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Last time Johnny screwed up big time getting injured trying to befriend a mentally unstable person! Like, awfully! T.T. Neko left Johnny to die after attacking him with her entity Bastet after a bunch of swift and cutting moves! He had the best of intentions though, and at least Amelia brought him to the clinic in time – we will see if he survives or not…

But this thread isn’t about Johnny! Not at all! It’s your time! It’s Lise’s time!

You’re here to help that fatso Bradford. Seems like he got into a pickle: a random scuffle between some delusional guy in a costume, that depressing doomsday cult, and the police. Why? How? Why again? You don’t know, you don’t care! You’re here to extract the fatass outta there ASAP. Nothing more, nothing less!

This isn’t a struggle you’re going into unarmed and unprepared! You were given an Entity just for this special occasion: Welimor! Supposedly because you agreed to this deal, you won’t be able to get another one in future rounds, which is perfectly[i/] fine with you! You couldn’t give less of a rat’s ass about this supernatural crap!

The routine visit to volleyball head in the clinic turned into a big mission to save the most useless person of Constance’s guards. Why you? ‘Cause you’re Big Sis Lise! A title given to you by the little mummy since not even her own parents cared about her. Damn shame. It’s been a while since you were called that way…

Anyway, the guys needed backup and you were the only one there willing to do it. You owe them a big one; Johnny and his pals helped your dad before when you asked for it, so it’s only right you do the same for them. Debts are not something you enjoy having, especially after studying to be an accountant!

For some reason everybody ended up out of commission for this mess. Constance and her spirit guide thing believed in you enough to make this deal. The lanky dude Osgood also put his trust in you, as his soul is somehow tied into this in real ‘deal with the devil’ shit.

A lot of pressure for a dumb fetch quest job…

“Let’s go.” The forever cold Matilda is ready for this just as much as you are. The doors of the tram open onto the platform. Regular people waiting for the ride, random teenage brats hanging around, homeless people here and there asking for change… Just another day in Pokyo Lokyo, huh? “All you need to do is follow my lead, understand? We don’t need a third person playing at being a hero today.”

While you walk with Matilda down from the station and out into the streets, Welimor gets your attention.

“Hey partner! Sis! Forgot to tell you my power! I can detect sound waves and see the directions they spread out from! Maybe we can scope things out! Aren’t the boys in blue involved? If they got car radios going, I can track them down in a minute!” That’s pretty cool, but how does she know what car radios are? Isn’t she supposed to be like a couple thousand years old or some shit?! “I used to do it all the time back with my last partner. Whaddya say?” Huh. Guess that explains that…

How are you going to go about this?

>Tell Matilda to wait so you can use Welimor’s power to track the cops down! The radios must be hot if the situation is that bad…
>Follow Matilda’s lead! You have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going. Better trust the martial artist on this one!
>Ask Matilda to give you a quick briefing about the situation. You were told this is really bad, but what else is there here? Just the fight?
>Ask Matilda to call Johnny’s sister if she doesn’t know where to go! She was the one who spotted the fight, wasn’t she?
>Write In.
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM91m
Discord: https://discord.gg/AmjbaTR
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=do+your+best+quest (Rough Grammar ‘till half of the 9th Thread)
Complete Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-nIx_dvaNCPQ7zLg2BK_ucCyGNM741kAANxqXj7hdDs/edit?usp=sharing


Votes are counted until 25 minutes have passed. This rule doesn't apply to the last reply of the day.
Votes that require a dice roll are counted until 10 minutes have passed, so we can speed the process. Rolls are counted until 10 minutes have passed.

Dice Mechanic (Up for Balance)

We always roll 1d100s!
I use the average (the mean) of the 4 best rolls plus a modifier depending on Johnny’s stats (Knowledge, Courage, etc.) for the quest. The degree of Success will be determined by the difficulty I specify for the action or prompt compared to the result. The stat based modifier is based in the level of Johnny’s stats (+10 per level not counting the first one). If there are less than 4 rolls I’ll do the math with the ones I have. For example:

>Johnny punches Howie! [Hard Roll][Athletic Based]

(Roll 1 + Roll 2 + Roll 3 + Roll 4 + [Stat Based Modifier]) / (Number of Dices Rolled (Max. 4)) = Result!

Rolling over a 95 is a critical strike and ignores the other rolls! In the same vein, rolling 5 or under means a critical failure (Only for hard rolls on)…

The difficulty of the roll is tied with the effectiveness of the action, in other words, the harder the option the better the result for the fight!

Don’t forget at the end of the day this is a Story-driven quest! So what the prompts are describing is more important than difficulty of the rolls are for the results in a fight.

We will roll after the voting is done!
>Follow Matilda’s lead! You have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going. Better trust the martial artist on this one!
>Follow Matilda’s lead! You have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going. Better trust the martial artist on this one!
>Follow Matilda’s lead! You have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going. Better trust the martial artist on this one!
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“Sorry, Welimor. We gotta follow Matilda’s lead.” Maybe in another circumstance you would have followed her advice.
“She ain’t the talking type, so I don’t blame ya sister. Keep in mind I’m here too!” Welimor is pretty upbeat even after being denied. Good thing she’s receptive! That’s the key for teamwork.

“Yeah, sister. I prefer visiting than being visited at the clinic!” You continue walking besides Matilda.
“Sister Lise, your sole job here is to use your entity to protect us from other entities in addition to keeping an eye out for danger. Best case scenario, we’re only here to transport people to a safer place.” Matilda scoffs. “Personally I doubt it. Jobs like this are never that easy.”
“Just call me ‘sister’.” Sounds like you’re part of the cult with all that ‘Sister Lise’ crap. Fuck that! Calling another ‘sister’ is a sign of trust! No need for names! Not like you used to forget them… You hope this girl gets it!

“Alright, sister sister.” Matilda delivery is deadpan. Was that supposed to be a joke…?
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Too long? Maybe ‘sissy’ will work for the best.” Did she just say that?
“I don’t get your sense of humor.”
“That’s probably for the best.”

There appears to be a crowd in your way. You’re tall enough to peek above to see what the commotion’s about. People are using their phone lights enough that you can make out what’s there: A downed hotdog cart and some unconscious men surrounding it on the sidewalk. People are checking on the injured guys here. None your concern!

“I wonder what happened…” You ask out loud without thinking.
“None of our business. Though I could tell you later for a small sum?” Matilda stares at you with those greedy eyes of hers.
“Not interested enough.”
She looks disappointed for the briefest of moments. “Good, because we’re near the battle zone. Follow me; we don’t want to be detected too early.” She sneaks off to a back alley near some decades-old restaurant.

You just follow Matilda through an overwhelmingly difficult path through the backstreets, going up stairs, up ladders, down ladders, over fences, etc. After jumping from one building to another next to a police barricade, you find yourself on the top floor of a two-story abandoned building a street away from the big commotion. All around you are the apartments and tenements of this part of Pokyo Lokyo. Clotheslines, open windows, balconies with plants and chairs on them, alleyways with trash and some street cats wandering around here and there. Right across the street, behind a three-story apartment, you can make out the fourth floor of the old 1-Plus toy factory, abandoned for two years now. You can’t make out much else. It’s like fucking 8 PM at night…
File: 1115.png (75 KB, 512x512)
75 KB

“Shit, how did you even know your way here?”
“Ssshh…” Matilda shuts you up. “Lower your voice. The sound could carry from here.”
“I can barely hear you with all that noise, but sure.” You’re just here following orders.

Matilda pulls out a pair of binoculars and starts looking around. “Our objective is farther away. Let’s go.” She puts them away and turns to walk back the way you came.

“Farther away? Wasn’t all this shit happening in an alley? Isn’t that the same alley right there in front of us?!”
“At the end of it, near that end of the toy factory. Our fat target is there. He’s not moving though.” She hands you her binoculars and points straight ahead. You take them and take a look.

She’s right! The fatso’s unconscious there on the alley floor, and you barely notice some red stains here and there from what little the streetlights show of the scene. That super hero from the news, WILDFLAME, is knocked out next to him. Seems the cultists overpowered both of them, as they are tied up together. There’s also some unconscious cops on the ground near them. Whatever fight happened there, it ended before you arrived…

“What’s up with the others?” You ask Matilda as your give her the stuff back.
“Can’t see them anywhere. Not a good sign at all.”

What!? But they came here first! They should be in the area! What the hell?!

The situation is as follows:

Bradford and Wildflame are tied up together at the end of the alley. Four cultists seem to be holding them hostage. The alley doesn’t have an exit, and it’s surrounded by 2 buildings. At the north is the old factory extending east, immediately south of that are some apartments and mostly tall buildings, and at the west is a big concrete fence bordering an empty lot. You can’t tell what’s past any of those from your vantage point.

What’s your plan here?

>Propose to look for the others.
>Propose to sneak closer!
>Keep following Matilda. You’re here as backup.
>Write in.
>Keep following Matilda. You’re here as backup.
>Keep following Matilda. You’re here as backup.
>Try using Welimor's ability as you follow Matilda. You don't have to stand still to do that shit, right?
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131 KB PNG
You decided to keep following Matilda. Your job here is to be her backup, and you are damn sure you don’t want to get out of here injured.

