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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure!

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions, albeit with possible complications because of recent revelation about the Throne.

Sieglinde is preparing a suppression of the undead forest, scheduled to happen in 3 days. You'll have to resolve your own stance on this - she's preparing to involve people who've taken your ancestral lands for themselves.

You've recently learned that Sieglinde doesn't want you to participate in this upcoming military expedition, whether you want to confront her about this or convince her otherwise remains to be seen.

Side activities
Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Daiyu granted you a ''favor'' to use at your leisure; the Demon Lord is a resourceful person.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.
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3 Days before the Suppression, noon.

Books, scholars and just about anyone alive would tell you that confronting her ladyship Daiyu Jawahir in battle -serious or not- went beyond mere foolishness. While Supreme Monsters were still a relatively new political concept amongst immortals, it was evident the Demon Lord possessed more than political clout to be standing on the pyramidal top of this makeshift organization; after all, Monsters always valued strength and disagreement were often settled by duels.

''I...Aah...It's been a long time since I've felt this vexed at my own ineptitude.'' Whispered a breathless lady knight leaning on her long glaive instead of holding it with her familiar stance of stalwart vigilance. Sweat visibly clung many strands of wild blue hair on cheeks reddened by efforts and her armor - being a mixture of half-plate, chain, and hard leather- bore deep enough dents to require a smith hand.

''Don't be, you two are talented. If Arawn wasn't amnesiac, I reckon I'd have been truly hard pressed, both of you make a lovely pair.'' Responded the Demon Lord after gulping her first and last strawberry potion, four more lied emptied on the table. Her body had changed with this serious bout of training, yet her slow mannerisms remained wondrous to behold, made all the more alluring by her eerie predatory physique.

A black exoskeleton had organically grown to cover everything below the neck, tears on her uniform revealed Klesiah many near misses and revealed this protection shone from its own bioluminescence of gorgeous violet that granted her majesty with an alluring aura of soft lavenders.

It was difficult to avoid being distracted by the memory of this morning, Daiyu perfume was... on point.

Her limbs went through further changes, having shifted to imitate Sieglinde natural state: big, lethal fingers, disproportionately thick hands, and wide feet. Thankfully Daiyu tail hadn't replicated her daughter tool of murder yet its metamorphosis was equally dangerous despite its unassuming shift. The spaded appendage had become a prehensile tool to help her navigate around trees or attempt quick disabling spear-tipped strikes. Klesiah cut it many times during the struggle and it always regenerated. This... battle stance gave Daiyu an almost insect-like impression.

''Are you okay Daiyu? Will you need to purify yourself?'' You asked, battling your lightheadedness. You've consumed a good deal of magical energy to keep this terrifying green succubus from outright dominating this training. You'd summarize to have spent roughly half of your reserves.
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''Hm?'' Her majesty half-turned to look at you in response, her hands were beginning to shrink and she was missing with her long hair, using (and cutting) her own modified tail to create a long ponytail that'd reach her waist. ''Don't worry, I can't poison anyone. I'm keeping this second skin for modesty.'' She chuckled and grinned, looking to you with a dangerous twinkle inside those green eyes.

It was true that her clothes would be... alluring without that slick shell of darkness because Klesiah glaive had cut many lines throughout the dark leather, the left part of her pants was almost completely sliced off.

''Her Majesty lives up to her name.'' Klesiah breathlessness was already beginning to recover her breath. ''It was... humbling, it's been a while since I've had the chance to.... lose and be instructed in doing better.''

Your mock battle with Daiyu was much fiercer then you could have ever anticipated, even taking Klesiah -who had fully prepared for something lethal- off-guard. Improving your spell in a practical sense meant a fight. Bodily reinforcement prevented cracked bones and you had to learn how to replace your Soul Arm quickly because Daiyu kept tearing or slicing it off with frustrating ease, catching you off guard often enough to wound your pride.

Still, by the end of this bout, you grew skilled enough to use boulders and tree trunks as projectiles.

One particularly instance had her wrap her tail around your neck and drag you deep into the forest, choking and disorientating yourself in a haze of pain when you kept being dragged and smashed into trees. ''Have I...'' Klesiah marked a pause, taking a shaky breath. ''...gone overboard?'' Nearby trees bore marks of furies, with one particularly unlucky oak felled by a zap of thunder, having exploded from the force of her enchanted glaive.

Klesiah didn't react well to Daiyu taking you hostage; her nature of lightning manifested into her weapon, she threw her polearm like a javelin and it landed into the unfortunate tree, forcing it to bear the brunt of a clap of thunders that'd have rendered you deaf had your body not been reinforced. She further managed to pressure the Demon Lord with awe-inspiring slashes of swords that crackled with energy, unleashing razor-thin projectiles of bluish violet thunders that forever scarred nearby vegetations and easily forced Daiyu to flee into the forest.

''It's my own fault for playing the villain part a little too well love, taking your dearest man for myself really was going a little too far.'' Done with her hair, Daiyu changed her stance to rest on the heavy wooden table, giving you and Klesiah a coquettish grin. ''Would you two be up for another bout soon? Exercise the depth of your shared talents?''

''Maybe...maybe tomorrow.'' Klesiah remained stone-faced but the way her features blanched was enough of an answer. ''I kinda landed a few solid jabs... No hard feelings?''
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''My, what a gentleman. You shouldn't have been shy about using your zapper, mysir.'' Daiyu made a show of massing her spotless jaw. ''Perhaps I could do with a massage, this eerie ghost arm of yours can take a lady by surprise.''

''I...'' Hesitating here was a bad idea but you couldn't help a glance at Klesiah who seemed to share your embarrassment. ''I shouldn't take your joke so seriously'' You let out a breath, trying your best to pass it off with a chuckle.

''Darling, I wasn't joking. Did you know the purification rooms are saunas? Proper rest is very important for a warrior and I do say we've got comfortable installations.''

''Even with...Even with a gentleman?'' Klesiah pale face had regained a proper color of vivacious red and her statement made the elder demoness grin even wider.

''Is it wrong?'' Asked the Demon Lord with a tone of false innocence.

''Mamonos have a certain... practical culture'' You spoke awkwardly, feeling your mouth dry up when Klesiah observed you with a gaze of disbelieving distress that made her downright vulnerable. ''It's not unusual to share a bed or a bath, as you've seen.''

''Now now, the majority of us monsters have a tendency to be communal.'' Daiyu let out a low chuckle that almost sounded like a bird chirp. ''Lack of men makes many families unrelated by blood, a little bit of harmless skinship doesn't hurt anybody my good dears.'' Daiyu big hands delicately grabbed onto the pack of potions, bringing a chime of clinking glasses to the end of her sentence.

''And that's related to a man sharing a sauna with two women?'' The Demon Lord give you a half-hearted glare, her expression turns briefly studious as she desperately tries to think of an excuse.

''Useless detail.'' She finally replies. ''Even if we've no need of purification it doesn't mean we can't enjoy well-earned rest.'' Her Majesty began to walk away, putting a definitive end on this discussion and opening the door for you to accompany her.

It's likely it'll be difficult to do anything constructive today, at least not without a genuine period of rest; lethargy is sneaking into your bones, Daiyu truly put you through hell these last four hours.

>Accompany the Demon Lord, what's the worst that could happen? Klesiah is going to have to adjust quickly but she'll be fine... Surely.

>It'd be better to excuse yourself and do something else. (Precise your activity, things are fairly open.)

>Accompany the Demon Lord, what's the worst that could happen? Klesiah is going to have to adjust quickly but she'll be fine... Surely.

>It'd be better to excuse yourself and do something else. (Precise your activity, things are fairly open.)
>Experiment with the Body Reinforcement spell
The reinforcement spell doesn't take too much out of our reserves to my memory, we're fine even with a half-empty tank.

Also holy crap, you're quite early Insert! I can appreciate that.

...This talk of saunas is oddly fitting since I've gotta go take one myself.

I replied in a rush. While my vote is the same, I want to elaborate a bit more.

I think it could be a relaxing experience, to go into the sauna. We failed to go there last time. And, Klesiah might not beexperienced in them. It'd teach her a new way to relax, maybe.

Also, if we give a massage with that hand of ours, we can actually learn how it feels to the touch, and how to use it delicately. It's still more experience with the hand, after all.

>Klesiah also gets a massage, though.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

It's always nice being early. Practicing Body reinforcement is feasible, though a bit difficult because Daiyu put you through a small hell. I'll need a d20 for potential success if we go with this.

Lots of thoughts put into potential lewdness hm?

Let's see, I'll give a roll to break the stalemate but also wait 10 or so minutes for another vote, too.
Let's see

What! N-no, my thoughts are the purest!
We need to replenish those spent energy reserves inorder to do stuff late at night with the girls.

...Not necesarily lewd stuff, even if it's at late night, with the girls!

....I just hope the fox isn't looking, if we end up getting in the sauna with two ladies. She'll tease us about it from our dreams, otherwise.
Our flaw is sloth and we've just trained our brains out. We go with the Demon Lord to enjoy the saunas. Klesiah comes with as well, because her reactions are most entertaining.
>Accompany the Demon Lord, what's the worst that could happen? Klesiah is going to have to adjust quickly but she'll be fine... Surely.

Besides, training harder is liable to cause more harm than good. You do need to rest between getting full bodied like a twig in a hurricane.
Good of you to remember.

We've got a tiebreaker so let's go with the sauna option.

There have been a few changes on your character sheet too, so gloss that over and I've also updated the character summaries. You guys have been hard at work.
I wonder if it'll be possible to mix >>3021882 's idea.

We find a quiet moment to train Body Reinforcement, or Battery Spell..... while in the sauna!

Just speculationg, though. But if the chance presents itself, I'll be sure to consider it.
Aklso, forgot to mention:

>Still, by the end of this bout, you grew skilled enough to use boulders and tree trunks as projectiles.

What did this exactly mean? That we can use the arm to lift trees and hurl them at the enemy?
Not genuine trees but you can throw makeshift projectiles at people fairly accurately. Small boulder, rotten piece of logs, discarded swords... Heavy objects cluttering a battlefield can become improvised ammunition for your arm.

Emphasis on objects, tearing walls apart or uprooting trees is beyond you.

Heh, I see. ....Well, that is convenient.
>Sauna option
Oh boy, this is gonna be interesting. Good thing I have popcorn at hand.

>I just hope the fox isn't looking, if we end up getting in the sauna with two ladies. She'll tease us about it from our dreams, otherwise.
We'll just respond somewhere along the lines of : "You're just jealous I got more action of any kind going on than you."

Alright, that's all well and good.

But can we pick up some poor fool in arm reach and beat a fucker with another fucker?
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''That wasn't so difficult, right?'' Daiyu beamed at your agreement and your heard a breathless whisper from Klesiah, something about ''surmounting a trial'' and ''unbecoming'' that roused a good-natured chuckle out of both of you, immediately quieting down her grumbling in a surge of embarrassed blushing.


The school of Summoning had become a hive of activity during your absence. Many students were outside not doing their usual practice but cleaning the entire ground with the kind of forced enthusiasm that'd make this entire activity finish well into the afternoon... at least until the Demon Lord showed up. Her presence brought a frenzy of activity out of the teachers and students obeyed without complaint, doing their best to mascarade their lack of discipline with Daiyu arrival.

''We'll be housing important guests tomorrow.'' Whispered the Demon Lord who casually put the rest of the potions on a table. ''Gwendolyn is coming as scheduled but it seems Zipangu preparations are already done and they'll be coming by portals. Thankfully nobody is bringing their forces but... we'll be meeting lots of powerful people quickly.'' She interrupted herself with a brief sight. ''Probably my last day off for a while, oh well... hm? Arawn?''

Further up the path at the junction of roads linking the School of summoning with Internalisation was a particular individual speaking with a few students and a nearby teacher. A tall monstrous man of bright blue skin and a dangerous body sculpted for strifes was an imposing sight -albeit definitely incomparable to Zazawu- Harkon was someone you only encountered once, seeing him now felt like a stroke of luck...

''Ah, the monstrous man that isn't Zazawu.'' Daiyu continued walking next to you, you other flank was occupied by Klesiah. ''You'Ve sene him once before right?''

''Yeah...'' Something about this guy rubbed you the wrong way but you didn't know if you could trust your guts, your strange episode of hypnotism occurred that day you met him and that's the only coincidence you've got.

>''Let's go Daiyu, I've no clue where those Saunas are so could you lead us?'' (Continue with your original plans. Saunas!)

>''I believe this guy is responsible for my geas, Daiyu, even if I've no proof. I'd like to exchange a few words.'' (Confront him)

>But can we pick up some poor fool in arm reach and beat a fucker with another fucker?

I almost want to allow it but no, that can't reasonably happen given how magic work.
>''I believe this guy could responsible for my geas, Daiyu, even if I've no proof. I'm not sure if confronting him is a good idea, though...

I don't think we're ready to start accusing him on this, but if we suspect him, Daiyu at least should know.
Alright, look like we'll keep to our schedule while also being prudent... Saunas truly are an amazing temptation.
I can get behind this. We've no reason to be openly antagonistic, but we damn sure don't need to be friends with the man (unless doing so would uncover proof).

...I am so saddened at these news, but I can live with it.
Vilma chucked a lamia, but summoning and necromancy are probably different than pure magic.

Almost a relief really. Least we forget, if we can do it, so can a potential enemy.

This is good.
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''I believe this guy could responsible for my geas, Daiyu, although you know I've no proof. I don't think that's enough to confront him...''

''What?'' Klesiah voice was a gargled tone of oozing menace, she glared immediate animosity at the far away Harkon.

''Easy now, love.'' A tall woman of green hair interposed herself before the knight glaive could be lowered. ''I remember what you've told me.'' She winked. ''I'll see about having people watch him a little closer, that's about all we can do for now... unless you want to challenge him to a duel with nothing more than suspicion to back your claims.''

''Let's not ruin our day.'' You interjected before Klesiah could say anything that'd direct this conversation in a dangerous direction. ''I could honestly use it now, I didn't know how fatigued I was earlier.'' Klesiah expression turned into a mixture of tenseness and embarrassment while Daiyu grinned broadly.



Purification rooms consisted of an entire wing of their respective schools dedicated to cubic spaces for specially enclosed rooms made by what seemed to be ceramics. A pair of particularly larger chambers could easily house up to twelve people apiece, noises of conversations echoed out of a high open window where thick white fume oozed out continually revealed both of these to be occupied. The Demon Lord boldly led you toward the furthest wall that seemed to have been built out of woods to create smaller cabins, puffs of smokes crawled out of the door hinges as if someone had preemptively turned them on.

The presence of a man here was highly unusual because it seemed Mamonos weren't too shy about lack of clothes here but having you -and the Demon Lord of all people- was more than enough to send all strays monster girls running into changing room to don ''appropriate purification robes'' that, thankfully, were nondescript enough to be unisex.

''Now then, mysir will change first and enter before I exit with your darling.'' Daiyu commanded, opening the sauna -that'd fit about three people comfortably- and it's nearby changing rooms. Klesiah had already been forced to abandon her weapons, both rested on the wall unassumingly.

''Hopefully, something will fit...'' All the clothing here was about what you'd expect; long-sleeved white bathing robes that felt a little too short on the bottom. A man of your build was also unlucky because the only thing that was fitting enough were Minotaurs sized clothing and you were mostly floating in them, forcing you to use one robe as cover and tie a second one around your waist for modesty.

Daiyu muffled voice came out in excited one-sided chattering as she, seemingly, found great interest with changing out of her clothing with Klesiah. Although the temptation to try and snoop around was nigh overwhelming you opted to get inside first, closing the door loudly enough to give the Demon Lord signal of your arrival.
File: Do you.png (886 KB, 1280x720)
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886 KB PNG
Inside the air was thick, heavy and humid, cotton-white smoke wafted out of a strange apparatus of metal elevated on a platform in the middle of the room. It had a protruding handle of metal that was thankfully only tepid to the touch and you realize that twisting it to the right would produce a sudden surge of fumes as something boiled inside the metal pillar and a leftward twist caused an intake of air that'd remove some fumes out of this closed cubicle.

This fume had a smell to it, something... sweet but of such little intensity, it was genuinely difficult to identify outside your vague impression.

There came a knock and you almost choked on your saliva. ''Is mysir ready?'' Came Daiyu clear voice, a much quieter grown filtered through the door afterward.

''Yeah!'' Thank the Goddess your voice didn't crack. A wall of mist had already installed itself during your toying with the alchemical machine, having the door open cause a visible manifestation of flowing air where the mist escape, almost enshrined the lovely pair.

