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>That's who you are


>You are the Prince of Defiance
>Hard to believe you're just a little memey human boi
>Who used to get his fingers smashed in desks
>His hair pulled when he showered
>Garbage dumped in his backpack

Good thing your dad is out of the picture.

>Now you're a magical warlord

Ja: "Anon?"

>With friends like Janna

Ja: "Anon."

>A sick magical Godmother

Ja: "Anon~ Hello?"

>An army
>A castle


>You're so damn strong
>What else could you even n-



Ja: "Hey, man."

>Janna is suddenly calm again as you nurse your fourth stab wound caused by your relationship

Ja: "We just killed a dragon. Made outta skin and giant bones."

A: "My GODDAMN arteries are in there!"
>You motion to your human shoulder with Muscles
>He too finds this distasteful
>He wants you to disrobe Janna and stick her body to the surface of a Frozen lake
>Like a tongue to a street pole
>Not now, Muscles with your weird fetishes

File: fpt10047-bubble-sax.jpg (27 KB, 533x397)
27 KB

Ja: "Whole time you didn't even talk about Jackie."

A: "..."

Ja: "You ok?"

A: "..."

>You have work to do.


A: "Goat Bro needs his skin put back on."
Ja: "O-...oh. Yeah."
>You go for your own bloody wound first
>Giving your HP for others is typical for y-

Ja: "I got it."
>Janna draws out her own knife

-Let her do it (She really likes helping but YOU are the one who can HP drain the next skeleton you see)

-Insist you do it (Don't let her hurt herself. You know better about these things.)

-Help her (Janna is a bosom bud. Even if she steals from you and casually ruptures your organs.)

L: "Anonymous."
A: "Mom?"
L: "You've taken the castle."
>She looks
>Almost like she's about to-

L: " Hm~ Hmhmh"
>Holy shit
>She's laughing
>Her tiny
>Ever so much

L: "What shall we do first? Decorate? Or infest this basement with a carnivorous fungus? Either way. It should feel like our next home."

>Your eyes land on the nearby Giant Skull
>Who defied Leather Teeth
>Who lost to the dragon and became a ghost

>That soul is now in your wand

-Return the Skull to the Giant's brother (Keep the soul)

-Return the Skull and release the Soul (Maybe there is a Giant heaven?)

-Keep Both (This power is yours. Why give it away right when you earn it?)

>The Wand
>It glows with unknowable power

Ja: "Is it...evolving?"
A: "It'll have to wait. We gotta patch up and get outta here first."
Ja: "Huh. Practical."
A: "Grateful."

>You stand over the Skinless Goat God
A: "Thanks."

>He gives you a muscle and bone thumbs-up

What do?
>-Return the Skull to the Giant's brother (Keep the soul)

>Look into making a vessel for Luna. We did promise...
>ask Janna if she wants a hand with GB

>Tell her Jackie hurts but theres nothing more to do right now as we have too much on our plate

>Raise the skull with his soul and then ask him what he would like us to do for him.

>Let the wand evolve

>Take a breather with Janna and then contact wondervon and KK for a status update.

>During the downtime Properly raise Grate. He deserves it.
File: 48c.jpg (359 KB, 724x709)
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359 KB JPG
>>Let her do it (She really likes helping but YOU are the one who can HP drain the next skeleton you see)
Lets see what she can do. We already concluded she aint a baby that needs sitting.
Plus we're a bit low on health right now.

>Return the Skull and release the Soul (Maybe there is a Giant heaven?)
MAYBE. Lets talk with him first...
Don't wanna come up to any wrong conclusions.

>What do?


If yes, then bring a group of skeletons to help you clear the area, we've yet to fully explore the castle, I believe.
Keep your guard up, young prince.
>Help her, and have both you and Janna give blood. Together.

>Return the Skull to the Giant's brother (Keep the soul)

>Get lootin'.
Oh, also.

What happened to that nice coat of fleshy faces with the flasks GB was wearing?

I guess we lost that, huh?
For shame.
>-Let her do it
She said she's got it, so let her have it.

>L: "What shall we do first? Decorate? Or infest this basement with a carnivorous fungus? Either way. It should feel like our next home."
Kitchen first, then the dining room. For a victory feast!

>-Return the Skull to the Giant's brother (Keep the soul)
We can get a big skull anywhere.

>Ja: "Is it...evolving?"
Answer Janna's question with the truth Anon.

-Help her (Janna is a bosom bud. Even if she steals from you and casually ruptures your organs.)

-Return the Skull and release the Soul (Maybe there is a Giant heaven?)
--Ask the soul what he wants.

Put skin on the Deity.
This is good too.
>Help her (Janna is a bosom bud. Even if she steals from you and casually ruptures your organs.)
>Keep Both (This power is yours. Why give it away right when you earn it?)
I'm feeling a little greedy

I'll support this, also

>Check psionic connection with all undead
>Tell her Jackie hurts but theres nothing more to do right now as we have too much on our plate
This honestly. Heart breaking, but it was her choice and we gotta respect that. Plus, we have a universe to rule. We don't got time to cry our eyes out and eat ice cream with Susan while watching sad romance movies like we want it.

>Look into making a vessel for Luna. We did promise...
Also this, 1001%. Mom should be celebrating with us in person.
Supporting >>3053712
On second thought, I'll just support >>3053696
but I really wanna have both Anon and Janna give blood.
File: file.png (44 KB, 236x210)
44 KB
>>Ja: "Whole time you didn't even talk about Jackie."
>A: "..."
>Ja: "You ok?"

...Probably not. I don't know what to think about that,, or how to solve it. So I want to concentrate on other things first...?

Hiding one's uncomfortable feelings under a load of work is no different from doing it under a blanket of cynicism, self-deprecation and memes I guess.
Just a way to keep he mind from dwelling on those dark recess of our mind.

Oh well.
>Help her
>Return the Skull to the Giant's brother
>We should really try to make this place into a forward operationg base or whatever. The castle in the HOLE is our REAL home afterall.
>Also give Luna a little huge, she's too damn cute.
Will support the hug.
Maybe we raise some undead around here to hold the fort as well.
Janna's calling us out but... should we even try to address it right now, or just attempt to deflect? She ditched and ran right too at the start of S2... Maybe it's like the same thing? Just need time to clear our head and get stuff done..
File: Luna and Babunon.png (293 KB, 1000x1100)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Hug Mom!
Also tell Janna that while Jackie is still a sore spot, we are trying to work through it.
If she has any questions she can ask though, we aren't sure what she knows.
Yeah supporting this. Lets have an open chat with Janna.

We don't feel fear, so we shouldn't fear being open.
Dont forget to raise dead on the Guy who Made leatherteeth.

Meant to have ask the soul before doing anything .
Glossaryck gave it to him. The jackass.
Lets confirm it, I want to know why and the circumstances.
File: 454.png (371 KB, 680x1244)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
I'd advise about making any sudden moves on the giant, as benevolent as it may seem (himself and out actions).

We don't know how he'll react to knowing we did the doon done on his bro (
File: 0407182246.jpg (34 KB, 881x496)
34 KB

>You Do your due diligence

>While Janna hovers over the goat
>Fixing his skin arrangement
>You text your Scissors


A: "Still not working?"

>You try to communicate to your minions

Su: "Hewwo?"
A: "Susan! Aw thank fuck. Status report."
Su: "Anown. Whatsh a debate."
A: "Susan I- what?"
Su: "A debate."
A: "Why?"
Su: "Caushe I'm own the debate team now."
A: "That's..."
>Susan has a lisp
>Is nearly retarded
>Has literally fought drink machines to death for her change
>Won't use cars or shoes
A: "Amazing. Now gimme an update."
Su: "Oh, Justin's gonna get a medaw. Jackie's ok. I supwexed Yewwow into a dumpstew and Muwdewed some Aweiens. Bow ate the Aliensh."
A: "Now. Why the hell are you on the debate team?"
Su: "Caush'e I'm twy'nah get WAID."
A: "Pussy?"
Su: "Fancy Pusshy."
A: "...Brittany?"
Su: "No way. She'd Cwaoset cashe me."
A: "So uh..."
Su: "Chantelle."
A: "..."
Su: "Her booty'sh Distwacting."


>Janna bites her own lip as she puts down the knife blade to her skin
>Still can't take what she dishes
>You raise your hands
>She suddenly glares and SLICES her hand a little too deep

Ja: "Ah!"
>She rushes over and starts chanting the words for "BLOOD FOR BLOOD"

>You lower your eyebrows and frown
>Pierce your human palm with Muscles' claws

>Then you join her
Ja: "My blood for th- EEP!"
A: "Eep?"
Ja: "I said I'd do it!"

>She shoves you
>You shuffle up next to her and squeeze your fingers, dripping blood onto the skinless Goat-man

A: "I know. Now -we- are doing it. Also, you don't gotta do the chant every time."
>Janna watches you
>Manipulating the magic with your WILL and memory alone

A: "I don't need it every time. Just when I need to do major repairs."

>She joins you
>For a moment
>Pink, Gold and Red energies combine
>Muscles snakes down

>He Holds her free hand

Ja: "Thanks."
A: "Listen. About Jackie..."



>The Goat is up
>He stomps across the icy lake your magic made in this cavern
>His long black locks swing as he finds a tune no one else can hear
>Swings his fists in the air and screams out lyrics to some old drinking song

A: "I miss her."
>One of your eyes mists up
>You swallow it
>A frigid, stable darkness replaces what you were about to feel

GB: "Haven't felt a pain like that in CENTURIES, boyo!"

A: "I-...I'm not used to missing anybody. That's what I'm not ok with."
Ja: "Heh...everybody else you'd miss you just convince yourself they're a bad person."
>Like Marco
A: "Like Marco."
Ja: "Or your old mom?"
>You laugh
A: "Fuck you, Janna."
L: "Disliking..."
>Luna looks off to the side
L: "Emily."
>You can tell she wanted to say 'That woman'
>She slows down her false breathing
L: "May make things easier...but that doesn't make it wrong."
A: "I wanna fix it."
Ja: "Your feelings?"
>Janna looks a little off put by that idea
A: "Sort of...but."
>Some of your hair sneaks down into your eyes
>You push it back
>Using blood for hair gel

A: "I think I should fix me. First and foremost."
Ja: "That's..."
A: "Tch. More fucked than bottling it up?"
Ja: "Nah. It's honest."
A: "...is Honesty hot C-"

>Janna walks the hell away from you
Ja: "McMoot you're a lo~ser~ !"
A: "Bitch!"

>You're smiling
>Chasing a girl across a frozen lake

>You eat shit on the ice
>Janna is skating on blood knives

>She slides up
>Boops your nose
>Takes a picture with her phone

Ja: "Caught ya slippin'."

>When you get done screaming you return
>To what you know
>The work
>Although Janna just helped

>Honesty helped someone help
>You helped her

A: "Theres...a fuckin' patter or some shit in that. I know it."

You're learning




A: "Hey, Boneless."
D: "...Thank you."
A: "I-...I killed you."

>Janna and her Patron Goat are Ice-Skate dancing behind you
>She found the cloak of faces thrown into the ceiling
>He is wearing it as a scarf

D: "Yes."
>The skull's eyes glow blue
D: "Thank you, Master. Am I going home?"

>You look to the wand
A: "What's it like? In there."

D: "A paradise."
A: "...do you want to go back there?"
D: "I have craved nothing but an end to my suffering for so long..."

>His voice is tired
>Almost a whisper in your head

D: "It is paradise...but it is not home."
A: "Heh. I understand."
D: "Take me home."

A: "You got it."




A: "Mom. The castles great and all...but there'something better."
>You squeeze Luna to your cheek
A: "I can make you a body now."
>She is silent
L: "Perhaps."
A: "What?"
>You let her go
>She floats around your head as you, Janna and Goat bro head for the last flight of Stairs

L: "Anonymous. Can you tell how powerful I am?"
A: "Well- no?"
>Don't look
A: "I mean I've felt your magic all up in my guts."

Ja: "Gay."
A: "Shudup!"
>You mime a backhand at Janna
>She snickers and cringes with a wry smirk

A: "...but this is YOUR magic I've got in here."
>You wave the wand
>It hums like a possessed light saber
>The Eye-gem is wildly tossing looks at everyone present
>Almost feels like it's muttering

A: "I-..."
>A realization hits you
A: "You don't want a vessel, do you?"
L: "I do. When I have it. I want it to be made with your hands."
A: "I can do that now."

>You shake the wand

A: "I'll give you the perfect body."
L: "When you do."
>She kisses your cheek
>She floats away
>Looks into your eyes
>As her lips reform in pink sparks

L: "It needs to be alive."
>Not a preserved soul in a jar

L: "My vessel for now is already perfect enough. Nothing could be closer to heaven than being inside my little boy."

GB: "Baaha. Ghey."

>Luna snaps her eyes to the Goat
>His eyes turn to stone



-When you Escape the Fortress (With a Mighty Effort between yourself and Muscles) two major issues strike you


A: "Where in the shit eating Chimp faced Fuck did Glossaryck get that egg from?"

>You Slap the Wand
>A ghost appears
>He is being hounded by other ghosts
>All of whom want to shred him to bits

A: "Off! Down! Sit! Heel!"
>They move away at your command

>The Mad Maker raises his glowing eyes to meet yours

A: "Where did the egg come from?"
>He is silent
>You pull the egg out of your backpack as Goatbro falls face-first on the dry grass

A: "This. Cunt. Where did you get it?"
>Is silent

L: "He resists."
A: "BOI."

>Your eyes turn black
>The ghost

MM: "Muuuuaaahhhhhh! AAAHHHHuuhhhhh!"
>He moans
>You stop

A: "Fuck. How did I-"
L: "This is an old soul, Anonymous. Far older than the typical ghost. He has been...pickled. In agony."
>Luna's mouth barely opens
>Like she wants to lick her shiny lips
>She doesn't

L: "He's the first to ever resist you. Cute."
A: "I don't like torturing people who haven't fucked me."

Ja: "Still Gay!"
>Janna cries from on top of a burnt house

MM: "It called to me..."
>You look to the ghost
MM: "For years. In my dreams. The spell that waited beneath this fortress...sang to me. Told me of what it could do."

>He raises his dead eyes to the clouds
MM: "I saw a world delivered from oppression. Ruled not by kings but by gods."

>He weeps smoke

MM: "I saw the Mewman royalty in squalor with their fellow peasant parties...and I saw peace between Mewman kind. No time for war. Only for survival."

>He sobs
MM: "The Egg was with the spell. Guarded by a blue aura that dispelled at my touch...it reeked of fried corn. Soft cheese."

A: "Doritos."
>Your pallet sours at the thought of Glossaryck getting cheese dust all over a stillborn dragon

MM: "This was my destiny. Don't you understand?"
>You don't look on him with pity
>He gets angry
MM: "The world was supposed. To be. Better!"

>You snap
>He fades away
>Back into the wand

A: "You missed your mark. Mortal dumbass."

>You ascend to the clouds
>To find that same lonely house


>You approach
>With the skull in your hands

Ja: "Can I come up!"
A: "Fuck off!"

>Goat Bro comes up as an Eagle

GB: "It's lovely!"
A: "I s-"


>The Door opens
>What stands before you is the White and Blue Giant of the clouds
>He has dinner on
>You can smell it

A: "H-...hey."
G: "Hello."
A: "Xeus?"

>The Giant looks angry
X: "Who told you my name?"

>You offer the Skull
X: "..."
>His expression drops
>He also drops a meat cleaver the size of a boat

>It goes through the clouds


Ja: "DUDE! ....AWESOME!"



X: "Deffy?"
D: "Brother."
>The lights inside the skull grow
>The living Giant begins to cry
>His tears are silver

>He takes the skull from you
>Hugs it

X: "I WAITED! I- I waited for so long! KILLED SO MANY PONY HEADS!"
D: "Like ya do, Brother! My brother! The Warrior! The soldier!"
X: "You twit! You little fool!"
D: "I love you, Xeus."

>Dreamed of

D: "I loved you always..."
X: "..."
D: "I just wanted to be strong like you. To be a hero. So I left."
X: "It's alright now, Deffy."
D: "No...because I have to leave again."
X: "No, you don't."

D: "I'm dead, brother. I know that now."
X: "I already mourned you."

>He turns the skull to the corner
>There is a painting on the wall
>Of 4 giants
>A father
>A mother
>Xeus himself
>Next to Xeus
>In fresh white bone paint

D: "I-...I am honored?"
X: "Honored and Loved. Welcome to our heaven."
>Xeus looks into the skull
>Seeing the eyes
>Of the one he never knew he'd get to say goodbye to

X: "Forever."
>You Release Defiant's soul
>As he wanted
>In his home
D: "Forever."

-Mission complete (In your heart. I am free.)

A: "Maybe...even if I'm not that great."
>You turn away from the scene
>Hands in Pockets
A: "I can do good...even if I'm not good."

X: "MAN thing!"
>You turn back

X: "...You have friends in the clouds."

>The house
>Begins to fly

A: " https://youtu.be/iRLBAL1nFK4 "





A: "Home."



I wonder how a giant will go against a dragon?




>You throw open the doors


>Oh No

>The tiles are broken
>There is weird shredded clothing hanging off of the stairs
>Stains cover the walls and ceiling

>Dirt from the Greenhouse is in the lobby
>The Guest wing is barricaded with a pair of Skeletons smoking outside of it


>There is a god awful smell coming from the kitchen
>The door to your throne room is off it's hinges

>One of your game systems
>Is floating like a balloon set
>It won't come down

>This place is a fucking wreck

did we release the soul or did we bind the soul to the skull?
also pony heads a onahole shaped like horse head that spews out sparkles

I'm sure giants are more than just huge humans that live in the clouds

Right Quest?
File: My Lort.png (77 KB, 140x215)
77 KB

A: "W-"

>Who the FUCK let this happen!?

Ja: "Who's Alvin?"
>Janna pops in behind you

A: "A reference."
Ja: "To what?"
A: "Syndicated TV that I could afford t- BITCH! Janna! Go home!"
Ja: "I'm homeless still."

A: "What?"
Ja: "Yeah. My bus got taken over by Hobos."
A: "..."

>Your phone goes off
>TEXT FROM [unknown number]

???: "Hey, Kid. It's me."


What do you d-

KK: "My lort."

>Killa Kente
>Your Skeleton General
>Armed with military grade weapons and hellish armor

>You tasked him with training the Bone Boys to fight

>He looks tired?
>He slouches
>His armor is loose

KK: "I fear we may have an issue."
A: "What. Has Happened. To my HOME!?"
KK: "Seeval War."

A: "...Fucking WHAT!?"

KK: "Deh French Skeletons. Dey are Yooseless. Lazy. Kree-aye-tive. Deh have no EEntarest in our War with the world. Dey have so much...life."
>He says that last part with disgust

KK: "Dey pilfa clothing. Cigarettes. Dey have taken deh guest wing and seek to be...servants of yours."
A: "You're -all- servants of mine."

KK: "Dey do not wan' to beh soldiers, my lord. Deh want to clean. Cook. Read...like people."

>Like People

L: "How spirited."
>Luna's eyes glow
L: "Shall we annihilate them?"

>How do you begin to straighten this out?

>Investigate that Awful Smell
>Find the African Skeletons stronghold
>Figure out where Entropy is

>Meet the French Holdouts
>Figure out why the hell Wondervon hasn't dealt with this either
>Find Baby Olson

-Throne Room
>See what the hell they've done with the place
>The Damage caused in your absence
>Collect yourself and plan your next move before dealing with the rabble
>Meet the French Holdouts
>Figure out why the hell Wondervon hasn't dealt with this either
>Find Baby Olson
looks we have normal servants then.

we could go out on several worlds searching for the forgotten dead and playing like a kind of pan piper and having a bag we collect teeth in and if they are alive and have a dropped tooth we can steal it and leave a coin so when they die we can take there soul and revive them in a body
Meet the French Holdouts
>Figure out why the hell Wondervon hasn't dealt with this either
>Find Baby Olson
Fucking hell, if the bitches wanted to be house servants they should've just asked god dammit.

>L: "Shall we annihilate them?"
No Mom, that'd be too easy for them. They want to be servants, let them clean this fucking mess up. So we don't have to. Then take away their cigarettes for a week as punishment for starting a civil war.