“What now?”
“They must be fighting elsewhere now. This is our best chance to get the fat man out, if a big fight doesn’t draw their attention. Nothing else will.” Matilda’s eyes are full of determination.
“You sure? Maybe they were late or unsure of what to do.”
“…What makes you think that?”
“Uhm… ‘cause we’re in the exact same situation as them?” You state the fucking obvious.

She stares at you sternly for a bit, then turns away from you. “Keep following me. I have a plan.” Her face remains resolute. You have a good feeling about this! You trail behind her as you slowly get down off the building. Maybe you can gather more info with some help…

“Hey Welimor?” You mind talk to her, or whatever this is supposed to be.
“What’s up?”
“I don’t have to stand still to do your ability, right?”
“Nope! Go right ahead!”

“Cool, what do I need to do to activate it?”
“Just, you know, do it.
“What?” Do what?
“Mine doesn’t require energy from ya, so do it!

“I can’t just do it. That makes no sense.” You can feel Welimor’s disappointment. “Does everyone get this at first no problem or what?”
“Yeah, pretty much. Activating the powers is supposed to be really easy for the humans.”
“Sis, I don’t wanna sound mean or anything, but maybe you’re just a little slow on your tempo…”

What? Why? I asked a perfectly valid question, you runt!” Who the hell does she think she is?!

“What’s the hold up? You’re moving slower than before.” Matilda interrupts.
“Sorry sister. I was thinking about using this monster’s ability. She can detect radio waves or some shit. Could be useful.”
Matilda gives you a curious look then starts looking at the air around you, searching for something. “Can she redirect or intertwine them?”
“Ehm… No? She can find the source though.”

“We’re going to do something fairly simple. Try to see if there are any active sources nearby.” Matilda stops in her tracks. You’re near the front door of the three-story apartment across from the rooftop you were just at, ready to go in any second.

You use your ability! It’s faint all-encompassing veils of different overlapping colors and textures and sizes in the air, going through everything including you. Shit… Kind of trippy. Is this what getting high looks like?!

“It looks like a lot, don’t worry! Focus your eyes past some of them to one you want, grab it, and you’ll know their location. It goes quick so don’t lose track!” Welimor is playing that guitar of hers plucking strings here and strumming there, making a song you can’t hear with your ears.

You move your focus from color veil to color veil and grab the first one in front of you. You can sense it, the place it comes from appearing in your mind as if beamed into it…!
It goes back to… Radyo Lokyo Station. That’s useless to you here!

“The nearer the location, the bigger the veil. Or ribbon, or whatever you want to call it! Try grabbing this purple one!”
“Sure…” You grab the one Welimor mentions. The source is… the abandoned factory! There is a strange machine underground making the cacophony. You can’t tell what it is. “Fuck! There’s something big underground, some sort of fucked-up soundboard… It’s inside the factory, and the signal doesn’t seem to be stopping.” You say out loud for Matilda.

“I see. Perhaps the cult has something significant in there? A project they’re keeping secret from the general public? Must be why they haven’t used the red veil.” Matilda concludes.
“Red veil…? You mean the Cripzone? Volleyball head’s spirit guide told me I can’t use the app since I’m not officially in the competition.” Stopping all tech is a dick move as it is.
“Perhaps we’re meddling with something bigger than we expected.” Matilda closes her eyes and thinks deep for a few seconds. “…Change of plans. We will sneak through the back of the buildings.” Matilda points off to the side, to the corner away from the alley with the cultists.

“What was the other plan anyway?”
“Does it matter now?” She gives you a look.
“I like you going straight to the point.” You smirk. Matilda’s the real deal alright. “But I’m just curious what your train of thought is.”

“Safety first, objective second. That should be good enough to keep you satisfied.”
“So your plan was risky with this information in mind?”
“Yes. Now keep quiet and stay close.” Matilda goes on ahead; she’s going to the apartments. She likes to act as if she has everything figured out, but it’s easy to tell she doesn’t. She’s just as clueless as you are about all this…

Hooray, more ladders! Why do all these old apartments have this stupid emergency ladder attached right next to them?! Looks more dangerous than just walking down the damn stairs! How is this supposed to help anyone in a real emergency like an earthquake? Anyway, you’re officially trespassing now! You need to be cautious!
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Cautious? What cautious?! You’re too busy trying not to yell out in sheer childish joy as you actually zipline through the air, from the rooftop you were on down to the building right next to the toy factory! The factory wall closes in so quickly you almost scream, but good thing there’s a small alleyway between that and the factory. Must be how the cultists got there.

“This is some cool spy shit.” You mutter to yourself when you land on the other rooftop.
“Quiet.” Matilda’s cold stare shuts you up.

Somehow, with the help of some movie gadget Matilda brought for the occasion, you were able to get to the building closest to the injured men! The four men in edgy cloaks are just standing there below you, waiting to be ambushed! Don’t they have anything better to do with their time after a fight?

What will you do now?

>Ambush! Ambush them all right fucking now! Go in while they’re all calmed down!
>Keep following Matilda. You don’t want things to get crazy here. Not this early on.
>Create a distraction somehow. There’s gotta be some junk around here you can use!
>Write In.
>Create a distraction somehow. There’s gotta be some junk around here you can use!
forgot to say this is the last reply of the day, sorry for the awful session.
>awful session
Stop self-deprecating yourself. /qst/ has been fucking slow this whole weekend even though it should be faster slightly, and I have no clue why.
>Keep following Matilda. You don’t want things to get crazy here. Not this early on.
Considering we have like zero combat experience, I don't want to risk an encounter with so many people yet.
>>Keep following Matilda. You don’t want things to get crazy here. Not this early on.
>Keep following Matilda. You don’t want things to get crazy here. Not this early on.
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78 KB
“So what now?” You whisper to Matilda.
“Keep your head down. I’m communicating with the others; no red zone has been activated yet.” Matilda checks her phone. “I just got confirmation about what happened. The confrontation moved a few streets away. We’re clear to move, wait for my signal.”

“Why are they fighting? The mission is to help the fatso, right?”
“They got tangled in the fight; they were clever enough to use it to their advantage and drag everyone out of here. A distraction that can turn deadly with any misstep.”

“That doesn’t sound clever at all, sister.”
“They have some screws loose. Take my word for it.” Matilda doesn’t have the best of experiences with the gang, huh? “Why would they let these chumps guard these two? Makes no sense. They’re barely paying attention to what they are doing, much less their surroundings. Loafing around, guards down.”
“Maybe they are caught in the moment? I don’t think we need to overthink it.” Every moment you spend doing nothing is wasting time, isn’t it?

“Use this.” It’s some kind of… gas mask? It looks creepy in a cool way. You love it! “Cover your face and move fast, we’re going to use the ladder. We go in, seize the target, leave. Perhaps I’ll need to knock out a guy or two. You just go for them when you feel the time is right.”
“W-what are you planning…?” You put the thing on your face. Matilda has one for herself too.
“This.” She opens the little bag she’s been carrying this whole time. Is that a bomb inside?! “It’s a smoke bomb. First time I use something like this…”
“Be careful then!” Matilda is full of tricks! That’s awesome!

The exact moment Matilda threw the smoke bomb, you two were on your way down the emergency exit of the building!
File: 1119.png (103 KB, 512x512)
103 KB
103 KB PNG

“What is this?!” One of the cloaked cultists manages to gasp out as the bomb lands in front of them and proceeds to do its thing! Smoke pours out quickly like liquid and soon covers a big part of the alley! The men (and one woman?) begin to cough profusely! Not subtle at all, but you went through enough subtlety getting here!

You’re finally on the ground! Matilda signals you to go for the injured men – she’s going to knock some guys down while you complete the mission. It’s easier to see through the smoke clouds with the mask on. The little bomb is still pouring that stuff out… You locate the injured duo and free them from the ropes. The superhero seems to be breathing despite being out, though that’s a lot of bloodstains on the fatass…

Wait. Matilda didn’t tell you how you were supposed to drag him out! This is a rushed plan!

What next?!

>Well, pick up Bradford and get going! He looks heavy… [Normal Roll]
>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
>Use your entity to grab Bradford! Vampires are strong, yeah? [Easy Roll]
>Wake Wildflame and have him carry Bradford! He’s a hero isn’t he?! [Hard Roll]
>Write In.
>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
Need some rolls guys, if the low activity continues I may have to put this thread on hold for the weekend.
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Rolled 12 (1d100)

>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
Sorry everyone! Because of lack of activity this thread will be postpone for the weekend (20th)! We will see if we're going to reuse this thread or make new one - hopefully the former.

Keep an eye on Twitter for more information:


nice trips.
Sorry pal, you run at night so I can't play
Rolled 30 (1d100)

>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 13 (1d100)

>>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
Rolled 18 (1d100)

>>Use your entity to grab those two! Two hand for two people! [Normal Roll]
File: 1120.png (89 KB, 512x512)
89 KB

25.25! Complete utter failure for a Normal Roll!


