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After arguing for a bit about your current situation the two of you reconciled once you reminded Szikra about the money you'll be getting.
Not wanting to waste any more time you asked a fellow with a horse drawn carriage, delivering salted pork to the event if he'd be willing to give you a ride.
Luckily he agreed and in no time delivered you to your destination.

The place was not how you imagined it to be. Though it had an impressive wall around it, one large enough to put most towns and cities to shame, it wasn't even a castle.
Calling it a manor or an estate would've been more accurate, as it seemed like something actually comfortable to live in. Though the road leading up to it wasn't quite as pretty as the manor itself. Soldiers under many different banners have made camp under the shade of the towering wall, serving as escorts and protectors of the nobles no doubt.
And the worst part is that they were not the most threatening thing to behold. You only saw the line of nobleman awaiting entry from a distance but even from afar you could feel their disdain, how they looked down at you. But you simply closed your eyes and allowed the knowledge that they'll pay you give you comfort.

Upon arriving to the back gates the guards stopped the man and began unloading his meat and taking it inside for the chefs to handle.
One of the guards looked at you as you got off and spoke up.
"And you two might be? Seems like a little excessive force for one little cart..."

You pull out the contract and roll it out in front of his face.
"We came for the party."

"Ah... another one."

"Another two."

He pointed at the little door in the back.
"See that pompous guy over there? He'll handle you."

You thank him and sought out the gentleman who didn't look at all pleased by your appearance.
"Ugh... even more? Late?
And a woman this time?

"It's called being fashionable late you stupid puppet!
Now... leads us to wherever we have to go and let us get to work already."
Szikra spoke up.

"The nerve... Very well."
He snapped his finger and called one of the maids.
"Lead this lady to a place where she can... change comfortably. And give her one of the spare uniforms... see if one of the small ones fit.
You... come with me."

Leading you through a set of halls you arrived in a small chamber where he handed you a rather... interesting looking uniform.
"You will be bathed and put into a presentable shape. Then you'll put on this outfit. Don't worry I'll adjust it here on the spot.
Then you may pick one of those swords..."

Just by looking at it you saw that those "weapons" are dulled to the point that they are not a threat to anyone.
Raising an eyebrow at those toys you looked back at the chamberlain and spoke up.

>As you wish...
>I'll play dress-up but you're not touching my weapon
>Over my dead body!
>Other? (write-in)
>>I'll play dress-up but you're not touching my weapon
>I'll play dress-up but you're not touching my weapon
It's one thing to change into a different set of clothes. It's another thing to essentially make your bodyguards worthless.
>>I'll play dress-up but you're not touching my weapon
sorry I am late, twitter didn't alert me to the update saying we are live.
Mhmmm... Understandable.
But the reason for WHY he wants to take away your weapon will become apparent.
Do you keep your weapon, regardless of what he says? Or are you willing to change your mind?

After I write the first post please put it in greentext if you agree to his terms

I can reason that it's there to make sure that no one gets killed. And because we might end up being called upon to duel in another's place.
File: jfco00855_12_.jpg (51 KB, 1000x1000)
51 KB
Your expression turns into a frown as you look down at the puny little man in front of you.
"I'll let you bathe me and spruce me up because I know how it causes you fragile little things physical pain to look upon something you'd call unsightly.
I'll even allow you to dress me up some messed up doll... But I won't let you so much as touch my weapon!"

"Good Sir... you don't seem to be entirely aware of your situation.
This is a necessary thing for the sake of safety. After all we can't just allow the unwashed masses approach the nobility with actual weapons.
And before you even speak about it hampering your ability to defend them... you are not here as bodyguards... you are here as live mannequins, to look pretty in the uniform.
Why do you think we have a small army outside? They are the ones guarding the party. Not you.
Now please... if you would get in the bath tub."
Sighing you undressed to nothing but your undergarments and sat in the tub of surprisingly warm water.
"Is the temperature to your liking Sir? Is it not too hot?
We can regulate the heat with magic if it's not comfortable."

"It's fine..."

Following that the butler dumps a ridiculous amount of aromatic oils and spices in with you.
As he rubbed the incense in your skin and as he was washing your hair you felt like you were a meat sitting in a cauldron, being prepped to become some pretentious meal for the nobility. After that embarrassing display you got out and dried yourself.
Of course the snobby little man insisted on rubbing you with a towel but you quickly shut him down.

The suit was odd in its design, seemingly favoring style over usability or even comfort. It offered no protection what so ever and seemed to chafe you in the most soft places.
Looking at him you asked him if he could indeed adjust it a bit for you.
"But of course."
Extending a hand he made some elaborate gestures as aether flowed out of his palm. The arcane energy flowed into the fabric and reshaped it into something more form fitting.
Giving it a few squeezes you concluded that now it felt like you were wearing nothing at all. Odd... but not entirely unpleasant.
"Are you satisfied ser?"

"I still feel like a clown."

"Pah... I thought you'd be used to that by now.
How old are you exactly? If you don't mind me asking that is."

"None of your gods damned business!"

"Now then.
Your weapon, please!"

>Other? (write-in)
"Why do you think we have a small army outside? They are the ones guarding the party. Not you."
My fucking sides this guy is retarded if he thinks that he's perfectly safe with a mere army on the outside of the building and not alongside.

>Comply but request that the weapon be nearby in the case of assassins.
Our biggest strength was always our ability to be flexible as the situation requires it.
I change my mind
I vote for his idea
>>Comply but request that the weapon be nearby in the case of assassins.
To be fair they have a fair few men on the walls themselves, it's just that they have so many men that they can't fit inside.

But I read you loud and clear
Also I might take a bit longer than usual as I'll have to go and get some grub.
So please be patient
No problem QM. We'll be here.
'Kay I'm back
You took the weapon off of your side and handed it over. The milquetoast mans noodle arms almost gave out under it, or at least they got dragged down quite a bit.
"Fine... I'll carry that toy. But keep that thing near. If assassins show up I don't want to be naked."
Seeing the man roll his eyes at that you get a bit more furious.
"And if you don't I'll bury it in your chest on my way out the door!"

"Very well sir..."

Following the man as he led you to your post you came across Szikra.
"Looking good!"


"Aww don't be so grumpy. I meant it."

"That still doesn't make me feel less ridiculous."

"Oh well. Hey, where will you be posted?"

"That suit over there told me I'll be at the entrance, standing in a line."

"Oooooh! You get to stand completely still in a wall of honor, greeting snobby nobles?
I'm so jealous. Sadly I got assigned a different duty. They really don't know how to handle a woman!
So have fun while I'll be in the garden, within reach of all the delicious treats they'll be serving."

Hearing that the man in the pompous wig turned around and scoffed at Szikra.
"I suggest you keep that attitude to yourself young lady. Wouldn't want anything to happen to your tongue."

