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Welcome back one and all into a new chapter of our adventure!

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions, albeit with possible complications because of recent revelation about the Throne.

Sieglinde is preparing a suppression of the undead forest, scheduled to happen around day 16. You'll have to resolve your own stance on this - she's preparing to involve people who've taken your ancestral lands for themselves.

Side activities
Your two unused privileges from gambling with Elina and Sieglinde remain available.

Further activities decided in the thread will be noted here.

A reminder of your situation.

A sudden crisis concerning monsters in the Allied Kingdoms required Daiyu swift intervention by means of portals in helping more than a thousand Mamonos who, you witnessed later, were all of Teruko race. Having decided to accompany the demonic royals, you met with Sieglinde first little sister -Martha- and none other than the Overlord of monsters inside the elven forest, her guise changed by shapeshifting in order to better infiltrate the human camps.

There, in the queendom of Kreszenz, you met with the royal family and separated from the demons to investigate the newly freed slaves being helped by the queen soldiers and an order of healer, the Alms Givers. You also learned that an inquisitorial sect, the Closed Fist, are en route toward your position and expected to arrive tomorrow, giving you a harsh timetable to help these girls. Their previous ''owner'' was duchess Gremory of Fiacre and it would seem she's attempting some nefarious plot because one of the healers is spreading an epidemic amongst the Mamonos.

While you do not have any proofs, lady Gremory isn't known to hold monster girls in high esteem and her sour relationship with queen Valda would make such an awful plot possibly lucrative if it meant harming the queen prestige. You, Gwendolyn, Hao and Kreszenz crown princess Anaïs with her bodyguard Hildegarde have set out to investigate and hopefully find this woman harming so many innocents.
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2.48 MB PNG
Here's a summary of important things and recent events.

Recent Happenings.

Someone put a geas on you, resulting in making a Rune of Passage inside Daiyu back door! You've thankfully managed to convince the Demon Lord of your innocence in exchange for making a binding oath. How you deal with this remains to be seen. Daiyu believes your geas to be gone because you haven't done anything suspicious after your strange episode of sleepwalking.

Elenor has been recruited into the Red Guard, thereby gaining Zazawu protection. She has been disowned by her adoptive family, the Jucunda, as a result of wanting a fair end for her duel.

Elenor revealed an interesting development. She was tasked by her adoptive mother to make Vilma life miserable shortly after the lich arrival at the academy. It is suspicious timing because it coincides with Teruko troubles when the administration left her languishing for an entire month; the stretch of time Vilma suffered the worst. From there, things proceeded into the story you know with their feud, culminating with a second suspicious order. Eveline tasked Elenor to bring Vilma out of the academy walls.

What Daiyu and Sieglinde will do with this information remains to be seen.

Elina intends to make a brief sojourn in Zipangu when it'll be convenient.

Your fateful encounter with Lady White resulted in a strange contract being established, something magical that is much more sorcery than genuine agreement. It built a connection -a bridge- inside of your soul.

Important information about your origin.

The Demonic Throne is a maelstrom of Corruption that erodes people of their individualities, making survival extremely unlikely for anybody with a soul as they'll be reduced to little more than starving spirits. How you survived is a mystery.

The Demon Lord isn't the only one who can interact with the Demonic Throne. People have been known to survive short exposures inside of it.
There's been a significant gap of twenty years in Daiyu reign where guarding the Throne wasn't a priority.

Gardy, Embodiment of Protection, has been revealed as the person to have protected your soul from erosion inside the Demonic Throne. He has given you his body and, ultimately, was entirely responsible for your continued existence until you exited the Throne.
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1.38 MB JPG
Late Afternoon

Far into the horizon obstructed by the mountains was an increasingly diminishing sun whose light slowly but surely changed the previously spotless blue sky into a sea of bright reddish orange that firmly established the world into the familiar Hour of Lullaby -this stretch of time between afternoon and dusk that forced wayward spirits to rest- and now, Gardy existence felt powerful. His was a choking presence inside your mind, easily able to conquer your meager attempts at resistance... yet he held back, giving a figurative tap on your shoulder as he forced full autonomy of this shared body upon you.

''Are you okay, sir?'' Anaïs gentle prodding carried into an engaging voice, she had somehow found a ruler to poke you with.

Think and find this awful one. Spoke the protector, trying his best to keep his presence quiet: his vigilance against Lady White machinations was the blessing you needed to fully concentrate on your duties.

''I am.'' You nodded, creating a metallic click out of your equipment. ''Let's review what we've found, I don't think our lords want to continue this charade throughout the night, we've got a noose to tighten.''

''Indeed.'' The princess responded, curling a finger around the piece of wood. ''We don't have much time left so let's squeeze some gray matters!''

Your group, with Anaïs authority, created a makeshift headquarter deeper inside the sea of tents out of necessity. Hao's idea of informing the slaves was slow work at first: the healthiest Mamonos were incredibly busy assisting their communities or the Alms Givers, having them stop was often met with fatigued anger that turned into silent fear upon witnessing your band. They required long minutes of discussions to avoid succumbing into a rightful rage after processing the grim new of a traitorous poisoner. Thankfully your tribal friend eloquence in her native tongue avoided Gwendolyn initial fears of immediate reprisals. Most of the former slaves were actually genuinely grateful for queen Valda efforts in not only providing food and shelter but also doctors, they haven't thrown a blanket of misery upon humanity quite yet.

Two hours later an information network organically grew amongst the slaves, all the healthier, pale scaled ladies were drafted as observant eyes against the female healers while you settled inside a large tent to make it easier for messengers.

Hao proved wonderfully dutiful.

Despite being unused to Commons, she managed to switch between languages adequately enough to make this venture worthwhile, most information came in writing form now, as Hao could only do some much with speech alone.
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663 KB PNG
Undoubtedly all of this activity wasn't going unnoticed, Kreszenz soldiers created a secure perimeter around your position despite her insistence to keep things relaxed. Menders were running against increasingly resistant scaly patients, a few of them requested Hao to become an interpreter despite constant rejections and news of soldiers outside massing in blocks hinted at potential aggression from Gremory forces, perhaps a retaliation to Kreszenz own active soldiers or a simple show of intimidation.

''I've informed our folks.'' Gwendolyn opened this general briefing with practiced gravitas, hints of charisma belied by her plain appearance, she had finally come back a few minutes ago. ''I used the excused that Arawn needed unique medicines to gain access.'' She handed you a few empty vials that you wordlessly added to your belt. ''Talks were tense as expected, Sieglinde told me Gremory kept stalling by refusing any negotiations besides the return of her property but Daiyu managed to pressure her into a bargaining table... though it's taking a while. Our discovery seemed to have been one more missing piece of a puzzle she didn't have time to explain.'' One of her small fingers tapped on the table holding your group notes. ''Still, our folk reacted.'' The Overlord dull blue gaze fell on Anaïs ''Your father decided to cast a wide net around the tents by using half of their rangers bodyguards to keep an eye on any Alms Givers trying to leave camp. If any do, they'll take them into custody, Martha is also with them.''

''Hm, can't say I've seen such obvious movements.'' You commented and the little peasant girl nodded.

''Were suspected a link between Gremory and this poisoner so they're keeping watch on anyone coming and going between camps, they can't be too overt so were the ones they'll rely on to find this bitch.''

While your prey could still slip through your fingers like a puff of smokes, it'll be that much more difficult now with allies keeping watch over all escapes route.

''The slaves have informed us about the total numbers of Alms Givers.'' Hildegarde spoke firmly, red gaze locked onto the main piece of parchment that was used to index all of your discoveries.

''Mamonos.'' Anaïs interrupted her bodyguard.

''Pardon?'' Asked the tall maid of alabaster, realization dawned quickly indeed when her charge gave her a pouting glare.

''Yes... Mamonos. My apology.'' She made a light bow and Hao, sitting on the ground guzzling on fresh water, bellowed a spirited ''forgiven!'' despite not quite understanding the reasonings.

''Ahem. The Mamonos informed us the numbers of Alms Givers totaled into thirty-five, women numbers at eight women and we have names for only six of them.'' Her diction was smooth, perhaps she had read many stories for the princess during her youth? It made for a rather adorable mental image.

Concentrate.[i/] Gardy voice shook you out of your reverie.
As if he doesn't find that thought adorable.
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829 KB PNG
'First come Shirleen, an elder of their order. I highly doubt she our culprit because her position is about helping coordinating other healers and she often travels into the quarantine zone, she hasn't been seen going into the tents.''

''Erma is another wisened doctor.'' Hildegarde flawlessly chained. ''None of the sla...girls can affirm having seen anything suspicious out of her. Gray hair, short stature, she's a warm and inviting woman, a veteran of her craft.''

''Annelise is a fully trained and commissioned Alms Givers with a distinctive scar on the side of her face, her physique is on the broad and tall side - she stands out wherever she goes - but otherwise is fully committed to the cause.'' Hildegarde's finger silently slid along on the parchment.

''Bathild. Is of similar age -meaning late thirties- she's mother and mentor of two others menders. One is called Bruna and the other Carlene, both being the youngest of all the Alms, all three tackles cases together; they're often handling miscellaneous injuries and sickness because they can treat groups of people quickly.''

Hildegarde cleared her throat and put the single sheet of parchment down. ''This is information collected by Mamonos with traces amount of fluency in Commons, not quite on the level of Hao.'' She nodded at the warrior sitting on the floor, your dark scaled friend intensity had vanished. ''Meanings this is something they were all willing to share, likely even going out of their ways to communicate.''

''Our last two menders were on the shy side?'' You ask, tilting your head left and right to try and lessen a damnable itchy spot under your chin.

''They've been hard at work doing what they can to heal people, though they haven't displayed the warm, inviting demeanor of the other six.'' Hildegarde answered, eyes trailing to you. This maid had been listening to Hao's communications with rapt attention despite her mask of indifference. ''One of them is on the round side, probably indulging in food. She's rather dry, unfriendly in identifying and treating the ills Mamonos, she's been seen coming and going out of the quarantine zone and into the Alms headquarter so perhaps she's working as a liaison. The other has been described as a fit, austere woman who doesn't like company, she's the one who's been in the strange incident earlier. Outside of that, nothing suspicious, she's been doing her job.''

Hildegarde finished gravely. There had been an odd occurrence in the last hour where a slave lashed out against this particular healer by breaking her portable alchemical device.

''None of the menders have been seen doing their own medicines.'' Anaïs, beside her protector, was gazing outside the tent with a carefully guarded expression. ''I'm not sure if it's strange or not, we should expect all of them to be skilled herbalist or medical alchemist but I did notice they aren't carrying anything but medicines, nobody's been brewing on the spot.''
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'Perhaps we could try verifying this method of operation with one of the menders.'' Hildegarde strict tone carried to her red eyes glaring toward the area observed by her little liege, people came and went like busy bees to keep this place from breaking apart. ''Fifteen new cases of sickness have erupted during our investigation, the Mamonos are growing restless as a result and refusing the aid of females healers. I suspect this evening will reach a boiling point if the situation doesn't improve.''

''Yeah...'' Gwendolyn grimly agreed. ''We've got to do something. Sun's will be gone in two hours I'd say. We've got to do something...''

''Perhaps having confirmation on what kind of methods the healers are using to help the girls would be wise.'' You speak, hands resting on the table. The peculiar yellow gleams of precious gems resting inside your magitek gauntlet caught always seemed to catch Anaïs attention.

''Could we spare such time?'' Asked the tall white maid and you resisted the urge to pinch your lips, the mask was that tight a fit.

''Can't go wasting it by hesitating. It'd be one hell of a leap to go and say, assume that lady brewer is our girl because of that single incident but we don't have anything else to go on for now.'' Gwendolyn snarled, shaking her head. ''One out of eight. I don't like rolling dices. If we could perhaps isolate them...'' Her strong voice dropped to a whispering tone. ''...I'd be able to get the truth.''

''How do you mean? Are you intent on harming them?'' Anaïs asked, sharing a disapproving frown with her bodyguard that managed to make the Overlord step back.
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''It won't be harming anyone, it'll feel really unpleasant is all. I'm not with the Demon Lord for nothing, y'know? I'd be able to identify our culprit if we got all those women together.'' More precisely it'd be a glimpse into how the Overlord handles treachery. ''I'd have to insist on doing it away from prying eyes though cause... it'll look bad but nobody will be in danger.''

Is she thinking of shedding her disguise?

''Informing the soldiers to gather all the females menders would take a while.'' You decided to voice your thoughts. ''If our culprit refuses and flee, then we've got our suspect, though it'll likely not go over well with the rest of the organization.''

''It's rather... strongarmed.'' Anaïs spoke, expression softening into a worried wince.