Okay, you need to grab both of them! Let’s use Welimor for this! Ehm… How exactly do you call her out?

“Sister! You just need to grab your flame to lead me to center stage!” Welimor eases your doubts, but…
“Where was my flame again?” You mentally ask her.
“On your butt, sister! Left cheek!” Why is it there?! Who the fuck put it there?! Doesn’t matter! You slap your butt! “You need to grab the flame, not smack it! This isn’t the time for a party, Lise!”

You get over your embarrassment and do it properly this time!

Doesn’t really feel like a flame at all – not like you were dumb enough to burn your hand with a lighter a few days ago to know the difference, or anything… It almost feels like whipped cream! After a tingling sensation spreading rapidly through your body, now you see Welimor floating next to you.

“Nice, sister! You’re pretty gifted! It takes longer for others to fully invoke us at first!” Welimor seems impressed.
“That’s good and all, but we need to grab these two!” Flattery is great for later!
“Move me! I’m an extension of your body now! Don’t forget that.” Welimor grins.

She’s right! It’s like your mind is able to control her body like it’s part of yours. Doesn’t feel weird at all, almost natural. You try to grab both at the same time using your entity…

“Sis! We just need the fat man! Leave the circus freak behind!”
“I can’t leave the other guy hanging…!” Even if he’s a goofy fuck you really don’t like.
“Your call, sis. Maybe if we do real good here, we can keep this partnership going.” Welimor seems excited. To be honest, you feel the same way. Now that you’re getting used to this, you don’t feel like giving this up.

With both men on Welimor’s shoulders, you begin your escapade through the smoke cloud – you’re going straight back using the same path the first time. Welimor can float while you climb the ladder. But the good momentum comes to a screeching halt as one of the cultists trips you with his body! The guy was toppling over for some reason, and you were unlucky to trip on him at the worst possible time!
File: 1121.png (100 KB, 512x512)
100 KB
100 KB PNG


You eat dirt and so does your partner! The two guys drop straight with enough momentum they roll away from the smoke cloud, out of your sight. Quickly you kick away the wounded member of the cult to pursue the bodies you dropped.

You find yourself out of the smoke cloud, a few feet away from the main street! On the ground right in front of you are Bradford and WILDFLAME, both still unconscious. You pick yourself up to try to approach them…

“Don’t move an inch or I’ll pull the trigger.”
An old-looking man with a suit and goatee is next to Bradford, pointing a revolver at you! He looks old enough to be your father’s age, give or take five years. Bradford the fat bastard somehow rolled away way farther in the opposite direction than that wannabe superhero. Perhaps he was just so fat he bounced further? “So you lost your humanity too, huh? It’s always young chaps like you…” That voice of his is way too calm and contemplative for a standoff like this! He cocks the hammer back with his thumb, drawing an ominous click through the area. You have seen enough movies to know he’s ready to shoot!

He notices you have Welimor by your side! He can see flame ghosts! He’s bad news! Terrible news!

“I’m taking the fat kid, so I suggest you leave before the others wake up.” He grabs Bradford by his shirt, still pointing his revolver at you.

Even so, you feel something odd. Maybe it’s the fact you’re staring death in the face, or it’s all the good you felt earlier draining out of you, but something doesn’t feel right about that gun of his. You’ve seen enough guns thanks to Dad to tell that much…

Your life is actual danger! This is do-or-die! You have to stay calm…

>Relax, don’t move. You’re not dying for anyone today. Breathe in, breathe out… [Hard Roll]
>“What are you doing to do with him?” Get him talking! That always works in the movies!
>”Please don’t shoot! I just need the fat man out of here!” Desperation. Begging for your life.
>You can die any moment here. How are you going to get out of this…? (Freeze up in place.)
>TURN AND RUN! He won’t shoot you in the back, will he?! You have to LIVE no matter what!
>Attack the man with Welimor! A vampire rockstar can take a bullet or two (maybe)! [Very Hard Roll]
>Write In.
>>Relax, don’t move. You’re not dying for anyone today. Breathe in, breathe out… [Hard Roll]
>Throw the nearest thing or person towards him
>You can die any moment here. How are you going to get out of this…? (Freeze up in place.)
wait for opportunity, he can't haul this much fat and shoot at us at the same time safely right?
Rolled 8 (1d100)

>distract guy so Matilda can come do something awesome
Martial arts is perfect for this situation, right??
>You can die any moment here. How are you going to get out of this…? (Freeze up in place.)
>Relax, don’t move. You’re not dying for anyone today. Breathe in, breathe out… [Hard Roll]

We're doing these two! Please roll for the second!
Rolled 15 (1d100)

Rolled 63 (1d100)

Rolled 63 (1d100)

File: 1525942845870.jpg (207 KB, 687x613)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Rolled 51 (1d100)

Time to fail again.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

File: 1122.png (191 KB, 512x512)
191 KB
191 KB PNG

48! Partial Success for a Hard Roll!


You can die any moment here. How are you going to get out of this…?

“Sister, snap out of it!” Welimor words ring through your head, but they aren’t able to crack through.

You can’t move your body, it feels numb and cold all over… Your heart is beating way too fast…

“Smart girl. At least your body made the right decision for you.” He notices you’re trembling in place, giving you a pitying look. The man drags Bradford away slowly, eyes still on you, gun still pointing.
Ready to fire.
Ready to kill you.

Somehow, dragging him on the alley floor wakes up the fat man.
“Aaah…” Bradford moans out weakly. He is severely injured and covered in drying blood, and you didn’t do him any favors dropping him like a sack of bricks before. He’s not even able to open his eyes.

“I won’t need to drag you any longer, don’t worry.” The man releases Bradford’s shirt, collapsing him on the ground near the sidewalk. “Quick, tell me what I want to know, Brad.”
“N-No…!” Bradford gasps out, trying and failing to drag his fat body away from the old man’s voice.

C’mon, you need to calm down! Damn nerves! Damn it! Damn it all!

“Sister it’s alright to be afraid, we can put this concert on hold. Just put in a good word about my performance with the Judge, alright? I want an encore in the future!” Welimor already threw the towel!

Breathe in, breathe out… You’re not dying for anyone today.
You can’t shake it off though… The cold fear is still holding you inside.
File: 1123.png (99 KB, 512x512)
99 KB

“Brad, it’s your fault things went this way. You know it breaks my heart, but traitors don’t deserve better. This is no place to talk for long. I’m taking enough risks giving you this chance to redeem yourself. Now tell me where she is.
“No… She’s just a little girl…! She didn’t deserve… any of this!”

A girl…? Who?

“That’s not what I want to hear.” He moves his gun and shoots Bradford in the left knee! The close gunshot noise deafens your unprotected ears – wait, what? You can still hear! It was loud, but not loud enough to make your deaf and set your ears bleeding like it normally should! That’s not supposed to…
”AAAAAAAAAAAH!” Bradford shrieks in pain, dispelling those thoughts from your mind!

This is your golden opportunity! Fuck being nervous, you have to do something right! RIGHT?!

“Lise! If you aren’t feeling it, you aren’t feeling it! Okay?! I don’t want my retirement tour to turn into some funeral dirge! …Lise?” Welimor’s words in your head are a total mess, just like you are now.


>Fuck it! Nerves or no nerves, this is the only window of opportunity you have! Use Welimor to take him down! [Very Hard Roll]
>Close your eyes and run away from this tragedy. Sorry Bradford, but you want to live. [Easy Roll]
>Write In.
>Close your eyes and run away from this tragedy. Sorry Bradford, but you want to live. [Easy Roll]
>Fuck it! Nerves or no nerves, this is the only window of opportunity you have! Use Welimor to take him down! [Very Hard Roll]
>>Fuck it! Nerves or no nerves, this is the only window of opportunity you have! Use Welimor to take him down! [Very Hard Roll]

Time to be a hero! Please roll!
Rolled 16 (1d100)

Literally everybody Johnny knows is getting horrifically injured in some way and there's nothing he can do about it.
Rolled 78 (1d100)

Time to die
Rolled 46 (1d100)

anybody lurking the thread please roll or we die
Rolled 26 (1d100)

Hell yeah let's get fucked.
Rolled 78 (1d100)

Rolling for a second chance; watch me fail
Rolled 92 (1d100)

File: 1124.png (141 KB, 512x512)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

57! Let’s see if this enough…!

Breaks my heart leaving the 92 out, sorry.


Fuck it! Nerves or no nerves, this is the only window of opportunity you have! You can’t let everyone down by just running away. You were so nervous before, you didn’t even notice you called your partner off. Let’s fix that!

“Welimor!” You bring your partner out for a final chance to save Bradford!
“Let’s rock!” She pulls her guitar out, raring to break the man’s face with it! You move to take action.

