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Hey guys, im finally up and about. Let me know when you are here
Miellewds-guy here.
File: miel dress idea.jpg (155 KB, 780x900)
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155 KB JPG
hi hi, i was about to go buy something to eat. Lets wait for a bit and if theres noone else today we can just go ahead I guess. It'll be undeniably fast but not ideal
btw what do you think of the dress in >>2830088
? I have no memory on where i got this pic from, though.


And so, we suggest Mako to start with the construction of the Language Squares, but as that is a relatively minor project, the country can still afford a larger project.

So, it would be either the Land Reclamation Project, or the [Imperial Trading Company]

>Trade Company
>Land Reclamation
To remind you, the land reclamation project aims to populate the desert and build extra foodgeons, OR drain swamps for the same purpose.

The imperial trading company is basically the india's company, isekai version
>Trade Company
>Trade Company

I like the dress, something for Miel and Miel II to wear when they're with us.
If we make a hole for their tales, it would also work for the succubi.
And again we lose an entire day of potential questing.
File: miel 003.jpg (169 KB, 752x1063)
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169 KB JPG
>>Trade Company

As Alquia's national bonus grants a bonus to productivity based on tax, boosting trade or industry is not a bad idea however you look at it.

"If her highness is open to suggestions, how about going with the trade company? We are bound to receive a lot of traffic from Heven and Lapsiona from now on, aren't we?"
"Is that so?" - our cute empress blinks blinks while looking at us - "Alright, if Eldric says so."

She went with our suggestions with not even a moment of hesitation. Ah, it would be bad if we ended pulling strings from behind the throne, so lets try and keep our suggestions to a minimum in the future.

"Vizir, please arrange things for the stablishment of the [Imperial Trade Company]." - says our cute empress
"Yes, your highness."

[Imperial Trade Company] has been approved.
Time to completion: 2 years
* 25% corruption reduction
* 200% increase on income from foreign trade routes
* +6 foreign trade routes
* You can now build [Trading Posts] In any hex under your control. Trading Posts develop into commercial cities over time.

Current Trade Routes:

Alquia <--> Sanc:
<- +120.000 gold ´per turn, +75 science per turn, +15 approval per turn
-> +72.000 gold per turn, +125 science per turn, city states do not use approval

Alquia <--> Heven:
<- +150.000 gold/turn, +225 science/turn, +20 approval/turn
-> +225.000 gold/turn, +55 science/turn, +25 approval/turn

Alquia <--> Heaven
<- +450.000 gold/turn, +750 food (tons)/turn, +40 approval/turn
-> +250.000 gold/turn, +750 food (tons)/turn, +40 approval/turn

6 new trade routes available

Trade routes available:
Alquia <--> Eopolis // Gold oriented
Alquia <--> Lapsiona // Food oriented
Alquia <--> Opal // Resource oriented
Alquia <--> Albion // Science oriented
Alquia <--> Blacklake // Science oriented
Alquia <--> Beastlands // Good oriented
Alquia <--> Bastion // Resource oriented
Alquia <--> Sbastia // Science oriented

Eh... the new trade routes options is already on? But, it looks like we can't build new trading posts until the project is actually finished.

Well, we already have a mega harbor we are not using, though...

Pick 6 routes
>Alquia <--> Beastlands // Good oriented

Food, i meant food-oriented
btw you CAN pick a route more than once. Just saying. It just sends more fleets or caravans in that direction
>Alquia <--> Heaven
>Alquia <--> Heven:
Where is Heaven?
I know Heven is Okaba's kingdom, but where is Heaven?
Ren's kingdom
Then you should have written it as "Heavenly Empire" so that it's more clear.
File: miel 002.png (268 KB, 480x640)
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268 KB PNG
Come think about it, let's write is Heavenly Empire

Anyway, its big enough it makes it !China. HUGE kingdcom, which is why Mako's kingdom gets so much money from exporting goods to it. They both import/export aboout as much food, and you know Ren's ppl are usually bad at science and Mako's are good at money, plus the hiiiigh approval bonus is because its a really really old and traditional ally so the ppl are used to buying luxury goods from the other kingdom

Ah, you may want to leave at least one slot open for the Miel Hegemony when we actually hand it its first ship... i also forgot Yellowleaves (Aritsu & Sinoe's kingdom) so add:

Alquia <--> Miel Hegemony / Food oriented
Alquia <--> Yellowleaves / Approval oriented
Alquia <--> Silverspire / Gold oriented
1. Alquia <--> Eopolis // Gold oriented
2. Alquia <--> Lapsiona // Food oriented
3. Alquia <--> Opal // Resource oriented
4. Alquia <--> Albion // Science oriented
5. Alquia <--> Beastlands // Food oriented
6. Alquia <--> Sbastia // Science oriented

First let's get those trade routes with Mako's school buddies.
International negotiations come down to personal connections and relationships between the negotiators.
File: Miel 1 & 2.png (729 KB, 984x1336)
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729 KB PNG
Like I said, i forgot to include Aritsu & Sinoe's elven kingdom (Yellowleaves). Their 'thing' is diplomacy so Alquia would mostly get approval bonuses from trading with them.

Remember Mako's national bonus is "raising taxes raises production" but we still need to add approval somehow else to help counter the high tax rate.

Also I repeat, we -can- pick the same route multiple times.

Anyway, waiting to see if you wanna change anything, considering i forgot to add miel and the two elven kingdoms on the first list
I was wondering about Aritsu's kingdom.

Then change mine to:
1. Alquia <--> Eopolis // Gold oriented
2. Alquia <--> Yellowleaves / Approval oriented
3. Alquia <--> Opal // Resource oriented
4. Alquia <--> Lapsiona // Food oriented
5. Save for Miel
6. Alquia <--> Sbastia // Science oriented

The approval increase will help because we're going to be pushing through a lot of disruptive policies, so approval bonuses will help with that.
Also the food is important because we're going to be increasing our national population by bringing in the nomad tribes, so having food to take care of them will be important.
File: miel lewds.jpg (77 KB, 500x700)
77 KB
1. Alquia <--> Eopolis // Gold oriented
<- 320.000 g/turn, +60 science/turn, +200 food (tons)/turn
-> 450.000 g/turn, +60 science/turn, +125 food (tons)/turn

>2. Alquia <--> Yellowleaves / Approval oriented
<- 30.000 g/turn, +10 science/turn, +110 app/turn
-> 350.000 g/turn, +60 science/turn, +5 app/turn

>3. Alquia <--> Opal // Resource oriented
<- 250.000 g/turn, +40 science/turn, +Mithril(6) Adamantium(2) Steel(25) resources/turn added to national stoclpile
-> 450.000 g/turn, +20 science/turn, 300 food (tons)/turn

>4. Alquia <--> Lapsiona // Food oriented
<- 150.000 g/turn, +60 science/turn, +25 app/turn
-> 125.000 g/turn, +20 science/turn, city states do not use approval

>5. Save for Miel

>6. Alquia <--> Sbastia // Science oriented
<- 220.000 g/turn, +160 science/turn, -20 app/turn
-> 120.000 turn, +120 food (tons)/turn, +30 science/turn

Sbastia gives a huge science bonus but trading with necromancers gives a considerable approval penalty

Yellowleaves gives a huge approval bonus but not much more.
File: Miel the II.jpg (923 KB, 1200x1500)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
Alquia has a much larger pop base than Eopolis so it can't be helped that they gain more from access to our market than the other way around.

Opal gives us mostly science and strategic resources

Lapsiona... bah I got that one wrong, hold on...

Alquia <--> Lapsiona
<- 150.000 g/turn, +600 food(tons)/turn, +25 app/turn
-> 350.000 g/turn, +75 science/turn, +20 app/turn

Like I said, Sbastia is mostly science, and a small app penalty

Anyway this gives us a +70% food surplus per turn with our current pop (which gives us 1/2 as much in approval bonus), you guys want to leave it as is?
File: Miel.jpg (637 KB, 1680x1050)
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637 KB JPG
oh and since we're raising approval, do you wanna take the chance to raise taxes? I remind you that Mako gets a production bonus matching her tax rate
Leave it.

Increase taxes.
File: miel drone.jpg (273 KB, 593x732)
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273 KB JPG
Alright so raising taxes to 35% for a 35% production bonus, then? Still leaves a 20% approval surplus, just in case.

That raises our gold income from commercial routes by 20% each, btw.

Uhmm- this actually adds quite a bit of cash flow to the empire's arks every turn... its even enough to fund another super fortress, or rush the [Imperial Trading Company] and have it done by the end of this year (4 months) rather than in 2 years (24 monthys).

>Get another Super Dreadnought Movile Fortress. Fuck the [ERROR]s up the ass. We can trust Mako not to conquer the world afterwards.
>Rush the [Imperial Trading Company]
* 25% corruption reduction
* 200% increase income from foreign trade routes (of which now we have a lot)
* Ability to build [Trading Posts] that will grow into cities.
Will the increased income from foreign trade be used to rush the building of a Super Dreadnought, and have it be finished in time for the invasion?
btw those are all the pics i have for Miel. If you fine gentlemen would kindly provide more, I'd be grateful

If thats what you want to do. Thats why im asking. Do you want to have another dreadnought by the time the continental invasion comes by? Theres no way it can be done in time for the invasion on the islands (3 weeks from now) but it would be on time for their main attack
My question is, if we rush the Imperial Trading Company, can we then put the increased income to rushing the Super Dreadnought after, and have it be in time for the continental invasion?

Because rushing the Super Dreadnought right now is a bad choice since it won't be done in time for the islands invasion, and we won't have the advantage of the increased income by the time of the continental invasion.
Oh, let me see...
We'd need to assign another trade route to Opal kingdom, at least temporarily. I guess its fine since we haven't really gotten Miel's fleet started yet?

But if we do that, then sure. Oh, or assign one to just purchase resources from Ren. Glassteel and Palladium would rush the build time, too, but it would only be a expense with little profit other than the strategic resourses.

Either would work if you wanna rush the trade company and then the dreadnought. I guess we can afford it with the bonuses from the company

Then rush the Imperial Trading Company and buy resources from Ren to rush a second Super Dreadnought.
Alright, then it'll be over with the change of turn (3 months and 3 weeks) instead of in 2 turns.


Uhmm... the Finances Minister has a surprising amount og power, after all...

It makes me curious on who DOES has more power, Yin or us. I mean, she basically just makes all the decisions and then hands us the documents to stamp, as far as it comes to spending money, doesn't she?

Ah, actually, I guess its a team effort now that the harpies are helping her with it...

>Let's not try and micromanage them. Let's trust they know what they're doing
>Let's take a close look at the books next time we are at the office
>Let's take a close look at the books next time we are at the office
We need to keep Eldric from becoming like his grandfather.
well lets stop here for tonight. See you tomorrow
File: approved.png (144 KB, 822x713)
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144 KB PNG
I was organizing the trade routes in a spread sheet and realized the following... (no idea how to show a proper sheet or even a table here, so please forgive the untidyness) If we import glassteel and palladium from Ren to Alquia, we have two choices

> Pay for it in cash, which will be 800.000 gold/year
> Pay for it in luxury resources, which will be +100 approval for Ren, and even out all of our approval from trade routes so we don't actually 'generate' any approval at all that way

Honestly we CAN afford the money, ESPECIALLY when the Imperial Trading Company is completed in a few months

Currently we collect 2.267.000 gold/year(turn) in exports
Currently we pay 1.340.000 gold/year(turn) in imports

We are currently generating +100 approval for Mako from trade routes. We can save 800.000 gold in imports if we let that extra approval drop to 0 (not a loss, just exactly not a profit).

But, remember: This is BEFORE increasing tax rates on imports by +15% AND before taking into account that the ITC will triple export profits starting at the end of the year, so my suggestion is to just pay the money


>Pay 800.000 gold/turn
>Pay 100 approval/turn

Technically, its a fair deal either way. Ren could certainly use the money OR the approval
Btw either way we are getting a huge science boost from buying the super advanced alloys
>>Pay 800.000 gold/turn
I just went ahead and added all the numbers, increased tax and paid for it with cash and the end numbers say that we are still generating 500.000 gold/year(turn) for Mako whila paying Ren 800.000 gold for the Palladium and Glassteel

So, got 800.000 extra gold a turn on Ren's side, want to hop over and have something else built over there? lower taxes or something?
We should take Miel with us and see what projects are available. Though we should be doing the same for Eopolis, since we're probably going to take overall control from our uncle and Alard.

We funded the Capital Sewer System Project, the Advanced Think Tank Research Center, the Experimental Alchemical Furnace, Docile Plant Breeding Program, and Germ Theory.
We should check what new civilization-specific Projects are available.

Also, the rock-it shipyard in Mantequira, is it a nationalized shipyard or is it owned by Eldric, as Duke of Mantequira. I have in my notes that we created Sienar Fleet Systems in Mantequira to produce rock-it ships for the Empire.
So currently (before ITC comes 'online') Alquia's end-of-year line looks like this

GNP 374,000,000

Military ~ 27%
Research ~ 15%
Infraestructure ~ 40%
National Treasury ~ 18% (+6.732.000 gold/year)

If we really wanna make the most out of the ITC, though, we really need to start spamming trading posts when it comes 'on'.

Also, remember each new population type adds a bonus 'per unit of population'.

A unit of population is 10.000 individuals, btw.

Each type of population has different requirements for growth, and grants different bonuses. IE harpies like mountain OR coastal settlements, but avoid mediterranean settlements with neither high ground nor shorelines nearby, and they add an approval bonus of +30 per unit.

If you want more harpies in a nation, you should move around their pop units to coastal/mountain settlements, where they will grow naturally, or convert more tribes and assign them to a settlement.

And yeah the harpies are cute, but im not assigning them an approval bonus because of that. Its because they tend to work in government and drop corruption, which grants an app bonus.

Beastkin tend to grant a security bonus and an approval bonus, though they're smaller, obviously (same total, but spread between 2 different types)

Honey faeries give a food and industry bonus, etc
That pic is pretty cute, I wonder if the warrior bees would have 4 arms... you know, more weapons

Hold on let me check Ren-exclusive tech...
File: 4f0.png (650 KB, 720x540)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
Some projects and side-quests that we never finished:

1. Smuggler in Eopolis using our rock-it ship warehouses to smuggle Alquian goods (during the time of the trade embargo against Alquia)

2. Create Linked Journals for the research institutions and labs of the Northern Coalition and of the United Nations for the X-COM Project.

3. Create Linked Journals for Miel so that she can administer the Hives of the Hegemony more easily.

4. Create a number of administrative golems to assist Miel and her daughters in administering the Miel Hegemony as it becomes a global super-state.
>1. Smuggler in Eopolis using our rock-it ship warehouses to smuggle Alquian goods (during the time of the trade embargo against Alquia)
Well, that worked itself out, didn't it?

>2. Create Linked Journals for the research institutions and labs of the Northern Coalition and of the United Nations for the X-COM Project.
Eh? we did that

>3. Create Linked Journals for Miel so that she can administer the Hives of the Hegemony more easily.
I honestly assumed we did that off-camera since it was just a [Craft] skill use away

>4. Create a number of administrative golems to assist Miel and her daughters in administering the Miel Hegemony as it becomes a global super-state.
We haven't handed over the first hive ship yet, why would they need the golems already?

Anyway, checking on Heavenly Empire-exclusive techs and units.

Since we moved the empire to Era III, we unlocked The Ancient (the empire super unit) and the Tribal Council

The Ancient is basically what happens when you DO actually manage to assimilate dragons and add them to your military

The Tribal Council raises the limit on tribes you can assimilate by +1 per language square, and allows you to assimilate dragons. But notice it doesn't removes their need to eat, so we'll need to secure a whole lot of food if we wanna go into an assimilation rampage.

And surprising noone (I hope), is the fact that dragons are expensive, since they require a lot of previous ores to breed.

Era IV

Cultural Indoctrination raises language square limit by +1 again

Eiren Insitute (this setting's version of the United Nation. ie Ren's 'I win' structure)
+20 approval per assimilated tribe
+40 approval per alliance
+20 approval in the city it is built
+20 approval in every city within the empire
Can spend approval (replenishes at the end of turn) to force other countries to ally with the empire.
Can spend approval to call for World Leader vote (notice that each assimilated tribe grants you +1 vote in all votes)
Can spend approval to call for Trade Sanction votes
Can spend approval to call for Universal Projects (Universal Vaccination, Single World Religion, Olympic games, World Fairs, etc)

Era V

Moon Colonies - Grants entire map reveal, approval bonuses, units can embark from the capital and drop anywhere on the map.

Protector of the People
+1 slot per language square

Era VI

Aura of Leadership - You are revered as the most benevolent and polite neighbor, and every other empire sings your praises,
+2 Approval per population unit in foreign empires.
You can spend approval to purchase foreign cities (not capitals)

One World, One People
Unlimited slots per language square

For reference, Ren's kingdom is currently in ERA III, but will switch to ERA IV at the end of the year when our current projects are completed

If anyone cares, Okaba AND Asmund win conditions are research-triggered.

Okaba unlocks Infinity Gate, which is basically an improved version of the gate at the bottom of the keep, and allows for the colonization of other worlds, and basically stops giving a fuck about this world's politics since he gets access to unlimited resources and land

Asmund unlocks the Infinity Serum and his people become a mana-based lifeform, They no longer need food, and begin colonizing the afterlife, building settlements in both heaven and hell, which are infinite.
Do we have a win condition as Eopolis?
File: as smug as it gets.gif (2.02 MB, 533x300)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF

ERA IV allows us to assign heroes as provincial managers, which hugely boost efficiency. Think of a Zoe or Lyann per city.

