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This freeform game has only 2 rules;
Play Fair
Better RP = Better Results

A Nations RP, choose your start and a colour and whatever else you wish to include.

Discord Invite: F2Patcf

Old Threads:
Claiming this thread for Pass™ users

>The Bones of the Great Sea Serpent Are Claimed And Its Mysteries Unlocked.

As the summit of Konna, Dwarf and Xiphoid began great numbers of Xiphoid from the Pool of Foundations and the Pool of Horns descended upon the Sea Serpent bones, constructing great earthen levies and water works to isolate the great being's remains for preservation and study. Astrologers soon arrived and began an intensive study of the great Water Giving Gem (OP).

>The Gift of Restorative Blessings Is Bestowed.

At the Observatory of the Great Pool a ventilation slide is removed to allow the installation of stained glass within a chamber housing several ammonite fossils in a pool of Ichor. The light of the blue moon only briefly touches the pool but it is enough for Moon-Mother to be filled with longing. Her power restores the creatures to their previous state and the entire Observatory descends upon the chamber to chatter, study and great their ancient friends.
With the monestery built, Ketsu thanks Beni profusely and went off to live there. The life of a king wasn't as exciting as Beni thought and it was just as full of tedious work as he knew it was.
"Help! The heretic Tengu are still a threat! Do something!"
"Your Majesty, we need you sign these forms and see these proposals. The nobles want tax cuts, the merchants want more trading posts/ports/, and the Lower Class demand more work."
"Honey, you need to spend more time with the children. They miss you."
He was even getting tired of partying. This is what father must have felt in his first years as king. But he proved to be a great ruler and If father could do it then so can his son! With renewed vigor, Beni did his daily kingly duties with ease.

One day, his brother Uko came from his journey of surveying the land when Beni lazily eating fruits. He looked quite differently than before he left. His horns were changed to look more like antlers, his third eye was opened, and he gave off an unnerving aura of predator. The brothers greeted each other and went to the meeting hall to talk. Uko told him about his journey around the land, at home and in other nations, gauging their strengths, if they're friendly or not. He summarized the Satyrs were definitely trustworthy, the humans seem to keep to themselves, the north nations don't seem have plans to interact with the Mugoi, the people of the south haven't noticed us, the red dwarves still...being dwarves, and the goatbeast are not a problem yet. While returning home, he double-checks our borders and saw them lacking. While the guards are strong and alert, they can't stop an invasion. The dark forests and deadly jungles supply extra defense but the Oni need more. Uko suggests they start building a wall, border towns, abd develop better defense weapons. Beni ponders his brother's proposal. On one hand, what Uko said makes sense, but on the other hand, that's a lot. Being king is never easy. He agrees to his proposal abd takes it to Parliament. After much debate, a plan was agreed upon and they sent out to executed it.
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By orders of Mountain King Ivarzig Jorgenheimar, all capable dwarves are called upon to focus in collecting resources across the realm, from goat leather, lumber, to minerals, the dwarves strike the earth, filling their stockpiles and even creating new massive chambers to hold the supplies.

The borders of the colonies expand south, with workers designing multi-layered stone walls in combination with the lumber from the swampland.

The dwarves had with them carts of gold hauled by megalo-goats which were well guarded by pikemen and cavalry.
The ambassador for the dwarves would be Jorgivar Dievdelz Mountain Lord of Thirzig'kalnz first offers the carts of gold to King Rho for the Xiphoid part in the war, he then quickly gets to the main point of why he has come: another hostile nation has made itself known.
He explains that they met a nation of aquatic creatures who were reported initially as friendly but soon laid siege upon the dwarven colony of Thirzig'kalnz unprovoked.
Unable to succuesfully break into the city, people say that they called forth an earthquake to sunder the city, though this has not been confirmed.
The colony is safe at the moment but he fears the nation will find another way to enter and destroy the city, or that they may threaten other nations, which is why he called for this meeting, he asks of King Rho to have his people take up arms once again to deal with the threat to the west.
He would offer a map detailing the location of what they believe is their capital, Wegas, and the location where they first met, the ruins of another nation, then where the dwarven city is, the rest is drawn in by assumption based off of the location of the known locations.

While Jorgivar seems mostly uninterested in the Konna at the summit, a few other minor diplomats were sent along with the dwarves, and they make their way to the new races and try to study them, speak with them, likely possible through Xiphoid translators, and the guards would also make an attempt to communicate and trade some of their lesser goods for anything interesting the bipedal turtles posses.

>King Rho Commits To Action Against The New Threat

As the gold carts are hitched to larger commoners and hauled into the depths of the centre for appraisal King Rho clacked a hearty thanks to the Mountain Lord and his kin. He bemoaned the destruction wrought upon their people and immediately order outsurfers be sent to recall many of the veterans of the Stolen Shore campaign against the furhorns to the Shoredom. Younger Broodcarriers and helmeteers would be sent to continue to defend the growing enclave of mercenaries that King Rho had permitted to persist. King Rho stated that such beings no doubt posed an eventual threat to all the Southern Kin-races and they would prepare to act on the Dwarven information.

>Requests Are Made For Special Weapons And Special Allies

Several Astrologers swam across the shallow pool and beached on the sands in front of the Dwarven ensemble and produced parchment schematics, meaty Taurus sinew and carved driftwood of models of flanges, clips and spikes. King Rho asked that the Mountain-kin's great skill and metallurgical secrets be put to use in the creation of components for a family of arrow slinging weapons of various sizes with complex trigger mechanisms and tensioners. If the Dwarves could provide the blacksmithed components the Xiphoid would in return provide finished crossbows to the Mountain Lord. King Rho then offered the same weapons as well as others to the gathered Konna if some of their number would join the expedition across the Inland Sea.
A blind bard, and veteran of the Feasting Chamber battle in Thirzig'kalnz has taken to the halls of many mountains where he performs music to passers by under the moniker "Lunar-Hound"
Rumors have it that his music provides healing effects to those who listen, though hearsay, he's gaining vast popularity and making quite the impact on the realm with his art, planning to soon travel to other civilizations to share his talent.

Jorgivar is delighted to hear the King's empathy towards the information of the western nation.
He would offer the same deal previously given to the Xiphoids as the last: iron weapons, armor, gold, and now the offer of materials for this new weapon.
The craftsdwarves of the underworld would gladly create the needed materials for their allies, though the warriors see no use for them as their javelins currently suffice, but they would accept small numbers and let the Xiphoids keep the rest.
Beastmen prosper with their newly founded freedoms they paid for in blood. Initially hectic, order is slowly implemented under the iron fist of their leader, Goretusk.
His kin are seen as the pinnacle of their race and they act as such, taking it upon themselves to govern settlements of lesser beastmen.

Along with their freedom, as they are no longer forced to breed for war and mutations, they segment themselves into communities: clans of similar genetics, creating new races amongst themselves: Such as the boar-like beastmen of the Ashtusk Clan that are some of the few to still remain in the Black City wherein they are pelted by fire from the scorched skies often, giving them hardened flesh, pale hide, and coal-like fur.

Most of the beastmen live in the outskirts of the badlands, safe from the cursed weather, they live off the lands to the best of their abilities, with the farms to the north aiding the inhabitants of the Black City.

The Bloodfang Clan travels to the the western peninsula claiming it for the beastmen and forming a city they call the Bleeding Coast.

Shamans experiment with their magics and start to develop ways to make use of lands to be capable of farming, bending the elements to their will.
Their shamanism brings them both life and death as they harness the raw power of the elements to crack the earth below their enemies and launch balls of stone or fire, though it is still in its early stages and they have much more learning to do.
As they have no leader, the Konna send their strongest and smartest to the summit. Hearing of other aquatic life piques their interest, and after the summit an envoy would be sent out to try getting to know them. Maybe the small furfaces just approached them in the wrong manner.
While the dwarven language isn't pleasant to their ears, the Konna are willing to trade a steady supply of fruit stemming from the Orchard to the dwarves in exchange for the knowledge of shaping rock in order to create armour and weaponry. They also agree to a cultural exchange if the small men wish.
Having spent weeks exploring the seas in order to retrieve one of the so called mothers not too long ago, the Xiphoids' offer is declined. They would need some time for themselves before venturing out once more.
At last they arrive. Riding the last few kilometers of the way on the sands, now that the sun is back to provide its energy, Savii and his 80 companions reach the shores of Crabland. Smaller Xiphoids scuttle away as the sand almost buries them, while the larger ones are asked for the whereabouts of the Konna's siblings, as they were told some had stayed behind here.
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OK, I think this is fully up to date, shout at me on discord if it's not
Kulianankil on of the Grand Snail mages after hearing more and more news of the 18th Hut and even Scoudian Diplomats saying they saw teleporting towers finally decides to investiage the matter. Especially as mere weeks ago he heard weird interdimenssiona laughter comming from that direction.

Being a master of the planar sciences and detection magic he set out on his quest. Uppon arrival in Hutxviii he was abhored at the primitive and fucked up magical circles the Lizardfolk and Dwarves have scratched in everywhere. They were literally fucking up all of time and space and the leaking power form the broken obelisk was powering it all. The Grand Mage would not be surprised if they summoned some Lovecraftian horror by mistake...

He started instead to help them fick up their broken circles homing them to summon the object they all were colectively describing as the 18th hut.

(I'll wait for Scoudia guy for the stuff conzerning him)
The Konna already on their journey trough the sea notice weird humanoid creatures observing them from affar. As they come closer the mermaids become more and they see Igunafolk observing them for affar and following them in a save distance in their wooden kanoos.

Once they land they walk up north not encountering much untill they reach a nice wide wooden road in the middle of an open field. Weird creatures of all sorts wander there all reffering to the Konna as Peko'lezetv'olk (peko(weird)+lezetv'olk(lizardfolk)).

Nobody pays them much attention to be honest untill they see a weird bearded man holding a merbaid baby with a beard as he sith on the lap of a toadperson while an Axolotilian woman is serving him wine.

He calls out to the Konna recognizing that they are not Taurinquian. He gestures some sighns at his distressed Axolotlian servant and sends her off to the New Capital.

In the new capital they are welcommed Warmly their food is accepted and they are given Taurinquian food in exchange. The Council marvels at how a type of Lizardfolk obtained Iron inspite of still being unable to speak the Taurinquin commontongue. The council decides to let the delegation walk arround freely while they have Diplomats showing them arround tyring to teach them the Commontongue.

The Taurinquians think that the Konna and their tribe which can do metal would make a good addition to the Confederacy... poor guys don't still know what Konna are.
In his arrogance, his grace ignores the babbling of the inhabitants of the seventeen huts. The obelisk was indeed powering their magics, but not in the aid of summoning anything, but in the aid of holding something back. The eighteenth hut is the manifestation of the dual planes; In these hills two become one, and back again. Sightings of the eighteenth are merely glimpses at the divide.
With his eminence's final "correction" a hundred whispers are heard, the air crackles, and mouths are filled with the taste of magic.
It is now certain there is an eighteenth hut, it stretches into existence, collapsing parts of the huts around it. Inside, the glow & flash of lightning shines and the hundred voices scream & bicker.
The door is still shut.
A single dwarven tooth falls from the sky, it lands in a lizard's bowl of soup. He cackles.
The door is still shut.
Pebbles skitter around on the floor unaided, gathering in piles before rolling out of them again. A mad dwarf grabs handfuls of them and shoves them into his beard.
The door is still shut.
Flies buzz around fresh bread, it tastes of rot. Eat it anyway.
The door is still shut.
Shadows move inside the eighteenth hut.
Do not open the door.
As the beastmen continue to grow and reform, a clan consisting of many shamans and weaker races form, making their home in the northeast, calling themselves the Thunderhooves, they wield their combined shamanistic powers and make sections of the land fertile and begin to farm.
The city is called Star Strand.
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As the borders expand, it is discovered the embassy of their northern friends has deteriorated into ruins and the occupants deceased.
Word makes its way to the regent lord of Thirzig'kalnz, Nagg Hegilaz Mountain Lord of Therheiunjar'dun, he decides to arrange a band of dwarves to travel to the homeland of the Ekeni.

Craftsmen construct a vessel that can travel through river and temporarily sea, built with wood and copper along the hull, it is rowed by dwarves below and capable of travel by sail.
The long and thick vessel contains a central tower from which javelinmen and the captain stand atop, along with a mast.
The supplies carried consists of many dozens of kegs of ale, salted meats, and live goats that feast on whatever they find in the water. The near fortress-like ship flies the banner of their people proudly.

At the base of the river alongside the Broken Lands, the ship begins its voyage, likely meeting the Scoudians along the way.

At long last, the mermaids have spoken and reveal the source of their powers.
By now most are given special housing far off in Thirzig'kalnz, while a select few remain in their basic cells.
But the ones that have spoken have now offered to lend their magic to the dwarves in exchange for more luxuries.

With the power of lightning at their disposal, engineers design an object, which combined with many materials could provide them with this energy to be contained and used at will without the need of the mermaids.

The dwarves seem reluctant to reveal any knowledge of metals, simply switching the conversation to something else.
But some offer to sell their crafted iron goods to the outlanders for quite high prices, though worth the cost as they are well crafted and made only by the dwarves.
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After a longer stay in Mew'kalig'lik the diplomats appear before the council and eloquently present their requests, of course not without the help of Alia'lin who has brought her scoudian to a good level after months of travelling with the humans.

- Food supplies to Scoudia
- Exchange of technology, especially on the construction of infrastructure in marshes
- Trade Agreement between the Kingdom of Scoudia and the Taurinquian Confederation

In return, the Taurinquia Confederation will receive:
- 140 pounds of gold
- 54 barrels of Scoudian black beer
- 4 scribes with basic knowledge of Taurinquian Commontongue who will teach the scoudian language and writing system.
- several books written in scoudian tongue and script about agriculture, philosophy and poetry

The council thinks about the offer, the delegation leaves the meeting place and the council members consider a decision.

While Alia'lin is waiting with the rest of the delegation, she unintentionally listens to a conversation between 3 Scoudians who are drinking a beer together.

Servant : "I heard about the situation in the farmlands and Harlund got worse before departing."
Soldier : "The king will take care of that, I mean he has managed to resettle an entire people.
Scribe : Yes, I don't think the situation there in Speyen will escalate either. We have meat, grain, beer - especially beer - I can hardly imagine that."
Soldier : "And even if it is, then something will get started because of this shit nest Gallradan, where the nobles and commoners are crammed together in this overpopulated swamp pond."
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Lord Auke, liege lord of the now destroyed areas, has taken control of Speyen. He sits thoughtfully in his study and goes through lists of recent agricultural yields - not enough for a town of tens of thousands of inhabitants, rationing doesn't help either.
And no news about the delegation sent to the neighboring state, presumably they were killed, nobody knows. What about King Vitautas anyway, for weeks there has been no news or orders from him in the capital.

More and more malnourished refugees from the south are arriving in Speyen. Auke cannot feed them all, because even for the population in Speyen the harvest has not turned out well, he can hardly feed the already existing population. The thousands of refugees are denied entry into the city.
The first pleading cries for help of the people turn into angry screams and cursing against the city guards. Stones flee against the helmets of the guards who, in response, draw their weapons and request reinforcements.
A nervous archer on the walls panics and shoots a stone thrower, frightened cries sound and in a matter of seconds turn into loud war cries. The mob begins to attack the guards with stones, flails, heavy branches and pitchforks. The guards push back the crowd with their shields and kill 5 more armed revolters.
Lord Auke rides with his mounted retinue to the scene, as usual followed by the signal horn announcing his arrival.
Auke: "Stop this madness ! "

His voice goes down in the howl of battle.

Auke: "I. Said. StoooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooop !" (His screaming echoes over the crowd)

The guards and the revolters submit to the authority of the grim-looking, tall man with the horn-helmet and stop the fighting. A protracted silence enters, everyone is curious about Auke's next action.
Auke: "Grant them entry."
Lieutenant : "But my Lord, we have neither food nor - " *SMACK* (Auke slaps him in the face)
Auke: "Arm all men who are able to carry a weapon, regardless of age, and lead them to the barracks. Bring the children, women, cripples and the elderly into the other shelters."

His subordinates do as commanded.
At the same time, he orders the majority of the boats to be confiscated as troop transporters.
File: River.jpg (2.86 MB, 3072x2048)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
The dwarves sail along the river, after longer rains a thick fog has formed over the river and the surrounding ravaged landscape. This fog and this unearthly silence feeds on the nerves of the ship's crew.

>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwDAx8eRAmc

After a while a crew member reports that he constantly sees shadows sneaking back and forth along the shore, his words are confirmed by some other dwarves. The crew sees dilapidated villages and farms along the river with emaciated figures following from their houses and the ship along the river. There are at least a dozen. People scream and shout somewhere deeper in the fog in an unknown language. Out of the fog come other pitiful-looking farmers. The ship is now followed by a group of about 70 people. Everyone on the ship looks at this ghostly pack with a disturbed look.
After just a few minutes the number of people swells to around 300, and even some regular fighters join the mob. The trampling of the humans and horses fills some inexperienced dwarves with horror which panic, this group of emaciated farmers and warriors looks and sounds like an army of evil spirits.
The ship arrives at a narrower point in the river. Desperate people chop down trees and block the river by forming a kind of blockade. The ever-growing mob makes a sinister war cry and fires pojectiles at the ship. Dozens of boats filled with militiamen, swordsmen, archers, spear and stone throwers row towards the ship and try to get on board with improvised ladders. Wild howling sounds from the humans as the dwarves try to defend themselves against the attackers.
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Forgot to post the current minimap in large size.
Oblivious to the chaos in the world, the Ispani keep steady in their own bussiness. Powder is mass produced to be used in grand quantities. Smithys are busy trying to keep up with the demands of the labourers, iron tools are necesary, after all.
Farmlands are stablished in the most eastern part of the kingdom, in the new lands. In Ashkar, plans for the construction of the next city layer. The base is done, but now the greatness has to begin. While the architects plan the new urban plans, the newly build ships are being used to start a new expedition, see waht the world has to offer. The leader is the already popular Gaius, who has a reputation for getting results. With that, the expedition sets off to new lands..
How do I play?
Create a civ and place it in the map. Then post something that your civ is doing. You should go into the discord tho, makes everything easier.
Colonists from the eastern realm arrive at Therheiunjar'dun hearing of untouched lands to the west, they prepare and journey until they reach suitable land to dig into and form a new settlement they would name Volunnz'dun.

Dwarven engineers in Kazun'dun have discovered a use of their newly founded device to harness energy, thought up through a rather crude joke between dwarves while discussing a nearby statue; they created a masterpiece of engineering: a stone figure similar to a dwarf. It stands tall at roughly 8-10 feet, brought to life by the power sources created by dwarves and fueled by mermaids, it springs into animation as a dwarf pilots it from the inside.
The animatron still lies in its infant stage but engineers work day and night developing new additions and improvements for future models.
Nineteen of these constructions step off the assembly line and are purchased by dwarven mountain lords to add to their armies.

