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A moment to breathe.

The light of your spell lifts from the fallen decoration, its fading glow mingling with wisps of shadow.

You feel a little bruised, but nothing that makes standing difficult. You approach the pile of crystals the blue star and yourself had collected, staring. It’s not what you’d call a huge amount, but it’s definitely more than you can take with you.

You glance around the wide floor of the Shopping Mall, the pillars that line the sides and the broken Escalators that lead to upper levels. All trace of the big, weird Tooth is gone. You don’t feel anything else, but you have a sense of how large the Mall is from when you were searching.

There could easily be more dangers lurking.

Should you just run away, then? You decided to banish that big Tooth because you thought it could be dangerous later, but there’s always danger in the dark. How many do you have to banish before you can call anywhere ‘Safe’?

You have always fled before. Hiding your starlight.

... You do think it was a good idea to get rid of the weird one before it got any bigger. The idea that a Tooth could get that big still confuses you.
The red-feathered bird sits atop one of the larger crystals, ruffling its wings as it settles in. You hear Libra approach from your side.

The blue star helped you again, going with your plan without any hesitation.

You shouldn’t think much about how she decides to seek.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Time to go. Before anything else comes.
-[ ] Leave the pile behind.
-[ ] Take some crystals with you.
-[ ] Stuff your bag full of crystals. Tearfully leave your candy behind.
[ ] Leave the pile here and hide nearby. What else is in the Mall?
[ ] Attempt to eat crystal.

> Those that came before
Blast (3/4)
Haste (1/3)
Aura (3/4)
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Good morn' folks

Before: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls
After: https://twitter.com/boxofmithril
>> What do you seek?

>[ ] Attempt to eat crystal.
>Take some crystals with you
>[ ] Attempt to eat crystal.
Maybe it's like candy
>-[ ] Stuff your bag full of crystals. Tearfully leave your candy behind.
[X] Attempt to eat crystal.
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You pick up one of the smaller crystals form the pile, examining it. Blue and shiny, and very crystal-like. Super crystal-like. If someone said that these were not called ‘Crystals’ you would hit them.

There are plenty of things they resemble, but you’re sure these crystals don’t exist in Wisdom that isn’t yours.

You should probably go before all this lures more things. But you’re curious.

They carry light, but not that of stars. Ants like them, Silkworms like them, the red-feathered bird likes them. Light-Eaters and Teeth hunger for them.

... Maybe they’re tasty?

Clack clack.

It’s hard. Your jaw hurts a little.

You hear rustling nearby. Libra seems very confused.

You crouch and hit the small crystal against the frozen floor. Thunk, thunk, thunk thunk, thunk-thunk-thunk-crack.

Light dwells within little shards of translucent blue. Libra’s confusion slowly approaches panic when you pick one up and put it in your mouth.

... Tasty?

It’s hard to describe. The crystal shard melts in your mouth very quickly, becoming a cold, sharp, refreshing liquid that leaves a tingling sensation on your tongue. Sweet, but not as much as candy. A complicated taste.

You pick up another one and put it in your mouth. Mmm...

You like it. It’s icy when it melts, but you feel warm from drinking it. You pick up another one and put it in your mouth.

You feel a little light-headed, but that’s okay. You pick up another one and put it in your mouth.

... Hic.

A hand grasps your wrist before you take another piece. It’s Libra, still in her confusepanic. You manage to pick up some more crystal pieces before the blue star makes you stand.

Why are you blurry, Libra?

> What do you seek?

[ ] Feed Libra a crystal shard.
[ ] Feed bird a crystal shard.
[ ] Were you going to go or stuff bag with crystals or something?
[ ] Nah. Feed self a crystal shard.
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] Feed Libra a crystal shard.
>attempt to "remember" anything with similar effects
>[X] Were you going to go or stuff bag with crystals or something?
Better not get wasted
(I probably should have rolled some dice. I sorta tried to do both choices, but they're sorta contradictory and the result ended up... well, this might be okay.)
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You don’t understand the gray star.

She is very different from yourself, and from other stars you have met. The gray star seems to wander without focus, in a way that you can’t call seeking her wish. So very unlike a fallen star.

She also has no sense of distance. No star has looked at you so closely. You’ve never been hugged before, or fed Candy before.

... It’s only after you met Aquarius that you recognised the distance that your fellow stars have always had. One that you kept, even as your wish lead you to their sides.

Traveling together allows you to help each other when necessary, but otherwise you each take your own paths to seek.

Yet, Aquarius is different.

Though that changes nothing, if you are to be her Knight. You are to stay with her and protect her. You need nothing else, and hindering her actions helps neither of you.

That’s what you tell yourself, but you really can’t not be shaken when you see the gray star break a crystal and start eating its shards.
File: alcohol.jpg (52 KB, 525x525)
52 KB
What is she doing? Why is she doing that?

You’ve seen those before but don’t know what they are, and considering the alternating looks of surprise and curiosity on Aquarius you’re sure she doesn’t know either.

Is it normal to just eat something you don’t recognise? For what purpose? Is she hungry? You know she has those Sweets in the bag hanging from her shoulder, and you’re sure this Mall has plenty of other Foodstuffs to find. Those crystals don’t exist in Wisdom that isn’t yours, and surely they are unknown to her as well.

Should you stop the gray star? Should you leave her be? Would that lead to your wish?

Is this safe? This can’t be safe. Eating unknown things from the floor surely cannot be safe, and if you are to be her knight and you are to stay with her and protect her then surely you should not let the gray star do this.

Surely that makes sense. It is her actions that are unusual, not yours.

You stop the gray star and pull her to stand. Her eyes look hazy, her cheeks flushed. She stumbles a little, swaying unsteadily. From Wisdom that isn’t yours, you might call her state a result of consuming too much ‘Alcohol’.

The gray star looks up, meeting your eyes, and smiles.

You haven’t seen that on her before. The gray star may act strangely, but in the little time since you’ve met her expression has been fixed to ‘Deadpan’. This is... new.

I- Irrelevant. You’re being distracted. You shake your head, trying to refocus.