''Mamonos aren't afraid to beat one another for politics.'' This thought brought a smile to your face, the princess seems to see something in your eyes that calm her down. ''Consider Gwendolyn words as an opportunity to witness how Mamonos would handle this problem. I won't go and pretend it's the best option because I'm unfamiliar with humanity politics, facts remain that we -do- have to stop this poisoning.'' It's an odd feeling seeing all four girls looking at you seriously, at least your mask helped in avoiding feeling shy. ''Let's concentrate on doing something.''

You have time for doing two choices before evening.

>Invite an Alms Giver to give deeper information about their organization.

>Try finding one of the women and see if you could corner or otherwise speak with her alone. (Precise who)

>Support Gwendolyn option to gather all of the women healers together. (This is a final option that will stop your investigation.)

>Wait for the slaves to give you more information about the women actions.

>Free Choice
>Support Gwendolyn option to gather all of the women healers together. (This is a final option that will stop your investigation.)

If we keep wasting time, more Mamonos will keep getting poisoned. If being rough saves lives, let's be rough.
As usual, given the importance of this choice, I'd like to wait for more players input before proceeding.
Which one was involved in what incident again? Memory's failing me a bit.

So we can go Gwen's route and definitely (well, probably) nab the poisoner at the expense of pissing off the Alms Givers and probably subjecting the seven innocent ones to something they don't deserve. or we can try and get lucky with the investigation.

Is there any way we could get the leader of the Alms Givers to summon the all the ladies to a more secluded location? The mamonos are conspicuously refusing their services after all. There is also the chance that one of them has been given tainted meds by someone higher up or a malicious quartermaster.
>Which one was involved in what incident again?
One of the two unnamed Menders, the one described as fit and unfriendly.

>Is there any way we could get the leader of the Alms Givers to summon the all the ladies to a more secluded location?

Yeah, that'll work. It won't be as immediate compared to asking soldiers to do it and you do run the risk of having more people than intended showing up to witness what's Gwen is about to do, any woman refusing to come would look mighty suspicious.

I agree to that anon's suggestions to ask the head Alms Giver to gather them for us, but, unless Gwen's plan is to interrogate them all at once, we should have her start by the two most suspicious ones, and if they don't yild results, to the rest of the alms givers gathered.

By doing this we could minimize the odds of traumatizing the poor innocent Alms Givers too much.
Altering Gwen options with the leader of the healers work, although she does want to see them all together. ''It'll work better'' is hr only reason.

I'll begin writing.
Ok then. We will have him summon them. While we wait we ask him about how the alms givers get their medicines. Again, a really dirty move would be for a distributor to poison some meds discreetly and let an otherwise well meaning and good person do the dastardly deeds unwittingly AND take the fall for it.

It's how I'd do it, if I was an evil mamono hating scumbag that is. Fortunately, I love monstergirls. They're the best.

Also, given her suggestion, I think I got Gwen's species pegged and what she intends to do. Yep, it's a villain move, but it's for a good cause.
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725 KB JPG
''Do you promise nobody will be hurt?'' Asked Kreszenz crown princess. Your intention of supporting Gwendolyn idea was met by a lukewarm reception but the idea of involving the Alms Givers leader gave the two ladies a better sense of security; worsening relations between the queen and these doctors was obviously something her little highness didn't want.

''I do, they'll only feel bad.'' Gwendolyn, despite her peasant guise, shouldered Anaïs royal inquisitive stare and Hildegarde near hostile glare without weakness. ''It's intrusive but I know my limits, we came here to help these gals. Having them under your mom care is a win, so I've no intention of hurting genuine healers.''

''Alright.'' The small, long-haired blond let out a long, uncomfortable sigh.

''Your Majesty, we've no proof...'' The maid protested but the smaller girl shook her head and held up her hand to silence her bodyguard protest.

''Perhaps a dose of Mamonos rough wisdom is what's needed, we are far too pressed for time as it is. Illness keeps spreading, I had half a mind of putting all the women menders under arrest anyway.'' She lowered her hand and the taller maid closed her mouth to nod in obedience.

Kreszenz future looked bright indeed with such a princess.

While the idea of finding a secluded spot felt pressing, summoning the leader of the Alms Givers required you to stay put, doubly so with Anaïs insisting on keeping things quiet. By sending a trio of knights with this order she was technically overstepping her boundaries because the healer organization responded only for the queen.

It was a blessing you didn't have to wait long, it was likely the menders were on edge because of your operation.

''May I ?'' A voice beyond the tent opening made itself known, a gruff yet inviting tone.
File: ii.jpg (82 KB, 576x816)
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''Yes, enter!'' Anaïs immediately responded and in stepped a tall elderly man. Garbed in a long crimson robe with a single, big backpack slung over one shoulder, this man had lived through piling years and time trials and somehow came out gentle. Skin wrinkled with age, semi-long hair of white with a few long strands tied in braids gave a few clicks with his movements from silver ornaments. A full beard of snow covered his face and his eyebrows were so thick and his eyes so profoundly sunk into his orbit that he seemed to have a continuously closed gaze. ''Rikert of the Alms Givers, your highness.'' He lightly tapped his heart, giving a bow to your company. ''Eldest of my order. My assistant is waiting a few paces outside, if you need anything about myself or my people, messages can be carried swiftly.''

He possessed a strangely strong presence despite his serenity.

Anaïs bit the interior of her cheeks and blurted out. ''I need you to gather all of your female healers into a secluded area, hopefully, a big tent, away from prying eyes. It is imperative to do it quickly and, hopefully, quietly. Do you understand, Rikert?'' With hands on her hips, her short stature didn't project gravitas but her earnest attempt was endearing.

''Not quite, your majesty.'' Rikert frown made him seem like a grumpy bear because of all the thick hair on his face. ''Might I presume to say it is in relation with the ailing folk's sudden hostility?''

''Something like that...'' Her highness hesitated and you noticed the elder man gaze on you.

''Could I ask a question?'' You decided to speak, seeing the potions on the mender belt brought a sudden idea. Anaïs soundlessly nodded.

''How is medicine distributed to Mamono, mysir? Are your menders fully trained in brewing remedies for immediate conception?''
''Well yes, they are fully formed herbalist and medical alchemist.'' Rikert answered, bringing a thin hand of skin and tendons to his chin. ''Distributing personal elixirs or balms or... anything else is prohibited. You see, healing Mamonos without magic is particularly difficult for anything that isn't a wound.'' His fingers curled into a fist upon which he extended a practiced teaching finger. ''Each species of our monstrous brethren possess unique biology that makes the brewing of medicines against illness or infection particularly difficult, in fact if they weren't spliced with mankind it'd be impossible for us to become anyway efficient in helping these suffering refugees.''

''Is your supplies of medicine secured inside your headquarter?'' You asked and he nodded.

''These lizards are a race of half-cold blood. they absorb and dissipate heat incredibly quickly, thankfully the Corruption inside of them helps to regulate their bodies in time of troubles, they still need to stay relatively warm and we've recently discovered that wet balms on their skin is absorbed much better than potions, we have to regulate what come out because...''

''Hold on, hold on.'' Gwen interrupted. ''Say, if one of your folk were to brew their own batch, what would you do?''

Rikert returned to his previous expression of bearish disapproval. ''Good intention can, unfortunately, spawn disasters. I'd have that person explain to me why they've gone against protocol, probably have them go into the quarantine zone instead.''

''That's...'' Anaïs didn't need to say more, his word kindled the same idea on everyone besides Hao who kept observing the tall old man.

Bringing the leader of the Alms Giver was a hidden right choice, so no time has been wasted

>What should you do about this new development?

>Should you still bring all of the female Alms givers?

>Or will you gamble on a single woman?

>Free choice
I am unsure of what kind of idea this has given Arawn, but this seems to cast a greatr suspicion on the one carrying her own brewing kit with her.

Shall we try interrogating her, this time? I don't want to waste the good chice we've made calling this good man.

I hope we can still call the rest of the afterwards, but let's gamble on a single one I guess. This is what I am guessing is being hinted at.

>Or will you gamble on a single woman?
>I am unsure of what kind of idea this has given Arawn
Oh, that was just my way of telling that he wanted to ask about medicines.
So it may not be poison at all, just bad drug reactions (essentially same difference, but context is everything).

Even so, we should still summon them all to see if one of em' tries to run. After all, the mamonos aren't taking anything from any female. Would it be possible to interrogate the one who had the device first then the rest of the group afterward? Gwen's only concern is efficiency with whatever it is she has planned it would seem.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>Would it be possible to interrogate the one who had the device first then the rest of the group afterward?

Yeah, that work.

We have a choice for both so I'll make a roll unless another anon becomes as a tiebreaker.

As always the number is in order of posting.
I am okay with interrogating that one first, and THEN, as an extra precaution, the other ones, if this one doesn't seem to be the culprit, or if there are further suspicions on the others, we try the others.
Gamble on the single woman.
Dangit all, I forgot you were running tonight Insert.
Bloody Internet distractions.

Just as well, I wouldn't have been much help with voting. I seem to lock up when the choice is important.
File: 1341637214756.jpg (86 KB, 1284x736)
86 KB
''Gathering the whole lot would be prudent.'' You speak up and Hildegarde nod grimly, her gloved hand came to rest on her little charge shoulder.

The elder man was obviously confused but kept his composure and the princess inhaled a loud breath... ''Good sir Rikert, I need you to do something difficult but I do so swear on my honor that I will reveal everything once stars shine in the coming darkness.'' The dices were thrown.


It was far into the northwest of the camp, five minutes away from the reinforced area of quarantine, that a peculiar group gathered outside a single white tent hastily erected near a bosket and the river organically turning deeper into the country that an unusual group gathered. time had continued to flow mercilessly, Lullaby gave way to a dark inkish blue that worsened into half-darkness when all the suspects gathered. There was no pretense of hiding the investigation anymore, Rikert had complied without complaints to Anaïs and gave words to prepared this tent whilst his female healers were forcefully made to gather and stand sides by sides, with only the eldest amongst them -an unfriendly woman of gray hair, thin, wrinkled skin and a particularly sharp nose- allowed to stand some distance away.

Inevitably, soldiers invited themselves into your secluded area. Anaïs escort consistent of ten wizened middle-age knights sporting armors and tabards who, under queen Valda direct order, had to impose themselves on the little blond wishes of subtleties. You also identified a few of Valda's Rangers during preparation, likely tightening their net. Hao had wandered outside the tent to gaze at the unfriendly wooden walls that housed so many gravely ill Mamonos of her species. One glimpse of this area had drained her good mood and you knew she needed time alone to control her emotions.

''You'll be casting off your disguise?'' You asked the smaller blonde who kept rubbing her hands together nervously.

''Yep, unless the gal admits to her treachery, I'll have to extract the truth out of her. That means using magic, activate my Corruption and blow off my disguise.''

''Overlord justice hm?'' You added a chuckle to your short sentence and a warped grin came on Gwendolyn homely face.

''It's a bit different than beating people into confessions. Don't get scared now, big guy.''

Sounds of heavy steps and approaching soon revealed Hildegarde holding up one flap of the tent, her lamps casting new light into the darkness of this semi-pavilion of fabric.

''Knights will be keeping the women in line and Rikert will be staying with them, we're bringing the suspicious one.'' Her sentence with Anaïs boldly forward and turn on her heel once she reached the unique chair of the tent. Then, still holding the tent open, the uninviting maid gestured with her chin for someone to come.
File: Bodyguard 1.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1200)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
A woman entered, garbed in a crimson hooded robe similar to Rikert where a similar backpack was slung over her shoulder, attached by one long leather strap. Calling her pretty was honest truth despite the sharp angles of her traits and the particularly intense gaze of brown, this woman managed to project a confident presence and her hair dressed in a long braid coiled around her neck like a long serpent then fall down her chest. You also noticed her boots being particularly thick and equipment kept clinging from all of her little nervous movements.

''Um... have I caused offense?'' She wettened her lips and Anaïs rudely motion her into silence.


''Anselma.'' The Alms Giver straightened her spine.

''Why were you seen brewing and distributing personal potions to Mamonos despite such a thing being against the safety protocol of your order, Anselma?'' The younger, much smaller blond asked, crossing arms and legs together, anger glowering out of her little frame.

''Yeah I...'' Anselma winced. ''I got a little too eager. I know it's against the rules but some of these monsters weren't suffering from anything major. Colds, rash, fatigue... so I figure I could give common, easy medicines y'know? Little stimulant here, healing balms against a wound that's not healing properly to spare them an ugly scar, something to help with coughs. I've...''

''You've somehow scared one of the Mamonos to lash out at you and break your equipment.'' You interrupted her. ''Noone else in your order of healers was seen carrying brewing supplies, you've operated away from prying eyes with this personal medicine.''

''I know.'' Anselma grunted working on her collar, licking her dry lips. ''All I wanted to do was help, that lizard... that girl who came at me wasn't in a bad spot healthwise, she only needed a little thing for her throat because she's been mining for weeks on end. She got scared though, can't say why.'' She interlocked her fingers together. ''Still, I'm... I understand I've... I might have endangered a few too many people so many of them are suffering I just-''

''Stop.'' Anaïs growled, features twisted into an overt grimace of disgust. ''I'm sure you'll have plenty to say to your coworker but nobody else went and potentially poisoned innocents refugees.''

