, as your Harbinger drifts through the cold halls, it was only manned by Guir the sole Blackscale left behind as their siblings left to retrieve more valuable 'samples', and the Necromancers dispatched from Iti'a'Ropku to assist how they could.

A door unweaves itself at the Harbingers approach, the bands of metal and chitin slithering into the wall and floor only to restitch together behind it. The Harbingers arrival cuts the conversation that Guir and a vorh were having as both turn to greet it.

The vorh Necromancer, the sibling of the one who had just created the Shrike Reconstructed, bows low with a salute, "Lord Jadyk, you honor us with your attention."

Guir gives their own, if less formal, bow with a bobbing of their head and a grin that bares blackened teeth, "Yes yes, it is good to see that are worthy of it. You are here to witness the progress my," they pause and glance at the vorh who pointedly gives them a side-eyed look with a twitch of their eyestalks, "our project has revealed?"

"We could show you a demonstration, if you desire," the vorh says.

>Observe a demonstration
>Time is precious and speak with them only
>Other (write-in)
>>Observe a demonstration
A demonstration would be good way to show how far the project has progressed since the previous... incident with the warbloods.

Please demonstrate your progress thus far
>>Observe a demonstration
>>>Observe a demonstration
The Harbinger nods as you speak through it, "Yes, I am quite intrigued by this development. Show me."

Both nod, eager to show-off as they turn and motion for the Harbinger to follow them. Escorted by the pair from the control room they were led down the cold corridors until finally they stop at a row of windows overlooking one of the training facilities. Guir's grin widens, "Just in time. The Think Tanks are running a test."

An obstacle course fills the warehouse sized chamber, platforming scattered on various levels with cover and obstacles scattered about. It was very similar to those constructed on Legion's Home to train the Legionnaires but it wasn't any of the living running the course. Instead you witness a fierce battle between what looked like cyborg undead of various races attempted to stave off the ferocious assault of multiple Reconstructed.


A small handful of cyborg humans and netu crouch behind a low wall, occasionally popping up to fire and send the Reconstructed across a small canyons between platforms darting between cover. They were using live rounds from how the concrete chipped and cracked with bursts of dust, the Necromancers not caring if either side sustained damage due to their ease of repair.

A netu undead lifted up with a scattergun attached to its forearm only to let out a gurgling squeal of alarm as a blur of motions leaps up from the ledge and tackles them down. The cyborgs scatter as the netu fires the scattergun pointblank at the Reconstructed that tackled it, blasting off an arm but the undead rises up and uses its remaining arm to fling them like a ragdoll over the wall and over the ledge into the pit before tackling a human undead that opened fire with a submachine gun.

The defensive position scattered the other Reconstructed charged forward, running or climbing on all fours to close the distance. They were range of sizes and shapes, the Reconstructed superficially resembling the Solar Wardens created by Valresko but these were clearly made from Sunscale inspiration. You note they wielded no ranged weaponry, but from how they charged it and attacked with claw, fang and scissor-jaws, their thick tails serving as powerful clubs, it was apparently they did not need them in such close quarters.

You look to another conflict where you notice a Bonescale with its armored plating engraved with designs absent from the others gesturing and directing the other Reconstructed that grouped around them. You peered at it curiously and felt it's mind shadowed and obscured, the Reconstructed twitching violently before looking directly toward you from across the course. It did not yield to you but it responds to your mental command, reacting more like a zombified creature through ritual reanimation rather than a proper Reconstructed.

A Blackscale Knight lumbers forward, its heavy cleaver of a blade crackling with Necrotic power as it approaches the strange Bonescale, but as it does the other Bonescale charge in and throw themselves at it. Stingwhip tongues lash out, embedding in limbs and armor as they try to drag it down but with a snarl the bone constructed swings its blade or snaps them with its free hand. It even grabs one by the tongue and starts swinging it overhead before the stingwhip tears and the Bonescale is flung away.

