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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure!

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions, albeit with possible complications because of recent revelation about the Throne.

Details for the suppression have been finalized, you, Sieglinde and Elina are to remain behind with Teruko and Hao.

Side activities

Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Daiyu granted you a ''favor'' to use at your leisure; the Demon Lord is a resourceful person.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.
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''I was still a young squire when I laid eyes upon my lord for the very first time, it was during a quiet time in Eliaures when king Olann was still alive and his young family was growing... The Knights of the Storm always enjoyed a close relationship with the ruling dynasty and that particular day was a rare moment of ceremony for children to mingle, essentially a day for grooming apprentices like me to identify their lieges.''

Proceeding was difficult, a short pause was needed. Bubbling embarrassment nearly twisted my guts into silence when Arawn remained steadfast by sitting next to me, gently nudging me with a polite nod. This audience is amazing: Daiyu, Deruella, Martha, Sieglinde, Belphegor, their maid Priscilla, angelic Elina, quiet Vilma, Teruko murmuring translations to Hao and of course him. There hadn't been enough space on the table for this group so people made themselves comfortable by pulling chairs into a giant circle with myself in its center akin to some old storyteller of yonders. I almost craved hearing a crackling fire to finish this picture.

When I first learned of Arawn amnesia and realized it was no pretention I nurtured an ambition of relating this tale in a romantic setting with only us two sitting side by side... yet I can't begrudge this audience, not after today. There's a warmth here trying to welcome me; all I need is to allow it, yet...

Thinking too much always twist everything into a vicious circle, stop. Mother Earth graciously changed my fate, now's not the time to be scared.

''Finer details of that day elude me, I think the prince and princess were swamped by all the other trainees so that's what motivated me to go on my own in a sulky mood, though I -do- remember being fascinated by rumors of an elf residing inside the royal castle. That's how I happened upon you my lord, a blossoming teenager likely not a day older than ten, surprisingly tall, a little bit chubby and with wild unkempt black hair. I think you were spying on that entire proceeding.''

Oh, dearest Mother... A little cider without alcohol gives a woman courage, nothing like bitterness to talk. ''I asked if you were a prince and you proceeded to challenge me into a battle with training staves ranting that lieges shouldn't be weaker than their subjects. You looked upset without reasons now that I remember, and we fought on church ground under the careful eye of an elderly cleric who apologized for your conduct; you put up a good fight my lord but were truly no match for a squire of the Storms.''

Good-hearted giggles reduce Arawn into a messy awkward smile and nervous neck rubbing. Teasing him is... fun. Yet so far above my station, perhaps this can be considered a harmless indulgence?
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''Yes, that was our first encounter, you swore to beat me as I had to leave with this gentle old man shaking his head wishing me farewell...'' I always wondered if Arawn remembered that day, my lack of courage will, unfortunately, leave this question without an answer for eternity; I had so many opportunities to ask in the past and even now that he's back...

Stop these wandering thoughts, Klesiah.

''The events that genuinely precipitated me to accompany you occurred much later, during a time of trouble in Eliaures.'' These memories weren't so warm anymore. Steel yourself, Klesiah; Gremory already revealed your sins.

''Princess Bronwen had apparently been murdered by Mamonos inside the kingdom capital, this event occurred only two years after the death of king Olann to an ambushing force from the Pharaoh realm, I cannot stress enough how tense life became afterward, queen Beatrice Eliauslawa galvanized her realm into a frenzy of bloody revenge against Monsters, vowing an eternal purge; this stance hasn't changed today despite pressure from the Church.'' Faces were grim now, the demonic family looked especially strained, they likely knew even more than myself about this. ''I...participated in my first few missions. General inspections of frontier villages then raid into the plains to dislodge nomadic tribes, finding hiding Mamonos and... participating in their removals. I heard that knights of my order fared into Gwalchmai and Fallerin to harass pockets of Mamonos near the border, making for many minor conflicts between realms...''

Memories of these days make a foundation of shame. Knights are elevated to a higher purpose than others, becoming their liege lord helpers in all things. A knight is to help elevate his lord, shoulder his burden, spread his presence throughout the realm, become a beacon of virtues for his subjects to follow and remind his master of Mother Earth and Father Sky rectitude... So, so many things make a knight; these privileges and duties heighten them into a place inside a noble family hierarchy, this is why nobles possess the right of death on knights serving them; these companions are often of common blood and bear heavy responsibilities indeed. Nobody else can be judged this way, a king cannot kill his peasants without due process and proofs of wrongdoings.

Had Arawn not...

''Klesiah?'' There, Arawn spoke and I felt his warm hand resting above my glove covered one. Damnation, I should have taken it off!

''I'm fine.'' I replied, unable to look at him in the eyes. This overwhelming warmth inside of him is new, it's a tenderness that chokes me far too often. He's not the same man as back then and a selfish part of me like it.''I can't quite remember the name of the village...'' Not exactly a lie, I visited so many places throughout those years that names became a blur in my memory. ''But it was inside a frontier village that I chanced upon you, Arawn.''
File: 66.jpg (409 KB, 1516x2099)
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''It was a fairly big place next to Gwalchmai, near the river of Red Rocks, amounting to perhaps... 600 inhabitants spread into a wide circle of isolated farms, this made the center square of the village fairly small but incredibly busy in term of commerces with one big tavern create to mostly house the locals of far away households. I don't think the inhabitants liked seeing a squad of ten Knights of the Storms in brilliant plates and clear blue capes show up at random but even the frontier was subjected to the queen decree. Thusly did my father -who was leading this squad- began an interview with the mayor and captain of the militia to be granted full authority while everyone else began to inspect the area of the square...''

''Had you received reports of Mamonos hiding in the area?'' Deruella gentle question didn't allow a silence to linger.

''Yes...'' I answer quietly, perhaps too much and proceed to nod at the elder Lilim. To think I'd be having a friendly chat with the woman titled ''Felwhore'' by humanity; her eyes cause no dangerous compulsions. ''It wasn't unusual for the queen army to show up unannounced and inspect things like that, my order was an extension of her will but this time there was something tangible. My father wasn't... gentle so he didn't clue me in on any of our purposes. I was to concentrate on accomplishing my Deed of Valor to be fully anointed, I was only a glaive wielding addition and nothing else.''

Mother Earth never wants her children to endure injustices.

''I was searching the inn with an elder man, split up the search between us two. I ventured upward to investigate the second floor quietly and there I chanced upon a young man coming down from the third floor. The elderly owner had informed me this place wasn't often used by visitors so I decided to follow him. A broad-shouldered, tall young man with a bandana covering his forehead and a hooded cape over his head, he struck me as rather shabby and suspicious and so I trust my faith into Mother Earth fortune and followed for he didn't seem to hear my steps.'' My description earned a few chuckles and Arawn discomfort was enough to make me smile, as a teenager my lord didn't have this... gallantry but he certainly remained a brawny man, especially for elves.
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''You were searching for something. Opening rooms quietly with the owner master key, I stuck with following by sounds until you opened a pantry and stopped, I witnessed for myself your quest result after stepping closer.'' Yes, I remember this clearly. ''Inside a bundle of blankets was a young lamia girl, a healthy knee-sized girl in white. Scales, skin, and hair made her look like a cloud inside this makeshift nest and her black eyes observed everything with innocent, curious amazement, she regarded you with the kind of faithful trust that comes from a protector... I couldn't help but heave a gasp of surprise upon witnessing this child and that's when you finally acknowledged my presence.'' The tension in the room rose with my story, it was inevitable.

''I was operating on instincts and my first gesture was to put a finger over my lips and look into your eyes, nodding slowly.'' My duty was to find Mamonos and purge them, making this my first failure... yet I don't feel any regrets despite how things ended.

>''You reacted violently, milord. Slamming the door shut loudly enough to scare the little one, you hissed through your teeth and I saw a few tears of fear glimmer in your eyes. You ordered me to leave, told me to say nothing and... I complied.''

>''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''

>As this occurred in the past, it's not possible to get a free choice here. What's chosen will change Klesiah narrative so I'll have to take all of today to write up the end of her tale, maybe tomorrow too depending on my speed.
I like the second option where we extract a vow out of Klesiah but this sounds pretty important so wait for more votes please. It is right before a major holiday here in burgerland after all.
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I do indeed intend to wait for more votes. This is a moment to influence your past so having a few more opinions would certainly be helpful.

Does seeing things from Klesiah pov feel jarring? I thought it'd be a nice way to deliver it.
I think it was a good move, being inside her head is nice as we get to know what she's feeling as she recounts the past.

I do wonder how you'll handle the transition back to our boy Arawn though...
>''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''
I am reminded of that one time where we saw things through Athena's eyes that one time where Siegfried was incapacitated.

I certainly like POV Switch.
File: 1541796517315.jpg (169 KB, 500x635)
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>I do wonder how you'll handle the transition back to our boy Arawn though...

That'll be easy. What matter is the past now.

>I certainly like POV Switch.

That's heartening. It's a tool I'll use often but I won't feel fearful of embracing it when events allow; Arawn remains our boy.

Two votes locked, I'll still wait since this is fairly important, maybe 10 pm is a good stopping point. It'll give me some time to work before sleep.
>>''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''
Dammit all, I failed to keep a vigilant eye on your twitter!
>''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''

I liked the POV switch, it's nice to see more clearly into another character's mind.
File: 1538895624529.jpg (198 KB, 784x1024)
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Well, now that's a quick majority. I'll get to work so that we'll hopefully get a proper session tomorrow.
>''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''
>This overwhelming warmth inside of him is new, it's a tenderness that chokes me far too often. He's not the same man as back then and a selfish part of me like it.

It seems that Klesiah had some strong feelings for Arawn in the past but couldn't psych herself up enough to say those magical yet terrifying three words. Let alone do something as audacious as trying the most lewd of lewd things, holding hands.

> To think I'd be having a friendly chat with the woman titled ''Felwhore'' by humanity; her eyes cause no dangerous compulsions.

So her passive compulsion effect is dependent upon the target's willpower? Klesiah has a lot of it so it stands to reason she just shrugs it off as a minor tickle in the back of her head that's only lightly telling her to respect the Lilim and to consider doing what she tells her to do instead of bowing down and worshiping the ground she walks on and taking her requests as commandments from a god she's not worthy to gaze upon let alone serve.

That or Deruella is wearing the suppression ring she mentioned when we first met her. Probably the later, but you can always slip it off for a second to apply the mind squeeze so we can't really say can we.
''You took a few long seconds to observe me, Arawn and I felt myself trembling, examined from head to toes by someone of true knightly purposes. With the little lizard slithering closer soundlessly, you spoke firmly. ''Do you swear upon the gods and your soul to uphold righteousness, knight?'' Your countenance broke into a repressed rage as you spoke. ''Will you swear here and now to keep your glaive away from an innocent neck?'' And I thusly promised yes.''

First of my oaths to one who's to become my lord. I hope it hasn't been broken yet... ''When I saw the little one slithering behind your leg I knew within my heart that my doubts and heartaches during this purge were Mother Earth sadness at seeing me endure iniquity.'' During that time I did feel doubts that I was being manipulated or taken advantage of but... what kind of knight doesn't try to help a little girl?

I didn't notice the change in atmosphere until Arawn voice resonated beside me. ''I was that kind of lad, huh?'' He said, rubbing the back of his neck -again- while flashes of discomfort appeared on his lovers... I mean closest friends.

''You were... cold. Prudent would be a better word, and I knew I had to try and convince you further; I informed you about my order purpose and my meager duties, the man accompanying me was supposed to oversee my progress but he kept his attention on the ground floor so it granted us a grace period to strategize, I helped you smuggle the little girl upstair whereupon we met with her mother and your companion.''

It sounded so clear in my mind but sharing this story to an audience made me realize how surreal of a situation I was trying to convey, the knight I pretended to be was weak-willed indeed. Tale of valours and romantic fables often put emphasis on such fated encounters, perhaps I was thinking similar things back then.

''That tavern was using its third floor as a general storage area for miscellaneous, non-perishable items but the owners also had a hidden room on the furthest wall. There was a pair of Mamono looking a little haggard.'' No doubt terrified of us knights, they didn't believe me trustworthy for a second but Arawn imposed himself coldly upon them to not make a scene. Nobody else needs to know that detail. ''The adult lamia was a recent mother, having given birth a few months ago, the elderly couple running the inn had graciously accepted her into their establishment despite the risks...''

''Yeah, sound like them lady snakes.'' Belphegor commented. ''Kids get one hell of a growth spurt, squirts get a huge sprout a month or two after being born and then remain like that for a few years.''
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Mamonos are fascinating. She nodded for me to continue and I could feel tensions in Arawn, his desire to know about this companion was carefully concealed but his manner of breathing still betrayed him. Stay strong Klesiah. ''Your companion was called Hecate, Arawn. She was a striking beauty and a very unique person, an insect Mamono who only started to open up to me after our trouble in that village. Four arms, pale skin with tufts of fluff on her limbs made her look very soft, she was a moth monsters with particularly striking eyes.'' I looked toward the maiden in white. ''Red and dark like her ladyship Deruella.''

''Interesting.'' Replied the Lilim, pinching her chin and rubbing it thoughtfully. ''Makes me curious indeed but let's not get distracted.''

''Hecate didn't like me at all.'' I smiled awkwardly. ''Neither did little Rosa mother but I tried my best to help you by giving you information, the girls trusted your judgment and so my presence was... tolerated.'' Arawn showed ruthless coldness when it came to protecting those closest to him, absorbing any and all information to calculate in his head without seeking advice, acting like a lord ought to by following his judgment. That's what I believed at the time but these Mamonos are so open, I think... they really did change Arawn for the better.

''There were only two options: leaving town quietly or settling down upstairs and wait for the knights to leave, which would roughly take a week of empty investigations. I tried my best to keep you informed of my squad movements and you did you best to keep the little family upstair comfortable with food and bathroom appliance. Their room wasn't exactly made for long-term stays, I helped you procure medicines, foods and various items to quietly smuggle upstair; the tavern owners helped us immensely.''