''P-Poison?'' That widened the woman eyes but she collected herself quickly. ''I would never... I know it looks bad but I haven't...''

Anselma mumbled a few more excuses but quickly realized it led nowhere. It was a shame you didn't have any conclusive proofs, this investigation was born out of desperate necessity and about 30, 40 Mamonos were grievously ills because of this one poisoner.

Trying unorthodox method might honestly be your only recourse.

>Try a few more questions. (Write them here, this is a case where I cannot provide guidance.)
>Proceed with Gwendolyn solution.
>Free Choice.
Get her to list and recreate the medicines she created, then have them cross-checked by Rikert for how they would interact with the Mamonos biology.

What we need to know is if her medicines actually caused adverse reactions or not. Gwen’s interrogations would only tell us if the poisoning was intentional or not; Rikert would tell us if the medicines used are even the poisons we’re looking for.
We could insist a bit on whether she knew about the whole brewing on her own being against the Alm Givers's rules.

Either way, IF she really has nothing to hide, she won't mind agreeing to undergo a 'special method' to verify her claims beyond a possibility of a doubt.

We can always say that if our suspicions were wrong, we'll compensate her somehow for the bad time she's about to recieve, but also insist on the fact that in such grave situations, we can't afford to be as gentle as we'd like.

>Proceed with Gwendolyn solution.
This option can be the last one for tonight. Gotta rest up, so it won't be too long to write.

Or we can immediately go there.

Adhering to this one question as well! It is still important to see if her explanation makes sense.

Also, we could ask if she remembers the particular case we talked with, the mother and her worried child. Ask her if she treated them often, or if they knew her well. We might spot a contradiction here, as it was that child's claims that made us suspicious in the first place, because she didn't seem to recognize whomever treated her mom at all, and found her suspicious.
Seconding. Also ask about the ingredients used to make the medicines and their proportions as well. If this is an impostor agent Rikert will catch their mistakes/ignorance. That'll pretty much clinch it if that happens.
File: 1333335902500.jpg (881 KB, 2801x1880)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
''Gwen, do you think you could fetch Rikert?'' Your voice brings everyone at attention and, outside the tent, Hao loud concert of clicking metal heralded her arrival. ''I'd like to have him cross-reference the medicines she used.''

''I-I don't have anything, my entire stash was trashed.'' The healer winced while speaking.

''Convenient.'' Your camouflaged friend answered. ''I'm coming right back.''

She took off running, nearly running into Hao crossing the tent threshold. Your friend gave you a small wave when your stares crossed and waited at Anselma flank in an entirely reposed stance that, somehow, gave you the impression of a coiled snake.

The tall, old leader of the Alms Givers was heard well before his presence dawned into the tent illuminated by one, single strong lamp. Gwen quickly darted away from his side and his gruff visage shifted into a grimace as he felt the intensity inside but his gaze fell on his acolyte.

''Do forgive me child, I try to keep up with new arrivals but I've no recollection of your face...''

''I'm Anselma.'' The woman answered with a smile, her dark gaze glinting in some manners of emotions you couldn't discern. ''I'm kinda new in the order, I think you were too busy to witness my acceptance.''

''Mh.'' Rikert didn't respond, only bringing his large hand to rub his bearded chin. ''How can I be of assistance?''

What happened next was a few odds minutes of discussion between healers as Anselma listed several ingredients and medicines that were then identified by the master healer.

''Fey's Thorns for coughs, Deer's Strides for energy...'' Rikert thick eyebrows showed another frown. ''Child, all of these ingredients are fully stocked inside our main tent, why risk punitive measure by brewing your own personal batch?''

''I... I just wanted to help.'' The man shook his head, facing showing clear disappointment. ''I don't have any excuses.''

''Everything she used was healthy for the Mamonos?'' You asked the elder and he nodded.

''Unless the temperature was off, these elixirs were perfectly healthy for these young lizards. Miscellaneous medicines for small ailments is thankfully easier to manage across species, it'd take... maliciousness for a trained hand to fail something so basic.''

You didn't have time to study a pattern amongst the ills, could it be the poisoner targeted the relatively healthy Mamonos? It'd be a good way to avoid suspicion. The high profile cases were those suffering from serious illness and they needed the full attention of trained healers but, if your culprit is an infiltrator, distributing poisonous medicines wouldn't be difficult because these items didn't need the actual competence of a healer to create.

Only minor alterations.
''Anselma, do you remember treating a mother and a child this afternoon?'' That one little girl was your lucky break, the beginning of your quick investigation. Didn't she mention that her mother was recovering fairly well until that disaster?

''A few yes.'' Answered Anselma. ''Pairs like that are numerous amongst them monsters.''

''The pair I'm speaking with already had a doctor assigned to them but another mender imposed herself to diagnose and heal the mother, doesn't ring any bells?''

She slowly shook her head. ''I wouldn't impose myself on a coworker patient.'' Said the healer.

Of course, the culprit would lie.

''I can confirm her truth.'' Gwendolyn growled, her voice a low snarl of hatred as she glared at the woman in red observing the tall elder healer like a savior. ''Our traitor will always find excuses to wiggle out, she knows we got nothing tangible so all she gotta do is wiggle around like a worm, twisting truths to provide just enough excuses to avoid being entrapped.''

Anaïs had crossed her legs, barely showing any skin despite the lift in her dress, Hildegarde was overtly glaring at the mender and Hao... She was smiling, studying the mender with such intensity that it was enough to make Rikert apprehensive, her face had gone back into this expression of quiet, resolved peace.

''I see.'' The old man eyes opened a little fuller, revealing clear hazel brown. ''I should excuse myself, Father Sky truthful gaze doth shine upon you this night... right, Anselma?''

''Always under His protection.'' Nodded the woman, clapping her foot on the ground loudly.

>What should you do?
>Use Gwendolyn method.
>Free Choice (More questions?)
And we'll continue tomorrow. Feels good to be back after missing a week.
Did they talk about the proportions of the herbs and the temperatures used in the brewing? Anyone can memorize the names of medications and even the rough composition of them. But to actually synthesize it correctly requires precise technical knowledge. Knowledge an infiltrator is unlikely to possess.
>Did they talk about the proportions of the herbs and the temperatures used in the brewing?

Yep, it was broad but the temperature was covered. Anselma used well-known remedies after studying the proper way to handle the Mamonos bodies. It's not hard knowledge for even a neophyte herbalist to brew, you could think of them as entry-level; she stuck to brewing for people without deadly or worrying ailments.
Of course, the problem is that something else could have been introduced into the medicines, but since her supplies were trashed, we can't sift through them for any adulterations.

Was there any commonality in the victims, such as a common symptom or wound?
>Was there any commonality in the victims, such as a common symptom or wound?

None. She helped people with colds, ailing throats, rash, old wounds, muscular pains or general fatigue. Nothing too serious, you could say it was a job best left to an apprentice but the healers don't take favorites when it come to helping folks.

Those stuck in the quarantine are all suffering from violent coughing, vomiting, and failure to control their bowels. The Alms are hard at work making sure they don't go dehydrating themselves, so far nobody is hemorrhaging.
>violent coughing, vomiting, and failure to control their bowels
So the Alms have been going at this as if it's a disease, then? Have they tried diagnosing it as if it was a poisoning or adverse allergic reaction?
>So the Alms have been going at this as if it's a disease, then?


>Have they tried diagnosing it as if it was a poisoning or adverse allergic reaction?

They've already tested for allergic reactions before spreading out to use their remedies and did the same once the very ill began to pile up, widespread poisoning isn't an angle they've stuck with yet, mostly because new and new cases keep popping up so they've been preparing to handle an epidemic.
>Free Choice (More questions?)
Ask Rikert that if these symptoms were not of a disease, but of poisoning, what could it have been, assuming that the poison was something ingested or applied directly to open wounds?
It just occurred to me. We should ask her where exactly she got her materials.

I'm also thinking that maybe we should send a soldier to search her tent or at least have a quick peek to see if the supplies really were wrecked (that wince, like she forgot about that or something and is hoping we don't call the bluff).

Also, If we had the wrecked brewing kit we could analyze it for residues that aren't supposed to be there if she's being honest. I'm betting it was already disposed of though. That's another question actually. What exactly did she do with it after the mamono wrecked it?
Quite a few questions to ask, I'll proceed with those after some sleep instead of going for Gwen option.

As always, remember you're on a timetable. The current hour is about 7pm, none in your group had supper yet!
Each question wouldn't take long to both ask and answer. Minutes at most. Also, the level of emotionality and moral imperatives we're talking here means people forget about petty things like appetites. Epic levels of hunger are for the victor who won because they were too busy saving lives to worry about trivialities like meals!

Once ya done winning though... Yeah, hope Daiyu's cooks got some surplus cuz we are gonna eat em' out of house and Throne. So many calories desperately pumped into boosting mental prowess. Plus, in our case, we're eatin' for two. Or is it one but it's a real gas guzzler? I wonder how efficient Gardy is in this department as he's a big part of this equation.

Speaking of which, unlike our gigantic mistake with bad fluffy, once we're ready/forced to make a final decision like letting Gwen do her thing we should run it all past him before crossing the Rubicon and pulling the trigger.
My statement about time was mostly in relation about having soldiers investigate Anselma personal tent and/or general whereabouts.

It'd take a while for anything that isn't a question to be resolved.
Man, I gotta sleep soon. Eyes hard to keep open.

Issue to consider. Genocidal Inquisitors get here in the morning (define morning here) right? If so, it'll be a close shave but we may still be able to keep Gwen from revealing what she is and doing a very nasty thing (albeit done to a very nasty evil bitch who absolutely deserves it).

Also, just like with appetite, fatigue is yet another triviality at this level. Even Gwen might be surprised to close her eyes upon our hopeful success only to suddenly wake up in her true form with her retainers shocked at how long she was out.

With all that, I'm out. Be back once I wake up.
>Issue to consider. Genocidal Inquisitors get here in the morning (define morning here) right?

Sunrise, yes. The girls meeting with Gremory is bound to end soon.
File: Princess 16.png (1004 KB, 1000x1414)
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1004 KB PNG
'Hold, mysir.'' Your voice carries a tone of command that stops the elderly leader exit. Rikert turns to face you with his continual frown, asking a silent question with his clear eyes.

''I'd like your opinion for a very important question about the Mamonos that have been quarantined.'' Your implications are easily understood by the girls surrounding you and Anaïs seem to agree because she gives you a firm nod; sharing such information was always dangerous but you were speaking with the leader of this order of healers.

''Both of us know their symptoms and the way this disease has been spreading was rather odd, wouldn't you say?'' His expression doesn't change, you could tell he had already thought about this particular angle of this crisis. ''Could you tell us if a particular poison -one easy to create- would cause such a strong reaction?''

''We call it Orc's Bane.'' Rikert tone shakes with hints of anger. ''Used well before the emergence of your current lord of Mamonos when the Allied Kingdoms broke the back of orcish armies attempting to invade, it is an alteration to a common medicine that induces regurgitation, we used it when someone ingests something poisonous.'' His gaze travels the length of your group, ignoring Hao. ''It is easy to make, I could create a dose on the spot after gathering materials inside our main tent. Problem with this poison is that it can easily lead to genuine diseases, so if someone were to administrate such an awful brew into this close-knit population of lizards, they might not have to do anything but wait for an organic epidemic to spread.''

''A-are you...'' Anselma gazed at you with burning furies and shaking fist.

''Don't bother speaking.'' Anaïs interrupted swiftly, tone changing into a low growl that perfectly translated her current mood.

''Thank you, have you been treating them the sicks for poisons?'' you continue and the man rubs his bearded chin.

''Can't really do it, disease and poison sorta become one in this case so we've got to continue our course.''
''Hopefully, they'll recover.'' He nods to your wishes, your attention return on the suspicious woman. The old man takes a step back and, without anyone telling him to go, choose to remain here in the tent. As the leader of the Alms Giver, he was entitled to witness this interrogation... at least, until Gwendolyn has to step in.

''Anselma, where'd you get your materials for your alchemical set?'' It was an obvious question but perhaps you could pressure her.

''I bought it a while ago! Okay? Before I joined the order! Kreszenz has the only outpost from the University of alchemists so merchants tend to sell stuff...'' She took a long breath and seemed to visibly calm down. ''I never intended to harm anyone.''

''Where did your incident with the slave occurred?'' You continue and Anselma shakes her head.

''I don't remember. All the slaves are gathered in these same looking tents that it makes it pretty hard to identify areas y'know? I cleaned up the mess and disposed of my broken stuff, it wasn't going to be of any uses anymore.''

You had this nasty impression you were going in circles. Closing your eyes, the weight of your mask brought images of your metallic friend keeping his stalwart vigil, spreading silence revealed that nobody else had any questions...