With a single swing of its blade it cleaves cleanly through two of the Bonescale before lodging in a third. Taking the time to kick the corpse from its blade was all the others needed as several stocky Bonescale with dense overlapping armor scales that glint with dark metals charge in, tackling both legs to bring it to is knees. Several more leap through the air and down on it, sinking claw and fang into its black armor, one being yanked from its back and crushed into a crater with its torso pulverized to dust.

All the while the strange Bonescale directs more and more of the others to charge in and dogpile on top of it. Several more Bonescale are broken or crushed under the nightmarish might of the Blackscale Knight but soon their combined weight drags it down. Finally the Bonescale approaches and manages to, with the help of several others, to pry the heavy blade from the Knights grasp and lift it over their head in triumph.

The Reconstructed around it began to let out their strange cheers, their simple minds rejoicing in the pleasure of a battle one. The blade it held over its head was nearly as tall as it was, the decorated Bonescale hefting it as they in your direction despite the distance and opaque glass.

Guir grins, smugness radiating off the reptile as they look to the Harbinger, having noticed its attention focused on the battle between Bonescale and Knight, "Impressive, are they not? My siblings will certainly be jealous of my, our, accomplishments here." You had to give him credit, he was trying to make an effort to include the other Necromancer in the success.

"It is my deepest hope they stand up to your standards, Lord Jadyk," the vorh says with reverence in their voice and hearts, "Let us know what you think of them, have questions, or if there is room for improvement."

How should you reply?
Ask them what is the engraved Bonescale and why it's mind is obscured from you if it is a Reconstructed. The Bonescale seem to be good at groups while the Knights seem stronger(also reminder that the Blackscale promised a unit of Knights to Jadyk). In conclusion both Bonescale and Knights look to be a good addition to the forces of the Armada though filling different roles.
>Why do the Bonescales not have ranged weaponry?
>What obstacles did you encounter during the project and how did you overcome them?

Knowing how they dealt with the issues that held Jadyk back could aid our overall understanding of reconstruction, however unlikely that seems.

Also, it's been a while, what do Blackscale Knights look like again?
I am most please with their performance, have you given thought on their armaments from our armories or have plans for custom armaments? Also can you explain the streak of personality and independence on the engraved commander?
"They do not use ranged weaponry?" you inquire.

"Oh they definitely can. This test was to see how they could do as a close-range force going up against armed resistance. We have footage of their weapon trials if you wish to examine them though they are up to par with standard Reconstructed accuracy scores with some variation depending on specialization of course," the vorh Vrurilly says with an excitement due to their fascination with Reconstruction. Ever since they and their sibling Zawvu had shown a potential for Necromancy they had expressed a dedication and natural talent to the art of Reconstruction that honestly reminded you of your days a Necromancer developing the Cauldrons.

The Harbinger extends a finger toward the engraved Bonescale as you say, "The one with the engravings, they are different. They command those around them and they are shielded from my mind," the Harbinger turns its eyeless gaze toward Guir and your voice grows stern and vaguely menacing, "Why?"

Flinching they hold up their hands defensively, "Ah! Mercy, Lord Jadyk, allow me to explain!"

Vrurilly calmly places a hand on Guirs arm, the Blackscale pulling back from the touch but calming himself with a deep breath as the vorh says, "It is not actually, technically, a Bonescale, Lord Jadyk. Not even fully a Reconstructed even though we are grouping them as Bonescale for the moment."

"Explain," you say as the Harbinger folds its arms strernly across its front.

"You recall how the Blackscale reanimate the Sunscale as zombies yes?" they say and you nod, allowing them to continue, "That one is in fact a zombified Diver, one of the Cabals military specialists. It has merely been reinforced with Cauldron-forged enhancements and partial Reconstruction."

Finally calm from their minor panic attack at your sudden intensity Guir bobs their head rapidly, "Yes yes! My apologies, Lord Jadyk, I was about to tell you. While our zombified cousins do not fully link to your Cauldron-Think Tank psychic network, they can partially access it with permission from the Think Tanks, allowing them to command the Bonescale in combat situations as one of your Legionnaires would, if that pleases you," he says while rubbing his hands together.

