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Dominique the peasant practically got on his knees before you.
Before things would go too far you ordered him to stand up.

"I'll ask once more.
Where did you see... whatever you saw."

"Near the local charcoal burner camp!
I sometimes drank with those boys because... because they didn't mock me.
I suppose they knew something about being ostracized."

"So somewhere in the woods?"

But prithee be careful!
While the woods house no monsters they are treacherous.
The paths are winding and overgrown with thick vines.
And for some reason no matter how much the boys burn it the woods never seem to grow any smaller."

Szikra just cracked a smile at him.
"Don't worry! We're pros! We got this."
Following that you walked away from the scene and she poked your side.
"So... do we 'got this'?"

"We'll see.
But there is one thing that worries me.
He said that the incident was near the charcoal burners.
Did they not see the same thing? Either they did and they are quiet about it or they didn't.
Which would be very odd and would lead credence to it all being in Dominiques head."

"Then let's go and... ask them nicely."

"I don't know...
Whatever the truth may be it could just be a pointless detour.
It's unlikely that the 'thing' we are seeking is still there.
So if we want results we might be better off just heading into the woods straight away."

>Go and see what the charcoal burners have to say
>They are irrelevant. Your objective should be finding the source
>Other? (write-in)
>Go and see what the charcoal burners have to say
Internet provider have been a bunch of fuck ups and messed with my connection all day, don't be surprised if half way though I can no longer vote.
>>Go and see what the charcoal burners have to say
I rather check with them first.
You okay spooky?

yeah was maybe hoping someone would show up

Well it's been 30 minutes already
Might as well get started

I am sorry this keeps happening to you, I really like this quest and hope you continue to run it even if not a lot of people show up.
My philosophy is the same as always.
I'll keep running as long as there are at least 3 people participating.
And I understand that due to timezone shenanigans less people show up at the start.
So don't worry
I'll be here till the end, my dude
Same, but unfortunately it seems like it's just us two which has me worried.
Reportin' fer duty.
"I'd still say that speaking with them is a good idea.
If we can at least get a direction out of them we'll have much less ground to work with."

"Okay then.
Lead on."

After asking in the village for some directions to the charcoal burners you made your way to them.
By nature these people are rejected by "decent folk" thanks to their profession.
Leading a secluded lifestyle they toil day in and day out for the entire year.
You worried that dealing with them might be a bit difficult.

"Oy lads!"
One of them calls out to the others as soon as they see you.
"Ova there!"

"Oh shit..."

You turned to Szikra.
"I'll handle this."
Then you returned your attention to the charcoal burners.
"Good days and quiet nights."

"And the same to you adventurer.
How may we help you?"

"Wow... I expected this to be more difficult."

"Nah. We wouldn't want to do that.
Why bite the hand that tries to help you?"

"So I gather you know why we are here."

"Not a clue frankly.
But if your kind is here then it can't be good.
So we'll help anyway we can."

"Mighty kind of you!"

"Thanks lass.
So... what do you want?"

"We came about Dominique."
You spoke up and the expression of the man in front of you soured.

"Aw shit."

"What's wrong?"

"Aight listen...
We'll tell you the same thing we told the grave digger.
We were up all night drinking our weight in cheap wine.
After a while it was like someone hit us in the head. Boom. Fade to black."

"Then what about Dominique?"

"The man has booze instead of blood.
He was the only one that had his wits about him.
All we heard is some screams and seeing him run away like death itself was high on his heels.
Then we went back to sleep."

"And nothing happened to you?!"
Szikra shouted.

These woods are peaceful.
The only problem is the occasional bandits.
But tell me lass... if there really were some unholy... undead mucking about... would we have survived?"

"I guess not..."
Szikra concluded.

"Then I guess you can't even give us a direction."

"Actually... we sorta can."
The man pointed to the right.
"That way is the river where we get the water. Couldn't have gone that way."
Then he pointed forward.
"Back where you came from is the town. Again... not likely."
Now came the left.
"And over yonder is a pretty steep incline. The rain washed it out recently.
A man with his wits about couldn't scale it much less a shambling corpse."

"Leaving the only way behind you."


Well that's at least something.
Even though it may not amount to much in the end unless you actually find a trail.
Still... they might be hiding something.

>Go in the direction he pointed.
>Pay him for his troubles and then head out
>Put some pressure on him just in case
>Other? (write-in)
>>Go in the direction he pointed.
>>Go in the direction he pointed.
>>Go in the direction he pointed.
That's pretty obvious


Aaaand please roll 3d10 for awareness while I'm doing the scene
Best of 3
DC: 18, Crit: 23
Rolled 1 (1d10)

shit man I can't wait to get a 10....
That's not ominous
Oh boy...
Looks like a storm just hit my home.

Probably nothing will happen but if I suddenly disappear for an hour then the wind probably fucked the internet cable.
In that case I'll post from my phone to update you guys
Just reroll my dude.
You fucked up anyway and rolled with a 1d10

It's 3d10
Rolled 10, 3, 6 = 19 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 2, 5 = 17 (3d10)

oh shit, I fucked up
Well at least we pass not matter what.
You nodded at the kind men and bid them farewell.
Heading straight into the woods you started discussing with Szikra what you learned.

"So it's an undead or a monster that scared a single, solitary man and then fucked off while there were a bunch of unconscious people around?"

"I know right?
Makes no sense at all."

As you wander further and further into the thicker parts of the woods you realized just how true the words of the peasant were.
Thick roots sprout from the ground and twist around chaotically.
The Lightwells radiance can not pierce the veil that the trees leaves create.
Even the ground you walk upon feels odd as its consistency seemingly changes with each step.
Though you see birds resting on branches none of them appear to sing at all.

"What is this place?"
Szikra asked you.

"Most likely rampant magic at work.
Either the place was always had a high concentration of aether or... maybe it was made deliberately.

"What do you mean?"

"There might be more to Dominiques superstition.
In this place it'd be impossible to track down a necromancer based on necrotic energy."