"Hah! Big talk coming from a servant!
Ignore this tool Zsold. And just... try to enjoy the party.
What little of it you can that is."

Finally you've arrived at your post and the chamberlain told you to quickly get in to avoid attracting any attention. With that he left and lead Szikra to the garden where, apparently the guests may go after the formalities are done and wish to relax a bit. Sighing now that you are alone you walked to the very end of the line and stood next to the guy positioned there.
You did your best to stand at attention and look as serious as you could manage in this ridiculous situation.
But the guy next to you thankfully decided to help out your boredom in between the announcement of two nobles.

"Psst.. hey."


"Carlile. You?"

File: OkitaSoujifull817501.jpg (246 KB, 550x790)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
You didn't want to directly look at him, least one of the nobles would make a fuss about it. But judging by his voice he was young, surprisingly so considering how tired and jaded it sounds.

"Enjoying the job so far?"

"It's riveting..."

"But boring means safe. Can you really complain about easy money?"

"Guess not."

"You were a bit late. Problems with the guild? Had to wrestle with others for the position?"

"Actually they practically threw it at me.
The guy wanted to screw over people who wanted it."

"Heh... sounds about right.
Anyway... just hold out a little longer.
Usually we get a pretty long break after the opening ceremony.
You know... to let the important people mingle. After that, we only have to show up at the Entrance to provide a saber arch.
Then... we can do as we please."

"Sounds like you know your stuff."

"Well it ain't my first ride if you know what I mean. So... good luck.
And be patient."

You honestly can't tell who came and went in front of you. Each individual, not family, individual were announced by a crier. Hearing the titles, honors and often times multiple names of these people being recited was enough to lull you into a state of half sleep. Zoning out halfway through you almost managed to last through the entire thing without acknowledging the existence of any of these folk. All except one.
For the very last one was... special.

Seemingly taking the whole "being removed" from society thing a bit too far the last girl to pass through was completely shrouded by a veil.
She was still wearing a dress under it, but that was the only thing you could make out.
The girl had such an air of mystery surrounding her that you couldn't help but curse yourself for not paying attention to her name.
But as you were about to shrug it off you felt a hand patting your shoulder.
Turning around reflexively, you reached for your sword. Only to realize that it was just a prop.



"Phew... that was tense!
I suppose we didn't have a chance to properly meet!"
He extended a hand to you.

Shaking it you looked deep into his eyes and saw them to be sunken.
Despite smiling honestly it was forced. His spirit brought low by an insurmountable tension.
This guy is a veteran.

"Me and the other guys were thinking about heading for the balcony.
There is a route leading there that we can use to dodge the crowd. Wanna join us?"

>No thanks, I got a friend to catch up with
>other? (write-in)
Agreeing to come along with the others you make your way to the balcony.


On the way there you heard the bands starting up their melodies. You aren't much of a music connoisseur, in fact you are perfectly fine with tavern music, but this was rather pleasing.
As you walked through the halls you observed them closely. The decoration was excessive, almost gaudi with pastel colored flowers and silk ribbons strewn across every inch of the mansion. Stands of armor polished to a mirror sheen, candles and magic powered lamps illuminating everything and causing the gold to glisten.
It was almost enough to make you feel sick.

Stepping outside and under the night sky you felt a sense of relief overcoming you.
And while your breathing was getting easier you watched the others leaning on the stone fence at the edge of the balcony.
"Phew... I thought it was NEVER going to end!"

"Every year it feels like the list of guests just gets longer and longer."

"Nay. I checked.
There ain't much more o' them.
We are just gettin' tired."

"I guess that must be it."

As the others were discussing the celebration Carlile looked at you.
"Oh and by the way. We got some fresh meat among us.
Fellas... I'd like to introduce Zsold."

"Nice to meet you."
You bow slightly.

"So how ya enjoyin' your first time? Must be quite breath taking.
Ahhh... those were the days. What I wouldn't do to experience this for the first time."

"Actually I find it quite tedious."

"Ah I see. You are a new guy. You must be a real talent if the guild is letting you do this."

"I've been an adventurer for about 9 years.
I'm just not one for such occasions"

"Well... that's new. Usually people would kill for this opportunity.
Buuut we're not ones to judge. And hey... at least your biggest worry is boredom.
Literally nothing ever happens here. Every year it's pretty much the same. The only real threat are the ambitious and young noble boys.
If they show up looking for trouble just grit your teeth, bear with it and they'll get bored real quick."

"And what if they don't stop and do cause trouble?"

"Not our job.
Our gracious host still has a few of his armed knights available.
If anything happens they'll handle it."
"I see. So we are just another bouquet of flowers after all."

"Pretty much."
Carlile continued.
"But what can we do?
After all the nobles just wouldn't accept us so much as touching them, even if we have the backing of the guild.
Being apprehended by the armed guards of the local lord is more acceptable for them."

"Our advice?
Just kick back and relax.
Who knows? You might even get lucky and-"

But before the man could continue he was cut short by an entirely new voice accompanied by the loud opening of the door leading to the balcony.
"Well well well... What an unfortunate timing.
I wanted to get some fresh air before the main event. But it appears we have a couple of burghers fouling it up."

The spoiled little brat was young, younger than you. 15 at maximum. But he already has the ego of a full blown noble.
He appears to lead a small gang of 3 other nobles, probably people who are still technically of high birth but rank lower than him. Either that or they are just complete betas.
Speaking back to his gang he continued to look over you and the others.
"Oh well... looks like we'll have to move somewhere else. You fine... gentlemen enjoy the rest of the night. Just make sure to not slack."

But as he was about to leave he noticed something.
Unbeknownst to you all the others bowed before the young noble. Something you utterly forgot to do in your disgust.
"What's with that look?"
He asks as he takes a step forward.
"I don't like that look in your eyes."

"Forgive him my lord. He's new."

"Ah. Understandable.
Show your respect and I'll be on my way."
He waits for you then gets visibly irritated.

You turn to the side and see Carlile shaking his head, as if saying "don't do anything stupid".
Turning back your attention to the nobleman you cracked your neck.

>Tell him you'll bow once he deserves it
>Taunt him
>Other? (write-in)

He gets no more than a bow. He asks for more we're not giving any.
>How about no.
No more, No less
Sorry for the delay.

Oh and please roll 3d10.
No dc, best of 3
Higher is better

Anything else you'd like to say to the nobleman? Should he demand more I mean...
Rolled 2, 4, 8 = 14 (3d10)

I'm thinking...
Rolled 6, 10, 8 = 24 (3d10)

File: 437.jpg (10 KB, 200x278)
10 KB
Rolled 6, 8, 2 = 16 (3d10)

Prepare to be disappointed.
Cheer up Anon. You did better than I on the roll.
You close your right hand and move it over your heart. Right foot behind the left, you take a slight bow before the young noble. Your knees didn't get near the ground but it was still a somewhat proper bow. So he should be satisfied.
Emphasis on "should".