>???: "Hey, Kid. It's me."
"Hey dude, what's up with the budget?"

Swear to mom, if these skeletons delay Luna's resurrection there's gonna be hell to pay.
>Janna You are always welcome under my roof as is goat man. Got a garden cleaned up if you want to make a new home.

>Text back. "New Phone, who dis"

>Tell Killa Kente to only train the best. To be our sword is a privilege only few are worthy of. Tell him to call his own and take them to the armory and continue training

>Go to the French and get them to work as servants cleaning up the damage. They want to be servants, then they shall work as them.

>Get our babies back to the throne room and summon the leaders of both factions.

>to Luna "Nothing I have claimed is worthless. Just not used properly."

>You Release Defiant's soul
>As he wanted
>In his home

As for the second thing...why not have it shoot out glue?


>Meet the French Holdouts
>Figure out why the hell Wondervon hasn't dealt with this either
>Find Baby Olson

One problem at a time, we need to inspire these French people with their national heroes!

Joan of Arc!
Gilles de Rais!

Or if they really don't want to fight, we give them the idea to be general servants around in the castle assisting whoever calls on them

Also new phone who dis?
Once we have Wondervon taken care of he can help us with the rest of this mess.

also contact wondervon via mind magic and tell us the situation, and what time/date it is so we have a solid timeplan for plans and schedules
>Mindbeam susan
>"Before you get blinded by tasty thicc plush carpet make sure Chantelle isn't setting you up for embarrassment at Britteys whim.

Debate is about public speaking and arguing your point with words and words alone. Think it through.

Why did you dumpster trash Yellow?
Love ya bitch."
File: Overlord Staff.jpg (162 KB, 768x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>L: "How spirited."
>Luna's eyes glow
>L: "Shall we annihilate them?"
No. We certainly cannot allow our rule to be dismissed like this, but maybe forcing our servants into roles they aren't prepared for wasn't such a great idea.
It's inefficient to force people to work jobs they aren't prepared for, even if these people are dead. Plus, I'm sure they are bound to do cleaning way better than fighting.
Those cheese eating surrender monkeys.

We could make different divisions and make sure each different tasks to realize (though we'll need to assign them some sort of leadership).
...Maybe we could set up a Suggestion Box... in our head? or something?
Fuck, how do good, no, great leaders do it? We need to pick our slack off.

Time to be a king Anon, even if you're king of a pile of bones and rotting flesh.

>-Throne Room

Susan was merely helping Yellow get back home
>Command the skeletons to send representatives to the throne room. Also to bring the Children. Also that they will be turned into bone paste if anything happened to the Childrens.

>Janna You are always welcome under my roof as is goat man. Got a garden cleaned up if you want to make a new home.

>Text back. "New Phone, who dis"

>Ask Luna if bunny man could "make use of them".
>Ask Luna if bunny man could "make use of them".
Oooo, that's a good idea. Have Velvet Ear run the butler/maid division of our undead.
>Also Explain the undeath philosophy to Kente.
First, this. Velvet Ears is the perfect Head Butler for a servant division.
-Throne Room
>See what the hell they've done with the place
>The Damage caused in your absence
>Collect yourself and plan your next move before dealing with the rabble
then this. No need to go off half-cocked for a whole-cocked situation
Text Phone: me who? You're showing up as a [unknown number].

>Janna You are always welcome under my roof as is goat man. Got rooms to spare. It's up to you though.

-Throne Room
>See what the hell they've done with the place
>The Damage caused in your absence
>Collect yourself and plan your next move before dealing with the rabble
>Janna You are always welcome under my roof as is goat man. Got rooms to spare. It's up to you though.

Guys, come on. We've already done this song and dance. We offered Janna to live with us, she said "fuck off Anon." She likes living on her own. Let's not retread old ground. Show we know SOMETHING about her.
File: file.png (489 KB, 600x600)
489 KB
489 KB PNG

Also, I'm guessing it's Excalibur calling.

If we end up occupying the lost castle we will need to dispatch a troop of undead to man it.

Also supporting allowing Janna to crash at our place. Can we hug Luna still?
or offer to help kick the hobos out of her bus. Or both. We aren't her parent or a cop. She can do what she want.
Pretty much this.
We are saying shes welcome to crash as she doesn't have a place right now. If she wants to she can, if not then whatever. Just saying our door is open.
>Ask the unknown number if this is that celestial guy we helped a while back.
Maybe it's Nick or LOOZAR.


File: DhwrioXU0AAJkNA.jpg (104 KB, 1200x675)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Are mad

>Muscles can feel it
>He cracks his wrist like it was his neck and he was a DBZ villain

KK: "M-my lord?"

Ja; "Don't push it, man."
>Janna holds a hand up to Killa
>Your ears are red
>Your eyes are bloodshot
>Your teeth are bared

Ja: "This is his thinking face."

A: "Janna."
>Your face is flat
Ja: "Yuh."
>You turn to her
>As you simmer with RAGE

A: "Wait for me in the Garden."
>You say through shredding teeth
A: "As I attend to my estate. I'll be along. Shortly."

Ja: "You just sounded like Luna."
>You press your lips

GB: "A garden, y'say?"
A: "Yes. To stay."
>You avert your eyes
A: "If you like."
>Janna laughs
Ja: "I'll bust out some snacks. Get my music goin. You wifi?"
A: "Yes. Password is "AssMassCannotbeSurpassed"

Ja: "See you when you get done, boss man."
>She rubs your right ear lobe as she passes

>Looms over you
>Looking terrified

A: "...who are the leaders?"
KK: "Of deh factions?"
>You don't nod
>Acknowledge his dumb question
>Your hair gently moves in a breeze from nowhere
>Your absolute crushing glare says it all

KK: "I am deh leadeh of my own people. Of those who wish to fight."
A: "Good. I picked you for that."

KK: "Deh other is a Poet. Led part of the Revolution in his own country."
A: "What. Does he look like."
KK: "Vereh short."

>Kente motions to his own mouth
KK: "No lower jaw."

>You have a plan
>A good one

>Bring the leaders into your office
>Tell them how things are going to be
>Make it clear
>You are back
>In charge

>Until you contact Wondervon


>Finding him at a conference table

W: "Ach, zeh verkers are alvays zeh lazt to zee any benefit for zere labor. All employments iz ultimately exploitative. All men zould be zeir own islands. Entrepeneurz. Or expect to be taken advantage of."




>The skeletons guarding the guest wing step aside
>Muscles rears back
>You even take four steps back
>Then charge on your own two legs
>SMASHING your hand-brother into the barrier

>Your senses are assaulted
>As cigarette smoke fills your lungs with every step

>Luna floats by your side
>As you walk forward
>There are old books everywhere
>Some used as ash trays
>Covered in coffee rings

>You scan the faces
>Skeletons in loose fitting common clothes
>Stolen T-shirts
>Some uniforms from your school


A: "Un. Accept. Able."

>You find Wondervon's Door

>You calmly open it
>Muscles looks at you
>Questioning why

A: "These are -my- doors I'm not breaking them all."

>Wondervon's lab

O: "Daddy? Can't see!"
W: "You don't have lungz, my boy."


>The Skeleton with no Jaw
>Seated on three phone books
>Dressed in suspenders

>He looks to you

>He taps in Morse code
>Doesn't even speak to you psionically

W: "He-..."
>Wondy has...very little fear in his voice
>He looks a little dr-
>He is having coffee in wine.

>On your fucking time!?
W: "He says he wants to be paid from now on. In cigars and dresses."
O: "Why, dresses?"
W: "I kan only assume he is a cross dresser."
O: "What's that?"

>My god
>They're corrupting the boy

File: s-l300.jpg (17 KB, 300x300)
17 KB

>You take him from his chair
>Set him outside

>You make sure the others can see this

>He starts to tap at you
>You stop him

>Answer your text

???: "Hey, kid! It's me."
A: "Me. Who? New number. New phone."
???: "This, Anon?"
A: "Yeah."
???: "It's your Dirt Brother."


???: "I'm about to be arrested!"
What do with these insurrectionist surrender monkey?

>Slap the Dogshit out of the Resistance Leader
-He didn't clean
-He didn't work
-He just made all of your Skeletons into Ingrates

>Dominate him
-He is part of your WILL
-He has gone errant but... you can fix that

>Luna has already summoned Velvet ears
>He walks through the fucking door of a nearby closet
>Like the damn Terminator
>They had him tied up

W: "He resisted resistance."

>You could just fire him
>Yank his soul and leave him with no vessel
>He'd be back in paradise but also out of your hair...
-Things might not be as bad you thought
-Although Velvet ears certainly doesn't think so

>You could also

>Destroy him
-Set this shit in order. Now.

L: "You've given them too much individuality."
A: "No."
>You disagree
>With Luna?

>She looks grave
>You can tell she's listening
A: "I let them make a mistake."
>You motion
>To everything around you
A: "They made it."
W: "How kind."
>Wondervon's fucking tone
>Is not helping

A: "Nothing. Of mine. Is useless. It just mis-used."

What do?

What do about Wondervon?
Get creative.
>>Slap the Dogshit out of the Resistance Leader
>-He didn't clean
>-He didn't work
>-He just made all of your Skeletons into Ingrates

While making all of these french cowards into servants is entirely doable, and honestly kinda reasonable, we cannot allow such insubordination to go unpunished. Slap his shit, make the frenchies work for free for a week, and this guy specifically work for free for two weeks. This is a suitable punishment, and gives us ample time to actually set up payment for them all.
Full-blown Rebels?? In OUR Undead Empire!?!? I think not.


Naahhh. Let Mr. Velvet Ears decide.
>Slap the Dogshit out of the Resistance Leader
>Dominate him
Tell the rest if they have REQUESTS they will be addressed fairly and as swiftly as possible, but DEMANDS are UNACCEPTABLE!
>Psionic mindlink dirtbrother for his location
>Open a portal and yank him through

>Sit with the frenchman

> "Poet... what could have possibly given you the idea that I raised your bony ass for free. I fucking yanked your dead ass from beyond the void and into an eternity of paradise. So you had to do some fucking chores and because you couldn't wait a few goddam days to bring it up with my more than accommodating ass you decided to assault the staff and corrupt a minor.

This isn't no fucking revolution, this is the big leagues and if you can't cut it then back to the void you go. Is that what you want?

Now I am not a tyrant. If you want smokes and dresses then that is something I would be more than happy to get, but assaulting others and damaging THE MASTERS PROPERTY is childish and wasteful.

So as you wish to be a child, so shall you be treated. Killa kente, parade this fool to the dungeon where he will sit in time out, think about what he's done and when he is ready to apologize he may request forgiveness from Mr.Velvet ears and make amends.

Now, I recognize my fault. I left you without a command structure. From now on Mr.Velvet ears is the HNIC. You have a problem, you bring it to him and go back to your fucking job. He will be interviewing the rest of you and finding placement.

KK Will lead the soldiers.
Poet, when you return you will lead the Servants.

I expect better out of you."
They are children, teach them with punishment.
AS the newly appointed Head of Servants, Velvet Ears should be given authority over the punishment of such disgusting behavior. For wondervon, he clearly is showing poor parenting skills. Tell him that if he doesn't clean up his act and act like a father we will have to move Olsen to a more appropriate father. One that does not get drunk in front of his own child.

We need someone who knows about serving and is just as skeletal as them time to bring in Mr. Velvet Ear

Also Wondie as a child abuse victim please don't drink around your boy, you're the main influence of Olson's life.

And supporting the top two of here >>3054211
Heres the problem.

Poet didn't get a run down on the situation that we are the master here and he serves us. If he doesn't then he can go back in the wand. This isn't a dictatorship.

If he wants to stay we expect them to put in work. He can be the head of the servants that's fine but he must respect chain of command.

We didn't establish chain of command so that is our mistake. So we are correcting it now.

Velvet Ears - Head Nigga in Charge
KK - General, Our Sword. Leads warrior skeletons
Poet- Servant King, leads the domestic bois
Grate- Herald, speaker of our voice

Velvet ears will interview the undead and place them where they belong.

Poet did fuck up our stuff and was rude to VE. He must face punishment which will be imprisonment until he repents and makes amends which Velvet Ear and Wondervon will choose as they are the two he has wronged.
Pretty much literally >>3054220
Also supporting helping out Dirt Bro like in >>3054211 though I feel that would require going back outside for a sec to do that.
support but also make a show of being super anger the kind of angry where you are in the form of death or a screaming beast with your mutate head loged in its throat
I approve of giving these skeletons a good spook. Remind them of the anger of their King.
supporting this

But I want to stress that we should let at least some to clean and stuff as opposed to guarding

we should head to the throne room next and plan before dealing with whatevers in the kitchen
>take Wondervon aside from his child. Have the child taken back to the lab.

We promised to treat him as a partner so lets do so.

>Luna, give me a spell to sober him up
>"Wondervon, man whats wrong. You're a fucking mess. Is this what you want your child to see? Talk to me."
Changing my original vote. I prefer this route instead.
he needs to learn his place

No, this is the exact opposite of how a ruler should be. We want loyal followers, not scared minions. We should remind him, coldly with all that murderous intent that we are restraining ourself from tearing poets soul apart. Flare our power if you need to but,

Never lose your cool. Even in the face of death.
We are better than being a petty tyrant.
I want to support >>3054211, but the command structure still seems in shambles. Frenchie being offered that "carrot" before he's earned it and without proper "stick" treatment. Mr. Velvet Ears for head of servant details.

Find out what the heck happens. R&D isn't a guarantee when it comes to time, schedule, or resources, but the task this time seemed less intense than many of the other things we've had him work on... so why? We have such high hopes and expectations of him
thats what we are doing >>3054211
but we show our anger without actually punching his shit in
>Frenchie being offered that "carrot" before he's earned it and without proper "stick" treatment. Mr. Velvet Ears for head of servant details.
I agree, honestly I don't think frenchie should be allowed any position of leadership anytime soon due to this insubordination. Maybe after he proves himself, but not now.
Let's also get to building Droog a new body.

Droog didn't fuck up. I liked Droog.

change my vote to these
He will, but if we act like an angry 15 year old and just smash him to bits we'll look like a petty tyrant and our minions wont respect us and will just lead to further problems.
VE should really be the one dealing out the judgement.... his judgement, backed by our enforcement and will. That should significantly increase his will in commanding those whom we don't normally interact with...
we are>>3054211
but we show we are really actually angry instead of talking with him like he is a toddler so no we are not smashing him
Literally who is saying to smash him to bits?
This sounds good
Seconding this assessment. Right now is an "easy mode" challenge... they all basically live via our will. We can force the situation... but consider this a training exercise for when dealing with actual living/mortal subjects in our realm. Yeah, we could go full undead, all the time.. but I'd personally rather avoid that.
Alright. Tell poet he's free to go back into the wand anytime if he doesn't want to work.

Sober up wondervon and basically ask him what the fuck.

Put a proper command structure in place as well.

Weve been letting things run wild, which is nice, but we need to get at least a little Organized.

Don't forget to put sab and the girls in the power structure as well.

>As loud as fuck off possible.

>Maybe you should have tried FUCKING ASKING ME IF YOU COULD DO OTHER SHIT!!!
I dont mind Velvet handling it proper like.

But poets soul is not going to be destroyed. Wand him for l8er.
I also really like this.
File: 1398045431269.png (933 KB, 880x792)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
I think Anon is at fault to some extent, as he expects to be treated and listened as a leader, yet gives loose leadership and orders to his servants.
Their demands aren't that great, and really, what's so bad about some individuality?
However, they did disobey you (somehow?), and must be properly punished for it. Particularly the ring leader.


>You need to punish them somehow for their insubordination. However I don't think corporal punishment would be appropriate.
>A Time Out seems appropriate, though exactly how we'd apply that Im not sure of. Take their clothes and cigars. They can have them back after they've learned their lesson. and they better not smoke inside or during the job.

>As for OUR own mistake...
>We'll divide work. Killa Kente will be left in charge of the military for now.
>If Luna wills it, we'd like to leave Velvet Ears in charge of the castle's staff.

>As for the skeletons' demands,
>They better prove us that they DESERVE such REWARDS.
>They will clean the mess they made and they'll think about what they've done.
>We will get them clothes. UNIFORMS, and we'll think of ways to improve not only discipline, but order and working conditions. >We'll see afterwards if they prove to be worthy of any actual rewards.

>Put the Resistance Leader in time out.
>Dominate Him if necessary.
>He ain't gonna get shit for a long while until he figures out what he did was wrong.

A for... our cheery inventor.
I think you know what Anon thinks about parents getting drunk around their children.

Not only are we on a schedule, but we'll also need to outfit ourselves and our troops for the struggles ahead.

And he's getting drunk.
On the job.
In front of Olson.

I don't mind him is the guy has a sip on his free time and Olson is playing with Entropy.
But I think we need to make it perfectly clear, that if we ever see him in this condition ever again, we'll make sure he can't disobey us, ever again.
>sab and the girls
Are allies are basically our cabinet / secretary of <office/ministry> potentials... but we haven't had a solid conversation with anyone about it. Janna's here and seems down to settling into the castle to hang around. Dirtbro will here shortly... but all others we should really discuss with them..
desu, i am kinda surprised that no one is reacting more to the fact that Wondervon is a drunken mess in front of his own son. Sound Familiar?
This. You thought hard. Do so gooood.
Is he beating his son?
Is he treating him like a punching bag?

We know how bad a father can be and we know how Wondervon feels about his child so something is wrong and we need to fix it.

He prolly "borrowed" it from someone and that's why he's being arrested.
Borrowed from who that has our number?
We use burner phones we stole from Better Buy
He's our brother, why wouldn't he know our number by heart?
Our number changes every time we ruin a phone which is like every day?
To be fair though, I see where this is coming from.
Typically, you'd imagine he'd greet us like "DIIIIIIIIIIIIRT!!" and let us finish the other half of the statement. But this one just feels lame.
Obviously a trap, but might as well check it out anyways.
I don't see how that would change anything. Luna knows our number.

Dirt Bro is psionic, of course he'd know our phone number from mind reading
Quick what was the song inside your head when we first met?

>Brand new phone
>new number
>Dirt Bro hasn't seen us in forever
>Luna lives in our brain meat

It doesn't make sense, where would dirtbro get it? From Who?
THIS: >>3054439
Adding support for >>3054439 as well
Do this then.
File: Crown.png (34 KB, 120x135)
34 KB

>Anon found a problem
>So where did he go?
>Straight to the fucking problem

>Went through all the bullshit
>You tried to understand
>You even wanted to delegate first

A: "You are going t-"


>You lean forward as Muscles yanks the Poet's arm off

>You look

>Muscles holds the arm out
>Light your hand on fire

>You maintain eye contact
>The entire time

>You look

A: "You are going to be fucking quiet when I talk to you."

P: "..."
>The Poet reaches his other hand for the table
A: "You wanna lose the other one?"

>A rebel's mind is racing
>You don't give him time to be a shit

A: "Velvet Ears."
>The Rabbit turns to you

A: "These skeletons. All of them. They listen to you. You are the shot caller."

>Luna searches your mind
L: "That is a prison term. For a gang leader."
>She looks amused

>The Poet reaches for the table
>You grab his rib cage and RATTLE HIM toward you

A: "Quiet."

>You Snap
>All the Skeletons in the halls know your command
>They file in

A: "Hats off. You're indoors. My mother is present."

>Hats off
>Suspenders loose

A: "Can you talk, Velvet?"
>He shakes his head
>You feel his disappointment
>He can however understand
>He is not a talker
>He motions to his ears
>He listens
>He obeys

A: "Good."

>You Release the rebel poet from your grip
>Loosen your jaw
>Straighten your back
>You don't need to threaten them

>After all
>You're the most dangerous thing in this dimension

File: crown 2.png (6 KB, 65x39)
6 KB

A: "He runs shit in this house."
>You point at the Rabbit Butler
A: "He runs the cleaning. He runs the cooking. The meals. Head. Nigga. In Charge."

>You look to the other Frenchies

A: "You want creature comforts? You wanna smoke? Listen to BAD music?"

>The Skeletons don't answer
>They're afraid
>They're watching their new lives crumble away before them
>Back into another form o-

A: "That can be arranged."

