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"You're forgetting the one upside of us having no contract..."

"And what is that?"

"Nothing is stopping us from backing out."

Szikra sits back in her chair, crosses her arms and lets out an audible 'tsk'.
"You sure have a knack for getting us into trouble!"

"Never imagined you being upset at a well paying job falling into our laps."

"Is that what this is all about?
Huh...And here I thought you're motivated by her big personalities."


She looks like she wants to make a witty remark at that but her raised up finger slowly wilts as she comes to the realization.
"Yeah... you would be the only one who wouldn't get swayed by that."

"I'm glad we sorted that out."

"Okay...Then tell me what's the REAL reason."

You looked at the slip of paper in your hand with the name of a particular establishment written on it. 'The drunken cat'.
What a strange name.

"The reason? There is something I must find out... a name..."

"Your brother?"
She raised an eyebrow.

"No... I mean, yes. While we're on it I'd like to find out about him as well but...
There is something more pressing at the moment.
Does the name 'Stride' sound familiar to you?"

"No. Should it?"

"I'm not sure. I've never heard it either but apparently it's important.
I thought I'd have to scour every inch of this blasted place just to find a trace of him. But with her help we may strike two or three birds with one stone."

Szikra now looks a lot less agitated than before but her distaste for the captain can still be heard in her voice.
"I see.
So you aren't completely out of your mind.
Okay... but if things get too hairy we bail, right?"
She points at you with a no-nonsense expression on her face.

"That's what I said."

Then where do you want to begin?"

>Using her mark is the safest bet
>I may know a person who could help us...
>Before we do anything I want to be prepared. And I have 2 gold to spend on just that
>Other? (write-in)
>Before we do anything I want to be prepared. And I have 2 gold to spend on just that
>I may know a person who could help us...

we have a stalemate

I'll give it about 9 more minutes before I'll do a cointoss
Rolled 1 (1d2)

oh well

>Rollin' and writin'

"First off, I'd like to prepare for whatever I just got us into.
And that means getting some new gear."

"Such as?"
You raise your tattered and torn cape and point at your faulty armor.
"Oh... I guess that makes sense."

"You got a nose for shops.
Do you think you could find an armorer for me?"

"Do I?"

With her renewed interest Szikra burst out of the tavern with great gusto and like a blood hound started seeking out any potential blacksmiths in the area. You couldn't do much other than blindly follow her and trust her skills.
Luckily you didn't have to wander around aimlessly for too long before she hit the mark and you arrived at a little smithy tucked away in a corner-shop.

A stocky man was hammering away at hot steel when you greeted him. Barely looking up from his work he only returned a slight grumble to you. As he moved around to re-heat the metal you carefully sized him up.
He wasn't what you'd call athletic but he was huge and most certainly carried an almost bestial strength.
With his arm almost as thick as your waist he began hitting the heated up sword and finally got around to acknowledging your existence.

"Whaddaya want?"


He pauses for a moment and glances at you.
He lets out some steam from under his moustache in what you'd hesitate to call a stifled laugh.
"Piss off! This isn't charity, this is a shop!
If you so much as touch my stuff I'll break your fucking hands!"

"I'm glad you can see my shoddy clothes. That's what I'm trying to replace."
You pull out one of the gold coins from your pouch and its glint is enough to get the attention of the rude man.
His pupils grow wide as he realizes you are holding the genuine thing in your hands and his tone suddenly changes.

Setting aside his new creation he straightens his back before responding.
"My apologies."
He gestured to the side with his right hand.
"Take a look. These are my finest works. You won't be disappointed by them."

"After a greeting like that you'd better hope..."

Stepping over to the armor stands you size each one of them up. They are certainly of high quality, a proof of this mans craftsmanship. Indeed you've never even seen such finely made plates of steel before.
"You serve the guard as well?"

"Sometimes. But I don't do mass productions.
All of my creations are unique and tailor made. So you won't see any footsoldiers wearin' 'em."