>How should you proceed?
>Ask Gardy opinion?
>Pressure Anselma with more questions? (Write them)
>Witness how Gwendolyn is going to squeeze the truth out of this suspicious woman?
>Free Choice
>Ask Gardy's opinion.
Assuming he doesn't have a truth detector then we should
>Witness how Gwendolyn is going to squeeze the truth out of this suspicious woman?
>Ask Gardy's opinion.

I want to get more from our favorite Embodiment so far~
Ask Gardy.
>Ask Gardy opinion?
File: imageedit_2_9713796392.png (203 KB, 235x479)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
This was a moment of thought, a silent lull that was likely more effective at making Anselma nervous than any accusations. Your mask gave illusions of constant stares even when you closed your eyes to concentrate inward, making an emptiness of thoughts to reject all distractions of Mother Earth realm.

You imagined a familiar infinite span of darkness with a luminous milky way, this gentle psychic construct always managed to calm your nerves and it was here that Gardy will was truly manifest. His body materialized in the darkness, showing colors of copper, steel and obsidian that ended with a head incrusted by a single topaz gem.

''Caught everything?'' You asked, still feeling the weight of your mask. You couldn't entirely discount physical sensations despite your concentration.

His response was a nod. ''Difficult.'' He summarizes his voice carrying this nature of inorganic metal, yet it was grave instead of acute. Here, his tone had much more presence compare to his whispers into your conscious mind.

''Assuming she's our culprit.'' You began ''Our only advantage is that incident when the monstrous lady lashed out and the fact Anselma went against protocol by using personalized medicine. Next, she focused on helping relatively healthy Mamonos and administered medicines against simple ailments.'' Was she truly the poisoner? Or were you looking into things because of that one incident?

''Creating an epidemic would mean weakening the entire population being actively helped by competent healers.'' Gardy retorted calmly, standing still enough to appear as a statue. An impression made almost real by his inorganic physique. ''Targeting those relatively healthy that aren't given much scrutiny is an adequate first step when one has to be subtle.''

''That's... The girl who fetched us told us her mom was recovering nicely before having her crisis.'' Gardy nods, creating a sharp clicking sound out of his throat.

''Going against rules dictated by her order is another cause of suspicion.'' He grimly states, single yellow eye shining. ''These doctors swore an oath beneath Father Sky and Mother Earth altar to never do harm, doing so with good intention or ignorance goes against such a sacred promise.''

Yet Rikert sounded surprisingly mellow despite someone potentially breaking the most important pledge of his organization. This thought trickled into Gardy, creating another clicking nod.

''I'm not so sure I'm liking what's being implied here buddy.'' Granted you only met that man a few hours ago, surely he wouldn't be complicit...?

''Incompetence or time eroded the values of his organization. This isn't important to find our culprit, our last piece lies in that singular event when a precious one lashing out against that woman.''

''It's the entire bedrock of our suspicion.'' You agreed, interlocking your fingers together, a gesture that trickled all the way into your genuine body standing between Anaïs and Gwendolyn.
''It happened after your group took a concerted effort to warn Mamonos, this in turn organically created a shield of knowledge that couldn't filter into the menders due to a language barrier. I can only presume they observed all the healers much more closely following your warning, that one precious lady reaction could have been a result of acquiring information from her peers. None of the menders were ever seen brewing their personal batch of medicines, this remains a hard fact.''

''Or she lashed out in fear because we inevitably made the Mamonos suspicious after spreading the truth about a poisoner.'' You retorted and Gardy opened a metallic hand -appearing almost like fingered claws- to close it in an awkward squeak metal.

''Assumption, supposition, building a likely chain of events without evidence is the only thing we can do. Humanity needs proof in such trials and we have none, had we time to investigate...''

''We wouldn't be in such a bind.'' The way his singular gem eye glowered gave you the impression of a small grin.

''Your enemy is human.'' Stated the stalwart protector. ''They can make mistake, this event with that singular slave breaking that woman stash was our culprit being unlucky or inept. Mistakes do happen, I believe this Anselma is our culprit.''

''Without tangible proof...'' You concluded and your tall friend of metal nodded yet again.

''The human way would be to imprison her and follow what little evidence you have - mayhap Anaïs could be convinced despite that woman circumstantial guilt- for the crown can impose itself.''

''And the Mamono way...'' You continued, recalling Vilma duel. ''...would be for Gwendolyn to do her magic.''

''Such is your... our situation.''

You had the distinct impression that all of this cloak and dagger business was something Gardy might have been particularly subjected to during his trials against the Pretenders.

>Should you try the human method and attempt to convince Anaïs to put Anselma in a cell and prevent all the female menders for helping the slaves? Time isn't your friend, the inquisitors are approaching but you -are- in human lands, it'd be wiser to follow humanity politic.

>Follow rough Mamono wisdom and see how Gwendolyn extract a confession out of this woman. You have to be swift and sometimes, that means going against people common sense.

>Free Choice
>Should you try the human method and attempt to convince Anaïs to put Anselma in a cell and prevent all the female menders for helping the slaves? Time isn't your friend, the inquisitors are approaching but you -are- in human lands, it'd be wiser to follow humanity politic.
>Follow rough Mamono wisdom and see how Gwendolyn extract a confession out of this woman. You have to be swift and sometimes, that means going against people common sense.
She said it would not be painful, only greatly unpleasant. I would imagine it like bathing in wriggling worms, and octopi but turned up to eleven.
Let's see, I'll wait for 15 minutes to get a potential tiebreaker.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

I'm a bit loathe to use a roll for tiebreaking here because this is a fairly important choice, a conclusion to your efforts after seeking the truth. If I get another voice shortly after this post, I'll go with it.
>Follow rough Mamono wisdom and see how Gwendolyn extract a confession out of this woman. You have to be swift and sometimes, that means going against people common sense.
File: 13.jpg (90 KB, 300x533)
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''Your highness...'' There were no more causes for waiting. Your mental realm dissipated, Gardy presence returned into the ethereal reality of your shared presence. You leaned closer to Anaïs, doing your best to mind your voice to avoid being overheard by the healers. ''...The Inquisitors will be here soon, we cannot afford to wait by investigating.''

''Yeah.'' She responded, swallowing loudly. ''I've been thinking hard, assuming and building a chain but...'' She shakes her head, fragile fingers replacing a few thick strands of corn-colored hair, gaze drifting toward Gwendolyn who wordlessly nodded.

''Thank you Rikert, would you please wait outside?'' The little royal proclaimed then looked to her bodyguard and pointed at one of the openings of this big tent, the other flap was occupied by Hao who wordlessly held onto it.

''I'll be waiting outside.'' Responded the old man. ''Your highness...'' He murmured, bowing low.

''H-hold on what's happening?'' The woman was good at appearing nervous and overwhelmed -perhaps she genuinely was- her gaze flew from you to Hao and Hildegarde before settling on the princess.

''A few more questions, they'll be a little more... personal so I think it'd be best to spare you a little humiliation.'' Said Anaïs, she might not have any ideas about Gwendolyn intention but she was pretty good at keeping this choking atmosphere.

Hildegarde quietly reached the tent opening and held onto the fabric with Hao's help to keep it firmly closed. Gwendolyn took place facing the (assumed) culprit, her back to the sitting princess while you stood on the flank in case the woman tried to rush through the shelter. With the single lamp casting a strong luster of flame, everyone shadows melded together into a deformed sea of darkness dancing across the white fabric of your surrounding.

''This'll be unpleasant.'' Said the small peasant girl.

''I... I swear miladies and sirs that I've done nothing... My mistake was born from good intention.''

''Yeah.'' Responded the homely little blond, one hand on her hips and a crooked grin of arrogance displaying a joy of sadism. ''We'll get to the bottom of that real soon.''

A continuous flow of dark liquids came out of her mouth, proceeding to travel down her throat and stain her worn-down clothing. Gwendolyn hands shooks, fingers curling then stretching as if trying to get out of tight gloves. Worrying trembling rocked her body, her fair peach skin began to tear in places, creating holes out of which this liquid darkness -Corruption- kept pouring out akin to a river source.
All emotions were drained out of Anselma and, perhaps, everyone else too because Gwendolyn body had warped into a mess of unrecognizable skin that somehow stood on two legs. Movements inside her body created disgusting sounds of tearings and eruptions...

''Freaking fox is way too thorough with this!'' Growled the now revealed Mamono and whatever remained of her shapeshifting disguise was torn apart by newly formed limbs.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight... Limbs, -tendrils- erupted out of where once stood a boring little blond girl. Peach skin was replaced by the paleness of the moon, combed blond hair was replaced by thick dark bed hair and what was once the plain face of a banal human girl was...

One single eye. A big, massive even, oval-shaped organ of intense red and sickly orange stared mercilessly ahead while these tendrils sprouted out of a spine covered by dark fur. All of them ended with similar eyes firmly inserted into Gwendolyn face, all of them continuously open without any sort of eyelids and their pupils moved with animalistic intelligence, seeking something to observe.

Here stood Gwendolyn, Overlord of Monsters, fully revealed... and also completely naked, yet covered by enough gluish Corruption to keep her modesty and cover her limbs.

She took full advantage of everyone astonishment, her eye... No, all of them together, shone a dangerous color of blood with enough intensity to imprint trails of lights into your gaze as they moved around like nervous serpents.

Anselmina trembled in unconcealed panic, all eight of Gwendolyn scaled boneless tendrils converged on the mender's face like a carnivorous plant.

''Knew it!'' Bellowed the short Overlord, somehow spell of some kind happened quickly enough to barely last ten seconds. Anselma took a step back, reeling from the experience, hand on her face, eyes wild from disorientation.

''It's all neatly there in your fucking head, Leya of the Closed Fist! You've gotten real cozy with that genocidal cunt huh? Gremory is a close ally of your order so here you are trying to fu-''

Panic, despair, anger, self-preservation, perhaps countless more emotions motivated a maddened rush out of Anselma or, more precisely, Leya. She came at you fast, really damn fast - definitely reinforced by her soul- leaving you little time to react.

>Roll 1d20
Rolled 9 (1d20)

File: 6.png (841 KB, 543x754)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
I'll take best of three, as always.
I hope for a 20, just because an electroshock suplex would be so cool.
File: 8.png (750 KB, 1080x1030)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
That'd be one way to catch this fleeing rabbit.
So, what do you guys think of your homely little sidekick now?
Hm, I might have to take that 9. I'll wait ten or twenty more minutes then close the thread with the result.
She's cute honestly, I'm not sure why.
I could just roll twice more so it's still BoT too...
I'd rather stick with one roll per id, though I might take your offer if nobody else turns up.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

I'm feeling a bit fatigued and I'm not in the best of health so I'd rather not push myself. I'll resume thread tomorrow, you guys rolled higher than I expected too.

Gwendolyn metamorphosis was suitably dramatic.
Have a good one mang
See you then
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Dammit, I’m late.
File: Holo Fuck Yeah.jpg (176 KB, 1920x1200)
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176 KB JPG
Knew it! I knew she had to be a Gazer! It was either mind control or forceful mind probe so yeah, happy I nailed that too. Is she a true psyker?

Honestly, that type's one of my personal favorites. They are both adorable and sexy. I desire to be ogled from all angles by her many eyes.

>That roll
See pic. Hell yeah baby! Bitch ain't gettin' away from us.
>Is she a true psyker?
Mind probing and telekinesis are the primary characteristics of Gazers.

Stuff like mind control, charm and general hypnosis is slander, those races actually died out in time.
Awww, she can't hypnotize people? Well, if she can she's wise to not do it and insist she can't. You reveal you have either Mind Control or hypnotic powers and you shoot straight to the top of several shit lists you do *not* want to be on.

Still, telekinesis, that's very useful in battle. Stop arrows, push, pull, levitation or perhaps even full flight if she's got the brain power. The eye stalks give her 360 degree vision to boot. Tough opponent, especially if you're on a gravel path or inside a big kitchen.
File: 1455814966171.png (687 KB, 840x930)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Gazers are pretty high on that power level list for reasons you've described, while they aren't hypnotists they can still read minds and memories.

Calling her race adorable and sexy is certainly not an opinion shared by many men in these kingdoms.
>Knew it! I knew she had to be a Gazer!
Well, duh. Do you want to be congratulated for stating the obvious? That’s what you want, isn’t it?
Then I must sadly state that many of the men in the kingdoms have very poor tastes. I mean hell, look at that pic. Isn't she adorable?

Imagine if the eye stalks are emotionally expressive as well. She might be giving you the cold shoulder yet her other eyes gaze upon you with love and devotion in them all. Have they no concept of moe!?
>Imagine if the eye stalks are emotionally expressive as well.