The Harbinger rubs at its chin in thought while looking out the window, "I will admit I am impressed by your shared ingenuity. The Sunscale will no doubt hate the Armada even more for this blasphemy but they appear to be quality creations.

"What of the Wormscale project? Anything else to report?"

Guir, finally relieved that you were not angered, gives an eager bobbing nod, "Progress has stalled with my siblings absence but with the Bonescales perfected my full attention shall be directed toward it. With Necromancer Vrurilly and the others help, the project will accelerate."

"Good. What of the contingent of Knights I was promised for your loyalty?" you ask, shifting the topic, "They are impressive creations."

"The Warblood clone corpses are stored, portioned, and prepped. I merely await my siblings return to begin the rituals. Currently we have enough raw materials to create roughly five dozen for your Armada, Lord Jadyk," the Blackscale says with a bow.

"Excellent. Was there anything else I should know about the Bonescale or your projects?" you ask through the puppet Reconstructed.

"Not so much about those projects, but I do have a request for materials, should you have any extra to spare," Guir says with a slowly widening grin and the vorh giving a suspicious look.

"Pray tell, Guir, what it is you require."

"With the recent invasion by the Ahkam and a rebuttal invasion being launched, I am certain the Armada will have a supply to one source of materials I and my siblings have yearned for," his teeth are bared in a twisted grin.

"I require Ahkam. Dead, alive, whole, diced, dissected, whichever! The Arc Serpents have long been a prize only our craftiest Cabals can get their talons on. Who knows what wondrous results we could weave through our rituals with them as the materials!" they were nearly salivating with excitement.

Necromancer Vrurilly clicks their mandibles in surprise and look to you expectantly but says nothing to influence you despite the curiosity and excitement that started to well up in them as well. You knew they had been accompanied by their Ur-Wyrm to the planet, their unique Reconstructed coiled in another chamber with the other Necromancers.

Blackscale Necromancer Guir requests whatever Ahkam "materials" and reagents the Armada can spare for the purpose of ritual experimentation.
How do you reply?
Did we already use our prisoners to make Reconstructed and the Arc-Hydra?

Let's just promise him some future acquisitions from our upcoming offensive.
Make some vaguely agreeing statements but promise nothing for now.

These Blackscale are not our equals in reconstruction - remember how inaccurate and crude their versions of the tongue of the wormstar are? It's likely whatever we give them will go to waste, or come out inferior to what we've already created.
We can include him on the creation of the Arc-Hydra. It will be good for integration and join learning him and our necromancers.

We have a lot of dead and scraps.

>Give them any partial pieces of Akham as well as a small amount of corpses. No living.

Let them experiment, let them create some more reconstructed, but let's not waste any living Akham on them
For the moment we don't have any to spare(as i think all Ahkam alive or dead have already been assigned somewhere) but with the invasions there should be some dead ones then.
We have spare a couple of dead Ahkam beside those reserve for the hydra.

iirc Hydra is being made from living Akham
Oh yeah, then we should have a couple of bodies to spare.
Weren't the dead ones used to create the Ur-Wyrms or are there a few left?
Give them permission to use a corpse and genetic data for cloning purposes should they need more... raw material
You're onto something there. Maybe a wormscale type project of cloning elemental neutral snakes
A Solar Akham could be pretty fuckin' rad.
I believe elemental neutral Arkham are usually devoured by the "worthy" so to make elemental neutral Arkham we would need only make clones as they have no elemental affinity... their children how ever would still get to roll the dice in that regards though
So what we would need to do is find where the non mature Arkham are being raised and.. liberate them from their mother. Then we could screen to see who has what
Seems to be agreed to:
>Provide access to stockpiled corpses and occasional future kills

Will you allow them to clone Ahkam for ritual purposes similar to their harvesting of Warbloods?