But as you marvel at the craftsmanship Szikra is more concerned by the price tag attached to each of them.
"Holy shit! One gold, One gold - fifty silver, Two gold...
You can buy an entire house at these prices!"

The blacksmith responded.
"But a house won't protect you as much as my armors."
File: a3074138221_10.jpg (146 KB, 900x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
"But those are just some of my better works.
I got some more affordable ones as well-"

"No. These are fine."

Szikra turns her head around slackjawed.

"Before I had to scrape together every piece of copper I had...
Now that I reached my goal I feel like spending it."

You step over to the last one in the line and find yourself frozen in place. A set of full plate armor polished to a perfect sheen stood in front of you. Unlike the last couple ones that were heavily gilded this bore no intricate markings. It was a simple suit of armor without a helmet that seemed surprisingly form fitting for such a heavy suit. Though almost silver colored as light reflected off of it you could see streaks of red appearing on it, making it seem like it's created from rubies instead of metal.

"Speechless eh?
A work of art, if I do say so myself.
It also costs a small fortune. Ten gold to be precise.
But in turn you can bet it'll withstand a battering ram if need be."

Collecting yourself you take a step back after swallowing your built up saliva.
"That is truly ridiculous."

"What's wrong? Too much for your purse to handle?
And here I thought with a sword like that you'd be a big spender..."

You tug at your weapon.

"Aye... For a second it looked like a-"
Then the blacksmith turned pale and lost his composure entirely.
"W-Where did you get that?"

You look at the sword and suddenly realize that maybe you shouldn't be flaunting that thing around.
"Took it off the corpse of a bandit."

"A bandit... with a Conqueror-steel blade..."

"Yes. A bandit. Most likely stole it from someone."

The nervous man looks around to see if anyone is listening to what he's saying and pulls you in closer.
At first you try to break free of his hold but quickly stop when he starts whispering to you.
"Stop making a scene idiot!
Look... I'mma be straight with ya.
That thing on your side... I wanna see it up close.
Most smiths would kill just so they could work on one of them. Just... lemme sharpen it for ya or something!
Come on! I'm sure we can work something out!"

>Push him away and leave
>Give him the sword
>Start haggling
>Other? (write-in)
>>Start haggling
Either this or give him the sword, depending on people's votes
>Start haggling
>Start haggling
"You're lucky I'm in a good mood today; otherwise, I'd have been out your door the moment I heard your prices. You want to work something out? Fine, but you'd better make it worth my while. My sword's what keeps me alive; you mess it up and it's my neck on the line."
Oh this is a good one.

Start rolling 3d10
Best of 3
DC: 15 no crit

>Start haggling
Rolled 1, 9, 9 = 19 (3d10)

File: naicu.jpg (54 KB, 1024x576)
54 KB
Rolled 8, 8, 10 = 26 (3d10)

oh shit look at the numbers!
Rolled 7, 4, 6 = 17 (3d10)

Seems we need one more?
File: 1451366454228.png (182 KB, 358x310)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>we need one more

Naw nigga. You did it
This is the first time in recent memory i actually rolled well on one of these
File: 9525.jpg (71 KB, 750x500)
71 KB
You take off the sword from your side and take a nice, long look at it before frowning at the blacksmith.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood today; otherwise, I'd have been out your door the moment I heard your prices. You want to work something out? Fine, but you'd better make it worth my while. My sword's what keeps me alive; you mess it up and it's my neck on the line."

He immediately takes a step back and is obviously at a loss for words.
"Erm... y-yeah! I-I'd never... I mean! Are you kidding me?! I'd handle it better than my firstborn!"

"Good... then how 'bout that?"
You raise your thumb and point at the armor behind you.
The smith looks at his magnum opus and swallows hard.

"W-What did you have in mind?"

"How much are you willing to go from half?"


"You heard me right.
You insult me when I step in, then you want to suck my cock a few seconds after...
I'd better get a damn good deal out of you!
One gold!"