Rockit Armies - Military upkeep reduced by 25%

ERA V gives us access to Ancestral Walkers, which are our ridiculously high level ancestors, reanimated as military units

Access to rockit buildings, which makes all construction 95% cheaper (and since buildings are basically weightless, makes skyscrappers look like mudhurts)

Rockit Legions - Military Upkeep reduced by 25%

ERA VI - Keepers of Infinity. Understanding the true shape and purpose of the ancient keep at the heart of Eopolis, it once again takes to the skies to resume its duty as Guardian of All Worlds, predicting and shutting down any [ERROR] portals before they have a chance to open in the first place.

Honestly, we don't really have a 'win' condition based by tech, as much as by quest. Either fixing the keep so it can go back to full operational super unit/structure again, or by otherwise stopping the [ERROR] incursions forever.

We do also get a lot of gold-producing tech and structures but since we aren't managing Eopolis ourselves, its not really our problem?
well now i got to go check, hold on...

Era I
Visions of Glory - uh... we don't have any of these, for some reason... basically our civ wins by infraestructure. Building is kind of 'our thing'

Visions of glory grants us
+4 approval on city per public building
+4 approval per new residentlal building (apartment complex, basically)
+4 approval per new national wonder

High Towers - National Marvel
The beginning of rockit architecture, these impressively tall structures allow complete national awareness, allowing you to watch over every foreign military unit within your borders or within 2 hexes of your national borders.

Rockut Ships - we got those
Rockit Infantry - +2 hexes of mobility when enemy units are within sight. You know, so we can reposition to advantageous terrain or surround the enemy

Yup, that's all. The more we build the more approval we get, the more approval we get the more we can expand, the more we expand the more we can build, etc

Eventually building is stupidly cheap, and then we send a 5 miles radius fortress into the air with the ability to transmigrate to stop [ERROR] incursions in other worlds as/if needed
To be honest, taking control of Eopolis for ourselves and repairing the Keep so that it prevents [ERROR] incursions throughout any world produced by the system seems like the more responsible choice.
So let's do that.
heh, I guess that makes us into the !Egypt of this setting. Don't know if you are familiar with the civilization series, but the egyptians 'thing' is being stupidly good builders
heh, that makes me think of this theme's name/intent

In Endless Space 2, the United Empire is basically humanity, finally getting our shit together and sailing forth into space


Oh, have you seen robotech/macross? The idea of the keep taking off makes me think of the SDF-1 taking off

It is pretty Macross-y.
But no Minmei.
Anyway, do you want to 'win' or just re-float the keep? Because I don't see an issue in letting one of our friends 'win' and just continue playing until we can launch it back into the sky/multiverse again.

If Ren or any of our friends 'wins' the world goes into peace, and we can advance our tech without the worry or wars distracting us.

The only nations that we do not want to win are Garsdale (we haven't even made contact with them, but lets just say they win by military victory) or Bastion, but Bastion basically fucked itself already and lost its advantage/window of opportunity, which was cheap and strong low tech units.

Basically a civ tailored to win early game. The more tech advances, the less relevant they are as a military threat.

Zerg Rush kekekeke?

Anyway, Garsdale is the only real 'in house' military threat remaining, and their current leaders are actually isolationists, so its fine so long as nobody goes poke that particular beehive.

>But no Minmei.
Lyann sings <.<

Really, its fine as long as Ren, Mako, Sinoe/Aritsu, Asmund, Honoria or Okaba 'wins' since they can certainly assist us with refloating the keep sooner once way or another.

Of course, Im sure our family will be happy if we show interest in our motherland and get involved in its management.

Grandpa pretty much just handed the government to unfle Wolfric, and our uncle isn't really interested in war or expansion so much as just raising everybody's living standard.

I think that if we just get him to build a couple Visions of Glory (a type of plaza), we'll get a huge boost of approval all at once and can then raise taxes or whatever, since each VoG basically is a scale model of the city, showing all the public works and such, thus ppl can see what we do with their taxes and feel better about paying them in the first place.

"Oh, I've never actually GONE to the central marketplace, but doesn't it look nice? Lets take the family there on the weekend"
"Sure honey. And next week, we may try the public baths or the aquarium."
"We have an aquarium?"
"Right there, next to the zoo"
"We have a zoo?"
unrelated, but i like the United Empire because one of their hero units makes me think of a grown up Stella

Sure, letting Ren or Mako win and then reaping the benefits of having our other friends finish their final projects would be fine.

Maybe even let Miel win.

As for taking control of Eopolis, I'd like to do it for a number of reasons. We can better coordinate and manage the X-COM Project if we control Eopolis.
But also, so that we can refloat the Keep and eliminate the threat of the [ERROR]s and tell Grandpa and Tapac that they're such disappointments to the Lightbringer House.
They had this harebrained scheme to kill so many people in order to supercharge the shield generator so that it would short-circuit one [ERROR] portal, without considering that OTHER portals could open up and that supercharging the shield generator that they don't understand could wreak it beyond repair, leaving the world, and the Keep, defenseless against the next invasion.
Having had thousands of years and not keeping the Archives indexed and abstracts of the contained information ready is a stain on Tapac's service to the Lightbringer Family.
File: zoe sleeping.webm (341 KB, 1491x1080)
341 KB
Anyway, continuing.

We are buyind the advanced alloys and paying 800k for them, correct? Once the new Dreadnought is completed, what do you wanna do with that trade deal? Cancel it or keep it and use the materials for something else, like better rockitship fleets or buildings?

I'd feel so guilty if we take Ren's raw materials, turn them into goods and sell them back to her...
Well, Miel victory type is population, and its not hard, but she is pretty far behind since she doesnt has a single settlement yet.

Her racial bonuses add food, which adds growth, and again, more pop means more food, which means more pop growth, etc.

You get pop win if you have 1/2 the world's population and, again, pretty much every type of pop in the hegemony adds to pop or food.

*cough* anyway once the new dreadnought is up...?

>Cancel secundary trade route with Ren
>Keep and use the materials for something else
>We are buyind the advanced alloys and paying 800k for them, correct?

>Once the new Dreadnought is completed, what do you wanna do with that trade deal?
Keep it, and funnel the materials into better military arms and armor, and improved rock-it ships.
>Keep and use the materials for something else
Use it for upgrading the Alquian military. Alquia doesn't have much local production of glassteel, so this will help upgrade their military units until local production catches up.

Once the military has been upgraded, the materials can go into the production of local rock-it ships.
File: puppy girl 002.jpg (468 KB, 1827x2560)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
We stay and chat with Mako for a bit, then borrow Miel and take her with us.

"E-eh? You want me to go with you...? B-but..."

>Calm her down. We don't need her to 'work' for us, we just enjoy being with her
>We want her to see how country management works
>Calm her down. We don't need her to 'work' for us, we just enjoy being with her
We can still show her a basic overview of how country management works, but getting into the details can wait until she gets her first Hiveship and gets access to her own civilization management console (and after we've written a how-to guide from our own experience using the Eopolis one so that Miel has an easier time of using the management console).
File: Alquia budget.pdf (59 KB, PDF)
59 KB
aha! Right, i can upload PDFs. Since I cant copy/paste the tables to text, Ill do that instead

"Yes, of course." - we lean in to give our petite and beautiful faery queen a kiss
"Alright." - she says, rather happy

Well, it seems we got an unexpected cash infusion into Ren's budget, perhaps we should hop over to the office and assign some more projects?

We are at the edge of ERA IV with Ren, after all.

>Let's do that
>Let's do that
We can also check in with Yin and Nina, and have them point out where the records are for when we'll go over them after our tour with Miel.
>edge of ERA IV
Didn't we just enter Era III just a Turn ago?
What Era is Eopolis on? We should be at Era IV but we haven't seen any of the Era III structures or units.
>>Let's do that
File: pov hides puppy ears.jpg (1.1 MB, 842x1440)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
>Didn't we just enter Era III just a Turn ago?
Remember Ren moves through eras based on infeaestructure, now research, and we have been building lots and lots of that

We are at ERA III in eopolis, but our uncle isnt interested in military expansion, and we did just win WWI, which left us with huge standard armies (that grandpa raised) that need to be decomissioned so he's not really interested in assembling new military units right now. At all.

He's worried about how to turn 2.5 million soldiers back into civilians, pay them fairly as veterans, and make sure they feel appreciated so they dont turn into bandits.

We do have High Towers, but since they are used for war and we aren't at war atm, we haven't really paid them any attention.

And we're blazing through eras with Ren. Yes, we just ended Era II, but we're already ending Era III too, just a few months away in fact.

We really need those visions of glory in Eopolis

unrelated, but these guys make me think of Asmund

Do we have just the 1 person on the thread today?


We get Miel to dress with one of those cute open back dresses we had made for all of our winged pets and tail-bearing imoutos, then [Treestride] over to Mantequira and, as usual, emerge out of the peach tree in the inner palace's garden.

A group of white lionkin greets us during their patrol.

>Ask them about Ren
>Just nod and move along towards the office
>Just nod and move along towards the office
We will look for Ren once we have an idea of the Empire's current finances and available Projects for her to approve.
>>Just nod and move along towards the office
File: nabe ponytail.jpg (215 KB, 800x1132)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
The local honey faeries flock over to greet Miel, so we are still slowed down a fair bit as we get surrounded by tiny workers carrying babies or pulling small children along.

Eh, they are all working while taking their children along. I guess we can't expect them to leave them home, but it feels a bit wrong somehow. Well, their biology is different from humans, you don't get the 'nuclear family' model in a bee hive, after all.

We do eventually manage to move forth, though, and find Yin and the girls enjoying tea with cookies while handling just a few documents... well, obviously, 11 people are going to make short work of what used to be a huge pile of documents being handled by just 1 person.

There's a fluffy and sunny feeling in the office, somehow, with a strong floral scent. No, is this a girly scent? I guess this is a 99% girly place, now...

"My lorc? Is something the matter?" - asks Yin, since this is not one of the days we normally drop by the office
"Master, master!" - the harpies get up or crawl over, looking for headpats

Yes, yes, you're all really cute. Let's give you headpats.

"No, its just that there's been a sudden trade deal which will give us a lot of cash flow, so I wanted to assign it to a new project right away."
"Ah, I know the one..." - Yin hands us a brand new document...

Seriously? Its this end's side of the trade deal. Didn't we just approve of it on the other end? Did it just materialize here? The game-like mechanics of this world feel plain weird sometimes.

Well, let's stamp it. Approved.

Now, let's see...

We probably should upgrade the language squares with the Tribal Council upgrade, which will raise their capacity from +3 tribes to +4 each.

>Lets do that
>Lets take the chance to approve a expansion of the merchant navy
>Lets do that
>>Lets do that
>>Lets do that

"Alright, then since we have the budget, let's upgrade the language squares..."
"..." - they
"..." - us
"...?" - they

We're actually being squished by 10 petite beauties.
Yup, we're super popular (with children). In fact we're covered by cute girls at this very moment.

They're 10 beautiful, model like, petite beauties (with wings), kneeling behind us and around us and standing so they can lean forth unto us...

Its (literally, not sexually) hot. Feathers are hot. Being smothered by 20 wings its a little suffocating. Thankfully they're all really light, and with out strenght, its not as if we're actually bothered by the weight, but its still hot.

Oh, I wonder if we should take this chance to officially assimilate our cute harpies into the empire. We'd need to release them so they are not our pets anymore first, though.

>Its fine, we took them in as children, and now that they are hard working office beauties, its fine for them to leave the 'nest' so to speak
>Nonono. My cute chicks aren't ready to leave the nest. We can go find another flock somewhere
>Why not have the local honeyfaery hice take the spot and officially become villagers at last?
>We should probably do a survey and see which tribes are vailable
>We should probably do a survey and see which tribes are vailable
No, I want to keep our little harpies with us.
Also, we should keep them so that they can Rank Up first.
>>We should probably do a survey and see which tribes are vailable
>>We should probably do a survey and see which tribes are vailable

We playfully fall forth unto the floor, and the girls let out a soft, musical series of chuckles as they fall forth on top of us, piling up in a happy mood

"Yes Master~?"
"Can someone hand me the adventurer's guild report on rmonster tribes within our territory?"
"Me!" - chirped 5 girls, and hurried off to look for it

A few minutes later, they come back complaining about there not being such a document.

"Alright... if I wanted to know what monster tribes are, where would I need to ask?"
"Army records?" - says one
"Merchant guild maps." - says another
"That is why, Master wanted an adventurer's guild survey..."

>Can you girls complile one for me, please?
>Can you give me all that info? I'll comple it myself
btw, in general Ren's troops have low att and high defense. Just saying.
>>Can you girls complile one for me, please?
>>Can you girls complile one for me, please?
>>>Can you girls complile one for me, please?

"Ye~es" - chirps Nina
"Me!" - Rosa crawls in and gives us a smooch, then gets up and heads for the file cabinets

There's a chorus of "me too!" as they run away to check documents or request them from other offices

It takes them about 10 minutes, but they sure look busy as they work together.

Documents go and come, tea and cookies follow, but soon enough they have a document they can proudly present to us

Just where did they get THIS info from? Seriously, I would have been happy with just the starting list

Eh... there's a majin tribe roaming around? That's Okaba's people, isn't it?

I wonder what would he say if he knew there's a land where his people count as monsters... it makes me kind of curious. Can we add Kya to our menagerie if we bring her over?

I kind of wanna try...

>Do it
>Better not

Anyway, this is a rather long list... well, we have 2 language squares and already had room for 2 species. With the latest upgrade, that went up to 4...


I had to bullshit a page size so it could all fit in a single page. Sorry about that
Remember that a population unit is up to 10.000 individuals, with the exception of dragons, where a population unit is just 10 individuals.

All other races, its 10.000, ok? That means that if we have 9.999 individuals of X race, that normally means we only have 1 unit to move around the empire, while 10.001 means we have 2.

Well, we have 4 empty slots, so let's add...

>Race 1
>Race 2
>Race 3
>Race 4
>Do it
>Write-in: But ask permission first. Remind Okaba that this is for SCIENCE! If he says no, ask Asmund for an undead and an undead construct to try this with. Again, FOR SCIENCE!
Wait, I thought we already Civilized the Aurochkin? And the Honey Faeries are still Monsters? Does Sunday and the local Hive still show up as Monsters or are they Nomads because they came from the Eastern Continent where they’re Civilized?
I want to get a Pet of each race before we bring them into the Empire, though. So hard to choose.
We civilized the aurochkin...in the jade islands. You need to civilize them per continent

If they reach 10001 and we move a civilized one to the mainland, then they'll count as civilized in the mainland

Same for the honey faeries. They count as civilized in the eastern continent, not the eastern one.

Thats why Majin and succubus show up as monsters HERE, in this continent.
Also remember that Fleur started as a thorny demon then evolved like 4 times and is just 1 evolution short of the end of her evolution chain, and its thanks to her that we have a variety of thorny demon evolutions to choose from since she can breed/seed any of the sub evolutions.

About the succubus, keep in mind that each, stronger evolution is slower to breed than the one before it.
Or wait, is being Civilized (not a Monster) separate from being a Vassal/Citizen off a Civilization?

So the succubi in New Hope are Civilized (not Monsters) but are not Citizens of Eopolis/Albion, so if we build a Language Square in Eopolis we can have them take up a slot in it and become Vassals of Eopolis?
>Same for the honey faeries. They count as civilized in the eastern continent, not the eastern one.

Also in the southern continent.
I thought the Jade Islands were Heavenly Empire territory.
So the guards in the Imperial Palace are okay with Monsters being there? I thought that Sunray and her Hive was Civilized when we got them some land in the capital? Or did that not get done even after we spoke with Ren about it?
Delvers, Dorgeshi, Aurochkin, Eyeless Ones (after we take one as a Pet)
yes but they still count as other continent. Think Oceania

And yes the succubi in New Hope count as civilized (villager class) but arent citizens of any one nation right now

To be civilized in a continent, you need to OWN land in that continent
To be a citizen you need to be either your own major faction (at least 10 units of population), or have joined one through a language square

I totally forgot about that, You are right, they would count as civilized, but not as citizens until we add them through a language square
Anyway, do you WANT to add them to Ren's empire? It will be a hassle to have them migrate en masse later when we get them their first hive ship...
Right, its a good bonus
We COULD just move the whole tribe from the jade islands to the mainland, though i guess it would be a hassle if we need them to abandon the village they already built there... may be faster to just find another tribe in the continent and have THEM own land, then join
>Eyeless Ones
Yeah, its a good solid bonus
>(after we take one as a Pet)
Can I ask why? I just imagine a humanoid mouse, sort of like a nezumi. I guess a girl would be petite, use hude eyeglasses, have a tiny set of ears and a tail... its the glasses factor, isn't it?
No, all fairy peoples are to belong to Miel and the Miel Hegemony. I’m sorry to Ren and Mako, but that’s my position and I won’t change my mind on it.

I’m actually having second thoughts about the Eyeless Ones; they sound like a people that could be useful to the Plant Faeries. Maybe instead of adding them to the Empire, add the Equus so that the food production is there for when the Drakken get added.

Yes, the petite glasses factor.
I want to expand our Pet Harem, so definitely get a female Lupus Regio before adding them to the Empire.
>Lupus Regio
You did notice that was a joke about Stella's tribe, right?

I think the mole people would be too big for the hive ships. Sure, I imagine they would be about dwarf size, but still... the thing is that faeries can shrink, most species cannot.

So anyway lets see... you want to add both flavours of dwarf to the empire, plus the centaurs and aurochkin, right?

And get a pet of which tribes? There's a LOT of advantages in adding Kya to the menagerie, really. The 'you can't actually kill her' being the most important one, obviously
>You did notice that was a joke about Stella's tribe, right?

