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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure!

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions, albeit with possible complications because of recent revelation about the Throne.

Sieglinde is preparing a suppression of the undead forest, scheduled to happen next week. You'll have to resolve your own stance on this - she's preparing to involve people who've taken your ancestral lands for themselves - and you might need to convince her of your capabilities.

Side activities
Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.
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Kreszenz furthermost northeastern border, night.

Mental preparation and careful construction of a strong argument to instill confidence weren't enough to insulate yourself against the sheer pressure of standing amongst royals despite two of them being friends. It was your sheer stubbornness alone that prevented your legs from giving into wobbly weakness as you faced an incredulous trio. Daiyu, Gwendolyn, and queen Valda Swanhil Wilhelmina shared an equal amount of disbelief at your... imposition while a strangled noise behind you revealed a particularly upset redheaded demoness.

''I'll admit, I failed to consider this angle after learning of your adventurous investigation.'' A noise reminiscent of Elina flapping wings followed as the queen unflipped her closed fan and half-turned to observe her daughter who smiled silently, albeit with evident clumsiness because of the queen increasing intensity. ''It's more than enough for me to already impose Gremory in coming to a Moot and bring this entire farce to a definitive end. The Orc's Bane, that little girl, and the prisoner will unravel a linked path in no less than a single day of thorough examination... Bringing harm into the Alms Giver shall not be allowed to go without consequences.'' The queen tone was a smooth flow of displeasure reminiscent of the flowing river a few feet away. ''Yet you'd like to speak for us all?''

''Yes.'' You reaffirm yourself without slipping, else she'd undeniably eat you alive and this brought a wide smile on Daiyu face, her relaxed posture managed to distill Valda hostility even if you felt like a puppy doing a naughty trick. Gwendolyn, for her parts, observed in silence, single eye half shrunk into her face while those dancing stalks expressed disbelief in wide, sickly orange stares.

Mother's Mercy, this isn't easy.

''I would like to speak to one responsible for the misery of so many innocent.'' You continue, doing your best to keep yourself straight: a leper should be conservative in movements. ''I have arrived accompanying her highness Jawahir and I am a retainer to her daughter; this thusly brings evidence on my character.'' Valda interrogative frown almost makes you smile. ''I am also a man.'' You state firmly, putting a hand on your chest, looking into Valda intense blue eyes. ''In my veins flow the blood of humanity, my soul belongs to mankind, I believe I could be a bridge of sort: someone who could embody your views, your highness...'' You bow your head. ''Alongside those of my friends.''

The presence of your mask was a blessing because truth managed to sneak into your well-calculated mind frame bringing an uninviting frown to settle on Valda frame but a curious look at Daiyu evident good mood was enough to leave her puzzled.
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''Mh, I like it.'' The tall Demon Lord spoke, leaving Gwendolyn side to walk close to you and her fellow royal. ''Those closest to me ought never to fear with imposing themselves. Arawn is putting forth a good argument. He led the investigation that found this naughty, naughty little girl...'' She waves toward the wall of white fabric. ''...and managed to remind us of a rather crucial mindset, after all, we need to get Gremory out of here quickly to avoid being pressured by the Inquisitors, yes? There are ample proofs of wrongdoings but following the human way thoroughly, well...'' Her pale hand curled into a tight fist. ''Isn't enough for us Mamono, but to have one of mine sending that overreaching duchess back home is good satisfaction.''

Her glowing gaze bore a piercing hole into your own and your jaw tightened painfully. Daiyu... The Demon Lord has faith in you.

''I'm fine with that.'' Gwendolyn chirped from behind, one stalk peeking above Daiyu head.

''Hm...'' Valda closed her fan again. ''Having you represent us in the Moot means bringing finality in this conflict with gods as our witness, we cannot walk away without closing this matter. No parting of ways in a disagreement.'' She shook her head, wincing, flailing her long ponytail. ''Look, I...''

''Valda.'' Her husband suddenly cut in strongly. Having stood from his chair, Waltier Swanhill Wilhelmina was a tall, strong man despite his handsome fragility. ''Don't be carried away by vengeance. Analyze.''

At first, Valda looked to have swallowed a live fish and she launched a stare of such flaming intensity at her husband you were genuinely glad she was no mage, else you'd have gotten acquainted with the smell of burning flesh. Yet this anger cooled quickly and her fan reopened to mask a now peaceful mouth. ''A bit too informal, dear.'' Answered the queen, icy stare returning to you. ''Nonetheless truthful. It is a leap of faith, mysir Arawn, but you do have strong blessings.'' She turned to observe at Daiyu who nodded, then turned to face Gwendolyn who grinned. ''I suppose I can have faith in someone my daughter like I'm not so presumptuous to throw away the opinions of two fellow queens.''

''Like!?'' Anaïs immediately chirped, making her bodyguard react with a supplicative remark. ''M-mom come on!'' Her excited interruption cooled the instant people gaze fell on her.

''Hold on.'' This second remark wasn't so fragile. Sieglinde tone was firm and her steps stomped heavily to translate her irritation despite a controlled mask of placidity. ''We can't just... do that. I mean, Arawn doesn't entirely understand the implication of a Moot.''

''I'm not so presumptuous to believe bringing finality to this situation to be anything less than of utmost importance, your majesty.'' You replied firmly and her red gaze aimed your notorious end with her horns. ''Of this, I swear on my life.'' You continued and a dangerous twitch traveled the length of her deadly appendage.
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''Sieglinde dangerous!'' Hao proclaimed and her tone managed to douse Sieglinde flames of anger.

''Please excuse us.'' The fiery demoness announced, then gestured at you with her chin. ''Follow me.''

She brooked no arguments, the way her tail curled on itself in a half-spiral of gleaming deadliness had you walk rigid enough to make Martha whistle, you also spotted Elina keeping her hands on Hao's shoulders: apparently, the tribal lizard was worried for your safety.

The night air outside was refreshingly cold, heralding inevitable winter despite a clear sky and shining crescent moon. Sieglinde tall frame led you near the stream a few feet's away from the tent and, satisfied by the distance, planted her big deformed feet on the muddy soil to face with arms crossed on her belly to ward off the temperature, her ladyship had exited with light clothing.

''Arawn.'' Surrounding chill had thankfully worked to further diminish her hot temper. ''You... I'm not sure I understand why you're imposing yourself like that.'' Sieglinde cleared her throat, fully staring into you despite the mask. ''Valda is much better prepared, we're here to help these refugees.''

''It is important Mamono honor is upheld.'' You realize your voice is lacking emotions and this brings a frown on Sieglinde lovely features. ''I... I want to confront that woman. What I've seen in this camp... So many orphans, so many young women with unwanted children, all these hints of misery telling a quiet story of abuses while the source of their woes remains here, gloating... It makes me mad.'' There's a boiling anger inside you that isn't entirely your own, being outside the slave area is making all these images sink firmly into your memory.

Is that vixen watching, too?

''You want to confront Gremory because of the refugees?'' Sieglinde asks in obvious incredulity, making you shake your head.

''It's only one motivation amongst others.'' You'd rather be vague here so you change the subject, staring at the big pavilion of fabrics housing all the royalty: Valda husband was outside, speaking with a ranger to set up this Moot, hands clutching his two swords on his waist. ''I do believe I'm in the best position to represent us, Sieglinde. My presence is firmly established as an ally of monster but I am also a man, I belong to humanity by matters of birth. That's a connection I want to take advantage of.''

There was also one more important thing... Looking at Sieglinde now, remembering her past actions and comments convinced you one an important fact.

Sieglinde is trying to protect you.

Of course, you have a debt to her that is likely never going to be repaid. Her magnanimity granted you vital peace of mind to learn, accept and deal with your situation and following heritage. Yet, Sieglinde always hovered close to you like an older sister and now, tonight, you've taken a genuine first step to help her.
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1.15 MB PNG
Investigating the traitorous poisoner inside the slave camp wasn't easy and you wouldn't have accomplished anything without help. Its success gave your precious friends and leaders -vital- ammunition.

And now to confront Gremory, representing not only the realm of Demon Lord Daiyu Jawahir but also Kreszenz and Gwendolyn burgeoning country was a whole lot of pressure suddenly thrust on your shoulders.

One you've willingly embraced.

''Are you scared?'' You asked, breaking the long silence. For once her highness hadn't said anything about your argument and your prompt made her wince.

''I...I feel like it's risky. Bit of a useless danger.'' She didn't have much faith in you and was trying her best to avoid wounding your pride.

I'm not your little brother, Sieglinde. You thought grimly, you had to repress a sudden élan of affection. All of her anger had deflated, she had clearly acted rashly, without thinking; an oddity indeed because you know damn well she's got a fantastic head on her shoulder.

''I believe you are doing this with the chief objective being impressing the Demon Lord firstborn daughter.'' A metallic voice inside your head whispered in a flat tone bereft of pleasantry.

''I'd sock you on the shoulder if you were standing beside me, smartass.'' You replied inwardly and Gardy presence lessened.

''I'll do it, Sieglinde.'' You replied. ''Be sure to watch.''

An emotion passed through her gaze, like clouds slowly inching away from the sun, negativity slowly disappeared, replaced by a self-satisfied smug smile.
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''Oh, fine. Guess it's one of those men things where they can't help but play the risky game for no reasons huh?'' She growled, inching closer with unfurled arms and a tail suddenly springing out of the moist soil in a dangerous thunk ''What exactly are you thinking on saying then? What about your attitude? Gonna stick with the leper look, be all grumbler? Or throw everyone off balance by showing that eloquence?''

''Huh?'' You could only reply and Sieglinde bit her lips, albeit with a smile.

''We probably only have ten or twenty minutes so might as well think on that! Come on, how do you intend on facing Gremory?''

''I already have an argument, there's plenty of proof...''

''Not enough.'' Sieglinde waved one of her wide, glossy dark hand. ''Gremory is pretentious and gave me the impression of being petty, you might want to try at putting on... another mask?'' Her smile changed into a sheepish grin.

''Can't I stay natural?'' This is starting to get complicated.

''You're soft, Arawn.'' Replied the demoness, stinging you right where it hurt. ''You'll be eaten alive.''

''I'll have you know I can be plenty strong...!'' A small giggle escapes her and you growled in response. Had anybody spied on you, your disguise would have been definitely given away.

She does raise a good point, your attitude in this talk should be something to consider...

>Keep to your disguise. Everyone assumes you are a leper, that means being direct and imposing: you have proofs to back your accusation against Gremory.

>Remain natural. You're pretty good at keeping yourself composed...most of the time. Keeping a polite, diplomatic stance wouldn't be an outright lie and thus, should come out naturally.

>Be intimidating. You have investigated this matter and found proof of wrongdoing linking Gremory with the poisoner because of Gwendolyn ability. This duchess does not deserve an inch, doubly so now that you are representing -three- countries!

>Ask about the peculiarity of a Moot instead. You ought to know it's importance more than practicing your act.

>Keep to your disguise. Everyone assumes you are a leper, that means being direct and imposing: you have proofs to back your accusation against Gremory.
Could we ask for some quick pointers about the proceedings of the Moot? Or some general advise on it?
Yeah, you can have a little discussion.
Ask about the moot.
File: Sieg05.jpg (107 KB, 825x1246)
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107 KB JPG
''I should keep with the image I've created.'' You affirm yourself while gently replacing your mask.

''And that is?'' Ask the demoness. ''Did you put on a role in Anaïs company?''

''Somewhat...'' You did try your best to pay attention to little details, you probably didn't make any grievous mistakes right? ''I'll remain strong, present our proof and demands she leaves. Not too complicated.''

''Yeah, you've done good work earlier. Better than me sitting around twiddling my thumbs...''Sieglinde cleared her throat, clopping far away sounds heralded a few approaching horses. ''...Don't try to sell the disease too hard. That's about the only advice I can think of.''

''How about a Moot? What is it exactly?'' That made the redhead bite he lips.

''It's a way to bring a definitive end to conflicts, human rarely uses it because the one who host it -in this case, Valda- has the onus of ending the feud. She's bound by law, honor, and faith to bring a solution to Gremory that'd make her agree; coercion here is fine, really, so long as she agrees to get the hell out swiftly.''

''She'd be getting away scotfree for already having done so much harm?'' Sieglinde didn't like you pointing out the obvious, she stubbornly ran one of her big hand through her curly red locks in response, huffing in displeasure.

''If we want to help Teruko people? Yeah. We've gotta let her go.'' Her tone was akin to a child eating something sour. ''Closed Fist are a bigger problem, they should turn tail and not bother trying anything once Gremory is out.''

''I see...' Time pressure means you can't fully take advantage of your efforts. ''...Any pointers?''

''Stick with the facts and our demands. You said you'd want to be like your disguise, right? Direct, imposing... I heard you had a little slip in Throne Town when the crowd got angry at Vilma.'' Ooof, now that made it impossible to avoid cringing. ''Don't do that, she might try to provoke you... though maybe she'll be too destabilized by having you represent all of us to get her bearings swiftly.''

Earlier noises of clops increased to huffs and puffs of large beasts as three horses entered the premise, each led by a peculiar garbed in chainmail, armed with bows and swords. Kreszenz royalty was to go atop these rare beasts. Horses, in general, were rare inside the Allied Kingdoms.

''Seems Gremory agreed swiftly.'' Sieglinde stated, your gang of friends also came out, talking amongst themselves and two people -Anaïs and Elina- waved to you.

''Time to get ready, mister.'' You felt a weight on your lower back, Sieglinde thick tail slithered on your body as if marking you.

Thankfully, you'll have a fair amount of time to get your thoughts in order...

>While I write the transition for the Moot, you guys can talk about what kind of argument you want to put forth. This isn't a What do moment so it's fine if there's nothing to discuss.
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It was only after exiting Kreszenz camp that you understood the gravity of this undertaking. Two-thirds of Valda bodyguards -these heavily armored rangers- accompanied your company armed with lamps and torches to project a fair amount of light into the wide darkness of autumnal night. Rikert and a handful of his healers soon joined your company that amounted to fifty people walking on a semi-solid block, Daiyu, Gwendolyn and Valda all in the center while the marshall set out alone with his faithful mount to meet with Gremory group, a squad of similar size waiting a hundred paces outside the forest she took as headquarter.

''No regrets now, hm?'' Daiyu spoke, her voice perfectly leveled against all the noises of mingling steps. Elina was flying above, having insisted on keeping a solid eye for any potential ambush despite the blasphemy of such a thing.

Moot stood as sacred in the Allied Kingdoms, to draw blades would be equivalent of razing a church... not that any nearby soldiers discarded their arms, only the Alms Givers in their bright red cloaks had no weapons.

''I'll do my blood proud.'' You replied firmly, making the green-haired demoness blink at your dry seriousness. you were feeling the weight of your decision already but, thankfully, Daiyu mellowed into another inviting grin.

From the corner of your formation, a loud horn blew and a similar sound followed from Gremory reinforced square. Fifty solid men in plate armor seemed to consist the duchess but this formation neatly opened to reveal a much smaller group of five women judging by the clothes and perhaps one man amongst them.

''Alright, we'll end this.'' Valda affirmed, nervously holding onto her horse. Her glare of red observed her husband speaking with the enemy and, thankfully, he turned around without incident to rush back. ''Let's meet under the quiet gaze of our Father.''

You, Daiyu, Martha, Sieglinde, Anaïs, Valda, and Waltier set out together once the royal women got off their mounts, soon joined by a silent Rickert whose face almost disappeared inside his hood. Thick tension melded with cold air to create an oppressive collar around your neck.

A few adventurous scouts had planted high poles with lamps in the flat area of this impromptu Moot, shrinking distance allowed you to get a better look at this troublesome duchess and, evidently, she was someone who'd be easy to spot.

Long, flat red hair transformed into tasteful curls near her lower back, her face was a serene beauty that looked almost carved in porcelain due to a naturally pale skin, Purplish eyes completed this near exotic appearance, white teeth were discovered by lips spreading into a wide smile. Her clothing was luxurious, befitting someone of high stature; it was a mixture of wolf pelt to ward off the cold and a leathery outdoor dress.