Judging by his expression the craftsman is about as insulted as he'll ever be. But even so he can't seem to tear away his eyes from your weapon. He licks his shaking lips in a moment of clarity and manages to actually sound somewhat reasonable.
"N-Now lad... that's absurd and you know it.
The materials alone cost twice that much."

"Fine... One gold and fifty silver."

"Listen... I spent most of my lives savings making that. You can't-"
But before he could say any more you drew your blade right in front of his face and he stopped.
"Okay... Two gold?"

You extend your arm to him and he shakes it in agreement.
As his fingers wrap around yours you can almost hear your bones cracking as his vice like grip tightens around you.
Only thanks to your amazing willpower did you manage to keep yourself from wincing.

After he let go of your hand you handed him your weapon.
"Handle it like your life depends on it..."

He moves over to the fire and takes a nice look at the blade and the reflection of the fire on its mirror like surface.
"There is no doubt about it... Gods...
What's its name?"


"Y-You didn't name it?
Do you know what an insult that is?! This blade... no, this work of art will outlast both of us!
It deserves no less than a proper name!"

"I believe that the wielders name is more important."

"That's where you're wrong.
You may swing it but it is the sword that cuts. And if no other weapon... then this WILL outlast you boy."
He breathes on it and proceeds to polish the length of the blade with what appears to be a deer skin towel.
After it was cleaned of all filth the man proceeded to apply a variety of oils on the weapon and gently worked them in.
With its proper glory restored he lifted the sword back up.

Did you know that to this day nobody knows where the stuff even comes from? Only that there is a source of it here in the capital and scattered all over the world. But it's all very hush-hush stuff. Nobody has ever seen a mine or anything the like.
C-steel is as mysterious as things get... one drop of it is enough to reinforce a blade to nigh unbreakable levels.
With one, gentle move he motioned it towards a grinding wheel and watched as the blade effortlessly bit into the stone.

"Yeah... it's obviously magical."

"It isn't."


"I'm no mage-smith myself... I couldn't knead magic into iron if my life depended on it.
But I know that this thing ain't magical... it just conducts it. Any enchantment you'd apply to the blade would be amplified to godly levels."

Szikra then laughs up.
"Oh really? Then how do you explain the legends?"

You look at her in confusion.
"What legend?"

"The legend of what happens when two C-steel weapons clash.
If two such weapons ever meet... they sing to each other."

The blacksmith nods.
"A clash of the conquerors...
They say that if such a thing occurs in the middle of a war, all fighting stops immediately and all eyes fall upon the two challengers. Nobody dares to even move a muscle, least they stand in the way of those two titans."

"But it's all kinda vague. Nobody really knows what truly happens since it's so rare."

You shrug at that.
"If it's not magical then that's just hubris.
It's most likely two enchantments clashing against each other.
But I'm not interested in any of that. Now if you're done gawking at my property I'd like it back..."

The smith shouts as he looks deep into the dark steel.
"I... Do you want to perhaps... try something out?"
You raise an eyebrow at that.
"I don't know why but... I suddenly feel inspired. Yes... this blade has inspired me!
Would you let me work in a drop of your blood into the sword?"

>Why not?
>Other? (write-in)
>Why not?
>But what would that even do?
this guy knows what's up. As fro an actual answer, i'm going with >>3004027
Okay then.
Seems we are in agreement

You raised an eyebrow at the man in front of you, thinking him a madman.
"Why? What would that even accomplish?"

The man doesn't even bother looking at you, he's so absorbed by your sword.
"I... don't know. But... I just know it to be the will of the sword."

You let out a frown and respond.
"Okay... Why not?"

The man who was all serious up until now cracks a smile and asks you to get closer.
"Then let us begin!"