As you get closer, you hear a heavy sigh from the old man. “Tsk… I’m a bit too soft sometimes.” The man spins around with his gun in hand, and shoots you in the right foot – precision is his forte as he somehow manages to land the bullet perfectly even with Welimor in the way. You trip and scream in pain!
“AAAAAAAHH!!” A raw noise spills from your mouth while you hold your broken foot, a deep scalding ache radiating through it into the rest of your leg. Keeping your eyes open through the agony, you see your blood pouring out of the hole and between your fingers. Out of the corner of your eye, you see what’s left of the bullet in a hole on the grimy alley floor.
“Who’s that…?! What did you do?!” Bradford screams. For a second there he forgot all about his pain. His eyes are still too covered in blood for him to see your sorry state.

“Just a dumbass girl thinking she can help you destroy this world.” The man slowly starts walking closer to you.
“Fuck… You…” You respond in-between your grit teeth, all your bravado back! Guess you are going to visit mother in hell soon enough…

“Lise?!” Bradford recognizes your voice and realizes you were dumb enough to put yourself in this situation.
“Sorry, you fat piece of shit. Couldn’t do anything to help…” Same as always, no matter how hard you try…

Forcing your body against all the pain signals, you rise shaking on your own two feet, weight mostly on your right one. Welimor supports you from your left. You give the pathetic old man the most defiant glare you can muster.

“Stay down.” His hand tilts down and he shoots you in your right leg, the one without injuries. You eat dirt again, feeling the same deep burning ache spreading through your new bullet wound… You don’t have enough energy within yourself to keep Welimor out any longer.
“GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” You cry out again, the tears continuing nonstop into your gas mask. Your efforts were futile, you bit off more than you could chew – it was destined for things to end like this. “Stop! Please! I don’t wanna die! I won’t do this again! It hurts so much!” Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
“That ain’t enough anymore, lass. Say your prayers.” He points directly at your face, right between your eyes.

This is it.
File: Spoiler Image (46 KB, 512x512)
46 KB

“W-wait! Kaz! I’ll tell you everything... Just don’t hurt her anymore!” Bradford pleads from his spot on the ground. He can’t move either. “I beg you…”
You see the evil goateed bastard chuckle and lift the gun away from you. The little relief you feel at seeing this drains as fast as it comes. “So there’s still a little honor left in you, Brad. That’s good. I’ll leave this girl alone, if you give me the information I need.” The man stares at Bradford now. You can’t feel much of your left foot or anything past the bleeding hole in your upper thigh.

Somewhere from behind you in the back part of the alley, you hear some scuffling sounds. They sound like they’re getting closer… The cultists must be up again, they’ll probably be here any second at this rate.

Even if he leaves you here…

You’re already dead.

“She’s… at Calamity’s clinic! You happy?! But Kaz, she’s just 9 yea—”

You hear a gunshot, and your eyes briefly see the bullet that ends up silencing Bradford as his eyes go wide. It pierces right in his chest. The man keeps shooting repeatedly without stopping to reload, making sure his deed is done. Bradford’s now-unmoving swollen body keeps receiving more and more lead, the cracking sounds echoing off the wall nearby. His eyes still look up at the man killing him, but you don’t see much life left in the fat photographer.

Bradford is dead… And it’s all your fault.
File: Spoiler Image (153 KB, 512x512)
153 KB
153 KB PNG

The same horrible cold feeling oozes across your body a second time as the man turns and walks towards you again. “Now, back to you…
“B-but… You said you would…”

“I said I’d leave you alone. I didn’t say I’d leave you alive.

You can’t hold yourself back any longer. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! WELIMOR! CONSTANCE! DAD…!” No! YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE!
“I can’t do anything, Lise. I’m sorry I brought you here… I can’t believe this is happening again…” Welimor sounds as hollow as her words do.

The old man spits down in front of you. “Have some dignity, you bi—” But out of nowhere, a blur moves out of the darkness past you, disarms the man, throws his weapon away, and drops him on the floor! It’s Matilda! “What the f—”
“Shut up.” Matilda commences her barrage of punches, one after the other, all on the man’s face – she takes off her gas mask and keeps going and going, and going and going. He’ll be a bloody mess just like Bradford at this rate!

“Stop right there, you cunt!” A cultist kid comes from where the smokescreen was, pointing the son of a bitch’s revolver. He must have picked it up after Matilda came in. Looking back, the smoke is no more and there is a pile of cultists’ men unconscious… The kid is pointing at Matilda. “Leave the boss alone, or I’ll shoot!

Matilda stops dead in her tracks. Her face is completely coated in blood, but her eyes are a nightmare.
File: Spoiler Image (66 KB, 512x512)
66 KB

“Hands in the air, and move the fuck away slowly! If you don’t do as I say I’ll shoot you, and I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Matilda! So please, just give me a reason. I fucking dare you to give me a reason. And yes, I know I’m lucky.” The cultist kid talks in a voice dripping with venom. Wait, they know each other?!

Matilda silently raises her arms and stands up, turns, and stares at the kid. Her hands are all red from the blood. The man is lying unconscious like the other cultists. Not enough, but it’ll do.

“Go to the wall, quick!” The kid shrieks like a middle schooler, annoying sack of shit… Matilda slowly walks towards the fence next to the empty field.

As difficult as it may seem, watching all this happen stopped you from feeling the dull pain from your foot and leg. Now that you think about it, the pain from your soaked legs is no longer a mind-searing agony. It feels farther than two bone-breaking perforations should be. You could do with a good nap right about now…

“You think it was funny to throw me away like that?! Huh?! You know how it feels?! Or you don’t fucking remember?!”
Matilda just stares at the kid with those dead eyes of hers.
“You know nothing about what I went through, bitch! The humiliation, the pain, the loneliness! You fuckin’ understand?! Of course you don’t! You need to learn… Take your shirt off, now!”
Matilda blinks and looks bewildered.
“I said NOW!” What the fuck is wrong with this pervert?!

You can’t feel a thing from anything past your waist… Are these your final moments? What now…?

>“Matilda… His gun doesn’t work…” There was something off about it. So maybe it’s true?
>Scream for help! Your throat is worth nothing to you if you can’t use it right now! HELP!
>Just keep watching, there is nothing you can do. There never really was anything you could do…
>Focus harder than you ever have before, summon Welimor, and smash this fucker’s head in. [Very Hard Roll]
>Write In.
>Just keep watching, there is nothing you can do. There never really was anything you could do…
File: Despair Return.jpg (62 KB, 447x686)
62 KB
>Just keep watching, there is nothing you can do. There never really was anything you could do…
>Focus harder than you ever have before, summon Welimor, and smash this fucker’s head in. [Very Hard Roll]
>>Focus harder than you ever have before, summon Welimor, and smash this fucker’s head in. [Very Hard Roll]
>Focus harder than you ever have before, summon Welimor, and smash this fucker’s head in. [Very Hard Roll]
we're going to go in a wheelchair might as well upgrade to a bodybag
25 minute time to vote, people. Come on now.
File: 1128.png (70 KB, 512x512)
70 KB
You have no strength left. You knew what was coming and perhaps you took it too lightly. Sadly, all you can do is to keep watching this shit happen. There is nothing you can do. There never really was anything you could do…

The human scum takes his phone out and starts filming Matilda slowly taking her top off. This is so humiliating even you feel it over the two bloody wounds on your lower body.

“Eugh…” He says with way too much revulsion. “You ugly dyke, this is disgusting! Are you happy looking like this? Do you think anyone finds this attractive?”
Matilda keeps glaring at this repulsive pig.
“Now take your pants off. C’mon, I know your would do it for pennies anyway. That’s the kind of slut you are!”
Matilda unbuckles her belt.
“Hey, hey, hey! Do it with some energy! You have to spice things up with a body like that.”

“Shut it.” Matilda’s voice comes out in a raspy hiss that would send chills down your spine if you had any chills left to have. She scoffs and buckles her belt back.
“Oh? Do you want me to shoot you? I mean my boss Kaz would be happy if I did.” The kid taunts in that annoying nasally voice of his.

“So who is this boss ‘Kaz’ you’re talking about, apprentice Howie? Care to explain?” You didn’t even notice, but a man also wearing robes appears from the alley near the factory. He’s got a pencil mustache and looks foreign.
“Be-be-be—” Howie is out of words. His hands shake uncontrollably as he turns the gun on the cultist man. This only makes him laugh in a disturbingly good-natured way.
“Pointing a gun at me is very ill advised, apprentice.”

“C’mon, quick.” Shit, you didn’t notice but Matilda rushed next to you from the fence. She puts your arm behind her back and starts carrying you away along with her top.

“Hey girls, I was told by my followers I’m quite attractive – why won’t you stay a little longer and find out for yourselves?” The man in robes asks, still with that amused voice. Your vision is too blurred from the leftover tears to judge for yourself, but you can tell more cultists are starting to appear from near the factory as well, out from the darkness.
“Not interested in maniacs.” Matilda says as she continues walking fast as she can, dragging you by her side.