''I came to seek our final answer, as you've so generously put, Valda.'' The duchess voice was sweet and smooth.
File: 3.png (567 KB, 624x881)
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567 KB PNG
You decided to let your gaze wander into Gremory company, each of them stone-faced women but... one of them, in particular, caught your gaze. She wasn't showing a difference of expression but... She was quite a blue woman. Long hair, dark eyes, cape, armor and clothes; all of it distinctively boyish and of a gorgeous blue that'd be reminiscent of the sky, the tint of inky darkness brought by the night was a flagrant disservice for this lady-knight quiet charisma. On her hips was a sheathed sword and grasp into her left hand was a long glaive with a gleaming blade of polished steel.

''Father eyes are upon us.'' Valda started, having walked near the duchess. There was still a solid two meters between them. ''With my people as witnesses, this Moot will bring a quick end to our conflict for my very honor as a liege is on the plate.'' Gremory ginned. ''This is why...'' Valda turned, waving toward you. ''...I will have someone speaks for us.''

''Oh?'' A wave of surprise spread throughout allies and foes, Gremory retinue momentarily breaking their stone face to stare at you in disbelief. ''A servant of the enemy is to be your voice inside your hosted Moot? My...'' A muffled clap came out of Gremory gloved hands. ''...Far be it from me to insult your decision, doubly so form someone granted with such a unique perspective. Do you happen to have a glimpse of Father Sky perspective, mysir?''

Your answer was silence, peeling yourself away from Daiyu and Sieglinde welcoming side, your solid boots seemed to echo into your heart as your heavy steps resonated into cold nature.

Valda took a step back then walked away to rejoin the group. Everyone was close enough to hear everything without being able to give advice.

>(Direct)''I have investigated the source of all the Mamonos ills, your majesty Gremory, and thereby declare you complicit of attempting to create a widespread epidemic.''

>(Diplomatic)''I would not presume myself to be so touched, you highness. I have investigated the source of what ailed the Mamonos being so generously helped by queen Valda and it is something that can only be delivered through this Moot.''

>(Intimidation)''We've captured your agent, Duchess. Under Father Sky solemn starry eyes do I swear to have uncovered facts of misbegotten nature tying you to a nefarious plot against the Alms Giver. Listen to me well, I won't repeat myself; you'll know my proof and listen to our demands.''

This late start was to help me get back in form, so it's likely that I won't be able to answer one last time tonight.

Don't think of this choice as final, the conversation will progress a certain way and you'll have more inputs to do afterward.

>(Diplomatic)''I would not presume myself to be so touched, you highness. I have investigated the source of what ailed the Mamonos being so generously helped by queen Valda and it is something that can only be delivered through this Moot.''

Let's keep it civil my guy's
Eh, sure. Support. Let's get a feel of the conversation before we start getting confrontational.
We decided to be the blunt leper, we shall be the blunt leper
Actually, you're right.
Changing from >>2941275 to:
>(Direct)''I have investigated the source of all the Mamonos ills, your majesty Gremory, and thereby declare you complicit of attempting to create a widespread epidemic.''

I just hope this goes relatively smoothly, we didn't have much time to properly confer about a plan with Valda and Daiyu.
One minute later and I'd have vote locked.
File: Gre1.jpg (7.36 MB, 3000x3600)
7.36 MB
7.36 MB JPG
Where first impressions are concerned, Gremory was giving a good one, her proud demeanor firmly fell into arrogance but it wasn't enough to genuinely irritate you, her gentle smile and gothic beauty was, perhaps, why you briefly entertained the idea of an amicable discourse. Maybe you were drawn to her natural charisma.

Gremory was attempting to create small talk despite this oppressive atmosphere.

''Your Grace, my name is Arawn and I have investigated the sources of the illness assaulting the Mamonos refugees.'' A charming duchess wasn't enough to dispell everything you've seen and investigated, it was genuinely difficult to keep your voice leveled and neutral. ''It's something that can only be delivered through this Moot.'' The pretty redhead blinked in surprise, elegant smile disappearing. ''I hereby declare you complicit of attempting to create a widespread epidemic inside the Mamono population.''

Your voice was likely being magically augmented, both groups of escorts erupted in loud chatters that quieted down after a few long moments of silences between you and Gremory, the duchess now glared at you with grumpy, knitted eyebrows. One oddity inside Gremory group of bodyguards was that woman of blue glaring at you with uncomfortable intensity.

It was impossible to avoid keeping her out of sight because of your position, what's up with her?

''That's how this conflict will end?'' Gremory voice carried a high pitch of disbelief, giving off a fake smile of smug satisfaction. ''Through slanders? The Moot onus is on your shoulders, my dear young man, Father Sky and Mother Earth made your existence a trial; how do you intend to have me agree to something so... beneath me?''

Her dark purple gaze briefly examined the horizontal column of leaders behind you before settling on you with a viper's predatory determination.

''I would never speak lies under Father Sky sacred domain of stars, your Grace. I have proof.'' Ideas of entertaining civility were impossible now. ''The nefarious poisoner was captured, someone passing herself as an Alms Giver harmed a great many innocents and eroded confidence in the healer's selfless mission.'' There you took a calculated step sideways and half-turned to face your group. ''Rikert!'' You bellowed, making the tall old man jump. ''Was there anyone by the name of Anselma in your organization?''
File: rude.png (82 KB, 270x266)
82 KB
Being put on the spot made him nervous, thankfully he quickly gathered his wits and cleared his throat as a hundred eyes fell on him. ''We do have a recruit by this name.'' The old man spoke firmly, with a loud bellowing voice that was used to a straining volume. ''However, our true Anselma has clearer brown hair, darker eyes and is younger than that woman who infiltrated us.''

''Oh? Are you insinuating that she's somehow connected to myself, Arawn?'' Gremory advanced a step, forcing you to take one back. A petty little victory that seemed to satisfy her because her mouth twisted into a satisfied, quiet little smile.

''This agent true name is Leya of the Closed Fist.'' You answer firmly and Gremory face is a flawless display of interrogation. ''I believe she was with you for three years?''

That broke her mask, albeit, for a single second, she proceeded to flawlessly display innocent disbelief. ''Really? Perhaps this Leya is here, then? Could she affirm this reality in this sacred Moot?'' She made a show of looking over your shoulder. ''No? Then how can these baseless accusations have any substances, my dear young man?''

>(Half-truth)''Because I have seen it, your Grace. I have observed her undeniable memories, her link to you is undeniable. We know she used Orcsbane and infiltrated the Alms Giver to target healthy Mamonos, her link to you make this much more difficult to handle.''

>(Truth)''Gwendolyn of the central kingdom showed the truth to not only myself but the entire leadership of the Demon Lord and Kreszenz royalty. Leya memories plainly showed her connection, your Grace. You reluctantly agreed to her plot, thus making you complicit.''

>(Lie) ''She told us herself, your Grace and Leya insisted and being away from you. Such an undeniable confession required this Moot for finality.''

>(Appeal)''Under Father Sky solemn gaze of stars, lies are to be washed off like morning dew. You, women guarding your duchess, I ask of you all to swear under Our Father that Gremory did not have any connection to a woman named Leya of the Closed Fist!''

>(Appeal)''Under Father Sky solemn gaze of stars, lies are to be washed off like morning dew. You, women guarding your duchess, I ask of you all to swear under Our Father that Gremory did not have any connection to a woman named Leya of the Closed Fist!''

In the memories of Leya, we saw they were already suspicious of the lady in blue, I believe. If we don't present her with a chance of doing whatever it is she needs to do, they might her off her after this is all done, regardless of the outcome of this.

If she has to switch sides, she will never get a chance clearer than this.

If after this swearing, if nothing turns out of this, we go with

>(Half-truth)''Because I have seen it, your Grace. I have observed her undeniable memories, her link to you is undeniable. We know she used Orcsbane and infiltrated the Alms Giver to target healthy Mamonos, her link to you make this much more difficult to handle.''

if the chance to do so is still within our reach.
Alright, unless we get another voice soon I'll go with what's presented.
Can't we just combine those two options and essentially do both at the same time?
It won't be that easy because Gremory will attempt to shift the conversation in a certain way after you speak, combining them is still possible but I'd need a roll on that as it'd translate to Arawn not giving the duchess an inch.
"Because we know what she knows now. She resisted, of course, but everyone eventually breaks. We know that you and she talked about her spreading sickness among the slaves here, and that she profaned the Church and the sacred vows of the Alms Givers by taking their uniform for herself to spread Orcsbane. Perhaps we should dig deeper, call on more witnesses?"

I'd question if a Duchy can stand the glare of the Church, but that might be too hostile.
Got ourselves a little burst of activity. I'll wait a little while for a potential agreement, so far we've got three options

Need 1d20 but I'd rather wait on asking for it unless you guys commit so don't be rolling early!
and the free option.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

I'll throw a dice to get things moving.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Let's go with rolling to try and not let her divert the issue, then.
File: 11.gif (238 KB, 294x233)
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238 KB GIF
Well damn.
File: Elf Success.png (214 KB, 1771x1771)
214 KB
214 KB PNG

Perfect. All according to cake.
File: 1538107012067.jpg (234 KB, 899x1200)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
''Because I've seen it, your Grace.'' You take a half-step forward, barely feeling the obstruction of your mask as you gaze into her surprised gaze of darkened purple; Gremory is forced to retreat what little ground she managed to gain. ''Leya undeniable memories tie her with you, she suggested the plot and you reluctantly agreed, thereby giving your blessing; this Moot is the result of this risk you were hesitant to take.''

Gremory mouth had fallen half open against this truthful accusation but the light of intelligence glistened inside her dark gaze. ''You... hypnotized that woman? You-''

''As you've said earlier, your Grace, I've been granted a unique... perspective.'' This went far beyond a mere stretching of the truth yet it wasn't exactly a lie either, Gardy made for a unique take on this ''perspective'' word she's been throwing around. ''I witnessed you speaking to her inside a comfortable room, Leya spoke of gaining advantages against queen Valda to make her highness lose face, your goals always aligned with the Closed Fis-''

''Enough! Stop this... this blasphemy!'' Anger manifested as small trembling through the duchess body, her face took a shade similar to her hair and loud breath of fresh cold wind was the only thing that prevented her from slapping you into silence despite the mask. ''Manipulate someone mind, to dare utter such heresy and desecrate Father Sky sacred Mooth by planting lies in a child sovereign mind is absolutely preposterous! How dare you call this proof!? Have you no shame, Arawn? Isn't your blood one of humanity!? Has the enemy truly corrupted what little values you could have had!? This is no proof, you've implanted lies!''

''Stop.'' Gremory was spinning a wild tale of emotions, making an appeal to humanity religious values, her feelings looked genuine; there was even sadness in her gaze that shook her tone, an actress so skilled she'd rival Lady White. ''I've glimpsed the truth, your Grace and that's why I'm speaking fearlessly under Father Sky many shining eyes. There is another way to confirm my authenticity on this sacred ground.''

''Really? How could anything said by a mind sculptor be taken as reality now?'' Gremory smugness had evaporated but her composure was back, she knew she couldn't pounce on this apparent backpedaling because you had given her exactly what she demanded.

''You, knights and guards of lady Gremory, hear my voice! You've listened to everything I said!'' She immediately understood your ploy but your tone is far too loud to be trampled by interruptions, the smaller redhead whirled -showing impressive dexterity inside that big dress- to glare at her assembled bodyguards being suddenly put in a very uncomfortable position. ''I have spoken someone memory and do ask forgiveness of our Father for this sin but truth demanded necessity, thusly do I ask of you stalwart women, in this unalienable moment of truth, to confirm lady Gremory relationship with this Leya of the Closed Fist!''
File: 16.jpg (130 KB, 1000x1000)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
There was a long, long silence, one so thick with tension that it felt like an invisible noose was tightening around your neck. All these women were undeniably people of action, they sported unique armaments and showed adventurous resolves that made you wonder if they were each plucked from a vagabond existence.

''I've often seen a representative of the Closed Fist engages business inside her ladyship Duchy...'' Heavy steps of scratching metal followed a smooth, melodious voice of motherly feminity. That woman of blue had taken a few paces forward, peeling off the horizontal column of women and promptly fell on one knee after bridging a long distance, gently putting her long glaive on the grassy soil and keeping a firm hand on her sword to angle it away from the ground.

''What, exactly, would a mere guard know, Klesiah?'' Gremory retorted. ''Rise, girl. This isn't the moment.''

There was a fierce will burning inside that lady of blue and an open glare of contempt struck her elegant liege. ''Leya is your closest adviser and often acted as your regent, your ladyship. She ordered me alongside many others and you never hid your close relationships with the Closed Fist.''

''Why should I?'' Retorted the duchess. ''Being friends with the inquisition only prove the strength -and purity- of my faith. What do you know, Klesiah Zaheed? I plucked you away from a vagabond life and this is how you repay my generosity?''

''You know the woman Arawn is talking about.'' For the briefest of seconds, you felt stunned, this woman said your name with such... familiarity. ''Twice have I served, your Grace. Twice have I upheld my knightly oaths, twice was I cursed by wickedness. I will not insult our Father with lies in this Moot.''

''Ah, so you truly -are- befitting your disgraced reputation, you traitorous little viper.'' Gremory scoffed, waving for the blue knight. ''Rise, girl. You still serve me, probably not for long now but at least try to make do with what remains of your word.''

''Truth laid bare.'' You could only comment, doing your best to avoid feeling intimidated under the scrutinous blue gaze of that glaive knight.

''I wouldn't say this so confidently, after all, a... oathbreaker isn't a truthful source.'' Gremory was grasping at straws, she knew it -everyone did- and still, she tried to save face which, perhaps, was the only thing available now.

>(Stick with the plan) ''We ask only that you leave these land at once, relinquish your claim on the free Mamonos and never again bother Queen Valda with this subject''

>Free (Here is an opportunity to attempt a demand of your own...)
"Conspirators don't get to brag about oath breaking, lady Gremory. I am sure being guilty over something like this breaks many, and more important oaths you were supposed to be keeping. And, infiltrating Leya into the Alms Givers and overseeing this ploy, makes you no less than a villain. This truth has already spread, and soon enough, it will spread even further."

"We DEMAND that you leave these lands at once, relinquish your claim on the free Mamonos and never again bother Queen Valda with this subject. And I ask that you confess your crime and come clean, and hand yourself to the authorities. Leya will be confessing herself in due time, after a more thorough investigation takes place. Why insist any further?"

It's basically
>(Stick with the plan) ''We ask only that you leave these land at once, relinquish your claim on the free Mamonos and never again bother Queen Valda with this subject''
but a bit more flair, maybe? X3
Being that imposing is a choice in of itself, going with that will be different than the greentext.
I'll wait for one more voice to agree with how to proceed, the way things are handled here is fairly important.

Hmm. Then... I think I will go to the more 'safe' greentext option, unless more people agree to go with the imposing choice.

I don't wish for this to be decided solely on my own, it's too much responsability to bear! >w<
It's cool my friend, there's always tomorrow if people are gone tonight. There'll be more things to decide on... negotiations have gone pretty well at least.
>Free (Here is an opportunity to attempt a demand of your own...)
Klesiah is to be released from her paths to Gremory with honor.
“She knew you, Klesiah. And what she told me of you, makes me think that your employment with the Duchy is coming to a close. End your service with honor, now. Do not continue serving a lord that would agree to actions that break the bonds of trust with the Alms Givers.”
>Klesiah is to be released from her oaths to Gremory with honor.
You're making that demand on top of the demands of the plan right? Because we need this thot to begone.

Okay, agreeing with this, too.

Much better idea than mine, anyways.

Also, Klesiah... I am almost positive I remember this name from the previous quest...!
Asking both is possible. That earlier roll really helped you out. Damn lucky players
Yus, both it is, then~
File: 1.jpg (160 KB, 1000x600)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
''We are not demanding too much, Gremory.''

Dropping the ''your Grace'' suffix felt petty but ultimately worth it with how petty this woman is being. A true case of a thorny, venomous rose. You were almost tempted to turn and glance at your allies but this lady knight with one knee on the ground somehow radiated an invasive stare that was much more difficult to shoulder than confronting the duchess.

''That so?'' Answered the gothic beauty, she still remained graceful in defeat; anger had momentarily clouded her judgment but she wasn't so far gone to delude herself about what was happening.