There are no dangers here. You should leave this place while that remains true. You both just found out how effective the crystals are as a lure for Teeth, after all.

Before you can react, Aquarius pushes a crystal shard into your mouth.

It has a taste you could comfortably call refined. Sweet, yet complex, an addicting, multi-layered flavour on your tongue- No no no, you didn’t drag her up because you wanted one!

The gray star takes a large crystal from the nearby pile and places it in her bag. You aren’t going to stop her, but you do believe the two of you should leave now before-

Before something comes.
You spin around, drawing your sword. At the side of the wide floor, out from the shadows of one of the frozen pillars, comes a Tooth.

A Tooth?

Yes, definitely. But why is it so small?

The newcomer is a shifting mass of void, like other Teeth, but it has a form small enough to sit on your palms. The shape it mimics appears to be closest to some kind of ‘Rodent’. Shifting and inconsistent, again like other Teeth. And with a sharp-looking horn protruding from its forehead.

How should you banish it?

You can’t seem to judge its danger. You can’t feel its weight, nor its hunger. An unknown. You keep your sword still, watching.

And the gray star steps forward from your side, bending down and holding out the shards of crystal in her palm.

Your head hurts.


[ ] Banish the Tooth. Immediately.
[ ] Stop the gray star. Caution. Observe.
[ ] Watch the gray star. You won’t hinder her.
[ ] You won’t hesitate either, if there is danger.
>[ ] Stop the gray star. Caution. Observe.

We must be patient with the obviously "special" Aquarius
(Hmm hmm. I've probably noted this before, but I don't think I should write with just one vote. Running a session seems kinda hard right now, so I'll just update sporadically.)
>[x] Watch the gray star. You won’t hinder her.

The gray star is odd. Perhaps she has Wisdom we do not
>[ ] Stop the gray star. Caution. Observe.
The small Tooth moves forward hesitatingly, but freezes when you reach out and stop the gray star.

You stay still, staring at the Tooth. It stays still, indistinct head raised towards you. The gray star tries to move forward again, but you keep a hand on her shoulder.

Eventually the Tooth turns, bounding away.

You’ve never seen a Tooth like that. The entire time you couldn’t feel its hunger, and in general Teeth shouldn’t have anything other than that. The fact that it fled, that it could decide to flee, is surprising.

The unusually large Tooth had fled in your first encounter, too. You truly know little about your enemy.

You can’t chase after the fleeing Tooth. It vanished from sight in an instant, and you can’t track its weight at all. Plus, you have to do something about the gray star.

Aquarius is pouting in angry discontent, rapping her fists against your chest with a soft thud-thud-thud-thud-thud. It doesn’t hurt - her arms are thin, and with how unsteady she looks you’re almost afraid to do anything in case she gets hurt.

You’re still holding your horn as well. You’d sheath it if Aquarius lets you.

Help. You don’t know how to make her stop.

With how flushed her face is, you feel almost certain that the gray star’s state is called being ‘Drunk’. You have no idea how to treat it and before thinking about that you’d like to find a place to rest, away from the pile of crystals.

The two of you have just come from a fight after all. Neither of you are particularly injured, but perhaps the gray star has tired and will soon sleep. It’s really hard to tell in her current state.

You’ll just have to decide on your actions as you go.
File: clouds.png (373 KB, 800x600)
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373 KB PNG

Something’s different with your starlight. A strange kind of warmth has mixed in. It feels odd, and doesn’t flow as you want.

You feel groggy. If this is because of the crystal shards, then you can understand why Aquarius acted like that. She had many more pieces than you did.

Some place on the first floor of the Mall, far from the pile of crystals, you rest on a frozen bench with the gray star’s head on your lap.

It took a long while for her to tire herself out. You managed to avoid being fed further crystal shards, at least. The red-feathered bird that follows her around wasn’t nearly so lucky.


You ignore the weird noise coming from the gray star’s bag.

You take a long breath, looking towards the ceiling. From here you can see parts of the higher floors, their railings of metal and glass lit by pale shafts of moonlight.

How many nights until the new moon comes.

You think back to the earlier fight. To the gray star, and the burst of sound and starlight that suppressed the large Tooth.

To the way she dove into the melee.

Aquarius is not skilled with that blade. Of course, as it isn’t her horn.

Why did she place herself in danger then, you wonder. If it were due to not trusting your skill then it would be fine, as you can still prove yourself. However...

You remember her song as if it still drifts through the chilling air. Even if a long time were to pass, you believe it would still be as clear in your mind as it is now.

The whimsy and curiosity you’ve seen is undoubtedly the gray star. So is the sorrow, hiding beneath that melody.

You look down. She is almost peaceful now, if not for the slight disorder in her breath, the slight discomfort in her expression. You normally stay a distance from your charge, but Aquarius didn’t let you. She clung to you, keeping you close.

You’re unsure if she was quite seeing ‘you’.
... Now.

You aren’t tired. A star doesn’t tire easily, and you’ve become accustomed to avoiding sleep. There is no weight and no hunger here, but that doesn’t mean you are safe.

The gray star holds onto you, grasping the edge of your suit in fragile hands.

Your wishes are your own, as are the paths you take to seek.

> Yours is to protect.

[ ] Stay with Aquarius.
[ ] Look around. There might be something close.
[ ] Leave the gray star for a bit. Check if anything has found the crystal pile.
[ ] (Other?)

> Libra’s light
Haste (2/4)
Heal (2/5)
>[ ] Stay with Aquarius.
she is not in a great shape, wait for her to get better

damn, now I remember Aries and I'm sad
[ ] Leave the gray star for a bit. Check if anything has found the crystal pile.

>damn, now I remember Aries and I'm sad
i still can't believe she just dieded like that
>[ ] Leave the gray star for a bit. Check if anything has found the crystal pile.
Aquarius liked them. Such joys are fleeting.
>Look around. There might be something close.
>[ ] Look around. There might be something close.
(Ah. Real sorry mate, didn't notice that last vote. I've written for checking the crystal pile.)
File: empty.jpg (253 KB, 2048x1360)
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253 KB JPG
You pull her hands away, her fingers trailing from your clothing, and gently lower Aquarius to the bench. You hesitate before rising, grasping the handle of your sword. Your starlight feels strange, slow, but you still wield it as yours. The cold recedes around you and the gray star.