Daiyu was first and a sight to carve into memory. Her mastery of Corruption manifested with the absence of her battle shapeshifting, leaving her garbed by a single small robe of white that ended a little too short, revealing long creamy thighs and immaculate feminine limbs where long green hair -freed from their restraint- clung to. Her majesty a taken a leisure robe because it had no sleeves and it left nothing for the imagination; natural curves combined with exotic physique brought by her appendage and a natural confident seductive gait to elicit dangerous urges that demanded your self-control to conceal. ''Do you like this?'' She posed, spaded tail hovering above her waist; you could only nod silently.

Klesiah was much more demure and that, in of itself, brought an equal amount of instinctive praises. Her build couldn't fill the robe she chose, cotton sleeves fell past her hands, a pair of white belt were firmly attacked around her waist yet the robe stilled managed to open around her knee, making her clutch it closed in a manner reminiscent of Hao holding her skirt. ''Y-you...This is fine.'' She murmured, walking a rigid path toward the last seat. Being out of armor revealed Klesiah build much more accurately, she was undeniably bottom heavy and did her best to conceal it.
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''Ah, it's been a while.'' Daiyu murmured, having taken the furthest seat, almost opening her robe.

''M-more fume milord!'' Klesiah squeaked and you obliged while swallowing a chuckle, Daiyu openly giggled at Klesiah embarrassed agony.

''This smoke is medicinal, believe it. It slithers into your skin, clear your lungs and allow you to sweat impurities. Teruko was the first to find this out by uses of summoning, then Belphegor and Martha proceeded to thoroughly investigate its effects and through means of alchemy and magitek, create a special herb that summoners readily grow.''

''An accidental discovery led to such a monumental breakthrough for Mamono health?'' You asked and Daiyu nodded.

''Indeed, I know Teruko doesn't want to accept it as honorable but without her, we wouldn't be here enjoying such an intimate time.'' A satisfied sigh escapes her, the Demon Lord wings managed to somehow angle themselves perfectly to cover all of the... risky spots of her thin dress.

You haven't been here long but you already feel like your nostrils have cleared, the air smells good and revitalizing. Klesiah is looking tense, observing the alchemical appliance in silence though often stealing glances your way and shying away each time.

>Free (Here you can speak about anything you guys feels like. I can provide some topics later, if you folks aren't inspired)
>Being out of armor revealed Klesiah build much more accurately, she was undeniably bottom heavy and did her best to conceal it.

So Klesiah got back? Why be ashamed of child bearing hips and a spankable booty?

I'm at a loss as to what to talk about so I'll take your options to vote on but we do have two girls who need a massage and a soul arm to get more finesse with. Can we talk and give out massages at the same time?
File: 1410865489544.jpg (734 KB, 1200x1200)
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734 KB JPG

>So Klesiah got back? Why be ashamed of child bearing hips and a spankable booty?

Because Knight.

>Can we talk and give out massages at the same time?

That's more of an option than a subject to talk about. Give me five minutes to whip up some options.
File: 9.png (264 KB, 480x698)
264 KB
264 KB PNG

>Ask Daiyu about her daugthers, their history, their relationships...
>Ask about the general duties of the Demon Lord, perhaps she could share her future plans?
>Ask about Daiyu day to day, peaceful life. How does a strong Supreme Monsters occupy her time outside duties? Does she have hobbies?
>Speak about Demon Lords of the past, how did things work before monsters gained true sentience?
>Ask Klesiah about her own hobbies and passions, a little discussion should calm her down.
>Ask Klesiah to share some of her adventures, surely she must have tales to relate!

>Give one of the girls a message.
>Ask one of thm to give you one.
>Nothing, relax.

One choice for discussion, one for action.
I look forward for the choices. One thing we can do is. "At Daiyu's suggestions, I am willing to offer massages using this invisible hand of mine. That said, then... who wants to go first?"

Have them argue about who gets to get massaged first :3
Whoops, what a good itming, haha.

>Ask Klesiah to share some of her adventures, surely she must have tales to relate!

An, yes, we give massages, but it's first come, first serve.
I'll wait about 15 minutes before closing this round of votes. Some discussion/actions will take a varying amount of time but I'd like my players to be satisfied with what's chosen.
>Ask about Klesiah's hobbies and passions

Her adventures portain to our past and thus should be told to the group. We still need to get to know our knight on a personal level.
>Ask about Daiyu day to day, peaceful life. How does a strong Supreme Monsters occupy her time outside duties? Does she have hobbies?

And sure, I'm fine with offering a massage - doesn't matter if it's just one or the other for me, have Daiyu and Klesiah go through a game of rock-paper-scissors if it comes to that.

Although we do have our flesh-and-blood hands to use alongside our ghost arm...
File: Knight.jpg (195 KB, 640x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d3)


Hm, maybe I'll wait a little longer before closing things. Everyone going their own way!

Let's see, 10 more minutes should be enough for a tiebreaker. Then I'll go with my roll.
Also, forgot to say that we are giving the girls a massage. Is it possible to give them both one at the same time? We do have three appendages after all.
Arawn isn't skilled at giving them so you'll have much more success by concentrating on a single girl.

I'll be going with your option it seem, dices have spoken.
Duly noted. Gotta train up our massage skill at some point then so we can give good group massages. Who's the lucky girl who gets it though...

Don't forget to use the soul arm on em' in any case. This is practice!
Strong winds in my area are causing sudden blackouts if I don't post the last update of tonight at around 9 pm expect it tomorrow.
File: 26.jpg (321 KB, 1500x1714)
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321 KB JPG
''Who wants a massage? I've never given any, I promise to be careful!'' Your sentence breaks a comfortable silence that has Klesiah jump nervously.

''Why, I do believe our lovely knight deserve such careful ministration after keeping you safe so intensely!'' Daiyu reply was perfectly timed, she had anticipated this.

''I-I eh? I... I.. This honor ought to...'' Poor Klesiah was sweating even harder, she wiggled on her seat, closing her legs and hugging herself, throwing looks of distress like a scared. ''The Demon Lord deserve my lord ministrations.'' She squeaked this excuse and Daiyu shook her head firmly.

''You aren't relaxing one bit, love. Now scoot on the side, Arawn can help you out. You've some knowledge on how to make a woman relax yes?'' Daiyu green gaze narrowed suspiciously as you slowly made your way toward Klesiah who threw her damp blue hair on the side, almost cowering when you stopped next to her; this woman is so incredibly intense with her shyness it was... simultaneously daunting and endearing.

Keep those hands wholesome, sir elf.

Gently you put your hands on her shoulders, minding your strength and under Daiyu careful gaze you began a competent massage that slowly but surely managed to lessen Klesiah stressful knots. Her body was firm under that soft bathrobe of cotton, her thinness and fragility was a lie projected by her short stature. Klesiah possessed trained muscle and under your palms, you felt their firmness, her body was one sculpted by and for strife with such intensity that you forgot to employ your magical arm. She was sitting silently, slowly growing confident enough to lean on your touch as you solely concentrate on her back. Gentle ministrations of her shoulder, helping her straighten her spine... She kept a firm gaze on the wall but her face wasn't one of agony, her eyes only reopen in brief panic when you put your palms behind her neck, making for skin-on-skin contact and there you felt a few little scars that weren't easily discernable because of her hair.

''Good atmosphere.'' Daiyu spoke, she was leaning forward to observe you and the silent blue lady, she was surrounded by enough vapor to conceal half of her body and began to operate the appliance to get rid of this excess.

''Say Klesiah.'' She didn't snap to attention, by now you had been working her back long enough to get rid of her near-crippling shyness, it seemed she had been so intensely stressed out that an amateur like you was enough to relax her muscles.

'Yeah?'' there was still tension in her voice and it seemed she was regaining her composure.

''What do you like to do? Any passions or hobbies?'' Muscles in her neck visible tense as she hears your question and her gaze droop from the wall to look at the ground listlessly.

''I've been wondering the same!'' Daiyu voice is a soft chime. ''What is it that a lady knight of stalwart disposition like to do on her day off? Is it reading romance books?''
File: 34.jpg (51 KB, 680x1047)
51 KB
''Hao love testing herself against summons too.'' You were able to sense renewed anxiousness inside Klesiah recreating the knot of stress you worked so hard to undo and thusly attempted to hand her an interesting topic.

''I...I'm not certain what to say.'' From this angle, you couldn't see her expression but something in her flat tones had Daiyu traits strain in empathetic worries. Klesiah wasn't' so relaxed anymore, that moment had been fleeting indeed; she wasn't rejecting your gentle touch thankfully, though you began to wonder if she was simply enduring instead of enjoying.

''My passion is to my lord and our gods, my hobbies are the word and glaive; my dedication is whole, eternal with every fiber of my being.''

''Laudable, Klesiah. I'll never doubt your purpose.'' You put much more care in your touches as you move along the length of her spine, making her strengthen her back completely. ''Forgive my insolence i-''

''What's your hobbies and passion Arawn?'' Daiyu cleanly interrupted you, almost throwing you off balance.

''Hm, I'm not sure if I can name any hobbies now that I think about it. I like Magitek, learning, plugging the holes in my memories but that's more of a passion than anything else. Hobbies...'' You pause your massaging to think. ''Actually, I don't think I can name anything. I've been doing my best to help you girls out while simultaneously pursuing my interests in magic and Magitek, though I'd say tinkering with magical apparatus will become a diversion once I can plant my feet.''

''Mmhm, I know that feeling.'' The demoness continued, head wings flapping, removing patches of fogs. ''I like observing people around me, see if I can learn about their circumstances... though I'd say I prefer sticking with family and friends. My role as Demon Lord make it difficult to pursue my interest, it's been long enough that I had to meld duty and hobbies together even if I dislike being a ruler.''

''Does her majesty enjoy reading romance novels?'' You asked and she winced, wings drooping in defeat.

''Who doesn't?'' She groaned in response. ''How about you Klesiah?''

''Keeping my lord safe, killing his opponents.'' Like dropping a sack of grain, Klsiah tone was dry enough to send a cold wave of dread throughout your bones. ''Finding honorable causes and killing again. This... has been my interest, my passion, my role.''

''Klesiah...'' She had made her own own cause to die for when she served Gremory, things here have been peaceful indeed, perhaps she has grown a little confused.
''I shouldn't be here.'' There was a small break in her voice and she tried to wiggle out of your careful touch but your large hands kept a firm hold on her shoulders and it seemed she remembered her state of dress, Klesiah kept her gaze firmly locked with the wall and tightened her hold on her loose robe.

''I've lost 30 years of bonding with my daughters by being stubborn and failing to communicate, love. Don't go making this same mistake.'' Daiyu tone mirrored her gentle, motherly face. Perhaps her majesty managed to detect Klesiah distress, the way she almost strong-armed the two of you to come into this secluded cabin of healing... Gods, how can you ever deserve to be a lord?

''I...no I, I'm fine.'' Klesiah groaned awkwardly. ''I-I don't... I've no passion, no hobbies.'' She was doing her best to keep her face hidden; that gorgeous curtain of blue hair managed it flawlessly.

''Finding honorable causes and killing again. This... has been my interest, my passion, my role.'' Her words spoken barely a minute ago had been filled with utter shame.

>Continue asking her questions about herself. Klesiah is trying to push you away despite her position. Proper communication is always difficult but Daiyu is right, whatever it is weighing her down isn't something that should fester.

>Give Klesiah some space, perhaps it'd be wiser for you and Daiyu to leave.


Let's see how this end tomorrow.
>Continue asking her questions about herself. Klesiah is trying to push you away despite her position. Proper communication is always difficult but Daiyu is right, whatever it is weighing her down isn't something that should fester.
...mmmgh. She obviously needs space, but I'm not willing to just leave her alone like this. I think we should try to deflect the subject to something more pleasant.

Maybe ask how Klesiah came to serve under Arawn in the first place?
>Hug her, whisper "I'm here for you when you want to talk." then louder "Maybe with more clothes on. It's your turn Daiyu."
We can continue talking about something else while we massage.
> Show concern by not directly touching on the topic. Share an insecurity we have about ourselves, our situation, anything.

We all have something that weighs on us. Pushing further will likely make her bottle up even more. I know it's hard, but, well. Let's respect her opening up by us doing the same.
> Show concern by not directly touching on the topic. Share an insecurity we have about ourselves, our situation, anything.

This is good.

Also, we should take this as a chance to lighten up the mood. Something like "Well, then it's both you and me who don't have much in the ways of hobbies. Meaning, we need to FIND us some new hobbies to indulge in."

Also, we're lazy, so we could go with "A possible 'hobby' of mine could be... sleeping in. It's hard to get out of bed at times, heh."
>''I shouldn't be here.''

That was basically what Gardy told us after we fucked up with Bad Fluffy and appealed to him as a result.

If we can channel any form of resonance with that moment to her we should. She *should* be here, she *does* belong, and we're absolutely certain of that fact on a fundamental level.

Betting her "shame" stems from the fact that that she didn't die instead of her lord (i.e. us). She was more than willing to die for the group (it would have fulfilled her vows to a tee to boot I'd reckon), but Arawn wasn't willing to let her. To lose yet another companion... He wasn't gonna let anyone else get killed, not when he could protect them!
>Zipangu preparations are already done and they'll be coming by portals
Hmm. We should ask Daiyu if she's alright with the Zipangu officials knowing she's hosting an Elf under her roof. Our identity itself... should probably remain a secret for now-

Oh shit, wait! We need to ask if that spearwoman we saw during our short trip into the Demonic Throne - Mylen was her name I think - is likely to show up tomorrow! She might recognize us, and we've no way of even guessing how she might react. We need to bring this up with Daiyu and Sieg. If nothing else we either don another disguise or just... not show our face around when the Zipangu officials are visiting.
File: 14.png (315 KB, 642x495)
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315 KB PNG
There wasn't any use in trying to work out Klesiah stress through careful ministration now, the blue-haired girl was leaning forward, hiding her face in her hands and almost smooshing against the wall. ''Klesiah...'' You begin but for perhaps the very first time, she interrupts you.

''I'm sorry, It's difficult to answer your question.'' Inability to help you, her lord, was yet another brick on a very high wall of regrets.

''Remember what I told you two days ago, right after the Moot?'' You continue undaunted by her attitude, her sharp intake of breath become her only answer, your gaze briefly turn for Daiyu who is silently manipulating the steam apparatus. ''I value you like a friend instead of a subject. I'm not above you, I don't want to be. You don't have to be invincible or of peerless stalwart disposition all the time, Klesiah. I'll never be like that.''

You give her shoulders a deep rub to silence her rising protest into an adorable tiny squeak. ''See, Klesiah... I feel extremely indebted to my benefactors. Sieglinde, Elina, Daiyu, Teruko, even Vilma and Hao; all of them not only helped me exist in this world again but they've allowed me to gain my bearings, discover my surrounding without imposing themselves. they've given me a place to belong, stability.'' Klesiah body twitches at this last word as if you touched an open wound. It's jarring enough to stun you into a brief silence.

''I'm scared of knowing my past.'' You continue, keeping your gaze firmly locked on Klesiah back. ''Perhaps I was a valiant enough man to deserve your loyalty but... I'm still afraid of knowing the truth, who's to say I wasn't manipulating you, taking advantages of the people around me? Keeping a façade of virtues until I could reach some kind of untold objective?''

''No...'' Klesiah protested, her head shook lightly, causing light trembles throughout her body. ''I'll never believe you could have harbored such thoughts.'' That was a sensitive topic indeed but ti was at least enough for her to look past her shoulder, move her hair sideways to give you a spirited glare with eyes shining from a built up of tears that were too stubborn to fall. She'd look good with a ponytail.

''It's part of the reason why I didn't insist on wanting to know our history right away, I'd like to wait for you to be comfortable with the others but I'd like them to hear your story, they care about my past. I haven't lied once and I'd rather not keep any secrets.''

''My lord, there's nothing for you to be ashamed of.'' Agony is changing to concern, Klesiah is using her long sleeves to wipe her face and wiggle away from the wall. You couldn't say if her red face was due to shyness or the humid heat.
File: 1410845442765.png (484 KB, 600x598)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
''It's silly, isn't it? These kinds of fears? I can't get entirely rid of them no matter how many times I don't have to feel so indebted. Sieglinde and Elina often tell me I owe them nothing, you're the only person I know of my past Klesiah and you affirm I wasn't a bad guy. I believe it, but I'm still feeling scared.'' It was perhaps long overdue for you to step back and remove your hands from Klesiah shoulders, a flash of regret in her brilliant blue gazes hinted that, perhaps, she enjoyed that contact. ''There's no need for you to try and answers everything I ask or accomplishes all of my wishes, I want to be your friend before being your lord, Klesiah.''