''Leave this land tonight.'' Gremory face tightened into a silent scowl. ''Relinquish your claim on the free Mamonos and never again bother queen Valda with this matter.'' Your voice would not allow arguments, with the uninviting mask of gold as a barrier, you glared at Gremory with all the anger you could muster; all the suffering you've born witness today is her responsibility. Your emotions were true and, if you stopped here, the Duchess would have to agree, it was already evident in her body language.

''And...'' You weren't so easily satisfied. not after this display. you remember Anaïs mentioning that Valda did not trust men, it would seem tonight might be cause for another grudge with this swordswoman confession.

''Lady Klesiah is to be released with honor.'' Both women blinked in incomprehension, an emotion that likely spread into the entire assembly. A few muffled complaints behind you likely meant angry Mamonos.

''Your employ with your liege is likely to come to an end soon after you've upheld your honor under the guise of our Father. Leya knew of you, Klesiah and so did Gremory, both suspected you of a nefarious deed, how is a knight to-''

A jolly guffaw came out of the redhead. ''What's this now? I never once hinted that I'd so readily throw away talented individuals serving me, you've been reasonable up until now but don't let your sickness cloud your judgment.''

Klesiah remained motionless, with upturned eyes of sapphires, she observed you silently. ''Twice have I broken my vows, Arawn.'' Again, this feeling of familiarity... ''A knight life is to his liege, they are to serve them, help them even in cases where they'd get angry... a true knight aims to help the soul more than his leader ambition, stay true to our gods...''
File: 13.jpg (89 KB, 740x782)
89 KB
''You've certainly done an exemplary duty so far, Klesiah.'' Gremory comment made the pretty knight bite her bottom lip, boiling frustration traveled her body in light, nervous tremblings. ''Killed your father during your very first assignment as a Knight of the Storm, were you going to raise your blade against me because I don't adhere to your ideal of a liege? You haven't even told me your second sin, I'd prefer to know the depth of your failures before meeting my end.''

''That...was a complicated affair, your Grace.'' The lady knight looked down, long blue hair falling over her face despite the shiny golden headband. ''I would never lie here, in this sacred Moot. It was never my intention to raise my blade against you, if you deemed my life unworthy...''

''It's certainly becoming much more trouble than it's worth.''

''Enough!'' You bellowed, making Gremory grin wholeheartedly, showing pretty white teeth. ''These are my demands as representative of Kreszenz royalty and the Demon Lord!''

''First one is fine, I can make like the wind and be out in an hour, I'll even leave behind most of my stuff! Your second demand though... you're outstepping your authority, mister Arawn.'' You've given Gremory a single advantage and she's holding onto it relentlessly.

You've accomplished your objective, she'll be leaving now without a doubt but that wasn't enough, right?

Protection is the hardest path.

''It's not my intention to release her and you'll be staying, won't you my deal little Klesiah?'' The blue woman said nothing, her silent submission made for ample answers. There was this aura of... despair surrounding this knightly lady, an image of someone giving up. ''But I suppose we can try having a little deal in this Moot.'' Clapping together her hands in muffled noises of slapping fur, Gremory seemed to glow under the collective enmity of your group. ''A little trade. I want this prisoner who's been so ready to besmirch my character, in exchange I think this oathbreaker will be an adequate... hostage of my good intention.''

''Now you're going too far!'' Valda voice resonated and this made Gremory all the happier.

''I'm sorry? What?'' The duchess theatrically leaned forward, hand on her ear. ''This man is representing you girls and we are speaking the truth under Father Sky gaze, only his and my words matter!'' There came another clap as she faced you with a happy, manic giggle. ''An oathbreaker for a liar, fair business.''

>Free Choice

Ending here for tonight. How will you guys handle that now?
Did we fuck up?

I have a suspicion that we did
File: 6.png (135 KB, 256x256)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Depend on how you view things. Investigating means you weren't able to meet the lady knight, trying to help her isn't so easy!
That is true, but I have a feeling that doing that has gained some some sideways glances from the peeps on our side

but maybe it's just me that thinks that
>No trade
Overstepping a bit, I think.
It’s too bad about Klesiah, but no. We’ll keep the poisoner, we’ll make her talk, and we’ll bring ruin to Gremory by involving the Church and the Alms Givers.
If you were dying, and you saw a cockroach within arm’s distance that you knew would live to see the dawn that you wouldn’t, wouldn’t you crush that roach?

As it is, Gremory wants her advisor and friend back. Deny her. And make sure she knows that her friend will suffer all the more for that friendship.
File: 10.jpg (72 KB, 433x650)
72 KB
Well, you can still try. Gremory proposed a deal and you -do- have some authority. Or you can still try appealing to the lady, step down... This free choice is a bit cruel but I think you guys can think on what to do.
Also in terms of the deal that Gremory is proposing, I don't like it, not one bit

I am fairly sure that she will simply just take Leya, and just throw her back into the world to poison more mamonos, seeing as she doesn't give two shits about oaths as far as I know, this prediction of mine might hold true

But I could be totally wrong about this

Just a thought my boy's
We need to think this over.

Do we hand Leya to Gremory to save Klesiah?

Leya holds the key to find actual charges to Gremory. Plus, she must pay for her crimes.

On the other hand, we have no intention of letting harm come to Klesiah, since she herself DID what was right and showed honesty, where her liege did not.

All I want to point out is that her wanting Leya back is a pretty telling thing. She needs her, and it's still us holding her against a tight spot.

I am sure she will get in trouble with the Closed Fist herself if they find out she let Leya, their contact, to get caught like this.

Gremory has much to lose, and we, pretty much nothing. We still have bargaining room. I'd even be willing to reply with something like "So taking hostages now? A honest woman, for a sly assasin, you mean. This pretty much cements your guilt."
> you remember Anaïs mentioning that Valda did not trust men.

Wasn't it Gremory that didn't trust men whenever mamonos were involved in things?

Damn it all! I had a feeling you'd pull something like this. Well, we obviously can't accept the trade as that'd be her getting away with murder in its entirety (as well as insult Valda's honor). Leya must be tried, lawfully convicted, and punished for her crimes. The... severity of those punishments, however, is on the table.

The default sentence for this kind of shit I'd imagine is death (nice and slow, to set an example). We could offer a small bit of leniency in exchange for the blue lady, y'know, commute that death penalty into a life sentence in Valda's version of Château d'If or something.
>Wasn't it Gremory that didn't trust men whenever mamonos were involved in things?

Yeeeeeeep. I fucked that up something fierce, wrote too fast.
This just hit me. We open with the quote from >>2943428 then reach out to the blue lady:

"You say my first name with such familiarity. Me, Daiyu, we all know someone who shares it. What is their full name Klesiah?"

Make a gesture that makes it apparent that the "we" refers to our demonic benefactors (Including Gwen as we did reveal it to her and everyone assumes she's just here with Daiyu as no mention of the "overlord" has been made here yet). I'm pretty sure Daiyu will get our ploy and relate that pretty well to her daughters and, through them, the rest of our side and thus flawlessly play along.

Sadly, I won't be able to elaborate on how to perfectly pull on this thread if she says what I'm hoping she says. Work's a bitch. Damn good thing we fused with Gardy guys, I got a ton of ways INH could fuck us over here that get a lot harder to sell if Gardy gets any sort of say in the matter and, as he's fused with us at the soul level, he most certainly does.
No, that’s a terrible idea. It confirms to Gremory that Klesiah has more value to us than simple interest in an honorable knight.

The only way forward is to threaten Leya with even worse treatment while giving Gremory nothing that she can negotiate with. Either she caves, in the hope that caving in to us will net Leya some mercy, or she’s forced to cut her losses and we still get a victory out of this. Letting Gremory know that she has something we want gives her the opportunity to drag out negotiations.
I don't wanna bother with this conversation puzzle but might help to out the spies lust and love for her master and insinuate that she wants her back cause she feels the same.

More pretty than helpful but meh
It's only a conditional confirmation. She only becomes more important if she utters our true last name. It's a mere curiosity on its face if we sell it right. This bitch is all kinds of petty so she can sit back and let us indulge in our petty curiosity.

If we get a good opportunity to corner her or catch her off guard with that it's not a bad idea.

Also, I think you meant petty instead of pretty. Petty doesn't matter now. Gremory is confirmed to be a petty bitch, we are more than willing to sink to her level if it gets us what we want.
You can’t sell it right, though. And Gremory is grasping at straws, so why would she allow us anything that could have given her an advantage?
Hm, so we're still lacking a course of action. I'll post again in an hour and offer a few choices based on what's been suggested.
One would think that she'd allow anything that could have given her an advantage. She does kinda need one right now.

Also, Klesiah needs something, a ray of hope to break her despair. She's also painted herself into a corner where she basically has to truthfully answer any question no matter what Gremory says or wants. Gremory is also in a curious state in regards to the knight, she'll likely want to hear that answer. And, again, it's only conditional. If she says anything other than our last name she's just another person we're trying to protect and, well, saving a thousand innocent slaves and ensuring justice is done to a guilty poisoner is more important than one honest and honorable knight.
No, why would she give away for free something that she could have gotten a concession for? Why let us continue to speak with Klesiah when so long as we don’t talk with her, Klesiah’s value is nebulous but potentially high?
File: 127.jpg (116 KB, 800x711)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Alright, we've got a fair amount of choices. I'll tally them up and you guys can vote on something.

>Back down, you've already accomplished what you had to do. What's happening with Klesiah is out of your control.

>''Taking a hostage on sacred ground, Gremory? You want us to exchange an honest woman -who came by her lonesome to do what's right- with a sly assassin who attempting to harm innocents? Do you take everyone assembled here for fools! This an admittance of guilt!''

You can't let go of your prisoner but maybe, just maybe, you can make Gremory dig her own tomb...

''Lady knight, I've felt a sense of familiarity in your voice when you've spoken my name. A name like mine might have been shared by someone you've known in the past, one who might have borne an onus -a knowledge only by a select few- and so I ask of you to stand and speak the truth once more, my good lady.''

>Attempt to kindle some flame of resistance inside Klesiah, if she's to relinquish her vow of loyalty to Gremory amongst so many important faces, the duchess won't have any power over her. Questions of prisoners exchange can wait.
I'll change my vote to option 2. We can't just immediately back down after making that demand and reaching out to the knight was meant to happen after 2 anyway. Plus you made it sound really good.

Also, Leya didn't attempt to harm innocents, she successfully did harm innocents and we saw one of the results with our own eyes. That poor kid's mom that the princess saved...
Quite, I'll make the proper correction if this is what you guys opt for. I'd like at least another hard vote on this before continuing.
I got home last night, caught up, and slept on this situation. Considering what all's happened I'd say we go with (2). Can't back off after making such a demand but I don't feel we should push the knight until we get the bitch off our back.
It may not have been good to start this during the moot, but we are technically the embodiment of protection. As I wasn't here to vote I'll just ride the wave and see where it goes

''You are taking a hostage on sacred ground, Gremory.''Letting genuine rage filter out of your mask doesn't need acting and apparently, it was a sweet honeyed noise for the Duchess, her bright grin would have been genuinely charming in different circumstances.

''You want us to exchange an honorable knight who came forth by her lonesome -in this Moot of truth- and allow a sly assassin to walk free, someone whose guilt is obvious indeed for she already harmed innocents!'' That little girl who came to your group had been the spark of everything, her raw desperation... ''Are you taking everyone assembled here for fools? This an admission of guilt!''

''Rather telling that a knight is honorable after betraying her liege to reinforce foul accusations of misdeeds, that's becoming your new foundation?'' Gremory replied calmly, gloved hand reaching for her choker to toy with the bright gem resting on it. ''Don't presume so much young man, I've already agreed with your first demand -I'll be leaving tonight you can be assured of that- this little side business was only a way for me to reach a proper impartial truth for I've never presumed to insult the Alms Givers in such a way. Having a talk with someone committing such a bold lie is... well, it was within my right.''

You managed to destabilize her in the beginning by being direct and to the point but your care for the knight has given the Duchess something of a saving grace. ''Since you're so stubborn, keep that agent. Whatever accusations come next can only be arbitrated by a proper impartial judge of the Faith, which I do believe is absent tonight.'' She made a vague motion for the kneeling woman of blue. ''Rise, Klesiah. Leave that stick on the ground, a few last words need to be exchanged before this damnable day can be forgotten.''

You didn't have an opportunity to interject here, Gremory had already retracted her offer. Klesiah obeyed slowly, standing on firm feet and the smaller redhead closed the distance with two imperious steps, grabbed the sword clutched in Klesiah scabbard then pulled it out loudly in a swift, solid motion, making the steel resonate loudly as it left its leathery sheat.

''What are you doing? Drawing steel in this...'' A wave of tension followed your protest, groups armed themselves in disbelief while the Duchess grinned, holding the double-edge longsword firmly with a single hand, no sway traveled the weapon.

''Don't be so nervous, nothing will happen to my opponent in the Moot. I'm only accomplishing my duty as liege lord, that's all. Our business is concluded is it not, Arawn? You refused my exchange so what, exactly, do we have to do next?''

''...'' Your silence made her happy, earning petty little victories was her only joy. One quick backward look revealed that Daiyu was holding onto Sieglinde, your position as representative... is starting to feel heavy indeed.
File: 23.jpg (171 KB, 1300x1566)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
''Say, Klesiah you like the truth do you not?'' Gremory asked with a childish head tilt that made the blue-clad woman swallow awkwardly.

''Yes.'' Her courage returned and she nodded, fierce will burning inside sky-blue eyes. ''Truth is sacred, your Grace. Doubly so here.''

''Hmm...'' Gremory arm moved slowly, the stolen blade traveled a sluggish path to rest on Klesiash neck whose reaction was an impressive display of self-control. Her entire body stood rigid, chiseled in stone with only her chin moving to accommodate sharpened steel. ''Then speak truthfulness now, my dear little kinslayer. I know your first sin, patricide isn't easily looked upon but I've been gracious enough to accept you into my service-''

''This is disgusting!'' You interrupt, you have to. ''What are you doing, Gremory!?''

''Go back to your people, Arawn.'' She didn't spare you a glance but her grin was one of self-satisfaction. ''You've won, yes? I'll agree with the term laid in this Moot, now I'm conducting a little investigation of my own on this sacred soil. Klesiah, I've always been curious about this second sin you told me without going into details, why not inform us all alongside our watching Father?''

Investigation!? This is humiliation! That Duchess is absolutely loving this, the way she gives you a few adventurous glances revealed a feline satisfaction, a cat playing with its prey... Petty, so petty. She's readily destroying one of her subjects for nothing more than spite!

''I...I've...'' Klesiah hesitated but the sword on her throat made for an undeniable motivation. ''I left two of my friends when they needed me.''

''Oh oh? Who?''

Noise of creasing leathers followed Klesiah tightened fists. ''Zhu... a swordswoman foreigner and a Mamono called Hecate. There's only one more thing.'' Blue eyes closed in a solemn expression, tension somehow filtered out of her knightly body.

''Well? Spit it out. Lay yourself bare, it's about time to get rid of that baggage right?'' Gremory prodded, moving the sword.

''I couldn't save my first lord. He died on my watch.'' Klesiah expression became... beautiful. A gorgeous smile revealed a strange emotion of resolute serenity. ''I gave you my life when you accepted me, my liege...Nothing less could make up for my failures.''

''Indeed, it's about time for you fulfill your oath. You've been a naughty girl, I can take care of my own soul my dear vagabond.'' Gremory bridged their distance to take a better hold on her knight sword. There was a flash of understanding between them, it was obvious now that this blue lady was responsible for the slaves escapes. ''Who was your first lord? Let us hear it, Oathbreaker. Kinslayer. Betrayer. No knightly orders will ever take you into their folds, lay bare the last little hints of your sins. Father Sky can at least weight his judgment, it'll make a proper finale for this Moot. ''
File: 10.png (447 KB, 1060x500)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
''His name was Arawn Loukanos. I buried him after he took up arms to help me and took his duty of protecting those closest to him.'' Sitting atop Klesiah golden headband was a vague shape you understood to be a butterfly - it disappeared after you noticed it. Klesiah gaze wasn't looking at anyone, her mind was far away, back into memories that didn't hold baggage of broken promises.