There had been a few close calls, like when three knights searched the tavern topmost floor but the room was thankfully well hidden enough to go unnoticed or a patron flirting with me when I was trying to bring fresh clothes and warm water upstair; such things were no knightly duty. ''Honestly, the stratagem was going to work. Rosa mother was slowly recovering her strength and it wasn't too difficult for the Mamonos to endure those days with our help. All we had to do was to silently endure...'' I feel a sigh escape yet my resolution remains staunch. This is where my first unforgivable sins begin, never in my life would I have ever thought to be sharing it to an audience yet, perhaps starting my story from the beginning had strengthened my resolve.

Klesiah Zaheed might not be hopelessly weak.
File: 1541807669549.png (1.01 MB, 850x1206)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
''We failed to account Rosa adventurous spirit, we didn't linger to think too much about the very moment of our encounter, what motivated that girl to go downstairs in the first place. She went exploring again one morning.'' One more drink of liquid courage to continue. ''She was found by a patron who dragged her outside, I was inspecting the general store at the time, I saw a Mamono was found when knights gathered in the square with curious inhabitants.''

If only things had gone on for only one more day. ''The men and women surrounded weren't kind, they manhandled the poor kid, beating and hurting her; I think my father and his squad had grown irritated by these long days of fruitless research but thankfully my lord stepped in to put an end in this travesty.'' I don't need to reveal everything, the crying face of that hurt child coiling on herself in terror trying to inches away from the cold gleam of knives while my father preaches his message of duty to queen Bronwen.

I don't know when I closed my eyes but it made speaking easier.

''You revealed your race, called upon the alliance of old, saying little Rosa was your property, that she belonged to you and no one else. You walked in the crowd as if parting them by your will and faced my father with murderous anger barely concealed inside your broad frame... and my father replied by putting you under arrest.''

''Eliaures never had a warm relationship with Church but harming elves is ludicrously stupid.'' My tale seemed to have worked up her majesty Daiyu.

''Queen Bronwen had actually informed all high members of the Knights of the Storms to arrest -any- black haired elves. To this day, I don't know why.'' A puzzle I couldn't afford to solve. ''My lord didn't accept this judgment and the nearby inhabitants also started to protest because even there, people remembered the elven tragedy but that created a new problem that overshadowed Rosa existence, my father with his sword...'' My hand absentmindedly paled the pommel of this weapon resting at my side. ''...swung it to make short work of that complication and I cut him down before he saw who decapitated him.''

I could see many incredulous faces, Arawn himself had leaned back in surprise at this sudden abrupt turn yet that is indeed what happened. As the daughter of this squad captain, I enjoyed the privileges of speaking to him even if he was a harsh man who didn't suffer favoritism, how could they expect patricide?
File: 1124.jpg (459 KB, 1632x2304)
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459 KB JPG
''I don't know how to explain my mindset.'' This purge was to be my deed of Valor, the accomplishment that would elevate me into a full-fledged knight yet what did I do, what have I seen? Senseless massacres, greedy bandits wearing the Storms colors, imposing innocent folks with burdens they neither deserved or asked for. I remember thinking of Batrion who sacrificed himself for the greater good, I remember thinking of lady Egwene who won Fallerin war tournaments with mixed units of human and monsters, I remember thinking of Mother Earth punishing an entire kingdom for its king wicked lust...

''You don't need to justify yourself, love.'' Teruko encouragement made me realize I had been clutching my chair painfully, Arawn rested his hand atop mine again. There's no forgiveness for kinslaying.

''Things devolved into a general melee afterward.'' Perhaps I needed a little support to continue. ''You fought with your strange magic and I cut down my former comrades, Hecate also jumped out of the second floor of the tavern, modified by Corruption to a nightmarish point... she was frighteningly lethal, we three together managed to slay the knights while peasants fled in a panics. You ordered us to pick up any equipment that could be easily carried and we fled with only the clothes on our backs and whatever blades we pilfered.'' At that moment I tugged gently on my sword. I stole my father sword and only kept my glaive, that's how our second meeting ended, my lord.'' I felt drained, sad yet... satisfied. My lips turned into a smile without my notice.

''W-what about the lamias?'' Vilma asked and I shook my head gently.

''I do not know. We fled after killing everyone, Rosa wasn't anywhere... I can only hope she's alright with her mother.''


Your head felt caught into a lock, your heart beat like a wild drum in your chest and enough heat mounted on your face to cause uncomfortable beads of sweats to linger on your forehead. Klesiah had that look again, that expression of a resolute prisoner walking toward their execution without fear. Everything she had described had filled you with a sense of longing and nostalgia that bordered on desperation.

Deep breath, Arawn. That guy you were before -cold and calculated- isn't who you are now. ''Thanks for speaking, Klesiah.'' You swallowed your inner turmoil and her return smiled pinched your heart painfully.

''Expect misery when living through a purge with a chivalrous heart.'' Martha was the one to speak and she seemed surprised by her own words.

''Thank you all for listening.'' Klesiah couldn't stand up comfortably because of all the chairs, she lowered her head silently and the girls pondered in silence, digesting what had been a surprisingly long tale.

>''Ever thought about becoming a storyteller, Klesiah? I'd say you have a talent here.'' (Try and lighten the mood.)

>''Do you know anything about Hecate now?'' (Inquire about your past some more, who is that Mamono?)

>''Do you know anything about Hecate now?'' (Inquire about your past some more, who is that Mamono?)
I'll give a longer stretch of time to votes here, we'll be moving onto the new day proper after this update so I want to see if you guys want to say anything special in relation to Klesiah story.
>''Do you know anything about Hecate now?'' (Inquire about your past some more, who is that Mamono?)
I've been curious about Arawn's other companions ever since Klesiah mentioned them.
Can we allow Deruella to satisfy her curiosity while also inquiring about what happened to Hecate?
Yep, that's possible.
I already voted, but I want to comment that I lik how our current choice kinda ties with that one time in the nobles meeting, where we appealed at Klesiah's honor as a knight to do what was right and saying the truth.

It looks like Arawn has done this before. I wonder if it felt familiar to Klesiah when we did that. :3

Also, it's children who keep getting the worst side of issues adults create. That little lamia, Rosa, almost paid for her life for crimes she herself had not commited.

Earlier on in this quest, that one ghoul girl, was it? People sided against her in the market. It would appear this kind of situation has bothered arawn even before he lost his life and his memories.

From the narration, we know Klesiah had a hard time telling this story, so we want to appear supportive to her.

Though, making light of what she just told us might make it look like it feels unimportant to us.

Bombshells like these are not to be shrugged off and handwaved. We could add something like "That must have been awful to go through. How did this event change us both?"
Interesting observations. Seem like the consensus is to ask about Hecate so I'll go write that up.

>Earlier on in this quest, that one ghoul girl, was it?

Mostly because of the fact she's an undead, Mamonos don't like em.
>Hug the sad girl Arawn!
>"I can only hope my strength of character will prove me worthy of your oath."
>''Do you know anything about Hecate now?'' (Inquire about your past some more, who is that Mamono?)
Agree that we should be supportive.
File: 1.png (6.83 MB, 2480x4093)
6.83 MB
6.83 MB PNG
''Do you know anything about Hecate now?'' Her wince immediately made you feel guilty and you'd have backtracked had she not replied quickly.

''It's been three years since I last saw her.'' Klesiah mouth had this twist to it that made you understand she was concealing heavy guilt. ''She's a distinctive girl, not only with those eyes but her race gives a distinctive appearance. Four arms, wings that seem to meld into her hair, all purplish white...''

''Don't go thinking you're failing me by not knowing her whereabouts.'' Hearing Klesiah story made you realize how intenseof a woman she undeniably is, clearly someone who won't suffer wickedness while also taking failures particularly hard and likely identifies harmless nescience as another brick of inadequacy to put into an already long wall. ''I'm sure you have more to tell about our past. I'm a little too desperate for my own good when it comes to that, even if it scares me.''

This name, Hecate... did rouse a feeling of familiarity, a vague sensation of awareness that pushed you to know more and more. ''Say, Deruella. Was there something striking in Hecate description?'' Your sudden shift in topic put you into a momentary collective interest, the girls had already begun moving the room furniture into their original spot.

''Indeed, the eyes.'' She pointed to her own ominous organs of deep, dark scleras and near glowing red who'd almost compelled you to kneel in your first meeting. ''Such colors are a sign of a Blood Beast, or someone who's been affected by Blood Magic.''

This subject stunned the storyteller into silence. ''I was marked in my youth.'' Continued the tall demoness of alabaster, releasing the chair she was pushing to walk closer to you and your knight, Daiyu expression grew particularly bitter but she made no motion of stopping this discussion. ''Thusly have I studied this practice, eyes like mine don't go unnoticed, darlings.''

''A Blood Beast I... I don't want to think, no.'' The blue knight shook her head firmly, glaring at the Lilim. ''Hecate was no bloodthirsty creatures who's only satiety is wanton murder.'' She declared with stalwart faith and Deruella nodded casually in return.

''Neither am I, doll. A mark is a mark, mayhap her metamorphosis makes a little more sense if you put it under this lens; Blood Magic isn't inherently evil.''
File: 37.jpg (612 KB, 2142x1600)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
''Come what may!'' Teruko interrupted by clapping her head together, Hao was a fair distance away, looking completely lost in thoughts. ''Tomorrow is a busy, busy day and mineself can almost see approaching sunlight, off to bed you lot! Pile in there and give our storyteller some warmth!''

You grabbed Klesiah hand just in time to keep her from fleeing. You can't begin to think how much this past is weighing on her shoulders.''Thank for sharing, Klesiah.'' You spoke quietly while the girls began to groan about tomorrows duties.

''I'm... I've been weak all day.'' Her voice had become a quiet wind yet she smiled a tiny, awkward little smirk that hinted at positiveness despite her heavy mood.

''You've shared your worries, you've granted me another glimpse into my past, and you've spoken of something deeply personal to a big audience.'' you gesture for the girls and near the bed, a certain lady goat announced ''Them two be flirting!'' which immediately caused a deep blossom of red to color Klesiah rosy cheeks.

''Ever thought about being a storyteller?'' You ignored the goat and Klesiah blinked in complete puzzlement, even letting her mouth gapes open. ''You had me and everyone else listening passionately and look, nobody is mad or accusing you of anything despite sharing your sins with naked honesty.''

''I-I can't... I cannot begin to presume to...'' Embarrassment had reached a breaking point, this woman is an absolute treat to tease.

''Just sleep on that.'' And not on the day of your patricide. With an honest smile and a squeeze of her head, you forced the girl toward the bed to get her a good night of sleep. Tomorrow is another, important day.

Wherever Hecate is today... she's out of your reach.

>Continuing tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of choices and updates, Klesiah story took a while to write.
File: Sieg08.jpg (178 KB, 460x900)
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178 KB JPG
2 days before the Suppression.

Today, Sieglinde would be hosting an important group of guests from two nations of Mamonos and somehow managed to keep any noble houses from finding out, resulting in lots of preparation needing to be done swiftly. New pieces of alchemical furniture to keep food from perishing were placed on the balcony alongside a few couches to make the area something of a comfortable hang out spot with the gorgeous view of the ocean and spotted cliffy forest to give a sense of decorum. Coordination with the three schools needed a few backs and forth to keep activities inside for today and a reinforcement of fifty succubuses was coordinated by the Demon Lord herself to not only reinforced the gate with an authoritative fist -all these movements inside Daiyu domain would undeniably make the city nobles nervous- but also investigate your findings of the Red World, investigate more potential runes and finally keep an eye out on anybody trying to sneak into the fortress, the guests arrival meant preventing anybody from entering for a few days.

This made the entire Jawahir family especially busy, Teruko was to handle communicating with the summoners, Martha handled Internalisation and Deruella ventured into the reclusive Elemental school to inform their illusive headmistress.

One hell of a morning to be sure, helping maids cleaning and moving furniture around likely wasn't usual activities for royal retainers but doing it all as a group proved surprisingly enjoyable, Hao boundless positiveness made it impossible to be grumpy.

Bumps in the road were likely inevitable with such a sudden burst of activity.

''Damn fox...'' Sieglinde grunted after a succubus, a particularly striking short-haired blue-eyed blond with head wings, reported something in a whisper and returned to her duty at racing speed.

''First of many problems?'' Asked Elina before stuffing her face with the rest of a very late breakfast. You and Klesiah were also finally giving your bodies much-deprived proteins, Teruko was almost forced to physically sit you all down to eat during these preparations.

''Hopefully not many.'' Sieglinde replied while throwing a sharp glare at the angel, big tail coiling behind her dangerously.''Don't go jinxing us now. Zipangu folks are expected this afternoon, that's why Deruella came yesterday but Gwendolyn was supposed to be here at midday. She came in a portal completely unrelated to the Throne earlier, emerged somewhere on the island and made her way with her companion here.'' She idly tapped on her table with an oversized fork made to fit her limbs. ''A nine-tailed fox, Tuilelaith Helewidis, is kind of a big deal amongst Supreme Mamonos since she's the one who imposed that system after the Great Crusade.''

''You mean the Overlord and the strongest of Supremes are here now?'' You asked, feeling your hunger evaporate when Sieglinde nodded.
File: Sieg 16.jpg (530 KB, 1240x1754)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
''Wouldn't really call Tuilelaith strongest but she's on top of the pyramid with my mom, maybe we can entertain those two for a few hours. Maids still need to clean a few things and I'm having a few girls looking through papers to find the exact numbers of Zazawu forces and who'll be accompanying mom and Deru in that forest...'' Her red gaze focused on you. ''...Don't think we can hide your race and name any longer Arawn.''

''I've already resolved myself yesterday.'' Honestly, Klesiah took so much importance that knowing this little charade would be over completely went over your head. ''Want me to try and be a good host?''

''It'd be more proper to have us all go, Gwen's already through the gate so there's no time to finish breakfast. I'm unsure about one thing though, Tuilelaith always disliked luxury so I've been thinking of going into the forest we trained in, she always had a bit of a knack with appreciating storied locations; Gwendolyn is the one I'm unsure about.''

''She's far from unreasonable.'' You replied firmly, that girl was surprisingly subdued for leading a nation. ''Is it important to make a good first impression?''

''No, I'm just nervous.'' Sieglinde admitted with a bitter wince.

