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>Aw, hey
>It's you


>A boy
>A meme
>A monster
>A King

A: "Damn. Aight."
>You are currently surrounded by an ARMY OF SKELETONS
>Which you have taken back home to your spooky ass fortress

>Somebody has sent a creature to kill you
>That ended up killing some of your friends

>Somebody stole magic spells from your mentor
>Three incredibly powerful ones

>The Spell of Ressurection
>The Ritual of Flawless Soul Vessels
>The Power to travel between Universes

>You tried to make smaller plays
>Tried to balance your humanity and what must. be. done.

>You used to have a magic rival once.
>Star Fucking Butterfly
>Now she's the girl who dissed your best friend

Su: "H-"
>Susan looks over to you
>Her HUEG sword dribbling in French Cop and Pilot Blood

Su: "Ah'm you'we best fwen?!"
A: "..."
>You are currently a floating Skeleton
>Covered in blue fire

>You control an army of undead and monsters


>You have 10,000 units of metal to warp into your personal designs

>It is Monday night
>You need a fuckin' NAPP

>You could set your sights to a new goal
>To big preparations

What do, My lord?

>Prepare to go for one of the BIGG SPELLS

>The Ressurection Spell is somewhere in Space
>A black hole according to the thief who stole it

>The Perfect Vessel
>Is in an ancient castle
>Somewhere on Mewni

>A certain STAR BUTTERFLY might know of it

>The Last spell
>Universal travel
>Is in the hands of the enemy
>You do not know where it is
>Only that TOFFEE
>A lizard man with inscrutable goals
>Had it delivered to him personally

>Is Dead
>Glory Calls

>So does bed...

What do?
File: Angels_of_Paradiso.jpg (274 KB, 720x1018)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>Go talk to the police about what they wanted
>Tell Wondervon to start getting skeleboys up and animted. Starting with the spying swarm. (make sure to make them look pretty, pic related)
>Text Calibur for meeting time+location.
>Su: "Ah'm you'we best fwen?!"
Well, the only person closer to me than you is Luna, and she's my mom. So by process of elimination, yes you are the best friend.

Anyway, didn't we have a murderer to go find and kill? We should get on that.
> Call Excalibur
>" You have 60 seconds, friends died, I am on the warpath to mewni. Ludo is fucked. Make your pitch. "

>Hear him out then call star to get us in touch with Moon.

>Offer Moon Ludo's head on a plate if she gives you free run on Mewni until it is done and invitation to the MHC.

>Prepare vermin swarms to scout Mewni, both ludos castle and Woevenmire.

Enough fucking around, we have moves to make.
Star and calibur have no reason to like or obey us edgerson.

Maybe you should include some carrot with that stick?

Or actually find out what people want?
fuck no, shes more than that.
>"Susan, I have not had a lot of friends, but you are one of my closest. Thank you, for everything,
Essentially >>2950624
What do?
>Talk to Star about The Perfect Vessel. I wanna try to start finding that today.
>Also tell Susan she IS our best friend and has been for quite some time. Then hug her.
This plan sounds nice, I enjoy the venomous hatred for Ludo, but why Ludo? I don't THINK he's the one who hurt Justin and the Bro's. So while i approve, I feel like there's some priorities being skipped here.
>50% of metal to economy
>25% weapons and armor for skeltals
>25% to outfit worm with armor and combo digging tools/weapons
Being a pushy edge tard is going to backfire on you...

Oh well, its not like im used to screaming at the thread for being edgey fucktards.
to susan
>The best friend a meme incarnate could ask for
to Exalibur
>You have 60 seconds, people I'm fond of have died, and I will not tolerate the utter disrespect. Heads will roll.
>start getting the undead and units and metal prepped for army building.
I'm still all for angelic themed elite undead
Hey, it's gotten us this far hasn't it?
Changing support to >>2950643 and >>2950637
I see your point but being a dick about it probably doesn't help your case.
How about we don't mention a forbidden spell to Star? Like, sure there's a chance she'll not care but there's also a chance she will care and I don't wanna risk it. I'd rather just ask about the stupid castle where the spell is located, not the spell itself. Cover our bases and not have a "oh no, this is forbidden Anon, I'm gonna have to blast you" kinda situation.
>oh no, this is forbidden Anon
With Star of all people? I don't see it. I do agree just asking is probably a good idea. We could just say it belongs to our mom and we just want it back.
Yas sorry. Its just... so much war world. So much bad. So much trauma.
Like I said, I get it, but what's done is done and we've been doing at least somewhat well since then. All I'm saying is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. It's a dumb saying but it always applies really well to this quest. Just replace vinegar with salt and it'd be perfect.
Ludo killed Luna and wrecked our house. So hes permashitlist

Its more an excuse to disrupt the monster army being supplied by the MIB to attack Moon and cripple the MHC.

If we help out Moon and get allowed to operate on Mewni, we can raid the castle with our spell without Moon getting mad as well as kill off Ludo.

This overall gets Moon in our debt and is an other voice on the MHC that is favorable to us.

Its politics really, but we need to reduce the number of enemies we have and this wipes out Ludo and the MHC as well as getting one spell back in one move.
I get that, and I agree ENTIRELY. But there's still some fucko out there who killed two of our friends, mortally wounded another, and killed a fourth guy we barely even knew. And he's still out there, and he might kill again. So this feels like ignoring the current problem on hand.
>Being a pushy edge tard is going to backfire on you...
>Oh well, its not like im used to screaming at the thread for being edgey fucktards.

Look there is being Edgey and then there is being Strong. Excalibur wants us for something with the MIB and the MIB elders want us dead. We have to show that we are an unstoppable, but not unreasonable force.

I'm sure the elders are listening so by continuing to make Excalibur the only MIB contact that we will engage with secures Excaliburs position as well as keep the "reasonable" appearance up.

Again, we have been neglecting a massive politics game that we can easily use for our own gain.
We get the spell back, we can simply resurrect them. If we drop everything and focus on the little problem it will show that killing our friends will disrupt us and they will continue it.

We can also potentially mobilize the MIB to handle the threat.

We aren't in the action phase yet, we are in the talking and planning phase.

>Talk to Excalibur
>Talk to Star about talking to Moon
>Sending vermin swarms to scout Mewni locations

This all takes maybe 15 min. We have considerable time after to quickly find the attacker and dispatch him later today.
I dont want to be pushy on star. I like her. We should try asking nicely first.
>I like her
Anon doesn't though, and by that I mean the majority of anons
starnon never
>I like her.
I don't. Let's push her like a push in door.
We kind of do though? We voted for sister like feelings for her.

Oh. LIKE her. No. I misspoke. We dont like her. We like to ANNOY her.
>>I like her
Then we ask nicely but be blunt.

"Some of my friends are dead, I need to speak with your mom. Big things are happening, we can catch up, you, me, Marco and I will fill you in. Watch out, the killer is still hunting in echo creek."
>Sister feelings
I...... are you mistaking Susan for Star? Because there's literally NEVER been anything like that. Star's the annoying bug princess, Susan's the cutie who thinks cars are demons.
Well... complicated feelings I guess.

We do end up asking for her help quite a bit however.
I don't remember that vote, when was that? Are you sure you're not talking about Susan?
Check cops if ok.
Crime Scene.

Send MSG to Calibur where does he wanna meet.
I was looking into the inventory a bit. First off, we're at 2 power so that's cool, but now that we've got a few hundred undead, I'm thinking we need to start actually arming them so they can do serious damage and not just do the whole "mob destroyed by the hundreds as they rush" deal. Maybe sack a few gunshops. Maybe google a gun factory, look at images of it's insides, and scissor into and sneak off with the weaponry and ammo. Could also use armor.
Speaking of, you guys think enchanting our armor is possible?
>L: "Remove this well meaning simpleton from me, Anon. Or what I do to her would rewrite your history books."

>S: "What is this!?"

Hmmm. Pretty sure we did. Looking.
File: DCnh3WcXUAIjMOo.jpg (162 KB, 901x1200)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

>You are a sailor now
>Long ago you set sail into a new world
>Your body aches
>Your soul creaks
>There are miles to go

A: "My phone..."

>Miles before you sleep


>You press a single button on the phone
>With a certain text message open
>One that came from a government operative
>Who warned you about going too far



Ex: "...hello, Anonymous."
A: "Your people consorted with Ludo."
Ex: "You robbed a national monument."
A: "I am about to Fuck Ludo into a corpse-helmet. Which I will wear. To protect my head as I climb up into the asshole of whoever shot my friends."
Ex: "You were seen. In the streets of France."

A: "You have sixty goddamn seconds."
Ex: "..."
A: "One minute. To convince me I should even bother with you."

>There is a silence
>A PSST...
>A crack
>Then an audible
>Of swallows
>As zero calories are consumed on the other end of your phone

L: "He's stalling. To trace you. Or plan his actions."

A: "Let him."

Ex: "...Adults. Do not -do- ultimatums."
>His tone is cool
Ex: "Groups make decisions cautiously. Governments move slowl-"

>Your throat cracks
>Your fingers tremble
>You clear your craw
>As your eyes glow and your own face emerges from your spellform

A: "I...am a RULER."

>A: "I...am a RULER."
File: satan1.jpg (26 KB, 400x296)
26 KB

>He's quiet
>For a moment
Ex: "So, you've already made your decision?"
A: "War."

Ex: "Then you're at war on two fronts."


>You summon your technician
A: "Wondervon. Split this metal up and get my new soldiers off of my WILL. Your new assistants will help."
W: "How shall ve do it, mine lord?"

>You outline something you've just concocted
>A way to have bigger
>Better soldiers
>Not just electric zombies but one's beautified by their modifications
>You describe it
>Wondy looks amused

W: "Do ve have a brand now?"
A: "Just do it! Upgrade the worm with the rest! Put any spare into our vault."
W: "Upgrade it how?"
A: "However you like."

W: "I am goingk to make it -Fly- ."
A: "..."
>You really made a good hire with him

File: 18p6latu5g6vzjpg.jpg (63 KB, 970x546)
63 KB

>Two more phone calls
>Who doesn't pick up

Su: "She's pwobabwy asweep."
A: "She needs to get woke."
Su: "Needs to fuckin' get a dick in the eye that wiw' fuckin' cwit tease a-"

>You close the phone
>Go up to Susan
>You hold her hand
Su: "..."

>You hug her

>Your head only makes it to her stomach
>It's ok
>She hugs you back anyways

Su: "Ye'we s-...so fuckin GAY."
A: "Y-...you too. We're the fuckin' best, ok?"
Su: "We'we so fuckin' single, dude."
A: "I know and we're the best. I love you ok, bro? Close your eyes."
Su: "Ok."
A: "See that?"
Su: "Nothing."
A: "That's my world without you."
>Susan tears up
>Punches your arm
Su: "b-bwo."

>How best to deal with this?
>Star is asleep

But you know where she lives

>You also have th-
>You have

>A royal pair of mini-scissors
>That lead RIGHT into the Castle of Mewni
>You don't need Star to get to her Mother

>You could drop in right now
>For a little...

A: "Send scouts to mewni..."
A: "Thinking ones. Ones that can ask questions."

W: "Only vone of your minions talks, my lord."
Su: "h-...hewwo."
>Susan sniffs back her happiness tears
What do?

>Also, Bow has something in his mouth
>It's puffing out his cheeks
>You know because he just waddled in
>Then laid down
>Right on your feet
>Not at them
>On them
>He lays his head down, as his sides jiggle from the movement

B: "...berf."
So what did you want to harass Moon about again?

Also, nice work starting a war because of your impatience.
In fact! Since were going to Mewni to piss off moon. Lets got start a war on THREE fronts with the HMC!
Not like we weren't planning on joining in. You didn't expect to join into a war against Ludo and not antagonize his allies as a result did you? Because we already knew Earth was helping to arm his monster army.
Alright, first off those guns we have, let's arm some skeletons with them and post them at the entrance of the hole. Keep that thing extra protected. It's war time. As for Moon, I THINK IT'S TIME TO BRING GRATE BACK SO HE CAN SPEAK TO MOON FOR US!
Yeah, the MiB were already on thin ice what with them breathing down our necks, but now they're helping out our mortal enemy. War was inevitable.
agreed, the two big things that should be done short term
>Bring back Grate and prepare for when we meet with moon
>start arming and further expanding our forces
quantity is a quality, but weapons and armor would be nice.
You have the opportunity to learn about what (supposedly) should be the primary base of these “men in black” that have been harassing you.
Agent Excalibur gave you the address of their supposed primary base, written on the back of a napkin.
Just as a reminder, we have what is potentially their HQ address. just saying...
>Literally stick our dick into Star's eye while she sleeps.
This will be our perfect introduction to Moon.
Ex: "So, you've already made your decision?"
A: "War."

Ex: "Then you're at war on two fronts."


This is just what I didn't want it to happen.
From last I remember it's just their main base in Echo Creek. Pushing them out of the city/town/where-ever we live should be the first goal in terms of dealing with the MiB. We could potentially strong arm them into leaving echo creek, and dropping support with Ludo in favor of a peace treaty with us. But that's in the far future. Right now we need to set up defenses.
The soul of one of the Inter-reality thieves that dared to pull a heist on your bank. It awaits a new body in which you may interrogate it for intel on whoever dared cross you. Safely stored inside of your Wand.

The soul of K20, one of the suited agents that you stopped from taking Star Butterfly’s book. Safely stored inside of your Wand.

also, these souls. If we rezzed K20 into a skeleton, we'd have an inside guy to give us info. Plust Junkrat might know some stuff that'll help us too. Seriously, I hate how I keep forgetting we have this stuff.
Yup, it's right here
1963 Kennedy street

>change to Vermin scouts, no questions. We need only visual confirmation on ludo for a Scissor Portal smash and grab. We don't want to tip off Monsters.

>Text Hekapoo
"Plans have changed. I am going to Moon directly now. I know what happened last summer and why time broke. "

>Text Back Excalibur's number. "If you side with Ludo and strike me I will respond in kind. I do not think any wizard or weapon in your arsenal will help. Your nuke didn't even phase me or Lucikron last time, if you remember. Stay the fuck away, do what you need to cover up my existence and things will return to status Quo. The choice is yours."

>Go to Star's house.
>Put her and Marco on the trail of the thing that killed our friends
>Have Star call Moon and Introduce us
>Tell Moon we are her solution to Ludo and that it is good to see her again.
I also would prefer this had not happened.

>Call Excalibur back.
Explain that you are going to go after Ludo. You dont want to start a war with the MiB, and earth is where your friends and home are.
>They have repeatedly entered alliances with dangerous people who tried to screw over the world and yourself.
>Now a bunch of random kids. Kids who are MY FRIENDS. are dead.

>Start rebuilding Grate.

I wish to support all of these!





You know what people like less than being threatened? Having your friends killed. And you know what's almost as bad as that? Supporting the fuckos who killed your friend.
That alliance didn't last long did it?
>We really can't send Susan, she has like -4 char. She'd make a terrible spy. So let's put that shit on hold for now.
>We need to get to Star but if she knows how to run any type of decent party there will still be people there if we go know so let's wait a few hours before going to do that. But then we should go over. A polite house visit.
>Get that shit out ouf Bow's mouth and make him go exercise some where.
Guys, I don't think that'll go as well as you think it will. We've already shown that we're hostile, and going back on our declaration will make us look both crazy and retarded. Plus the friends and home thing will just show them they have strong leverage against us. Peace is great and all, but showing weakness and crawling back for it will just hurt us in the long run. Administrations that act like that don't last long, if history has taught us anything.
I know it's a bad idea. I thought my post implied I was against apologizing.
Not to mention, we're acting as a governmental head, not a person talking rationally to another person. Peace doesn't really seem like an option if we plan on fighting Ludo's forces anyway. The MIB are playing old school politics, aiding a weaker force in taking down a stronger political power of that region. Have them fight more evenly, hopefully taking down the stronger power, and your left with a chaotic mess to take advantage of. Oldest trick in human history.
My bad, excuse my retardation.
Your an edgey retard and I hate you. I hate you so much I want to crack your skull open. Scoop your brains out, and toss it in a compost heap with the rest of the shit you rancid fuck head.