They totally are
I guess we are too tied up in this to ask Gwen about it, but once this little traitor has been captured, it's important to know if Gwen saw whether ther e were more traitors aiding her in the poisoning, or covering for her.
Gwen seems to be the competent type. She got all the good stuff with that mind probe. In that ten seconds she got everything. She did make the mistake of launching into an evil overlord speech as a result though. Well, emotions are running high and she probably has sadism as a flaw so the mistake fits. Thank god the dice gods smiled upon us to compensate.

Speaking of capture, full paranoia mode. We need the bitch alive and confessing her sins in order to resolve this whole mess before the Genocidal Inquisitors arrive to perform their charge and exterminatus the monstergirls. Electrostun her for starters, then do whatever we can to keep her from killing herself. When she wakes from that it will likely be her next course of action. Deny her death until she serves our purposes, only then does she have permission to die.
File: VcERPcq.jpg (243 KB, 1000x2000)
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243 KB JPG
Your diligent practice was undeniably the reason why embracing Focus and strongly reinforcing your body demanded only moments of thoughts; you stepped directly into Leya's path, your naturally broad, brawny frame easily closing escapes routes and both of your bodies collided loudly, her futile attempt at punching only striking the middle of your chest. Her soul reinforcement made it impossible to remain standing, your feet left the ground and your closed your arms around her back while flying into the well-pitched wall the tent, feeding magic into your gauntlet before gravity inevitably retook its hold.

It was a very fast, confusing, loud and painful experience because of one little mishap. Your magical nature wasn't one of electricity and being so closely entangled with your foe meant that touching her with your gauntlet caused an inevitable chain reaction.



Two screams joined into a single yelling when the crackling bluish thunder of your magitek weapon zapped throughout your frame, locking your muscles and nearly choking the inquisitorial infiltrator out of her life; it was a mercifully short experience that still robbed you of any sense of directions or time.

Voices melded together into a confusion of faraway echoes and you remembered that something was supposed to fall on top of you but instead, the struggling woman weight was lifted and your senses came rushing back, dispelling the lethargy brought by a thoroughly shocked brain.

''Fine? Healthy?'' You recognized Hao before your vision stopped wavering. She had grabbed Leya braid and pulled her off you, dragging the traitor away with a single hand and proceeded to lift that rope of hair like a leash, creating no end of grunts out of the disoriented woman.

''Y-yeah. Don't worry.'' Your mask hasn't fallen out of your face during the chaos and above the dark-scaled tribal wasn't a clear night sky but floating white fabric kept aloft by means of magic.

Gwendolyn hadn't moved from her previous spot, five of her eights eyestalks had bent upward to keep a constant vigil on the tent above, her skin of pure alabaster that you could almost describe as luxurious ivory showed a new glowing disposition of ominous darkness that didn't belong with Corruption oozy stains. It seems Focus manifested into dark obsidian for the small Overlord and she was projecting her will onto the thick texture above to avoid making it fall on everyone's heads. A number of knights had come running, with swords out of their scabbards and Gwendolyn would have likely been forced to defend herself had Anaïs not stepped forward.

''Stop, stop! It's fine!'' Yelled the small royal, Hildegarde was holding onto the lamp and was firmly lodged on the princess flank as an obstacle to Gwendolyn; the Overlord was taking a lot of space now with those serpentine eyestalks moving around, all of them at least a meter in length.
''Guah!'' Leya's scream was accompanied by rough scratching of metals on dirt when Hao roughly pulled on Leya's braid and proceeded to fall on one knee, slamming a steel covered hand around that woman throat who despite such painful manhandling returned a fierce glare of defiance.

''Hao, stop!'' All the malaise of your electrocution disappeared instantly as you got on your feet.

''I know!'' Replied the warrior who relaxed her hold. ''No killing, no... have to do true justice.'' Her face became peaceful, her stare of pale green become a resolute stone directed at the grunting infiltrator who tried to voice something in reprisal but couldn't utter more than choking muffle under Hao's tight grasp. ''Caught you, have you. Arawn help, I have you.'' The tribal girl pale tongue wettened her lips and a low chuckle shook her body, armor creating many clicks.

''We'll take this woman with us, she's who we've been looking for!'' Anaïs tried to appear bigger than she was by waving her arms around. ''Put those swords where they belong you, damnable oafs! That Mamono isn't an enemy! Step back, let her breath quit glaring! She's an ally, a friend! We found the truth damn it!'' Her ordering quickly devolved into rants that had all the veteran knights look to each other in a mixture of disbelief and worries as Gwendolyn demonic body remained motionless aside from those hovering eyestalks. Her magic had crumpled the tent into a big ball that she carelessly threw away into nearby vegetations. She was now using those tendrils to cover her body, while the tar of Corruption managed to color her ivory skin with a small amount of modesty it didn't exactly cover her womanly curves but these large snakes sprouting out of her spine became adequate barriers, two of them curling backward in your direction to observe you silently.
File: 11.png (378 KB, 1280x1224)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
They gave you a strangely endearing impression of animalistic curiosity. Big red pupils swimming inside sickly orange scleras seemed to follow every movement around you before settling back into intensive staring. Could they possess some kind of independent mind?

Thankfully the knights relaxed, sounds of steel sliding on leather combined tenfold and the men gave Gwendolyn a wide suspicious berth, a few men jogging toward you and Hao to help secure the prisoner.

Anaïs turned toward the Overlord with an inviting grin.

''I can show ya proof.'' Said the Gazer, one eyestalk squinting at the blond.

''Later.'' Answered the princess the princess who frowned at her protector. ''Don't look so glum, Hild. It's our friend.''

''Milady, Corruption is dangerous.'' Hildegarde wasn't so friendly anymore, she was placing herself as a firm barrier against Gwendolyn.

''It'll be better to keep distance until I can wash all of that off.'' Gwendolyn nodded at the aloof maid.

A job well done, finally. You can come back to your demonic benefactors without shame, even if it might have taken a while...

>Making a cut here before changing scene to ask a little something.

>Would you like to ask Gwendolyn something while marching back to meet with queen Valda and Daiyu?

>Or should we proceed with meeting your friends quickly?
>Would you like to ask Gwendolyn something while marching back to meet with queen Valda and Daiyu?

I wish to ask if she has verified whether this Leya was working as a lone agent, or if she had accomplices among the healers or the soldiers. Basically, if there is anyon else she knows of that we might have to intercept before it's too late.
I'll go with this. Also, make sure the bitch can't kill herself or get killed en route. We need her to resolve this before the Inquisition gets to have its fun.
File: 17.jpg (653 KB, 1240x1754)
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653 KB JPG
It wasn't quite possible to go back running to your friends right away. While the knights helped secure the prisoner (who had grown completely silent because of Hao dogged observation, not even the veteran swordsmen could force her away.) Anaïs had to set aside time to speak with Rikert, giving you a window to walk near the Overlord.

''You might want to keep back.'' She warned, showing her tar covered arm. ''Aint safe.''

''Its fine, Corruption holds no sway on me.'' You answered, bringing your hand to your mask to readjust its position. This made Gwendolyn single eye narrow, making for a fascinating phenomenon on her face.

Corruption inherent purpose of shapeshifting somehow directly affected her single cyclopean eye, half of the organ shrunk into her forehead, cutting the bright pupil in half, a phenomenon that managed to act as an eyelid. Her naturally broad mouth split into a confident smile that showed rows of dangerously sharp gleaming teeth.

It was... exotic, a definite monstrous Mamono that spliced enough humanity to avoid feeling alien.

''That's what I oughta be expecting from Daiyu huh?'' She said, her voice having a naturally graver tone compared to the camouflaged peasant girl.

''Something like that.'' you responded, a man used a rope to bind Leya's hand together and that seemed to satisfy Hao who came trotting toward you. ''Was Leya acting alone? No accomplice?''

Gwendolyn nodded and her big eye took its original form, a pair of eyestalks curled around her face to observe you and Hao who seemed keen on trying to poke one.

''Yep. She's Gremory adviser, that's about where I got I'd say. All of her action in camps was done entirely alone, her name isn't even on the Alms Giver register.'' A third of her eye disappeared into her face and her smile broadened. ''Could show you, wanna see?'' Her single eye betrayed an emotion of anticipation, this new form of hers made it much more difficult to actually hide her feelings.

>Why not? You've already got some experience with letting people into your head.

>Better not. She might see Gardy and that'll lead to rather uncomfortable questions.

>Why not? You've already got some experience with letting people into your head.

Experiencing new things like these will likely help us get more used to the kind of thing this world can throw at us. It doesn't sound threatening, either.

. I am not terribly worried of neither her chances of discovering Gardy, nor how bad it'd be for her to discover him.

Besides, it might deepen our relationship with Gwendolyn here a little. Making friends is important!

...Also, since we are corruption resistant, our touch-y grabby tendencies to feel up monster bits could re-activate.

Though I'm unsure what we'd touch. I am guessing, the tentacle-y parts, not the eyes themselves. I really doubt she'll appreciate the actual eyes being poked, so let's find something to touch that won't actually cause her harm.
>Why not? You've already got some experience with letting people into your head.
More experience would be nice though.
''I do.'' You didn't feel any hesitation, it was easy to see that Gwendolyn found that surprising -perhaps even endearing- because her face blossomed into a relaxed smile and shrinking eye. ''All I have to do is let down my guard and allow you inside my head, yeah?''

She nodded slowly, wild dark hair falling around her face while a couple of eyestalks danced around Hao whose dogged poking pursuit was seemingly making the entire lot afraid yet, far from being annoyed, Gwendolyn was genuinely endeared by those attempts. ''That's it, easier said than done but you're up to speed huh?'' A visible change occurred inside that single organ that proceeded to travel into her floating stalks.

That phenomenon of a strong red light that left a continuous trail os luminous nature made for a painful burning sensation inside your gaze that seemed to squeeze right into your skull. ''Gently...'' Said the Overlord, your peripheral vision wavered as if your head had been plunged underwater. ''...And observe.''

Your world disappeared, replaced by a hazy picture of a dream-like existence. Freed from shackles of times, your consciousness retraced today's event from another perspective.

''You'll be fine.'' I spoke with a practiced smile, the small alchemical generator was slowly but surely changing a balm temperature. A young mother with a worrisome wound on her shoulder had her good side helped by a young child. ''This balm will cover you wound a create an organic cocoon, think of it like a giant scab.'' I shook a finger at the young kid, doing my best to swallow a rising bile of disgust; this gentleness, this care wasn't something they deserved. ''No scratching okay?''

They probably didn't understand a single word but it was always important to act, enough lies to fool even oneself - such was the duties of shepherds and protectors - and it allowed my hands to gentle cover an infectious wound.

Orc's Banes will do its work

Probably my most serious case today...

Unchained by time and perspective, guided by a gentle river flow, a gentle intention rethreaded events before your arrival in this spot of the world.
File: GazerGirl.png (1.77 MB, 1522x1600)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
The scenery was a foggy tent, a single woman stood on a wooden chair, a relatively young maiden with fiery red hair. ''You've been with me for three years, Leya.'' Her fingers clapped around her cup. ''I'd rather not risk you for something like that. I know there's much to gain... but I can stall until your folk come.''

''Your ladyship.'' Falling to one knee was natural here, I didn't need to force it. Lady Gremory of Fiarcre was one of three dukes that made the entire country and the only woman who understood our order. Our goals always aligned; she was as close allies that we will ever get. ''Any and all advantage against the viperous queen of Kreszenz will be needed to negotiate the return of your goods. Father Sky children should not fight, but those misguided must be shown proper light; all we need is to weaken her position.'' It was worth it. Gremory didn't like it, her grimace made it obvious.

''I'd be happier with finding who let them out, I'm not sure I can trust my bodyguards...''

''My investigation about that lady in blue should be over soon, I believe she's the culprit because she has a history of mercy against the enemy. I still need to confirm how she left the Knights of the Storms but...''

''Guts feeling?'' My liege looked to me with upturned eyes that made my earth skip a beat. Aah, dearest Mother... Bless this foolish daughter.


Perspective changed. Chains of times regained their strength, pulled you back into where you belonged, exorcising personality traits and memories that weren't yours.

You were staring into one big cyclopean organ that had narrowed in interest. ''You've got one hell of a strong will.'' Gwendolyn said before relaxing. ''Anyhow, that's it. It's what I pulled, that little surprise was worth it cause she didn't have time to raise mental defenses.''

''That's... undeniable.'' Your fingers clang against your mask as you tried to rub your eyes, leaving you grunting in discomfort. ''Depend if Valda count that as proper evidence I suppose.''

Gwendolyn shrugged her shoulders. ''We know.'' Her head moved toward Leya, the entire company of knights and healers were now prepared to move out: nightfall had fallen into this spot near the chain of mountains, people with lamps throughout all the camps gave impressions of faraway fireflies. ''That's what matters.''

>Anything else to ask?
I'm a tad mentally fatigued today so unless you guys want something that's fairly short to write, I might have to end prematurely. Don't wanna burn myself out for the coming days
Let's ask her if her eyes can use that mind-probing thingy to bring back long-forgotten memories!