The roar of the forge was deafening, the heat of the flames was so intense you could see the cracks forming in the wall around them and the smoke was too much for the chimney to handle and soon the roads were enveloped by a black fog.
Again and again the man had to heat up the blade, not to bend it to his will, just so he could influence it in some way.
Such was the commotion around the smithy that even the city guard made an appearance, asking whether or not a fire broke out.

The man sent them away as rudely as he invited you in and continued his work.
With each cycle you saw the old smith pour more of his heart and soul into his craft.
Finally the man pulled out the glowing white blade and placed it on his anvil.
Right before your eyes the smouldering sword ate through the steel of the anvil, burning its outline forever into its surface.
"Now lad... your hand!"

You extended precisely one finger for him and with teeth blackened by pitch the man smiled and ran the blade of a large knife alongside your flesh, drawing much more than a few drops of it in the process.
He handed you a somewhat clean piece of cloth to cover your wound with.
"Here... wouldn't want to get your blood on it."

Then in an absolute display of madness he reached out and grabbed the handle of the sword with his bare hands.
You shouted at him.

"Relax pup... it's as cold as the grave.

As he raised the blade its glow was enough to pierce the black cloud covering the area and you saw the red dots of blood disappearing into the whiteness before that itself was consumed by the black blade.
Marveling at this you reached out and the smith allowed you to take it.
"It consumed it all!"

"Aye. The heat, the blood.
You can hear it too, can'tcha?"

"No... But I can feel it."

With every beat of your heart you felt the veins in your palm pulsating but the sensation didn't stop there, it felt like the sword itself was beating with the same, faint rhythm.
The smith then took a step forward.
"Raise it to your ear.
Do you hear its song?"

Cautiously you moved the now ice cold blade to your ear.
And heard not a song... but a roar.
"Congratulations lad... this is your sword now!"

Removing your makeshift bandage you allowed your blood to trickle down the blade.
Responding to the slightest thought the blood hardened into serrated spikes along the edge of the weapon.
"Now it is!"

"Aye... Now I understand what it wanted.
It wanted to become a weapon more suited to you.
Congratulations lad...
Now stop shaming that beauty and put on a proper suit."

Nodding you handed the two gold pieces to the man and exchanged a quick nod of agreement.
He fitted his former magnum opus onto you free of charge and then allowed you to go freely.
On the way out you saw him affectionately touching the mark your sword left on his anvil and even caught a glimpse of him smothering a tear of pride.

"Well... you sure got off lucky with that deal."

"Why do you say that?"
You respond as you carefully examine your new armor and test out how moving in it feels.

"You paid two gold pieces for such an armor and an upgrade to your sword.
We basically robbed the poor guy."

"That's where you're wrong...
That was nowhere near a fair deal for us.
That man can die happily now..."

Szikra just rolled her eyes at that.
"Whatever you say.
So... what's next?
Can we finally start this fucking job or not?"


>Let's start with the Captains lead
>Time to see if I can find an old friend
>Other? (write-in)
>Time to see if I can find an old friend
A blood mage with a blood-infused sword. How terrifying. I wonder, since the sword how has Zsold's blood inside of it, if it will respond to his magics beyond being a simple conductor.
>>Time to see if I can find an old friend
It won't shapeshift if that's what you're thinking but it's more than just a "magic wand"

You signaled Szikra to follow you and grabbed the kobolds hand in order to keep her close as you dove deeper into the streets of Weisgardist. As you walked from street to street however your companion got more and more nervous about what you were doing.

Do you even know where you're going?"

"No... but it doesn't matter."


Indeed you had no actual goal to reach, just a general idea: Moving ever deeper into the slums of the city.
After roughly half an hour of braving worse and worse areas you finally started to see what you were looking for.

"The capital sure did a swell job regarding them..."


"To think you'd have to search for so long just to see them."
But something deeply unsettled you. As you looked down the small alley you saw homeless people practically lined up next to the wall with next to no space to spare between them. And they did not consist of only the mentally ill, the crippled or the degenerate. Plenty of healthy young adult males, females and even children were among them.