Her thin lips came together to create a taut, tense line and a loud intake of breath managed to relax her tense shoulders. ''Arawn... Daiyu.'' The Demon Lord kept her silent observation, only nodding when hearing her name. ''I'm sorry for this... rashness. These last two days have been overwhelming, a paladin shouldn't be shackled by so many doubts, it's unbecoming that a harmless, friendly little question made me so.... weak.''

''I believe you know exactly why that happened love, it's not about hobbies or passions.'' Daiyu words created a sad smile on Klesiah features who shuffled on her seat, hugging the big robe tighter against her body.

''When... When we were traveling together, Arawn, our life didn't know peace. We often spoke about reaching stability, you claimed your blood and race would grant us enough foundations to actually start living. Things didn't exactly turn out well.'' She shakes her head and you stay silent, allowing her to speak at her own pace.

''After the tragedy when I lost you I... I didn't seek normalcy, I didn't deserve it. Back then though, I always believe I would easily adjust to a calmer existence, that my skills would easily translate into peace. I often envisioned my future to be one of a guard or perhaps remain within your retinue and use my skills to help forge your visions, even if it meant killing people. I didn't understand peace or stability, Arawn. Now I think I do.''
Klesiah stopped to rub her eyes with her sleeves again, trying her best to reaffirm her feelings with a loud intake of breath. ''Teruko is studying alchemical medicine, she believes that magic alone isn't the best source of healing, she told me that she can concoct harmless energetic stimulants that taste better than coffee or medicine that bring peaceful sleep. Vilma like magic and its history, the way magic evolved from antiquity and today sound like a complicated tale but she enjoys researching it when she needs a break from summoning. Elina told me she likes exploring, flying around; often when everyone is asleep she admitted to sneaking into the balcony and fly high enough into Throne Town night sky to observe the capital never-ending lights. Hao likes to exercise and fight yet she's so vibrant, so full of life and curious that... it seems her passion is about learning life itself, she was so impassioned by my descriptions of knights that it was genuinely overwhelming.'' It must have been difficult to find a proper topic of discussion yesterday when the girls dragged Klesiah into that arena. ''I have nothing, when you asked me about passions, I thought back into this moment yesterday and for some reason, my emotions... got out of hands.''

Klesiah interrupted herself with a quiet sniffle and growled to keep herself bottled up. ''Witnessing your passion for magitek, witnessing Belphegor lab, seeing how amazing Martha was at teaching you things you loved and finally understand my complete lack of education made me realize that I've no idea how to handle peace. I am inadequate, my lord. Envious. My existence has always been about strife, only now do I realize that I've no skills to help you -or anybody else- in matters other than killings.''

Unable to shoulder yours or Daiyu gaze, Klesiah leaned forward and hid her face with her sleeves, both going well past her hands. Medicinal fume puffed slowly out of the machine and silence reigned inside the small cabins with the stalwart knight trying her best to contain her uneven breathing.

>Free. (Will provide answers later if you guys are stuck, I want to put importance on custom options during these emotional discussions, hence my holding back.)
>"Listen to me, Klesiah. Why do you think I am so passionate about Magitek or bettering myself? Because I feel inadequate myself. I've received so much help and guidance, yet I've not been able to give much at all in return. I want to be able to stand with my friends and benefactors on even ground! You may not have skills outside of strife right now, but that does not mean it will always be so. And I believe with all my heart that here in Throne Town you can find those skills. Just remember, you need not search alone. Take your time. One step at a time, yes?"

Hooo. Words and dialogue are not my forte, but I feel like this is good.
"You were never inadequate. Being a friend, a companion, doesn't require any special skills. Just being around someone and trusting them is usually enough. I may not remember it, but I'm sure the simple presence of you and the others around me put me at ease and gave me the strength to endure our hardships. I probably couldn't bare the thought of losing any of you back then, and I don't know what I'd do now."

Best I can think of.

Good options. I was about to post a few more but I lost my progress because my computer is a piece of crap. I'll wait about ten minutes for a tiebreaker and make a roll.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Let's see how things will go.
Aghh, I like them both!

I'd vote to try and combine both of these.

I want to convey that "Being a friend, a companion, doesn't require any special skills." which the second post explains, while at the same time, proactively encouraging her to develop new hobbies outside of battle.
''You're not alone in feeling inadequate Klesiah.'' Your gentle managed to timidly coax her out of hiding her eyes, these few moments of silences had been enough for her to regain her composure, threats of gentle tears crawling down her face was gone.

She's a strong woman.

''I love learning about Magitek and my magical nature but what first pushed me into investing time in these ventures was a feeling of inferiority. I've received so much help and guidance without providing anything in return.''

''Y-you were strong in the Moot.'' Klesiah meekly protested and you could only grin in return.

''I'm still unable to stand beside Sieglinde, Elina or Daiyu on even ground.'' A warm sigh escaped the Demon Lord upon hearing her name, she had crossed her legs together and leaned forward to observe and listen with motherly joy.

''I think you can acquire those skills you're lacking here in Throne Town, what you've already developed isn't worthless Klesiah. Your life spent polishing skills for battle can become a virtue when your heart remains true and chivalrous, you don't need to rush. Nor do you have to be alone. A paladin trust Mother Earth and Father Sky to assuage life doubts but they also demand all of their children to walk through life on their own; doubts are always natural.''

''...I...'' Her tone had recovered some pep and now a familiar vulnerability came back, where lovely Klesiah shoulder retreated on themselves and an aura of shy vulnerability settled once more on her frame. ''Is it alright if I follow your day-to-day life, my lord?'' A question delivered with quiet hesitation, undeniably scared to hear an answer yet still courageous enough to ask.

>''Of course Klesiah. Follow me to your heart content.''

>''Wouldn't it be better to spend time with the others, Klesiah? My friends -your friends- are eager to know you. As they've done for me, I'm certain they'll be able to help in ways I'll never be able to.''
>''Of course Klesiah. Follow me to your heart content.''

I'd add "For as long as you like", to let her know that if she finds out new interests she is welcome to pursue them, but that we won't shun her away from our daily life.

Also, add something more relaxed like "But I wonder whether you'll grow bored sooner or later."

In a joking manner, of course. She seems the kind to take this as a serious concern and kneel in front of us to assure us that she'd never become bored of watching over us, or something like that.
I'm inclined to agree with >>3025752

Throwing Klesiah into the 'deep end of the pool' as she is right now won't really help, I think. She's known our friends for - what, less than a day? I'd say she needs a bit more time to acclimate before we encourage her to go out on her own.
We let her follow us, but we also strongly encourage her to get to know everyone else. They're great people and could help her in ways we can't.
File: 9.jpg (83 KB, 496x700)
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This is a fairly important choice for your relationship with Klesiah hence my lack of free option but small adjustments are fine. Looks like we've got an agreement.
File: 1410850479817.png (274 KB, 415x623)
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274 KB PNG
''Of course Klesiah, follow me to your heart content.'' Her face blossomed into a breathtaking smile that leaves you momentarily stunned into silence. She remains prettier than a doll despite her cheeks and nose gaining a blossom of red, her long hair curled from surrounding humidity, falling wildly around her as if she had gotten out of bed. ''You'll probably grow bored soon, so don't feel shy about doing something you'd like, try and get to know people alright?''

''My lord... I would never grow bored of watching you.'' You find yourself unable to breathe in front of her peaceful smile, the old expression of ''heart skipping a beat'' is quite true indeed for you feel a strong flushing heat throughout your body, something much deeper and profound than the sauna hot temperature.

''Jeez you two are adorable'' Daiyu somehow managed to walk silently behind you and her sentence was accompanied by a gentle half-hug where she put her arm around your shoulders to squeeze you in a friendly and entirely wholesome manner; her state of dress was a stimulating problem that nearly choked out what little air you had remaining. ''Do take your time, Sieglinde is kinda similar to you, all work and not a whole lot of play.''

Daiyu hand went atop Klesiah blue hair and she vigorously rubbed the knight scalp. ''Here I was thinking I could have some fun teasing the young folks only to be seduced by an adorably wholesome chat. We've been here long enough, we need fresh air!''

''I'd say so too.'' You coughed, stepped away from the Demon Lord. She wore that light dress in such an titilating fashion. Klesiah also remembered her risky attire, her oversized dress was giving a generous opening of cleavage that she promptly hid.

''I...It's been long enough!'' Her tone was a lovely vulnerable squeak of anger. ''I'll... let's spend some time outside so wait for me Arawn!''

''Yes, wait for us to have a little fun changing!''

For better or worse, you've encouraged Klesiah to remain by your side. She's very skilled at hiding deeper insecurities, who could have guessed that a simple harmless chat would provoke such a reaction? It's true that, from her perspective, you've gone and turned her entire world upside down, she'd have trouble adjusting.

You don't feel any guilt about that, this ''world'' of hers consisted of a self-made grave.


It was the middle of the afternoon when you exited the school of Summoning, renewed buzz of activity amongst the students had them clean inside the massive establishment with predictable enthusiasm. Inside a certain pavilion was Teruko usual group - apparently not participating in this grand cleaning- with the unusual addition of a blond succubus and an unusual Mamonos of snake-like nature without being a Lamia.
File: 112.jpg (175 KB, 1071x1600)
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175 KB JPG
''Oh?'' Teruko was the first to notice your arrival. ''Visited by such a lovely group! Were you inside because those two needed to spend a sojourn inside an infirmary?''

''Hello to you too.'' Replied Daiyu casually. Klesiah was back in her equipment despite its damage without that small aura of vulnerability, she was now standing stalwart and silent on your flank.

''Your ladyship, Arawn...'' Elenor bowed to half of her height while Melvina only gave a casual wave with her deformed, clawed hand. ''Please forgive my intrusion.''

None of the girls seemed to hold lingering animosity toward Elenor, at least if they did they kept it well hidden.

''How are you doing lass?'' Asked Daiyu.

''Accepting Zazawu protection has been a blessing, thank you for asking. I haven't heard news about my... about that family since that day; all contacts have been ruptured and I'm not feeling any worse.''

''Quite, quite.'' Teruko tapped her stomach. ''She wanted to speak about the Suppression, Zazawu isn't planning to send you isn't he?''

''Nope.'' Melvina answered. ''No matter how much you grumble otherwise.'' She graced the school champion with a smug smile. ''Elenor will remain right here.''

''I know, I know. I only wanted to know how many in this group would be accompanying the purification force, I don't think we'll be doing much during that day so... I thought we could exercises together? Anyhow please forgive this selfishness, I need to take care of a few things.''

''Money money...'' grumbled Melvina as she followed the blond succubus. ''Better not be some bitch vamps in your dorm or I'll start collecting a fang necklace.''

''Please don't speak about breaking the Demon Lord peace so casually!'' And like that, both were gone and Elina got out of her seat to give you and Klesiah a thorough look-over, making the knight spine straighten into its usual plank-breaking rigidness.

''You're actually healthy?'' She asked Klesiah who responded by a confident smile.

''Me and my lord can handle the Demon Lord.''

''Ha ha!'' Daiyu laugh was one mixing amusement with disbelief. ''Now we definitely will train again.''

>It is now afternoon, your training with Daiyu was extremely tiring but you've thankfully managed to avoid overworking yourself so it is possible for you to attempt another activity of your choice.

>The Hour of Lullaby will be happening soon and you have nothing planned. There's no better moment to practice your capabilities with Gardy.
>You can also suggest a relaxing activity to do with the group or perhaps visit Throne Town. With the Overlord and Zipangu officials coming tomorrow, you might not have a similar opportunity coming for a while.
Ohkay! First, I want to briefly chat with Daiyu about what I wrote in >>3024628
I'm feeling a little paranoid/nervous about this.

Secondly, HOW soon is the Hour of Lullaby? While we shouldn't ignore Gardy, and no doubt Klesiah would like to meet him, a trip to Throne Town would also be nice.
Lullaby is around 4-5 in the afternoon, it's around 2pm now.

Making a trip will prevent exercising with Gardy.
In that case, I vote for exercising with Gardy after a brief chat with Daiyu. I'd prefer talking about it now rather than in the morning.
>practice your capabilities with Gardy.

We still have t measure how effective our Symbiosis is. Aside from that, we might want to catch up with him. It feels like lately, we only get to chat with Gardy when we're having fox-induced dreams.

Perhaps we could discuss with him during the practice, ways to counter the fluffy tail's influence on us? Like, devising a countermeasure against what she may try to do now that she's secured a "No-Gardy" meeting in our next dream.
Chatting with her won't take any times. I think I'll end today thread that way, then continue tomorrow with what you guys have chosen to do.

You can totally drag Sieglinde to have a fun time in the capital too
I'll take the spoiler option. She needs to relax after all this stressful politicking.
File: 1.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
Another round of chatting began after Klesiah bold claim where, it seemed, her majesty was an infamous woman when it came to training. Elina and Teruko had experienced first hand what it meant to ''practice'' with the Demon Lord resulting in the angel learning many painful lessons about understanding why she wasn't any safer in the sky and the skillful summoner learned a lesson in humility after conjuring enough lethal entities that she almost caused the entire school to go into lockdown.

Trees often became victims of collateral damages during these dreadful bouts, nobody asked the Demon Lord for practice twice. It definitely wouldn't be a good idea to drag Hao into this, at least not until she learns how to hold back.

''Say, Daiyu there are a few things I want to ask about tomorrow.'' You wiggled yourself into this subject quietly, though everyone else gained a keen interest now. Having so many foreign leaders coming into the capital was unusual and as a close aide of Sieglinde -no the entire demonic family- everyone understood they'd have to walk on eggshells if only to avoid shaming their host.

''What should we do about me? My race?'' You pointed at your ears, making Daiyu green gaze thin into a fine, dangerous line.

''Probably nothing.'' She replied after a moment of thoughts, trait relaxing into her usual good mood. ''Arawn Loukanos is a secret existence for mankind, but there's already plenty of rumors about an elf living inside my fortress, one who's not afraid to scream at a crowd.''

Ugh... it wasn't the first time you've received a jab about that peculiar event. ''What crowd?'' Asked Klesiah but thankfully you didn't need to linger on that dangerous topic. ''It's considered highly impolite to conceal your birth name to Mamono royalty, I don't think it's possible to hide who you are anymore Arawn; although I think my daughter will leave that choice to you and I agree that it's your choice to make.''

''What about us? Anything special you want us to do?'' Elina asked, red wings flapping nervously.
File: 1329071942437.jpg (268 KB, 744x744)
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268 KB JPG
''Get up early tomorrow and you'll know. I'm sure Zipangu folks would like a chat with you Elina... But that's something you'll have to judge for yourself. Once the meeting is done, they'll be allowed to spend the rest of the day leisurely.''

''Maybe I'll try an extensive training with Klesiah and Hao...'' Mumbled the angel, earning an incredulous look from your knight.

''Do you think that woman, Mylen, will be here?'' This simple question was strangely difficult to ask.

''If Siegfried is coming, she'll accompany him.'' Elina answers before Daiyu. ''Mylen's his bodyguard and never step outside his shadow when he's outside the royal fortress. They're lovers, too.''

''Mmhm.'' Daiyu nodded, looking strangely amused by Elina forwardness. ''This man will be amongst the officials. The entire group of Zipangu will amount to five people. Siegfried-no-Mikoto, married Prince of central Zipangu. Zechariah, leader of Zipangu Shining Knights, it'll be the force accompanying us in the Suppression. Kyorn, one of the thirteen heroes of the Great Crusade. Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, queen of central Zipangu and of course Mylen, I forgot she'll be stalking her lover. They're technically representative of the entire Commonwealth beyond the Cursed Swamp too.'' Daiyu cleared her throat. ''What little I've seen of Mylen has me believe that she's a stoic woman, if you two share a past then... she'll probably try talking to you.''

Daiyu casually stole Teruko gourd to quench her throat, making the white lizard growl in vain intimidation. ''Let's not forget Gwendolyn too, she'll be coming with someone she called her benefactor: Tuilelaith Helewidis.''

Teruko nearly choked on her saliva. ''T-this one!? Strongest of all Supremes!?''

Daiyu nodded, chuckling at her pregnant friend. ''Remember that agent Gwen mentioned during our investigation with the slaves?'' She waited for your silent acknowledgment. ''Tuilelaith was tailing the inquisitors.''

''T-tomorrow will be...scary.'' Vilma couldn't help but speak her mind, you could already feel dread filling your bones.

That'll be one hell of a group.

>End for today. Choices remain in the post above.
I am giddy to hear Kyorn also made it through the crusade alive. He was a true bro, back then. I wasn't around on the original quest, but did certainly read through it, and he was high on my list of favorite characters.