You cannot call it warm, but it is better.


Alone you walk through lonely corridors. Staying on the first floor, you approach where the two of you had collected those crystals. Missing the crystal Aquarius took barely lessens the pile; if you were to find anything from the moon in the Mall, it would be by your lure.

You don’t feel anything in the air. At the very least there are no Light-Eaters close by. A good sign, but knowing if there are other dangers can only help.

You come close to the glass railing, quieting your steps, and peer over the area.

The pile of crystals is as you remember, none missing or out of place, glowing with the same dim blue as earlier.

Or, not quite? It’s barely noticeable, but one section by the edges of the pile isn’t as bright.

Movement. You frown, staring at the dark.

Something tiny is there. An Tooth, shaped as some kind of ‘Rodent’.

The same one from before? Your first encounter wasn’t too long ago, so it shouldn’t surprise you to see it again.

Do Teeth really come that small?
For a while you just watch. There seems to be nothing else in the area, only that tiny form by the edges of the crystal pile. You can barely see its movement - eating, you think.

You have seen that once before: a Tooth consuming a crystal’s light. Though the pile’s glow barely seems to be changing.

Should you consider that Tooth a danger? You reach to your belt, tapping one of your wands. One whose light is bound to Hook.

You could catch it before it flees and banish it, but using a wand’s light for something... you don’t think you should call any Tooth ‘harmless’, but this...

You want to return soon. The gray star not being in sight is making you restless.

> Yours is to protect.

[ ] (Hook 1) Catch the small Tooth.
-[ ] Banish it.
-[ ] Take it with you. Examine it.
[ ] Scare it away. That should be easy.
[ ] Head back. There’s no danger here.
[ ] (Other?)

> Libra’s light
Haste (2/4)
Heal (2/5)
Hook (3/4)
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125 KB JPG
(Will continue updates tomorrow.
Randomly, I was listening to this while writing the update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtuwltmTp9I
G'night fellas)
>[ ] (Hook 1) Catch the small Tooth.
>-[ ] Take it with you. Examine it.
Who nows ,maybe it can grow into the same kind of monster as the last one. We don't want that.
[X] (Hook 1) Catch the small Tooth.
-[X] Take it with you. Examine it.
night mitts
>[ ] (Hook 1) Catch the small Tooth.
-[ ] Take it with you. Examine it.

and head back.

Aries vanished after the run in with the gigantic light eater right? they both disappeared.
did I miss how these two met, was there any other thread after that one?
>[ ] (Hook 1) Catch the small Tooth.
>-[ ] Take it with you. Examine it.
File: string.jpg (116 KB, 1600x2000)
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116 KB JPG
You take your wand in hand and creep closer to the railing overlooking the floor below. There’s quite a distance, but your spell should reach. You brandish your wand, aiming at the tiny form.

The bone one who fell, seeking their wish.


A thin, nearly invisible line of light flashes into existence, extending across the space and coiling around the Tooth. You yank your wand back and the thing flies through the air in an arc, ending with a soundless thud at your feet. You focus your starlight to your hands then grab hold of the struggling Tooth, before your spell’s strings dissipate.

-! -! --!

A ‘Rodent’. From Wisdom that isn’t yours, a ‘Squirrel’. Or perhaps a ‘Rabbit’? Like all Teeth its form is twisted and inconsistent. You contain the tiny thing easily in your hands.

You can only describe its reaction as ‘panic’. Again, something you have never seen from a Tooth. You’re going to have to just accept that some Teeth are more than just hunger.

You frown, staring at the Tooth, wondering what to do.

It’s a big unknown, so you intended to banish the thing in case it became a problem in future, but you really sense no danger from it. Even in direct contact this Tooth doesn’t weaken your starlight. It’s completely defenseless.

--! --! --!

... You’ve been away long enough. You’ll take it back with you. Aquarius had some intention earlier, though she wasn’t exactly in a sound state of mind. Perhaps she’ll have an idea of what to do with it.

You still wonder if you should have hindered her then.

A familiar ceiling greets you when you open your eyes.

You are still in the Shopping Mall. It seems you fell asleep for a short while.

You divine nothing else through the ringing in your head.

Ow. Why is everything pain.

You feel like a mess. Also cold. Your starlight feels sluggish, and doesn’t quite move the way you want.

Where is the blue star? Where is Libra?

You look around - turning your head aches - and find the blue star sitting next to you on the frozen bench. A breath leaves you.

He looks at you, wearing a slightly cramped smile. There’s something in her hands.

--! ---!

A tiny, struggling thing of void. A very small Tooth. From Wisdom that isn’t yours, you think it takes the shape of a ‘Squirrel’. Maybe. Its ears are long.

The red-feathered bird is on the bench too, hopping up and down. It looks agitated.

Chirp chirp cheep!

--! --!

Please quiet everything.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Stuff bird in bag. Shaddap.
[ ] Bonk fake-Squirrel on head. Shaddap.
[ ] Hug Libra. Because.
[ ] (Something else?)
File: maybe horn.png (338 KB, 512x875)
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338 KB PNG
(G'morn folks

This thread isn't Libra's introduction. Sounds like you missed the previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3001789)
>[ ] Bonk fake-Squirrel on head. Shaddap.
>[ ] Hug Libra. Because you're cold, yeah that's it
good for me
>[ ] Bonk fake-Squirrel on head. Shaddap.
File: horn.jpg (13 KB, 340x226)
13 KB
First course of action. You take your horn-flute from your cloak, and swing it down on the Tooth. Bonk.

The fake-Squirrel shrinks, cowering in Libra’s hands.

Chirp chirp! Chirp chirp!

You glance back with narrowed eyes at the smug bird, and its chirping trails off. As long as it understands.