Do you want to authorize a side project allowing them to clone Armada loyal Ahkam similar to their attempts at cloning loyal Sunscale?

That also raises the question of what you wish to do with the Sunscale clones that were programmed and raised to be loyal to the Armada and yourself?
>Will you allow them to clone Ahkam for ritual purposes similar to their harvesting of Warbloods?
>Do you want to authorize a side project allowing them to clone Armada loyal Ahkam similar to their attempts at cloning loyal Sunscale?

>That also raises the question of what you wish to do with the Sunscale clones that were programmed and raised to be loyal to the Armada and yourself?
Keep them frozen until the other brothers return. I am starting to think the whole project is a waste of time but I am willing to let them try a few more time since the delays had been due to outside factors.

As for the loyal sunscale.. control worm and shards in them and then release them into the capital?

How many of them did we make anyway and of what castes.

I mean seriously that Fuck with people's expectations "are those sunscale?!"
File: Balreth.png (500 KB, 477x640)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
If I remember correctly there was roughly a hundred of each caste with the Warbloods being butchered for making Knights.

>Also, it's been a while, what do Blackscale Knights look like again?
Speaking of the Knights

Essentially reanimating of Warbloods into Zombies has that annoying habit of becoming dangerously homicidal. To counter-act that the Knights are made from ritually prepared and shaped bones assembled into a humanoid shape, essentially a bone golem similar to the pic. Their armor and weapons are made from a ritual using the metal scales shed by Worker Zombies. They stand between 8-15ft tall for their largest siege ones.

They are also capable of "breathing" out Necrotic flames like the Brutes and energizing their weapons with the flames.
Supporting letting them live in the capitals on HD and Rukor
After some thought you reply, "Very well. We will transfer some of the remains we already have saved. We'll also set aside a few of those we will slay in the coming days for your experiments."

"Thank you, Lord Jadyk. They will be immensely illuminating," Guir says happily.

'You may also clone several Ahkam for the raw materials, but heed this. They are to be mindless and never truly live," the Harbinger levels a long, slender finger toward the reptile, "For you still have your talons full completing the Wormscale project first. Upon your siblings return, it shall be your main focus. I will tolerate a modicum of experimentation for personal theories, as I allow all my Necromancers and citizens, but you do have your assignment."

You could detect a spike of indignation in Guir but he nods, understanding tempering his displeasure at the tone. He bobs his head, "Of course, Lord Jadyk. I merely need the help of sister Raakah and sibling Beqor and the results will manifest."

"That is all I ask, Necromancer. These Bonescale are already a testament to your skills," you say as the Harbinger makes sure to nod to both of them, "and I am eager to see what results from the Wormscale."

"The other Necromancers of the Spire and I will do our best to assist, Lord Jadyk. The Wormstar watches over this project and we will ensure their genesis is enacted without error," Vrurilly says with another salute and bow.

What do you wish to do with the loyal Sunscale Clones?
>Give them symbiots and Domination Spikes before sending them to live with the Armada citizenry
>Keep the unawakened in stasis and the awakened ones in their enclosures for now
>Other (write-in)
>>Keep the unawakened in stasis and the awakened ones in their enclosures for now
Keep the unawakened in stasis
Send the awakened (which is like 10 of each caste right?) to live with the living
Stasis them for now

As much as letting them meander about could be interesting it might also raise difficult questions
>>Keep the unawakened in stasis and the awakened ones in their enclosures for now
>Keep the unawakened in stasis and the awakened ones in their enclosures for now
Hell no we are not integrating them
I just started re-reading this again after a year and I still haven't really caught up. Don't spoil me but there's a question I'd like to ask the other players.