The sailors already demoralized by being sent away from home and on the surface, locked in a wooden cage they know little about, is only worsened as they are attacked and haunted by these creatures.
Dwarves clutch stone bricks from their home mountain, others coddling a keg of ale, most praying to their god Therkuunaz for protection, but once the captain issues his orders they spring to action under threat of ale confiscation.
Javelins are hurled past the shield wall adorning the edges of the ship, with only a select number of the strongest dwarves armed with large axes ready to cleave the foe that dares to board the vessel.
The rest of the dwarves are sent below deck to the ores, the captain issuing the command to ram the blockade as there seems to be no other choice.
Whether or not the copper plated hull will withstand the ramming is unknown but it appears to be their best option.
With the construction of the border wall started, there weren't any pressing issues that needed his attention. And just like that Beni grew bored. Oh, he sometimes fought in the Pits and rutted tens of Oni at a time, but that didn't satisfied him. Not like the orgies in Hell though there was less biting with Oni. He ponders to himself maybe he needed a vacation to refresh his mind. Oni aren't known for their spirit of exploration seeing how most are fine never traveling out of our homeland. After hearing a goat baah-ing while walking around the countryside, he remembers Ispani his father struck a trading deal with. Perhaps he could parley with them and have fun? Beni made up his mind and sent a messager that he wants to talk to them about deepening their ties.
Grand Consul Gaspard was in his usual place, his private bureau in the the building designed as the heads residence, but not even decorated.
While he takes a small break from pressing concerns, a messenger suddenly appears before him.
"Sir, a message from the Oni head. He wishes to come and visit, to deepen our bonds, he says".
Well, thats unexpected. He had heard that the Oni head Gaius meeted had passed away, an one of his sons go the throne. Well, its never a good thing to refuse such a visit. He orders a reply.
"We are extatic to recieve you. Please come a let us surprise you"
The reply arrived quickly and Beni was ecstatic to travel to the land of Satyrs. He really had a fun time with them when they last arrived. He wonders if they like to party as much as Oni do. No matter, he gets ready and travels to Ispani. He goes with two of his wives, his son Azu, a group of servants and his best bodyguards along with a plethora of gifts.
Eventually, the Oni Head arrives with a very curious company. Although the Consul had never seen a Oni before, Gaius had described them before. He wasnt kidding when he said they were big. He wished that he was here, but he had gone to the expedition west. Well, lets hope this fellows enjoy the pleasures of life.
As they enter the city, he is recieved by the honor guard, with all the pieces of jewelry and feathers they had. The consul Recieved the chief with a big hug, and proclames the races of the Oni. With that, they make them follow to the main city square, where a great bnquet has been provided. All kinds of meats and fruits, but with especial care to alcohol. Wine, beer and spirits. All that is need to have a great party. Lets not forget the spectacle, where the satyr excel. Let us have a great night.
File: qst.png (411 KB, 2048x2048)
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411 KB PNG
Map Update

The Ekeni have stayed to themselves for too long it is felt. They have made minor un-lasting contact with so few, and these have resulted in so little. Culture stagnates, a once vibrant people fond of festivals, dancing, poetry, fall to idleness and the opium pipe. First is the matter of the embassy to the stoutfolk. Second the shelled-men have not, and have not been visited for too long. Third and fourth are tales of strange creatures to the South, one who look like the Ekeni on top but have the legs of a goat(!), the other a race of brutish monsters, horned & many-eyed! Perhaps the ale has been made too strong. Fifth is those sturdy men of an unknown tongue, whose docks span the Fifth River.

>Dwarves & the Embassy
Two small vessels are dispatched from Fera, strong enough to make the journey South, but packed with only enough to make it to dwarven lands. They set sail without fanfare, this is business and not a celebration. One would travel to the land of the other men, the second further in to the dwarves.

>The Konna of Tulo
A party is sent East, to the 'point the pipe was shared', nothing. They travel further still, arriving at an abandoned shore. It's obvious this is where the shelled-men were, as holes are dug in spots, and a great divot can be seen in the sand. Anything that could tell of the supposéd demise of the shelled-men has been washed away by the sea.

>Satyrs, the Ekeni-Goats
Another party is this time sent South by land, nothing more than a few trained huntsmen. They quickly find themselves marching through swampland, and beset by stinging insects. It is decided to turn back and recruit pitch-riggers, those capable of wading through this mire.

>Oni, the Demonkin
A third party is sent too, at the same time. They head SE, over moor and moss, the come to an imposing forest filled with shadows. They make camp at the edge of it, and plan.

>Scodians, fellow men
The ships set sail, both would eventually arrive at Gallradan, though that name is unknown to the Ekeni.

Thick fog slows the journey, and hides the city of Ashkar totally from the ships' view, for now the goatmen to the South remain rumour.
Beni has never seen such strange architecture before. The buildings are wooden but it looks like they were built from stone. Amazing! Though not as impressive as Oni architecture. Their holy buildings were proof. The leader that greeted him wasn't the same one from last time but he assured Beni he will make his stay pleasing. They arrived at the main square where a banquet was being held. The Ispani offered him and his entourage many drinks and types of exotic food to gouge themselves on. At this moment, Beni knew he made the right choice coming here. While his wives were gossiping and his son play-fighting with Ispani warriors, Beni discuss matters on how to make their ties into better bonds. Beni ask the Consul his thoughts.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the northern part of the Yamagami Forest, the shadow creatures guarding that part sensed outsiders were near. They went to find on them and saw they were Ekeni. The shadows don't know much about them, only that they smoke a lot. Shipo, the leader of the pack, was thinking on what to do with these Ekeni. It thought on eating them, wanting to see how they taste but decided not to since they probably taste like smoke. His second-in-command suggested to let go through and see what they. The Ekeni have never try to come into Mugoi before. Killing them now won't give them information. Shipo pondered for a while and agreed to the idea. They went off and stalk the party of Ekeni from afar.
File: Ambush.jpg (468 KB, 763x490)
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468 KB JPG
>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffkGsP7JwZ0

The dwarves react by shooting javelins back at the boats. The unarmored commoners are pierced by the spears and collapse on the boats. Several dwarves are injured or killed by a hail of stones, arrows and spears which are shot from the shore and the boats. The people in the boats climb the ship with ladders, grappling hooks and long branches. Like cockroaches, the starving peasants fall over the ship. Bony hands and feet try to climb onto the deck, the heavy axes hack into the limbs and the farmers fall screaming into the water. Soon there are just too many of them and the first ones climb onto the deck. The first wave of miserably equipped farmers is crushed by the better equiped dwarves.
A second wave of boats attacks the ship from all sides. The deck turns into a single free-for-all. Rage and anguish filled cries and the clash of weapons result in a disturbing cacophony. Some humans break into the ship's pantry and flee back to the boats with the salted flesh.
The ship sails towards the blockade at full speed. With full force the dwarves ram the blockade, everyone on board the ship is thrown to the ground by the power of the impact, the copper hull of the ship bends and the tree trunk blockade is pushed aside. Hysterical, desperate screams can be heard from the people in the fog. Some last humans cling to the ship before it is completely out of range. The starving warriors, however, can do little without the reinforcement of the peasants.
The last armored warrior of the humans, who manages to kill several dwarves, kneels down due to the high blood loss, supporting himself with his sword. He says something in his language before a dwarf separates his head from his body with an axe. The whole ship is filled with corpses of humans and dwarves, the deck has turned red with blood. The large group of humans disappears in the fog.
The dwarves count 14 dead crew members and about 50 bodies of undernourished humans on the deck and in the water. Almost every dwarf has been wounded and a large part of the pantry has been looted, but the goats are still in full health and the ale has not been touched.
Having narrowly avoided a complete disaster, the dwarves vehemently thank Therkuunaz that their ale remains unmolested.
Receiving damage to multiple parts of the ship, carpenters get to work repairing what they can, eventually coming to the conclusion they can go on sailing for now, though they should stop to obtain supplies and repair further once they can assure their safety.
Calming down from this unexpected turn of events, the dwarves soon use the emaciated corpses to create a stew for the crew making up for the lost meats as they gather their fallen kin, tying stones of their homeland to them after wrapping them in goat furs and laying them to rest in the river.
They continue their voyage, constantly eying the riverbank, but unable to make out much as dwarves are shortsighted creatures.
Eventually passing by Gallradan but would make no attempt to stop, then making it into the sea and traveling along the coast unless they encounter further resistance.
File: ShowMeYourDick.png (29 KB, 369x688)
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The Council looks at the Scoudians with surprise. They do not understand the fascination of the Dwarflike Races with such hard to produce, soft and rare metal.

The Taurinquian Council refuses the useless offering. The Scoudian black beer seems more appropriate, but after some discussion the council decided they have a better idea. The gift of knowledge and experts is considered a great idea by them.

The Taurinquians while not in a good spot themselves do not lack food as that was always mostly provided from the ocean. A swamp is not a perfect place for farming to begin with. The Council proposes a different kind of trade instead.

The Scoudians are to create a Town in the marked Square and send farmers to live there which will then set out to the 2 other marked provinces to set up farms there and teach the locals their craft. These farmers will be Scoudian, but considered Taurinquians and will have a chosen among them a representative for the Council.

Aid in form of food will be sent to the Scoudians on a newly established trade route from that town. The food will be considered a gift for bringing the art of writing to the Confederation, further trade will be established on the basis of bargaining. The Taurinquians definitely lack metal tools, writing supplies, nice cloth stuff, art etc.
To offer we have:
> the not!termite substance
> wood
> poison gas weapons
> acids and other alchemical supplies
> more food
> very exotic prostitutes
> mercenarries
> bad tasting, but extremely strong alcochol
> weird primitive religious trinkets

The Iquanafolk engineers will be sent along with the food supplies. The Scoudians are warned though that those have experience changing places into swamps not the reverse as such assistance and cooperation from the local Scoudian architects will be required.
Dwarven iron is valued extremely within Confederation space, even the metal obtained from the Scoudians can barely compare. The Dwarves keep digging their stoney underground homes along the main roads connecting cities. Only the greatest chieftains got their hands on Dwarven weapons, but their craft is valued immensely so much so that they can get away with basically anything.

The Dwarves once supposedly criminals being spoiled srugged and slowly indoctrinated have turned much calmer and while they were failures in Dwarven society in Taurinquian society they are heroes and they feel good that their work is valued. Even the stone the dwarves throw out when digging their endless underground homes fetches a high price as Taurinquia had no minin industry whatsover and everything was once from wood. Life for a Dwarf is good within the confederation.

Seeing that the Dwarves have set up their lifes they are not considerted war prissoners anymore, but fellow Confederation members. They can now travel freely, have a representative on the council and set up their own military units.
Having suprisingly not killed and eaten all the river mermaids whose flesh is so delicious the Dwarves learn their true nature. Due to their serpentine tail they can move arround land like a sneak, but need to have their tails kept moist. The River mermaids also get stressed if you don't keep them in muddy dark water usually, they get very cranky. They also tend to be lazy and often act bratty.

Even Sar herself which was a dilligent commander now if just floating arround in the mood all happily refusing to do anything unless forced too.

The Dwarves managed to gain electric devices, but their power output is so far verly low and mostly useful trincket.
It is soon after leaving the bay Gallradan sits in that they meet the two Ekeni boats in the clearing mists. The men stop rowing upon seeing the vessel and call out to it, "Drut o fein?", it would be obvious to any dwarf that heard it, that this was the Ekeni tongue. There is an uneasy quiet, of only the water and the creaking of wood.
File: Auke's Force.jpg (521 KB, 1600x765)
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>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk6un-ck-S4

While the young king Beni is seeking diversion at the court of Gaspard in decadent festivals, Lord Auke made a nightly transport action and crossed the river with the many confiscated boats with his formidable army consisting of experienced heavy armoured cavalry and infantry with thousands of the newly formed militiamen as reserves. The footsteps of
Unknowingly crossing the domain of the sartyrs the scoudian army is making a forced march onto the strategicly important hilltops. Wrights and men-at-arms begin to fortify the positions. Lord Auke lets his men rest after the quick but tiresome advance.

Even if the diplomats are shocked that the gold has been rejected, they are still satisfied with the other points. A rider is sent to Gallradan, now the diplomatic results only need the blessing of the king to get everything rolling.
File: Fort.png (39 KB, 684x510)
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>"the footsteps of"
(Ignore that, mistake of mine)

>new Fort called "Skonrad" on the hilly territory
The consul has it all figured out. Embasies, from both parties, to the capitals. A cultural exchange, perhaps even an importantyoung figure from either side, as to be tutored since early age in the other ones traditions. This would mark the beggining of a new brand of ambassators. As our production specialises, so does our trade posibilities. The benefits are big indeed!
As one of the frontier guards patrol the borders rather lazily, slowly stops as he sees something he never quite expected. A group , never seen before, has suddenly appeared, an even begun to build a fort! This can only mean few things, unfortunately, not very good.
He rides back as fast as he can, collapsing as soon as he communicates the news. Such an untimetly situation, while the Oni delegation is here. As the grand consul is informed, consul Julius raises an armed group. He has the full intention to make things clear with these new menaces.
Embassies? Not a bad idea Beni thought to himself. It would give the Oni a more direct ally in time and they're going to need them. He agreed to the Consul's proposal. Beni was about to ask the Consul if he wanted to celebrate their agreement in private when one of the Ispani guards barged in and reported there were invaders. By Zenshi, war?! Boooooring! Annoyed, he went back eating and drinking. He saw the Grand Consul look worried. Beni nonchalantly said to him if he needed some muscle, some Oni can hiredspecifically from Miki. He then ordered one of his guards to return home and to put the Mugoi on alert.
The first exile town in the western realm is finally created, forming west of Volunnz'dun, it focuses on providing the underworld goat products and lumber, taking the name Jimiz'feld.

Engineers of Kazun'heim relocate to Movzan'dun, purchasing a large chamber in the mountain, providing both mountains with profit, and allowing the engineers to more easily utilize the resources of the Great Forge of Jotun'kalnz.
Beginning the production of Zaroz I: a refined version of the initial model created in Kazun'heim.
32 are made and purchased by the Mountain Lords.

Relieved to be met with friendly faces, the helmsman approaches the vessels and anchoring to speak with them.
Captain "Admiral Redbeard" Zalzig Heigevar climbs down his tower to talk, having trouble doing so with only one leg: his right leg having been amputated recently and replaced with a human femur, he speaks with the Ekeni and ask them if there are diplomats among them, and if not, how far away is their capital with the aid of a diplomat assisting him with enough knowledge of the Ekeni tongue to hopefully understand.
Damage on the ship would be visible, with a large dent in the front copper plating, arrows sticking out of the hull, broken oars and bloodstained wood.
Will allow this to run its course before map updating

Will also reply to this soon, but for now, it's relic time


Volunnz'dun soon begins to thrive, in that peculiar way that only dwarven holes in the ground do. In the necessary expansion of the main forge a new chimney was being built. It was here Therkuunaz seemed to find it fitting to bestow another piece of himself upon His people. While forgemaiden Sleippen the Fair carved away at the rock, she narrowly avoided being crushed by a familiar black granite pedestal which crashed throught the ceiling dropping its golden reliquary on the ground. As it fell, it opened, and fire so hot it singed the very stone around it bellowed out. Now badly burnt, the forgemaiden used her tongs to close the lid again, which welded them onto it. She cried for aid as the voice of Therkuunaz congratulated her, "By My Beard, you found... My Beard! Bring it to me, and I shall heal your body."

Now that the war had at least died down, some returned to the tunnels that connected Therheiunjar'dun to Thirzig'kalnz, hoping to recover bodies. Hrogarth Thizzernjarn searches for his wife one of the less damaged halls, when he notices a golden light shining in the rubble. He pushes aside what he can and places his eye to the hole. There he sees another relic room, with a tall reliquary on its pedestal. Hrogarth calls his sons to him and together they move enough stone to get into the room. They are shocked to see the reliquary has a transparent side, and in it is a stack of strange heavy iron cogs? Beard beads? "My spine! How dreadful it is to stoop and crawl, bring this to me so that I may once again stand proud."
Further restructuring of the beastmen is made with a precise plan in Goretusk's mind.
Workers are sent to quarries, collecting stone to build, and bronze for weaponry, the beastmen would soon be fully equipped with bronze weapons and tools.

From the Black Pit, the Swamphide Clan migrates to create their home simply named the Marshlands, utilizing the messy nature of the lands and creating traps along the borders.
(Forgot to add these)

Lunar-Hound has made his presence known across the dwarven underlands, providing him enough currency to purchase supplies and equipment for his travels, allowing him to leave behind the realm and journey from Golgin'thr to the north, likely arriving at Gao where he would be mounted atop a megalo-goat pulled carriage with a close friend to assist him.
He has with him enough food to last at least until the arrival at the Oni's land to acquire more, an array of bone flutes and other such bone devices, and some stringed instruments along with drums.

As the dwarves craft more and more animatrons they require more power.
As they now give all the mermaids homes in the mountain to their almost exact desire, dark, and murky, with light by chandelier should they so desire, the large rooms are quite roomy giving them plenty of space to swim freely while the dwarves offer the creatures more and better foods so long as they provide power to the devices they bring to them.
Two mermaids are allowed to live together in hopes they breed. Should they request, they are given a different mermaid if they are incapable of reproduction.
Having both never seen a dwarf before, and definitely not a dwarven ship, the fact it was built of bloodied wood and plated with dented copper rose little suspicion; perhaps that is just how dwarven ships are built. Tales of dwarves had reached back home, though the few who had travelled to dwarven lands were those in the embassy. The more nimbler Ekeni ships row to either side of the dwarven vessel, and anchor there for ease of communication. The ship's captain speaks up;
-translated from the Ekeni-
"Hail! We come to see what has come of those sent to build and maintain an embassy in your lands. We have not received the expected news back from them for some time. We pray that no harm has come to them, but fear this may be the case."
After showing off to his new bedfellows by downing an entire keg of strong wine, and still bedding them all, Beni falls into a deep sleep. Soon he is dreaming. It is night, he is leading his army through an unknown forest, though there is no sound of night birds or insects. instead there is a drumming. Not from war drums, but, festival drums in the distance. He remembers what he is doing here. He sees the glow of the bonfire now. In a secret code he instructs his men to encircle the clearing, he is to go in alone. There they are, the bird oni, dancing and singing(?) around a fire of bones. He sings and dances too, he knows the old tongue again. The bird oni take him in as their own. He picks at the meat of a man's hand. He drinks wine mixed with blood. He laughs, deep and hearty. His men know their cue. They charge in with polearms, skewering the unaware creatures, and shooting down those that try to fly away with poisoned arrows. They kill them all with ease. Beni sees a strange crystal in the fire, and with bare hands grasps it. It is barely warm. The fire dies of its own accord. He wakes in a cold sweat. It is midnight, a full moon, he is alone in his bedchamber.
The Grand Wizard as if reawakening from a slumber notices his mistake. The Obelisk has recontextualised any mistake the Lizardpeople would have made into a correct incantation. As such rendering his actual knowlage of magic a hindrance to his goal.

But still there is stands the hut everyone was dreaming about. The Lizardfolk and Dwarves run up to it every single one backing down one after another from opening it. Just defaulting to obedient prayer. The Old Snail turns arround to look at the shatered Obelisk, it was there to keep something at bay and still clumsily continues that mission after it broke.

The Snail is curious though. He knows the door is dangerous and him screwing up the spells has warped reality itself. When he focuses his magic he sees them, vissions of the other side... and it is beautiful. Creatures reside there pure in their nature only streangth decides their chierarchies and as such they are as strong as they come. There is no mercy or kindness which makes people weak... yet still they can exist in unisson. He walks up to the shattered obeisk and starts looking at the fallen of smaller fragments.

He calls out to the dwarves, no understanding the mind warping he knows the propper incantations. He has the Dwarf make those into weapons.

In the months that follow the Obelisk is slowly being destroyed and armour, wepons and deals on the land are being constructed out of it. All the cultists set out to call their bretheren and the Grand Snail himself has his disciples summoned. The Ocean Mermaids intrigued by this even also show up.

The whole province itself has been changed into one big magic circle and the titular 18th Hut placed firmly unable to escape the realm.
With specialised equipment ready and an army of soldiers and negotiators at bay the preparations are complete.

The Grand Wizard snails his way towards the entrance and presses the doorhandle slowly opening the gates of hell. Which from now on are to be known as the Gate of Unity.
Beni was in shock from waking up from his dream. No, vision! But where or who sent it? Eas it the gods or the bird-oni? He must find the truth, but his bedfellows groan to him to come back to bed. Beni clam himself and went back to sleep. At dawn, he gather together his entourage and profusely apologize to the Grand Consul for leaving so suddenly. He thanks him for his hospitality and will bring his idea for embassies to the Paraliment. After a couple of days of riding, Beni returns to Maru and calls forth a Meeting. He gives a speech on how the world is changing that we need to ally with friends. He enticed the merchants with trading deals, nobles with new luxuries and the commons with exotic lovers. After much arguing and fist fighting, the Paraliment came to an agreement to allow the embassies to be built, one in Maru and one in Ispani's capital. But not before the Ispani finish their war. Beni is relieved and ends the Meeting but inside, he feels dread. Still remembering the disturbing vision, he summons mages and priests to interpret his dream. Is it a vision of the future and just a nightmare? He awaits their conclusion.
Zaroz II is developed, standardized at 8 feet, the stone figure utilizing less stone in order to be equipped with iron armor, this model can be given weapons in the main hand. Specially made giant hammers and axes are made by smiths in their home mountains.
53 are made and distributed.

