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You are Finneas, the new Overlord of [r]Undermountain[/r]. Well a new Overlord of [r]Undermountain[/r] as there seems to be several of you around here, all living in a slightly anarchic society, with plenty of freelance monsters. The work to save this world is cut out for this overlord.
Last time, our lich have chekced on the local market, and hired a washed-up shapeshifter, for HR (or MR) purposes. After that he have witnessed a light skirmish, that have been stopped short by an avian samaritan, and the ill-tempered guardian of the Bazaar.

After the little crowd have dispersed, the birdman moves back into one of the shops, and the lich follows. The walls are lined with different curios, big and small. Quite orderly compared to the old rat inventor’s shack, but it would still require a little field knowledge to locate something. At least the parchments, inks, crystals, and bigger items are separated, and are not in one pile.
On the side, the birdman gets busy.
“Hello” Finneas tried to get his attention
“Oh, hello” he turned around with happy eagerness in his vocie. However seeing that a living skeleton is his a customer, he put on a more reserved approach “welcome to Huloh’s Emporium. What can I do for you?”
“Oh I was just looking around.” the lich was glancing around trying to look casual “Do you happen to have some works on… [g]green[/g] mana?” he blurted thinking back on the fight between the treant and the werewolf.
“Oh sure” Huloh said with ill-concealed surprise in his voice and starts to broswe a manuscript “Uhh we have Life and Light: Energies to tend your Garden, Green and Mean: Poison growth, Start your Own Garden 101, and some works that I’d imagine mention it, but nothing specialist.”
“Would you happen to know anything similar to the techniques that dryad used before? You know on that fight with the werewolf”
“I.. can’t say I’ve seen much of it” the avian contemplates “but knowing the plant people, Life and Light or Green and Mean might have what you are looking for. But you know it is hard to fully copy the natural abilities of creatures with mana, so there is no guarantee.”
“Thank you, it was quite nice of you to help those two out”
“Oh you know how it is, some idiots cause some ruckus, and the next thing you know the wyern dropped a steaming pile of acid in their direction, and you can kiss goodbye to half your stock, or maye your entrance. So anyways, what will it be?”

>A) Buy a book
>B) Buy everything on green mana
>C) Broswe about another mana (red, blue, yellow, violet)
>D) Write-in
Meta stuff
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/xccv9wsU
Domain Sheet: https://pastebin.com/TkEi099a
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OverQM
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=overmaster
Buy a book or two, fish for gossip
>>3060787 (You)
Especially try to get who’s who out of the guy.
His take on local hotshots, whether he knows anything if our neighbors and who put the wyverns in charge of keeping the peace.
>A) Buy a book
>Life and Light: Energies to tend your Garden
>Start your Own Garden 101
Maybe we could start small garden in our lair
File: Field-Guide-to-Evil.jpg (59 KB, 410x441)
59 KB
“I’ll take the Life and Light, and Start your Own Garden 101.”
“Alright, want packing? It costs extra but it’s water-, and slightly flameproof” he adds. Upon the confirmatory nod, he begins to bundle the selected books
“Say have you heard of the illithid that lives up the seventh tunnel, west of here?
“Hmmm I think that is, hmmm, the domain of Lord Yith’ug Or something like that, those mindflayer names are hard to pronounce without face tentacles.”
“Is he trouble?”
“Well being an exile mindflayer, he was probably back home, certainly for the troglodytes who used to live in that cave.” he muses. “good thing Lord Gash is too bull-headed to have any issues with that” he chuckles.
“He controls an entire tribe?”
“Probably not with his mind, mind you. At least not more than a dozen. I think he uses slave collars.” he ponders “I wonder if they came with a manual”

“Maybe he’ll try to use them on that contest that will choose the successor of Lord Ratkeluresh? Of course if he himself won’t return”
“That is quuuuuuite unlikely.”
“How so?”
“Didn’t you hear? His army have been scattered by some catastrophe. The Magistrates have to pick a new one instead” he is almost done with the packaging, so Finneas decides to switch the topic and ask about one last subject of interest.