I hope you enjoy all of our friends getting murdered because you were too stupid to go back on a BLATANTLY INCORRECT decision.
Well I probably didnt mean any of that. But it definitely made me feel a lot better.
Sorry my friend, but it seems you've made two fatal mistakes. Not only have you personally attacked me, but you've made a grammatical error therefore invalidating not only your current argument but all previous and future arguments.
Fucking. Why do we always have to jump the gun?
Seriously, we could have stalled a confrontation with the MiB. We already have enough enemies, don't you think?
We could text Ex to and prop him just what is it they can offer US to get US on THEIR side.

>Check what Bow has on his mouth.
We need to prep everything we got.
>We Mind Read Contact Janna and warn her about the MiB. They might be coming after her now since she's the third most blatant magic user in Echo Creek besides Star and Us.
>Prep our troops. One of the Skeletons from Africa was proficient with weapons I think See what kinda milita we can prep with the guns we have.
>Wondervon should also check that Anti-Magic device we got aside of everyhting else he got on his hands.

If you seriously think it's gonna be that easy to get to Ludo you're tripping balls m8.

I still feel a lot better. Holy god.
Man I dont even know who I ripped into. Sorry random guy.
No, but doesn't hurt to try. Ludo has scissors so any big attack will result in Buff-frog extracting him to a secure location.

Eyes on Ludo wherever he's being a little shit offers us the surgical strike. Once Ludo is secured we can simply alpha strike the monsters.
Food for thought.

>Luna can cast with our HP
>We can overcharge on HP
>Blood4blood from willing subjects transfers well

Connect the dots and lets get Luna casting some of that good shit.
File: skeleton-commando.jpg (51 KB, 463x400)
51 KB
>You roll your fatass Dog of a Dinosaur off of your feet
>As he goes on his back his little legs wiggle
>His huge claws extend
>Are some creatures still fearsome when they are fat?

A: "Out. Spit it out."
>You dig your skeleton fingers into his lips
>Pull them open

>Out comes Baby Entropy
>Looking like a slime covered chicken Deer

En: "...of Courshe you knu. Thish meansh war."

>You float around the room
>Your fire-flesh robes billow in the breeze
>As Wondervon and his new Assistant, Pierre the ARM HORROR assembly line Zombies and Skeletons into efficient, dead death dealers

>You're so fidgety
>You feel so absorbed in WAITING

L: "This is what thrones are for, dear. Ruling from."

>You go and sit down
>Making Bow follow you with a whistle
>Susan has to help roll him over

Su: "What'sh deh Pwan?"
>She has her sword
>Have to make the decision

A: "First. I need my representative back."
>Your wand casually DOOTS as you murmur


A: "Bring back Grate. He'll go to Queen Moon. Lay it out I want to help her kill Ludo...for a price."

Su: "Why even bothew? Wudo's a bitch."
A: "We need a way into Mewni. Ludo is a common enemy. I want her eyes OFF of me when we go."

Su: "So we're pwotting? Pwanning?"

A: "Yes."

>Susan slams her sword into the ground
Su: "UGH! BoWWWWEEnng!"

A: "While -we- get armed."
>Susan looks way less bored all of a sudden

A: "We take all our weapons. We arm the skeletons. Make an honor guard to protect the castle and HOLE."
>Lightning strikes outside

>The African Skeleton walks into the throne room
>He kneels

GT: "My lort..."
A: "Yes."
>You clench your fingers
A: "I might be going fast...but I'll cover the fuckin' bases."
>The Gold Tooth skeleton approaches

A: "You take the aresenal. Make these French skeletons worth something. Understand."
GT: "Absoluteleh."
A: "Do you have a name?"
GT: "None dat mattahs so much I would utter it to you, my lorht."

A: "Then go, commander."





>Elite Combat Units
>That automatically get ADV on combat encounters
>Even without a commander

>With new defenses...
>More numbers...


A: "Good..."
>You eye your throne room
>It's so...

>A glorified entertainment center
>Bow licks your boney cheek

A: "Now what..."

>You are about to fall asleep in your beanbag
>Your WILL is slowly being relieved by Wondy's work

A: "Grate...where is Grate? I need him to...gmmf..."
>Bow lays his head in your lap
>Snuggles down

L: "I could put his soul into a gem."
A: "What would that do?"
L: "Destroy the gem slowly...but allow him to speak."

A: "What else can we do?"
L: "Sacrifice another minion to replace their soul with Grate's."
A: "But they can't...mmf...they can't talk."

L: "Do you know who -can- talk?"
A: "Me? I talk..."

L: "Those duplicitous cads who wear the suits."
A: "Kennedy street..."
L: "Or perhaps you raid another 'sound system' ."

>Luna chuckles
>As your head swirls

What do, Dream boat?
How long would the gem last and what quality is needed? If we need to acquire one I think it'd be easier to get a sound system. But if we just need to use one of the existing gems I'd prefer the easier and quicker option.
>Commit suicide?

>Use the gem we have a crateload.

>Go to sleep after putting some gaurds on lookout for government spookums.
Can the gem have maintenance so that it lasts?
if so i would go this route
>"Luna, how much HP to modify my biology so I no longer need sleep or rest."

>Create Gem Grate. Put his soul in a gem and make him a Grand Golem. Rebirth must be earned but Grate is ascending the ladder.

>Text Excalibur. "Do you truly mean to stand in the way of the King of Earth? I have powers, resources, gifts. You declared war, but you are not the Council. Tell them they may either accept me and reap rewards higher than their paltry stolen magic, or to draw the line in the sand."

>Go to star and have her accompany us and Grate to Mewni using the Royal Scissors.

>Go to Stars
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 318x159)
5 KB

For the sake of Brevity.

Each Gem would last a few days.
Diamonds, Rubies, pure and precious gems tend to function the best.

Cloudy or rough rocks work with the least efficiency. Some only able to hold vermin souls or even lasting just a few hours.

Make your choice. These vessels are imperfect.
>"Luna, how much HP to modify my biology so I no longer need sleep or rest."

Cool, looks like we're raiding a new sound system for grate.

Fuck no.
Sacrifice minion, have Susan go back to Australia to pick up a sound system.
Then take a nap.
When we wake up we go to Star, and hopefully Grate will be ready to go to Moon.
We tear the riches from the earth like a predator tears meat from Bone.

Raise him in this new form. We have need of our greatest.
Alternatively we ask all of the skelebois if any of them would want to shuffle of the mortal coil for good.

The wand is paradise. One of them is likely to find that more alluring than the world of flesh bags.

Still need to go in the wand and make sure all the people are not ruining paradise...
>"Luna, how much HP to modify my biology so I no longer need sleep or rest."

>Gather some gems.

>Rez JJ and Droog too. They were useful and competent. We will need generals.
File: Commando-Spawn-27.jpg (271 KB, 2048x2048)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>"Luna, how much HP to modify my biology so I no longer need sleep or rest."

>Create Gem Grate. Put his soul in a gem and make him a Grand Golem. Rebirth must be earned but Grate is ascending the ladder.

these I'll support, then

>go talk to Star Butterfly


>A: "You take the aresenal. Make these French skeletons worth something. Understand."
>GT: "Absoluteleh."
>A: "Do you have a name?"
>GT: "None dat mattahs so much I would utter it to you, my lorht."

I'm all for making gold tooth into an elite abomination. Maybe muscled up with flesh and military gear, kind of reminiscent of Spawn
>Turn gold tooth into spawn

Well he IS black.

He also just about has the backstory for it.
Let's just.
Take a nap.
We can head over to Star's when we wake up, and handle the Moon thing when we get back form that.
Right? I think it works, plus I think he's worth making an elite.
Alright fine jeez.
Changing support to >>2951006
With a bit of >>2951000
Yeah bother star later please.

Can we call Goldtooth "Killa-Kinte"
>Fuck sleep, we don't need it.
We don't need it.
But naps are nice.
And I want to indulge myself in something nice for once.
I WANT to take a nap.
We already took a nap like last session, the hell are we taking another one for?
We can sleep when We finish blowing a Bloodfeast load into Ludo's skull before delivering it to Moon.
Thats kind of true. We have been being really sleepy lately.

Maybe quest is hinting at something draining our power?
A: "The worm needs-...needs name."
Su: "Susan's Dick."
A: "Shutup that's awesome but no..."
>You curl up
>Onto the throne
>As your body begins to fail you

A: "Useless...meat."
>Your spell form unravels
>Even Muscles forms into a little pillow
>So you can relacc

A: "Mom. How can I never sleep again? Never need it?"
>You yawn
>A: "This blows."

L: "A modicum of chemical adjustments. Your body would need new ways to recoup from exhaustion. Do you want to be undead?"

A: "I wanna keep my asshole."
Su: "Specificawwy you'we..."
>Susan scratches her hair

L: "Then we have another reason to get my spells back. With flawless Vessel...we could stave off unwanted side effects. Self surgery. Self alteration would be quite possible."

A: "Then Woevenmire needs to be mine..."

>You lay on Muscles
>He purrs
A: "Gross."

>He stops
A: "Don't stop."
>He purrs

A: "Use all the gems you need. Make Grate into a Rock and Roller."
L: "A diamond skull..."
A: "With a metal body."
Su: "Speakews?"
A: "With dope ass speakers."


A: "Tomorrow we go to Star. Then talk to her..."
>You yawn again
>Bow sniffs your mouth
>Then licks it while it's open



>That woke you up

W: "HAH!?"

>Wondervon leans in
W: "VAT!?"
W: "Vat is ZPAWN!?"

>You sleep

>When you awake...

>16 on sound system retrieval

G: "Mah Loawd."
A: "Grate?"

>He is complete
>Diamond headed
>Terminator Bodied

G: "Shall we?"

>Send Grate without you to be your representative
>Go with him yourself to treat with Mewni

>Go through star

>Remember that Hekapoo wanted you to Meet Moon at the diplomacy Summit

>You could get your info through Star
>Moon is someone you want to impress

Su: "Anown."
Su: "Bow is shuper fat."

>I don't care
>I love it
>You're right let's fix it

L: "Darling."
A: "EHH!?"
>You turn to your Mom
>She has cookies
L: "Cookie?"
>They're black with pink chips

>What do you want to name the Worm?

KK: "My lord."
>Your new Skeleton Commander is here
>Those BIGASS forearm gauntlets
>Spiked shoulder pads
>Wrapped at the neck in a bigass Red Scarf that hides his mouth
>Except for a small exhaust pipe
>Which looks like a cigar
>Jutting from it's Depths

KK: "I believe I will accept a name. If it ees from you."

>Tsundere ass Bone man

>Is it Killa Kente?


What do?
>L: "Darling."
>A: "EHH!?"
>>You turn to your Mom
>>She has cookies
>L: "Cookie?"
>>They're black with pink chips
>Send Grate without you to be your representative
>I love it, but You're right let's fix it
>Name the worm Lair
>Killa is fine
The worm will be...
West Jangalang.
>Go to Star's house and gather that fucking info about WOEVENMIRE, also ask abou ther mom.
>Eat Cookie
>We need to fix Bow. This doesn't seem healthy.
Name the Worm Atreides
KillaKenta is awsome
Send Grate to Moon to do some negotiatin
Lets fix up Bow

>First, check in with our vermin scouts.

>Mirrorcall Hekapoo
> "Things got hot. I am coming to Moon. Please be there, but first. Things got hot on Earth. We need to talk about what happened last summer."

>Have Hekapoo tell us what she remembers about last year, then we can tell happened save the typewriter incident, say we found some quirk in the magic we used to break Lucicrons chains to undo it all.

>Then, go get Star. Tell her to bring us to her Mother's with our friends.
>Star goes first, then Grate to announce us, then Skeleton honor guard with KillaKinte.
If possible maybe have star go with Grate to help form an alliance, If she agrees to it of course. I don't want to send Grate blind and knowing how to approach Moon as we listen in and feed Grate info and our goals would be a good idea.

Pretentious, but whatever.

Call the worm Dr. Worm.

Kentes fine.
File: [Nani Intensifies].gif (183 KB, 245x245)
183 KB
183 KB GIF
What hour is it? All of these Power Naps are messing with my perception of time and Anon's internal clock.

>Contact Janna telepathically about the happenings with the MiB.
>We need to go with Grate to Mewni Friday.
>We could always ask Star about it; her mom, Ludo's castle secret, party, stuff.
>Make sure you have a backup plan in case shit goes bad on Mewni. Something involving THE FUCKING ANTI MAGIC WEAPON WE HAVE AND OUR SKELETONS.

We have NO Vermin Scouts anymore.
We lost our single unity in Africa, remember?
We definitely need to go ourselves if we want the highest change of success. We shouldn't go without a plan however.

About Bow. Well he gotta do some exercise. He's a growy boii.
He also still need those UV lights, both for Bow and for the Greenhouse.
We could buy them in some depo.
>Do ask star about her mom too

>And fill her in on WHY your asking about her mom.

fuuuuuuuuuuudge shes in school isnt she.
I just want a Lair of the White Worm reference
>Get out of Skull boy form
>Send Grate
>Go to Star and ask her about all the things. Bring her a diplomatic gift.
>Put Bow on a fucking diet.
>Kiss Mom for being great and perfect.
>Just keep it's n as me from before. Dusty or whatever.
>Killa Kente is cool.
I will support all of these...

but we should also go with grate to meet with moon. That's been the long-con strat we have been preparing for
Well make some more vermin swarms. Literally just raid a dumpster.
File: opodCVudzuUu.jpg (41 KB, 373x521)
41 KB

The day is Tuesday
The hour is currently 6:00 am.

A: "Fuck."
>The door opens
>It's Susan


>She is in PJ's comprised of a neon blue Onesie
>And her Sword

Su: "Hey."
A: "Hey."
Su: "We'we wate fow Skoow."
A: "Fuck School."

>Wondervon runs in
W: "Zeh clocks veren't ready! YOU'RE LATE FOR YOR SKOOL!"
A: "Fuck Skool."
W: "Take ZEH VURM!"
A: "The wah-"
A: "Oh, the worm ok."


>You're off and running
>You snatch a cookie
>Relishing the fact you're not currently a skeleton
>Oh Christ
>It's deep rich chocolate cake
>With Strawberry-White chocolate chips

A: "MMFf! Mhm!"
>Your legs go a little limp as you stagger through the house

>Skeletons with guns salute
>Your new officer strides out of the dungeons

A: "You're Killa Kente now."
KK: "My lord."

>Grate is waiting for you at the door
G: "Masta."

A: "You're going to see Queen Moon. Tell her we want to work together to solve the Ludo thing BE. POLITE."
G: "Of course."

>He bows
>His head disco-balls the whole room in light
>You throw him the ROYAL SCISSORS

>You throw the main Gate open
>As a massive
>Comes flying up from THE HOLE'S entrance

>Your ride to school
>Susan comes sprinting from behind
>She's strapping a crop top on over her sports bra

Su: "Wait fow me!"
A: "Bring Bow!"
Su: "why!?"
A: "He's FAT so he needs walkies!"