Maybe she can dig out the memories we're missing, of our past!
Don't actually do it, we aren't sure we should let her see it. Cute or no we should check with Dayu and heavily consider such.
I'll wait for something a little more unanimous before proceeding on that.

Meeting back with the gang will happen tomorrow, I need to rest up a little. This is usually the day I take a break during the session.

I meant, asking if it was possible, not volunteering to go through it right now. I want to verify whether that's an option we can count on, later on.
A question like that could give her hints about your amnesia but it's a good thing to ask.

Oh well. Didn't we aready tell her of our amnesia? Or am I misremembering?

Either way, we could add to the question : "I am, uh asking for a friend. A friend who is not me." To further give ourselves credibility.

Also, While letting her into our mind to show us that was enlightening and nothing suspicious was done, I feel lke Gardy is face-palming inside.

We had just agreed to our friends we would be careful and not let strangers into our mind so easily, and there we are again!

...Should we tell Daiyu, I wonder?. :3c
I was just specifying that it was just asking that I wanted, so we are agreeing.
Maybe phrase it as something innocent, but funny. Like "So... if someone were to, say, forget what their first date was like with someone, could you find something they've forgotten themselves like that?"
>Oh well. Didn't we aready tell her of our amnesia? Or am I misremembering?

You totally did actually. That little detail was a little momentary forgetfulness on my part.

Oh hey, I remembered correctly! Normally it is me who remembers wrong! Heheh.

Then no reason to be subtle about it. Which means, we could be playful and still go with either the blatant one I suggested, or the one >>2890097 suggested.
File: 18.jpg (149 KB, 900x1200)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Alright, we can continue chatting with the lady of many eyes.
File: 1024x576.jpg (35 KB, 1024x576)
35 KB
''Wonder who she was talking about... A knight of the Storm?'' You murmured and Gwendolyn could only shrug in response. That little foray of changed perspective was a rather strange experience. Similar to a lucid dream, everything made sense; you had momentarily become another person. Could Gwendolyn have gotten hints of Gardy existence?

His silence wasn't going to provide any answers.

''Say, Gwen.'' Her single eye shrunk and the tip of her stalks blossomed like open flowers, small tendrils lay all around them like like eyelashes made to imitate flower petals. ''You know about my amnesia...''

Natural corruptive metamorphosis shapeshifted her face into opening her single cyclopean eye into it's normal, wider natural state. ''Yeah.'' She regarded you gently with that single optic of blood and orange. ''I'm not sure if I could help, I never tried actually but... theoretically, maybe it'll work? Amnesia is a hard thing to define.''

''Normally, those memories are simply hidden but still presents.'' You retort, recalling your time with Daiyu inside the throne. Your case wasn't so easy to define.

''If someone can remember on their own with time or some kind of stimuli that'd mean memories indeed remain inside their head... or maybe they fled into their soul. It's hard to say, really hard; I've never met any amnesiac before you so I won't pretend knowing how to help.'' Her wide mouth also manifested transformative nature because it shrunk slightly in a way that wasn't a mere movement of lips. ''Sorry, I can't really give anything concrete.''

''No, no it's fine Gwen. Really.'' She looked so earnest that it made you much more conscious of her state of undress. Being less than a meter apart had those eyestalks welcome you by hovering around you in a mazy pattern, it reminded you of Elina constant wing rubs. ''Thanks. We've got plenty to think about for now...''

It's entirely possible she wouldn't be able to do anything because your memories could be dwelling inside the Demonic Throne.

''Hey, heya folks you okay?'' That's when Anaïs imposed her little presence known. Leya was secured with the ten knights, Hao had gone to stand beside the princess while her dutiful bodyguard held onto a lamp and the rest of the company was ready to go, the healers having recovered from their disbelief at finding a traitor in their ranks. ''Let's go back!''

''I need some clothes.'' You heard the Gazer murmurs as a few stalks slithered close to her small curvaceous body. Her leaking Corruption had hardened into a flexible exoskeleton that nearly glistened against the light of all the lamps, only a few strategically placed tendrils kept her modesty and you could tell she was starting to find it difficult to be around so many men. ''Kinda... cold and I don't wanna meet the Demon Lord naked.'' Yet she wasn't imposing anything, becoming strangely shy once people began to move out.

>Stopping here for tonight. I'll update tomorrow after you guys regroup with the gals.
Did we have a cloak or cape of some sort we could offer Gwen? Better than nothing until she gets proper clothes.
Yep, your disguise came wit ha cloak. Leper-man still have to try and look impressive
File: Chivalry intensifies.gif (397 KB, 239x250)
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397 KB GIF
Give cloak
Yes, let's! It's good to be a bit of a gentleman sometimes.
Excellent! Gwen's corruption shouldn't even mess up the piece of clothing too much given that's it's hardened.
Oh, that cloak is going to burn either way, no chances are taken with Corruption.
...A sacrifice for a good cause, then.

Was the roll you ended the last thread with for Leya?
Yes. You tightened the noose on her with the slaves, I needed to see if she'd make a mistake because she had no clue what was happening, her attention was focused on fooling the healers.
Agreed. It is the least we can do for her and we are a gentleman (of sorts).

Also, it gets us further on her good side. We need that because we'll have to ask to touch wriggly eye stalks soon. Well, provided the urge doesn't just overtake us like it has a tendency to do and we just up and grab em'. Either way, need that good will built up.

Not that we're attached to it or anything but couldn't Daiyu just expunge the corruption from it?
Items stained in corruptions are much more difficult to handle and Gwendolyn Corruption is very, very strong. Daiyu could purify it but it'll be hard and time-consuming. Since it's a simple cloak, its much less trouble to just burn it.

>Also, it gets us further on her good side. We need that because we'll have to ask to touch wriggly eye stalks soon. Well, provided the urge doesn't just overtake us like it has a tendency to do and we just up and grab em'. Either way, need that good will built up

100% agree. Those cute eyestalks won't go un-touched for long.
Makes sense. Mundane items aren't worth that effort. A mundane cloak must burn for safety's sake as the Demon Lord has much better and more important uses for her time.

Also, I reread what Gwen showed us and... I might be reaching a bit but do I detect a hint of yuri? It's almost as if Leya is in love with Gremory...
>It's almost as if Leya is in love with Gremory...
Honestly I picked up on that too. Given Leya's "Bless this foolish daughter" line, she probably thinks it to be impossible to be with Gremory like that given the difference in social standing. Or perhaps Gremory doesn't swing that way and Leya is aware of it.
File: 22.jpg (204 KB, 1280x905)
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204 KB JPG
''Here.'' You answered her quiet complaint by detaching your cloak and stepping closer, causing a wave of movements throughout those near-living tendrils as many of them twisted to observes you with stares of various intensity. Some were frowning with their petal tendrils ruffling like an angry cat, others looked scared with the entire eye tightening, what remained were curious and of course, Gwen was momentarily taken aback before settling down with a grin of predatory danger because of all those sharp teeth.

''You sure?'' She asked, not quite reaching for the item. Her Corruption might have hardened but there were still traces of humidity covering her limb and body. Everyone was giving the Overlord a wide berth aside from Hao who remained between you and Hildegarde, the princess seemed very curious about Gwendolyn newly revealed disposition but escorting the prisoner took precedence.

''I don't need it, it's getting cold. Especially for you.'' It was a shame the moon was nowhere in sight, hidden by clouds that also prevented starlights.

''Thank, you're a swell dude.'' All eight of he radditional appendages made it difficult to comfortably wrap the woolen blanket but Gwendolyn managed with many loud noises of ruffling fabric while those eyestalks kept on observing you, each displaying a varying amount of personality.

Now if they started making inoffensive squeaks they'd undeniably become incredibly popular pets for noblewomen.


The Alms Givers left your company midway through your march amongst the sea of tents. Having one of their own as a prisoner had shaken them yet Rikert worries were centered on keeping good relations with the Mamonos instead of inspecting his organization for additional bad apples. All this while Leya never said anything, only when the wizened tall old man tried to coax something out of her did she affirm -firmly- her innocence.

It was true that you had no material proof but in this case, Anaïs authority superseded the elder healer.

The rest of the way was done in silence, Gwendolyn newly hatched physique was a subject of fascination for the slaves right up until you happened upon the well-guarded barricade separating Valda's main tents from all the others, it was there that Leya was taken somewhere else by the knights.

Inside the large tent that had served as a meeting between royals was the familiar sight of Sieglinde and Elina, whose glowering presence of gold shone like a torch in this darkness despite all the lamps.

''Oh, Gwen is out of that cocoon huh?'' A familiar voice welcomed you from behind, a tall lady of blue skin and worrying horns casually walked inside the guarded perimeter.

''Something like that, let's say things happened yeah?'' Gwendolyn responded, big eye shrinking as she held onto your gift. ''Kinda wish we were smarter with our supplies... Anyhow, not with the Rangers anymore?''

The Lilim shrugged and before she could say anything, familiar faces gathered.

File: Queen 05.jpg (820 KB, 725x960)
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820 KB JPG
Queen Valda and prince Waltier had taken Gwendolyn true form with excellent decorum while Daiyu had to be physically pulled away by Sieglinde because she seemed to have a fascination for the gazer busy eyestalks.

She had been one step away from gathering them like a bundle of high grass.

With a generous meal consisting of a stew of meats, vegetable and delicious brown that was shared throughout the camp, Kreszenz queen and Daiyu retinue were to continue talking near a campfire carefully maintained by Valda's husband.

Duchess Gremory had retreated into her camp for tonight, you had taken a little too much time in your investigation to be able to catch her...

''She was buying time.'' Sieglinde delivered this conclusion after recounting the tale of this tense meeting of fearsome ladies. ''Gremory wanted the return of her property - the slaves- and even tried to have us pay her for the trouble of monopolizing her workers.''

''I actually had to act as a mediator to calm Daiyu...'' Elina took the opportunity to whisper to you. You were finally back amongst your friend's with the angel taking your right side. You had insisted for Gwendolyn to take your other flank, everyone else occupied a row of chairs in a single line facing the comfortable fire, Kreszenz royalty on the other side.

''We had to talk coins for head and remind the duchess she wasn't inside her domain anymore.'' Valda voice carried this imperious tone of command that deliberately turned into an icy edge, clearly revealing her opinion of that woman. ''Making these Mamonos into a suitable labor force will require an investment that won't be returned any time soon; these girls suffered abuses, neglects and debasement in enough intensity to only make a third of their entire population fit for work, all the rest need rest, healing and time to recover with their families. What remains of it. We had to talk numbers for a long time...'' The queen slapped her fan inside her palm. ''...because we didn't have anything substantial. Major conflicts between kingdoms often need to be resolved in the House of Dukes or by a high authority of the church who'd try to mediate a compromise.''

''The Mamonos belong to Fiarcre.'' Daiyu continued, legs crossed, displaying a wide happy smile that heralded carefully restrained fury inside brilliant green eyes. ''She was brazen enough to refuse my authority because I was encroaching on affairs of mankind, thankfully her opinion had to be revised after a little understanding.'' The silence that followed was one of knowing intimidation that seemed to travel even into Valda and her husband. ''We only talked about money after that, have you gorgeous darlings found something peculiar with your captive?''
File: 5.png (201 KB, 737x669)
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201 KB PNG
''No material proof or confession but we -do- have the certainty of Leya guilt.'' Gwendolyn immediately answered, shot to her feet with a flurry of moving tendrils. ''In term of Mamonos politics, she and Gremory are entirely guilty of a serious attempt to poison the refugees. They plotted to create an epidemic to make her highness Valda lose face in diplomatic talks and in order to do so, Leya infiltrated the Alms Giver.'' Gwendolyn singular eye naturally widened upon staring at Kreszenz queen. She had been given Anaïs spare travel clothing and they were a size too small - pants that ended midway down her legs and a shirt that revealed her bellybutton - so the Overlord had decided to keep your cloak around her person after Elina exorcised the Corruption inside its fabric. ''I can show you what we've found.'' Concluded the short lady of many eyes.

''Show me!'' Anaïs immediately jumped on her feet, bringing a rare honest smile of amusement out of her icy mother. ''A taste of outlanders politics perhaps?'' Continued the queen, opening her fan. ''I'm curious, do so show me if you'd so please.''


In the end, everyone but you, Waltier and Hildegarde insisted on sharing Leya's memory and Gwendolyn tendrils made this transfer a near-simultaneous affair with this fascinating sensation of feeling a crushing sense of power when those eyestalks and that single cyclopean organ glowered their invasive reds.

''This is... damning.'' Concluded Valda, slapping her fan closed. ''Such practice would certainly make life a whole lot easier inside these lands but without substantial evidence or a genuine confession -one that could also be misconstrued as coercion or purely invented because of your appearance.- I can easily imagine the people of the Inquisition rejecting these findings.'' Nevertheless, Valda wasn't hostile despite her frown. ''It is, however... damning. Plain truth laid before us, appearing inside all of our minds...''
File: 2.jpg (165 KB, 1225x1000)
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165 KB JPG
''Perhaps it'll be time for us Mamonos to impose our own politics now.'' Daiyu Jawahir, Demon Lord, took a few steps forward to grab Gwendolyn shoulder covered by your cape. ''You haven't quite presented yourself yet, darling. Our hosts are patient indeed but we shouldn't be forgetting who you are.''

