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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure!

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn. (Need to be updated with Klesiah, Kreszenz royalty and Gwendolyn - I'll get to it after this thread)


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions, albeit with possible complications because of recent revelation about the Throne. Your recent success with finding Klesiah could also provide a solution to investigate and elucidate the mysteries of your past.

Sieglinde is preparing a suppression of the undead forest, scheduled to happen in 4 days. You'll have to resolve your own stance on this - she's preparing to involve people who've taken your ancestral lands for themselves. She might also jduge it too dangerous for you to accompany her.

Side activities
Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.
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A sweet aroma of freshly baked pastries was the first thing that tickled your senses, then came vivacious colors of blue, red and green with the comfortable sensation of sinking into a fortune of softness reminding you that no camping supplies brought by Kreszenz royalty -the pragmatic people as they were titled inside the Allied Kingdoms- could compare with the large sofa you were resting on.

Undeniably, this was a dream. Your last memory was a combination of forcing Klesiah into a tent because she stubbornly insisted on maintaining a vigil for her ''sick lord'' and slowly falling asleep into a surprisingly comfortable portable bed.

''Muuuuuh!'' A childish whine finished this series of sensations to firmly imprint your new reality into mind. Behind you was a wide wall of stained glass deforming an ominous forest and in front...

Lady White tall frame sat was flanked by a pair of protectors, one of them was the dark elf -Myr- you've gotten acquainted with during your previous experience and the other almost managed to possess more presence than the foxy mistress. A fragile-looking man of unearthly handsomeness with wild dark brown hair cut almost exactly like Elina's stood rigid with a glowing halo above his head, projecting an aura of elegance and quiet charisma that almost surpassed the ninetailed fox-woman. His wings were a pure image of majesty, six of them extended out of his back to frame his body in awe-inspiring beauty. Yet this one wasn't able to keep them entirely still because he, alongside the elf, was kept into a strenuous tug-of-war with Gardy who had apparently tried to reach Lady White with bare (metal) hands, only to be impeded by a pair of tonfas and a halberd.

This resulted in the fox spilling tea on her lap.

''It hurt damn it!'' She whined, wholly indifferent at this murderous tenseness that kept these two bodyguards into a lock of quiet, training grunts they were slowly losing; Gardy single eyed-gem glowered in hostile red, fixated on the nine-tailed fox. ''Call back your guardian, this is wholly uncivilized!''

''Gardy is not a dog.'' You responded, enjoying this sight immensely. Too bad it won't last.

''Yes, yes. Our own grief shouldn't linger in this era, big man, so stop pushing your luck.'' Her pale eyebrows almost created a single line with her angry frown directed at the silent machine-man. ''You know what'll happen if you force a confrontation here.'' Her tone of confident menace and Gardy's backing down managed to instill a potent sense of dread that almost soured this little small victory. At least the heavy breathing of her bodyguards felt like a small symbolic victory.

''Now then!'' Lady White exhaled, tails waving, gracing you with a sharp cruel smile.''This unpleasantness really didn't need to happen again, I don't like having associates stepping into your mind, y'know? It's unhealthy!''
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'Perhaps you can start by presenting this angel?'' You responded, slowly making your way to one of the luxurious chair of velvet around the big round table. This fox really needs to learn it's rude to intrude into people's souls.

''Oh, dearest Myr is the only one I wanted to present, my winged friend...'' Ama gestured for the silent angel with a tail, his glare of red translated feelings of vigilant hostility, as if attempting to trample over your will with this simple look. ''...is for security. Your strengthening with Gardy would inevitably cause a strong reaction on my return, I can't fault you for that! So I took precautions.'' Before you could place a word, Ama gently clapped her hands together and leaned over the table, her generous bust pushed off a porcelain cup - it's shattering sound was a perfect noise for the atmosphere. ''Wasn't your day wondrously entertaining?''

You suspected your ''contract'' made for a one-way transfer of information yet that could be a misconception on your part, a little something Ama wanted you to believe. ''How do you mean? Did you pull another trick?''

''Please, please. Kreszenz is an interesting place, they've been neighbors of mine for a while and have proved themselves resilient now with their troublesome non-human ruling family! I'm glad you got a feel of the country, even if it was brief. Having an affair with their adorable princess would be so sweet! That's something I'll look forward to.''

Nonhumans? Ama gently tapped her lips with a silky green cloth and giggled. ''You've finally started a little blossoming of your own. Is it because I've given you a little jolt of motivation? Or is it because you've miraculously come across a wondrous lady of your past? Is she not only your knight but your secret fiancee too!?'' She squeezed her handkerchief in her palm bust shaking from constant cackles.

''What the hell did you plot?'' You snapped, her nonchalance quickly eroding your patience; having to deal with two more intruders of similar nature yet opposite dispositions was also a cause of dread despite Gardy's protectiveness. At least now he could actually do something.

''I'm flattered you believe myself influential enough to not only engineer all of your trials and woes but also those of your followers.'' Ama relaxed on her luxurious chair, tails swaying gently against an invisible current. ''Unfortunately, I do not deserve this honor, mankind is more than apt enough to spread its own misery without my intervention; any artist who pretends they don't find inspiration with the works of others is a fat liar and it just so happen that I'll never become one! Also...'' Lady White briefly interrupted herself, wide long tongue licking her lips audibly. ''Klesiah is such a darling vulnerable doll that I just want to squeeze her gently, a broken bird like that angel make a woman motherly, y'know? You've got two of them now.''
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''You don't deserve to speak her name.'' You growled, fingers audibly stabbing into an empty cup of porcelain; you'd have thrown it on her face if it was filled with tea. The glowing one at her side let out a low snarl of disaproval that also provoked an intimidating metallic click from Gardy.

''Alright, easy now.'' The nine tailed vixen sighed, glamour and humor flowing out with her breath. ''I only wanted to congratulate a hard worker on a job well done, today really was entertaining and this finish with your knight? Loved it! A proper comeuppance would have been for your darling to brain that bitch with her staff but hey, can't have everything right?''

''What do you want?'' You retorted dryly, her praises sounded far too hypocritical to instill anything but disgust.

''A discussion, which is why I'd like to establish a little rule for our tea parties. Emphasis the singular here, yes?'' A light chuckles shook her bust, her Kimono remained on her person likely by force of will alone. ''You see, I want us to speak alone'' She made a point of this word by glancing at Gardy and gesturing for her escort. ''Having you clamp up is boring and forcing me to protect against Gardy rather ferocious protectiveness isn't my idea of fun; why would I harm you after going through so much trouble for our contract anyway?''

''You've established it through lies and deceits!''

''Semantics.'' Ama waved off your anger. ''I want us to speak, have a good time, establish a rapport yes? I'll admit I was in the wrong for laughing like that... but it's not like I've harmed you!''

''Yet.'' This single word was all you needed to reinforce your stance. Talking with the girls and joining your soul with Gardy truly made you feel protective of your own existence, Klesiah companionship strengthened this mindset tonight.She found a cause to die for without her lord.

''Shush. Paranoia is unhealthy.'' Ama lost her confident composure for a few seconds, long fingers audibly tapping against porcelain, imitating your earlier gestures. ''I only want us to talk. Alone. No Gardy, no Myr, no associates to protect me, no aggression. Only civilized talk inside this luxurious cabin, that's not so bad right?'' Her gentle smile and submissive tone sounded almost infantile, a style that clashed with her voluptuous body.

''...You want to be entertained?'' You asked, swallowing your anger and clearing your head.

''Always!'' Lady White clapped her hands together. ''There's no need to draft a contract or anything, just a little agreement between us. What happens afterward isn't important, Gardy can peek and listen to us all he wants, you can try your best to explain your dreams with your harem just... no intervention.''

''Do I even have a choice?'' You retorted, feeling your face contort to a grimace because of your bitter feelings.
File: You should.png (287 KB, 595x959)
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''I like being civilized, Arawn.'' Ama responded gently, reaching for a tea-pot that somehow began to let out small puffs of sweet vapors. ''That means reaching polite agreements that should grow mutually beneficial in time.'' She poured a red colored tea in a slow, drawn-out manner, the noise of flowing liquid conjuring images of blood. ''Coercions through menaces and intimidations are the domain of savages, intellectually dry incompetents. I loathe resorting to such pettiness.'' A dangerous glimmer kindled inside her shimmering gaze. ''Please don't make me use these boring methods.''

>''Fine. You came here to talk, right? Then come on, entertain me'' [Agree]

>''Our contract doesn't force me to do anything with you, furred vermin. Begone, stop poisoning my dreams!'' [Firm refusal]

>''Introduce this winged man, I want to at least know the name of those intruding inside my soul. I might agree to your proposal afterward.'' [Stall.]


I fear I know who it is, but I gotta confirm.
>''Introduce this winged man, I want to at least know the name of those intruding inside my soul. I might agree to your proposal afterward.'' [Stall.]
"Is it not only polite?"

Ugh, I can't believe my nap stretched out like it did, I didn't get here earlier! How you doing Insert?

>''That means reaching polite agreements that should grow mutually beneficial in time.''
Oho. This tells me the Witch has at least one tangible goal in having us under her thumb, to absolutely nobody's surprise. No doubt she has ways to FORCE us to her bidding if she truly wanted... but either a.) Gardy protecting us makes it more trouble than it is worth or b.) Arawn as he is right now is simply unable to succeed in whatever it is White wants.

>Is she not only your knight but your secret fiancee too!?
...This would explain how Klesiah is so warm to Arawn right out the gate, but White is a lying liar that lies so this statement cannot be taken at face-value.
File: 91.jpg (2.03 MB, 2002x1575)
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>Ugh, I can't believe my nap stretched out like it did, I didn't get here earlier! How you doing Insert?

Don't feel guilty, we got time. My health is quite fine today, thank for asking.

Looks like we'll proceed with asking about the angel so I'll lock votes here.
''Introduce this winged man, I want to at least know the name of those intruding inside my soul.''

A mischievous, light-hearted expression morphed Lady White ominous face. She knew full well what you were doing but your words seemed to tickle hints of pride inside that six-winged fellow who took a step forward, hand covering his heart, wings bent unnaturally to appear like a row of spears and he glared at Gardy whose body twitched in response. Almost palpable animosity.

''Ari'el.'' His voice was a melodious softness fitting his fragile appearance with a distinctively masculine edge that managed to avoid being grave or acute. ''Once in the past I belonged into the great heavens but my name alone is what truly remains of myself -alongside my purpose.''

''Boring.'' Ama answered, leaning back while spreading her tails; a gesture that immediately increased the tenseness of this celestial fellow, he looked almost boyish in this ageless grace. ''I was supposed to present you but hey, a little initiative isn't bad.'' The vixen winked. ''So yeah, he's called Ari'el and I asked him to accompany me here because I knew Gardy would react rather strongly and honestly, the host of these parties shouldn't have to handle rude people.''

Ari'el, an angel man of six wings in cahoot with the Wound-of-the-World. Not exactly what you'd refer as celestial, his moment of weakness with Lady White was already gone; his gaze of dark red held a fierce will indeed.

''Like Myr, he's not exactly vital for our discussions but I figured it wouldn't hurt to grant him a little perspective.'' Ama grinned at the winged man who dutifully nodded, they undeniably shared some kind of personal message here. ''Now that I've satisfied your curiosity, I do not loathe imposing myself my dear Arawn, but I do only want us to speak by ourselves without anyone else. It's what this tea party was made for after all!''

>And so Lady White proposal return.

>"...I will consider it. Why rush? After all, both of us have all the time in the world."
Probably not smart to prod her, but dammit I want to see her reaction.
Alright, I'll use the option above.
File: 1338441875744.jpg (155 KB, 850x805)
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155 KB JPG
''I'll consider it.'' Ama reaction is an immediate frown, it is genuinely difficult to avoid grinning in return. ''Don't we have all the time in the world?''

''You'll be waking soon.'' Lady White tone translated her irritated mood, her disposition had grown stiffer as well, none of those tails swayed their marvelously hypnotic dance anymore. ''I came tonight to congratulate your victory and establish a warm head-to-head, harmless talk between f-''

''We are not friends, Ama.'' You interrupt, leaning close to the table, putting your palms on its surface, carelessly pushing off a few pieces of porcelain, their breaking noises somehow invigorating your courage.

''Still can't live without each other, darling. That makes us family then.'' Her retort came with rekindled good mood, a soft cackle escape her generous frame which soon created a dangerously thin grin on her naturally sharp face, almost like a grinning cat - a predator. ''All I want is to talk.''

''Well, I think I should discuss with-''

''You're not so pathetically whipped as to need permission for every little decision you need to make, prince.'' Lady White huffed, crossing her arms under her bust, inevitably propping them up.

Track record about important ''decisions'' based on your judgment isn't exactly stellar but you decide to keep this comment to yourself. Gardy heavy steps stomp their way close to you and Lady White attendants proceed similarly. A thick atmosphere of menace had settled into this small house in the woods, the fluffy mistress glared at you in a mixture of disappointment and irritation.

''Please don't be boring, Arawn. All I want is to continue our tea party without having to be uncivilized, I'm not asking much right?''