Come think about it, I think I only commented on twitter once that Stella can actually shapeshift into a dire wolf... well, dire puppy :P
File: Stella 002.jpg (80 KB, 803x348)
80 KB
Ah good I found the pic. I guess I did post it here, though it was literal years ago.

I remember joking about the wolf shape having a bit of colored hair matching her own.
Well, adding Kya to our Menagerie is for SCIENCE! and if she feels like the immortality aspect is safe then she can keep the slot.

As for Pets/harem members: Lupus Regio (make her wear a priestess robe), Eyeless One, Haunter, Hurnas are the ones I want.
Drakken would also be good, and maybe one of the other harpy types.
I’m unsure about the construct/elementals.
And maybe a Jungle Faerie as well.
Anyway, lets see if i got it...

both dwarves

And someone mentioned Stella's tribe?

That's still 1 race too many, you guys wanna make your votes again or we going with just the first 4

Oh ok hold on, then for newly assimilated tribes into Ren's kingdom is:


And for the menagerie/harem is

Lupus Regio,,, i thought we were adding Stella in 3-4 years? You want a wolfgirl NOW? And why the priestess robe? Is this a Lunar reference?

If its a lunar reference, remember to carry protection when you with her into the forest

Drakken... we already got Tanis, Akroma and Tien, though?

I think I butchered Akroma's name, but we haven't played with our hikikomori dragon in a while. We also got a new dragon recently, remember? (I forgot her name ;_; )

Construct/Elementals ... its just a intelligence inside a body or iron... unless we all want to go with a Kos-Mos -like construct, I guess?

Jungle Faery, right. So, have we agreed on what they actually look like? Same as honey faeries, just slightly taller, or are they delicious brown or what?
>Lupus Regio
Even if we add Stella, I still want another wolfgirl, maybe one that’s more mature.

As for the Jungle Faeries, I was thinking delicious brown Amazons.
>We also got a new dragon recently, remember? (I forgot her name ;_; )
Did we? There’s Atruma, our hikikomori NEET dragon. Tanis, our strong and independent dragon. And Tiel, the Fairy Dragon born from Atruma and Miel II.

I suppose you could include Radiant, our mount, but she hasn’t shown her sapience yet.
>And why the priestess robe? Is this a Lunar reference?
It’s an Overlord reference, to Lupus Regina Beta.
File: wolfgirl priestess.png (480 KB, 763x807)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
Yeah, we got another field dragon while going to Bastion on the rockitship. It was a random field monster and we tamed her. She's a very classical dragoness in that she was just gathering treasure because she's building a horde previous to mating and laying eggs, so her personality is pretty different from Tanis.

I guess she's more of an older sister type while Tanis has a more 'late teens' feel to her. I am sorry to say I forgot her name, but im sure its in the archives.

ah, the sadist.
I was dissapointed by how they skipped her fun moment vs the troll. In the LN she has a lot of fun beating the troll and goes full sado when she realizes she can smash it and break all its bones and it wont die unless she actually burns it

So, a more mature wolfgirl (around what age?), Kya, a jungle faery, and that's all? Or do you wanna add a bubble faery to have another plant faery too?

<-- i thought you meant this wolfgirl priestess since you said white priestess robe and lupus wears black
btw i love lupusregina's hat
Oh, right, that dragon. I’ll have to update my notes.

>a more mature wolfgirl (around what age?)
Maybe around early 20’s, an adult but young? Basically the same maturity as say, Aritsu and Lyann (though Lyann is very mature for her age).

>bubble faery
Oh, yes, having one member each of the fairies of the Hegemony sounds like a good idea.

I hope we have enough Menagerie slots.
Does the number of slots increase our Beastmaster levels go up?
File: fashionable centaur.png (1.26 MB, 844x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>though Lyann is very mature for her age
shes aaaaaaaaa~lmost 20 now, but she's delaying her aging with her collar since she's waiting for us, so she looks 17, but i guess you are right

>Does the number of slots increase our Beastmaster levels go up?
Yes, IIRC we have 5 empty slots remaining, so lets see...

1st - jungle faery
2nd - bubble faery
3rd - kya?
4th - wolfgirl
5th - centaur

Need to level up if you want to get slots for another harpy type, and a centaur, or should we switch one of the above for a centaur?
File: centaur knight.jpg (965 KB, 1450x1500)
965 KB
965 KB JPG
ah my bad i had already included the centaur

By the way, apparent ages for the future pets?
Centaur - mid-age woman
Wolfgirl - young adult, early 20’s
Jungle Faery - 19-22’s
Bubble Faery - 16-18
That sound okay?
>Centaur - mid-age woman
what do you call middle age? late 30s and early 40s?
oh and do you want the jungle faery to be a queen, drone or warrior?
I was thinking mid- to late-30’s.

On the one hand, a Warrior or Worker would be useful. But getting Queens would be in keeping with our theme.
Alright, so, continue by showing the interface to Miel and talking about it with her, or do you wanna go out on a 'hunting expedition' for new pets?
I want to stick with Miel for now. We can go on a hunting expedition afterwards or even after our trip with Miel.
File: worth.png (665 KB, 541x738)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
sure, seems best. Im goin to bed now, see you guys on sunday. Any ideas, suggestions or requests, feel free to post them and ill read them between now and then
We thank our harpies with headpats all around, then sit down to look at what they came up with.

Honestly, it is pretty useful info if you are planning on adding new citizens to your country. Some provide a very strong, but also very specific bonus to a specific location, while others grant a smaller but empire-wide benefit.

Still, 10.000 people per unit... I can't decide if it is a lot or not. I mean, a medium size city has what, 280.000 people or so? And a capital can easily exceed millions.

We pull Miel over and have her sit with us to look at this together.

"Oh. If you want honey faery population to go up, you need to assign us to cities with plains or forests, you know?" - she comments when she hears our mumbling
"Is that so?" - we look at her, and lean in to give her a little kiss - "I bet I could help you raise your population in any terrain, though. One cute baby at a time, though."
"M-master!" - she complains while blushing

Uhmm... but it looks like you do need to investigate each tribe a bit more than that. They each have a favorite enviroment and even a different culture. From what we know about dwarves, for example, they prefer a industrial society over a farming one, and majin definitively prefer monarchy to republic as their system of government.

In other words, you can't just assimilate whatever you want as if you were a child in a candy store.

Right bonus
Right terrain
Right government

You need to think about all of those.

For now, let's pull open the General Management screen for the Heavenly Empire.

It allows us to see a overall screen of our current trade routes, but doesn't allows us to assign them.

I know, its because we're the general manager, not the minister of finance, like we are for Mako. In other words, our work is different.

We can assign new projects to different cities or even on a national scale. We can also point a general direction for research, but we can't specifically say 'research this next'.

My guess is that we'd need to be the Minister of Science for that.

We can see our military budget, and again, point towards a type of unit (Cavalry, Navy, Infantry), but not specifically say "this, build horse cavalry". That would be the job of general Li, right?

So, again.

We can assign large projects, we can point our researchers in a specific direction (but not towards a specific discovery), and our military towards a type of unit (but not towards a specific unit).

What else can we do?

We can assign diplomats to assimilate specific tribes of monsters... we didn't need to go ourselves? Ah, but it says here that they would be assimilated by the end of the turn, which means that going ourselves is, usually, much faster.

Well, there's just something like 3 months remaining for the end of this turn, so it wouldn't really be that long in this case... that makes me wonder, with this world's RPG mechanics, what happens if we assign all prokects on the day right before the end of turn?


Somehow, that sounds a little scary. Seeing a new building pop up from one day to the next would feel weird... to us, anyway. I wonder if this world's people would even bat an eye...

Anyway, we can also... oh, we can move units of population from one city to another, by switching to a city-by-city screen. This... this feels like a LOT of micromanaging.

It feels like we'd need to get acquainted with the preferences and bonuses of every single type of population in the empire.

>This is one of those great times to delegate. Yup, let's put Yin in charge of population movement
>Just do it (will take the rest of the day)
>Other: We will micromanage later; for now we need to pay attention to Miel
I should elaborate:
I want to set up the initial micromanaging of the city populations, then delegate to Yin once we have the system in place and a set of guidelines for her to follow. That way she should only need to tweak things rather than it being a big pile of work for her.

This way we can look like we know what we're doing, and spend more time with Miel (and Yin when we're in the office).
File: ally traits.pdf (48 KB, PDF)
48 KB
Well I already posted the benefits of a unit of population of the tribes that can be added. Just remember those bonuses grow at 10/20/50 units of population in a non-linear manner.

Anyway, posting in pdf the bonuses and traits of our friend's empires

I'll see you guys tomorrow, most likely
>This is one of those great times to delegate. Yup, let's put Yin in charge of population movement
That girl needs a rise
The Yellowleaves bonuses reminds me of the Forest Dome facility and Ecological-type Secret Projects from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Since Sinoe is going to be on the throne of Yellowleaves and not Aritsu, I guess we won't get access to their menus.

Which reminds me, Lyann, Aritsu, and Dawn need to be pampered as well.
Well, for playing into their fetishes, lead around our island manor naked while we forcefully take them in front of the maids, then making them watch as we force ourselves on the maids (only the ones who asked for it earlier, of course).
>The Yellowleaves bonuses reminds me of the Forest Dome facility and Ecological-type Secret Projects from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Uff I played that YEARD ago, maybe over a decade ago?

Anyway, the yellowleaves bonuses are designed so they expand the forest, and allies want to stay allies. Losing their ally bonuses its really hard, in various ways, thus, diplomatic win
I found the reference to our third dragon:
Spelth'Gagaron - [Ancient Dragon] Level 540 at time of capture (20 levels above Tanis and a point of argument between the two), humanoid form is: 6’2” tall and curvy elf with pale skin, bright green hair, and golden eyes.

She was saving up ores for when she gets pregnant with a child, and we learned a little bit about dragon breeding requirements, how soft ores produce smart kids and hard ores are good for muscles and bones for strong kids.

We should set aside private places on our island where the dragons can keep their hoards (and a room in the manor for Atruma, since she's so afraid of the outside).
We should talk about having children with Tanis and Spelth, talking over things like how dragons rate the metals for dragon growth (so that Eldric can work out what properties of metals best create the desired effect), and how alloys like brass, bronze, and steel affect growth.
And I want to talk about having kids with Atruma too, just to bully and tease her.
Right, that reminds me that Spelth's humanoid form is an elf because she's old fashioned and elves used to be the most common race, while Tanis is younger and humans are prevalent right now
Reading back through the archives, we complained at one point that maybe we should get a stealthy Pet.

For that purpose, I'm thinking a Haunter or an Owl Harpy (because of how quiet they are when flying).
So one vote to pay attention to miel and micromanage later, and one vote to delegate it to yin.
>>This is one of those great times to delegate. Yup, let's put Yin in charge of population movement
So we're going to dump the entire thing on Yin, even as she doesn't have access to the screens since she's not the Minister?

Why do you always make her life harder?
>Just do it
so is still tied? should i just flip a coin?
>Other: We will micromanage later; for now we need to pay attention to Miel
Give her a big rise and promotions
There’s no place to go up in the hierarchy, though.
Make her acting minsister when we not there?
Giving her authority to approve in our place, why are we needed? It’s not like we came up with and implemented new taxation policies or reorganized the currency, so at that point we would be out of a job.
She dose most if not all the work anyways and all we do is stamp shit.
We ant that needed really.
We would be better as an advisor rolw for her
Then vote to tender our resignation if that's what you want.

Well, we do have a different mentality. Our uncle for example is a great manager, but he's not really worried about 'winning' or 'advancing the era'. He's worried about his responsibilities in the present, and about things like coming up with fair veteran pensions for 1/11th of the total population, rebuilding the teleport gates that grandpa took down, managing the unruly nobles, diminishing corruption, etc.

Yin would pretty much do the same. She would be great in many ways, but Ren's empire would still be stuck at ERA II if we didn't push things forth.

Honestly, im pretty sure either Okaba or Asmund would 'win' if left alone, because they both just happen to love research and their win confitions are research-triggered anyway.

I even stole the achievement from Endless Space for if/when either of them wins.

"Science. It works" with a golden tab showing a test tube
Come think about it, we could help our uncle a lot if we told him about the idea of an 'army reserve' and using the troops as construction workers, like the roman legions. Then instead of pensions, they would be salaries, which would be better and uncle could easily justify to the senate
I was thinking of keeping the soldiers in a National Guard/Army Reserve because we know that the [ERROR] invasion is coming and we're going to need trained soldiers, but not for a year, so rather than losing those soldiers it would be better to let them go back to civilian life while staying in shape and keeping up with their military training for a small salary.

Putting them to work as construction and infrastructure is also a viable option.
One that we would have needed to implement anyway in order have all of the VIsions of Glory structures built in all of the towns of Eopolis.
They still need to be paid pensions when they retire, though. And that pension is likely to become bigger because of the longer service.
We'll need to crunch the numbers on that, and we'll need to reduce non-combat pension accrual so that we can keep the final price to the Eopolis Treasury down.
After thinking about it for a while, decided it was better to use smiley faces than numbers. It just looks so much better.

To trigger any tier of bonuses, you need at least 1, 10, 20 and 50 population units of a single species ON THE SAME CITY, not empire-wide, k?
is that a get? i mean, its normally on the zeros but thats so many nine's it looks pretty nice
Oh and remember that a population unit is at least 10.000 individuals.
File: 003.jpg (192 KB, 1000x1500)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Uhmm I expected some comment on the pdf by now.


We spend a fair while just sitting down next to Miel as we look over the population screen.

There's about a hundred towns, but basically none of them reach the single digit population unit, so they are excluded, akbeit they do appear as valid trade route destinations for merchant caravans within the country.

Rather than producing gold or science though, national merchant routes simply move supplies around, which makes them a good way encourage population growth.

In fact, we find that there's at least 3 supply caravans headed to Paskua, the large island (hex) off shore from the main continent.

"Uhmm... so that's how the minotaurs reached a full population unit so fast." - we nod to ourselves
"Whom?" - asks Miel.
"Moccha and Cremâs' tribe."
"Ah, the aurochkin."
"Yes, indeed." - we pull her in for a gentle squeeze and smooch her

I see, so this is the difference between building immigrant districts or integrating the population directly into the empire. In Ren's kingdom, each different tribe has to grow on its own, be managed on its own, and needs its own space, but in return, they grant more varied bonuses, while in Mako's, they are directly integrated into the main population and boost its numbers directly.

Well, both ways have their pros and cons, since some tribes have openly conflicting political preferences.

Let's write down the numbers for Yin, along with their racial traits so she can make suggestions on moving them around, if needed.

Ah, I wonder if that wouldn't generate a conflict of interests? I mean, her people are included in this too, after all.

Anyway, let's just hang out with Miel for a few hours, then

>Head back to Bastion when it is time for lunch there to spend time with our puppygirl imouto.
>Take Yin and our faery queen to the island manor and have some fun with them
>Take our harpies (to our local) home and assign them rooms, then spend some quality time pampering them for a bit.
By the way, it may be worth it to mention the pólitical party system, i think?

A government can have 1, 2, 3 or more parties, and while it is easier to 'get things done' with just one party receiving orders from the beloved leader and passing laws unanimously and in a timely manner (it would be just rude to make the beloved leader wait), it doesn't really gives much representation to the interests of the people.

Incidentally, Ren's empire is a 1 party system, and she assigned power to a Pacifist party (policy, really), which grants large bonuses to economical and social development, while penalizing approval each time a new military building or unit gets built.

As for the concerns of the people? Well, rather than having representatives in congress, the people in the Heavenly Empire can go directly to Ren about their concerns, so its hard to point a finger and say 'tyrant' you know? She really works hard for her people...

On the other hand, it means they only ever make the trip over really important things, and some times not even then, since they just feel awkward and rude, going to waste the empress' time with their problems.

Well, nothing is perfect, after all.

Honoria and Asmund also have 1-party systems in place.

Mako has a 2-party system, and I assume you are familiar with how that works.

Our motherland of Eopolis has a multi-party system with 4 parties, which allows pretty much everyone to speak their minds, but can really slow down congress sessions and pretty much demands a two hall system.

Deputies represent different sectors of the population and then after agreeing on it, hand the issues to the senators above them.

By the way, more political parties also allows for more extraordinary laws to be in effect at any one time. Think about them like general empire policies.

Asmund, Honoria, and Ren's governments have 1 Law slot

Okaba and Mako's governments have 3 Law slots.

Uncle Wolfric runs a 5 Law slot government.

Well, Laws also tend to have a upkeep cost... in short they have good and bad things. I'll try and see if I can come up with a pdf chart with them.
>Head back to Bastion when it is time for lunch there to spend time with our puppygirl imouto.
>Take our harpies (to our local) home and assign them rooms, then spend some quality time pampering them for a bit.
Can't we do both by abusing the time zone difference between Mantequira and Bastion?
>Can't we do both by abusing the time zone difference between Mantequira and Bastion?

Sure, but we'll spend a bit less time with Miel. I guess its okay since we're taking her along with us, though?
I think it's okay because all of the time will be with Miel.
I want to do all three things, but there's just not enough time. We need to find a way to eliminate the need for sleep from Eldric so he has more time to get things done while still pampering all of the women he has.
Well we could try the REM sleep thing the shadows do.

You need to REALLY tire yourself for 3-4 days, then when you go to sleep you go straight into REM sleep, which is what actually rests your brain.

Normally you get about 15 minutes of REM sleep a day with 6 hours of sleep, but if you do this and catnap 30 minutes every few hours, you actually get 2 hours of REM sleep. Let me see if I can link you to some articles...


There's a lot of other unusual sleep regimes you can look up on google, really.
Speaking of pampering all of our women, maybe it's time to consider a change to the maid uniform code at our island manor? It's a tropical island, so it must get hot.