My vote has already been cast above.
Kyorn survived? Sweet. Flying berserker probably got too angry to die at some point during the war. Hell of a guy that Kyorn.

Also, Ame-no-Uzume... Ama-no-Uzume (i.e. Lady White). Yeah, pretty sure Arwan can connect those dots and her physical appearance will pretty much cinch it. No hatred or suspicion towards her yet though. Sins of the parents do not pass on to their offspring and all that. She's a wonderful girl but our Elf doesn't know that yet.

Lastly, Tuilelaith is the person the Prismatic Haired lady/golden butterfly told us to seek out for help with our little infection. We must figure out a way to talk to her and inform her of the problem and hopefully acquire fluffy tails and wriggly eye stalks.

Welp, looks like we're stepping out into the open tomorrow. We have too much to gain from meeting all these people to pass it up.
>The Hour of Lullaby will be happening soon and you have nothing planned. There's no better moment to practice your capabilities with Gardy.
Officials are coming? With our luck they're bringing assassins after their lives, ones that don't much care for subtlety or low collateral.
Thanks for the run, sorry I wasn't here. Celebrating something with delicious all you can eat sushi.
File: 1484607154214.jpg (403 KB, 800x1133)
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403 KB JPG
''Did you know Throne Town enclosed dimension greatly reinforce summoning?'' When you brought the subject of the Hour of Lullaby, Daiyu asked you this question in return.

''I've read this city was founded in this pocket before Mother Earth ascension.'' Elina continued when your silence evidently revealed your lack of knowledge. ''It's a crossing between Mother Earth realm and the alternate dimension housing soul entities, we call it the Red World.''

''A place Zazawu company regularly venture into, hence the name.'' Daiyu continued, thin tail snaking its way over her shoulder. ''Summoners enjoy an easier time with collecting wandering spirits for their shells here so it's an excellent training ground; trying to experiment during the Hour of Lullaby can be... a little risky.''

''Mineself put faith into the Embodiment of Protections for giving his charge due security.'' Teruko words brought a stir in your mind, a foreign sensation filtered into your consciousness like a sudden burst of inspiration, Gardy ever watchfulness was agitated by the mention of his old title. ''The Hour of Lullaby put all spirits to rest which null their intrusives interference when a summoner practice or use his craft, essentially reducing them into freshly grown berries ready to be plucked... however there are indeed dangers lurking within this moment of everyday life for it is possible to rouse these non-living entities and thusly create a strong reaction mineself can only summarize as waking up an old grumpy bear from a satisfying nap.''

''Would it be because of these entities interference that I can only safely practice with Gardy during this hour?'' You asked and everyone turned for the two experts who glanced at each other in shared interrogation.

''If his manifestation is similar to summoning, it'd follow what we already understand, but Embodiments play by their own rules.'' Daiyu responded.

''Our symbiosis is a completely new subject, nothing in my memories can conjure a proper explanation for my current power and influence.'' Gardy gentle voice of metallic nature resonated into your mind. ''My soul influence is strengthened enough during that span of time to supplant yours, making it possible to materialize without exhausting you.''

You relay his words without waiting and this time even Daiyu turn toward Teruko, whos posture changed to thoughtful reflexion where she pinched her chin and rubbed her stomach and for a moment all the sound in your group came from Hao swinging Klesiah glaive around. ''As he so generously granted mysir his very own body yet lives on in synergetic harmony with Arawn himself... mine first belief to title Gardy a sentient soul might not be so far off.'' Her tone held a hint of self-satisfied pride. ''Getting to understand more shouldn't be too difficult... I'd wager Gardy can live true to his title and Arawn isn't so weak-willed to be traumatized by a glimpse of the Red World.''
''I-I... I did, we... He had a little insight.'' Vilma timidly said, imposing herself in the conversation politely. Of course, now you remember when she showed you summoning: some kind of multifaced demons stuck to her body with long tendrils like some kind of parasite...

''Well then mayhap a little exercise wouldn't hurt! Although mineself does believe that nobody will be of uses in this case. Humanity art of summoning was unusual enough for each case to be recorded in history books and us calling Gardy a summons is naught more than a hypothesis.''

''My lord?'' Klesiah murmured, having barely moved from her spot next to you. ''There are two hours before this ominous time of day, right?'' Your nod prompted her to continue. ''I'd very much like to know how you've spent your days, specifically about the dangers you've been in. I wouldn't be wrong in presuming you've attempted a few...outlandish things?''

There'll be enough time to explain the broad scope of your last two weeks... You probably won't have another occasion to step into the Demonic Throne now, that little adventure won't be easy to accept.


Late afternoon gave Throne Town a gorgeous sunset of sharp orange and bluish red that spread into trees, giving the vivacious green a somber shade of colors to accompany this ominous part of the day, which many also called the hour of witches. A feeling of lightheaded lethargy accompanied Gardy stronger presence, a difference from usual when he retreated even further into the recess of your shared body to avoid inconveniencing you.

''Should he truly go alone?'' Klesiah asked in worry, she had given you a few impatient pinches after learning about your little Throne adventure with Daiyu but thankfully her bad mood had decreased with the crawling sun.

''It is difficult to train unusual natures with another.'' Teruko replied, fingers nervously tapping on a nearby tree. ''He shan't go far and ultimately communicate with his stalwart second-half, even if he was a true summoner I do not believe I wouldn't be of many uses... so seclusions and self-discovery is his best bet for progress.''

''If things start blowing up I'll come running.'' Daiyu added. Your group had moved from the courtyard to the public park next to the grand altar. ''Keep a lookout for anyone near you Arawn, though I think people understand to remain far away now that we're here, this remains a popular strolling area. I'd rather avoid going back into the forest for today, don't want to piss off the Elementalists even more.''

''Yeah, I'll keep a lookout. Thank for everything, girls. I should be back in an hour.''
That's how you find yourself alone, stepping out of everyone views but remaining within earshot, venturing deeper into vegetations to escaped paved roads, gardens and benches.

''I can think of trying two different things.'' You spoke low, preferring to verbalize your thoughts when communicating with Gardy. ''We already know that you can manifest, buddy so maybe this Hour of Lullaby can allow us to replicate Teruko magical ritual on a much smaller scale.''

''Indeed, it should not be dangerous in this hour, you have enough magical reserves to do it peacefully... though nothing is certain'' Your mouth genuinely moved to actually speak Gardy sentence, yet your usual grave tone was replaced by his metallic non-organic voice.

Were circumstances differences you'd have been very, very afraid.

''I understand the risks.'' Vilma never spoke about her Overcast but it left a profound impact on the little lich, she's grown -much- more conservative with her magical uses. ''Another thing we can use is to attempt a reverse of our ritual, our body is shared si if I were to grant you more influence, perhaps it could be possible to... see that Red World? You were able to gaze into that place before our symbiosis, right?''

''Indeed'' You replied to yourself again in his voice Granting me enough influence to reverse our position is incredibly dangerous Arawn, you place a great deal of trust in me...'' Was he perhaps moved? It was difficult to find emotions in that machine voice.

''I trust you, buddy. You'll step back after our exercise, we'll cooperate. That's how we've gotten mixed up anyhow.''

Enough talking, the Hour of Lullaby is short, you've got to make the best of it.

>Try to materialize Gardy in the real world.

>Attempt the reverse. See if your soul can shift into that Red World by giving Gardy more authority on your shared body.

No Free Choice.
>Attempt the reverse. See if your soul can shift into that Red World by giving Gardy more authority on your shared body.
This seems interesting enough to explore.
>Attempt the reverse. See if your soul can shift into that Red World by giving Gardy more authority on your shared body.
Alright, I think I can take this as a general agreement.
What would gazing into the red world accomplish or allow us to pull?
>>Try to materialize Gardy in the real world.
Deeper insight on souls and the possibility of interacting with that place. Though nothing is set in stone yet, it'll be your first step in experimenting that way.
>>3028656 +1

How different would that be from summoning him?
>How different would that be from summoning him?
I can't answer that.

Majority seems to want to experiment with that world, I'll start writing.
Will we be ready to close those eyes when that world looks back at us?
File: 137060134356.png (655 KB, 933x1161)
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655 KB PNG
File: Sense of Unease.jpg (399 KB, 881x1024)
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399 KB JPG
Guys, I'm suddenly very worried.

We didn't fuck up yet, did we?
Did you really think that when you looked into the Red World, that it would not be able to look upon you?

Basic Tillinghast principles, and you ignored them.
Well now, looks like we're gonna be having our first SAN check. The first of many.
I tried to look this up and all I got was golf course architecture. Is this a golfing metaphor?
>Attempt the reverse. See if your soul can shift into that Red World by giving Gardy more authority on your shared body.
No. Look for Crawford Tillinghast, or “From Beyond”.
So that's the story that gets referenced, thanks.
File: 1.jpg (725 KB, 1804x2344)
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725 KB JPG
''Let's try giving you more authority, Gardy... Would it be like giving back your property?'' You ask jokingly yet an emotional flare make you wince.

''It is our body, Arawn.'' His reply through your lips was firm. ''Lean on a tree and sit, a wave of sleepiness will start to engulf your mind. Resist to keep yourself conscious.''

Following his direction felt like a compulsion instead of a genuine thought and you found yourself slumping down without thinking, head growing increasingly heavy...

''These cases would have the sentient soul and hosting summoner battle for supremacy, resist your sleepiness Arawn, else it'll be impossible to exercise today.'' It was your mouth moving, your voice coming out of your body without imagining these words.

''It's fine.'' You growled, pinching your legs and sides to feel at least something to jerk your awake. You couldn't deny feeling scared, you were genuinely losing your autonomy, only Gardy good grace allowed you to remain conscious. Like a man battling overwhelming sleepiness, you jerked your head in sudden movements to fight off drowsiness, loudly yawning for sensations...

You witnessed the first oddity by witnessing colors visibly changing, growing a shade darker that slowly progressed into evident reddish pigmentation. The sky, previously a gorgeous ball of flame, shifted into an ominous full red. Your malaise was thankfully beginning to lessen, a fresh sensation blossoming out of your chest chased off this lethargy when it spread throughout your body and after a few seconds of resting, you could stand on your own two feet.

''I cannot pilot our body without chasing away your consciousness.'' Gardy voice was much clearer inside your head, even a little... natural as if it was someone speaking through a metal mask instead of clicking metals creating syllables. ''This is a better compromise, that way both of us learns equally and no time is wasted.''

''Are we...?'' Your question didn't need an answer. Presences different than trees began to coalesce into solid view as your progress into the Red World continued, this time without Gardy needing to impose himself. Ominous shades lingered amongst the trees forming a whole that eventually manifested as... what you could only describe as horrors.

Standing humanoid without head whose body was thoroughly deformed by numberless mouths stood motionless, gnawing rhythmically into a tree. some kind of quadruped with two heads and bulbous body oozed constant dark fume slept at this creature feet. A floating creature, nothing more than a mass of faces in a patch of leathery red skin levitated lazily, apparently asleep. All the barks of the trees were engorged in red, giving them a shade of dark that elicited images of carnages and each of them also showed deformed faces, cruel simulacrum of warped humanity.
Many, many creatures of horrific disposition were lingering all around you in motionless rest.
File: Let me heen.jpg (29 KB, 620x349)
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''Guess we can count this as a success?'' You spoke in your mind, preferring to remain unmoving like these things. There must be fifty here.

''So it is... Perhaps they don't know you are a genuine mortal, look at your hand.'' Gardy comment made you look and -thankfully- your self-control remained steadfast. Your hands had changed into metallic appendages of coppery gold. Your arms and legs were covered by dark fumes, making a further investigation impossible.

''Our body changed?'' You took care to keep your dialogue inside your head.

''Without reflection, it is impossible to say. Wasn't there a basin not too far from the girls? Perhaps we should go look.''

''Or maybe head back.'' You replied, doing your best to swallow your fear. ''I mean were... here?''

''The creatures are asleep.'' Gardy replied, steadfast as always. ''Perhaps we can try exploring, we've only answered a single question.''

>Insist on going back. You've taken a peek, now run away.

>Try exploring this Red World a little. The Hour of Lullaby provides an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

> Your hands had changed into metallic appendages of coppery gold. Your arms and legs were covered by dark fumes, making a further investigation impossible.
>'''Perhaps we can try exploring, we've only answered a single question.''
Scratch our nose.
>Try exploring this Red World a little. The Hour of Lullaby provides an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.
>Insist on going back. You've taken a peek, now run away.
I don't want to risk too much... there's 50 of these *things* here, we can try again with more countermeasures to getting possessed.
Locking votes and proceeding.
>Try exploring this Red World a little. The Hour of Lullaby provides an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

We need to be daring if we want to make a difference. What wil we see if we go back to where the girls await, in this state?
File: 6.jpg (270 KB, 1024x990)
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270 KB JPG
Wiggling your fingers provided a familiar sensation. Poking your palm created a dangerous chime yet ti did feel like touching your own flesh and blood; your face gave a similar feeling, from nose to cheeks, your sense of touch remained perfectly human... aside from a total absence of hair.

''Perhaps our body is showing the state of our soul.'' Gardy mused. ''Will you head back?''

''I don't want you thinking me a coward.'' You nearly responded out loud. ''Let's at least find the girls or that basin.''

''Duly noted. Navigate carefully around the creatures, I am... uncertain about many things now but if our entire body has genuinely stepped into this plane, then awakening them would be a bad idea.''

All of these things are maelstroms of negative emotions given half-sentience, to be used as fodders for summoners or simply die as sustenances for other, stronger entities inside this world. Perhaps someone could feel pity for these things, but that's not going to be you.

Thankfully it wasn't difficult to move around or be quiet. Fallen leaves or twigs didn't make any sound, in fact, all of them seemed to be glued on the ground or a genuine part of the soil itself. The creatures themselves, once you got past your initial shock, were a fascinating sight of chaotic macabre. Creative body horror created an individual that represented their negative core; a bloated, small, rotund gremlin-like patch of flesh with a back of hedgehog spines could be interpreted as a manifestation of innocent anger. A floating face carved into a foot with a perpetual scowl who seemed to be angry while asleep was, perhaps, a manifestation of frustration. A head-sized black ball with a single eye and an oversized mouth biting into a tree was, perhaps, gluttony?


''Don't forget you're in danger.'' Gardy grimly replied, your progress had been slow because of care and necessity. Some entities were giant bloated messes of eyes and mouths swimming into plasmatic flesh that needed to be circumvented.

''I know, no basin anywhere. Girls aren't far, I can see the paved road.'' You replied inwardly, sidestepping a sleeping tree out of which a man upper half grew out like a tumor. Your steps resonated on this worked ground and you immediately prepared for a reaction... but nothing could brace you against an incomprehensible sight.

Up in the sky was a strange tempest of magic you remember from your foray into the Demonic Throne, it's position had somehow moved to be directly above a certain occupied picnic table. Around its bleak wood, lights shone, casting a rainbow of colors into this bleak world of blood. One of a golden white with hues of natural red for Elina, one of dull white gray for Hao, one of pale violet for Klesiah, a dark silvery light showed the Demon Lord herself and... Green, gold, and white melded together to reveal Teruko three life essences.
File: 1.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720)
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Around them was a blanket of fleshy meats where bulbous tumors combined with eyes, teeth, mouths and other entities to create a living terrain. Entities caught in it were awake, giving low moan that could barely be heard above the windy maelstrom above. Something was moving in this mess, a humanoid creature of meats, muscles, teeth and...horns? Was walking around these living lights, it's armed little more than bulbous cysts out of which pus oozed from many openings. It was hard at work tearing up chunks of creatures trapped inside this blanket, that liquid oozing on its arms acting as a glue to tear them apart, and throwing them into your group where they promptly burnt up, so strong was the light of livings beings... yet you noticed a pattern before it spotted you: it was carefully aiming at Teruko.

What the hell is this thing doing!? Isn't the Hour of Lullaby the moment of rest for wandering spirits!?

''It spotted you!'' Gardy quickly shook you out of your awed stupor.

All the creatures eyes were good for something because, despite the distance, it quickly whirled around, slapping a meaty tail on the ground, pointed at you with this disgusting arm and shrieked.

Eaaaaaaaat! It bellowed loudly and like a hunting call, howl inside the forest responded, these ones incomprehensible.

''What the hell is it trying to do with Teruko!?'' You had to speak out else your nerves got the better of you.

''The creatures smell meats Arawn, the Hour of Lullaby make them fall asleep but it doesn't impose lethargy afterward.'' You took strength in Gardy calm voice and collected yourself, though the approaching menace of this apparently sentient adversary wasn't.