''I wouldn't mind going into the forest.'' The angel wings flapped energetically and, without warning, her embrace of Focus lead to the sudden appearance of her blue-steel halberd. This thing has to be related to summoning! Klesiah listened silently, ready to follow.

>''I agree, we can spend a few hours out there away from everyone while people finish here.''

>''I think it'd be proper to host them in the altar groundfloor, don't think anybody would be bold enough to impose themselves.''

>''I agree, we can spend a few hours out there away from everyone while people finish here.''
So if they're already here is there a way to just ask them where they would like to be hosted?
Yeah, you can go with this angle. Sieglinde is being proactive here.
I vote that we ask them then.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Let's make this quick.
File: 61.png (1.95 MB, 1116x1062)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Ten minutes later your group ventured outside with the barest minimum of toiletry and prettier clothes were thrown together messily to go outside and greet a pair of important arrivals. Outside the altar was a quiet little world without much activity, a few students could be seen lingering outside the two biggest schools and a pocket of summoners were doing a ritual to further cleanse the Red World on Daiyu order -your discovery had motivated her to impose a ceremony each six hours of a day for the foreseeable future- and not even foreign royalty was enough of a reason to stop this. Gwendolyn and her friend made for a distinctive pair, easily discernable even if they were inside a huge crowd because of nine palish fluffy appendages that stuck out like a full squad of soldiers.

They began to approach as you set out to welcome them, Sieglinde bright red hair and Elina glowing self made for equally strong impressions.

''Heiyo!'' Came a shout from Gwendolyn companion, extending her arm upward into a visible wave. ''This here the party right? Had to refuse a few invitations already!''

Tuilelaith Helewidis was... surprisingly non-imposing for someone with such an important history amongst Mamonos. Quite short, you'd say one head above Vilma, with sharp angles to her face that seem perpetually projecting a mischievous aura. A particularly long and thick tongue peeked out of her mouth to rest on her lower lips and her eyes of soft red -almost rosy- gave an impression of fixation that made you wonder if she paid attention to the world around her. Short white triangular ears revealed her Mamono disposition and those big, thick tails were the real deal, their furs turned toward soft redness on their tips where... sticks have been embedded?

''We meet again.'' Gwendolyn greeted your group with a short nod. Her tenebrous single eye focused on you and visibly thinned for half a second. ''Same group that liberated those unlucky slaves, I have to say my first trip into Throne Town filled me with awe.''

'Tis my pleasures to welcome ye, Overlord and you as well, Supreme Tuilelaith.'' Sieglinde made a light bow that was imitated by everyone else.

''Lass, I aint the one deserving honor here.'' Tuilelaith face relaxed into an amused expression despite the displeasure. ''I've been super worried bout you and your family, you lot doing well?''

''Yes.'' If Sieglinde felt awkward she was masking it under a perfect mask of relaxation, her smile looked genuine. ''Meet my friends.'' She tapped the angel with her tail to prompt a self-introduction and Elina obeyed awkwardly.

When it came to you, both Mamonos of the Allied Kingdoms wore a self-same distinctive thoughtful expression but didn't ask anything.

''There's a nice quiet spot in the forest we can enjoy our time in leisurely until today's duties.''

''Aint nothing like being lazy.'' The ninetailed fox commented and prodded Gwendolyn with her shoulder. ''Told ya being early would be worth it.''
File: GazerGirl.png (1.77 MB, 1522x1600)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
''You love any excuses to throw portals around.'' Huffed the Overlord in response. Gwendolyn was garbed in surprisingly casual clothing, a long hooded cloak hid her hair and eyestalks whilst tasteful traveling clothing of white and blues accentuated her paleness nicely.


The overall lack of students and the Jawahir iron order throughout the school meant there were no interruptions to worry about, arriving in the forest demanded it's usual ten minutes and marks of your exercises could easily be seen as damaged trees and a particularly unlucky oak having been blown apart. ''Me and your mom trained here a few times, yeah it's gettin' back ta me.'' Tuilelaith commented as she observed the wood carved furniture and trees, running a hand of particularly long nails across a seat. ''That dryad still kicking?''

''Xaelestis refuse to change.'' Sieglinde hoisted provisions on a table. ''You've been mighty busy haven't you, Tui?''

''Aaah well, been doing nothing since your ma went and ascended so I reckon I could give this lass a bit of help yeah?''

''There wouldn't be a central kingdom without you, Tui.'' Replied Gwendolyn, she had thrown back her hood and seemed at ease, relaxed amongst trees; Sieglinde suggestion had been spot on, both guests were definitely enjoying this place.

''Fascinating to think a country of monsters would sprout in the elven forest.'' Elina took this time to wedge herself in the conversation whilst casually handing a few bottles of alcohol.

''It's not a tale fitting for a bard story, circumstances aligned for this kingdom of refugees to happen.'' Gwendolyn shapeshifting eye grew a little bigger as she regarded Elina peacefully. ''How an angel became friend with Sieglinde Jawahir sound like a poignant story, too.''

''Right circumstances.'' Elina blurted out in response, wings flapping nervously but still facing the Overlord proudly. ''Not hard feeling about Arawn disguise?''

''None.'' Gwendolyn answered firmly and faced you, you had been keeping yourself away from the conversation to handle opening all the bags of snacks for the guests but that made you stop and Klesiah insisting on taking over forced you to go speak with the duo now.

''I'm still feeling a little guilty about that, Gwen.'' You replied, bringing a hand behind your neck.

''Necessity demanded secrecy, although I have to admit to being much more interested in you now, mister Loukanos.'' A mischievous grin grew on her face as she pinched her chin with gloved hands.

''So am I, your grace.'' That wasn't a lie, after all this Gazer is friend with a Supreme equalling Daiyu in strength and somehow lead a kingdom in hostile lands... Inside your people ancestral country.
File: 121.jpg (24 KB, 362x371)
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Here's a moment to speak with the important duo of the Central Kingdoms before Zipangu officials arrive. You have time for about three subjects.

>Ask about Gwendolyn and Tuilelaith personal history, how did they meet?
>Ask about Tuilelaith tails, why these sticks? is it possible to pet them?
>Ask about the Suppression. What forces are at the Overlord disposal? Tuilelaith by herself is enough of a contribution but there's likely going to be more.
>Ask about the elven capital, the elven lands in general. How are things down there?
>Did they have any news about the slaves in Kreszenz?
>Does Gwendolyn have any official stances about elves wanting to go back into their homes?
>Chitchat. No need to burden yourselves with important topics for now.
>Ask about the elven capital, the elven lands in general. How are things down there?
Relatively heavy topic, but I can't suppress my want for this knowledge.
I'll wait ten minutes for a tiebreaker.
>Ask about the elven capital
We get two more options after this right?

Now, if I remember right we really, really want Tui to learn of our plight with Lady White. This isn't the time or place to discuss it, but at the end of our discussions we should drop a hint to the pair and inform our girls that news of our problem is to reach them in the near future. We want them to know, the butterfly told us so.
File: 113.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1955)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Remembering important things.

Tui will be here for a while so you might be able to find an opportunity, of course, it's also possible to reveal everything related to Lady Whtie to Gwen if you can trust her. You've got a few interpreters to speak about what you can't

Elven capital it is, I'll get to writing.
>Ask about Tuilelaith tails, why these sticks? is it possible to pet them?

Perhaps reavealing the stuff about Lady White to them is a good idea.
He said we get three topics. Trust me, we'll be asking about that before it's over. It'd be downright out of character for us not to and she seems like she'd take it well even if she politely refused our request.
I'd... rather not ask about tail petting yet. We've only JUST met Tui, and i'd rather not embarrass Sieglinde!

Fair enough.

I am interested in this as well, then.
>Did they have any news about the slaves in Kreszenz?

Wasin't Tui the one who arranged their escape?
You've done your best to avoid staring overtly but Tuilelaith tails were magnificent. Big, thick, tall bush of rosy-white fur traveled upward, tall and proud like trees almost larger than the Kitsune herself.

A sudden sharp kick on your ankle broke your bubble of reverie quickly and Elina threw you an intense glare of disapproval, another glance toward the guests reveal them peacefully partaking a few sweets. ''Can't help it.'' You murmured at the angel, gestured for a wing that bent away from your touch.

Concentrate. This isn't your first meeting with a ninetailed vixen!

''Gwendolyn, what's the state of the elven lands in general?'' You didn't know proper decorum in asking a liege lord anything but Mamonos were casual and a little rough by nature. Her shapeshifting eye thinned at your question and a few stalks peeked out of her hood to observe you.

''Wild, good prince and bountiful. My realm has four cities built from older ruins and one military fortress. The forest is massive, many, many communities of Mamonos and runaway criminals from all over the Allied Kingdoms had made clandestine villages that barely needed agricultural substances because not only is the wild game abundant, but fruits are plentiful and nothing is poisoned. We've been hard at work creating a proper road network and keeping tabs on the movement of surrounding kingdoms, you won't find an economy in Central... at least not yet.'' Her tone and expression were peaceful, almost like a mother describing her child. Tuilelaith nodded silently, chewing on a handful of sweets, tongue peeking out of her lips.

''What about the capital, Luminaris? Has it provided the needed material to make your own?'' A wince came to Gwendolyn peaceful face and she craned her neck upward to observe you seriously, single eye of darkened reddish orange peering into you intensely enough to make you wonder if she was using her gift of mind influence. ''Please don't believe I'm holding an offense as the prince of Luminaris.'' You'd be well within your right to however and everyone here knew it.

''Thank you, Arawn.'' Gwendolyn barely relaxed but at least looked away. ''Luminaris is under quarantine, it... hasn't exactly recovered from the catastrophe but thankfully it hasn't influenced it's surrounding yet.''
File: 28.png (675 KB, 666x800)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
''It's a bad, bad place.'' Tuilelaith spoke, loudly munching on a few sour candies and licking her lips incessantly. Her teeth looked really sharp. ''Spent a full week investigating the place and I ended up sending away the caravan I was escorting to record stuff cause I wasn't confident I'd be able to save anybody but myself.'' Coming from a ninetailed fox, this sounded grim indeed. Even Sieglinde blinked in light disbelief. ''I aint sure if the catastrophe took roots and created its own pocket dimension like the Cursed Swamp but Luminaris is an evil place. Standing in there revolted me, creatures kept stalking my steps and I heard singing coming from the palace... I'm thinking the whole area is hypnotic but it's thankfully remained contained.''

''Sounds like something deserving of a Suppression.'' Klesiah spoke and, upon realizing her interruption, covered her mouth.

''You'd be right to believe that but methink place is far too dangerous, it'll need to be studied. If this hunt goes well we'd have a fair shot of asking Daiyu for help, good start yeah?''

>Ask something else here. >>3064025

>Did they have any news about the slaves in Kreszenz?
I'd like to know how they're recovering.

>Singing from the palace.
...My gut is telling me that isn't JUST a hypnotic effect. I bet someone/something is squatting in the palace.
>Did they have any news about the slaves in Kreszenz?
>Does Gwendolyn have any official stances about elves wanting to go back into their homes?

My gut is telling me... what if Lady White has taken residence there? And... what if it's her singing because she's bored?

>Did they have any news about the slaves in Kreszenz?
am voting for this again.
Hm, so we'll speak about the slaves next.
File: 11.png (378 KB, 1280x1224)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
The seriousness on everyone face silently told of grim thoughts and many worries cast your way. If Luminaris is a lost cause... You'll have to accept it. Perhaps another city can be built in time.

''Do you have any news about Kreszenz, any fallout of our operation?'' This should hopefully create a better mood, speaking of a little triumph is always heartening. Gwendolyn single eye lazily trailed upward to look at you, one long finger curling around a strand of dark hair (perhaps of same colors as yours) and her stalks had been emboldened enough to slither out of her cape like living plants.

''I've been communicating with queen Valda until yesterday.'' Said the Overlord, pale lips forming a confident smile. ''Girls are fine, the prisoner remains secured though steadfast in silence. Inquisitors train their folks real well so interrogation will be difficult... and torture would make Valda lose face so it's out of the question. Harming people of the faith will cause a controversy even if they are enemies, it's why higher authority are called open to arbitrate conflicts.''

''I kept a little eye on them Closed Fist when Gwen returned by portal.'' The short vixen continued after drinking a full bottle of ale, she's a glutton. ''Leader went to speak with Gremory, things looked peaceful overall though she did retreat home without causing trouble.''

''Think it's enough to cause a rift between them?'' Elina asked.

''No.'' Surprisingly, Klesiah answered and her confidence shrank under everyone collective stares. ''T-the Closed Fists aren't popular in the Allied Kingdoms and Gremory is one of the three dukes leading Galehot, she's a very important associate. I'd say they'll be strategizing and perhaps offer a new councilor for the duchess.''

''She'll remain unlikely to rub her nose in Kreszenz affair for a good while.'' Gwendolyn continued after agreeing with Klesiah explanation. It was a little too much to expect your foes to crumble by themselves. ''I'm hopeful our success during that operation will open proper diplomacy between my realm and Kreszenz... but that's a later worry. For now, the slaves are doing fine, they'll be integrated inside Valda domain; outside my own realm, hers is the best place for our people. It's proximity to the Swamp allowed her to make many unpopular laws that give monsters increased rights and autonomy in order to create a strong bulwark against northern horrors.''

An overall great outcome. You got Klesiah out of that mess alive and Kreszenz have been impressed enough to hopefully become steadfast friends.

One look at the sky revealed a spotless sea of clear blue where the sun rested a little past its zenith. It was so peaceful here... Time zipped past quickly, this duo of Central really make for good company.

>You have enough time for one last conversation.
>We'll stop here for tonight.
No sense in gong back to heavy topics.
Is it possible to fuse the chitchat option with the inquiry about the fluffy tails? We've learned to not directly go at them without warning (though it is a constant temptation/compulsion for us now), but it also never hurts to ask somehow. Like, ask how they'd take a hypothetical man innocently desiring to touch fluffy tails and/or wriggly eye stalks (that are most fetching BTW) because reasons?