>Ama need a clear answer now- she won't fall for another attempt at stalling... though you can still try to fool her.

>Accept her proposal.
>Reject. She's no ''master'' here, in your very soul!
>"*Tche* I am not exactly inclined to go along with your request, nor do I see any reason to."
An aggressive rejection would show that she's getting under our skin successfully, I don't want to give her that satisfaction.
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Let's see, I'll wait about 20 minutes for another vote, this is one of these choices where I'd prefer more than a single anon opinion.

Fluff did nothing wrong.
File: Dr. Fate BeGoneThot.gif (927 KB, 200x139)
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927 KB GIF
I eagerly await the day we can evict White from Arawns life with extreme prejudice.

Fluff is a manipulative witch 0/10 would not touch fluffy tails.
Alright, refusal it is. This answer might take me a little while to type up, no takebacks now.
"If I reject you'll hurt those around me. I have three conditions. One, you do not involve them in your fun. Two, you do not disrupt my bond with Gardy. Three, no trying to spread your infection through me or using me to disrupt the plans of or harm my friends."

If she complains about the last being two conditions or that being four conditions total say "The last one was a two parter."
Hm, interesting. If there's another agreement I'll accept this choice.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Let's see. I'll roll for it.
...Well, I can't really think of any reason not go along with >>2980014, White can either take this or forget having civilized tea parties.
So it shall be.
One thing I want to add, if we have the chance to add input. This "we talk alone" deal is not for all the meetings from now on. It's only for this particular one. We will decide what to do on this regard every time we have a teaparty/meeting like this.
Unless you’re already done, i vote we reject outright. We can still talk like civilized people with guards.
Already settled with the negotiation, can't change now.
You were getting under her skin, it made for a petty little victory that managed to give you pride and bravado. ''I'm not inclined to follow whatever suggestions you'd want, White.'' The vixen position changed, her arms unfurled away from her chest with tails curling around her body. Her expression remaining studiously neutral, a worrying sight. ''If I can lay out a few rules of my own then I'd be willing to accept, rejecting you outright would have you hurt those around me anyway.''

''Oh?'' Her clouded expression disappeared, refreshed into positiveness brought by a pleasant surprise. ''I'm not so dull, Arawn is my toy, nobody else.'' Ama settled back into a comfortably lazy position and a spark of tension escaped from the angel - there was some kind of communication going on between them- and it seems your agreement managed to divert a storm.

For now.

''I don't want you involving any of them in your fun.''

''Impossible.'' Ama clapped her hand, voice stern despite her amused expression. ''Daiyu is influential, I have many associates and business partners who aren't exactly very understanding... but I can't escape them. I'll promise not to involve myself directly for as long as you keep being a good boy.''

''Do you think I'm leaving any of this up to bargain, White? This first condition of mine is the most important!''

''And I'm making a concession for the sake of civility and diplomacy, negotiations require common grounds so do stop being so stubborn. I share Daiyu and Mother Earth love of self-determination, you've tied yourself with dangerous women Arawn and I -do- intend to observe your trials because that's what makes you worth it.'' Your silence prompted her to continue, her attention was momentarily directed at the silent angelic man. ''Aren't I a good member of the audience, Ari'el?''

''...Yes.'' His response was delayed. ''I understand my assignment now, thank you for gifting me perspective.''

''Mutually beneficial exchanges always gladden my heart.'' Replied the vixen and that closed their conversation.

''You've got something in motions don't you?'' When this realization dawned on you, it took a genuine effort of will to avoid grasping a nearby plate and smashing it on her stupidly alluring face. The fact you actually felt attraction toward this sadistic fox only fueled your rage.

''Had you been a good boy I would have given you a hint.'' A soft cackles came rolling out of her throat and a thick tongue imbibed her generous lips, expression fully twisted into arrogant self-satisfaction. ''More terms?''

She's going to wiggle, argue and likely throw away all of your rules without much care... but that's no cause to give up. That's not the mindset that saved Klesiah. ''Don't disrupt my bond with Gardy.''
File: 1539162548975.png (488 KB, 530x700)
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488 KB PNG
Her expression softened into surprise before worming to warm satisfaction. ''You're so entwined that I'd actively try to impede anyone trying to separate you, it'd likely cause your death. So don't worry, I only need him outside like the good guard he is.'' She grinned at your guardian whose ominous glare of red dimmed its intensity.

''No trying to spread your infection through me or using me to disrupt the plans of or harm my friends.''

''Aren't you a smart lad with that play on words?'' Another cackled escaped her and the shakes spread to her ears and tails. ''Your autonomy is what makes you fun, my dear. Of course, I have nothing against this rule; doesn't it tie perfectly with my first promise?I won't make any direct intervention!''

Your mind feverishly worked to insert something else, a potential trap to reveal this vixen hypocrisy to her own followers, a way to earn another petty victory - the fact your thoughts briefly reminded you of Gremory didn't help your mood. ''This talk alone busi-''

''Ah, I'm glad we've reached our important agreement!'' Ama interrupted you and rose to her feet, provoking a nervous twitch out of Gardy that was responded in kind by the angel while the lady elf was so quiet you genuinely forgot her existence until now. ''I'll stick with your two last rules, even follow them to the letters! I'll be expecting a healthy discussion during our next tea party my dear Arawn, so I'll be leaving with a question for you to ponder.'' She bowed and you turned your gaze, feeling far more embarrassed by the way her breasts almost spilled out of her kimono than intimidated by her wide smirk of sadistic satisfaction.

''Gwendolyn offer was by far the most interesting thing that happened today. Naively thinking it a jest is endearing my dear, but her kingdom -is- your ancestral land, your ties with Daiyu makes you a natural Baron, a bridge for relationships between realms, then there's also your darling bodyguard... Shouldn't you answer Klesiah expectations? Milord Loukanos.''

''Who do you think you are to give me...?'' This small house in the wood was a dream realm constructed by the witch residing in this cursed forest, Lady White and her attendants had disappeared in a little shower of golden butterflies leaving you alone with your stalwart protector.

''What the hell was that all about?'' You could only complain and try your best to remember yesterday triumph to wash away this nightmare.

''She's playing, always.'' Gardy voice was strong, yet inorganic, inside this inward creation of reality that was your shared souls. ''She wasn't giving you any choices with this solitary tea party, I can only suppose she wanted to see how you'd react.''

''Why should I respect her wish when she's clearly not giving a damn about anything but herself?'' you growled, throwing an empty pitcher on the wall. It shattered loudly, spreading pieces behind the massive sofa.
File: 26.jpg (321 KB, 1500x1714)
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321 KB JPG
''Negotiating wasn't stupid, even if there was close to nothing for you to gain. I suspect keeping a strong opposition would have been... a mistake.'' His neck clicked, a few pieces of metals flapped like miniature wings around his singular gem-eye whose colors changed from red to yellow. ''There would have been a confrontation, a battle, and likely she'd impose herself violently.''

''Coercion through intimidation.'' You summarized, wincing. You might have dodged a pitfall there at least.

''A painful lesson.'' Gardy continued. '' I will have to grant Lady White wish because having a battle here will kill you.'' There was no kindness in his voice, his metallic frame faced you honestly, delivering truth.

''I am fully confident to have enough strength to triumph over the fox and her allies but doing so will cause lethal collateral damage on your soul, Arawn. Your contract with Lady White grants her influence on you, I can protect you... but it'll be a battle of attrition we'll be destined to lose because I'll have to hold back and, in the end, your soul won't survive the damages of this conflict.''

''...at least she can't make me sleepwalk and murder people right?'' His blunt delivery of the truth had you try to seek some kind of comfort.

''Absolutely.'' He nodded clapping his fist on his metal chest. ''I will never let her.''

Then your world changed abruptly.


''My lord? My lord do wake up!'' Lady White intervention in your dreams had likely fully awakened your mind because Klesiah voice came to you clearly. She was shaking you gently and, when you opened your eyes, your vision wasn't impeded by sleeps usual grogginess, the blue-clad woman was clearly worried. ''Your nightmare is over my lord, please get out of bed - it's cold and your sweat will worsen your health.''

Sweat had completely drenched your sleeping clothes and sheets into an unhealthy humidity, thankfully things weren't so bad; Klesiah had activated an alchemical heater that warded off the chilly temperature of an autumnal morning. ''H-hi.'' You croaked and watched silently as she handed you a warm liquid steaming inside a wooden cup.

''Here, drink this. A little bitter but it'll keep you warm and hopefully stabilize your temperature, should I wipe off your sweat, my lord?''

This woman...

>Stopping here for tonight. Things will pick up tomorrow and the in-quest clock will be forward to your return home, inside Throne Town, for you guys to decide how to spend your day.
Thanks for running, see ya tomorrow!

>''...at least she can't make me sleepwalk and murder people right?''
>''Absolutely.'' He nodded clapping his fist on his metal chest. ''I will never let her.''
Well, there's a silver lining at least. Enough that our door won't have to be barred for the night anymore.

>"-should I wipe off your sweat, my lord?''
W e w lass, slow down! Arawn's hardly an invalid.
...Dear gods. Teruko is going to have a field trip with teasing Klesiah.
File: 8.png (360 KB, 800x800)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>...Dear gods. Teruko is going to have a field trip with teasing Klesiah.

What could she find fun with an awkward, serious to a fault stray lady-knight who grew up far, far too quickly?
>...at least she can't make me sleepwalk and murder people right?

Sweet! We can safely rejoin the waifu pile with the wonderful Nest Lizard. Sieg and the girls will be happy to hear the good news. We will have to figure out a way to fix the whole drenching ourselves in sweat whenever Ama shows up though.

Thank god we didn't flat refuse her here. Getting a part of our soul wrecked just for her to prove a point and us gain nothing but soul damage would have sucked hard. Also, Arawn isn't trusting anything Ama says for shit right? She's playing with us, anything told to us is just to get us to react in amusing ways for her. Trust not a damn word that comes out of Bad Fluffy's mouth!

We must do something to warn our friends that a scheme is in the works however. No way she's lying about that one.

A lot of things really. Honestly it'll be fun to watch what exactly she does once she figures Klesiah out.
File: 149012872536.png (874 KB, 1715x1136)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
>Trust not a damn word that comes out of Bad Fluffy's mouth!

She hasn't done anything bad!
She lied and tricked us! She's already got a scheme cooked up and operating too so even if she didn't do anything bad she's gonna do something bad soon.

You even called her "Wound of the World". Yeaaaahhh, that's all kinds of reassuring and indicative of a being full of sunshine and rainbows. Surely nobody would think twice about cutting a deal with that or suspect it of being pure friggin' evil.
File: 1537062528216.png (230 KB, 424x353)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Define evil.
That's an entire philosophical work, a knot people all over the world have been working on since before writing was invented. Personally I go with my instincts on such a question.

For instance, lying to and tricking someone into singing a contract that lets you into their soul against their will? Evil. Elaborate plots and schemes that maneuver people into singing contracts that benefit you and cost them greatly against their will or better judgement? Evil.

It's hard to define in words or objective terms but pretty much anyone who isn't evil themselves will know it when they see it, and boy is Bad Fluffy radiating it!
>What could she find fun with an awkward, serious to a fault stray lady-knight who grew up far, far too quickly?
...it's Teruko, of course our resident sadist will find material to tease our Knight with! It's just a matter of time.
4 days before the scheduled Suppression, late morning.

''You guys are late! Getting buddy-buddy with people without me? I'll have you know that I've been lazy all morning cause... Who?'' Belphegor was the first to welcome your group arrival through Daiyu ominous dark portal; a double file consisting of her demonic majesty, her two daughters and yourself with a knightly escort whose hand of gloved leather clutched your armor by pinching it's covering tabard, a little gesture that Klesiah was perhaps thinking it'd go without notice before stepping inside this manifestation of traveling.

Gwendolyn had returned to her realm, promising to show up in two days with her contribution for the Suppression.

''It's a long story.'' Sieglinde answered, casually waving at the silent duo not too far from the short goat. Teruko short stature of pristine white beside Vilma smaller presence felt almost quiet with Belphegor energy, Priscilla waited near the closed doors, giving the impression of having enough muscles to push them despite her thin frame.

''I say!'' Teruko voice echoed an almost shrill bellow inside the wide empty room. ''Ever thought about opening an orphanage?'' A question directed at not two but three royals, Klesiah stepped behind you to hide as the portal soundlessly closed.

''Don't start.'' Groaned the redhead. ''She's connected to Arawn, a lady of his past.''

''He's my lord.'' Corrected the bluette, half-stepping out of your shadow to observe the assembled Mamonos, who was now glaring at you with emotions far too varied to describe. ''It is my privilege to meet and welcome those who've allowed his presence to blossom our world once again, I hope we...to become comrade with all of you, to whom I hold an eternal debt of gratitude.'' She was almost down to one knee, so low was her bow.

''I say...'' Teruko reply was stern, red eyes drifted to you with accusation.

''Klesiah.'' You immediately spoke, half-turning to observe the blue woman and save yourself from all these judging glares, the knight devotion really gave the impression you were abusing your position. ''I told you yesterday, you're not beneath anybody, including me. I'm no lord.'' Her mouth opened in protest. ''Not yet, so don't be stiff.''