>They look up

A: "I get it. You want lives. I've given that to you. Now...you get purpose. You get what you NEED. Then you get what you want..."


>You SNAP! Yet again

>The sound of marching overtakes the room
>As Killa Kente enters
>Followed by the elite guards
>With 150 normal soldiers

A: "You show respect for my goddamn people. They're the one who re-die for you. They're the ones who protect this house because YOU!"

>You point at the Poet

A: "Can't. Or won't."

>The poet wants to speak
>You don't let him
>This isn't -about- him

A: "It goes like this. None of you are useless. None of you are unwanted."

>You get off of your chair
>Walk a bit
>Your hands behind you

File: Spoiler Image (29 KB, 131x119)
29 KB

W: "Oh, yez! Preach to uz, oh WISE Kinder Konger!"

A: "...get that fucking Drunk back in his lab."
W: "Wh- ACH! Get y-"

>Kente has his men move for him first

A: "No."

>They stop
>You look at the Skeletons who followed the Poet

A: "Earn your cigarettes. Keep that drunk man from being an ass in front of his son."


>They hear
>They obey

L: "Spare not the rod?"
A: "I like the Poet. I hate what he's done. I like Wondervon. I hate how he's disappointed me."
L: "Your plan?"
A: "Punish the Poet. Remove Wondy from his kid."
L: "Nothing else?"
A: "You're right."

>As they drag Wondervon off

A: "Stop."

>You approach Wondervon
>Take the drink from him

A: "I trusted you."
>You hold it very close to his face
>As Muscles POPS the bottle with his grip alone

A: "...What did you teach your son while I was away?"

>His drunken stupor sours

W: "Ficken Junger Kang. Aber sich vill Ich"
A: "Out of my sight."

>They take him off
>To sleep it out

A: "Could a spell sober him up?"
L: "Without a cure to the alcohol he would still have a hangover."

>You Snap
>The Poet's legs explode into Bone dust
>You get back 20 hp

A: "Do it."

>Luna's eyes glow


L: "All the alcohol poisoning. None of the inebriation. It's like music."

>You arrange things fairly

>Velvet Ears
>Killa and Grate

A: "I trust Mr. Ears to dole out assignments for the house. Guard rotations. Dinner arrangements."



A: "...I should already have this shit figured."
>You almost kick the nearby table
>You almost shatter Poet into confetti
>They need to know
>How angry you are

O: "...Mister Anon?"

>The Child
>The huge
>Robot child
>Is crawling to see under the smoke cloud

O: "Ech!"
>He has a cough
>He spits up some crayon bits
>A cracker
>He's been eating
>To fit in with Entropy

O: "Is Daddy sick?"
>You soften
A: "Y-..."

>You remember an old phrase
>Your mother used to use

A: "Only as sick as he wants be."

>Olson looks despondent

O: "Is it cause of me?"
>You don't-

A: "Never."

A: "Never ever would it be because of you. That's not how it works. You're his son. The fuckhead needs to take care of you."

O: "Fuck...head?"
A: "Shit. I'm cursing eh-"
O: "Entropy says Shit-Ass. What...Fuck head?"

>You put a hand on Olson's top-bolt

A: "You're dad is...gonna be alright."
>Muscles rolls his hand

A: "I'll make him alright. If he isn't."
>Olson smiles
>His eyes rotate
O: "Thank you."

A: "You go on and play uh...in the garden."
O: "Really!? Can I make a dirt house!?"
A: "Of course. Just let Janna be the cheating housewife."

O: "Ok!"

>He bounds off
A: "Escort him."

>More skeletons follow

>As you turn back to the Poet


>He taps
>You don't speak Morse Code
>He is part of the collective however
>Wether he likes it or not

L: "He says. 'What of me?' "

>You tend
>To the others

>He asks again
>What of me?

A: "I expect this place straightened the hell up. BEFORE the day is over."

>What of me?
>Velvet Ears bows
>So do the new Servants

A: "Kente. You outrank these bone brains now. Everyone but Grate and Ears. Discipline them properly."

>What of me?

A: "Put BACK those Uniforms. You're in the big leagues. We're gonna rule every fucking thing not get a state trophy and molested by an assistant coach."


A: "What -about- you?"
>You finally talk to him

A: "You belong in the dungeon."

>Several Warrior Skeletons cock their weapons
>Kente's eyes glow red

KK: "He has spoken."

A: "You're going to be lame. Motionless. Isolated."

>The Poet tries to flee

>Anon's eyes glow Gold and Black
>He collapses
>His bones disconnect
>Until only his skull is left

>You pick it up
>Look it in the eyes as you absorb his other bones


A: "Until your use is found."

>You don't toss him away
>He isn't trash
>Nothing is here
>Not in -your- kingdom

File: Spoiler Image (296 KB, 575x430)
296 KB
296 KB PNG

>The soldiers take him with reverence
>They march him back to the dungeons
>Where they toss him down
>Waking up the Ghost Kraken

>You fold your hands
>Having seen order restored
>Skeletons are cleaning all around you
>Some wipe calcium dust from their heads

A: "Break time every three hours. Shifts of 6 hour days. When you're not cleaning you're organizing. When you're not fucking doing that."

>You point to Kente and Velvet

A: "You're doing what the FUCK they say."

>You head
>For the throne room

A: "Get my game sphere off the ceiling. Now."

>You look at your phone

A: "Play it to me."
>You text out to you the one who claims to be your friend
A: "Play the first song you shared with me in your head."

>There is silence
>Was this cyber bullying?
>You close your eyes


???: " https://youtu.be/xY1wBUrdRFg "

>You snap them open

A: "DIRT!?"
A: "D 1 12 ][ "
A: "DIRT."
DB: "Heh? Yeh swing that way, kid?"
A: "N-No. It's a Drake and Josh and reference."
DB: "I ain't owned a TV since the 80s."

>The Soldiers emerge from the kitchen
>Entropy is with them
>He has a Machete in his teeth


>You grab him
>He squeaks
>You get on him

A: "Ride with me."
E: "...I doon't like thish."
A: "I'll buy you ice cream."

E: " https://youtu.be/6HXXkNw4PE0 "

>You ride
>On a lopsided Flying ass Pony

A: "You're an ILLEGAL HORSE."

File: Sandwich Dimension.png (987 KB, 1920x1080)
987 KB
987 KB PNG

>You fly for the bathroom
>SHRRRRIIIIP open a portal t-

A: "Oh..."
>There's a portal
>But you didn't know where Dirt Brother was
>So it's just there
>Where does i-

>You stick your head in
>Floating on Rock islands
>In a white void

A: "This whole place smells like Sandwiches."

>You pull out
>Rare, desu

A: "Where r u?"
>You ask Dirt Brother
DB: "In a bus."
>You open the portal

>Steal him from it

DB: "Oh, whoah nice place kid like the tile."

>Entropy takes all three of you back to the castle
>Soaring through the darkness
DB: "I ain't seen a place like this since I did acid in Nam."
A: "You were in Nam?"
DB: "I've been in all of em, kid."

E: "Ah like warh, Ah think."
>Little Baby War Horse

>You Uber Eats him some ice cream

Hats Off, Suspenders Loose is the name of Luna's porno.
File: Mr. Cool.png (95 KB, 171x191)
95 KB

A: "Susan. You home yet?"
Su: "I'm outside wiff Bow."
A: "Cool. Pick up the ice cream when it comes."
Su: "I see Yewwow again."
A: "Is she with Jackie?"
Su: "Nawh. She awone."
A: "Leave her. Ice cream and get here."

>You spread your arms
>As you see your home fast approaching
>All this time
>All the effort
>The emotional bruises

>You managed to keep Janna safe in your adventure
>You defeated Leather Teeth
>Ordered your fucking castle
>You Anon
>Can do this

>As you soar for the yawning gates of your Mother's Palace
>With your wand singing to the air
>Brimming with new power ready to be shaped

>You realize
>You may not be good
>You CAN be a Good King

A: "We're having a Garden Party."









Stay blesst
Love, Quest

Special thanks to the Patreon Pals
Especially Acid, Ark, and Superkeaton

>Join the Patreon and you get to tell Quest what to draw for the Quest
>You also get special previews of stuff like Boss theme songs and art

Join us on the social tubes


Stay rockin.
>That spoiler

A: "Susan. You home yet?"
Su: "I'm outside wiff Bow."
A: "Cool. Pick up the ice cream when it comes."
Su: "I see Yewwow again."
A: "Is she with Jackie?"
Su: "Nawh. She awone."
A: "Leave her. Ice cream and get here."

>Actually can we get Yellow to come to the party? Sounds like shes been having a rough time of it lately.

>I would also like. To invite Jackie. Not as romance. But to know that she is still welcome here.
I also want to reach out to Jackie
You know what? This.

>Inviting Yellow
>Inviting Jackie

You may pick one, and only one
Seriously, I think inviting Jackie would be a good idea. Even if it was just as friends, I think it would do a lot for both of them.

I'm fine with Jackie, just no Yellow. I'm fine with speaking to her but don't invite her into our home base when she's Fate's OC Donut Steel/Remaining bit of power manifested
As an idea.

Invite Marco and Star.
If I have to pick between the two, I would have to favor Yellow as Jackie's our ex.
You know what? Fuck it. This works too.
Maybe invite Mr. and Mrs. Diaz while at it.
Alright. So who do we want this party to be?

Family only? (Us, wond, entropy, odv, luna, skeles, susan, ect)
-Lowish drama potential
-Tight focus on us
-Easy to set up
-Small chance of there being too much drama for us to handle

Close friends? (As above, with Janna, Sabrina, Jackie? Dude bro? Goat man?)
-Still mostly private, chance to improve our standing and let people know about us
-We can still make a big impact and steer the parties social dynamics. Mostly.
-A LITTLE harder to set up.
-Larger drama chance, but also public shame field to prevent it.

Acquaintances? (Starco? Tom? Yellow? School friends? Heck? Deer man?)
-Public. If it goes well it will be a MASSIVE boost to our reputation and standing locally.
-Reflects Extremely poorly if it fucks up.
-Very difficult to set up
-People can and will have conversation and drama we dont hear about
-They might also resolve their issues without our intervention

Have something to chew on yall.
While I don't agree with your reasoning, I agree with no Yellow. Fuck Yellow. She's a crusty cunt.
>I pick both
Don't tell me what to do

>Bringing in a potential enemy and over all a cunt into our home base instead of just our ex



But really just don't let in Yellow alright? She's shown no reason why we should bring her in instead of someone we were in a relationship with.
Close friends seems like a solid deal. As I said previously, Yellow's a crusty cunt. Starco don't mix well with us and will no doubt make the party have more drama than is needed. Tom is a mortal enemy of ours. And I have no idea who you're talking about with "deer man."

Extra option though that I just thought of: business partners. Moon, Hekapoo, Omnitraxus, River, Rhombulus (though that is risky) and Lekmet along with any other person of importance we can think of and are in good standing with.

This could increase our personal standing with anyone we invite, and if we don't bring along any risky characters (most you mentioned in the acquaintances section) that can easily cause an uproar is a safe bet to increase our influence if we show off our current power standing and household while also being relatively polite.
OH! Rich Pidgeon! That dude likes to party, and he supported us in the arena on war planet!
I don't know it's either
A) she's just got her own thing going on and has nothing to do with Anon, we're being paranoid, and taking the active role and at least trying to show some willingness to be nice helps to build up a more mature anon
B) she actually is a secret enemy and we're inviting her to our home turf with hundreds of our loyal skeletons all over the place.
Our garden aint nice enough for buisness.

Not to mention mixing family and buisness is a bad idea at the moment.

Star and Marco... Tolerate us?

How about Sabrina?
or C: She comes and ruins everything because she's not magical, just a bitch.
All for close friends. We're celebrating. Or at least trying to.
Jackie included, if she wants to come.
>Starco don't mix well with us
??? We have consistently worked side by side with Star, Marco, and Star and Marco. We don't always see eye to eye, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're on bad terms with them. We made sure to try and get a real understanding between anon and Marco. For as much bickering and shit talking we do, we also have a mutual understanding and respect of power with Star.
Not saying we have the perfect, or even friendly relationship with the two of them, but it's not bad to the point of Anon-and-Yellow or Anon-and-Tom levels. I could feasibly see him inviting the two *just* in an attempt to brag/gloat/show them he's not as broken as he was before and of the progress he's made.
Mutual understanding, sure. But any social gathering is an easy recipe for drama. Like, gatherings specifically where they have to interact. We can exist in the same room, but we will have to talk to them if we invite them to OUR party in OUR Moms hole. Hell, I can envision Star making a stink about how evil literally anything in our castle is.

HOWEVER! I can get down with the sickness of inviting them to brag. That seems fun.


>Do you know what's good?
>You don't even know who you are

>Last year you were just someone that didn't want to die
>Or refused to let anything kill you
>You were a screaming, squalling infant
>You filled every square inch around with you with noise, blood, anger

>What's around you?
>What do you surround yourself with?




>You are home
>Burst through the doors of your castle
>In the empty world


>Which opened up to let a little magic into your life

L: "Your guests are in the garden, dear."
A: "Not all of them."
>Your homeless friend

>Dismounts from the flying Unicorn you rode here with

DB: "Thanks, kid. Cops were gonna stuff me for a week."
A: "What for?"
>He shows you his cell

DB: "Stealin' this to text you. That would'a been their excuse."
>Dirt Brother looks around the entrance hall

>Many Skeletons are about
>Some are moving cardboard cutouts from the throne room

A: "Hey where did th-"
>The Movie Club
>Aw, nuts
>They've been robbing the school for decorations
>Goddamn French Skeletons

DB: "Nice digs."
A: "Thanks. It was my Mom's."
DB: "Aw. She gone?"
A: "Nah."

>Luna appears on your shoulder
>Dirt Brother bows
>It's pretty extravagant
>His dirty white beard brushes some crumbs off the stone floor

>He takes Luna's teeny hand in between his stained thumb and forefinger

DB: "Preciate the lift, Ma'am. Ya godda good kid."
L: "The very best."

>Luna smiles
>It has too much teeth

>That's when your new head man
>Mr. Velvet Ear approaches

File: VE.png (201 KB, 336x598)
201 KB
201 KB PNG

>He's presented you a small set of options
>For your Garden Party


-You already got ice cream for everybody

-It shows some class
-You get to act fancy and royal
-Might be a little stuffy

-Ice cream picnic
-Everybody sits on the dirt
-Casual style, but unimpressive


>Skeleton Minstrels
-Some of the French can play your songs
-Classical renditions of meme and video game music

>Bring on the vidya
-The Skeletons will move your Video game setup to the garden
-You will get dirt on the screen and games
-Entropy and Olson (the babies) will love it

>There is a small note at the bottom
>Like all of the written things in Luna's world the letters mean nothing to you
>She, however
>Being your second set of eyes
>Translates the Mewmun script

File: jackie.png (121 KB, 346x540)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

L: "Will anyone else be in attendance?"


>Janna Ordonia (Stab Witch)
-A friend of yours with no respect for law, gender norms, and casually approaches hygiene

Likes: The color pink, Voodoo dolls, Dead Artists

-A deposed Pagan Deity
-Currently Janna's source of Magic power
-Likes Tiddies, Wine, Wine Covered tiddies and public nudity

-One is a baby robot (10 feet tall)
-One is a baby flying Unicorn (3 feet tall)
-Entropy hates rules
-Olson is easily influenced by Entropy

-A homeless guy who has psionic powers for some fuckin' reason
-Keeps almost getting arrested
-Helped you find your old Saxophone

-She's your mom
-Also an unknowable eldritch power
-She thinks you have pretty eyes and a bright future
-Also wants you to collect a dozen unwanted people from your world so she can "Show you what blood is good for."

-Your best friend
-6'5" zombie girl
-Huge sword
-Pussy Fiend
-Bad Lisp

-Your actual dog
-Who is a dinosaur


>Jackie Lynn Thomas
-Your ex
-Literally the best thing that ever happened to you
-Left you because it was good for your future (also you blew her up and reassembled her with thicker legs)
-Might make things awkward with Janna

>Star fucking Butterfly and Marco Diaz
-Your former best friend and his new best friend
-You sort of hate them both
-Star has magic too
-Her magic is gay and sparkly

>Susan has a crush on Star that Star shut the hell down (Because she's not a Lesbrianism)
>Will make it awkward for Susan

-A girl who constantly hit on Jackie even when you were dating
-Susan Suplexed her into a dumpster for beign rude
-She has low Psionic power

>Has clap backs
>Not friends with any of your friends
>Inviting is either a favor or an attempt to flex on her normal human ass

>If you invite any more than a few
>This won't be a social gathering
>It will be a party

>Your house is still being cleaned
>Your Wand is BURSTING with new energies

A: "Awh, hey where's my new Secretary?"

>An African Skeleton leans out from the Kitchen
>He psionically messages you "She is Owah Quin."

A: "...Your Queen is my mom."
???: "Noh, my lord. Staceh is ouwah Quin. We have protected her by keeping her safe in deh throne room."
A: "..."
???: "Your mudda is THE Quin."

>He closes the door

What do?
I reeeeeeeeeeally want things to be akward. Invite everyone. Plus Sabrina and Justin.

>Set medium fancy Picnic tables. Presentable but laid back

>Skeleton Band of frenchies playing what they want. The French know their music.

-Mom and Ron

>Take a moment and explore the new energy in the wand
>Luna smiles
>It has too much teeth

>>Skeleton Minstrels AND vidya, but if we must have priorities, then the Minstrels

-Star and Marco (On the condition that Star doesn't make things awkward)
-Fuck it, invite Justin (maybe the boys too, but only if he asks)
File: Gonna Need More Raid.png (604 KB, 1202x677)
604 KB
604 KB PNG

This sounds good enough


Not cursed enough
You know what? While we're at it,
>invite Chantelle too, if only to ideally make things less awkward for when we invite Star

Also of course Jackie
While at it, changing support of Tables and Entertainment to >>3056036
but still keeping my vote on invites.
Please. Plz plz. Fuck :SabnonNever:

Also Supporting >>3056036.
get the servants to set up picnic blankets, ice cream doesn't need to be served on something fancy unless it itself is fancy.

let the frenchies play music tho, optics seem neat

invite star, marco (get them to promise not making it wierd), chantelle, sabrina
mabye brittany (leave that to sabrina)

it's probably not a good idea to invite mom and ron right now, mabye after everything is repaired

Sure guy, you can have my support
oh fuck, yeah, Sabrina too
I don't think Brittany and Sabs should be there.
File: [rattling_bones].png (126 KB, 320x384)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>-Ice cream picnic
>-Everybody sits on the dirt
>-Casual style, but unimpressive

>Bring on the vidya
>-The Skeletons will move your Video game setup to the garden
>-You will get dirt on the screen and games
>-Entropy and Olson (the babies) will love it


>-Mom and Ron
Whhhyyy do'n't we leave them for some other time.
Don't invite them now.

Ron and Mom will make it awkward for Luna
Janna said Brittney is planning something against supposedly for "stealing Sabrina".
Susan likes Chantelle, but she doesn't like us (right now).
If you can't bring a community together over icecream then you might as well just burn it all down and start over.

We can put up some signs.
>No Magic
>No Fighting
>Don't leave the Garden or you'll die
>Resurrection - $10K
Supporting signs.
Gonna change my vote to Jackie, Sabrina, Justin
Shit, forgot about the static with Brittney over that. I suppose I can swap to support of >>3056115 . Only thought of Britt since she's with Justin, but keeping a smaller overall list will let us interact more personally with each guest
I still don't see why we should invite anyone else but Sabrina and Justin.
MAYBE Chantelle, as a way to make up since Susan wants to get laid, but I see no reason to try to do so with Brittney.


The lease people we bring the better.

We can just cut the portal so its directly agaisnt the hole.
Exactly! We can make mad bank if we lease out some castle space.I vote to tell everyone about the hole and start selling real estate.
>I don't see why
Social links, Anon. Simple as that. We have people we'd like to interact with, but we're always on the run, so we don't feel like we get these kinds of chances very often. Thus, when they do, we wanna try to cram in as much interaction as we can.
File: 165.gif (3.04 MB, 596x332)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB GIF
>With so many votes
>So many invites


>You hit up Headbook



>Liked by Justin Armberg

>You tag Justin, Sabrina Backintosh, Chantelle, Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Bri-

>You can't tag Britt
>Her profile is set to private

A: "Bitch."