''I'm glad I didn't make you the captain of my guards or, Father forbid, warden of my land.''

''Father killed by her own hand. First liege dead in battle. Abandoned her friends and duty to his memory, now broke her oath to Gremory to help these Mamonos'' Gardy neutral metallic voice brought out of stunned astonishment. A living link to your past. A living...link!

What can you do? What should you do!? Nobles don't have right od death with their subjects, at least not normally but a knight oath is different. Doubly so after readily giving themselves so wholeheartedly... Had this woman, Klesiah, been looking for a place to die? There's no way she could have fooled Gremory.

''Well, I'll carry out my duty.'' Gremory coughed, lazily moving the sword to point its tip at Klesiah throat. ''You gave me your life and I'll spend it at my leisure.''

''It was a privilege to serve, your Grace.''

Your mask, this thing of dirty gold, if you take it off...

Protection is never easy.

Do we know anything of knightly oaths, or can Gardy tell us?
Because if we are her original lord who did NOT discharge her from our service, she just thought we were dead when we weren’t (for real), wouldn’t her original oath to us take precedence?
>Because if we are her original lord who did NOT discharge her from our service, she just thought we were dead when we weren’t (for real), wouldn’t her original oath to us take precedence?

Yes, if we were to go into technically you'd be at fault for hiding your death so the knight would be freed from her ties if they wanted. A Knight first oath is very, very important so it'd take precedence.

Though you'll need to reveal yourself to prove you're her first lord.
If you guys are stuck I can offer a few lines of choices as always.
>Yes, if we were to go into technically you'd be at fault for hiding your death so the knight would be freed from her ties if they wanted
What if it was more of a “was put into a state of suspended animation and no one bothered to check if I was REALLY dead or just half-dead” or “the Court Doctor was actually pretty bad and couldn’t tell I wasn’t dead”?
Or a “I was thrown into dimensional exile, I never really died, everyone else just assumed I was dead while I was trying to come back”?
Of course the problem is that this still requires revealing ourselves.
What were the repercussions and consequences from the Mamono kingdoms and Kresnenz?
Or we could just tell Gremory we’ll make sure to tell Leya that she was abandoned by the Duchess when Gremory lost the moot. And of the enhanced interrogation that awaits now that we don’t have any reason to try to keep her intact.
Tell Gremory we have another question for the knight. Mention our full name and give a detailed description of our physical appearance. Ask if that's the guy. We can make another choice after that.
Let's just say these extraneous circumstances would need to be handled by the Knight themselves, the bottom line remains the same strict thing. Hiding your death = your fault. No wiggle room here but thankfully knights are rarely so rigid.

>What were the repercussions and consequences from the Mamono kingdoms and Kresnenz?
I can't tell you that.

Here's a few choices to close things

>Reveal yourself and assume your position as Klesiah original lord. You can't allow this farce to continue.
>Walk away. you've accomplished your objective, this... bullying is Gremory attempt to bait into something rash. She's being petty, that's all!
>Physically stop the Duchess, you've endured more than enough provocation.
This is a potential choice
This is another one.
Can't we just tempt the knight with some info about arawn into dropping her new oath?
Perhaps guilt her into it if we have to. Mock her for throwing her life away now from r her shit Lord instead of pursuing her first Lord?
Something like this has already been suggested by this anon >>2945082

However, you can try to be confrontational and attempt to get a rise out of Klesiah.
Seems like we'll get to the end of this Moot tomorrow. That's fine, I intend to continue writing for the next three days at the very least so you guys can take your time to think it over.

It's a bit of an unfair situation to be put on the spot like that... but hey, adversity makes a strong man!
>Reveal yourself and assume your position as Klesiah original lord. You can't allow this farce to continue.
Why while I'm at work!?

Is it possible to get a read on our group? Or is this taking up our full attention?
Yep, that's possible. Doing it will lead to a little update but it won't ruin your chances on doing something.
Personally id like to know. Anyone that nows the truth will be reacting. How could give us an idea how to proceed.
Will do. Should be done in 30-40 minutes.
File: Valkyrie01.png (1.52 MB, 862x1200)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Witnessing such injustice, standing here doing nothing was all you could do... You have all the advantage here, Gremory will get her just reward in time thank to all the proof and the prisoner but that damnable diabolic duchess is enjoying what little scrap of powers she's got. You've shown empathy for Klesiah and Gremory latched onto that mercilessly.

Petty. What a petty woman!

I was a little moment of weakness, one backward glance for the royal group that accompanied you, one moment to try and gathers strength... The Kreszenz trio was standing together, Valda hands rested on her daughter's shoulders whose small hands had balled into tight trembling fists. You've never seen anything overtly negative in Anaïs so far, only one scary little slip of anger after confirming the existence of a traitor had you witness a spark of violent passion, now it manifested completely into a rage that only a mother's hand could stay. Waltier was solemn, his expression showed total disgust at the Duchess antics, yet composed all the same.

Next was your group of friends. Hao and Elina hadn't accompanied them for lack of royal blood, making it a trio of demons and a suspicious cyclops of many wriggling eyestalks whose expression had become a stonefaced statue of motionless pragmatism, all of Gwendolyn many eyes seemed lifeless and in this state of mind she didn't seem to acknowledge anything but sounds. Martha was much the same, she offered support for the lonely little liege by placing a hand on her pale shoulder.

Daiyu was grinning, in fact, cackles shook her frame in hearty laughs though she'd often snap her head as if trying to shake off a bad dream. Sieglinde... had interlocked her big deformed fingers together and watched with silent studiousness, jaw tightened hard enough to break a few teeth. All of them radiated the same expression: anger at their helplessness, despite all of their individual might politics dictated everyone had to stay put...

Even if it meant suffering unjust murder. Humanity put special privilege between nobles and knight - vows meant everything for such martial masters- but disgraced ones had little hope for a stable future, it was almost a wonder that Klesiah hasn't resorted to banditry.

Still, it didn't seem like any of them wanted you to... do anything but endure.

''Take it off, take off your mask, Arawn!'' A scream was thrown at you with the intense engagement of a curse. One thundering yell bellowed out of the sky, a burst of glittering gold levitated like a miniature sun, angel of red wings and shiny halo wasn't so willing to swallow her revulsion against injustice and she made it known in this loud revolt. A beautiful spectacle, one that managed to distract Gremory for a few seconds and awaken everyone else from their pragmatic stupors, so beautifully unusual was this sight of sun-like gold, shining in the somber night sky. Gremory sword arm remained sturdy, this was no helpless noblewoman.

>Choices here
I already voted, but I'll repeat my vote again, since it might be mis-counted.

>Reveal yourself and assume your position as Klesiah original lord. You can't allow this farce to continue.

The shouting angel is Elina, right? For a moment, I was unsure, heh. Anyways, let's go with what she says. Monster Lord is smiling at us, and Elina is worth relying on!

Also, we should let Gremory know that if she dares to spill blood during the Moot, the next blood that is spilled will be hers. If she wants to live, she will drop the girl, now.

No amount of diplomacy will save her from a murderous Arawn. We came out from the Throne, ploys like this are nothing to us! >:3
File: Angelic Cup.png (26 KB, 510x556)
26 KB
>The shouting angel is Elina, right?
One and only.

I'll tally up votes tomorrow.
Ho boy, well, way to blow our cover Elina. My little idea which could have salvaged this mess will now result in a major class rumor that will spread to all nations this end of the swamp and will be essentially the same as taking it off, but with extra steps and a petty victory of not fully confirming (but still *strongly* inferring) that the leper is an elven prince. We'll be needing a new disguise after this now. Damn, I liked this one (We were a perfect cosplay option for The Leper, we're even real royalty). Still, we can be petty too bitch!

First, prepare to use magic. Gremory will likely snap if this goes the way I hope it does and we're not losing *our* knight to some petty bitch's spite. We tell Gremory that we need to confirm something as that name is important to our demonic lieges. We give the knight a description of Arwan Loukanos, detailed, not just the physical, mention our strange magic and what nation we were a prince of. (If we were heir to the throne, mention that because I'm pretty sure what little research we did mentioned that as well). She will certainly ascent that we have accurately described who she spoke of.

That will be all we need. We'll have Sieg and Daiyu swear an oath that he is alive and well and under their protection. We will affirm that he would very much like her to come see him and re-affirm her original oaths and that he certainly wouldn't allow Gremory to just kill her. He'll also be pretty upset that she tried to throw her life away before he could find her. Imagine how sad he'd be if his search ended with her corpse!

If Gremory tries to stop us after all that, we don't act nice. The knight will return to her original lord who, by right, has first dibs. Try anything physical and we're within our rights to stop her by whatever means we see fit. We think she's a vile, disgusting, petty woman so those means will hurt as much as possible. Can people get scars? I mean, healing magic's a thing, does it leave a mark afterwards?
So you propose a choice boiling down to...

>Reveal to Klesiah her first liege is alive and protected by demons.

It'll dodge the issue of revealing your face at least.
Wait, on second thought, we don't insult her. Can't give her any more ammo. Saw what she almost did with some, not doing that again.

Pretty much, ya got the gist of it. This whole damn situation is giving me flashbacks of what happened when Siggy found Mylen.
File: 1360811871790.jpg (129 KB, 558x800)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

Entirely different circumstances, still a potentially similar end
Just got out of work. Woo boy. If Elina didn't steel Arawn's resolve nothing will. I agree somewhat with >>2945939. It might be better to go into this a little slower. My inner paladin was gonna make me say throw off the mask, consequences be damned.

But, I'll support >>2945939, except for the insults. Let's try to defuse the situation instead of escalating it.
How true is it when people say you like suffering? I've not followed the last questline.
Forgot to say that that would be something we should try to do. Even if the cat's out of the bag now, without a face to put to the name and title she can't send a Kill Team or something after us for defeating her so thoroughly. She's petty enough to go that far as we've witnessed!

Omit physical descriptions beyond a single feature like skin or hair color because of that consideration. Focus on our royal credentials. Give petty Gremory nothing she can use against us later.

Your desire to REJOICE is as strong as ever I see. Don't change, for how would I get my joy of depriving you of those opportunities if ya did?
File: 1405498410901.jpg (187 KB, 850x850)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>How true is it when people say you like suffering?

Unfounded my friend, I'm a victim of slanders.

I like taking a slow, methodical approach and giving players enough tools/actions to dodge bad things. There is nothing to worry about.

Enjoyed getting fooled by Lady White?
File: Father Kotomine.jpg (229 KB, 495x700)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
See pic? He's on that guy's level. Plan accordingly. He isn't unfair, but he'll pounce if we fuck up bad enough. If he succeeds we'll be kicking ourselves for falling for his plot. Hell, we already did once with Bad Fluffy.

Sucked, but we wouldn't have fused with Gardy had it not happened. Thus, a wash in my eyes. Horrifically bad thing balanced by amazingly awesome thing. Still kicking myself a bit over not seeing it soon enough though. Hints were there, didn't spot em' in time.
File: nothing.png (51 KB, 150x150)
51 KB
Please, the worst thing I did was to convince you guys to kill your childhood friend during Siegfried adventures. That's not too bad.

Since we've still got time before tomorrow session, here's a thought exercise.

What alignment would you guys give to the crew, including Arawn? It's a difficult question since nobody is defined by the D&D axis, but I'm curious.
Wasn't here for the lady white stuff. Wasn't happy that you guys jumped on so quickly. Oh well, water bridge etc.

Well then. If Gremory brings up Elina's outburst about the mask don't remove, mention we are actually an elf. Realistically it should strengthen our claims of knowing the young Prince and how well our liege is caring for him.
>Reveal yourself and assume your position as Klesiah original lord. You can't allow this farce to continue.
I don't know how to phrase it, but I want her to say the oath she took for us to us. If it's a pledge of her life, then it was never hers to give to Gremory. I really like that thought, "Her life was never hers, and as such, can not be yours." I can't stop giggling at that line.
I actively despise the alignment system as a crutch for newer players to get into a character. This coming from a guy that a pulls off paladin and has been complimented on this.
Half of what drew me to this quest is how layered your characters are without needing to spell it out. When I finally try my hand at QMing i hope I'll do half the job.
Elina = Lawful Good
Lady White = Lawful Evil. She'd like to be chaotic, but has to respect contracts.
Arawn = Chaotic... neutral? Leaning to good-ish.
Sieglinde = Chaotic Tsundere. She coud get very evil towards her enemies, but luvs and feels keep her a good girl.

Teruko = Neutral good! She disregards rules to do whatever she wants, when it comes to education. No self-respecting lawful waifus would go "Screw educational obligations, I gotta have a maid." ....And that's why I like her.

Vilma... Chaotic good? She flip-flops between good and evil depending on how bad her necromantic state is.

Daiyu is just too mysterious to know for sure, so I'll go with Neutral Goddess of Trolling/ Mom.

Hao is Chaotic neutral, but still a good girl.

Gardy, Lawful Good. Angels tend to be that~
I did the dramatic NOOOOOOOOOO when I was looking at the votes later.
I like that idea. Also, if she demands we remove it we tell her. "I've seen how petty you are. If I show you my face now you're likely to hire assassins to kill me. Not gonna let that happen."
File: 58317196_p0.png (1.41 MB, 1164x1641)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
That's fair. D&D is one of the things that spawned my love of writing so I can't be impartial when it comes to its shortcoming.

One advice I can give as a QM is that it's important to focus on one aspect of your quest above everything. Here, it's the cast, the people. I enjoy writing the girls, you guys enjoy being with them, everyone wins. I'll still try my hand at doing different things but this core will remain.

Interesting take, Belphegor is missing.

Votes seem to be leaning for this option >>2945963

Belphegor = Chaotic Troll. Just look at how much she teased us all. No wonder she and Daiyu get along, as they both have that one hobby!

Though Belph is also floof, and that gives her Good points.
Technically it's tied right now, 2v2 hard votes. I'm just talkative.

And hoping everyone's inner paladin isn't getting in the way of the fact that this bitch is petty enough to hire a Kill Team to fuck us over over this and thus it is a very, very bad idea to giver her a good look at our face.
This makes for a good point.
changing to:
>Reveal to Klesiah her first liege is alive and protected by demons.
File: 2.png (1.18 MB, 1024x819)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Guess we've got our course of action. Let's see how this incredibly tense situation end... Later today.
Arwan is Chaotic Good. It matter not the legality or lawfulness of his actions. He has people he cares about. He'll die for them if need be without question. Hell, it's probably why he "died" for Klesiah. If anyone takes that proverbial "bullet" for the team it's gonna be him and damn such trivial matters like class and status. The "Law" be damned!

I otherwise agree with >>2946094 assessment. Though I'd say that Gardy isn't an angel. He was essentially willed into existence by a wish made by the pretender God of Prosperity (can't remember her name right now, but yeah, that girl) upon a fragile decoration purchased on whim by some no name benefactor with obvious ulterior motives. Poor girl, she had only one selfish desire, and it was granted. Thus a Legend we fused with was born...
File: 1506083741065.jpg (52 KB, 600x480)
52 KB
This shit is getting too tense for me
>Reveal yourself and assume your position as Klesiah original lord. You can't allow this farce to continue.
And don’t fucking reveal we’re protected by demons. Leave the circumstances of our apparent death and resurrection as State Secrets unless we have to reveal them to cement our position as Klesiah’s first lord.
Show our face and claim the knight. Consequences be damned
I really should have vote locked earlier, I thought the popular choice was to be a little vague while revealing Klesiah first lord is alive but two votes now clearly change the balance.

Guess I'll have to go for that option and redo a few things, my own fault for not making it clear earlier.
Technically it's tied now tied 3v3 if we count those votes. One guy changed his vote from reveal to be vague.
I thought those two just tied it up? it was 2v2, then I switched, 3v1, and now it's 3v3.
File: 13.jpg (108 KB, 616x647)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Freaking hell I keep miscounting. I've almost finished the updated with removing your mask but I suppose I can go with the dice here and redo it if we land on the strategic lie.