>Susan sees him asleep on the stairs
>His leaves shudder as he snores

>She tries to lift him
>2 on the dice

Su: "My BACK!"
A: "Bow! Cookies!"
>You wave a new cookie in the air
>Here comes


>Bow Jumps onto the Worm with you and Susan
>You all ride down

A: "Huh..."
>Your dog
>Your best friend
>Going out
>Into the WORLD!

Su: "We'we we going?"
A: "The mouth of HELL."


>Star and Marco are waiting at the bus stop
>Looking quite sleepy

>When a portal opens
>Out from it

B: "BORK!"

>Marco takes on a Karate pose
>Star whips out her wand
>Then your head pops out of the bushes on Bow's back

A: "It me."


M: "Anon!?"
A: "Slut."
S: "Anon."

>Susan pops out of Bow's fluff
Su: "Cockswot."
S: "Susan! Uh...hay~ ?"
>Susan is pretty damn stiff looking down at Star

>You however
>Have a mission
>You hop off of Bow
>Land in front of her
>You stand
>Your back cracking and popping from your night spent on the bean bag
>At full height your eyes flash

A: "Where is castle WOEvenmire?"
S: "..."

>Star gets an 8 on history check
S: "I dunno. Also why do you smell like that?"
A: "I smell like big moves."
S: "You smell like you skipped showering."
M: "It's not skipping if you never do it."

File: x3el3kenwc101.png (514 KB, 1093x681)
514 KB
514 KB PNG

>Star and Marco sneak a high five down low
>Bow is sniffing near a dog
>That looks super spooked
>Bow very well might eat that dog

>You have been dissed
A: "I need to find that castle. So I can do stuff. BIGLY stuff."

S: "There's like a million castles on Mewni. Why don't you go ask for 'directions' or get a GPS or something?"
A: "The place is foreign. Your maps alien and WOEVENMIRE is so old nobody has it plotted down anymore."

S: "Why should I tell -you- anything?"

>That is a fair point

Why should she?


Gr: "Master."
A: "What's goin down my recyclable homie?"
Gr: "I managed to get in to see the queen. She was surprised to know uh...that we exist."
A: "Fuck. Didn't go well?"

G: " I managed not to be turned away but ah...it would appear skeletons frighten these people. Deeply."
A: "How deeply?"
Gr: "My life has been threatened several times. One person offered to sell me a giant's toe."
A: "What does she say? About the deal?"
G: "That it is ridiculous. She has no reason to believe we're strong enough to do it. She. Wants. Proof."


>Star might know where this place is you seek
>She could let you talk to GLOSSARYCK

>She needs a reason

>Her Mom needs proof you're not a joke
>Oh and there is a red dot hovering on your chest

What do?
>S: "Why should I tell -you- anything?"
Because I said PLEASE! And you and Marco both know that's a big deal for me.

As for proof to moon, snap a selfie pic of us, our mom, and our wand. Those are the main pillars of our magical abilities. The only exceptions being that eye of mammons and Entropy. But they're not here right now.
Glossaryck didn't tell us before, why would he tell us now?

You know what? FUCK IT.
>Mind read the knowledge out of Star's brain. We did it with Tom, we can do it with her.
>Tell Star "Because I have recently declared my intentions to flay ludo alive and that has made some people very angry. Ask Marco who the real Men in Black are and be ready. I know we don't get along but I'd like to count you on the allies list."

>Open a portal to Grate's location ride in with our Skelecommandos atop Worm.

>Have grate announce our arrival
>Look directly at red dot man.
>Ask him if he REALLY wants to do this. He probably has friends. A family.
>People who love his ass.
>like muscles
>Talk to gloss man again too, he has some shit to answer fores.
>Also we should explain some things to him as well.
Supporting, also ride in on THE WORM and play a sweet Sax Solo
>Oh and there is a red dot hovering on your chest
>Oh and there is a red dot hovering on your chest
Oh fuck. Completely speed read over that. Yeah, cast inversion like it's no big D and make sure Susan's close to us and in the bubble.
>>Oh and there is a red dot hovering on your chest

This is what happens when you act impulsively and declare war to the big boys without prepping. It seems Anon as effectively ruined his chances of having a normal Life in Echo Creek until he takes over the planet.





Fucking seriously.
Damn I guess we should have just went with him. Not like we can give him the wand or show her our Cutters.
Ask her what type of proof would be significant.

>Why should she?
Because either she tells us or while have to look around for ourselves, and things might get messy if we do that. She is our best bet to resolve this with as little collateral damage as possible.

>>Oh and there is a red dot hovering on your chest
Go Phantom.
Can't shoot us if we Ghost.
I support the explanation to star and
the selfie picture in >>2951251
we don't have to meet the queen *now*, we can do that on friday (it might be bad if we decide to arrive unannounced from what grate got from his arrival)

also cast inversion shield and USE OUR BINOCULARS TO GET A PING ON THE SNIPER
>I just want to casually wave. Like them trying to snipe us is not even a big deal.

>Or even something worth slowing down or stoping for.

>Tell them well get to them. Later. When we have time.

The MIB has signed a death warrant.

>After deflecting the shot and killing the sniper text Excalibur
>"Nigga that's some shitty foreplay. I like earth, I don't wanna fuck it up but you finna wanna pick a fight with a god? When you tell the fat fucks on the council you need bigger guns tell them I have a counter offer. I'll pay them some choice magic to get the fuck off my dick and they wont have to worry about Mewni and the MHC. Or we can go wild. How many nukes you got, how many cities can you burn before its a lost cause.

Get the fuck off my Dick bitch."
This is what I wanted to do originally sadly... but...

Way. WAY to late for this man.

Also. nice negro speak jalopay
File: 00a.jpg (73 KB, 381x424)
73 KB
You you guys gotta act like this whole pan in the ass isn't out fault?
Why do you gotta go unnecessarily breaking off truces when we already have several people after our ass?

Also, what the fuck are you doing outside the school?
What's the whole point of LIVING IN SCHOOL if you won't wait for the people you want to see there and instead just walk off into the street where we already know several assassinsa re waiting for us?
>ITT: Anon continues to be the cause of 90% of his problems.

It would help if anons knew how to deal with people in any capacity that isn't fuck you do what I say.
Anons are retarded. Obviously.

Tonight more so than usual. Probably because we did not get a clear direction at the start of the Quest.

Write in votes tend to bring out the worst in people.

Also no. We left that behind a while ago.
We are 90% of anons problems.
Wow, these posts are so fucking helpful.
File: 1c7.png (123 KB, 284x178)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
You want something helpful?

Open a portal between you and the Sniper to redirect incoming fire.

>Giga-Forms take some time to set up and the sniper can shoot us in the meantime.
>Inversion is not sure to deflect all damage.
>"Immunity to Human Weapons" might not work if the weapons are not considered human by their handlers.
>Don't go out in the open to meet some guy when they are literally coming to you in a moment and there are hundred of assassins after our ass out there.
Mind read sniper
Phantom before trigger pull
Have a commando move on his position

Non lethal takeout. We want the message we're after ludo for killing 2 friends of ours. May want to re reach to MIB regarding that.
So many people scared of tiny baby bullets

Literally screaming and throwing poop at the wall (what I have been doing)

Is more helpful than systematically turning everyone against anon.
Why did we create a second front again?
>Inversion is not sure to deflect all damage.
Yes it does you dumbass. Anything that beats our AC will just take off 1 HP off the shield.

No it isn't. You're just being an annoying jackass.
People thought the MiB would back down rather than attempt to de escalate because they have no idea how regular human beings think.

File: e76.gif (288 KB, 400x223)
288 KB
288 KB GIF
>Standing out here
>In the world
>With people behind you
>Is new
>You're not at war
>You -are- at war

>Not with Star however
>Or even Marco

L: "That would be a short war."
>Luna said that out loud
>From your shoulder
>Looking at Marco

M: "Huh?"

>You cut him off

A: "Do you remember Ludo?"
>Star suddenly looks
>Because she looks serious
>Her cheeks are all puffed
>Her heart marks glint

S: "He hurt Marco."
>Your teeth clench
A: "He WHAT!?"
S: "You wanna smash Ludo?"
>She puts her fist in her palm
S: "Only if you share."
A: "I don't share..."
>You get in her face
A: "But you can trust I'll mail you his severed ass to kick."
S: "I would like that."
A: "Good."
S: "Great."
A: "Awesome."

>Star gets a nat 20 on her new knowledge check

S: "Woevenmire used to be an ancient settlement for Dirt-People like my dad. It's super high up north. In the Jaggy Mountains."

>In the J-

File: Spoiler Image (218 KB, 600x800)
218 KB
218 KB JPG


S: "People say they can hear it 'Calling' out for relief..."
A: "Why?"
S: "Because everybody there -died- Anon."

A: "Wh-"

Su: "Why awe you stwaight?"
>Susan with the comet strike
Su: "You'we so pwetty and dumb why can't you be gay?"
S: "..."
>Star actually looks emabarassed
S: "I'm sorry?"
Su: "No. You'we stwaight..."
>Susan ponders for a moment

>Only a 9 on moral check

Su: "but mostwy dumb."
S: "HEY!"
A: "Haha!"
>You and Susan get a down low High-five

A: "Now gimme your Mom's number."
M: "Anon, back off."
A: "I'll back o- Oh hang on a second."


>A shield appears around the three of you

>An object just bounced off of your bubble
>It lodges in a nearby car
>That isn't a bullet
>It's like a serrated Harpoon
>It bleeds green goo

>You turn from it to the shooter

>There is a man-shape next to it
>In a bubble helmet

A: "Oh holy fuck..."
A: "Aliens."

>They flee

A: "Who the fuck let them g-..."
>OH the MiB keep aliens in check
>magic ones
>Space ones...
>You're not on their list of earth friendlies anymore
>The Buffer is gone

File: S1E7_School_bus_driver.png (905 KB, 1920x1080)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
Rolled 10 (1d10)


A: "I Have to impress Queen Moon so I can go to Mewni. If I don't. We could end up butting heads when I go there to turn Ludo into a bird themed Ball scrubber."

>Star contemplates this for a moment
>The Bus Pulls up

>The Bus driver screams out the door
BD: "C'MAn! You'll be late!"

S: "Ok."
>Marco sighs
M: "War is stupid."
A: "Peace is temporary."

Su: "Hetewosexuaws awe a bwight."

BD: "Get on the GOSH DANG BUS!"

>Star takes her scissors
>Opens a portal


S: "This should go straight to the throne room. Go impress my mom."

>Star heads for the bus
S: "Susan!"
>She yells from the window
S: "You're a good kisser."


S: "I hope you find someone nice."
>She closes the window
>Marco heads for the Bus Door
>His neck whispers something

>The Door closes
>The Bus leaves

>Marco Sighs

M: "Hey, can I get a r-"

>You have already left through the portal

Those are the fuckers who killed Blake and Moob....... woevenmier and Moon will wait. These shits come first.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Here goes.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 17 (1d20)

OR NOT! FUCKING! Guess I'll roll with this. Least we know it's not Ludo or Toffee. LET'S JAZZ ON THESE LOSERS!
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>Captcha is buses
Rolled 8 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Rolled 14 + 19 (1d20 + 19)

>Give marco a ride you cuck

>Stars pretty nice in all honesty.


>You're not on their list of earth friendlies anymore
>The Buffer is gone



>You're not on their list of earth friendlies anymore
>The Buffer is gone
Ehh, considering what happened to the bros not like we lost much. Fuckos didn't know how to do their job. Also
>Using the WILL modifier
Nice going fruit cake.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>text excalibur
>"How much to be allies?"
Well I sure hope somebody takes care of the town then.

Because we sure as hell are not going to.

I wish I had an internet hug for you.

Nah fuck that. No backing down. Full speed ahead nigga.
>People thought the MiB would back down rather than attempt to de escalate because they have no idea how regular human beings think.
No they didn't, nobody wanted to de escalate anything. Lives were lost in an attempt to strike at us. That is an act of war, we're planning to strike ludo, Earth is allied to Ludo. So declaring war on him means we'll be fighting both anyway. Your problem isn't that anons don't know how to diplomance, your problem is the majority DOESN'T want to diplomance. Not only do most seem to be fine with fighting both the MIB and the monsters of Mewni, a couple of anons are actually looking forward to it. You're a frustrated dove in a tide of pissed of warhawks.

opening up this front

jus seemed foolish to me.
That's not how repairs are gonna work

We came across as a petulant child who will start killing at a moment's notice.
that makes us a liability. Only way to fix is from 1: position of power 2: situation with a mediator.

We literally need Moon now to fix it
Rolled 10 (1d20)

It was going to happen, if not now then soon.
Alright one more
>We came across as a petulant child who will start killing at a moment's notice.
I mean, considering the way the votes generally go, we kind of are?
I'm down for war, but everyone allied on earth is now a liability. You think they won't take our bio mom in a black ops raid? Jackie? Others around us now?

Our friends dying last time was an accident by monsters. We're dealing with a group with better sigint and humint.
I say we weren't even the chance.
The vote to "Call MIB" was tainted by that right in.
I am 69% sure if Quest had given us a chance to try to negotiate then we would have voted work something out, but maybe i'm wrong.
Now that we are IN this situation though, I say there is no point in turning back.
All I wanted to do today was find out where this fucking castle was so we can get our spell. But there is too much going on for such single mindedness i guess.

That's some real bitch ass shit right there nigga.
>a couple of anons are actually looking forward to it.
I know I certainly am. Bitches been fuckin' with us since day 4. 'bout time we followed Omni's advice and show we're not one to be messed with.
File: Spoiler Image (30 KB, 1000x346)
30 KB

The winner...

>11 + 7 = 18.

>Over average
>It is not quite...
>I suppose it's better to show
>Like you're doing now

>Presides over her court

>A nobleman is presenting his plan for a new irrigation system

NM: "We'll produce THRICE the corn come harvest time! Why w-"

G: "Your majesty."
>A strange figure approaches from the side of court
>A skeleton
>Made of metal
>With a huge Diamond Head

G: "May I present...the holy of holys."
M: "Sir, Grate. You were allowed your audience. You must await until there is no further business in court before interjecting into such-"

A: "One two three four. One two. Three, Mothafucka."

A: " https://youtu.be/cLmCJKT5ssw?t=62 "

>You come in
>With the Wand Blazing hot
>With your magic power wafting from your body
>Grate bows

G: "His Lordship. Anonymous!"
>The speakers in Grate's body begin to pulse
>He feels out your BPM
>Then plays a beat from your head
>Accompanying your tunes

>How much
Pfft, no.

>You begin to float
>As fire curls around your body
>As you assume Multiple Spell-forms

>Then even use Cruci-Crush to throw you body back to earth
>Just to leave a small crater
>You pull out of the form
>Raise your wand up high

>You Pose
>As Grate's bumping beat ends...

>Queen Moon leans forward from her throne
>The nobles are quiet
>Powder drifting from their wigs
>Mascara smeared by sweat
>They are silent


???: "Heh..."
>One of them smirks
>Another snorts
>They were silent
>Until they laugh

???: "Oh! OHahahah! OH my goodness! Jeffry! I don't trust you but hold me! OH! My petticoat aaaaahhahaha!"

???: "What is this? A jester bard?"
???: "Does he even have a puppet?"
???: "Where's his bell costume?"





>You're a mover
>A shaker

>Moon looks terrified of you
>Countries are not just their rulers
>The rest find you a laughing stock

>Who knows what that can turn into

Many thanks to the Patron Pals.
Especiall Acid, Ark, Comf. You know them bois.