Is a maid kamisk possible?

The problem I have with that sleep schedule is the need to stop actions every hour or two for a 30 min nap. That might be fine for some types of work, but I want continuous activity, especially for level grinding.
like i said, there are other sleep schedules out there if you google them.

The shadows use one i found YEARS ago where you sleep 15 minutes every 6 hours so you get 2 hours of REM sleep per day with 2 hours of sleep per day instead of 15 minutes with 6 hours of sleep.
That's still 15 minutes every 6 hours we have to stop.

I want 0 downtime, all uptime.
Do some ice, or coke
Took me a while, but this should be the last government-related PDF for a long while.

I hope.

This thread will probably named "PDFs, PDFs everywhere"...

Anyway, go to our fluffymouto in Bastion after assigning rooms to the harpies in our Mantequira manor, right?
Right. And thanks for the PDF's.
File: harpy rosa.png (2.59 MB, 1014x1500)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
We spread the smooches and headpats all around, and take our cute office ladies (to our local) home for a meal.

Our butler is obviously happy about getting to do his job, and our harpies are happy about having a meal in such a pretty place, while Yin seems as nervous as if she was sitting in the middle of a rocking chair convention, tails spread in all directions.

We're not going to pin you against the table and do lewd things to you in front of our cutesy harpies, you know? Silly Yin.

Anyway, the meal goes by quite nicely, and the harpies seem to love the local food. We do need to remind them to actually eat the greens too, and not just the meaty bits, but overall it all goes quite well.

Ah... should we tell Miel to eat some meaty bits and not just the greens, though? I mean, she's a bee, right? And arent faeries vegetarians?

No, wait, Fleur is a lot of things, but vegetarian is not one of them. Then again, she's basically a maneater plant-based faery so she may be the exception...

I guess we'll just need to trust she knows what is best for herself.

"Master, here~" - Nina leans over while holding a spoon with
"Yes, yes. Ooom"

That causes a small crisis as the rest of the harpies all try to feed us, but a simple reminder not to play with their food calms them down with minimal fuss.

Things are, indeed, going quite nicely until we suggest they pick a room, so they don't have to [Treestride]-commune from home to work every day.

They don't like that at all, and many openly start crying about us 'kicking them out' and about how much they'll miss 'mommies and daddy' as well as 'their siblings'...

>I... uh, I guess we do need to kick them out of the nest at some point, after all...
>You can still go back home whenever with [Treestride] you know?
>You don't have to if you don't want to, but don't you want your own room?
>You can still go back home whenever with [Treestride] you know?
Until they Rank Up most of them are still kids.
"Well, you can [Treestride] home from the garden at the back, you know?"
"Ah!" - they immediately cheer up, and a few run off to check it
"Uuuuh~" - Nikita is still crying by our side, though
"What is it?"
"I thought Master was kicking us o-out..." - she manages to say, then starts crying even harder

I guess she was really scared

Let's pull her into a hug and give her a smooch

"There, there. I'm not going to kick you out, you know?"

>Not until you evolve again, anyway
Not until you evolve again, anyway
Man, way to be a dick by hitting them right where their childhood trauma of abandonment hurts.
File: harpy names.jpg (838 KB, 2640x1208)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
well, since i didnt add the " " at the beginning and the end, this was meant to be Eldric's inner thoughts, though. Not what he'd directly say to them.

>Not until you evolve again, anyway


"Yes, really."
"W-waaah!" - eh... now she's crying again

And hugging us

[Your pet [Nikita] has accumulated enough experience to evolve. Would you like to evolve her now? Y/N]

Eh? They haven't been fighting anything, though, so I guess this use of the word 'experience' has a different meaning, right?

[Your pet [Janice has accumulated enough experience to evolve. Would you like to evolve her now? Y/N]

E-eh!? Why Janice, though!? Looking around real quick, we find her quietly looking at us from across the table, and a little to the left.

Uhn-- this girl, could it be that she's been quietly growing up without us noticing? Makes me feel like a terribly irresponsible dad, though...

Anyway! We had been waiting for this! So Yes! So Yes!

It was important, so I said it twice.

[Your pet [Nikita] has followed the [Assassin] evolution path and will now evolve for the last time. Please pick her final form]
>Fury [Wind] Melee-based
>Statue [Arcane] Magic-based
>Aello [Darkness] Death-based

Eh? I guess Aello is the final evolution of the assassin path, though the name doesn't really evokes that feeling, to be honest.

Well, let's see..


Uhmm give me all their names again? I need to update this image
I'm pretty sure that they all at least Ranked Up to [Holy] by working at our shipping company.

Nina - intelligent one (still bird-brained) and most mature. Magic Tree. Sorceress
Rank [Divine] [Gold]
Rosa - Pink and girly. Magic Tree. Witch. Rank [Holy]
Adrianna - Runt of the litter. Smallest, has platinum blonde hair, brown wings, and blue eyes, and is Rogue Tree. Rank [Holy]
Pamela - Big boobs and short, Assassin evolution. Rank [Holy]
Janice - Blue Harpy of Happiness, Seducer, a dodge-based tank. Rank [Holy]
Nikita - Assassin. Rank [Holy]
Lyudmila - brown, eagle-like, Sniper. Rank [Holy]
Tanya - Sniper. Rank [Holy]
Sophia - Archer/Healer. Rank [Holy]
Matty - Archer. Rank [Holy]
>I'm pretty sure that they all at least Ranked Up to [Holy] by working at our shipping company.

Yes but that's sort of a template, not an actual evolution. It shows their level of intelligence, not their physical evolution.

Thanks, that makes me realize they're actually two evolutions away from max, still. Let me retype, then.

They're evolving to Gold now, not Diamond yet, but do you want Nikita to evolve into a melee or magic variety, or further specialize into assassin?
I think have Nikita further specialize into Assassin, so go for Aello.
And then Pamela can go into the [Arcane] path, and take the Statue evolution.
And for my notes, the other harpies are still Ranked [Holy][Silver]?
Hold on im realizing I got the beams mixed, the threads made into a mess, and the paths mixed.

I fucked up, hold on, checking notes and will repost the options soon.
Alright here we go

Nikita - Rank [Holy] Rogue/Assassin
She's at gold, so she can either raise her intelligence to [Divine] which is adult human, or evolve her body, so its either
>Intelligence Holy -> Divine
>Class Assassin -> Aello (further assassin specialization)
>Class Assassin -> Statuesque (Magic)
>Class Assassin -> Erinye (melee damage)

Janice - Rank [Holy] Defender/Seducer (dodge-base tank)
>Intelligence Hply -> Divine
>Class Seducer -> Specter (further dodge-based)
>Class Seducer -> Roc (defensive stats boost)
>Class Seducer -> Erinye (melee based)

There we go, all streamlined now
nah, physically they're all gold (except Matty, she's still silver for some reason), but so far nina is the only one that is divine, meaning she's actually a young adult rather than a child, intelligence-wise.

Looks-wise, they all look in their mid-to-late teens
I'd say to Rank Up her Intelligence.
The Intelligence Ranks become locked once their physical Ranks reach maximum, so we need to finish Intelligence before Physical Evolutions.

Also, a higher Intelligence will help them with social interactions, which will let them accrue more experience that goes towards Rank Ups.
that also means Matty is the only one that looks somehwere in her early teens. I guess intelligence and looks wise, its like this

Nina. Young adult int-wise, late teens look-wise
Everyone else (except Matty). Child to pre-teen int-wise, late teens look-wise
Matty, child to pre-teen int-wise, juuust entering her teens, look-wise

I wonder if we should drag Matty around to give her more life experience or send her to a job where she's more involved with people...
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Fury [Wind] Melee-based
Sorry man I made a series of mistakes, ignore >>2842996 and check >>2843096 instead
>Class Assassin -> Aello (further assassin specialization)


Intelligence Hply -> Divine

Lets go eith this.
Though if people wana power game it il change
We should bring Matty, Tiel, and Fleur around with us more so that they can Rank Up their Intelligence. And Fleur especially needs to learn more so that she stops trying to eat everything and properly talks.

>Nikita: Rank Up Intelligence [Holy] -> [Divine]
>Janice: Rank Up Intelligence [Holy] -> [Divine]
So wait, if they're already all [Gold] evolutions, wouldn't Nikita and Janice going up in their physical evolution push them into [Diamond]?
Okay so >>2843111 wants to rank up both their int
And >>2843136 wants to raise Janice's int to divine and further specialize her into assassin, right?

As for their int, yes, we can still raise their int later, but their final int wont be -quite- as high.

If they raise their int sooner, the end result will be that much higher

physical evolutions are like this
Copper -> Silver -> Gold -> Diamond -> Mythic

Spelth and Tanis are both in Mythic, btw. With divine intelligence, so we can't evolve them anymore, just level them up

Alright, so we have 2 votes for raising their int

We decide to pump up both Nikita and Janice's intelligence, so we choose that option, and after clicking 'yes' on the [Confirm Y/N] window, our cute pets glow softly (yup, very softly. None of that blinding light business),

Yup, their long term growth is more important than a small power boost right now. Definitively. We're best dad.


Come think about it, we should probably take Matty along with us until we get a chance to raise her int and/or her physical evolutions, shouldn't we?

Let's take a look at her status window, and...

Why does she have an accessory equipped? No, I mean, we gave all of our cute pets a set of water breathing + fire resistance accessories so they can party up with Lyra and Fahima with no issues, so where did Head Accessory [Feather of Eternity] came from?

We look at the tinniest harpy. She's about as big as Adrianna. Or rather, as small as Adrianna, without the all too-big-for-her-body-frame frontal fruits,

She has an ahegao. There's just no other way to call it. It's a long and bright golden feather that looks perfectly at home between her platinum gold hair and head feathers.

Looking up its stats...

[Feather of Eternity] - Equipped creature cannot evolve.

The fuck?

>Rip it out
Above [Divine] is [Legendary] Intelligence, correct?
I thought there was one more tier above [Divine].
No, that too was me fucking up. I should do a better job of keeping notes, but when you're blind you really don't like keeping notes in the 1st place
We need to look at it further, maybe even check the Lightbringer Archives and the Heavenly Empire Records for legends about the [Feather of Eternity].

Not being able to Evolve might lead to some great power up, like [GAINS] does.

What's more, she has [Holy] intelligence, but its still at her Bronze evolution... meaning she must have gotten it at some point BEFORE we even found her.

At least it allowed us to raise her intelligence... wait, if we let it on and raise her in to [Divine], and THEN let her evolve, won't the end result be that much higher in the end?

Uh... maybe its function is just as it says, but for subtle reasons. In that case, we should just do our best to get her intelligence to go up soon

Meanwhile Kanice. Nikita and Nina have grouped up and are having an enthusiastic conversation.

Their int is already at [Divine] so they are at least as smart as any young adult's now, isn't it?

It is a little heartwarming to see that they're growing up so nicely. And, we can probably count on them to look over their little sisters.

It was, indeed, a lot to expect from Nina to supervise nine hyperactive children on her own, after all.

Yup, 1:2 or 1:3 its a lot more manageable than 1:9

"Matty, come here."
"Ye~es" - the pale blond chirps happily as she pats pats over to us and sits next to us with a FLOMP!-like sound
"Let me look at that thing on the top of your head for a bit..." - we say gently while holding her head down to look at the accessory.

It really isn't part of her. It clearly has a brooch at its base, and its clipped on discreetly, sort of like a hair extension.

I sort of want to try removing it, but have this deep suspicion that it would be better to wait until after doing some research in the matter.

"Uwaa~" - Matty seems pretty happy

She seems to think we're just rubbing her head to pet her. Well, its fine, isn't it?

>Have Janice, Nikita and Nina take their sisters to pick a room.
File: harpy names.jpg (784 KB, 2612x1184)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
Alright, updated the image with their names
>Have Janice, Nikita and Nina take their sisters to pick a room.

We are about to ask the smart three to wrangle the little ones when we remember our ring.

Taking out our [Ring of Knowledge], we get ready to look at Matty's ahegao, when we realize that just looking at -her- actually gives us a lot of useful info.

[Evolutions Ready: 10]

Uhm- well, that can't be right, can it? I mean, if she's bronze, she needs to go to silver, then gold, then diamond, and finally mythic.

The point is, there's not -that- many evolutions to go, even adding in her int-upgrade

Matty looks perfectly happy to let us rub her head, though, and cute little "waa~" and chuckles leave her little mouth every few seconds.

Finally looking straight at the [Feather of Eternity] through our ring, it says:

[Delays standard evolution to unlock alternative or unique evolution paths]

[Currently Available: Assassin, Healer, Sniper, Monsoon, Harpyja, Teraform, Byangomi, Berunda, Homa, Argentavis]

What is this, I don't even know...

>Remove the accessory and have her evolve
>Keep it there until her intelligence goes up
>Keep it there until her intelligence goes up
We need more Harpy chicks to try out all these different Evolution paths.
Well, Assassin, Healer and Sniper are standard jobs her sisters already have

Can we focus on each of the others to get an explanation, though?

Monsoon (unique archer variation) - AoE specialist ranged attacker

Harpyja (unique archer variation) - High damage single target ranged attacker

Teraform (species mutation) - melee brute with highest physical stats of all harpy evolutions. Cannot use skills

Byangomi (species mutation) - Attack Caster with four arms that can use three spells per turn

Berunda (species mutation) - Supprt Caster and melee defender with high hp and defenses

Homa (species mutation) - melee assault. Can move in, attack and retreat to safety in the same turn.

Argentavis (species mutation) - Largest harpy evolution still capable of flight. Highest stats in all attributes. Cannot use magic, but can use skills.

>We need more Harpy chicks to try out all these different Evolution paths.
Well, now we have three 'adults' if you wanna try breeding them, I guess
The problem would getting enough [Feather of Eternity] to level up and Rank Up the harpies in a timely manner.
Really, thats the only problem? And here i hoped someone would say "we couldnt possible lewd our cute daughterus."
Does the [Ring of Knowledge] give us any clue as to how to get more Feathers?
Then there’s considerations of Racial Bonuses; do different Harpy breeds have different stats, since they give different civilization bonuses?
Nope, but I guess I can tell you as a free service after fucking up so much. Sometimes a monster is just born with a rare item

yes but honestly the difference is only important on the first few levels. Its just too small to really make a difference.

The population bonuses ARE significant from a civilization manager point of view, but certainly not from an individual's point of view. I mean, do you care if 50000 humans give a bonus to their city? It doesnt helps YOU in combat, does it?
>yes but honestly the difference is only important on the first few levels
I was wondering if it affected skill or stat caps; like how in some games certain races are best for certain classes.

So we need to grind some more Beastmaster levels to increase our Menagerie slots.
We should talk with our dragons and fairies more on the topic of breeding and foods that affect offspring.
And check on the progress of Miel’s Throneship.
>I was wondering if it affected skill or stat caps; like how in some games certain races are best for certain classes.

Monsters follow a certain guideline for leveling up, such as gaining more agi or str, but for civilized peoples, it is more about their job and class.

Noble gets bonuses to caster classes every level, while villagers get physical bonuses. So, a noble singer has much better stats than a villager singer, if you are trying to min max.

The harpies get stats based on their race, so a level 300 roc has very different stats than a level 300 aello or a level 300 fury.

I guess it depends. If you are asking about monsters, then their current evolution determines their stats as they level up

If you are asking about civilized folks, its related to their jobs and classes.

Which reminds me, if we switch a monster into a civilized folk, their levels get redistributed, which is, I think, why we didnt do that with Lyann, since her 350+ levels in like 12 different classes would just turn her into a [Shattered]-race monster level 2900+ (exp converted, its not as easy as 12*350, oviously)

Well, we would certainly get to evolve her all at once, though, so we could pump her int to divine before having her evolve and finally have the system assign her stats.
Come think about it, level 2933 is nothing to sneeze at... evolutions included, she may actually squish grandpa without much hassle <.<
Seriously? Is Eldric really that weak?
Because right now even Stella has more levels on him.

He's not weak, he's stronger than 99.9999& of the population, its just that we don't 'work at leveling up' like grandpa, stella, our monsters, or lyann do.

We do a lot of other stuff too, remember?

And both Mako and Ren basically leech exp off entire (literal) armies as they harvest supplies and goods inside their nation's foodgeons.

I wouldn't call him weak.
I would. We should grind our Beastmaster levels high enough that we have multiple Pet parties grinding XP deep in dungeons while we have XP Bonuses and [GAINS] turned on to get double the attribute increases on level up.
If we stay outside of dungeons ourselves and have our Pets farm XP for us, we can get the benefits of [GAINS] without the threat of permadeath.
That sounds reasonable.

So, wanna drag Miel, Matty, Fleur, Stella and Kya along for a while as we level up BeastMaster?
Yes. And lets try some dungeons we haven’t done before. Maybe Lapsionia, or some of the ones in Bastion that Stella can guide us on.

And send some rock-it ships with trees to Raid Dungeons.

I want Miel to experience some of the thrill of adventuring with Eldric that they used to have.
Since we were planning to go have lunch with Stella, why not some of the harder Bastion dungeons?

Well, for the time being, let's wait until Matty's intelligence levels up before thinking about letting her evolve.

Besides, her ahegao looks cute, anyway. Cuteness is important, so its alright.

So, we ask Janice, Nikita and Nina to take their sisters and go pick rooms to stay in.

"ah~" - complains Matty gently when Nikita picks her up like a kitten and carries her off in her arms.

They are sisters, but it honestly looks like a heartwarming mather-daughter combo right now...

wawawa, let's dispel that image away.

*we shake our hand before our eyes until that illusion dissapears*

Yup, our cutesy harpies are much too young to be moms yet.