>Get the hell out, things are about to become very dangerous.

>Confront this being, it's trying to do something to Teruko! Didn't you swear to protect them all?


We'll continue tomorrow.
>Confront this being, it's trying to do something to Teruko! Didn't you swear to protect them all?

I want to give fighting in this realm a try. I wonder if it's possible to pull out by simply disengaging the symbiosis, or if it takes more effort than that.

Perhaps we could remind Gardy: "If you feel at any point that I'm going too far, you have my approval to take command and act in my stead."

Or something like that.
>Get the hell out, things are about to become very dangerous.
NOPE. We can't tell how quickly we'll get swamped. Get out ASAP and relay what we saw to the girls, they have the experts for a situation like this.
>Get the hell out, things are about to become very dangerous.
We aren't properly prepared for a fight and we can warn Teruko about what's happening so better countermeasures can be taken.
Question, are we effectively in super mode right now? Can we enter super mode if we're not or can we just give Gardy full control and power and just let him deal with it?
File: 555.jpg (343 KB, 763x1084)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Super mode? No. You're in good coordination with Gardy, much better than usual but it's not enough to be considered the activation of your symbiosis ability.
As for giving him full control, that will entail a loss of consciousness because it'll send you into a deep slumber. This will mean a timeskip or maybe death who knows!
So the monster is throwing pieces of itself at Teruko but they're getting vaporized by the groups collective "life" aura before hitting her or it's already so charred by the time it hits her as to do nothing?

Also, how far away are we from the group and how far away is that creature from both us and them? Are we emitting a life aura? Can we ask Gardy a quick question as we move or otherwise do something? I have an idea, but I want more info first.
>Also, how far away are we from the group
10+ meters
>how far away is that creature from both us and them?
10 meters for you, half of that for the girls.
>Are we emitting a life aura?
Not that you can see.
>Can we ask Gardy a quick question as we move or otherwise do something?

I can answer that without an update/slashing time if it's a simple question.
Will that aura burn us like it is pieces of that monster?
Ok then, excellent news. We run inside the aura and try to warn them. We could also try to bug out after we're within the aura, just get inside the aura. Just bailing out right here out in the open sounds like it'll leave us vulnerable.

Needless to say, we'll be running at our top speed. We can cast reinforcement here right? Then again, if we do enter focus our soul nature might just light us up as a tastier target than Teruko...
I might be unable to update today, I'll confirm around this evening. Seems like our course of action is to confront the creature so I'll plan things out that way.
It's actually 2v1 hard votes for bugging out. Unless you're counting my vote to run into the life aura before trying anything else as a vote for confrontation.
I don't really see the point in running into the aura, if we can't warn the girls from here it'll be a waste of time. Besides, assuming the creatures can't approach our friends we might just end up getting trapped by the horde of those creatures that is undoubtedly going to converge on the area the girls are.

Questions for Insert, do we need to get to the spot we left our body to pull our soul out of the Red World? Also, is our body pretty much just an empty vessel, waiting for the first spirit that finds it to start piloting it?
Oh, right, I missed one and assumed yours to be a confrontation; your course of action will inevitably lead into one, albeit by doing things differently.

We can go the other way, too.
>Questions for Insert, do we need to get to the spot we left our body to pull our soul out of the Red World?


>Also, is our body pretty much just an empty vessel, waiting for the first spirit that finds it to start piloting it?
Okay, good to know these things. Yet my vote to get out of the Red World immediately remains unchanged, I don't think we know enough about how things work here to risk a confrontation on this scale.
>Get the hell out, things are about to become very dangerous.
Won't be able to hold a session today, I wasn't able to sneak some time to write up an update. It's late enough that I'll only be able to post once this evening, so I might as well hold a proper session tomorrow.
>Get the hell out, things are about to become very dangerous

We suck at everything, so the right call is to go back and warn them about what we saw.
Guttural noises continued to emerge out of the park, sounds of snapping woods and moving branches revealed that even some trees were possessed and eager to feast. More and more screams bellowed out of that misshapen humanoid, agonizing curses of ''eat'' and ''meat'' became something of a warcry to attract more creatures. From your position, you were easily able to spot a pack of pale, lanky, long-limbed fleshy things moving quickly in your direction, they seemed to have been encircling one of the shrine guards before being roused.

That strange soil of flesh, eyes, and mouths surrounding your friends was a mixed blessing because it impeded the screaming being aggressive movements with a combination of painful bites and tar-like stickiness. Good thing you didn't step into it: killing this being would inevitably entail bridging distances.

''You intend to leave?'' Gardy easily deduced your intentions.

''A scout role isn't fighting the enemy, we should bring this new and-'' Before you took three steps on the paved road, a child-sized humanoid entity with far too many mouths sprang out of a tree -having somehow camouflaged itself into the bark- snapping at you in a frenzy. Your reaction was immediate, Daiyu incessant surprise assaults had ingrained seeds of reflexes against ambushes. Focus was embraced and your magical arm came out of your chest like a spear to strike true and fast. Like a melon smashed by a hammer, the small horror exploded from the blunt impact of your reinforced spell leaving you into a momentary pause of wonders at this unusual strength; either creatures here were weak or...

''It should take a minute, keep yourself alive.'' Gardy near manlike voice shock you out of your awe. Your spell had only been a thrust yet this arm had also embedded itself into the offending tree, causing slow crawl of sticky sap to ooze out of the wound. You had created an impromptu scene of carnage that, amazingly, was being cleaned by strange crawling insects sprouting out of the dirt to consume these pieces of meats... no, souls

Behind you, the sentient enemy had given up on the chase and was conjuring entities out of that bed of horror, you judged it wiser to run into the park along the paved road despite all the awakening dwellers; none of those showed genuine agency like that manthing, they ought to be easier to handle.

Following the road proved wise, enemies shambled all around and often tripped on each other in their eagerness to pursue but none proved smart enough to actually intercept you and soon enough you learned why: a life essence calmly walked away from the forest, many horrific creatures burning alive from a putrid fire of darkness. ''Gardy...?'' You felt a brief sense of vertigo, the aura of this living person cast a tiny area of security that killed your closest pursuers, forcing all the others to stop for self-preservation.
File: Sieg07.jpg (350 KB, 800x1120)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
''Our entire existence was transported into this realm Arawn, stay near this person; their lifeforce will keep us secure as I work to reverse our shift.'' You had a serious temptation to actually turn tail and disobey the Embodiment because he clearly didn't take a look at this supposedly living character!

All the girls beside Vilma glowered intense sight-burning vitality but this fellow cast a low timber of charcoal that would almost melt into a night darkness. Their body was also much more pronounced; whereas your friends displayed vague shapes with a clearly defined human core, this person humanity was blurred, moving like a rancid dark current of water or perhaps dark smokes crawling out of a dirty chimney. They were tall, equal to you in height, with dangerous hands, long legs, and a deadly solid tail that swayed back and forth dangerously and two thin rectangular eyes of glowing red mixed perfectly with this bloody scenery.

This creature -this person- seemed to sense your presence because what was a previously relaxed walking speed changed into a guarded stance that saw them move with slithering grace amongst the trees -burning a pair of levitating flying faces- and bring its deadly hands forward in a familiar guarded stance.

Who? What's happening?

Disorientation assailed you hard enough to send you on your knees else you'd trip on your own feet and an extremely potent sensation of lethargy demanded your entire will to keep yourself conscious, you couldn't even keep your eyes open and your mouth keep emitting strong yawns despite your desires of holding back yet...

''Arawn!?'' You heard a familiar voice, the ominous color of red had been dispelled; you might have lost consciousness for a few seconds.

''I'm fine, sorry.'' You didn't need Sieglinde help to get on your feet, all of your sleepiness was gone.

''Fine? You just... Were you invisible somehow? Did you get a special item? No?'' Sieglinde big hand went toward your chest and searching for any offending item, it took another effort of will to avoid wincing or stepping back. Your heart wasn't quickening because of Sieglinde beauty, what you saw in that Red World had been...
File: Sieg05.jpg (107 KB, 825x1246)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
''What were you doing?'' You asked rubbing your neck and working your collar to reveal an absence of amulets. Your hands were back to being fleshy, although your alchemical gauntlet gleamed by reflecting evening lights. Why didn't it show inside that dimension?

''Taking a stroll!'' Sieglinde responded, huffing in offense. Now she took a step back and wrapped her big arms under her bust. ''Girls motivated you to do something stupid again, that's it huh? My mom again?''

Happy chatters echoing from your friend's position revealed you had emerged relatively close, there were a little too many decorations and trees nearby to actually see them.

These obstructions weren't in the Red World, interesting.

''I huh... tried something with Gardy.'' Guilt pinching your throat closed, you had actually felt afraid of Sieglinde for a little while... that's awful.

''And you'll be telling everyone.'' Sieglinde naturally soft voice had taken a graver tone of authority, yet her face displayed genuine concern. ''You're healthy right?''

''Yeah.'' Running away had been the wisest choice... but would it be right to make the girls even more worried with the Suppression happening so soon?

>Keep this small adventure into the Red World to yourself and invent something with Gardy. They aren't likely to let you investigate further.

>Try revealing your adventure to a limited number of persons. Daiyu and Sieglinde perhaps?

>Come clean and reveal your entire exercise with the Embodiment of Protection. Something is after Teruko, everyone deserves to know.

>Try revealing your adventure to a limited number of persons. Daiyu, Sieglinde AND Teruko. If Klesiah is around when we reveal it, it doesn't really matter, either.

Also, more importantly. We are still in that red world place with Siggy, right?

Sieglinde can and should be shown the thing stalking Teruko. With her, I feel more confident taking action against that thing.
>Also, more importantly. We are still in that red world place with Siggy, right?
No, you aren't. Gardy got you out of there.
>Come clean and reveal your entire exercise with the Embodiment of Protection. Something is after Teruko, everyone deserves to know.
I honestly fail to see WHY we'd keep this a secret. I doubt whatever was after Teruko is something truly worrying, she'll no doubt have taken countermeasures to protect herself and her yet-to-be-born child but she ought to know.

I dunno about other Anons, but Sieglinde's protectiveness is starting to grate on me a little, though I DO understand why she is like that.
I'll roll for a tiebreaker in around... say, 15 minutes.
I actually don't mind if the others know. I just think these 3 should learn about it immediately. The others knowing it is not bad ,and we shouldn't hide it, but they must know ASAP.

I don't mind changing my vote to.
>Come clean and reveal your entire exercise with the Embodiment of Protection. Something is after Teruko, everyone deserves to know.
>Come Clean

The elf is poor at keeping secrets and him keeping them would worry the girls more than knowing about the thing because they'll chalk up our tight lips to bad fluffy. That's... considerably more worrisome than some red world entity hungering for Teruko's flesh that can probably be dealt with by her if made aware of it.

Problems you can do something about are less worrisome than those you can't.

I find her protectiveness endearing. It's nice knowing someone cares that much about you.
Then we can go with that. Little foray into an alternate dimension is over, I'm sure none of the girls will think you reckless.
>I'm sure none of the girls will think you reckless.
Oh they absolutely will. At least some of them will.
We keep this up and they'll start reacting somewhere along the lines of: "What! Why would- what am I saying, It's Arawn of course he would do that."

>I find her protectiveness endearing. It's nice knowing someone cares that much about you.
I'm certainly not going to argue against that, you're right after all. I just hope Sieg won't grow to be TOO protective, Arawn has to "leave the nest" eventually after all.

Eh, it won't be a problem once Arawn really gets his feet under him and can truly look after himself.
Also, speaking of Sieg, is anyone else worried about how she appeared differently from the others in the red world? She almost looked like she belonged there. That... can't be good.

> I'm sure none of the girls will think you reckless.

Not sure if sarcasm. But, they'd be super mad if we had gone after a fight with the big monster thing.
>Come clean and reveal your entire exercise with the Embodiment of Protection. Something is after Teruko, everyone deserves to know.
It's probably after the baby.
Oh, does the come clean option have us revealing what Sieg looked like from our perspective in the red world? As in, we're gonna tell em' everything?
No, not that. I'll highlight it in colors to make sure you guys remember that Arawn doesn't reveal it.
We should probably talk to her and Daiyu about it later at some point.

>Come clean and reveal your entire exercise with the Embodiment of Protection. Something is after Teruko, everyone deserves to know

Everything, even the sieglinde scary part
File: 17.jpg (260 KB, 1017x1280)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
''Arawn?'' Surprisingly, Klesiah was the one who first interrupted your tale when you bridged the topic of granting Gardy more authority to take advantage of this hour of Lullaby which, by the looks of things, was winding down nicely with the sun almost gone beneath the waves.

''It was only a peek!'' Keeping your composure wasn't easy, especially under your knight glare. Her expression had turned sour, her gaze becoming a dangerous line of blue that boiled with disapproval yet Klesiah quiet beauty gave her an almost inoffensive disposition making her glare almost fun to shoulder.

You preferred that over all the stern aura of criticism surrounding the girls. Finishing your tale, thankfully, provided you a saving grace out of everyone besides Klesiah, you opted to keep Sieglinde strange life essence to yourself. Perhaps it would be something better discussed with the Jawahir family first.

''Something was m-moving when you...?'' Vilma was the first to ask for precision and your nod thinned her mouth into a fine thoughtful line. ''This...That's unusual.''

''Mayhap we can set aside mysir suicidal urge of discovery by throwing his entire existence into the red world.'' Teruko radiated this expression of protective motherly anger that managed to be simultaneously annoying and endearing. ''What mysir witnessed is troubling, although perhaps not entirely unusual for a pregnant lady.''

''You haven't felt anything wrong, Teruko?'' Daiyu asked. ''No difficulty in summoning?''

''Mineself hasn't noticed anything, whenever difficulties with entities do happen mine will is to overwhelmingly obliterate resistance. T'would be too difficult to identify any difficulties.'' Still, she didn't appear confident, both of her hands were resting on her round belly.
File: 63.jpg (586 KB, 635x900)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
''Teruko... something moving within the hour of Lullaby can only be sentient.'' Her small violet skinned student fearlessly threaded onto dreaded grounds.

''Yes, wouldn't that be fantastic? Mysir Arawn with an Embodiment, mineself with dear Titania and now some conscious abominations throwing giblets onto mine essence?'' Teruko let out a short sigh and leaned forward to tap Vilma head.

''That strange living soil Arawn described has me puzzled.'' Sieglinde spoke here, scratching the ground with her large foot. ''Teruko, do you come here often?''

''Every Hour of Lullaby when times allow.'' Her response brought a brief silence as everyone gravitated toward one ominous conclusion.

''I don't think I've heard of anybody else slipping in and out of the Red World so easily.'' Elina was the one who broke the silence. Her wings had fully opened, casting long stretched out shadows across the pavement. ''I've heard there are a few artifacts that can allow a full-bodied transfer, is it true?''

''The Demonic Throne allows me to slip into that plane.'' Daiyu answered, headwing flapping. ''There is another artifact in Throne Town that allows, it's inside the grand ancestral tomb. Otherwise, I know the seat of the Patriarch in the Allied Kingdoms possess a special archway to go into the Red World. Finally, if you leave Throne Town and venture out into the wilderness, anyone will eventually shift into this alternate dimension.''

''I cannot fathom what anybody would accomplish by throwing pieces of souls into mine essence.'' Despite her courage, a tiny shudder rocked Teruko frame. ''You mean this could be the work of an actual fool going entirely into that dangerous landscape?''

''Maybe, what we do know is that Arawn managed to get a lucky peek at something clearly trying to harm you.'' Daiyu stood up from the bench and her daughter almost followed, Sieglinde was stopped by her mom putting a firm hand on her head. ''I'll go order the summoners to do a little cleaning around here. Absorbing and destroying many lingering souls is probably our best countermeasure for now, even if it's useless with Throne Town natural amplification effect.''

Daiyu wasn't going to be dissuaded, she walked off at a brisk pace without hearing anybody else. Before a heavy silence could linger, Klesiah firmly announced. ''I shall accompany my lord when he decided to experiment again within this dreadful hour.'' Her expression made it obvious she'll need a direct order to be dissuaded otherwise.

Well, that's one way to adapt to a peaceful life, right?

''Eat! Priscilia food is ready!'' Hao cheerfulness dispelled the heavy atmosphere, it seemed she had managed to follow the conversation on a certain level because she was standing a little closer to Teruko than usual.

>Unless you guys want to do something specific, time will pass until evening.
Mental fatigue is starting to pile up, I'll be closing the thread soon, likely tomorrow so I'll have to stop here for tonight.
Personally I can't think of anything.
Aside from everyone walking around her as a sort of protective wall of fire? I can't think of anything.
What could be happening with the Suppression so soon? Ho ho ho ho.