This little detail did not escape Szikras attention either.
"What is this?
Why are there so many of them?"

"They are segregated here... put into ghettos so they are not bothering any of the proper citizens."


"I've seen it happen before in larger cities."

You took a quick glance at your companion to try and read her thoughts. Judging by her confused expression she doesn't know what to make of this. But you do. It's one thing to do this with the unwanted elements of the populous, it's an entirely different matter to pretend you are better than such activities while actively partaking in them.
Regardless of that matter you approached one of the more ragged looking individuals and looked down at him.

"Hey, you..."

He nervously tries to back away from you but finds his path obstructed.
"W-Whaddaya want?"

"You look like you know your way around the slums.
Where do you get your junk?"

"J-Junk? Me?! No sir! Nononono! Not me! Definitely, definitely not me.
I can barely eat ser! See? All skin and bones!"

And I assume you are scratching yourself because of lice... despite the fact that all your hair has fallen out."

"No, i-i-it's just an effect of my m-m-m-medication."

"And where do you get your... medicine?"

"I-i-if I tell you, will I get something for my troubles?"

"Of course."

"Hehehe... w-w-well then you want to find the Sleeping Wolf...
That's one of the f-f-f-few places you can visit these days."

"These days huh?
Why, what happened recently?"

"I-I-I really shouldn't tell! And you'd better not ask that if you know what's good for ya stranger!
Now about my reward..."

"Yeah... your reward is that I won't disturb you anymore."
With that you turned around to the wailing pleas of the beggar.
After asking a more pleasant individual for directions Szikra started judging you for how you handled that situation.
"Wow... that was unusually cruel even by your standards.
You could've tossed him a copper at least."

"And what good would've that done?
He'd spend it on more junk anyway instead on something more helpful.
Plus there is a good chance the others would've beaten him up for that one coin, not to mention if it's something more substantial like food. These people are beyond our help and extending a helping hand to them is likely more cruel than simply ignoring them."

That comment managed to get her lost in thought long enough until you actually arrived at the location which was somehow even shadier than the alleyway you just were at. Hidden from prying eyes behind several small streets rested the rather unassuming little establishment which you couldn't really figure out what it was supposed to be.
Judging by the decoration on the outside you'd guess it's a bar but no such sign or post is there, only a plaque with the name of the place written on it.
To top it all off it also has a rather sturdy looking door which, you guess is reinforced from the other side.

Not wasting any time you delivered one hard knock on the door and realize that your assumptions were correct, before the small hatch on it opened up, revealing the eyes of a rather rough looking gentleman.
"Who are you?"


"I don't know you... I'm not supposed to let in people I don't know.

>Tell him you want to meet someone
>Bribe him
>Apply force
>Other? (write-in)
>>Tell him you want to meet someone
>>Tell him you want to meet someone
I'm guessing this is it then.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.
Oh well, I'm glad I could finish GHQ before things fizzled out.
Oh shit! Very well

You looked the big man in the eye and spoke up.
"I came to see Mezegis... I'm a friend."

"How do you know the bo-"

But before he could go on a loud voice breaks him off from within the establishment.

"Erm... nobody boss, just some-"

"Get out of here!"
Suddenly the big man is knocked out of the way as a considerably smaller man takes his place.
"Well I'll be! You do seem familiar fella... Don't tell me! I owe you money!"

"I see you still got your sense of humor Mezegis."

"Heh... You know it! I'm planning on dying with a damn smile on my face Zsold!
Ah... the memories! How many years has it been?"

"Too many. Now... how about we don't make it one more and you let me in."

"Oh, right. Sorry."

With several loud clicks and a large commotion the massive door swings open right before you and your old friend steps out wearing an absolutely ridiculous outfit covered in every color imaginable.
His red hair styled into a mohawk is greatly accentuated by his newly grown goatee.
He sizes you up first before stepping forward and embracing you in a brotherly hug.

"It's so good to see you, ya bastard!"