“So who put the wyvern in charge?”
“Put them in charge?” Huloh blinks in surprise
“Yeah, why is he the one protecting the market?”
“He put himself in charge I suppose” after a few seconds of silence he continues “you are not from around here, are you?”
“What makes you say that?”
“You seem less...” he tilts his head searching for the right word “self-centered, I suppose. Now that I think about it you haven’t called me a peon once since you entered my shop”
“Why would I call you that?”
With a quick flick of his wrist, he flashes a hexagonal crystal into the lich’s direction “And you don’t seem to be an illusion either. Or a very good one.” while Finneas ponders how to react exactly, he continues lifting his wings apologetically “But I didn’t mean to pry, you know you just have to be cautious if you live in Undermountain. Or maybe you don’t.” he scratches his head and pulls out a little notebook “here, take this newcomer guidebook. It’s on the house.”

>A) Pretend that you were just testing him
>B) Act like a power-hungry tyrant to save face
>C) Take the book and thank him
>D) Write-in
>C) Take the book and thank him
What a remarkably helpful birdman. Of course if he's trying to trick us he will regret it later, but he seems okay so far.
>Take the book and thank him
>D) Act like a power-hungry tyrant as a jest
>C) Take the book and thank him
update incoming, just testing my ID
one more test
File: 1538879616943.gif (440 KB, 400x550)
440 KB
440 KB GIF
“Well you pitiful peon , I shall graciously accept your pathetic attempt to appease me” Finneas says exeggerating with snobbish wavings of his hand
“Now that’s more what I expected from a lich” Huloh nods with appreciation “you could make it to overlord in no time”
“Well actually...”
“Don’t tell me. Hmmmm. Lord Yith’ug? No? Lord Gash?” the lich scratches the back of his skull knowingly “hah, that thief got what was coming to him. Did you know that he stole my copy of Red & Blue Beginner Magic ? I think the imbecile couldn't even read it!”
“Well, I have my reading cut out for me” the overlord takes the notebook and the package “Thank you”
“Than...” he shakes his head in disbelief “eh.. don’t mention it, I usually don’t get to sell many of these anyways. People either know the basics when they come here, or it’s already too late for them to get a guidebook.”
“Well, regardless. I might be back a few times
As the skeleton leaves behind the doors curtain, Huloh looked after it a while. What a curious person. How does one like this end up as a lich? Or warlock? Or an overlord? Well better not pry at this point, rather not scare away a solid-looking customer again.

Finneas elected against reading while on the way, the market was loud and crowded, while apparently the portions outside of it was as lawless as they come. Once back into his adobe, he set his officer Forrman to clear out an area for a garden, the cracked open the guidebook.
It confirms what he already knew. Undermountain is an anarchic society, funded and managed by mostly rogue mages, or warlocks. It also introduces the bigger, and more permanent areas in the mountain as much as the actual persons of note that hold postions; the Magisters.
Vegretun the Great, the master of the Bazaar, who’s wrath shall befall on anyone who starts a conflict on his Market. That must be the beast from eariler. Then there is Yitcha the reigning Prime Queen. The insect hive of Undermountain are sort of common workers, keeping the tunnels up, cleaning them, or making new ones if they collapse. A queen is always a magistrate, the question is just which one.
Sigurd the Accursed who rarely is in the mountain itself, and is prone to appear across the continent at random, leaving destrucion in his wake. Jacent the Grand Princess which only says ‘the cutest in the land, lover of sweet things, and jewelry’, weird. Tillballoch the Everseer, who is ‘great mover of undermountain’ whatever that means.
Finally there is the infamous General Ratkeluresh, who is the terror of the nations, and brings his terrible army ravaging the land. Well it looks like this guidebook is going to need a new edition.

>A) Read up on the places in Undermountain
>B) Research on Green Mana
>C) Research on Gardening
>D) Write-in
>A) Read up on the places in Undermountain
Can't have too much worldbuilding!

Although maybe first make a managerial tour of the domain before settling in to read. See how the shapeshifter is settling in, maybe ask him what he can tell us about dealing with illithids and... golem-crafting catfolk, was it?, check the supply of our Colonel Sanders' (we may end up needing to prioritize gardening if our supplies get stretch thin...), check how minions are keeping themselves busy, spot real or potential holes in defenses...
OP by the way, how much did we pay for the books?

>B) Research on Green Mana
Ah right, 40 for each + 10 for the packing = 90
dropping something in case anyone wants to join in.