You lower your flute, shivering a little. Your starlight is waking up slower than you are, and the cold is seeping in.

You wanna go back to sleep.

Libra glances between you and the thing in his hands with hesitant concern. You meet her eyes.

You’re cold.

The blue star shifts a little back.

You raise your hands and let gravity take you, falling face forward onto the panicking blue star and possibly squishing the fake-Squirrel.

You need hugs now. Give hugs.
The crystals contain a light different from starlight. One that attracts things that live in this frozen world, as well as your enemies. You do remember shattering a crystal and trying its shards. You remember the sweet taste, and the warmth that came with it.

Wielding your starlight now feels awkward. Something else has mixed in. It seems it is slowly becoming your starlight, but for now this haziness in your head won’t go away.

This means you have more light than before.

Just a bit.

A tiny, tiny bit.


Even if you knew, nothing would have changed.
You release the blue star feeling a little better, though still a bit dizzy. She doesn’t seem quite able to look at you right now, but holds out the Tooth in his hands.

Mmm. You did see it earlier, though your memories of the time are funny and hard to understand. A second weird Tooth, this time tiny instead of huge. One that acts and reacts not like an embodiment of hunger should.

It’s more like a ball now, curled up and hiding. Not that there’s anywhere to hide.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Poke the fake-Squirrel.
[ ] Stuff it into your bag. You’ll keep an eye on it for now.
[ ] Banish it. The dark is your enemy.
-[ ] Pick up and examine the fake-Squirrel.
-[ ] Attempt to calm the fake-Squirrel.
-[ ] Break a crystal. Attempt to feed the fake-Squirrel.
-[ ] Bring bird to fake-Squirrel. Observe.
[ ] (Other?)
>-[ ] Pick up and examine the fake-Squirrel.
>-[ ] Pick up and examine the fake-Squirrel.
This includes poking. Poke. Poke.
>-[ ] Bring bird to fake-Squirrel. Observe.
Gently now. Very carefully, but calmly, introduce the not-a-squirrel to the bird
What does Libra want you to do with it, you wonder.

What did you want to do with it?

You wanted to feed it, if you remember correctly. Or maybe you didn’t. You don’t know if that’s a good idea, considering that Teeth get bigger when consuming light.

You are curious though. It’s hard to imagine this thing becoming huge.

You pull the fake-Squirrel from Libra’s hands, pinching it behind its head and holding it up. It quickly curls on itself again, rolling up and holding its tail.

It doesn’t have eyes. You’re not really sure if Teeth can see, but you feel like this one is trying very hard to not see you.

It does look like a Tooth to you, no matter which angle you take. A thing of void, born in the shadow of a Light-Eater. You reach out and poke the ravenous embodiment of hunger with your finger.


Your finger sinks in a little bit. A ripple travels across the surface (skin?) of the fake-Squirrel. It balls up tighter.

Poke. Poke.


You don’t feel drained touching the thing, even with your starlight acting weird. The fake-Squirrel isn’t a danger.

You still don’t know what to do with it.

You turn to the red-feathered bird, which is still restraining its chirps, and lower the fake-Squirrel in front of it.

The red-feathered bird cocks its head, then jabs forward with its beak.


The fake-Squirrel jerks suddenly, frantically waving its tiny limbs and shifting chaotically in form. You quickly cup it in your palms and cover the thing entirely.

The bird looks smug.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Bonk the bird. For no reason.
[ ] Do something else with the fake-Squirrel (what?)
[ ] Onwards. Your search continues. Right after headache dies down a bit.

> A Tooth? An unknown.
[ ] You’re curious. There is more to learn.
[ ] You should be more cautious. It may become a danger.
[ ] You should banish it. You don’t want to deal with what it can be.
>[ ] Onwards. Your search continues. Right after headache dies down a bit.
>[ ] You’re curious. There is more to learn.
>[ ] Bonk the bird. For no reason.
no need for a smug bird

[ ] You’re curious. There is more to learn.
>> What do you seek?
>[ ] Onwards. Your search continues. Right after headache dies down a bit.
>> A Tooth? An unknown.
>[ ] You’re curious. There is more to learn.
>[ ] Bonk the bird. For no reason.
>[ ] You’re curious. There is more to learn.
File: orange notball.jpg (57 KB, 358x360)
57 KB
You hear Libra approach. He had walked off after handing you the fake-Squirrel and now returns with a small cloth bag in hand. The blue star presents you the bag, and you stuff the still-frantic Tooth inside before quickly closing it up by tightening the string.

You’re curious, so you want to bring it along. Libra’s left that decision to you. She wouldn’t have brought the Tooth here otherwise.

Your curiosity needs to wait a bit though. Because you still have a dizzying headache. You wonder if Libra could carry you.

First thing’s first. With your now free hands you bonk the nearby bird on the head.


Complaint discarded.
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKmqkjLDO8I)


Your journey with Aquarius is so very different from what you are used to. Her path seems to twist and turn to her whims.

Is your impression thus far, but you have only just met. It hasn’t even been a night, has it.

This was likely not the norm for the gray star either, to encounter so much in such a small window of time. Soon her search will begin again.

To seek is why you fell as stars, and Aquarius is not an exception. This star too wanders the frozen world, seeking her wish.

You’ll stay by her side. Yours is to protect.

Her lethargic state is yet to lift, so the two of you take a slow pace through the Mall. You remain vigilant, ignoring the chirping from the bird on her head and the rustling coming from the bag hanging from her shoulders.

It isn’t perfectly quiet, sure, but you savour the current peace that comes at great contrast to before.

The stress, the tension, the chaos.

... You wouldn’t want to place yourselves in danger again, but that wasn’t all there was.

The Candy, the crystals. The gray star’s closeness. Her warmth, and her smile.

You find it hard to consider it all unwelcome.
File: aquarium.jpg (194 KB, 1200x450)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
The two of you head through the Mall, down into lower levels below the earth, to tunnels of glass through ice. An ‘Aquarium’, from Wisdom that isn’t yours.

You’ve changed a little recently. Since you’ve stood up from your place in that featureless car park you’ve found yourself noticing more of your surroundings.