Stay blessed.
You know, alternate timeline versions of us exist again thanks to culling fate. It's one of those nice things. We could technically pull a steins;gate-esque maneuver now
Eh, honestly. Might as well just roll with it.
File: 7768008a97b0aac-a-nw-p.jpg (22 KB, 1080x447)
22 KB
Oof, well at least we......impressed Moon I think?
That's not really edgy though
Well we spooked her. Impressed.... not so much.

So did anyone get what they wanted tonight? I sure didnt.
>Moon looks terrified of you
At least the important one knows what's up. The others don't really matter.
File: 1514434699977.png (21 KB, 180x204)
21 KB
I'm not sure how to feel about all this.
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (39 KB, 1280x720)
39 KB
I got an african spawn commando, we're finally getting around to arming our army, the worm is done, our will is at full capacity, and Grate is back, so yeah I'm pretty content this session.
If you don't want Anon to be laughed at like a clown then stop making him act like one.
Eh. So what if a bunch of inbreds think we're clowning around? We just need to give some results.
But all we did was roll though, what exactly are you complaining about?
To be fair, we are pretty goofy. Not like we're always 100% serious no jokes. It's honestly more surprising that people laughed in the first place instead of just feeling really awkward like normal.
What If I do want anon to be laughed at?
I mean hes a pretty big joke at this point.
I literally laughed at him a while ago.

child pretending to be a man
hobo pretending to be a king
petty wizard pretending to be a god

I mean heck. The attitude, abusing your significant other, blaming others for your shitty decisions...

Its funny both because he is a shit heel, and in a more cosmic irony sort of way.

Hell, yall voted to make him know galaxy wide as "traps"

if thats not a joke I dont know what is.
Don't vote for things that have no proper bearing on the current situation or are unnecessary .
Oh, also.

We should go visit our paternal grandfather. Hes based.
Moon has the knowledge to realize
1: we're human not mewman. Our physical capabilities are impressive to our race. Not to a people who run fast as cars in some cases.


Simply coming in WITH the wand would result in a MHC meeting regarding us.
So id like to ask.

What the hell did we come here to do again?

I heard something about letting her know were going to start shit with Ludo. But the reasoning behind that is... crazy?
File: 1513207196101.gif (47 KB, 360x360)
47 KB
Had a think about it.
I think this is a step in a good direction. I'd rather have people's reaction to Anon and His Whole Deal be with a smile. Fear/Loathing/Anger gets really, really tiresome after a while. I think things will go better if we start endearing ourselves to people just a LITTLE bit.
File: 1488256973294.gif (539 KB, 480x270)
539 KB
539 KB GIF
Because he's been poking his shit into our little area of the human world/almost completely destroyed THE BOOK/apparently hurt Marco/is generally an asshole
The dead friends didn't help
Did we ever find out if he was actually the one behind dead friendos? and I use the term friendos loosely.

Because i remember the police wanted to talk to us about their investigation but we never followed up on it.
this is actually nice lets roll with it and we can say we are always live and they can find us in our moms HOLE and make some jokes possibly change our outfit and make some grotesque prop jokes with our body and changing our outfit
As funny as that sounds, it would probably ruin any chance at a real alliance with the Mewmans. We need to be serious here

Yeah, no jokes. Basically this is the rabble and the rabble need only to keep thinking that moon is in power.

We are essentially the pied piper, a mystery figure come to solve the worlds problem for only a price. To the court we seem a buffoon, to Moon she knows what we represent.

Right now the goal will be to demonstrate our terrible power but also convince the court that we are here at Moon's request, thus preserving the chain of authority. If we at any time affront or challenge Moon's control we will either be sent away and/or attacked.

I see a few options.
One is operation "Tremble and Fear". The Mewmans fear two things, undead and Eclipsa. Turns out thats two things we have. The next step would be to summon our undead honor guard and have Luna appear in full form and silence the court with magic. A simple Silence spell, Luna appears in a gout of smoke and fire and does some "this place again my master?" roleplay bullshit. Strike the fear of Luna into them and then reiterate that we have come at Moon's request to aid with removing the filth that is Ludo and his army. "Our terms are for Moon and Moon alone as she is the only one worthy to converse with." Something like that to get alone with Moon to speak freely.

Another option is bumbling fool, "Pretend to be retarded". Keep playing up the fool angle until the court demands Moon send us off to die so they could laugh at our folly and then talk to moon Psionically and have it out then. This way prevents offence to Moon and challenging her authority.

Either way we make this offer. We get rid of Ludo and his monster army as long as Moon gives us full run of Mewni for a week to do what we need to. We ensure that no innocent mewmans will be hurt. If She does this she can toast his death at her party on Friday and take credit for the victory. One last stipulation is that she allow us to temporarily work with the MHC on apprehension of Toffee and that we are willing to overlook glossaryck being the one to give Toffee that magic.


>You are Anonymous
>You are a busy man
>With prodigious power
>A great many resources and goals

>Reclaim your lost spells
>Grow an army to fight the ones being levied against you
>Fuck this world
>Right the fuck

>You have felt like a god ever since killing the controller of your universe last year
>Now the world is no longer a story
>It is a game

>You have been trying to figure out how to win it
>So far
>You've been all over
>Getting stronger
>More stuff
>More people
>More resources
>Why has it felt so empty?

>Perhaps, something more immediate

???: "AHAha! Moon? What is this? Some of your daughter's company?"

???: "Perhaps a jester. From the theater troop. I thought they'd been executed for the stand-up routine."

???: "Look at his one wimpy arm! It's preposterous!"

>You are currently a laughing stock
>In the center of a royal court
>Everything here
>Blows your home out of the water
>Polished floors
>Seafoam blue and Gold Walls
>Painted ceilings

>Stained glass windows

>Hundreds of nobles mock your appearance
>Your manners


>You made an entrance with your wand out
>Playing a dark tune

>The only one who seems to understand A. That you are not a joke


>B. You are a wielder of powerful magic
>Is the Queen herself

>The throne next to her is currently empty
>She sits alone at the back of the room
>Her eyes hard
>Her posture

>The air smells of mint and soap when you look toward her

>You are standing in the hall beside your herald

Gr: "My lord."
>He bows so low his new diamond head CLANKS on the tile

What do?

>Do something more serious to shut the crowd up (Blows your cover, might make things less pleasant)

>Address the Queen directly (Keeps your cover, but might be difficult with the crowd's noise)

>Play along (Try to sneak in what you've come to offer the queen, while letting the nobles think you're just for show)

You came here to offer an alliance.
Between your kingdom of undead and her kingdom of entrenched magic nobility.

Her enemy's head.
For your safe passage in her lands.

L: "My spell is somewhere far North of here. In the mountains we killed that gargantuan worm. We could be there in secret if we moved in small enough groups."

>The crowd has not even died down
>They are spilling their fine wines and cheese plates mocking you

Grate's head is so shiny you can barely see.

>You are in the great game now

What do?

???: "Moon. This display is unseemly."
>A plump woman seated beside Moon isn't laughing
>She seems more

???: "Have that vagabond removed. So we can attend to the court's business."
Address Moon directly. Let the commoners laugh if they want, they can enjoy a good show. We're here for Moon. Hell, crack a joke or two to make them laugh even more. Just so long as we make it clear when it comes to Moon and the shit we're here to talk about, we're serious.
"I know you are losing the war. I also know that Ludo is going to a meeting with the Pixies to try and work a deal, possibly an alliance. You need all the help you can get, and I just so happen to be available! So, What is it going to be, Moon?"
>I also know that Ludo is going to a meeting with the Pixies to try and work a deal, possibly an alliance.
...... No we don't? We don't know that at all. We don't even know what Ludo's really doing beyond he's teaming up with the MiB. Where the hell are you getting a pixie team up from?
dude, we do know, we found it out earlier. Its also why we know that the MiB is trying to work with Ludo as well
File: Cegorach.png (612 KB, 980x1065)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>>Play along (Try to sneak in what you've come to offer the queen, while letting the nobles think you're just for show)

This is the moment to prove yourself you really have nothing to prove to anyone else.
if you're really sure of yourself you have nothing to fear

Lets try and not make her look bad in front of her own court.

Also, we're currently missing school,, and I do wanna talk to Janna.
>psionically reach out to moon.
>"I am goin for Ludo with everything. I thought you might appreciate taking the credit and being forwarned that I was coming. We should talk privately after the rabble is handled. I know what happened last summer and I want to talk about how glossaryck gave toffee spells of unrivaled power. My mothers spells. "

>out loud. "I am glad the nobels of mewni can still laugh while monsters ready to rape the planet. I came here as called to dispose of a monster infestation that annoyed Queen Moon. I think my preformance on warplanet was sufficent but if you doubt my power, perhaps my partner will teach then some respect.

>then have Luna appear and cast Silence on the royals with some HP.
>>Play along (Try to sneak in what you've come to offer the queen, while letting the nobles think you're just for show)
Play along, give them another tune, it doesn't matter if they think we're alone, Moon sees the wand and knows what's up. She'll listen.
Dont say this. It challenges moons power and maybe reveals classified information. That level of detail is for priavte talk only.

Supporting this.

>Play along (Try to sneak in what you've come to offer the queen, while letting the nobles think you're just for show)
File: Moon_Butterfly.png (132 KB, 259x360)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Scattered ideas.

1 vote

>Write-in you are losing the war
1 vote

1 vote

>Play Along
3 votes


>You pull off your jacket
>Muscles twirls your wand

A: "I see my... -assistant- already has you warmed up."

???: "Guards, come now this is ridiculous."
>A lithe young man in the crowd pipes

A: "Not as ridiculous as your HAIRLINE."
>The rabble goes quiet

???: "Heartrude really DOES have a jester's brow AHAHAHAHA!"

>They're losing it
>How bored are these people?

>Toward the throne
>Grinning like a cat

A: "Ya know, I just flew in from Earth. Gotta say you people are alright."
>You pause
>Look over your shoulder
>With your hips jutted out

A: "If a little corny."

>One of them spews a cob from her mouth

>You're at the throne now
>In front of Moon and the chubby, grandma looking woman

A: "Your majesty."
???: "Only a fool would get his close to the throne you're a capital offender if you take one more step."

>You take two
A: "Bitch, when I speak to you you'll know it."

>Her upper lip quivers

A: "Cause it'll sound like this!"

>You grab your wand
>Then Blow



A: "What. Ya'll don't got whales on Mewni?"

>A thinner male noble speaks up over his iced tea corn beverage

???: "We have Hydras. Leviathan lobsters and the Dolphin kingdom."

A: "Well they should have fatasses too, why wouldn-"

>They're laughing


>hasn't taken her eyes off of you for a second
>The woman next to her
>Appears to be in shock

Mo: "Clever."
A: "What's clever?"
Mo: "This ploy of yours."
>She's smarter than her daughter is
>Her chest and back are totally straight
>She speaks with only her lips
>Her eyes
>Betray nothing

Mo: "What do you want?"
>She also seems to have found the -exact- volume for you to hear her
>Without being heard over the crowd

A: "Ludo is winning."
>Not a twitch from her
>You continue
A: "I can find him. Crush him."
Mo: "That isn't justice. I do not want someone as wild as are involved in a delicate situation like this."
A: "The other humans are allied with him."
>Her brows move
>At first
>You sneer in triumph
>Then her glare completes

>For a moment
>You're frozen
>Everything is mint scented

Mo: "You'd betray your own people. For revenge?"
A: "Reve-"

>She knows too much
>How does sh-

A: "Hekapoo."

???: "MORE More jokes! Do Rainbora next!"
R: "No! Do Cumula!"

C: "I should think not. Non magical illusionists have no business in the castle."

Mo: "Your time is running out. They don't -do- boredom very well."
>You made all this display
>All this pagentry

A: "What does this look like to you?"
Mo: "Another Monday."


A: "I find Ludo. At his base. I know who knows where it is."
Mo: "Whom?"
>Why is she taking you seriously?

A: "My world's shadow government. At least their agents. I know where THEY are. So I go there. Smash em. Find Ludo. Smash HIM."

Mo: "Ludo is not my kingdom's biggest threat. Merely -a- threat..."
>She narrows her eyes at you

Mo: "You're too young for this."
A: "How old were YOU when you started."
>She simply continues to scowl
>She literally stonewalls that question

A: "You know how powerful I am. I can do it."
Mo: "That is not the question."
A: "So what is?"
Mo: "What do -you- want for this oh so charitable donation?"

A: "I want my feet on your soil. I want a presence here."
>You think

A: "I want invited to the table. So I can stop being on the outside."
Mo: "No."


>Moon raises
>Her elbow gloves twinkle
>Like a star filled ocean

Mo: "I can only give someone with a name a presence in my court. Someone Mewman."
A: "So you're a race supremacist?"
Mo: "My court is."

"I think you have met my mother, Moon? Is that not proof enough. If not, i could replace your court, and your enemies?"
File: Queen_Butterfly.png (215 KB, 300x839)
215 KB
215 KB PNG

>That hand she raised rings a small bell
>It's dainty
>Yet everyone seems to have heard
>The laughter is dieing

Mo: "If you help me. Fine. You'll get a reward but it has to either be a name for yourself. Or perhaps...an emissary."
>Which you could use here
>Reputation means everything
>Next to pedigree

Mo: "Or treasure. A payoff. A lead."
A: "You just want me to go away?"
Mo: "Every royal I've ever met couldn't be trusted. You're young..."
>She looks down
>At your ratty shoes
>Your hole filled jeans
Mo: "You're unpolished...but you have the look. You're a ruler. One who is going to be dangerously competent. In time."
A: "How could you possibly know th-"

>She nods behind you
>At the bottom of her stairs
>Is Grate
>Waiting for you
>The ridiculous metal skeleton
>He's being mocked
>Yet he looks
>Just to be with you


Mo: "You carry it well."

>She is soft
>Just for a moment
Mo: "It's daunting. Isn't it?"
A: "y-..."
>Don't be soff
>She's just a huge
>Diamond Mom

A: "Fuck off with that."
>Moon's business face is back on
Mo: "Crude."
A: "Cold."
Mo: "Fair."
>You point to yourself
A: "Willing. To work. With you."

>Moon leans forward
>The most motion she's employed since you showed up
>Her bust doesn't even slack off from her body
>Her dress is so tight
>So perfect
>Her eyes are icebergs
>Her gemstone cheekmarks are perfectly dry
>You're sweating
>Why is it hot in here?
>One of her feet tease out from her dress
>On the ends of BOOTS

>This woman
>Is nothing like Star

Mo: "I can appreciate that."
>You swallow
>Glaring to keep face

Mo: "Etheria, are the guards outside?"
>She finally addresses the fat woman

Eth: "I-...I will not STAND this affrontery to my-"

A: "You can stand?"




Also choose.

>Offer to give Moon credit for Defeating Ludo
>Ask for a smaller reward (Like treasure)
-Improve standing with Moon

>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>Take no reward but gain recognition

>Offer something bigger
>Demand your place in court
(Risky, you'll need to get creative)

What do?
>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>Take no reward but gain recognition

This. Our reward can be monster bodies and weapons.
Rolled 7 (1d10)


Rolling for our dice pick.

This is gonna be one meaty day.