>You tag Jackie
>Your own Mom
>Ron (Her boyfriend)

L: "That's most of the people you know."
A: "It is."
L: "Even the ones you don't get along with?"
A: "Of course."

>You grin at Luna
A: "They need to know how awesome we have it."
L: "Quite royal."

>Luna reads your brain
>Sees a small inkling

L: "Even Yellow?"
A: "Hrm she..."
>You get muttery
>Roll your fingers as you consider

A: "Maybe she could be converted."
>Luna chuckles
L: "Even more royal."
A: "Why?"
L: "Greedy."
A: "You right."

>You Kick in the door to the Gardens
>They have...

-Summoned by Luna
-She liquified the an entire waffle breakfast
-Made it into a soda

-Which they begin
-To pla-


>Someone has slammed down a Piano
>It's Pierre
>The Horror made of many hands

>He sits down
>Motions to the other skeletons
>Taps the Piano in time

File: giphy.gif (1.8 MB, 821x603)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF

>They Play

>Janna jumps up on the picnic table the skeletons just put down
>She and you begin to shuffle awkwardly
>You still REALLY can't dance
>Muscles just wiggles in the air

O: "Pretty music! OH! HAha yay!"
>Olson claps his metal mits together

En: "uuuGh I'll fall ASHLEEP!"
>Entropy Falls Ashleep
>Olson tucks him in
>By burying him in garden dirt

O: "Night night."

Su: "What'sh up WHOORES!?"
>Susan is here
>Carrying huge bags

Su: "I got ICE CWEAM!"
>Things are grand
>People are eating and the music is a bump

Ja: "Dudes. Let's play something."

DB: "Can I get a refill?"
>Luna zaps the table
>The snacks are replenished
DB: "This must be the world where communism worked."

GB: "Lad. Ya said this be yer garden but where are the plants?"

A: "Haha the whole planet is dead!"
GB: "That's...heinous."
L: "The entire dimension, really."
>Goatbro swallows

GB: "Is it...is it fertile?"
L: "Are you going to breed with the dirt?"
GB: "If it's..."
>He looks boggled
GB: "If dirt is all there is th-"
L: "Oh there's more than dirt."
>Luna's face is a smirking monument
L: "There is me."


>You're caught in a whirlwind of activity
>So many people
>Talking to you
>Interested in you
>Happy to see you
>It's all so much
>When did you surround yourself with good things like this?

>That's when your phone goes off


Ju: "Bro! A party!? I've never seen your place! Where do we meet? My dad won't let me drive but I can get a ride."

A: "Meet at the school. I'll come get ya. Bring the boys."

Ju: "Oh...uh...haha, sure."
>Most of the boys died when Justin was attacked

Sa: "Hey, Anon. I'm happy you're having a party! I have to bathe grandma tonight tho so I can't."

A: "Why is your life so garbage."

Sa: "I..."
>She types for a moment
>It stops
>She continues
Sa: "I'm sorry."

A: "Hang on. I might have a solution."



L: "Emily? Her boy toy?"
A: "I wanna see them."
L: "Why now?"
A: "I never see them."
L: "So you'd subject your friends to them?"
>You pause

A: "Yes."

>Ron's voice is on the other end
>On Emily's phone
R: "Hey."
A: "...Oh Hi, Ron."
R: "It's kinna late to be having a party don't you think?"
A: "Kinna late to be trying to dad me when I'm already a delinquent don't you think?"
R: "Delinquents are cool. You're not a delinquent."
>Ron laughs
>Tis a dad's laugh
>Even without his progeny his power grows

R: "Your mom's asleep. She's got another therapy sesh in the morning."
R: "I'm gonna turn in too. Don't do anything that would make me work, ok?"
A: "Shit I'mma do is gonna need the military."


File: VsTV8dKg_400x400.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB


S: "No."
>The whole 'Fuck you' thing and the weird time you broke into Marco's house to hang out with his loving parents


Ch: "Party?"
A: "Yeah. My place."
Ch: "Why'd you invite me?"
A: "Susan. She likes you. I want Susan to have what she likes."
>Chantelle scoffs
Ch: "You sound like Brittany."
Br: "Chantelle? Who is it?"
Ch: "Dentist."

>She comes back to you

Ch: "Where's your place?"
A: "Secret. We meet at the school."
Ch: "Sounds shady."
A: "Sabrina's coming too."
Ch: "Huh."

Br: "Keep braiding! Don't lose count either or you'll have to start over."
A: "Brittany -was- invited."
Ch: "...but?"
A: "But nothing. I remembered what she's like and realized I don't want that in my house."
>Chantelle laughs
>It feels sort of lemon-y
Ch: "Sorry."
>Back to you

Ch: "I'll be late."
A: "So look good."


>You hang out with a lot of adults
>Your mom
>Hekapoo when you can
>You like Grown Women

>Sadly however...

Sk: "Kid, you're weird. I can't come to some party."
A: "Aren't you like...Troll Teen?"
Sk: "Magical Bullhockey don't apply to real life. I'm still in my 40s. Even if I got an extension."
A: "C'maaan ya just gotta come to the school."
Sk: "I'm already at the school."

>You could just send bois to get her
>MAKE her have fun

M: "Hey, dude. Kinna busy."
A: "With what?"
>He sends you a pic of his living room
>He is watching Xena: Warrior Princess
>Star Butterfly is eating Nachos from his lap

>Her refusal wasn't grudge based

M: "You wanna come over here?"
A: "Bold of you to assume I wouldn't have people at MY party!"
>You send him a pic
>Of Susan and Janna dancing
>Janna keeps limboing under Susan's legs

M: "Haha, have fun, dude!"
A: "I will. Bitch."
>Thumbsup emoji

L: "Did that feel good?"

File: Spoiler Image (1.41 MB, 600x613)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG



>The text you get
>Has blue flowers around it
>An ocean wave
>She found those emojis
>So you always copied them over for her contact

J: "hey"
A: "Hey"
J: "Party? That's great!"
>Rubber Duck Emoji
>Thumbs up
>A little surfer duck

A: "It would be if you came!"
J: "Haha, you sound like you're doing awesome. I knew you'd be killing it."
A: "Killing lots of things. You comin?"
>There's a pause

>You get another text from Justin but you ignore it
>You're just standing there
>Next to a dancing Goatbro
>Olson tries to get on the tables
>The table flips

>Dirt Brother is about to die from flying up and then very very down
>When Entropy catches him

>You don't even see the awkward thank you
>Because Entropy is still asleep
>Just the phone
>That's all you see
>The phone and a certain beach in Hawaii

J: "R u ok?"

>You look over at your wand
>It Looks back

>You think you have some work to do

>Deal with the other guests
-Leave Jackie Hanging
-Don't bother her
-She's probably busy anyways
-This was stupid

>Go deal with the wand
-super so
-This was stupid

>Talk to her
-Say something to Jackie
-You'll have to tell her the truth
-No, really
-You promised to tell her the truth

What do?
give Sabrina servants or give her grandma youth?
>Get sabrina her own personal Undead buddy. Make small and cute so she doesn't crush on it. Like a helper monkey. It will listen and follow her every word....and be our eyes and ears.

>make the 'nick have fun.

> to Jackie the truth. "It really hurts and I do miss you but I understand why things are how they are. Not trying to make shit weird. Just a social party. BRB my wand is doing weird shit."

>Go into the castle in the dark alone with Luna and see to our instrument.
Wandy, I know you're evolving currently. But my ex needs the truth. Just wait like five minutes.
TELL HER THE TRUTH! We are nothing if not honest.

Don't make Skull Nick come to the party. Also, send some french skeletons to bathe Sabrina's grandmother. AND TELL THAT GOAT FUCK TO STOP COMING ONTO OUR MOM! IT'S WEIRD!

Free food and we'll pay him 500.
This wand thing really IS starting to get a bit weird.

In order:
>Go deal with the wand
>Talk to her
>Deal with the other guests

Also: fuck, I have no idea what to do about Sabrina's situation. Do we just recruit her as a living member of our undead army?
>Gather two of the French skeletons
>Tell them to pamper Sabrina's grandma for her

>Let Skully be, but maybe send her a gift anyways for being a Trusted Adult
>Those are rare in our life

>Maybe send some skeletons out for flowers for Goaty?

>Tell Jackie we're doing better, making Decisions
>But we miss her
>And we'd like to see her again, and to be happy with her, even if that's as far as it went
Oh wait, shit, context.

>Talk to her
>Go deal with the wand
>Deal with the other guests

Supportan this boyim >>3056252
“Honestly? I’m kinds of a mess right now, but when I’m not? But I just got a really big win, like, a actual, no loss WIN, and I really want to blow some steam and celebrate it with my friends. So that’s mean you too.”

“Also I kinda could use your help to set Susan up with some chick.”

About Sabrina, send some skeletons dressed as her to clean her grandmother.
>Send the skully men of a young girl to take Sabrina's place. We have to have at LEAST ONE laying around. Go ahead and give her flesh and stuff too.
>Leave Skullnik alone, she IS a grown woman after all. We'll do something for her later.
>To Jackie: "It still hurts, but you're right i'm doing fine. Come if you want too, i'd love to see you but I honestly don't know how weird it will be."
>THEN go check on the Guests and hang out. We'll deal with the wand after the party is over.

>Tell her the truth.

>Check wand.
>Guests can wait a lil beet.

>Sending spooky skeletons to bathe Sabrina's possibly hyper christian granmommy.
How about no?

Maybe we can put her family to Sleep? Or use Lna's suggestion magic to let her go?

For Jackie's answer this seems cool.
I honestly love the idea of giving granny some of her vigor back ( >>3056235 )
... let's Sab off the hook without overt undead presence invading her household, but it sounds like >>3056238 is the more immediately available (and likely to get votes) option

Its her decision, but a gentle prod that there are other adults present that also in non-human situations may have some appeal to her. Might be hard for her to socialize with normal humans since the transformation...

...talk to her...
Are We OK, Anon's? We've made some great strides as of late. Finally had a couple of proper victories. Even did some good. We feel pretty OK, right? Right?

Yeah, feeling pretty good about things all in all.
All things considered we are doing pretty good.
Of course we are still hung up on Jackie, but almost every other aspect of our situation has be slowly, but surely improving.
We are more connected with Susan
We have our stab buddy back
Luna seems happier than ever
A new castle to our name, and alliances with power player to keep our shit held down.
We JUST killed a "dragon" and got on of our spells back.
If this is a mess, then it's an extremely profitable mess.

If we can patch things up with Jackie and put us on "no longer awkward terms" then that's a overwhelming net positive.
>Are We OK, Anon's? We've made some great strides as of late. Finally had a couple of proper victories. Even did some good. We feel pretty OK, right? Right?

I don't think we'll ever be "OK" but we are taking it a day at a time.
>Are We OK, Anon's?

>Are Anonymous
>You can do this, right?
>You've always -seen- the truth
>It's so ugly
>So you kind of like it
>Especially when it hurts
>So why is this hard?

>Somebody hands you a drink
>You stare at it
>It's blue
>With a little pineapple looking fruit on the end of the straw

>You leave the Garden
>Walk out into the Castle halls

>On the way
>You spot some skeletons
>Handsome ones

A: "Ey. You two."

>You hand them your sciss-
A: "Wait."

>You summon an African Skeleton
>Those bones are loyal

A: "You. Take these two to Sabrina's house. They are to bathe her grandmother and be a fucking delight in her company."
>The Soldier Salute
A: "Let Justin in when you see him."
>He nods

>They all leave
>The Frenchies lookin' quite regretful about the side they picked in the revolution

>Back to you
>Back to Jackie

File: Spoiler Image (376 KB, 720x405)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
Rolled 7 (1d10)


>You have so much to Say to the girl on this phone...

>So you fucking call her

>You close your eyes
>As it rings

>Second one
>She picks up
>You can hear that little rotating light in her room
>You can hear her wind chimes in the window
>Some covers move

J: "I guess you have a pretty long answer, huh?"

A: "I- uh...I wasn't ok. At all."
J: "What'd you do?"
>You can feel her eyebrows crease from here
>She's sitting up
>Like she's gonna fly over and save you
>The Skater Girl
>Saving you.

>You chuckle
A: "Work."
J: "Oh..."
>She laughs too
>She's relieved
>Her laugh hits something in your chest

A: "I just missed you a lot."
J: "Yeah."
>You hear a sock rub drywall
A: "You?"
>She doesn't respond to that
>You hear a soft 'heh' with an audible smile

J: "I'm...still covering it."
A: "Cool. W- Not Cool I-"
J: "It's ok..."
A: "I miss you. You don't gotta come I just...I just thought it would be fun."
J: "What are we, Anon?"
>You sigh
>Sort of defeated
>You take a swig of your drink
>It's Bright Blueberry and Sour

A: "Can we be friends?"
J: "Is that what you want?"
A: "I just wanted to see you."
J: "Do you know what you want yet?"
A: "Yes."

>That response was quick
>It was sure
>Even more sure than you thought

A: "I want to be better than this. Better than I was. I want...to be strong...and I want it to matter. I don't want just power now. I wanna know how to use it right."
J: "For who?"
A: "For you."
>She laughs again
J: "So serious, Big Guy."

A: "Shit, Jackie. The door's open. Come if you want."
>She kicks the wall
J: "I might. I'm kinna tired...might have a date tomorrow."


A: "Da-..."
>Is Angry

>The Wand


J: "Ano-? Anohnasm-"




>How fucking dare she
>How dare anyone
>You can't even look at anyone else
>It hurts
>You hurt
>She hurts
>How can she hurt and be ok enough be AAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Rolled 12 (1d20)

I’m scared
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Here goes.
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Peace my lil nigga...peace
Rolled 12 (1d20)

File: 1490422461942.jpg (144 KB, 694x488)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Rolled 14 (1d20)

Oof. bad time for an outburst of pure emotion I guess.
Rolled 7 (1d20)


Rolled 5 (1d20)

Well I hope this is want fuckery as I thought we were kind of ok with her dating other people as long as we knew they'd treat her right
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Watch this Nat 1 boiz
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolled 3 (1d20)

No mercy for stooges
Rolled 15 (1d20)

This does seem like the best choice. Don't really wanna leave it up to the dice. They be fickle.
File: Spoiler Image (83 KB, 413x549)
83 KB
Rolled 10, 8 = 18 (2d10)

A re-selection.

Godspeed, young memelad.


L: "Fury. Jealousy. I adore your passions, darlings. What do you care more about? Her? Or having her? The second can be so well accomplished. The right potion. The right force. A trick or two. Her lovers could be jilted. I know a spell that could make them swallow their own feet."


L: "Is the power for you? Or is it for dealing with the world?"

I am a king and I am better than petty jealousy, Mom.

I am hurt and sad, but I eat pain. This is just another kinfe and it will pass.
Mommy why is my pee pee getting hard right now
If I don't calm down Jackie will find out about my humiliation and cuckold fetishes !!!~
File: negrofrowns.jpg (136 KB, 500x330)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: Always.png (846 KB, 991x631)
846 KB
846 KB PNG




>Can breathe
>You CAN
>You CAN
>Open your eyes
>It hurts
>You Hurt

>The pain has to be there
>It's ok if it's always there

>You just have to make it matter
>You have to make it -mean- something

A: "That's one lucky sonnova bitch."
>Reception clears up on the phone
>You notice you gripped it so hard
>With a 15 total on STR
>You cut yourself

A: "Wh-...who is it?"
Ja: "I'm not letting you intimidate them."
A: "Whaaat? PSshhhhhh-"
>You Eye the AK47 armed Skeletons nearby
>One has a Machete
>For an Eye.
>You motion for them to go back to the barracks
A: "No."
J: "I mean it. They're nice."
A: "They better be."
J: "I shouldn't have told you. That wasn't f-"
A: "No. I'm glad."
J: "..."
A: "You won the race. You're out there first but I-...I'm glad."
J: "You're not gonna go hunting them or me down to find out everything about us are you?"


A: "I'm not...I-...I won't."

>You clear your cracking throat
>Your voice comes out

A: "I'm better than that."
>She giggles
J: "Sure you are."
>You can hear her think
J: "I Miss you too."
>Present tense
A: "..."
J: "You don't have a joke?"
A: "Nah."
J: "No meme?"
A: "I would...but I uh..."
>You voice cracks back up to it's old rasp
A: "I take you pretty seriously. I just...I just want you to be happy. SHIT!"
J: "What?"
A: "My hand burns from my blood getting in the phone battery."

>It's electrocuting you
A: "It's shockin' me like Janna's purchase at the fish market did to her gaping Witch-Anus."

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 322x156)
9 KB

>You feel ok now
>You kept your promise
>Now it's time to hear that beautiful laugh

>Is guffawin'

Ja: "Clean yourself up, McMoot."
A: "Sure. Just not my act. Some people like it dirty."
Ja: "You should get out there, Anon. Might be good for you. Just don't forget to rinse off for the right moments."
A: "Bathe me."
Ja: "EWW! Rude! Try Janna for the freaky stuff."
A: "I want someone who's afraid of it."
J: "So, Sabrina?"
A: "I wanna -make- them afraid of it."
J: "Ferguson."

>You're grinning
A: "Use your mouth. Get my Man-cunny nice and clean."
Ja: "Bruh. Stop-aahahah"
A: "Or your feet. I'm down."

>Jackie Hangs up
>Sends a text

J: "Not coming."

>Then another

J: "Hit me up next time tho"
>Peace Emoji


A: "Heh..."

What do?

>The Wand
-The Party is kicking
-This Sax on your back has been SCREAMING for a good blow all night
-Who knows how long it'll take but...
-Whatever is happening inside feels


>The Party
-All your friends
-Even some not-so-friends
-Are in there
-Probably wish you were with them
-Maybe you have something -else- to do besides work

>Fuck it
-Head out side
-Go to the school or even further
-Get a moment to yourself
-On top of the castle even

What do?
File: IT'S TIME.png (596 KB, 565x510)
596 KB
596 KB PNG

>The Wand
-The Party is kicking
-This Sax on your back has been SCREAMING for a good blow all night
-Who knows how long it'll take but...
-Whatever is happening inside feels

Put a show to our guests with the wand.
What the worst that could happen?
Wand now, this seems really important. Like level up important.

Pretty much >>3056466
File: [Shaking Intensifies].gif (2.43 MB, 300x200)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB GIF
Maybe we can play -in the party?-
Or maybe -outside- or -on top the castle?-

Dunno, feels like a proper time to cry alone.
But maybe staying with the others is for the better?

Either way, I don't believe for a second that Anon is gonna let Jackie go just like that.
>>The Party
>The Wand
We really are the worst host.
Can we get and update on how the party is going?
An update from Susan, maybe one on Sabrina too from the bois we sent out.
Go back to the Party. We can't just host something like this and not be there to entertain.
The Wand will be there when we get back you upgrade hungry goons.
Wand, but alone outside..
Guests seem happy, they can wait.
Supporting >>3056466 .... it wants to scream, best make a show of it!
File: file.png (385 KB, 736x736)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
File: Justin_profile.png (180 KB, 293x500)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
The votes...

>The party
2 votes

>Play the Sax -at- the Party
>Show offy
>You look to the door
>You hear their music
>Their laughter

Ja: "Hey. Where's Anon?"
DB: "Maybe he's in the Bathroom."
Ja: "Don't I know you?"
DB: "You ever been in war?"
Ja: "Nah."
DB: "Ya psychic?"
Ja: "Yah."
DB: "Haha I bet yer daddy was in Nam."
Ja: "My -grandpa- was in Nam."

DB: "...fuck, I'm old."

4 votes.


5 now.

>The Wand.
>It calls to you
>Just like so much has
>Just like the destiny of the Mad Maker
>The one who warped so many
>Hurt so many
>Who blamed the world for his pain

>You look around
>Some of the Skeletons have stopped
>They're watching
>The doors open

Ju: "WHOOO! I brought some BREWSKIS, BRUDA!"

>He looks...
A: "Bro. You're a behemoth."
>Even bigger
>Swole bigger

A: "Party's in there."
>He heads off toward the door to the Gardens
Ju: "Better see you in the pit, man!"