You know she’d run if you weren’t being a burden to her, along with everybody else…

“F-f-fuck!” The kid tries shooting at the man in robes. Empty chambers click as he keeps pulling the trigger, expecting the obvious to happen. “S-shit!” The skinny prick shoves the gun and his phone in his pocket, running towards Bradford’s killer. He tries to do the same as Matilda with that son of a bitch and run.
File: 1129.png (284 KB, 512x512)
284 KB
284 KB PNG

A condescending tut tut comes from the cultist man. “So disrespectful. Guys go for them, I want to hear whatever secrets they have in store.” The bunch of cultists start moving menacingly past the cloaked man towards the twin duos, but their pursuit comes to a halt! The big doofus superhero stops them with his large arms, blocking their path!

“Oh my… I thought we had you under control.” The leader of the cultist group says, his voice still fucking smug.
“A real superhero defies logic to uphold justice!” It’s WILDFLAME! He’s barely alive – just like you! His body is covered in cuts and injuries that look burned closed. Did he do that? “I’ll stop them! GO! The invincible spirit will march on in the hearts of others, that is my pledge to all of you!” You’re either hallucinating from blood loss, or there’s really a fiery glow around WILDFLAME coming from a bird on his head. It’s so real-looking, you can feel the heat from these meters away! Weird, isn’t dying supposed to feel cold…?
“Hmph. You’re barely on your feet! A pitiful sight… If you’re so insistent, then I’ll accept your sacrifice. A proper end worthy of a hero is something I’ll enjoy granting you.”
“I’ll bring you cultist scum down. Even if it means my heart will beat it’s final… ehm… beat!”

“You’re a crazy demented sack of shit!” The kid quips back as he slowly drags his comrade out. He’s aiming to go the opposite way Matilda is taking you, going by the way he’s aiming for on the street.

“I have really good ears, sister…” Welimor murmurs faintly in your mind. You kind of forgot about her somewhere after you started leaking blood twice in a row.

“Don’t die on me, you understand sister?” Matilda is determined to save you! She even called you sister for real! Brings fresh tears to your eyes.
“I’ll try…” You try to smile at Matilda. You begged, you screamed and cried… Perhaps the way you wanted to go out was with a little bit of hope? No, fuck that! That’s lame as hell!

It doesn’t take you long for you to go unconscious like the goateed madman…

[Meanwhile back at Johnny]

“The hell was that? Is Lise alive or what?! What about WILDFLAME? That was the leader of the cult, wasn’t he? Show me the rest! I know there’s more to this!” You yell impotently at Athelone. This monster nurse has to be lying to mess with you… This has to be bait, some illusion or something to punish you fucking up… Right?
“I apologize, but we are only able to see through Welimor’s eyes. Both her and Lise are currently unconscious.” Athelone explains.
“They are still alive, I can feel them. I don’t know for how long though…” Constance nods meekly. She saw more horror and suffering than any child her age should have.

“Did you enjoy the show, Johnny Ando? Was it really worth it to get yourself injured and make me do this, or do you regret your actions now? Hmmmm?” Athelone grins at you in that infuriating smug way of hers, looking at you with eyes hungering for… something. It pisses you off, but it hurts more that there’s nothing you can do about it here.

How do you respond to this nurse from a horror movie?

>“You’re sick. Why do you get off on showing me these things? What’s wrong with you?!” How does someone like Constance have HER for a partner?!
>“Yeah yeah, I get it now. Now send me back to my body, god damn it.” You’re done here. What’s waiting for you outside this place…?
>“Why Lise? She didn’t have any experience fighting! I could have got you a list of people better for it than her.” What will Constance do without her?!
>“What happened to Osgood and the others?! Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There IS more to this!
>”Philo, what’s your take on this? Could Welimor be sending us wrong info, or is this real?” Better to take Philo’s second opinion on this…
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day, we continue tomorrow.)
>“What happened to Osgood and the others?! Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There IS more to this!
>“What happened to Osgood and the others?! Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There IS more to this!
>”Philo, what’s your take on this? Could Welimor be sending us wrong info, or is this real?” Better to take Philo’s second opinion on this…
>>“What happened to Osgood and the others?! Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There IS more to this!
>“Why Lise? She didn’t have any experience fighting! I could have got you a list of people better for it than her.” What will Constance do without her?!
>“What happened to Osgood and the others?! Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There IS more to this!
File: 1130.png (212 KB, 512x512)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
“What happened to Osgood and the others? Weren’t there more people supposed to be there?” You’re not imagining it! There is more to this than you’re being told!
“I’m afraid we’re going to find out later. My abilities have their limits, and that’s not taking into account how much my dear crystal princess can endure.” Athelone keeps her unsettling grin going, baring her twin rows of razor-sharp teeth. “But please answer the questions dear Jonathan.”
“We get the point, no need to drill our heads with it.” Philonune is not one bit amused either. The pain of screwing up is still fresh in his mind, just like yours.

“Why are you lying to him?” Constance grabs Athelone’s dress and gently pulls it down to grab her attention. Athelone floats lower to get close to Constance. “Constance, I haven’t lied to him. Perhaps you need to re—”
“We made a contract with Mr. Osgood, we can see what he’s doing too.” An assertive Constance reminds her monster of this so-called contract. Constance closes her eyes and resumes talking. “Johnny, they are still alive. They’re escaping in a cool-looking car. Everyone is safe, but other people are chasing them.” She opens her eyes again, giving Athelone a look.

Philonune folds his arms and taps his arm with a finger. “So… can you explain to us why you just lied to our face?” He’s at Athelone’s throat now!
Athelone giggles. “I just had a lapse! My apologies.” It doesn’t sound sincere one bit, and you both know it.

“Philo, what’s your take on this? Could Welimor be sending us wrong info, or is this real? Or maybe someone is hiding something again…?” You stare at the nurse. She uses one of her hands to wipe her forehead.
“All you saw was real, Johnny.” A sad Constance interrupts you. “Athelone forbid me to use this power before. I don’t understand it myself either.”
“Privacy is important, and this is draining for you…” Athelone pats Constance’s volleyball head as if nothing happened. “We have wasted enough energy. You need some rest.”

“Woah, hold on a second! This meeting ain’t over yet! I need some answers and you’re going to give them to me.” No way you’re letting her weasel out of this. “Why Lise? She didn’t have any experience fighting! I could have got you a list of people better for it than her.”
Athelone’s eyes open wide as she glares scornfully at you, eyebrows narrowed. “You’re questioning our choice? Don’t forget who you work for…”

“Do you trust us or not?” Philonune intervenes on your behalf. “Answer my partner, or you’re only confirming our suspicions. I got tired of being constantly lied to back where I used to be.”

“That’s the issue isn’t it? ‘Trust.’ Who else could Constance and I trust in except her? She was the only one fitting for the task at hand.” Athelone replies. Her irritation isn’t any different. “Anyone else could have taken advantage of the moment to kill Constance on the spot if we gave them such power! Since the moment you gained your fallen angel as your partner, you haven’t made the most trustworthy of connections, Jonathan.”

You had enough of her patronizing you like this!

Can’t let her rile you up, that’s what she wants. “Two things. One; I’m sick and tired of you calling me ‘Jonathan.’ My name is ‘Johnny’ and I never want to hear you call me Jonathan ever again.” You scold the monster with all the week’s pent-up frustration. “And two; she was not fit for a mission like this. Did you even want this mission to succeed?”

“Hehehehe… You understand nothing, Johnny Ando. What makes you think I sent her to accomplish anything of note? There was a baaaaaad reckless boy here who hadn’t learnt his lesson. The weight of his actions, the consequences, the pain he’s brought on everyone around him. Now he saw the light and won’t do anything stupid.” Athelone chuckles.
“Staring at the light will only blind you to everything else around it.” Philonune tries to sound philosophical. He must be speaking from experience. “You too have lost your way, Judge.”

My way? There only two missions for me to complete. One is keeping Constance safe, the other is to fulfill my duties for this war game. I needed you to accept this lesson so we can accomplish mission one.” Her eyes glitter with sadistic glee. “But it seems you’re too inept to accomplish anything your friends ask of you. What a shame…
File: 1131.png (124 KB, 512x512)
124 KB
124 KB PNG

“Athelone. This was all part of your plan…?” Constance interrupts the conversation. For once she’s genuinely angry.
Athelone smiles back at Constance, as if that would ease the issue. “I had a little more faith in the Villiers’ girl, but oh well. Disappointments happen in life, our gentlemen here being fine examples of that. This is the way she’ll atone for the sins her family committed against you. And now thanks to her lack of dexterity, we know the fat gentleman was a traitor. Good riddance.

“You did this all on purpose? Just to teach Johnny a stupid lesson? That doesn’t make sense!” Constance is flabbergasted, but her anger refuses to waver! “They were my FRIENDS. Big sis Lise and Bradford didn’t deserve this! The only one here who needs to be punished is YOU.
“Constance, do you not understand? I did this all for this world’s future! Your future! Now the fallen angel and Johnny are prepared to ta—”

“I never asked for this…!” Constance is… crying. This betrayal from Athelone must be hitting her hard.
“No… my dear…! I—” Athelone is at a loss for words. She fucked up too.