Character sheet here


Let us quest
and stay
Rolled 5 (1d20)


>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>Take no reward but gain recognition
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Moon, I will happily take care of Ludo for no charge on your part.
I will ALSO deal with Toffee for you. And all for the low low price of letting me do it! If this offer sounds pleasing to you, then call 1-800-FUCKOFF-LUDO! THAT'S 1-800-FUCKOFF-LUDO! AND AS AN ADDED BONUS WE'LL EVEN THROW IN AN EARTH MADE CAN OF FLEX SEAL! LIMITED TIME OFFER, CALL NOW!
Rolled 15 (1d20)

I got this guys
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>Offer to give Moon credit for Defeating Ludo
>"You claim all the credit for Ludo. I dont care for such things. I want one thing only. To be left alone while I do my work and that I have full writ to use my powers for three days. I wont enslave the people or curse the land, but I am bringing very large weapons and it will make quite the noise. And one last thing, I want a private audience with you. Now, about certain events last year and why your blue mongrel betrayed me and my mother.

>luna, appear to only Moon for a moment.

We didn’t really come here for standing in Moons court. I dont think we give a shit about Mewnian politics? Moon can take credit, unless I’m missing something
The idea is to get ludo and let moon take credit so we can go to woevenmire and get ludo without being harassed and also to have moon see we are reasonable
Letting Moon take credit would result in, well her getting the credit.

But if we don't want to be treated as an idiot kid forever, we'd want some solid deeds to our name.
Rolled 14 (1d20)

>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>Take no reward but gain recognition
It's always good to have some political influence whereever you can get it my man. We can get material rewards EZ PZ, just grind some wild swamp drakes. Influence on the other hand, that's hard to get.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>Take no reward but gain recognition

>Offer something bigger
>Demand your place in court
(Risky, you'll need to get creative)

We offer her to get rid off the monsters.

All of them.
BTW if this stays at it's whopping total of 0 supports, just default this vote to take credit for defeating Ludo.
File: 0bd.jpg (54 KB, 680x703)
54 KB
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>>Offer to take Credit for defeating Ludo
>>Take no reward but gain recognition
>-Improves INFLUENCE

Then. Luna is interested in Justice, something she can use to prop her power and influence in her court...
Maybe we can offer to bring Ludo alive, if she's interested? Use him as a bargaining chip.

We really don't need to say all that.
That doesnt matter among the lower peasants. All that matters right now is getting our spells and handling the MHC, the MIB, Ludo, and Toffee.
We dont need to fucking take credit for Ludo. Hes nothing for us and the recognition wed get is useless (royal court) to bad (MIB is pissed more). We have to continue to operate on our own path. Letting Moon take credit does wonders for her power base as well as ingratiates her to us WHICH IS SUPER IMPORTANT AS SHE RUNS THE MHC.
Mh... fine.

Changing my vote >>2966097
>Offer to give Moon credit for Defeating Ludo
>Ask for a smaller reward (Like treasure)
-Improve standing with Moon
Rolled 9 + 7 (1d20 + 7)


>Offer to give Moon credit for Defeating Ludo
>Ask for a smaller reward (Like treasure)
-Improve standing with Moon

And as a follow up offer

>Offer something bigger
>Demand your place in court
(Risky, you'll need to get creative)

We'll get rid all the monsters that there are. And as a completely optional in all honesty. We can help her deal with a lizard, whichever way she wants. As long as we're provided proper compensation for the work involved
Going full genocide will turn star agaisnt us and will make us the "genocide at step one" guy. Its bad optics, but we are gonna fuck up and destory every monster under his banner.
>>Offer to give Moon credit for Defeating Ludo
>>Ask for a smaller reward (Like treasure)
-Improve standing with Moon
Glad I made it, considering we lost one contact that wasn't actually all that friendly anyway, making a serious alliance with the mewmans in the future would be a good idea. If that ends up not panning out then it might be possible to pick up the pieces after Ludo is gone and make the monster race bend the knee.

I mean it more as scattering them to the wind and they go off in their own directions never coming back.
>Genocide will make Star Against us
She already hate us guts. Also, she still is Pro-No-Life-Monster, since Buffrog never went good. Unless something changed or i am being stupid.
Changing vote.
>Offer to give credit to ourself and Star for defeating Ludo
>Take whatever fucking reward that gives us

We're supposedly bringing Star with us anyways when we go to kill Ludo, might as well, right?
No, we are nuking ludo from space with crucicrush enhanced kinetic kill vehicles. Rods from god. Its just pretense to go raide woevenmire wihtout MHC interference as well as getting an enchantment to the wand that will make it unstealable.
No genocide.

Not needed.


As I said, just scatter them off.

An easy one by one genocide
File: Capture.png (49 KB, 147x164)
49 KB

The winner...

>19+7 = 26
>+4 from natural 20s...

>30 fucking total

A: "You can stand?"

>Etheria freezes
>Mid outburst
>Her eyes are wide
>Her pallid cheeks sag
>Her breath, which reeks of buttermilk comes out hot and heaving

>You look where she is staring
>At moon
>Who's face is behind a fan
>Her arm raised
>Her shoulders
>Ever so slightly

>Holy shit

>You made the Queen Laugh



A: "You don't like...-any- of these people, do you?"
>Moon clears her throat
>Still a bit floaty from
>Your utterly
>Lack of respect

Mo: "Liking someone has- hm. Hehe."
>She straightens, letting her jubilation out with a sigh
Mo: "Nothing to do with court."
A: "I hate courts. Stuffs too."
>You eye her
>Then realize
>Those boots
A: "Hey wait...those go-"
>You lean down getting way too close to being under the Queen's dress
A: "These go ALL the way up!?"

>She leans her foot forward
>Tilting your chin
>With the tip of her shoe

Mo: "Manners. Please."
>You smile
>You have an idea

File: maxresdefault.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB

A: "Hear me on this."
>You stand
>Muscles rolls
>Inspecting the nearby noblewomen
>Etheria eyes him like a snake

A: "I'll kill Ludo."
>You snap at Moon with your human hand
A: "And I'll make it look like you made it happen."

Mo: "Oh?"
A: "You don't need to say -anything-...not about me. Not about us."
Mo: "Don't you want a name?"


5 votes worth even

>and Yet

6 votes

A: "I wanna be someone you can trust."
>Takes you in again
>Like she's appraising land someone told her was swamp
>But has good soil

A: "Your government takes credit and all these corn cob cunts can think you've got a secret force out there to turn them into craters when they get out of line."
>You wink
A: "Cause you will."


A: "Just let me do my work. I'll be up north. In the Jaggy Mountains. Keep suspicion low and I'll get in and out like a comet ruining your enemies."

>Moon considers
Mo: "Humble. Most would make demands."
A: "I'm not most. I'm not a king."
>You pose
>Jo Jo text floats around you

A: "I'm THE king."


Mo: "Agreed."

Now choose

>Friendly handshake as you leave
(Noticeable, but even more trustworthy)

>Big Magic exit
(Flashy, but keeps up your illusion)

>Let her See Luna
(you are the wu-tang klan. Show her you're nothing to fuck with)



(You saved Justin and everybody knows. You might also see Janna there. Or jackie. Which would traumatize you)

>Straight to the mountains
>Enough Games
>It's time to get Luna's spell back

>To the MiB base
>Where the trail to find Ludo starts

What do?

- +1 status with QUEEN MOON BUTTERFLY
>Friendly handshake as you leave
>Maybe have her shake Luna's hand too

>To the MiB base
Big Magic Exit. Got to keep appearances in front of the masses.

And them secure EVERYONE.

We got make MiB pay, but no point if we let them get leverage on us.
Big Magic Exit. No Luna. The less serious of a threat she sees us, the better. The wand is bad enough.
>Big magic exit
>go get janna for a castle raid
Supporting secure everyone. Toss them back to the hole before we go to the Mountains.
I want it all Give Moon a friendly handshake, let her shake Luna's tiny hand as well, and then do a big magic exit. Also let's go to the mountains. Getting that spell and all the shit that's been hyped there will help take down the MiB.

I'm with this all the way
File: War_Room_4.jpg (177 KB, 1024x576)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>>Big Magic exit
>(Flashy, but keeps up your illusion)

>What do?
Go to School.

Hear me out.
>We don't have the tools to stage Ludo's demise as a takedown by Moon/Mewni (we need medieval weaponry as well as a plan to stage it).
>We cannot use Earth weapons.
>We can still infiltrate the MiB in a stealthy and inconspicuous manner as a way to recover info on the long term.
>Taking the MiB down right now could be troublesome later on.
>We might yet recruit Janna's help for Sneaky Cheeki Breeki stuff, so we need to talk with her about it.
>Also... Jackie...
Okay, changing vote to
>Big Magic Exit

>To the MiB Base
>See if Janna doesn't wanna come with
We need Atreus back anyways. Goodness knows what she's done to the poor guy.

Also adding we take Janna, and hey does Dirtbro hate the spooks? If so he can come along too
Go to School and do the school stuff.
You can't ask help from your "friends"if you never actually do them.
Do (with) them.
Friend Stuff.
Fuck no. Fuck that. Fuck you. We had a whole episode with Jackie about how for all the love in the world, she just couldn't keep up on our wild magic bullshit. Anyone from school isn't going to be good enough with the exception of Star, Marco and possibly Janna.
>friendly handshake

>do them
We're gonna have to do a lot of legwork to rework a possibility of harem end, gotta keep it in your pants for now anon.
N-No What's not what mean.

Actually talk to your friends nigga.
If you want to inflitrate MIB than I would recommend, for like the fifth time, raising the soul of the telekinetic operative we captured before.
Big Magic Exit

And do you want the MIB to go after them?
Going during lunchbreak or something to talk to some friends and discuss the war with Star is a good idea, but wasting 8 hours for a full school day seems like a massive waste of time when we're prepping to destroy one enemy and potentially deal with another for control of the planet.
File: Christmas7.png (330 KB, 845x461)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
>N-No What's not what mean.
Sure I believe you
The MiB WILL come after them eventually.

The need to ensure they are protected and guarded over.

Put Vermin Swarms to watch over your friends and the school from a distance.
Maybe put a specialized leadership undead under them so he can update us on stuff.

Not 8 hours. we already used plenty of the morning time.

This too. We need a specialized unit.

If we can covertly kidnap one of the MiB, punch his soul out and put one of our guys in we can properly infiltrate the MiB with a double agent.
>>Let her See Luna
>Straight to the mountains
>Enough Games
>It's time to get Luna's spell back
File: 832180848-1024x1024.jpg (160 KB, 867x1024)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

A: "Oh. Uh..."
>You offer her your hand
A: "Anonymous."
>She doesn't move
>After a moment
>She registers that you're offering it
>For a shake

Mo: "Queen Butterfly."
>She seems
>Even though she doesn't return it as casually
>She puts out her hand
>With the fingertips facing down
>She's about to let you hold it

>A queen's hand
>That would have been neat

>Shame you have other plans

>Just before she reaches your palm
>You make "OK" sign

A: "Gotem."

>Muscles SLAMS his palm into that Noble guy's ass
>The one who's hairline you roasted

H: "OW!"
A: "It's worse when he makes it inside."
H: "Wh-what?"

>They look to you
A: "Have fun suckin' Star's dick in 10 years."

>Your eyes begin to glow
>You snatch a nearby shellfish from the snack tables
>You bite it's head off and chant
>It begins to rain outside

>Some of the crowd OOs
>When lightning Strikes
>You portal out


We are tied on the destination.

3 votes for school (Some specifically to secure your friends)

3 votes for going to the mountains

1 vote for kicking down the Mib's door

Seems I must reveal something.
About when the ties occur.

>Luna appears on your shoulder as your feet touch the earth
>You close the portal behind you

L: "You kept me a secret."
A: "You're the most precious thing I'll ever have, Mom."
>You look to Luna
A: "I'll show you off when there's not a damn thing they can do to us. Or when they need to be afraid."
L: "You make an old woman very happy, you know."

A: "You make me so uncomfortable but I'm like...into that?"
L: "I know."

>Anon turns back to his destination
>Specifically Gym class
>He checks his phone
>Roughly the right time
>For Jackie to be in here


>You kick open the door
>A bunch of kids turn from their various games
>Justin is in the back
>Surrounded by MAD PUSS
>Also, Brittney who is hanging onto his arm and fending the thots away

>You look around
>She is
>At the top of the bleachers
>In a soft blue tank top
>She's wearing a thick sports bra under it
>Probably needs it

>Since you made her even HEFTIER
>Her hair is up
>Her eyes turn to floodlights when you meet

A: "Jackie."
J: "Anon?"
A: "I'm sorry."
J: "..."

>You walk to the back of the gym
>HURL open the rear doors
>Letting in a ton of light


A: "Don't be alone for a little while."
>You look back to her
>As everyone else gets an eyeful of Janna
>Lighting up a cigarette
>Next to an eight foot high Goat-monster

A: "I'm gonna attack the government but first I'm gonna go get forbidden magic from a magic castle."
>You pick up Janna
>With just Muscles

A: "I'm taking Janna."
Ja: "Sick."
>The goat speaks up

Gb: "Now Holt on a minu-"
A: "You can come but you get in my way and I eat your nuts."
Gb: "You couldn't stomach em."
A: "There's no nuts bigger than mine and I keep them in check."

Ja: "No you don't. Oh, and here's your possum."

>Janna drops Atreus on your face
>The little boi
>He relacc
>Hanging off of your neck like a charm

A: "I missed you."
>Then hides in your shirt
A: "Yes, excellent."

>You turn to Justin
A: "How's the new legs?"
Ju: "Dude. Aren't you gonna stay? Everybody wants to talk to you. They wanna know if you wanna be at the big game. Be at the school dance! It's been rescheduled!"

Br: "It's at my house."
>She stands
>Walks to you
>Offers you a piece of paper

Br: "You saved my boyfriend's career. You're...lame."
>She scoffs
Br: "...but I can't -not- repay that."

>A party
>At Brittney Wong's House
>One year ago
>You would have sucked a whole dick for this

A: "...Maybe."
>A collective

A: "Might have shit to do."
Ja: "Hey. I thought we were gonna like...hang out?"
A: "We are."

>You head for the door
>Then make a portal because you're not a peasant

>Decides to take Janna
>On an adventure

A: "But first we get shit done."

>You pause

A: "Oh and by the way if there's Aliens and shit lookin' for me. I'm in Paris."
>You look to Jackie again
>You notice
>Yellow isn't over there
>You look around some more

>No Sabrina
>No Osk-
>It's Monday
>Oskarr is skipping school like always on Monday

>Alfonzo sees you from the bleachers
Alf: "So...cool."

A: "Later, yah homosapien ass fuckniggas."

>Anon leaves
>Followed by a horned demi-god
>With a Goth girl in his hand




>Anon has serious operatives now

>Grate (Charisma boi who will turn back to dust and a soul in about 2 days)

>Wondervon (Wickedly smart, working on your big projects like a flying Motorcycle and tech Skeletons)

>Killa Kente (Leader of your new elite skeletons. Could possibly attack enemies for you)

>Susan (A bruiser, a brawler and wrecking ball. She's as strong, fast and tough as Muscles on her own. Good at leading hordes of skeletons)
>What do with Susan?

-Send her to School to watch your friends
-Let her chill (She needs to relax, but wants to break shit over being rejected by Star)
-Invite her to Raid the Castle with you and Janna

>What do with Wondervon?
-Increase Mining (Slows down projects but gets more resources)
-Research MiB weapons (Might lead to big gains later)
-Finish the work (Ignores other projects to finish up the motorcycle)

>What do with Killa Kente and the Bone Insurgents?
-Keep guarding the castle
-Send him to Raid the MiB base (Loud but literally what minions are for)
-Send him to school, to guard your human friends (Less loud, but noticeable)


A: "Star's Mom's castle is fuckin noice and I'm angry as fuck about it."
Ja: "Hey, dude. You alright?"
A: "I-..."
>You set Janna down

A: "Can I be loved?"

What do you say to Janna?