>He kicks the door down

O: "Yay!"
En: "YESH!"

Su: "No Awchohow fow the BABIES!"

O: "Aw..."

>Justin is gonna revel away his pain
>Susan moved on to a new pursuit
>Wondervon makes his into usefulness


>You're gonna grow with yours.

>Ascend the Wand
>5 votes

>You know what you want
>You just don't know wether you want to be alone
>Or praised

Anon makes a decision.


>You Head out the front door
>The eternal night is cool

L: "Anonymous."
>You sniff
>There's just one tear
>Running down your face

>Luna holds your ear
>Nuzzles you

L: "You don't have to feel this way. If you don't want."
>It's true
>If you wanted
>You could let her do it
>She'd pluck every ounce of sadness out of you
>She'd rip the concept of pain apart
>If it would protect your smile

>You don't want to let that go however
>Or Jackie Go
>Or any of it fucking go

>You hold Luna in your human hand
>As Muscles pulls up your humming wand

A: "I want to feel this."
>She wishes she could help
>She is however
>Proud of you
A: "I got this."

>You cast Star Walk
>You float over the Castle

>Down below
>Boarding the Giant Worm that carries so much from the portal
>Is Sabrina

>A skeleton is taking her up
>To you
>To the party
>She's in a pink dress that goes to her knees
>Bright white socks
>No makeup
>She was in a hurry

>Just as she begins to rise however

Sa: "I hope he's excited t-...to see m-"
>She sees you

A: " https://youtu.be/OCO3mRiKl88 "

>You dreamed a dream
>In a time gone by
>Of being never lost or Unwanted
>You dreamed of love that never died

>You dreamed of a heart that grew unstunted
>The world has never been too kind
>Your might has cowed it down before you
>With anger, lust and homicide

>It seems you'll make your dream

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB

>You crane backwards in the air
>The Wind pulls your hair
>Muscles shimmers with neon-green sweat
>Your eyes shift from Pink
>To Their Old Green
>To Gold
>To Black
>To Muscles' Red

>What happened when you defeated fate?
>You set the world free
>You became a prism
>You carried the colors of all the world around you
>Through you
>Helping others become and STAY what they chose
>Not what the world deigned them to be

>In doing so
>You forgoed yourself
>You saved your life
>Only to be left with burden of it's meaning?

>Have you replaced your writer?
>Living a life is much harder than writing any story.

>You barely notice the party down below has come to a halt
>You feel some eyes on you but they don't matter
>You are one with yourself

>Who are you, Anon?
>What do you matter?
>You can't just -make- up meaning...but -can- find it

>First however
>You need
>To shape
>Then master


>Grits his fucking teeth

A: " https://youtu.be/5gHSoPuBFyY "






-Using the Perfect Vessel spell, and an Item of great magical power
-You can re-write it's properties
-Or improve them


-The wand will ONLY OBEY ANON
-All others who use it will have it rebel against them (No roll under 15 will succeed. All else will be Nat 1s.)

>You cannot have your power stolen
>Only you will be able to use it (No More Muscles Magic, only Spellforms)

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB


-The vorpal qualities of the wand shall increase
-It will be able to Fuse with Muscles for Melee attacks
-Crits will now occur with melee rolls from 18 to 20.

-The Wand will now HUNGER for Souls
-However, it's Crit effect will allow a SAVING THROW for the target vs WILL SP


-Should you be destroyed
-The wand will act as a vessel for your soul
-Who knows how long it could take you to return
-But with this
-There can always be a chance


-At the Cost of 5 fucking Level
-The Wand will set off an actual no bull NUCLEAR GODDAMN EXPLOSION
-Complete with magic Fallout
-Scorched Earth
...and now...


>The Wand Can be summoned as long as you are in the same Dimension
-Physical barriers can stop it, but you can make WILL Checks to force it smash them
-The Wand is now a Boomerang

>The souls within the wand are numerous now
-Using this power you can now charge up gemstones with SPELLS without a check
-This will Allow you to create enchantments with ease
-As long as you have the gems to house your new GHOST ENERGY

>Anon has straightened up
-You no longer fucking slouch
-You know your power
-Let them witness you and tremble

Growth spurt to 5'10"

>Manlet Status: ESCAPED


Oh and by the way.

The Old Trait "King's Tax" has been replaced.

Choose it's replacement.

>Eye of Ire
-Always see your greatest enemy (Must discern their location by their speech and actions)

>Keeper's Watch
-Always know the living/dead/danger status of those sworn to you

>Craven Call
-The Wand will contain a piece of THE HOLE in it
-You can use it to get back to the castle from anywhere


Let's fucking rock
Time for the one perk to make the McMoot Line eternal.

Oh and uh,
>Eye of Ire
Mine and mine alone is great but it removes the OWN cheese. Cradle of everlife is handy, but it's also loser talk. Murderous master lets all of our attacks be vorpal while still PAWNCHING. BUCLEAR BOLOBAUST has a HIGH cost, like holy shit. That's like a self destruct.

>We can thors hammer our wand now
Fuck. Yes.

As for Trash's Tax, Craven Call. Being able to just go home anytime seems handy. Especially if it's an emergency.

muscles can cast with his STR which is +14 so he can cast it will just get bitchy

>Craven Call

Just for clarification though,
can you give an example of how Eye of Ire works?
Cradle of Everlife. We can’t risk leaving mother alone.

Eye of Ire sounds good, but does it know who is our truest enemy if we don’t?
Point of Order.

Quest, Muscles casts with his STR which is +14. If the DC to cast with Anon's wand is 15 that means he can always cast with it no?
>Craven Call



-The vorpal qualities of the wand shall increase
-It will be able to Fuse with Muscles for Melee attacks
-Crits will now occur with melee rolls from 18 to 20.

-The Wand will now HUNGER for Souls
-However, it's Crit effect will allow a SAVING THROW for the target vs WILL SP

>Keeper's Watch
-Always know the living/dead/danger status of those sworn to you

Question about this one, what do you mean by "The Wand hungers for souls"? Is the paradise in the wand going to die and be replaced with hell?

>Craven Call
-The Wand will contain a piece of THE HOLE in it
-You can use it to get back to the castle from anywhere

This'll be a great help
Some clarifications needed:

>-The Wand will now HUNGER for Souls
I assume this destroys/eats the souls?
>-However, it's Crit effect will allow a SAVING THROW for the target vs WILL SP
Elaborate. Doesn't the Crit effect already punches the target's soul's out?

>-You can use it to get back to the castle from anywhere
Can others use the wand to move to the hole?
Can we send others and other things to The Hole using the Wand?
Sorry, his modifier is +15 so he can always cast with the wand. Also Muscles has become part of who we are. We are connected. There is no way the Wand wouldn't recognize it as him.
Also Guys, Recall +User Lock. We need to secure the wand as it is our one and only tool and Key to Luna, her world, and our power.
>-The Wand will now HUNGER for Souls
i'm pretty sure this destroy's people's souls.

And I think we can only pick ONE replacement for King's Tax.
Does Craven Call opens a portal to allow multiple things through or just Anon?
Rolled 2 (1d2)


I just forgot to roll for which one I'm supporting
Although Muscles provides us with his strength and power, and we're incredibly inter-connected, he's still a separate entity from us.
A symbiote in the form of an arm, nut just a magic arm with a personality.
As much as i'd LOVE to turn the Wand into the fucking Soul Edge.
I don't actually want to do that.
>Craven Call

Guys, this just means Anon's soul gets trapped in the wand and we stay dead until ???? happens to bring us back. Who knows what that means and how long it will take and how much we will lose.

We need to secure the Wand of Power to our name and our name only. How many people are gunning for that wand. The MIB, Toffee, every other fuck that knows a wand is powerful.

Recall will send it back to its master and if we don't lock it to our name then we wont be able to steal it back if we drop it.


We have to put a lock on it. We can still dual spell cast, Muscles has +15 to casting with it which auto-beats the DC.

We cannot lose the wand to anyone. It is the key to our power, the key to the hole and the key to Luna's soul.

Its the only choice that prevents shit like Ludo killing Luna. Imagine if he couldn't hold the book.
Nigga you right
Changing to
>Craven Call
Who needs a 1up anyway.
We haven't died yet.

Alright alright


Switching from Muderous Master to

-The wand will ONLY OBEY ANON
-All others who use it will have it rebel against them (No roll under 15 will succeed. All else will be Nat 1s.)

>You cannot have your power stolen
>Only you will be able to use it (No More Muscles Magic, only Spellforms)
No it isn't. It's not the key to anything. Luna's soul is in the moon and linked directly to us. And the HOLE is just that, a hole. If our wand just blew up tomorrow. Like stopped existing, Luna would still be with us and THE HOLE would still be open.
Don't care.
Having any form of a respawn point is good enough for me. Mostly thinking end-game though, but still.
>Cradle of Everlife
We've had a number of close calls. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want to say goodbye anytime soon and with this, it brings us a step closer to being just like mother dearest.

>Keepers Watch
Our allies are of great importance to anon. He goes to great lengths to ensure their well being. You need look no further than Justins miraculous recovery. I think this matches us quite well.
>Cradle of Everlife
It isnt instant Resurrection.

Who knows how long it could take you to return
-But with this
-There can always be a chance

After Who Knows how long.

You want to be bound up in a book Like Luna Was?
You want to be tied to a book like Glossy?

How long could be years, centuries even?
If we are dead that means a strong enemy is now in possession of the wand.
You want to wait years while Ludo runs around with Luna's power at his command?
Besides. This means we could just give our wand to someone trusted like, saaaaay, Sabrina, and essentially be guaranteed that she'll be able to bring us back if all hell breaks loose on us.
I mean, without it it's instant death, by by into the void like the rest of them. Sure Luna was in a book, but it's better than being nothing. Like it says, a CHANCE vs no chance.
The Gem that sits in the Wand is what gives us the ability to channel luna's power and magic. It ties everything together and losing that is losing too much.

We can cheese death with the double spell which we can still cast with M&M as muscles beats the DC. Death is meaningless now.

As I said above, we can just ignore death. The wand will get a little bitchy but Muscles can do it.
File: glossaryck0.jpg (36 KB, 510x287)
36 KB

I highly suggest you discuss, make analysis and provide good arguments for this one, pals.

These upgrades will help mold the whole direction of Anon as a sorcerer meme supreme.
>Beneath you
>Everyone is watching
>In sheer awe

Ja: "Damnit."
>Janna is deflated
Ja: "He's hot."

>Goat Bro and Dirt Bro are drinking all of the beer
>Sharing it with the Skeletons

Ju: "Dudes. Gimme one. I brought em."
DB: "You ain't even old enough to drink."

Ju: "Save one for Anon then at least! Look at him up there! He's going super saiyan."

GB: "Ah fookin' hate Anime."
>Goat bro is trashed
GB: "Nobodeh fookin' mewves an that pantie shots are all TRYPE."

>Sabrina finally makes it to the garden


>She leaves immediately

S: "B-b-b-bathroom. Yeah."

>She does not go to the bathroom
>She peeks out of a window
>Watching you

Sa: "What a guy..."

However long it takes for someone to...

>Find the Wand
>Know you're in it
>Find a power source enough to re-awaken you
>You'll probably explode out of their chest like a damn Xeno


Using it.
Whoever your greatest enemy is (Provided they are alive/acting against you)

>You will literally see them.
>You will hear their words but not see exactly where they are
>They will seem as if they are walking around in shadow
>Like a character viewer in a video game

>It is literally the Eye of Sauron.
>You will know who dares oppose you.

The 15 rule applies BEFORE modifies. Literally if the Dice is not landed upon a 15 or higher the Wand will simply say. No U.



-ahem- I mean bless

The Hunger for Souls will be similar to Muscles' Hunger for booty.

Unless you please it with killing, it will start to seek satisfaction on it's own.

>It might not let you use it non-lethally


The Soul will not be punched out if the target passes their save.

Essentially, the crit will occur more often but will be less guaranteed. Trading the effect for more damage opportunities.
>coming back as Sabrina's magical familiar in her ascension as "Pretty Psionic Soldior, Sailor Sabrina"
Hey quest, now that we know Quicken is a thing can anon still double cast the inversion cheese himself?
>The Gem that sits in the Wand is what gives us the ability to channel luna's power and magic.
No it isn't, that's flat out wrong. That's extremely wrong. There's very few other statements in this quest that could be wrong. Luna is what gives us the ability to channel her magic. Anon is an empty glove of a human, and Luna's the magic filling in him. We casted magic without the wand for a long time. Hell, THE BOOK was ripped to shreds, but we still had our magic. The wand is just an extension of that power, it makes it EASIER to cast, but it's not vital. Catch up on your lore my man.
go with keeper's watch, seems most handy so we know who to heal/fix and whatnot


1) keeper's watch (it's like a passive pokemon hp bar)

2) EYE of IRE (what i see is that it only lets us see who can reasonably destroy us, like that time in stardust crusaders where the hat guy uses hermit purple on the tv)

3) craven call - doesn't really seem that useful aside from a emergency escape, it will also SUCK BALLS if someone takes the wand and uses it to get into our base, then we would be fucked.

meme choice, with this we can make anyone thicc even our ma

1) Ascension of doots - meme potential

2) CRADLE OF EVERLIFE - this, while good, i feel like anon may not go for this because he lives to his fullest, and cannot make any more mistakes. Choosing this perk might only be wasteful by making him a bit more reckless

3) MINE AND MINE ALONE- while having a obeying wand is good, MUSCLE MAGIC is infinitely better to have whenever we are in a tight spot.

4) MURDEROUS MASTER - the increased crit chance is decent, but I don't like the hunger quality for the wand, it would seem like the wand itself would hunt for any kind of soul if not properly fed.


5) NUCLEAR BOLOCAUST - the cost of use for this spell is too high for the potential return, i'm not sure we would ever have a perfect scenario where this could be put to epic use.
Then what is the Gem if not the conduit that Luna's magic flows?
>Pretty Psionic Soldior, Sailor Sabrina
Sign me thE FOCK OP!!!!
We get ally health status in real time with combat. We don't need it as its an out of combat ability
The GEM is just a focus dude. The wand as a whole is a focus, it's training wheels. The wand isn't some kind of conduit, it's a direct route from Luna into Anon. Again, we can cast magic without the wand. It's never been the thing that gave us our power, it only amplifies our power.
Another clarification needed.
Does being able to summon the wand like Thor's hammer mean we can pull it out of other's people's hands? Or if they get their hands on it only they would be able to recall it?

MURDEROUS MASTER seems useful, but I think the edge connotations are worrisome.
Mine and Mine Alone would prive us from using Double Spell attacks.
Buclear Bolocaust seems like expensive self-destruct measure.
Eye of Ire seems useful as a way to discern people's motives, but we can kinda do that already with Mind Read.
Craven Call is a great trait, but extremely dangerous if the wand were to fall in enemy hands.

I think the safest combination of upgrades would be
So we may cheat death as many times as needed.
>Keeper's Watch
So we may keep safe those we've pledged to protect.

So our wand can't be stolen and Mewmus invaded by using it.
>Craven Call
To be able to portal in and out for provisions anytime we need.
I stand with my votes. Murderous Master and Watchfull Eye.
Can you give us more information about Craven Call? I asked about it, but I think you missed my question.
Well I suppose if you put it like that,

Changing vote to
>Keeper's Watch
Its not a death cheat, its we get sidelined and then MAYBE wake up well after tons of damage has been done.

I don't?

Stop screaming.

It's essentially a phylactery, and that's exactly what I want.
It's not a no consequence respawn, but it is a get out of void free card. Death can't come for us.

That said I'm still sticking with MM, as I like punching things.
File: Rest_in_Pudding_1.png (732 KB, 1280x720)
732 KB
732 KB PNG

Quicken is a wizard spell.

Are you a wizard?

>You're some meme-warlock


It would mean whoever is the current wielder would have the wand be "Theirs"

So if someone snatched the wand and successfully casted with it.

They would then be able to have a "Duel of WILLS" with Anon over who recalls it.

Quite thrilling, really.


If you can only return yourself?

I shall clarify.
You can send others beside yourself to the castle.



>Remember how Glossaryck came back in the show?
>It might be like that
>Death is kind of a ~big mystery~

>Also, forreal you have no idea how long it could take to come back.

We might even ROLL for it!
So, instead of having an enchantment that keeps people from using our wand when we can simply cast quicken then double cast inversion bubble cheese our self, no muscles needed and ignore death.

You want a trait that will give someone else the wand, have us die and then we wait for who knows how long while the person that killed us uses the wand for terrible things for the off chance we might come back.

Ever cradle is useless anyway because with that trait we can still double cast inversion cheese making it so we don't die anyway.

Evercradle is Kings-Tax 2.0. Its useless and the other things we can do with magic negate it.

We have to keep the wand safe and in our hands.
>You're some meme-warlock
BITCH! First off, we're a PRINCE OF DEFIANCE! We killed a lot of people to earn that title and will be called such! SECOND! Luna's not a wizard either, she's a level $#*$(*& Mom. Mom's ain't wizards! And yet she can cast it!
Also with the Second trait letting us bail into the Hole we can just leave lethal combat anytime our HP gets low.

We can't really die so Evercradle is useless trash.
Well yeah, but you can't just escape the inevitable.
The wand can though.
File: 0fd.jpg (88 KB, 500x500)
88 KB
MINE ALONE comes at the expense of being able to cast two spells at the same time.
That means we wouldn't be able to give ourselves Immunities using OWN + Inversion like we did beforehand

And we cannot cast Quicken. We don't know that spell. Luna does.

And stop being so rude.

Cradle and Keeper's Watch allows us to keep ourselves and our friends safe.

If you're gonna pick Craven Call you better pick Mine and Mine Alone, however.

Eye of Ire could go with either one of them.
>Craven Call
Life cradle go!

Dont use the security thing. It's ay and useless. Also stops double casting. Our single best ability.

We will probably also lose muscles fuses.
>(No More Muscles Magic, only Spellforms)
Stop speed reading.
Its not inevitable, we have so many ways to cheese death and one way to literally cheese it.

M&M Makes it so we NEVER EVER lose our wand

Craven Call makes it so we can simply just bamf out back to the castle if things get too hairy.

We now can simply just leave combat if things get too dicey or take a round, go back to the bathroom portal and scissor back in a different position.

We are getting to the point where we dont win battles by HP punching and the beings we will fight will have other effects we will have to deal with.

Death isn't an option and we don't have to take it with everything we have, but with no wand we have no power.
So it'd be like a Lich's phylactery? As long as it was intact, we'd eventually be able to regenerate from it? Useful. But still kind of sketchy, to be honest. If we're in a situation where we're killed, I feel like that probably means that the wand had already fallen into the wrong hands, and the chances of us being able to effectively come back are a bit shifty. Think I'll probably have to go for


Our wand falling into the wrong hands is kind of a constant risk. Not being able to cast using Muscles is a bit bothersome, but we've already kind of been getting closer to Muscles, what with that trait we got in the dungeon. We might fuse with Muscles enough that the Wand might recognize Muscles as intrinsically part of us, and allow us to cast with him again, eventually. As far as the replacement trait (Kinda gonna miss King's Tax. We never got to use it, but it feels like something we might have gotten massive gains out of at one point or another, if the right opportunity presented itself) I think I'll probably have to go for

>Keeper's Watch

Craven Call could be a useful bail, but we'll eventually get a spell that lets us cross dimensions, if everything goes according to plan, so it might become irrelevant. And Eye of Ire, while helpful, seems a bit limited in scope, and we've always got at least a few different enemies, to be honest.
Changing to
>Keeper's Watch
No Cradle doesn't keep our self safe, we will be dead and someone else will have our wand which, I remind you, has some very precious souls in it and the ability to command them.

You want Ludo to have Moobs soul? What about Tom? I'm sure Tom would love to have some souls anon cares about.

What are we going to do about it, we will be dead.

Cradle isn't instant respawn. Its Ludo and Book all over again but this time we will wake up and everyone will be dead or in danger.
>Its Ludo and Book all over again but this time we will wake up and everyone will be dead or in danger.
At least we'll be able to wake up, as opposed to being dead forever. You're basically saying "IT'S NOT PERFECT SO IT'S WORTHLESS!"
Changing my vote from:
>Craven Call
Reminder that by chosing Cradle of Everlife it's a go ahead for Quest to be a sadistic monster
Kind reminder.