''Wanna train!'' Hao bluntly meandered into the conversation, pointing at Klesiah. ''Spar! You, need to let out... steam yeah? Clear out emotions, yesterday was tight, making a ball here...'' The still armored lizard lady tapped her covered solar plexus. ''...healthy, dangerous efforts required!''

''Are you challenging me to spar?'' Asked your astonished knight and Hao grinned and nodded, clearly not understanding the question.

''Hell, why not? I could use some venting.'' This time, Elina stepped closer, giving an awkward wave to Klesiah. ''Think you could give us target practices, Teruko?''
File: 114.png (1.87 MB, 1480x2093)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
The mentioned mother-to-be blinked in brief confusion and then grinned broadly upon gazing at her quiet student. ''Mineself hadn't laid out any plans for this day in anticipation of this friendly return. Don't you have adequate foes to give our overeager killers, Vilma?'' Hearing her name had the little lich answer with a befuddled ''eh?''

It was a nice thing to see the girls were making an effort to include the knight, after all, Klesiah did come out of nowhere.

When Martha suddenly walked away from the group, this immediately brought the conversation to a momentary halt, giving an increasingly nervous Klesiah some time to breathe. ''I'll be in the lab.'' Said the blue-skinned demoness.

''Imma follow soon so don't go passing out or something lass!'' Belphegor voice echoed toward the Lilim who only waved in return without turning her back, Priscilla dutifully opened the door for the princess who promptly disappeared after rounding the corner.

''I...I think I should stay with you, Arawn. At least...I'm not sure how things work here.'' Klesiah clearly made an effort to speak your name.

''I don't need anything from you guys today.'' Sieglinde continued, gazing at Klesiah awkwardly before turning to her mother who soundlessly nodded. ''We've got to prepare for the Supression, so you guys are free to occupy yourselves.''

A nice little reward indeed - a successful job brings with it a day off! Though... it might be a little difficult to handle Klesiah, she's clearly going to need time to absorb her new surrounding and situation.

>''I think you should go with them, Klesiah. See how the school for a bit and witness how training with summoners work, you'll see - it's a blast.'' [It might be good to push her away from you - not only to spare you from everyone else wrath- but also to avoid making her dependent. You can find something else to occupy your time until this afternoon.]

>''I don't mind, I've been thinking about doing something important today...''[You can indulge her for today.]

Today is a Free Day, meaning you can do anything you want.

>Belphegor and Martha will be in the lab, so this is a great opportunity to get better at Magitek.

>Girls are planning on an intense training session inside the arena again, with or without Klesiah.

>Sieglinde and Daiyu will discuss events with each other and prepare the Suppression - what you've revealed about your dream seemed to have shaken them a little - accompanying them would allow you to perhaps influence coming events.

>You can always train your magic alone or make some research on a few subjects.
>''I think you should go with them, Klesiah. See how the school for a bit and witness how training with summoners work, you'll see - it's a blast.'' [It might be good to push her away from you - not only to spare you from everyone else wrath- but also to avoid making her dependent. You can find something else to occupy your time until this afternoon.]
>High time to educate yourself - hit the library!

Some alone time is in order, I feel.
What subject?
Research on golden butterflies?
...I say Elves, we'll raise eyebrows should someone ask us anything about Elven history for any reason. Going "I'm sorry, I've amnesia" will sound like a flimsy excuse to an outsider.
Alright, I'll wait for a longer 30 minutes or so for new opinions since time is, as always, your most precious commodity.
I might as well ask couple of questions in the meantime.
Can Angels "Fall" in any way? If yes, what are effects of such an event?
There's no falling. Angels are half-made of souls so their convictions and belief are what help keep them alive. All of them are immune to Corruption, all of them use Holy and wind magic, ''fallen angel'' is a derogatory term like undead.
I can second this if we also ask the girls if there is anything they want us to get for them from the library.

It is time we started reading. Reading about elves.
Alright. I'll have to type up something that could get lengthy, let's see if Klesiah can make some friends and what kind of information you'll get.
Irl distraction prevented me from posting earlier, sorry about that. Update today might be on the slower side.

It is alright, we will wait patiently.

I vote for Magitek with Martha and Belph, but I don't think this it's changing what we're doing right now, so maybe if we finish early it's what we can do after we research/study?
File: 9.png (264 KB, 480x698)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
''I think you should go with them Klesiah, I'll be spending this morning in the library, there are a few things I need to catch up on. Stuff I've put on a back burner for far too long.'' The knightly lady looked almost crestfallen. ''I won't be going anywhere, why don't we go right now?'' You turned for the girls, giving a silent signal that was thankfully picked up by a certain short lizard woman.

''That'll do nicely. Women of actions need to move and it'll make a fantastic opportunity to have both my darling apprentices put some practice.'' Her short tail curled and her movement seemed almost floaty as the mother-to-be bridged distance slowly, almost like trying to approach a scared, wounded little animal. ''Would you be a dear and give us a chance, love?''

Briefly, Klesiah gaze left you to take an adventurous moment to details your friends. Her lips thinned into a fine, stressed line. ''I...May have difficulties...adjusting.'' She squeaked and something seemed to dawn on the girls with this statement.

''I don't think our training goes against you knightly vows.'' Elina grinned, prodding the stiff knight with a wing. ''Tell us if we happen to step on your belief.''

''Hao wanna know about knights!'' Hao intruded, causing Klesiah to gaze at you in distress and you shrugged, she'll have to handle herself here.

Your gaze inevitably drifted toward the short lich who quietly smiled upon realizing you were finally gazing at each other... Things should be fine. You'd like to speak with your small friend, you had a hunch she really wanted to hear about your adventure, but that'll have to wait for tonight.


Inside the massive spiraling library of the School of Summoning, the subject of elves was easy indeed to research, to a point you didn't need to use these strange alchemical drones. With the help of a shy, cute single-tailed kitsune, you found several volumes that'd occupy your time until evening, let alone this afternoon. Peering into books and learning what was common sense about elves proved... enlightening.
File: 26.jpg (567 KB, 723x1023)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
The city of Luminaris itself was believed to have been the oldest in the world before it's fall. Having been the very place that housed humanity Pretender God during antiquity, then the Allied Kingdoms were formed inside its very walls where kings, dukes, and barons meet in the elven conclave. From there, eras came and went, Demon Lords attempted to breach its walls or demoralize its inhabitants through diseases and subterfuges yet always did it stood - until the Great Crusade - where the city was breached for the very first and nearly razed in the ensuing battle. Its fall happened as an unexplainable catastrophe, with Sieglinde memories being your only source of information here.

Luminaris went through three royal dynasties and three queens and kings. The Loukanos rose after Everqueen Zarasmiel fell in the defense of the city during the Great Crusade and are presumed dead with the elven near extinction.

All the books accused Daiyu of this deed, giving little bout about their origins.

Culturally, elves went through two major shifts. Before the Great Crusade, they were seen as peaceful isolationist obsessed with artistic and scholarly pursuits. Magic, music, dancing, forging... all kind of crafts were pursued and perfected in the name of art whilst the four great elemental tees were subject of intense studies, resulting in elves becoming extremely powerful Elementalist.

The Great Crusade demolished this mindset. The greatest cause of woes during this time of strife was humanity disunity, the Loukanos royalty labored to make any similar betrayals an impossibility. Elves involved themselves greatly in the affair of various kingdoms, establishing a shared pact of non-aggression that evolved into a military alliance after one generation, each kingdoms monarch enjoyed impartial advice from an Eternal and the elves offered their expertise in magic with mankind, allowing them to breed family of mages with the help of their Elemental Trees.

The foundation of the House of Dukes followed this mindset of diplomacy where the elves encouraged all the Allied Kingdoms to nominate a representative of their realms that would then present issues for the alliance and the elves themselves; the Loukanos worked tirelessly to become arbiters, police forces, qualified architect... The Great Crusade brought a complete end to elven isolation, it wouldn't be unreasonable to have called them the Allied Kingdoms true rulers before the catastrophe.

It is believed mankind held the elves in great envy and, in the times before the tragedy, tensions were brewing, many princes, dukes, and barons wished to be free of ''elven tyranny'' and regain the old rights of a lord.

>That's quite a lot to take in...
>Is there any particular subject you'd like to look into?
>Otherwise, it's about time to think about how to spend the rest of your day. you've already skipped dinner, time went by very quickly with reading all these tomes!
>Belphegor and Martha will be in the lab, so this is a great opportunity to get better at Magitek.

Muh chance!
That work, you can go up there in the elevator. I'll wait for another vote with the same timeframe.

Leaving your knight alone until evening? How cruel!
Can we not quickly retrieve her then formally introduce her to the goat before we delve into magitek? I really wanna get those two in the same room.
You could wait at the usual table for them to reemerge, yes. They're likely to get hungry and Teruko won't suffer the arena when it comes to eating.
I could get behind this.

Then we kidnap Klesiah when they go to eat, and take her with us to the elevator with our goat, unless Klesiah herself would rather stay with the girls.

She gets to see us geek out about magitek. We can show off our power glove to her and Martha, too! >:3
>We can show off our power glove to her and Martha, too! >:3
Oh, that reminds me. We could brainstorm a bit with the Jawahir artificers. Namely some sort of a grounding system so we can avoid shocking ourselves like we did when we apprehended the Closed Fist infiltrator. At least ask them how viable that would be to pull off.
Did someone say lightning powered clothesline?

I am sure Martha can give us inspiration and ideas for upgrades to our glove, or for new trinkets we could develop.
File: 1.jpg (160 KB, 1000x600)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
''A-ah! Mysir I will, I can return these books please...'' The librarian was likely a student here, she couldn't face you properly and became a blushing gorgeous red while her single tail swished energetically. ''...enjoy your day, you're always welcome here.''

Cute. Almost enough to distract you from all the context you've learned. elves, it seems, were very influential with mankind... Good thing you didn't reveal yourself in Kreszenz.


Midday had passed when you came outside, the sun of Throne Town traveled its eternal journey into a clear blue sky that always held little tints of red. you were sitting inside the pavilion that Teruko always used, digesting your discovery surrounded by relaxing students; afternoon classes today were not about duels. You began to absentmindedly toy with your gauntlet, having completely forgotten to remove this thing since yesterday, only for approaching steps of metal to finally cast away your reverie.

''She's good!'' Hao almost screamed, stopping behind you and carelessly letting her axe stomp on the ground loudly, creating a reverberating echo that scared all nearby Mamonos. ''Knights are strong, it's all the oaths, the pure soul! Yes!''

Traces of her ferocious training had marked the tribal girl subtly. White sands had stuck to her armor, faint traces of sweats covered her face and hair and newly created cracks revealed Hao's near maniacal need to fight had been sated. Elina remained peaceful freed of any marks while your knight wasn't so spotless: the bottom of her cape was filled with sand, her armor also showed a few new cracks and sweat had humidified her gorgeous blue hair.

The thick tension that surrounded her this morning looked almost gone. Even Vilma seemed to have a new spring in her steps while Teruko was bold and proud, undeniably satisfied with having buried potential dramas and misunderstanding. ''Ah, my lord?'' Her expression of awkward gentleness blossomed into genuine happiness upon seeing you.

''Arawn alone sound better'' You waved, welcoming the group. ''Good training?''

''Something so dangerous cannot be described as practice.'' Klesiah replied firmly, making Teruko openly guffaw.

''I-I didn't think you could... use lightning.'' Vilma murmured. ''It fits your image.''

''A flying demonic ghost demanded a strong reaction.'' Klesiah winced in response while Elina sat in front of you.

''She's good.'' Said the angel simply. ''Polearms are tricky to use but you dance with it beautifully.''
File: 30.jpg (268 KB, 1600x2091)
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268 KB JPG
''I've... practiced diligently to uphold my vows.'' Answered the knight, she was unable to properly hold Elina gaze and so kept her eyes on the table, only to blossom into a new happy smile when you rose from your seat.

''I've come to kidnap you.'' You said, reattaching your gauntlet. ''I'm planning to go into Belphegor lab, I've decided to study Magitek so I'd like you to see how it works and its general capabilities.'' Your gaze drifted for the other girls who sat around the pavilion beside Hao who kept muttering about knights and vows - they'll likely have a little conversation of their own. '' Besides, you ought to meet that old goat. She's a fun one.''

''Take care not to mention her age or height!'' Teruko responded loudly, directing her sight at the long tower housing the Demonic Throne.

They waved you gentle goodbyes and promises to see one another in the evening.

''You hungry?'' You asked Klesiah, she wasn't a talkative one. Noises of stomping boots and clinking weapons were the only sign of her presence.

''I...''She hesitated, clearly famished, her attention had been directed at a pair of students eating together. ''...am fine.''

''I could use some food, hopefully, we can pilfer Belphegor dinner, girl likely has maids come up with provisions.''

''Yes... I could fetch you something perhaps? I sued to cook during our travels. I'm... not good, actually please forgive this trespass because my talents are far from adequate.'' She bowed her head and it took an effort of will to avoid grimacing.