>Remove your mask

>Reveal Klesiah lord is alive without pointing yourself out.
I don't see the point of keeping our identity secret but whatever
Spite, pettiness, and not immediately giving someone who employs assassins and poisoners what we look like. We might still have to do the reveal, but at least we tried.
Fuck that, let's kill the bitch first. She's on araens shit list now.

Too bad we can't to anything fun with soul
Dunno, we could grab that sword Gremory's holding with the soul arm. That'd be fun.
It's called political backlash, you know, the thing that makes wars happen? We can't just kill her here.
Anyone wanna give me a summary of this quest?
And it's genres, I guess.
File: 11.jpg (88 KB, 800x988)
88 KB
You can't feel angry at Elina hotheadedness, out of everyone here -a hundred people witnessing injustice in silence and doing nothing including yourself- she's the only one to rebel against this flimsy concept of noble authority and ''sacred'' discussion that Gremory was readily violating through a technicality.

What the hell are you doing, Arawn? This is your knight with her own sword against her jugular!

''Owowowow!'' Gremory had been stuck in awe of Elina gorgeous display of shining gold, your approach came as a complete surprise, doubly so when you grabbed her wrist and twisted it in the manner Sieglinde taught. The sword made a dull thud when it landed on the grass.

''Klesiah, listen to me. I have news of your first liege.'' The lady knight had already taken a step forward to engage your apparent hostility, a similar wave of tension traveled throughout the Duchess squad of bodyguards, you immediately let go of Gremory limb now that immediate danger was temporarily gone.

''No need to be so rude, jeez! I've often heard people with your malady possess uncanny strength.'' Gremory massed her wrist with a grimace, taking a prudent step back. You had one foot over the sword, you could easily tell she had the idea of grabbing it again.

''My...I know you possess a similar name, you can't mean it's you under this...'' Elina had sparked a kindle of doubt, the knight resolute, peaceful acceptance of her fate already showed cracks of resistances against this tiny, cruel little light of hope.

Shaking your head was difficult, that was one plain lie you'd never be able to keep a straight face with.

''He's alive and he's safe. I can tell you where he is.'' Standing right here in front of you.

''Why does that even matter!? A lying lord for a kinslayer betrayer!? How disgustingly depraved! I'd even describe it as fitting if we weren't invoking our Father judgment!''

''Stop talking, don't interrupt.'' Klesiah tone was a low warning, white-hot rage was barely kept at bay targeted at you for tearing into an old wound with cruel gentleness and the Duchess observed her with honest disbelief, like an owner surprised at being bitten by a dog they've disciplined with wild beatings.

''How could you ever pretend to know? You share the same birthname but that's a coincidence! I buried him! I did, me and my friends we... buried him inside a nameless field!'' Klesiah composure had broken, albeit not enough to devolve into screams, her tone was one of accusatory yell that supplanted Gremory attempts at regaining the initiative.
File: 17.jpg (260 KB, 1017x1280)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Buzz of conversations erupted amongst two groups, all pretense of order and negotiation inside the Moot was nearly gone but its significance on sacred truths managed to stay overzealousness. Mouth dry, tongue feeling thick enough to choke you out, your mind raced for a solution for words that wouldn't destroy the Mamonos diplomatic efforts without leaving this knight... your knight to an ignominious end.

''He's alive.'' You affirm again.''His face is a bit rough, isn't it? Green eyes, hazel hair.'' A familiar description this lit a light of disbelieving realization inside her sky-blue eyes. You reach for the side of your mask, gently clicking a spot not too far from your ears. ''Two unique birthmarks.''

Undeniable realization shone into such earnest honesty that it twisted your heart fiercely to have lied this way, Klesiah mouth opened and closed, her voice a murmur of cracking choked emotions. ''I buried... How can he be with demons?''

Unfortunately, Gremory would not suffer sidelines anymore, she stepped into your line of sight with an imperious wave of arm to gather attention and reaffirm her position.

''Do you honestly believe a lord who lies to his subject possess any kind of auth-guk!'' A squeak similar to a dying rodent escaped the Duchess when the blue-clad knight punched her in the stomach with enough force to make the noblewoman's feet leave the ground and, like a puppet with its strings cut, she fell in a pathetic slump that was soon accompanied by a surge of vomiting.
''Enough! Enough of you!'' Klesiah yelled and, undaunted by having broken a silent ceasefire between two opposing force, she faced you with such force of will that you could only remain silent. ''If you lied... if you dare lie.'' Tremble shook her small frame, what remained of the Moot was now officially over and, thankfully, nobody drew their weapons; Gremory bodyguards ran swiftly but not fast enough for Elina and Sieglinde to reach your side. ''I will kill you, do you hear!? I've never broken my vow, I've never gone against my ideals, what's happening here and now with these girls is my own doing!'' Klesiah waved for the refugee camp trampling Sieglinde -even Daiyu- attempts at talking.''I leaked their escape to Valda, I gave my service to Gremory because Mother Earth believe in redemption but there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING worth saving in this petty, envious witch! You... You were never my liege, you hear Gremory!? ''I never broke my first vow of loyalty!'' She didn't budge a muscle when one of Gremory soldier picked her up, her gaze glared fierce murder at the lady-knight, mumbling promises of revenge with remarks of ''means nothing'' that could, perhaps, translate with a potential violation of her agreement...

But that'll at least come later. No way will Gremory remain here now.

''Where is he!?'' Klesiah faced you with near maniacal desperation. ''Where is my lord!? What have you done to him!?'' It was a voice that could shake the earth and break your heart.

>Gremory has retreated, the Moot thankfully hasn't erupted into bloodshed - she's forced to return home and you've thusly accomplished your objective, albeit with a significantly upset knight.

>Do you want to do anything in particular or move on to a later hour after everyone has calmed down?

I say that we skip to a point where the afterglow of the situation is gone

Maybe to a point where we can finally reveal the truth to Klesiah

Or we could talk to Klesiah in a more private place and reveal the truth there

No matter what though, we should reveal the truth to her as soon as possible
That's an option yeah. Let's see, I needed a few moments to gather my own thoughts after posting. Here are a few choices.

>Excuse yourself from everyone else company to speak with Klesiah alone. You'll likely miss a debriefing between royals but this knight is more important. (Elina express the desire of being there for this, would you let her accompany you or you'd rather speak with Klesiah alone?)

>Let Klesiah calm down on her lonesome and return with the group to speak about what'll be happening next.

>Free choice.
"He is alive, and physically well. Would you be so kind as to join us for refreshments, and discussion of the nights events? I promise that your reunion will not be delayed, and your questions will be answered."
I hope the others aren't pissed at us right now.
>Excuse yourself from everyone else company to speak with Klesiah alone. You'll likely miss a debriefing between royals but this knight is more important. (Elina express the desire of being there for this, would you let her accompany you or you'd rather speak with Klesiah alone?)

Mind your own business angel. We can talk later
File: 4.jpg (465 KB, 2267x3508)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
Speaking with the knight (alone) as soon as possible it is.
Super quick and dirty summary is: Elven Prince somehow got vomited out of the Demonic Throne having lost all his memories, made fast friends with monstergirls of the highest level, helped them with some of their troubles, had lots of fun together with them, fell for a nasty trick from a nine-tailed Witch of Contracts which necessitated him fusing with the legendary embodiment of protection (aka Gardy) who was also the reason he's still alive just to be able to tell his friends what happened.

Genre wise its stuff like this mixed with slice of life with monstergirls.
Damn, I wanted to allow Elina to come. Y'know, in case we say something that causes another nasty tooth ache in the heat of the moment.
>Excuse yourself from everyone else company to speak with Klesiah alone. You'll likely miss a debriefing between royals but this knight is more important.

Let Elina come, for reasons I stated above. The other girls can give us an overview of the debriefing later.
Well. That went better then expected. I think?
File: 111.png (3.31 MB, 1500x2121)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
You couldn't play any attention to Valda's explanations during the return walk. She spoke about how to handle the impromptu Moot, that an appeal with a higher authority of the church was inevitable and the how to handle the prisoner with Dayu offering polite rebuttals, soon enough the two leaders began to speak about Closed Fists and their method of training. Everyone else walked in silence, Klesiah had no other choice but accompanying you now and you could tell many of your friends were uneasy with the fact she was holding her weapons again, she had also taken a role of semi-exile by keeping a wide berth with the group.

''Klesiah, let's speak as soon as possible.'' You announced, voice echoing into the night. All traces of emotional outburst were nicely filtered out of her face now and, with nearby lamps barely illuminating her profile, she observed you with cold eyes, giving no reaction when you refused Elina presence.


''You'll tell me where he is now?'' A stern voice commanded. You stood alone with this ghost of your past, having taken a tent used to store crossbow ammunition as a makeshift place of reunion, the girls had left you without protest aside from piercing glares of disapproval.

Would they try to sneak here and listen to this discussion?

''I...completed my purpose, you know? Will you please answer me?'' She had indeed been looking for a place to die, a cause that'd allow her trouble to end without more regrets. You silently began to toy with your mask, your silence wasn't out of cruelty or disagreement, you had no idea what to say.

''Ah! Please don't! I... I don't need to impose such onus of truth upon a sickly...'' Seeing your hair and the pointed ears peeking out of them completely shut her down, you heard a loud clunking noise when her glaive fell against a nearby crate.

Her expression made you feel incredibly guilty. ''That lady angel was right?'' Whispered the blue-clad lady whose color continually turned into inky blackness because of surrounding darkness. ''You're... how? Why!?'' She had outstretched a hand toward you, taking a few steps closer but stopped midway, balling this hand into a fist that proceeded to feebly strike your chest. ''You died!'' Squeaked the knight, clearly unprepared for another surge of emotions; she managed to keep tears from flowing during the Moot but now water crawled down these honest miniature oceans with each blink. ''Why did you lie...?''
File: 20.jpg (101 KB, 800x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
''Because I couldn't afford to hurt my friends by revealing to Gremory -and everyone else in the Allied Kingdoms- that an elf residing with Mamonos negotiated an end for this refugee crisis inside a Moot.'' Emotions made you numb all over and this translated into your voice. ''I'm sorry for lying, Klesiah. I wanted to dispell this misconception on safer ground when we arrived.''

There were too many intense emotions in her gaze for you to identify anything of note. ''I...How? It...'' Did she feel betrayed? She was entirely within her right, how much baggage was she carrying because of your connection?

''How did you...? You confronted that...'' Klesiah sniffed loudly then began to giggle. ''Twice now did I demolish what little stability I had when it came to you, mister Arawn Loukanos. Now you actually made me refuse to lay in the tomb I built for myself, while back then...'' She trailed off, attempting to conjure memories from a past you didn't share consciously.

''I buried you, Zhu was here -she kept her promise- and Hecate was inconsolable. We buried you... Three years ago.'' Klesiah had fully regained mastery of her emotion now. She gave you a smile of mitigated happiness. ''I often... I've always loved fairytales, these moments when the prince comes back for his lady are always so full of emotions, I should be happier... you've grown a whole lot too, seems like elves are true late bloomers with puberty huh?''

It would have given her a much better impression had you been completely honest, you could tell she fully understood your logic and accepted it but emotions couldn't be so easily mastered with a simple ''okay''.

''You came back from the dead to save my life, I...'' Klesiah closed her eyes, feeling a surge of emotion strong enough that demanded a moment of silence to regain her composure.

''You're my lord.'' She stated, interrupting your attempt at speaking. ''I don't need to know anything else, you're alive... I... I don't need anything else.''

That didn't ring true to your ears.

>Inform her of everything you've been through so far, it'll be a long tale but she deserves to know. Your amnesia, your little story to help Vilma, Lady White machination...

>Accept her presence solemnly and keep your secrets to yourself. It might be better to discuss it with the girls, see if they'd approve to inform Klesiah of everything.

>You've been carried away by strong empathy during the Moot. Now that you've cleared your head, you realize that it'd be better to avoid trying to get close to this knight more than necessary. It'd be better to release her from your service, you're no lord.

>Free Choice
>Little bit of A, Little bit of C
Explain that we *did* die and have been prospering in the company of demons, and that we’re probably not a Lord anymore? Probably.
As I said earlier, she needs to know the truth, and only the truth, I say we reveal our situation, specifically our amnesia

Also, I think that she should be the one to decide whether or not we are a Lord to her, not us

But a good point is raised. It is ultimately her decision. She has show how strongly she holds loyalty to people.
>Inform her of everything you've been through so far, it'll be a long tale but she deserves to know. Your amnesia, your little story to help Vilma, Lady White machination
I'd say we should tell her the bare necessities now. Bare necessities because the place we are in is too damn open! I don't trust that there isn't a vagrant pair of eyes and ears to hear that conversation. Tell Klesiah the details about the Demonic Throne and all of that in a more enclosed place.

Ooooh man, I highly regret letting the tension of the entire Moot get the better of me and borderline ignore how it developed. I had difficulty to keep reading!

Honestly, good bloody job on that Insert! I don't often find something that makes really feel.
File: 5.jpg (112 KB, 790x914)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Thank, high tension situations are exhausting. Not that you are free of tension now with Klesiah.

Speak the truth, don't omit anything. Inform her of your entire adventures.

Also, speak the truth but try to be a little more detached, namely don't readily accept your role as her lord - give her the choice.

Inform Klesiah of the bare necessity of your situation, revealing your amnesia is as far as you'll go.

I'll wait a little to finalize choices, I'll make a roll in 30 minutes if we don't get a tiebreaker.
I was gonna say full reveal of the truth but >>2948066 makes a compelling point. We cannot allow our big secrets to filter into any other ears but those closest to us.

Supporting bare necessities, but we swear to her that first chance we get in a secure location we'll tell her everything. All of it. She does deserve to know.
>Not that you are free of tension now with Klesiah.
Oh aye, it's gonna take a good long while to sort out everything between Arawn and Klesiah.
We should try to get her to come with us to Throne Town (and green-light that with the Jawahirs!), there's so much stuff to go through that there's honestly no way we'll get it all sorted before we have to get going.

>we swear to her that first chance we get in a secure location we'll tell her everything.
Yep. Having to lie to her once was bad enough, even if we had very good reason for that considering the circumstance.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Leaning between three options now, rolling for these choices.

I just reread the part where Klesiah punches Gremory and now I'm hearing Wayne June yell BEGONE THOT as she does it.
Welp. If someone we didn't need to hear any of this is within earshot, at least we can blame the Dice Gods for it.

Completely unrelated but I find myself thinking of what Arawn's weapon of choice would be. I agree it is very much premature but I can't help myself!
Something huge and heavy, a Maul maybe? I just can't see us picking the stereotypical noble weapon of a one handed sword.
File: Scepter.jpg (61 KB, 984x870)
61 KB
Or a mace, sizable enough for two-handed use but light enough to be swung with one?

We could also make use of our Magitek route and go for something similiar to the Chitauri Scepter from the Avengers films.
Axe please
I'm rather fond of spears. One of the oldest weapons, but takes skill to use alone. Always felt very elfy to me. Maybe the spear sword from ds3 nameless king? Or a multi weapon that changes depending on our needs. Could be why we gravitate to magitech.
That plus a cool sword. Because reasons. High Elf reasons.
>Dragonslayer Swordspear
Nnnnffff. I would be MORE than alright with that.
Maybe slim it down some for this quest because this thing is a bit massive for my tastes (not to mention I like to have a touch of realism when it comes to fantasy weapons).

Plain straight swords and greatswords are bit mundane and, dare I say, overdone imo.
Actually, I've got an idea. I read a book a while back where a character had a coin that when flipped it turned into either a sword or spear.
How about a weapon that changes when we will it and, I don't know, spin it? One moment a spear, twirl, now a sword, twirl, now a fuck off mace like Sauron's.
We could probably do this without a magic relic or a physical shapeshifting weapon - if you'll remember, back when we learned our Soul Arm spell we had the option to learn a... weapon summon? Think of the Soul Greatsword spells from the Dark Souls franchise and you get what I mean.

But a gripe I have about this idea is it'd take a MASSIVE amount of time to master that many weapons. Yes, I realize that as an Elf Arawn DOES have that time, but for quest pacing it's problematic.
File: 15.jpg (213 KB, 658x963)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
'You deserve the truth, Klesiah. I won't accept anything else.'' Resolving yourself was strangely difficult, the Moot was still affecting your mind and attitude, making you glance away from the lady in blue, searching for excuses to distract yourself.