Hope to see you folks tomorrow, I want to end on one last choice so there's still something important to see.
It can wait until after dinner, but we do need to inform Sieg and Daiyu (and Martha and Deruella if they show up) about the strangeness of Sieg's presence in the red world. It has to mean something and it's probably not good. Still, it's better to have an issue and know about it than to have one and not know. What ya don't know *can* and often does hurt you.

Bad Fluffy's plan, whatever it is, to make it more "interesting" from her perspective. This is not good for us
See, I was convinced we wouldn't be able to just sit on our thumbs while Suppression was underway. Good to be given confirmation for it.

I don't mind though, we now have motivation to learn all we can about the Red World and souls - whatever little we can find from the School's library.

How long will the various officials involved with the Suppression be staying?
They'll be staying until it starts, the full 2 days.
I like the idea of advising Teruko to stay in the company of people whose life-force can shield her against that malign creature.

I am sure that thing is awaiting for her to be alone and in a particularly vulnerable spot to try to attack/taint her child.

Aside from that, discussing with the Jawahir about us noticing Siggy's figure from there, sounds important, too.

Lastly, we could suggest that we can use this ability to phase into the red world to try and watch the surroundings of Teruko during the Lullaby hour for a while. It'd serve to both practice our use of that space, while also trying to find out more clues.

This thing that attacked Teruko, it could be that it attacks precisly at that time, during the Lullaby hour, so we stand more chances of finding it during that time, which is convenient since at the present time, it is the only time of the day we can phase into the Red World.
>I like the idea of advising Teruko to stay in the company of people whose life-force can shield her against that malign creature
I'm pretty sure she doesn't need us telling her that, but we could ask her about possible ways to protect oneself against circumstances like this.

>Phasing into the Red World
Ooof, that's something we'll never be allowed to do alone/without some heavy precautions. But sure, we can suggest it.
File: 149012872536.png (874 KB, 1715x1136)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
Now now, nothing bad will happen to the pregnant lady. You guys have nothing to fear.
I dunno. Lady White is a factor and you did say a ways back that Teruko and Daiyu's family have enemies of the "noble" persuasion that can give Gremory a run for her money in the pettiness department. Something about wanting to be the nail that they stepped on or some such.

Basically, they have the kinds of enemies that would stoop to harming children if it caused their hated enemies a fair bit of suffering. Daiyu would exterminatus the fuckers who tainted/killed the child/Teruko down to their distant relatives yes but they'd do it anyway. Especially if, say, someone with many white tails was offering you protection from the Demon Lord's impending wrath in exchange for signing a contract...
I am not sure what this whole situation could be, but I believe, those holding a grudge against Teruko (the family trying to get Vilma off the picture so that Eleanor would be the student, plotting to use her as an agent to do some nasty thing to her) are the ones behind this monstrosity.

My first impression is that they've made a deal with a creature of the abyss to try and screw Teruko, the baby, and maybe Titania too. That, or this thing is a powerful curse that has been cast to stalk and destroy her, a ritualistic thing. ....Maybe blood magic?

This would be plan B, as plan A failed with Eleanor rebelling.

In fact, it could be that the plan was that Eleanor's role was to simply stay close to the teacher, and somehow undermine the lifeforce aura that protected Teruko, so that that thing could at least, reach Teruko's baby.

I want to ask: "What sort of situation would cause that life-force barrier to be shattered/diminish enough for Teruko to be vulnerable"? Because, maybe, the succubus would have been used to cause exactly that situation, even if it was unknowingly.

Another concern I have is, Teruko being pregnant is not the worst situation. Once the baby is born, it will be vulnerable if it ever becomes separated from her mom.

And if more time passes and the child starts going out and making friends... There will be the paranoia of people trying to lead her astray.
I am reminded of that one time in Sigfried's quest with the little centipede girl being tricked and kidnapped by, well, Daiyu pretending to be an arachne.

We need to vanquish the menace to the baby before she's born, ideally.

By the way, InsertName Here! I recall, Bug type monsters tended to age quickly and have short lifespans, right? How about Teruko's kin? What is known about this species of white snek ladies?
>By the way, InsertName Here! I recall, Bug type monsters tended to age quickly and have short lifespans, right? How about Teruko's kin? What is known about this species of white snek ladies?

They have no relations to FF14 Au Ra. That insect reference is really on point, I'm impressed.

Teruko and Hao people are genuine descendants of dragons. Before Daiyu ascension, their entire race was one of scaled demi-humans living in and around the vast lands of Zen. In term of lifespan, they're pretty much equal to humans

You're right in saying bugs live short lives but that only extend to certain types/races. Some are luckier than others with their lifespan.
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
>"What sort of situation would cause that life-force barrier to be shattered/diminish enough for Teruko to be vulnerable"?

That's something Arawn know from his studies so I can answer it.

Those essences are pretty much people lifeforce itself, the mixture of soul and body that result in present-day understood facts of life. Diminishing it would mean Red World entities would be able to feed on this unfortunate victim, which in turn can lead to soul diseases and/or loss of synchronization between them. These can be treated and in case of curses, identified, dispelled and healed.

Outright shattering is death.

Ooh? I did a refference? :O Heh, must have been unintentional.

I see. I recalled this discussion about the lifespan and aging of insect monsters in general, when it was talked about in the earlier quest. People were upset when they knew the mantis girl wouldn't live for a lot more of years. I do hope Sylphis's last years were happy ones, if she isn't still alive.

I suppose we might have a chance to find out once people from Zipangu come.
Bletsia was indeed a treasure. Prime Daughter material. She was too young to be a waifu candidate back then though this time skip we've got going on might have changed that for us and/or other worthy suitors. Hope she's now a very, very happy insect whatever her circumstances.

I just got to thinking. Are areas like the one about to get suppressed capable of possessing a twisted form of self awareness? Like, it saw what we did, knows what entities like us and our friends who were there would probably do if given time to collect ourselves after encountering it, and is now trying to defend itself by taking out what it considers its biggest threat?

Because out of all of us, Teruko did make the biggest show back then. It took us helping her but, if the pregnant one can summon a fucking Dragon and royally fuck a massive contingent of your forces, you can bet you'd rather prefer it to *not* come back at full health, tugging along that other essence that linked with it (i.e. us), and a legit army of reinforcements comprised primarily of what qualifies for ersatz Adeptus Astartes and Cadian Shock Troopers in this world, and a grudge only a mother can hold.

In other words. Does it warrant the phrase "It sees, it knows, it fears, it hungers"?
>In other words. Does it warrant the phrase "It sees, it knows, it fears, it hungers"?

I'll have to think about that one because I'm not sure if I can answer that. For now, I'll keep silent on it, though genuine self-awareness in the Red World is a rare thing and doesn't naturally ''grow''. I think that's good enough infos.
File: Sieg 01.png (1.15 MB, 991x1421)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
''I swear slipping wholebodied into that awful dimension...'' Not two minutes after Daiyu exit to create what was essentially a ritual of maintenance, the subject of your escapade became the topic of discussion.

''Would I be able to accompany him or prevent this shifting by holding my lord shoulder?'' Klesiah asked, her expression always narrowed into this adorable painting of displeasure when you crossed eyes with hers. This was a time to remain wisely silent, no matter the fact that you took a perfectly well-calculated risk after all these entities were all asleep and you did accomplish something!

''Sieglinde described his emergence as a shadow growing sudden consistency.'' Teruko reply was done in a tone of obvious frustration. ''Tis difficult to admit but our options are naught but enduring and trusting mysir good senses, mayhap he could be able to transpose others but... Arawn understand the dangers, yes?''

''I do, don't worry. I'm not reckless...'' All the girls, even Vilma, stopped to glare at You. Hao becomes your only support, giving you a thumb up. ''...enough to do something without giving it proper thought.''

''Stepping into a hellscape to see if you could?'' Klesiah retorted, it was good to see she wasn't so afraid to try and take a little step forward now; today's sauna episode proven enlightening indeed.

''Us all sleeping together into a big pile is actually a genuinely good thing that'd help keep Teruko safe.'' It was difficult keeping a cheeky grin from splitting your face, Klesiah features gave way to an adorable flush while Sieglinde made a quick perusal of your surrounding for any potential.

''Don't say that so casually!'' Whined the princess.

''Yes, well, mysir does make a good point.'' Teruko continued, giving you a complicit smile. This lizard woman is hard to figure out, on your side one moment, admonishing you the next. ''Sleep is our moment of weakness, resting amongst friends is good security.'' It didn't sound entirely true yet somehow it kept prodding a sensitive nerve on Sieglinde who mumbled a few words of self-reproach. ''Mayhap Arawn can help with cooking to begun reflecting about recklessness.''

A small price to pay, really.

File: Deruella_1.png (2.67 MB, 823x1200)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
A surprise had been awaiting your group arrival. Sitting comfortably inside Sieglinde large room was a group of familiar individuals; Belphegor, Martha, and Priscilla were here with the blue-skinned demoness looking awkward, perhaps because of the presence of one last person. A woman of peerless whiteness sat on a nicely decorated chair, playing and winning a game of chess against the magitek prodigy. Long white wings spread out of her waist, silky smooth hair of alabaster highlighted similarly pale skin and eyes of abject darkness inside which swam a pair of red pearls made the identity of Sieglinde little sisters obvious indeed and thankfully there wasn't any hypnotic compulsion here. She wore a silky dress of pastel blue that seemed a little too tight, accentuating a generous cleavage and feminine allure.

''Deru!?'' Sieglinde welcomed her kin who languidly moved a piece on the board. She was playing black and held an obvious advantage, albeit far from enough to close the game. Behind you, Klesiah observed Deruella with a sharp expression of someone facing an ambush but she managed to hold back from grabbing her polearm aggressively.

Deruella reputation was perhaps even worse amongst mankind than the Demon Lord.

''Mother's not with you?'' Deruella tone was sweet honeyed seduction. ''My, I really had to see little love circle of friends. What an adorable group!'' The succubus was equal with Daiyu in height, she rose with deliberate slowness, sharp features gaining a predatory edge because of a quiet, thin smile that gave the impression of a cruel hunter.

''She should be back in an hour, she doesn't know your here?'' Sieglinde managed to relax and this allowed the tension within the group to evaporate.

''No, no... Oh, Elina it's been a while!'' The angel responded with an awkward wave, eyes searching around the room for some reason.

''You managed to slip away from Kin?'' Asked the angel, eliciting a quiet chuckle from the demoness.

''This adventure is everything she asked for, I had to ask a mother's authority to let my little student understand she couldn't accompany me. Maegan hopes to see you soon.'' Elina managed to conceal a grimace, one of her hand balled into a tight fist.

''Thank, Deru. Here, this is Vilma and I think you've talked with Teruko before?''

''Indeed.'' Responded the pregnant teacher. ''In various circumstances of duress, tis good to witness madame in good health.''

''Likewise, my dear. Likewise.'' Mouthwatering smell of food slowly but surely filled the room as Priscilla silently tended to the duty of feeding about ten people by her lonesome.

Deruella made for a sudden appearance, now the entire demonic royal family was going to stand under a single roof for, perhaps the first time in a year.
File: 12.jpg (136 KB, 867x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>Make some time tonight to speak with the Jawahir family about Sieglinde unexplainable misshapen life essence.

>Try to have some fun tonight, Deruella has a nasty reputation... but surely you and everyone else can look past that.(Will open more choices)

>Make some time tonight to speak with the Jawahir family about Sieglinde unexplainable misshapen life essence.
I feel it's best to get this out of the way now, when we still have the time to talk with the Jawahirs.
It might be a little soon to settle on things already but I'll go with the above choice unless I get another vote in the next 5 minutes.
Can't we have fun now and just stay up an extra hour to speak of the wierd life essence?
You might be able to have fun after, we'll see.
>Make some time tonight to speak with the Jawahir family about Sieglinde unexplainable misshapen life essence.

And, have fun afterwards if there is the chance!
File: red 08.jpg (721 KB, 900x1200)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
Slowly but surely the awkward atmosphere brought by Deruella most infamous reputation was dispelled by the lady herself as she invited everyone at the table to discuss how Sieglinde managed to put together this Suppression so quickly. She lauded communication within the Jawahir family as the very best in the world; it took only a letter delivered by a competent agent for Deruella to start convincing Zipangu leadership and the same happened with Martha for the Overlord; culminating into tomorrow official arrival ahead of schedule.

Thirty minutes later Daiyu arrived and practically smothered her youngest daughter in a bear hug that gave Deruella your first sight of discomfort. A tiny blossoming blush colored her pale cheeks, casting off her aura of unbreakable decorum for something a little more human, more similar to Sieglinde.

You were loathing bringing possibly bad news into this atmosphere, Daiyu was overjoyed by her entire family reunion and this spread onto everyone else, especially Belphegor who decided to break open a few bottles of overpriced fruity alcohol.

''Deruella...'' You decided to approach her, your serious expression immediately caught her attention, the demoness eyes narrowed into an inquisitive stare. ''Could you bring your family to the balcony? There's something important I have to say, maybe I'm overthinking things but, well, I need to share something.''

''Related with today adventure?'' It was difficult to avoid wincing. Teruko had been liberal with speaking about your afternoon recklessness. You opted to remain neutral and exit quietly, convincing your knight to leave you alone by keeping her in the loop about your upcoming discussions with the Jawahir family.


Evening had fully settled inside Throne Town and the moon was full, its comfortable light into a poetic scenery of nature, endless ocean and spotted forest. Air coming from this artificial water still managed to be fresh and cold, hearing the soft clatters of steps made you turn away from the high ramp.

Daiyu, Deruella, Martha, and Sieglinde made for such a unique sight. White, Green, Red and blue combined with colorful clothes and gorgeously dangerous women that'd probably many anyone but you shake in their boots; after all, you barely knew of this family long, infamous history. ''I have to admit, I don't think I've heard any man wishing to speak to us all together.'' Spoke Daiyu, almost making you ask about her husband; that was likely far too sensible a topic.

''Not even afraid, my... a treasure of a man.'' Continue Deruella.

''Not sure why I'm here but hey, evening Arawn.'' Added Martha scratching the back of her neck.

''Arawn asked us all to come, you're family.'' Snapped Sieglinde whose red gaze kept a scary focus on you. ''Does it truly require all of us?'' She knew, there was this glint inside those red eyes that convinced you and a silent plea for your silence arrived on deaf ears.
''It does.'' You weren't about to step back, perhaps if things had gone differently you'd have spoken with Sieglinde alone but... you genuinely liked the entire Jawahir family.

''I wasn't entirely truthful about my adventure today with Gardy.'' His presence was here inside of you, observing with much more focus than usual. ''When I appeared before Sieglinde, her life essence it was...'' Your descriptor robbed the happy family of its smile and Sieglinde wrapped her big arms under her bust, hugging herself awkwardly, trying to find sanctuary against the worried gazes of her family.

That wasn't the first time you'd seen an oddity with Sieglinde. When she fought that duel against Belphegor her entire presences seemed to flicker into something else for one brief second.

''Sieglinde...'' Mother and sisters had turned to observe the redhead who did her best to avoid shrinking in their presence. She was looking vulnerable now, but inside those eyes was an unbending blaze that, perhaps, seemed directed at you in accusation.

''You're truly sick aren't you?'' Daiyu voice was kind and motherly and that seemed to strike her daughter deep because Sieglinde winded painfully.

''I'm fine, I feel fine.'' She responded stubbornly. ''Why didn't you...?'' She whispered, gazing at you in awkward anger. ''I fought a duel with Belphegor last week and held my own, I'm fine.''

''That shit Siegfried pulled during the crusade ain't never healed didn't it?'' Martha snarled, her own gaze of darkness went to briefly observe you. ''Look, you didn't have to-''

''I'm fine!'' Sieglinde insisted, slapping one of her big deformed feet on the ground, making a loud clapping noise. ''Didn't I put together this Suppression without mistakes? Did I show -once- signs of weakness or diseases? Of course not! What Arawn saw is... another mystery I guess, like that sentient soul trying to harm Teruko! that's much more pressing, isn't it!? There's no need for me!'' Her tone held a desperate edge that made her sisters and mother silent.

''You are already bearing a dangerous symptom, Sieglinde.'' Daiyu pointed to her daughter deformed limbs. ''Arms made for murders, big feet to carry you quickly and trample oppositions, a tail that's little more than a flexible saber, horns almost making a defensive helmet... Sieglinde, what Arawn saw are onsets of irreversible changes!''
File: 1.1.jpg (291 KB, 850x1403)
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291 KB JPG
''Birth of a new Corruption...'' Deruella whispered next you, her voice low enough to not start a new subject of conversation, perhaps only intent for your ears.