Through translucent frozen waters, you see the colours and shapes of things that once lived in them.

You find yourself noticing the wonder in the ice. Fish that once swam with grace. Plants that once lazily swayed with the currents. Aquarius crouching by your side, gently petting the squirming ‘Shark’ on the ground.

Warmth held still in an eternal, breathtaking moment.


... Shark?

You look to the gray star and see her brushing her palm across the head of a large aquatic creature, a bubbly happiness showing through her deadpan expression. The Shark too shares her joy, wriggling and waving its tail from side to side, sliding cheerily across the tiled floor around the gray star’s feet.

... Shark?
File: blue.png (114 KB, 500x500)
114 KB
114 KB PNG

That'll be all for this session and this weekend. Thanks for showin' up and reading!

We'll continue with similar schedule next weekend.

See ya folks.
thanks for running
Thanks for the fun, boss. See you next weekend
File: it gazes into your soul.jpg (78 KB, 1024x683)
78 KB
You made a new friend.

The ‘Shark’ bobs up and down happily as you pat its head, tail fin waving side to side. You found the ‘Shark’ sliding around this ‘Aquarium’ and very quickly the two of you bonded. It is a good ‘Shark’.

Libra is looking straight forward with oddly glazed eyes.

You stand up, watching the Shark brush your side as it slides around you. It is a big Shark, but the Aquarium is wide enough for it to not feel cramped.

You like this place. Unlike the bleak lands above, the silence here is a calming serenity.

You continue to seek. The Shark stays near, the red-feathered bird hopping off your head to join the aquatic creature in darting about the place. You think it has some reason to be here, but you’re happy if it wants to keep you company too.

You are not sure how to interpret the blue star’s frozen expression.
File: float.jpg (149 KB, 642x900)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Something changes as you continue.

There is something else in the air, other than the cold. Not dangerous or hostile - almost pleasant, but mostly just... weird. Floaty.

The Shark seems to be leading. Your curiosity follows it. Onwards, under frozen, translucent waters.

The strange feeling grows. Never strong, never pressing, but there. Soon you start to see things in the corners of your vision. Slow, lazy movements, drifting.

Onwards, onwards.

... There’s a rustling coming from your bag. The fake-Squirrel is restless. You wonder what you should do with it.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Ignore the fake-Squirrel.
[ ] Let the fake-Squirrel out.
[ ] Introduce fake-Squirrel to Shark.
[ ] (Other?)

[x] Continue following the Shark. Onwards, onwards.
> What do you seek?

>[ ] Introduce fake-Squirrel to Shark.
>[x] Introduce fake-Squirrel to Shark.
Apply false-Squirrel to Shark. Record outcome.
>[ ] Introduce fake-Squirrel to Shark.

and continue
(Sorry, taking longer than planned.
I just came across the new ffxiv trailer and had to take a moment to calm down.

I'm not sure how quickly I'll write today. This session is a tiiiny bit lacking in planning. Let's see how we go.)
File: under.jpg (568 KB, 1600x806)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nADwUZRXZqM)

The Shark leads you and Libra, gliding, coming to a wide opening in the side of the Aquarium. Broken glass, an uneven tunnel through the ice. Through it you go.

The fake-Squirrel sits atop your bag. It seems calm now. You considered stuffing it back inside, but did not.

Onwards, onwards.

Your path turns down, widens. A larger and larger tunnel, down and down, until you reach a great cavern.

There is a dim light here. A soft glow, but not that of crystals. Starlight.

You can see what moves in your vision now. Small, see-through bubbles, drifting up through the underground space. You don’t know where they appear from. They are just there.

Up in the world of faded blues the bird floats, each wingbeat leaving waves of crimson behind.

Soon the bird is joined by fish. Those that dart across your sight, those that swim lazily among the bubbles. Those with bright decorative scales, those with oddly shaped fins.

You see all sorts of colours around you now, belonging to things from Wisdom that isn’t yours. ‘Corals’, ‘Shells’, ‘Seaweed’. All kinds of creatures, living things.

The Shark remains on the cavern ground, gliding gracefully across the rocky ice. You respect its life choices.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Examine nearby objects, plantlife.
[ ] Greet the nearby hermit crab.
[ ] Try to catch a fish.
[ ] Attempt to reboot Libra.exe
[ ] Present fake-Squirrel to things. Examine reaction.
>Examine nearby objects, plantlife.
>Present fake-Squirrel to things. Examine reaction.
>[ ] Greet the nearby hermit crab.
>[ ] Present fake-Squirrel to things. Examine reaction.
>[ ] Attempt to reboot Libra.exe
>] Attempt to reboot Libra.exe
File: seaweed.jpg (135 KB, 960x376)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Next to you Libra gazes at the scenery with gentle smile and hazy eyes. You’re sure the blue star finds the cavern as interesting as you do.

The Shark isn’t trying to make you hurry, so you stop to look around.

The air here doesn’t carry the chill of the frozen world. It also feels odd when you move - a cool, smooth sensation, like walking through sheets of silk.

A ‘Sea’. Matching your surroundings, you feel like you are under a ‘Sea’.

You reach to one of the nearby swaying Seaweeds, taking hold of the plant. Your impression of the green leafy thing is ‘smooth’.

It also carries a hint of starlight.
You tilt your head, thinking.

Stepping back, you look around for something else. Catching one of the fish might be hard, so you look close to the ground.

You find a ‘Hermit Crab’.

You approach the tiny creature scuttling atop the Corals. You consider poking it, but decide on a different way to draw its attention.

You reach to your bag and grab the fake-Squirrel, then crouch down and place it in front of the Hermit Crab.

Hi Hermit Crab.

The creature reacts by retreating into its shell.



The Hermit Crab doesn’t come out. You feel sad.

The fake-Squirrel shows no signs of caring.
You attempt to apply fake-Squirrel to things. Mostly the fish that swim close, and the big ‘Turtle’ that you find Libra sitting on, holding her head in her hands for some reason.