Your words yesterday went over her head, you were Arawn Loukanos the Lord for this knight and this imposition on her part likely created awkwardness with everyone else in the group.

Still, it doesn't seem like she's incompatible with them, girl has a boatload of awkwardness to work out.

You have some time to chitchat

>''What do you think of my friends so far? Getting along?''

>''How did this exercises in Mamono training go? Teruko is a flashy one isn't she?''


I'll proceed with one more answer tonight, bad timing shortened my writing capabilities. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
>''What do you think of my friends so far? Getting along?''
>''How did this exercises in Mamono training go? Teruko is a flashy one isn't she?''

Have her talk about her day
File: 7.jpg (171 KB, 1300x1566)
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171 KB JPG
''What do you think about my friends so far? Getting along?''

Her silence revealed your question wasn't so easy to answer and you decided to wait without turning, the noises of her presence melding with your own solid boots. For a single moment, you lost yourself in this peaceful scenery; chatting Mamonos, students coming and going, blossoming flowers and nearby trees filled with life...

''They are vibrant.'' Klesiah spoke quietly, honestly. ''The foreign tribal girl live so intensely... her presence is healing. The angel gives grace to her race with a little boyish charm, I think she's been trying to handle me delicately. That quiet one, Vilma, the lich she's... fierce. Her gaze is strong, I feel like she wants to ask me something but I haven't been able to muster the courage to speak. Teruko...'' Klesiah paused and you turned to observe her expression, it was a calm smile, her features showed that this exercise might have struck with deep impact. ''...is vibrant. I feel wholly inadequate with them my lord, these companions of yours are precious.''

''Don't call me Lord when we're alone at least Klesiah, please.'' She winced at your gentle response. ''You've been your own for a long time haven't you?''

''I...'' She stopped, looking down to hide her expression. ''...I've lived for my promises and vows, my...'' She visibly winced when you shook a finger. ''Arawn. I'm afraid my presence could cause friction.''

There it was, this almost irresistible aura of vulnerability. Sieglinde showed it, Elina, showed it, Vilma showed it... There was an inherent fragility inside all of these women.
File: 35.jpg (82 KB, 850x745)
82 KB
One, it seems, that Teruko also managed to see.

''How did this exercises in Mamono training go?'' You asked, stopping near the door leading into the shrine, one guard Lamia slithering away to give you space.

''It was no sparring no matter how anyone wants to put it.'' Klesiah reply came vigorously, she even slapped her glaive on the ground. ''We fought to kill in there, milord.'' She winced when you lifted a finger again. ''I mean, far be it for me of all people to speak about sanity but this morning gave me doubts - especially for myself.''

''Oh? That bad?'' She shook her head at your question, her face reminded you of the nearby flowers for it blossomed into a beautiful smile.

''It was fun. We were presented animalistic foes, we fought to kill without feelings of guilts, without extraneous circumstances, without leaving behind woes. It was a hunt against abominations, my very existence as your knight felt... fulfilled by fighting Vilma creations.''

Oh, now that's interesting. There might be significant bloodlust dwelling inside this pretty bluette, like Hao she might need to move around, practice and fight... likely because she spent her entire life honing murderous skills.

A dangerous sport, that'd be the best mindset to take with describe these duels. You've seen that wurm, Teruko doesn't exactly understand the meaning of safety, subtlety or holding back.

''You're an interesting woman, Klesiah.'' You grinned when she blinked and blushed, completely blindsided by your sentence. ''I'll show you my own passion, follow me.''

>We'll continue tomorrow.
You almost felt proud of the confidence you felt when you strode forward, leading a nervous knight who constantly tried her best to appear confident. Klesiah would obviously need time to fully settle with the highly unusual scenery that was Daiyu inner sanctum and its technological ease-of-life spread everywhere through a liberate use of alchemy. It was definitely a fascinating novelty that'd often leave her staring in wonders and nearly collide on your back when you stopped moving. Watching Klesiah was an unending amusement up until she finally managed to gather her wits midway through the upward progress of this ominous moving cage traveling into Belphegor lab.

Having her keep her weapons might have been a thoughtless mistake because when a loud zapping noise manage to squeeze through the wall that hadn't slide away yet, Klesiah grew nervous very quickly.

Belphegor lab remained its glorious mess of makeshift metal walls, abandoned projects, random rusted weapons, oversized machinery, and bioluminescent liquids with additions of pretty streaks of red lightning zipping across the room, prompting Klesiah to immediately push you back and cover your body with hers.

''Facking hell woman!'' Belphegor bellowed clomping into view. ''That's no source of energy!''

''Wew.'' Another voice responded. ''You fixed it alright, feels like a good fuck don't it?''

''Exsanguination is your idea of fucking?''

''Feeling a similar satisfaction right about now.''

That's when you finally managed to win over Klesiah protectiveness and step inside, immediately catching the attention of the short rowdy goat holding her hips, radiating stern disapproval at the much taller blue-skinned, hip-winged demonette. Martha was breathing heavily, leaning on a staff of silver materials where a large topaz glowed on its top, curiously a strange chain tied it to her wrist where blood visibly traveled out of her arm to feed into this curious object. ''Oh?'' Martha acknowledge your presence, taking a large breath to conceal her fatigue. ''You've given him permission?''

''Well he likes magitek and I've loaned him a piece.'' Belphegor lazily gestured to you with her head. ''What's up?'' Looking to you had her realize you weren't alone and that provoked a curious pair of raised eyebrows. ''Oh? Bringing your long lost fiancee?''

''W-were not! I would never...!'' Klesiah immediate denial was immediately rewarded by a self-satisfied smirk from Belphegor and a stinging feeling in your heart.

''Don't bully her too hard.'' You responded, casually waving in return with your gauntlet covered arm. ''I came to indulge myself, this thing proved useful yesterday by zapping someone who tried to assault me. Kinda shocked me too, but gains outweigh negatives.'' Klesiah stupefaction quickly changed into disapproval at this revelation. ''Having a practice session?''
File: Lilim2.jpg (121 KB, 600x800)
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121 KB JPG
''More like letting this girl run wild.'' Belphegor pointed her chin at Martha who smiled wryly in response. ''Wanna learn more about that good old magitek huh? You too?'' She asked Klesiah.

''I...can only presume to watch.'' She responded awkwardly.

''Sure, your first foray was pretty wild cause I was totally baiting you into thinking Magitek was super flashy.'' The immortal little girl wiggled her eyebrows. ''Might want to learn how to maintain your gauntlet a bit, alter its property too; changing the gems allow you to do that.''

''I'm hungry.'' Martha interrupted. ''Shouldn't Priscilla be coming soon? Ah well, you're wanting to learn magitek huh? That's nice, Mamonos can't use it so you're kind of a missing link.''

Now that's a surprise. ''You can't use it?'' You asked to confirm, pointing at your apparatus.

Martha shook her head and proceeded to gently swing her staff. ''Corruption interferes with magical transference, our blood is polluted so we can't fuel anything. Alchemy work fine though, making a little blood battery feels rather nice.''

''Pft, dangerous more like. Can't believe that's the first thing you wanted to do after being away for two months, do you understand that's kind of a big deal? A dangerous breakthrough?'' You decided to remain silent, clearly, aunt and niece had to speak.

''Why didn't you attempt to activate it?'' Retorted the blue lady.

''Did you see me!?'' Belphegor roared with frustration, shaking her arms. ''I'm too small! I can't fuel that thing, can hardly lift it without Corruption!''

''Oh.'' That's when realization dawned on Martha and she gave her aunt a neutral if polite apologetic look. ''Sorry.''

''Hmph!'' A clomped foot loudly stepped on the metallic soil and the small Supreme Monster turned to you and Klesiah. ''This kid should have let out most of her frustrations by now so I don't see anything preventing us from giving you some badly needed teaching, Arawn.'' Her gaze narrowed in concentration, briefly drifting to observe the open cage-like columns of a single massive opening in the walls that revealed Throne Town endless ocean. ''Can always attempt some more field practices, getting used to Magitek strain aint a bad thing.''

''Trying out prototypes sound good to me.'' Martha added, fiddling with the bracelet linking her staff. ''Kinda dangerous.''

Then you heard a sliding noise of scratching rocks and the wall was literally pulled sideways to reveal a stern, glass wearing maid holding onto a large bucket of steel. ''Provisions.'' She firmly announced, dumped it on the ground, then promptly disappeared into the elevator again.

You could easily tell Klesiah felt very, very out of her element now.
Rats, lost my final answer. Give me a little time to retype it.
File: 41.jpg (164 KB, 800x628)
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164 KB JPG
Now's your chance to further practice Magitek, you'll have to concentrate on a single exercise.

Belphegor and Martha can teach you the basics you've missed, granting you the following perks.
Grants you the capabilities of maintaining common magitek weapons and low-tech alchemical apparatus. This perk also allows you to alter and customize item on an apprentice level.
>This choice will drain time until evening.

You can try an action-oriented course and practice with your gauntlet and one additional piece of Magitek equipment.
>Further choices will open if you guys opt for this.

You can suggest a training course here.
>Learn the basics of magitech.
Let's aim for being an Artificer!
>Mechanic(1/3) Grants you the capabilities of maintaining common magitek weapons and low-tech alchemical apparatus. This perk also allows you to alter and customize item on an apprentice level.

Being capable of maintaining and repairing and modifying our toys sounds like the right way to go~
File: Red 05.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1600)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Alright, seem like we've got a quick agreement.
I kinda feel bad about Klesiah having to just stand around, but this is a really useful perk.

Nab the perk. After all, a golem drone network is useless if we cannot maintain it in the field, repair its inevitable battle damage, or build new models of golem drones to expand its size and utility.
>Belphegor and Martha teach you the basics
File: Lilim5.jpg (430 KB, 750x1061)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Learning basics was a desk job that proved startingly enlightening: an adventure in mathematics, manipulation of small objects and discovery of your precious weapon innards. Knowledge, it seems, remained firmly implanted in your mind because you didn't need to linger with absorbing teaching about measurements so the two demons quickly moved onto practical teaching after a few minutes of inquiry about your general state of education, with Klesiah dutifully standing silent and alert, encouraging you to continue...until Belphegor somehow found another desk and pulled it beside yours.

''Oi lass, you won't be standing around here dumbly on my watch, how about we feed that skull of yours?''

''Ah...Eh?'' The armored knight stared at the aligned piece of empty parchment and the single pen in dread. ''I-I... I'm not really, I haven't spent much time... I can read, that should be enough.''

''Hell no, Arawn should only need Martha for a while so I'm gonna feed you knowledge.'' It was, perhaps, a good thing Belphegor was such a short, adorable Mamono because she managed to project an intense presence.

''I...'' Then her blue gaze observed you. ''...should not disappoint.''


Hours passed alarmingly quickly, granting you intimate knowledge of your gauntlet: you've probably disassembled and put it back together a dozen time throughout Martha class, then practice on those small drones used inside the library. Once the sun was beginning its disappearance, casting a dim light throughout the horizon of Throne Town that veered into a natural red, you fully understood how to swap the gems of your gauntlet without side effect.

This knowledge was semi-universal for the vast majority of magitek weapons; they operated with similar materials because all of them needed to draw a little blood to synch with your flow but you'd like still need a few hours to take apart a new piece and learn it's intricacies. Daiyu daughter was an expert on a level beyond Belphegor competence. Her teaching was swift, finding the pertinent information in books, delivering it succinctly and simply, showing you examples on how to proceed, observing your efforts, correcting little mistakes and continuing without pause at an exhausting rate that you could somehow keep up without any distractions, even those rare moments where the blue demon lady leaned on you didn't kindle lust or embarrassment because of your intense concentration. She knew this subject inside and out and it was undeniably because of her that your progress was so swift.

''I think that's enough. My feet hurt.'' Martha announcement brought this class to its end, her voice had grown weary from near uninterrupted talks.

''Boy that was something.'' Belphegor commented, throwing a sheepish grin at Klesiah who, it seems, had shed her emotional barrier.

''I do not like mathematics.'' She groaned, bringing a hand to scratch deep into her blue hair. ''...though I can -maybe- understand the necessity.''
File: 19.jpg (59 KB, 850x1085)
59 KB
''Ah! If you wanna watch yer lord do his stuff I'm gonna make sure to rope you in too, you're no blanket, lass. Even my golems understand they aren'T statue around me.''

''You have golems?'' Asked the knight.

''Cowards probably hiding, anyhow let's go down! Supper oughta be ready, gotta go pinch that maid ass for giving us a facking bucket.'' Said bucket was empty of its reserve but that didn't stop Belphegor from kicking it away, creating a worrying echo that... landed right onto one of the golem -bobby- whose colors had somehow changed into metal to camouflage with the walls.

''You...!?'' Belphegor would have taken off in a sprint -something the golem did loudly- had you not grabbed her.

''Let's go see the girls, don't get carried away!'' You proclaimed, making her pout.

''Here.'' Martha handed you a solid pouch of metal. ''Tools in there to do your maintenance and tinkering.''