>Have we studied weapon miniaturization?
Looking at our ground forces and they looks pretty under gunned. I'm still on the part where the Osjiic Empire attack the void temple and it seems that we had trouble with their heavier troops. Usually we just throw whatever at the enemy till they die but I feel like we can put bigger guns onto certain things.
Vehicles use heavy weapons which is alright but I feel like if they can be shoulder mounted on power armor they aren't large enough to properly be used on Tanks and Such. Has anybody though of trying to put ship sized weapons onto the tanks?

Turreted and Auxiliary ship weapons would increases their firepower quiet a bit. Most turret and aux. weapons seem like the equivalent of 20mm Chain guns which should do well since most dedicated anti armor for ship weapons are hull mounted and fixed.

We could also probably mount fixed and hull mounted weapons on the Battle Tombs if we remove the turret and make them into self propelled guns/assault guns. Maybe get the think tanks to modify spine cannons into Low to Medium Velocity, High Energy rounds that we can use as artillery or heavy anti armor.

Lastly, I'm assuming the Nail Fighter is still a very staple part of our factions. Even with all the technology we develop and all the cool and amazing shit we make the Nail Fighter is a tried and true work horse that's been around forever. It's getting outdated. If possible I think we should research improved thrusters that increase their turning rate and speed, especially since G forces shouldn't be a problem against undead. If miniaturization goes forward. I also propose trying to strap another fixed or aux weapon onto the Nail to further increase it's firepower, especially in air superiority roles where rapid fire weapons are key.

>Now that I think about it, you guys probably rely heavily on Large Reconstructed for heavy armor/attack but the same principles apply.

Or I could just be retarded.
Weapon miniaturization is always a good idea, more bang for your buck and all that its just not some thing that came up for us to suggest research into it to be totally honest

I'd be down to add it to a research list if it get a enough support
Your mind slips from the Harbinger, letting the Necromancers return to their projects and to repair their damaged undead.

It drifts and enters the form of another Harbinger that shudders as you settle into its shape. It was already on the bridge of the ship, drifting forward from the shadows past the mixed crew of Reconstructed and Legionnaires. Noticing the Harbinger float past they quickly halt their conversations and discussions to salute or bow, coming to recognize the Harbingers as indicators of your focus.

It floats up toward a small group who turn and salute at its approach before filing away leaving the Harbinger alone with a single human. Officer Rosa bows with Reconstructed fist saluting against her heart, "Lord Jadyk, thank you for your time."

"Of course, Officer. What did you call me for?" you ask curiously.

She turns and makes a brief gesture, a holoscreen flickering on for you both, "After the Illuminator spoke with them the leadership of Refuge have started the process of selecting who they want to stand for them in a council of representatives. They would answer to you directly, acting to bring the needs of the system to you and the Armada."

"Yes, I was briefed on that. Has there been any new developments, any hindrances to my acquisition of this system and responsibility for those who live here?" you ask, the Harbinger looking at the random bits of data and reports of status throughout the system.

In just the few moments you see reports detailing the rebuilding of farmlands on Scatters moon, of undead hunting parties clearing out pockets of hidden ghouls on Junkyard, details showing that the population actually climbed for the first time since arriving rather than falling with the births and hatching of multiple babies in recent days.

"Nothing too immediate just yet. However, it seems news of Refuge becoming Armada territory has spread to the Confederates somehow," the human says with a sigh and folding the large Reconstructed arms across her chest. The hardlight emitters embedded throughout her mostly undead form glint like jewels in the light of the holoscreens, "I would expect to hear High Command and the Confederate government to start crying foul so be warned on that, Lord Jadyk.

"Also a side note, we haven't officially recruited anyone into the Legion yet, but we have quite a list of hopeful locals wanting to join up with us after the Armada's acquisition of the system is made official," she says, running a hand across her shaved scalp and the scars there.

"How many?" you ask curiously.

She flicks a claw and a list pops up before her, "So far we have nearly five thousand potential volunteers with many more likely to join up in the following weeks."

"Excellent. I was not expecting so many already," you say, the Harbinger steepling its fingers.