Training occurs in the underworld, men sent from the eastern realm bolster the army being trained Therheiunjar'dun, utilizing a quarry to better learn the capabilities of their new forces, ensuring the dwarven military is up to date in combat.

Through the translator, understanding very basic Ekeni, responds that the embassy has been destroyed, the diplomats slain by aquatic invaders of a nation to the south that had also summoned a great cataclysm brought upon the dwarven realm, destroying half their city.
He also explains that they were attacked by a small army of crazed men, barely avoiding capture and death shortly after beginning their voyage, though he doesn't put as much emphasis on that, just making the issue known.

Meanwhile, merchants of the ship attempt to discuss trade with any capable Ekeni, the dwarves seeking a trade route for opium, as they've taken a liking to it, though they make sure to include that they must ensure the rivers protection before any such trade is established.
The wall guards stopped a carriage pulled by huge goats with dwarves inside. The guards were a bit surprised bt they kept their composure and did their duty. They ask what would dwarves want in Oni territory? The dwarves introduced themselves and said they want to go to Gao and purchase items from the markets. Daki, one of the guards, know the dwarves aren't enemies but not really friends of Oni but Jaki, other guard, said King Beni wanted more trade to come in. After thinking this through, he allows the dwarves to past through but warns them to behave themselves in Gao.
As he grasps the handle, waves of energy roll through him, which intensifies as he pushes down. The whispers become louder, and louder still, they become screams, then banshee wails. The lights inside begin to grow brighter, and brighter still, they become blinding! Drums, and rattles sound, then horns and trumpets blare, bells and cymbals ring out! As the latch disengages, and the door creaks open there is... silence, and, darkness. The air no longer crackles with electricity, the taste of magic is gone. The snail lets out a defeated sigh, and slithers gingerly into the hut. It seems to be made of mud brick, covered in plaster which flakes in places. The reed mats on the floor are falling to pieces, and the only furniture is a rough wooden table slumped against a wall. Where were the riches? The treasure unimaginable? The snail retracts his eye-stalks, envisioning the room filled with tomes of knowledge, scrolls and grimoires. He looks again, the room is still empty. He turns and slimes back outside.

The folk are gathered around with wonder and hope in their eyes, the snail can only lower his head. Then, on the wind, murmuring in a foreign tongue, which grows louder, more intelligible. They draw closer, until they are all around, until they are inside ones very head. It is as if a great gong was hit, the air vibrates and a strange mood falls on all around. Only then does a lizard notice the shadows emerging from the eighteenth hut, long humanoid forms whose arms drag along the ground. He shakily points and lets out a pathetic mewling squeak, others turn to them and begin to scream. On a deep and visceral level they know innately these things should not be. Should not be here, should not be seen. If they still had any grasp on their minds, it was gone now.

The noise inside the mind is deafening and cannot be drowned out. Some claw at their ears hoping to dim the noise, but to no avail. More shadow-forms exit the hut, grey eyes seem to shine in their heads as they survey the land, paying no attention to the madness around them. More and more pour out, to a total of seventeen. The things brush aside any attempts to interact with them, dissolving flesh that touches them. They walk? glide? move over to the obelisk and stare down at it. Magic seems to sizzle and spit out of it like fat in a hot pan. One touches the obelisk, the others follow suit.

As the beings do this, insanity truly spreads through the settlement. Dwarves tear out their beards, lizardfolk crawl into barrels of ale and drown themselves, others gather to drink it. Other peoples simple lay down in the road, waiting to be trampled, some run into the eighteenth hut, screaming of the riches they see. So much happens so fast, though around the shadow things, time seems to crawl or even halt. The stitches of reality have begun to wear thin, and the unseen hand considers pulling at the stray thread.
File: Screenshot_54.png (448 KB, 395x491)
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Arriving safely at the first city they find, being Gao, his assistant leaves him behind to obtain supplies while Lunar-Hound sets up his instruments in a good location to play to the people.
The old dwarf strums his instruments and blows his flutes in combination creating vivid and pleasing music to passersby, a small cauldron lies beneath his feet for donations as he happily plays away.
There was an old dwarf playing his flute near markets. The people thought it was amusing for a tiny old man blowing his flutes. Most walked by while some dropped coins of various value into his small caulon. Meanwhile, his friends was browsing the stalls and stores. He saw a plethora of food types, clothes, weapons, charms, and other countless wares.
His assistant returns with supplies as well as a small collection of trinkets and other such items.
The old dwarf is disappointed with the outcome of his playing, but he remains in good spirits, the two load up the carriage with the new supplies after collecting a few more coins before riding along the road.
The keg shaped vehicle jostles around as it travels north, stopping at cities to resupply and collect coin.
Making just enough to scrape by, they eventually arrive in Maru to perform one last time in the nation.
The Grand Wizard is nowwhere to be seen he teleported out of the hut his flesh being partly dissovlved he uses first aid to fix himself. If not for the hardiness of his millenia old mind insanity would have long taken him.

Seeing the hardy Lizards in such a state is surprising and even the Dwarves known for their iron will have not stood firm fort he first time. Only his students shielded their minds with magic and crawled into hiding.

Suddnely songs are heard from affar. It's the mermaids whow were late. A whole army of them sitting on crabs as if on rocks, they ride closer and closer. They are lead by Petronellia one of the Grandbards of the Ocean. They sing a magical song like a chorus calming and restoring fighting spirit to all which still have their ears.

Petronellia rides up to the Snail laying on the ground. One can see anger in her eyes.

"How dare you practice your vile arts when under your feet one of the River Fathers is dying?"

The old Snail remembers now that here once was a river which died and what that truly means and why the mermaids decided to help. Still few Taurinquian races could be as useful here as the mermaids. This incident needs to be solved quickly.

He has them dedicate a song just for him and so an entire Chorus of Mermaids does just that. As they surround the town and form a circle out of crabs they sing a song to strengthen his mind making it like a fortress ready for a sige lasting months.

He sets up the spells targeting one of the 17 wanderers and enters it's minds trough telepathy no matter how foreign, scarry or lovecraftian what he experiences is his mind holds firm just long enough to convey one simple message into the creatures mind:

"I want to talk."
Lunar-Hound departs from the Oni, continuing his journey north, rationing their supplies as they hope to be amongst more appreciative ears, they arrive at the Ekeni's Temple Complex.

The engineers of Movzan'dun expand their capabilities as a new model is developed and sent out for purchase.
Gizguja I, a wooden framed animatron, plated with bronze, and reinforced with iron shafts.
All standing at 10 feet and being considerably more lightweight while using less energy, with 35 being produced, they are all given huge iron axes upon construction.

With the combat efficiency deemed up to date in the training grounds of Therheiunjar'dun, the trained warriors present in the western realm are sent to work on the surface to redirect the mountains river.
Scholars realized the power the river is capable of ever since the Flooding and have now acted upon this knowledge. Holes are dug, protected with metal bars, water rushes into the hole and meets machines in the earth that generate power to greatly increase and cheapen the cost of production for many crafts in Thirzig'kalnz.
Goretusk seeks new lands.
He requests a fleet to be constructed and to be used by the Maimpaw Clan.

As wood is scarce, small bronze vessels are mass produced.
The Maimpaw Clan constructs and occupies the vessels, taking with them all that they own, the entire clan relocating itself in hopes of better lands.
They begin their voyage at the Blood Mountain river and travel westward in search of land to claim.
Should they settle, their new home would be named Bronze Hill as they will use most of their vessels as housing.
You could almost see the confusion of the envoy pop up as question marks above their heads as they encounter the dwarf. Did they mishear something? Weren"t the furfaces and the creature with him enemies? Sent off to what turns out to be the capital, the Konna are welcomed as if one of their own kin, causing further confusion. Bags of food are exchanged, and the creatures seem to fancy their metal weapons, upon which an axe is handed over.
Shown around afterwards and bombarded with speech they can't decipher, it seems these not-so-aquatic beings seek friendship. The envoy promises to return in the form of gestures before heading back home
The Council fawns over the iron weapon which has due to Dwarven influence become one of th most desired objects in Taurinquian high society.

The Konna are stopped as they try to leave after being presented the gift. It might look confusing or even a bit scarry to them, but a parchment of beautifully ordained cloth is presented to them shortly after.

It's a piece of woven decorative cloth resembling the parchment recieved from the Scoudians hanging in the Councilroom, it is smaller, but still well made. It depicts the agreed uppon trade deals between the Scoudians and and Taurinquians with text in Scoudians and in the new Taurinquian alphabet accompanying it.

A very big Taodperson also walks up and puts a small pointy hat on the head of one of the Turtles. The Konna are now permitted to leave as they please or continue exploring the new capital freely.
Instinctively reaching for their weapons after being stopped, they calm down upon seeing the gift offered to them. While the imagery and writing on the cloth was as cryptic as could be to them, they nonetheless thank the Taurinqians for it. The one recieving the hat by the absolute unit of a toad, twice the size of the average Turtle, leaves even more confused than his siblings. Goodbyes are waved as they make their way back home. There they would tell the others about the meeting, and some days later return accompanied by scholars. Maybe languages could be exchanged in order to facilitate communication.

The Konna travelling the sea on Iti, still scarred from the battle with the beastmen begin to explore the art of brewing potions, which would keep them busy for a while as they were in the possession of a great many kinds of plants and animals gathered on their journies. Additionally, defensive developments are made. Using pulleys, ground from the bottom of the sea is retrieved and modeled into the form of Konna. Two halves, they'd fully enclose one of them, leaving only the eyes exposed in order to see. But something is missing. From a large, purple glowing orb, created by Savii during his stay, two smaller pieces are retrieved, doable due to it being made from soft material. The orbs are hardened over fire and then put inside the two halves, the front half on its chest, the other on the upper half of the shell. It takes a moment before the glowing intensifies and darkens as the outer shells come to life. The Konna Youngling inside this construction has to make orders for every step he took so it moves along, however after another dozen attempts the "hull" can begin to sense when he is taking a step. Accompanied by continous tripping and falling due to inaccuracies, it would take a lot of training to make this new armour usable.
There is disagreement between the assembly, half call it prophecy, a vision into the future, the other half claim it is merely a dream. That is until an old oni speaks against them all, he is neither priest nor mage, and no one seems to know who he is. Whispers ripple through the group but Beni hushes them with a simple raise of his hand, he wishes to hear this strange interloper. The old oni is doubled over with age, his horn only little nubs, and his skin lacking any lustre, though his intelligence and wiseness radiate from him.

"This is not merely a dream, but it is not what is destined to pass either. It is a glimpse of what can be. Should you follow this path, you now know its destination, but it is still a path untaken."
Hearing of the attacks, those destined for Gallradan have second thoughts, so too do those headed for dwarven lands. It is put across that travel by sea, given the hostile nature of the men of the fifth river, would be impractical at the least, it must be over land. The merchant-ambassador aboard is all too happy to sell more opium. He explains that he once had dealings with a race of strange little green men in shells, who mysteriously vanished from their shores.


The fresh quarry site is decided, and no sooner had the first pick been swung was yet another reliquary found. "At last, my right arm joins me for the battles ahead."
(this is going to take some actual brain power, so will reply later)

The complex is abandoned save a dozen or so priests which tend a small garden nearby. They are startled by the arrival of a strange short creature. Though upon seeing his(?) beard and rounded belly, they know him to be a dwarf from the South. A young priest in green robes welcomes him in very broken dwarven, similar to "Hello, you nice come here. Me happy see."
File: qst.png (415 KB, 2048x2048)
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The blind dwarf smiles behind his large, bushy white beard, in his tongue, simply saying "Music" he then pulls a flute from his beard and begins to play a tune.
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Quick correction about the river
After the meeting with the Ekeni vessels, the captain orders the ship to run aground for repairs.
The carpenters harvest lumber along the coast to repair and fortify any spots in need of wood.
The copper hull is repaired, removing the dent and allowing it to travel at near its original speed and maneuverability .
Foraging shortly before entering back into the waters, the dwarves successfully patch up the ship and make their way back home.
Entering the river at Gallradan, once more passing by, they would have their sails up nearly at all times, and rowing at an increased speed, should they encounter another ambush, they would row at full force to evade combat and ram any barricades, along with large wooden pikes located nearby oarsmen to thrust through the openings to keep attackers at bay.

Thirzig'kalnz becomes known for its output of goods despite the great catastrophe recently endured.
The knowledge of their utilization of the river spreads to Rakkun'dun which constructs their own water powered machines providing the eastern realm with ease of production.
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418 KB PNG
Adding in this trade road I missed
Beni was at in an impasse on what to do with this revelation. He felt he needed to do what the vision has shown to figure out what was that crystal in the fire, but his spirit was raging to ignore the vision; believing it to be his doom. For now, Beni will hold off deciding on what to do. Beni made the assembly swear an curse-oath yo never speak of this to anyone else.

A week later, his brother Ketsu came visit Beni. Like Uko, Ketsu was quite different from last time they saw each other. His hair was pure white, skin turned blue like when someone stands out in the cold for too long, and he was much hairier and bigger. Ketsu told Beni of his journey of enlightenment in the monastery-village on Mount Ai-jo. One day while meditating with the monks, Ketsu and the whole village was struck with inspiration and fell asleep. He's not sure it was from the gods or mountain spirits but when they woke up, they were all like him. After much confusion, they figure out not only was their outer appearance changed but they were granted new powers. They had ice breath, able to create winds of icy cold, no longer negatively affected by low temperatures and grew in size. But now their emotions were dulled; they weren't as party-crazy or lustful as the average Oni. Which was a shame, to say at least. Beni was shivering from his brother's aura but he perseveres. While he's glad Ketsu came to visit, he asks what does he needs. Ketsu asks if Beni can graciously send aid and material to properly make the village into a town and connect it to Miki. Beni agrees and orders what Ketsu asked for to be given. It was a good idea to have a stronghold near the ambitious dwarves anyways. The town will be called Nona.
One of the things turned to where the snail had transposed himself to, its stare burrowing right through him. Any creature unprotected would fall into shock at the gaze, but the siren song gave enough for a single sentence to be sent and for a single word to be received back;
The simple sounds bounced around the snails head, ricocheting off his psyche. Sounds any child could make, but it is not the sounds of a word that make it dangerous, it is the knowledge it conveys.The protective wall was enough to receive the information, but not against the effects of the very word itself. Duality sparked in the snails mind, fracturing it in two, then four, then eight, infinitesimally. He slapped to the ground, broken.
The thing turned back to the obelisk as if it had merely brushed aside a fly.
File: skull_snail_by_tmoegee.jpg (108 KB, 900x633)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
The Grand Wizard Snail falls to the ground feeling his mind being infiltrated. Feeling it even break. He focuses his magic, fixes it and get's back up.

He instructs the Mermaids to sing the ballad of Urthard the Godslayer. (song specifficaly designed to weken or strip Gods of their devinity of a short period of time performed by a grand bard and army of bards)

He uses his dwarven axe with Obelisk infused magic teleports to the creature which hurt him and decapitates him. If it does not die he keeps teleporting at it and slicing untill every single cell of it's body is in a seperate pocket dimenssion of his creation.

He spits his mocus on the ground and signals the Grand Bard.


They sing the song to streangthen his mind again. He has obtained information the word "Ba'lo'a"

He adresses the next demigod, the same manner he did the previous one.
The snail staggers back up, his mind stitched crudely back together, and aims his demand at another creature. It too simply turns to the snail, but this time says nothing, it merely stares into him. As it does, the others begin to turn also, until all seventeen gaze solely in his direction. His being begins to shake as he tries to stand against the assault. Hairline fractures trace across his shell. It is then that a thought is spoken into his mind, "Join the lunacy, or die."
The things keep their gaze on him, awaiting his answer.
The priests listen intently to the flute music. Though jaunty, it conveys a sort of melancholic nostalgia upon the listeners. When he is finished they invite him into a small wooden building, from whose chimney billows savoury smelling smoke. They offer him the meagre things they can, a salted-fish, some fire-roasted root vegetables, and a rather bland porridge that's enlivened with an odd tasting swamp-herb. There pour him tankards of cider mixed with the same herb, and a small cup of sheep's milk. The young priest tries to ask him the name of the song, "What song candle?" he asks, butchering the language.

The Ekeni were once swamp-dwellers, they point out which similar looking plants are delicious and which are poisonous. Which simple flower hides giant tubers, and even which vines are edible. The captains talk between rough translations.
"What happened to our embassy and our men? There are stories of the ground swallowing cities whole."
It starts in Gao, a coughing sickness. The afflicted begin with a mild cough, which worsens over a few days until their throat is raw. It is difficult to swallow, and soon they are coughing up blood and bile. Their skin pales and their temperature rises, until even light clothing causes them to sweat. Eventually they cannot eat, and drinking is painful. On the brink of death, they make a miraculous recovery, but it's a false hope. After two or three days of feeling well, they are dead. Thankfully there are only a handful of cases which are quickly quarantined. It's thought a market stall owner was the first.
That is until a child dies in Shini, and a minor noble is seen coughing blood in Hanzo.
Why would Zenshi bring such a horrible affliction?
There is joy and celebration in Weqas this day. A chameleon woman thought barren lays nine eggs. They hatch within hours, a miracle in itself, but each contains two little lizards, who are healthy and already curious. As their scales lighten, they turn from dark grey to a brilliant red, all eighteen of them. Surely a sign of good to come!
The fish seem to jump into the fishers' nets, and all eat well that night. Songs are sung throughout the city, the air is jubilant! Even the often grumpy toadpeople dance.
The intruders near the forest were about to enter when a feral Oni came out roaring at them. They flee while screaming a devil is chasing them. Luckily, the feral Oni only chase them for five minutes; allowing them to escape.

News of the plague reach Beni in Maru. Reports state the disease starts out as a simple coughing then it worsens but when the Oni seems about to die, they "recover" miraculously. Then they kneel over and expired suddenly without outside inflections showing after a few days. He immediately orders all cities and towns to shut their gates, allow no travel (inside or out), and all Oni are to avoid physical contact and wear masks to cover their mouths. Beni summons his best healers to figure out a cure or at least something prevent new cases while the mages do rituals to see if this is a natural or magical illness. He prays to the gods for guidance.
>>In Which Plans Are Made For The Restoration Of the Ancient Ones

Far across the Inland Sea the Xiphoid realm was being transformed. The Water granting powers of the mighty Gem had been put to immediate and crude use. The great sands became inundated with Oasis's and artificial shores where once was only sand. There the ancient flora grew in abundance casting shadows over the swarms of smaller skuttlers that were raised in them. Cousins of the Xiphoid but lacking in intelligence, they too shared the Blessed Blood of the Xiphoid and thus would serve as sources of Ichor for much Ichor was needed for what was to come. With the restoration of the sacred Ammonites and their return to the seas came the knowledge necessary to return any sealed away ones to life including the Ancient Companions of Moon-Mother. With the temples complete over Mother-Moon-On-Her-Back and and Mother-Serpent, the Xiphoid had only to wait for the coming Blue Moon. Upon its rising vast quantities of Ichor would flood their remains while clerics and astrologers conducted the necessary rituals and liturgies to bring them back to life.

>>The Xiphoid Warhelms Grow In Competence And Complexity

The abundant populations meant abundant molt scrap which meant abundant carapace options. Many seasoned helm instars had taken to shaping their carapace to better suit their preferred combat styles. Many possessed additional impaling spikes, reinforced claws for wielding shields and pikes and assortments of other morphs. Many of the helmsmen of each Pool also provided special talents and traits derived from their home pool. The protein rich diets of the Pool of Horns had crafted large and sinewy helm instars who were adept at riding and handling the aggressive Tauro's intentional bred over the years. The Pool of Foundations led to hardy carapaces as well as a variety of Dire Barnacles and clinging life that could be tended to the benefit of the Xiphoid.