Clapping slowly at that he spoke up.
"Much better. Much better!
But... now that I'm thinking about it....
You showed me the respect I deserve but there is still that look in your eyes."

Another one of the nobles that serve as his pet dogs chimed in.
"Tell him Viktor!"

"You've corrected your mistake... but you didn't apologize to me.
Don't you think such a misstep is quite egregious?"


"Excuse you?!"

"I gave you what you want. You'll get no more or less from me.
Now go in peace my lord..."

"You cur!"
Drawing his sword the noble lashed out.
"You dare to talk to your betters like that? Draw your blade and face me! I'll teach you some manners!"


"How about no?"
You paused and so did this so called Viktor.
"Judging by your weapon, yours is not dulled to the point of uselessness. So it'd be quite unfair..."


"For you...
The only trouble I'd have with you is deciding how I'd want to humiliate you.
With a blunted weapon? With my bare hands? Or without using any of them?"
Suddenly aether began coursing through your veins and a faint mirage appeared around you, distorting the vision of others.
"Because at this point it's clear that you are just looking for trouble. And while I'm perfectly fine with giving you some, I'd get in it too.
So why don't you run along before you force me to do something we'll both regret?"

The boy was stunned. But it was not some mild confusion that'd disperse in a second.
A dark and rather unsightly patch born out of sweat formed under his armpits, his hair grew more and more disheveled and he was quite obviously hyper ventilating.
Grasping at his chest with his free hand he could only pant this.

"W-What is this? W-Why can't I-"

But before he could continue another, unknown voice rose up.
"That's quite enough!"
It was much higher than the boys. Looking up you saw the one to whom it belongs to.
File: Alfin_reise_arnor_sen1.jpg (182 KB, 548x864)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Looking at the door you saw the intruder. A young girl.
Her age did not get only your attention. The other nobles were also quick to catch on.

"A-A lady? What is she doing out here?
Shouldn't she be locked in until the ceremony?"

But she paid no mind to what they had to say. Completely disregarding them she spoke to the shaken noble boy.
"Do you have no shame, son of house Silver?
For a noble to sink so low that he'd seek conflict like some common mongrel... and to pick a fight with a commoner.
Tell me, what would be more humiliating? You risking your reputation by fighting challenging a nobody to a duel or losing to them?
What would happen if the ladies got wind of your escapades? Your chances at courting them would swiftly become nil.
And what if, perchance your dear father heard you jeopardizing his good name?"

Hearing this snapped the boy back into reality and an entirely different type of terror overcame him.
Quickly sheathing his weapon he looked at his comrades.
"Let's go! We've wasted enough time already!"

"B-But V-"

And with that they went right back where they came from.

Now face to face with the girl who has such a sharp tongue you swallowed nervously.
The other guards bowed before her and this time you also paid attention to this little detail.
As you faced the ground you heard her footsteps against the marble and did not dare to look up.
But rather than hearing anything similar to what the boy received you only heard the sound of whooshing fabric.
Curious, you looked up only to see the girl bowing deeply before you.

"Please! Accept my most humble apology!"
She spoke in a meek tone which took you by surprise.

The others quickly stepped in and tried talking some sense into her.
"M-My lady! It's inappropriate for someone like you to-"

But she disregarded them and turned her attention to you.
"I am so sorry for this! Such a travesty...
Please, do not resent us nobility for the actions of one bad apple!
This is so unacceptable! For one who is supposedly of a higher birth to sink so low!
I hope he didn't do too much harm!"
You tried to calm the girl down.
"I-It's nothing erm..."

"Oh! Silly me."
She straightened her posture only to do a curtsey in front of you.
"I'm Rosette von Elstraz. Daughter of lord Elstraz!
But please, do call me just Rosette!"

"C-Certainly Rosette."

She then sighed with relief.
"But I am glad no harm came to you.
Such barbaric behavior is unacceptable. Especially from a noble.
You did well to stand up to him!"
She then gave you the most heart warming smile you've ever seen.
"Quite impressive actually. I never thought I'd see such a thing from a commoner. Normally I'd call it foolishness but in your case? It was closer to bravery.
After all, it was enough to freeze that good-for-nothing."

"W-Well I'm happy to... erm... please?"

"Oh please. There is no need to be shy! You should be proud of yourself! And don't worry, nothing will come of this.
In fact, I think you should be rewarded for your courage!
I was looking for an escort and you might just be the perfect one for the job!
What do you say, ser knight? Will you do me the honor and be my guard for the night?"

You looked at the girl with the glistening eyes and then at the others.
"What is she talking about?"

"Dude! You don't even know that?! This is... like the greatest honor?
The nobles may choose someone whom they deem worthy to serve as their escort for the night!

You turned back to the girl who was eagerly awaiting your response and felt nervousness overcome you.

>Politely refuse
>Other? (write-in)
>>Politely refuse
Reasoning being we are not the guard type really, find and try and kill type of person.
>Attempt to not spill our spaghetti
>Pathetically attempt to politely refuse while being humble about it
>Accept while trying to not spill our spaghetti

Oh lawdy.
So erm... do you want these in sequence?
I'm dumb and it's getting late so I may need you to be specific.

Do you want all these in order?
Yes I would like those in order.
Since we're failing at trying to turn her down, only to give up and accept while trying to keep our emotions about being bailed out by a genuinely kind noblelady in check.
Eh this just feel somewhat out of character, this guy has been a hard ass since day one and suddenly a pretty lady talks to him and he gets flustered.
It'll bet It is somewhat out of character on purpose since we've probably both underestimated how naive these girls can get while being thought very highly of by a noblelady.
Basically kitty is overstimulated and is just going with the flow.
I just hope this doesn't result in spooky making him act stupid and anime protag like, for god's sake this guy live with prostitutes for a bit, he should at least have a tolerance for this stuff.

Nah I did that with Kaizar. I'm trying not to use the same trick again
You stare down at the girl.
"W-Well you're mighty kind but-"

"Oh I know, don't worry!"
She then reached out and held onto your hand.
Though it wasn't forceful at all the girl started dragging you away.

"Hey! What are you-"

"Come now, we have a party to attend to!"

"But I-"

Unable to exert any real force against her tender hands you resorted to using words in the hopes of pushing her back.
"Listen young lady! I'm honored, truly, but I'm not a guard. I'm a fighter and-"

She then turned around on her heels and looked straight at you with her puppy dog like eyes which were on the verge of tears.
"So you refuse?"
She whimpered.