It was just that we were deceived by how cute they look, that's all.

"Those girls can really eat..." - whispers Yin as she looks at the devastated dinner table.

There's dozens of empty bowls, as well as discarded dishes and cutlery.

It should be said, the cuttlery has politely been left on top of the empty dishes. It is not a messy scene. Because mom has taught them properly.

As well as the elderly couple from the restairant they like. Thankyou very much.

"Isn't it fine? Children should be full of energy." - says Miel as she sees their retreating backs with warm eyes

That's right. Miel is an experienced mom, after all.


>Let the servants clean the table, and go with Miel and Yin to check how the harpies are doing
>Lets go have some digestive drinks in the gardens outside
>Maybe a nice hot bath before we go back to Bastion
>Lets go have some digestive drinks in the gardens outside
>>Let the servants clean the table, and go with Miel and Yin to check how the harpies are doing
>Let the servants clean the table, and go with Miel and Yin to check how the harpies are doing
>Other: remember to put the two White Mantises in our Menagerie.
And our cat familiar really isn’t ours anymore, is he? I wonder if he even recognizes us as Master.
>And our cat familiar really isn’t ours anymore, is he? I wonder if he even recognizes us as Master.
he never did. He was always mom's cat, in many ways.


"...cute it might be, yet this is wrong on so many levels." - points out Miel as she looks at the winged girls

Why? Because they all agreed unanomously to roost in our bedroom, that's why. Even the three most developed ones agreed with the feeling of chickens staying close to their mother.

Thus, they are right in the middle of bringing over the beds from the other rooms.

Well, to begin with, I don't think we've ever actually slept in this ro- ah, no, we have slept here three times, but it was always a sort of post-coitus nap, wasn't it?

To our left, Yin has blushed bright red, as if she could read our thoughts.


"Girls, please wait." - we call over and they all turn to look to us right away - "Listen, when I said you should claim a room, I meant a different room for everyone."
"Not it! I want this one. This one is Master's room!" -calls out Nina right away

A quick rush of angry cries assaults her, but she looks quite happy.

"No, a room noone else is using, you know?"

If we wanted -that- we could just let her claim a niche in the harem room back at Mako's place, you know?


As it turns out, they are all unhappy with this idea

Well, harpies are highly social beings, and their nests are usually shared by 2 or more individuals, unless one needs space to breed, so perhaps it can't be helped.

>alright, let's get some bunk beds, I guess? They can share rooms in pairs. That should be fine, right?
>No, no, they're not wild harpies anymore, they need to get used to how society works. One day they'll all go their separate ways, after all.
>Other: Have Mr. Li hire some carpenters to build a new Harpy nesting room that will fit all the girls.
They can share rooms in pairs. That should be fine, right?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1) >>2845215
>They can share rooms in pairs. That should be fine, right?
2) >>2844886
>>Other: Have Mr. Li hire some carpenters to build a new Harpy nesting room that will fit all the girls.
File: 0003.jpg (235 KB, 1200x1707)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Alright so we're going with option 2


We grab Janice and Nina to help us design a comfy place for their sisters and themselves.

Why not Nikita? They played rock-papaer-scissors and she lo- I mean, won, thus she would be taking charge of the 7 little ones in the meanwhile.

Showing her [Divine]-ranked intelligence isn't there just to fill up space on her character sheet, she took them to the manor's large bath, together with several jars of honey.

Having candies and a bird ba I mean, big kiddy pool to play in, the little ones chances to get into trouble were rather minuscule.

There were several ideas floating around, including

>Taking down a few walls and making several small dormitories into a barracks-like long one with bunk beds
>Building two large tree houses
>Letting them have the master's room and moving our things to a smaller room. Maybe taking down a single wall to make two bedrooms into one.

Pic totally unrelated but i've been waiting for literal years to use it again, yet we haven't played around with Ren in exactly as long
>Building two large tree houses
>Other: have the two connected via a covered walkway/balcony
Building two large tree houses
File: 0004.jpg (228 KB, 1200x1699)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
>>Other: have the two connected via a covered walkway/balcony
Dare I ask why? They can fly
I mean it could be so that other people can go in there?
File: 0005.jpg (1.38 MB, 2075x3012)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Well I assumed that each would have a entrance from the ground, so i was asking why connect the two.

Surely if we go into one of the two, all the harpies would just fly over to us
But what if it's raining?
And there should be a way to go easily from the main manor to the tree houses for the maids to clean the rooms.
File: zoe armor 002.jpg (247 KB, 1195x1826)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>And there should be a way to go easily from the main manor to the tree houses for the maids to clean the rooms.

You seem rather invested in having a roofed access from the manor to the tree houses... I guess its ok?
I want the tree houses to stylistically be a part of the manor.
File: harpy matty 001.jpg (244 KB, 850x1275)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
That seems fine, lets go with that unless someone has anything to say against it.


After talking about it for a while, and with Miel's help (she has a surprisingly comprehensive architechtural knowledge), we manage to come up with what is basically two expansions to the manor in the form of two houses on stilts under the shade of the two largest trees in the garden, which will be moved to the ideal position over the next week before starting to work on the houses themselves.

In paper at least, it all looks very fantasy-ish and beautiful, while still following local aesthetics.

We thank Janice and Nina with smooches and head rubs, and are about ready to go tell Nikita she doesn't has to keep babysitting the girls, when Nina tugs on our sleeve.

"Unn... Master?"
"Ah... c-could I get a kiss?"
"Yes, of course." - we smooch her forehead again
"Uuuh~" - she looks unhappy with it

>Well, she's our adoptive daughter, so that's going to have to be enough
>She has grown into a beautiful and smart girl. Its fine if she asks for it.
>She has grown into a beautiful and smart girl. Its fine if she asks for it.
>Other: especially because she's our adoptive daughter
>Well, she's our adoptive daughter, so that's going to have to be enough
>>Other: especially because she's our adoptive daughter
You're a princess maker fan, aren't you?

gonna wait for a bit for a tie breaker, then roll
>Well, she's our adoptive daughter, so that's going to have to be enough

Theres enough LEWD already, its time for some PURE
Alright so there's our tie breaker.


"What is it?"
"Muu... Master always gives us little kisses. I want a big kiss, too!"

We give her a long smooch, and also a hug.

"Me too!" - calls out Janice
"Yes, alright."

We squeeze her gently, then give her a loong smooch.


Well, they're happy now.

Yup, they're good children. Just because they -look- in their mid-to-late teens and have a nice figure, we're not going to forget they're cute children, you know?

I'm sure Zoe would like that, but no. Yes, we know Zoe's feelings, but she's a 9 years old, so she doesn't gets a say on it. She's our cute kitty little sister.

I'm sure she'll grow out of it. Eventually.


Meanwhile, Zoe is coughing while chocking on her milkshake.

"Are you alright?" - asks her classmate as she gets ready to stand up and pat her back.
"Ah~ I'm okay... I just feel a need to say I'm 10, not 9... for some reason."
"Un." - nods her classmate, her long bunny ears falling over her face

Dawn stops by on her way to the lab, and greets them.

"Eh? I understand that the kitty likes the milkshake, but why is the bunny eating pancakes?" - asks the strawberry succubus
"They're carrot-based..." - says the bunnygirl
"Uhmmmkay?" - Dawn turns to Zoe - "Don't take too long. We're testing the new probe, remember?"
"I know..." - Zoe sluurps her milkshake dry, then says goodbye to her friend and hurries after Dawn


Anyway, we give them each an extra smooch, and go check on the little ones.

We're taking Matty with us, then sending the rest back to the office with Yin, and heading back to Bastion with Miel.


"Welcome back, big brother!" - says Stella as we go back into the manor

She's wearing a really beautiful long dress, with a slightly-too-deep cleavage for our little sister

>Is alright, she's just trying to look adult-ish
>"Why is there a hole in your dress?"
>"Once you are done with that, can you guide us into the local dungeons?"
"Why is there a hole in your dress?"( in our mind)

>"Once you are done with that, can you guide us into the local dungeons?"
Time to kill things to take mind off of her become a woman.......
>"Once you are done with that, can you guide us into the local dungeons?"
>>"Once you are done with that, can you guide us into the local dungeons?"

Looking at his soft, caramel-skinned puppy little sister showcasing her large, soft feminine attributes for the world to see, Eldric couldn't help but to screm 'Why is there a hole in your dress!?'

In his heart.

I mean, after all, he has a basic understanding of this world's lazy designer's sense of fashion by now. This is what you'd call fantasy baroque, or maybe victorian? And despite its excessively generous boob window, the lower half of the dress really has a very elegant air to it.

Yup, we're perfectly aware that it is cynical from us, but there's a difference between having our lovely late-teens lover in a skimpy almost dress that only she will find to be lewd, and allowing our imouto to display her watermelons like fruit in the market.

Watermelons are fruits, right? I know the courts said tomatoes are fruits, but that was just so they could charge better tax for them... *cough* anyway...!

Even if the overall effect is very elegant and fashionable, we object!

Because she's a little girl, and our little sister, it is wrong!

"Ah, what is that dress for?" - we manage to ask with a calm face
"Cousin Alard gave it to me for this weekend gala! We're inaugurating an opera house!" - she says happily
"Ah, is that so?"

We're going to smack cousin Alard on the back of the head, later.

"Ah, isn't that too much dress for a 10-years old?" - we ask while gently petting her head
"Big brother!" - she protests while inflating her cheeks - "I'm thirteen!"

Eh? wait, did I hear an age ending in 'teen' just now?

Hahaha... nah, no way. *shakes hand*

Must have been hearing things.

Let's see... eight years ago, when we met her and Zoe, the kitty was 1, and the puppy was 4.

Right, therefore, 1+8=9 and 4+8=12

She was almost 5? No, that's surely a mistake. And even if she was, then that means she's only almost 13, anyway. She's still 12.

Therefore, she's still our cute little puppy girl. Definitively.

She's a (adopted) fantasy princess little girl. And in this world, those aren't considered grownups at least until they're 15, you know?

Sleeping Beauty married at 14? Nonono, that's surely a mistake, and there's noone in this world who can correct us anyway.

Besides, there's a surefire way to tell when a beastkin is reaching a nubile age, anyway.

Yup, because they can grow to their physical ideal at a young age, the world is kind enough to provide a telltale visual clue. You see, grownup ears are slightly hairy on the tips.

And stella's ears are still baby ears. They're soft and end in smooth short h... uh,,,

"Brother, what are you doing with those scissors?"
"Its nothing, don't worry. It's just that you seem to have some hairs there that shouldn't be, so I'm going to snip snip and make it alright."
"Uuuh... d-don't let scissors near my ears, that's scary!" - she says as she covers her ears with both hands.


"No no. It's not scary at all. You've gotten haircuts before, right?"
"So then, there's no problem."
"Muu... don't cut my hair. I spent all morning with an stylist."

Ah, we must be hearing things as well as seeing things. It sounded like our tomboyish puppy sister said she spent longer than 20 seconds with a professional stylist.

That's it. We're just seeing and hearing things. Yup, that must be it, because there's no way our Stella is actually starting to approach a point where she can be called something other than a cute child. No way.

Having cleared that out, we store away our scissors, which seems to calm down Stella a great deal.

Yup, that liiittle tiny bit of hair at the tip of her ears must be just an illusion we're seeing for some reason. Yup.


"Stella, would you like to go to a dungeon with big brother?"
"Yes! I'd like that!" - she perks up right away, her fluffy tail going wag wag behind her
"Alright, then let me know when you've changed out of that dress, alright?"

She picks up the hem of her dress, and runs away upstairs.

Yup, that's the energetic tomboy we love so much.

Ah, let's just check, just in case. Let's peek at her through our ring just so it can show us how silly we've been. Stella is going to be 12 forever. Obviously

Stella Lightbringer Crownguard
Lupus Regis (Wolfkin) - Age 13


...I need to repair this silly ring.

"Master, what is it? You're making a weird expression."
"No, I just didn't know magical items needed tuning from time to time..."
"They do?" - asks Matty while looking at us
"I guess they do?" -comments Miel

>"Apparently so."
>Slap ourselves and deal with reality
>Slap ourselves and deal with reality
>Other: come to the self-realization of how pathetic we’ve become, worse than the old geezers who spent decades planning to kill thousands of people on a stupid idea that they didn’t even test to see if it had a chance of working or exploring alternatives because they were too academically challenged to think beyond their narrow meat-headed view of the world.
I think you're being too hard over something that's meant to be funny,

Anyway, it took me a while to find a dancing wolf girl. I did found a brown one but that video is too T&A and little more


waiting for another post
>>Slap ourselves and deal with reality
>>Slap ourselves and deal with reality


"M-master!?" - both Miel and Matty get shocked as we punch ourselves hard
"Uuuh... it hurts."
"Then don't punch yourself!?" - they both claim out
"Its really happening, my cute little sister is... she is..."
"?" - they look at us
"My little sister is growing up!? She's growing up...!"

We sound so torn about it, Matty promises not to, and Miel just sighs and hugs us. Well, Miel has a lot of experience seeing children grow up, after all, so she probably understands.

"There, there, Master. Let's go to your room and have a glass of water..." - says Miel - "Uhmm... where is your room?"
"This way..."

Once we are there, we pour ourselves some water, and offer some snacks to our cute pets.

Ah, right, speaking of which, we should call out someone else for our dungeon trip.

Sorry, didn’t see the update until now.

Let’s bring Fleur, and Spelth’Gagaron.
Fleur needs more social XP, and we should spend more time with Spelth.

Tanis, Miel II, Tiel, Moccha, Crema, and Lyra can be Party 2.
Party 3: Atruma, Fahima, Krabby, Squidward?
Crap, if we had picked up our two White Mantises, we could have created a third party.

Our 3 succubi (Kiana, Aurora, and Sikya) are away right now. Kiana and Aurora are undergoing maid training, and Sikya is at New Hope working with the succubi there.
We should get a progress report from Dusk, and pick up Sikya to put her to work in Eopolis to fit mana turbine engines onto rock-it ships.
we picked up kyana and aurora a while ago, though.

Also, didnt we bring matty with us to take her along?

Lets see...

party 1
Stella, Fleur, Spelth, Matty, Kya and ourselves

party 2
Tanis, Miel II, Moccha, Lyra, Squidward, Aurora

party 3
Atruma, Fahima, Krabby, Crema, Kyana, Tien

Seems ok?

Party 1:
Stella, Eldric, Miel, Matty, Spelth, Kya

Party 2:
Tanis, Miel II, Tiel, Moccha, Crema, Lyra

Party 3:
Atruma, Fahima, Kiana, Aurora, Fleur, Krabby
File: Stella Crownguard.jpg (41 KB, 375x523)
41 KB


After calming down, we head over to invite Kya to come with us. She is quite happy to tag along, though seems a little nervous to leave Dusk behind.

Well, it can't be helped, since they are basically attached at the hip.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure everything goes alright. You can rely on me, you know? No, more like, rely on me!"

Well, its good if she is willing to do so.

Come think about it, she's still a noble even though we're on a different continent from her homeland, so there should be a group of Majin living here somewhere, right?

Let's see what happens if we take her to the western continent, later.

"Alright, when you are ready, please send word and we'll come pick you up, alright?"
"Yes, my lord."

We give her a little kiss, and head back to our room to wait for Stellal who arrives shortly after.

"Stella, come here."
"Yes, big brother?"
"Sit here." - we pat our lap
"Yes!" - she says happily as she does so, her tail wagging gently

Eh... we can see her eye to eye if she sits in our lap. Well, that means she's a few inches shorter than we are.

*blink blink* She stares at us with a expecting smile

What are you hoping for?
Right, she's waiting for headpats, isn't she?

"Good girl." - we gently rub rub her puppy ears
"Te hee~" - she chuckles happily as we rub her head

Yup, even if she grows up, she'll always be our imouto, after all.

Her soft eyes are almost closed as she looks at us with a shining smile. Living here has caused her hair color to change to a much clearer one.

Well, wolves' fur often changes to adapt to their environment, i've heard, so in high latitudes, it makes sense it would change towards white.

It isn't quite there, though, and its a nice pale blond instead, right now.

"Big brother, i love you." - she declares happily as she leans in on us to sink her face on our neclk

Ah, she's warm, cuddly, and soft.

"Yes, yes. I love you too." - we hug her softly

Uhnn... there's two massively soft things squishing against us. Was she always this generously sized?

...come think about it, I guess she's about tied with Mako and Ren? Uh, never noticed before.

Is this armor good enough for her? She's mostly wearing her academy uniform, with metal gauntlets, boots and a helmet-like tiara.

Well, its 3 pieces, so in this world that counts as light, which its her style.

She has a ring on each hand, but no earrings.

Well, its not like i'm in favor of my little sister piercing her ears. I mean, I know its fine and all, but the idea of bringing a neddle to those soft puppy ears... ugh

Oh, she is still wearing that hair ornament we got for her 3 years ago. Well, its fine if she hasn't found anything better yet.

Let's just cuddle her for a bit. That sounds good.

Therefore, we hug her and let her snuggle up to us until Dusk comes inform us that Kya is ready now.

>Have Stella guide us to her favorite foodgeon
>Lets ask the locals
>Have Stella guide us to her favorite foodgeon
Since it's a foodgeon, maybe we can have a light picnic when everyone meets back up.
Have Stella guide us to her favorite foodgeon
File: oearly white dress.png (1.18 MB, 1000x1500)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>Since it's a foodgeon, maybe we can have a light picnic when everyone meets back up.
Fleur would support this idea, eat the entire poor foodgeon (because her flowers are pretty much unstoppable, but also slow as fuck, so normal monsters would just run away. Dungeon monsters through? Nope, they just charge at her and her summons, She loves dungeons), then suggest to go get a 'real' dinner.