However, the two greatest additions were the blue-shells of The Great Pool and the abundance of bolt throwers among King Rho's ranks. The Blue-Shells were living reservoirs of Ichor and thus Moon-Mother's Blessings. Combined with the knowledge of the Astrologer Instars many blessings were discovered such as the summoning of the fury of thunderous sea storms both manifested externally and in the spirit of any Xiphoid, the blessing of Restoration that healed and protected as well as others yet to be tamed.

The bolt throwers came in as many sizes as the Xiphoid could. Capable of firing and traveling unhindered on land or within the depths, large bolt throwers had begun finding their way onto the carapaces of Broodcarriers as well as traditional sized devices. The first scouting parties had already begun to make their way along the bottom of the inland sea, scouting for resources, food and shelter in the depths along the routes that would soon teem with squadrons of broodcarriers aiming to carry out their duty and fulfill their desires.
Lunar-Hound is delighted to receive such hospitality.
While his assistant can see and speak, he remains mostly silent, though they both partake in the food offerings, taking small bites of each, and mostly consuming the cider.
The blind dwarf lets out a light giggle as the priest has troubles with dwarven speach, humbly responding with "Moon Witch"

The sailors are thankful to the Ekeni assisting them in their foraging, lowering the normal amount of dwarves that would die otherwise.
They all insist that the embassy was attacked by the aggressive nation to their south.
Constantly speaking of their bloodthirst, describing how they tried to drown and poison the entire city, wiping out all the non-combatant dwarves on the surface, and causing the earthquake as they were unable to successfully invade the city, all on top of the fact that the war was completely unprovoked.
Many of the dwarves come from Thirzig'kalnz and nearly all of them have lost someone they knew, they lament their stories of loved ones lost in the destruction.
The Maimpaw clan consisting of creatures reminiscent of bears begins to expand, collecting lumber, and exploring as they go.
They generally walk of all fours but are capable of bipedal movements when needed, also wearing little in the way of clothing, only some of the clan wear leathers, but most are adorned with strings holding trophies from their kills, or feather and plant matter.
"Should have maybe not opened that door afterall."

The snail opens the gate to the emergency escape dimenssion he prepared beforehand which leads to his manssion in the old capital. The mermaids at the rim scatter and escape on land while anyone else who remains sane goes trough the portal.
File: Gallradan under siege.jpg (259 KB, 1600x1153)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
The ships of the dwarves and Ekeni sail into the delta of the river. Last time the dwarves had no problem with Gallradan, because of the fog their ship must not have attracted much attention. Today the weather is clear and sunny.

Black clouds of smoke rise from the direction of the capital. The seafarers of the Ekeni and Dwarves exchange questioning glances. Again one of their strange celebrations ?

>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv20OgjXmYw

On the horizon one can slowly see flames coming from a nearby forest and a part of the city. Sounds from horns can be heard, followed by the clash of iron and steel. Then the dark cries of wildly fighting warriors and the stomping steps of marching armies and galloping horses.

A bridge was built across the river, with high arches that allow boats and ships to pass through. Skirmishes take place on the bridge. A part of the bridge was destroyed and replaced with an improvised wooden drawbridge, behind which several scattered groups of militiamen, men-at-arms and knights have entrenched themselves behind barricades of rubble and furniture, huddled together holding their shields over their heads to protect themselves from the constant hail of arrows from the other bank of the river.

On the other side of the river there is a large army of armored soldiers, who regularly try to send fighters across in boats to flank the nailed bridge garrison. At the moment, however, the amphibious flanking manoeuvre is being slowed down by nimble skirmishers and swiftly light cavalry hit-and-run attacks at the other end of the shore.
File: Scout.jpg (340 KB, 800x565)
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340 KB JPG
Once the fortifications on the hill have been completed, Auke sends several scouts to the surroundings of Iro and Hanzo to survey the road network and troop strength.
The main part of the army stays in the fortified camps.
>>2928828 (Repost, Answer my dude)
As one of the frontier guards patrol the borders rather lazily, slowly stops as he sees something he never quite expected. A group , never seen before, has suddenly appeared, an even begun to build a fort! This can only mean few things, unfortunately, not very good.
He rides back as fast as he can, collapsing as soon as he communicates the news. Such an untimetly situation, while the Oni delegation is here. As the grand consul is informed, consul Julius raises an armed group. He has the full intention to make things clear with these new menaces.
While the southern part of the country is busy with certain intruders, the ships set sail to sea, finally starting to explore the seas.
Unfortunetly, the convoy finds themselves in the middle of quite the storm, but eventually they find their way to shore, wet, tired and hungry. This shore, however , is not the familiar swamp. In fact, is as different as it can be. Nothing but desert, they find what they were so desperatly looking for, abundant cuantities of raw stone to harvest. Perhaps it will be for the best to notify back home and establish a quarry, and whatever metals they find here.
For this purpose, some of the ships go back home, while one of them stays to scout the new lands.
File: kok0kiok.png (24 KB, 785x484)
24 KB
>>2928990 (Pardon, thought that the Grand Counsul is still in the process of raising his army.)

From their fortified hilltops the scoudian sentries spot the consuls forces with relative ease. Horns sound and the officers gather their units and put them in formation, in a matter of minutes the whole might of the scoudian army is awake and ready to do battle against this new unexpected but not undetected foe.

Archers on the walls are ready to rain their arrows on the enemy, while heavy cavalry takes position on the flat terrain right next to the fringes of the hilly landscape, west of Skonrad. Infantry units stay in their fortified position on the hill.
Savii and the Younglings accompanying him are warmly welcomed at the Orchard. They are baffled by the tales of the battle against the beastmen and the power of his gem. It will for now be kept a secret, and three natives of the Orchard request to speak to King Rho regarding the blue gem. Maybe he can aid them in recovering it?

The Konna are angry at the horrendous prices the dwarves request in exchange for weaponry. It is finally decided the secret of the heated rocks shall become known to them. A mine is established in the Orchard, and a lot of experimentation is bound to happen until they will be able to make their own metal weapons.
Consul Julius watches at the display in front of him. The invaders, a race very close to them, have indded created a fort. But the important matter at hand is not the fort itself, but the army. A full army, armored to the teeth, ready to stand againts them. The consul sights as he calls for a meeting for the top officers.
As the seven men sit, the consul expalins the situation:
"Comrades, what we have before us is an invasion. They have entered our lands with a great army and seem to be willing to fight. Now, everybody present here knows very well that our present force would be slaughtered if we wee to attack. Let me hear your ideas of how to proceed, gentlemen, and Ill take my decision"
With that, the officers start arguing about this. "We should attack!" "No, we should pull back and regroup, we must call for help from our allies in the east. A pincer attack is the solution"
"But do we really know they are tresspasing? We did not give any indication of this land being controlled by us. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding?"
As the consul listens, he makes a decision, a bold one. He sends messengers to Ashkar, asking the Grand Consul to stand ready for war, as he also sends messengers to our Oni allies in Miki. While the current force, nothing more than a few thousand troops, little can be done, especially with the fort. So, Julius himself, along with a handful of companions plan to go to the enemy commander and try to clear this.
They ride towards the impresive force, hoping that they will not shoot them on sight
File: Auke.png (64 KB, 169x169)
64 KB
Archer: "They're riding straight towards us."
Captain: "Looks like he going to parlay already, inform Auke."
Archer: "Aye !" *nods*

Auke observes the battlefield on one of the many towers of Skonrad with his retinue. The soldier informs him. Before leaving his fort he whispers something to a commander of a light cavalry detachment. The gates open, a tall, sturdy, armoured man with a horned helmet rides with his bodyguards towards Julius' men.

While Auke greets Julius with a simple gesture, thousands of soldiers look down from the battlements to the rather spontaneous meeting. Even though Julius will probably not know the language of the Scoudians, a dialect of it or a related language, Auke introduces himself with his dark, booming voice.

Auke: "I am Duke Auke, son of Eykard, supreme commander of this army."
As the forts doors opens, a tall and imposing figure rides out and faces them. He greets the consul and speaks to him. Surprisingly, one can find similarities between both lenguages, so Julius can grasp the others intention.
As the other presents, he does the same: "Hail Duke Auke. My name is Julius, a consul of the Ispani Alliance. We must inform you that you have invaded our lands, and dont seem to be aware of it. May I , in the name of the consulade of the alliance, discuss the prsent situation? Perhaps we can reach an agreement which doesnt involve bloodshed."
While he says these words, he scans the area, not being to comfortable with the surroundings. After all, they can be easy prey for this... curious race. We will have to see if we can go home for diner.
After the dwarven priests come in possession of the Tongue of Therkuunaz and bring it to their god, once more attempting to speak to him, asking if their actions please him, and if he requires anything more of them, other than to find the last of his remains, which they insist they try their hardest to accomplish, the largest homes in the underworld belong to priests as they daily mine to expand their dwelling in search of a reliquary.

The engineers of Movzan'dun have drawn out a design and created a prototype for a new machine they've created.
Requiring many resources, they halt their current productions and miners are sent across the realm to harvest resources for the animatron.
Large amounts of stone are dug up and collected, as well as the components for their power retaining devices.
Rumors spread throughout the realm as the prototype is seen by the dwarves in the overworld, the underworld incapable of containing such a thing.
The end result will be glorious.

The dwarven ship is surely an eye sore during the siege, with its large size and foreign construction as it pass down the river.
Slowing down as it approaches the bridge as the captain must think quickly. All the men are confused at the sight of this battle, unable to see if they are dwarves or another race until they get close enough, or are consoled by the few dwarves capable of far sight.

Captain "Admiral Redbeard" Zalzig Heigevar soon thinks up an ingenious plan: full speed ahead!
With the sails blowing in the wind and all the oarsmen rowing to the best of their ability, they once more attempt to ram through the obstacles in their way.
The ship likely loses its mast, along with its tower at the very least, assuming nothing stops the ship advancing. The men all taking shelter below deck from the incoming events.
File: ShowMeYourDick.png (34 KB, 795x465)
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Seeing the many recent developements some Ocean Merimads are sent out to to explore that small Sea they call their home. At the shores in the east they find more Dwarven lands just as it was suspected but also some strage Insectorid or Aquatic creatures roaming the land. (you can choose if the Xiphoids notice them)

The culture at the trade route between the Dwarves and Scoudians took a sharp turn as Dwarves which were not Our Dwarves started passing trough killing Taurinquians, but not Scoudians. Patrolls were being slowly introduced, but fighting them was deemed ineffective as just putting on an unusual amount of clothes to cover oneself up was enough to make the Dwarves not care.

Rarely a Dwarf would pass on trough the trade route migrating to the new Dwarven settelment, but would not pay much attention as long as the Taurinquians would stay hidden.

Slowly over time the Taurinquians propose to heighten the amount of patrolls can create a small joint military force the "Routeguard" which would be tasked with overseeing the expanding traderoute, with watchtowers every few kilometers being set up. Near those watchtowers inns and shops pop up and beggars start finding refuge near the route.

Pik'Scouden is developping soundly with more and more Scoudian immigrants comming in as well as Taurinquian ones making it the prime center of cultural exchange. The plantations set up by the Scoudians also thrive.

New Coulcil representatives:
Scoudian - Yagiello the Golden Tongue
Dwarf - Ivarzheimer Johansonson

In the far west some adventurous freelance Iguanfolk Goahearders discover a wrecked ship full of creatures which look like a mix of mermaid and Goat. Curious to what they are they wake them up and try to have their Goats communicate with them. The strange wanderers are made to wait untill an Evoy from the New Capital comes. A few liguists arrive trying to communicate with the Horned creatures.
The newcommers are given some wood and permitted to stay where they are. The spot is called Pekolo. They will be provided food and wood untill they can fix their ship.

As the Wequasina elite sees an Igunafolk woman bear 18 children they are beyond overjoyed. She is isntantly elevated to the tier of a near goddess of fertility.

Meanwhile in the north the defeated rements of the Armies of the Grand Wizard rest in the ruins of the Old Capital. The old wizard releases a wry laugh:

"At least plan D worked."
As his wounds are being tended too. The giant magic circle he had build seems to contain the extradimenssional beings which as if mad wander it.

Meanwhile further north the tribes of the Naga have been cut in half by the emrgence of a new River. Their high priestesses saw that as a sighn of dark times to come and as such decide to swear their allegiance to the Lamia a bit further south.
File: ShowMeYourDick.png (27 KB, 795x465)
27 KB
Amd tard so didn't update map -_-
By the mercy of the gods and Beni's quick thinking, the Kansō Plague was fading out and the rate of new victims was dropping.Beni was relieved this disaster will soon be over but he knew they still had to be careful. All bodies were to be douse in clear alcohol and burnt outside the urban areas, the ban on close physical contact was still in effect, and homes were to be purified. Hoping soon the whole plague dies out and this will be just a bad memory in the future.

One day, a ranger named Demo was patrolling the road between Iro and Hanzo. Demo was glad this plague is ending for he has lost his wife and youngest son. While he was thinking of fond memories, he heard a noise that sounded like horses. "That's odd. The travel ban was in effect so people wouldn't unknowingly spread the plague." Ugh, stupid merchants thinking their businesses can't wait. Demo surveys the land to catch whoever there. It took a while but he found a group of horse riders near the roads toward Hanzo. At first, he thought it was Ispani travellers seeing hiw their two nations were creating ties together but he saw their legs were not hairy like goats! It seems they're not here to fight yet since the budo dolls don't seem to have sapped their life force. Must be scouts since they're being sneaky. Demo returns to the barracks to report spies and rally troops.
Dwarf Councilman renamed too
>Ivarzheimer Johanzig
Was once a hated rapist and murderer within the Dwarven lands and despised his homeland above all else as he was bad as typical Dwarven things and shunned for it. Having found love and appreciation within Taurinquia he managed to turn his life arround and runns one of the biggest dwarven mines. While not the smartest or strongest he deffinetly is among the Taurinquian Dwarves the most loyal.
An old priest gives a knowing smile, and hands Lunar-Hound a battered silver coin emblazoned on both sides with a crescent moon. He watches the old dwarf's face closely as he thumbs the design, hoping he sees recognition of the coin.
(Zakov, up to you if he does, and what he knows because of it)

The Ekeni sailors listen intently, though the words mean little, the sentiment is seen and understood. They tell their own tales of loss, though they pale in comparison to the dwarves'. The captain is horrified at the tale of the death of those at the embassy, he talks with a man in a funny hat about something the translator cannot hear, and repeats what he is told back. The Ekeni are willing to set up the land trade route, and to sell opium, preserved foods, alum, iron and whatever else the merchants bring with them to the dwarves at reduced rates. The captain notes that he must first get approval from the chambers back home, but that an alliance would not be off the table. They hope this will satisfy.

The men return home after a few days camping with tales of a beast so hideous, it's very gaze would turn a man's hair white; That none of them now had white hair did not detract from the tale. It is ordered that journeys South are dangerous, and that expansion along the Northern coast was necessary to build up defences.
"This illness is of foreign origin, it will kill any touched by it. But now the wanderer has left, and no more shall die."

A little crab is playing in the sand, piling it high then squashing it with his body, feeling it between his many legs, when he is the first to notice a shift. Mother-Moon-On-Her-Back, softly clicks from within herself. The ichor had finally worked its way through Her old shell, and down into Her unfossilised being. The little crab rushes to an attendant who humours the child, listening exaggeratedly when he jumps at the next click. This time, all around hear it. She clicks out a soft melody, as Her ancient carapace raises slowly. The rhythm fills those near Her with inner strength.
A Mother lives again.
Sorry, posting this so I know what I need to do for the next update soon.

Expand beastfolk territory in the East

What the shadow things do next

Ekeni ships turning around and sailing back home

Satyr discover new lands and resources

Therkuunaz's response

Update map for Tau
The hardshelled Lizardfolk is welcommed warmly, the Toadperson from before sumbles to the Konna wearing the hat picks him up and hugs firmly then puts him down.

The Konna are greted by the Taurinquians warmly and notice that the council has more members now.
3 Nagas, a Dwarf and a Scoudian (might mistake for Ekeni).

Seeing the delegation of the visitors being bigger and prepared for a longer expedition they are given a reletively luxurious guest hut to inhabit during the stay and permitted to roam freely.
Progress is made regarding the armour, lovingly nicknamed 'Vaimakil'. After half a moon of training, a Youngling, known by the name of Vahvu, has succeeded in having the armour execute his movements in real time. His speed remaining roughly the same as before, Vaimakil almost quadruples his strength, the only real drawback to this being the loss of the ability to swim, which unfortunately had cost him his Vaimakil. Coming together with the smarter members of Konna society, Vahvu makes some """improvements""" to the hull, most of which are cosmetic but he convinced others of their importance. A glass visor is implanted, which can be retracted on command, as well as lenses allowing for 2x and 4x magnifying vision. Parts of the orb providing energy would be spread around the hull as lines coming from the chest and making their way up the arms and down the legs, which, due to the orb glowing when in use, is nice to look at. The only real improvement is the implementation of a cannon-like arm. If ordered, the front of the parabolic body, in place of the right hand, would close off and then move inwards, compressing the air inside. Once released, the air is able to push projectiles in the form of small rocks over a distance of approximately 200 shells (180 meters), the drawback being that only the arm can be moved during the whole process as the power draw would otherwise be too huge. Vaimakil v2 will once more require some time to become fully usable, however Vahvu possesses patience.

>>The Younglings Come Before King Rho

The three younglings were rushed along the canals atop a sailed molt-barge to the Great Pool. Low and wide sandstone and coquina architecture supplemented by massive re-purposed carapace structures all rising from the deep and glittering waters of the Great Pool. They were brought before the Scarred King, whose size surpassed even some of the brood-mothers. All around him on the raised pedestal Astrologers, Scribes and Captains clicked and clacked as he ground down a portion of prepared whale between his legs as it made its way to his mouth. He clacked a hearty greeting and bade the three younglings state their business, expressing his glee at the presence of the Hardshells in his court.

>>In Which Xiphoid Commoners Encounter the Ocean Merimads [sic].

A broodmother and her orbit of lesser commoners were making their way along the inland sea's shelf to return to the Pool Of Foundation when they came across an Ocean Merimad near the shore. They were quick to clack a traditional greetings telling of the blessings of the Moon-Mother, Mother-Hardshell, Mother-SeaSerpent and Mother-Moon-On-Her-Back. Several commoners rose up and brought forth pearls, small flecks of gold and clam flesh. They carved their trade circles in the shallow sea bottom and beckoned they came down to trade.

>>Xiphoid Rangers And Sorcerers Explore The Eastern Mouth of the Inland Sea

The discovery of an old record of an expedition into the cliffs to the Great Pool's west led several Astrologers, Blue-Helm Sorcerers and mercenary rangers to retrace their steps. They explored in great detail, seeking out what mysteries may remain in the little thought of entry into the Inland Sea. [OP]
Rolled 6 (1d42)

The Scarred King of the arthropods has now come to look somewhat intimidating if not due to his sheer size. Unfaded by this however, the three Konna tell of the arrival of more of their kin and their quest in recovering a mystical blue gem supposedly guarded by a serpent. The aid of the Xiphose is requested, and the three do not avert their gaze from the King as they await a response.

Rolling for Iti to beach
King Rho chortled and told them to consider their quest complete! Mother-SeaSerpent had been found and her gift of the Water Gem was busy being used to the north to bring forth oasis's and moon wells.
Overjoyed, the trio thanks King Rho for telling them of this and head off at record speeds to deliver the news. Savii is excited and sends the three back to request the King meet him at the Orchard for a talk between just the two of them. If that alone wouldn't convince him, they brought animated miniature crabs made of sand with them as a gift, and would offer more if he agreed.