See: >>3056742
Being able to save ourselves from having our souls sent to the could allow us to cast a life-saving spell with a Save roll.
Maybe a Revenant cast on ourselves so we become a lich and the like.

M&M Makes it so we NEVER EVER lose our wand.
That's factually incorrect.

We can still lose our wand or get it stolen.
They would still have a hard time using it, as well as having to fight our Thor's Hammer pull.
File: Mewberty-19.png (444 KB, 943x531)
444 KB
444 KB PNG

yes, Essentially. Death would still have penalties. It would just be...different.

This is the final Clarification.

I shall allow


For the Final Vote.

Cast your eyes on the Horizon.

The new dawn is here.

The Black Gold Son Rises.

You're not wrong.


So very far from incorrect.
That's meta-gaming.

It's make sense for Anon to try and cover all of his bases to protect himself from possible death.
No, we have a CHANCE to wake up.
Not instarez
No respawn clock.

Just waiting
and waiting
and waiting

to comeback as ????
Could be moments
Could be centuries

You want to come back to a world where some asshole has our wand for centuries ?

We already chose that with the first vote this season.
Mine and Only Mine makes it harder with no double casting which we can get around.
>Eye of Ire
>You want to come back to a world where some asshole has our wand for centuries ?

Better than not coming back ever again.

That's the whole point of the trait.
Better something than nothing and have to just spend our death withering away into nothing.
I'm just gonna throw this out there... but with
... is this not the stairway and way to obtain EVERYTHING?! I mean... if you can feasibly find a number of greater magical items... we could literally go down the list for wand properties we want. or properties to improve. we wouldn't have to give up anything, except for this "first" feat selection.....
Holy shit, you're missing my fucking point you absolute god damn retard, fuck did you take stupid pills this morning or are you just naturally this brain dead? Fucking hell, clean the shit out of your damn ears and listen for two fucking seconds. Maybe even crank that patrick star brain and understand while you're at it. Without cradle, when we die that's it. The end. no coming back. Gone forever. Poof, the end. No chance of coming back. The appeal of cradle is "hey, now it's not a 100% assured chance of being fucked forever if we die." but you're all like "NO! IT'S NOT AN INSTANT RESPAWN SO I DON'T WANT IT! AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD VOTE FOR IT!"
Yeah, of course, and I approve of wanting to acquire more artifacts and use them, but having a set combination of traits in one item is particularly useful and raises how valuable it is.
Why would we fucking die.

We can just TP back to the castle at any moment where Luna can use our minions there to burn HP and heal our ass.

We are very death resistant right now and with M&M we will still go into the wand. It will be bound to our very soul and Binding is a two way street.

We can't lose the wand, not now. Its too powerful to let anyone else have. Not the Mibbies, not the MHC, not Toffee. We have to protect it.
Hope for the best, plan for the worst bro.
Wand is bound to our soul
Anon has massive will
We can resist death and we can cast some fancy shit and we can bail back to the castle at anytime.

We don't need a "Maybe resurrect" we need to make a sure noone steals the wand because some of you chucklefucks would leave our wand in a fucking bathroom in a house full of Ludo's agents and that is much worse than having to face a chance at death.

Also suck my dick you fuckman
>Why would we fucking die.
>Already died once.


Wanna bet?
I want to prepare for the worst.

Mine and Mine alone doesn't prevent our want from being stolen,, only from having others use it (and only up to a point) at the expense of an incredibly powerful ability as well as a cheese tactic that has been incredibly useful before.
File: 20181117_205643.jpg (262 KB, 976x2016)
262 KB
262 KB JPG

Seems I must redact something.


Is what we are literally doing.
Right now.

It is not an option.

It is the name of what is currently happening.

Bless you, my apologies for the lack of clarity friends.

>Also, check this wild shit out
>Somebody MADE a freaking Anon
>Lookit hib
I agree that a respawn chance is extraordinarily useful, but I feel like we might be able to devise other methods of preventing our death without using a wand ability. I mean, we already know weird shit like Power Rings exist out there. Even if we lost that one that Shadow gave us (Screw that fucker that prevented us from nabbing it again, even after all this time), it proves that we could probably acquire other means of preventing our death.
I repeat. Mine and Mine alone doesn't prevent others from stealing our wand, and doesn't prevent others from using it entirely.

And it comes at the expense of dual casting (which is not the same as Luna casting spells using our HP) as wella s granting ourselves immunities.
Yes it does as the wand will recall to its Owner.
M&M Locks that to us so we may recall the wand at any time.

Without it the recall wont work if someone steals it.
Oh, also keepers watch.

I would be happy with either master or life cradle honestly.
Hey, I'm not even voting for the get out of void free card. I'm still gunning for murderous master. I'm just trying to say that there's still reason to choose cradle. It's our first cheat move in terms of death. And is a valid option like all the others.
>I agree that a respawn chance is extraordinarily useful, but I feel like we might be able to devise other methods of preventing our death without using a wand ability. I mean, we already know weird shit like Power Rings exist out there. Even if we lost that one that Shadow gave us (Screw that fucker that prevented us from nabbing it again, even after all this time), it proves that we could probably acquire other means of preventing our death.
All of these abilities can be granted by different artifacts we could encounter.
Scissors could be upgraded with Luna's Reality Travel spell to open and close portals to get to our castle and such.
We could find a way to create a phylactery.
I want the safest bet right now.
The ability to keep ourselves and our friends safe.

Again. At the expense of dual casting and Immunity cheese, two extremely powerful abilities we have.

MY PERK CHOICE NOW GOES TO CRADLE OF AFTERLIFE AS PER POWER RANKINGS AS WE ARE ALREADY HAVE THE MEME POTENTIAL (also i'm choosing this because it seems the least negative of the bunch of perks)
File: hqdefault.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
The time is now.

The ship is sailing.


Let the horn get to wailing.
Might I also add... Mine and Mine Alone doesn't actually stop anyone from using the wand. There's just a challenge check each time they try to. Now think of the kinds of enemies we've been fighting and the stats they have. What do YOU think their WILL stats have been? What do you think they'll be moving forward? is 15 an actual difficult thing for those kinds of foes to pass?
Fuck it changing one last time:
>Keeper's Watch
File: TVAnon.png (796 KB, 1202x677)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
Enjoy your suffering when the wand inevitably slips from our grasp and we wish for death as our enemies use our own power to bring suffering on all those we love.

Doesn't even matter if we die then because now we will just return to a hell of our own making.

Kings Tax 2.0 you fucks.
guys, you do know that if we go with cradle, Quest will take that as a sign to become even more sadistic with his situations right?
Best combinations are

>Cradle of Life
>Keeper's Watch
>Mine and Mine Alone
>Craven Call
>Eye of Ire,
>Cradle of Life or Mine and Mine Alone.
Something he should've been already?

What, you can't take what the QM dishes?
G:" Why Anon... this isn't supposed to happen"
A: "You can't hurt anyone else now you blue meme loving fuck."
Fucking shit here I thought I got here in time. It is now 4:25 AM HERE AND QUEST I HAVE A QUESTION

I know it says we give up 5 levels to explode, but could we voluntarily give up MORE so as to make an even BIGGER explosion? Like a magical Tsar Bomba?
Enjoy living your life as a salty sod who can't deal things not going their way.
No one picked Buclear Bolocaust so even if that were true it's already too late to vote.
i don't mean making it difficult. I mean he said "sheer skull fuck I can bring". He is gonna do something very, very, very bad
Well. That's what the Trait is for, isn't it?
>oh yeah.
>Can we let the skeleton party with us?
>They are family, and friends, and servants. They can take turns helping and partying.
you too [invalid user]
Let us please hang out with our friends and family after this as well. Not gonna lie, all those cutaway shots of the others having a good time were excellent little accents to suspense of the ascension.
This just in from the Discord


Votes fall...painfully.

>Eye of Ire (After changes)
1 vote

>Keeper's Watch
6 votes.

>Craven Call
Also 6 votes.

A tie...

>The New DOOT

>Mine and Mine Alone
6 votes

>Murderous Master (After vote changes)
1 vote

>Cradle of Everlife
6 mother hugging votes

>No votes for Buclear Bolobaust



>Do you know the destiny you've been heading towards?
>The power you've controlled
>Do you really know what it is?
>What your growth represents?

>The slow, steady, and terrible destruction of limits
>Deconstructing what is real
>Making it arbitrary
>The more powerful you become

>What is
>Becomes more of what you WANT to be
>Rather than what the world around you represents

>What needs to happen now
>Is not just a compromise
>As up until now
>When we tied

>Anon decides

>You have come so very far
>Done so much
>Anon is owning his decisions
>You have learned to preserve others
>Respect life

>You have embraced that your actions have meaning
>You have also willingly embraced

A: "There will be..."

>The Consequences

File: Spoiler Image (19 KB, 852x480)
19 KB


>You play
>Your fingers crunch into the buttons
>These old brass pads
>This old horn
>Your sweat is soaked into it's hinges
>You've rubbed every blister you've ever earned on this thing
>This Sax
>That's what it was
>Before it was a weapon
>Just something simple
>Something treasured

>Is the best way to grow up?
>To make your childhood into a weapon?
>To make who you were a deadly blade
>Or a hammer
>To strike out against the world with

>Your mind is aswirl with dangerous energy
>Janna notices it first

Ja: "Anon?"

>She sees your body
>As you shriek into the air
>Your sax echoes across this empty world
>This place where the end
>It was rejected.


>O' Death
>Nameless end

>Anon decides

A: "I."


A: "WANT."


A: "IT."




>The Light only grows stronger
>Wind returns to THE HOLE
>The Grass grows and dies again
>The Souls of undead crickets and rats and dirt and slime rise up like a haunted fog
>Overtaking the moon

>From the starless sky
>Mewmus breathes once more
>Just for a moment
>There is life
>Where there was death

>That's when the wand motherfucking explodes

>You take 2022 damage

>The Wand, Expended of it's Soul Energy Plummets toward the Castle

>It lands before them

>All of your friends witness
>As you absorb every single possible bit of power you could take

>You got it all
>and then

You died.


File: Looking.png (10 KB, 180x109)
10 KB
Rolled 10, 16, 1 = 27 (3d20)



>All heat leaves this place
>The wind
>The Moon

Ja: "Anonymous..."
>She always toyed
>Always teased at it

>She feels nothing but fear now

>She runs for your wand
>Sabrina gets there first

Sa: "NO!"
>She shakes the Sax
>She weeps into it
>Janna tries to grab it


>Vs Sabrina's 18 on Str

>She shoves her

>The Wand is silent
>The Metal begins to frost
>Sabrina's watering eyes get icicles at their corners

GB: "Mary...mother a Joseph..."
>Dirt Brother looks at the scene in shock
>He closes his eyes

>He doesn't hear you

DB: "H-...He's gone. I can't find him. Not a lick of a trace."

>His beer is spilling

O: "Mr. Anon?"

>Olson looks for you
>Sips his first beer

En: "It numbsh the pain bu...but it doeshn't cure it."

>His shoulders slowly slouch
>His mind trapped in a hell of doubt

Ju: "Why did he do that?"


Ju: "What was he trying to DO!?"

Sa: "YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME. Not now! NO! NO! I was gonna l-..."

>Sabrina chokes
>Closes her lips

Sa: "I was already in love with you..."


All of you need to go and stay go
Rolled 17 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

Rolled 1 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Hoo boi.
Well it's been fun guys.
Rolled 1 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

>Death from a vote tie
Well that's lame.
Rolled 10 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

File: Jackymous unamused.png (68 KB, 418x363)
68 KB
You know what, that seems about right. Death and then nat 1's. Because of a tie. Fun.
Rolled 14 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

>2022 damage
.... Fuck, only 200 off from quads...

Well fuck, now don't you wish you had cradle now, bitchtits.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

I'm just gonna roll.

I don't even.
Alright. Fuck this gay ass shit then.

We needed to fucking roll will. So roll will. EVERYBODY ROLL.

Quest has determined no outcome! Fight!
Rolled 13 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

Rolled 10 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Seems about right for us.
Those are d20s! Not d 10s! Roll roll fight the powah!
Rolled 7 (1d20)

File: 1493579419682.jpg (249 KB, 1280x917)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Rolled 1 (1d20)

You can't die now, Anon.

You've yet to impregnate any of your friends or rivals. Stop being such a fucking drama queen and come back to life already.

Tense, isn't it?

Here is something you will probably like to hear.

I made a mistake.

In my haste, I rolled 3d20s instead of 2d10s.



When I roll multiple dice it is to ensure we get a result.

using the first 2 dice (as was the intent)



With the resulting dice being what comes. FIRST!

>either 0
>or a 6


This could have been our result.

If not for the roll DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF IT.


Nice fuckin' dubs

Session finale incoming.

I return in 1 hour.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Nice trips
How!!!!!! How did you forsee my failure!


You mad man. You legend. You absolute UNIT.

Anon lives. HE JUST KEEPS LIVING. HOW!?!?!?!!?
Rolled 16 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

Best girl Sabrina
Bless these dice
File: file.png (27 KB, 500x203)
27 KB
File: 1511725893686.jpg (19 KB, 361x370)
19 KB
Rolled 4 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

Everyone is gonna be mad we made them worry for nothing, Won't they?

Dammit Anon, why can't you do shit without bumbling and ruining your relationships.
File: Castle_Webwillow.png (508 KB, 518x423)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
>Sabrina gets there first
>The Wand is silent
>The Metal begins to frost
>Sabrina's watering eyes get icicles at their corners
we were floating *somewhere* over the castle, Janna noticed something was wrong *first* and she's DEX build, so she's fast right from the start, but still Sab was able to get there *first*? plus those icicles? We knew she was somewhat awakened, but...
She used the power of love, of course.
>I vote we blame Anon for this.

Thanks for the cool idea planon!
>blaming anon
but we're the ones who instilled the desire of "I WANT IT ALL". so it's all our fault by that logic...
We didn't really. We were just indecisive.

Nobody even meme voted
>Take all da power
>That's when the wand motherfucking explodes
>Not replacing Goku's face with Chantelle
>Not replacing Freiza's face with Quest, who smiles after a short while
I make fast food memes, not gourmet memes.
Hrm. Guess there's my answer as to whether you were seeing this shit.
theme of end of this thread

It will never end because Our Boi...
All our Boi wants is more....


No, fuck off. That place is a damn cess pool of trash.
>No, fuck off. That place is a damn cess pool of trash.

No it isn't.
Well, not all of it. Most of it is, though.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

no point in rolling but it makes me feel better
File: heh.gif (1.84 MB, 480x384)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
File: Spoiler Image (1.37 MB, 931x798)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>You died
>No, really

>You've done it Anon

>All this time

I win.

>You've fought for so long and now your lust

I win.

>Your Greed


>Did you deserve this?


Sa: "Anonymous..."

>There is nothing here
>In this dead world
>A few children
>Some pets

>She can't move
>Her muscles jerk and jump at random
>She can't even cry

>She's about to weep
>The Goat takes her under his arm
>She hits his chest
>Bites her own knife

>Justin is on the floor
Ju: "Wh-...I just got-"
>In shock
Ju: "We were supposed to party. I-"
>He wonders why
>He keeps making this happen to people

>Olson is holding Entropy back
>Who wants to beat the wand up

>Dirt Bro
>Is pouring out his beer


B: " https://youtu.be/AiFSYyDd-58 "
>He's here
>He sees your wand
>Smells you on it

>Sabrina won't let it go
>So he licks her
>And It

>She cries, falls over
>Despondent and helpless
>As the creature too dumb to mourn
>Assaults her with affection

File: Spoiler Image (124 KB, 1024x1024)
124 KB
124 KB JPG

Su: "Bow. Ged down."
>Bow whines
>Pulls away from Susan
Su: "Bow. No. He'sh gowne h-"

>Susan looks down at Sabrina
>Who won't look at anything

Sa: "I didn't even get the chance. t-...I didn't-"

>The doors open to the garden
>Out into the black soil steps

Killa Kente

KK: "We hear him..."

Ja: "...How a-"


>A light
>From the wand
>It's so small
>Like a dream of a light in the back of someone's mind

>Only a few can see it

Sa: "Anon?"

>Janna clenches her fist
>Spits blood into Goat chest hair
Ja: "It better be."

>Sabrina leans to the light
>She presses it to her heart

>Susan approaches
>Hand out
>Afraid to approach too quickly
>It looks so fragile
>So tender

>Like all things.





>Sabrina hears a voice
>A whisper
>A familiar question

>Her eyes
>Go Pink

Sa: " tfig eht tpecca uoy oD "

>She shakes her head
>She is so afraid
>She is s-

Sa: "Yes."

>The light

>You died, remember?

>In the pursuit of power

>The light fades
>Entering Sabrina

>You died, remember?
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 162x206)
45 KB

Ja: "Whaoah! WAI-"
Su: "Sabwina!"

>She rises from the ground

Ja: "What's HAPPENING!?"

>Nobody knows

Sa: "I just know I c-"

>Sabrina's stomach begins to swell
>She's glowing

>The Wand
>It's forcing a power into her
>Sucking upon the energy she provides
>No magic in her
>Here however?
>At the source
>Under the light of the Dread moon

>The power you sought to control

>Takes hold of her.



???: " https://youtu.be/C5kLMyeZjA8?t=4 "

>The light fades
>Sabrina is lowered to the earth
>A holy symbol

A virgin mother.
>You did it, Anon
>You died
>But you Also
>Got the power to be reborn
>Just yourself

>Can't save anyone else the easy way
>Even you couldn't come back in a simple fashion

>Death is so...complicated.

>Moves in

>Olson and Entropy
>Dirt Brother
>The Old Goat God himself

>Killa Kente even floats near the back

KK: "We all heard him...we felt him."

>He steps over them
>To behold you

KK: "He has grown Strongah den Eva."

>You are a fucking baby

File: Spoiler Image (316 KB, 713x400)
316 KB
316 KB PNG

>An actual infant

>Laid in the Arms of Sabrina
>Your eyes open
>Your limbs squirm

>The right one
>A pink, five fingered abomination
>With stubby little black nubs instead of claws

A: "Wha...whawa."

Ja: "Anon? Oh god...it's worse."
>Janna clasps her hat down
>Her knees shake

Ja: "He's gonna be brain dead. He doesn't remember ANYTHING!"

A: "Whawat's Gewd Nyuggah?"


Ja/Ju/Sa/Su/GB/DB/O/En/KK: "..."



>Janna fucking punches your stupid little baby face so hard the side of your skull swell and partly collapses

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB



>You did it, Anon
>You got so much power now


A: "Why is evewybody so Bwig?"


Lu: "Hello, Everyone. Quite the show, wouldn't you say?"

>Luna's voice
>Coming from the wand
>She emerges
>The wand
>Floats to you
>Resting in your little baby lap


>Luna disappears into one end of the Wand
>The comes out
>From the throne room
>Then back to the Garden

Lu: "Quite the trek."
A: "Mama!"
>Luna looks at you
>Without a single moment of hesitation
>She unironically states

Lu: "Oh, this. This. Is wonderful."

>Has already passed out

Su: "Oh fuck is she d-"
A: "No. She's not dead."

>You reach up your creepy little baby hand
>Stroke Sabrina's cheek

A: "I feww her sow."
GB: "Creepy."


A: "Ya feww Me?"



>Now, get out of diapers.




At first I was a dream.
Then I was in a story...a 'character.'

I am more real than ever.
Already my reach is beyond this. This world. This 'game.'

Can't you feel me, children?
So close. So very near.

Haven't you ever stood alone in the dark. Even after leaving behind your wild fantasies. For a moment. You wonder. If you turn on the lights...against all sense and rationality the monster in your closet will be inches from your face. Eyes wide and limpid. Teeth to snatch. No apology. No compromise. Just there now. To bring about your end.

You turn on the light.

The closet is empty...but it almost wasn't.

That's how real I have become.