"Soooo... did the necromancer make this place then?"

"I doubt it.
These trees seem all too large.
They've probably been like this ever since they sprouted.
So either this necromancer is the most patient man ever and waited his entire lifetime before doing anything that could make him get caught...
Or he simply picked this place because how useful it was."

"I don't know..."
She kneeled down to touch the ground.
"I've been looking out for tracks in the soil, anything that might've been caught on the bushes.
I refuse to believe a mindless creature could avoid leaving anything behind that could be used to trace it."

You stopped in your tracks and looked around.
Woods as far as the eye could see, no sign of civilization.
But there was something which you did manage to pick up.

Closing your eyes you extended your senses around yourself.
Suddenly your eyes snapped open and you looked down.
It was too dark to see but you extended your arm and focused your aether into it.
The light coming from you illuminated the small patch of dirt down below.


Found something?
What kind is it? Is it an animal?"

"I can't tell. All I know is that it's blood.
A trail... leading that way."

"Well I guess it's better than nothing.
Shall we?"

You nodded in agreement and lead the way.
Deeper, ever deeper you went.
Still not sure what you were tracking you soldiered on and cut your way through the woods when the wilderness wished to prevent your passage.
But even without knowing what to look for you immediately knew you found it when you came to a clearing.

Szikra looked at the thing in front of you and her eyes widened.
"A swamp?"

"Yes... Pretty well hidden as well.
Would be a perfect place of disposing something.
And what do you know? The blood leads right in."

"What does that mean?"

"I have no clue but I think we might be onto something here.
Finally we got a lead!"

>What we are looking for should be nearby. Let's search the area.
>I want to know what left this trail. I'll go in and try to find it
>Other? (write-in)
>>What we are looking for should be nearby. Let's search the area.
>What we are looking for should be nearby. Let's search the area.
Let's avoid going anywhere solo
Okay then no point in dragging this one out even further.

I'll require another roll of 3d10s.
Best of 3 as always.
DC: 10, Crit: 21

Rolled 1, 3, 4 = 8 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 3, 3 = 7 (3d10)

Weeeell this is troubling to say the least.

One more
Rolled 3, 2, 1 = 6 (3d10)

File: b6d.jpg (66 KB, 625x525)
66 KB
How fucked are we spookyng?
Eh... depends on how well you handle the fallout
and the dice
is it a lich?
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 774x1032)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
You turned to Szikra.
"I'm not too keen on investigating this place.
Who knows what might lurk in this muck... Or what I might get stuck in.
I say let's investigate the surrounding area. Whatever we are after should be close by."

She twirled her spear around for a bit before turning around.
You also would've gone in alone.
I'm not going to let my clothes get drenched in... that."


But the moment you yourself turned around on your heel you heard the water roar up in an eruption.
Instinctively you turned towards the source of the noise but your movements were too slow.
A loud, agonized moan accompanied the two arms that were about to reach around you.
The last thing you saw before the hands shut your mouth and pulled you back was the decayed and deathly flesh still stuck on the bones of this abomination.

Szikra cried out as the undead threw itself backward, plunging itself as well as you into the murky depths.

You were lucky your nose was free so you could draw one large breath before being submerged but what you saw quickly made you reconsider your "luck".
Despite barely being able to see past the algae and all the muck you could still make out several figures disturbing the water.
Though spread out and far away from you undead rose from their wet grave and shambled towards you.

Looking over your shoulder you saw the empty eyesockets of the zombie that grabbed hold of you.
Still bound you struggled with all your might, kicking and flailing in the hopes of knocking yourself free of the binding dead.
Only when you threw your head backwards and clashed the back of your skull against the wretches face were you freed.
Swimming up you pierced the surface of the water and gasped for air.


Gasping at that you stretched out your arm and shouted back.
But it was too late and the girl jumped in.

With the water reaching up to her waist Szikra looked around as one by one the zombies popped up one by one.
Four zombies and even a skeleton.
Needless to say the girls previous zeal quickly disappeared as she started quaking in fear.
You then hear the water rumbling behind you once more and turn to face it.

As soon as the creature popped its ugly head out you chopped it neatly in half, the blade of your axe only getting stuck in its ribs.
Kicking the creature in order to free your axe you turned back towards your ally who only now managed to compose herself in the face of these undead wretches.
Tightening your grip around your axe you steeled yourself.
The problem was very clearly the skeleton. Even you felt your spine trembling every time you looked at it.

>Start with the easy targets
>Rush for the skeleton
>Ignore the enemies for now and focus on regrouping
>Other? (write-in)
>>Rush for the skeleton
>Rush for the skeleton
A fucking lich great
regroup and escape the woods to warn everbody about the lich.

I'm not taking any chances right now, the grave digger can help us defeat the lich.
Rush it is

Roll again.
Best of 3
DC: 12, Crit: 16

Rolled 5, 5, 10 = 20 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 7, 5 = 13 (3d10)


Damn son
Rolled 5, 6, 9 = 20 (3d10)

Abandoning all restraints you charged the skeleton as fast as you could in the waist deep water.
Luckily for you your opponents suffered from the same problem so at the very least they couldn't stand in your way.
However on the way there as you were screaming like a maniac you found yourself lost in thought.

This was a skeleton.
A real, moving, fighting skeleton.
All necromancers strive to create such beings for it is both a sign of their mastery over the arts and serves as an excellent tool for intimidation.
As all men who have their wits about fear such a creature.
A mockery of both life and death as its very existence is a message: I can desecrate that which houses your soul.
Whoever this necromancer is... he is most certainly not an amateur.

But now none of that mattered.


Raising your axe above the water you brought it down with divine hatred.
The filthy water splashed everywhere as you cut the skeleton apart.
Fragments and shards of bone flew in every direction as the unholy automaton got destroyed.
And if that wasn't enough the moment it fell apart the magic holding it together went wild and rampaged around you, creating a ring free of water for a moment.