Side note: my internet currently is too shit to use Discord
File: qst.png (421 KB, 2048x2048)
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421 KB PNG
The Maimpaw fan out in their hunt, North they find plains filled with easy game. West they find forest, seemingly devoid of prey, and as they journey deeper in they spot a possible reason why. There, across the river, is a sprawling complex of buildings busy with horned creatures, noisy with the sound of bells and prayer.

Seeing their nuisance simply disappear the shadow things turn back to what is left of the obelisk. Seemingly taking their fill they survey the land, grey eyes scanning around them. This would do for now. They turn and begin to each re-enter the eighteenth hut, throwing out the partially melted corpses of those unfortunate to rush inside. The door is left ajar. Lightning flashes once more in the windows. Screams of the mad fill the air once more.

Seeing battle, true battle for the first time, the Ekeni decide it is no place for them. They make their peace with the dwarves and turn around, quickly sailing back up the coast. There, in the swamplands they spot something however, a gleaming city. Those aboard are astonished at its beauty, and make to dock. (Grand Consul, this is for you to decide)

Tossed about by the storm but otherwise unharmed the boats land on a new island. Here, as if by fate, they find a near endless supply of white marble, shot through with intriguing veins of colour. Though shortly after setting up camp, they are disturbed. To the West an enormous creature beaches, seemingly on purpose. What could it want? Has it come for them? The questions worry them greatly. (Congrats, you're about to meet Konna >>2930610)

Therkuunaz nods, he strokes his fiery beard. "I am indeed impressed with what you have accomplished. Though I am incomplete, I feel vigour flow through me more each passing day. Ask of me what you wish, I will see to it."

The miners are sent out, and at the back of their minds many hope that they will be the ones to find a new reliquary in the depths. As if drawn by this unconscious thought a small reliquary is indeed found, though something echoes differently in the finders mind. "My eyes! How I have longed to see through them once more! Bring them to me!" But the dwarf who found them is bitter and angry at Therkuunaz. Margat had lost a son in the battle at Thirzig'kalnz, and He did nothing to save him. The dwarf opens the reliquary, shielding himself as he plucks an eye from it, stuffing it into his beard before closing it again and informing the others.

Hopefully I've got everything on the map.

It has been many years since that unfruitful voyage, wind and storm have covered or swept away most of the scene. Small pieces of shell and bone are scattered about, all appearing to be many centuries old. A battle took place here long ago, one with no clear winner. After picking over the grounds, finding little of real value it is quickly night, the full moon shines on the field, and ghostly visions fill the minds of the Sorcerers...
From the darkness, a single enormous creature scuttles forward, putting the Sorcerers on guard. The thing looks like them, but it is the height of King Rho and twice the length, like the centipedes that sometimes bite the cattle at the Pool of Horns. It's eyes glow an eerie pale blue as it speaks into the minds of the Sorcerers.
"Many moons have passed since last our kind set foot here. You are our sons and daughters, adapted for your new homes. Once we ruled from mountain top to the deepest ocean trenches. That is, until the foul and lowly creatures rose against us. Now their sons and daughters rule so very much of OUR islands, of OUR seas. Mother Moon was willful then, She protected us, strengthened us. Now She grows old, Her friends, all dead and gone. But what is this in you, this hope you bring to me. Mother Meztlixi is alive? You name her, Mother with the Moon on Her Back, I know it from you. Perhaps the old names are lost. No matter. There is little more I can tell you now, continue finding the Mothers. They will bring you, bring US, back to greatness once again."

>>King Rho Requests The Private Meeting Be Held At The Center Of Remembrance

King Rho counter offered to meet at the Centre of Remembrance for expediencies sake and stated that their privacy could be guaranteed there. The sand crabs bearing much resemblance to Mother-Moon-On-Her-Back would be taken to Her Chambers, now teeming with Astrologers and Sorcerers tending to her need and care, working high tide and low to establish understanding with her.


>>The Xiphoid Expedition Learns The True Name Of The Mother And Seek Wisdom From The Being

At its words the Sorcerers lowered themselves to a humbling scuttling posture and commanded the others around them to do the same. The many minds of the sorcerers declared their devotion to the Mothers and their return and their questions turned to where others could be found and, more importantly who the great being before them was to be called.
The dwarf simply smiles, eventually thanking him for kindness given to him on his arrival of the new land.
He cannot stay forever, as there is money to be made, and bellies to be filled; the two dwarves mount their carriage and continue their travels, arriving at Ibna, wherein they perform their music for crowds and purchase the essentials and the occasional trinket that catches the eye.

The merchant dwarf likes the offers in the trade deal, however, he insists that trade by land will not be necessary, assuming the ship makes it back to inform the mountain lords of the river situation.

The artifact is discovered, dwarves erupt in joy, Margat Nigljar is given the usual treatment of the previous unearthers of Therkuunaz, his name carved into the Hall of the Reclaimers with the rest.
Successfully hiding away the Eye, he stashes it away in his dwelling until he can think of a proper way to act upon it.

With Therkuunaz speaking, priests bring forth ancient writings and other religious items for their god to clarify certain aspects and to ensure they do no contain misremembered facts, also known as blasphemy, also bringing Therkuunaz the reliquary containing the artifact, they inquire as to why there is only one eye, their scriptures, nor any of their carvings depict him as losing an eye in battle.
File: Auke's bodyguard.jpg (86 KB, 900x650)
86 KB
>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9qSFOkDK3U

While scanning the area Julius looks back to his outnumbered troops and ... is there a cavalry unit appearing out of nowhere behind their forces ?

Auke: "I completely agree, we should end this matter without spilling the blood of your or my kin."

Julius looks back to his troops for a second time, a long thin line of light cavalry forms up around the ispani army cutting off their way back home.

Auke: "I am sorry for trespassing unintentionally into your territory, but you and your force may endanger our efforts to save our people.

Auke's bodyguard slowly encircles Julius and his companions while Auke speaks to Julius.

Auke: "Consul Julius of the Ispani, I invite ye to a temporary stay on Castle Skonrad and your men shall return back to their home, but must hand over all of their equipment and three quarters of your food supplies."
Officer next to Auke: "I would rather not reject this generous offer of his lordship." (puts on a fake smile)
The poor Konna has to experience the toadperson's hug, the whole scene being so comically the others have to hold back their laughter. Their hut having everything they could ever need, the scholars begin the lengthy process of learning the Taurinqian tongue, while the original envoy takes their time exploring the capital.

Some time later a single turtle returns, informing the King his offer had been accepted. Savii would wait at the Centre of Remembrance, patiently awaiting the Xiphoid King.

News of the mother the arthropods had devoted an entire temple to returning to life reach the Konna, and scholars are sent to fully document the being and see if its tongue is any similiar to the ancient one seldom spoken by Iti.
File: Rebel bowmen.jpg (84 KB, 500x350)
84 KB
The men on the bridge are having a hard time to hold the checkpoint while being constantly covered with volley after volley from the other side of the river.
Soldier 1: "Goddamit, we're sittin' ducks here !"
Militaman: "W-Where's the reinforcement !?"
Soldier 2: "They're all tied up at the walls ! We're on our own here !"

The group of rebel archers have boarded the boats and are preparing for a devastating volley into the flank of the scattered bridge fighters.

Archer: "Hey ! We're getting flanked, watch out !" (ducks behind barrikade)

Rebel Captain on the boat: (raises his sword) "Reeeeaaadyy ... aaand l-" *BURST* *BREAK* *CRRRRAACK*

The ship of the dwarves races through the river at the fastest possible speed and the boats focused on the bridge are completely taken by suprise, the boat with the captain shatters under the metal-clad bow, the other boats capsize or are pushed away from the ship.
The archers from the other side of the river gradually realign themselves and shoot at the ship racing over the river. The ship races like an arrow through the full manned boats standing in the way.

Man-at-arms: "T-They saved us, we're still alive !"
Knight: "They even distract the hail of arrows."
Archer: "Is that some new ship design, what army are these stout fellas from ?"

The ship sails quickly towards one of the arches, the upper part of the tower and a large part of the mast shatter into pieces as the ship sails under the arch, briefly braking the ship before the oarsmen get the ship moving again with all their might.

Knight: "Oi ! Thou hast saved us, knave. I owe thee something !"

The knight tosses a wooden flask filled with black beer to the dawrf steering the ship as it gains speed again.

A heavily armoured rebel nobleman rides angrily to the archers at the shore and scolds them.

Lord Ander: "Ye louts ! Stop wasting your arrows on the ship, focus on the bridge ! We need to assail the southern wall, continue to wipe out the bridge garrison."
How is the repairing of the fields going on your end?
Since marauding hordes of bandits, starved peasants and men-eaters roam Harlund and the former farmlands it would be a sucide mission to enter the region without any military escort, but most of the scoudian army is campaigning in the north under Auke and the other part is fighting in a civil war around the capital to defend the king against a coalition of rebellious peasants and opportunistic nobles. Thus the taurinquians are doomed to wait until either the uprising in Gallradan comes to an end, or Auke returns to Speyen.
File: example.png (3 KB, 600x600)
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With the ship forcing its way past the threats, dwarves return to top deck, cheering on the helmsmen and the oarsmen for their bravery and strength, as Helmsmen Haganthuz Ljalkr downs his liquid courage gifted to him by the strange tall man on the bridge allowing him to direct the vessel the rest of the way back home to tell their people the news of what they encountered.

Eventually making it back to their borders, they quickly beach the ship and travel back as they send a goatrider to the mountain to tell of the urgent news.
Nagg Hegilaz Mountain Lord of Therheiunjar'dun is swiftly told of the river conflicts and raises an army from the mountain, which once gathered, marches westward to meet the foe that first attacked them on the river.
Their army consists of the classic column formation used in the past, with spearmen in crude plates of steel armor surrounding the outer layer, axemen behind them with large steel axes wearing gambesons and iron chainmail, then finally with javelinmen wearing goat leathers and wielding stone hafted steel javelins. Protecting their flanks and scouting ahead are goatriders, all but the scouts riding megalogoats with iron armors, spears, and iron maces.
Gafunthz Ragnikaz of Thirzig'Kalnz leads the army accompanied by additional wagons containing large objects covered in oiled canvas and protected by spearmen.
They head towards the Broken Lands, keeping along the river in search of the enemy.

5s1-5s2-5w1 (ignore this)
Iti has decided to beach, and is heading towards the shore. From the distance a small settlement is spotted, as well as a wooden vessel in the water. Also visible are humanoids on beastmen legs, prompting the assembly of a battalion of armed Younglings to descend and make sure these people do not act hostile towards them.
As he sees the situation, he understands that this must not go unpunished. He laughs at the provocation, and responds in the same way.
"You can keep your hospitality for yourself, my friends. Now, as your men have blockated my exits, you dont expect us to leave. So, Ill have to go the other direction." As he says that, one of his men blow a horn, and they throw themselves at the closest enemy with the swords in their hands.

In the camp, as the horn sounds, Julius second closes his eyes and silently prays to the sacrifice of his superior. He then starts barking out orders. Julius prepared this plan in the case they woudnt budge. They are to retreat to the capital and reintegrate with the rest of the army to organize the defense. Now, if building a fort in their territory wasnt enough, now the have killed a consul of Ispani. With that, the Styrs will go to war.
When they wake up, they expected to be dead or lost. However, the ones who survived found themselves being rescued by some strange creatures, very unsettleling. They, were given attention food, and wood to repair their ship, even a few linguists to try and communicate with these new people. As time passed, they asked to see the representatives of these people to try and get a new deal to the alliance.

As the territory is explored, the god of fortune seemed to be a Satyr, and he was on their side these days. An absurd amount of marble. The consuls back home will be extatic.
As a little camp was established, a foundation to the new settlement, a group of ¿giant turtles?, suddenly appeared, not knowing where they came from. As the leader of the camp is notified, he prepares to recieve the newcomers, expecting to have a succesfull start.
The delegation sits comfortably arround where the Scoudians told them to be. They feel uncomfortable not doing any work though as such ask for anything they can help with locally.

As they travel the capital and notice many services they can parttake in. Learning of the Taurinquin Commontongue goes easily as it has been desgned to be easy. The only difficulty is the mismatched writing system addopted from Scoudia.

After being able to communicate with the Goat-Mermaid thingies. They were brought to the Council to present their case.

The Mermaids being on an exploratory mission have not brought any gifts. The mermaids gladly accept the clam as it is a delicacy have no idea what to do with the useless shiny things though as such they gratefully pack it in a bag.

Instead the mermaids jump up and skipping with their tails over the water sing a song and dance. It's the Ballad of Yumth'thth one which brings joy to the hearts of all, heals minor injuries, makes spoiled food be good again and overall brings joy. Then the mermaids express gratitude and leave.
File: 2948527171.jpg (194 KB, 900x600)
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194 KB JPG
Duke Auke towers over the dead body of consul Julius.
Auke: "Well, that was quite unexpected." (cleans his bloodied sword in the grass) "Let's wipe them out before they'll escape." Auke rides to the battlefield accompanied by his bodyguard and a contingent of heavy armoured footmen following their supreme commander to thwart the attempt of the ispani forces to pull out and unite with their main army.

>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVO212wlF24

A loud, deep horn can be heard from the fort. thousands of infantrymen with colourful banners waving over their heads are swarming like ants from the fort to the banner of Auke. The heavy cavalry gallops aggressively towards the fleeing ispanians.

>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBmSwyZMfT0
File: Scoudian light cavalry.jpg (164 KB, 1011x748)
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164 KB JPG
Rolled 97 (1d100)


The scoudian light cavalry which stands between the ispani and their way back to the capital harasses the withdrawing force and tries to hinder them from breaking out of the impending encirclement.
File: River 1.png (56 KB, 512x524)
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The punitive expedition-army of the dwarves is marching in close formation along a trail adjacent to the river through the ragged terrain of the broken lands, skeletons and cadavers of dead farm animals lie scattert in their path. Sometimes they see a few humans here and there, but they immediately flee from the expedition troops. Enemy contact is limited, except for a few uncoordinated long-range attacks from the undergrowth, which do little damage.
Already on the first day in enemy territory one of the goatriders reports that they spotted a ragtag army behind a forest, entrenched behind barricades and blocking the way further inland. They seem to be mostly ill-equipted bandits, outlaws and militamen. They don't even seem to be on alert.
Although the scoudian cavalry had made impressive advancement and managed to slow down the Ispani cavalry, they were prepared againts it, after all the battles are not won by random numbers , but for carefull preparation and the ability to remember that troops are, in fact, not infinite.
Even though the consul, even with the obvious surprise advantage, managed to be killed by an semi important person, gave the Ispani enough reason to repel these invaders in their land.
The light cavalry did take by surprise the Ispani cavalry, but it wss pished back, for their nmbers were not enough to stop the force from returning back home.

As the satyrs are presented with some sort of representatives, they explain the situation. They are very thankfull about the hospitality, but they regret to inform that their ship is beyond repair, and humbly ask them to allow them to show their maps or similar, so they can go back home by land. They promise gratitude upon returning, and to inform their superiors to send more ships here, to establish trade and good relationships.
Uppon some careful consideration the Satyrs are shown a map of Southern Scoudia and Dwarf-land as well as western Taurinquia.

The Satyrs are shown Gold nugets which were fished out of the river and are given a small bag of them so they can determine their worth. A Naga Priestess and Lamia Dancer is sent with them as negotiators and bodyguards
As they aren't immediately attacked, which is a good sign, the battalion lowers their weapons and motions for their siblings to descend. A few Konna more versed in diplomacy would meet the satyr leader and try explaining the situation
Some inquire further regarding these "services" one can partake in
The Cofederation after the return of the mermaids from the Xiphods and also realising Scoudians were offering the same gift realise the worth of gold.

The river next to the New Capital is filled with Gold-dust and Nuggets which were previously though of as useless, but the council decides to start picking them up and selling to foreigners.

I addition Kleptography is introduced as a new form of magic whick allows the inclussion of the new Written script into magic circles allowing for storage of magic and spell effects. Currently only made on wood, but it is speculated that better vessels can contain stronger spells.

> Gambling
> Prostitutes
> Combat arena
> Normal shopping
> alchemy shops
> religious goods shops
> buing a mage performing a spell for you
> bars with extremely sontron, but shitty alochol
> dwarf stuff
> scoudian stuff
> Igunanafolk kanooracing
> mermaids sing songs for you
> mermaid electroshock thrapy/massage
> snailpeople telling you stories from ye olden days
The Konna not in Taurinqia for research purposes decice to visit the combat arena
They can decide to take bets or watch the fights.

The fights in the combat arena are often very brutal, but not untill death, but untill surrender.
File: Screenshot_56.png (160 KB, 782x507)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Many quarries and mines are created and expanded in search of resources for the Vikazar II, with a surface site along the road between Krelnjekz and Rakkun'dun being fortified to allow ease of construction, taking up roughly 4 acres.

With the scout reporting back on his findings, the army splits in three to perform a pitchfork attack on the encampment.
The two outer columns would arrive before the center, as they prepare their new weapon.
Dwarves of the center unload their covered wagons and designated dwarves enter three stone figures, two standing at 8 feet tall and unarmed, with the third of 10 feet wielding a large iron hammer.
The brigands are attacked at the sides, followed shortly by stomps from the road becoming louder and louder, hearing buzzing and whirring noise as the center column arrives, led by the animatrons.
File: Aukes retinue.jpg (199 KB, 1052x500)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
After weeks of brutal fighting the siege of Gallradan finally came to an end. The capital of the Kingdom of Scoudia lies in ruins. The fires are extinguished and the dead are buried in mass graves. Neither the Loyalists nor the rebels could gain the upper hand in this now seemingly pointless slaughter. Almost all higher nobles have fallen in battle at the side of their warriors.
The spooky silence is only interrupted by the mourning families, who cry dejectedly over their dead. The many soldiers and citizens try to rebuild their destroyed houses, bury their dead and care for their wounds.
From the Royal Palace green smoke suddenly rises from the high chimney. The bells of the churches are ringing. The many people in the streets look up at the green smoke with a mixture of confusion and grief.

Soldier: "T-That can't be, that's a false alarm, right?"
Knight: "I also think so, probably a joke that can't be, the wounds of the king couldn't have been so bad."

>Ambience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p_4Gs-d9NI

A well dressed advisor of the king steps onto the balcony of the palace and calls with a clear voice to the assembled crowd: "The king is dead, long live the king!

The crowd reacts shocked and agitated. The king died without leaving an heir ... or ....


While Auke continues to cheer on his men, the army of the Ispani tries to persecute a rider who tries to exclude him.
Messenger: "A letter from His Majesty !"
Auke reads the letter and is very quiet for a long time and does not move at all. The messenger raises Aukes arm and shouts enthusiastically "Hail Auke, King of the Soudians!

The following confusion is quickly overshadowed by loud enthusiastic shouting.

Auke is amazed and comes to his senses again.
Auke:" I thank ye, my loyal warriors, but don't forget, the enemy force is still on the retreat, let's destroy it for all time ! "
Thunderous applause comes from his army, the men are shouting "Hail thee, King Auke !" in the choir.

Auke rides ahead with his entourage, after some time he begins to move away dangerously far from the rest of his army and rides at least half a mile ahead with a few henchmen.

Bodyguard: "M-My Lord, I think we should..."
>"T-That can't be, that's a false alarm, right?"