The world around you is starting to crumble as Constance’s tears keep pouring down her face…

“I’m sorry, Constance…” You manage to call out to her before this dream world disintegrates…
File: 1132.png (188 KB, 512x512)
188 KB
188 KB PNG

That was depressing… But somehow you remain in the Bridge Between Worlds. Alone in the void with your fallen angel.

“Partner, we need to talk.” Philonune is sitting near you, playing with his spear of light.
“I’m never going to get used to being in a place like this.” There is no floor! The space just stretches onto nothing! Okay, the jokes aren’t coming easy for you after what you just saw. “Uh… So what did you want to talk about?”

“What’s next for us. We’re alive, and the game continues with or without us. Our nemesis is out there planning who knows what, and we still haven’t tracked him down. Our allies are injured or falling in action left and right. Our chances are grimmer than before. Even so, we’re still alive and that’s what counts.” Philonune points his weapon at you. The spear point aims for your heart, but you don’t feel afraid. “You’re still in charge and you still have me. So make a decision, any decision at all, and I’ll make sure you follow it.”

“But everything went wrong because of me. Because I wasn’t expecting something obvious until it finally happened.” You were stupid and overconfident, and it got you the closest to death you have ever been.
“No time for self-pity, Johnny. After I fell, I got over whatever feelings and regrets I still had. I settled on a new goal and I moved on with myself. I still trust you, and I will until the end.” Philonune grins.

If Philonune still believes in you, if there is still hope, then maybe… you can turn this around.
For everyone who sacrificed themselves, and for everyone still hanging on for dear life! Honestly, it’s hard to hype yourself up after your mistakes, but you have to. It’s the choice you made.

What’s your first objective?

>Protect Constance and keep everyone safe! That old man knows where Constance is now!
>Chase Bradford’s killer! You have to stop him from killing Constance or any other Judges!
>Track down the Creator’s forces! Out of all the enemies you have, he’s the true enemy here.
>Settle the score with Amelia’s dad Joel. He’s one more loose end you still need to deal with.
>Don’t know! You probably ain’t the leader anymore to make this decision. Wait and see?
>Write In.
>>Write In.
Restructuring of group dynamics, we suck as being leader.
>Chase Bradford’s killer! You have to stop him from killing Constance or any other Judges!
>Chase Bradford’s killer! You have to stop him from killing Constance or any other Judges!
>>Protect Constance and keep everyone safe! That old man knows where Constance is now!
File: 1133.png (42 KB, 512x512)
42 KB
“We’re going to chase down Bradford’s killer. Nobody is getting to that poor little girl while we’re alive! We signed a contract anyway, so we never really had a choice did we?” You joke at Philo, feeling better already.
“Ha! Your sense of humor never falters!”
“It’s how I cope…” The others have their problems, but they don’t know what you’ve been through.
“Regardless, we will have this man’s head before long!”

“Ehm… I don’t know about that, but I can assure you he’s going to get another beating – a big one.” You pump your fist.
“We will pave the path to heaven, and bring those bastards back to reality!”
“I have no idea what that means or what you’re referring to – but HELL YEAH!

You two awkwardly fist bump! It’s a new chapter! It’s a new page! You get the idea! You will try your best for real now…!

“Sooooooo what now?”
“We wait for you to wake up from whatever the doctors did to you. It should happen soon with how time is altered in here.” Philonune is still hyped.
“Oh. That’s… Ehm… kinda anticlimactic.” You kick at the non-existent ground. You can feel a floor there, but there’s nothing to see. Surreal!
“I can finish the meeting if you want me to. Not sure if you’re still unconscious on the outside, or if your body is simply waiting for your mind to return.”

“No, no. This is nice, we can talk.”
“Johnny, I know your heart is not in the right place to have a chat now. We can chat whenever you want. I’m ending the call.”
“But my point is—”

Suddenly you wake up! Unsurprisingly, you are at the clinic! Good old patient room, you’re back again… Fuck, your body hurts like hell! Like holy fucking poodles, breathing hurts! Everything hurts! Why didn’t they give you painkillers or something?! Maybe they weren’t good enough to soothe the suffering and this is the best you got, or they wore off a while ago?

Doesn’t matter! You need to focus! You look around the place, ignoring the tubes and stuff still attached to your arms…
File: 1134.png (47 KB, 512x512)
47 KB

“Heh! I didn’t think you would wake up while I was visiting. What a lucky coincidence.” It’s… Terry! What a monumental disappointment!
“S’up?” You want to stand up and get off the bed. The pain is unbearable and you don’t want to risk any of these tubes getting messed up, so you stay put. “Do I look like shit?”
The expression on Terry’s face tells you everything you’ve feared. “That would be the understatement of the week. I came to visit with Scarlet, she went to the bathroom earlier – maybe you could play dead a little longer until she comes back? That would probably make her happy.” He looks back at the door, expecting her to come through any moment.
“Woah, that’s nice coming from the two of you.” Not exactly the people you were expecting here when you woke up, but life is full of surprises!

“You prefer if I don’t ask you what happened? Because I’m really curious to be honest. Maybe I should call a doctor or something since you’re up. You look better than someone who just woke up after almost being killed.” Good thing he’s here despite his eerie calm. Maybe he can tell you some things to help you out…

How do you respond?

>“Can you do me a solid and go search for a girl named Constance in this clinic? I need to talk to her.”
>“Yeah, I prefer not to talk about it. I fucked up, let’s just leave it at that.” You were punished enough!
>“It’s just the two of you? Where is my sister? Is Amelia alright?” Was she the one who saved you?
>“What day is it? How long was I out?” Couldn’t have been longer than a week at most, right?!
>“Did you punish Scarlet while I was out? Because you know how I feel about that.” He should, at least.
>Write In.
>>“What day is it? How long was I out?” Couldn’t have been longer than a week at most, right?!
>“It’s just the two of you? Where is my sister? Is Amelia alright?” Was she the one who saved you?
>“What day is it? How long was I out?” Couldn’t have been longer than a week at most, right?!
>“It’s just the two of you? Where is my sister? Is Amelia alright?” Was she the one who saved you?
>“What day is it? How long was I out?” Couldn’t have been longer than a week at most, right?!
File: 1135.png (97 KB, 512x512)
97 KB
“It’s just the two of you? Where is my sister? Is Amelia alright?” You ask as you remember the situation you are in!
“Yes, it’s only the two of us for now. Believe me, a lot of people have been cycling in and out this room just to come to see you. I thought you were quite a lonely kid – boy was I wrong! I’m actually jealous!” What? He’s lonely too? The feud with Scarlet isn’t all there is to him?
“Is my sister alright?”

“Yes, she is, kinda.”
“What do you mean?” No, no, no…
“I need to be real with you for a second. I know there are better suited people to tell you this, but your friend ‘Bradford Cahill’ died. He was in the middle of a street fight between some gang and the police, and a random bullet hit him. I’m sorry man.” You can feel Terry’s sorrow coming from his voice. He probably didn’t know Bradford well if at all, only knowing that you were friends with him. Doesn’t make it any easier for him to give you the bad news.

You close your eyes and let a silent moment of peace pass. Sorry Bradford, your death was on you and no one else.

You know full well Terry is lying to your face, thinking you don’t know the bitter truth.
Or maybe someone fed him wrong info and he thinks it’s genuine? Either way, you let it slide.

“He was a nice dude. A little eccentric, but a nice dude overall.” He had a cool little ability that could’ve been really strong if used right. He left this world as undisputed poker champion. His legacy won’t be lost on you or your friends. You wonder how Osgood is handling it, wherever he is now.
“I pray he finds peace.” Terry gives you a solemn bow. “As for your sister, she’s off attending your friend’s funeral.”

“I see…” Poor Amelia, you broke your promise again. “Wait, his funeral? What day is it? How long I was out?”
“Today’s Sunday, Johnny. You were out for almost three days. The doctors weren’t kidding when they told us you heal fast; normally it would have taken longer for you to wake up. it’s almost some sort of black magic.”

“Yeah… Black magic…” You stare at Philonune in his flame form, smiling knowingly back at you.

Someone’s opening the door. It’s Scarlet! Her sad expression brightens the moment she sees you awake! She runs towards you as tears of happiness run down her face! Oh man, you can’t believe how worried she is about you! She falls to her knees next to your bed. Her face is really close to yours. Reminds you of a better time, like the movie night you spent with her before things went worse.
File: 1136.png (67 KB, 512x512)
67 KB

“J-J-Johnny! I’m so g-g-glad!” She’s crying her heart out! She wants to hug you so bad, but cannot! It’s heartbreaking! “What happened?! Did you get into anothew fight? Did you fight a weal beaw this time? I was so wowwied!” Her lisp is back from distress. If you could safely move any muscle right now, you would try to calm her down.

“I’m sorry…” That’s all you can come up with.
“C’mon Scarlet, give Johnny some space…” Terry pats her back.
“No, it’s alright.” You reassure Terry before looking at Scarlet. She’s come so far from being the depressed ice cream addict you knew. “I wish I could hug you, but you know…” You can only move your neck around, so that’s what you do to show off.