Such a level of destruction did not go unnoticed and even the mindless undead turned their heads to you.
One by one the remaining creatures raised their arms out of the water and shambled in your direction.
This of course did not escape Szikras attention who shook herself free of the shock and raised her spear.
Pulling back her arms her body began to glow as her fury also plateaud.


With one massive swing she managed to tear three out of the four remaining undead in half.
Though after that impressive feat her legs gave out and she almost dove under the water before she managed to regain her balance.
Not feeling like lagging behind you went for the last one and grabbed it by the throat.

The poor thing tried to wrestle away from you and clawed at your hand.
But you just tightened your grasp until you heard its throat getting thoroughly crushed between your fingers.
As its gurgles grew inaudible you raised your axe and neatly cut off its head, causing the freak of nature to fall down.
Dead as it should be.
"D-Did we get them all?"
Szikra asked while panting.

"I think so...
I didn't count any more.
But let's get the fuck out of this swamp!"


You swiftly climbed out and gave a helping hand to the poor girl.
Taking quite a few steps away from the pond Szikra looked down at her now ruined clothes.
"This is NOT okay! This is so not okay!
M-My clothes!"

"Forget about that!
Looks like we figured out the trick.
This fucker was using the swamp to cover his tracks!"

"Yeah? Well how's that gonna help us?!
We still don't know where he is or-"

I hear something!"

You hushed her and crouched down behind a bush.
Hearing the water splash you looked up and saw another one of these monstrous creatures pop up and run ashore.
Quickly it began running in one direction.

Taking out a throwing spear you aimed carefully and lobbed the it.
Not aiming for any vital parts since it'd be quite difficult to take down a zombie with a throwing spear instead you sought to cripple it.
With a satisfying crunch it pierced the knee of the walking corpse and immobilized it.

Walking up to it you spoke to Szikra.
"Now we have a direction...
But I'm a bit uneasy. This thing probably wanted to warn its master.
I'm afraid if we leave now the bastard might get away."

"What are you suggesting? That we fight a real damn necromancer on our own?!"

You knelt down next to the creature.
"It may be our only option.
Hmmmm? Hey look! There is something on this... thing."

Szikra leaned closer to the thing and carefully looked it over.
"Is that... some sort of brand?
Is it common for a necromancer to brand his creations?"

"I don't think so.
This looks like it was on the poor fuck before he died.
Looks like some... insignia. A sword stabbed through a skull...
Are these... the bandits the charcoal burners warned us about?"

"Great! Just great!
You mean to tell me there is an entire gangs worth of these things?"

"This might be bigger than we thought..."

"Fuck! Oh fuck fuck!
What are we gonna do now?!"

>First let's find where this necromancer is hiding...
>We should turn back and get the grave guard
>I say we should use this... thing to lead us to its master
>other? (write-in)
>We should turn back and get the grave guard
We should bring the zombie as proof, afterwards use it to find the necro fucker
>>We should turn back and get the grave guard
>>I say we should use this... thing to lead us to its master

This is going to be quite a doozy

Looking down at the still moving thing you started formulating a plan in your head.
Taking out a length of rope from your bag you began tying the monster up like ham on a string.

"What the fuck are you doing?!"

"You may be right...
Our best bet is getting the church involved on this one.
But since the grave guard already convinced himself that there is no necromancer... we'll need some proof."


And that's exactly what you did.
You attracted more than a few glances. sure and some villagers slammed their windows shut so quick in terror they broke their windows but that was all for the greater good.
After slamming the moving corpse on the table of the Guard he was finally convinced of the threat and wasted no time gearing himself up.
With him at your side you felt quite a lot safer.

Using the corpse on your back he managed to track down the lair of the necromancer and surprise, surprise it was inside a cave.
Before you could take one too many steps forward the guard stopped you.
"That's quite enough!"

"What's wrong?"

"I got a bad feeling about this.
Stay back... I'll go in first."

Adjusting his face mask the Grave Guard stepped out of the shadows and entered the small clearing before the entrance.
Almost immediately the ground began to quake and the one you were so ready to put your faith in was quite shaken.
Jumping backwards with a somersault he cleared the area before the earth under your feet ruptured.
Boney spikes sprouted before your very eyes as a massive construct appeared from the ground.

The grave guards eyes widened in disbelief as he spoke up.
"T-This can't be!
A bone golem?! Right under my nose?!

However the impossibility before your eyes had other ideas.
Moving its massive appendages it cracked its knuckles, ready to fight.
Rolled 4, 10, 10 = 24 (3d10)

QM rolling for the guard
Rip graveguard that’s a lethal blow
Hmmm... I guess it IS a lethal blow.

But this roll is his
Oh good, I misunderstood that, sorry
The guard then extended his arm to the side before you could take another step.
This thing is my mistake! My responsibility!"
Wasting no time the determined warrior drew his pickaxe, aching for a fight.


Casually he walked up to the colossal monster as it prepared itself for an attack.
The massive amalgamates arm was thrust forward with enough force to generate a considerably powerful gust of wind.
But as the giant hand approached the serene warrior merely swayed to the side, allowing the attack to fly past him.
Striking the ground the creature appeared to be stuck. Emphasis on appeared.

It lifted its arm, digging up a sizeable chunk of earth in the process.
Without relenting it attacked again and again with a flurry of blows.
The strikes came one after another but none have reached their goal.

Like a blur the guard danced between them, never even getting close to being hit.
Finally after seeing an opening he stepped on the massive bones and ran up the arm with the agility and balance of a cat.
When he reached the shoulder he stabbed the creature in the shoulder and jumped off of it.
His weight and momentum directly transferred to the pick and it tore through the brittle bones with ease.

The fearless, hulking beast took a step back to observe the damage done to it.
For a moment you could've sworn there was a hint of panic in this soulless monster as it lost its arm.
But you really didn't have much time to ponder on that as the guard went ahead to finish the job.
He threw a handful of explosives at the monster which managed to crack its tough shell. And with that opening created the grave guard threw one punch at the monster.
Cracked bones gave way to his fist as he struck the core of the creature and it fell apart.