>"While Auke continues to cheer on his men, the army of the Ispani tries to persecute a rider who tries to exclude him."
Am I on drugs of something ?! I tried to say:
"A messenger comes galloping to Auke and hands him a message."
File: ambush.jpg (85 KB, 659x1000)
85 KB
As the riders entered Ashkar, they were greeted by a city prepared for war. Although not very large, the Ispani army was ready for a war. The news of the death of consul Julius were recieved with a mix of expectation and sadness, for his death ws a great loss. However, consul Gaius has returnes from the expedition east, and was placed at the head of the army, for hr was the most popular of the consuls.
As he was listening to the situation, he decided a plan, bold an risky, but could cause great damage to the enemy. They would lay an ambush in the swamps, and try to cause confusion and chaos, that will be used to slain as many men as posible, to then retreat and regroup. With this plan in mind, consul Gaius set to work.
Soon later, while the enemy army was ever aproaching the city, the army stealthily made their way to the ambush designated place. While the rest of the army stayes some ways behind, the ambush party was ready for the initial strike.
Soon later, they could begin to see the dust of the enemy army. But, as they got closer, they saw that they were actually just a few riders. One of them was a imposing figure with several flags being revealed by the riders. If one Knew something about war, then thats the army commander. Too good to be true, after all. But decoy?
Theres no army behind them, and a messenger is not supposed to have such a retinue, especially when you are winning the war. As gaius had this thoughts, he could not think of a reason for this, if not to draw them out,but how wou..
This thoughts are rudely interupted by a shout: "For Ispani!" As the party marches towards these figures, he just realizes that one of his underlings ordered to charge. As he tried to regain order, the riders were overwelmed and cutted down without mercy. As he was trying to reorganice this mess, they informed that one of the riders has survived, the one with the most armor. As he orders him to be captured to be questioned, he freezes as he hears what he has to say. No other than the Dukes son.
While Gaius could not attack his bravery, he was certainly not very smart. Well, without a leader, an army is complicated to lead. While he is bought back to ashkar, the flags are taken ans given to the differenr units in the army. They are to attack with this flags, to cause confusion to the enemy and make it easier for morale to drop. After all, his leader has just been slained, or so they think.

The time had come. The army prepared to launch their attack. The waited till the army marched throught them... and launched the hidden attack, with the flags high in the sky and shouting from all directions.The enemy is stunned to see this attack, and even more so to see the flags, in possesion of the enemy! It cant be, the new king dead? That served as the breaking point of this already beaten army. The rumaors followed like a thunder and the morale sunked. Weapons were abandoned, while their owners run for their lives.
(Part one)
Officials fail to regain control, or even flee themselves. In a few hours, the army stans routed, with a good part of it surrendered to the Ispani army. The other part lies dead, or fleeing towards whatever place they can.
This had surely been a day to be remembered, for the Ispani army had managed to seize the day. However, what happened later was something no Satyr would have ever imagined. The new king was brought back to Ashkar, along with the numerous prisioners of war. They are welcomed by a thunderous roar of the populace, for a victory has been archieved.
Grand Consul Gaspard and Consul Gaius were the ones to sign the treaty with the king. While they demmanded the army to retreat inmediatly and to pay reparations to Ispani, the shortlived king had a different idea on mind.
"Annexation?" "My kingdom is in ruins, consul. The civil war has destroyed wahtever we had builted. Theres nobody in their right mind to mantain control. So in exchange for a certain conditions, I will abicate my crown on you".
While this wasnt whay they expecteded, they finally decided that a country next to them could serve their ambitions well. "If we can model it to our image, we can certainly annex it, yes." Concluded the Grand Consul, "and we can now stand more powerfull againts other possible threats. We also need the manpower, and they even look like us. This shall work, in the end"
With that, a treaty was signed, officially abdicating the crown to the Ispani Alliance. With that, the next phase started. Tha army was again assembled, and with the spirits already high, the new decition was communicated. It was recieved with a great shout, the voice of the people, for the Ispani are destined to great things.

They marched once again, with the now ex-king with them, to mantain this claim. The fort in their land lost the little morale they had left, and surrendered. The fort was occupied. They then marched toward the capital, Gallradan. Or at least whatever was left of it. As they entered, they saw nothing but missery and pain, destuction and death. He was not lying, after all. As the nobles recieved them with hostility, they were communicated the new king of the scoudians. This was a heavy blow. Some of them accepted it, some opossed it, and some dennied it, but the decision was already taken, and whats more, they did not have an army to back that claim up.
As the army was trying to establish a semblance of order, Consul Gaius asked the nobles to swear their loyalty. Some of them did, others left the kingdom for good, and others had to be put down, for they attacked first. A little time later, Gaius was officially crowned as the new Scoudian King, Gaius I, The conqueror.

As the new King was proclaimed, he had new plans for this lands. Whatever will happen in this new land? For now, we must "occupy" this lands.
With that, a new era for Ispani begins, an era that will bring with it a lot of changes, and will shape the history of this country.
Mother Meztlixi (Moon on Her Back) slowly emerges from Her fossilised carapace, Her radiant blue shell dazzling those in attendance. Her pincers have regrown inside the fossil, and She clicks them methodically. She broadcasts Her thanks to the minds of those around Her, letting in be known that though She is a Mother She is in their debt.
The creature pauses in remembrance, "My name is lost, but this does not matter. Of import is the finding of the Mothers. I know Mother Ayoti (Iti) still swims, though reduced in grandeur. You have found the bones of Mother Huatlo (the sea-serpent), though She requires further attention, Her sister, Mother Coami swam away very long ago. I doubt She can be found. Mother Nopali (big fish) lies in the little sea in the North. And Mother Tapalca (creature residing in a shell) lies between two lands. Forgive me, Mother Moon begins to set." With that the apparition scuttles back into the fog.

The old priest is saddened by the apparent lack of recognition, but allows the coin to be pocketed. They say their goodbyes and return to their duties.
In Ibna, many gather to see the old dwarf perform, being the first time one had been seen. They lead him to the main square, surrounded on all sides by the only tall buildings in the city and large enough to accommodate such a crowd. People dance to the jigs he plays, children make up lyrics and giggle to each other. The markets gladly sell him the best cuts of meat, the freshest produce, the shiniest amulets and rings, knowing that they can claim to be the first to sell such-and-such to a dwarf.
Having seen the damage done to the ship, and the situation at Gallradan, the Ekeni merchant seems surprised. He certainly wouldn't want to make the journey there are back. He offers that the dwarves are welcome to sail to Ibna or even Fera whenever they wished, prices would certainly be better for them, but that no Ekeni ship would now dare sail down the Fifth River.
Therkuunaz seems happy to check over the writings and carvings, pointing out minor mistakes and misrememberings, but nothing is too terribly wrong. He gladly takes the one eye, "I did indeed lose my eye to battle, but not my battle. A war more recent claimed my eye. It will find its way back to me, this I know, but in its own time." With His cryptic message, He returns to perusing the histories of His people.
The eye comes to Margat in a dream. Floating in a void, it somehow speaks to him. "You have lost a great thing in war, one I did not intervene in. But know that while incomplete, I cannot interfere with matters so far outside my throne room. I will disguise my eye as an emerald, bring it to me as an offering and I shall allow you to say goodbye to the lost jewel in your life." Margat wakes in a fey mood. He scurries to wear he hid the eye, and in its place is indeed a fabulous cut emerald. He takes it up, wondering if he should do as he was asked.
File: Bez tytułu.png (21 KB, 405x347)
21 KB
A lot of Scoudians have it good under the Satyr rule, others crave their old ways and move along the trade route with Taurinquia looking for a new home, but even in the titular Pik'Scouden the Scoudians have Changed and just become another Species within the Taurinquian Confederation.

Some of the scoudians disperse there settling in Pik'Scouden or along the trade route others just wander off or find emplyment as servants to Dwarves.

Lastly the ones clinging to the old ways the most appear before the council itself and are given a plot of land in the south.

In the South the Small Forgpeople live who have no civiisation, just ripe land for the Scoudians. Now under a humber name "The Dutchy of the Scouds" they proudly stand specialising in production of simple boats and iron. They are permitted to have a member on the Council.
They further inquire about just who is allowed to participate
The Konna leave the arena for now, and later volunteer to bring the reports regarding the well being of the envoy back to the Orchard.
There, they pester Savii until he agrees to grant them a special wish, one which would surely make them a fortune. It's not long until the earth beneath the arena begins to shake as a golem, no, a titan, made of solid rock, makes his way towards it, on his shoulders carrying five very smug looking Younglings. Easily three times the size of King Rho, the Younglings confidently sign him up for battle.

>>In Which The Sacred Exchange Ritual Is Defiled By Merfolk Thievery And Alarms Are Raised

The Broodmother and her orbiters were temporarily stunned by the merfolks actions. Far too heavily laden with goods harvested from the sea bottom and reluctant to pursue for fear of losing what they had, the family made their way to the Pool Of Foundation, clacking their encounter to every Xiphoid they met. Word spread quickly across the region. Astrologer-Major Nine Star, the now commander of all warhelms of The Pool Of Foundation judged that these beings were the aquatic foe that the realms warriors had been preparing to fight for many cycles. He dispatched surfers inland and along the coast to alert the commoners. Warhelms were mustered and deployed to conduct patrols to seek out the creatures along their last known vector while the swiftest surfers were sent to alert the observation and scouting detachments already lurking in the sea of the nature of their suspected foe.

>> King Rho Conducts An Audience With Savii

King Rho finally arrived, court in tow. He had made arrangements for Savii and himself to meet in a newly completed chamber of the ever sprawling complex, a rectangular vault with a single square well placed under a sky light. He chattered his usual jovial greeting as he lumbered into position.

>>In Which A Sanctuary Is Constructed And Expeditions Are Planned.

At her Temple, Mother Meztlixi is tended to by Astrologers and the Sand Crab Golems who are given to her as her personal servants to do with as she pleases, the Xiphoid facilitating the Konna's Scholar's joint lingual efforts.

Another Observatory is built on the site of the meeting with the Apparition, constantly manned by Journeyman Sorcerers who await the beings return and study their growing knowledge among the aura of power and mystery that surrounds the point.

The party returned to the Great Pool and reported their discovery. Concern grew among the Scribes and Helm Staff Captain at the grow ing depends that were facing their warrior helms. To prevent the fracturing of the growing horde into separate fleets that would attempt to claim the mothers the events are kept secret. Each of the witnessing Sorcerers are assigned to a mother and begin planning for future expeditions to be presented to King Rho for approval once he returned from the east.
As he hasn't had much time to learn the common tongue established by both factions, Savii resorts to having a translator come with him as well as a scribe to note down anything of interest. Starting with the usual humble talk of it being a pleasure to finally meet the arthropod king in person and expressing how impressive their buildings were, he switches the topic over to the gem, inquiring as to where it had been recovered and how the Xiphose managed to defeat the serpent guarding it. While awaiting an answer, he forms clay he had brought with him to match the Scarred King's looks.
The Giant stone construct easily beats the first Chaption of the arena who was a Crocodilefolk.

The second Champion an Iguanafolk relying on speed stabs the monstrossity dozens of times but not even eyes or mouth do any damage. After mu;ltiple hours he collapses out of exhaustion.

Next his luck tries a Toadperson thinking he can overpower the behemoth... he's wrong and squashed.

Next enters and axolotlian, a race not known for their fighting prowace, but this one differs. He glides across the areana seemlessly releasing ticky mucus which at some point even immobilises the Golem, but with one well placed swipe the axolotlian is also done.

Then a River Mermaid enters the arena, usually they don't go as their thunder is mostly leathal. She shocks the golem making it stop every time and then she starts singing, a very rare creature a River Mermaid Bard. As she shoots her bolts she keeps singing a song which seems to be weakening the golem, but it's not enough and she goes down due to her own arrogance and celebration of prepature victory.

FInally enters a Naga a Priestess from the North and newest member of the confederation. She chants some spells and from a near Lamia-looking figuere she slowly drasnforms into a guge sneak simmilar in size to the golem. The sneak keeps wrapping itself arround the creature and glows in a geit gold colour every time it snipps of one of it's limbs.
Gently sneaking it's way arround it does it over and over and over untill it finally bites and bites something the golem displays black spots and then turns to a pile of rubble/sand and the Naga turns back to her normal form very exhausted.
While smart enough not to bet everything they had on these fights and even made some profit, the Konna still return to their hut very disappointed
The Beastmen appreciate their good fortune and health in the recent times, but they cannot lie stagnant.
They expand their reaches along the borders of the Marshlands, while cultivating their clans strengths and breeding more of their giant beasts used in the past.

Shamans also make their efforts known by developing their magics and making new lands around the Star Strand capable of becoming farmlands.
King Rho relayed the tale of Two-Crest and Mother-Seaserpent cattle messengers and of his discovery of the Blue-Well-Gem and Mother-Seaserpent herself. He spoke of their great success with the Gem and their litoraforming of their wastes as well as the work on her temple.

>>Xiphoid Finalize Their Campaign Preparations

At the Pool of Foundations and the Pool of Horns great stockpiles were being gathered of Ichor, Molt Scrap and weaponry of Dwarven and Xiphoid origin. Great numbers of ballista and crossbow bolts were sharpened and barbed, blood-sealed axes were honed, claws were razor tipped and the assortments of tridents, pikes and weighted nets were reinforced. Caches were buried in the deepest reaches of the inland sea.

Many lessons had been learned from their campaigns against the beastmen and the heroes of those conflicts combined with the learnings of the Centre of Remembrance and the Observatory had led to the establishment of unified chains of command with broodcarrier bands organized by role and champion-captains who found their timetable hurried by word that the aquatic foe had made itself known on their sacred shores...
Savii knows of the arthropods' plans to revive ancient beings and cautiously advises against bringing the serpent back to life. There most likely was a reason it faced its demise. He also asks what exactly the gem is capable of to judge the extent to which it has been used so far.

King Rho was quick to chastise Savii for such talk, as it was clear that as many Mother;s as possible were to be returned to this time and place in life for communion with Moon-Mother. He paused and then inquired as to the source of Savii's concerns. As to the gem, so far it had been used simply as a source of endless fresh water. Astrologers and Sorcerers continued to study the gem and had so far found ways to use their own powers to force the gem to gusher forth without a need for physical touch. The Gem was currently encrusted in the outer carapace of a Broodmother, creating oasis all across the former desolate sands of the Shoredom. It would not be long till all of the areas surrounding the Great Pool would be littered with watering holes and the ancient hardy flora of times long past.
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Savii tells the King of the cave whose engravings pinpointing the location of the gem as well as that of its guard. From what they could infer since then, the serpent was a predator of the kind which grows forever as long as it can find prey to feed off of, putting it above the so called mothers of theirs.
He further explains it might have even utilized the gem's power in order to catch its prey. Speaking of which, the magician finds the power of it to be wasted just producing water, and mentions if put in the right hands it could be used for greater things.
He pondered with a lengthy clack. Perhaps it would be best to pause the Resurrection rituals for a time until other Mother's were found and awoken. After convincing himself of the wisdom of the plan he agreed to have his Astrologers cease the rituals. As to the gem, King Rho hinted that the Astrologers and Sorcerors had further intents after the litoraforming was complete, hence its slow bonding with a broodmother host. He surmised that Savii had intentions of his own and he invited the hardshell to share them. He pulled forth a large hunk of whale meat and began to slowly grind it down between the highly abrasive claw joints around its mouth orifice.
Long realizing their prisoners will not live forever, it's finally decided to construct alternative methods.
The mountain having been subject to more storms that others, especially in recent times, is chosen to host rods of metal from the tips of the mountain, which powers their devices in the higher reaches of the mountain.
Dwarves would be no longer dependent on their mermaids, however it would never truly replace the efficiency of them, as storms are not willed by them, nor the amount of power harvested, but it would do.

Lunar-Hound is pleased with the outcome of his performances, staying for quite some time until it is felt the people are satisfied, and he has collected enough wealth for the trip to have been worth while.
The carriage filled with goods once more begins its travels, taking the same path as it took prior, it arrives Maru, where the two perform again, for a short time, selling some of their acquired trinkets from the Ekeni, and doing the same southwards until they would finally return home.

Margat contemplates for some time, his deep seeded anger against Therkuunaz eats away at him for days, almost coming to smash the emerald under a hammer, but stopping himself before it would strike.
Finally realizing this would accomplish nothing more than temporary relief, he decides to bring the Eye back to Therkuunaz.
(forgot to specify mountain, it's Oglag'dun)
Relieved, he thanks King Rho for considering his advice. At least for now there wouldn't be the possibility of a long deceased apex predator returning to life.
Savii indeed tells him of his intentions. He states there are more gems, each with different powers, and that he too is in possession of one. Expressing his disappointment regarding the arthropods having found the blue one first, he nonetheless offers them his help in unlocking its power, citing personal experience.

The mine at the Orchard grows as the Konna unlock the knowledge of the heated rock. It wasn't the rocks themselves, but rather certain parts of it which would liquify under great heat, after which they could be formed to ones desire. While the iron here was of poor quality, requiring more work to make it usable, the Konna are dedicated to their task, seeking to avoid paying the huge sums demanded by dwarves for their metal goods.

The process of mining is accelerated by utilizing miners made of rock. Working harder and faster than the turtles are capable off, they can instead focus on smithing.
The turtles are welcomed to the camp and offered some food and drinks, while they try to communicate that this is actually a quarry to bring back home, and that they do not wish to disturb them, if this is their home.
After the coronation, there was much to do. The army was used to secure the borders of the kingdom, that brought them to the city of Gallradan, which was quickly pacified with the help of the nobles. A group of Ispani statemen have started managing the new lands, integrating laws and different posts to maintain order.
The new king, Gaius, seeing as the city is in ruins and deep in misery, takes a critical decision. Everyone in the city must take all their belongings and march with the army towards the north, to found a new city, Gaelia, while this city is burned to the ground. As the people comply, a good number march north towards the new place, while other decide to go back to Gallradan.
The captured army is used as manpower for the constructions and heavy work, along with other problem makers.
While the war had ended, the survivors of the wreck had been going home through the road north. After expecting to be received by the scoudians, they are heavily surprised to find an Ispani patrol in the border. They are brought to the captain of the patrol, who decides to take them to Consul Cayo, the new governor of Gallradan.
The Konna thank the satyrs for the warm welcome and food is given to them in return. While Iti is being cleaned, one of them explains, with the help of imagery carved into pieces of bark, that they too are only staying for a short while.

Scouts are sent out to explore north and see if there's anything worthy of note.
As the party of Konna explains the situaution and leave the camp, the satyr feel satisfied and keep on building the new quarry.
The Bodyguards arrive to not see Scoudia and their King or to venture further North into a fereign land, but instead they see that seemingly overnight all of Scoudia was gone, absorbed into Ispania.

Using their broken Ispanian (or Scoudian uppon request) the diplomats have a hard decission to make.

They at first humbly request what was asked of them. They show the Consul the gold nuggets and tell him that we have a lot of those and are willing to trade, and offer prices which the Scoudians and Dwarves deemed as "somewhat high, but not insulting" so that a good deal comes out of haggling.

Other old deals with Scoudia like supplying food in exchnge for metal wepons is also brought up.

Secondly they pick up the topic of the trade Route with Scoudia. They humbly ask the Consul to consider keeping it as they list all it's beneffits. They also ask how the structure of the Routeguard will change which once had Taurinquian and Scoudian Guards overseeing the traderoute.

The topic of Port Pekolo is also mentioned as the Council wanted it to be like Pik'Scouden was the the Scoudians a town where Satyrs can move and mingle with the Taurinquians. The deal involves one of them having a repressentative on the Council. The Lamia and Naga also ask what will become of Pik'Scouden itself.

Lastly overstepping their competences signifficantly, but seeing a kindred Spirit in the Satyrs the Diplomat-Bodyguards bring up trade goods.