Some of the creatures prod the fake-Squirrel like the Shark did, but otherwise nothing happens. The little Tooth remains calm as well, in contrast to before.

You don’t understand, but the calmness is a good thing.

You find the Shark again. It’s snapping at nearby fish as you approach, but soon decides to continue on. You take Libra’s hand, dragging him off the Turtle, and follow.

The creatures here all have a hint of starlight.
File: castle.jpg (551 KB, 1920x1200)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlK2c9vLSlc)

The fake-Squirrel ducks into your bag as the red-feathered bird swoops down, landing atop your head. Is it tired of flying and playing with fish, you wonder.

Your pace picks up a little bit, heading through the ever-changing ‘Sea’. The Shark leads on some unseen path, and your surroundings seem to grow slightly brighter as you continue on.

Deeper, deeper still. To a place where the bubbles too hold a dim glow as they float through invisible waters, where the Seaweeds reach up like the tallest of Trees. To where huge forms swim far above, their ringing cries fading into tranquil silence.

Towards the center of this endless Sea, where the dreamer’s Castle lies.

From very, very far away you can see the great structure come into view. Comparing to the buildings of the surface, it stretches far wider and higher than anything you have seen. Huge arches mark its entrance, and around the Castle are many more buildings and structures.

All surrounded by tall stone walls. The Shark appears to be leading you to a ‘Gate’, and when you get closer you start to make out forms that don’t quite fit in this place.

Are those... Ants?

> What do you seek?

[ ] Stay close to Shark. Shark probably has plans.
[ ] You are a harmless star seeking immigration. Make your appeal (how?)
[ ] Prepare a gift for the gatekeepers
-[ ] You still have some candy with you
-[ ] You’re holding a crystal from earlier. It’s small, but still shiny.
(Oh boy that took forever to write. I mean it wasn't a short update but still.

I need to run off for lunch. Words are hard today too, so let's just say I'll update sporadically. I'll need some hours after checking votes to unscrew my brain for writing.

Hope you're all liking the themes. I'm very fond of this guy's music.)
>Stay close to Shark. Shark probably has plans
>] Prepare a gift for the gatekeepers
-[ ] You’re holding a crystal from earlier. It’s small, but still shiny

The themes are nice, keep doing them.
> [ ] You are a harmless star seeking immigration. Make your appeal (how?)
>> Make puppy dog eyes

Vindsvept is great. I began following him after listening to his tracks you used when running Goat Girl's Fantasy.
You think they’re the same kind of Ants you’ve seen before. Except these ones are reared up, their first two legs out in front of them, as if standing on their remaining back legs.

You think you see four of them by the Gate you’re approaching. Each of them wear identical ornaments - headgear and plates around their... waist? adorned with decorations that look like fish fins - and each hold in their front legs a long three-pronged weapon. ‘Tridents’, from Wisdom that isn’t yours.


You wonder if they would let you through.

The Shark doesn’t hesitate. Maybe it has a plan. Maybe it is a Very Important Shark, and therefore you will have no trouble getting through.

You feel like you should do something though. A present, maybe?

You still have a small glowing crystal, found along the way here.

Maybe it would have been better to bring part of that pile. You had a headache then, so you didn’t really think about it.

Regardless, you decide your crystal will make a good gift. The rest is to act not-suspicious, you think. You don’t think you are a suspicious star. Are you?

Anyway. Firstly, you should wake Libra up from his daze.

You turn to the blue star - the Gentle Smile has not budged this entire time - and pinch her cheeks on both sides with your hands.

Squeeze. Squeeeeeeze.

You successfully revive the blue star. Libra shakes you off, rubbing her face with his palms.

You catch up with your friendly Shark guide, the blue star following along, and approach the Gate.
The Ant Gateguards nod at the Shark as it slides along, but cross their Tridents before you can follow.

They look at you, at the blue star. Then they look at the bird on your head, who chirps cordially. Then they stare at your bag.

Your bag shivers.

They know it’s there, you think. At least, they know something is there that they don’t like. You’ve decided the fake-Squirrel is likely no danger through the power of Science, but they have not done the same.

It is a Tooth. A creature of dark.

You haven’t forgotten.

You reach into your bag, and withdraw your small, glowing crystal.

The four Gateguards turn to the crystal. To your bag. To the crystal.

You look innocent.
File: city.jpg (326 KB, 1440x900)
326 KB
326 KB JPG

It works. You give away your crystal and cross the gate.

From a distance they looked dwarfed by the towering Castle, but the wall and buildings are by no means small or short. They aren’t quite as large as what you would find on the surface, but you still have to crane your neck up to admire the stone structures lining the sides of the paved roads. Ants move along the paths, all standing on their back four legs like the Gateguards from before, and above their heads clouds of colourful fish and aquatic creatures swim in every direction.

You’re a little more used to the chaos from when you visited the Ants’ first home, but it is still a sight. Libra, who apparently hasn’t had that experience, stands wide-eyed.

You grab the blue star’s hand, and take your first steps through the City Under The Sea.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Explore. See what there is to see.
[ ] Interact. Strange denizens of a strange place.
[ ] Seek. To the castle at the Center of it all.
[ ] (Other?)
File: underwater.jpg (810 KB, 2880x1800)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
(... I'm not sure why things lead to here. I feel like I'm writing a different quest now.

Here is where today's session ends. My sessions seem to be getting shorter so I don't really wanna do that, but, well,

I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew, and need a little time to figure out what I'm doing. I also need to remember how to player agency. Somehow.

Tomorrow will have a session, same schedule as today's as usual. See ya then.)
>[ ] Interact. Strange denizens of a strange place.
Do they have nice things we can have?

I discovered Vindsvept via Cities Skylines LP videos, and really liked his music... But I watched the videos on 1.5 speed, so now I can't listen to this music at its original speed.
>[ ] Explore. See what there is to see.
>[ ] Seek. To the castle at the Center of it all.
Bribe our way into the underwater city of the Ants. Because we a gote-star.