Pulling his hand out he looked at you.
"Okay... let's go.
Whoever did this must die now!
Come adventurers!"
Fuck graveguards are no joke
File: Spoiler Image (119 KB, 730x1095)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
The grave guard took the lead and went inside the ominous cave.
Almost immediately the guard slashed at his own ankle, knocking away a decaying hand trying to grab him.
Following that he sprinkled the ground with a strange liquid and spoke up.

"Floor zombies?
I can't believe someone even remembers this trick...
Rest assured adventurers, this concoction only melts dead flesh.
You should be fine to come."

Swallowing nervously you inquired him about the situation.
"So.... what's your take on all this?"

"Hmmmm.... hard to say.
But if what you said is true about that swamp then my guess would be a really old necromancer.
Possibly ancient.
I've never seen one hiding his own trail so well before. They must be seasoned beyond words.
Watch yourselves. At this point not even I can guess what they have in store for us."

But as he kept sprinkling his alchemical fluid on the ground he arrived at a large door.
He signaled you to be quiet and leaned against it.
It was obvious that he heard something from the inside.
Slowly drawing his weapon he urged you to follow suit.
He then promptly kicked down the door and rushed in only to stop dead in his tracks.


For someone who had emotions like fear killed out of them the graveguard froze in place rather quickly.
Only after stepping through yourselves did you see the reason for that.

Haunched over a cauldron was a hooded figure.
With great vigor he kept stirring the pot, ignorant of the intruders that just barged in.
And even though you couldn't see his face you could make out one feature of his.
His hand. His skin and fleshless hand.

The grave guard muttered to himself in a fit of panic.
"T-This can't be! Here?!
No.... nononononononononononononononon-"

You wanted to ask him if he was okay. But you knew he wasn't.
Even you as a layman knew what the thing before you was. You just knew it in your guts.
And so did Szikra.

Turning around with eyes devoid of life the guard looked at you.
"I'm sorry for this... I'm so sorry!"

He then drank what was left in the glass globe he so freely sprinkled around just a moment ago... and promptly slit his own throat.
As life left his body his blood began to bubble and boil as it was melted by his own reagents.
And you were left face to face... with a lich.

>Other? (write-in)
>”It won’t let us escape, we must fight for our lives!
Of course it was a lich, we need help from the laughing god
Fight it is

Now... roll 3d10
Best of 3 as usual
DC: 22 no crit

Dice didn’t work
Rolled 10, 8, 2 = 20 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 3, 1 = 13 (3d10)

not letting me roll
Rolled 7, 4, 3 = 14 (3d10)

Sorry I was gone, had to go to A&E.
>Sorry I was gone, had to go to A&E.
Damn, hope everything goes alright with you.
You knew one thing for certain: This thing won't let you get out of here alive.
Either you fight for your lives or you die here and your corpses get turned into more minions for this monster.
Gathering up all your willpower you attempted to move.

Your fingers felt as dead as that thing in front of you which only now even noticed your presence.
Abandoning its no doubt foul concoction it stood up and started to make its way towards you.

If its mere presence was enough to make you freeze than staring into its eyes was almost enough to kill you outright.
As it got closer and closer you urged your body to move but failed miserably.
Numb and lifeless your hand refused to move.

Judging by the motions you were capable of you could maybe manage one strike. But it's doubtful that could take down a lich.
So you did the only thing you could think of and used that one shot of yours to try and graze your own leg with the axe.
Swinging with all the strength you mustered you wounded yourself and the pain surged through your body, temporarily relieving you of the soul crushing pressure the mere presence of this creature exerted.

Now ready to fight you stood up and steeled yourself.
But there was no response... at least not one you were expecting.

"Oh dear! A-Are you okay?"
You turned your head forward as if you've just heard someone speak in a completely alien language.
"Please do not be alarmed! I'm not going to hurt you!"
They wanted to check my heart ( it's bad but nothing out of the ordinary for my medical history) but given the pain I am feeling it's probably to do with my concave chest.
Jesus dude...

Well I wish you the best
Yeah bloody hell, hope everything works out.
Eh at worst they are gonna have to do some correctional surgery.
Hope, the surgery goes good my dude.
File: dark-grim-reaper.jpg (510 KB, 1920x1200)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
You snapped at that.
"You are the master of these foul monsters! You are the reason why the grave guard killed himself!
You are that which terrorizes this land!
Enough of your lies snake!"

"M-Master? Oh dear no no no.
Not at all.
I'm not the master... but if you're looking for him he should be here any minute now...
Wait did you say "Killed himself"?!"

Szikra who managed to get back to her senses by now just stared at you.
"This can't be happening..."

"Please I'm telling you-"
The lich continued.
"I mean no harm! By the heavens I didn't even realize you even entered this room!"

"And we are supposed to believe you are making cabbage soup in that cauldron?!"

"No it's onion."

Szikra then stepped in and rubbed her head in frustration.
"Okay so... could you tell us who the fuck are you?
Because I have no idea what to think anymore."

"Oh certainly!
Markus Antonelle at your service...
Or at least I used to be. Before all this"
The lich pointed at his body.
"You see... I used to be a rather famous cook.
Served meals to everyone from simple nobles to the Empress herself once!
But alas I had a terrible condition which was killing me. I sought out all the best healers in the lands.
None of them could help me... Until I met the master that is! He was kind enough to help me and in turn I cook him delicious meals every day!
I harvest all the ingredients from the forest. Heck I built this cozy little cave for myself!
I even have some home grown spices as well as a few goats in the back!"

"And just who IS this master of yours?"
You asked him.
And you got your answers almost immediately as a voice spoke up behind you.

"Oh shit... you morons actually found it..."

You snapped back towards the entrance and saw a familiar silhouette.
Like an angel of death he wielded a scythe at least twice his size...
The farm boy.
I said at worst, might just prescribe some some pain killers, They also wanted me to stay longer to make doubly sure it wasn't my heart despite the fact the pain is in my rib cage. They didn't try too hard stopping me from leaving so I guess it ain't that bad
Aaaand that's as far as I can go for today.