>You are both currently on Mewni
>In those jagged Mountains

Gb: "Begorah...what a dank source of magical energies."

>You can sense the Castle is up further North
>That damn sound
>Just like when you fought Dusty

>It must be Luna's magic

>You're here
>In a fantasy world
>With a friend

Ja: "...So are we going to a dungeon?"

What say and do?
Send her to school to watch over the place. Tell her to dial back the star revengnace. Only a bit though.

Research the MIBBIE weapons

We can do that? Hell yeah, raid the damn base!

Ask Janna how her adventures have been. Get anything useful done? Learn any new spells? What's the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
......I'm actually completely for going to this party if we finish up the war before it starts. Sounds fun
Have Killa Kente whip up trouble through out the world, keep the MiB on their toes while we take care of serious stuff.
-Research MiB weapons (Might lead to big gains later)
-Invite her to Raid the Castle with you and Janna
because there could be shit to break
Oh hell yeah man. Sounds like a great relaxation moment for when our enemies are in ashes.

-Invite her to Raid the Castle with you and Janna
-Research MiB weapons (Might lead to big gains later)
-Bring them with us

Susan wants to break shit she can come along and break shit

Big gains is always good

We should make a quick run through the trash and make a bunch of vermin swarms to check on our friends

As for Killa Kente and the boneys bring them along for raiding too.


I'm up for it
Susan needs her violence.
>Invite her to Raid the Castle with you and Janna
>Research MiB weapons
bcuz lol why not
>Keep Killa Kente and the Bone Insurgents guarding the castle

>Just, ask Janna about her sick-ass adventures and shit. Kinda cold of us to have things be all about us and not her.
Supporting, just because Ludo is the focus, doesn't mean we can neglect the second war front against the MIB.
We can do a full assault with our combined forces later.
>What do with Susan?
>-Send her to School to watch your friends
...Maybe she can talk with Jackie?
It's been pretty awkward these past days.

>What do with Wondervon?
>-Research MiB weapons (Might lead to big gains later)
I assume the Worm Dusty is already doing his job at the mine in Hawaii?

>What do with Killa Kente and the Bone Insurgents?
>-Keep guarding the castle
Maybe see if he can teach something or other to the other bone boys and girls.

>Ja: "...So are we going to a dungeon?"
>What say and do?
Yes. But lets go scout for the castle and do surveillance first. No harsh moves.
Oof. No. please Don't send Killa Kente to do shit like that.

Not only do we need a constant watch over the castle in case the MiB might have found where it is, but we also don't want to disturb the hornet's nest until we can make sure we can squash them and stop them from making even more.
Let Her chill for now. She going to need her stregth when we attack.
Ask him how fast he could research the MiB weapons.
>Killa and Bone
Send him to guard the school. To make it even better, send him undercover as transfer student. Shenanigans insue.

We don't want to spread our troops to thin.
They have far more resources, info and bodies than we do.

I don't want t antagonize them any further until we're prepared to deal with them straight o, which is why I want to infiltrate them first..
we must get a outfit like this
Don't send Killa Kente and the boys out.

Excalibur gave us the location of their base AS A MEANS TO GET A CEASE FIRE WITH US.



Actually, send the boney boys out to take an agent of the MIB. Smack the soul out of that one and put the soul of the TK operative we have into it under our control, then we have a mole in the MIB to report to us in case the MIB moves while we deal with Ludo

After that bring the bois along with us for the raid
For the last time, we already have an MIB operative's soul to raise and get info from. Why do people keep forgetting that?

Switching KK option to having him and the bois stay at the base


That's who I meant by the TK operative. Besides, he'll need our WILL to keep alive. Let's wait until we get the soul vessel spell or the resurrection spell. Either one of those would help greatly with dealing in the MIB

After nabbing the MIB man first, and getting rid of all tracking items that he has on him too.
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 199x253)
9 KB
As a matter of fact, I got a plan to infiltrate the MiB.

>Get Luna's Soul Vessel Spell.
>Get one of our Minion in a Soul Vessel Spell.
>Kidnap covertly an agent of the MiB (they probably not work alone, so we'll have to work fast).
>Punch the agent's soul out and keep it in out want for later questioning, Alongside K20.
>Implant the Soul Vessel Gem with Wondie's help into the agent in a way that allows our minion to take control of the agent.
>Return it an have them infiltrate the agency literally under the agent's skin as a double agent.

Before you destroy your enemy, you must know your enemy.
Know everything about your enemy and you'll be able to predict his every move.

I'll support this anon for both of these
I'll back >>2966471
>Tell jackie your concerned over you extreme fuck up with jackie and how your coping with it by throwing yourself into work.
>You wanna show me what you can do goatman?
>Also I forgot your name already.
>offer janna the same psionic download as Marco

kk sure yeh
This also good. Kind of becoming a crutch though.

Wonder what we find out about Janna.
Don't see why.

I think Janna is pretty chill right now.
Enough to let herself carry us at least and go on adventures.
no, we only do that if absolutely necessary. Do it to the wrong person and we give our enemy a slide show of all our weaknesses

Well hey, it helps to understand someone down to a fundamental level.
Yeah but that's really freaking lame and cheap. I'd rather understand someone on a fundamental level from actual getting to know them rather than some lazy cop-out move.

It's only up to us who we chose who we do it to. Not like we have to use it ALL the time on everyone
File: anonfece.png (288 KB, 590x504)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
>You're quiet for a moment
>As you get your feet
>The ground here is thin
>Just moss and some dirt before you hit sheer rock

>You stagger to the edge of the current precipice you and Janna find yourselves on

Ja: "Dude?"

>You're silent
>To her
>You're just that
>Silently staring out over this magic world you've brought her to

>The Wind blows your new locks
>They twist like living fire
>She has no idea
>Your mind
>Is moving the great machinery
>Of a nation
>Of an army


>Killa Kente hears your WILL
>He turns to the front door as all the skeltons in your spooky house stop dead
>Even Grate, who's entered through the main way stops
>Eye to eye with your spike covered war general

A: "Keep to the castle. Guard it well. Use my time away to train the troops."
KK: "I know leetle otha than combat."
A: "So ready them for combat."

KK: "Yes, my King."

>You pass word to Wondervon
>Through Grate

Gr: "Mole."
W: "ACH!"
>Wondy was neck deep in your motorcycle project
>He has the bone filled machine held up by his huge son

OL: "Hello! Wow. You're shiny!"
Gr: "The masta has new instructions for your."
W: "Vy zhould I lizten to anyzing -you- have to tell m-"

>Grate opens his diamond head up like a can
>Your voice exits his speakers

A: "Research the anti-magic weapon."
W: "Hmph..."
>Wondervon taps his front teeth with a crescent wrench
W: "Could be dangerous...I might need zome protective equipment."
A: "Keep your son away from it. Use the least magical place you can and don't do anything rash."
W: "You miztake me. I meant dangerouz for zeh whole place. Your vorld is konnekted to Earth via Magik."
A: "..."
>Fucking shit

A: "We've been playing with fire when it comes to the Mibbies."
W: "Zeh vat?"
A: "Take that machine out of our hold. Research it in the bathroom. Never. EVER point it at THE HOLE."
W: "Abzolutely. I'm no dolt."
A: "I know. It's why I'm trusting you with this. Nobody else is smart enough."
W: "Not in -zis- castle."
A: "Or any other. Do it and find a way to make it work for us."
W: "Ja, Mole."

>implying Janna won't knock us over and steal our crutches for her own nefarious social anxiety.
File: Dc2yIrgVQAE2e0o.jpg (46 KB, 540x675)
46 KB


A: "Susan."
Su: "...hey."
>She sounds quiet
A: "I need you."
Su: "You got it. Who's neck awe we twisting untiw it wooks wike a Candy Cane?"
>Her energy immediately spikes
>You can feel her ready
>To bury it all
>In the work
A: "No. At school."
Su: "...FUCK Schoow."
A: "Suze."
Su: "I don't even wanna be dewe. Not wike they make time for those of us who can't wead Human! I don't wanna deaw wif all the questions. Aww the "Do you weawwy go here? Awen't you wike 20? Awe you a gwon man?"
A: "You don't wanna see Star."
Su: "...fuck you."
A: "So hang out with Jackie. My bois. Please."
Su: "Thish is shtupid."
A: "You know they'll be hurt if we don't do something."
Su: "..."
A: "Star could get hurt too."
Su: "Fuck Staw."
A: "Maybe her Mom first."
Su: "You owe me. Fow dish and some othew sthuff."
A: "I'd do it for free."
Su: "Wove you, dummy."
A: "You too, Lanky Mong."


>You blink
>As you realize Janna's been snapping at your ear for the last ten seconds

A: "Janna."
Ja: "Aw. You remembered my name."
A: "I missed you."
Ja: "...really?"


A: "I can show you."
>You offer your hand
>She puts it down
Ja: "Nah."
>She pulls a knife
>Cleans her fingernails with it

Ja: "I trust ya."
A: "Why?"
>She stops
>Looks to her Goat
>Who is chewing some moss
>Hunched over like a crippled scarecrow

Ja: "You let me figure things out. You didn't ask for anything."
>She spots a fluffy bug the size of a kitten on the rocks
>She kicks it gently
>The wind carries it off into the peaks

A: "So...ya wanna hang out?"
Ja: "Isn't this hanging out?"
A: "Oh god. It is."
>You sit back down
>Jaw in your hand and Muscles


A: "Is this fun for me? Is it work?"
Ja: "Hey. Most CEOs work from the moment they wake up until they sleep."
A: "What's their suicide rate again?"
Ja: "Oh, like not NEARLY as high flight attendants. They drop like flies, dude."
>You smirk
A: "Like Brittney's gonna go after the third abortion."
Ja: "Or after her pimp gets her on the third Heroine binge."
>You stand
A: "Or when some kids kick her stomach giving her a miscarriage of her Subway rape baby."
A: "She should get pigtails."
Ja: "AAHahAAH!"

>Janna laughs
>You laugh

>Luna appears on your shoulder in pig tails with a pair of glasses and school uniform

>All three of you laugh

>Goatbro watches on
>In absolute horror

Gb: "What in the green Jimeny fuck happened to humor while I was dead?"




A new Abyss.

The Jaws of Death Swing Wide

As a crawl into darkness. Takes us down.
To the depths of Woe.


Get your helmets. Your ladders and hempen rope!


Special thanks to them Patron bois
You heard me Ark, Acid and Comf.

Join us on Discord and Twitter for shenanigans galore, and special lore


and, as always

Stay Blesst
Love, Quest


A: "So what can you do now?"
Ja: "Dive in and out of shadows like water...Make blood into knives. Uhhh-"
GB: "Turn coffee and other man-made foods into rabbits."
Ja: "Aw yeah, I love that one. I can make smoke screens. Pick locks even better. Sense traps."

>She pokes you
A: "I'm not in a dress."
Ja: "You're an emotional trap."
A: "Is-...issat gay?"
Ja: "Big time."

File: file.png (162 KB, 450x423)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Thanks for session.

Bless this Sess and Next one for Good Rolls ahead.
Was ggood.
Janna why you no steal our crutch?
File: eternal edge.png (419 KB, 894x764)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
>a: "Dive in and out of shadows like water.
Oh that goofy edgelord. Love him to death, but he is still funny as hell
File: 3e2.jpg (64 KB, 700x645)
64 KB
>Desire to ruffle feathers intensifies.


>You are Anon
>Your life has been one hell of a story
>Until now
>It's a game

>Who's winning so far?



A: "So. I'm pretty strong now."
Ja: "I've gotten stronger."

>Janna has joined you
>In this particular quest


>Along with you both
>Is the Horned God
>The Dark Man of the woods
>A towering semi-bestial goat creature
>You currently refer to as "Goat Bro"

GB: "Yeh can be thinkin' of me as a sort of..."

>He transforms
>Before your very eyes
>Into a Boar
>Then a Bear
>Then a snake

>All with his grinning, semi human face and goat eyes

GB: "Swiss Army Druid."

>You've come here
>To the desolate mountains of a magical kingdom

>To reclaim something stolen from you
>A powerful spell
>Capable of making flawless vessels for magic
>For souls

>With it
>You'll be able to preserve the ghosts of the dead
>Capture enemy souls
>Alter personally attuned magic items

L: "...and so much more. So many magnificent monsters can be born from this magic. Nonsensical fusions. Weaving extra-normal abilities into abominations."[/spoiler

>Your mentor and magic mom
>Ever since jumpstreet
>Has been squirming in your gray matter
>She giggles without reason
>Gently runs her tendril-like presence up and down your spine
>She's only shown herself once since you came to Mewni

Ja: "So. Where is this place?"
A: "A castle."

>You Look to the North
A: "A place called Woevenmire."


>You follow the strange sound that echoes in these peaks
>A whistling moan
>A ringing scream

A: "Do you hear it?"
Ja: "Hear what?"
A: "Hm..."

>Janna's ignorant of the call
GB: "The cry, you mean?"
>Goatbro isn't

>The three of you travel with surprising haste
>Janna uses a minor spell and a fist full of boiled rose petals
>With it
>She runs on the wind

>Goatbro simply becomes a condor

>You fly
>As a ghost


>Eventually you find yourselves in a valley
>Past a pair of peaks shrouded in mist

>At the bottom of the valley is a ruined fortress
>The towers are dashed to the ground
>The walls are covered in ancient soot
>The air is

A: "There it is..."
Ja: "Really?"

>Surrounding the castle is a town
>You think
>More like heaps of rubble
>Arranged like buildings in a town

>The streets are all long-abandoned dirt paths
>The houses are all either coated in black soot
>Or a hole in the ground

>Great mounds of deep gray ash line the streets

>Trees as tall as telephone poles
>With no leaves
>Ruddy brown bark

>Pop up from the rubble and surround the town's edge

GB: "It all seems so...ordinary."
L: "Perhaps now."

>Luna appears on your shoulder
>A deep purple cloak wrapped around her tiny neck, frames her rounded cheeks

File: ExcavationImage1.jpg (29 KB, 576x371)
29 KB

L: "This is the aftermath."
>As her eyes twinkle you notice
>The fire marks
>The pyres

>The rusting, forgotten armor in the streets

>This isn't just a ruin
L: "This is the site of war."

Ja: "Where's the other army?"
>Goat Bro snorts
>Stamps his hoof

GB: "A massacre, more like."

What do?

>Investigate the town and buildings
(Could be clues to what happened, could be traps)

>Investigate the Trees
(Mewni is loaded with magic. Every living thing could be made useful. You have a garden back home)

>Head Straight for the Castle
(It's not going anywhere, but the nonstop call of...whatever lies within stops when you look at it.)

GB: "Oi...look."
>Goatbro points up
>To the clouds above

Ja: "Rain?"

GB: "Naye."
>His bestial eyes flex
GB: "We're bein' watched."

>Someone is watching you from overhead

Let's rock.
>raise the dead. Ask them what happened.
>Tell the other two they know what they don't he best.
>If neither of them get the spy. Find an animal heart to make rain. Rain. +Chill
Investigate the town AND the trees. Also fly up into the cloud to check it out. Or mind read it. Either or.
>Jain check the town
>Goaty check the trees
>We fly up and check the watcher
INT(?) Check to see who's watching us.

Investigate Trees then town. Lets see what GoatBro and Janna can use those Nature Knowledge and Trap Detection for.

See if there are any dead anymas to use as scouts or dead people to interrogate.

Let Janna check around town and Goatbro check the trees. We go for who's watching us
>Janna, Goatbro can you cloak us?
>Luna, maybe you have a protection from scrying spell?
>Raise the dead and commune with them.
Supporting his support.
we got this feeling when the dead in the cemetery were watching us, but it could be Moon, Star or Ludo casting scrying magics. Best to cover our bases.
Don't make it rain just yet, also GB can make it rain easy, we want heavy clouds and fog.