The Gazer natural ability of constant facial shapeshifting had her mouth shrink into a thoughtful line. ''Yes, I...'' A few eyestalks observed the royals in scared agony while one peculiar adventurous scaled tentacle seemed to look at you in distress. ''...I am Gwendolyn, Overlord of Monsters in the Allied Kingdoms.'' The short Gazer bowed lightly, all eyes beside her big one trembling. ''Apology for deceiving your majesty.''

''You flatter me, Overlord.'' Valda smile was strangely satisfied, her demeanor grew almost soft. ''What exactly could two esteemed leaders of Mamonos be wanting to do with this information? I must confess to lacking knowledge about your inner politics.''

''Simple.'' Gwendolyn continued. ''We'll walk right into her camp, present these findings and show mercy by only imposing a demand that she is to return home - now.''

''A little too merciful.'' Daiyu retorted. ''But adequate for our purpose.''

The atmosphere amongst these women was choking enough that you had to glance away and observe your companions. Sieglinde and her sisters didn't seem to be listening, both displayed a familiar thoughtful emotion of closed reflexion that almost physically displayed the turning of their mind gears. Elina was standing near Hao, diligently keeping herself away from these diplomatic talk to help your friend dealing with her anger.

>You have a whole lot to think about... Could you perhaps have missed a detail? Something else that needs to be spoken about?
>No, you've done everything you can; now's the time to follow a liege decision.
>Free Choice.

I'm thinking of stopping the thread once you guys decide on how to proceed, so you can consider this pause a moment to talk with the girls and reflect on what has happened thus far... You can afford to make an astute conclusion.
>You have a whole lot to think about... Could you perhaps have missed a detail? Something else that needs to be spoken about?
It'd be wonderful if we could find at least some physical evidence. Maybe we could ask the Alms Givers where Leya's tent is - assuming she didn't sneak back to Gremory's camp after her rounds as a false healer.

Other than that nothing else comes to my mind that we could address - we're pressed for time anyways with the Inquisitorial force on the way.
>It'd be wonderful if we could find at least some physical evidence. Maybe we could ask the Alms Givers where Leya's tent is - assuming she didn't sneak back to Gremory's camp after her rounds as a false healer.

You can try investigating this angle, the girls would be willing to wait for a little while.

In term of time, it's full on evening. Meaning 7 or 8 pm, autumn make for early nights.
We could ask the girls what they think is the best course of action.

We could also go for another mind probe for where inciminating evidence may be by mentioning that we think Leya is in love with Gremory to shock her mental barrier down.
Asking people opinion is easy enough I can go with that. Probing Leya can happen if other players want it.
File: Red 23.jpg (362 KB, 1600x1800)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Having both Mamono leaders proclaiming a simultaneous conclusion with impressive synchronicity was enough to cause a crack in queen Valda practiced mask of politeness, a similar expression hovered on her daughter's face.

''Were in anybody else company I'd describe such a course as foolishly bold, you intend to walk into her den reinforced by 500 soldiers? They aren't dispersed like my own valiant folks...''

''Striking at us would mean open warfare.'' Daiyu retort was made with a satisfied grin while Gwendolyn confidence shifted to cautiousness as many stalks bent to observe the succubus. ''Such exchanges of souvenirs is akin to geas for us Mamonos, it is one of many tools to create undeniable truth in circles of Supremes. It would be impossible for Gwendolyn to outright create a memory so efficiently to fool us so adequately because she hasn't even seen Gremory yet. Having our own mind modified is something me and my daughters are particularly guarded against, too. Given my position, I need to act on this knowledge.'' She wrapped her arm under her bust, facing Valda with casual certitude.

''Is this... Are we really going to walk into a camp of hostile soldiers?'' You whispered at the demonic sisters. Elina had also returned with adequate disbelief because of this sudden turn for the dangerous.

''Gremory seriously pissed off mother.'' Answered Sieglinde, her face contorted into an uncomfortable expression. ''It's true however that Gwendolyn gave us undeniable proof of that duchess guilt, were we in Throne Town... well, I'd likely operate much the same. We aren't home though, don't think our logic can be applied...''

''Could say we've got the Mamono side of politic well and covered.'' Martha continued, sharing her sister discomfort. ''Fact mankind doesn't give much a damn always worsen things. Gwen went and revealed herself too - I don't think all the people outside have any clues- but Valda and her family now know there's a new realm of Mamono inside the elven forest.'' Her dark gaze of black and yellow concentrated on you. ''A show of force could be good here, mom might pull a fast one and keep Gwen's realm hidden a little longer. At least if Gremory pulls out, she won't be able to reinforce the sect, they'll be out of luck if they try to keep the girls through force.''
File: Lilim1.png (578 KB, 800x800)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
''I wonder, those memories...'' Elina murmured, taking place near your group. ''...she spoke of a peculiar knight, you think it was that woman?''

''Can't think of anybody else.'' Sieglinde nodded. ''Blue hair, blue clothes, blue eyes, she was epitomizing all the colors of those knights in Eliaures but they're a genocidal lot. I didn't think she'd be responsible for the slaves escape...''

''There was someone like that in Gremory retinue?'' Angel and demons nodded.

''Too little too late now, unless we could somehow smuggle a way to communicate, we've even less proof of that woman intention. I don't think we'll find anything conclusive with Leya poisoning. She was brewing her medicine on the spot inside those memories.'' Martha grunted, briefly interrupting herself. ''Probably doesn't have any tents, came here on her own with little supplies then stole from the Alms stash to make Orc's Bane, passing herself as a member of their order...''

>A peculiar conundrum indeed. At least your hard work provide ample justification for Daiyu to take action.

>Anything to ask? Any subjects to scrutinize?
Perhaps it'd be best to officially close the thread here. My tiredness is catching up to me but I'd still like to see how you guys want to proceed, so I could perhaps keep things half-open storywise until you guys decide what Arawn ought to do for the night.
Aside from what >>2894070 suggested with probing around in Leya's mind, I don't think there's much Arawn can do to help in the current situation - not with so little info and leads to go on.

We may just have to have faith in Daiyu's and Gwen's judgement and let the situation play out.

Maybe we could find a silent corner and meditate a bit? Focus might help us logic out this conundrum more efficiently. Aside from that, we could chit-chat with people from our party.
File: Bad map.jpg (156 KB, 2032x1024)
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156 KB JPG
>Maybe we could find a silent corner and meditate a bit?

Sure. There's a whole lot of think about, Arawn a smart lad. Maybe he and Gardy can figure out something.

I'll probably do one last post to help clear up some perspectives in the coming days then you guys can truly get to make your descision.

Also rereading myself made me realize that I made a continuity error. Gremory is from the dukedom of Galehot, NOT Fiacre. Your current position is also on the border of Kreszenz and Galehot, near the Everpeaks.

All story instance where anything else was stated is wrong. Went a tad too fast while writing in the past few days.
Oh, I might as well air a question that's been floating around in my head for a while now;

As a Soul Mage, what's the difference (if there is any) between Arawn's Body Reinforcement and, for example, Leya's? Going by what I remember, it seems that reinforcing the body with one's Soul seems to be a relatively common skill among Humanity at least.
In broad term, it's the same skill achieved by different means but Soul Reinforcement allows for stronger feats of arms and overall potential due to the absence of magic; skills trained by efforts and time become implanted into body and memory and this can lead to a sudden burst of strength when the warrior become emotional.

Leya is being watched by no less than 7 people to avoid this.

Soul Reinforcement is indeed a common skill spread throughout Humanity, it's what allows them to compete with monsters and everybody can learn to use it.
And I answered too fast.

Your situation as a Soul Mage makes you well outside the norm when it comes to talking about average skills. All magical users can reinforce themselves somewhat because of magic inherent ability to conquer reality, but doing it in a manner similar to Hao, Sieglinde or Leya demand a nature that allows it or manipulation of Corruption.

For Arawn, his reinforcement is pretty much what a warrior does, although it come by using an instinctive spell.
Ok, I just thought of something. We have hard proof that Leya's guilty of impersonating a member of the Alms Giver order (she is not on their list of members). Do other sects of the inquisition keep tabs on who is a member of each sect? Because if they do we can fuck over the Closed Fists hard with this incident.

A member of their order committed a grave offence. Since I doubt all sects just get along nicely with each other this could be used by their rivals to knock em' down several pegs. Valda can also use that because she's one of Gremory's retainers. Didn't the princess say something like this is a potential Casus Belli?

Of course if we can also get hard evidence of her guilt in poisoning the mamonos that would be amazing. Then we could *really* fuck people over. Y'know, there's manslaughter, and then there's first degree murder. The former sucks, but the later means you're *really* fucked.
>Do other sects of the inquisition keep tabs on who is a member of each sect?

Depends on the sect but you can expect all of them to have ledgers of their own members and stuff like that. Each sect is fairly independent with their own criteria of recruitment, it can be difficult to follow who is who when it comes to outside observers. So, to answer your question firmly.

Yes but it's really hard outside known leaders.

>Didn't the princess say something like this is a potential Casus Belli?

Yes, the Alms Givers are directly endorsed by Valda, the Church, and two Inquisitorial sects. These guys are legit on that front, what happened here is an honest to god provocation of war... if there was hard evidence. Valda is really good at controlling herself and Anaïs doesn't quite understand the full implication, hence why she's not shouting in rage for now.

The situation is quite difficult in human term. There's absolutely no doubt of Leya's guilt but it's only proven by Mamono standard and, in the end, it might be difficult to reason with the Gremory on that front.

But hey you can always attempt to convince Valda to take a chance with this logic, after all, Humanity greatest weakness is that it can't be united.
A few more ideas. Not voting for it BTW but say we do go for another mind probe with a requisite measure to try and shatter her mental firewalls if only for an instant.

We can go for either her full true name or a gamble on where hard evidence for her being either Gremory's retainer or a member of the Closed Fist is attainable thanks to her getting psyched out and outplayed by the leper (i.e. us). Either option could work to further our cause but only if we guess right. No way in hell will she fail her beloved more than twice.

Also, fun consideration, the bitch probably hates us right now and views us as a reason for her failure. If we stack another on top of that she might go full feral in an attempt to hurt us. I'm messed up so I find joy in that prospect.

With that I'm off to bed. Hope there are anons more creative and insightful than me out there to hatch a more perfect plan...
I bring two kind of radical ideas to the table. If we're desperate, we can always try them! (though I have reasons to think they might backfire spectacularly.)

1- We have among us people who know a bit about shapeshifting. We could have one of them disguise themselves as Gremory, and use "her" authority to walk us through hostile territory, OR, to have the fake Gremory go talk with Leya, so that we'd get a verbal confession out of her by trying to persuade her, as she seems to feel SOMETHING for Gremory. Kinda cruel on our part to paly with her feeinngs, but I won't feel bad for exploiting a poisoner.

2- If Gremory has orchestrated this whole thing, getting back the slaves, weakening Valda's authority and diplomatic might and scheming with hat one sect, we can be sure she is plotting something nasty.

My point is, as Daiyu said, letting her walk off scott-free after this is too kind to her, and gives her the opportunity to salvage this plan, or start a Plan B.

Since we're convinced of her guilt, I am totally in favor of having Gwen mind-probe Gremory too. It'd re-confirm her involvement in this, while proving to her we know without a doubt what she did, and by knowing about her sneaky, sneaky secrets, we can either prepare countermeasures against her plan and whoever is supporting her (example, the closed fist sect, which no doubt have some sort of plan to carry out when they get here, and we'd be able to twart it), and even blackmailing her into fucking off quietly by threeatening to "reveal" to the world her "secret", which we will have, of course, discovered with Gwen's help.

Of course, both of these actions paint us as "The Bad Guys", but ONLY if we get caught.
Interesting developments. Since it doesn't seem like we've got a general agreement yet, I'll close the thread tomorrow with one final update to help situate yourselves, unless you guys all agree on one course of action tonight.
For every plan to get more evidence, it keeps looping back to us being unable to produce hard physical evidence and records not being thorough enough to actually hold up against a 6-year old child's questioning.
And while I appreciate and respect that Daiyu has been able to get the Mamonos under control using brute force (since brute force is all that they respect), without at least semi-decent physical evidence beyond statements made by the people that stand to benefit the most from those statements, the other Human Kingdoms and the Church will start economic sanctions and political actions against Kresnetz.

The idea of getting Leya's real name and using that to trace her back to her original Order doesn't really get us anything, without other forms of identification, such as photo ID, fingerprinting, genetic sequencing, or aural recording. Names are just names, and it's not like there can't be two people with the same name, and everyone here seems to be of similar ethnicities.