''I need you to understand one very important thing.'' You interrupt her and she freezes, an emotion of honest fear blanket her features in such an earnest way... was she afraid you'd be refusing her loyalty? ''I don't have any memories of my life before this last week, these names you've spoken, our history, everything that's happened between us... clouded it's a fog.''

Mother's Mercy this is difficult. Speaking face to face with someone who shared a genuine past with you couldn't be compared with revealing your... condition... like some kind of illness or eccentricities. You couldn't go ''I don't have memories, please understand'' here, there was something tangible for Klesiah, a link she believed in with every fiber of her being and her expression logically turned to disbelief.

''I awoke from the demonic Throne, you see...''

''You lost all memories, I can see it in your eyes. I can remember how you looked at me in the Moot, it's true there's no way anybody could have somehow remained so... cold hearted. That wouldn't be my lord.'' She interrupted you gently, taking a step forward to put her gloved hand on your chest. this made you realize that you were quite bigger in height and frame, there was a surreal sensation of fragility surrounding this woman who punched the lights out of a witch. ''You don't remember your death, you don't remember our connection, how we saved that lamia despite the price... It's a hefty price.''
''Klesiah...'' Her honest smile made it impossible to breathe for it was a radiance of serenity.

''You still tried to save me while keeping all of your advantages, stubbornly clinging on, trying to find a solution without losing your advantage... That hasn't changed.'' She giggles. ''You had no idea who I was yet you tried your earnest to save me without revealing your face...'' There, at this moment, the knight anger, reproach, and grudge at your clumsy action in the Moot disappeared, cleansed by the truth.

''She hold it sacred'' Gardy's voice resonated inside your chest.

''Please listen to me.'' You have to interrupt here, there's... a mood, an atmosphere that's strangling you, making your heart beat fast enough to be painful. ''I won't be able to tell you everything I want, but I'd like you to know everything I've been through because you're... I want to tell you.''

You resolved to try and be distant, detached... Yeah, now that's a complete failure.

Weren't we going with a rogue type build?
We'd just need a dagger or 2 and a bow.
We already have the power gloves anyway
File: 112.png (118 KB, 1076x760)
118 KB
118 KB PNG

Explaining your week-long adventure after awakening from the Throne demanded a surprising amount of time because you kept second-guessing yourself, wondering how she'd react as you described women after women you've come to genuinely admire and appreciate. Klesiah didn't say anything, didn't judge with comments or harmful stares, it's only when you talked of a curse -and it's subsequent consequence- that she tried to have you rest. You had to chase off her concern here else she'd literally put you to bed in this tent.

''My lord.'' There had been a silence between you after your tale, a long moment that you gave this knight... your knight, time to process your life. ''Please allow me to follow you, always. I've lost you once... I do not want to live with a broken vow.''

She shouldered this responsibility for a while and it had almost destroyed her. Klesiah lowered to one knee, gazing up to you with upturned blue eyes, fist over her heart while her second hand held her sword, glaive remaining discarded on nearby crates. ''You are questing to regain your memory, at this moment you are a new man, a new Arawn Loukanos who embody protection, yet your core, your nature remains. In honor of the past, we've shared and it's burden only I know, allow me to rekindle my vows, my Lord. Please... accept this kinslayer as your first knight.''

There, Klesiah lowered her head and removed her golden headband, throwing it gently on your feet. This... has turned better than anticipated given how agitated she's been earlier but now... how should you handle this?

>''Rise Klesiah. I don't need a subject, I don't want to stand above you, I want a friend. That's who I am now if I needed something different from you in our past... then know that I've no need to be above anybody now.''

>Accept your role as her Lord. You aren't exactly sure how that's going to work out but... having such responsibilities wouldn't hurt and you'll have at least one person of undeniable loyalty at your side.

>Free choice

I'll try to continue tomorrow but I might have to take a little break to rest up.

Here, have the theme of this unlucky paladin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX6PDywtUNo

Things could have ended very, very badly for this girl had you guys screwed up the Moot.
Hmn. I'm leaning towards something like option 1. Point out to her that we can hardly be called a Lord - we'd be that in name only with no lands, subjects nor claims. We do not need a knight... yet. But should such a time come when we can truly claim lordship, we'd be happy to accept.

I may try to articulate this a bit better after sleep and time to mull over the wording but this should suffice for now.
>Weren't we going with a rogue type build?
Did we? We may have. Perhaps. It was quite early into the quest, yes?

We might need a proper vote for this... Gah! So many ways for our Elf to commit, I can barely decide!
I'm leaning more towards option 2 with a bit 1. This oath stuff is very important to her so I don't think refusing her would go very well. Besides, even if we're her lord and she our knight that doesn't mean we can't be friends too.
>Weren't we going with a rogue type build?
It was popular for a time but ultimately dropped.
for now, you guys are Mage/Magitek. You still have to define yourself here, but you've at least got a zappy gauntlet given to you by aunty goat.

In term of ''signature weapon'' you have a whole lot of choices here. Elves favored bows and polearms (specifically, glaives) to keep themselves alive and preserve their immortalities.

You've yet to truly ''define'' yourself yet in your chosen class but that's not a bad thing.

>''Rise Klesiah. I don't need a subject, I don't want to stand above you, I want a friend. That's who I am now if I needed something different from you in our past... then know that I've no need to be above anybody now.''
>Accept your role as her Lord. You aren't exactly sure how that's going to work out but... having such responsibilities wouldn't hurt and you'll have at least one person of undeniable loyalty at your side.
Ask if we were friends as well. Express that that's what we need from her right now.
Thanks for what you've given us today!
>Accept your role as her Lord. You aren't exactly sure how that's going to work out but... having such responsibilities wouldn't hurt and you'll have at least one person of undeniable loyalty at your side
Can we try to word it in a way that we aren't ready to accept because we ourselves are uncertain of our whole situation? But it seems it will still be accepted. I'm just thinking on a less formal way for the time being.
>I would accept this first Knight, but I am no Lord any more.

I like this.

Perhaps something more elaborate in the lines of "I don't know if I can truly be called a Lord. But Lord or no Lord, I want you by my side. If not as my knight, as my friend. And if that's what you wish, as both!"

Like, we'd keep the knight/lord thing they have going on as an open thing, but as symbolic, rather than directly binding.

It is time for kindness and promises of sticking together, not of oaths of servitude that one may feel regret over failing to uphold.
>Accept your role as her Lord. You aren't exactly sure how that's going to work out but... having such responsibilities wouldn't hurt and you'll have at least one person of undeniable loyalty at your side.

"Even after learning everything you still wish to serve me? Such stalwart and undying loyalty is a gift I pray I will prove myself worthy of." Then we put that headband back on her head.

"Rekindle your vows Lady Klesiah, but you must know that I don't want you to just see yourself as a mere tool for me to use, a life to be spent at my discretion. I want you to think of me as a friend first and a lord second. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask it of me. That's what I want, what I need, out of my first knight."

Gardy says she holds her vows sacred. We cannot deny her a vow given that info. That said, we need a friend and I'm betting this sentiment will solidify that, yes indeed, even without the memories, we're the same Arawn she swore herself to.
Changing to this >>2948775

>>2948775 is a good way to go about this. Supporting.
I'll take today to rest up and continue tomorrow. I'd like to end our thread by finishing our business in Kreszenz properly, so we've got one or two sessions ahead of us I'd say.

If you guys have any questions about the setting, I can answer. It wouldn't be overreaching.
File: 2.jpg (45 KB, 500x656)
45 KB
So, the popular choice seems to be something like this...

>Humbly accept your role as her lord but make an important point that you have no lands or subjects and, above all, you want a friend who doesn't kneel to you.

I'll open that way tomorrow.
Sounds good. Rest up, feel better
File: Knight.jpg (195 KB, 640x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Your first reaction was to lower yourself to her level, giving rise to an immediate protest of ''There is no need...!'' that you didn't answer. Your hands -one garbed in leather, the other covered by your alchemical gauntlet- delicately grabbed the tiara of gold to put it back on her head, wild strands of darkened aquamarine already falling on her face.

''My lord...'' Klesiah whisper, fingers brushing against yours as she touched her possession. ''...I have nothing else but weapons to offer, would you... are you perhaps interested one of them as payment for my vow?''

Ah, so that's the significance of that gesture. Her vow needed currency to be somehow strengthened? Preposterous!

''I accept your vow, my knight, without imposing any payments.'' Your voice discarded lingering doubts and rising fears, a peaceful smile comes to rest on her girly face giving an irresistible aura of doll-like fragility. ''Even if I am no lord.''

''That's not true! Within you flows the blood of Loukanos, last true prince of Luminaris, even if your body is lost... your soul is royal, your character is true, how else could you be living in harmony with a stalwart, benevolent being?'' She protests, your closeness giving her tone an increased volume. Klesiah immediately quiets down, keenly aware of this proximity.

It was impressive how readily she accepted your tale, Gardy could only manifest himself during the Hour of Lullaby but she didn't doubt you for a moment.

''I've no lands of my own, Klesiah and I'm not sure if I want any. I do not possess any authority, my life, my peace of mind, is being maintained by the charity of my Mamono friends...'' You allow yourself to sit on the ground and motion for Klesiah to follow so she wouldn't need to remain on an awkward knee. ''...they are my friends, Klesiah. Precious friends, I'd die for them; I've yet to spare any thoughts about my lineage or responsibility until I saw you tonight.'' You smile, enjoying the night air but also the possibility of flexing facial muscles without feeling that damp gold that somehow remained sweaty in this temperature.

''Do not speak of death so readily my lord.'' Her voice is heavy with disapproval but you spot a cute frown that lingers long enough to be firmly registered in your memory.

''Says the lady who sought a place to die.'' That came out meaner than you intended, Klesiah wince shakes her entire body and she doesn't try any rebuttal.

''Gods, no that's... I'm sorry that was low.'' Her expression turns to disbelief and you finally understand that's she firmly places herself below you.

''Klesiah, listen to me.'' You bridge a few centimeters of distances, her gaze is wary, fearing she might have upset you.

''I'm sorry for having lost faith...'' She squeaks and closes her eyes, twisting your heart in agonizing guilt.
File: 11.png (739 KB, 1089x1172)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
''Klesiah, please... if you are to be my knight, you have to understand that I don't consider myself a lord. I may have the Loukanos blood but that's it and perhaps in the future, there will come a time where I'll have to assume this role but here and now I travel under the guise of a leper in human lands while accompanying Daiyu Jawahir.'' This was a vital dose of reality that finally manages to instill proper perspectives inside the blue-clad head. ''I will not demand you to reject your vow to me, I'll do my best to be worthy of it, but I don't want you as a subject. You aren't going to be under me, your life isn't any less important than mine, I don't want you shackled by chains of obligations or feeling like we've got to keep a distance...'' Tepid heat expands from your quickening heart to spread throughout your body, you need a little pause to collect yourself and look away, what little hints of Klesiah emotions that you're able to catch from your peripheral vision would likely shatter your composure.

''I'd like us to be friends first.'' That's when you regain enough courage to lean forward and extend a hand in her direction, one she stares at silently. ''Don't be afraid to talk to me about anything, I'd like you to meet the Mamonos who've helped me so much too...'' Your rambling stops when you feel a weight on your hand, Klesiah timidly grabbed your hand, giving it a firm squeeze.

''My lord and friend Loukanos.'' Eyes closed, her smile was peacefully satisfied. ''Your lack of memories bring a gentler man, or perhaps it's because you've matured in these three years...''

''I can't give you any concrete answer for that remark. For now, we'll have to keep up a ruse of half-truths. I didn't like being so vague in the Moot... stretching out the truth a whole like that was cold-hearted.'' You give a grimace when you look at your mask and make a lazy motion to grab while rising to your feet, Klesiah dutifully imitated your movement after you fully stood up.

''You shan't be cursed by Father Sky, your intentions were pure my...'' She's forced to catch herself when you wiggle your finger. ''I... need to ask forgiveness for inevitable future slips of tongue.''

''Keep in mind my family name and races should remain a secret until we return to Throne Town.'' She nods firmly at your commanding tone and you begin slipping on this facial obstruction to hide your grimace. You were starting to feel very, very afraid now.

What are the girls going to say about this? Gods... Teruko and Vilma are going to be in for one hell of a surprise when you come back tomorrow, Belph is likely to spout nonsense about picking up strays.
File: 6.jpg (152 KB, 972x1024)
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152 KB JPG
Exiting the tent revealed Kreszenz camp to have fallen into a bout of low energy, soldiers kept vigils nad Mamonos came and went throughout tents here and there but activity had largely fallen into relaxed laziness; it was giving you an impression of strange relaxation, as if the Moot results had dispelled a large amount of tension. Klesiah followed behind dutifully when you set out silently toward Valda main camp, it was still a fair distance because you've occupied the very first free tent you saw at the camp edge.

It only took a few moments for nearby Mamonos to recognize you and their chirpy native's tongues graced you with heartwarming gratitudes with a few of the younger ones adventuring closer to earn headpats, making for a considerably slow progress into the queen camp but how could you ever refuse these girls?

''Say, Klesiah?'' It was only after excusing yourself from a group of white lizards that an oddity struck you. ''They don't recognize you?''

Your knight was standing a calculated three steps back, holding onto her glaive and the other hand grasping the sword on her hip, her armed presence gave many Mamonos causes to restrain themselves.

''No, I... I wasn't the mastermind of their escape, at least not the only one.'' Klesiah gave an awkward smile. ''I -did- allow their escape but the planning wasn't on my own.''

''Effective wielding of half-truths.'' You nodded, hoping she could witness your grin through the mask. ''I'd like to hear details later, it's kinda sad they don't know what you were prepared to sacrifice after leading them out of Gremory's hell...''

''It's fine. Mother Earth an Father Sky approval was all I needed, alongside my certitude: I was doing the right thing.''

>Screw that. Try to communicate with the Mamonos, get the message across that Klesiah is their savior.

>Ah well, she's fine to ignore glory or gratitude. Better make your way back into Valda's area quickly.

>Free choice.
>Do they speak a native tongue or something that's close to English?
>Also what should I do here aside from trying to tell some native peoples to go screw themselves?
>Can I be a magical pumpkin?
No, these refugees come from a land very far from here but you've been able to communicate with some dedication.
>Ah well, she's fine to ignore glory or gratitude. Better make your way back into Valda's area quickly.
We'll get completely bogged down trying to get the message across.
>Back in the village
"Can anybody hear me?"
If so, why would nobody notice the talking pumpkin?
File: Sometime.jpg (156 KB, 600x450)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Alright, unless I get another vote within 5 minutes I'll go with that.

Not too sure what's up with you mate, got the right thread?
File: 114.png (1.87 MB, 1480x2093)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Klesiah expression when she observed the Mamono was one of peaceful satisfaction and after receiving a few dozens more thanks in their native tongue, you got back on the road, feeling decidedly eager and it seemed to rub off on Klesiah who accompanied you silently.


Kreszenz main camp had somehow increased with its security, a fair few additional bodies were posted as sentries with one single tent being decidedly separated from others, quarantine by an additional dozen guards. The big open pavilion of fabric housed another meeting of royals, your impromptu arrival earned many stares that put you in a very awkward spot but a surge of bravado had you try and shield Klesiah from these stares... though you thankfully managed to see a way out.

Illuminated by Elina glowing halo and backs covered by red wings spanning two meters was a unique group sitting close to the fresh rivers despite tonight coldness. Hao immediately beckoned you closer, yelling an inviting ''Come, come!'' while sitting on her huge axe, Anaïs and her bodyguard got on their feet at your arrival while Martha and Gwendolyn observed you quietly, only for the demoness to give an applause that, unfortunately, wasn't picked up by all the dutiful soldiers. Their expression looked relaxed thankfully, though decidedly curious with the blue-clad woman standing behind you.

''This is feeling a little intense...'' You Klesiah whispered. ''...they seem friendly.'' She added, staring at the group illuminated by the angel.

>Join them.

>Go into the pavilion instead to meet with the group of royals.