And, no matter what we go with, we let Sieg and the gang know that Tui and Gwen are to learn of our bad fluffy problem at the earliest possible convenience and that we insist they do no matter their potential protests. Hell, drop a big fat hint as we say our goodbyes to them here if Sieg doesn't stop us somehow. Test the limits of what triggers the mother of all toothaches!
>Is it possible to fuse the chitchat option with the inquiry about the fluffy tails?
Be bold, be courageous!
I like the first part, I'm not sure about the second part.
No. Nobody like those eyes, it's far too spooky.

We do, tho. And by extension, so does Arawn :3
Crap, tried to fix a minor typo without notice. Sorry for the deletion of the post. That spoiler only strengthens my desire to tell her that though.

They're spooky they say? Heaven's no. They are insanely attractive, how any man could be creeped out by them eludes us. How could any man not want to be examined by those eyes from every angle?
Chitchat with asking Tuilelaith -whose strong enough to rival Daiyu- about petting her tail and saying Gwendolyn many eyes are very pleasing to your own eyes is perfectly doable.
We don't ask to touch directly of course. We admit our attraction and admiration yes but the touching is just a hypothetical. A blatantly transparent one yes but if Daiyu's anything to go by they'll be impressed by our forthrightness.

I mean, who has the balls to go that far? Sieg was surprised when we grabbed her horns out of the blue yet did not kill us. We grabbed Hao's as well in a fashion that made the others think we were claiming her as our mate yet they did not violently intervene. Then there's the instances of claiming our victories in that game of dice. We remained unharmed.

Folks, I might just say we got a reputation to defend here. We dare where others have cowered in fear. They shared our desires yet bitched out at the final moments. We do not. We go for it. We attain the opportunity to touch exotic bits for in this aspect of our lives we know no fear!
File: 26.png (1.59 MB, 1500x1150)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Finding a medium between politeness and...indulgence was difficult because of all the movements coming from the two ladies many limbs. Tuilelaith dancing fluff was a constant distraction and the way Gwendolyn tendrils left their constraint almost conjured imageries of spiders in your mind yet pretending this exoticism was off-putting was a bald-faced lie.

''Interesting thinking.'' It took an effort of will to avoid wincing from Gardy emotionless, metallic remark. Is it wrong for a man to find beauty in the esoterism of Mamonos surrounding him? At least you haven't been reduced to a drooling pervert!

Gwendolyn many eyes, Tuilelaith numerous tails, Elina grandiose wings, Sieglinde dangerous appendages, and Klesiah... shining humanity is a beacon of worth in of itself. With the sun traveling it's eternal path downward in the sky and today's important arrivals imminent, a rush of boundless courage motivated you to step near the angel detailing Zipangu officials. A strange foreign impression filtered briefly into your mind: a puppet of steel palming its face in disbelief.

No matter. You are a man of truth who will not cowardly back down because of a title of ''Supreme.''

''Tuilelaith, could I inquire about something?'' There wasn't much time left before going, you did politely wait for Elina to finish; Sieglinde was preparing to leave and the angel beside you absent-mindedly touched your shoulder with a wing whilst your knight stood silent and proud.

''Sure lad, sure. I wanna be spared boring convention with my title for as long as I can yeah?'' Her rosy gaze was friendly, her grin broad and dangerous.

''Your tails are most striking, putting wooden stakes on their tips is an aesthetic decision I find particularly please.'' A little embellishment shouldn't hurt. ''I also feel the need to compliment Gwendolyn additional eyes; not to say I find her single one displeasing.'' Said cyclopean eye shrunk because of your forwardness while her many appendages slithered around her body in embarrassment, each of those stalks seemed like a mixture of plants and hair and the way they seemed to observe you in agony was... tickling a little sadistic side of you. ''I'm pleased to be welcoming you two and that Gwendolyn doesn't have to hide her true self here.''

Sieglinde burst in sudden nervous laughter and stopped herself quickly by slapping a hand over her mouth, Elina took a prudent sideway step, red wings curling toward her torso while you preferred to avoid looking at Klesiah. The duo of Central hadn't expected these sudden compliments, that, honestly, sounded absolutely terrible now that you're thinking about it a little clearer. Gwendolyn had a blush to rival your knight constant shyness and Tuilelaith chuckled wildly, tails waving around chaotically with her uneven breathing.
File: 17.jpg (260 KB, 1017x1280)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
''Oh man, oh boy!'' Said the short Supreme, Sieglinde heavy approaching steps made you strengthen your back. ''Wanna touch em?'' Asked Tuilelaith before Sieglinde could place a word, you'd say it was a downright strategic quickness.

''Absolutely.'' You put a hand over your heart. ''The oddity of Mamonos is to be celebrated.''

''Please don't go taking him too seriously, Arawn has a bit of an obsession...'' Sieglinde last word was like a snake hiss, she bowed a little deeper but Tuilelaith was too busy laughing.

''The balls on that elf! Hahaha, yeah I like you lad.'' Tuilelaith wiggled her eyebrows and tapped her friend shoulder who was staring straight down without saying anything, her gazing stalks doing the job of keeping tabs on her surrounding. ''Man, I feel like letting you just cause you went and asked but I'm afraid you'll be disappointed, my furs is old and kinda coarse.'' One tail hovered beside her and she gently tapped on the embedded wooden stick replacing what should have been a brush of pale redness. ''Maybe tonight, yeah.'' She prodded Gwendolyn with her elbow hard enough to make the Gazer wince.

''I-I thank you, Arawn. Nobody...'' She nervously licked her pale lips and made the effort of gazing at you with her big eye, that was soon joined by three eyestalks opening like flowers. ''.You're frank at heart.'' This observation didn't need her mind delving power to ring true. ''Perhaps you could touch at a later time, these tendrils...'' Gwendolyn stopped to let one enroll around her arm like a living serpent, its protective tip firmly closed like a small round mace. ''...Aren't exactly charming.''

''I beg to differ your majesty but I'll defer to your judgment.'' A tiny wince on hearing the polite title revealed that she found it awkward indeed.

''Can't believe it.'' Elina muttered, wings deploying fully now, taking a huge amount of space but she was angled just right to avoid touching anyone. ''Hitting on a queen and a Supreme.''

''Don't say it loudly!'' Sieglinde retorted with this same volume of voice, perhaps hoping to be drowned by Tuilelaith roaring laughter. ''I heard men start getting dumb if they remain with women without getting laid for a while, is this what's happening?'' Her question left the angel speechless.

Rude, Sieglinde. You've been far too busy to be thinking about that.

''Pardon my interrogation.'' Klesiah inserted herself in the conversation, standing next to you. ''Is such compliments proper for two of your standing in the Mamono world? I'm still learning about the culture.''

''Not quite nah.'' Tuilelaith answered with a broad smile and the blue-clad woman threw a dangerous sideglance your way. ''Mind you it's betting than touching without permission but saying it like that kinda imply romantic interest.''

Mother Mercy, Mamonos really are peculiar about these exotic bits!
File: c92.jpg (122 KB, 1200x625)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
''I do wonder about something.'' Gwendolyn big eye of orange-red had thinned during the nonsense and she added one more stalk to hover above her head, giving her face a particularly intense inquisitiveness. ''Do you have a girlfriend, Arawn? Or someone you are interested in romantically?''
Gwendolyn mouth twisted into a sharp cruel grin, her single eye thinned enough to enter half of her face as she glared at you in evil enjoyment, letting a few eyestalks slither out of her clothes to oversee Elina, Sieglinde and Klesiah reactions; all of them had grown very silent now and Tuilelaith was doing her best to avoid exploding in laughter by covering her mouth with both hands.

Could this be the most dangerous moment of your renewed existence?

>Make up an excuse about needing to prepare for Zipangu dignitaries, gotta go quickly folks!
>Free (Can you think of anything to get out of this?)

As said on twitter I'll probably have time tonight for just this post, I'll still try to make time if I can squeeze something short.
Oh shit, now we've done it. Gwen knows about our amnesia right?
Yeah, you've told her. Doesn't mean that'll stop her.
You guys don't have to worry about serious consequence here, we'll move onto the meat of things tomorrow with lots of new people coming in. What do you guys think of Central duo?
>Laughter "Romance requires emotional context I don't yet have, so..." Shrug "Besides, I have the ever present possibility of finding out I have a Wife, two kids and a dog. Can you imagine the conversation from that? 'Hey honey, I married this other woman. I hope you don't mind if she joins our happy married life or anything.'" Louder Laughter. "Now, methinks we need to be off."

Deflect the question to Klesiah, quickly!

"Klesiah! You tell me! Was I married or engaged with someone or something along those lines before we got separated? I can't quite recall..."
This is pretty much along the lines of what I wanted to say, but with far more emotion and character than in what I was trying to write.

Maybe drop the first laughter part, I don't want Arawn to come across as making light of the question too much.

Bottom line of Arawn's stance on romance ought to be: "Seriously committing to a relationship sounds irresponsible given my amnesia."
I quoted that post because it gave me that idea. I totally intend what I posted as a vote, btw. Perhaps prefaced with something like "...Oh. Actually, uh. Klesiah, help!" then asking her.

As for what I think of them, they make a lovely pair, and they both sound like fun even by themselves.

Tui has an air of friendly, yet dangerous that makes me think we could get really in trouble if we anger her.

In a sense, she reminds me a bit of Belphegor, in general attitude, even if we are more familiar with the goat.

Gwendolyn is just adorable. ...She does have a troll side, which I believe she's using on us now as revenge for catching us off-guard.
"A man who doesn't know himself would make for a poor partner. I know only enough that I do not yet know enough to commit to a relationship. That's on top of any political considerations. And what about you, Overlord? Surely you've had to consider political alliances, both domestic and foreign?"
I can work that to make it ic for Arawn, an answer more serious than I expected is fine too.

Sorry for the general slowness of this thread, there's a whole lot of setting up to do so it takes a while to write up.
I like this, we must maximize the comedy!
Is it possible to fuse that option with the one where we put Klesiah on the spot? I'm certain she'll say we had no attachments so her verification that we are indeed an eligible bachelor could flow into that one nicely.

As for what I think of them, they're great. I think Gwen needs to meet Teruko, two sadists sharing notes and strategies for trolling... scary and potentially fun.

Tui seems hard to phase or anger but dear god have mercy on you if ya manage to piss her off because she will not.
I also just had a funny thought, just now.

I imagined Klesiah nervously hesitating on whether to say the truth or not. She considers saying something like "You promised me your eternal undying love, and I was your girlfriend", but decides that would be unfair.

...Then, Arawn saying something like "Klesiah, look at me. You know, were you to say ANYTHING at all on this matter, I'll believe it. Even if it sounds outlandish, I'll take it as the absolute truth and accept it. So tell me... Did I have a girlfriend? Who was it?"

>"Well, I DID swear to serve you in EVERY way you asked..." followed by dead silence.
My, now this is a good breeding ground of ideas. Can't quite go all in, unfortunately... unless you guys really, really want to.

Cue to awkward glances from Sieglinde and Elina. Perhaps Teruko saying "Oh my~"

Hmm... I am in for approaching this situation with a bit of humor, but if more people vote to give it a more serious answer, I don't mind if it goes with that.
I want to give this some more seriousness and gravitas. Sure, Gwen's just trying to have some fun at Arawn's expense, but he should still remind her of the burden of leadership.
We might be getting a little carried away so I'll offer these choices.

>Answer the Overlord seriously. That's a sensitive topic that seems to interest the girls greatly...
>Take Gwendolyn tease in stride and jest in turn with Klesiah, that'll make a good enough distraction before going back.
>Turn tail and insist on preparing for Zipangu arrival, it's a perfect excuse!
I think both of the first choices are good, but sonce my whole idea spawned this silly diversion ,I feel I should stick to it.

>Take Gwendolyn tease in stride and jest in turn with Klesiah, that'll make a good enough distraction before going back.

I'll wait and see what the others vote. If there is a tie, I might just change my vote.
>Answer the Overlord seriously. That's a sensitive topic that seems to interest the girls greatly...
We are the person that Klesiah has sworn to follow, act like it!
We'll see if tomorrow brings a tiebreaker.

Fair enough.
heh, this is fun~
>Answer the Overlord seriously. That's a sensitive topic that seems to interest the girls greatly...
The hypotheticals are funny, but we should respond to this seriously.
>Take Gwendolyn tease in stride and jest in turn with Klesiah, that'll make a good enough distraction before going back.

I wouldn't close voting on this just yet but, well, let's go with the comedic route. Besides, we can always give the girls the serious answer later.

Much as I like Gwen and Tui, we have only just met them. Thus, they get the gag response. The girls to whom we owe almost everything get our true feelings when they ask them of us.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Alright, time to break that tie.
So which one did the dice gods go with? Serious or silly?
Deflecting Gwen's tease with a little jest toward Klesiah. I'm just now beginning to work on it, thread should resume this evening without issues.
File: 6.png (841 KB, 543x754)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
It took an effort of will to avoid succumbing to your first urge of panicking and running away, Gwendolyn observed you with the self-satisfaction of someone fully enjoying their successful trickery while the ninetailed Supreme grinned with the cruel joy of someone enjoying a juicy piece of gossip. These two might be especially dangerous together.

''Ah well...'' You had lingered long enough but the fact three women looked to you like hungry sharks made the Overlord teasing disposition easier to stomach. ''...My lack of memory makes it a little difficult to think about romance, Gwen.'' A careful study of Tuilelaith revealed no hint of surprise about this revelation, that fox knew.

''Is that so?'' Replied the Overlord, grin growing self-assured. ''Love isn't such an easy to constrain.'' One of her tendrils threw back her hood, revealing her semi-long dark hair. ''Are you perhaps afraid that you have an old fiancee or lover you've forgotten about? I don't think you should be held responsible to such promises anymore, I've always had a guilty pleasure about people love life so I thought things had...followed a natural progression here.''

Mother's Mercy this Gazer isn't an easy foe. Klesiah sharp intake of breath beside you gave you just the idea you needed to get out of this with your pride intact.

''Klesiah could you tell us if Gwendolyn is right? I've always had a little fear that I've had a romantic life in the past...'' That, at least, wasn't a total lie even if you were reaching very deep for an excuse.

''Does it matter, my lord?'' The knight replied coldly despite hints of redness on her cheeks. ''Her ladyship Gwendolyn inquired about your present feelings and I believe she deserves an answer.'' Staunch in defiance and undeniably wanting to know your state of mind, Klesiah offered no mercy at all. Encouraging a little independence wasn't supposed to go like that! Gwendolyn soft giggle made it obvious she was relishing this little trouble in paradise.