''It's been twelve years, mom. I'm fine!'' Sieglinde had managed to bottle enough of her feelings to avoid giving hints of anger or irritation. ''We don't have to do anything, at least not with this Suppression...''

''I'm to break bread with the man who's killing my daughter.'' Daiyu laughed, head and hip wings bopping up and down. ''Awful, awful thing. These awful arrogant people keep shackling me and Deruella with past sins while ignoring their own shortcomings, taking advantage of our goodwill and competence...!''

''Mom!'' Sieglinde tone was pure worry. ''Don't... don't thread down that line of thoughts, we can't... Keep this bad blood flowing.''

''Aint so sure, Sieg.'' Martha voice had become low and dangerous while Daiyu had closed her eyes to collect herself. ''What if the price of a cure needs you to consume a soul? Ya think that guy is gonna hand over his life for that? That his women will allow it? We're supposed to just let ya grow into some... fucker from that Swamp?''

''I'm telling you both I'm fine!'' Sieglinde managed to contain herself from yelling, happy noises from everyone activities inside her room echoed throughout the corridor into a vivacious whisper. ''Arawn just... saw something unusual that's all, all of you know the implication of my wounds but, wasn't my essence always looking like that?''

''Not when I observed you last year.'' Daiyu answered dryly and that brought an open wince on Sieglinde face. ''Do you honestly believe you should simply grin and bear it!?''

>Intervene, you might be overstepping your boundaries, but there's something you have to say here.

>Remain silent, why has Deruella said nothing yet?
>Intervene, you might be overstepping your boundaries, but there's something you have to say here.

"Of course I saw something unusual. And, what, was I supposed to stay quiet about it when something might be actively fucking you up? Hurting you? Fine, I'm sorry my concern was misplaced, then. I'm sure you can take care of myself."
Hm, I didn't put a free option because I thought players might feel struck but I'd allow this course of action if I get an agreement.
I think it is worth saying that, if it gives any indication of the nature of the aura she emmited, it didn't draw those things in the red world, awakened them nor reinforced them.

The beacon of energy did push them away and, in a sense, it's what kept the things there from swarming toward us, as it destroyed those who stayed too close, without harming Arawn at all.

So, to some extent, the aura she projected in the Red World distinguished allies from enemies, and actually kept Arawn safe!

It was a bit intimidating at first, but not disgusting-looking, unlike pretty much all the other shapes we witnessed in there.

It inspired enough confidence that Gardy encouraged Arawn to rush to that aura's side, rather than away from it! So, that's got to count something.

I do NOT think Arawn should go so far as to speaking aloud that "Maybe this aura thing is a good thing/not actually bad at all" , but I as a player, am starting to view it with not so wary eyes, so perhaps we could imply that it's not, in our view, a sign of a crippling, horrible thing.

Just a difference that caught our attention, a difference that, perhaps unknowingly, kept us out of harm, at least this time.
Whisper to Deruella: "What do you mean by the birth of a new corruption? Is it bad?"
Forgot to actually write this, to signify that I support this course of action.

>Intervene, you might be overstepping your boundaries, but there's something you have to say here.

I do, however, think we shouldn't take a reproachful tone on Sieglinde, rather, try to be by her side on this. We will certainly show concern over this, but raging at her for keeping this secret from us in front of her family.... no, let's not do that.

If we had picked Rage as our main flaw, I am sure we'd have had to roll to resist growing outraged at this, and souring the evening even further.
Short answer is yes. It would mean a new Demon Lord.

Quite an elaborate course of action. I'll trim it but it's adequate too and different from our first option.
>Intervene, you might be overstepping your boundaries, but there's something you have to say here.
I can get behind what >>3034296 has said. We should make sure Sieglinde understands we brought this up to her family out of concern. She'll be sore about it for a while most likely, but as long as she understands...

Oh, do feel free to trim it, I feel like I stated things in a redundant way.

Consider the over-explaining I did as a way to try and convince the fellow readers of my suggestion.
>Remain silent, why has Deruella said nothing yet?
File: 1465710585931.png (178 KB, 1000x1000)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
I'll be vote locking now. We've got a rough agreement with three votes, with two of them modifying a choice and I've already begun to write the update.
File: 46.jpg (216 KB, 850x1194)
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216 KB JPG
''Please listen to me!'' This entire discussion had left you numb. Your mind could barely piece together a sentence - to think you caused this outburst in this family during their rare reunion- but you soldiered on, bringing the argument to a close as all the powerful maiden observed you, realizing that you hadn't left.

''Please, Daiyu, Martha... Sieglinde and Deruella, too. I didn't intend to cause discord with my observation in the Red World.'' Daiyu opened her mouth yet besides you, Deruella took a bold forward step to stand at your side. ''Let him speak mom, even if he's long-winded. Hear him out. Completely.'' It was undeniable Deruella carried her mother blood for within that sentence was a tone of utmost commanded delivered with a stance that allowed no arguments. Satisfied at earning a silence, Deruella gave you a pat on the shoulder and emotions amongst the other three managed to slowly cool down.

''I was too quick in describing Sieglinde essence, I failed to mention earlier that it protected me, it burnt the creatures attempting to devour me; whatever implication this disease have aren't manifesting now and, well her soul might be a little changed but it's still strong enough to have kept me safe!'' Gods you felt pathetic, reaching for some kind of excuses anything to cool off these powerful women. ''I brought this up in ignorant concern, I'm sorry.'' Your apology to Sieglinde was greeted by a painful wince while Daiyu and Martha shook their heads.

''Listen, girls.'' You weren't done, this previous explanation had only been a means to gather your thoughts. ''Sieglinde has a disease, that's undeniable; I had a few doubts...'' Belphegor had been the first one to hint at this possibility, damn it's a shame she's not here. ''...But now we know. she's been hiding it, but at least for now she doesn't look any worse for wear, she can still accomplish what she wants to do, reach out to others and make friends and bury hatchets of wars.'' Sieglinde had invited the very man who condemned her to a slow death -or worse- into a diplomatic mission to hopefully create a lasting friendship with his country and finally be rid of the Demon Lord rocky history with Zipangu, Daiyu shouldn't throw this away in an emotional fit.

''Sieglinde is still fine now and now that we know about this... ailment, don't you girls think we can try to do something about it after the Suppression? Perhaps ask Zipangu for help? The Overlord? There are many mysteries in souls, perhaps there's a solution with Corruption that'd work but I think it's... better that we know Sieglinde hasn't entirely healed yet. Today was a stroke of good luck with that Red World.'' Then you went into the most important thing you wanted -needed- to say. ''My nature is one of Soul, my entire existence has come entwined with Gardy, Embodiment of Protection.''
File: Sieg09.jpg (81 KB, 800x850)
81 KB
No hesitation, no need to weight options. This entire family has been so good to you...

''I swear to do everything I can to help Sieglinde'' Gardy's voice seemed to speak alongside you. This was an oath that seemed to resonate into your very existence. ''I'll find a way. I'll squeeze my race and bloodline for all it's worth if I need to, but I'll find a way.''

You felt breathless, dizzy. Sieglinde was the only one who didn't seem moved, her entire face was a blank canvas firmly looking on the ground. Your eyes felt moist so you closed them, letting the weight of your words sink completely.

''Nothing like a man's determination to move a woman heart.'' Deruella spoke next to you. ''My dearest elder sister is still healthy and her head remains fantastically smart for no one else could have put together this political stunt so aptly and quickly. Afterward... Perusing souls mystery sound wise, doesn't it? Will we find our answer in magic? Corruption? Magitek? Let's witness answers for ourselves.''

''Ah...'' Daiyu sighed and walked up to you, sliding a palm to cup your cheek then sliding it upward to give your head a warm squeeze. ''I can't keep my good mind whenever my family is in distress. This oath of yours is a heavy one, my dear man... I won't beholden you to it. Not yet.'' She wasn't condescending; oath amongst immortals are the most important of things for they can never be broken. Your words implied to be completely tied to the Jawahir family.

''Shit, to think tomorrow might be even worse with all those folks...'' Martha grumbled. ''Let's enjoy tonight, yeah?''

''Tell Klesiah and Elina to come here, okay?'' Sieglinde voice was a little broken as she suddenly spoke to her retreating sisters and mother who responded by a casual affirmative.

''You're always full of surprises huh?'' The princess continued, slowly walking into the balcony, long red tail spiraling behind her dangerously. Her face was an overfilled bottle of emotions that began to show tiny crackles with glimpses of tears hiding in the corner of her eyes.


''What do you think of my family?'' She suddenly asked, putting you right on the spot.

>One last update will close the thread. Hopefully, I have enough energy in me to do it!
You guys are free to say anything, otherwise, I can continue with a new post.
We like her family and think they're all good people.
File: Sieg13.jpg (297 KB, 815x1000)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
I think I've hit my peak tonight, can't write much anymore. I really, really wanted to close the thread tonight but that'll probably extend into tomorrow instead if I can. Getting a tooth pulled out so hopefully I'll be good enough afterward

So, we've gotten unexpectedly closer to Sieglinde! What do you guys think?
Muuh, I feel like it's a bit cheesy, but this is my attempt at feels.

"Well... You've all been incredible so far. It all feels kind of surreal, at times. Add to that some awkwardness, too, heh. I feel like I've been allowed to see a few sights that few others have had the chance of. I really... cherish this. This fun, this warmth you've all shown me. I want to.... keep it safe. In so little time, I've grown so fond of this... To think I was so close to shatter it, with just a few words... it really bugs me."

Welp, I tried. Lets see if anyone comes up with something else >w<

I think it's good we did. It felt like we were neglecting her a bit. Keeping the balance is hard!

If she gives us a chance, if it feels she's going to get especially emotional, a hand to the head, and a soft headpat might just be wat she needs. No horn-touching, though. That's for when we feel playful.

Good luck with the tooth business, too, INH!
File: Hellhound109.png (216 KB, 884x893)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>Good luck with the tooth business, too, INH!
Not looking forward to that.

You haven't been neglecting Sieglinde, she's just been busy and pretty actively kept herself away from the gang in order to make this Suppression possible. Things blew up with her family because the subject of this disease is a sensitive topic, no way Arawn would know before hands but hey, now you do.

The reason why I didn't allow a choice with the oath is that Arawn is very much pro-Jawahir now. If there's a way to help Sieglinde with that disease/transformation, then he's going to do it.
I support this. It's honest enough, and a little bit of cheesiness isn't always bad.
Maybe add a short apology for bringing Sieg's situation up with her family a bit rashly... would that be necessary?

Oof, dentist visits are never nice. Good luck with that.

Hey, getting closer with Sieg is good! I don't think we've had a chance to have real heart-to-heart conversations with her yet.

We should definitely spend some time with her when we have the chance. Like a shopping trip, for example! I imagine Arawn's wardrobe is a little limited currently... although we'd have to mooch off of Sieglinde since Arawns can't really earn money all that easily currently.
>I don't think we've had a chance to have real heart-to-heart conversations with her yet.

Didn't have time for those yet!
Normally she'd have been a tad angry you didn't speak with her before dumping that new on her entire family but Arawn wholesomeness might have tugged a heartstring. Things are shaping up nicely and if I end up recovering good enough, we'll see what you guys do tomorrow with Elina and Klesiah coming. Redhead wants a talk, too.
>I think a certain winged gal has been feeling lonely too.
Hmn. Suppose we should ease up on the training and learning a bit. Easy to get blinded by personal progress.

But what to do with Elina outside of training and just talking... eh, we can always see if the angel has ideas of her own. But for now I'll see if I can come up with something over time.

Does the Summoning School's library allow tomes and books to be taken outside of the library proper? I feel like we should keep some reading material in Arawn's room every now and then.
Curse, you caught me. Thought I could be sneaky.

>Does the Summoning School's library allow tomes and books to be taken outside of the library proper?


>But what to do with Elina outside of training and just talking...

Double date with Sieglinde?
I see no one is considering what the Demon Lord and her family did to others to have such a curse inflicted upon them by Zipangu if I interpreted Daiyu’s statement correctly. Past sins should not be forgotten.
>Curse, you caught me. Thought I could be sneaky.
I have a tendency to keep a keen eye on threads I am following - whenever I am not distracted by the internet, my games or forced to sleep due to time zone differences that is.
...Certainly an option. I kinda like the idea of Arawn only realizing the possible implications in the middle of said 'double date'
The amount of gentle teasing Arawn could incur from others with this action would be highly amusing.
That'll likely be a potent local anesthetic. You'll be fine, unless you've been using a speech to text program. Pain works differently for each person though. I was fine after it wore off so hopefully you will be as well.

She's best girl for me so far so that is excellent news. The fact she might be turning into an eldritch horror or a Demon Lord from the good ol' days where the monsters killed and ate humans instead of being nice to them, not so much. Does Arawn know that last part in character or will we have to have Deruella clarify that one for us?

They shouldn't be forgotten, but they can be forgiven if sufficient repentance is given. The mathematics of morality is tricky but there is such a thing as asking too much for a given sin. If you, say, invaded their nation yet failed to conquer it. That'll take a lot to forgive, but it is doable. I mean hell, the U.S. and U.K. get along pretty well now in spite of their early history with one another.

If they kill your firstborn child after that years later in horrific fashion after you've genuinely been seeking to make up for that past little incident and, well, the fact that you don't just try again in a fashion reminiscent of the Orks in the 2nd war for Armageddon should be all they'll ever need in terms of repentance. Hell, they probably now owe *you* a little bit of a favor if they want to avoid what I just mentioned.

Things get really nasty really fast when you make things personal in politics like that. I'm actually surprised Daiyu didn't just kill a valued member of Zipangu's royal retinue reflexively for this. God have mercy on those who mess with Daiyu's family because she certainly will not.
>I'm actually surprised Daiyu didn't just kill a valued member of Zipangu's royal retinue reflexively for this.
That’s assuming that Daiyu didn’t kill some their own loved ones as well, in similar horrific fashion. That’s not something we should assume.
Daiyu just expects that what she’s done should be enough to wipe away her crimes, and we accept that because we don’t know if what she says she’s done is really what’s been done, to what scale, or if it was more like a bag of gold thrown at the feet of the aggrieved party with the assumption that such payment should be more than enough for the lives ruined.
The UK and the US, and other such alliances are just as much, if not more, about cold calculation of realpolitik, not morality, regardless of what the public may think.

I’d prefer to know what Sieglinde and her family did that made Zipangu think this was an appropriate redress of their dispute before saying it’s too much. After all, Zipangu is also a nation of Monsters and so they know what response they could expect.
On the front of "potential sins" against Zipangu, I believe we're aware in character that Deruella was giving that nation the grace of her special talents until Orion decided to roll up on them.

We don't know this in character, but can suspect it given what we do know and have heard, that her "special talents" include a skill for subversion so great that Danuki regularly take pointers from *her*.
And did Orion decide to attack Zipangu precisely because they were weakened by Daiyu, or did Daiyu’s weakening of them lead to incredible losses of life?

Does not a mother deserve redress for the loss of her children by having their murderer lose one of hers?
Well, not by most modern human moral frameworks, but this is mamono morality we’re talking about, so it just comes down to might makes right, and whoever kills the other is right.
>"I think they are competent, and good people. Like everyone they have flaws. But more importantly than any of that, they love you. That's what I think of your family."
If she tells us that they did bad things during the war respond with the following:
>"And the opponent didn't? They were perfect paragons of virtue to a man? Or were there bad things done in the name of 'The Greater Good'? War is bad, it should be avoided, but committed to when needed."
This is good. Though I'd say their true virtue is that they all love each other with such an intense earnesty that you can almost feel it.

Not that Zipangu doesn't have a similar mechanic working in its favor. I doubt Ame, Tsu, or Siegfried would willingly send forces they know and love to their certain deaths if they could avoid it but...

This is perhaps a controversial thought but here it is: "The most heart-wrenching choices are made when you have no choice."

I bet Gardy gets that sentiment quite well. He bid his first charge farewell, told her to hide somewhere, and then fought to the death against *two* ascendant pretender gods. His hope? That she'd somehow defy all odds and survive beyond that age. He's the embodiment of Protection. In protecting her to the bitter end, he fulfills his reason for existence.

Good thing for us that this sentiment of his now extends to us and our beloved friends I hope...
The Demon Lord and her family were the aggressors and made the situation worse. Did they actually help Zipangu when Orion attacked, or did they just pull back and hope to defeat the weakened victor?
Daiyu took on and defeated Orion in single combat far as I can tell. That is to say, she took on and won against the *Embodiment of Strife* in single combat.