Oh. Nice. ''Thank.'' You answered, smiling broadly. The blue demon didn't answer, only nodding silently.

You have acquired maintenance tools!


Making your way into Sieglinde single room was done in comfortable silence. Klesiah, despite her clear distaste for this scholarly exercise, walked satisfied and relaxed despite handling her weapons dutifully. She still kept a conservative distance behind you but... her presence with Belphegor and Martha didn't have this forced atmosphere anymore.

Inside Sieglinde massive room was a familiar sight. All of your friends turned their heads at your intrusion and offered friendly greetings; the smell of delicious foods caused four stomachs to grumble loudly and soon enough, talk about yesterday adventures became a center of attention, with Sieglinde recounting her part about meeting Gremory but your investigation with Anaïs, Hildegarde and Gwendolyn took center stage... And Klesiah never strayed far, it was already starting to feel natural to have her close.

Is this, perhaps, a good time to try and have Klesiah explain your past? Should you have her share this with everyone here? Or... together without anyone else?

>You have one remaining timeslot to do something simple this evening.
I want to spend time with Vilma!

As for the talk about our past, if it needs to happen/is the most voted option... If Klesiah shares our past, I approve it being with everyone.
The simple thing this evening. Does that mean the revelation of our past is that or is the simple thing something we do after we do after that?
Talking is simple, having Klesiah speak of your past work.

What I mostly meant here was that you couldn't try to squeeze one more training session.
I support chatting with VIlma. Maybe ask how things are with that young girl she took under her wing.

If we have time for this evening, we could ask Klesiah how she came to serve us as a Knight in the first place... we can talk to her about the more heavier subjects (like our death) in private with her at a later date, she'll probably be more comfortable like that. We can always relay what we learn to our social circle later.
Hm, Vilma. Can't say I was expecting that.

Got a bit of a wicked headache this evening, but I'll try to continue updating for a few more hours.
Reread a few sections.

>I-I didn't think you could... use lightning.
Klesiah can use lightning? How? She a mage too? Something to ask Vilma about if we talk to her.

>You fixed it alright, feels like a good fuck don't it?
Martha's... not a pure maiden? Well, she is a succubus and all. Whoever got/is with her is a damn lucky soul. Blue skinned succubi are really nice. The high intelligence augments her exotic beauty. Good job nameless dude.

How he pass with Daiyu? When it comes to one's own children the standards are very high. Hope we prove worthy of Sieg in her eyes in the future. Once memories are recovered, we'll have to go for a waifu and right now I want the redhead.
>Martha's... not a pure maiden? Well, she is a succubus and all. Whoever got/is with her is a damn lucky soul. Blue skinned succubi are really nice. The high intelligence augments her exotic beauty. Good job nameless dude.

Martha doesn't have a boyfriend.
She doesn't? How's that even work? She got friends with benefits or something? Is she a potential waifu?

She has had sex with girls, maybe. So she has girlfriends, but not boyfriends, perhaps!
File: 244_lich_L.jpg (272 KB, 689x1000)
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272 KB JPG
When you came back from the bathroom after dodging Belphegor questions about your taste in women and a potential love affair with Anaïs, the girls had settled into a festive mood, going for a game of cards that saw Daiyu becoming the center of attention because her ladyship seemed to be quite a competitive woman at this particular game and Hao tried her best to keep up, Teruko giving a valiant effort to make her understand the subtlety of what was, you realized, something clearly played by nobles. Klesiah had dutifully waited for your arrival but you also spotted Vilma sitting by her lonesome on the princess massive bed, reading a book about...Magitek? Martha was also sitting by herself, reading a book

You were still wearing that gauntlet.

''I'll go speak to her.'' You gestured for the lich who coincidentally lifted her nose away from the book, looking dreadfully grim. ''Tag along, too.'' you quickly added, gesturing for your knight.

Without her weapons, Klesiah was quiet enough to meld the sounds of her steps into the bombastic noises of the game played by the girls.

''O-oh. Hi.'' Her voice was an adorable squeak and she promptly closed the encyclopedia, almost trying to hide it until Klesiah awkwardly asked permission to sit, something Vilma granted with an equal amount of hesitation.

''Interested in Magitek?'' You immediately asked which provoked a shy giggle as she tapped a few fingers on the closed solid wooden covers.

''Trying to be.'' Vilma voice was quiet and melodious, her expression shifted into a mixture of sad shame. ''Can't-can't understand anything, all-all that clockwork... Measuring your magical flow, transforming sounds awkward though, maybe I sh-...should still try.''

''Can't say it's easy, a lot of sitting around tinkering with stuff, handling numbers and then your own weapons can turn on you if you make a mistake.'' That made her wince, you hadn't hidden you lighting mistake even if things ended well. ''How's Mimiru?''
Your question brought a change on her emotions, she turned to face forward with a resolute twinkle inside her purple eyes. ''She's fine, I-I... Might have-have.'' The stutter made her wince and she looked down in shame, gripping the book and calming down. ''I was probably... a little over-over eager by trying to become a benefac-...factor. I'm thinking of seeing her tomorrow, telling her I... know a knight could be-be...fun.'' She half-turned to acknowledge Klesiah who poised herself gallantly in response.

''Is milady speaking about a sister mayhap?''

''Not...no.'' Vilma shook her head. ''Someone who, I-I guess... I-I felt pity for and concern. I think Mimiru like coming here though.'' This subject rekindles her smile. ''School atmosphere agrees with her I-I think.''

There wasn't much time before the Suppression, things'll get busy very quickly once Sieglinde finish her preparations - which by the look of things, will likely be done tomorrow. Whatever it is she's doing with her mother is clearly kept between them.

You had to chase away your distracting thought, the lich and the knight seemed to be a bad match because both were terribly awkward and definitely too hesitant to lead a conversation and now an awkward silence had settled between them.

Maybe bringing Klesiah was a mistake... ah well, up to you to get these words flowing.

File: Lilim1.png (578 KB, 800x800)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Martha is indeed a potential waifu, she's a prodigy in alchemy/magitek so you'll inevitably get more interaction if you keep training that.
"So, I head Vilma mention you could use lightning?" to Klesiah.

It's the only thing I can think of, right now.
Support. Maybe ask for some details on their impromptu training session on top of that.

My word, so many potential routes to choose from-!
*Wipes sweat* Thankfully regaining Arawn's memories is still quite a ways off, we have time to consider.
"Mimiru is thinking about becoming your knight?"

A fun little misunderstanding of her words given how she said it.
File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
''Mimiru is thinking about becoming your knight?'' It was too perfect a mischief to let go and the way Klesiah suddenly leaned closer and Vilma nearly jumped on her feet, your ploy was fully rewarded.

''I-Is she? Really? Mamonos... don't often I-I mean we-we have no orders of kni...'' Your amused smirk was all she needed to puzzle your intention. ''Oh.''

''Children shouldn't be held accountable for their vows, doubly so if they are living outside a fortress or monastery - one cannot expect them to fully understand the weight of their words even when delivered in pure honesty.'' Klesiah spoke with such earnest seriousness you actually felt a genuine pang of guilt when she caught a glimpse of your previous expression. ''Was that a joke?'' Her tone had grown completely dulled of emotions.

''Mimiru struck me as the kind to like ideas of gallantry.'' You cleared your throat, trying to reach some kind of excuse to smoothen this potential little gaffe. Klesiah really is a serious person. ''Say, you said earlier that Klesiah can use lightning?''

Vilma nodded, casting a shy glance at the knight who wrapped her arm on her belly and looked to be genuinely sulking. ''I-I...I thought I could-could make things difficult, surprise her and test-test a new summon. A flying multifaced thing... It did pretty well.''

''It was a learning experience to bear witness to fabled Mamono summoning talents.'' Klesiah answered quietly, turning to gaze at her weapons put near the door, her sword was resting inside its scabbard next to her long glaive. ''I was born with the natural ability to wield lightning, it is a trait often shared by many Knights of the Storms.''

''Oh? This order is recruiting mages with a nature in lighting?'' You asked, you often read that many knightly orders used the Elemental Trees to bestow magical talents onto pregnant women in the hope of breeding a stronger generation of knights, there was only a single alternative for a similar practice to continue.

''That'd be my guess yes.'' She nodded. ''I was born into the order, never privy to much information, my gift was natural and I think my teachers knew about it before even myself I've never gotten to know how they functioned.'' Klesiah closed her eyes for the time of a short sigh and swiftly continue, eager to bury this topic. ''My talents aren't... laudable.''

''R-really? You felt plenty strong to me!'' Vilma protested almost fervently.

''My lord deserve only truths.'' You had to repress a frown on hearing that title. ''I wasn't born with strength, I cannot project lightning outside my body thus I have honed my talent to enchant my weapons and, in turn, use them to create projectiles.''

''Effective.'' Vilma tapped her book. ''Humans are scary.''
File: 17.jpg (260 KB, 1017x1280)
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260 KB JPG
''Alright, alright!'' Then Sieglinde suddenly stood up, clapping her hand together. ''It's getting late and tomorrow a busy day, at least for me! Arawn!'' Hearing your name made you straighten your spine. ''Prepare for bed!''

Oh. Right. That.

''Is it time to retreat to your room, my... Arawn?'' Klesiah asked innocently, Vilma began to giggle.

''Well, Klesiah you see...'' You patted the bed, starting to feel sweaty beneath your collar. ''...I sleep here.''

''You sleep here?'' She repeated, dumbstruck.

''With the Mamonos.''

''With seven.... eight Mamonos?''

''Not Martha. Not yet, anyway.'' You got up, she followed immediately.

''Is that so?'' Her face made it obvious this was not a reality she was prepared to handle.

''That is so.'' Mother's Mercy sleeping in Sieglinde bleed is healing for the soul, it's not unreasonable!

''So will I.'' She spoke with the firm intention of someone going onto a battlefield.

You had the distinct impression everyone in the room was holding back hearty laughter.

>We'll continue tomorrow.
Thanks for Running Insert!

Anyone else feel like Klesiah has some self-esteem issues? I might just be reading too much into it, of course. She could just be very, very humble.

Also, just to make sure. Arawn told Daiyu, Sieg and others about White's latest visit?

Note to self: describe the angel that accompanied the Witch to them and Elina, maybe they recognize him.
>Arawn told Daiyu, Sieg and others about White's latest visit?

Yup. Demons gave you a day to wind down but expect tomorrow to inquire a little about Arawn state. You guys haven't been anywhere near Siggy and Daiyu so you haven't seen all the officials coming and going but the gals have been hard at work.
Another waifu joins the pile. Excellent. May she brush against the exotic bits and learn of the addicting sensations one feels upon touching them and thus fully understand when our need exceeds our rationality as we touch the bits or see the touching of them as, say, adequate rewards for tasks or winnings in gambling.

Also, Gwen'll be here two days before the operation right? We must not miss the chance. The leper disguise prevented it but now we must touch wriggly eye stalks!
File: 11.png (378 KB, 1280x1224)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Day after this upcoming one is when she's expected to arrive yeah.

It's possible I'll take tomorrow off to rest or only offer a single update to solidify how you want to spend your next free day.

Klesiah rescue was to take a chunk of time so were sorta operating in freeform for now, you guys earned a bunch of free time. Apology if the quality isn't up to my standards.
File: Spoiler Image (319 KB, 2123x1622)
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319 KB JPG
>The leper disguise
Speaking of, that particular disguise might be a bit infamous after a bit of time due to our actions in the Moot. I vote that our next disguise is either Darkest Dungeon's Bounty Hunter or pic attached for lightning powered INCREDIBILIS
Also that pic is huge and I should have checked and I'm sorry.
Free time means fun time with the girls. It is always welcome.

It's also a chance to level up. We're currently on the right track far as I'm concerned. Our next goal should be golem drones in magitek and building up the battery spell so we can successfully merge it with our reinforcement spell to attain a "reinforce ally" spell in magic. Those two things in hand would make Arwan very useful as combat support and help Sieg feel better about bringing us into a battle.

It may be something we and the others want to play up actually. Creating an alter ego with its own separate reputation and identity opens up more options, especially in political situations. It also worked wonders for bone daddy.
File: 12.png (2.92 MB, 1500x2121)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
If you can keep a firm hand on your teacher than becoming a nexus of golem certainly isn't impossible: a good chunk of Zipangu military operate similarly so going there could be enlightening, too but Demons might want to do their own things.

This whole disguise discussion makes it seem like you guys want to become super-heroes.
Not super heroes, but I like expanding options. As the bard so eloquently put it: "All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts." Having another "character" to throw up on said stage is an option we have with "Arwan the human leper" that we may or may not take.

Kinda hoping we do though, it'll make things more interesting and (because this is a serious consideration thanks to our mistake) give Bad Fluffy entertainment. God I hate having to think about that last part.
> you often read that many knightly orders used the Elemental Trees to bestow magical talents onto pregnant women in the hope of breeding a stronger generation of knights, there was only a single alternative for a similar practice to continue.

I don't think we often read that, but that many of the tomes we pursued recently mentioned that consistently. Those trees are... no more I gather. Last remaining sane elves during their equivalent of the birth of Slaanesh decided it was safer to "nuke" the things down to their roots rather than risk what might happen if some apocalyptic contagion set into their essence and spread to all who enjoyed their blessing.