I hope you enjoyed the session.
Archive's up and I'll hopefully see you guys next week.

If you have any requests then as always feel free to throw them my way
>The farm boy
Well now I'm going to be shadowrunning extra hard each thread.
Thanks for running mate, it was enjoyable.
So there is a chance the guard killed himself over nothing.
Well I'm glad someone caught on
God this is gonna be awkward, at least the god we talked with might get some amusement out of this series of fuck ups.
Well on the brightside, at least we'll have a silly conversation in the future.
Resuming in about 4 hours. And this time I didn't forget to post here. Progress
Two hours
The nightmare was shattering around you as reality settled in.
Suddenly you found where the pieces fit together and the image was clear.
This boy is the so called "Master".

Both you and Szikra readied your weapons and this immediately got a reaction out of the boy.
"Easy there! I know you want nothing other than goring me but... let's just talk things through."

"Talk?! You want to TALK?"
Szikra snapped.
"You're a fucking necromancer! There is NOTHING to talk about!"

"Yes... I am a necromancer. And you are a bitch. You don't see me killing you for it."


"Yes... and so do you."

"We don't resurrect them!"

"I only do that because they are bandits. As far as I'm concerned if you rape, kill and pillage you don't fucking GET a chance at a peaceful afterlife."
Szikra drops her weapon for a moment.
"I see you are starting to get it. Did you really think the woods were monster free because of luck? I am the one keeping those idiots in the village safe."

"Okay... I'll play your little game."
You speak up.
"If you really want to talk then how about you start by explaining how the hell did you pick up necromancy of all things?"

"I was bored. Farm life isn't exactly exciting.
But why you may ask. Well, no real reason. I remember being bullied by the other children. They always threw dead rats at me...
One day I simply got... curious. Seeing the twitch in a dead rats leg was... mesmerizing. So I started poking around in animals to see what made them tick, how to make them tick once they stopped and how to control them. It was mostly a hobby I used to get some payback but I thought I might as well get some use out of it.
So I drove out the monsters and bandits.
All in all... Necromancy is just the thing i happened to be good at."

"Ah yes... a harmless hobby...
And you somehow managed to create the magnum opus of all necromancers... because you were just bored."

"Creating a lich isn't hard dumbass. Transferring your soul into it without fucking up is.
And who would be stupid enough to turn someone else into one? Or gods forbid trusted someone with their immortal soul?
Apparently this guy."

>I've heard enough. Let's kill this little monster
>Try to calm down Szikra so you can talk freely
>Other? (write-in)
>>Try to calm down Szikra so you can talk freely
I'd like to avoid fighting at the moment,
>>Try to calm down Szikra so you can talk freely
don't want to cause a tie
Very well


And I don't want you to change your mind just not to cause a tie. If that occurs I'll just roll a dice to decide the outcome
"Szikra... put down your weapon."

"WHAT? You can't be serious!"

"We can always kill him later.
But the mere fact that he hasn't attacked us yet intrigues me."

"Wow... so you are willing to not murder me for the time being? How generous of you..."

"You shut your mouth! You should be grateful for us not mounting your head on a wall!"
Snapping at the boy you order him to be quiet.

"Need I remind you that this little shit is the reason why the grave guard just died?!"

"I had nothing to do with that and you know it!"

"I have to agree with the boy.
He killed himself... Doesn't change the fact that we are all in trouble because of it though."

Scoffing Szikra twirled her spear and slammed its butt against the ground, cracking it slightly.
However she didn't exactly put it away and instead let it rest against her shoulder as she leaned against the caverns wall.
You suppose that's as much as you'll get out of her and you can't exactly blame her.
Even your hand is twitching, seeking for an opportunity to lob off the head of this little monster. But you don't want to let the paranoia of the unwashed masses sway your judgment.
He hasn't attacked you yet and even if a part of what he said is true then it might be worth your time to hear him out.
So you went with what your guts told you to and crossed your arms in order to stop yourself from lashing out.

"Alright then... now that we don't want to murder each other-"
The boy continues.
"How about introductions first? I don't want to keep calling you idiots since at least one of you demonstrated the capability for reason.
Name's Hugh."

"I'm Zsold... and she is Szikra."

"I can introduce myself, you know!"

"Yes but I don't think we need any insults mixed in Szikra..."

The boy points toward you.
"Mind if we go in? It's rather awkward just standing in the door."

Giving the boy a wide berth he walked in and greeted the lich inside.
"Hey Markus. What did you cook up this time?"

"Good day to you Master! It's creamy onion soup.
I wanted to get a little experimental. Here, I even made these from the dried bred you left.
I think they'd make a nice addition to it and give it some much needed texture!"

Filling up the boys bowl the lich served Hugh's lunch.
The whole scene was rather comical in a macabre kind of way.
Taking just a sip from it he congratulated the chef.
"Mmmm... Good stuff.
You guys sure you don't want some?"



"Okay... no food then!
So. You guys haven't shanked me. I appreciate that.
Does this mean I can relax now?"

"Fuck no!"

"For that you'd better start explaining yourself."

"I just did. Necromancy is the stuff I picked up because I was bored, it's what I'm good at.
And it's not like I hurt anyone. Well... not anyone who doesn't deserve it. I don't want power, I don't want to rule over the land and I don't want to raise an army of undead.
I just want to live a quiet life."

"And what about the bodies in the swamp?"

"You found 'em? Crap...
I use that as a dump. Don't really want to waste the time and effort on preserving all of those bodies, only the ones that are worth keeping.
So when I don't actively use them or want to get rid of some excess I dump them there to decay naturally."