>longest game
save the world from a yet to be discerned looming crisis (alongside saving own soul and career of the angelic judge that put his ass on the line for it)

>ongoing objective
grow in power - minions, resources, magic, intelligence, everything that could help when the chips come down

an unknown time constraint. We're on a clock we can't see.
morality constraints - using powers wrongly will corrupt us and may or may not render us unable to fulfill our primary goal of saving the world (and our soul with it), besides the objective of saving the world might end up being failed even if we beat the primary threat if all we leave behind is a pillaged waste or a realm enslaved by a dark empire.
Thus we are restricted in our methods of ascension both in terms of immediate tools as well as in power structure we construct to support us in our goal.

>possible avenues to explore and pursue
-Improve training and equipment of the underlings
-Enlist more underlings and build up facilities to accommodate them
-Put minions to work to secure an income.
-Learn alchemy
-Study the properties, origin and consequences of use of dark energy some more, it could be linked to the mysterious threat or a powerful tool in fighting it, possibly both.
-Make friends/build relations with other lords so they don't all gang up on us if we attract too much attention
-scout out areas further out of the undermountain, perhaps through the portals. We needn't get too attached to our domain even if it will serve as a power base for now, we can pack up and move elsewhere in the world if we believe change of environment would be more conducive to fulfilling our goals.
-Deal with the neighbors, determine what is their threat/friendship potential
>>B) Research on Green Mana
>B) Research on Green Mana
File: plant-growing.jpg (401 KB, 1000x579)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Undermountain’s geography often changes as the dynamics between tenants, wildlife, and tunnels shift around. However there are certain focal points that are always constant for the upkeep of the infrastructure.
There is the Hall of Portals, although few of them possess long-term stability, the prtals help any traveler or merchant, making the mountain a sort of nexus that is traveled even if one would not consider it a destination.
The Forge or the Fireheart as the more archaic naming goes, where all crafting-related masters and guilds pile up. It is the most structured place in the mountain, as the craftsmen have rigid rules to ensure their safety and quality. The closest permanent location to the Forge, is the Arena where great games, and important assemblies are always held. In theory, since no such assembly happened in five full centuries. The Blood Games are still on high demand.
The Shroomgarden, the underrated supply-cavern of warlock society. The mushrooms grow on very little water, virtually no light, and can feed even carnivores – though it would take a very desperate one. Despite the mushrooms not being too long-lived once removed from the cavern, they grow rapidly enough to be a cheap food source, and emergency stock in case of a siege, if one was to ever happen. Not to mention they can live for several days if re-planted underground.
Undermountain is also one of the rumored locations Twilight Library the famed collection of libraries that have mysteriously disappeared from different kingdoms. Insofar nobody have ever managed to prove such claim, much less find the place.

With armchair tourism out of the way, it was time for Finneas to hatch the proverbial egg. Finishing all three books gathered the materials for a garden and testchamber. Soil was easily procured from the grubby minions. When Forrman was asked, he said that they have scooped it up from the mid-level tunnels, but the lich would not have been surprised if they had merely scrubbed each other for excess dirt. Nevertheless, the room was prepared for testing.
Green mana is apparently inherent in all living things, it is the breathing of plants, the digestion of animals, the way the stag grows it’s horns. By mastering it, one can easily kick-start or enhance such processes, or strengthen existing traits. Many creatures possess such innate ability already, some humans even hold the practice of trying to master their own body with innate use of green mana.
Natural light was hard to procure so far from the sun, but that’s what the second book was about. Sunlight is a giving energy, and as such it – or at leasts it’s effects on plants – can be replicated with green mana. Or one can use their mastery of blue mana to bend laws of nature a bit. Or Yellow mana to fool the plants into thinking they receive sunlight. The book doesn’t expand upon the last two methods, but explains the first one in some detail. It also recommends to just buy a light crystal if one cannot afford to cast it frequently. To the overlord’s surprise, the spell took the form of soft vapor that was lingering around the garden, and the plant slowly absorbed it. Infusing it into water, he have planted some seeds as well.

>Your proficency with Green Mana has grown +2
>You have gained new spell [Fertilizing Vapor]

>A) See how far you can push your knowledge in green mana
>B) Try to mix dark mana into it
>C) Surprise your neighbour with some flowers
>D) Take a tour on your domain to see how things are
>E) Write-in
>D) Take a tour on your domain to see how things are
>D) Take a tour on your domain to see how things are
>Take a tour on your domain to see how things are
File: max.jpg (13 KB, 280x280)
13 KB
Although MAGIC’s allure is quite strong, especially in new and undiscovered areas, Finneas shows restraint, and decides to take a look around his domain. Things have been a bit quiet in the last few days, better have them not think as a recluse like Lady Jezebel. Upon leaving the new garden with plenty of vapor, he takes a stroll. The rough rocky trail of the tunnels were almost familiar now, and he knew which one led where. Two of the guards straightened themselves upon seeing their master approaching.