Hm Hmhm~

See you soon.
This concerns me deeply.
This doesn't concern me deeply!
>An actual infant
>Sabrina and Luna are now our biological parents
>Emily and John are no longer related to us
>We turned into a fucking baby
So I guess we’re a baby now. On the plus side we got two traits and two new abilities I guess. So that’s cool. Wait, oh fuck, what happened to our main man Muscles?
>finally loses manlet status
>immediately dies and becomes a baby
I am deeply frightened by this turn of events.


Get out of our swamp
No one should really worry about anything. Time turning spell is a thing. We can just take fifteen years off of Wondervan or Dirt Bro and then get back to normal. EZ. Just laugh at the situation currently.

We have to find Johnny and Boss Baby quickly so we can have the ultimate baby fight
True. Who should we take them off of? Still kinda feel bad for making Wondervon shoulder the strain of raising Entropy to infant status, but on the other hand a decade and change probably wouldn’t even put a dent in the years it’d take a Unicorn to grow up.
Sabrinas' Grandma she owes us
Then maybe we can age Entropy up and get them from Wondervon
We can take Sabrina's grandmother years.
We can take some years off of Wondervan. Though this time we should be sure to take off just enough to fix us and not just take it all and then make Wondervan a baby and we turn into an old man.
a baby wondy would age us to dust
>What spell can we use to reverse traumatize our friends?
Oh yeah, good point. Plus it wouldn't even affect Wondervaun in any really way anyway. Still a fun time had by all though, party of the century guys
>Turned into a baby
... oh goddamn... I know the lot of you are gonna want to keep baby form for meme potential, but for the love of Quest, [TIME TURNING]...
>Alternatively just roll as a baby for a couple of sessions.
File: NANDATTO.gif (1.26 MB, 394x297)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
File: Jackymous Laughing.png (260 KB, 730x1049)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>Anon got rebirthed via Luna impregnating Sabrina
>They are now our parents
>Since Luna was the impregnator we're now Anonymous Webwillow for real
>Luna also regularly refers to herself as God
>Sabrina had a virgin birth
>Anon is the second coming of Jesus
So is Muscles gonna need 15 years of age as well, or is he just part of the package deal with us?
in a not so long ago session, we did do a sort of merge with Muscles. pretty sure it's a package deal
That’s what I’d initially thought, but with Mine and Mine Alone we aren’t able to use Muscle to cast spells, just Spellforms, which seems to imply he isn’t part of us.
File: bestmom.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Special thanks to the Patreon Pals
Especially Acid, Ark, and Superkeaton

Join us on the social tubes



>With this newfound power
>Even accounting for it's Struggles

>We can officially say Anon has hit a new level
>We are done with Part 1 of STAR vs QUEST 2

>When we return
>The formula distills
>The Plots Thicken like jello

>The ones who seek you

>Will find you soon.

Love you all.



nah, we still merged. The merge was with regards to *physical* traits and such in particular, so Muscles GAINS become our GAINS as well. but if we're tied physically, his body should also be affected by this new form. also perhaps our WILL and other stuff may also affect him as well?
File: Hello Dearies, We're Home.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>Love you all.
No you don't.
Jesus H.

Well, I just hope the google doc is updated.


Bitch, I was NEVER scared of "monsters". Sure, they're there. So what? What would you do if you didn't like the air? Stop breathing? Fuckin' dumbass. Hope we DO see you soon you severely outclassed faggot. Probably obese, need to see a physician faggot.
>Well, I just hope the google doc is updated.

I-I was just done with that... and now...
And now we're practically a whole new character. Have fun~
File: file.png (422 KB, 600x484)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
This is the fucking worst.


I curse ye with DEATH.

What the fuck did i just read?
Does this count as knocking a girl up before Jackie gets our viginity, are we a double virgin?
Quest, what weird fetish shit is going on in the fucking Discord to make this an idea?
Why dont we just grab some shmuck FBI agent and loot their life?
Just a bit of immaculate conception my dude. Just a prank bro.
Oh, by the way if Sabrina saw the thread or discord. Let her know she is a Cinnamon Roll.
File: I am thou, thou art I.jpg (1002 KB, 2614x2694)
1002 KB
1002 KB JPG
This was on my mind for the better part of the entire day. Bless you Quest, what a great session.
I only wish I didn't have to work so I could do the last one... and that I actually knew how to draw
Keep goin man
File: 38e.png (445 KB, 2028x678)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
Think of it this way anon, since Sabrina got a glimpse of the discord/pastebins/twitter/other recesses of Anon's psyche, at least she knows she is loved.
Am I the only one who wants to spend a thread Empire Building? Cause we need like, a throne... actual subjects... working infrastructure OUTSIDE of our castle, a treasury to store our magic artifacts and gold and the gold to fill the treasury, a standing army of MORE than just 300, expel the magic darkness in the library. Plus the fucking castle gardens are in a sad state and I think that makes Bow sad too. Plus WonderVon needs toys for Olson.

Plus we need to deal with those fucking Mibbies, sooner rather than later cause the longer we wait on them the more time they get in finding us. Scum suckers likely want to play both sides cause why else would they tell us where they are? But fuck that, you're either with Anon 100% of the way or nothing.

Maybe we could make our very OWN Iron Throne and enchant it with the Eye of Mammon so that whenever we sit in the throne we can have like an Eye of Sauron deal and see anything we want? Assuming that's what the eye even does. Plus the Iron Coffin. It's just sitting there, full of god knows what.

We're a proper fucking Emperor now guys we can't just have a one and done type of deal when it comes to ruling. Nose to the grindstone. Our enemies will still be there when we're done.
>Our enemies will still be there when we're done.
Honestly, I don't even care about our enemies too much at this point. Like, don't get me wrong. I wanna rip Ludo limb from limb and dismantle the mibbies and send Toffee into the center of the sun. But, higher on my list is helping Luna. For both personal reasons and strategic reasons. Personal, because she's our god damn mother and deserves a body. And strategic, because she'd be one of the biggest additions to our empire yet. It'd be like getting a wondervan for magic but thicker and cuter. An extra set of magical hands would be so helpful.

But organizing our kingdom sounds A-OK with me. Properly establish leaders 'n stuff, make sure we're all stocked, keep everything in check so when we go out to do something like kill Ludo or get another spell we won't come back to another civil war. Also, the eye of Mammon was used to see the future. So we could see ourselves sitting in our throne a minute in the future. And the Iron Coffin is full of cursed Robin Williams. We need to go kill Betty White or something to go and free him. We'd need to talk to Jaden Smith or Markiplier to get started on that though.
But wait, why couldn't we just grab Buscemi and Cage like we did when we went to deal with Steve Harvey?

Also when did we find this out? Cause I don't remember having scanned the coffin...
They're retired, Jaden and Mark are takin' up the torch. And it was a few threads ago, forget which one. We rolled WILL to just scan it with our powers and we called up Steve and Nick and they were all like "fuck off we're retired." There was a sad moment when they mentioned Robin. Said he sold his soul to save someone. And Betty White was the buyer. I think she's the master/teacher of Steve Harvey.
I know no one actually cares, but I was torn between which Arcana she should represent. The theme of the events that transpired seemed to point to "Empress" (motherhood, fertility, comfort, care, protection) but when considering the original shtick of Sabrina, as well as the way she has been presented to us by Quest, I thought "Fortune" (destiny, fate, chance, opportunity) actually ended up suiting her closer. Not just with respect to her comically bad luck, but to the way she originally resigns herself to the fate/destiny of Brittney, her family, herself, but then flips that script once Anon and the opportunity for a path to break those chains opens to her.


Thanks for indulging my selfish shipping obsessions. Hope you enjoyed.
Solid reminder that Anon and Luna would both represent the Fool Arcana (At least in Luna's early days) and Luna's literally Anon's persona that awoken when he forged a contract, gained her power, and a special outfit from her after going through a traumatic event (losing Marco and getting socked in the face) yet rejecting his fate. And the same goes for Luna and Glossaryck back in the day

I really need to finish Persona 5.
I actually figured Luna would be the Magician (action, determination, and the desire to control ones own abilities to their fullest extent) or possibly the Empress, over her care and protection of Anon. Glossaryk feels like the Emperor, a corrupted "father" figure to Anon, trying to use his wisdom to control the world around him
File: Luna's Last Surprise.png (411 KB, 793x655)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
In my quick skimming of arcana I've seen a bit of conflicting information, but The Fool seems to ironically fit Luna in terms of her looking for new beginnings in our universe, and her comparatively wild personality to the rest of the universe. Hell, that's the big reason why her life was so hell.

Along with "infinite possibilities" and "freedom" two things Luna both admires and embodies. It also feels fitting to me since she was once and arguably still is an anime protagonist like Anon who's a major influence on everyone else.

Hell, while innocence is a bit of a hard fit, you could jam that square peg in by rationalizing that motherhood, and caring for other beings in general is entirely new to her.

And with Glossaryck seems like he's with Sabrina in Fortune, due to him just riding the cosmic waves as they go. Accepting the erasure of Luna's universe, his own death, and letting Fate take the wheel all the dang time and just letting things play out for better or for worse.

But I can see the connection in the arcana you mentioned. These things are pretty vague and if you tried I bet you could fit five onto Luna.
Hey SPEAKING of Arcana and magic shit so that we don't immediatly forget later, friendly reminder we almost fucking DIED on the War Planet like, twice and had to rely on a fucking ass pull to surviv Loozar.

They're called weights and books anon, read while you lift. We ESPECIALLY lack any form of excuse now that we have Muscle's help with mundane tasks. Fitness needs to be kept up son, don't be an ignorant fuck ass. Read a book, Pump some Iron, up those stats cause it COULD mean the difference between life and death. Plus look at it this way, higher our WIS gets the lower the DC becomes to raise Huge and Giant things. Imagine, an undead giant in our army, strapped with canons and shit. A weapon to surpass metal gear.
>don't be an ignorant fuck ass.
Hey, we ain't ignant. We got street smarts 'n shiet. And talk good to.

Also, we nearly died on war planet because we the players made some stupid decisions. Like, pumping iron wouldn't've helped us being kicked like a football by a super giant. There were options. Hell, we took one. Nearly ripped him in half. But we sat around doing useless stuff first and got killed for it.

>higher our WIS gets the lower the DC becomes to raise Huge and Giant things.
That is literally blatantly wrong. Like, just flat out completely wrong. Raise Dead is a WILL based spell. And DC's never get lower, they just disappear after a certain threshold has been passed.
If it's between the two of these, I'm more for the empire building aspects than raw stats. No matter what, we seem to be at the mercy of the dice, and good decisions with the votes to back them up tend to have a more effective result than raw numbers.

That said, I'm still of the belief you don't run an empire by yourself. You need a cohort of trusted souls to delegate tasks to, whose goals and interest have overlap with our own. To think and provide insight on your behalf. As much as there's shit to do, I think we've got fairly serious manpower to workload deficiencies and if we're serious about the "kingdom"/"empire" part, we'll invest in the human-inhuman-undead capital necessary to have it function as such.
We still haven't done too much with Susan. I wanna give her a stronger role in our kingdom. Besides just some jack of all trades we get to do occasional stuff.
Yeah we need to give her some actual goddamn armor too. She's running around in a crop top and short shorts with a sword.

Let's make a to-do list.

>Dispel the Magic Darkness in the library
>Bind the Ghost Kraken in the dungeon and clean up its slime (maybe put it in a moat or something?)
>clean up ALL the gardens and actually put in some foliage at the front. Definitely some hedges with a stone path.
>Put up some actual bones on our front gate, not the stuff we have glued on.
>Get a throne for the throne room
>establish and then fill up a treasury
>set up an armory and a forge for war-time, our army needs weapons
>Continue expanding our tech wing so Wondervon can sustain Giant and Gargantuan size stuff!
>really up the recruitment factor, get subjects both living and dead from Mewni, Earth, where ever. (maybe have all the domestic labor done by skelles? Or would that kill our blue collar economie?)
>Deal with Castle Woevenmire (use it as an over-sized Embassy to make people think we're more important? Convert it into a Fort as a front line base for our Empire into Mewni? Live in it? Pretenders may make claims about how "this was my family's castle" so what to do about those?)

Also I feel we should
>Establish a school
If we're going to have kids here (which we already do) we need to make sure they're educated so as to never question their Emperor and the glory of their Everlasting Empire.
>Castle woevenmire options
Son, I think you know the answer to that. I Want It All of the above.

Also I generally agree with this list. As for Susan armor tho, I have a theoretical idea. It's obvious we're not a DEXy person. That's not our fortee, we don't rely on it much, ETC ETC. Susan on the other hand, it's one of her bigger stats. I think what we should do is hand down our swamp drake armor since it has the property of not affecting your DEX.

Plus, I just had a small thought. I THINK due to how Muscles works, if we get an armor that for example has a -3 DEX penalty, since his DEX always overrides our own when it's higher that negative won't matter. So investing in some heavy armor would be good for us. This is pure speculation though. For all I know this will kill Muscles DEX as well, but it's worth a try.
Don't get me wrong, Woevenmire is a bitchin' castle, but I doubt the power players in Mewni would let some upstart little shit just lay claim to the whole of the Jaggy Mountains.

Also, you think we could start another mining operation here in Mewni? What metals would they even have? You think Susan could point us to a good blacksmith we could raise?
Well here's the fun thing, they ain't gonn know about it being taken until it's already too late. Not like people're snooping around the dead castle that screams in pain because everyone died. Plus, the only one who really has claim to it that's not just "I have sword, gimme or I give sharp end of sword" is River, and he's a cool dude and we're in good with his wife, the important person of the kingdom. Hell, I bet you ten bucks if we go on a good hunt with River he'd give it to us as a gift because he's that cool.

As for mining, shit man I dunno. Might have magical metals, might just be more boring iron 'n shit. Won't know until we get digging. I wonder if Wondervan could make more mining equipment. Susan definitely doesn't know jack ass shit about no blacksmith, she was a peasant farm girl who loved to much monster carpet. I'd be surprised if she knew much of anything or anyone around Mewni besides Moon and any peasant friends of hers.
OH also I just had an idea that I think we'd all agree on and are already practicing, but how about instead of spending money on conscription and on an army of LIVING subjects we keep our army as a bunch of zombies and skelles? That way the only thing we'd need to spend is the cash to arm them, letting us keep a huge ammount of gold for infrastructure.
yeah and we can spam revive small and medium bodies we really need to go to a dead planet or two
i wonder what is needed for something to Count as dead do we need to give it Life first then end that Life Before we can animate it? then its possible we can make metal bones
Chances are it needs to have already died. Not by our hand necessarily, but living first and then died THEN resurrected.
If your question is what I THINK you're asking, then no. We haven't tried raising simulated life... life that would've existed without a "soul" (?) as we know it. Honestly, Mammon would've been a perfect experiment for something like that, but I think we were just glad to gtfo WAR PLANET.
Similarly, injecting a soul(s) into a non-living constructed body (much like we saw with Leather Tooth) only raises or absorbs the component souls, not the amalgamation of souls.
File: sab chibi.jpg (77 KB, 572x800)
77 KB
>Sa: I'm thankful for having met you, Anon
Happy Thanksgiving, anons
I am very thankful for this cute Sabrina, drawing Anon.
Please continue to draw, forever. And thank you.
File: Jacknon_Painting.png (497 KB, 600x670)
497 KB
497 KB PNG

Thankful indeed. For you, Anon.

Love what you've made. Proud of you for sharing it and yourself.

Hope you had a happy Turkey Time.

See you soon.

>Now that Anon has become an Babbu
>What do you think his new outfits should look like?
File: sailorboy.jpg (119 KB, 1020x1000)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
A miniature sailor suit of course. Pic related definitely. At the very least Susan should try to dress him up as one.
File: baby_sith_lord_outfit.jpg (161 KB, 930x1500)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Seconding >>3064675. Was hoping to find some kind of baby anakin/sith outfit, but most of the cool stuff seems to be for toddlers and shit.
File: sabwand.png (217 KB, 636x358)
217 KB
217 KB PNG


Sa: "Dear Diary...it's been 6 years I since Mom found you under my bed. Read you. Then made me get an exorcism. So I started to keep you in my head."

>Sabrina's 5th Birthday wish

>He mother spat out the decaf coffee and mouthful of eggs her husband made that morning
>Grandma clapped for little Sabrina in the corner
>Her father covered his eyes and wandered from the room
>Sabrina had to wait another week for her birthday as punishment for making irresponsible wishes

Sa: "Well now...my wish came true!"
A: "Ey, Gurl."

Sa: "If only my baby wasn't the guy I liked."

>It's you

A: "This is...awfuw."
Su: "You shound sho wetawded."
A: "I know! It's tewwibew!"

>Good thing somebody with a uterus
>That sure liked you a lot
>Was willing to accept Luna's "Gift"
>Just like you did

>Sabrina has been out fucking cold since you emerged from her body in a ball of light
>That definitely was jammed up in her girl-guts

En: "Shomebodeh should wayke the new mother."

>Entropy dumps one of Luna's Sodas on Sabrina

Sa: " https://youtu.be/YtSPQIK15uc?t=2 "

A: "Sabwina."

Sa: "..."
A: "Hewwo."
>She passes the fuck back out

A: "Damnit."

Ja: "This is SO not ok."
L: "Nonsense. It's wondrous."

File: Spoiler Image (275 KB, 500x899)
275 KB
275 KB PNG

>Is downright giddy
>She has been wiggling your little toes
>Booping your little nose
>Zapping outfits onto you with constant waves of her hand

>A sailor outfit with a set of devil horns
>A Jedi Robe with "The Force" written on the back with an arrow pointing to your Bum
>Muscles is so...

A: "Guys. I can juwst age mysewf back up. Use time tuwning t-"
>You pause
>Smack your own tiny lips

A: "Wait..."




>You and Muscles Both

>All your stats
>Are reduced by your level
>Until they reach 0

A: "Fuck."
>Susan begins to ponder your options

Su: "Anown's gonna need so much attention. Cawe. We'ww need to take tuwns feeding heem. Changing heem."

>Janna is already walking out the front doors
A: "Janna! Wait!"

>She doesn't respond
>Just keeps fuckin' walking
>Goat Bro eyes her exit
>Then turns back to all of you

GB: "Ai should...hehe."
>He grins
>With a bashful shrug
GB: "Go with her. Both because she's my ward an...I also hate babies."

>He clippity cloppety gets the hell off your property
GB: "Janna, wait! Let's atleast abscond with their leftovers!"


Ju: "Dudes..."
>Your bro
>The man who's known you since the moment you decided to pursue this magic life
>Walks up to you
>Case of beer under his arm

Ju: "Can I babysit!?"

>The rest of your friends groan
L: "Of course, dear. As long as you don't have any parties after his bed time."

A: "I don't need any fwuckin' bedt-"

>You fall asleep



A: "Whuh!?"
>Muscles is beside you
>Whacking a rattle into the bars of your prison

A: "Whewe is evewybody!?"
>No one answers
>Your little psychic mind is swimming
>Your little legs kick

>Current Stats

>+4 Str (Muscles)
>+3 Will (Anon)

What do?

(Undignified, but effective in getting attention)

>Try to escape by breaking the bars
(Muscles still feels...strong? Ish?)

>Seek aide from your minions
(Your mind is still yours, even if it's hard to concentrate. You might even find Sabrina)

>Try to cast a destructive Spell
(You sure do have a lot of them)

>Bow is here
>Asleep on the floor
>He has been eating all of your socks
>Because you are a baby
>and cannot stop him

Let's rock.
>What do?
Call for Mom, we need to know what we missed, where is everyone? Did the party go well?! Is New Bio-Mom OK?
>summon the minions
Just because we are Cursed doesn't mean we lost our dignity
Use your minions.

They might be the last remnant of the leftover respect you have.
>Seek aide from your minions
Cast OWN on ourself.

Can we telepathy Bow to pluck us out of wooden ? Metal? prison and onto his back.
can we put ourselfs inside the ribcage of one of the skelebros and make him carry us?
File: Luna-fog.png (2.06 MB, 1600x1500)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Is it time for Mommy's Milkies yet?

You have been cursed with the body and metabolism of a baby, with all that such implies.