She has done other things since that as well to be oh so ever nice but that feat can be adequately compared to Sol Badguy taking out Justice. If people in any way doubted her power or dedication to her ideals of peace and love between man and monster before that, well, they ain't doubting it now.

The denizens of Zipangu (or any other nation now) would piss themselves in sheer terror if she turned the full might of her full wrath towards them now after that one as well to be sure. Well, in Zipangu's case, they would were it not for what Tsu can pull if pushed to the limit. She has... backup. Backup that is like being able to call up Ky Kiske and his whole crew of merry crusaders. It's not necessary to read but the previous quest INH ran can bring you up to speed on this front. Ya don't wanna piss off the Good Fluffy one. She's just as capable of ruining your life as Daiyu is.
INH already said that the previous quest is not what happened in the past for this quest, so don’t bring that into this. What matters is only what’s in this quest.
File: GazerGirl.png (1.77 MB, 1522x1600)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>INH already said that the previous quest is not what happened in the past for this quest

Not entirely true. I wasn't able to finish my previous quest due to a writer burn out so I had to make a few controversial decisions and ultimately reworks the chain of events to make the passage of time smoother. Some events are the same, others are different, and while I planned this quest with the idea to not impose reading of my previous one, anyone that did will be on familiar ground with the conflict between demons and Zipangu and I don't want to penalize that.

I'll simply actively veto any attempts to give Arawn knowledge he doesn't have.

What Arawn know about that conflict is as follow.

- Deruella was an antagonistic force until human crusaders came knocking unannounced.

- Daiyu and Sieglinde dragged themselves into this conflict and gave their services to Zipangu in exchange for a promise Zipangu wouldn't harm their kin. (They never promises)

- Belphegor was grievously wounded during a conflict against crusaders.

- Siegfried ended up trying to kill Deruella when she defected for Zipangu, only for Sieglinde to take the strike.

- Daiyu fought the Embodiment of Strife on equal ground in single combat.

You can always try to know more in the future by talking to people.
And what about the genocide of the Elven and Dwarven civilizations? Are those still the fault of Deruella?

>Daiyu and Sieglinde dragged themselves into this conflict and gave their services to Zipangu in exchange for a promise Zipangu wouldn't harm their kin. (They never promises)
>Siegfried ended up trying to kill Deruella when she defected for Zipangu, only for Sieglinde to take the stri
So whatever Deruella did to Zipangu, it was so bad that Siegfried would try to kill her on sight, and even with the human crusaders and Orion bearing down on them, Zipangu still felt that the crimes of the Demon Lord were too great to forgive.
It sounds like we need to find out what Deruella did, but I doubt that she'd fess up to her crimes without a beating.
Then again, maybe I'm wrong, and she'll freely admit to what she did, because she doesn't think that what she did was that bad, even if it really was.
>And what about the genocide of the Elven and Dwarven civilizations? Are those still the fault of Deruella?

The world at large believes so. Sieglinde was in the capital when things happened and told you what she saw, whether Daiyu is responsible or not is something you'll have to decide for yourselves.

If you feel confident you can always try to know why Siegfried reacted like that, or try to slot some time to question Deruella of course.
>That pic
Tzeentch is quite pleased and sent his favored servant a wonderful waifu.

So Sieg is, in pretty much all senses, taking a proverbial bullet for the team with all this.

Damn, no way we can allow her to die now. We now also owe the other Sieg a gut punch like the one Klesiah delivered to Gremory as well. We can and should be sporting about it though. List our grievances, deliver the punch, then say we're even. This happens after the suppression mission however. Gut punching a prince of a foreign nation hard enough to cause them to vomit is a diplomatic incident that can wait until later.

It can also wait until after we regain our memories. Mylen was involved in some of our business, so he most certainly was as well. We may owe him a fair bit more than that punch once we have those cards, but like Sieglinde, we can swallow our wrath in the name of a better future for all sentient beings. Thus, just one punch man. He officially has at least that coming to him.
Or, she deserved it, and Siegfried was right in his actions.
Just because Sieglinde took a hit meant for Deruella doesn't mean that Deruella didn't deserve it, or that Siegfried was wrong for taking the shot.
If you take the position that he was wrong for taking a shot, then we'd be just as wrong to strike him.
>or try to slot some time to question Deruella of course.
We've got no guarantee that she'll tell us the truth, or will accurately tell us how things appeared to outside observers.

I very much doubt she's got any evidence to prove her claims, so it comes down to mamono justice, which is a fight and might makes right.
File: live.png (137 KB, 500x558)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
I should be able to produce that last update today.
File: 2.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

''Competent, good people.'' You answer after a moment of thought and Sieglinde strained features relax into a smile that sees the release of tiny droplets from the corner of her eyes that she's quick to dry. ''They have flaws like everyone but they love you with incredible intensity''

''Do you like them?'' Her voice is a soft murmur of warm emotions and expectation.

''I do. I'd like to get to know your sisters better, I can say I'm already friend with your mother.'' You respect clearly, there's no hesitation in your heart.

''This could create... problems later, our reputation can make things awkward.'' She's not so resolute yet her expression remains a gentle, quiet smile.

''I don't care about that.'' You affirm and she's unable to keep an even stare, showing rare weakness by looking beyond the balcony. ''Your family past might be ugly but its undeniable things have changed and you're making a vital step to create a lasting peace amongst Mamono; I can't presume to understand how to run a country, let alone handle the politics of such a powerful faction like Throne Town but I believe you're on the right track, Sieglinde.''

She takes a few seconds to peer at you from her profile, mouth curling into a smile. ''You might have to do a little work to earn my complete forgiveness after dumping this new about me on my family, a maiden heart isn't that easy, you know?'' That playfulness resembled her mother and you'd have retorted if it weren't for echoing noises of metals combined with an approaching golden light coming from the corridor.

''Hey?'' Elina waved, doing her best to avoid looking awkward. Her wings were dutifully retracted on her sides where Klesiah followed a step behind without weapons and armor, garbed into a fitting blue tunic and pants.

''Come here, both of you.'' The princess gestured at the women with a hand and motioned for you to take place near the ramp next to her. They followed dutifully if a little awkward, Elina took place beside the redhead and your blue knight naturally took a spot next to you. ''Are you girls okay? Not too much stress?'' Asked Sieglinde, which made Elina eyebrows rise in suspicion.

'Are we...? You look tired, Sieg. Were fine.'' Said the angel, looking toward the knight who nodded silently.

''Truly? I have to admit that I'm a little worried about you, Elina. We haven't spoken in a while.'' flowing wind traveling across the altar smooth surface created a few clinging sounds out of metallic decoration laid on nearby windows.

''Lots of things happened, I have no intention of returning to Zipangu, Sieg... if you'd have me, I want to make this place my new home.'' It was a statement delivered with clear eyes and absence of doubt, so genuine that it struck the demoness into a dumbstruck silence.
File: Sieg08.jpg (178 KB, 460x900)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
''Jeez...'' She chucked, failing to conceal an emotional inhale. ''What's up with tonight? Of course, I don't want you to go anywhere, maybe we can squeeze some time tomorrow for some fun... and after the Suppression, I'd like you and everyone else to hear a little something I have to say.'' A knowing glance toward you made you understand to respect this time limit. With this little secret done with, she wasn't keen on trying to keep up the charade anymore. ''Klesiah?'' She turned for the knight who quietly straightened her spine in response.

''Madame?'' Answered the blue woman.

''I know you've sworn fealty to your lord Arawn but I'd like to get to know you as well, I know I might be overreaching but... you deserve a place here, there's a strong and gallant heart inside your quiet exterior. Your actions during the Moot proved it.'' Gentle words delivered through an honest smile delivering Sieglinde genuine attempt at reaching out to someone else and create a blossoming friendship.

''I-I...'' It immediately struck the shy knight into silence and flushed her face into what was becoming a usual sight of healthy red. ''...I intend to find out how to live within this peace and stability you've offered my lord.'' Klesiah bowed or attempted to anyway, her forehead smacked your shoulder and disoriented her.

''And I intend to learn everything you'd like to share.'' Replied Sieglinde with a teasing smile. ''I've gathered all of you here because there's a little something I need to ask, it's concerning and Arawn discovery.'' Despite this important subject her tone and stance remained relaxed, her tail even went to rub Elina wing.

''I'll be leaving leading the Suppression to my mother.'' That was a very sudden bit of news.

''What?'' You had to speak here. ''Really? Sieglinde it's...'' You caught your tongue here, surely her mother won't be imposing herself into her daughter success!

''I want to stay.'' She answered you with her usual firmness. ''The more I think about these last two weeks the more I'm growing nervous about this mission. There's something odd going on... from old nobles enemy to petty bullies, I feel like Teruko has been targeted for something and now that Arawn has fallen under Lady White influence... I feel like we might be missing a puzzle piece or two. That feeling will keep nagging at me even on the battlefield, thankfully speaking to my family cleared my doubts.'' She observed you with a twinkle of gratitude. ''I'd like to ask of you three to try and keep a closer eye on Teruko, if anyone wants to harm her, striking during the Suppression is their perfect opportunity.''

''I'm not gonna say no to another day with my friends.'' Elina quickly, happy grin on her features. ''We'll be busy with the officials coming... but since you're asking so nicely we can keep a little lookout of our own right?'' She asked the silent knight.
File: 1541795954377.jpg (142 KB, 823x617)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
'Indeed, to think anybody would be so foul as to attempts violence on a pregnant tutor is...'' Klesiah anger and displeasure revealed a dangerously bloodthirsty expression. ''...My talents can still be of use.'' She murmured low enough to be lost in the wind and took a large gulp of fresh air to cool her nerves.

''If I may say something.'' Klesiah voice attracted everyone attention as Sieglinde left the ramp, it had been a silent sign to return to her room but the knight tone put a stop to that.

''You never need to ask for permission for speaking, Klesiah. Never.'' You spoke firmly. With the moon shining brightly behind her and a panorama of spotted forest, high cliff and wide ocean spreading all around her, Klesiah entire presence was breathtakingly beautiful, especially because of her wide happy grin displaying her first expression of sincere happiness.

Even the girls beside you seemed awed.

''My lord, you've never asked about our past. Why?''

''I'm ready to wait until you are ready to share anything you want, I'm not the only one who wants to know my story and I've no intention of hiding it.'' It was difficult to collect yourself, for some reason Klesiah existence during that fleeting moment struck into you like lightning.

Elina had made you feel like that, so did Sieglinde... jeez, these women.

''I'll always be ready, Arawn. Tonight, tomorrow... I've always believed intimacy was best shared between two persons, especially when it's between a man and a woman... but the warmth I've witnessed between Mamonos is endearing. Our past is far from glorious, but you're alive. We can make the best of our present now.''

Much like Sieglinde, Klesiah had decided to take a little step forward on her own to reach out to others whilst simultaneously keeping with her duties and vows to you.

>Encourage this idea and let Klesiah speak her tale with everyone as your audience. Time to confront this little fear of yours.

>You aren't ready yet. tonight might be your last chance to goof off in a while, why not have fun instead?


A Tale of Monsters -21- End.
One more choice will possibly follow depending on what you guys choose to do but the thread can be considered over.
>Encourage this idea and let Klesiah speak her tale with everyone as your audience. Time to confront this little fear of yours.
>"...There's no need to go through this all at once, is there? Especially with so many important people arriving tomorrow, and the need to keep an eye out for Teruko's safety. Why don't you start off with how and when you came to serve me as a knight in the first place?"

Bits and pieces, one step at a time. We have time.

Good thread, INH. Looking forward to the next one!
File: 43.jpg (147 KB, 630x877)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Curses, a tie. Thank for your compliment though.

Now that I've recovered my breath from posting these choices will shape next thread opening with either part 1 (of two) from your past or something more relaxed, like another round of dice poker and general nonsense from the entire gang.

Klesiah can related two tales

>Her encounter with Arawn and the origin of their relationship

>Arawn Death.
>Her encounter with Arawn and the origin of their relationship
I think we should leave Arawn's death for later, we have enough on our mind as is.

Just to be clear, I'm fine with Klesiah sharing this tale with everyone present.
That's what the choice implies yes. Klesiah will tell her tale to everyone, even Deruella, Martha and the maid Priscilla.
>Arawn Death
Let's go with having some fun.
>Encourage this idea and let Klesiah speak her tale with everyone as your audience. Time to confront this little fear of yours.
>Arawn’s Death
>Her encounter with Arawn and the origin of their relationship
>Encourage this idea and let Klesiah speak her tale with everyone as your audience. Time to confront this little fear of yours.
>Arawn Death.
This may provide important information.
Well the have fun option ain't winning so I change my vote to learning how they first met and all that.
File: 45.jpg (56 KB, 645x677)
56 KB
Hm, I think the origin might be winning out.

Well, the thread is over so we have plenty of time to tally a bigger number.

So, any questions?
What are Deruella's general duties as a Jawahir? Does she act as a political liason or diplomat for Daiyu?
File: 1391561413589.png (987 KB, 716x872)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
Deruella bad reputation is forcing her to lay low for the time being. She's acting as a diplomatic liaison in Zipangu and is the personal magical tutor of Zipangu princess, Kin-no-Mikoto. Aside from that, she's not doing much of importance, mostly as a way to build a bridge of trust with the other nation of monsters and hopefully bury the hatchet for good.

In general circumstances, Deruella is an expert in the matter of magic (especially Blood Magic) and Corruption and has done her best to research into souls in an ethical manner. Her charisma in the past had her become even more influential than her mother, so Deruella will usually be sent to deal with problems of a magical nature; her story of conflicts against mankind and Zipangu make her excellent talents in diplomacy harder to exploit.

She can become your elite magical trainer.
I'm going to assume Arawn needs to meet a certain... "level requirement" for that option to open up? Gotta give Deru something to actually work with, after all.
More of a relationship lock than actual capabilities, Arawn nature is a complete mystery so it's difficult to give a ''level'' to your competence.

And for now, you can't really train in the foreseeable future, officials are coming! Though tinkering in the lab will still be possible, it'll be your little fortress of solitude.
There is the issue of her already being the private tutor to Kin fluffiest of daughterus I presume, but after the suppression and the subsequent revelation of Sieg's ailment Deru will likely be able/allowed to split her time between training Kin and research.

Hopefully she will request us to help in her ethical experimentation so we can nab that relationship. I mean, why do the blood magic to get at the darn thing when you have a man who can touch it and possibly mess with it directly with just a wee little bit of consent on the touchee's part?
Things are gonna get fluffy soon.
Good. Happy to hear it.
We've had quite enough bad fluffiness in our lives. If we could find a source of good fluffiness that'd be immensely helpful.

Yus, we need good fluffy, at last.
File: 147.jpg (360 KB, 505x754)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
What's a good fluff?

...One that gives fluffy hugs.
I'm sure you can feel the fluffiness of angel wings and maybe even a hug, she still owes you from that gambling!

You raise a fair point. Elina is plenty floofy.
Lady white can't compete.

...uh oh. I've just had the mental image of Lady white trying to give us fluffy hugs of her own. Thank Mother Earth, Gardy is there to separate them.
File: Ora.png (56 KB, 251x402)
56 KB
But would Arawn even refuse her?
Yeah he would, adamantly in fact, unless she was being insistent.

Enduring her violation of our person with her many tails is a price we'd pay to protect our friends, but we don't want to pay it if we can avoid doing so. We would not enjoy her fluffiness, it is tainted with lies, blood, and pure evil.
Believe me, we are aware!

...We're just waiting for a good opportunity to make use of our winning.
Yes. At the very least White's fluff is something Arawn will not willingly put his hands on.
Unless touching them means ripping them off with his bare hands.

I just remembered something I've meant to ask.
Did Arawn share White's claim that his father sold him out to the Witch with his social circle?
Considering that it came from White, it could be a bold-faced lie... but considering how lively the witch was it could have been true... but then she could ahve been planning to mislead our elf about it from the start...

I think I need to lay down.
Maybe we'll need to put that to the test.
Voting seems over now, the count is in favor of starting with the beginning of Klesiah relationship with Arawn so I'll open next thread that way.

>Did Arawn share White's claim that his father sold him out to the Witch with his social circle?

Yeah. They can't really make much of it though, so it's just information placed with others.

Also, for curiosity sake, science-fiction with magic or another fantasy setting for a potential new quest?

I like fantasy better than Science fiction myself.
You can test it. Our resolution shall not be found wanting.

And as for the spoiler, me like me that diamond hard sci-fi baby. Space magic's fine too though I guess. I mean, in my head, that's the only way to explain away the BS that is Inertial Dampeners. Fucking magic is what they are, ain't no science in em'!
Science fiction.

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