Passing by the food-stores, something catches his eyes. Nilch, the pale doppelganger is squatting over a little barrel, that has a few tubes standing out from them.
“Hello overlord” he waves his hook, and a half-smile appears on his thin face “any plans for tonight?”
“Haven’t really decided yet” Finneas leaned over to take a look at the barre “what is it that you’re working on?”
“Oh, just a little mushroom-coction, your place didn’t have any. Should be done in a few days”
“Alcoholic I assume?”
“Of course what would be the point without it?”
“I wouldn’t know. I can’t really consume alcohol anymore”
“Ah right, right,” he nods in understanding “So was there anything I could do for you?”
“Well one of my neighbors is a mindflayer, and some tinkering cat. Do you have any experience with the like?”
“Flayers are usually bad news“ he strokes his chin, contemplating “but they live in their own hives, so if one settled around here, is probably not welcomed among his own. You also hear stories of how they enslave people in swathes, well don’t let that scare you. Those stories are usually about illithids moving around in clans. An individual one can’t control more than a handful, and even then the strong-willed are an issue. Seen plenty of people who took three-four of them to subdue. Oh! And they say they can sense your mind. Bullshit. They have to see you, or know you are there. Without it, you can just stab them beneath the neck, and they fold like rollsnail. They have good sense of smell though, they probably took advantage of the rumor.”

“And the other one?”
“Well you see” Nilch leans against the wall, arms crossed “beastmen can vary greatly. Sure, there are some consistent ones like most ‘taurs, but mostly you never know what you can get. They usually resemble their animal of origin in some manner. Cat you said?”
“With mechanical aid or something akin. Apparently they keep to themselves”
“The eggheads in the Forge usually make all sorts of mechanical stuff.” he stops to consider a little “but there are many foreign masters who work with that too. I also know that Jacent the Grand Princess also has a liking for fancy mechanical items. There might be connection,” he shrugs “or not.”
File: TrollSkullSK.png (57 KB, 200x266)
57 KB
Going further, the lich finds Lulach, the dullahan varlet, in one hand he holds the usual tray with his head on platter. However under the other arm he brings a curiously-shaped and oversized skull.
“Greetings sir.” he bows his torso in greeting
“Greetings Lulach, what is it that you have there?”
“Oh that? It’s the old doorbell sir, I have just replaced it”
“What was wrong with this one?”
“It got stuck sometimes. See?” he says, freeing up his arm by balancing the tray on his knees, bringing up the huge skull, and knocking it at the back. The skull opens it’s jaws, and begins to shriek a terribly, like a man being flogged. He does that until the butler slams the jaws shut manually. “I have replaced with Lady Jezebel’s doorbell. It is sturdy and less… high octane”
“So what does the other one sound like?”
“Oh it is but a simple...” Lulach is cut short, when a series of gongs is heard “sort of like that. Someone is at the door, sir. Shall I take it?”
“They probably looking for me anyways” Finneas waves “you go and put that skull into the armory, I get the door”
“Of course sir”

On his way to the front door, the lich passes by Forrman, the bulldog-headed beastman who chastises two duende, for standing guard without apparently any weapons, giving out a few educational noggin-knocking with his cudgel.
The menacing iron door that Lord Gash had stands tall, but now there is a little contraption with mechanical people smacking a bell. However there is only one of them doing the smacking, and only the main one. Maybe there are more complex melodies in it? A question for another time.

>A) Open the door bravely and widely
>B) Open the door slightly, and ask who is it
>C) Pretend you are not home
>D) Write-in
>>D) Open the door like normal person would do
This. An invader would probably not want to announce themselves. Even so, be prepared to switch into combat stance.
>B) Open the door slightly, and ask who is it
>B) Open the door slightly, and ask who is it
>>B) Open the door slightly, and ask who is it
Be very sneaky now.
I'm gonna call it here, before someone makes it a tie again.
I hope OP alright

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