> Kleptographic items
One-use magic items so far mostly utility use as no very strong spells can be stored.
> Termid and Burnpowder
Termid is not!termite and Burnpowder is powder which starts burning (not exploding) when you hit it. Essentially imperfect gunpowder.
> Termid'mein, Gaz'mein, Asid'mein
Kinetic termite mine, kinetic poison gas mine and kinetic acid gas mine.
> Poisons, Acids and other Alchmical goods
> Religious trinkets they think are important
> Mercenarries, Craftsmen and Artisans for hire
> big amounts of Alagae
> shit-tasting, but very strong alcochol

In exchange the taurinquians would consider buing:
> hireing specialists from the Satyr
> buying some boats
> buing some art
> as large as possible supplies of Metal weapons and tools (also chains)
> whatever else the Satyrs can offer

Lastly the Bodyguards ask about the fate of the Workers and Engineurs which have been in the Scoudian Capital.
They also propose a delegation to be sent quickly to the new Capital and overstepping their role even more they hint at the chance of an alliance.
The consul did certainly not expect this when he woke up that day. However, this new Tauriquians make good first impressions, for their offers are pretty good. He was unaware of this trade route south, but it will be reestablished nonetheless.
The deal turned very bright for him as soon as the gold nuggets were brought up. A chance to obtain this will be useful to stablish some sort of economic power. He, in the name of the alliance, accepts the offer to reestablish the previous trade route and establish an exchange of products.
Unfortunately, most of the things they were asking for were back in Ashkar, so he quickly sent message there, to be delivered as soon as possible.
As far as the Port issue goes, the consul is sure that a group of satyrs can relocate from Ashkar to the port, yes.
Although he cannot say he knows the fate of his countrymen, he assures them that the city has not been attacked, and that they should be fine, and can be searched if they so desired.
As he sends the message to request all their demands back to Ashkar, he quickly creates a delegation to their lands, including the survivors that just arrived, for they know better those lands. He offers the negotiators to stay there for a while, or at least to give them the location of their ports to send their merchandise.
However, he is unable to confirm this alliance they are hinting, for that is the work of the delegation.
King Rho heartily agree's to his offer. He asks if it would be possible for him to accompany the gem-carrier during its litoraforming so as not to hinder the already abundant progress being made. King Rho also asked whether or not his people knew of the rather dangerous sounding threat the dwarves had spoken of.
Shortly after the first army from Therheiunjar'dun was sent to deal with the river threat, an lord from the eastern realm sent his own army, benefiting him in many ways: improving relations with the western lords, displaying his might, and being able to truly test how the warriors would fare in real combat, or at the very least test logistical strain and improve how an army marches in unfamiliar lands.
Fruvinag Uthfung Mountain Lord of Jaegunnzar sends his army westward, across the river parallel to the first army.
Not expecting much if any resistance, they still maintain rigid formation and haul two large covered wagons along with their supply goats.
(Ignore 2s1)

A sudden reemergence of miners seeking the Holy Relics makes itself known in Therkunz'dun, quickly gaining support of miners from nearby mountains.
They again pick up their picks and travel to a new mining operation east of Zelt'raktuv, with Powdered Thunder efficiently revealing any contents hidden beneath the earth.
Savii agrees, before telling the King of the envoy residing in Taurinqia, stating that there had been no hostilities between the two nations and that some scholars even learned their language.
File: EternalNiggerwar.png (72 KB, 864x658)
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The Oracles of the Mermaids and the Naga Priestesses prophetysing Doom at the same time is rare. On top of that news from the Ispanian diplomats of Dwarven aggression in Former Scouden as well as the apparent mobilization of the suspicious crustaceans from across the pond made the Council take a drastic decision.

> The temporary institution of Military Law

For the second time in Taurinquian history a military state has been enacted. And for the first time Drothiel-Type Fortificationsare to be installed throughout the Nation.

> Red – goes first (this post)
> Orange – second (by the end of next post)
> Yellow – third (end of post after that)

The Drothiel Fort is essentially 2-4 meter high, 3 meter wide walls of pikes filled with very brittle sand, like quicksand which has been doused with randomly distributed Poison and Acid mines. Drothiel forts are to be abandoned once the wall breaks and the sand covers the enemy who breached it. In front and between them are obviously mines in the ground. Therefore the fort is comprised of multiple rows 4-6 for each instalation.

In the water Floater-type Thermid Mines are affixed using rope to the ground at varying height as well as Flo’qel’kwel towers are erected on a scale never seen before. Those primitive towers are made by Axolotlians using their highly adhesive mucus using rubble (first utilised in war against mermaids). The center of the tower is also laced with Thermid Mines so upon breaking they explode and burn everything underneath in a rain of fire. Between the towers Rub’vines which upon contact detach from the towers and bind the one who touched it. Some free-floating Thermid Mine models re desgned to be held in Place using Kleptographic spheres which detect presences floating underneeth detonating the mine.

Another first timer within the Nation is the establishment of Manufctorums which mostly give work to Scoudian refugees and Frogians migrating from the south. Those manufactures are designed to mass produce mines as well the components for previously mentioned things. The Dutchy of New Scudia is meanwhile tasked with the mass production of boats which have their underbelly secured with sinker-type Thermid Mines

When the Istrians arrive the demands are as the Diplomat-Bodyguards hinted at previously, but the demand for Iron weapons is much higher than expected… I’m talking abbout not just elite soldiers I’m talking about supplying the now fully mobilized Taurinquian army in both Weapons and Armour, the supplying of the army is in exchange for a right to exploit the Gold from the River near the New Capital for as long as they supply the Iron Weapons and armor upon request. In addition a kind request to open an Embassy in their capital is issued.
The Konna present in the New Capital™ begin to ask the locals what the sudden ruckus is all about
The delegation is recieved by a very particular sight, for this is a never before seen situation.
Nevertheless, they have needs, and the Ispani always oblige to a good deal.

They start the exchange of all the demands, and making plans to expand the armories, yo satisfy this now bigger demand.

They also take an interest in this powder. It could be probably used for more, if only they were in Ashkar. For the time being, however, they are more than enough satisfied with the whole new mine gold they will extract.
Margat arrives at Therkuunaz's throne room on a cold morning, the priests tuck their hands under their beards to keep warm. Therkuunaz stands to greet him, "A great pleasure it is to see him who brought me back my own eye," He turns to his attendant priests, "I wish to speak with him alone." They huddle out of the room, muttering how lucky he is to be in sole audience. Therkuunaz turns His attention solely to the thief, his one eye begins to ember and glow, Margat drops the emerald as it too begins to heat in his pocket. "You are a fool. To steal away the eye of God! But I am bound by my word," with this He draws a small circle in the air with his finger, which fizzles and sparks until it opens a window between worlds. There, in a great hall surrounded by platters laden with roast meats and ceaseless fountains of ale, Margat sees his son. Margat weeps seeing his boy laughing, knowing he will not know the same fate. The window closes, Margat sees Therkuunaz has placed the emerald into his head which has become his eye again, "The endless feast would have awaited you Margat, father of Mirgat the Hardy, but you have pissed it away with your petty act. For it there is a terrible price." The eyes of Therkuunaz now burn like the fires of Hell, Margat cowers on the floor, begging for forgiveness which he does not deserve. Therkuunaz sneers at such an undwarfly act, before bringing his fist thundering down on him. The noise of it rings across the mountain, and the force leaves a dent in the floor filled with the crushed remains of a coward. Therkuunaz sits heavy again in his chair, and calls for the mess to be cleaned away.
File: qst.png (428 KB, 2048x2048)
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428 KB PNG
Once more the door of the eighteenth hut opens, to a land of death. Those driven mad have all since perished in one hideous way or another. Those who once wanted to come the see the hut are turned away by some unseen force within themselves, an awful feeling of total dread and disaster if they should continue towards the huts. The creatures flicker about the hills, finding themselves trapped in a province sized magic binding circle. No emotion shows upon their faces, as they test the limits of the power keeping them trapped. Finding themselves unable to escape, they continue to roam the area sometimes stooping at some thing seen or otherwise, sometimes staring off into the distance.
Seemingly irked at their imprisonment, the group gather huddled together at the edge of the circle, facing the snow-topped mountains, forcing themselves against the barrier. Little by little it weakens and cracks, splintering like overheated glass. Suddenly there is enough breakage in the magical firmament that they can pass through, pouring out of the crack in ways which should be impossible. Once all seventeen are through, they begin a slow march North.
The strange feeling that once stopped travellers subsides, they may once again travel to Hutxviii, but are met with only misery. The eighteenth hut is empty, the door hung open, and all those around dead and mangled.
The Maimpaw clan grows tired of their currently held territories, they expand further and search for any resources or things of value. While creating a new settlement called the Maw Fields.
The Ekeni, now with a solid trading partner in the dwarves begin to industrialise their production of opium. With the quantities being produced, tinkerers and alchemists across the land begin experimenting with ways to make it easier to transport, or condense/refine it in some way. A farmer living close the the Temple Complex makes the first breakthrough, when boiled with a *secret* ingredient, and then boiled a second time with another *secret* ingredient, the opium becomes far stronger than before, requiring far less to be smoked. A shipment from this soon rich farmer to the fort of Gora is left in its packaging on sweltering day. When the guards finally open it, the refined opium had solidified into blocks which could be easily handled. With this combined knowledge, soon a refinery is set up by the rich farmer to process huge quantities of the drug. It could certainly be refined further, but research was slow and the ingredients expensive, it would take a long time.

At the temple complex, half a dozen resident priests fall sick with a rasping cough which grows worse by the hour. They are given opium lozenges to dull the pain, but it is no use, all six die within a day of each other, including a promising scholar of the dwarven language. News is brought to Queen Nawen of the sickness they were afflicted with, though within minutes of the information reaching her reports of the same sickness happening in Ibna arrives. It seems to affect merchants the hardest, and so is given the name Cypers-Cough. The sick are ordered quarantined, and once passing to be burned away from town. Including the six priests, 23 people are burnt together on pyres. A day of mourning is declared.
Iti begins digging the hole for her eggs while the Konna loot the local flora and fauna. All in all, just the usual.
The Locals do not answer, but instead redirect the Diplomats to stand before the Council again. The Council as they enter is in dissaray, the usually calm councilmen are beating the shit out of each other as they decide for yet another plan.

They scoff at each other, but sit down calmly as they notice the Konna enter. The representative of New Scoudia fixes his dislocated jaw and speaks up.
> "What brings you here, dear representatives of the Konna, Children of Iti?"

The Konna are heard out, but later instructed that while permitted to leave and come back they are not to take the route to the Capital they took before, but instead to travel arround the peninsula and enter the Capital, by swimming upstream the River. As in that Zone anone who enters will be killed as we are currently expecting an invassion from a Crustacean species from the West as well as the Dwarves from the North. The Nation is in a state of full mobilisation to prepare the deffenses.

The first Ispani settle in Pekolo as well as the ecstraction of Gold from the River starts.

But war is dawning closer and closer. The advisors which went to advise the Ispani blacksmiths on what the arodered armour should be bring out thoretical designs which were created in order of importance of creation:

> Meneto'staf:
A metal rod insulted with magic harz usually used to insulate wood for staffs. Then surrounded by a chain which is also egulfed by it. The chain comes out and hangs loose at the end as one end is held by one mermaid hand and the other by the Other. It is designed as a support for non-metal equipped armies as the produced magnetic field controlled and ampliffied with magic can be used to slightly tug at metal wepons of enemies making them miss.

> Pimlemour
Armour created to contrast the muscles on a Toadpersons back making shooting out projectiles harder. If a Tiadperson trains enough though and is able to overcome the encasing of the backplate the projectiles shoot out with way more kinetic force. (insteadl ike 17th century cannons imagine 400mm callibre magingun, but can only shoot one volly every few hours)

> Annihiloplate
Plate for hard lizardfolk which leaves easily regenerated places unprotected, but vital ones in tank-tier thick metal making a lizardfolk very unlikely to ide in battle.

> Chains
> Armor
> Weapons

In addition the Council proposes a deal in which the Confederation will hire a huge Portion of the Ispani fleet in case of war breaking out, for obviously high recompensation.

The News of this event reach the council soon as the Scouts tasked with overseeing the area flee in panic, hell has broken loose once again. The magic barrier is fixed so that the creatures can't go back the same way and the dimmensionla barrier there is weakened so WEAK and MINOR extradimenssion creatures can still come trough of sorts "outsourcing" the protection of the in al honesty already lost area to the caged monsters.
The Konna seem calm and nod as the new route is layed out.
A mere few minutes later they haul ass faster than any other species has been seen doing so before, as there could be only one kind of crustaceans residing east
40mm magingun bullets for the Toadpeoples.

Made another fucking unnoticed typo

Also invader crabbos to the east not west.
This new trade alliance with these tauriquians has been an exceptional chance to increase the national resources.

The satyr engineers have created numerous armors for these races, in face of a new war.
Although we won’t intervene, the rights to the gold mine and these new materials have been a huge boost and interest to our investigators.

While we hope to understand more of these substances, the Confederation asks for nothing less that a great chunk of our navy, at a heavy remuneration, if they are to survive. Its a bet, on e that our consuls are willing to make.

With that, the Ispani navy mobilizes and lends the help this Tauriquians ask for, to fight in a war to consolidate these new allies’ position in the continent.
Scouts observed their activities from afar using far-see'ers, glass sight enhancers courtesy of the Konna's teaching of glass making. As their foes activities pushed farther into the inland sea the scouts had continued to maintain their standoff distance, noting their coming and goings, dispositions and defensive emplacements within the sea.

With their intelligence and forces inplace, the Xiphoid embarked on the final and most difficult part of the plan. Around the Sancturary Huatlo, the most powerful Sorcerors and as many Astrologers that could be mustered gathered together. The Ichor originally intended for her was spilled into the waters and their rituals and prayers began to request a blessing from Moon-Mother. Mother-Moon heard, felt pity, and answered.

A wall of water began to rise from the sea along the Xiphoid Shoredom, gaining speed and volume the farther it traveled into the inland sea.

As it passed the deepest portions of the Inland Sea, other sorcerors took their positions around carapace vats of Holy Ichor in their supply cahces which they consumed to shape and sustain the vast tidal movement to focus its fury on its desired vector. As it began making its way up the continental shelf it churned and stripped bear the seafloor forming a deep wall of swirling sand and debris. By the time it reached the first line of defenses it towered over the surface of the sea and left only twisting and barren murk in its wake below. The wave was intersperssed with flashes of explosions as mines detonated against debris and being a light. All that was not firmly secured was swept up into its endless twisting maw to be dashed, crushed and carried toward the shores of the Confederation.

There, the tide receded and did not return. No sooner had the silence of the sea became noticable that the horizon became interspersed with the occasional flash of light. Then all was thunderous roar, detonations and violence as the wave swept over the beaches and crashed into the mainland. Strong storm surge currents tore both earth, tree and sod.

In its wake the three fleets of Astrologer-General Nine Star began their movements. The largest Grand Fleet stretched along the width of the tidal wave's path in a wall formation of brood carriers stretching from the sea bottom to just below the surface. They advanced forward, each layer providing cover to the other as they made their way to sweep the Confederation's aquatic defensive line and eventually begin raiding what remained of the shore settlements. The second fleet swung north-westerly around the main advance towards the marshes and river heads, intending to make contact with the dwarven present in the region. The third fleet split in half. One half was to serve as the basis for the reserve force which was being mustered as more broodcarriers returned from the deep sea. The other half swung to the west, broodmother's and commoners in tow to establish a beachhead on the sands of the peninsula.
File: vII.jpg (121 KB, 736x720)
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At long last, likely one of the greatest works of art by the dwarves is finished.
From miles away, the earth quakes from the strides of a great machine.
Standing well above, or at the level of the treetops, the Vikazar II dominates the landscape, wielding a massive hammer, with its body surrounded by platforms along its torso and mantle from which dwarves can hurl javelins and protect the monolithic machine. Two smaller keg launchers also wrest upon its mantle.
Below its waist, it would be protected by iron spikes protruding from the legs.
Hanging from its chin is an artificial beard of goat fur, swaying with each step.
Being constructed shortly before the Xiphoid invasion, the dwarves were finishing the final touches of the machine, with carvings and paints, mostly aesthetic works before they were told news of the attack, they promptly finish off parts of the carvings and power the machine, marching it west, though it would take quite some time to travel.
The Xiphoids to the north would likely be the first to bear witness to this monolith.

With the dwarves informed of the invasion, they hurry to scramble the forces of Thirzig'kalnz to aid their ally, the planned forces of Therheiunjar'dun being away to the north, and Jorgivar Dievdelz's army only being roughly half a normal fighting force due to the great sundering in the past, they cannot contribute as much as desired despite being able to levy more men as the river allows less dwarves to work.
Jorgivar Dievdelz Mountain Lord of Thirzig'kalnz informs his close friend, Denzigg Hathrunr Mountain Lord of Rakkun'dun to aid the western realm, as well as their southern allies, the Xiphoids.
Being a good chance to once more test the might of the dwarves and improve relations, he accepts and sends an army westward to assist in the conflict, though the tunnel to the western realm is already being strained with the current armies northwest, the efficient tunnel is unable to be used by any more dwarves, and as such they must make a slower journey on the surface, which would have them arriving to the west slightly before the Vikazar II.
Jorgivar's forces would remain stationed around their fortifications bordering the Confederacy until further notice.

With word spreading of the war continuing, the dwarven exile city of Jimiz'feld riles up, and militias are formed that begin to raid the trade route nearby them as the chaos does not allow ruling lords much power over them to cease the activities.

Volunnz'dun too has an interest in the war: Hagazigith Vitanun Mountain Lord of Volunnz'dun lords over the young mountain and would do well to prove himself as a capable leader to the other lords.
He sends a portion of his army south to claim the moors that would likely be uninhabited and provide good defenses and/or a platform from which to attack.
News of the Ispani victory reach Maru and Beni is overjoyed that his friends were victorious in the end. He sends a envoy with gifts to congratulate them. Later the construction of the Embassies begins and they are built in three months. Now the two countries can travel and trade with each other more freely and efficiently. Both hoping this will be a start of beneficial friendship.

Deep within the Yamagami Forest in the north, a group of powerful mages were experimenting to create more powerful magic, curses, and weapons. Officially, they were not sanctioned by Beni for they were doing vile things the common Oni would find repugnant, but they given free-reign and wouldn't be charged with crimes if they produce weapons of value to the defense of the homeland. They use criminals as subjects for new magic to be tested on. At the first, the subjects drop dead before the new curses and hexes could even take full effect. While instant death is fantastic, sometimes delay death is needed to infiltrate and attack your enemies when they least expected. After much trials and bodies, there was one ritual that shows much promise. Fuma, head mage of the group, created the ritual after observing the Tengu’s unholy rituals. Over time, she removed and added to the original rituals to better suit Oni ways. She gathered together her partners to begin.

In the middle of circle drawn with glowing ancient symbols of Oni and Hellish origin, stood convict chained to the ground struggling to get free. Fuma went to them and said, “Agree to this and survive and King Beni will pardon all crimes and all of you formally join his special forces. If not, well, there are always others.” Rano, informally the leader of the convicts, wanted to spit on her face for asking the to possibly die in a horrible fashion but refrained himself for they would probably immediately send them to Hell. With much cool hatred, he agreed and so did the rest. The ritual took all night and at dawn, the ritual was complete. At first nothing happened until the convicts were engulfed by black flames, screaming. Fuma and the others tried put out the flames but an explosion of energy happened, blowing them back hard. They woke up to see Rano in crater fill with black fire and transformed. They were covered in the circle symbols, their skin was black as night, and They had at last created the legendary Ekijo Senshi (Cursed Warriors) of past.
*The Koku-jin (Black Pit) is created.
File: qst.png (429 KB, 2048x2048)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
The Maimpaw head North, into the forest the Konna of Tulo long ago planted, which now teems with birds of many kinds.

This beachy outcrop lacks resources useful to Konna kind. Allowing room for the Ispani to prevent future conflict, the turtles search the North finding a plain which seemed to once be home to a dead race of cave-dwellers. Steering clear of the caves for now, the Konna find tall grasses suitable for weaving and brambles heavy with purple fruits. In the distance, one young turtle claims, there is a castle filled with tall white creatures who glow in the sun!

Please respond to my ships in your dock
News of the war between the Taurinqians and the Xiphose reach the Konna of the Orchard. For now the prefered course of action is to sit back and watch as it wasn't their war to fight, however Savii would offer the arthropods stone golems to make their army viable on land, provided they pay a fair market rate.
A chill spikes and prickles through those in both Volunnz'dun and Thirzig'kalnz. Something within the dwarves warns them to lock their doors and return to their beds. Most mutter prayers to Therkuunaz, who does not answer them. In His throne room, He curses in ancient tongues, even to a God these things are bothersome. But soon the dread lifts and passes on. Many force themselves to forget it even happened.