“I want to hug you too…” Scarlet sniffs loudly, then she turns to Terry. “See, Brahma’s amulet was useful!”
“Yeah… just like Saraswati’s…” Terry moves his chin and points at the open drawer next to you. It’s full of amulets and flowers – almost like this was your funeral and you woke up after everyone said their goodbyes. However, there is something in the drawer that bothers you. Something alive…
“Didn’t know you believe in those, Scarlet…” You decided to ignore whatever that was. Those names sound awfully familiar too…
Now I do!” The relief in Scarlet’s face makes you feel a little better. But only a little.

Someone loudly knocks on the door! Almost tears it down! That’s way too intense for a clinic!

“Hey! Time for visits is OVER! Get the fuck out!” An aggressive worker yells out from behind the door.

“B-but you just woke up… And I have so many questions…!” Scarlet is all sad now, looking back and forth from the door and you. Great.
“Don’t worry, come and visit me again.” It’s nice to know you can count on them to be there for you.
“We will. C’mon Scarlet, we don’t want to interfere with Johnny’s recovery.”
“Good-bye Johnny…” Scarlet looks a little gloomy, but her face shows some hope! You’re alive after all!

The troubled duo leave the room, followed by someone violently opening the door and kicking it aside.

“Fuckin’ finally.” It’s Trent…?! Wait, he was the one who kicked out Scarlet and Terry! It was all a ruse! “Thought those preppies would never leave! Oh you’re awake, nice.”
“Did you just trick my friends to get them to leave?”
“Well, yeah. So what? Wasting our fucking time if you ask me. At least the redhead has a nice ass. The other guy better tap that soon or else I will…”

“Don’t talk to them like that ever again, understand?” They’re still your friends for crying out loud!

Trent leans in and scoffs in your face. “What? You wanna join the fatass in hell too?” You keep glaring at him, keeping your expression the same ‘no fucks given’ way. After a few moments he moves back away and starts grinning. “Fuck it, seems you still have some spirit in ya. That’s good. I wouldn’t want you dying on me after that training I put you through.”

“What do you want? You didn’t come all this way to advertise how badass you are, Trent.”
“Pfft. Shut up. Everyone’s out, so I thought I could bring you up to speed if you woke up. How nice of me, amirite?” He pulls up a chair and sits next to your bed. “Now shoot some questions, I’ll answer ‘em as best as I can. Don’t worry, I got time to kill.”

What do you ask this freak?

>“What happened to everyone that day? Everything went wrong.”
>”What happened while I was out? I only know a little…”
>“Could you bring my friends back and fuck right off? Thanks.”
>“Bring Constance here, I don’t need to hear you talking.”
>“Up to speed, huh? Then start talking before I sleep again.”
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day, we continue tomorrow)
>“What happened to everyone that day? Everything went wrong.”
>“What happened to everyone that day? Everything went wrong.”
trent still my fav character
>>”What happened while I was out? I only know a little…"
I see you're a man of culture as well
>”What happened while I was out? I only know a little…”
>“What happened to everyone that day? Everything went wrong.”
>”What happened while I was out? I only know a little…”
File: 1137.png (59 KB, 512x512)
59 KB
“What happened to everyone that day? Everything went wrong…”
“Ha! It wasn’t so bad.” Trent almost laughs. You glare at him. “’cept for everything to happen to all of ya. Where do I begin?”

Trent tells you Bradford is dead.

“I know that already…” You know Trent likes to get directly to the point, but this is absurdly short even for him.
“I could tell since you didn’t react to my joke from before. You have no taste so you have to turn to eating dirt, huh?” He’s mocking you.
“Well, what else?”

Trent tells you Constance’s caretaker (Lise) almost died, but she’s okay now.

“What do you mean ‘okay’? She’s alive ‘okay’ or she will recover ‘okay’?” This is starting to feel like a waste of time…
“What’s the difference? If you’re alive you’ll live, simple as that.”
“…I’m not getting the info I need here.”
“Tough luck, specs.”
“Doesn’t matter if you have to go one by one, just tell me how everyone is.”

Trent tells you he doesn’t remember everyone’s names, so he can’t help you with that.

“…You have no idea how much I hate you right now.”
Trent does a snide laugh. “That’s what you deserve for getting beaten up.” He continues to mock you relentlessly! “…What’s that crying pansy’s name? The one from your group. Osgood?”
“Yeah, what happened to him?” Finally some progress out of this delinquent. “I knew he made a sort of contract with Constance to help Bradford.”
“I had to lend him a hand too. Coward needed someone to light his ass up to make him do something useful.”

“Reminds me of a certain someone I know. Someone who can’t even face one unstoppable wrestler cleaning through his gang of dozens.” You raise your eyebrow at him. Trent gave up the exact same way back when Henry was beating his gang up. You had to train to do his work for him.
“You’re a real funny guy, you know that?” He’s not laughing now. “Would this joker be happy to hear what we went through or what?”
“Yeah, why not? Better than you wasting my time any longer.”

Trent grins and starts the story of what happened from his side!

After Osgood was informed of the situation by mini-Johnny (Amelia), he cried like the little baby he is until the only sane motherfucker (Trent) set him straight. Osgood needed a plan to save Bradford somehow. He went and asked volleyball head (Constance) for help, and she (or her freaky ghost thing?) came up with a deal to lend a ‘ghost fighter’ to someone trustworthy they knew. The details are lost on Trent. Since they couldn’t waste any more time: he, your rich cunt (Nariko), some old bastard (Sewel) and Osgood would get there to save Fatass first.
File: 1138.png (209 KB, 512x512)
209 KB
209 KB PNG

The second group would be that tough girl with Constance (Lise) and Matilda. The latter was on her way to the clinic, while the former arrived a few minutes before shit happened. They were supposed to be backup while the main group took care of the situation themselves.

A huge fight already broke out when they arrived; the doomsday cult and the cops were duking it out and everything was complete mayhem. It was almost impossible for your group to do anything but get themselves hurt like retards, and that’s when your bitch (Nariko) came up with a plan: drag everyone out of there, and let the backup take Bradford to safety.

Now Trent has no idea what magical bullshit she pulled out of her cute ass, but somehow she managed to drag people out of the alleyway. Somehow she tied people up to the car with invisible stuff and made Sewel drive them off the sidewalk and onto the street. They did this a bunch of times.

Trent didn’t see any of this since he just jumped out and started whaling on anybody he could reach.

The impromptu plan didn’t go their way. Creepy cultists started to crawl out from the dark part of the alley near the old factory, and they started doing their invisible magic bullshit… Trent doesn’t remember who they were, but the old man (Sewel) played decoy with his armored van and dragged them out alone. Guy survived, but the car didn’t. Shame.

At some point after the decoy plan started, that kung-fu meathead who almost killed him (Flint) arrived and started to help out the cops. He summoned shining chairs and shit out of nothing and threw them at people. Trent and your rich bitch (Nariko) had to deal with him together; the two bought enough time for the private dick (Richard) to get there and help them out. No clue whatever his magic bullshit is supposed to do. The fight ended in a draw when the fucking Chief of Police himself came to the scene on Flint’s side. They had no choice but to bail with the old man after that. Definitely your ice queen’s fault they fucked up.

While they were bailing, Osgood was picked to go get Bradford out of there. Not sure what else happened after that.

“Wait a second. You don’t know jack shit about what happened.” You blurt out as soon as he ends his tale. “And you barely gave me any details on what you did know.”
“It’s a fight, who cares? You kick ass or you eat shit.” Trent is annoyed with your justified complaining. “I’m not part of your gang, of course I don’t know shit. What did you expect?”
“You just said you wanted to tell me about what happened.”
“Yeah. I just did. Did you get brain damage too?”

This guy is useless! What a massive waste of time!

No, nobody is really useless. You just need to find him something he can do right! Maybe then he’ll be more useful to you…

What do you say now?

>“Make yourself useful and call a nurse? Is anyone else here?”
>“Guess I’ll have to wait for someone else to explain what’s going on…”
>“So… What’s wrong with your eyebrows? Why are they like that?”
>”Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?”
>”At least tell me you managed to beat some of the cultists or whoever.”
>Write In.
>>”Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?”
If he'd know anything, it's fighting.
Backing >>2992562
>”Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?
>“So… What’s wrong with your eyebrows? Why are they like that?”
>”Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?”
>>”Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?”

>Trent we need guns, fuck this! A thug like you should have an idea where to get some don't you? This is a war not a brawl and our enemies use weapons to kill

Jesus, this thread got /real/
Guess shit happens when you pull dumb ass stunts and trust the dice to work for you. One down, two out, the rest banged up and no one fit for fight while our enemies go around killing whatever to pull ahead. Exciting times.
File: 1139.png (73 KB, 512x512)
73 KB
“Can you figure out what sort of powers they had? Those cultists?”
“I was beating one of ‘em, so yeah.” Trent sounds proud of himself. “A creepy chick with weird-ass eyes. She carried some sort of mirror.”
“Yeah, big enough to use as a shield. Every time I punched it was like my fist came back at me with a vengeance.” Trent punches the air a few times. “She did that for projectiles too. I threw a can at it and the same shit happened, but this time the actual can flew back.”