"Heh, well the Illuminator and Commander Rethak made quite an impression on the system. Have you seen the graffiti and sculptures?" she asks with a chuckle. When the Harbinger shakes its head she makes another subtle motion with her hand and holoscreens flicker.

In the cities on Hearth are shots of alleys and the sides of buildings, bright paint depicting images of what was undeniably Reconstructed fighting against stylized ghouls and zombies. A large mural shows a landscape of Legionnaires and Pirates standing shoulder to shoulder defending against a tide of undead while Tlacex and his Juggernaut tower over the swarm.

Another image shows effigies made from charred wood fixed into the shape of Reconstructed standing guard on the borders of burned out ruins of farmhouses being repaired on Scatters moon. A homeless kesh sits on a corner with a stack of plastic sheets surrounded by a small group of Legionnaires and locals to buy or trade for one of their pieces. Using their claw they poke holes through the sheet in patterns so that when held against the light it let the silhouettes of light illuminate the figures such as Tlacex, his Juggernaut, and various Reconstructed and Legionnaires.

Even the main plaza of Hearth, where the building Rosa and Tlacex met the representative stood, there was a painting showing Tlacex, Necromancer Jor, Rethak in his living Voidsinger form, and Yourself above them all flanked by an army of Legionnaires and Reconstructed. The painting had been done by a crowd working together, even a few Legionnaires joining in to point out details and suggestions.

Rosa looks back to the Harbinger, "I think the locals approve of us. At least most of them. Some still seem to think we're the cause of the outbreak," she pauses then adds, "I mean, they assume we're to blame on purpose. Thankfully no rumors of the Immortal have leaked out to the public. Only Legionnaires went down into those tunnels with us," she says, subconsciously gripping at where her prosthetic arm attached to her body, the limb and more lost during the operation and only saved by Necromancer Klikli.

She shakes her head then looks back to the holoscreens, "By the way, we've got reporters from the Confederacy looking to get in contact with you or someone in the Armada," she says with a dismissive roll of the eyes, "Some underground news program or something. Traveled in with a Dagger ship."

It would seem Restricted Advice was still earnest in its desire to interview you or the Armada.

Was there anything you wished to speak with Rosa about the Refuge system before tending to other matters?

What should you do concerning the reporters?
>>Keep the unawakened in stasis and the awakened ones in their enclosures for now

Just got here but yeah I agree, having more guns is always good plus I really think it's high time we started upgrading existing equipment instead of just developing new complex things that are usually made in so small number they're only really good for VERY small engagements. Upgrading our old mass produced equipment means the whole army gets stronger exponentially. Especially those Large Reconstructed having ship weapons would wreck things.
Tell her to keep up the good work and keep us informed of any issues that may arise.

We should speak to the news crew they came so far might as well humour their "need to know more"
Tell her to keep up the good worj.

I wonder if we should have them speak to a Harbinger here in Refuge or invite them to the capital? Maybe arrange to have Jor do the interview when he's done with his vacay
>Was there anything you wished to speak with Rosa about the Refuge system before tending to other matters?
How many believe we are the cause? Vocal minority, or fringe conspiracy theorists?

>What should you do concerning the reporters?
Figure out for what purpose they want to get in contact. That should inform our decision.
"Those that believe me to blame for the outbreak, are they a vocal minority or fringe conspiracy theorists?" You ask.

Rosa shrugs, "Crackpots and paranoid individuals. Some people just can't see past the whole undead part and see what makes a Reconstructed different from a ghoul," she says, flexing one of her hands, "At the moment they are mostly ignored by the main populace. To the locals we are still seen as the heroes. Add in the continued aid from the Collective and our reputation right now is rather stellar among the general populace. In time the naysayers may start to bend more ears to their message once the high of survival and rebuilding wear off but it's not that far yet."

The Harbinger nods, "These... reporters. Are they here on Hearth?"