And the idea of Leya giving a confession is, again, pretty flimsy since we've held her and with Mamono powers in question, who would believe that her mind hasn't been tampered with? The problem with a Psi Corps is that you need a way to check that they're not lying to you about what they say is in a person's mind.

For testimonials and records to work, there have to be multiple sources that all agree.

- We need Alms Giver records showing that a person of Leya's name and description is not on their roster (which isn't guaranteed; if her organization is competent and appropriately human, then they would have had sleeper agents infiltrate the Givers to create false paper trails for their operatives when a mission comes up. If they were really good, they would have also send in moles who look similar to their actual operatives so that said operatives can slip into such prepared identities to perform their mission). We also need to check the local records of Alm Givers to see if anyone even bothered to check Leya's credentials before letting her get to work, such as signing in and registering with the local HQ.

- We need the Alms Givers to attempt to get samples of the Orc's Bane from the patients in the Quarantine Area, and give counter-toxins to the afflicted, in order to prove that it was Orc's Bane that was used.

- Find the alchemical tools and attempt to find Orc's Bane residue.

- Find evidence of and corroborate that the woman we have in custody lived in Galehot. Though this will take time to prove, and without actually good forensic accountants and investigators, the evidence (and witnesses) will be destroyed long before we can get them.

Is there a spell or ritual of Mother Earth or Father Sky, or an alchemical potion, that can induce a person to speak the truth when questioned?
File: 21.jpg (922 KB, 3507x2480)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Hm, something weird is going on with the thread, it's not automatically updating. Maybe it's entirely on my end, if not I might stop things here and concentrate on making a new one.

I'll throw you guys a bone, or at least a little something to remember. Your objective to get Gremory out of the area before the Closed Fist gets here. Seeking hard evidence can happen later, the girls were trying to find something tangible that could be used right now to corner the duchess.

If, however, you can come up with a good theory that could convince Valda and enough pressure on Gremory to leave right now, then we can certainly go with that instead of having Daiyu do something very bold and dangerous.

>Is there a spell or ritual of Mother Earth or Father Sky
No ritual like that, unfortunately.
>an alchemical potion, that can induce a person to speak the truth when questioned?
There is something like that, yes. It's highly controversial but it does exist.
It wouldn't get us anywhere with the order, but it could be used to prove she impersonated an Alms Giver. The process would be simple. Look name up, if one is there summon them. They won't be her unless their organization is as compromised as you fear.

It seems you're also a fan of the intel world. The fun thing about intel ops is that once two or more opposing ops try and infiltrate the same group/surveil the same target they go into a kind of intel duel mode where each tries to expunge the others and deny them operational success. It's similar to when two opposing snipers meet on a battlefield.

Getting rid of the other opposing ops takes precedence as you only really get the benefits of taking over/compromising an institution or having a target under surveillance if it's your group alone that has compromised it (so it does what you want 100 percent of time and/or is safe to run other ops out of) or has all the info on a T.I. and the enemy doesn't.

So what you're saying is, so long as Gremory leaves now or very shorty from now with the slaves in Valda's care, we'll have the time to do a more thorough investigation? Because that does change the calculus.

Then, how about we confront Gremory without telling her the exact situation Leya is in? Something like "Leya was caught on the spot poisoning the Mamono. We interrogated her and she confessed everything. Would you kindly give us an explanation? Is this in any way related to your stalling?"

Something like that

Adding on this because I just came up with something. Staging some sort of controlled "uprising"? This confession of Leya has spread to the Alms Givers, which in turn, has had it spread among Royalty and among the monsters and among the Army. Gremory's credibility and reputation now is rined in this place, and everyone is quickly growing hostile.

We'd be basically making it look like a parallell trial has taken place among the masses, and they're clamoring that Gremory is brought to justice or kicked out.

Fooling the high spheres into a game of "Who's the one saying what about me" is easier compared to quelling a popular clamor against someone's fraudulent actuons. And the thing is, whether the accussation is true or not really fails to matter.

Greomry won't get out well by trying to argue against an angry crowd that want her gone.

She may cry "I was framed" afterwards all she wants, but it'd effectively kick her out, immediately.
>So what you're saying is, so long as Gremory leaves now or very shorty from now with the slaves in Valda's care, we'll have the time to do a more thorough investigation?

Yes, I might have failed in properly communicating that since I've been running in a half-feverish state. Essentially, getting her to leave now would make it impossible for her force to group with the coming Closed Fist. What happens after that remain to be seen (ie Valda could investigate further).

It's why Daiyu and Gwen are so insistent on doing something right now, Gremory leaving is everything they want.

If you think that'll be good enough I can go with that. You guys thought think through very well, it might be possible to forge a solid argument to convince queen Valda to take action despite the lack of immediate proof
Should we also mention that she attacked an official representative (us) that came here with Daiyu during her attempted escape?
>The process would be simple. Look name up, if one is there summon them
No it's not.
If there is a record of Leya being a part of the Alms Givers, what idiot would have the mole continue operating while an op is running?

Either they would have a record of Leya, at which point it becomes our word against Gremory's, or they don't, at which point we only have a rogue operative and nothing to link the woman we have to Gremory.
And we don't have instant communication or modern recordkeeping methods that would allow for fast retrieval of records, so trying to find a record of someone named Leya (or her real name) in the rosters of the Closed Fists before they can remove her is an exercise in foolishness.

And really, removing an enemy intel agency from an infiltration target? That's what an incompetent "intel agency" would do; that's what a bunch of moronic thugs would do. I'd give Belgium's intel agency better odds of not doing something that shoddy.
That works. All we have to do is imply and misdirect. Throw in enough truth that it sounds plausible, and let Gremory's own intelligence and suspicions do the rest.

Not that Leya betrayed her; no, she's known her for 3 years so she will know that Leya wouldn't have broken that easily.
She didn't confess. We used mind magic to rip the information from her mind when we caught her with Orc's Bane and a personal alchemical lab, poisoning a patient.

Then Gremory will wonder what else we ripped from her acquaintance's memories. Such as her involvement, any documents that could prove such, or witnesses.

"She resisted, of course, but you know how the truth can be extracted. Especially if the asset being intact isn't all that important."

That should make her consider going back immediately, especially if we can have Church representatives sent for. She'll consider that we've got enough evidence to implicate her to the Church, and she'll either try to make a hasty attempt to destroy the "evidence", letting us catch her people in the act, or she'll decide to cut her losses and run, and destroy any connection she has to the Closed Fists until she's sure that we either don't have evidence or it can be destroyed.

A little ham-fisted, but with so little time and so little leverage, I'm not coming up with anything else that has as high a chance of working.
>mind magic
Or our own special alchemical truth serums.
They'll know that we couldn't have gotten the information except via brute force methods that wouldn't stand up in court/mediation between us and them, and they'll assume we used the same methods they would use.
With all this new deliberation I don't think I need to post the update I worked on tomorrow, it'll be redundant.

You guys seem ready to decide on something, however, while details still need to be figured out here and there...

Would you like to try persuading Valda and Daiyu to let you speak with Gremory? You're building quite the little scenario and it you just might have enough evidence to make her back off...

Or you can leave this in someone else hands while informing the ladies of your new perspective, either way, this road trip is ending soon.
Hehe, y'know, you're right. Why "remove" a thing that can be used?

I've only just started to get into this kind of thing so I forget about things like feeding trivial or false info to enemy assets to make them all feel oh so swell about how they've taken everyone in with their lies and/or maintaining the enemy's perception that their "valued" asset that you've identified is still a useful/valuable asset worth keeping around and trusting on a critical manner...

Though it really degrades into a "I know you know I know so I..." infinite loop if we assume absolute competency and massive amounts of disposable resources for both sides. Thankfully, humans aren't perfect so somebody always fucks up at exactly the worst moment. The fuck up can benefit the side that did though in the right circumstances if the right person realizes the opportunity created by that. End of the day, Fortuna is a harsh mistress.

Thankfully, in the instance of this quest, we have been smiled upon by this capricious goddess. We only need her to smile just a bit wider for us to get everything we want...
You guys certainly have interesting discussions. I'll try sorting things out and offer a few choices going in line with your objective tomorrow evening and next thread will proceed based on that.
My only gut feeling now is how we are sorely regretting the lack of the presence of the last/youngest daughter of Daiyu. This situation seems almost uniquely tailored to Deruella's expertise yet of course she can't get here in time...
You should honestly stop acting like you know something and then going on to prove that you have less than a passing familiarity with the subject.
Alright folks, here's a few choices for you to votes on to end our thread and reach the climax of this little investigative adventure.

>The Human Choice.

Advice all the present royals to employ a human solution with Gremory. You already have many leads for later proofs; the Alms Givers members ledgers may not have anybody by the name of Anselma, having the sick in quarantine administered Orc's Bane remedy will constitute another evidence of misdeeds. Leya presence as a prisoner is another way to pressure Gremory, it is likely another sect could identify her as a member of the Closed Fist. The Mamono child who sparked this entire investigation could also identify Leya, however flimsy a proof that would be. There's also the fact that all of this subterfuge -this sabotage- forced onto the Alms Giver is a genuine Cassus Belli for Kreszenz who readily endorse these generous healers. Wouldn't throwing all of that on the duchess force her to at least retreat swiftly and cut her losses?

It's a gamble in the end but you -do- come from a strong position!

If this is the popular course of action, I'll also need you guys to make an important precision in how you want to proceed.

Would you trust the leaders to handle things from there?
Or attempt to impose yourself and speak with Gremory directly?

>The Mamono Choice.

Gremory has committed so many wrongs, they far extend past Valda authority. The state of the slaves is deplorable, Daiyu has a duty to help all of her kind and she's readily assuming this role. Gwendolyn, as liege lord of Mamonos inside the Allied Kingdoms, could also use this opportunity to proclaim her existence and hopefully create the beginning of an alliance with the Demon Lord while accomplishing her duty as a sovereign.

Valda will be able to find tangible proofs of Gremory misdeeds after an investigation, for now, it's important for Daiyu and Gwendolyn to remind the Allied Kingdoms that monstrous leadership is not a passive thing.


Reveal your race.
You may not know the finer intricacies of present elves in the overall culture of the Allied Kingdoms but you -do- know they often acted as mediator in the past. It would certainly be something heavy-handed and there would be repercussion but you'd be able to secure the slaves, there's no way duchess Gremory would be able to prepare for an elf being openly friendly with Mamonos.

You will have to deal with her directly
>The Human Choice.
>Or attempt to impose yourself and speak with Gremory directly?

There's no reason Daiyu and Gwen can't immediately do it their way if "anything" happens to Arawn while he tries doing things the human way.

In any case, I want Arawn trying his hand at this, but we're not ready yet to reveal ourselves.

Gwen also has a chance to declare her leadership like that as a last nail on the coffin for Gremory, if she feels like it.
>The Human Choice.
>Attempt to impose yourself and speak with Gremory directly?
I'd love it if The Mamono Choice happened near the end too.
>The Mamono Choice.
>The Human Choice.
>Would you trust the leaders to handle things from there
Not Valda, but her husband. He seems the type to have had a bloody and shadow-filled past, and so could intimate and subtly imply without outright stating what we did to Leya.
Interesting choices. We've got time to collect more voices.

Thread has also been archived, continuation oughta be happening next week.
A few questions. If we attempt to impose ourselves does that mean they all send us as their representative or that we try and say something during the negotiations? Even if we trust the leaders we should still go with them to the meeting as we were attacked by Leya and we'd want to give the impression that we are a highly valued underling/retainer of the Demon Lord for extra pressure. (and because I don't wanna miss seeing that thot squirm personally).

Also, couldn't one option lead into the other? Like, we start with the human approach then near the end of that transition into the Mamono approach? I mean, Daiyu's really pissed at Gremory, she deserves a chance to make her squirm too.
>A few questions. If we attempt to impose ourselves does that mean they all send us as their representative or that we try and say something during the negotiations?

Imposing yourself means convincing Valda to speak with Gremory during this second meeting, possibly becoming the voice for Kreszenz and the Mamono side.

>Also, couldn't one option lead into the other? Like, we start with the human approach then near the end of that transition into the Mamono approach?

Depend if one approach is successful or not. the way you'll handle Gremory at first is important, it's likely Daiyu won't have a chance to impose herself or she'll back down if, likewise, Gremory pulls out.

The thread is not updating at all for me, it's possible that it'll take me a while to answers questions.
>Human Option
>Impose yourself

This is, sadly, probably what bad fluffy wants/expects us to do. That said, I am overly curious as to what this "viper" of a queen will try to pull. That other anon's suggestion of the hubby taking some of the spotlight is something I hope happens as a result as well.

Valda's gotta love him for more than his good bishie looks after all... Plus I'm betting he's a great dad. Y'know, fighting off all those eldritch horrors without complaint as he tries his best to read her a heartwarming bedtime story...

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