We go pick up Kya, and find the winged princess wearing a 5-pieces cloth armor...

It is quite beautiful, enchanted, and has good stats, but there's the tiny little thing that really bothers me...

Looking at Stella, our imouto smiles back at us and her ears wiggle a little bit. She's wearing a military uniform, complete with pants and a military jacket with a tall neck. Buttoned all the way up, too.

I guess she really took to the military academy, good for her.

Sure, she looks cute, and the jacket's cut still shows off her figure, basically hugging her but then having a wide and long flat going down its front that neatly covers her down, letting you see just the outer curves of her breasts and hips, but here's the thing.

Its a military uniform, made from thick but comfortable materials. On top of that, it covers her from tip to toe.

And on top of that, she's using a shiny metal helmet... visor? Tiara? The thing is, she has protective(?) headgear, and two long polated gloves and boots that cover the entirety of her limbs.

If the system says 'that is light armor', we're inclined to agree without much fuss.

But when we look at Kya, our newest fiancée is wearing a very light and access-ready dress in her country's style, made of thin and light, breathable cloth, with jewelry bits here and there.

The fact that it counts as 'heavy' armor is just mindblowing. I know, I know! We are used to it, mechanically. We'll exploit the world's system for fun in our lovely redhead's clothes as well as our pets, but we can still think its plain silly, right?

Sure, it does explain so many games female armors, but it still feels like someone is making fun of us


Anyway, it has good stats, so I guess that's what matters.

By the way, I feel like I should make a comment about how Kya used to call us "lord Eldric' before we asked for her hand, but now calls us "my lord" instead, though, well, it seems fitting since its a rather old fashioned and traditional society, when you think about it?

>Tell her to call us Eldric
>Tell her to call us 'beloved' and enjoy her blush each time she does
>Its fine. Lyann and Dawn call us Eldric, Miel calls us Master, and Aritsu calls us President. We are very 'freedom' about these things.
>>Its fine. Lyann and Dawn call us Eldric, Miel calls us Master, and Aritsu calls us President. We are very 'freedom' about these things.
>>Its fine. Lyann and Dawn call us Eldric, Miel calls us Master, and Aritsu calls us President. We are very 'freedom' about these things.
File: harpy rosa 002.png (117 KB, 900x1100)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>>>Its fine. Lyann and Dawn call us Eldric, Miel calls us Master, and Aritsu calls us President. We are very 'freedom' about these things.

Come think of it, I wonder if we should get Dawn to call us something else...

suggestions? It makes writing their lines a bit easier. If there's a 'president' in there, you automatically know its Aritsu, right?

"Yes, leave it to me!" - replies our imouto, all pumped up
"Yes, I'll leave it to you." - lets pat pat her head

Matty is looking at us like she's dying to ask for it, so let's pat her head too.

"Waa~" - the both of them

And that's why we're standing outside the foodgeon in the north of town. Yes, not actually outside of the city, but to its north side. There's plenty of workshops and other artisans around, as Stella explains that this foodgeon's first 30 floors all have monsters that drop materials more often than not.

"Oh, the government must have spent quite a bit, if they kept resetting the place enough time for that." - we comment, impressed with the merchant princes' lavishness
"I think it was an accident, though." - she declares happily
"Uh. Okay."

Taking into account our relative strenghts, I think its fine if we send each group to a different floor.

Group 1, which includes ourselves, will start in the deepest explored floor. Floor 210

Group 2 will start in floor 180

Group 3 will start in floor 200

Each of us will advance until we meet on the boss room of floor 300, or the core room, whichever happens first.

That way, we get to fight the dungeon first, then group 2 will have an easier time as they mop up anything we missed plus whatever has already respawned, and group 3 can just vacuum-clean the respawns from group 1 and 2's advance.

If we let Fleur go ahead, she's just vacuum-clean everything, including any treasure chests and loot...

Honestly, I know plant monsters are a hassle to raise at first, but aren't they just too effective in the enclosed spaces within dungeons?

After buying some teleport keystones and handing one to the other groups leaders, we use ours and jump down.

"Alright, fighters at the front, healers at the back, and wizards in the middle, where they can provide some light." - always wanted to say that
"Eh?" - everyone

Yeah, since combat isn't real-time, it doesn't really matters. But I wanted to say it once.


Fighters -> Stella, Spelth, us
Casters -> Kya, Miel
Ranged dps -> Matty

Uhmm... come think about it

"M-my name is Spelth'gagaron, please don't shrink it..."
"Yes, well, how do you prefer to fight while in humanoid form?"
"I don't? Why would I like to? I'm a dragon."

She's not wrong, per se...

>Just let her go ahead in dragon form and clean ahead of us while we follow her
>Well, too bad, because we want everyone to get actual combat experience, not just eperience points
>>Well, too bad, because we want everyone to get actual combat experience, not just eperience points
>>Well, too bad, because we want everyone to get actual combat experience, not just eperience points
And tell her that she should consider the requirements of fighting in enclosed spaces like dungeons. Dungeon drops are the most reliable way to get rare ores and gems for baby dragons.
File: Pet Harness Lyann.jpg (98 KB, 800x881)
98 KB
>>>Well, too bad, because we want everyone to get actual combat experience, not just eperience points

"A small enough area just means there's nowhere to hide from my breath, master." - she says in a calm but slightly tired manner
"You are likely to melt any loot, too."

Well, if she's going in humanoid shape, she'll need a harness and weapons. I guess she can use our other pets hand-me-downs. She's higher level anyway.

As for Kya... if she's going to join us seriously, we need to get her to level multiple jobs at once, so for now let's activate as many level 1 jobs as we can for her... there we go

"Uhnn... this feels so strange..." - our california-gold fiancée comments as we turn on as many level 1 jobs as we can for her
"You get used to it." - we say, and squeeze her hands gently

"Ah, this way." - says Stella, happily.
"You've been in this floor before?"
"Yes! I got the keystone, right?"

Oh, so it was our imouto who unlocked this place's deepest floor.

What an excellent brat.


"Hold on, I need to equip Spelth first."
"Please don't shorten my name..."
"Its alright. Its cute."

Once Spelth's harness is snug on her, we move with Stella.

The monsters on this floor are mostly earth elementals of various types. Some are rock solid, a few are gem types, and the rare one is made of magma, tar or even mud.

Honestly, the solid ones are much easier to deal with. The 'fluid' ones just slip past us and reach for the backline every single time....

>Switch the backline to the front. If these things are 'programmed' to go for the backline, there's no reason we can't make their strenght into a weakness
>Well, we can't just assume they aren't aiming for the casters so let's stay as we are
Lest just move one tank to the back and see how it gose
>Well, we can't just assume they aren't aiming for the casters so let's stay as we are
>>Well, we can't just assume they aren't aiming for the casters so let's stay as we are
>>Well, we can't just assume they aren't aiming for the casters so let's stay as we are
>Lest just move one tank to the back and see how it gose

Well, Kya takes quite a few hits from the less solid monsters, but she's leveling up so quickly between fights that the level-up heal effect keeps her in near-perfect shape.

And, she's learning a lot about defense. Honestly, I understand that Dusk has been acting as her shield all this time, but after a certain point, medicine can be a poison too, you know?

"A-aah! Nnn!" - she cries as a mud golem flows around us and slams her against the wall.

Well, even if she gets killed, we can ress her right away, and even if she gets hurt, she'll level up again as soon as we're done with this fight, but...

>It is definitively too harsh for a princess. Let's focus on defending her as much as possible.
>Actually, her cries are kind of lovely. It stirs up the S inside me. Just a little, though.
>>It is definitively too harsh for a princess. Let's focus on defending her as much as possible.
>>It is definitively too harsh for a princess. Let's focus on defending her as much as possible.
It is definitively too harsh for a princess. Let's focus on defending her as much as possible.
>>>It is definitively too harsh for a princess. Let's focus on defending her as much as possible.

After the fight, we grab Kya's hand and pull her to our side.

"My lord, what are you...?"
"I am going to keep you safe, so stay next to me."

Uhmm... these things are going for the backline even when Kya moved to the front, after all. I guess they're just following someone's idea of a smart combat trick, but once you realize that...

Well, since most of them are more traditional, we can't really switch the wizards to the front. The rock, metal and crystal elementals would smash right into them, so we need to balance the group with a mix of ranged and melees in both the front and the back.

Thus, we pull Kya to the front between ourselves and Spelth, then have Stella in the back to protect Miel and Matty.

Honestly, Stella seems happy with the responsibility.

I hope the other groups are doing alright.


"Swarm: Attack!" - calls out Miel II, and a swarm of drone warriors pops up into existence to attack the monsters before the group.

Crema, Moccha and Tanis are playing defense while Lyra and Miel II support from the back, with Tiel covering them in case anything makes it past the defenders.

"Tiel, use spells too, don't just stand there!" - chides Tanis.

Well, she's her mom. One of her moms? The left mom?

"Yes!" - replies the gold and red dragon before starting to use long range spells
"Don't shout at her" - calls out mom #2.

Well, Miel II is usually so meek and gentle, but I guess she gets stirred easily when it comes to looking over Tien.

"Eh? You talking back to me!? Eh!?" - cries back Tanis
"We'll talk about it when we get home!"

Eh... Tanis is completely tyrannizing her wife and daughter, isn't she?


"Tasty! So tasty! Crunchy!" - calls out Fleur happily as her hydra-like summoned plants eat the metal, crystal and rock elementals.

Well, she's a plant. They're dirt.

Furthermore, they move towards her hydra in a straight line, without trying to escape or flee.

"Dungeons! Love!" - exclaims the petite Thorny Flower Demoness

"Eh... Fleur, please leave some monsters for us to fight, too..." - Aurora sighs as she looks at the petite flower demoness going all out while laughing
"Don't wanna!"

Absolute denial

Fahima sighs and Krabby clicks with his pincers a few times. The message in both cases is rather clear.

""This gluttonous child"" - is what they're saying

Right now, their group is just following after Fleur as the flower demoness just vacuum-cleans the dungeon hallways

"At least don't eat the loot. What are we going to hand over to Master, later?" - says Kyana as she raises her hand a little to try and curb Fleur's enthusiasm

"No! Tasty!"

There's a tyrant here. Of a completely different type than Tanis, but a tyrant nonetheless.


"Are you alright now?" - we ask Kya after covering her with our body, using our shield to block an elemental's magma ball attack

File: kya and nina 001.jpg (68 KB, 428x600)
68 KB

"Ah... yes, my lord." - the princess replies while blushing a little bit

Eh? Was she the type to get affected by the suspension bridge effect?

Anyway, its oddly fun to see the tall girl go into girly mode. Though come think about it, she's actually really girly, it's just that, being taller than most everyone around us, we tend to forget.

"Don't worry. I said I'd take care of you."

Matty comes up and tugs on our jacket.

>"Yes, i'll take care of you too"
>"You are in the back and Stella is taking care of you, right? Don't be selfish." - smooch her and pat pat her head, then send her to the back again
>"Yes, i'll take care of you too"
>Other: "But I need you to help Miel do damage from the back, okay?" Send her to the back again with a smooch and a pat on the head.
We will need to spend more time cuddling with Miel to make up for this. This was supposed to be more Miel Time.

"Yes!" - she chirps happily and goes back to Stella's side

We continue moving forth for a while, and eventually reach a safe area, so we make a short break to consume some MP potions.

Of course, we aren't going to mention that they're actually Dawn's milk, though...

"Eh... these are really useful, aren't they? How do you make these?" - asks Kya, while Stella nods nods in the back

>Tell them honestly
>"Its a laborious extraction process. It includes a considerable mana expenditure, too." - after all, first we need to 'fill the tank' by injecting Dawn full of 'mana' before we can milk her for the 'potions' by hand
>Other: Tell them mostly honestly.
"Dawn is able to produce them from her body from the mana that she's absorbed."

We don't need to mention how help to "top off the tank" or how we milk her like our own personal livestock sex slave.

"Eh? That is pretty amazing, right!?" - Stella is clearly surprised

Well, she knows where honey comes from, so she's probably picturing something along those lines.

"Is that so? She's not a pure succubus, right?" - Kya seems interested from a more academical point of view, as expected of our friend's little sister

Ah, we should go talk with Okaba soon.

"My lord" - Kya looks at us after sipping down her potion - "I've noticed you use your spells through your sword. Isn't it inneficient?"
"Well, it doesn't add as much power per spell as a staff, rod or wand, but I like the hp and mp drain effect, plus its more useful if it comes down to a melee fight."
"Is that so? Perhaps I should try using a sword as well..."

>Help her acquire a good one
>Its better if she sticks to what she knows
>Help her acquire a good one
File: kya california gold.jpg (94 KB, 422x614)
94 KB
Alright, let's talk with Grumnir afterwards.

Well, that means we need to carefully collect all the drops. I hope the other groups are... no, I know group #2 is probably working hard, its just...


"Tasty! Tasty! So tasty!" - calls out Fleur as she laughs and chases down a group of crystal and rock elementals

Even though they are mindless
Even though they should only know how to charge forth
Even though they are meant to be slow!

There's just so much to retort at when you see a swarm of dungeon monsters running away from the adventurers, you know?

Should we make a comment about how 'even a rock will learn if you teach it patiently enough' or something like that?

It looks like, after getting devoured 3 or 5 times, even the elementals understood. This wasn't a fight they could win.

Krabby noticed that the monsters coming from behind are actually keeping their distance rather than coming at them, too.

But, Krabby is a gentleman's crab. A gentlecrab? He's not going to point them out or laugh at them.

That's because---


The sound of chewing, cracking and more chewing was bad for one's heart. It is said that nails on a blackboard are nothing compared to the sound of someone's else loud chewing, but this is... yeah.


'uh... my exp is going up steadily, I wonder if this is from group #2 or #3?... no, the truth is, I know its Fleur's 'fault'...' - we think to ourselves while looking at our exp bar

I guess we can't really expect her to ALSO save the loot, can we?

"Ah. Master, Matty finished all her milk." - says the littlest harpy as she holds up the now empty potion
"Yes, you're a good girl." - we pat her head
"Me too! Me too!" - Stella is sitting next to a little pyramid of empty potion vials
"Aren't you just a glutton?"

Our imouto's expression is full of shock. Her ears and tail drop as she tries to hide the empty vials.

Well, its okay cause she's so cute, so let's pat her head too.

"Te hee~" - they both smile happily as we rub rub their heads

[Your pet [Matty] has accumulated enough experiences to raise her intellect from [Holy] to [Divine]. Would you like to do this now? Y/N]

Ooooh, it's finally here!

Of course, the answer is yes!

A soft light shines from Matty's eyes as her intelligence is upgraded.

"Ah, my head feels fuzzy..." - she says.

We píck her up and smooch her.

"Its alright. Let's rest for a little longer, then."
"Master is really kind." - she says happily as she leans in on us

Uhmm... I guess its alright to take off that head accessory of hers now?

>Sure, now that her int is maxed out, lets evolve her
>Nah, I like her tiny like she is now
Should we wait to see if more rare Evolutions show up? Or is this all that we can choose from?
>Should we wait to see if more rare Evolutions show up? Or is this all that we can choose from?

Well, I guess there may be a few left, but they would be more of a throwback. You know, more brutal. We would be going into "bird-like landbound predator" territory.

google up "terrorbird" theres probably some youtube info too
So just melee brutes?

Okay, if that's the case, then:
>Sure, now that her int is maxed out, lets evolve her

We can save the melee brute evolutions for creating a Brute Squad out of more harpies we capture or from new harpy chicks we make.

Normal evolutions that would lead to further evolutions Assassin, Healer, Sniper, Monsoon, Harpyja

Uniques (dont evolve again but are very strong) Teraform, Byangomi, Berunda, Homa, Argentavis

Monsoon (unique archer variation) - AoE specialist ranged attacker

Harpyja (unique archer variation) - High damage single target ranged attacker

Teraform (species mutation) - melee brute with highest physical stats of all harpy evolutions. Cannot use skills

Byangomi (species mutation) - Attack Caster with four arms that can use three spells per turn

Berunda (species mutation) - Supprt Caster and melee defender with high hp and defenses

Homa (species mutation) - melee assault. Can move in, attack and retreat to safety in the same turn.

Argentavis (species mutation) - Largest harpy evolution still capable of flight. Highest stats in all attributes. Cannot use magic, but can use skills.
I'll vote for
One of the others should grab Harpyja.

And when we get a new clutch of Harpy chicks, we'll evolve them into our personal Brute Squad party of Unique Evolutions.
Harpyja (unique archer variation) - High damage single target ranged attacker
Isnt she for single targets atm?
>Isnt she for single targets atm?


So archer, one way or the other, but
>Single target DPS
Matty is just a regular Archer, the base class.
Tanya and Lyudmila evolved into Snipers.
Are we done for the day?
No. O just lost internet and took a nap while waiting for it to come back
We pull Matty into our lap and look at her

"Aye?" - Matty blinks blinks while looking back at us

We reach for the top of the petite harpy's head, and with two fingers, squeeze to open the brooch holding the [Feather of Eternity] in place. then...

"Yoink!" - we steal Matty's ahoge
"Ah!" - she tries to cover her head, surprised.

Well, she may not even have known it wasn't part of her. She had it from birth, after all.

Now, she's shining all over. Yup, this is a properly blinding evolution light. No, we don't wanna press B to cancel, thank you very much!

We can tell she's growing slightly heavier as the light fades. Indeed, she's a bit larger, too.

"Uuuh... Master, my beauty mark..." - she complains, with her hands still on her head

Beauty mark, uh? So it was like a mole, from her point of view? Well, it did look cute, anyway.