In this state she reminded you a little of your late sister.
Swallowing nervously you attempted to make as eloquent of a response as possible.
"O-Of course not!"

And just like that her tears disappeared in a wink and she smiled at you.
"Good! Then let's go!"

Being dragged away once more, you realize what just happened and can't help but scowl.
"You are an evil little creature..."

"Well they do say that "good" is inherently weaker than "evil".
And I say, why limit yourself by not using everything in your arsenal?
Now come."

Upon entering the main room with all the important guests and the mounds of food stacked upon each other you asked her a question.
"Could you let go, please? This is getting embarrassing."

"Only if you promise not to run away."

I promise."


She finally released you from her hold and went down the flight of stairs leading to the tables.
Following her you gave the room a quick glance. It was just about how you expected it. Twice as slushy as the halls and filled to the brim with people who think too much of themselves.
But there was one thing you noticed, with the exception of the young boys there were only adults in here. All the ladies you thought would be the center of attraction are missing.
All except one.

A butler brought a plate full of appetizers to Rosette who happily took a pair and immediately shoved one in your mouth.
"Do try these, they are wonderful!"

Surprised at first you savored the treat for a moment and found your mouth moving on its own once you started feeling its taste. It was good. Really, really good. But you were also certain that if you heard how much they cost you'd get a heart attack.
"You're wondering about why I'm the youngest girl in here?"

"How did you-"

"I was groomed from birth both to put on a good appearance and to know what people are thinking just from a glance.
But the answer may be a tad underwhelming. It's quite simple really.
All the girls are to remain hidden until the official ceremony begins. I was supposed to be among them but I didn't feel like sitting in a room for possibly hours.
So I asked my best friend who already attended it once to take my place!"

"Wait... wouldn't they know?"

"No. After all that veil can hide many things!"
"So long as I stay out of my fathers sight I'm okay.
And he can not enter a room without fanfare."

"Must be hard."

"It's a small price to pay for our lives."

You scratched the back of your head as a question formed in the back of your mind.
"I apologize if this is rude but... you don't talk nor behave like the typical noble.
Why is that?"

"I suppose it's my upbringing. My father wanted me to have a proper education, so I studied from many sources and learned much. Like how the world works, even outside the realm of nobility. And I guess this is the same reason why I detest the behavior of people like that Silver boy. To me nobility is not a privilege, it's an obligation.
We carry the blood of those deemed "pure" and "noble", so it's unacceptable for us to be anything less than our ancestors.
We have no excuse and must be exemplary if we want to be treated special. But that is sadly not the case.
Now... may I ask a question?"
You nodded.
"What do you think of nobles?"

"I don't very much care for them. I judge, love and hate individuals. Not groups.
I've seen detestable nobles and ones worthy of respect."

She paused for a moment before taking another snack from one of the many servants.
"You are more forgiving than others..."

You shrugged at that.
"By the way... why did you ask me to escort you?"

"Oh truth be told I just wanted to create a little scandal!
But enough about silly little politics! We still have to wait for a bit until the Ceremony starts.
So what do you say we pass the time with something until then?
Any suggestions?"

Looking around you tried to come up with something.
Sadly, there isn't much here that could tickle your fancy.

>How about just listening to some music?
>You want scandal, so how about you show me off to some nobles?
>Actually I know someone you might want to meet
>Other? (write-in)
>>Actually I know someone you might want to meet
>>How about just listening to some music?
The option of trolling our friend is really fucking tempting to me at the moment.
>Actually I know someone you might want to meet
Y'know what they say: Birds of a Feather Flock Together!
>>Actually I know someone you might want to meet
We are a horrible friend.
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Szikra wins... apparently

Oh i think she loses.
"Actually... I know someone in the guard who you might be interested in meeting."

"Oh really? Do tell!"

"I believe it'd be for the best if you saw it with your own eyes.
They should be just outside in the garden."

The young lady did not seem to mind having to go out at all and she followed you. Holding onto your hand again she was practically prancing around while following you.
A part of you found this endearing, another only wished for Szikras presence. At least with her you can share the burden with. But on the way out there you started to notice more and more gazes fixated on you. It was at this moment that the depths of the girls schemings became apparent to you. Her eccentric behavior, her captivating appearance were all just parts of a greater plan meant to sow chaos and dissent.
She giggled next to you and though it was cheerful you felt the underlying darkness behind it.
It wasn't malice... but her mischievousness was so close to it. You knew that as the nobles started gossiping amongst each other about Rosette, the girl was having the time of her life.

But finally you managed to reach the garden where impressive flower beds came one after another.
They and the hedge maze were illuminated only by the light peering through the windows and doors of the mansion as well as the moonlight.
And standing near the table of food with the most bored expression on her face was Szikra.
She was busy shoving handfuls of food into her face while the other guards next to her were trying to initiate small talk with her.
Swallowing what she managed stuff in her mouth she spoke up with a depressed sigh.

"Oh thank gods! I can't believe I was wishing for him to show up after teasing the hell out of him!"
She then moved her hand and shoved the guy who was too close to her away.

Rosette looked at her in confusion and spoke up.
"Is he your friend? He's quite effeminate... I pity the poor boy."

"Erm... she's a girl."


"Sup Zsold?
I leave you alone for five minutes and you already scored? Nice."

"Oh my, it's actually true... Wait a second...
L-Lady Grimen?!"
>"Oh my, it's actually true... Wait a second...
>L-Lady Grimen?!"

"Oh shit, she actually recognizes me?
And here I thought everyone assumed I have a sausage in my pants thanks to the uniform.
Heeeey... I know you... you're that... Awww!
What's your name? S- no, not that! What did I call you? Goldilocks!
Ah that's it! You're the daughter of von Elstraz!"
Szikra turned to you.
"I know I asked this already but firstly, WHAT?
Second, THE FUCK?!"

"Don't look at me, I tried to shake her off but she practically dragged me off and now I'm her escort."

"That's not what matters! What matters is that she's here! Do you know what that man would do to you if he got wind of you being familiar with his daughter?
He'd have you hanged by your fucking foreskin!"

"Lady Grimen-"


"I've heard what happened to you. My condolences.I'm glad to see you are doing well, all things considered.
And the fact that you found such a companion shows you also have an eye for talent."

"W-Well gee... thanks."

Reaching out Rosette grabbed the hands of Szikra and looked into her eyes.
"To tell you the truth... when I learned of your... outcast I truly envied you.
You bear a burden heavier than any of us. And yet you thrive even under such harsh conditions.
Truly you are an example for all of us!"

"Oh... wow.
I uh- I don't know what to say!"

You cleared your throat, ruining the moment.
"Don't let her get you under control. Devious, this one."