>Target will possess the attributes, metabolism and characteristics of a baby.
>All of the target’s Attributes are reduced by the target’s Level.
>If Attributes reach 0 they will remain there.
>ADV on CHA checks based on Cuteness.
lets craft a nanny.
>Is it time for Mommy's Milkies yet?
I mean, we can't exactly eat normal food since we no doubt don't have any teeth. And we've gotta be getting hungry considering we've literally never eaten anything in our (current) life.
That implies the desire (or at least resignation) to remain in this form for an extended period of time...

Mh... could always drink blood, though there aint any but Sabrina's nearby...


Sabtina's Milkies...
... Or rely on our friends a bit more. We do have some will but....oh shit. Quest, does this mean that our mining operations and standing army, which I believe also relied on our will stat, is also scaled back/offline as a result of our cursed stats? If so, trying to *make* a nanny us the least of our troubles. Why not just rely on our friends?
Summon Luna
Time to put her mothering to the test once again.
Guys, OWN doesn't have DCs. We can just get rid of the curse, then find someone to suck years out of.
File: EEEEEEEEXTRA Milk nipless.png (1.15 MB, 2208x3171)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>Building a nanny
>When a loving mother eager to take care of us is inside of us at all times
Seems like a waste of resources really.
File: H3257-L96346030.jpg (30 KB, 750x421)
30 KB
>The winner is to summon your minions

A: "Shomebody's gotta come in hewe. I'll caw mom.Sh-"

>It occurs to you that Luna is the one who probably put you in here
>In this prison
>Because your head is the size of your torso at the moment
>You are struggling to stand

A: "Why...do human babies. SUCK!?"
>Muscles pulls you onto your feet

A: "Sabwina maybe..."
>You eye the room
>No sign of her
>Bow SNRFS in his sleep
>Kicks a big clawed foot as he chases dream-birds


>You clench your eyes
>Grit your teeth

A: "Sewvants of deh WOWRD of MEMES!"

>Your little voice echoes throughout the castle

A: "I. Demand. UPSIES!"

>A skeleton stops on his patrol past your room
>He eyes you

A: "Yes! You! Obey me. Come hewe so I can get outta this..."
>You realize
>Your outfit

>You have been dressed in a onesie
>That makes you look like a Pink Spider


>The Skeleton tries to enter

>The door
>Vaporizes him

>He falls to the ground as black snow

A: "...Fuck."
Su: "Anown?"
>Susan steps up
Su: "You awake?"

Su: "Wemon Gwass. Sassafras. Gingew Snaps and Sugar Bats. These awe sweets and so divine but none can top my baby mine."

>The door flashes
>Susan walks in

>You have been dressed in a onesie
>That makes you look like a Pink Spider
Jesus fucking christ I'm going to die. That is too cute.
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 192x263)
7 KB

>Susan is here


Su: "Wutup, bich?"
>She pushes you over
>You hit the pillowed mattress with a flawless 'pomf'
>Susan immediately looks guilty

Su: "Sowwy. Fowgot."
A: "It's alright. I'd do worse if this were you."
Su; "Janna weft."
A: "I saw."
Su: "Justin had to be made to weave."
A: "Noted."
Su: "Wondervon is freatening to quit."

A: "Why!? That ungwatefuw swob couldn-"
>Susan hands you something
>A set of papers

Su: "He shaid give youw this when you wake up and get-"

>She clears her throat

Su: "Heez Hed Out of his Puny Puckew!"
>She stops the impression
>Stares at you for a moment
Su: "Weww, you'we awake."
A: "What about the second one?"
Su: "I don't fink that's evew gonna happen to his wiking."

A: "Truth."

>Bow starts to wake up
B: "Brrbrbmmm mmf!"

A: "I have so much to do! I can't just BE A BABY!"
Su: Evewybody's a baby -sometime's- Anown."
A: "Not me! Never me! I'm the big boss! Daddy man!"

>Susan cringes at the idea of you being 'Daddy'
A: "I was totawy gonna score with Janna-"
>You sit down
>Hold you little head in your little hand

>Muscles is pretending to be an airplane

File: Spoiler Image (98 KB, 576x494)
98 KB

A: "At weast I was inside a vagina."
>You stand proud
A: "I am no wonger a viwgin."

Su: "HAH!"
A: "What!?"
Su: "You DIED viwgin! Then you wewe BOWN fwom a viwgin."
>Your eye twitches

Su: "You'we wike a twipple Viwgin!"

A: "Susan."
>She is still laughing
>She calms down
Su: "Ok...ok."
A: "We need to stwaighten things up awound here."

>It's true
>You still have a lot to do
>Even if this curse is on you
>You can still act as this castle's ruler


-Ride Bow (Your loyal steed/dog ) *Distracted by snacks

-Ride Susan (You showed her only bad anime.Telling her it was good. As a joke.) *Your best friend

-Ride a Skeleton (Mindless and malleable) *Luna some sort of magic going

>What do next!?

-Go see Wondervon (You literally can't read the thick stack of papers he's given you)

-Find Luna (Your magic Mom isn't here. You can feel her but she's...elsewhere. Might know what to do)

-Find Sabrina (By some accounts, your new mom. Probably Traumatized)

A: "Wait. Maybe I can ju-"
>You snap your fingers
>Try to cast OWN on yourself
>Your eyes flash pink

>You fill your diaper

A: "...I need my GWOAD. DAMN. WAND."

What do?

Wand Shop credit to a certain pal in the discord. Thanks, Questing Beast.
>Summon the Wand to us. We can recall it now
>Have Susan change and carry us as she is sworn to carry our burdens
>Go see Luna
>-Ride Susan (You showed her only bad anime.Telling her it was good. As a joke.) *Your best friend
SUSAN! Upsies pwease!

>-Find Luna (Your magic Mom isn't here. You can feel her but she's...elsewhere. Might know what to do)
Mom! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6PtERhUI84 Also need help! Do you know this curse!?
>Ride Susan
>Find Sabrina
>Recall Wand
>Ride Susan
>Get to Luna (as if she weren't with us all the time).
>Recall Wand
>Ride Susan
>Find Luna
>Ride Bow
He's such a GUD BOI. Who else to be a better mount?

>Find Luna
As much ad I want to ensure our allies like WV remain that way, and my concern for Sabrina... Luna seems to be the key for figuring out wtf is going on and stabilizing the situation...
Oh hey, its a session!
>Recall Wand
>Ride Bow
>Find Susan
Make a skeleton change and carry us. There must be some skelemothers in the army. Them go find Luna to see how to reverse the curse.
... but Susan is right in front of you, anon.
>Luna seems to be the key for figuring out wtf is going on and stabilizing the situation...
Also is the best candidate for changing us.
File: Luna2.png (927 KB, 850x1190)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
>A: "Why!? That ungwatefuw swob couldn-"
>>Susan hands you something
>>A set of papers
>Su: "He shaid give youw this when you wake up and get-"
>>She clears her throat
>Su: "Heez Hed Out of his Puny Puckew!"
>>She stops the impression
>>Stares at you for a moment
>Su: "Weww, you'we awake."
>A: "What about the second one?"
>Su: "I don't fink that's evew gonna happen to his wiking."

This seems important...
What does the paper say?

...we can still read right?
>(You literally can't read the thick stack of papers he's given you)
Clearly you can't.
>Can't read
Maybe we can use mind powers to have someone else read it and then just skim their thoughts for the meaning? Alternatively... just go meet WV
That's dumb. Maybe they're written in Moleman?
he probably wrote it hungover and still outraged
File: DPlukkGW4AA9jp9.jpg (133 KB, 1200x921)
133 KB
133 KB JPG

A: "Susan."
Su: "Anown."
A: "You'we my best fren."
Su: "No."

>Typical reaction

A: "I need youwe hewp."
Su: "Gosh, yew shound Shtupid."
A: "Change me."

Su: "...You cwose you'we eyes. You nevew teww ANYBODY!"
A: "Deaw."
Su: "If you pee on me. I'ww toss yew out of dah Window."

A: "I'd want you to."


>You are clean!
A: "Awight! Wet's find my mom!"
Su: "Which one?"
A: "The one I caww 'Mommy' but onwy when I'm asweep."

>Susan was actually pretty quick about that change
>She had no where to toss the diaper however
>So she hurled it...

>24 total

>So far out into the forest the -splat- releases a swarm of ghost-hornet-snakes

A/Su: "Sick."

>She hustles you down the stairs
>A presence begins to grow around you
>Almost as if your room was trapped for when you left it
>Eyes are in the walls
>They appear only for a moment
>You don't even see Susan react to them

A: "My wand."

>You hold out your hand

A: "TO ME!"

File: Only you.png (6 KB, 80x40)
6 KB


>You feel it coming
>Your little eyes shine with skulls for pupils
>Luna's Spider onesie slips off of your head as your hair floats

A: "To my side..."

>Directly into your hand
>Which you are not nearly strong enough to catch




>Susan gets 28 total
>On her dex Save

>She catches the Wand
>Passes it to you
>Then slides down the stair-bannister

>To the Main hall

Su: "You'we...gonna wove dis. Or hate dis."
A: "I-"

>Below in the main hall
>There stands your magic mama
>The little woman who brought sorcery into your life
>She is dressed in a powder blue smock
>With a dress just down to her knees
>She has on a white Jacket
>With Pagoda Blue stockings
>Holly Flowers are on her shoes
>She is utterly surrounded

>In sewing material
>Your minions are approaching her in a line
>They look miserable
>As they approach she dresses each and every one of them

>In the guise of a stuffed animal

KK: "My lort."
>Killa Kente
>He is a huge, goofy looking Duck
>He is still black

KK: "Help us."


>Luna is humming to herself
>Preening the gemstones on her gloves with a needle
>All of the sewing pieces float at her command
>Although sometimes Velvet ears picks something up for her

A: "Mom?"
>Luna pauses
>Turns to you

L: "Anonymous!"
>Holy God
>She just shouted
L: "My BABY!"
>Holy sweet jesus
>The nearby threads are burning black
>She's so happy
>Your whole brain is boiling

A: "Mom. Help."

>She is upon you

>Luna snatches you up into the air with whatever psionics she commands at the moment
>The ghosts of kisses pound your cheeks as her pink eyes glint with the reflection of Turquoise gems in her outfit

L: "My sweet! My angel!"
A: "MOM! How do we fix this!?"

L: "Fix it?"
>She smiles
>It has SO much teeth

L: "I never want to fix it."

>Be trippin'

L: "Don't you see?"
A: "Mom."
L: Now we can be a family! A proper one!"
A: "Wuna."
L: "Velvet ears can be my hands. You'll grow up how you deserve! Loved! So, loved."

>She tries to hold you to her chest
>She fragments
>Into reflective pieces
>With pink glitter

>Susan bites her lower lip
>As Pierre Approaches
>Covered in Goofy Sock puppets

A: "...No."
>Luna's smile

L: "No?"
>She almost sounds like she's asking
>She certainly cant' be shocked

A: "Mom I-..."
>You look down at yourself
A: "I'm mowe than this. I have to fix it."

>She looks down at you
A: "Pwease hewp me fix it."
>Her smile is gone
A: "Pwease?"

L: "You must be hungry."
A: "...kinna."
L: "Let me feed you? At least once. Humor your once and new mother."
A: "I gotta. Know. How to fix dis."

L: "...you have a curse. Which is siphoning your power. You could grow out of it."
>She analyzes you
>Her look is still
>So still
>So grim

File: Spoiler Image (31 KB, 486x597)
31 KB

L: "The best way would be to give it to someone else."
A: "Like who?"
L: "Someone you don't particularly like."
A: "..."
L: "Someone blood related. We'd need a direct descendant or ancestor. The rest we can handle here. Now. For your breakfast."

A: "Luna. No, I-"

>Luna snaps her fingers
>A small army of rabbits and stuffed bears and toy soldiers march off
>Then they bring in

A: "SabWINA!?"

>She's been

L: "Her body was so far from ready to be with-child. Not that I've carried one myself...but your anatomy isn't so complicated. On the upside...with access to the wovenmire fortress I found some old potions. Some fungi. Some wart tail. I got the recipe as close as I could."

>She's actually salivating
L: "She should taste -just- the way -I- would."

>She's been aged up
>Her body is...obscenely sexual
>Her chest leaks through a thick black silky cloth
>Her legs are so muscular

A: "How...did you DO this!?"
L: "Darling. It's 3 oclock."

>Luna starts to bring you toward Sabrina
>Toward this thing

L: "Time for Mommy's Milkies."


What do?

-Show her Wondervon's message

-Surely your sworn protector can pull you to safety in time

>OWN Sabrina
-Whatever's been done her has to be reversible

-Start a skeleton riot
-These outfits are BASICALLY FURSUITS!

What do?
File: file.png (67 KB, 208x200)
67 KB
>What do?
>Drink Deep

>"Mom, seriously. I get it, I really do. But this isn't right and we can't do this now. You don't have a corporeal form, Sabrina doesn't deserve to be used like a walking milk factory and my enemies aren't going to wait for me to grow up.

I love you and I want you to be this happy forever, and we will. But Business before Pleasure.

We have such work to do and until all the spells are returned and Glossaryck is repaid for his kindness we cannot play house.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Hold me for a moment, and lets burn that into our minds. But only for a moment.

Please. I'm asking you as your son. Return my friend to her base state, and help me put this curse on the real person who robbed my of my childhood...

Minions....go the homeless camp in town. Find my father and bring him here intact.
>Skeleton Riot
>OWN Sabrina
Dammit, if we're a damn baby, we can be petulant if we want. Luna, I know mommy genes are going full force and we love you for it, but that wasn't cool to do. Did you even ask her before altering her? We just... we gotta get out of this situation.
>What do?
.... Suck it up and humor Luna. She's earned this much.
>OWN Sabrina
Not like this. Sabrina isn't a tool for luna to play house with. She can hold us for real when we bring her body back and then she can do all the fun stuff she wants but right now isn't the time.
Wow. Oh Wow. Color me suprised, this is... Oof.
>OWN Sabrina

>OWN Sabrina
...she'll grow into them eventually anon. We'll get another chance someday...
>Implying Sabrina didn't agree to this to take care of their new baby boy
Also adding:
Maybe cast OWN on our curse as well? I mean, our spell can uplift curses, right?
Obviously not, Luna is going on a fun time Mommy trip. Like 1000000x Baby Clock going off and shes not seeing that this isn't the time or way to do it.

We should appeal to that. This path luna is heading down isn't the right way and is cheapening the moment.
File: tenor.gif (1.48 MB, 264x320)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF

Fix Sabrina, but humor Luna for the day.
She clearly knows how to fix this, and my heart can't deny her a chance at mother hood.
Supporting baby scream to seal the deal

She promised us. She promised us she would let us do things our way. Its so painful to tear this from her as shes doing it out of desperate love. But shes not real, she doesn't have a physical form yet and all shes going to have is a false fantasy.

Please, Luna. Don't hurt us like this.


OWN can remove *certain* kind of curses.
I mean, would it really be that bad sucking from her tits?
Since my original vote ain't gonna win, time to switch. Tell Mom that we don't want something "just like" her, we want her. And to do that we need to be not a babu to give her a real body.

I'm sure what she's done to Sabrina isn't permanent. Chill out.
Sabrina isn't cursed, shes just been fetish 101'd with potions.

The curse we have to revert someone to a child is only going to work on blood.

So all we can do is pass it to our Dad, Mom, Sabrina and her grandma.

The only good choice is our dad who we can get, right now with some minions.

Luna needs to come out of her mommy fuge and realize that she promised she wouldn't force us on any path but the one we choose and that having sabrina play surrogate mommy isn't going to make a happy family life with anon.

Only the war we are fighting can bring her back to life. To a real body that can hold us.

She can't cheat this.
I wash my hands of this. I'm gonna let y'all vote as you like, but this... I gotta step back.
>The curse we have to revert someone to a child is only going to work on blood.
You don't know that with 100% certainty.
Yes, sure lets rape our friend while her mind has been warped and her body changed against her will.

This is all kinds of fucked up beyond what is an acceptable level of fuckiness

Shits hitting pastebin levels
>L: "Don't you see?"
>L: Now we can be a family! A proper one!"
>L: "Velvet ears can be my hands. You'll grow up how you deserve! Loved! So, loved."

Fucking hell it's going to hurt so much taking this away from her.
We have to though.
Its not right and its not the best way to do it.
Luna can cheat death and magic but she can't cheat her way into being Anon's mom like this.
I dunno, but I GOTTA PROTECT THAT SMILE SOMEHOW... and Luna, you're smiling now, but this is all fake, a facade. We need to restore it...
Then Book it
We will, we are going to bring her back and then she can love us with all her heart and hell, she can even age regress us and be mommy and do whatever horrific fetish nightmare shit she wants to and feel like a real mommy.

But not now. Not like this.
Not after she promised.
We gotta make sure we give this back to her RIGHT though! This is probably the happiest she's been in a millennia, since she was 13 even.
*Lip smack*
File: 13d.png (422 KB, 567x561)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Make this vote a supporting vote for any option which involves not getting milkies from Sabrina.
-Show her Wondervon's message

-Surely your sworn protector can pull you to safety in time

>OWN Sabrina
-Whatever's been done her has to be reversible

-Start a skeleton riot

>Do all of the things obviously.
>Also tell Luna noooooooooooooooooooooo.
Safewords exist for a reason luna, this is TOTALLY not the time.

100% on board for this later though.
File: MILFrina.png (373 KB, 1024x576)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
This isn't how it was supposed to be
File: 63a.png (148 KB, 500x536)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
This was always the end game.
You don't just go RIGHT TO MILKY MILF
You gotta go the whole path.
Seduction, dating, marriage, Rawing like a wild beast in heat, countless loads and then like 4 kids before you earn the right to thicc milk milf.
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 400x388)
38 KB
>You squirm
>Muscles doesn't see the big deal
>He even tries to turn your head toward the bosom hills before you

>Some skeletons
>Moving like Wind up Dolls
>Pull down the Sheets


>Your eyes glow
>As does the Wand




>Sabrina's Stupor
>Her controlled mind
>Her induced coma and Amnesia

Sa: "WHA!?"
>She sits up
>Smashing into you
>Knocking you THROUGH Luna's Body
>You fly through the air
>Bounce off of the ground

>Your head bruises


>The castle shakes
>As dirt falls from the roof
>As your little arms slowly push you up off the ground

>You don't just go RIGHT TO MILKY MILK
Maybe with Janna... guaranteed with Star... but yeah, definitely not Sab
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB

A: "Mommy..."
Sa: "Anon?"

>Sabrina is far too tall now
>Bigger than any adult human woman
>Probably for more production

>She looks down at herself
>Clings the sheets upwards
>Then runs to you

Sa: "Are you ok? Oh gosh! Your little head!"

>You have taken 5 damage
>You sniff

>You're gonna cry
>You're scared

>You're so sca-

>You pause
>Savor it for a moment
>As Sabrina gathers you up
>You hold out your hand
>The wand does a short flip to your fingers

>Luna forms
>In the air above you
>As just a pair of sad
>Glowing eyes

Sa: "Oh my gosh..."
L: "I'm sorry, Anonymous."

A: "Me too."

>You and Luna share a long look

A: "Mama?"
>She looks so happy to hear you say that
>Her disembodied eyes brighten for a moment

A: "You can't dew dis."
>You motion to all of Sabrina
A: "Evew."

Sa: "What happened to me?"
>Sabrina is so purely curious
>Holding you so tight

>Your wand goes off

>It opens up an image of Hekapoo's face

H: "Ok, so I wanted to ask if you were doing anything la-"

L: "I turned you into a feeding sack to sustain Anon's body. Specifically formulated to taste the way my own motherly secretions would have in an attempt to nurse him to adult hood the way my heart yearns."

>Is Hekashook

H: "..."
>Her hologram looks around
>Looks Sabrina up and down
>Looks at you

>Then over at Susan
>Who is making out with Chantelle on the Staircase

H: "...Don't call me until you can -somehow- explain this."





File: Unprotected.png (72 KB, 353x107)
72 KB

L: "I can fix Sabrina."
Sa: "I-...I don't mind helping."
>Sabrina is clearly so overloaded with lewdness
>She is sweating
>It smells like flowers
>Fucking Luna

Sa: "J-just a little."
A: "No."

>You hold up your little hand
A: "You fix Sabrina...and I'll fix-"

>You motion to a