Gods, let's hope she doesn't have time to forge a friendship with Teruko.

''We'll have to hear his answer later.'' Sieglinde voice was a shining light in this dark bullying, her expression hovered between satisfaction at your agony and a little bitterness.

''Really? Arawn's been hanging around a lot of women for a while now, wouldn't it be weird if he wasn't attracted to one of them? That's something we oughta hear.'' Elina replied with crossed arms and flapping wings.

''Later, Zipangu folks should be arriving soon, we can't afford the time to tease him anymore.'' Finished the princess, gazing upward at the clear sky that was slowly turning into a brighter shade of dusk; three hours came and went in a flash.

This brought a change in the atmosphere with Central duo getting up silently and the girls refocusing on the task at hand, satisfied smile thrown your way revealing they quite enjoyed this bout of teasing at your expense.
File: 10.png (734 KB, 808x800)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
Hmph, you'll return the favor someday... Elina and Sieglinde owe you.


The big virgin shrine of marble white built around the throne now housed a significant number of important individuals. All those you've come to know were standing a fair distance from the massive pillar protruding upward from the center where Daiyu family waited dutifully, with Central duo a few feet behind with Belphegor beside Tuilelaith; it would seem those two shared a close bond with the old fox having apparently become a teacher of some kind for the short goat.

Everyone else waited not too far from the door at Teruko insistence to dodge the ''honor'' of welcoming Zipangu reigning queen.

When Daiyu suddenly reached inside the pillar of slick white stones, things began swiftly. Something tore into the fabric of the world, golden lines traveled in the air like lines of damages on a window to form a large oval shape which then filled with golden water, forming a foreign scenery of a garden and castle walls, then without warning a figure stepped through.

It was a man, a particularly tall one at that. Garbed in full battle gear consisting of a sword in its scabbard, a steel kite shield firmly held in his right hand and full white plates to echo in the room, a pair of dark wings spreading white behind him revealing this man as Kyorn, the half-breed Hero of angelic and elven blood. His long pointed ears were unmistakable, his short hair was obviously cut short for battle, his skin had taken a natural tan from a life outside and his glare of red identified all potential threat and relaxed upon realizing there wasn't anything to worry about. ''You folks look cool.'' His grave voice spoke in jest and he quickly stepped forward, shaking Daiyu hand -whom he towered a full head over- and proceeded to do the same with her daughters.

Then another person stepped through that shimmering gold, a much younger looking man of unassuming physique. Semi-long brown hair showed a friendly face of relatively soft traits, his garb matched Kyorn equipment although his armor was of proper steel disposition with a tabard of pastel blue upon which a bright orange sun had been inscribed in its middle. On his shoulder was a strange thing: a sticky blue blob that was honestly out of place on his armor. His weapon was a simple bastard sword on his hip. He nodded silently and imitated his comrade to make way for a pair, Zechariah -grandmaster of the Shining Knight- lived up to his humble reputation.

A woman and man emerged next and you found it difficult to breathe as a distinctive gothic beauty glared in concealed hostility. Armed with a strange red spear which end was a bladed, spiral tip that joined together like snakes and a wooden purplish shield, no emotions showed in those clear blue eyes. You knew her, it was none other than Mylen, the woman who appeared briefly during your foray inside the Demonic Throne...
File: 35.jpg (107 KB, 1024x663)
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107 KB JPG
Her companion was a distinctive man.

Average in height with curly golden hair and somber green eyes, the man is known as Siegfried -married prince of Zipangu- and his presence was different from the other two martial men, looking much more fitting with his noble blood and rank with a natural handsomeness that almost looked soft but his gaze looked even sharper than Mylen and he quickly identified everyone in the room, relaxing into a carefully constructed diplomatic expression. All of the Jawahir carefully kept their polite mask to ignore yesterday reveal and the bad blood between them.

Lastly came Zipangu queen herself, Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto whose ninetailed presence looked almost monstrous while stepped through the portal. Getting a clearer view almost made you choke in consternation.

She was Lady White near exact portrait with dark brown hair and golden eyes to at least offer distinction with that damnable witch, even her kimono of red and white had been worn by that vixen.

''Odd.'' Gardy idly commented as Ame set of tails retreated on her back to create the image of a flower. Her golden gaze lingered on you for a brief second and your confidence almost faltered because her smile created a sharp angle to her face that was an exact replica of White arrogant self-assurance... That's a bad coincidence, has to be. With a flick of her wrist, the queen closed the portal and abandoned Focus, making her natural luster of gold disappear.

''My, my.'' Ame voice was an imposing, commanding womanly tone that truly befitted a queen. ''Wondrous crowd you've gathered, dear Daiyu and your entire family is here too.'' The vixen gaze turned to examine each of the Demon Lord distinctive daughters. ''A first, this Suppression truly is our collective duties.''

''Ayup, poisons can't be allowed to fester even if it's beyond Mother Earth domain.'' Tuilelaith stepped forward, giving Gwendolyn a tap on the leg to make her follow and all the men stiffened upon seeing her; the gravitas of sharing a room with two of the world's strongest women wasn't so easy to bear. ''Meet Gwendolyn.''

'Mamono queen of the hidden kingdom of Central.'' Siegfried voice had a unique resonance to it that demanded attention and he nearly knelt, a tail from his wife slapping his chest forced him to remain standing.
File: 48.jpg (393 KB, 868x1228)
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393 KB JPG
''Teruko Gunji, I know ya!'' The tall elf proclaimed when your group approached, his wings excitedly flapping as he almost choked upon receiving everyone collective attention. ''I...I mean your solution really helped my wife, always wanted to give you proper thank.''

''Twas all luck, dear hero.'' Answered the pregnant lizard-woman, clutching on Hao hand firmly. ''This one possesses vital information for our venture for she's a native of nearby tribes and survived inside the forest and of course Elina is from your home.''

''You guys doing well?'' Elina voice was awkward enough to make you cringe but the entire group of the island-nation answered positively.

Then, of course... there's you. An elven man flanked by a fully armored -though distinctively weaponless- striking lady-knight of blue.

>Introduce yourself humbly. You are Arawn Louokanos of a fallen kingdom, there's nothing else to your name.

>Try not to give too much information about yourself, Gwen and Tuilelaith knowing about you is one thing... but these are people from a foreign nation that was once at war with Daiyu.


And finally.

>Sit through the first meeting between these leaders. (Not much chance to do anything, you'll gain information on what kind of forces people are going to bring and that's about it. You'll easily be able to gain this information later.)

>Since you'll be staying behind with Sieglinde during the Suppression, you can try and do something else. (Timeskip after the meeting, this'll be your chance to properly ask about something you want.)
>Introduce yourself humbly. You are Arawn Louokanos of a fallen kingdom, there's nothing else to your name.

>Sit through the first meeting between these leaders. (Not much chance to do anything, you'll gain information on what kind of forces people are going to bring and that's about it. You'll easily be able to gain this information later.)
I'll wait about 20 minutes before starting to proceed with this vote.
>Introduce yourself humbly. You are Arawn Louokanos of a fallen kingdom, there's nothing else to your name.
>Since you'll be staying behind with Sieglinde during the Suppression, you can try and do something else.

Now hopefully Klesiah has presence of mind not to contest our humble approach.
I see no reason to sit through the meeting itself.
I want to put it out there that we're an elf, so that other people can tell us about how the Elven Genocide occurred, and we can start asking pointed questions of Sieglinde and Deruella. If Sieglinde is so certain that her mother and sister aren't responsible for such an atrocity, surely she must have more than simple feelings to back up her claim.
It's considered rude, in bad taste, or otherwise some form of insult to conceal your identity from monstrous nobility/royalty correct? Because if so we really ought to introduce ourselves.

Besides, we can't really conceal our identity. Mylen and other Siggy know us and will spill if asked. I also fear that our existence is somehow very enticing to kumihos.

As for the meeting, I wanna see how these people interact with one another so I say we stick around for at least part of it.
File: 5.png (371 KB, 440x635)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
>If Sieglinde is so certain that her mother and sister aren't responsible for such an atrocity, surely she must have more than simple feelings to back up her claim

She already explained how she witnessed the fall of Luminaris during earlier threads, might want to review that. Deruella wasn't born when it happened, so she's at least blameless here.

Alright, humble introduction and seeing the meeting it is. I'll try to think of a way to give compelling interactions.
File: 116.jpg (39 KB, 470x328)
39 KB
''I am Arawn Loukanos.'' You affirmed yourself clearly, you shouldn't be keeping secrets amongst so many royals. ''Perhaps I can still be considered prince of Luminaris but today, I rule no kingdoms and remains with the Demon Lord and her family as a friend.'' Not a mere guest, you've moved past that. There was an instant of recollection for the folks of Zipangu, while the dark-haired spearwoman didn't seem to even acknowledge your existence a kindle of remembrance shone its brief light inside Siegfried and Ame-no-Uzume.

''My, now that's... I wasn't expecting your presence mysir Loukanos, know that Zipangu will always uphold the oath of nonviolence.''

''Please do not bow your highness, I'm a prince in name only.'' The tall vixen was about to lower her head! Thankfully your intervention prevented that. ''Here to bear witness of Sieglinde Suppression, I'm sure there's much to talk about.'' Hopefully keeping your amnesia under wrap wasn't going to be a faux-pas, that was giving a little too much information for your liking.

''Dealing with the boring parts first is how I start my days too.'' Tuilelaith added, sizing up this pocket of individuals with interest.

''We've prepared a room for all of us, there are quite a few things to say about that forest and Hao could explain it's surrounding in better details to help establish a proper perimeter, it wouldn't be good for our force to be mistaken as a raiding party by nearby tribes or the empire of Zen itself.'' Sieglinde walked forward imperiously while speaking, stopping beside you to wait for her family and the guests who began to mingle somewhat, this group combined with your already large one (Vilma had insisted on secluding herself due to her race) made for quite the crowd, especially with all the tails fluttering about!


Daiyu's maids have done the work of an army by repurposing a storage room near the balcony into a spotless meeting room with one massive table fit to handle everyone; they had stuck with the number of predicted guests dutifully. Strange crystals of ice made to hum by alchemical means kept the room fresh and they brought enough snacks to make the two armored men feel awkward indeed; Kyorn and Zechariah eventually changed into comfortable clothes after a few teasing from their vixen queen, both of them had apparently insisted on being ''gallant'' but clearly forgot how Mamonos were inherently casual with such meetings.

''So y'all suspecting some kind of mother entity spewing all of that necromantic crap deeper inside that forest, yeah. Fair guess after that ambush.'' Tuilelaith was the first to speak after Teruko recounted your adventure inside that hellhole, all three men of Zipangu were clearly disapproving of having brought a pregnant woman into that place.

Let's see them handle Teruko next time.
File: 49.jpg (661 KB, 1079x840)
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661 KB JPG
''Thankfully, necromancy cannot cause -too- much of a widespread catastrophe on its own.'' Deruella began. ''It cannot impose it's own enclosed dimension or make a wound inside Mother Earth realm like that swamp but it's still dangerous enough to need immediate actions because of the chances of a widespread epidemic. If left alone, this necromantic hole may create a night apocalyptic plague for Zen and so, in time, those lucky few making their ways into the Allied Kingdom could spread this malady. We cannot warn the Empire given their stances on monsters.''

''And it's a perfect breeding ground for some nefarious enterprising necromancer to play skeleton king.'' Continued the queen of Zipangu, tails swishing around -even making a collar around her husband neck who endured with remarkable nonchalance- while snacking on pieces of chocolates. ''I didn't quite imagine things to be this bad, having a genuine consciousness in there means resistance with our arrival, we'll have to drop one hell of a hammer and quickly establish a proper camp of operation for the rest of our force to come over. Yes...'' Her long dark ears twitched. ''...I'm liking this. Been too long since my folks flexed their muscles without the burden of politics.'' Her lips audibly smacked as she bore a dreadfully bloodthirsty grin.

''Let's finish hashing out details before everything, Ame.'' Siegfried replied, trying his best free his throat form his wife tail to no avail. ''Numbers of troops are to amount to a thousand right?''

''Finest of our nations.'' Daiyu answered, fanning herself with a paper fan procured...somewhere. Martha sitting beside her looked downright miserable with how out of place she evidently felt. ''Skills will have to trump size, we'll invade via portals and, as Ame aptly put it, drop a hammer.'' Slapping the folding paper shut, Daiyu let it rest on the table and leaned forward, golden gaze momentarily examining the entire assembly. Sieglinde was the one who worked so hard to establish everything... but then she likely refused the honor of being the main speaker anyway.

''Our contribution will be to employ general Zazawu of the Red Guard who'll be coming tomorrow, he's handpicking his people now. His force numbers into a thousand summoners mercenaries who are trained to handle all kind of magical and horrific phenomenon, he trains his girls almost like the rangers watching over the swamp, thus his force can be considered specialists. Expected to react and deal with any surprises and of course Zazawu strength cannot be understated.''

''They've got one hell of a reputation.'' Kyorn commented. ''I spent a few years amongst the southern rangers in the past, he actually did train his people with them for a while.''

''Man, can't wait to meet the big old dude again.'' Tuilelaith smirked, lightly tapping the table with one of the sticks on her many tails.
File: Khepri_1.jpg (329 KB, 722x1024)
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329 KB JPG
''Guy's all cheery since you last saw him, why'd you keep disappearing for decades on end anyway granny?'' Belphegor bluntness causes something of a fearful wave to spread amongst Zipangu folk and that wasn't reinforced whe nan angry twitch furrowed the short Supreme brows angrily.

''W-while my realm cannot be compared in influence with the monarchs present...'' Gwendolyn quickly spoke to prevent a nasty comment from the fox who opted to pull on Belphegor cheeks who growled in responses.