A tough call, but I'm betting it was the right one all things considered. Can't risk whatever happened to Luminaris proper or that fucking swamp gaining the "contagious" property in the worst of ways...
File: 3.png (1.12 MB, 700x1050)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>I don't think we often read that, but that many of the tomes we pursued recently mentioned that consistently.

The time spent reading all those tomes gave Arawn lots of miscellaneous information I won't bother to describe, this info will crop up when I judge it necessary for brevity sake.

>Those trees are... no more I gather. Last remaining sane elves during their equivalent of the birth of Slaanesh decided it was safer to "nuke" the things down to their roots rather than risk what might happen if some apocalyptic contagion set into their essence and spread to all who enjoyed their blessing.

Details of their deaths is another mystery, it coincided with Luminaris fall so assuming the elves did something about it isn't farfetched. It's the popular opinion amongst people that decided to research the subject.
So we've now got what amounts to an "encyclopedic knowledge" quirk in regards to Elves now?

Good! Best result of that use of our time then. Can't wait for our next day.
More scholarly than encyclopedic, you'd need to study more to truly earn that title.

I'm not sure if that's worth a perk/trait to put on your sheet.

We've certainly gotten rid of the negative, invisible 'perk' "Uneducated about Elves".

That certainly helps
Sadly, we still have the "Largely uneducated about the world at large" perk. That one's gonna take time to get rid of.
I'm not against it, but if I remember correctly we don't exactly have the means to learn how to construct golems while we're in Throne Town. Belph can certainly teach us how to control them of course, but unless the library happens to have a copy of "Golem-craft 101" we can't make much headway without a trip to Zipangu.

>This whole disguise discussion makes it seem like you guys want to become super-heroes.
Heh. I suppose I can't say that's an entirely inaccurate statement. But keeping Arawn's race and identity hidden as long as possible is only beneficial - because when those eventually come to light it'll make quite a bit of waves in the Allied Kingdoms, to put it lightly.
I'll only be updating once today, not feeling too well but I've got enough fight in me to at least give you guys some progress and of course choices.
I'll have to continue tomorrow it seems. I've been unable to shake off this light fever I woke up with, so I'll aim to restart a proper session tomorrow around 5 pm.
It's cool man. We can wait for quality.
File: 5.png (1.75 MB, 1000x1475)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
It was a soft, weighty sensation on your cheek that stirred your mind, casting away a thankfully dreamless sleep. This strange weighty softness tickled your nose and, inevitably, causes a sudden sneeze that managed to violently dispell your drowsiness. ''Ah?'' You groaned, seeing Elina pale red wings curling inward and rest on Klesiah chest who remained peacefully sleeping despite the general discomfort of wearing a little too much clothes. The blue girl was facing you in silent serenity, enjoying a peaceful rest that made her genuinely adorable.

She had thoroughly disapproved of your (and Sieglinde) indulgences but was too withdrawn to actually voice her grievances and, outside imposing herself by forcing you on the bed edge and becoming a wall between Elina and Sieglinde, nothing of note happened. The group took Klesiah protectiveness with good-natured humor but it might be wise to see about smoothening things later, Sieglinde really does seem to love these strange communal nights, it'd be wise to nip a potential conflict in the bud.

Still, was it really cause to get angry?

''Earliest awake? Good morning mister Loukanos.'' A gentle familiar tone belonging to a tall demonic woman of long green hair greeted your returned consciousness. She casually having a light breakfast by her lonesome, a long thin spaded tail was enrolled around a peach and Daiyu twisted her body to observe you in casual amusement.

''Ah...Daiyu. Good morning.'' Your voice was throaty and dry from lack of fluids but at least you managed to keep to her request, likely because you've suffered first hand the awkwardness of a title being forced whenever you wanted to stay friendly. ''Is it early?''

''Sun is starting to crawl on its upward journey, I've been up for less than an hour myself.'' Responded the demoness. ''Had a restful night?'' She glanced at all the bodies piled on that bed with hints of regrets; clearly, her majesty enjoyed having been part of this eccentricity

''Yeah.'' You answered, starting to feel bashful. It wasn't difficult getting out of bed and you were in more than adequate clothing to avoid making a fool of yourself but Daiyu always managed to instill trace amount of shyness by merely existing close to you. Her smile became sharp, almost turning into a toothy grin as brilliant eyes twinkled in dangerous purpose.

''Join me in thirty minutes.'' Said the great succubus, dropping the fruit into a waiting hand. ''I'd like to talk.''

Your very first thought after the Demon Lord casual, yet ironclad, demand was another trip into that empty room of metal but after a reasonable breakfast -prepared by Daiyu herself- having her lead you into a nearby empty room and close the door proved extremely effective in rattling your emotional walls.
Thankfully the surrounding alchemy needed only the pressing of a button for dull white light to illuminate the darkness. ''Nice bed isn't it?'' Opened the Demon Lord, hip wings flapping with her smirk and she slowly walked to sit on the mattress, leathery wings opening with the pat of her hand on soft fabric.

''I'm afraid to be a little too awake for continuing my rest.'' You answered while taking place beside the taller woman, she had a solid hand over you.

''We can fix that.'' Responded Daiyu, bitting on her bottom lip, eyes fluttering open and close like butterfly wings, a tiny weight on your spine made you strengthen your spine. All sparks of fears, dread or intimidation had metamorphosed into genuine desire, making it much more difficult to resist Daiyu charm.

A gentle chuckle escapes this mother of three and she, too, straightened her back after finishing her observation, resting her palm on your knee. ''My people found another Rune of Passage made by a Mamono with an evaporating geas.'' The wings on her head made a nervous twitch when she leaned to observe you, half of her long red hair falling forward like a blanket. ''I can't hold my suspicion anymore; your oath, yesterday's results and now this truly prove your innocence, prince.''

''I...''You decided to rest your hand atop hers, your palm was naturally broader and thicker. ''...not sure if that's good news, Daiyu. Those rune sound very suspicious.''

''Quite, I've decided to extinguish them all; I don't want any risk with Sieglinde Suppression now, the entire political world in the city has ground to a halt until it's done. That's giving us some wonderful days off.'' She winked, straightening her spine yet keeping her stare planted with yours. ''Sieglinde would prefer if you stayed here, I've decided to deliver this new much earlier than she wanted.''

''She...?'' For the briefest of moments, you felt a tinge of anger and revolt, your mind immediately assuming the redhead protectiveness as a betrayal but, thankfully, your value of self-control didn't allow an emotional outburst.

Logically, there's absolutely no way you'd be keeping up with a thousand elite Mamonos, your magical talent can be really useful and you've already had a taste of its practicality with Teruko summon but... it wasn't enough.

''It'd gladden a woman heart if you weren't so skilled at swallowing your emotions.'' Daiyu murmur brought you out of this negativity.

''I understand, I'm not ready.'' You shook your head. ''There's Klesiah to worry about too, I don't think she'd like the idea of going into a nasty forest.''

''Much like allowing a stubborn pregnant lady to accompany your group, mh?'' Now that made it impossible to keep a straight face. Teruko really knows how to impose herself. ''Say, Arawn, how should I go about being forgiven now?''
File: 67.jpg (1.06 MB, 2896x4096)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
This sentence was delivered in a soft murmur followed by a gentle approach, Daiyu wing landed on your back and she clutched your shoulder gently. ''P-pardon? I hold no grudge for your suspicion, were I in your position...''

''Well I feel guilty for imposing myself like that on my daughter friend who just so happened to not only be innocent but genuine in his wish to help.'' Daiyu features tightened into an adorable pout. Gods, where could her husband be? ''Now I hold a little debt and a sincere desire for absolution with you holding the key to dispell my guilt.'' Her mischievous smile made it obvious she was finding genuine fun with this self-imposed position of weakness.

>''Would you grant me the permission to date one of your daughters?'' (A joke yes, totally. You're only indulging her!)

>Insist you don't need anything to be forgiven, Sieglinde and her own magnanimity after your awakening put you in their debts.

>Settle this by having Daiyu tell you a secret. (Specify about what)

>''Would you grant me the permission to date **some** of your daughters?'' (A joke yes, totally. You're only indulging her!)

I believe this would get the most rise out of the succubutt. I feel like Belph would approve. >:3
>''Would you grant me the permission to date one of your daughters?'' (As a joke)
>"But really, I wouldn't object to things relating to magitech and alchemy. I want to be able to stand beside everyone, and that looks to be the best way to do that."
I would like to change the first part of mine to what he said. I giggled.
File: 53.jpg (900 KB, 987x1000)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
Finally starting to understand the Demon Lord. Good, good, let's go with that.


As for what else to seriously ask of her, your ask does make some sense. We could ask her if she could lend us or recommend us any good books on the subject. Or alternatively, to ask her for advice on how we can become competent enough that we won't be excluded of trips like this one to the forst, in the future.

While we likely won't be able to go to this one, Arawn still feels a bit bitter about it. So we want to do our best so that we can be relied on again, on things like these. A chance to prove that we can be relied on.
I feel like we should thank Daiyu for not throwing us into a cell first thing when she found out about our involuntary sleepwalking episode - Gods know that many other rulers would have done so in her shoes!
I am simultaneously intrigued and terrified at her potential response to that. "Some" of her daughters? That includes Deruella, and it'd take all our effort just to keep up with her (and, if they're around, her posse of fallen maidens). We only have so much "mana" to give out y'know.

The mind and soul are willing but the flesh is exhausted, bruised, and "tapped out" in more ways than one.

I was gonna say touch luxurious succubus wings, but this is more in character. Maybe we can get the golem drone network early.

Well, we can try and impose it but there are repercussions if we do it. It takes a ritual and some expensive resources but a legend can enter that battlefield through our presence upon it if people were so inclined.

We can probably tack that onto the beginning of the other anon's option. Thank her, crack the joke, make the request.

I was also referring to Martha, actually
I fear we'd have the same problem with her as well. The mind and soul are more than willing but...
>Thank her, crack the joke, make the request.
I have no problems with being thankful to someone who did so much right by us. Like making Sieglinde, that was a real solid on her part.
I wonder if our Body Reinforcement would help with that... an experiment for later
File: 31.jpg (434 KB, 600x1600)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
You could almost feel Gardy concern when you repeated your idea in your head. Tearing yourself away from her wide green eyes was difficult but you didn't need to fake bashfulness here. ''Would... could...'' You cleared your throat, feeling the movement of her wing on your back. ''Would you grant me the permission to date some of your daughters?''

You snuck a glance and witnessed genuine stupefaction leaving the Demon Lord usually composed face into a lovely blank of astonishment that melted into honest amusement. Daiyu erupted into a fit of giggle that shook her upper body, making her big wings tremble and the smaller pair flap. ''Oh my, oh dear.'' She exhaled, rubbing teary eyes and then with swiftness you couldn't dodge, she enrolled both of her arms around your neck to squeeze you in a hug, almost squishing your face onto her cleavage.

...she smells of lavenders.

''Now that's a blindsiding comeback... I don't think many would say that perhaps only very few in the world would actually be honest about it.''

''I...Your...'' You couldn't say it was a joke because in your heart you knew very well that you felt genuine attraction for one of them and, with a little time, you could perhaps get a similar feeling with Martha.

''Let's say my daughters love life is complicated.'' Daiyu murmured into your ear, her face thankfully far enough to avoid exhaling on your skin. ''But you have my blessing.'' She continued and before releasing you, another whisper flowed out. ''What about me? I've been alone for such a long time...''

There she releases you and gently pushed you away because you stood rigid enough to snap your spine, Daiyu following giggle brought you out of this awed stupor, her majesty had gotten to her feet when you were staring holes into the wall. ''Don't go answering that now.'' She wiggled a finger, wide grin showing quiet white teeth.

''I...your majesty I... maybe I do have...'' Mother's Mercy she's too much woman to handle. ''I did think of a request just now, though I can't express my gratitude to you for being so good to me...'' Thankfully your mind manages to recover from that overwhelming seductive sex appeal, it was a good thing she was wearing some heavy morning clothes, a kind of woolen pajama that almost made her look docile.

''Don't feel so indebted, didn't I say that your friendship with Sieglinde is why I've taken a chance with you too, Arawn? I'm not so good-hearted.'' Her expression turned somber; she's a ruler despite her efforts in grooming Sieglinde, throwing you in a cell would have been entirely legitimate even if it meant upsetting her daughter... But her sincerity in seeking to be forgiven, even if delivered through a joking manner, was genuine.

''In this case, I wouldn't object to being granted favors for something related to alchemy or magitek. I want to stand beside everyone else and I think that might be the best way.''
''Hmm.'' Renewed interest rekindled the embers of a vigorous smile. ''I'm afraid I'm not the best to ask about such things, you have an unusual magical nature too right?'' You nodded. ''That and magitek need only time for you to hone your skills and accomplish your wish. I've no knowledge of alchemy, you should bring this subject with Belphegor, tell her I owe you a little favor. I'm sure you two can figure out something that won't bankrupt us.'' Then her head-wings made an excited flap and her face grew suspicious. ''One moment my dear.''