>Join them.
Join them. Ask if the royals wanted to see us now or later.
Y'know, I wonder how many times it takes for Klesiah to let a "my Lord" slip before Arawn realizes: "Oh, so this is why Daiyu insisted that I don't call her 'your Majesty".
>Join them.
and do as >>2953094 suggested.
File: 15.png (982 KB, 1000x1058)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
''They're friends, let's go say hi.'' Klesiah makes a very awkward expression as you walk forward. An awkward clang resonates from their direction, Hao joined Martha awkward display of clapping with her gauntlet and this spread with all the girls then extend toward nearby soldiers, putting you and your knight into a very awkward spot.

''Good work, you two.'' The blue-skinned demon proclaimed. ''Sent the bitch packing properly ain't nobody can go saying otherwise.

''Ah, well I...'' You had to remind yourself of your role, your imaginary malady and thus kept yourself still for a moment to let excitement die downs, Klesiah radiating enough embarrassment for both of you. ''...I did my duty.'' You answered firmly between noises of handclaps.

''Yeah, got yourself a cutie too.'' Martha continued, heartily chuckling at Klesiah expression who almost protested but kept her peace. ''Strange world innit?''

>Moot Result: Gremory is retreating into her land, Klesiah is in your care, the prisoner remain in Kreszenz custody and Gwendolyn existence as a leader is known only by a select few. [Best Result]

''Well, I wouldn't go so far. She's her own person.'' You gestured for the knight, beckoning her closer and she obliged awkwardly. All of your friends had left their spot to cocoon your duo in a friendly circle.

''I...I am... It is my privilege to be amongst comrades of my-''

''Strong!?'' Hao gripped the knightly lady leather covered hand, shaking it excitedly. ''Strong, yes6 Hard weapon, long reach!'' she pointed her chin at the glaive, blue eyes turned to you in distress and you shrugged, her expression immediately turning awkward.

''I...I have dutifully trained in my youth as a Knight of the Storm and lived a while as a vagabond merce-''

''Strong, yeah. Can feel it.'' Hao nodded tapping her armor-clad chest. ''Hao Dasyu welcome new friend! Strong fighter yes, knight?''

''It is my... hope that I could continue my duties...'' Poor Klesiah was thoroughly overwhelmed by Hao energy, her gaze seemed fixated on those curved horns of black.

''Hey, Arawn...'' Elina couldn't try to be subtle because of her inherent glows, she was the torch against the night. ''...Sorry about earlier, I got so mad at that bitch that I kinda got on the verge of charging in there.''

''Your scream made me realized what I had to do, Elina.'' Klesiah stood in awe of the angel glowing presence. ''Really, thank for caring and making it known.'' The blond let out a long-held breath, then almost jumped back when a serpentine eyestalk slithered into view in an upward curve to observe Klesiah.

''We were waiting for you to come back.'' Announced the Overlord casually stepping into view, clutching your cloak on her body. Behind her was Anaïs ordering a few soldiers to bring woods, stones and dig a hole. ''We'll break open the queen provision and cook some good meat on a campfire oh, and we'll take out some sweet too. Valda didn't bring alcohol so we'll have to do without.''
''Oh, um... I would have to do without such substance.'' Klesiah voice was an adorable squeak. ''I-I... I have taken another vow during my travels you see, to not imbibe alcohol...''

''Well we got none, you good with meat I hope?'' Martha retorted, busy noises of dirt being shoveled and grunting men lifting barrels began to create a concert of homely noises.

''Strong!'' Hao yelled, lifting her axe with a single hand and the bluette reaction by completely forgetting how to breathe.

Yeah... things... are nowhere near as you feared. This lizard girl is the best ice breaker in the world.

>Will you leave Klesiah by her lonesome during this campfire?

>Or remain close to your stalwart knight, she doesn't seem at ease with these social moments.

>Forcefully invite the royals, they oughta be here and enjoy themselves too.


>Next few answers will be mostly slice-of-life and relaxing. Gotta wind down after all that stress!
File: Flagellant Rapturous.jpg (69 KB, 811x457)
69 KB
>remain close to your stalwart knight
Gotta give her some time to get used to the new company before wandering off.
>Forcefully invite the royals, they oughta be here and enjoy themselves too.
Git over here!

>[Best Result]
Heckin' nice. Good work Anons, shame I couldn't bring myself to participate earlier into the Moot.
>Remain close to your stalwart knight, she doesn't seem at ease with these social moments.
>Invite the royals, they oughta be here and enjoy themselves too.
They can choose not to come, but we should let them know we want them here.
Actually, yeah support on giving them the choice. They might still be busy figuring out how to handle the now-freed Mamonos and the imprisoned Leya.
File: Red 07.png (689 KB, 850x850)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
''I'll be back in a minute.'' You speak, turning around, aiming for the biggest tent.

''My lord?'' Asked Klesiah, immediately followed by an incredulous ''lord?'' from Elina, suddenly creating a very awkward moment that was, thankfully, broken by Martha loud guffaw.

Guilt was plainly written on Klesiah face and the angel was staring with quiet, yet intense, inquisitiveness. This habit will be very difficult to break, thankfully you managed to slip out without incident.

The tent insides were illuminated by a few lamps lazily resting on nearby tables, Waltier held the single one used to brighten their meetings. All of them had stopped speaking with your arrival, for a moment their features illuminated by orange flames seemed to twist into displeasure.

''I thought it'd be nice if you guys joined us.'' You pointed behind you with your thumb. ''Campfire should be done soon and the girls want to celebrate.'' It dawned on you right now that your mask will make it impossible to eat or drink anything.


''Why yes, we were just thinking of going!'' Daiyu excitedly.

''We were?'' Retorted Sieglinde who immediately grimaced against a sudden pinch from her mom.

''Details about trades and token help for the Suppression can wait later, yes.'' Valda fan closed, leaving you incredulous. ''You're an impressive man, sir Arawn. You honor Father Sky with your passion.'' Stated the queen and her husband nodded silently, then brought a hand near his eyebrow to give a casual gesture of respect.

''Yes, you've given us everything we needed and then acquired a darling doll that I just -have- to meet!'' Daiyu practically leaped out of the tent, her long legs carried her quickly outside. Valda followed in a measured, graceful pace.

''We have to tell our daughter she did good work.'' Announced the queen, she and her husband sported a similar smile of pride. they likely caught the entire story of your investigation with Hildegarde.

''I still feel kinda angry that you insisted on going.'' Sieglinde murmured once the royal pair disappeared. ''But it was a good thing, huh?'' Her tail curled awkwardly. ''Sorry about that, to think you met someone from your past...'' Her red gaze narrowed into a fine red line. ''...Absurd odds.''

''Wanna meet her? Klesiah is surprisingly meek. Hao already seems to be attached.'' Your words made her tension evaporate, a good-hearted grin.

''Yeah.'' She clapped her big hands together in a hollow thunk.

It was a good thing you didn't linger because Daiyu had locked Klesiah into a tight hug, the blue girl seemed ready to die of a heart attack, undeniably knowing -who- Daiyu was in perhaps finer details than yourself. Sieglinde managed to keep you from running back by grabbing your wrist.

Sitting beside Klesiah near the comfortable big campfire, mankind and Mamono made a quiet entourage around the flames, hunger having clearly settled amongst them. Succulent smell of food enshrines you in torturous needs, your mask now clearly representing a curse. Klesiah ate like a squirrel, taking ten minutes to finish a single sausage with countless tiny bites. Her glaive rested nearby with Hao axe, nervousness tensed her limbs yet she was simultaneously happy of your closeness, often apologizing when your shoulders bumped.

Conversations mostly consisted of Martha openly mocking Gremory failures, the Overlord heartily joined while devouring a succulent piece of chicken...

Hrm, your side is actually empty. Hao had occupied it until she decided to go running into the refugee camp after eating enough food for three people.

>Ask Klesiah about her vows? Or perhaps their signification as a knight?

>Beckon someone to sit next to you, perhaps that'll create a conversation. (Say who. Anaïs, Daiyu, Elina, Sieglinde, Gwendolyn, Martha make likely candidates.)

>Free Choice
...Eh, asking about Klesiah's vows can wait, that feels like a bit too official of a topic to have in this mood.
>Beckon Anaïs to sit next to you.
We won't have much of a chance to talk with the princess after we depart.
Call over Anaïs and Gwen.
Can do. I'll likely do a little bit of overtime, this little moment of peace is something you guys earned so I'll press on and continue tomorrow and perhaps Wednesday, too. I'm getting a bit drained, but I do want to continue. These relaxed moments are fun to write, having the crown princess and tentacle Overlord for company will make a fine little finale.

So, let's continue tomorrow around 5 or 6 pm. You guys can think of something to ask too.
Understood, see you tomorrow then!

As for questions... maybe Anaïs could tell us a little about her homeland - Krezsenz, was it?
Not sure what to ask from Gwen, I'm terrible at small talk. I'll see if I can think of something after sleep, but no promises.
We didn't tell the lizard ladies Klesiah had been part in freeing them. Perhaps we could as Klesiah to tell about how she managed to have the slaves escape, and especially, who helped her accomplish this
Are our hands gloved? How thick are these gloves? Need to know for reasons.

Also, does time pass strangely in the throne? Like, if you spent a year in it would you emerge from it one year after you went in or would there be a time difference?

Lastly, would it be possible for them to save a bit of the food for us to eat later away from prying eyes? Any way of, say, the equivalent of putting it in the fridge to warm up later?
>Are our hands gloved? How thick are these gloves? Need to know for reasons.

Got your alchemical gauntlet, which is pretty much plate armor and a leather glove on your other hand to hide your skin, it's fairly thick.

>Also, does time pass strangely in the throne? Like, if you spent a year in it would you emerge from it one year after you went in or would there be a time difference?

The Throne is fairly rooted in reality, time remains the same in short exposure. Long term is another story. No Demon Lord remained inside the Throne for long stretches, else they'd get overwhelmed so nobody can accurately say what happens here.

>Lastly, would it be possible for them to save a bit of the food for us to eat later away from prying eyes? Any way of, say, the equivalent of putting it in the fridge to warm up later?

Klesiah is sneaking bits of foods away for just that.
Damn, we can't even touch the exotic bits we love so much then. Well, we could, but we wouldn't get that satisfying tactile sensation so it'd be largely pointless. Taking off the glove reveals it's all a lie due to our healthy skin so we can't do that either. Truly, this disguise is suffering.

Klesiah is moving up in the waifu rankings because of that. We didn't even have to ask or hint around. Such a good and attentive girl.
File: 19.jpg (59 KB, 850x1085)
59 KB
Having a past connection makes give a lot of sudden impact to her presence.
You guys honestly lucked out with Klesiah recruitment because she was sort of a hidden character. Had to go on this ''sidetrip'' then investigate, thereby missing her first appearance, then convince the royals to talk in the Moot and then make an appeal for her to come forward. There was so much factor to get right here that I'm honestly baffled she's safe and with you.
"My joy is immeasurable and my day is saved!"

Has Daiyu caught on to the game of dice we had with the girls yet?

I also wish to know. Also, if we repeat this sometime, Daiyu also gets to play >:3
>Daiyu also gets to play
I am both amused and terrified at the thought.

If Deruella is also there to play I'll be just terrified.
What a wonderful idea. How much do you want to wager?
...I'm not sure, I didn't think this far ahead.
C'mon, I'm sure all the bad stories and rumors about Deruella are just that, stories and rumors! I hope.

Wait, do you want to start a game of dice now or later?
File: Princess 17.png (1.43 MB, 1000x1356)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Klesiah was satisfied with sitting next to you, her closeness felt natural and comforting, it even made you feel protective. Better circumstances would make this endearing, unfortunately, you could really use a distraction because of all this untouchable food... When Valda began to speak about affairs of usuries with surprising enthusiasm that Sieglinde -of all people- latched onto curiously, your beckoning toward Anaïs had her sit next to you so quickly you wondered if she might have waited for a signal.

Hildegarde gave you a suitably dangerous glare but made no attempt of following.

''Mysir was granted a fairytale ending at the end of this trying day.'' Remarked the little blond, blue gaze drifting toward Klesiah who, you realized, was doing her best to sneakily cover several pieces of cooked meats into her personal handkerchief. An activity that immediately stopped after this remark.

''I'm...I was completely caught off guard, I can't presume that I knew her lord.'' Anaïs rolled her eyes at your excuse and Klesiah remained stubbornly silent.

''Oh, I can go along don't worry.'' She winked. ''Our investigation was really fun, full of emotions.'' Anaïs grinned clacking her fingers to emphasis. ''Getting angry, scared, all of us sharing the same strong desires and feelings of utter rebellion against someone evil deeds... Held together by our collective wish to help these unfortunates Mamonos was really fun! Nobody was useless at all...'' An excited giggle interrupted her and Klesiah grew interested enough to turn around and stare at you and the princess after fully covering the good. ''...None of us were useless. It's really better than pouring over accounting books, our efforts mattered.''

Her murmuring voice increased when her sentence ended, her emotions seemed to have caught her off-guard because Anaïs blinked in withheld wonder, she soon relaxed into a charming smile when her gaze crossed with Klesiah. ''Seriously there's no need to-''

''Perhaps her highness could talk about her homeland?'' Not interrupting this princess will inevitably ruin what remains of your disguise.

''I've heard Kreszenz has become a land of misers and penny-pincher.'' Retorted a strong voice behind you, sounds of rustling leaves heralding a coming third party. ''I'm much happier to witness their people possessing true virtues.'' Gwendolyn spoke imperiously, stopping a prudent distance from you because of the two girls. Her many stalks moved with the wind, giving her an impression of being alive from head to toes and her single eye narrowed to you in a friendly, if inquisitive, harmless gaze.

''Living near the Swamp kinda demand people to be good, y'know? Being selfish and evil like those folks in Gremory land is illogical.'' Huffed the princess. ''You won't find another kingdom that not only allows their peasant to be armed but readily allows them to create their own militias!''
File: 17.jpg (653 KB, 1240x1754)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
Such a thing would usually be a hotbed of easy rebellions yet Anaïs spoke in clear pride.

''If time allows I'd love to visit.'' Replied Gwendolyn, single eye shifting into a wide, unnatural sphere directed at you. ''Ever thought about having your own piece of land, Arawn?''

Her question had you nearly choke on nonexistent saliva. ''Of course he as! My...!'' Klesiah was thankfully sharp enough to realize she's fallen into a bait midway through her speech and proceeded to stare into the fire with the misery of a little puppy that suffered it's first kicking.

It's fine, it's fine! Your secret is still safe, it totally is! Somehow, one eyestalk bent sideways to observe you from an upward angle and winked. ''You're offering him lands?'' Anaïs murmured almost scandalized, Gwendolyn little show going completely past her head.

''I've got space.'' Shrugged the Overlord. ''I'm lacking talented, loyal people of virtue.'' A dangerous shine twinkled inside Klesiah gaze.

''You... are the liege from the rumored central kingdom?'' Asked the Knight and the pale Gazer answered with a casual nod.

''I have obligations.'' Your voice wasn't firm at all. ''Sieglinde is preparing an important operation, I have to help...''

''Don't be so stiff, I'm not imposing!'' Gwendolyn floating limbs came to pat your head. ''I'll help that cute redhead for sure, I'd like us fours to be friends, too.''

''Great Overlord I do think that a few people I know of could help as administrator!'' You could practically see the greed oozing out of Anaïs voice and Gwendolyn shook her head, giving a good-natured refusal.

''Mamonos are too stubborn to accept a human leader easily, beside your mom won,t stand for that.''

''Hm, y'know I think it might be less complicated to do something a bit... unorthodox.'' Anaïs playful grin sent a strong shiver down your spine, you had to remain stiff to continue what meager illusion remained in your disguise. ''If he was to become your baron and then, say, he'd become my boyfriend won't that spawn strong diplomatic ties?''

Aren't you supposed to be a leper here? Anaïs wormed closer, her diminutive frame replaced by an adventurous spirit that was clearly unafraid to encroach on something (or someone) that interested her.
File: 26.jpg (321 KB, 1500x1714)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
A quick glance toward everybody else revealed them engaged in discussions... Aside from Elina who stared at you with a frown of disbelieving disapproval and perhaps a few twinkles of jealousy.