Also adding

>Raise the dead
>Have them loot the town for us as they will know all the secret places
>Have some raid the trees

I'll support this too
Another idea would be that its an MIB drone. Its highly likely the MIB has placed spy drones at high altitude and have a FOB on mewni soil in Ludo's camp.

We should be ready to throw up an inversion bubble if a hellfire missile comes shrieking down.

Fog and cloud is good.
Dont make it rain.

It will make it harder for us to look around, as well as figuring out who's looking at us.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (806 KB, 4096x2670)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
A: "We're not getting our hands dirty."
>You reach downward into the valley
>With your WILL

>To raise the dead
>Make them rise and tell what happened in this ravaged place
>Only to find

A: "What?"

>Your eye glow dies down
>As you glare down at the ruins
>You can feel souls down there
>But they're totally unattached
>Without places to anchor

>You walk down the mountainside abit
>Until you find a suit of rusted, iron armor
>A stain on the ground around it implies some sort of cloth or fur used to be wrapped around the wearer

>You kick over the metal chest piece
>The Bones have turned to nothing
>Mouldy white dust
>Like Limestone

GB: "Could-a been from the fires."

>Anon's passive WIS tells him something different

A: "They were running..."
>You grind your lower jaw as you ponder it
A: "Couldn't be anywhere near the fight. How did they burn?"

Ja: "Let's check it out ourselves, then."

A: "Good idea. Keep linked up."
>You tap your head
A: "Stay safe."
Ja: "You're not my dad."
A: "I'll be somebody's."

GB: "If the two ah you just brought me here tah watch ya Bugger in the mossy rocks ya could just tell me."

>Muscles points at the Goat

A: "You check out the trees."
>His face is blank
>One ear flicks back

GB: "I'm not takin' orhders from somebodeh half a fox's age o-"
Ja: "Do it, man."
>He looks to Janna
Ja: "Want me to get the town?"
A: "Read my mind."
Ja: "Facts."

>You send Janna to scour the buildings
>You send the Goat to investigate the gnarled Trees


File: Spoiler Image (291 KB, 1200x1491)
291 KB
291 KB JPG

>With the power of flight

>You head upwards
Ja: "When did you get animal shifting?"
A: "I'm not an animal."
Ja: "Oh, yes you are."
A: "Haha. I'm a fuckin' spook-fish-man, alright?"

>You fly for the clouds
>Which shift and coil like a grey ocean

>You break through

A: "Alright, floaty bitches do ya'll know what a DICK is cause I'm gonna show y-"



>Standing on this cloud
>Is a humanoid figure
>Or is it Mewmanoid over here?
>Either way
>A creature nearly 100 feet in height
>With deep blue skin
>Stone armor
>A beard which nearly reaches his feet
>Is standing atop this cloud
>He's staring right at your phantasmal body
>Saying nothing

>He has a massive Hoe
>The Gardening Kind
>In his hands

G: "Who goes?"

>He talks

>Tell him the truth
(I'm Anonymous McMoot. I'm here to get what's mine.)

>Attack him
(Fuck, das a big boi)

>Question him back
(Whomst the fuck goes on up here?)

>Compliment his Hoe
(It is a very nice looking Hoe. Probably cleaned often. He seems to have a farm up here where he grows...cloud pumpkins)

>His house is also clouds
>Behind him

>He also appears to have a Pony-head skull necklace
>It looks very old


>Tell him the truth
(I'm Anonymous McMoot. I'm here to get what's mine.)

>Question him back
(Whomst the fuck goes on up here?)

>Compliment his Hoe
(It is a very nice looking Hoe. Probably cleaned often. He seems to have a farm up here where he grows...cloud pumpkins)

Why look at that big boi, I want to know about him more
>Pony head skull

>Tell him the truth
(I'm Anonymous McMoot. I'm here to get what's mine.)

>Question him back, but be polite
(Whomst goes on up here?)

>Compliment his Hoe
(It is a very nice looking Hoe. Probably cleaned often. He seems to have a farm up here where he grows...cloud pumpkins)
I want it all Hi, I'm Anonymous Mcmoot. I'm here to get my shit. Who the fuck are you? And that's a nice hoe!

How the fuck does that work?

>Janna rolls for her investigation of the town

A: "We don't -have- codes, Janna and you don't have a bike so what the fuck is code black?"
Ja: "Something in the ash pile just bit me! OW. Ow, fuck."
Gb: "Living things? Instead of dead?"
Ja: "Fuckin' aahhh. It went in one of the houses, dudes. It popped open the door and uh..."

>Janna sends you a mental image
>Of boney corpse outlines
>In the center of a building
>That has been smashed

>The bone fragments
>Have teeth marks through them

What do?
With the giant and Janna?

GB: "The trees are ancient. Saw the battle."
A: "What happened?"
GB: "...A war. Between what I can tell are some -old- Mewmans. Probably the first to settle here."
A: "They have a wand?"
GB: "No. They have weapons. Catapults. Siege towers. Seem to love meat."

>Cool Mewmans?

GB: "Some of those weapons are still around but..."
A: "But what?"
GB: "They were attacking their own castle. Burning down their own city."
A: "Why?"
GB: "Something the trees don't want to talk about. Unnatural things. Creatures among them. They can hear the sound and they say it...it's coming from -under- the mountains."

>You can swim through solid matter
>It's pitch perfect darkness
A: "Damnit. Can't noclip."

G: "Who."
>The Hugeman

G: "Goes?"

What say you, Adventurer?

>" I am Anonymous McMoot, and I have come to this place to retake something that was stolen from me. No harm will come to your forest. Come and speak with the goat, I think you will have things in common."

>Go to janna asap, she might need healing.

Someone is using our spell to make...dark things.

Also to add in for the giant

>Ask him if he knows about the battle that happened here? He probably could add in more detail about what happened
"Hi. My name is Anon. This is a nice hoe you got there."

Oh and heal Janna's bite too, just in case. Unless she has her own healing spell now
She didn't even lose any health dude. No helicopter moming her.
I think its pretty clear what happened. The spell, placed in the castle was found by a single person or group and was used to create horrors. The people rebelled and those in the castle unleashed something nasty on the army and the people of the town.
More like she got infected by something nasty. This is scifi-horror 101. You always assume a bite is infected with something terrible.
Well we can't heal that. The only healing spell we have is just an HP transfer. Don't fucking give Janna a god damn tumor.

This >>2970473

It could be nothing but it's always best to check and treat it in case of venom/disease/some other bullshit of mind control or death that comes from a bite
heal just in case
NO! Stop trying to give Janna a god damn tumor!

She's not at peak vitality is she? Just give a single point of HP, that won't cause any tumors
>"I'm Anon, whose is you?"
>Tell Goat to assist Jain
Dumbass, where the fuck does it even say she lost one HP in the first fucking place? Can you stop being a paranoid retard for like two goddamn seconds and use your fucking brain.
I am. Anonymous.

Nice hoe.
>Adding Ask Luna what form the lost spell would take, is it a crystal, a sheet of paper, something copy-able?

What even really is a spell other than an series of complex invocations that allow a user to shape magic? If thats the case then our magic spells can be copied and distributed instead of them being exclusive to the holder.

We don't need to give her HP, but we should heal the wound and inspect for anything out of the ordinary. Better safe than sorry, this magic spell makes unnatural things and we have all seen Alien.
Nigga that's all blood for blood fucking does. It's an HP swap!
No, we have flesh-crafting that can be used to repair wounds.
Pretty much >>2970392
but if Janna asks for a heal, we heal.
We're a traveler from looking for something that was unjustly taken from us.
Our trail led us here. We only wish to seek what's ours and then we'll leave.
File: 1494377958359.png (350 KB, 800x1200)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
I'm thinking it might not be such a good idea to drop our name just yet.

We can just tell him we're looking something thatw as stolen from us, but remember that Ludo already somehow recruited a giant to his cause, there might be more under him, and I don't want to start a fight just yet if Ludo ahs warned them about us.
More specifically >>2970587
File: maxresdefault.jpg (45 KB, 1440x1080)
45 KB
>Conversation winner


>You've gotten too used to talking

A: "I'm Anonymous McMutherfucking McMoot. I'm here to get what's mine and who the goddamn are you yah icy-hot lookin' boi I bet you know what went on down here a-"

G: "You talk too much."


>The Giant turns and starts to walk away from you

A: "H-HEY!"

>He stops
>His footstep sends the clouds in a trembling ripple
>He turns
>One icey eye meets yours

A: "...nice hoe."
>Less talky more honesty
G: "Thanks."
>He turns back toward you
>Hefts the tool
G: "I killed my brother for it."

G: "He was the best at making hoes...until I killed him."

G: "Now I'm the best."
A: "Neat."
G: "But I still use his."
A: "...so-"
G: "If you want what's yours. Why are you up here? I don't take what isn't mine."
>Said the brother murderer

A: "It's down there. In that castle."
G: "The worms couldn't free it and neither can you."

>The worms!?

A: "Hey! What!?"
G: "What's down there called the worms. They ruined these mountains. Drove the mewmans out. Brought the Pony heads in."

>He shows you his necklace
G: "We took them back out."
>He drops the chain
>Which you suddenly realize is the width of an anchor tie

G: "Now I watch this place. Keep them from coming back. Keep others from trying to settle here. Steal my cloud magic."
A: "Well...I don't want your cloud magic."
G: "Oh."

>He starts to leave again
A: "Wait!"
G: "No."
A: "Tell me what happened down there!"
G: "You have eyes? Mewmans died. Monsters lost their land. Old story."

A: "What do the worms got to do with it!?"
G: "They were called here to free it."
A: "Free what!?"
>The giant stops
G: "What he made."

File: Different_Endings.jpg (24 KB, 640x352)
24 KB

>This timeless thing
>So towering
>So still
>It's like he's been asked all this a thousand times
>With the ancient days
>Looking fresh on his face
>Like it wasn't so long ago
>So easy for him to remember
>You can feel the fires visualized in his head

>You see goat heads on bodies of writhing eel masses
>Winged Lions with Chimera-like mish mashes of bodies
>The -first- hydras...
>Made by blending Drakes
>You see Mewmans
>Even some monster bodies
>Warded like Clay into parodies of life
>Wading through Armored Viking bearded Mewmans and stuffing them down their crooked maws

>Some roar like beasts
>Some cry
>Like Babies

>He turns back to you
>His beard swings in the stratospheric breeze
G: "What the Mewman made after he turned my brother into a monster."
A: "What about the ashes? The trees?"

>The Giant snorts
>Mist exits his nose and turns into a rain cloud

G: "Most of the ash is burnt tar."
G: "Every monster that Madmewman made hated the stuff. Stopped them from flying."
A: "They flew?"
G: "Some did..."

>The Giant leans down
>Stoops into his hovel made of clouds
G: "All them breathed fire."

>His door is closed
>At least you learned something about what you're going into


>You fly back down
>Find your friends

>Goatbro hands you some red acorn looking seeds


A: "Uh...thank you?"
GB: "Eat em and you'll be able to walk through fire."
A: "For how long?"

>He shrugs

Ja: "Yo."
>Janna is standing there
>One sock covered in blood
Ja: "We going in?"
A: "Hold up..."

>You kneel down
>Grab her ankle
Ja: "D-dude."

>It's prickly
>She hasn't even bothered to razor
>The Gash is small
>Just a scratch, really

A: "Could get infected."
GB: "Ah. No worries."

>Goat bro sniffs
>Puts his fists on his hips

GB: "Those oonder me patronage have immunity tah all minor diseases."
A: "Why?"
GB: "Cause Condoms are fer poosays, Me boi."

>Pagan Gods are cooler than yours


>Janna pulls her ankle away from you
>Fixes her sock
>She turns to the ruins of the castle

>They are sealed shut
>Boiled in place

>Ancient, useless bones lay scattered around the entrance
>Along with what's left of a battering ram

A: "Can we all get to the roof?"
Ja: "I can't without a natural wind. No wind down here."
GB: "We could try a window."
A: "Somebody didn't want this army getting in..."

>Has a big think

A: "I bet every room in this place is fucked up and puzzle filled."
>Janna gets a look of excite bikes
A: "Trapped."
>He licks her lips
A: "Full of dead idiots who came before us."
>Janna's humidity levels are skyrocketing

What do?

>Go through this front entrance
(Figure out how to get Janna and Goatbro through the sealed Gate)

>Go for a window
(Figure out how to get Janna up the wall and how you can avoid the traps)

A: "Ah! Wait. I might be able to scissor my way in if we can see in a wind-"

>You pull out your scissors
>A shriek fills the air
>The blades vibrate
>The handle heats up to the point you can't hold it
>You drop them
>Catch your breath

A: "This is...fuck."
A: "So every major power had a portal contingency huh?"


What do?
>Grab those souls. No need to let them go to waste after all.

>massacre wave the door down.
>Feed Janna and gb the nuts.
>Combustion form Bebe.
Alright, let's see if we can actually use Tar in Raise Dead.

>Front Entrance

Tar is made from coal which is made from organic material, why don't we try for reviving the tar and going in through the door. If that doesn't work massacre wave the door down

Also get the souls around here
>ask goat bro if he knows how to raise plants.
>Your afterlife is probably looking a little (a lot). Barren.
Honestly, this is insane enough that might work.
Looks like we're gonna have to do the mortal thing and walk to the front door.
Not sure if Raising tar would work, but I don't want to take it down without a countermeasure to be able to seal that door again.

I don't want sum fucking ANCIENT EVIL coming out and wrrecking Mewni, only to blame us.

Well you never know if you don't try boyim. Besides we can have it open the door to let us in, then close itself on the door back to not let out bad time horrors
>Like magic ever stopped us
>Massacre wave in the door
I would normally advocate the simplest option but we have to investigate what this idiot did with the spell.

Knowledge is power.

We can also cheese it at any time.
>Naturally occurring asphalt is sometimes specified by the term "crude bitumen". Its viscosity is similar to that of cold molasses[4][5] while the material obtained from the fractional distillation of crude oil boiling at 525 °C (977 °F) is sometimes referred to as "refined bitumen".
... have we tested the limits of the fire/massacre wave we can create? perhaps it along with a solid bashing with the battering ram by Janna and GB could get us through. Supporting >>2970676 ((wrong support previously))
File: maxresdefault.jpg (191 KB, 1280x720)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>You feel out into this air
>Your gut curls into a ball the size of a baby's head

A: "Hn..."
>Your eyes close
>As you try to rake the Souls you feel here out of the air
>Vessels or not
>You want them
>Their knowledge
>The power of this massacre


>Anon, what business do you think you have with these souls?
>With the phantoms who try to come to you
>Who want to follow your WILL
>You can't make them
>They barely manifest in the air
>Try to sink down into their powdered bones
>Some are warriors
>Some nobles
>Normal men, women and children

Ja: "You ok? You look like an 1800s polio patient finding his lover in the arms of his physical fit twin brother untouched by illness."
>You gag
>Some of your pudding-like blood comes out of your nose
>It's mixed with Muscles' Purple bile and your black hate

A: "The souls won't budge. I can't command them."
>Janna looks unnerved by that idea
Ja: "Why?"

A: "Something else has them."
>You feel it
>Stirring deep down beneath your feet
>Where you also feel the call that summoned those worms
>Where the evil of this place filters down to whatever brought this kingdom to ruin


>It makes your skin crawl
>You get hot flashes
>Your fingernails blacken at the edges
>It feels like the earth is sinking
>As a psychic presence tries to wrap it's fingers around your brain
>It wants to see you


Ja: "Wh-"
A: "MAH!"
>Muscles transforms into a cannon
A: "SHIT!"