Oh, its back. She grew a new one, but that's the least of the changes.

Matty's figure was like that of a pre-teen, light and petite, with no discernible curves and short, fluffy hair.

She went all the way up to tall (for a harpy), leggy, curvy, and noticeably endowed, with smooth platinum blonde hair that reaches down to the small of her back.

By the way, her wings are also platinum blonde, as is her ahoge.

She doesn't seems to mind her evolution...

"Ah! It's back!" - she says happily as her hands go over her newly grown feather while she smiles

Really? You just grew over a foot taller and -that- is what you're worried about?

[Your pet [Matty] has accumulated enough experience to evolve. Would you like to evolve her now? Y/N]

Oh, she can evoive again? I guess she really did accumulate a lot of exp...

Alright, let's see her options...

Musuum <- Direct evolution of the monsoon. Wider AoE and more damage per target
Kaskazi - Direct evolution of the monsoon. all targets hit will drop twice as much loot if killed on the next turn
Kusi - Direct evolution of the monsoon. all targets hit will receive double damage from all attacks on the next turn
Matalai - - Direct evolution of the monsoon. can inflict [Slow], [Weakness] and [Sleep] on targets hit. Debuff applied is random


>Matalai - debuffer
>Kusi - sets up for the team
>Kaskazi - useful while farming
>Musuum - more AoE, more damage
>Kusi - sets up for the team
As much as I want to make her a Kaskazi for the farming potential, I don't want to separate her from her sisters, who are too useful as assistants and messengers.

Maybe when we create the Brute Squad of Harpies, we'll make the 6th slot a Kaskazi so that they can farm more effectively.
We'll make them socialize to become [Divine], of course, but then we'll make them our loot farmers.
File: Matty harpy girl 002.jpg (276 KB, 850x748)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
"Alright, round 2!" - we declare, and Matty immediately covers her head's 'beaty mark' with both hands.

W-what did you think round 2 meant!? Do you think I'm trying to take your feather from you!?

She starts shining again, and this time goes from a blooming teenager in her mid teens, to a fully-bloomed beauty in her early twenties.

She grows a little bit heavier as she gains a couple inches of extra height and her wings seem to almost double their size. I think I remember reading somewhere that birds wingspan tends to be 4 times their body lenght, with falcons and speed-oriented flyers having shorter wings, while long-distance flyers have slightly wifer wings.

Either way, she went from a cute child to a lovely teenager to a properly mature beauty with an amazing figure... hey, is this alright? Aren't those the size of your head? Will you be able to fly alright with them? And, should I say she has egg-laying hips now? Uuuh, our 'baby' went straight up to university student in the blink of an eye.

'Fatherhood sure is mysterious' - we cry out. In our heart.

Oh, her eyes changed from, ice-blue to honey gold, so now they match her hair and wings... by the way, her hair now reaches all the way to the floor, though I don't really know how long that is while she's sitting in our lap.

"Ah, it grew!" - she declares happily while feeling her head feather - "Master, its bigger now!"

'Is that the only thing you noticed grew!?' - we cry out. In our heart

"Yes, yes, it grew."

Matth - Rank [Divinhe] Archer/Monsoon/Kusi
Mountain Harpy

Oh, her eyebrows and eyelashes are pale gold as well. It looks elegant and delicate. With her soft skin color, its actually a little bit hard to notice they're there, but when you do, they are quite lovely.

She still has a slightly baby-like face, though.

>Pet her for a bit and congratulate her on growing up
>Set her down and take a good look at her

<-- Matty's final form?
>Pet her for a bit and congratulate her on growing up
Oh, nice wide hips. We’re going to have her make more Harpy chicks for us after all.

Oh! I wonder if there’s a similar item to the Feather for Dragons, a [Scale of Eternity] so we can get rare mutations with children from Tanis and Spelth’Gagaron.
No, but dragons can breed with pretty much anything. Remember we bred Tanis with Miel II.

Its a D&D reference though, since "1/2 Dragon" is a template that can be added to "anything with a corporeal body"

Personally i understand that is because dragons can shapeshift. Im okay with that.

The one that always confused the fuck out of me is the 1/2 ooze.

>>Pet her for a bit and congratulate her on growing up

"Oh, Matty is really pretty." - comments Miel as she walks over

Stella, too, looks pretty interested.
Kya seems to find her more 'normal' though. I guess we haven't rubben in on her yet.

Yup, her reaction is 'normal' for a person of this world.

Spélth doesn't really seems interested.

"Yup, she's really pretty." - we declare while gently holding her chin up so we can look at her from different positions

She's a good, obedient child, and doesn't tries to resist at all as we inspect her.

She's really baby-faced, but it looks good on her. Yup, a fresh and youthful bit in an otherwise fully mature body. Its a nice gap effect. A nice gap effect.

It is important, so we said it twice.

"Ah.." - she seems to be ticklish when we gently rub her back under her left wing

Her wings flutter a little, bending and stretching in quick little bursts that cause a nice, strong wind.

Well, we were slightly worried about if she could still fly, but if just twitching her wings has that much strenght, there's probably no problem. Yup.

She hops away after a bit. It seems she's really ticklish/sensitive in that spot. Yup, she's still cute, even if she looks like a young university student, she's still adorable.

Oh, her hair is dragging a little bit.


>Twin tails, like all the other members of our 'harem'. We -are- planning on breeding this one, after all
>High ponytail. It looks cute and that means its proper for our smart-looking daughter. (no breeding, she's our daughter)
By the way, Kusi is a 'diamond race' which means it doesn't evolve again and its already as strong as it gets, since monsoon is gold-diamond already. She's technically as strong as Tien or Atroma right now.

I was, btw, saving this for when one of our harpies hit Diamond status

>>Twin tails, like all the other members of our 'harem'. We -are- planning on breeding this one, after all
Personally, I want to breed them all.
Oh? But there’s still [Mythic] above [Diamond], right? I wonder if the basic Evolutions go up that high.

And is it [Mythic] or [Mithril]?
Mithril seems it would fit better since the previous Evolution tiers are metals.
Just remember that if we breed them personally, old-fashioned like, we get a new monster of the same species, while if we breed them with another monster, it can be of either 'mother' species, with random traits of the other.

Well, since she's a diamond species now, she's technically the equal to our dragons, so that should at least provide more variety and options.

>Oh? But there’s still [Mythic] above [Diamond], right? I wonder if the basic Evolutions go up that high.
Yes but that's more of a new rating rather than a race. It has to be with being unique worldwide and/or really really high level.

Squidward is mythic because he's THE kraken, you know? Ah, I guess Matty counts as Mythic now since she's the only one of her species right now.

>And is it [Mythic] or [Mithril]?
Mythic. I too was thinking in metals at the time, but then decided mythic is more representative.


"Ah, Matty, stand still for a little bit..."
"Yes?" - she freezes right as she was, with both arms pointing to the sides at 45° and her head half turned towards us.

Honestly, it isnt a semaphore game, but its fine if she's obediant.

"Turn your head to the front."

For a guy, we have a lot of girl-oriented accessories in our [Inventory] don't we? Well, it can't be helped, because our girls are all so cute. Our girls are all so cute, so it can't be helped.

I said it twice cause it's important.

We use two simple but elegant-looking gold loops to arrange her hair into long, loosely falling twintails, each falling down over her back, fitting nicely under her wings.

Yup, it looks cute, and a little bit sexy, since it leaves her back exposed, giving her a 'more nude than nude' look from behind...

I wonder if we should buy her new accessories and gear to celebrate her evolution?


"You can move now."

She continues the ballet-like spin she was in the middle of.

"Alright, let's keep going. I want to see how Matty fights now."
"Yes, my lord."
"Yes Master."

A few minutes later, the dungeon hallway looks as if a B-17 flying fortress had made a tactical run over it... seriously.

There's slowly filling (dungeons heal themselves almost instantly) craters everywhere... no, that's misleading. There's 9 crafters, one for each enemy monster.

In the middle of each crater is a huge golden feather, half sunk into the ground. A-are those really feathers? Aren't those two-handed swords!?

Oh, there's a survivor!

Kya shoots a spell at it, and the rock elemental crumbles into sand and pebbles. Considering she did double damage, I think you did a good job leaving a body behind, [Rock Elemental]

As expected of a [Rock Elemental], rock solid. Yup

Already proved how much more solid it was just by survivine our golden bomber's Gate of Babyl*n-like opening attack, though.

As for what happened, in detail...
Oh, will the other harpies become jealous that Matty got to [Diamond] first?


Matty almost pushed us forth with the wind of her wings as she took off, then shook them towards the enemy and launched a golden projecti at them.

This isn't an archery attack anymore. Just what do you think counts as an arrow, uh!?

The rest of our party wasn't even fazed, though, and Kya followed Matty's turn with an attack of her own. Noone seems to have been particularly impressed... hey, is this world's common sense really alright? It isn't, right? It definitively isn't!

"Yes! I helped!" - claims our cute King of Heroes as she lands again. No, Queen of Heroes... Queen of Harpies?

'Eh, you aren't even gonna call them mongrels!?' - we screamed. In our heart

I guess she's still the same nice girl, after all.

"Yes, yes, you helped a lot."
"Te~hee" - she looks so happy...

Anyway, moving forth is a lot faster now that we have our B-17 clearing the path ahead of us. Those who survive get insta-killed by whoever comes after her, so we should try and look into giving her items to raise her speed/battle turn.

Sadly, her 'bombing run' doesn't seems as good against boss monsters, but it is extra useful at cleaning their summons and addons.

Yup, the boss of floor 290 is an enormous lava elemental, and every once in a while it will erupt, and the burning rocks will raise as normal lava alementals.

Or they would, if Matty wasn't 1-shooting them all at the same time whenever they come up.

Anyway, with her double damage debuff on the boss, we beat it really quickly... I feel a bit bad about it. I mean, we just turned into a dumb-ass DPS party, didn't we?

Anyway, let's wait here for our other parties, and then:

>Go back home and start planning Matty's motherhood. With whim, how many, and so on
>Go back home and spend some nice quality lewds with Miel and maybe Miel II, too
>Go back home, take Miel to bed, and FF to the next day
>Oh, will the other harpies become jealous that Matty got to [Diamond] first?

I don't think so. They're all good girls after all

>>Go back home and start planning Matty's motherhood. With whim, how many, and so on

I meant with whom.

Anyway, we had 5 empty [Menagerie] slots and now we have 15 (since I dropped the other jobs for a while to get exp into beastmaster), so we have plenty of room now, I think
>Go back home and spend some nice quality lewds with Miel and maybe Miel II, too
>Other: don’t forget we promised Mako that we would see her each day
Oh, and putting our two Giant White Mantises into our Menagerie.



We wait for our other pets to reach us...

"Ow!" - cries out Fleur as we karate-chop her right on the top of her head for eating all the drops

Well, we expected as much, honestly, this child...

Everyone else gets a smooch or a kiss before we head out of the dungeon.

We need to [Treestride] quite a bit still after going back to the manor, so we can leave Matty with her sisters again, and then go visit Mako, like we promised we would.

"Eldric, welcome home!" - she greets us happily, standing up and heading towards us so she can hug and kiss us.

FLOMP! - there's a soft collision as her figure sinks into us right before she hugs us.

She was lying* on the bed with Aritsu and Lyann, busily reading the letters she received that day as a form of rest in between sessions of politics and economics studies.

She works really hard, you know? Just because she's not going to the university anymore, it doesn't means she's not studying, at all.

"I'm home." - we reply, and hold her tightly while we kiss her

As always, Mako is so soft and warm in our arms. Her short chemise falls gracefully on her beautiful figure, and makes hugging her feel great. Yup, this is an empress-class body to hug. Definitively.

"Eldric, welcome home" - follows Lyann as she sits/kneels on the bed
"President, welcome home." - follows Aritsu as she mirrors Lyann's motion

They are both nude except for their collars and cuffs, with a few jewelry accessories hanging over their beautiful forms. Yup, this is definitively a empress-class harem.

*nod nod*

"Ah, you brought Kya as well!" - calls out Mako as she happily looks at a friend she hadn't seen in months.

"Please excuse my intrusion." - says the majin princess as she curtsies before the alquian empress

"Nn! This isn't court time, you don't need to do that!" - says Mako as she goes over to hold her hands

Eh, Kya doesn't even blinks about Aritsu and Lyann's state of undress... well, of course not, since they have the [Dancer] job on..

"Did you eat already?"
"Yes, but I think I'd like a snack if you want to have dinner now." - declares Mako

>Sure, let's dine with our cute fiancées
>No, we just came to return Tanis, Tien, etc to the harem room

*is it lying or laying? I always have trouble with that
>Sure, let's dine with our cute fiancées
You sure? isnt that "to tell lies"?


Aritsu and Lyann come over, and after giving them each a good long kiss (and some caressing that may or may not count as groping) while Mako asks one of the servants to prepare a meal, we sit at the table to talk about everyone's day...

>And introduce Kya as our newest fiancée
>And show them Matty's [Diamond] evolution
>And introduce Kya as our newest fiancée
Yes, it’s lying.
“I was lying down, then I laid the book down” is one way to remember it.

Also, we left Matty at the Manor with her sisters, so how would we show her to everyone here in Alquia?
we can send a pets back the menagerie from anywhere so we can summon them right next to us.
But won’t that cause concern among her sisters? Or will the System let them know she just got called back to the Menagerie?
>>And introduce Kya as our newest fiancée
can I get a thread description?

I don't know
the menagerie, yes. The harem room, no.
Actually i've been thinking about that. It would be nice if we could set an actual place as the menagerie instead of just sending them to sleep/wait


"Eh, is that so?" - Mako doesn't seem particularly impressed

I mean, she's taking it like we had just said tomatos are actually a fruit or something?

"Can I have some more of those cookies?" - Yeah, Aritsu doesn't seems particularly affected either
"Sure." - Lyann hands her the plate, and holds a milk jug for her - "Would you like some milk too?"

"Eh, shouldn't there be more of a reaction?"
"Why? Is it not you the one that fell in love with lady Kya? If you love her, I do not think we get a say about it?" - asks Lyann
"Ah, well..." - Kya is blushing nicely, yup, nicely
"I think its nice to have another sister." - says Aritsu
"Is that so?"

Eh? It looks like they are a lot less worried about it than I thought they'd be.

There's a soft bell sound as a servant announces her entry into the room and then lets us know that lady Dawn has arrived at the garden.

I see, she used [Treestride] with one of the honey faeries in Albion,. right? Eh, wait, does that mean there's someone in charge of monitoring us going in and out that way?

I guess it makes sense...

"What? Kya, really!?" - Now, Dawn's reaction is more like the reaction we were expecting - "Nice! She cries out super cute-like when she cums, you know!?"

That... wasn't the reaction we were expecting either.

Besides that, well... we knew 'night service' was included in Dawn's 'maid training' but isn't she a bit too open about it. Look, Kya is bright red from top to bottom, too!

"What? The way you are blushing, anyone would think you haven't even kissed anyone before, and I know for a fact that's not true." - Dawn is... quite frank
"B-but... how can you talk about a lady's chamber business in front of a gentleman!" - calls out Kya

Eh? Is it like that? She's angry about that? So if we weren't here, she wouldn't mind?

"Uhm? Well, we've all done 'private business' with Eldric before, so many times it is basically public business by now? Wait... you... haven't you...?"
"No! Of course not! A lady should wait until her family approves!" - call out the california gold princess
"Eh? And whats with all that stuff -we- did, then?"
"That's what your succubus is for!"


>Slightly racist
>Mildly racist
>Pretty racist
>Worthy of getting angry about

"PDFs, PDFs everywhere"
Because that IS what the succubi themselves want.
And here I was hoping someone would either

point out that is what her culture is like. That is what okaba is trying to change, but she's not mean or anything like that. She's just a procduct of her culture and will change over time

or maybe point out it would be hypocritical of us to say anything to her after how we trat our succubus and pets

or even someone getting upset over it and suggesting we teach her about hard s/m for a bit to reorient her perspective.

Anyway, it seems you guys are all gone, so Ill be goin now as well. See you on sunday if the thread is still alive
While it’s her culture, isn’t that also how the succubi in her nation act? So she is speaking from personal experience.
Also, that’s how the wild succubi we found acted (when they weren’t running away), right?
>But succubi are good for much more than just being sex slaves and art.
'Mah... well, from my old world's POV, she just said an horrible thing, but... that's right, it is a big part of her culture, and a large share of the 'blame' lies with the succubuss' themselves, after all. I am not using 'blame' to indicate fault, though, just the cause of something. After all, sex is literally at the core of their behaviour, relationships and culture.' - we pause and cross our arms as we think on it – 'I know high society nobles are assigned succubus as bodyguards but, though it doesn't seems as if they are forced to become their lord and ladies' lovers, it seems to be the expected result. I wonder...'

“When you say “that's what they are for!” what do you mean, exactly?” - we question Kya, trying to sound as conversational and non-confrontational as possible about it
“W-well... y-you... they... you are expected to gain experience with your succubus before marriage. It... helps your married life.”
“Hmm... I guess you can think of it as sex ed.”
“I mean, sexual education. I get it.”
“Uuuh~” - she makes a clearly worried sound - “You haven't had sex with your succubus? I mean, ah...”
“I'm not a virgin, if that's what you are asking?” - we reply, which causes Aritsu, Lyann and Miel to blush quite brightly, while Dawn starts chuckling
“Eldric's had plenty of experience, don't worry!” - our strawberry succubus manages to squeeze out between laughs - “And he's had plenty of succubuss experience. And redhead experience, and elf experience, and faery experience, and...”
“That's enough, you.” - we grab Dawn by one of her horns (gently), and that causes her to gasp and go quiet while her wings twitch and her tail straightens up behind her.
“E-eeh!? B-but...” - Kya looks at Aritsu, Lyann and Miel as subtly as she can.