''I've prepared my forces into two potential units. First are lamias equipped with fire enchanted weapons, specifically javelins and glaives. We use them as a medium-infantry that can easily handle forest terrains by slithering around quickly. My other force consists of Khepri.'' Her many tendrils had settled on her flanks in an imitation of Ame half-open flower (minus one wild tail) with more than enough eyes to make it seem like she was staring at everyone. ''These are much more nimble, a light force of scarabs Mamonos able to build balls of solid Corruptions that can be used to simultaneously clear a battlefield of debris and to skirmish against enemies. You could consider them close-range skirmishers''

''Interesting, interesting.'' Ame finished her latest snack and gestured for the unassuming swordsman beside Kyorn who nodded solemnly in response.

''As this is a Mamono matter, we've decided to remove the human element of the Commonwealth and thus only use Zipangu forces.'' Despite his gentle features, Zechariah spoke a solid tone that commanded to be heard; a fitting trait for leading an order of knights.
File: 1453975381202.jpg (193 KB, 850x981)
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193 KB JPG
''We have the Shining Knights, Zipangu native knightly order. They are trained to resist Corruptive temptations and effect, building a character strong enough to see through illusions, reject seduction and purify corruption. We train them as heavy infantry clad in plates and armed with big two-handed swords. If we fear any potential mind-altering effect from this forest, my girls are trained to handle it. Next, we have Zipangu Onis population, while they usually fight in tandem with lizardwomen, the small numbers we need here is enough to trim a particular force of Ushi-Onis who...'' Zechariah stopped, hesitating in his description.

''They're a force of nature.'' Ame continued after a gentle giggle. ''Self-regenerating two-meters long spider-lady in full plates wielding massive warhammer. They are our wrecking balls who just keep on going. They'll also be accompanied by others Onis to help brute forces our way into these sickly trees.''

''A subtler magical force can also be commandeered, the Tengu clans have recently united and are eager to prove themselves.'' Siegfried continued after Mylen freed him from his fluffy collar. ''They are airborne magician attuned to wind and lightning. A fair few are also expert swordswoman, though it might be counter protective to have a flying force inside a forest, they're magical might make up for it. Big time.''

>Here you can make suggestions on how to assemble the Suppression Force.

We'll continue tomorrow, there's no pressure to come to an agreement about the forces right now; this can be a longer-term decision.
Ok, so what kind of choice are we facing here. Are we influencing which groups get to go through the wringer or are we influencing the numbers from each force that's going in?

I mean, We probably can't just take every group at max capacity like we'd like to as that'd take too long to funnel through the portals and thus turn the insertion point into a thing that's screaming to Mr. Wannabe Lich King "Please drop big bad necromantic cancer nuke you've saved for a rainy day here daddy!" and fuck everyone up.

Bad end, can't let that happen.
You can influence what group will be participating in the Supression. Zazawu forces are set in stones but Central and Zipangu offer myriad of units, I'll be the one handling numbers, all you have to worry about it what kind of units is sent.
Oh yeah, you can only choose one unit per nation due to how Sieglinde handled this as a political move.
...I might have to leave this other Anons. Troop management has never been my strong suit - not to mention I'm having difficulty seeing how we/Arawn have/has any say in the matter.
Zechariah mentioned mind-altering effects; did we notice any the last time we were there? Can Hao describe if any such effects happened to her or the other refugees?
As a prince of noble elven blood Arawn opinion will be weighted. It's not a final authority by any stretch, it's an opportunity to try flexing your strategic mind.

>did we notice any the last time we were there? Can Hao describe if any such effects happened to her or the other refugees?

Neither you nor she noticed anything like that. There might still a danger of this happening once a large group invades the area though, but as far as you can tell, this necromantic hellhole doesn't affect the mind.
I was afraid of that. Hao spilled all her beans right? What were the most common forms of undead horrors she encountered? Which ones were the most troublesome to deal with? Were illusions of some kind frequent and often? How was the terrain on average?

This essentially boils down to our army vs. theirs, gotta try and ensure we bring in the hard counters to their units if we want casualties to be minimized and these are questions any commander worth a damn would ask.

We don't have a say, we have an "influence." Which is to say that while we have no authority, our opinion is highly valued by the succubi present and *they* have quite a lot of it.
Ahhh I see now, I was looking at it all wrong.
Well, I'll see if I can pitch in with an opinion later, I gotta sleep.
>What were the most common forms of undead horrors she encountered?
Vinemen, the massive lumbering undead creature that came to try and kill you and Teruko was a completely new thing she never saw.
>Were illusions of some kind frequent and often?

She saw many ghosts lingering in the forest, shapes appearing in the gloom of morning mists and continually felt watched.

>How was the terrain on average?
A complete mess. Overgrown amazonian forest despite being of a temperate climate.
I am uncertain at large, but I like the idea of them tengus proving themselves. This might be a good chance to do that.

Also, I've been looking forward to some harpy/tengu girls though that's mostly a selfish reason.

The Ushi-Oni team sounds like it'd do well too, they'd do well as the "Hammer Strike" we need... though I am guessing the idea is to reach the proper place then striking by surprise. Oni don't strike me as the most subtle.

Lastly, as for Gwen's forces... I am partial to the lamia troops, but I would like to be reminded of what Khepri are.
Khepri are scarabs monsters who create big balls of Corruptions by rolling them around, stuffing debris in them and then launching them magically.

Ie, they spin the thing on the ground and make it go WHAM on some poor fool in front of them.
So the Kepri build big ass Katamari balls and launch them at high velocity at whatever offends them once they feel they've made it big enough?

I'll need more time to consider but if the above is right then I'm leaning towards taking them over the lamias. They'd clear the tough terrain and turn both it and the undead corpses into ammo. Nice.
>So the Kepri build big ass Katamari balls and launch them at high velocity at whatever offends them once they feel they've made it big enough?

Yes. One should not underestimate the simple efficiency of throwing big rocks at high velocity.
Hmm... it feels like amassing balls of corruption could backfire in an envionement such as this.
The Red Guard is going for sure by the wording.
My Two possible loadout choices are Lamia and Oni, or Scarabs and Shining Knights.
If the Scarabs pull up gnarled roots and smooth the terrain then I pick them and Shining Knights. The main problem of the Knights is their manuverability, if the terrain is made more favourable to them then they are more viable. The Shining Knights are purifiers, meaning that if they can push through without terrain disadvantage they are the optimal pick.
If the Scarabs don't smooth the terrain, which is what I think is true, Then the Lamiae and Oni have maneuverability, and strength available to them. Literally and figuratively steamrolling the lesser opponents gives the war party momentum. Even Greater Forms of undead shouldn't pose an overwhelming challenge.

Sound good to all you guys?
Drunken inspiration has struck me. How... conductive is corruption? Can Kepri corruption hold an electrical charge? Can the vinemen or the corpses do that as well? Because while I'm now sold on taking the Kepri to clear the terrain (one of our options must in the end in my mind, meaning we must take either the Oni or them if we want minimal casualties), if the adorable little scarabs can control where the corruption juts out of the big ball of ballistic fun and/or can control where each bit ends up in the ball we may well have us a devastating combo on our hands here that I would be most eager to introduce a potential cabal of Necromancers to. And, well, the whole flying thing. If the trees are cleared they're ready to rock at full power. After all, the problem for them is trees. No trees, no problem.

Also, Kreszenz is sending in a force too right? A contingent of their rangers guarding the swamp border yes? Important detail that.
Khepri can't exactly flatten terrains and make it smooth but they can clear an amazing amount of debris and obstructions.

>How... conductive is corruption? Can Kepri corruption hold an electrical charge?

Nope, Corruptive ability follow a uniform pattern when it comes to being taught but it's also highly specialized with various monstrous races inherent ability. The scarabs Katamari balls, for instance, can't be replicated by another race and Succubuses like Sieglinde and Daiyu are extremely skilled at shapeshifting, resulting in these battle-form you've seen.

>Can the vinemen or the corpses do that as well?
You'll have to use your judgment here, the yare raised corpses melded with vegetations.

>Also, Kreszenz is sending in a force too right? A contingent of their rangers guarding the swamp border yes? Important detail that.
That might not pan out due to logistical errors, though you might still be able to see a token force from them to act as an observer next story day.
Your overwhelming success in the Moot resulting in Kreszenz reinforcement would make things far too easy even if you're staying home so I had to handwave a few things as a qm to keep tension without robbing you of your victory.
Damn, I was hoping for unmanned Kepri Doomwheel projectiles launched into the undead hordes being a thing. Corpses and melded vegetation make for poor conductors unmodified as well. Conductive corruption could have made the necessary changes if I made a reach or two because magic, but you've just said it isn't so it can't.

Still want the Kepri to get taken in due to the terrain issue I mentioned, but now it's a toss up between the knights and the Tengu instead of just going all in with the Tengu and Kepri.

I do like the Oni faction option quite a lot DESU, but they'd draw too much fire. If even a single sentient being is guiding that horde they'll prioritize them for elimination. This would force the supremes to baby sit them if they didn't want to just straight up sacrifice them which means the other factions will die in droves. Zazawu will not approve of that to the point of perhaps dying for his people. He's a literal father to his women at arms if I'm getting his character correct and, well, I like him. I want him to live through this.

As always, you are making things difficult. Not that I'd have it any other way of course. Your desire and efforts to see us suffer make thwarting you all the much more satisfying.
File: 133.jpg (168 KB, 550x826)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Time passed quickly after this initial briefing, afternoon gave way to the Hour of Lullaby which progressed into evening where deliberation continued into numbers and many deeper questions about the forest, its terrain, the nature of your encountered foes and Hao's survival had your quite busy, doubly so after your inputs about potential troops to bring; the entire party opinion was carefully weighed by each leader even as they kept semi-casual dispositions by offering a few jokings and helping themselves to all the snacks around.

With the sun entirely gone under the horizon and the sky turning a dark blue of spotted grey clouds, today deliberation ended quietly to be finalized tomorrow morning; with people from Central and Zipangu fully understanding the threat at hand and with all factions providing a full third of the Suppression force, there wasn't cause of conflicts: everyone would acquire their share of honor.

Now started what was likely to be Sieglinde entire purpose for this Suppression. Gwendolyn, Overlord of the Allied Kingdoms Mamonos, Ame-No-Uzume-no-Mikoto, queen of Zipangu and Daiyu Jawahir, Demon Lord were standing under the same roof enjoying a buffet while their entourages mingled with your friends.

Sieglinde sat with her mother, the other two royals and Siegfried, all of them engaged in a conversation that was seemingly led by Gwendolyn. Not too far was the unlikely duo of Hao and Zechariah, the tribal girl was doing her best to communicate with the knightly man who looked genuinely interested in whatever she was trying to say, whatever morsel you managed to overhear seemed to be about ''honor'' and ''knights.''

On the balcony was Elina, Kyorn and Teruko. The winged pair made the already short lizard woman appear downright tiny, especially since she appeared to lead a conversation that managed to make the tall, dark winged male uncomfortable. Belphegor had forced Martha to sit with her in order to inform Tuilelaith of something related to alchemy, pointing to you a few times and finally Siegfried bodyguard, Mylen, stood on her lonesome with arms crossed over her breasts, scanning the area in hostile silence, projecting an uninviting aura that made it difficult to approach. Were this a ball, her beauty would undeniably motivate a few suitors to ask for a dance and she'd likely reject a kingly man.

Deruella was suspiciously gone and Vilma... well, the girl was still in hiding. Klesiah dutifully remained behind you without weapons, everyone had also politely removed theirs.
File: A1.png (2.04 MB, 1372x1866)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
>Approach the group of royals to listen and hopefully talk with them, they are likely bridging topics of important politics.

>Sit with Tuilelaith group, wasn't there something you wanted to ask that fox?

>Invite yourself into Hao and Zechariah conversation, what could be motivating this tribal girl so much?

>Go see Elina, this might be a good chance to learn more about her time in Zipangu.

>It doesn't seem like Mylen remember your connection, she might be difficult to handle but she has a connection to your past... and Siegfried bodyguard being by her lonesome is a good opportunity.

>Try to find Vilma. She doesn't have to be afraid of her race, she ought to enjoy this evening with all of her friends here.

>Seek out Deruella. She's likely to be the only one who can explain to you why Ame look so much like Lady White.


Decision for troops can be finalized once the thread is over.
>It doesn't seem like Mylen remember your connection, she might be difficult to handle but she has a connection to your past... and Siegfried bodyguard being by her lonesome is a good opportunity.

I like this idea. We did want to have a chat with her, after all.

>Sit with Tuilelaith group, wasn't there something you wanted to ask that fox?

this one also has some merit, but for now, I vote to focus on Mylen. If it sems like we are unwelcome, perhaps run away to hide with Tuilelaith and Belphegor. They were pointing to us, so maybe they were talking to her about us.
>>Sit with Tuilelaith group, wasn't there something you wanted to ask that fox?

They're pointing at us, probably talking about us, and we need them to specifically mention a certain thing about us. Namely, our Bad Fluffy problem and if there's any possible way we could be rid of that bitch's influence without dying.

Also, once that's done, because Ame's resemblance and name are *just* too damn coincidental to be just that, find a way to inquire if Bad Fluffy has any close relatives without landing ourselves a toothache.
Let's see, I might be able to squeeze one more answer despite my tiredness. I'll wait about 10 minutes for another potential votes then roll to break this tie.
>Sit with Tuilelaith group, wasn't there something you wanted to ask that fox?

Even if this might very likely lead to more teasing being leveled at Arawn, I'd rather not create a 3-way tie.
That has happened before here, he just rolls a d3 in that case.
And that is exactly why I wish to avoid a tie.
Alrighty, I don't oppose the choice of Tuilelaith, so I don't mind shifting my vote to it. WE Will talk to Mylen some other time.

if she survives the expedition :3
''You don't need to stick with me, Klesiah.'' You turned to observe the blue haired girl who blinked in surprise. She, like Mylen, didn't say a single word throughout today's meeting, likely feeling terribly out of place but, as your knight and therefore part of Sieglinde circle of retainers, she deserved a place even if it had been little more than ceremonial.

''If my lord would have me...'' Would it be presumptuous of you to believe she wasn't nursing a grudge anymore? ''..I would like to follow and listen.'' She finished after a little pause.

''No need to place yourself beneath me, especially with all of these guests.''
You replied, preferring to avoid looking at her. Something about Klesiah humbleness always caused heat to rush into your head.

Reaching Belphegor group took a few steps. ''...Lads taking to it fast.'' Said the little goat half-turning to observe you.