Turning around on her heels she gave you a grumpy look.
"Now why did you have to let out my secret?"

"Because you are terrible and people deserve to know it."

"How rude."
Szikra then adjusted her clothing a bit to not look quite so disheveled and continued.
"Anyway... is this your Entrance?
Wow... times sure fly."

"Indeed Lady Grimen!"

"Please... it's just Szikra now.
But if it's your turn now then why aren't you inside you cheeky little thing?"

"I find it all to be quite boring to be honest.
So I asked someone who enjoys doing these pointless ceremonies to substitute me."

"Boy... they sure will be mad if you aren't the grand finale."

"That's the plan.
Don't tell me yours didn't end in a catastrophe Lady Grimen!"

"Actually mine was quite tame. That was the last time I ever put on a dress and I tend to keep it that way.
I promised father I wouldn't shame him at such an important event.
Buuuut I did tear that dress to shreds the next day."

"And what is it that you do now? Did you replace dresses with armor?"

"Pretty much.
I'm working with this doofus now."

"He does have a certain charm to him, that's for sure!"
Aaaaand this is where I think I'll be ending things for today I'm afraid.
I feel myself running on fumes already.
I hope you enjoyed it because there is more incoming next week

The archive's up and if you have any requests feel free to toss them my way.
I don't have any omake ideas for now but we'll see.
I might get inspired by some of your stuff
Not gonna lie, I'm still waiting for the ball to drop and turn the entire party ass over teakettle into a Ballroom Blitz.
Pretty Hype if you ask me.
So erm... you have to elaborate on that again because I can interpret that two ways.
Do you want this to turn into a dance-off or an outright brawl on the dance floor?
Whichever is going to make the night memorable and gets Szikra to decide that she'll be the one that picks the quests because shit hits the fan when we do.
It first starts as a dance off, when then leads to assassins attempting to do assassin things, which leads to someone bumping into someone and throwing the first punch, which then turns into in all out brawl. Cue us trying to protect the lady from would be punchers and would-be-molesters.
Okay... I think I managed to figure out a way to do this.

I'm aiming to continue on Saturday by the way.
Will post further updates here as well as twitter when they come along
We'll resume in roughly 6 hours.
Expect shenanigans
2 hours left
"Well in any case, I'd love to hear some more of your adventures!
I'm certain you have some quite interesting tales to tell."

Szikra let out a nervous chuckle.
"Hah... hah... yeah. I'll be sure to- erm... share them with you."

"Oooooh this is so exciting! I simply must tell Violet about the two of you!
She's always into such tales of chivalry and adventure. Oh, speaking of which! I think it's about time they start the "parade".
What do you say, would you accompany me on this? It will surely be entertaining!"

You scratch the back of your neck, not really feeling up to partaking in her shenanigans but before you could politely refuse her Szikra cut you off.
"Sure, nothing quite like watching some trash-fire! Of course, only if you'll take us both as your guards.
Can't exactly leave this place unless someone tells me to, know what I'm saying?"


As you are roped into this you curse your luck that these two were somehow united by the cosmos on this day. Though your frustration quickly dissipates as Rosette quickly wraps her arms around yours and clings onto you. Sensing your flinch she looked up into your eyes and reassured you with an honest, innocent smile. Seeing her looking at you like that made your worries just melt away.
But despite that you still managed to let out a grumble.

"Young lady... don't you think it's inappropriate for a noble to attach herself to a commoner like that?"


Her mischievous tone told you otherwise. She's perfectly aware of what she's doing and does it FOR those specific consequences.
You can't help but smile at that.
"I see, forgive me for questioning it."

"Good boy!"


Upon entering the main hall you were greeted by the full splendor of the high nobility. Gold and silk was as common as wood and stone, awakening you to the truth of just how poor you were all your life. It was enough to make you feel absolute, unrelenting rage. Only the presence of the sweet little girl tied to your arm and Szikra managed to hold you back.
But as the two girls began talking out those "skanks in dresses" you felt yourself being quite left out.
Not understanding or caring about their little gossip you attempted to find a way to occupy yourself as the young noble ladies were introduced one by one as they walked down a set of stairs and onto the dance floor.

>I'll go and get some food
>Go and grab a drink
>Attempt to join in on the conversation
>Other? (write-in)
Okay... is the quest dead?
>I'll go and get some food

Honestly it tends to run when I'm running errands or otherwise busy.
Yeah I get that I'm starting at an awkward time but I'm a europoor, this is the best I can do.
But it was never this bad.

Well, whatever. I'll wait for one more.
If there is a stalemate I'll just roll for it.
>>I'll go and get some food

I'm usually busy late afternoon/early evening and tend to miss the first one or two posts
What time is even in burgerland right now? I'm so bad at time zones it's not even funny.

Regardless of that
somewhere between 13:39 and 10:39 apparently (I live in europe)
How do you feel about article 13 spooky?
You took a cautious step back to see if the girls would even notice. Giving them a glance you see that they didn't even budge. Taking this opportunity you spoke up.
"Would the two of you ladies like some snacks?"

"Oh what a lovely idea! Thank you my knight!"

Szikra just snickered at that.
"Ah good call Zsold! I want something sweet."

Taking your leave you head straight for the buffet. Just looking at the tantalizing plates is enough to make you salivate, even though you don't know what half of them are. You take one of the empty silver plates from a servant and start packing it with a variety of stuff. Not knowing what to choose you mostly went by smell and got an assortment of salty and sweet little snacks.
Nothing more than appetizers but if you had the audacity to do it, you could easily satiate yourself by gorging on them without restraint.
But as you are busy packing you sense a presence approaching you.

Carefully you look up from the trays you see the same, annoying little noble who wanted to lock heads with you.
"Should I inform the guards that you are stealing from the plates of the guests?
You should know your place and only dine on the scraps you deserve, you mongrel!"

"Lord Silver..."

"That is my name, don't sully it with your tongue.
I'm milord to you!"

I'll have you know that I'm taking these to Lady Elstraz.
You can ask her if you doubt me."

"Oh? So you finally learned your place huh?
It's interesting how eager you are to serve if the one in question happens to have a pretty face."

"What's wrong your lordship?
Jealous I'm closer to her than you'll ever be?"

"You cur!"
The eager lad reached for his weapon but his lapdogs are quick to stop him.

"S-Silver, don't you think this is a bit much?
Don't let this peasant irritate you!"

Silver let out a forced smile and calmed himself down before he'd do something stupid.
"Ah... you're right. How silly of me. I shouldn't get too worked up about such a trivial thing.
He turned back to you.
"You hear that worm? Run your mouth as much as you wish. Sooner or later you'll anger someone with the wrong attitude and THEN you'll be sorry. But for now you are free to go."

"I'm thankful my lord.
At least I don't have to make you shake in your boots once more."