>[X] Explore. See what there is to see.
Because what else do you do in the underwater city of the ants?
File: lots of stuff.jpg (565 KB, 1024x728)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy3apYfn05c)

You see the Shark a short distance away, bobbing its head at you before sliding off towards the center of the city. You wave your hand after it. You’re sure you will meet again.

For now, you want to explore. You are surrounded by unknowns, by curiosities.

You walk through the city with Libra in tow, admiring the carved stonework of the nearby structures, watching the Ants and fish around you. The Ants are not too much lower than half your height when reared up like this, and all of them wear something reminiscent of sealife. Headbands with fins, clothing with fishtailed ends, string necklaces strung with Shells.

Maybe they’re trying to fit in, you think. There are far more aquatic creatures than Ants, a myriad of colours swimming or scuttling about drowning out the insects’ black lustre. A Clownfish swims out of an open window, a spotted Octopus with a white cloth tied around its head drags along a wooden cart; an Eel stops in front of you, tips its dandy purple Top Hat, before passing by with several of its fellows.

You feel like you’re exhausting Wisdom that isn’t yours just by looking around.
Most of the Ants here seem to be carrying something - large blocks of stone? - or just running about busily.

You stay to one side of the paved path to avoid getting in their way, and soon you reach what you would call a ‘Main Street’. To your left and right stretches out a very wide road lined with wooden ‘Stalls’, little shops kept and visited by various sea creatures.

Moving closer to a Stall, one where you can’t tell if the Starfish on the table is owner or merchandise, you see an assortment of particularly shiny Shells. You wonder what you would pay with if you wanted one.

You glance at the blue star, whose hand you are still holding, and find her staring at a Crab holding a Spatula, flipping something that sizzles over a flat stone and fire.

You think he’s staring at the fire, actually. Libra is having difficulty adapting.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Look through the trinket stalls for fun stuff.
[ ] That sizzling something is food. You like food.
[ ] The Ants head to the center of the City. You wonder what they’re doing.
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] That sizzling something is food. You like food.
>That sizzling something is food. You like food.
What is that something, anyway?

Sniff, sniff.

That something is food.

The direction that Libra is staring at is mostly food, actually. You don’t think the blue star is hungry. His expression you think can be succinctly described as a ‘how-does-that-even?’ face. You like food though.

This is important.

You take Libra with you to the stall, the owner Crab briefly clacking claws in greeting as you approach.

The Crab is making what looks sort of like a ‘Pancake’. Flipped, fried, sizzled, the cooking crustacean tosses the Pancake-like food and catches it on a white paper plate, taking out a plastic container and drizzling lines of ‘Sauce’ over before holding it out. The customer, a Swordfish, carefully balances the plate on its... nose? long spikey thing? and swims away.

Your turn. The Crab glances between you and Libra. The blue star looks at you.

This is a stall. You need something to pay with.

You only have one thing to give away right now. You reach into your bag and take out a paper bag of Candy, presenting it to the Crab.

The Crab takes the bag, examining it. It finds another paper plate and tips around half of your bag out, making a little pile of ‘Gummy Bears’, then hands your bag back.

File: maybepancake.jpg (400 KB, 1200x900)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
Soon you and the blue star have your own plates of maybe-Pancakes, as well as little wooden forks to eat them with.

Crunch crunch.

Salty. Savory.

You think it is mostly Vegetables. ‘Cabbage’, from Wisdom that isn’t yours. You have no idea where they came from.

Crunch crunch.

The Sauce on top carries a sharp, rich taste, but the light texture and crunchy inside keeps the maybe-Pancake from being too strong. The next bite tempts.

The red-feathered bird sitting on your head chirps for its share. It’s small enough that you don’t mind giving it some.

Crunch crunch.

Libra was hesitantly poking at his plate before, but the blue star seemed adamant to try it before you did. She seems to be enjoying his maybe-pancake now.

Crunch crunch.

You still have two and a half bags of candy. You wonder if fish like candy.

The two of you take a leisurely pace among the food stalls, seeing Ants go from stall to stall, watching various fish swim away balancing boxes and plates. In some places you see crowds of creatures gather, their attention apparently drawn.

> What do you seek?

[ ] You require additional food.
[ ] You wonder what the fish are gathering around for.
[ ] Continue wandering the City. What are the Ants working on?
[ ] Head to the Castle in the center.

[ ] Does the fake-Squirrel eat food?
-[ ] Try giving it a piece of maybe-Pancake.
-[ ] It doesn’t want to come out. You don’t think it should either.
[ ] You wonder what the fish are gathering around for.
-[ ] It doesn’t want to come out. You don’t think it should either.

what is even happening
File: waterwater2.jpg (204 KB, 1019x600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
(Mm. Is everyone asleep?

I've said before that I try not to update with just one vote, but maybe I should start doing that. This is probably my least popular quest so far, and I don't know if my expectations are where they should be.

Well I need to run off soon so for now I'll just go with more sporadic updates. I'm considering writing some updates throughout the week again too, though the thread is very nearly falling off the board. We'll see.

>>3053552 A normal day out at the city, of course)
>[ ] Head to the Castle in the center.

>[ ] Does the fake-Squirrel eat food?
>-[ ] Try giving it a piece of maybe-Pancake.
>[ ]Head to the Castle in the center.

>-[ ] It doesn’t want to come out. You don’t think it should either.
One particularly big crowd of sea creatures and Ants surround a stage. A ‘Play’, or some other kind of performance a troupe of fish are putting on. You don’t really know what you’re seeing.

Libra has finished her plate of maybe-Pancake and is looking at you. You finish your own.

You briefly thought about sharing some of yours with the fake-Squirrel, but decide against it. You think it should stay in your bag. Particularly for where you’re going.

You ignore the crowds, the Play, the other food stalls, heading through the street and finding a path towards the center of the City.

As curious as everything is, you think it’s time to meet the owner of this strange ‘Sea’.

Leaving the stalls behind gives way to a different sort of bustle. The center of the City is very different.

You see more foundations, ‘Scaffolds’ than buildings. Though it isn’t all incomplete; there are some things you can make out. ‘Games’. ‘Rides’. ‘Attractions’. Decorations themed after the sea.