“That wasn’t very smart of you.”
“It was an empty soda can, dumbass. I was testing it.” He sounds offended you even think that of him. “She could change what showed on the reflection too. Sometimes it was me and other times… well… just pitch black. Felt spooky looking at it when it got that way. I was beating her face in anyway, powers or not, until another freak walked up. The rich snob didn’t hold her own and I almost paid the price for it. Fuck.” He seems pissed at Nariko. Did she mess up that badly?

“Did he have—”
“Yeah, whatever he had was weirder. We didn’t scuffle for long. In fact, I don’t even know if he had a ghost man. He and three other cultists freaks near him were almost in sync. They didn’t move right either, it was like watching robots move. Ugh.” Wow, something actually unsettled Trent of all people!

“Maybe that’s the real power of cooperation.” Or brainwashing, whatever it is!
“Don’t say dumb kid’s show shit like that. What are you, twelve?”
“It was just a thought.”
File: 1140.png (52 KB, 512x512)
52 KB

“Anyway, this kid was a skinny piece of depressed shit. The way he threw punches was just sad! Just like yours before I taught you right.”
“Even if he was weak, maybe you got lucky. If the guys we’re up against are this ruthless, we might need guns from now on…”

Trent looks at you as if you’ve gone insane. “Are you fucking stupid? Did you forget about the Clean Law? They’ll cut your neck from here to here if you have a gun.” Trent proceeds to finger the motion on the neck, hissing to make a slicing noise. “Having a real gun in this country is almost impossible, only the most trusted cops have one – and most of them are fakes to begin with. You have to join the military if you want the good stuff.”

“Jeez, I didn’t think that would set you off.”
“I saw it myself, man. They didn’t even give a shit he was a kid…” Trent is not joking. “But the old man, the one with the group… He knows his shit. If you’re that desperate, talk to him.”

“How are you so sure?” He’s talking about Sewel, right? After the shady shit he did with Yu Yan’s documents, you aren’t surprised.
“Instinct.” Trent grins.

“…So what wrong with your eyebrows?”
“…Are you even from this country or what?” Trent seems offended.
“Uh, yeah?”
“Then you should know.”

“I know, I’m just kidding.” You’re not kidding. The hell is he talking about?
“HA! Forgot you like to joke around. You’re still a dumbass though.”
“You too, Trent. You too…”

What now?

>“Could you call a nurse or something?”
>“Could you please tell everyone I’m awake?”
>“I was lying, I don’t know shit. What IS up with your eyebrows?”
>“Is my phone over there? Could you hand it to me? I think I can move my arms now…”
>Write In.
>"Tell what I could have done better."
>Johnny: "What could I have done better?"
>Trent: "Not get yourself almost killed like a bitch."
You know that's what'll happen!

>“Is my phone over there? Could you hand it to me? I think I can move my arms now…”
File: 1141.png (148 KB, 512x512)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
“Anything else you wanna ask?” Trent is very chatty today. Maybe he’s really bored? “I’m an info dispenser now!”
“Tell me what I could have done better.” Time for some introspection.
Not getting yourself almost killed like a bitch again would be a good start. Real men have a little stupid in ‘em, but you’re crossing the line now.” Trent laughs at your expression. “I’m not surprised, you did the exact same dumb shit when we fought – same results too. You’re a imbecile, Johnny Ando.”

“C’mon Captain Hindsight, I need the ‘hindsight’ portion.”
“Maybe next time try to block?” Trent taunts you, tilting his head with a smug smile. Then he tilts his head down and leans in, suddenly serious. “Stay alive, or die a real man’s death. It’s up to you to decide.”

“Not real insightful, Trent.”
“I’m not going to spell it out for ya. You’ve already drawn your own conclusions, amirite? If not, start now. I’m gonna go take a piss, have fun thinking.” Trent stands up and heads to the door.
“Hey, can you pass me my phone? I think it’s over there, I can move my arms now.”

Trent goes to the drawer and takes your phone! It really is there! Nice! He throws it at your legs.

“Dude… I can’t reach it.”
“I’m sure you can. You can move your arms now, can’t you?” Trent leaves the room. What an asshole. …Does this count as friendship? It’s the weirdest one you have if so.

With all the willpower in the world, you somehow manage to use your legs to drag your phone upwards and grab it with your arms!

The moment you check your phone you already see plenty of messages… Not good…

>The first one is from Ajna…
She was friends with Bradford. She’s devastated… She’s letting you know she doesn’t want to receive any more visits in the meantime. She has no idea you’re in the clinic, judging by the tone of the message. If only she knew how bad things really are…

>The second one is from… an anonymous number!
It says there is something in the drawer waiting for you. You will know what to do next.

>The third one is from Matilda.
She’s apologizing. That’s it. No more words, no more context.

>The last one is from Yu Yan.
It’s a sad face for each day you were unconscious…They get longer each day. Damn.

That’s it. You didn’t know what to expect, and this isn’t exactly disappointing.

…What now?

>Call a nurse! There’s gotta be a call button somewhere near your bed!
>Text Ajna about your predicament. She has a right to know some info too.
>Check your drawer with Philonune! Better than risking bending that way.
>Call someone by phone. (Specify who.)
>Write In.
>Check your drawer with Philonune! Better than risking bending that way.
>Check your drawer with Philonune! Better than risking bending that way.
File: 1142.png (147 KB, 512x512)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
“Philo, check the drawer.” Better than risking bending that way and messing up something important. Your partner will do the job!
Philonune floats over to look in the drawer next to you. “Yeah, I can’t believe that bear has an amulet either.” He chuckles – despite his constant grin, it sounds the saddest you’ve heard coming from him. “I wish I had one too.”
“No, something else is in the drawer.” Now what he just said sinks in. “…Why do you want one anyway?”
“A little recognition would be nice. I know no minor god or a legendary hero venerated by humans. I’m just an angel who woke up.”

“That’s not how it works. Besides, you’re great partner! I’m the one fucking everything up here.”
“Hey thanks.” Philonune feels better about himself. Admitting you fucked up shouldn’t make you feel any better yourself, but it does.

After a few seconds of silence, you decide to remind your partner of something…

“Ehm, could you please check the drawer now? Tell me if you find something important.”
“Oh right, I forgot! Silly me.” Philonune floats lower to the drawer. “…There is a cat in here.”
“A cat?”
“Yes, a cat.”

So that message must have been Neko! How did she find your number?! Did you exchange it with her before? Stupid memory loss… “Bring the cat to me?”
“How? You’re too weak to invoke me.” Darn!

“Well, I… Uh… It can wait I guess.”
“It has a note attached to one of its legs.”

God damn it, it’s important! If only you had one of Bradford’s tuna cans on you…

What now?

>Call the cat over here! Maybe Neko told it to respond to you when you woke up?
>Try to invoke Philonune and drag the cat here! You only need the bare minimum…
>Sadly, you will have to bend that way and grab the cat yourself! Gotta take it slow…
>Write In.
>Call the cat over here! Maybe Neko told it to respond to you when you woke up?
>Call the cat over here! Maybe Neko told it to respond to you when you woke up?
>>Sadly, you will have to bend that way and grab the cat yourself! Gotta take it slow…
We'll need to stretch anyway so the wounds won't seize up.
File: 1143.png (107 KB, 512x512)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
Well if Neko brought this cat just for you, then is he’s going to respond to you when you wake up? Neko can talk to cats, so maybe she told it to wait for a response from you…

“Hey kitty, c’mere.”

“Partner… If you want to scream… I understand.” Philonune’s smile is very very very small. He’s breathing in and out, twitching in the shared pain. Your thoughts are out of control, but you aren’t yelling out loud.
“It’s okay...” You sound like a decrepit old man! “Lemme just take that note from you, little kitty…” Still like an old man. You’re getting too old for this shit…
“Meow!” Cat raises her paw with the message. You sloooowly take it from her. Fuck, moving really hurts…

The note reads as follows:

“I’m sorry for everything. It’s all my fault. I have no way to make it up to you, and I don’t think you will ever forgive me or want to see me again. Your friend’s death is on me, and whatever happens to you next is on me too.

This here is ‘Melodia’. She’s the best cat ever, so please take care of her – she’s the last ally and friend I ever had, so it’s fitting she stay with you from now on.

I’m sorry.

T_T Neko.”

This totally reads like a suicide note! Not a good sign!

You thought there was going to be something else, keeping in mind the message you received. Or maybe there’s more to this…? You’re glad to know T.T. Neko is not as bad as you thought she was after she attacked you – and was exactly as bad as you thought she was before it!

You stroke the cat’s head a bunch of times. “Meow!” She’s really a very affectionate cat. For a second there, you forgot all about your pain and suffering.

Letting her know you forgive her should be done as soon as you can! Mentally unstable girls are going to be your demise for real at this rate…

Sadly this is all for this week’s thread! Thanks for playing!
what a fucking intense thread, holy shit
Thanks for running! Looking forward to the next thread!

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