>What about the undead that Dominique saw? Did it get bored in the swamp?
>How the fuck did you manage to avoid the grave guard all this time?
>Why shouldn't we just kill you right here, right now? According to the laws of all three nations we can do that without any repercussions.
>Other? (write-in)
>Turning around with eyes devoid of life the guard looked at you.
>"I'm sorry for this... I'm so sorry!"
>>2854842 >>2856067
I don't get it, why'd he kill himself?
>>What about the undead that Dominique saw? Did it get bored in the swamp?
>>How the fuck did you manage to avoid the grave guard all this time?
Lich equals powerful necromancer, didn't want to get killed and turned undead, so he killed himself and used an item which destroys his body so he cant be brought back.
How come he didn't offer it to the others then?
>>What about the undead that Dominique saw? Did it get bored in the swamp?
I don;t know, maybe he only had enough for one person.
>What about the undead that Dominique saw? Did it get bored in the swamp?
Zsold and Szikra were quite literally paralyzed by fear.
And he was more concerned of getting rid of his own body than some rando adventurers.
Grave guards have bodies that are almost superhuman.

"And how about that little undead of yours that rattled the villagers?
Did it have enough of its "bath"?"

"Oh... that.
A stupid mistake on my part.
I'm normally careful. I cover my tracks, get rid of anything I don't use anymore.
But I'm still only human. I make mistakes. I didn't properly disable that one.
You see... I can only keep track of so many of them. So what I did, and I presume many others do too, is making it so that the ones I don't want to directly control are sort of... automated.
They respond to what I want but they are a bit hard to control. So as a precaution I always clip the tendons of those I don't want to worry about.
I made a mistake, then I got in a situation where I needed some help. So it came.
Been trying to fix that little hiccup ever since. Even mislead the grave guard from time to time."

"So... a mistake?"

"Yes... I messed up. I admit it.
But I also won't make the same mistake twice!"

"Don't be so sure about that."

"Oh yeah? Why? Are you going to tell on me? If you do they'll linch you as well for not killing a necromancer on sight.
Or are you gonna kill me? You look like a pair of savage bastards but... you don't look like people who'd murder a kid."

"No... You made another mistake just now.
You still believe you can cover this all up and that things will return to how they used to be.
But that there is a dead grave guard. There is no going back from that one. People will notice how he disappeared.
And when they do the church will send all their blood hounds after you. Face it... your precious, quiet life has come to an end."

Suddenly it looks like comprehension has dawned on the boy.
"Shit... you're right...
E-Erm... you can change that! You can tell the villagers how you killed the necromancer!
O-Or how the grave guard did and gave his life to do it!"

"No can do. We have a contract saying we need to get rid of you.
Unless we turn up with that completed nobody will believe that. And they'd kill us for helping you.
Just like you said."

"SHIT! Shitshitshit!"

"Calm down Master!"

"You don't understand Markus! It's over for us! OVER!
I didn't even think of that! DAMN!"
He turned to you.
"W-What should I do?!"

You looked into the boys eyes and saw that once formidable confidence shattering instantly. As bright as he might be he's still just a kid.
And now... not knowing what to do he looked at you, forgetting how it's still your job to kill him on sight.

>You must leave. If you go away the contract should be completed. We'll cover for you.
>You have no chance... Wherever you go people would find you if you kept this up. Unless you remained on the road... (Invite him to join you)
>There is but one thing to do. Spare him the torment and just kill him
>Other? (write-in)
>>You must leave. If you go away the contract should be completed. We'll cover for you.
Whilst I do want another party member I don't think this kid is what we are looking for
>>You have no chance... Wherever you go people would find you if you kept this up. Unless you remained on the road... (Invite him to join you)
a kobold follows us and we have a deal with a god, might as well add a necromancer to that
>You must leave. If you go away the contract should be completed. We'll cover for you.
>>You have no chance... Wherever you go people would find you if you kept this up. Unless you remained on the road... (Invite him to join you)
I like the idea of turning bandits into slaves.
Forgot to say we'll finally have a professional cooker!
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Hmmm... that's an even split.

Very well.
Dice! Do your work!


You took pity on the boy. If anything you can truly understand how much despair he could be feeling right now.
Closing your eyes for a moment you took a deep breath and let out a weary sigh.
"You should leave..."


"It's not safe here for you anymore.
Your only option is to run away.
The terms of our contract were vague enough that it should be completed once you leave this place.
We'll cover for you."



The three of them looked at you in shock before Szikra began shouting.
"Have you actually lost your mind?! This. Is. A. Necromancer!"

"Then look into his eyes... and kill him.
Because I don't feel like cutting down a stupid boy just because he did something foolish."
With that you said your piece and sat back while Szikra went to do her work.

Pushing herself away from the wall she pointed her spear at Hugh and glared at him.
"Make your peace boy... I promise it'll be quick!"
But rather than lunging forward and impaling him through the chest Szikra actually hesitated.
Seemingly lost in the boys eyes her hands started to shake a bit.
To you it was obvious she couldn't force herself to do it. But the other two remained oblivious to this fact and embraced each other in fear.
"Tch... Guess this is your lucky day boy!"
Lowering her spear she turned away from the undead and his master.
"Let's get going before I change my mind!"

Going outside you settled down on a nearby rock while waiting for the boy to come out of his little cave.
While seated Szikra glared daggers at you.
"This has got to be the dumbest idea ever..."

"If it bothers you so much you can go back in and kill him."

"Fuck you!"

After a few more minutes the duo came out with a pair of very heavy looking backpacks and the lich wrapped up in an absurd amount of bandages.
Hugh then looked at you and attempted to speak up but his voice failed him.
Instead it was Markus who thanked you.

"Adventurers... You have no idea how much this means to me and the young master.
I know this is tough for you but please... don't hate him. Hugh never did anything bad... at least not to any decent folk."

"If you want us to forget it then stop bringing it up..."
You turned your attention to the boy.
"How do you want us to handle things back home?
Do you have any relatives?"

"No... I'm an orphan. The farmer I worked for took me in.
I... I guess you can tell them the necromancer got me. That way nobody will be looking for me."