"Honestly I'm just surprised you still recognize me."

"How could I forget the lad who had my back in prison?
But tell me... how in the blazes did you manage to find me?"

"I recalled that you staid in the East, so it made sense that you'd be here.
After that I just had to follow the spice."

"I see, I see! Looks like my teachings stuck after all!
And it looks like you're doing quite well for yourself! Nice get-up."
But as he finishes looking at you he turns his attention towards Szikra.
"And who might this young lady be, whose beauty manages to make even these filthy streets look like the Imperial Palace itself?"

"Does he have a death wish?"

"Ouch! Looks like this rose has more thorns than petals.
Still just as enchanting!"

"Ease up there pal. She doesn't take kindly to people flirting with her."

"I see.
But I imagine you didn't come just for old times sake.
Come on in!"
As you entered however Szikra gave you an odd look.
"Is this the guy that saved you in prison?"

"The very same.
I imagined he'd be operating here.
And if I know him then he knows about everything that's going on in this city."

"You think he can help?"

"If not then he can point us in the right direction."

Upon entering the bowels of the place the strong smell of narcotics assaulted your nose almost immediately. While you're not too disturbed by it Szikra seems like she can't stand it. Looking to the sides you saw plenty of shady characters, none of whom seem willing or able to do anything about you disturbing their little party.
Everywhere you look you see either scantily clad, or partially naked girls practically piled on men in a drug fueled stupor.
Human, elf and even geirig breasts everywhere the eye can see.
An intentional design choice, if you know Mezegis.

Situated above everything else was a large throne upon which your host sat. Patting its arm rest he gestured for you to follow him. Reaching the top of the stairs you already saw two wenches bringing a pair of stools for you to sit upon.
"Come! Come!
Let's not discuss matters while standing!
Would you like some refreshments? Something stronger perhaps?"

"Ugh... what is this place?!"
Szikra asked in disgust.

"Oh, this? My own little piece of heaven.
A drug den unlike anything else in the city! You could say young lady that it's my own little nation within the empire itself.
In here I have more authority than the Empress herself!"

"Then I see your business was a successful one."

Mezegis then crossed his arms.
"Though I have to admit these are rough times indeed."

"How so? Competition?"

"Competition?! HAH! Hardly.
I eradicated all opposition in a couple of years. Hell, I had a monopoly over all the junk in Weisgardist!
But there is something going on behind the scenes. Suppliers disappearing, snitches suddenly turning over a new leaf and becoming honest citizens... Something's not right in this city I'm tellin you.
But forget about that! How have you been my mate? Is the adventurer life working out for you?"

"As much as I'd love to chat Mezegis we are here on business... afterwards we can catch up as much as we want."

"I see. Well out with it then! How can I help?"

"That thing you said... about something going on in the city.
We want to find out what it is. And possibly put a stop to it."

"Oh... I- uh... I didn't know.
My condolences."

Szikra raised an eyebrow at that.
"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Look girl, you're a sweet thing but I'm gonna have to be harsh.
This... thing is beyond just the two of you.
If I say anything more... then there may be no way out for you.
I suggest you both turn back while you can and leave. Things will blow over on their own sooner or later.
Until then I'll just stay here, biding my time."

>I appreciate your concern, but no. I won't just run away
>Duly noted. Szikra, we're leaving
>Why? What's going on?
>Other? (write-in)
>>I appreciate your concern, but no. I won't just run away
>Why? What's going on?
>I appreciate your concern, but no. I won't just run away
>"Even so, I intend to give it my best try. Now I've heard it's a problem for you as well, I can hardly leave it be, can it? If needs must, I'll just have to make a way out of my own."
Okay then.
To boldly go where nobody else can be arsed to go!


and this might be the last couple updates for the day
"Even so, I intend to give it my best try. Now that I've heard this from multiple people I can hardly leave it be, can I?
If push comes to shove I'll just have to get out on my own!
Now out with it! What is going on here?"