The Demon Lord swiftly opened the door. ''Ah! Martha! Such a coincidence.''

''Abaa? Mom!? What are you doing in there? How... I mean, hi.'' Your position only allowed you to observe Daiyu's flank, Martha was at a dead angle that made it impossible to see her.

''Where could you be going so early today?'' Daiyu smile was positively dreadful.

''The... well you know.'' Her daughter's voice was painfully awkward, if not a little ashamed. ''Island with all the fun stuff.''

''Indulging?'' Daiyu tone was almost venomous.

''No need to say it like that...'' And heavy steps followed, carried the tall blue Lilim away.

''Hm, sorry.'' Daiyu closed the door, lips pinched into a fine line, features twisted into stern disapproval. ''Martha always run away into the pleasure districts of Throne Town, the bad kind.'' She growled an emphasis on this title. ''Doesn't listen to me so... it's better than having her as a vagabond, if you'd like a good magitek teacher, you'll have to run after her and see if you can convince her to teach you. I don't know why she runs away from her talent... But that's who Martha is.'' A discouraged sigh escaped the Demon Lord, then she forced a smile. ''You're a lovely man Arawn, speaking like this is surprisingly treasurable... could I inquire about your plan for today?''

>Here is the moment to plan your day, it's another free one.
>Martha is unavailable unless you decide to seek her out. Otherwise, you can train/research thing at your leisure.
Brush up on our Magicks, maybe get started on an exercise routine?
Not sure which should come first.
I can lay out a plan of possible stuff to do.

Right now you can train pretty much anything, Klesiah can become your warrior trainer, so a lot of paths are open.
>Martha always run away into the pleasure districts of Throne Town, the bad kind

This is coming out of a succubus, so god only knows what a "bad" pleasure district is for her. Drugs? She hitting the hard stuff? Magical cocaine is a hell of a drug!

Still, we have that favor and two tech experts are better than one. Chase her down, we need to pick apart that ingenious blue head on how to best merge our magic with technology.
Yeah, having Klesiah help us train in the morning sounds good to me. Also might give us a chance to catch up with her some more.
File: 52.jpg (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB

A little training session in weapons or hand-to-hand with Klesiah or chasing off Martha to get more of her excellent teaching...

Following the succubus could take some time, I'll wait for a possible new opinion for about 30 minutes and possibly pump out a small update afterward. Work days demand smaller sessions.
Let us train our magic with her. Perhaps we could let her experience how our magic battery works?

Perhaps she can find something good to practice on her own, with the extra supply of magic that would add to her lightning magic.

Meanwhile, we could try to attain a more solid grasp on that particular ability of ours.
Oh, forgot to clarify a concrete plan. We don't use the favor to strongarm her (as that would mean spending it without getting equipment), we convince her to come with us saying we need her opinion on something important, get Belphegor, go to the lab, then mention the favor and our desire for top level equipment that works best with our unique talents and see if either of them have any ideas.
Do you mean practicing your magical abilities with Daiyu?
Klesiah helping us with practical combat training in the morning. Maybe we can figure out some ways to use our magic point blank? Our magic hands could be useful to figure out.
Maybe we could try finding a new mana texture in the afternoon? Something solid, or fluffed out.
We can do Physical training just before dinner. Weights, resistance training, that stuff.
Everyone good with that outline?

I meant, with Klesiah. Though your question gives me the idea... if Daiyu would like to join us, she's welcome. We're telling HER of our plan for today, right?

If she comes along, we could also discuss the whole situation with the throne and lady White, or whichever else she'd like to discuss. Our time to carefree-ly chat with Daiyu is limited, considering things will get busier soon.
Daiyu can help you out with training today, yes. Her area of expertise is mostly in hand-to-hand because it's honestly the only compatible thing, she's a full-on Corruption user.

Asking her to come is another semi-hidden option. Her schedule is good today, so she'll agree because you've got a good relationship going.
This sounds good to me. I'm especially interested in figuring out how to properly use the Soul Arm in hand-to-hand.
So practical training with Klesiah that'd mostly focus on applying your magical talents.

Would you guys like to invite Daiyu?
Hmmm... looks like the others aren't feeling chasing after the blue one. I switch my vote to this then. If only to see Klesiah's reaction. This is gonna be good. Training with our Knight and the Demon Lord!

Hope Martha comes back to town before the expedition. My hope is to nab a sweet piece of gear that'd put Sieg's fears to rest and let us come along. If it has the robust confidence of both Martha and Belph it should be able to convince her.

Sure! We can do so in a casual "You're welcome to join us, if you'd like"

It actually amuses me how Klesiah will react to "Yo ,Klesiah, let's go have some training along with the DEMON LORD. :3"
Alright, we'll pick things up tomorrow. This development will need a little time for me to think about so might as well avoid making you guys linger.

I won't be able to do a new thread this weekend so I'd like to continue this one for a longer while, up until we reach a satisfying ending point.
Daiyu is definitely invited.
Bit of a "sink or swim" moment for Klesiah no doubt, but she'll need to get used to Daiyu's presence. And given how busy Daiyu can be, now's a good time as any!
Understood, thanks for running!
Don't think I'll be able to update today, I wanted to keep the thread going but I'm not sure if I'll be consistant enough this week. I'll try to post how this little training goes tomorrow and possibly end there with a choice.
File: 112.jpg (175 KB, 1071x1600)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
When the girls heard your intention -namely, training with her majesty the Demon Lord- they observed you with a kind of horror that wouldn't have been misplaced had you taken a knife to your own throat.

''I-!'' Sieglinde seemed to protest only for Klesiah to jump on her feet at the exact same time, oblivious to the princess distress.

''I insist to be with my... with Arawn for such a momentous occasion, please my v- I want nothing more than honor one of Arawn benefactors.''

''...I have to meet with Kreszenz and Zipangu envoys.'' Sieglinde ended in complete dejection whilst the group was shaken out of its torpor by Hao coming back from the bathroom.

''Hao wants in!'' She bellowed as welcome, she'd have undeniably made it a non-negotiable issue had she actually understood the situation, nobody else would love a taste of Daiyu's powers more than her.

''No.'' Teruko shot that down quickly enough to make you feel guilty though... Hao is likely to genuinely go all out in what's supposed to be a training session so perhaps it'd be wiser to prepare such a confrontation. ''Mineself does believe that Vilma discovered something of an affinity for making flying summons, would my second apprentice be dear enough to help with this endeavor?''

''Yeah...'' Elina seemed almost forlorn as she observed you, Daiyu sat next to you almost radiating satisfaction. ''...I'll leave you in your knight good hands.''

Vilma had the expression of a mother sending her son to war.

''Daiyu, it's not going to be that bad right?'' You whispered at the succubus who let out this alluring low chuckle that always managed to spawn dreadful desires.

''Isn't it healthy for people to fear my strength? Training with the Demon Lord... sounds like a scary good fun.'' She was thoroughly enjoying this moment, it seems her majesty enjoyed some aspect of her reputation.

Perhaps if Belphegor had been here she'd have added something but the goat had apparently taken a little too much alcohol yesterday to celebrate Martha return (who's been away for 2 months) and was still passed out in a guest room.


You set out relatively early with your two companions. The sun was halfway out of the horizon and the students were barely beginning their busy days when you reached your destination - a certain familiar park of wooden furniture- with only encountering early risers displaying prompt mannerly reactions upon witnessing their liege lord casually strolling the road.

There, Daiyu casually plopped a set of six jugs of glasses, a bright liquid of raspberries color swam inside with a visible syrupy constitution. ''What's that?'' You asked and her ladyship observed you over her shoulder, giving you a wink once your gaze crossed with straightened head wings.
File: 36.jpg (152 KB, 972x1024)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
''Healing potions.'' All of her mannerisms dripped raw sex appeal and the feeling of isolation inside this forest didn't help matters. Daiyu was wearing a rather tight-fitting uniform of dark leather with a calculated space that allowed her wings to fully spread out; a simple to-the-point uniform that almost gave her a dryad's allure with her long green hair and this natural scenery.

''I am feeling... uncertain.'' Klesiah cleared her throat, spine straight enough to break a plank on her back.

''I like knights.'' Daiyu responded with controlled vigor. ''There's not a whole lot of independent Mamonos nations but those outside my domain do have orders of their own, I've never been too privy with them, is it true your vows -quite literally- strengthen your bodies similarly to Soul Reinforcement?'' An obvious question to break the ice, Klesiah head of ocean blue gave a solid nod in return.

''It is a tradition dating all the way back from the Great Crusade your majesty-''

''Call me Daiyu.'' She interrupted gently.

''...Daiyu'' Klesiah shot you a brief stare of distress. ''Batrion, greatest of Paladins, took on many vows during that long conflicts and we firmly believe these were the biggest source of his strength.'' A nostalgic expression came to rest on Daiyu feature, Klesiah had the emotion of someone recounting an old story they loved and clearly missed the succubus emotional hint. Obviously, Daiyu had personally known Batrion and this fact completely went over Klesiah head.

Kinda cute, actually. Knightly lady is a tad dense.

''I give honor to Mother Earth and Father Sky, follow their precepts of empathy, purity of mind, vigilance, loyalty, and duty. In return, they keep the shackles of doubts at bay, bear witness as stalwart, silent listener to my daily morning prayers; it is a joy, my lord and your majesty, to see for myself that Mother Earth is truly right about all of her children...''

''Getting a little carried away, love.''It seems she didn't hear Daiyu remark. Klesiah was speaking in serenity, smiling quietly with a fire burning in her bosom. Her glaive had been left on the ground, her hands joined together in prayer, gray cape flowing in the wind, newly polished traveling half-plate granting gracious elegance.

''A paladin.'' You whispered and this brought a sudden flush on her cheeks.

''I-I do not presume... Ahem.'' She coughed. ''A knight strength comes from belief and their vows, by making them unalienable part of our very beings we attune our souls to Mother Earth or Father Sky and this change our body in numerous ways. Stronger, faster, perhaps even better healing or coordination in battle...'' This comment had Klesiah look to you fleetingly. ''...A knight accomplishes the impossible by keeping with his vows and honoring our gods.''
''Similar to angels. Almost like warriors; Soul Reinforcement through different means, altering your entire existence instead of staying pragmatic with your body alone.'' Daiyu summary caught the blue lady by surprise. ''I remember speaking with a few knights, you've jogged my memory nicely, love.''

So, does this means human knights and paladins are imitations of angels? Klesiah shirked under your inquisitive gaze, holding up her armored shoulders with the desire of hiding her face. ''I...Could never hope to stand near such lady of purity, A failed knight like me is no paladin...''

''Hush now, Mother Earth preach moderation, humbleness doesn't escape this.'' Shameful redness brought silence to the pretty blue lady. ''It won't be painful to let down your guard, love. After this sweating bout anyhow.'' A rekindled smile of mischief had Daiyu begin to loudly crack her fingers; Thone Town was relatively fresh today, you might have to peel off a layer...

''I'd wager you've more strength than myself without modifications.'' Daiyu began, waving any protest into silence as she peered into her open palm. ''Shapeshifting is something of a force multiplier, my talents exclusively lies with manipulation of Corruption inside my own body and I can make it harmless too, so none of you needs fears poison. I'm sure I'll be able to find a happy medium to give you two an adequate time, though I suppose it depends on how Arawn intend to do this.''

''Teruko advises meditation and internal practices to advance my magical abilities and I do agree that her method work. Today Daiyu, I want to request little more hands-on approach.''

''Without having any fears of accidental wounds by misunderstanding your soul nature hm? Yes, I've been curious to witness your ability first hand and that brings a question to mind.'' Her attention drifted to Klesiah. ''Have you witnessed Arawn in battle during your time together, love? This could be a valuable hint to help our resident amnesiac.''

''Yes he...'' Her lips pinched together, anxiety swam inside these blue eyes. ''...was lethal. Arawn often lamented having no time to exercise his magic in a more profound way, he employed his gift in a practical sense; creating weapons out of his very soul and bestowing blessings upon his allies -however minimal they were- was the source of our power. Arawn often overwhelmed his foes, taking far too many risks...'' Klesiah stopped, bitterly biting her lip.

''Ringing any bells?'' Asked Daiyu.

''Yeah, I know the spells she's talking about.'' Your past self might not have been overly advanced in magic, although she describes a mastery of your soul arms combined with bodily reinforcement that is still beyond you. Likely, had you been living on the road for a long time, you'd have concentrated on making lethal weapons instead of attempting to discover your nature finer intricacies to better handle your circumstances.

That sound practical enough to be you
''Mmmh, mayhap you two ought to fight me together?'' A sharp predatorily smirk graced her majesty features at this suggestion. ''That'll be the right way to make things fair unless Arawn wants to hold hands and pour his essence into both of us. Is it not our duty to help him improve his talents?''

Oh, she's having fun, Klesiah displayed a quiet smile, finally starting to understand Daiyu general dispositions.

Daiyu close friendship with Belphegor explains itself.

>A Tale of Monsters 20 - End.