Growling one final time the group finally left you alone.
Well I'm not exactly thrilled about it. But I'll have to look it up to understand it a bit more because my knowledge is a bit lacking.

But over-all I'm not too worried. Our government is an absolute shit but when they threatened our internet we actually sperged out so hard they got scared.
So combine that with how defiant they are regarding the EU they'll most likely not give a shit about it.
What part of Europe are you from?
Ah I am somewhat jealous cause I live in the uk.

My condolences.
But it's not exactly all sunshine and rose-petals here either. Granted it's not as bad as bongistan.
But we have to deal with rampant corruption, a healthcare and education system in shambles and constant propaganda
When you return to the girls with a plate full of delicious little treats they jump on you like starving wolves. Even though their expressions aren't inherently malicious their animalistic hunger is enough to unnerve you.


"Oh wow... I shouldn't eat this.
It reminds me of the things I miss."

"Come on Sir Zsold! Try it!"
Without even waiting for your response Rosette shoves a black berry tart in your face. Not having much of a choice you opened your mouth to avoid having food smeared on you. The thing was sweet with just enough sourness to it to balance it out.
But the real thing that made your eyes open wide was when you felt something... else enter your mouth.
"Oops! Looks like I overdid it."
Pulling her finger out she cleaned it with a handkerchief.

Almost choking on the food at the realization you swallow nervously. Out of breath and coughing you speak up.
"P-Please... don't do that again!"

"It was an honest mistake!
In exchange how about I introduce you to someone very special?
Who knows, maybe you could even earn the trust and support of a noble lady!"

>If it pleases you...
>I'd appreciate if you didn't involve me in your schemes
>Other? (write-in)
I just want to quest in peace but there is a good chance my government won't let me.
>>I'd appreciate if you didn't involve me in your schemes
>>If it pleases you...
File: 17f.jpg (51 KB, 674x454)
51 KB
I'd normally laugh but there is still a chance that I'll suffer the same fate.
Really wishing for some good old fashioned, murican freedom right about now
I mean even if they do try and censor it i can still get my other materials like light novels in hard cover form.
>I'd appreciate if you didn't involve me in your schemes
I'm sure someone more clever than us will find a way to bypass it.
But let us not worry, I'm sure this'll turn out well in the end.

Rejection wins

That or they do it by technicality and just stop all music sharing to say a massive fuck you to the music industry calling for it
Oh it's them shilling for it?
Well good fucking luck getting to me then.

Piracy is semi-legal here.
As in, it's still a crime but nobody cares as long as you don't pirate software for a company or to make money out of it.
We don't even use VPN's here
"Milady I'd appreciate if you left me out of your little schemes, whatever they may be."

Hearing this she began pouting.
"Even if it means elevating you to the rank of nobility?

"These are not matters to joke about milady."

"You're no fun!"

Szikra poked her in the side.
"How about you ask Zsold about pets? He can get really enthusiastic about them."

You are fond of animals as well?"

"Y-Yeah let's just say that I am."

Rosette gasped at that. Guessing from the glint in her eyes she has a soft spot for household animals but before she could enter an enthusiastic conversation about them she looks up at the stairs as the crier continues to speak.
"Oh! Look look look! It's beginning!"

Turning your attention to where the crowd is looking, you saw a veiled figure at the top of the stairs. All eyes were naturally drawn to her. It's the air of mysticism, you reckon. The announcer, with his comically long list cleared his throat as he reached the final name on it.

Our most esteemed guests.
Last but not least I'd like to introduce you all to Lady Rosette Elstraz. Daughter of Lord Elstraz, the forge lord.
Heir to her fathers title and named the most beautiful rose of Midland!"

As the veiled figure walked down the steps Szikra grumbled to herself.
"Heir of her father? That's some bullshit..."

The crier then continued once the figure reached the bottom.
"Now milady. Please reveal thineself! Allow us to bask in your radiance."

The figure hesitated for a moment. Looking from right to left she raised her hands and lifted the veil covering her face.
To say that she was stunning was an understatement. Her skin was almost pale which accentuated her raven black hair. Her eyes were piercing blue and seemingly as deep as the seas. But as you were left slackjawed as you stared at her you noticed that the crowd around you was speechless for a different reason altogether.

"W-Who is this?"

"Lady Violet?!"

"What is going on?"
Suddenly an angered voice pierced the crowds noise.

"Oopsie! Looks like it's my turn!"

Quickly leaving your side she ran up to the newly revealed girl and curtseyed in front of her audience.
"My my... Such a grand introduction, so much fanfare.
And yet none of you have noticed my presence as I walked among you.
So much for the supposed Rose of Midland."

The girl next to her spoke up with an irritated voice.
"I can't believe you convinced me to do this... this is so embarrassing."

"Yet you did it. And this is why you're the best Violet!"
But Rosettes joy was quick to fade as her father broke out of the crowd and made his way to her.

"Why must you torment me so? Has your dear dad not suffered enough embarrassment?"

"I'm sorry father..."
She dragged her feet on the ground like a child that knows it did a bad thing.
"Please forgive your silly daughter!"

"S-Stop with those puppy dog eyes! Stop it! Stop at once!
Oh who am I kidding? I can't say no to you!
Go ahead, continue. Just please... no more for today!"

"Okay papa!"

Turning around to the crowd lord Elstraz spoke to them.
"Sorry everyone! Let us not let this little hiccup ruin our party! Come on, let's continue with the celebrations!
The Harvest Festival must go on!"

Not really daring to oppose the high lord the others quickly stopped their murmurs and returned to enjoying the ball.
As the crowd quieted down Rosette decided to return to you while dragging her friend behind her.
"Oh Violet! These two people are Zsold and Lady Grimen."

"My lady."

"Come now! Don't be so formal! She's not here as nobility, she's an adventurer now!"

"O-Oh my. Forgive me my lady."

"Violet... just stop.
Anyway these two are the ones I chose as guards.
You may have Lady Grimen. This one is mine!"
Rosette then wrapped her arms around yours again and snuggled up close to you.
"But now that I embarrassed the lords and ladies, how about we actually enjoy ourselves?
What do you say my knight? Care to do the Harvest Dance with me? Or would you rather pick poor, innocent Violet?
I saw how you were looking at her you sly dog."

You swallowed nervously as you looked at her and realized what she was asking of you.

>Szikra... help!
>Other? (write-in)
>>Szikra... help!
>>Szikra... help!
>Szikra... help!
Oh boy... you guys have no idea what you signed up for


Oh and just for fun roll 3d10.
Best of 3, no DC.
Higher is better
Rolled 2, 3, 10 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 6, 3 = 11 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7 (3d10)

Man we suck at dancing.
Turning around with panic in your eyes you looked at Szikra.

