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Light, white and grand, it encroaches your vision. It shines so bright. You see, in the light's center, you see it begin to wane. You hear sounds, muffled by your lack of strength. The sounds turn into voices, they beg and scream. You understand them, though you never spoke, you listen to them, though you've never heard before.

Ah. So blurry, these beings. You hear them yelling for help, your help, you imagine. Close to them is another group of beings approaching warily. They are 'armed' with wooden clubs, they are intent on murdering these pleading beings.

How can you help them? You're nothing, floating above the air. Yet the more they plead, the more you feel. First you saw, then you heard, now you begin to know, to 'understand'. Their knowledge is infused into you. Watching over the situation, the beings attacking them are 'foes', 'enemies', 'murderers'. The beings being attacked are the 'tribe', the 'clan', the 'family'.

Again they plead and yell to the skies, to you. They've... created you. Their collective will for salvation has made you. And if they die... You do too.

What can you do? You try to concentrate on what you know, on your strength and power, it is what these beings would use to protect themselves.

The fight for their life is the fight for your life, and now, they need you to defeat these cursed beings who would threaten them, and by definition, you.

>What will you do?
>you contort and start sucking your own dick
Off to a great start I see. Do we even have one?
We lack physical manifestation, right? So it's a matter of how much we can interact with the world: Can we distract the "foes"? Smite them, whether with a bolt of lightning or a heart attack or falling rocks or something else? Dominate their will? Empower someone from the "tribe"?

We concentrate on what we know, but it's kind of lacking at the moment.
I guess trying options out is what to do, maybe see if we can make a lightning bolt fall in front of the aggressors then go through the list.
bestow luck on your worshippers and bad luck on the attackers.
but only those who fight for themselves.
God helps those who help themselves
>manifest a body and make a large throbbing dick and contort your manly body and suck it!!!!

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