>You aim it at the door

>The Tar boils like sap under a blowtorch
>The ancient wood turns white and weak

>As muscles Slowly coils back to his old self
>You give Janna your nuts

Ja: "Nice."

>She eats those nuts
>Crunches them in her back teeth
>Her skin turns red

Ja: "Whoah."


>You give some nuts to Goatbro
>Who turns them down

GB: "Nah. Aye goh this."
>He clears his throat
GB: "CLOCH-craiceann!"
>His skin turns to crumbling stone



File: nodes_aad8UPihA9.jpg (71 KB, 693x693)
71 KB

>You are flaming now

>No, forilly
>You are a series of biological Jet engines
>With a white hot core
>Which is one big smiling cage of teeth
>Your own face has become a smile of tusk-like teeth
>Made of flame

A: "Hot...Damn."

>You grab the d-

>No fingers

>So Anon
>PAWNCHES the doors
>They collapse inward, spraying hot Tar all over the courtyard and grass

>You turn away from the entrance
>Which blasts smoke and fire from your chest-mouth

Ja: "Alright, now we just gotta-"

>Is filling the area

>Janna covers her eyes

>The light stops
>You turn toward the entrance
>Fills your vision


What do?

>Look away from the light and find some other way to see inside
(Maybe a mirror)

>Stare at the ground and walk in
(Bold moves, and lets you get everybody inside)

>The light
(A battle between your shinyness and the light. Might result in destruction or slight retina damage)

>Or whatever you come up with


>Whenever somebody looks at it

Let's Dungeon Dive.
>Close your stupid eyes.
>Set the room. On fire.

>Also OWN whatever is holding those souls down. NO ONE. Denies us the dead. NO ONE!
>>The light
ain't no light gonna make us do shit
You're clearly meant to use your brain.

This place has been the tomb of countless others before us.
Don't kill yourself by walking straight into a giant pit or get decapitated because a shining light wouldn't let us see the traps.
>The light



>Look away from the light and find some other way to see inside
(Maybe a mirror)

When we do find it

>Open a scissor portal behind the fuck
>Cook whatever it is to a nice burnt black
>Cast inversion bubble around us to turn the magic light into darkness

>Janna goes shadow form and follows in our darkness wake.

>Have muscles feel his way around out side the bubble.
Where do you think you are?
OWN the light.
The only other vote I'll vote for is >>2970886
This too, break that niggas control.

Also the light is reflecting the brightness from our jets.
Bitches what are y'all doing! Go get those soulful undead niggas!

Just own whatever is holding them down.
Never mind, I'm an idiot. Cut our own lights.
Mh.. I like this.

Drop Combustion Form.
Cast Inversion with everyone inside.

If Inversion won't stop the light then maybe we can cover the shield with Tar from the outside...?

I'll support this


This is a terrible plan
This plan yes.
File: tunnel.jpg (15 KB, 258x271)
15 KB
Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d10)

The votes.

3 votes

>Just close your eyes, bruh like damn
1 vote

>Inversion Bubble
>Have Janna follow
>Have Muscles go Apeshit
4 votes

>You scream
>Over the torrential, blinding light
A: "I've got...an idea!"

>You drop Combustion form
>Look away

The Light Turns off.

>The Tar burns away at your shoes
>Starts to melt them to the ground

>You put up INVERSION
>Your shield spell
>You look forward



>Your EYES

Ja: "This is a terrible idea!"

Ja: "...that is an awesome idea!"
>You feel her vanish into your dark abyss

>The Shield Protects from the flames
>Janna is inside your shadow
>Your eyes burn
>So fucking badly

>Muscles flexes
>He doesn't have eyes
>He isn't a BITCH

File: 148227627-288-k700584.jpg (16 KB, 288x450)
16 KB

A: "I'll get some backup. In a moment. Just gotta find..."

>You feel around with your MIND
>Trying to find whatever enchantment has blocked your access to these ghosts
>Then you realize

>The presence down below
>Already has them
>It's not just an enchantment

>Already has them
>Holding them away from any after life
>Out of sheer spite

You can't capture another trainer's pokemon

>You glare

>You have no idea what you are doing
>Or what lies ahead in that glorious white abyss

>So you walk forward
>You go in swinging





GB: "Yew can dewwit, laddy!"
>Emotionally support
Rolled 6, 6 = 12 (2d20)

Rolled 7, 6 = 13 (2d20)

Rolled 17, 15 = 32 (2d20)

easiest roll of my life
Rolled 12, 19 = 31 (2d20)


Rolled 17, 9 = 26 (2d20)


Well seems we've got a lich down here don't we?
Rolled 10, 4, 16, 3 = 33 (4d20)

I-is this right?
File: Jacknon_Painting.png (497 KB, 600x670)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Rolled 14, 2 = 16 (2d20)

Uh oh.
Rolled 5, 5 = 10 (2d20)

Rolled 3, 20 = 23 (2d20)

second verse same as the first
Rolled 9, 16, 4, 17 = 46 (4d20)


We we're rolling it wrong, have to do it like this....I think
You rolled 4 dice instead of 2.
Rolled 8, 14 = 22 (2d20)

Rolled 16, 18 = 34 (2d20)

Rolled 12, 12 = 24 (2d20)


Well add my first 2d20 roll with this instead of the 4d20
File: 1536636872407.jpg (47 KB, 587x587)
47 KB
Rolled 19, 18 = 37 (2d20)

Two for dex, two for strength
Rolled 14, 15 = 29 (2d20)

Rolled 15, 17 = 32 (2d20)

Ok that was my STR roll.

Now for DEX.
To clarify, pals.

Roll 4 dice.

2 for strength.
2 for DEX

Thank you.

We use the lowest result of each.
Due to being totally blind.
Rolled 17, 3 = 20 (2d20)

Rolled 9, 12, 16, 19 = 56 (4d20)

Rolled 20, 6 = 26 (2d20)


here are the other 2 dice
Rolled 13, 1 = 14 (2d20)

Rolled 12, 16 = 28 (2d20)

Rolled 15, 3 = 18 (2d20)

File: didn't even ask for this.png (1.22 MB, 750x1126)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
The light dimmed out as soon as we switched from Combustion Form, the lit back up when we used Inversion.
It seems to be some sort of anti-magic defense system.

If all else fails we could try turning our spells down and just use natural light or our phones to light the way.


We had a very useful survival kit at the Castle...
is it too late to get it?
Also. Quest.

>You can't capture another trainer's pokemon

Fucking watch us.
He means the souls are bound to flesh, they're already raised and we have to kill whatever is holding them to yank them back.
I know what I said.
Rolled 13, 1, 10, 8 = 32 (4d20)

oh dear... I go to have dinner and come back to this...
File: CRYSTAL_BALL.png (162 KB, 418x458)
162 KB
162 KB PNG

The Strength...

>6 on the dice
>20 total

>Muscles snaps
>His fist turns into a spined ball
>He coils his body into a taught whip and slaps around the room
>You can feel that it's quite wide
>With a mostly flat floor

>He crushes whatever the walls were made out of with ease
>But the light
>The source at least
>It eludes you

You only accomplish meaningless destruction.

The dex.

>10 total


>You lose balance
>Muscles can't find
>Any damn thing in here
>You fall
>On your face


>The Light goes out

A: "mmmmmMMMM"

>Janna rolls her search
>She can't sneak out of YOUR shadow
>Your shadow is gone

Ja: "Anon!"
>You hear a finger snap
>You try to peek



File: 77560_w_1-p.jpg (117 KB, 500x500)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

>You look back at the floor

Lights off.

Ja: "Ok...so."

>Janna has found a little nook to peek from
>What she sees
>She describes to you from the shadows

>You are in a long, rectangular room

>The Walls are covered in Deep Gashes which look like letters
>Janna does not know the language

>There are pillars holding the roof up

>In the center of the room
>Is a crystal ball on a pedestal

>There is an image inside of it
>She currently cannot see

>There is one door
>At the back of this room

>There is a large lizard skeleton
>Wrapped around the pedestal
>The Bones
>Look wet

What do?

>Blindly reach for the Crystal ball
(Janna will help you)

>Try to raise the Lizard Bones
(They might not be unavailable)

>Try to figure out the runes on the walls
(They are damaged by Muscles slapping around)

>Crawl for the Door
(Get atta this room)

I had to move computers.

I am.

Bless you, friends for this late night noodlery
File: 1532703198889.jpg (100 KB, 750x750)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Crawl for the Door
Back up, regroup, have a THINCC about it
My gut is telling me that removing the orb will wake the skeleton.
>>Try to raise the Lizard Bones
>Crawl for the Door
>Try to raise the Lizard Bones
>Have her guide you in.

>Make as many lewd double entendre's as possible joke.
>throw our jacket over the crystal ball
>Have Luna give us a simple illumination spell
>Try to commune with the Septarian bones
> Have Janna try to search the crystal ball for traps and then steal it.
Drop the inversion it isn't helping
Try to figure out the runes. Luna might know a spell for languages or actually know the language.
Lets try to figure out the runes first.

If nothing comes out of it then try to Raise the Skeleton.

If that fails too, then reach and put something over the Ball.
Take of your coat and hold it in front of your face for some shadow and to allow us to throw it over the crystal ball if needed.

Feel out the bones with our powers to see if anything is residing inside.

This here works
Supporting using the Coat for dousing the light and raising the lizard bones. If we can get'em, might have access to additional knowledge of the room/dungeon. Otherwise, reading the runes.
File: Orkney2.jpg (25 KB, 319x224)
25 KB
>This floor
>Is Musty
>With a layer of slight moisture beneath it
>Even with your nose pressed into the tile you keep your eyes closed
>Lights swim in your vision
>Probably from staring right at that glow-boi crystal ball

>You decide
>You need
>The Big Think

A: "Mom."
>Luna's presence in your mind thickens
A: "Can you read these runes?"
L: "I see through your eyes."
A: "Hm..."

>Ever so slightly
>You raise your eyes up
>Look around the room
>From the ball

>You spot Janna
Ja: "Hey, Pinks."
L: "Hello, stabs."

>Janna plants her knife tip against her lips
Ja: "Shhhh."

>You focus on the walls
>The runes

A: "You recognize this?"
L: "It's..."

>Luna's expression doesn't change
>Her tone however
>Makes it clear how displeased she is to see...

>It's the language from Luna's Book.



L: "Corrupted. Nearly beyond recognition."

>It's been blended
>With a babbling mess
>Of Monster Runes
>MewMAN script

>Some symbols that mean literally nothing
>Just a fit
>Of angry, desperate slashes

L: "Everything has led to this..."

>Luna reads the words
>Out Loud for all to hear

L: "Decades of searching. A lifetime. My faith. My blood. My loneliness."

>Her voice sours
>Into a new one
>An echo of whoever wrote these words
>As an army tried to beat down the castle walls around them
>As horrors tore through men and women
>Sucked children from their beds

>Someone was in here
>Clawing their memories into plaster

L: "No one else looked to stars as I had. With wonder. With certainty that something more lied above us. Lied within us."

>The Goat enters
>He's walking backwards

No lights activate.

L: "Only I sought the truth about our past. About the origin of our species. Only I saw past the lies. About the source of magic. About the source of all life on this world...Mewni."

>Luna's eyes glimmer

L: "How could any race like the Septarians have come to be without a guiding hand? How could our world be brimming with life from so many sources? All with their own intelligence? Their own beliefs. Their own gods. This world is not prismatic...Magic is not an architect. It is merely a force...Our world. Is manufactured."

>What did he know?

File: Spoiler Image (1.29 MB, 2425x1950)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG

>You stand up
>Keeping your eyes averted
>You pull off your Jacket
>You toss it over the Crystal ball

>You look up

No lights activate.

A: "Victory."

>Janna steps from the shadows as you glance around, letting Luna continue to reveal what's happened here

L: "Only masters of the elements. Beings of monumental strength and intellect could have shaped us. Could have guided magic so expertly. Brought us from the oceans to the mud. From the mud to our first castles. Something with no fear of the night, of death, of fire nor ice nor magic itself. I knew it. I knew the whispers could never be just dreams."

>You examine the Orb
>Consider just breaking it
>Muscles doesn't consider
>He raises his f-

>Janna stops him
>She examines the ball
>For traps

>4 on the dice

Ja: "Can't tell...might be good."
>She grabs it and gently moves the ball around

>3 on the dice

>The Ball breaks off of it's base
>As the door you came in from
>Into a solid wall of metal
>A half-melted cage wall comes down and then collapses on itself
>Leaving no gaps
>No cracks
>No Airholes
>No light

>Until Luna's eyes sear into the dark
>So she can continue reading

File: Spoiler Image (72 KB, 500x281)
72 KB

L: "Finding the spell was the proof I needed. Knowledge. Power beyond imagining. Not just to warp or mock reality. The power to create. To make vessels that spirits could use to return to the mortal plane."

A: "Damnit. Somebody, quick. Get a light in here."

>Janna pulls out a lighter
>Which only gives you a slight view of the interior door

>Which now
>Swings wide
>Revealing a hallway deeper into the castle
>That only

L: "I have suffered humiliation. Exile. I have murdered. Lied. Raped the dead and living virtues to see this world brought BACK to it's long dead creators...because at long last. Beneath this ancient castle I have found it."

Ja: "Found what?"

L: "The Soul of our progenitor."

A: "...A writer?"

L: "The soul of a being that forged this world. Guided magic to it's final destination. Planted the seeds of sentient life, and ruled us so just and absolutely our terror mutters their name even in the womb as babes kick against their mothers innards."

>The Lizard bones nearby rattle
>The Walls Moan
>As a cold, clammy air slowly drifts up from the depths of the castle
>You hear miles of cable
>Thousands of gears
>Cranking to life
>As the passageways beneath your feet

L: "After a lifetime of searching. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many wars I must start. Or betrayals I must enact. I shall make the perfect vessel. I shall let my creator's soul back into this world. By their fire, we are destroyed. In our destruction. We can be made whole and right again..."

>Janna holds your hand
>As tiny sparks
>Begin to smolder at the Hallway's end

L: "I will witness with my lowly eyes. Carve out the moment with my bloody, near skeletal hands. The return. Of the light. Of the Fire."


L: "I will resurrect. The Dragons."
???: " https://youtu.be/x0qEwAc4sR0 "

Next Session...


Welcome to the cliff, Anonymous.
The Lip of the abyss.

The begining of your descent.
Into madness.

Special thanks to all Patron Pals
Especially Ark, Acid, Comf and now Superkeaton.


Join us on that discord and twitter


As always

Stay Blesst.
Love, Quest

We Fire Emblem now.
Thanks Quest. Have a blessed week.
Mom. Fucking. Dammit. Glossaryck. Cleaning up the mess he caused by just dropping a spell to the mewggers god knows how long ago.





it begins

Was Luna always like this?
Like what? She's a lot of things. Lot of it she's not always been.
all like the dragon is the true creator and all.
Ah, I'm fairly sure that's just her reading the runes of a deranged mewman. I made the same mistake, but this line

>L: "Only I sought the truth about our past. About the origin of our species. Only I saw past the lies. About the source of magic. About the source of all life on this world...Mewni."

Tipped me off since Luna was born on Mewmus, and has literally no reason to care about Mewni at all. Also

>L: "How could any race like the Septarians have come to be without a guiding hand?"

was another tip since I'm fairly sure the liggers have a different name in her universe.

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