Shrugging at this she grabbed your shoulder and pulled you away.
"Oh what the hell."

As she freed you from that horrid trap you couldn't help but thank her.
"You're a lifesaver."

"Why? Don't tell me you're afraid of a little dancing."


"Because you're going to hate this part."

Looking around you saw that she has taken you right in the middle of the ball room. Turning around you looked her straight in the eye with a look of death.
"How could you?"

"Do you think she'd let you get away that easily?
Now man up and dance with me, unless you want to go back to her."

Swallowing nervously you move your hand to Szikras side but it freezes mid-air. She sighs at this, grabs your hand and places it on her hip.
"Come now, don't be such a wuss. Gimme your hand."
Seeing that you are like a fish out of water she started giving you orders.
"Just follow the music. Move to its rhythm. Got it?"
You try to follow the instructions but almost end up stepping on her leg as you stumbled. You even heard a few voices giggling at your pathetic display.

"Okay... new plan."
She spoke up.
"Ignore the music.
I'll take the lead, so forget everything and focus on my movement. Follow them. Just like when we fought. Step... by... step.
One... Two... Three... One... Two... Three..."


Focusing on her you attempted to mimic her swaying at first but it failed. Then as you made a blunder a second time decided to focus on her second advice. Treat it like sparring. You saw her motions, how she moves, where she moves. But this time instead of making a move against it you attempted to move with her.
And for a second there you felt yourself perfectly isolated. In that instant there was only you and her, and nothing else mattered.
Not even caring about being lead you just enjoyed the moment and found yourself lost in Szikras eye.

"There we go... much better.
You worked in a whorehouse and become shy when touching women? How does that work?"

"If you asked me to pleasure you... I could.
I-uh... I just never... touched a girl like this before.
Sorry if I'm blabbering."

"Heh... it's not a problem.
But it's good to know under all that hardass attitude there is still a human somewhere.
Tell me Zsold... why are you like this?"

"You know..."

"That's not what I meant. Why do you push everyone away?
You're the big, tough guy. I get it. But you seem... miserable all the time.
Do you not find that tiring?"

"I do. Every day I find myself hating that part of me.
But... I...
What I fear most in the world is that... emptiness. When you loose something precious.
Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah... So you'd rather not have anyone in your life?"

"I guess..."

"You stupid fool..."
Meanwhile at the very edge of the crowd two noble ladies are watching this exact scene unfold.

"I never would've guessed lady Grimen of all people would willingly join the dance.
It's almost enough to make you forget how they aren't dancing to the music..."

"I know! Isn't it so adorable?
And lady Grimen is in that mens uniform!"
Rosette exclaimed.
"It's such a shame I didn't get him though..."

"I think you've created a big enough scene for today. Lady Rosette."

"Not yet my dear Violet..."


"The music is ruining this otherwise perfect scene.
And if the mountain doesn't come to us, we have to go to the mountain."

"What are y- Hey!"

Without another word Rosette made her way to the troupe playing and tapped the pianist on the shoulder. Humbly requesting that he moves away, Rosette sat down and after cracking her fingers started playing a completely different melody.
The rest of the band stopped immediately as did most of the dancers who just stared in confusion at what just happened.


The song she was playing easily rivaled that of the professionals, except she was doing it completely on her own.
Her song captivated the audience as well as the dancers who just stared at her performance in awe, not even bothered by the fact that their own performance was so rudely interrupted by her.
With a completely serious look on her face Rosette continued to play, drawing attention away from you.
Allowing herself a quick glance at you she saw that she managed to nail your movements perfectly. Now you were dancing to the tune.
In fact you were the only ones who did not stop.

"Well Zsold... you're a beast on the battlefield.
But you're easily the worst dancer I've ever seen.
It was a pleasure."

>Thank you for giving me the honor, Lady Grimen
>C-Could we maybe... continue?
>Thanks for the save
>Other? (write-in)
>Thank you for giving me the honor, Lady Grimen
Be ready to dodge her punch
>Thank you for giving me the honor, Lady Grimen
>>Thanks for the save
>>C-Could we maybe... continue?

"Thank you for giving me the honor, Lady Grimen."
Saying that you jerked your head to the right afterwards. Just in time to dodge the inevitable punch.

"I knew that was deliberate... cheeky punk."

"You know it's really generous of you to educate a common peasant like me."

"Okay I was tolerant up until now but one more word and I will punch you!"

"Okay, okay."
You smile as you try to calm her down and she does the same.

"What's that now? You have expressions other than scowling?"
You shrug and turn towards the crowd when they begin to clap loudly. Apparently Rosettes performance has come to an end with your dance. Strange... you almost actually heard her music while the others was no more than white noise.

However their celebration is cut short when a guard, wearing the same type of uniform as you do barges in through the front door, causing the fragile, decorative glass in them to shatter as they strike the walls.
He's panting and pale. One of the hosts armored troops notices this and comes up to him.
"What is the meaning of this?"

Ignoring the armored soldier the adventurer started shouting into the crowd.
Everyone must be escorted to the towers IMMEDIATELY!"

Panic quickly begins to spread among the nobles who quickly rush to the nearest guards available, demanding an escort from them.
Meanwhile the two warriors continue to argue with one another.
"What do you mean we're under attack?! Assassins?"

"No ser! A full on siege! All knights must be readied for battle and the adventurers kitted out with weapons!"

"This is ridiculous! We have an entire army outside! Who'd be foolish enough to attack them while they have an entire fort behind them?!"

"Bandits ser! A lot! And what's more, many of them have Imperial heraldry on their armor!"


"It's true! Ser the men won't last long outside! Who or whatever these savages are, they are dangerous!
They don't fight like any man we've ever seen! They are monsters! The outside forces are struggling!
That's why the captain ordered all available forces to man the battlements immediately!"

"Fire and brimstone! Sound the horn then! Come on lad! Hurry!"
The knight then turned to the other adventurers.
"You there! Escort the guests to safety then arm yourselves! This is an order!"
File: inline_image_preview.jpg (15 KB, 590x332)
15 KB

If things weren't bad enough as is, the comment of the knight caused all hell to break loose.
Realizing they are in some real danger the guests became quite vicious in their attempts to seek shelter.
Seeing their descent into chaos made you realize what you had to do. Exchanging a quick look with Szikra you split up and broke off from the crowd.

"You get Violet! I'll save Rosette!"

She said as she dashed off.

Running past the desperate masses you made your way to the young lady.
But upon seeing her you screeched to a halt as you saw the young lord Silver next to her.
He looked at you and took a step back.
"Take her to safety. NOW!"
Tapping his sword he gestured at you.
"We'll meet on the battlements and see what you're really made of!"
With that he took off.