"Yeah, they're holed up at the "spaceport" the Pirates helped set up since they rode in with them. It's just a pair of them with some recording equipment," she says and nods to a holoscreen showing a pair sitting at a table in a small room with a pair of Legionnaires, "They told the Legionnaires who interviewed them for clearance that they've been in numerous warzones to cover stories and such. Supposedly they even covered the Cerberi exodus when it occurred years ago leading to this whole Refuge Crisis in the first place."

She squints slightly at the holoscreen even though the symbiot was feeding the data to her directly and her eyes nearsightedness had already repaired when she first joined the Legion, "Says they're from something called Restricted Advice an anarchist news publication."

"I am familiar with their program," you say.

Rosa laughs, "Hah, I didn't figure you a holovid fan, Lord Jadyk," she says, drawing curious looks from other Legionnaires. You weren't exactly known for your humor so they found it curious and strange that the normally stoic Rosa would laugh so openly.

"Either way, they asked to speak with your or Necromancer Jor. They mentioned him by name but that isn't too hard to understand. He's something of a folk hero now alongside Commander Rethak, Blight Enders and saviors of Refuge," she says with a bemused smile. Her symbiot could see her wistful remembrance of the first time she had met both of them, before either had fully embraced their destinies as your most loyal followers.

Restricted Advice has sent two reporters with hopes of speaking either to you or Necromancer Jor. What should you do with them?
>Have a Harbinger meet with them
>Have Jor meet with them at Iti'a'Ropku or another Armada location in the future
>Have them meet with you face to face in the future
>Other (write-in)
>Have a Harbinger meet with them

Jadyk's still in that 'arc-focussed' form, right? We should mix things up a bit, try on some new expressions. Follow in Ruscuv's footsteps, have different forms for war, diplomacy, leadership, etc. Jadyk could probably express himself in interesting ways; he is the Abomination, after all.
>Have Jor meet with them at Iti'a'Ropku or another Armada location in the future
Jadyk is currently in his default humanoid skeletal lich form. He shed the Arc form and took his more standard default during his proclamation to Iti'a'Ropku at the Colosseum.

He also demonstrated Active Reconstruction by making himself a fleshy disguise, basically what his skeleton would look like if it was a humans skeleton rather than a manifestation of his will.
imagine an uncanny near-human sorta similar to Cumberbatch or Wiseau but slightly less uncanny than them
>basically what his skeleton would look like if it was a humans skeleton with muscles, blood, and flesh rather than a manifestation of his will*
Have Jor meet with them. Iti'a'ropku is the perfect location for the interview.
We did make Jor our ambassador for these exact situations.

Also didnt Jor suggest we should make Snake Uncle into an Immortal like the Commander?
Have Jor meet with them. Iti'a'ropku is the perfect location for the interview.
"I can respect their drive and desire to know more. It is a compulsion that fuels me," the Harbinger says with your voice then nods, "Very well. I would have Jor meet with them. Perhaps in Iti'a'Ropku so they can witness our splendor and spread it to the galaxy."

"It could present a security risk, but not any greater than by allowing the Pirates to dock and visit Horizon's Drop freely," Rosa says with a shrug.

"Exactly. I made Jor my ambassador for these situations. He was chosen for these tasks and seems to have a talent for speech," you say.

Rosa gives a small chuckle then nods, "I'll have an escort bring them to Iti'a'Ropku when you give the clearance. It would be good for us to get some positive propaganda out there."

>the reporters from Restricted Advice will be prepared for transport to Iti'a'Ropku and travel there to meet with Necromancer Jor once he returns to his duties at the city
Rukor's moon slowly circles the oceanic world, pulling its tides and guarding it from wayward travelers from the asteroid belt. Much like the distant Horizon's Drop its surface and subsurface was dominated by the Armada, Reconstructed buildings and ship construction pylons lifting from the surface.

Hidden beneath the surface was a temple, much like the one on of Horizon's Drops moon, where the non-existant atmosphere was charged with Arc energy. Motes of warped light drifted like dust, little free-float crackles of static bouncing or leaping off surfaces with increasing frequency the deeper and closer to the core of the temple it got.