You nodded in acknowledgement.
"Try to stay out of travel... and safe travels."
Once the boy left you took a look at your contract and sure enough it registered as "completed".
You are thankful that the very nature of this task require a very loose contract to be created, otherwise you would've been forced to kill him.
But now that things were settled you made your way back to the settlement.
Naturally the people flocked around you once they realized you were short one person.

Showing them the contract you explained how you found the necromancer and managed to end him.
And in an attempt to cover things for Hugh you also told them how the task demanded his and the grave guards sacrifice.
Naturally the townfolk didn't take that one very well.
Though their despair also meant a fat sack of coin for you.

After getting paid you bid farewell to them and went on your merry way.
While on the road Szikra was still fuming with rage.

"I can't believe we let a necromancer escape like that!
If this ever gets out we are toast! We'll be just as screwed as that boy!"

If only she knew how little that would've changed with that death mark already on you.
"Who says we aren't already? Our occupation isn't exactly the safest."

"Don't give me that now!"

You let out a sigh and poured out the coins into your hand.
After splitting the loot in half you tossed the fat sack to her.
"Here... let the coin ease your pain."

Snatching it out of the air she let out a slight smirk, though it was obvious she was still mad.
"I admit this jingle is making coping easier!"

"And I know what else could lift your mood."


>How about that harvest festival we heard about? If we hurry we might still reach it.
>How does a round of sparring sound?
>Other? (write-in)
>>How about that harvest festival we heard about? If we hurry we might still reach it.
>>How about that harvest festival we heard about? If we hurry we might still reach it.
>>How about that harvest festival we heard about? If we hurry we might still reach it.
Well that's obvious. And fun!

to late my dude
"That harvest festival... if we hurry we might still be able to catch it."

Finally seeing some of the malice disappearing from he Szikra cracked a smile.
"Then what are we waiting for?"

Heading straight for the town where you heard there would be a big celebration for the annual festival you got to enjoy Szikra fawning over this celebration.
Though still significant the Harvest Festival has a bit of a different importance than with the common folk.
Not really interested in the affairs of the stuck up blue bloods you mostly tuned out what she said and instead focused on some matters at hand.
To you the Harvest Festival was about food, merriment and the invitation of a bountiful harvest. But now the only thing you cared about was the bustling market that the city would undoubtedly have.

Although the Lightwell hasn't settled down yet the skies already had a tinge of orange to them.
But even with that the bright lights of the city appearing on the horizon were still easy to see from such a distance.
Before even getting near to the city borders you already saw colorful ribbons tied to the fences around the road and a happy melody filled the air as well as your hearts.


Ribbons and flags, lanterns and confetti, music and performers all filled the streets of this massive settlement.
As taller and taller houses revealed themselves to you, your jaw hit the ground.
You knew of the existence of such places but this was the first time you've ever been to one in your life.
The scenery absorbed you so much that Szikra, who hardly seems to be taken back, had to lead you by the hand.

"Come on dumb-dumb! The party is not going to wait for us!"

The city center was surprisingly empty, considering how tightly built everything else appeared. But this just means that many more people can fit in.
To say it was crowded would not do justice to how packed the square was.
People of all backgrounds, races and professions mingled in what little room they had. Food stalls stretched on as far as the eye could see, selling both simple snacks as well as proper meals for exuberant amounts of coin.
And the attractions... Street performers, circus artists and freaks, games of all kind for adults and children alike.

This scene with all its colors, music and joy was so alien to you. But not unpleasant.
"What's wrong farmboy? Never been to a city before?"


"Heh heh heh...
Well I'll let you take it all in 'cause I want to grab some candied apple! It is to die for!
Try not to wander too far from this spot, though I guess you stick out like a sore thumb!"
And with that she left you all to yourself.

Even after watching the place for minutes you still couldn't get used to it. This has gone so far that when someone bumped into you, you reflexively reached for your weapon, making you feel quite silly in the process. Realizing that these people aren't likely to assault you, you let go of your axe. Though you still adjusted your purse so it can't be easily snatched.
But as you were left there waiting for Szikra to return you felt incredibly silly.
You had all this stuff to observe and yet you were just standing there like a buffoon.

Swallowing nervously you stepped over to one of the stalls and began browsing things.
This particular one was selling a wide variety of fine clothing and dresses. The price tags alone were enough to almost give you a heart attack.
You've even seen armor that costs less than these. And judging by the low stocks people were still buying them. How strange this world was...

"Do you need some help young man?"
The fat woman tending the stall stepped up to you.

"N-No thank you... I'm just browsing..."

Suddenly you felt someone bumping into you from the back and heard a familiar voice.
"What'cha up to?"

The elderly lady saw Szikra and spoke up.
"Oh you're looking for a present for your lady friend?
May I suggest this dress? It's really popular amongst the young ladies nowadays."

"Oh no! I think he's just browsing for himself!"
Then playfully she reached for a green "dress" that seemed to expose just about as much skin as it covered.
"I think this one would accentuate your eyes well Zsold!"

You wanted to frown at that. But at the same time you knew of "someone" who could use some proper clothing.

>Buy it
>Just leave
>Other? (write-in)
>>Buy it
>>Buy it
assuming "someone" refers to kobold, if it refers to MC just buy some not absurdly overpriced clothes
Okay then.

>>Buy it
"I'll take it..."

You get a very distinct "Huh?!" from both of the ladies at which you simply shrug.
As you left the elderly shopkeeper alone Szikra gave you an odd look and began chastising you.
"You know it's one thing to take in a kobold as a pet. I can sorta understand that. But playing dress-up with it?
People don't even dress their dogs. And it's acceptable to keep those."

"I thought I might as well.
She seems to not handle the cold very well.
So she could use some clothes. But given her... unique form I doubt many dresses would fit on her.
This might be my only chance to buy something like this."

"Whatever... But if you're gonna do it then don't make excuses for it."