Pah, now's not the time to get distracted, this Overlord and princess are going to eat you alive at this rate, Klesiah wasn't going to be of any help, she had completely frozen at the word ''boyfriend''.

This was supposed to be a relaxing night near the campfire.

>Do your best to affirm you aren't Klesiah lord, they have it all wrong damn it!

>Try to insinuate you have a woman in your heart. That'll at least let the princess down politely, not that she's serious about that.

>Divert the subject toward the Suppression, how is the Overlord planning to contribute?

>Divert the subject toward the Suppression, how is the Overlord planning to contribute?
After this excuse ourselves to feast on the food Klesiah thoughtfully saved for us.

...Although I'm not completely sure we can leave her alone with the group given how easily she lets her tongue slip.
>Divert the subject toward the Suppression, how is the Overlord planning to contribute?
"Look, a convenient distr- important thing to discuss!"
>Divert the subject toward the Suppression, how is the Overlord planning to contribute?

Damn the princess is sharp. She's got it all figured out and is now trying to out us for some reason and Gwen's going along with it. Sieg was right, women like this will eat us alive!

Also, wasn't Kreszenz gonna help out with that too?
>Also, wasn't Kreszenz gonna help out with that too?
Maybe, maybe. We'll see. I might take a little longer than usual to update today, I'll try my best.
File: Princess 15.png (663 KB, 1000x838)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
''Gwendolyn what do you make of Sieglinde project with her Suppression? How will you help?'' Speaking in a single breathless sentence had Klesiah observe you in worry while princess and Overlord shared an impish grin.

This is worse than the Moot.

''I've half a mind of participating myself.'' Gwendolyn began, inching closer. ''It's an obvious political pull but I don't see why we can't take advantage of an opportunity while doing the world a service. My force is probably going to be a token one... but I've got a powerful friend. I'll likely accompany my honor guard, Sieg said to bring elites.''

''Mmhm, a forest of undead with shambling corpses covered in vines and then she told us were to expect giant abominations, sound interesting!'' Anaïs rubbed her hands together in excitement, lifting a weight off your shoulders as her attention was successfully diverted.

''You plan on going somewhere this dangerous?'' Klesiah murmured. An intense emotion had settled in her gaze, similar yet wholly different than her earlier glory-seeking greed.

''Let's figure out that detail later.'' You responded, knowing you wouldn't be able to dissuade her from accompanying you.

''Mom won't want me to go.'' Anaïs pouted, causing Gwen to smile awkwardly. ''But this is a very good opportunity to, like, open relations! I'll convince her within the week to send me in the Demon Lord capital for a day or two, I know she's thinking of contacting the Rangers of the Watches. I don't think they'd need convincing to send a token force to study that forest, these guys always prepare against any and all abominate threat!'' With a little more enthusiasm Anaïs would look a decade younger.

''Rangers?'' You asked casually, earning three set of questioning eyes. 'Um... I've had a secluded life.''

''Mankind first line of protection against horrors of the Cursed Swamp.'' Your knight answered. ''I've heard Valda managed to create an official alliance, being able to witness them in combat would be... a privilege.''

''Best scouts in the entire world'' Anaïs continued, excited glint shining inside pale blue eyes. ''I've seen them in action and boy are they well-coordinated.''

''I'm not sure if it would be wise for Kreszenz to officially support the demon Lord endeavor...'' Gwendolyn wondered in a low voice, only to be interrupted by sounds of coming footstep heralded by an increasing color of gold. Elina stepped closer, inviting herself to side beside Klesiah while her red wings retracted on her back to avoid inconvenience.

''Been listening to your discussions, sorry.'' She announced to accompany her intrusion. ''Demons are gonna watch a show and Hao will probably be sleeping with the refugees so I've decided to hang out with my pal.'' Then she turned toward Klesiah who immediately lowered her head in reverence. ''You Arawn estranged girlfriend?''
File: 28.jpg (400 KB, 1986x2843)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
Anaïs openly guffawed upon your simultaneous choking with Klesiah, the knight immediately growing red up to her ears. The girl had also closed the distance with you during some moment of the discussion, her back was actually fully resting on your flank, somehow without your notice.

''I-I would never...''

''It's fine.'' Elina openly grinned. ''You'll be a fun one to tease.''

''I... is a privilege to meet one so holy...''

A soft, gentle noise that soon evolved into a melody coming from the group of royals. Waltier was holding a flute, a gorgeous of gold, silver, and bronze, and was elegantly playing a soothing tune with practiced fingers and well-mannered breathing to create a continuous song of amazing elegance. Valda lingered into her very first moment of vulnerability, observing her husbands with a dreamy smile and equally enchanted eyes. Daiyu and her daughters sat together into a close pile, sharing a moment of strong, quiet intimacy as a family.

No wonder Elina gave them some space. Poor angel looked genuinely lonely here, you wanted to give her a hug.

''Daddy often said he earned many suppers by playing his flute inside the countless taverns of the Allied Kingdoms...'' Then, things began to quiet. A weight on your arm had you observe Klesiah, the knight had grabbed your wrist, squeezing your limb on her body, eyes firmly shut as a torrent of invisible emotions seemed to have demolished her emotional defenses.

If you were to recall the entire day, you probably wouldn't be faring any better.

Elina observed you silently with a strangely quiet expression, almost forlorn...


>I will close the thread with one last answer if you guys can't think of anything to do.
>"Penny for your thoughts, Elina?"
Or, well, whatever is the equivalent of a penny in this quest. If she doesn't want to talk here, don't push. Let her initiate.

Other than that I got no ideas except... enjoy the atmosphere.
Well, Klesiah is taking up one of our arms, offer our other side to Elina. It's the least we can do. Hug her if we can. If only to see everyone's reaction. Though mainly because she's so darn lonely!

Can we do this as well?
Touch the fluffy wing.

Neat, we can ask our new knight about how we used to use magic and other things.

Also, knight sleeps in our room right?
Don't waste touch my friend

Hugs for now
What >>2955328 said, save the wing touch.
And Klesiah most certainly does NOT sleep in our room - not when Lady White potentially has free reign over our head during our sleep!
Altough I AM curious to see her reaction to the news that we've shared a bed with Sieg and company~

Y'know, there is a rather obvious observation to be made about our social circle.
It's mostly composed of women! Not that complaining, mind you, but what are we? A harem protagonist??

What I'm saying is, we need bros! Drinking buddies! Problem is, there aren't many who would suit a role like that.
Zazawu is an option, but he's a general and therefore a busy man, not to mention there is no way in HELL we could ever match someone his size in drinking.
File: 2.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
As Waltier melody continued, you beckoned the angel who took place behind you, the princess also on your other side, it was thoroughly impossible to converse any pretense of disease with Anaïs now but she was polite enough not to meddle.

''Could I pry for your thoughts, angel?'' Your soft questions against the music brought her out of silence, her emotions shifted into something much more adequately content. Elina gently put her hand on your head and leaned close to your ears covered by the golden mask. ''I'm a bit jealous and a little mad that I can't see your face.'' She whispered, making you glad you were wearing that thing now because your facial muscles were likely twisted into something awkward.

''I feel like your friend is somehow amazingly fragile and extremely enduring, I like her. Reminds me of myself.'' Then she gently interlocked her arms around your neck, moving shades on her flanks revealed her soft red wings deploying to cocoon you and Anaïs who uttered a gentle ''wow'' at this splendor and the feeling of angelic organic wings rubbing against her skin. Something Gwendolyn also seankily enjoying because a few eyestalks boldly snaked themselves on this evening redness. ''I got really mad earlier.'' Elina continued, this time at an even tone; Waltier tone came to a solemn end and Klesiah reopened her eyes to suddenly realize Elina's closeness. ''Properly still feeling a bit of whiplash, don't worry.''

''I spy with my evil eyes my group of retainers looking lonely!'' Sieglinde suddenly yelled, clutching her mother and sisters in a vice grip with those big dark hands. ''Why the separation? Let's squeeze together, maybe pull a log! Gwen, don't act like a pariah, squeeze in! Waltier, another song!'' Kreszenz prince marshall openly laughed, Valda head resting on his shoulder.

''As her highness demands, I'll begin after those heavy metal steps finish their race.'' The man had keen ears because Hao somehow managed to be seen before those ambiguous clanging noises of stomping steel genuinely identified her.

''Not without me!'' She bellowed, adding herself into an increasingly big pile of bodies of which you and Klesiah were pushed in the center. There wasn't any pretense of your disease to worry about but... as Waltier started a lively minstrel song, you honestly didn't give a damn anymore and only regretted your empty stomach.
File: 13.png (280 KB, 1003x767)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
When Sieglinde revealed this refugee crisis earlier today, you knew you'd be going into something complicated but how in the world could this have ended with uncovering a living link of your past? A lady knight who somehow... for a brief moment your mind drifted back into the Moot, that single second where you witnessed a butterfly disappear on top of Klesiah head.

Your encounter wasn't a coincidence.

>Whoever architected this stroke of good fortune deserve your sincerest gratitude.

>You'll have to be wary of any future adventures, something is clearly watching you and it isn't Lady White.

>A Tale of Monsters -19- End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShjSplbL3FQ

Now then, you guys certainly did good. You might want to think on what to do for the next few days, Klesiah recruitment sorta gave you 2 or 3 free days to do whatever you want, gotta shelves some plans so the onus is now on you to do something with your free time.
File: 8.jpg (245 KB, 1760x1935)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>It's mostly composed of women! Not that complaining, mind you, but what are we? A harem protagonist??

Funny you say that. For the longest time, I struggled with trying to make Klesiah a man because I wanted a bro connected to you but I always ran into a wall because her being a woman is very, very important in the general context of the Allied Kingdoms and her existence as a knight. It's not in an overt way and I won't go into details, but she's the third character I came up with when I started this quest so I couldn't really change anything. More like I didn't want to.

Still, I do have a couple of men in the pipework that you'll be able to meet, Mamonos being 100% women sorta make it really hard to place men in their capital.

>Zazawu is an option, but he's a general and therefore a busy man, not to mention there is no way in HELL we could ever match someone his size in drinking.

Do it anyway.
>2 or 3 free days to do whatever you want
1. Catch up with the past through Klesiah - as much as she can tell us.
2. Finally hit the damn library and have Arawn educate himself about the history of Luminaris and the world in general.
3. Training - duh! options are: have Sieg and/or Klesiah help Arawn with physical exercise, magic practise...

My personal goal is to have Belph teach us how to actually MAKE Magitek gear!
Bottom line; I feel like Arawn is a biiit of a freeloader (wether this is true or not is up for debate) and I'd like to be able to SOMEWHAT earn our keep - I've an idea for a piece of Magitek involving the Soul arm to help with that!

The drunken escapades of Arawn and Zazawu will be Urban Legends of Throne Town for years to come!
Don't forget to vote on one of the two greentexts. This is to help cement your and Arawn mindset with whoever has been engineering events in the background, you've had a fair too many coincidences to attribute it all to luck.
...I have absolutely zero idea how I didn't realize that to be a vote, apologies for that!

>You'll have to be wary of any future adventures, something is clearly watching you and it isn't Lady White.
I dare say a bit of healthy paranoia is in order here - Arawn can be quite trusting and it has already landed him in a Witch's clutches.
File: Mantorok.jpg (145 KB, 1024x768)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Hey now, we're fused with Gardy and I bet he can outdrink him, which means *we* can outdrink him!

Well, there's always training. Arawn does need to git gud. What would training with Klesiah improve?

We could also take a day to tour our former kingdom with Gwen as the guide. Elina also wants to go to Zipangu with us sometime if I'm remembering correctly.

And Arawn said that Gardy can only manifest during the hour of lullaby. Does this mean that, if we get into a fight during that hour, could we "tag in" our bestest buddy?

Whoever's watching us who isn't Lady White seems benevolent. A pity it also seems this entity is for some reason unable or prevented from taking direct actions itself and thus has to rely on subtle manipulations of people to accomplish its ends. Y'know, like a certain amiable eldritch warden of ancients.

It would be nice to meet them, but I doubt one can just call this entity up and schedule a meeting. They come to see you, you don't get to come and see them.
>What would training with Klesiah improve?
Polearm, sword fighting, general endurance, archery, and teamwork. Klesiah can unlock special abilities tied with coordination. Then come plain customization, Klesiah is willing to do -anything- to help you improve.

>And Arawn said that Gardy can only manifest during the hour of lullaby. Does this mean that, if we get into a fight during that hour, could we "tag in" our bestest buddy?

Technically, yes. Gardy can't manifest completely during the Hour of Lullaby but it's... sorta half the job being already done during that moment.
>You'll have to be wary of any future adventures, something is clearly watching you and it isn't Lady White

After lady white we should be more weary
>Klesiah can unlock special abilities tied with coordination
Ooooh, Arawns gotta shape up to properly make this happen then.

>Hey now, we're fused with Gardy and I bet he can outdrink him, which means *we* can outdrink him!
Hell, I'd be happy with just being able to keep up with him and amaze/horrify onlookers with the amount of alcohol we'd be imbibing!

So, does any Anon have ideas to convince Sieg to let Arawn along to the Suppression mission?
Because I'm drawing a blank on usable ideas given just how dang protective our Readhead is.
Having Klesiah stick close to us will no doubt put Sieg's mind more at ease but I doubt that's gonna be enough by itself.
>Whoever architected this stroke of good fortune deserve your sincerest gratitude.

I basically already voted but I'm making it clear which option I'm behind. This entity seems benevolent.

We've also seen a golden butterfly before and it actually communicated with us and related to us just how badly we fucked up with Lady White and that it tried to protect us from her. Tried and failed, but it still tried.

It also knew Gardy on a personal level it seemed (e.g. knowing how he copes with failures). Thus, we should ask Gardy about golden butterflies and what they may mean next chance we get.
>You'll have to be wary of any future adventures, something is clearly watching you and it isn't Lady White.
Give thanks for what happened, but we never know the intentions of another.
Also, >>2955393 has the right idea for what I want to do.
File: 14.jpg (233 KB, 1914x1914)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Hm, so you guys want to hear Klesiah past as soon as time allows.
I'm of the opinion that we do that after we spend a day in the library. I don't want to frustrate/shock her with our total cluelessness about basic history and the like. Please give her something to work with Arawn!

Also, can we ask Gardy about what golden butterflies mean before we go to bed tonight? Our chief failure with Lady White happened because we didn't try and ask him before making a final decision. Hell, we made sure to do that before we committed to a decision last thread. Last thing we do before we go all in on big decisions? Ask Gardy what he thinks.

Got the impression that this wasn't his first time at the espionage rodeo there as well there. Truly, he learned many a lesson in the hardest of ways on that front I'd bet. Thankfully, we can now benefit from that well of experience.

Also kinda fearing that Bad Fluffy will be quite sure to show up after we lose consciousness. Kinda want her to DESU, need to confirm a few things...
>Also, can we ask Gardy about what golden butterflies mean before we go to bed tonight?

That'll have to happen for the next day, Arawn is a bit too out of it to keep his mind alert enough for that.

Otherwise, I can collect votes for your next day for a while. Not gonna do a new thread so soon.
Ok that's fair. He really would be out of it enough to forget in this moment. Elina's outburst, the recovery of a living link to our past by a hair's breath/the favor of the dice gods on multiple occasions...

Plus this joyous atmosphere. The pile o' hugs. This seems to be a recurring feature of "best" ends. A feature I approve of. Total/Absolute victory ought result in this kind of group hug. Everything is gonna happy!

Tell me where that last sentence came from/referenced in a timely manner and I'll be very pleasantly surprised.
Can't say I understand that reference.

I might still leave a choice on what to do when I start next thread, we'll see. for now, Klesiah speaking of the past seem to be the likely favorite, it'll be a bit lengthy to go through so I'll need to prepare adequately.
It's from "Full Metal Panic!"

Kaname is a good girl.
>Whoever architected this stroke of good fortune deserve your sincerest gratitude.

I am happy with this end, and I am confident the person behind the butterflies is a good person! Not necessarily our ally, but still someone we should not shun away from. At least, until she gives us reason to. We can always ask Gardy if he knows more about this person/entity watching over us.

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