Daiyu is another elite trainer/teacher who greatly enhances training in skills related to combat. Her presence today will freely complete your hand-to-hand perk.

Attempts to create a new spell will remove Daiyu bonus. Unless it occurs accidentally through practice, the Demon Lord can only help you improve something you already know how to use.

>A mock battle with her majesty and having Klesiah help you is reckless enough to be a fantastic idea. [Concentrate on a single spell, attempts to improve more than one will need 1d20 to gauge success]

>You can also have a mock fight with Klesiah under Daiyu careful eyes. (Same rule as above)

>Exercise new ways to employ one of your spells without the need of combat, this will be delicate, precise work that'll need your helper's attentiveness to be successful.

>Have Daiyu and Klesiah instruct you a little more in how to defend yourself as a warrior. (This will open a slew of choices, mostly branching into gaining skills with wielding weapons; think of it like a proficiency feat in dnd, albeit limited to only one thing.)


Any exercises will drain time until midday, that's where I'll open the new thread once you guys come to a consensus. I'll give options of potential gains for your spells a little later depending on what you guys want. There's no real way to fail this training (unless you get greedy by improving more than one spell).
>A mock battle with her majesty and having Klesiah help you is reckless enough to be a fantastic idea.
Let's focus on the Soul Arm.

We might as well be a little reckless since Daiyu went and prepared healing potions.
Also, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn teamwork with Klesiah - and better now than later in an actual life-or-death situation.

Are we wearing our Magitek Gauntlet? If yes, I vote we take it off, that thing is not the focus of this training session.
You always have it along unless specifically stated otherwise.

One vote for Soul Arms, I'll post again later tonight with upgrades options (need to find my notes) that you guys will be able to decide on. I'd rather we use this end of thread to solidify the upgrade, further gains will happen in the next one.
>A mock battle with her majesty and having Klesiah help you is reckless enough to be a fantastic idea.

Focus on upgrading the battery spell so we don't have to be in constant contact with them. No matter what we choose we should conduct a quick experiment where we feed them both a bit of our energy and see if that alters their own magic.

Who knows, maybe Daiyu can do something new with corruption or Klesiah can coat her weapon in shock jel. If we get the chance try feeding them altered energy too like we did with the gauntlet, because science.
File: Robe.jpg (176 KB, 629x772)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Alright, found my stuff. Here are all the options for your spells.

Body Reinforcement
Allows you to give this spell effects on another ally via touching.

Bioenergy Battery. (One more perk will grant deeper customization and/or mastery because it is already a Core spell.)
Apply your Measuring perk for this spell, allowing you to use it when sourcing someone spell. (Nobody can drain you more than you want.)

Allows you to maintain your spell after creation without continuous physical contacts. (No need to hold hands after establishing your spell.)

Soul Arms
Familiarity with the spell allows you to use or remake it in the middle of an action. (Quickcasting)

Modify range from 2 meters to 5 (Maximum)

Grants one additional limb.
>Soul Arms: Core
While I'm REAL tempted by Nucleus for partial Dock Ock mobility, I feel that Quckcasting is a more prudent option.

Already voted for it above.
With the thread over we've plenty of time to collect votes. As always, I'm open for questions or discussions.

Getting difficult to pick a favorite, isn't it? Why even do so, I say!
>Soul Arms: Core
We can work on Batterie later. Being able to cast fist at 2m is always useful.
Holy shit Daiyu. It's like her every action and word ooze feminine appeal and raw sex in equal measure. Truly, this is the Demon Lord of a world of monstergirls.

The unnamed husband didn't abandon her willingly, no straight man ever would! Well, there are a few ways he could be coerced into doing that. I'm betting that damned fox was involved. Bad fluffy delenda est!

No matter what one says or does, the eternal argument of "who is best girl" will be had by all. Right now it's a toss up between Sieg and Vilma but Daiyu and Klesiah are quickly moving up the ranks here.
>A mock battle with her majesty and having Klesiah help you is reckless enough to be a fantastic idea.

Adding my vote to this.

>Soul Arms: Core

I like the sound of this, so I'll vote for it, even if I'd like to know a bit more what we can expect of this.
File: 137060134356.png (655 KB, 933x1161)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
>The unnamed husband didn't abandon her willingly, no straight man ever would!
Oh but I've the most wondrous of story to tell you about this!

>I like the sound of this, so I'll vote for it, even if I'd like to know a bit more what we can expect of this.

It increases Arawn familiarity with the spell and unlocks more perks down the line, for now, it manifest as speed. Say a swordsman cut the spell and charge you, you'll be able to cast it again and slam him in the guts if he's not too close to cut you up instead of needing a moment to recreate the arm.

I see, that is useful to know. Speed, less thought process required to form the arms plus more mastery and perks down the line, sounds good enough to me.
>that pic

So there was suffering involved then. Lots and lots of suffering for everyone. I'm starting to think that to be Bad Fluffy's calling card. Everyone suffers, "toy" especially but the others too in service to that end, and she contorts things such that they can't do anything to get back at her without suffering even more than they already are. That assumes they even *can* get back at her in a meaningful way. She'd give ya that little bit of hope, just to see the look on your face when she yanks it all away cackling madly all the while.

There was a reason why Arawn and friends were constantly harried I'd wager. She can't let him have the chance to get esoteric or non-combat related with that magic of his. Poor bastard might just find a way to quarantine the section of his soul she's holed up in, or worse, excise her presence like the cancerous tumor it is! Our unique magic is probably one of the reasons we caught her eye in the first place. Fucking with someone with the potential to actually get back at you is more... exhilarating. No wonder we're her "favorite" toy.
File: 151120937158.png (192 KB, 481x600)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Now now, fluffy one is here to stay so it'd be wise to get used to her presence. She's not going to do anything bad, said so herself, you ought to concentrate on the women before you instead of worrying about an intruder yes?

Now then, seem like we've got a consensus for making Soul Arm into a core spell.
She will be purged from our soul ASAP. Then, because we're keen on doing the whole world a favor, we kill her with extreme thoroughness. How that's done was mentioned in a previous thread.

The order of these things is not technically relevant, but she can probably take us down with her if she's still inside our soul. We'd like to live to see the day where she's become the literal boogyman. Who doesn't exist and indeed never existed in anything except stories and old myths.

Eons warp history. Who knows how much of the ancient myths are actually historical fact after all. We're immortal, we'll live to see that day if we don't get killed somehow.
>A mock battle with her majesty and having Klesiah help you is reckless enough to be a fantastic idea

Daiyu best girl, should have asked for her hand in marriage. Now that would have really stunned her.

Has anyone asked about if our soul arms can use the tech gloves?

So we need to make our soul strong enough to survive gardy and the fox fighting it out. Is that a thing we can train? If anyone can we should cause of soul magic. Unless we need a master soul magic trainer
File: Do you.png (886 KB, 1280x720)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
>Is that a thing we can train? If anyone can we should cause of soul magic. Unless we need a master soul magic trainer.

I'll stay silent on that. You'll need to investigate mysteries of souls to get some glimpses of answers.

Glad to see the Demon Lord is liked so much. That's certainly not the opinion of the people outside her domain.
They've never given her a chance or tried getting to know her. Though I can understand why they have not.

I mean, every single Demon Lord before this one was hell bent on genociding your tripartite collection of races (betting at least one of em' was a "race traitor" to boot so way to catapult the paranoia quotient there one of Daiyu's predecessors).

That she's (inadvertently and unwillingly to be sure but they don't know that) almost batting two out of three whereas all others failed to even hit one out of the park and well... I get it. Still, wish they'd give her a bit of benefit of the doubt.

A neutral observer would conclude that it's like someone was out to fuck Daiyu over at every turn. That someone took joy in seeing her apparently earnest and honest intention to stop all the pointless war and bloodshed between man and monster lead to a result so cataclysmic that it granted humanity's wishes in a way that they now say "be careful what you wish for" in a solemn and serious tone if they have any hint of self awareness. They may not have liked how the Elves handled things in the Allied Kingdoms, and whatever issues they had with the Dwarves (if any), they certainly didn't want what happened to them to have taken place if they could have helped it...
File: 1.jpg (274 KB, 500x414)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
The entire situation with the elves was messy indeed.

Also, the block I wrote about them is rather... janky. Updating while tired/feverish leads to something embarrassing. I might rewrite that chunk of info to make it more palatable.

Also, I've been thinking of doing a little something now... Our quest has gone on long enough for our gals to have been truly defined so I'll see about coming back tomorrow about asking you guys if you'd like me to write a tiny side story about someone, I'll try to think of a subject for everybody.
Now now, best girl or not they ALL deserve happiness.
>Has anyone asked about if our soul arms can use the tech gloves?
Nope, the Magitek gauntlet Belph gave us works by drawing a very small amount of blood whenever we put it on - and since the Soul Arm doesn't *have* a blood flow, the glove won't work on it... although we might be able to research a way to make it work...

>we kill her with extreme thoroughness. How that's done was mentioned in a previous thread.
I still want my Witch-Tail floor rug. If we manage to completely wipe White's soul from existence it should be fine (if very morbid) to keep such a thing around.

>I'll see about coming back tomorrow about asking you guys if you'd like me to write a tiny side story about someone, I'll try to think of a subject for everybody.
Well, I'm certainly not against it! More Tale of Monsters is always welcome in my books.
>I still want my Witch-Tail floor rug.

I would as well, but I'm paranoid and like to play it safe. We won't be able to nab that if we, say, suddenly drop kick the bitch into a portal within the Sun's Coronasphere or the Drive Plume/Combustion Chamber of a magitek rocket engine an instant before Belph or Martha "lights the candle" if ya catch my meaning (and that's just tier 1 of being "thorough" though soul evisceration is a good way of going up to 11 and being absolutely sure it's dead).

No risks. A trophy is nice, but it carries a non-zero chance of risk that she can come back somehow. Thus, bitch dies and only myths remain.
Thing is, if we erase White's soul it may not matter if someone manages to revive her somehow - most likely they'd only bring back a catatonic shell of a witch.

Well, that is quite an assumption my part admittedly. At this point, without research into how souls work I won't push for a Witch trophy too hard. The good old D&D "Disintegrate+Gust of Wind" brand of resurrection prevention method will be just fine with me.
We should talk to the angel soon, see if she has changed her mind about abandoning summoning now that we know she pulled us out of the throne with gardy.

Too late now that she's gone but I wonder if eyeballs could have seen through our memories to find out who mind whammied us into drawing that portal thing.

Also, they just mentioned blood batteries so maybe we could pull it off someday.
Blood Batteries are a bit of a middle ground between alchemy and magitek. It's mostly Martha personal work
So would those batteries allow monsters to use magitek properly? Martha did say corruption gets in the way of a good interface but if ya filtered it out somehow...
File: Lilim4.jpg (162 KB, 572x800)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I'll need to let you ponder this question because I can't be answering that now.
Drat, I'm hoping I'm right about that though. Hell, if all it needs is blood no matter its source it'd make anyone able to use magitech so long as they had the blood to spare. More importantly though...

People, that "Highest Level Magitek Gift" favor we just nabbed with Daiyu is our ticket to shutting Sieg's concerns about our safety up but good and getting in on that suppression mission without having to insist on a ritual to enter our super mode and all the fallout that'd cause. (Hell, we could even swing our Leper disguise again to keep everyone outside Throne Town's elite out of the loop. Damn am I good).

I do believe we noticed that Belph has an honest to god miniature Mech sitting in her lab in a previous thread. If we claim the favor in the form of making us its official pilot I doubt Sieg'd mind us tagging along. We'll be in a fucking mini mecha and it has already been proven that we have a massive mana reserve so we'd get a pretty decent full power operational time with the thing. There was also a steampunk Iron Man suit if I recall but the robot is more protection against us dying horribly as it's, well, a mini mech.

Power armor is worn, mechs can be ejected out of. The machine can die in our stead or be abandoned and teleported to Belph's maintenance bay right after it takes a final big hit in exchange for us surviving as we run for the rear lines like a little bitch. That layer of redundancy would matter to a person who thinks logically like Sieg does. Also, the morale boost. When a mini "giant robot" is on your side, well, it feels pretty darn good. Especially if some hulking horror materializes. Ya just sic the robot on it and continue as you were confident that problem has been dealt with for so long as the mech isn't a heaping pile of scrap.
...Eeeh, I feel like burning that favor just to join the Suppression mission is a bit of a waste. The more we learn about our magic the more options we have to use that favor for - meaning more potential toys tailored SPECIFICALLY for Arawn, not (admittedly powerful) hand-me-downs.
Another way to put it is that Arawn himself isn't at a high enough level to get the most out of that favor.

We could ask Belph about letting us wear the power armor for a very short period just to get a feel for the strain - although I rather doubt she'll agree, the way she talked about it made it seem like even experienced Magitek users have to be careful with that suit.

My memory is a bit spotty about that 'mecha', but if memory serves me right piloting it needed training in golem control. We should probably get started on that sometime soon...

Although we absolutely should bring the favor to Belph's attention, if only to see what options we'll have at this point. I just don't feel strongly about insisting on being included in the mission.

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