Things you didn’t expect to find here, from Wisdom that isn’t yours.
File: door.jpg (19 KB, 281x418)
19 KB
There are more Ants here, carrying stone blocks of varying shape or working around the ‘Scaffolds’. You and Libra pass them by, heading to your destination.

The Castle looms over. You climb wide stone steps flanked by glowing orbs of light in cup-like constructions, ‘Braziers’ without flame, looking up at the grand, intimidatingly huge structure. Open windows, overhanging walkways and arches. Far, far above, you make out the shape of several great creatures, floating lazily around ‘Spires’ that stretch higher than you can see.

Eventually you and the blue star reach the Castle’s super, super big double-doored entrance. There was a wall and gate barring way to the Castle grounds, but the Ant Guards didn’t stop the two of you there. Here you find another pair of Ant Guards.

Before you can wonder how they will react, the Castle’s needlessly big double-doors rumble open, slowly and deliberately, to reveal a very familiar Shark.

The Shark slides towards and bobs its head at you, then turns around and slides away again.

After exchanging a look with Libra you follow, stepping across the threshold into the Castle.
File: hazy.jpg (276 KB, 1575x858)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGcGPyxltaw)

The halls sparkle. Shining ‘Chandeliers’, decorative ‘Tapestries’. The Shark glides on, leading.

There’s that feeling again. Something different in the air.

Misty. Hazy. Cloudy. Floaty.

There are bubbles here too, like everywhere else. Their glow is not so dim.

There is light here.

You follow the Shark, the odd feeling becoming thicker. You feel sluggish, yet light.

The red-feathered bird has fallen asleep. You take it off your head, and put it in your bag.

Clip. Clip. Clip.

Stairs, and stairs. Halls and corridors. Furniture of wood and carved stone, deep green carpets over marble flooring. Paintings, surreal images framed in metal.

Clip. Clip. Clip.

You feel a tug. Libra is holding your hand, and pulled you forward. You keep following the Shark.

After a time you reach a white door. Big, very decorated. Carvings of symbols, patterns, images. You don’t understand them.

The Shark is gone. The door opens. You walk inside.
File: the dreamer.png (1.39 MB, 850x1020)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
A curtained window for a dark room. Surrounded by all sorts of wooden furniture - Table and Chairs, Cabinet, Wardrobe, standing Mirror - a ‘Canopy Bed’, draped in silky cloth.

On a pillow, half-covered in blanket, a woman. Robes almost ceremonial. Long, messy blonde hair, spread out. Eyes closed, quiet breath escaping between red lips. Small triangular horns on her sides of her head, hidden behind flowery decorations.

A star.

> The dreamer sleeps peacefully.

[ ] Poke the star.
[ ] Shake the star.
[ ] Let her sleep. Examine the room, look around.
[ ] Rest with the star.
[ ] (Other?)

[ ] Have Libra do something (what?)
>[ ] Poke the star.

>Have Libra do something

Have her look around. It seems that we're the best when it comes to socializing
This sounds good
>Let her sleep. Examine the room, look around.
This city might be the star's dream. Do we really want to wake her up in this case?
File: lamp.jpg (12 KB, 512x325)
12 KB
A light tap. Libra’s hand is on your shoulder. The blue star gestures to a cabinet by the canopy bed.

On top of it is a silver object. Round body with flat top, balanced on a plate-like bottom, capped by a lid, handle on one side and the other end stretching out. A ‘Lamp’.

A horn. A bubble forms at its nozzle, growing slow, slowly, to the size of your palm, glowing as it separates. You watch it drift through the air. Another bubble starts to forms at the horn.

The star’s light dims.

Clip. Clip. Clip.

You come to the bedside. She looks calm. A deep, quiet sleep. You reach out, then hesitate.

It isn’t yours to think on how another seeks. Why would you want to wake her?

A star’s light is for their wish.

> What do you seek?

[ ] You’ve seen enough from the City. Leave. You don’t want to watch her light fade.
[ ] You won’t interfere, but you’ll stay.
-[ ] The City still holds unknowns. For your curiosity.
-[ ] The star shines brightly. You won’t look away.
[ ] You want to help her, if you can.
File: green.jpg (619 KB, 700x1017)
619 KB
619 KB JPG

I fell asleep. Oops.

This is where I'll call the session.

Before: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls
After: https://twitter.com/boxofmithril

I tried to write more vivid imagery this time around, which sorta changed my writing style a bit. Hope it didn't end up too weird. How're you finding the City Under The Sea?

Sorry about the shorter sessions. I run into a lot of difficulties writing this quest. Going to try keep them from getting any shorter..

I'll be trying thread #5 next weekend, as usual. Thanks for showing up and reading.
File: copyright.jpg (112 KB, 850x602)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
That last update was sorta just re-visiting the situation due to this fellow's thought >>3054757 That's my excuse for it being short. Ha ha ha.

Also this post's pic >>3054838 was one of the candidates for the dreamer's design. Pic related was another one.
>[ ] You want to help her, if you can.
>[ ] You won’t interfere, but you’ll stay.
>-[ ] The City still holds unknowns. For your curiosity.
This girl here might be the only one who ever got her wish. What will she have if we wake her up? Wandering endlessly through a frozen wasteland?
>[x] You’ve seen enough from the City. Leave. You don’t want to watch her light fade.
She's survived the light-eaters and teeth this way, let her seek.

Didn't Gemini find their wish?
>Didn't Gemini find their wish?
Not sure.
>[ ] You want to help her, if you can.
During Silkworm Quest, when we found the knitted dolls. They found their wish and now frolic
>[X] You’ve seen enough from the City. Leave. You don’t want to watch her light fade.
ah fuck that's depressing

>They found their wish and now frolic
I'm happy for them until they inevitably run out of starlight or get eaten by a monster.
is there a way to help her without waking her up? I really don't want to just let her fade here, we don't even know if that is her wish
how about if we try sleeping next to her, to see if we can..."meet" her. and tell Libra to wake us up some time later

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