''Never understood all that science thing but you've been hard at work huh? I feel like taking a peek into your lab.'' Tuilelaith continued, leisurely greeting your arrival with a waving tail. ''Fancying yourself an apprentice in magitek?''

''When time allows.'' You replied, reaching for a chair, only for Klesiah to push it behind you. ''Learning from masters is a privilege.''You nodded toward Martha who lazily waved in return, dark somber eyes of gold concentrating on another nearby activity to avoid becoming the center of attention.

''Lass got talents she aint using I swear, she taught you more in one day than I'd ever do in a week!'' Belphegor almost bounced on her seat. ''Say granny, think we can use your corruption to power up a few generators? Your stuff is extremely flexible so...''

Martha almost choked on her food when Tuilelaith leaned forward and tugged on one of the short goat horns. ''I'll stuff you into a glowing vessel instead, now I remember why I always get a craving for goat meat when I think about you.''

Belphegor stuck out her tongue in response while guffawing. ''Just come on up tomorrow teach, it's been twenty years.''

This looked to be a good opportunity to insert yourself. ''May I ask something?'' As fox and goat glared at each other under an increasingly worried blue-skinned succubus (and rather appalled knight) they turned to you in a mixture of guilt and curiosity.

''Don't feel shy dude.'' Said Belphegor, you felt a twinge of guilt upon seeing her near childish happiness slowly evaporate into the seriousness you've come to know.

''I'll try.'' You grinned at your alchemical teacher. ''There's something very important I wanted to ask Tuilelaith.'' You drop your tone into a lower volume, barely above surrounding brouhaha from all the conversations. Careful practice with the girls taught you most of what you were allowed to say to avoid triggering that damnable agonizing mouth zap. ''I've been cursed.'' You announce simply with everyone besides Tuilelaith coming to a grim understanding instantly.
File: 63.png (118 KB, 383x356)
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118 KB PNG
As Sieglinde sister, Martha was also made to know about your predicament.

''Oh... yeah.'' Belphegor winced, scratching deep inside her hair with her deformed hand. ''Totally slipped my mind, Tui here a good one to ask for sure.'' Said fox frowned in silent confusion, her attention now firmly directed at you. ''What d'ya know bout Lady White, teach?''

The old vixen sudden exhale of air was aking to being sucker punched. ''You've been cursed by that one?'' This strong reaction was alarming but she thankfully minded her tone, faking a choke on food and settling on her seat, crossing her arms over her chest while her tails chaotically waved around at Ama mention, her long tongue had noisily snuck back into her mouth. ''Bitch been around since the Pretenders eras and took a whole lot of fun spreading misery everywhere she went, I didn't think she'd managed to snag ya...'' Her soft gaze of rosy red became almost dangerous as she stared at you. ''...Well, guess this feel awkward huh?'' Something in those eyes seemed to hold a sense of familiarity.

Were you imagining things?

>''Do you know anything about that woman, Tuilelaith? Is it possible to free myself, to fight her?'' (Nobody else in the world could better inform you about Ama...)

>''Have we met before, Tuilelaith?'' (Why do you feel a connection?)

>''One thing I need to ask first, why is it that Ame-no-Uzume looks almost exactly like that cursed fox?'' (It might be wise to walk on tiptoes around Zipangu queen)


I think I'm getting the onset of cold, so it's possible my general activity will be slower for a while.
>''Do you know anything about that woman, Tuilelaith? Is it possible to free myself, to fight her?'' (Nobody else in the world could better inform you about Ama...)
The most burning question at the moment. We can ignore the sense of familiarity for now.
File: 21.jpg (273 KB, 1024x1224)
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273 KB JPG
I think I'll stick with 1-2 answers/day until I get better, I'll continue until we reach an ending point that satisfy me.

Let's continue tomorrow. I hope the quality of writing hasn't dropped too much.
>''Do you know anything about that woman, Tuilelaith? Is it possible to free myself, to fight her?'' (Nobody else in the world could better inform you about Ama...)

I also would like to inform Tui that the person who recommended us to seek her advice was that golden butterfly that freed us from a nightmare Lady White had trapped us in, when we were fooled into signing that contract allowing her into our mind.

She might recognize the butterfly, grant us some answers, and it might get a reaction out of her, making her less reluctant to help us.
>''Do you know anything about that woman, Tuilelaith? Is it possible to free myself, to fight her?'' (Nobody else in the world could better inform you about Ama...)
>"Or do you know of a golden butterfly?"
I'll see about bringing the thread to an end tomorrow. Have to review a few things in my notes to avoid making things easy

Easy for US or the Suppression Force...?
My money's on BOTH.

Don't worry about it. Just trust me, I have a plan.

I find it important that everyone gets a fair chance, talking with Tuilelaith was indeed the right move... but I have to give my next answer some deeper thoughts, that's all. Nothing suspicious will happen.
File: ConcernFromAll.jpg (209 KB, 1080x833)
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209 KB JPG
Hold on to your butts, Anons. We're about to be volunteered for a ride of unknown destinations.
The problem is your plans almost always involve suffering. Lots and lots of suffering.
File: Evil fluff.jpg (117 KB, 857x1125)
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117 KB JPG
But there hasn't been any suffering, you guys have a good track record.
Anyone else hear that "so far." at the end there?
Oh loud and clear my good anon, loud and clear.
File: 60.png (165 KB, 397x484)
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165 KB PNG
>''Do you know anything about that woman, Tuilelaith? Is it possible to free myself from her influence, to fight her?''

''Do I...?'' A sudden twitch of her short fluffed ears and a frown made you wonder if your question was a cause of ire.

''Lad, this is a rather long topic, that woman... let's say I got history with her'' Belphegor bounced on her seat. ''Really?'' Asked the goat, given their friendship this appeared as a big surprise. '' I've kept it under wraps, Belph. T'was my business, guess it ain't so anymore now that she's shown herself so... plainly. Bit of a first, she never took any Demon Lords lightly before.'' Tuilelaith face held many sharp angles that gave her a natural predatory disposition, making all of her frowns dangerous looking even when her tongue constantly peeked out of her mouth. ''Getting cursed by her though...'' Those rosy red eyes observed you with sympathy. ''Aight first how many people know about this? Have you told your encounters with White in all details?''

You nodded and Tuilelaith grimaced. ''She put a spell on me that prevents me from speaking about certain topics but I was able to temporarily overpower it...'' You tapped your chest in silent thank to Gardy, his stalwart presence was present and highly attentive to Tuilelaith information.

''Shit, all the family then, even lady knight and Sieglinde retainers?'' Tuilelaith nervously licked her lips upon seeing Martha nod. The Lilim was now much, much more attentive.

''Aight. One thing I know about White is that, somehow, she's able to perceive people cognizance of her being. Meaning that she'll start getting interested in folks who research or get to know her.''

''Making us all targets for her pleasure.'' Martha grimly summarized and you couldn't repress a twitch. That dream after rescuing Klesiah, that establishment of her little rule... wasn't an empty taunt.

''Suppose it depends on how much stuff was said but that's only one aspect of that witch.'' Tuilelaith traits softened into sympathy as she inevitably caught your bitter expression. Surely, informing the girls around wasn't a mistake, what else could you have done? Keep it all bottled inside? You wouldn't have been able to hide that, they'd make you talk. But you did make an agreement with Ama, can you trust that lying vixen?
Did you endanger everyone around you?

''Ama's the worst cancer of blood magic and corruption you'll ever find and she's got a precious few followers that sorta act as chess pieces to spread her clout. A few say... retainers create ritualistic hotspots inside a city, in a few days she'll be able to reach anyone who knows about Lady White, witches of the Swamp and her fabled gift of Blood. Or she'll spread knowledge of herself into a crowd, thereby sprouting seeds of influence that could potentially reach someone desperate enough to try calling out to her. That's not what happened with ya I take it?''
File: Lilim5.jpg (430 KB, 750x1061)
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You silently shook your head and this prompted Belphegor to describe your dream, how Ama approached you in the guise of Ame-no-Uzume and tricked you into this contract; mention of Gardy remained quiet but the way your dream ended made Tuilelaith grin widely.

''Okay.'' If Tuilelaith found you foolish to have fallen into such an obvious trap, she didn't show it, an infectious cheer was making her grin. ''She had interest in you from the start, meaning there's definitely a spot of blood ritual in Throne Town. Her sheer presence when she invades your mind makes me think Ama could be in the city.'' Belphegor and Martha shuddered. ''Could also be she's got a noble under her thumb and had a few of her apostles create a bit ritualistic spot so let's not jump into the worst conclusion yeah?''

''If that witch operates by spreading her power...'' You whispered, your mind working a feverish pace. ''Is the only way to fight Lady White to destroy these ritualistic areas?''

''Short of going into the Cursed Swamp and disemboweling the bitch, that'll be your only solution to weaken her influence, though you might not be able to completely remove her hold on your anymore.'' Tuilelaith hissed, pinching the bridge of her nose then pinched a piece meat on the table to loudly slurp on it.

''I'd advise you to leave Throne Town.'' Now that extracted an involuntarily gasp out of you. ''Going somewhere without any of her roots will be the best solutions, even if she might start spreading em just to start fucking with ya. I can tell ya Gwen's realm is free -aside from Luminaris- the elven forest always had immense resilience against otherworldly changes. And the people, well let's say they don't suffer people pretending themselves gods because of their history with the monstrous Pharaoh; White will have a whole lot of trouble fucking with you, giving you precious time.''

''Hold on.'' Martha glared at the short Supreme, her tone nothing but ice and unspoken reproach; you were too stunned to say anything. Leaving ''Sis and mom like you a whole lot, Arawn. I don't wanna see you up and move, I'm thinking it might be possible to tinker a little something with Magitek that could make use of that link with White, a little experiment to show us the way...'' Martha cleared her throat and blinked in what looked to be embarrassment, faint redness darkening her blue cheek.

''What d'you got in mind?'' Belphegor murmured and the Lilim shrugged.

''I'll spend all night up in the lab to test a few things, I'd rather not speak bullshit now.'' Grumbled the demoness, who for some reason glared at you.
Thanks for running!

Question, though

> Leaning forward, **Ama** joined her hand together and her tails hovered close as if attempting to stifle all surrounding sounds, making you, Belphegor, Tuilelaith and Klesiah only possible witnesses to her words. ''That was Mother Earth my lad. None other and I'm her primary agent, been like that for years on end.''

Did Ama just teleport into the meeting to state that she's the primary agent of Mother Earth, or did you write the wrong name here and you meant Tuilelaith?
God damn it. That entire sentence need to be rewritten, Tuilelaith is Mother Earth agent; that entire stuff with Ama was a total brain fart on my part.
File: 58.jpg (114 KB, 836x844)
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114 KB JPG
''There's one more thing.'' Worry about the Suppression first spoke Gardy, forcing you to make an awkward pause. ''One more thing, a few days ago I met a strange woman under the guise of a g-''

A jolt of agony exploded in your mouth, four of your molars seemed to burst wide open, all nerves in your teeth becoming raw, crawling out of your gums. It came and went like thunder, leaving you sweaty and breathless. An idle glance revealed Sieglinde staring at you intensely, Elina had also been looking at you, her talk with Kyorn apparently over.

''That's the curse?'' Asked Tuilelaith, you and your two friends nodded in silence.

''I was guided to seek your counsel about this matter.'' Saying Lady White together provoked this pain, uttering Ama also hurt like hell and now ''golden butterfly'' was taboo.

''By a golden butterfly?'' Tuilelaith grinned a wide smirk of self-satisfaction on seeing your expression, you nodded vigorously.

''Guess your situation ain't so hopeless, methink White was about to swallow you whole after tricking you in that contract, saying you got saved by an unknown heroine well... Guess it was only natural you's be guided to me.'' Leaning forward, the short Supreme joined her hand together and her tails hovered close as if attempting to stifle all surrounding sounds, making you, Belphegor, Martha and Klesiah only possible witnesses to her words. ''That was Mother Earth my lad. None other and I'm her primary agent, been like that for years on end.''

''W-what, what? What?'' Belphegor squeaked, resolute mind barely able to contain this new. ''When the hell? Why'd you keep quiet...? Is that why you keep disappearing for decades!?''

''Easy auntie.'' Martha put a hand on the short older goat who huffed in response and promptly turned her back to Tuilelaith, pouting with mighty disapproval. The old fox wasn't looking so happy anymore.

''I'll forgive you in a week, until then...Hmph!'' Whined Belphegor and Tuilelaith smiled recovered with a clearer spark of joy.

''Thank lass.'' Then her softly colored eyes returned to you. ''Methink there another option... you could try going into areas sacred to Mother Earth or find places full of lingering magic in an attempt to conjure the goddess since she's taken special attention with you.''

''There is a cathedral to Mother Earth in Throne Town.'' Martha said, the short fox shook her head.

''The enclosed dimension lessen Mother Earth influence, same oughta be said of White but clearly, that one found a way. The matriarch of the church is up in the old world but the Free City of the Faith in the Allied Kingdoms could be a solution to enter a potential communion with Mother Earth.''

The goddess of the world herself not only saved you from Lady White clutches but also spoke to you directly? Is she Lady White foe?
File: 29.png (1.11 MB, 800x1129)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
''Worst thing about all of this is that Ama can't be predicted.'' Tuilelaith continued, good mood evaporating into a carefully maintained confidence. ''At times she acts like a spider, retreating into shadows, using ploys and subterfuges to get her means, other times she'll raid a place and disappear. There's no consistency in her actions.''

''Guess our only choice is to make her react then.'' Martha was a block of ice, thoroughly unperturbed by all the news brought by Tuilelaith, even Belphegor was taken aback. ''Suppression coming soon, bitch is up to something for sure.'' Then her eyes -so similar to Deruella- thinned into a dangerous line. ''I'll stick around. Originally the plans were for me to join up with Zipangu regiment in place of my little sister but they can shove their dislikes up their asses..''

''Martha...'' Belphegor was brought out of her reverie and the blue Lilim shook her head, muttering something about ''family'' and coughing loudly to move on from this topic.

You'll need time to think about all of this...

Places of blood rituals
Magitek solution?
Mother Earth.
Lady White.