Scavengers in the Broken Lands behold a truly awful site; seventeen immense humanoid shadows loom from over the mountain, grey eyes scanning around. They shift down the slopes and into the ruptured farmland, drinking in the pain and misery that lingers in the air, drawing sustenance from it. They trace the cracks across the ground sucking out the last remnants of the magic that caused it. They skulk over the lands, pushing into crumbled homes, extracting every last drop of suffering they can find. Only after they seem to have had their fill do they make their leave, heading to the ruins in the North.
As the tsunami hit the ocean lit up with the half of the termite mines the nation possessed gone, the workers which were arriving to build the second was of fortifications trembled in for they knew that today they would be soldiers. The Old Capital destroyed once more and Weqas in shambles only the salty mud under their soles, casualties were minimal as the aquatic and semi-aquatic denizens did everything in their might to save the Dwarves, Lamia and Scoudians which happened to be there, but all infrastructure was lost.

The army arrived soon after, but all who stood there knew, man, woman and child that today they were soldiers. Out of the mud and ruins new simpler fortification were constructed and all that could be used as a weapon was collected. With no gas or acid mines at hand simple pitfalls with wooden pikes were starting to be dug as the 1st fleet covered the horizon.

Meanwhile the Tsunami awakened the Ocean Fathers who while not in slumber were dreaming as their daughters sang them their songs, but not even they could contain their anger anymore. First came the attack on the reserves and the 3rd fleet, the polyp looking tentacle beast tore it’s way out of it’s underground home like a rabid bull. As if a whirlpool the reserves were devoured and the clumsy yet huge creature threw itself at the 3rd army in total from the reserves and 3rd army only 9% survived scattered wounded and slaughtered they we captured by the mermaids and dragged down and apprehended I their caves. Next came the 1st army in whose direct middle a similar whirlpool appeared dragging in and devouring 34% of the entire army, the ocean father this time though managed to be calmed enough to return to his cavern and the mermaids decided not to attack due to the enemies still immense numerical advantage. The 2nd army barely felt any losses as the 3rd Ocean Father remained relatively calm only using it’s tentacles. Seemingly though the second fleet seems to land instantly after that, they make landfall in a land which seems like en endless flooded plain, any magician among them can sense something is off.

The first raid is a huge success as the Dwarves sack the Trade Route, but they don’t get far on their stocky legs before Lamia and Scoudian Cavalry catch them and overwhelm their forces retrieving most lost goods. The Routeguard is prepared for any subsequent raid and Iguanafolk spies linger in the area few of the next raids get near the trade route and a few River Mermaids are enlisted to help predetonate any dwarven boom-barrels. Dwarves from raiding bands are killed or apprehended, apprehended ones are brought to the New Capital. Letters addressed to the Lord of Jimiz’feld are snuck to make some sort of deal to stop the raids. The guard takes minor casualties each Raid, which will be slowly withering them down.

Other Ocean fathers also do whirlpools, but are now where near the Rho-army and soon are calmed. Among the River fathers only the one near Hutxvii the great oldest one who lived under the river Taurinq from which the nation derived it’s name and now is dry emerged. He stood up upside down on his giant tentacle like bandibles and started his journey towards the closes riverbed Thirzig’kaltz to find a new home there. His river mermaids accompany him trying to keep their father save as they panic.
There's rejoicing as Lunar-Hound once again travels through Maru, playing his flute on his wagon as the goats trundle on. The old dwarf follows the road along the coast before leaving Oni lands to return to his home in the mountains.

In a dreadful turn of bad luck, the coughing sickness rears its ugly head, a dozen or so young oni are infected in Maru, with reports of a handful more in the outlying villages and Gao. Though the oni are prepared, it still claims all those afflicted, all but one fair oni woman though she is made mute by the ordeal. She is the first, and only known survivor of this terrible sickness.
File: qst.png (430 KB, 2048x2048)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Forgot dorfs
After seeing the hasty escape of the Konna upon the mere mention of Eastern Crustaceans the Council became suspicious and Mermaids were sent to tail them from afar to discover that they were going a weird route around a peninsula across the inland sea, then they spotted a lone Xiphoid and escaped, but the mere mention of another sea route became a gamble worth taking.

The Ispanian Mercenarry Navy meets up with the small navy of New Scoudia as well as with some Igunafolk Kayaks. In New Scoudia the Ships are loaded full with the finest soldiers Teurinquia has; a small bunch, but an elite both trained well and fully in the new Ispanian armour.

As the fleet departs they see from the side the huge tsunami which consumed all the Taurinquian fortifications. They decide to continue on their mission, lucky they were not asked to reinforce the inland sea. They circle around the peninsula and as they swim they drop toxic poison from the bottom of the ship as soon as they encounter any Xiphods and kill any attacker with thermid mines dropped from deck or from the bottom of the ship. Once they see end encounter anything like settlements some ships depart leaving raiders, but soon they see a Xiphod city bigger than the tiny settlements before. Unaware what it is, but knowing it is not an issue to be taken lightly they land while dropping termite barrels on any Xiphoids trying to come near the ships.

Uppon landing they proceed to sack the city slaughter all inhabitants and poison all the drinkable water. If found any civilians are bound and tied to the bottom of the ships so any attacker has to murder them first to attack the ship. Everything which burns is burned, everything which can be destroyed is destroyed, everything one can loot is looted, all water one can poison is poisoned and everyone deemed not useful is slaughtered.

The Ispanians don’t quite partake in the murdering of all the innocents, but do take everything that they could back to Ashkar. The loot is their payback for lending the navy as they take all they can carry meanwhile the Taurinquian force is left behind in the ruins.
File: Screenshot_56.png (23 KB, 961x407)
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With letters making their way to the lord of Jimiz'feld, he can do nothing but think, and think he did, until he thought up a plan: organized raids.
Exiled dwarves are near impossible to contain in the current state of the realm, however, if he brought them together in their quest for loot, he could at least keep more of them alive.
However the lord may attempt to write back to the Confederacy, he attempts to do so stating that he can cease the raids, but in order to do so, the route must be evacuated, the dwarves will have no interest in it if there is nothing to take, but it is also repeated multiple times that if the Confederacy does not return all of the dwarves taken prisoner, they will retaliate.
Until a response is received, dwarven captains are sent to the east to give word that if they organize under the banner of a proper army, they would be given citizenship to Volunnz'dun.
Nearly all of them would agree in an instant, quickly forming an organized army, along with more men arriving from the city as they get word of this arrangement.
Combining roughly into the size of half of a mountain lords average army, they would have ceased their raids temporarily to organize before they march east once more to attack the route, armed with sharpened pick axes and iron weaponry, only few of the wealthier wielding steel, they also bring with them catapults and ballistae to bombard the route; the catapult eventually rendering the road unusable and the ballistae dealing great damage to horsemen and the compact armies of the humans.
The army is led by Daimurg Zrig of Volunnz'dun.
>The trade route situation changes

The forces from Rakkun'dun arrive at the swamps along the coast to find them having been victim a great storm; using the standard column formation they carefully tread across the wrecked land and debris, they attack anything in sight that does not resemble their Xiphoid allies.
As all the coastal fortifications have been destroyed, the dwarves would likely have an easier time than expected in engaging the enemy.
They do not take prisoners other than mermaids, though they do not attempt to cease their lethality against them.
Unless stopped they continue to march until they reach Lamtaya which they would lay siege.
(2s1 ignore)
>The first army arrives in Confederate lands
While dwarves were busy at work on the Vikazar II, some engineers still had time to design new things.
A dwarf and a few of his collaborators in their drinking time have constructed a crude prototype of a new machine with thanks to the brief period after the Vikazar was built they were able to finish it, though with little experience in the terrain it would be meant for, the dwarves hire a transport and send the main designer along with it to the diplomatic grounds of the Xiphoids.
He attempts to speak with a Xiphoid well versed in sea faring, and unveils the wagon containing a hastily cobbled together statue.
Simply appearing to be art at first, the dwarf would show a compartment in the back that opens to allow a small figure to enter.
He is mainly curious of anything he should know about the sea, and if the animatron is capable of submerging without issue: bad, or weak seals, and the like.
>Xiphoids receive a closer look at dwarven machinery

The army of Volunnz'dun after occupying the buffer land sends the second half of their forces to attack Huxtviii.
Bolstered by their reinforcing army and with a protected supply route, they surround the city and conduct pin point assaults on the foe to dishearten them and test their strength.
>A third army attacks

With the army of Thirzig'kalnz awaiting orders in what was once the entrance of their mountain, now ruins turned into fortifications, they see despite their shortsightedness the image of a gargantuan beast approaching from the south.
They quickly rally and take defensive positions, with no idea what this monster closing in on their location has in store for them.
They would likely first witness the mermaids crawling alongside the beast and ahead of it: they would stand no chance at attacking the fortifications and as their river father comes within range, the dwarves fire volleys of a combination of Powdered Thunder launchers and ballistae which would occasionally fire bolts with small kegs attached to them, exploding much like the other artillary, though more efficient as they utilize a longer fuse, not requiring a maximum timing.
If the river father were to come within distance to destroy their fortifications, they are ordered to flee, and if chased, they try to enter Therheiunjar'dun.
The amount of powdered thunder used would likely be the most ever consumed in a battle, completely using up all of this armies supply.
>Defense of the ruins
News of this attack reach the Orchard, and the Konna are furious. An army is assembled, consisting of golems of various sizes on the front with Konna in the back. Additionally, iron golems are made. While not being as fast as the ones made from other materials, they pack quite a punch and are more durable.
In need of more iron, the dwarves up north are proposed a deal:
They are offered workers which not only work faster than any dwarf probably could but also for longer before needing rest in exchange for exclusive mining rights to the southern parts of their mountains.
File: End.png (119 KB, 1171x1049)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
With the Dwarves attacking and the Konna also getting involved for no fucking reason the Council sees no way of winning the War anymore.

The Council decides to use the Opportunity that the Xiphoids do not know of the deeper land to fake a full surrender while they give them all their western land, while the outhern lands Decide to join the Ispanians under the condition that the Council can still operate as a localised representative of the Nation.

As the Dwarves demanded all the prisoners are returned and the Trade Route is evacuated as the one going by Sea from Pekolo has developped enough.

The Dwarvesn Forces which enter Huxviii as they go from the North would encounter the escaped Gray men of OP, so ask him about it when he's back. Once they enter Hutxvii they see some desolated ruins infested by all sorts of minor Daemons.

The River Father would be heavily damaged by the Dwarven attack and would loose nearly half of it's tentacles, out of some primitive anger he's pick up some massive rocks and would start hurling them at the Dwarves, but would turn arrund and instead pick a hiome in a saver, but less optimal location in one of the rivers further north. Digging his giant whole there might possibly damage the tunnel conecting the Dwarven Western-Colony with the East-Mainland.

The Konna Involvement being being a surprise the Raiding Army continues their original plan of scattering and raiding nonetheless.
The Giant golems turn out useless against targets well... running away and hiding from them for months this militia even after the war ended fights on. Killing civilians destroying property, fucking up supply lanes and Orchard is not spared from that. Them being well trined soldiers just taking pot-shots and running away might be years before they are fully exterminated.

P.S. As ordered all Dwarves are returned even the ones from the Original war. It would be basically impossible to tell though whi have switched their allegience to the Council or as is now Gaspard.
The explosions caused a temporary pause from the normal tactic of directly attacking the underside with the massive grinding legs of the broodcarriers. Instead, the massive ballista's that had become commonplace among the broodcarrier casts turned the calm of an ocean night into a cacophony of crashing masts and splintering wood as Xiphoid artillery engaged the ships on the outside of their formations. As the drew closer to the channel leading in to the inland sea they encountered the trickle of broodcarrier casts returning from the deep sea to join with their kin in the campaign. The attacks increased in severity. Sorcerers at the Western Observatory rushed to the southern shore where they practiced their Storm Blessings, launching ball lightning and projecting localized storms on those ships that veered too closely to the rocky shores.

The raiders had mixed results in their attacks on the aquaculture processing sites and broodmother meeting-pools they encountered. Some commoners fled back into the sea or buried themselves in the face of the seasoned attackers, but most engaged the interlopers with their potent natural weaponry, hardy protection and an assortment of pikes, tridents and crossbows. Many fell victim to ambushes where the shore became a thriving mass of deadly pincers.

The forces attacking the Great Pool found themselves mired in a twisting maze of piles of carapace scrap from which commoner militia, warrior instars and the ever self modifying scraphelmers naturally blended with the molts. As they drew ever closer they were assailed from the great barrier walls of the Great Pool by ballistas and crossbows. King Rho watched from the walls clacking in rage at the afront. He ordered his Sorcerors and Astrologers to do something and in response they began instilling the Fury of The Storm and the Resillence of The Ancient into the denizens of the Pool and its lands. The invaders found themselves suddenly overwhelmed with frenzied claw and tail and were consumed.

The fleet continued to land parties as it went. Those that were not immediately repulsed proved to be a nuisance for outlying oasis for years afterwards. The fleet found itself having to run an ever tightening gauntlet of broodcarriers and storms when it turned for home only to find Mother Meztlixi emerging from the shallows...

Of those that set sail, only a fifth of those vessels returned to friendly shores, bearing nothing more than sums of pearls, dwarven gold and an abundance of nightmares.

The warrior instars examined it in junction with an Astrologer-Engineer from the Pool of Foundations. They quickly used Xiphoid blood to seal the many leaks that they uncovered, pointing out areas vulnerable to collapse under aquatic pressure and ways to make it far more streamlined for such activities.

Xiphoid Rangers began to explore their sudden gains while the rest of the fleet consumed the dead and rebuilt their carapaces.
File: occupied land.png (20 KB, 497x413)
20 KB
Battles are waged upon Confederate land, but not for long as suddenly a quick shift occurs with the Confederates surrendering to the Xiphoids to the south, with likely many of their people fleeing to the west.
Hutxviii is taken with ease as it's been abandoned.
They would then continue to take the land south encountering minor battles with the remnants of the enemies forces.
To the southwest the reinforcing army would march down, but not traveling to Pik'scouden as their numbers are too few, they would capture any fleeing mermaids but allow the other races to leave.
>Combat in the north

The ruins of Thirzig'kalnz are defended, not suffering many losses as the blind beast can only direct its actions by sound.
They do not pursue the beast as it retreats and takes a new route out of range of dwarves eventually settling in the river overpassing the dwarven tunnel, with the distance between it and Zojurn'hal it causes minor structural damage which halts travel temporarily as it is repaired.
>The ruins are defended

With the largest army finally arriving, they march until they reach the city of Lamtaya, engaging without siege, alongside the Xihpoids to the south, they make room for the Vikazar II as it finally arrives, destroying half of the city and boosting morale for all of the men as it wipes out the forces, but soon encountered a malfunction which disabled it for the remainder of the battle, though still providing artillery support.
The mermaids prove to be a difficult foe to deal with while they attack from the river, but as the xiphoids would swim up it, the dwarves would surround the river eventually forcing the surrender of the remaining mermaids.
Once the city is taken, the army combines with the forces of the north and march west alongside the Xiphoids battling with what is left of the Confederacy.
>Peace upon the land

The dwarf gives much appreciation to the xiphoid and would return home noting all of the changes for a future design, but not before he would attempt to purchase multiple barrels if possible from the xiphoids containing the sealing ichor.

With the war over, the dwarves assuming all of the Confederate land is taken and the last of their people simply fleeing to the forests, the dwarves request a meeting with the Xiphoids.
Mountain lords from the battle would attend and help discuss rewards and redrawing of territories.
The dwarves think over the offer for quite some time until they decide to allow the Konna to mine in the southern mountain touching Kazun'heim.
But only under the agreement that they be watched over by foremen to oversee their works and ensure they do not damage the integrity of the mountain or break into existing chambers or tunnels in the underworld.
>> The Council Is Prepared And The Three Powers Are Summoned

The trading post at the mouth of the underground river had grown into an underground complex filled with wooden pulley elevators, water works and warehouses of Xiphoid and dwarven goods and craftsmen inspecting and preparing them, now augmented by Konna Golems which had become a hot commodity in the Shoredom to replace the heavy manual labor oft filled by broodcarriers.

Within a large amphitheater near the surface lit by a stain glassed sky light of orange and red a great model had been carefully built by Xiphoid scribes of the lands in question. There Astrologer General Nine-star and an envoy of scribes and astrologers represented the Xiphoid as King Rho was still filled with rage. Places had been prepared for the Dwarves and the Konna who King Rho had insisted be present due to their suffering at the Confederation's hand.
The offer is declined as exclusive mining rights had been requested. Merely out of spite a counter offer was made which would promise the dwarves a laughably small amount of workers in exchange for the permission to mine southwest of Kazun'heim.

The Orchard initially sustained some damage, especially the tree farm, until smaller, faster clay minions and the traps as utilized in Tulo were used. Over time the remaining Taurinqians would either be killed or become prisoners, the Younglings Savii had brought with him suffering a noticeable amount of casualities due to them being more aggressive and prone to killing the Taurinqians, actually engaging them in battle instead of just defending.
As the last prisoners are taken a conference is held regarding their fate. Savii's younglings adocate for them to be ground up into Xiphose food in front of King Rho, while the natives of the Orchard after all that has happened still hesitate to kill their former allies en masse. Savii himself seeks to sell the prisoners to the dwarves in exchange for their knowledge regarding metallurgy as this could help in rebuilding the Orchard.
Some time would pass before a decision is made.
The dawn had finally set on the Tauriquian confederation. In the history books, this war will be remembered as a one-sided conflict, but, who started it, still causes debate on this very day. However, what we do know are the consequences of the war.
The Xiphod wave destroyed not only the coastal defenses, but the coast itself. This caused terrible destruction, but more so after the invasion that followed. The battle was fierce, and a counter attack was soon put to work.

However, possibilities of victory soon evaporated as the dwarves, the northern neighbors, invaded the confederation to help their southern allies.

The retaliation attack, a raid directly to the Xiphod capital, that caused terrible damage. Death, destruction, plunder and finally, ash. The Ispanian fleet decided that the plunder was enough, and they started their march back home, unsuspected of the menace below.

Yet this attack only aggravated the war. The Konna, fearing an attack, decided to intervene and join in this war, putting the last nail in this coffer. The Tau army that stayed back, suffered the retaliation of the Xiphods, as they were met with heavy resistance from the local populace, and from the Konna army. Finally, the army made their way back home, in hopes of reaching home, and not to die in the way.

For the council back home, this was the final straw. Fully knowing that the war was only going to go worse, they moved west and decided to try and save whatever they could. Before the armies marched west, they decided to put themselves under Ispani rule, using the debt they held as a cause. If certain conditions were met, such as semi independence, they would agree to Ispani rule.

With that, this war closed to an end. The Tauriquina Council was no more. Its land had been split into pieces by the various powers in the war. With that, a page of history closed, and a new one opened.
Revision 1.1: The Xiphose are invited to find a resolution too
File: redrawn map.png (22 KB, 684x559)
22 KB
Once more are carts of gold hauled to the Xiphoids land as reward for their loyalty and dedication.
The lords of the mountains that were present in the war are present in the meeting.

Denzigg Hathrunr Mountain Lord of Rakkun'dun
Jorgivar Dievdelz Mountain Lord of Thirzig'kalnz
Hagazigith Vitanun Mountain Lord of Volunnz'dun

All express their gratitude to the Xihpoids part in the conflict.
After banter between the races, Jorgivar Dievdelz withdraws a map which displays the currently occupied land of the dwarves, requesting a map of what the Xiphoids hold, and after reviewing both, he would come up with a third map which he displays to them. He hopes that it would suffice and be beneficial to both parties.
They also suggest that free movement between their newly acquired lands be allowed for both nations.

The dwarves can only simply refuse the offer.
They must have access to the work of the Konna, unable to afford such a risk, and it is not worth their effort to claim such a minor amount of golems.
The Xiphoids agreed to granting them freedom of movement within their newly claimed region. Puzzled by their isolated claim on the shore, they offered a parcel directly south of what was marked as 'hut' in exchange for an unbroken Xiphoid shore up until the claimed dwarven rivermouth.

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