"How is it possible that the little boy who cried himself to sleep every night grew more balls than I?
Never mind...
If you are so eager for an early funeral then be my guest. Just don't say I didn't warn you."
Mezegis leans back in his chair and tries to recall the recent events that lead to this.

"It started not too long ago.
A little shift in the guard and how they operate, nothing major.
But as time went on things got... weird. People being laid off for seemingly no reason, less qualified people taking their place, mass confusion. Security got lax."

"And that lead to an increase in crime, correct?"

"Right you are lass.
Not to say that there wasn't any crime before but now it could grow.
Many took the opportunity to expand but I did not. Something felt fishy. And right as rain troubles started to emerge even on our end. Gangs disappearing or disbanding one by one, as if someone was pressuring them until only the organized ones or loners remained."

"You're saying that someone infiltrated the criminal organizations while they were increasing their numbers?"

"That's what I was noticing.
Soon all of them underwent some... radical re-organization. Or just dissolved.
Now... not even I know what the fuck is going on. All the big families are gone, and the rest I have no idea about since they don't refuse to deal with me.
But I've been keeping my eyes open.
While the guard generally want to do their job, someone around the top is getting a little bonus to his retirement funds if you catch my meaning. Now they may or may not be directly connected to what's going on in the underside but that sure as shit doesn't matter, they are corrupt.
Meanwhile you either quietly disappear into nothingness, or you prosper while you let someone from behind the scenes pull your strings. I'm telling you there is something FUCKED going on in here and I don't know what!"

"What about the disappearances?"


"People. Off the streets.
Some sort of serial killer."

"Y-You're serious? Damn... DAMN!
So it is true after all!"

"What is?"

"Okay... now this was too crazy for even me to believe.
But supposedly whoever our boogeyman is, people are saying they have a psychopath on a leash.
It didn't seem plausible for me but... if you say so."
"And in the middle of all this nonsense... you are the one to survive.
You don't seem like a fighter... so how come you weren't 'erased'."

"That's a good question miss!
You see I'm very persuasive! And by that I mean, I know when to shut up and stay hidden."

"Still... they got everyone... BUT you."

"I have nothing they'd want.
It doesn't look like they are too keen on the junk business. They mostly do it because it makes them a bit of extra money."

"Then what are they after Mezegis?"

Your old friend turns to you and his expression sours.
"Weapons. And a whole bunch of raw materials for their creation.
They don't collect any protection money, just basic stuff like iron or wood. Maybe the odd reagent here and there from the physicians. It all seems to go out of the capital though."

"The West?!"
Szikra jumps up.

"I doubt that.
Westerners are proud. They would much rather crush the East in a straight up fight than do something like this.
And they wouldn't accept Eastern made weapons either. No... this is someone meddling with the affairs of the big two right under their noses."

"But even with knowing all this... with such a large operation we still don't know who or where they are!

"Not necessarily, my friend.
I may not know where they are but I know of one place where you could enter.
You see, their ever expanding little empire is always in need of more muscle.
If you're so adamant about figuring things out then perhaps you could do it from the inside?"

You let reality settle in for a couple of moments before cracking a smile.
"Thanks Mezegis... I think you may have just helped me a great deal.
Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of this!"

"Wait Zsold!
Before you leave, a little something to help you."
Mezegis then reaches into a small treasure box and pulls out a tiny satchel which he gives to you.
"Consider it my contribution for your cause.
A little something for the road."

You give the pouch a good squeeze as you test its weight.
It's a sizeable amount of junk for just one man. Tapping your temple you thank Mezegis for his aid and he does the same.
An old little sign you used to have.

"Let's go Szikra.
We got what we came for."
Aaaand that's about as far as I can go for today.
Thank you for playing, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

I'd like to continue this next week but we'll have to see.
Until then if you have any requests, feel free to post them.

See ya!
We'll be resuming in roughly 4 hours. Most likely in a new thread because I don't want this one to get saged
'ere we go


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