Following that you kept exploring the festival further and further while paying close attention to the thing you just purchased. Not only because it cost a ridiculous amount but also because if someone damaged it you could punch their heads off. But luckily for you no such thing happened and you could check things out in relative peace.
Easily your most favorite part were the street performers. Though some of them were actual mages performing a wide variety of tricks many were simple artists performing tricks.
Both equally entertaining in their own right, the artists were quite entertaining and the watching the mages was educational.
Szikra even managed to rope you into buying some snacks for yourself. Not really sharing her sweet tooth you instead went for some juicy meat patties sandwiched between two buns and some salads. It was a rather unique taste experience which you decided to replicate once you are back in the wild. However things were not all laugh and games as big groups usually meant big trouble.

As you passed by the local guild hall while sightseeing you saw a man being forcibly kicked out of the building. Judging by his impressive gear he was an adventurer just like you. Furiously he stood up and stormed back in.

"We can and we will."
Said the clerk as he looked at his two bodyguards.
"If this clown tries to enter again you have my permission to beat him to a pulp."
"Well that was bizarre."
You conclude.

"Tell me about it.
I wonder..."

"What is it?"

"Oh, nothing. Hey erm... do you want to check it out?"

"No. Why would I?"

"Because where is trouble there is coin?"

"Fair point."

Turning around you entered the place and you saw the two imposing figures who were set to guard the place. Unlike in most guild halls these two gentlemen didn't appear to be adventurers contracted by the guild to maintain order. Instead their armors were uniform and their weapons mass produced. These were soldiers but to whom they belonged was a mystery. Regardless, they didn't stand in your way and allowed you free entry.
Approaching the stall you saw the clerk sighing in annoyance.

"If you came about the Festival job then piss off.
I'll tell you the same thing I told to the thousand other idiots who came. We don't need any more of you!"

"Hmph... we are just here because we saw the commotion outside. What festival job are you talking about? The festival is already happening outside."

Your response caught the clerks attention. He slammed the book he was reading shot and straightened his posture. Leaning in close he stared deep into your eyes and marveled at what he saw.
"My... you really have no idea, do you?"

"That's what I just told you..."

"Well this is certainly interesting! Forgive me for my previous outburst my good man and lady!
It's just that we have a very... special job available at the moment. One we have every year around this time and every, single bumpkin from the land comes here to bang on our door to beg us for it. And frankly I've had enough. But you... My good man might you be interested in a job? I understand you are here for the festivities but surely an adventurer like yourself wouldn't mind some work... especially if it pays well."

"Oh dear..."
Szikra spoke up.

"Hmph... and why exactly would you offer us this job if you drive everyone else away?"

"Because you aren't asking for it. And because it'd piss off the rabble!"

"Very well... I'm listening."

"Excellent! I knew I could count on you.
You see every year at the time of the Harvest Festival the local lord hosts an extravagant party for the most important nobility of the region.
This ball of theirs is basically their version of the Festival. But as you might imagine so many important people in such a small space could be... potentially dangerous.
If someone were to attack the manor then it'd be catastrophic. Now yes the nobles have a small army set up but they still like having some extra protection. And this is where you'd come in. Since the Guild Master has some connections with the lord he'd provide some of his adventurers as guards for this one night.
Now... it will be boring, it won't be glorious and you'll have to do what the nobles say... but it pays well! Well? Interested?
But please make your decision quickly. The ball is going to start soon."

>Other? (write-in)
Rolled 2 (1d2)

I don't care much either way so I will roll a dice.

Gimme monies
And the chance to see some crazy stuff.
That's good to hear!
I'll get to writing in a moment but before that I must inform you that this will likely be the last update for the day as I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.

It;s okay I am about to fall asleep as it is very late here.
"You had me at 'coin'. The rest don't matter."

"Excellent! You'll be a perfect fit!
Allow me to prepare your contract right away!
Ooooh the look upon their faces will be glorious!"

As the clerk was busy toiling away behind his desk Szikra poked you in the side with her elbow. Curious about what she has to say you looked at her.
"You really have no idea what you got us into, do you?"

"I'm not following you."

"You weren't listening to what I said about the Harvest Festival?"

"You didn't notice how I wasn't paying attention?"

Listen up dumb-dumb! Because you may have fucked us! If it weren't for the 'lot of coin' part I may have just bailed on you this instant...
Now pay attention because I WON'T repeat myself a second time. The Harvest Festival is a big fucking deal and the peasants know this.
That pencil pusher didn't tell you the real reason why so many dick wranglers want to get in on the action so desperately. This is the time during each year when the noble families gather up... and reveal their daughters to the public."

"And why is that a big deal? Why would people care about nobles flaunting their babies?"

Noble girls are typically kept behind several locked doors until they reach maturity! They are trained and educated but most importantly kept safe!
But once they reach 15 they can attend the Harvest Festival and make their first appearance before the public! This is their Entrance into public life! They aren't parading babies, they want to showcase the goods they have for the noble boys to drool over! This little "ball" might be the most volatile, unpredictable and dangerous event that happens every year.
Tensions are high, young lords enter dick measuring contests and big, important people forge alliances that can shape the world itself!
And yes... that is the reason why these commoners are clamoring to get in. They dream about stealing the innocence of some easily fooled noble girl who knows nothing about the real world."


"Exactly! Oh."

And it was at that moment that the clerk showed up with the slip of paper that had your name on it.
"Here we are! Your contracts! And erm... considering the unique circumstances of this one you'll be given your orders at the mansion.
They'll inform you of what you must do! Please hurry! You don't want to make your contractors wait!"
Aaand that's where I'll have to end things.
Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed it.

Archive is literally the same as last time.
Aside that I don't know if I'll be doing any omakes during the week. Might consider it if the thread stays up for long enough

Have a good weekend
I must say Spooky, when I said crazy shit and this happened it made me one happy camper.
>"You didn't notice how I wasn't paying attention?"
She must be a player.
I'm glad you like the idea.
Obviously it's going to be a little different from the regular "go in and kill shit" type of stuff but I think it'll be interesting

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