A Tale of Monsters -22- End

>Choices to come on another post. There's a whole lot of digest here for you guys.

There we go, things will flow better now. I'll offer a few choices later tonight to help you guys decide on what to do. Of course, you can always come to an agreement before then.
Well holy goddamn, this is a lot of stuff.

...Packing up and moving out of Throne Town ought to be our option of last resort - we just don't know enough to take that option.
Martha's Magitek option is obviously something we'll look into.

I can't say I'm able to get a good read on Martha - did our unfortunate fate as a trouble-magnet sour her opinion of Arawn a bit?
Heh, I had a feeling that was it.

This development is intriguing.

I certainly look forward to see what Martha is planning, and what her idea for dealing with Lady White 's influence is. If she's staying back in Throne Town with us, perhaps she will oin our investigation team. We now have a thing to do while everyone is out in the Suppression: Find and destroy the spot of blood ritual, find and capture either Ama or one of her agents in the town, and possibly devise a plan or countermeasure against it.


That teleporting circle Arawn was geas'ed into drawing while he slept... that has to do with Ama/her agent within the Throne Town.

Either that circle was a preparation for her/her agent to escape the town after their business was finished, OR it is what White used to arrive and slip into the town in the first place.

Did we basically invite her into the town? Is she in cahoots with the people trying to attack Teruko?

It feels like the name she signed as, with that letter, sharing the name of Teruko's baby, could be plans that she's aiding whomever wants harm to come to that baby. Even further considering what we saw on the trip to the red world. I am betting there is a connection.

...I think we should pay a visit to Eleonor to tell us more about her former adoptive mother, and whether she'd be the type to reach out and make a deal with Lady White to settle a grudge against Teruko.
File: 45.jpg (153 KB, 709x709)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>That teleporting circle Arawn was geas'ed into drawing while he slept... that has to do with Ama/her agent within the Throne Town.

Rune of Passages are extremely dangerous to use because people who use them tend to become mad though Daiyu was powerful enough to make one trip.

After thinking about it, I only need one choice to be finalized here, your course of action for the next story day will happen after that thread opening as usual.

>Inform your friends about your discovery tonight despite the danger of Ama power. (You can also choose how many people you want to share all of these discoveries with.)
>Keep this between this group. Tuilelaith, Belphegor, Martha, and Klesiah. Worrying people when they have to handle the Suppression is a bad idea.
Should the fox know about Gardy? That's your only remaining secret.
All the things I was thinking, and I didn't have to scrape together enough brain cells to write it all out too. Though I wonder if Martha shouldn't just make the thing and then let the people here handle it.
>Should the fox know about Gardy? That's your only remaining secret.
Can we ask what Gardy thinks about this? I'd think he wouldn't have misgivings about Tui knowing but it never hurts to ask.

... I'm going to sleep on informing our friends - I have a hard enough time getting my thoughts in order and on text without the need for sleep on top those.
File: 553.jpg (596 KB, 1420x1800)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
She doesn't really want to talk about it because her idea isn't concrete yet. You'll have to see what happen about that next thread.

>I can't say I'm able to get a good read on Martha - did our unfortunate fate as a trouble-magnet sour her opinion of Arawn a bit?

She's a natural grump. If you think she's mad at you there's always the option of inquiring once she calms down and digests all of that info.

>Can we ask what Gardy thinks about this? I'd think he wouldn't have misgivings about Tui knowing but it never hurts to ask.

You've got his okay here. He's trusting Tuilelaith a little bit after she delivered all of that information.
>Keep this between this group. Tuilelaith, Belphegor, Martha, and Klesiah. Worrying people when they have to handle the Suppression is a bad idea.

We can wait to spread this knowledge until after the Supproession. For now, we little few can handle ourselves without letting more people in. Let's supress how much damage Lady White can do.


>Tell her of Gardy.

if Gardy supports our sharing his existance with her, I say we just do that.
I'll support this course of action.
Damn, that's a lot of info. She knows who knows she's more than a mere myth and is always interested in those people. This means assassinating the bitch is damn near impossible as she knows what that person's up to the instant the thought pops into their head and that if/when we decide to murderize her she will not fail to see it coming one way or another and will thus be very well prepared for our arrival upon her doorstep. Yay.

She has what amounts to Chaos cultists scurrying around the globe performing blood magic rituals to help her ensnare yet more unfortunate souls and possibly even real estate (i.e. the most corrupted parts of the world like the Swamp and Luminaris). She *really* likes to "play" with us so wherever we try to set up shop a merry band of cultists will get right to fucking work in the ritual and recruitment departments. Essentially making us her own unwilling and possibly unwitting herald. If a ruler knows that, we can be "weaponized" by them. They capture the elf, then send him, willingly or not, the way of a rival or an enemy nation. This could be why past us had an APB on his ass. That or the rulers were already infected with her influence.

To lessen her influence over us, we will have to regularly search out and stop any blood magic being performed. She also has a legendary "Blood Gift" that does something we don't know about to those who have it. We should fix that at our earliest convenience. If it has a mark or a symptom that shows upon the "gifted" we'll know who needs a good Inquisitorial purging.

Lastly, she's like a fusion of Gork, Mork, and the Joker in her actions. Highly intelligent and at any moment will resort to either Brutal Cunning or Cunning Brutality and ya can never be sure which one it's gonna be. Like, before she decides to do something a dice gets rolled. That determines the means she'll use to attain her ends. or even what she'll even do that day. I wonder how her followers see her and cultists worship her.

I'm also starting to worry a bit about the suppression. If Martha's staying behind along with her sister and Elina we're starting to seriously eat into their firepower. Are we playing into bad fluffy's hands? Gardy is telling us to worry about it first after all and I'm all for listening to him.
>I'm also starting to worry a bit about the suppression. If Martha's staying behind along with her sister and Elina we're starting to seriously eat into their firepower. Are we playing into bad fluffy's hands? Gardy is telling us to worry about it first after all and I'm all for listening to him.

You can try convincing her otherwise. Still got one more day.
Probably a dumb question but Martha knows about Gardy right?
Yeah, you guys have been fairly open with your info. Martha and Derualla, two latest comers, know about your situation and even listened to Klesiah story.
Then we ask him what he thinks she should do. We have one full day/night cycle before the suppression begins right? If so we can allow Martha to pull an all-nighter here and she can still attain fully rested status for the suppression if we convince her to go.

Though upon re-reading a bit it seemed that Deruella wasn't even scheduled to be a part of this mission. Understandable in a sense, she did try to fuck over Zipangu in the past and while the royalty might, *might* have started to forgive her the populace probably has not and it'll take a generation or two for that grudge to die down.

Given the enemy we face Deru would actually be the preferred candidate to stay behind. This shit sounds right up her alley. I'm also a tad concerned if she does go with Zipangu elite troops behind her. After all, friendly fire is not friendly and the urge to frag the commander or engineer "accidents" would be very high among their number. It'd take direct, signed, and *very* clear orders bearing the royal crest of "I'm the king/queen here, shut up and do what I say or be made to wish you were never born" telling them in no way whatsoever to fuck over Deruella to make me somewhat comfortable.

Somewhat being the operative word there. Who's to say it isn't encrypted somehow and actually says "First chance ya get, frag the bitch" or "All suicide missions are her problem, make sure they become her problem".
>Then we ask him what he thinks she should do.

Gardy honestly doesn't know how to answer that, having her remain behind means Teruko will be safer so he's all about that.

>Given the enemy we face Deru would actually be the preferred candidate to stay behind.

Too bad she was away! Oh well, still have one more day.

I'll update twitter tomorrow when I post the ''default'' choice of troops. You guys will be free to deliberate on that, too.
I just thought of this. Any way to gin up citizen paranoia in regards to blood magic? An edict here, a dour fire and brimstone speech by a member of the clergy of Mother Earth and/or Father Sky there. Yeah, ya run the risk of it all turning into a full on witch hunt but hey, if we do manage to burn the actual witch who fanatically loves Lady White in the process then the collateral damage was almost kinda worth it?

Nah, Gardy won't allow us to go through with that. Despite being made of metal he's the biggest softie on the planet (which would, Ironically, also make him the hardest mofo on the planet. Protection is the hardest path and all). Still, is there a way to get the average citizen to be on the lookout without the torches and pitchforks coming out to play?

And as for the troops, I want those Kepri Scarabs from Gwen. My instincts tell me they'll be literal godsends. They will have big problems. The big problems will be surprisingly vulnerable to big Katamari balls of fuck you and die horribly now. Plus they'll clear the tough terrain as a side effect. It's all good for very little downside.

Also, if Deruella is to be part of Zipangu's forces in the ultimate end, my vote despite my previous reservations is for the Oni. They suffered things, they know what it's like to be both too useful to arrange an accident for and a target for elimination if certain things happen anyway and may still hold a grudge. Deru surviving this conflict without a lasting scratch would piss quite a few people off. People the Oni would probably very much like to piss off. I mean, Tsu had her subversive ass coming in their eyes given the shit her fluffy behind put em' through. Ain't factional infighting wonderful folks?
>I just thought of this. Any way to gin up citizen paranoia in regards to blood magic?

Blood Magic is already taboo and seen as a big no-no by the general populace, Daiyu making an official edict to investigate possible blood ritual will inevitably cause a witch hunt as citizens are going to wonder what the hell brought that up all of a sudden. They take that stuff pretty damn seriously. It'd be possible to investigate possible suspect due to how Mamonos understand the Supremes system but involving the population itself is a high-risk type of thing.
>Keep this between this group. Tuilelaith, Belphegor, Martha, and Klesiah. Worrying people when they have to handle the Suppression is a bad idea.
Also since Ama is able to know when people think about her, it's dangerous for more people to know more about us and Gardy.
Damn. No getting the populace involved then. We don't want mobs in the street chanting "Burn the Witch" and "Purge the Unclean" as they'll probably come for Vilma first and worst and/or kill a whole lot of innocents in their fervorous zeal to "remove blood mages" from the capital.

Tui is the foremost servant of Mother Earth given the recent info. I wonder what Lady White's equivalent is (please don't let it be us o merciful GM) but we can be relatively sure that one of Tui's first questions next briefing with her most benevolent master will be this: "How the hell did that weak ass elf overpower a curse from Lady White of all things?"

Mother Earth's answer will be, with 99 percent certainty, the truth. Gardy. He fused his soul to Gardy and that "machine" is more than strong enough to shrug off that curse. Though I think there may be a potential complication. I think I remember something, something pertaining to Gardy's previous charge and how she might not be fully and totally dead yet which may be a very, very good thing for us...
If just speaking her name or thinking about her is enough to let her know about you, plus has shady followers all over the world she's also this setting's equivalent of Voldemort. A fluffy voldemort.


>Tui is the foremost servant of Mother Earth given the recent info. I wonder what Lady White's equivalent is.

Probably that angel he invited into our mind-world, or that other woman who was with her in the first appearance she made to us, is my guess.
File: 8.jpg (284 KB, 566x800)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
The default choice of troops for the Suppression will be the Lamias medium infantry and the Shining Knights. The leaders believe Zazawu summoners will be able to create entities that can clear suitable ground and the Lamias can act as reliable heavy scouts that can handle the terrain and fight their way back if needed.

Now's the time for you folks to come to an agreement about the Suppression troops.
I never finished that series, though the thought of a fluffy Voldemort is terrifying enough as is. How'd he ultimately work?

I'm still sticking with the Khepri option for Gwen's side, though I can change my mind if another anon makes a compelling case. If they clear terrain the summoners can focus on killing and protecting the legions of the undead!
>Shining Knights
That's got my vote.


I know you guys already voted up above but it'd make it easier to repeat so I can tally it up. No need to rush though.
>Keep this between this group. Tuilelaith, Belphegor, Martha, and Klesiah. Worrying people when they have to handle the Suppression is a bad idea.
Thinking about it I actually think you might well be better off putting this vote upon the next thread. We talked, we deliberated it for hours upon hours. We did what Klesiah says we did back in the day (i.e. try and often succeed at finding a solution to a problem without sacrificing any form of advantage, or at least thinking we did until bad fluffy revealed her hand and fucked us over for the lulz) yet we all lacked Zazawu's direct input (he was too busy making a selection of what amounts to his Honor Guard so that's fine as the man is expected to make *quite* the impression by his lieges).

Given his rep, history, and age, he will probably be the one biggest influence, so any appeal made to any form of troop selection will have to made to him in the end. Either by us or by one of the succubi who was influenced by us in the meeting. Point is, there are ways to put that big choice off onto when you've got more people voting. And as they say, be a team player, it diffuses the blame for when you slam us hard with the suffering hammer like ya wanna. Which, to be honest, is the goal of any good and honest GM. It just ain't fun if you're not trying to put the PC's through the wringer entirely of their own making.
Fine by me. So far you guys are keeping Tuilelaith info amongst this small group too, so I'll operate the next thread that way.

Now, now good anon. There's no suffering coming in the future.
Yeah, see, I'd like to believe you, but I just know better. You wanna REJOICE and we already indulged you the first time by being dumb enough to let Ama into our soul. If anyone can sympathize with the Eldar's predicament regarding Slaanesh well, we can now. If only we knew then what we suffer under now...

In regards to news of Gardy, tell Tui but also tell her to keep it quiet. Though I am sure that Gardy will ensure that she gets another more subtle message that we won't fight him on even if we knew he was transmitting his furthest plea. He did have a previous charge. Ama merely said she was "gone". Not dead, not defeated or consumed somehow, just gone. And while I'm not gonna trust her ever she does seem to pride herself on not being a liar. Funny thing about the best liars though, they know all to well that the *greatest* lies are spiced with just that optimal amount of truth...

She told the truth, far as she's concerned that is. If you didn't get the hint than, well, that's on you my new freshly minted pawn. Now go and do some Blood Magic slave!
There's no suffering in the future. Arawn's future at least... his PAST however.
You're underestimating this guy. There's more than one way to make us suffer and we are going to get hit by one of them sooner or later. It really is only a matter of time. Our best hope is to minimize it when it happens and maybe perhaps triumph over it as we throw Lady White's warm corpse into a plasma incinerator newly installed in our brand spanking new and/or freshly reclaimed royal palace that we can hopefully get at the end of all this.

Gotta have aspirations after all.

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