Within the central chamber where a large sphere of spinning metal, bone, and chitin levitated in the center of the pyramidal chamber. Arclight shimmers across its form, making it hard to look at as it seems to flicker, distort and blur its silhouette due to the immense energies it regulated and produced. Originally the oversized condenser was embedded in the ground but now it floated in the air as the ground was lowered to make room for the truly large Cauldron that dominated the chamber.

Standing on its wide rim evenly spaced apart were the three Predators. Nekris gripped Blight in his lesser pair of hands, the point between his clawed feet. Eiton stood with his arms crossed, his cyclopean eye staring intently into the dry Cauldron. The newly ascended Qavun crouches down, the armored slats of her helm pulled black like a flower blossom so her eyes could stare just as fiercely into the pit.

While the Cauldron was empty of liquid biomass it was far from vacant. Tangled in a knot of unconcious flesh and scale were five Ahkam. Heavily sedated and siphoned by their Requiem guards during their transfer to the Arc Temple from the prison they were coiled together in a chaotic jumble that nearly filled the entirety of the Cauldron.

"It is time. Join me, Brother and Sister, let us impress Lord Jadyk and make ourselves a monster worthy of the Wormstar itself," Nekris says, his mandibles twisting into a wicked smile.

"Yes, let's. It is far past time the Ahkam be made to join our Order," Eiton says with obvious excitement.

"Reconstruction is merely finding the shape that best suits Lord Jadyk's whims and the mysteries of the Wormstar," Qavun chuckles darkly, "Let us see what shape awaits these pathetic worms with their ascension."

File: Arc.gif (1.53 MB, 500x500)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB GIF
Grates at the bottom of the Cauldron slide open and the caustic, boiling slurry of Necrotically charged biomass begins bubbling up and swelling. Immediately the Ahkam scales begin to sizzle and soften, dissolving as the fluid level rises up. The Cauldron was only a third full when the agony of the literal acid bad served to burn through the haze of sedatives that kept the Ahkam unconscious.

They literally screamed their way to waking as they found their bodies tangled together and dissolving as they were consumed by the Cauldron. They started ot thrash out in mindless desperation but the three Arc Predators thrust their hands out, an invisible lid of telekinetic force serving to keep the Ahkam within the Cauldron as it continued to fill.

The screams of the Ahkam scraped across the Arc and into their skulls but mercy was a gift none of the three were willing to extend. These five had been selected for a higher purpose, a holy purpose and the three of them would see it enacted.

Hardening their hearts they shut out their dying screams as finally the boiling liquid reaches the rim, sloshing up across their feet from the death throes of the Ahkam. While the Ahkam still clung to agonizing life they knelt and plunged their hands beneath the surface, Nekris stabbing Blight into the fluid as well.

Arc lightning leaps from the Condenser to the surface of the Cauldrons tumultous contents, the Arc Predators concentrating as they willed the Arc and Necrotic to obey their commands. They began to peel the Ahkam apart and examine them, their minds forming a foggy unification through the shared ritual of Reconstructed with the Cauldron as their focus.

Motionless they knelt, time seeming to move by at a crawl as they wrangled with the ferocious spirits of the Arc serpents in order to make a truly terrifying weapon for the Armada.
And with that we're going to stop for the night but fear not, I find my Monday free so we'll continue more this afternoon.

Hope folks had fun, I know I did. Happenings are getting ready to happen
Well at this point i would like to propose to let Vle'Karak first speak(provided he wants to do it) with any future Ahkam Serpents prisoners before we decide to kill them. It will show that we trust him and we honestly try to "save" as many as we can from the way the Dynasties force them to think.
Goodnight Grave, man looking back at the previous threads is fun. Hopefully I can catch up by Monday because there were a lot of cool ideas back then that I'm not sure got pursued or not like trying to mimic obsidian born and make ships that could turn into mechs.
Thanks for running.

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