"Oh my knight! What's happening?"

"I have no clue. But you can't stay here. We need to find a safe place for you."

Just as you finished saying that another voice made itself known.
Carlile, the veteran adventurer called out to you.
"NEWBIE! Oh thank the heavens I found you. Lady Elstraz!"

"Carlile? What do you want?"

"I heard what's going on... then I remembered lady Rosette is with you."


"Do you know where the safe rooms are?"


"Thought so. Go and arm yourself then.
I'll take her there, don't worry."

>Good, I'll come with you
>Sorry, this is my duty
>Other? (write-in)
>Good, I'll come with you
We need to know where the last line of defense is.
>>Good, I'll come with you
I think I will be going to bed soon, really tired thanks to new medication.
Okay, joining him it is.

Oh and I almost forgot.
Please roll 3d10

Best of 3
DC: 18, no crit
Rolled 8, 4, 2 = 14 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 9, 8 = 26 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 8, 9 = 26 (3d10)

Here we go
File: 1489230312544.png (170 KB, 900x900)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
If this isn't a sign I don't know what is.
A sign for what?
File: IMG_20180917_095120.jpg (37 KB, 556x561)
37 KB
"Great, thanks. But we have lady Violet here as well.
Szikra! You're just in time! Leave lady Violet to me. We'll lead them to safety.
You can go and get your spear ready."

"Okay, sweet!
Don't worry Violet, you're in good hands.
Don't take too long Zsold! Or I won't leave you any!"

"Right then..."
Carliel spoke up.
"This way."

Leading the two girls and you through the corridors the senior adventurer wasted no time.
"Don't worry young ladies, you're in capable hands."

"Thank you but we'd appreciate if we didn't waste any time with pointless chit-chat."

"Right... sorry."

After passing several other corridors and descending a few flights of stairs you seriously started wondering where you were going.
Looking around you even saw that nobody else was around you. An odd thing, considering the panicked movements of everyone.
"Carlile... where are we going?"

"To where everyone else is.
Don't worry. I just know a shortcut."

"And how come nobody else knows about this?"

"Well we kinda have to barge through the kitchen. And pass by a few... erm... places best left unmentioned."

"Oh for crying out... Us ladies also use the wash room I'll have you know! We don't have butterflies coming out of our rear ends!"


True to Carliles words you did have to go through the now abandoned kitchen.
But if you were going off on your knowledge of the mansions layout it seemed unlikely you were heading to some underground dungeon where the nobles could hold out while you were busy fighting.
Unfortunately you couldn't finish that train of thought as Carlile stopped right in front of you and before a rather reinforced door.

"Okay... here we are.
This is the back entrance."
He pointed at the door then at the other hallway leading to it.
"And that is the escape tunnel. Please do your best to remember it."

"Will do.
Thank you good sir."


Bowing slightly Carlile turned to you.
"Okay, let's go. There is a fight to be won."
As the veteran adventurer passed by you placed a hand on your sword and he stopped in his tracks.
"What are you doing? This is no time to be messing around!"

Contradictory to what he said you saw a flash of steel as he drew his blade in an attempt to stab you through the gut.
Luckily you were quick witted enough to react to this and grab his blade with your bare hand before it could do some serious damage.
Carlile grimaced at this.

"Okay, since when?"

"Don't take it the wrong way... I don't trust anyone.
That and any fool who paid attention could see this door is leading outside.
Is the entire attack just a diversion for you?"

This could've been so easy... but you just had to be sharp enough...
I wanted to knock you out you know... now this'll have to be painful."
He violently pulled on the blade, causing it to slide free of your hand and give you a nasty gash.
As he pulled back in preparation for a lunging attack you called out to the girls as you drew your blunted blade.

With one deft parry you manage to completely block his thrust but unfortunately for you, Carlile is also rather quick.
Turning his blade he clashed the side of his blade with the dull edge of your sword, locking the two of you together.
Placing your bloody palm on the hilt you felt your hand slipping quite a lot.

"You have a weapon that can't kill anyone.
Give up. Put that toy down and you can go free."

"Like you'll let me live and tell the guards about you!"

"Tell them all you want, it won't change a thing.
Once we have her they can't do anything to us."
Carlile pushed against you, somehow producing sparks even with your blunt blade grinding against his.
"But if that's how you want to play then fine! I'll just have to cut you down!"

He then let up his assault for a moment, causing you to loose your balance for just a brief moment.
Steeling yourself in anticipation of the coming retaliation you observed Carliles every action. Which was your downfall.
Reaching into his pocket the would be kidnapper threw a handful of dust in your eye, blinding you in the process.
Knocking your weapon away once he had this opening he went forward and hit your head with the pommel of his sword.

Your head rang as he struck you and then a dull pain surged through your body as he smashed the back of your skull against a nearby wall.
With a blackened vision you fell to the ground, unable to move or act.
The only thing you saw and heard were the girls screaming as Carlile dragged them through the door with the help of a few other adventurers.

"What about him?"
One of them asked.

"Leave him be.
Traitor and kidnapper are enough for today... I don't want to become a murderer as well.
Besides, when he comes to we'll be back at the camp of those fucking bandits."
We can make spikes with our blood right?
Aaaand that's all she wrote for today.

I know I usually go for at least another hour but I have stuff to do tomorrow.
So, sorry about this.
Archive is literally the same... and I may have to skip next weeks session as I'll have some exams to do.

I hope you enjoyed this and take care until the next session
Well fuck nevermind. Guess we just go down like a bitch on a 26.
No, the 26 let you figure out Carliles shit and will have an impact on the next session.
If you failed that DC I gave he'd have blackjacked you when you weren't looking.
And it really doesn't matter by how much you beat the DC, if you beat it you beat it
Maybe it's just me but that still seems kinda bullshit we got no combat roll. We have blood magic and our hands was bleeding, plus we're already a good hand to hand fighter. This seemed massively in our court for us to go down so easy with no roll.
I'm back from working at a construction.

No, it's not just you.
I'm not too satisfied with this either.
1 am is when I start getting exhausted, couple that with the fact that I really couldn't afford to run longer and you'll see why I did it.
I couldn't really do a full combat scene at that point.

So for what it's worth, I apologize for this slight railroading.
And in turn I can promise you that this success of yours will be quite a bit more beneficial
Thanks for owning up to it at least. Plenty of other ways you could've done it without going into a full combat round. We could have blood spiked him and then his reinforcements arrive and end with either us surrounded, us taking out a few and getting overwhelmed, or just getting blackjacked after dropping at least this one guy.

At least we have an ace up our sleeve since none of them know we have blood magic.
Exhaustion can do that to you.
After midnight I usually struggle to come up with good stuff.
But don't you worry, as I said this outcome will yield some great rewards next session

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