Its still obvious enough to cause them all to blush, though.


“Well, in our culture, it is normal to accumulate experience with your fiancée.” - we explain - “It is expected, To learn if you will be compatible in bed.”
“I-is that so? Since we all have succubus experience, it is assumed we all have the same tastes, though.” - replies Kya, softly
“Ah... actually, it is not a part of my culture...” - says Aritsu as she lifts her hand while blushing quite brightly - “But... I don't regret it.”
“T-than why...?” - Kya is confused. She almost hurts herself in her confusion

Really. We are still in the middle of dinner, after all. She almost poked her eye with her fork and a piece of [Fine][Honey Sauce Meat].

“In my culture, you just... 'bond' with the person you will create a family with. When it happens, you are already a couple, forever. For my culture, a wedding does not make a couple any more than a funeral makes a death. I am already Eldric's, and in my heart, he's already mine. That's why, it is only natural. Things like fiancée or spouse are just titles...” - says our elven princess as she blushes all the way up to the tip of her delicate pointy ears

Cute, Aritsu is really cute, sometimes. Also, she called us 'Eldric' instead of 'the president'. Its refreshing.

Kya looks at Lyann. Our redhead looks away for a bit... is the answer in the roof? She's looking up... apparently it isn't there, nor in the food in front of her.

“I-i was born to love Eldric.” - she says after a moment - “I want to make him happy. I want to love him. I want to share my life with him, have his children, and grow old with him. As long as he let me love him, it would be alright even if he didn't love me back.” - she straightened her back and finished that line with a perfectly calm and serious expression...

'That's scary! Love, that's just scary!' - we cry out. In our heart


“That's why, making him happy is my happiness. As for the things that upset or sadden him... death.”

'I was wrong, that's way scarier!' - we cry out. In our heart

“P-please stop there!” - we manage to blurt out.
“A-alright...” - says Lyann with a smile and a light blush

“Yes, my turn!” - says Dawn as she raises a hand, energetically

Eh, she has this much energy even though we're holding her horn still...

“Cause it's fun! That's it!” - she declares proudly
“And... because with him, I'm me. Not a project to fix, nor somebody he has to save, or a thing to exploit. He looks me in the eye, and I can tell he's looking at a person, you know? Its the same with everyone in this room!” - she declares happily

Eh, is this succubus horny or just corny? Let's squeeze her horn a little harder

“A-ahah~aah...” - she lets out a loud moan

“I feel safe with him.” - ventures Miel - “I don't have to be in charge, I can depend on him.”

Our faery queen looks at us with a smile, holding her hands together in front of her

“Ah, we've done all sorts of kissy stuff.” - reports Mako while holding both hands against her face, and blushing in a beautiful bright red
“Eh?” - Kya seems a bit confused by the sudden decrease in general lewdness

>That's because in Mako's case, she's the only one that is underage here.
>We are waiting until marriage. That's all.
>We are waiting until marriage. That's all.
>Other: also complicated scheduling with Ren is involved
That reminds me, I was thinking of inviting Ren and Mako to the island after the wedding and making sure they both became pregnant at once.

My original idea included Mako and Ren being pampered by the rest of the girls.
Doesn’t Ren need her babies born first to prevent a succession crisis?

She feels that by taking the empire from Mako, and by being the one that 'had it easier' she's already taken a lot from her sister, even though none of it was her choice.

So she lied. She loves Eldric but doesn't wants to 'take him from Mako' so she's never confessed. She at least wants to bear him a child first, though.

I wonder what do you guys think about 3P with Mako and Ren
I’d be for it.
I also want to mess with the Shadows, both the Mantequira ones and the Alquian ones.
I wonder if we’re not liked by the Alquian Shadows because of what we did to one of them?
supporting >>2851863
So no Sunday run?
sorry, lots of things happened

Where were we?
We left at telling Kya the reason we have not had sex with Mako yet, being that there are complicated scheduling concerns with Ren.
Namely, that we need to produce an heiress with Ren first so that there are no succession issues.
"Wait, you have all shared Eldric's bed? Is he not underage himself?" - the winged princess looks at everyone (but Mako) with cold eyes

"He is very mature!" - Lyann
"B-biological imperative!" - Aritsu
"He dragged me to his bed!" - M(iel)
"So? he was obviously experienced by the time I got to him" - Dawn

Kya just stares at them, not sure on where to begin from, or if she should.

Its somewhat heartwarming when she hugs us gently and pulls us towards herself so we are between her and Mako.

>Its okay, you don't need to protect me. Really
>Let her go on to tease the girls for a bit
>Other: "Honestly, she doesn't need protection from me. That's what Ami, Mai, and the Alquian Shadows are for, right girls?"
Always assume that Ami and Mai are somewhere and ready to protect Mako.
you misread the scene or i described it poorly

Our MC is underage. She moved the MC so he was positioned between Mako and herself, like some sort of sanwich where the bread is Mako and Kya, and the filling is Eldric.

She's trying to keep us safe from the other girls (pedophiles from her point of view). Lyann and Aritsu are 19, Dawn is 18. Remember the legal age in this world is 15

What you think she heard:
Eldric: Yes, i'm a sexual predator that has pounced on all these girls

What she heard:
Girls: "Yes, I tapped that"
If that's the case, then Eldric should be amused but also firm in disabusing Kya of her misconceptions.

>Other: "You misunderstand. I don't need to be protected from them, they need to be protected from me. Except Mako; that's what Ami, Mai, and the other Shadows are for."
"Right..." - she clearly doesn't believes us

She looks at the girls across the table, and then speaks with a cold voice

"How long has this been going?" - Kya
"A little over two years? Aaaalmost three?" - replies an obviously troubled Lyann
"..." - Kya is confused, but bounces back quickly enough - "Y-you were invited into his family's house! Y-you have been talomg advantage of mylord for three years!? Lyann how cold you!? A-and lady Aritsu, too!? I expected more from you!"
"What about me?" - asks Dawn, raising a hand and looking quite amused by this all
"It can't be helped." - Kya seems considerably less angry at Dawn

Well, she's a succubus

"...no. Kya, listen, it really is alright, because I love everyone in this room." - we try to explain
"Aww, my lord, you really don't need to try and cover for them."

Its kind of nice how she's hugging us tightly against her chest. Her pillows of lust are soft, warm, and have a fresh and girly scent. When she wraps her wings around us, though, its pretty hot (in a literal sense)

>Explain to her (and the other girls) about our reincarnation
>Push her down and lewd her up to show her we really don't need protecting
>Push her down and lewd her up to show her we really don't need protecting
I wonder if Kya will just blame us oushing her down and leading her as bad behavior we learned from Lyann and Aritsu instead of what we taught them.
how can you post so quickly? i get asked for like 16+ captchas per post! anyway, waiting for more votes on this
no new replies yet? I guess we'll start again from the options on thursday?

also sound captcha is starting to throw portuguese and pinoy at me now
>>Push her down and lewd her up to show her we really don't need protecting
What, we're not going to start with >>2858336

You need to start pressing forward if people don't post anything. All this waiting for nothing is very annoying.
Especially since you've said multiple times that silence implies consent; the silence of the other players should be taken as consent.
>You need to start pressing forward if people don't post anything. All this waiting for nothing is very annoying.
You tell me? the counter up on the right says we have 70 ppl reading the thread, but hardly anyone posts.

I remember asking about it a couple years ago and someone was kind enough to reply "i like reading it like a novel, but dont post". It was nice to get a reply, but I really wish people posted instead of just reading, at least when it gets slow.

And yes i plan to start from there.
And yes, I normally take silence as consent, but when the thread has gona as long as this one has, i think theres a really good chance that people has dropped off and are waiting for thursday already, so i dont feel as comfortable just disregarding them.

Hell, I dont want to start the thursday thread with lewd. It feels weird each time that happens. And speaking of, since we are pushing her down gently, I assume its going to be cutesy and gentle lovemaking, or do you wanna go more passionate, slightly dominating, heavily dominating, what?
>the counter up on the right says we have 70 ppl reading the thread, but hardly anyone posts.
That's not accurate, you know. That's just the number of IP addresses that posted here, which changes frequently if they're posting from a mobile device.

>i think theres a really good chance that people has dropped off and are waiting for thursday already
That fucks over everyone else who did post and makes it as if we wasted our time here.
You're disregarding the people who took the time to post in favor of people that didn't bother to even check in.
It feels very frustrating to have our time wasted like this.

>or do you wanna go more passionate, slightly dominating, heavily dominating, what?
Passionate and very dominating.
supporting >>2859079
>That fucks over everyone else who did post and makes it as if we wasted our time here.
>You're disregarding the people who took the time to post in favor of people that didn't bother to even check in.
>It feels very frustrating to have our time wasted like this.

Well I think you are right. Alright.


"Kyah" - we sound slightly muffled as we try to speak through the princess' large breast
"And furthermore..." - she looks rather upset and full of righteous anger as she continues lectuing our redhead on how wrong it is that she abused our parents trust and goodwill
"Princess!" - we call her attention and lay our hands on her shoulders
"Ah, yes my lord?" - she looks at us with the most concerned expression she's ever shown us
"Is not like that. I love Aritsu and Lyann."

Dawn clears her throat

"And Dawn, yes."
"But mylord, you're too young to-hmph?"

We shush her with a kiss. She's startled, but we don't let her push us away, and instead hold her hands gently but firmly.

"Ah-" - she gasps softly as our lips part - "My lord, I-"
"I love Lyann, and Mako, and Miel, and Dawn." - we lean in to kiss her again - "And I love you."

We give her a long and gentle kiss, while letting go of her hands.

"I want us all to live and love together." - another kiss.

Lyann gestures the servans to leave the room, and they do so quietly and quickly.

"To-together?" - the princess looks at us with a confused expression, but is much calmer now
"Yes. We don't keep secrets, we all live and love each other."
"You said you wanted to live with me. Isn't that what agreeing to be my fiancée means?"
"Then, you need to adjust to my house." - we caress her face gently

>I am your lord, correct? I demand it
>In our family, you will follow our rules
>You will love all of us. We will all love you

Then we push her down slowly but firmly, and climb on top of her to kiss her again.
>I am your lord, correct? I demand it
>You will love all of us. We will all love you
The first leads into the second.

",,,!" - Kya seems rather surprised as the intelligent and handsome gentleman she's smitten with pushes her down and kisses her

His right hand moves along the side of her body, and cups her face for a few moments.


The Hêven princess is certainly experienced enough (thanks to her maid/bodyguard) not to be a blushing teenager dominated by her hormones.
Feeling like this, though, has very little to do with the kiss, and everything to do with feeling safely, comfortably female under her fiancée.

"Yes my lord." - she replies at least

We pull down the dress straps over her shoulder, and push her dress down while kissing her. It is undeniable by now that we do have a fair bit of experience at peeling off the envelop off cute girls without breaking a kiss, and before she knows it, her dress is halfway down to her waist, exposing her generous, shapely breasts.

>We even secured her elbows behind her with the straps of her dress. We're going to show her Absolute Kingship in bed
>We helped her slip her arms free from the straps so she can hug us back.


oh wow captcha used a shot from my city's downtown
>We even secured her elbows behind her with the straps of her dress. We're going to show her Absolute Kingship in bed
She needs to be shown that we're not some young kid that gets taken advantage of; we're a sexually voracious man who is the one taking advantage.
>>We even secured her elbows behind her with the straps of her dress. We're going to show her Absolute Kingship in bed
File: Kya bastard!! dbg wings.jpg (590 KB, 800x1109)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
>taking advantage.
Eh, i cant say i quite agree with that? I thought we were making sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

well im happy we have at least 2 ppl trying to post actively. And im sorry I didnt wait for you. Im going to give about 15 minutes for ppl to vote from now on unless it is obvious ppl is going fast. Seems fair?

>>>We even secured her elbows behind her with the straps of her dress. We're going to show her Absolute Kingship in bed

Also, according to wikipedia, it is milord not my lord, so im going to use that from now on, ok?


"M-milord, we are at the dining table...!"
"I thought we were on the floor." - we kiss her neck and leave a kiss mark on her shoulder
"Milord!" - she calls out, a little taken back that everyone else is just a few feet away
"I told you. We have no secrets."

Her body is a lot more toned than Aritsu's, though definitively very girly and feminine, if not as sensually curvy as Lyann's. Easy money would be on the fact that flying demands a rather good physical condition from everyone in her species.

She tries to adjust her posture, and realizes her elbows are caught together behind her.

"Milord, my arms are stuck..."
"They are not stuck." - we correct her gently - "I bound them. Big difference."
"Ah~!" - she cries out as we suckle on her right nipple while our hand moves down and reaches for the back of her knee before pulling her dress up.

There really is barely any tan marks on her. Her skin is a smooth, beautiful light brown all over, with her nipples being a most girly pink as they sit atop her breasts.

>Rip off her panties
>Slip them down
>oh, they have a brooch. Just carefully unhook the brooch
>>oh, they have a brooch. Just carefully unhook the brooch
>>oh, they have a brooch. Just carefully unhook the brooch
>>>oh, they have a brooch. Just carefully unhook the brooch

brb got to go to the ATM across the avenue to pay my rent. I hate crossing that street. Full of cars I can't see, and some i can't even hear...


Eh? wasn't it just a tiny little brooch? Somehow the little noise it made when we unclasped it was really loud? I mean, it was heard from all over around the table, right?

Looking at the embarrased expression Kya is making, she heard it too, right? We look at the girls and... yeah, they're trying to look like they heard nothing, but that has the opposite effect, doesn't it?

"Milord..." - oh, that's a really nice full body blush the princess got now

Let's shush her with a kiss.

Once her pantie's brooch came off, it was easy to gently slip them down her other thigh.

She is obviously nervous as we trail kisses down from her lips all the way down to her navel, and then skip the silk and cotton sash her dress has turned into before continuing to kiss down her hips, and blowing at the tiny pearl poking out from under its soft sheet.

"Agyaah!?" - she lets out a weirdly arousing cry as we blow over her clit, then whines and moans as we start licking and nibbling at it - "Milord, that is...! afuu!?"


Her wings stretch wide, and knocks down a jug of juice as one slams the low dinner table, then fold back slowly. Or rather, squeeze themselves under her at the height of a beautiful orgasm before relaxing right after.

Kya's taste is sweet and fruity, somehow.

>Pull her knees up and apart as we get on top and inside of her
>Roll her over unto her stomach and lift her hips to do her from behind
>Pull her knees up and apart as we get on top and inside of her
>>Pull her knees up and apart as we get on top and inside of her
>>Pull her knees up and apart as we get on top and inside of her

"Ah..." - the princess lets out a soft moan as we adjust our postures, lifting her knees and kissing her thigh while moving between them
"You agreed to be mine." - we say gently - "And that means you are."

She shivers and gasps as we become one, our malehood sliding into her body in a gentle, smooth motion, closing the gap between us. As the head of our lenght gets ready to kiss the entrance of her womb, our lips kiss at the nape of her neck, and as our lips come together into a passionate kiss.

>Our malehood finally kisses at the entrance of her womb while we keep most of our weight off her
>We push our tongue past her lips, just as our malehood pushes into her womb
>We push our tongue past her lips, just as our malehood pushes into her womb
If you're having so much trouble getting past the captcha, maybe you should buy a 4chan pass.
>>We push our tongue past her lips, just as our malehood pushes into her womb
i would. Its not like its expensive, but in my country you need to work for the state or have a salary exceeding 14k USD to have a international credit card. Hell, even when I owned my own hobbyshop store and was organizing continental tournaments of TCGs, I couldnt get one, much less now that I am my own boss with non-traditional sources of income.

Seriously, if someone gives me his info so i can send him/her the money, I'd have no issue with it. I have a national-version credit card but its no good this this kind of stuff.


We take our princess with absolute kingship, giving her a deep and passionate kiss as we push into her womb. Our arms ar her sides, we devour her lips as we move.

Having just cum, her body is hypersensitive right now. She's on fire, trembling, tensing up, arcing and finally cumming again. We keep kissing her through it all, and start moving our hips back and forth in short, slow strokes, sliding the head of our malehood back and forth through the opening of her womb.

"Milord!" - she cries out on the brief moment we let go of her lips

>"That's right. I am your lord."
>"I'm here, my princess."
>"That's right. I am your lord."
>>"That's right. I am your lord."
>>"That's right. I am your lord."

"Ah..." - she cooed as she came again

We continued to kiss and move. In, out, short and slow strokes, so we'd keep sliding in and out of her womb whenever we weren't pouring it full of hot seed.

Ah, it was a little unfortunate that she was just taller than us. She'd have to bend forth if we wanted to kiss her while... come think about it, perhaps it wasn't a bad thing?

We adjusted our bodies so we were sitting against the heavy but low table, with Kya on our lap, our bodies still joined at the hip. The movement surprised out beautiful 'captive' as we pulled her up, but it also pushed her down and secured our malehood in the depths of her womb.

Our lips closd around her right nipple. We began to suckle and lick, kiss and nibble while she squirmed in heated delight.

"A-ah! milordddnnh!"
"Bow, I want to kiss you." - we say after letting fo of her breast

She bends slightly. We pull back so she has to bend even deeper, her legs wrapped around our back, her arms bound at her back.

We kiss her, gently caressing and groping at her body, then reaching for the back of her head to hold her in position, kissing her for as long as we'd like before (gently) pulling her back by her golden hair, our fingers entwined on it.

"Good." - we say approvingly while holding her in place

>Now support your feet on the floor, and start moving up and down on my lenght
>Now lean back again, I want to bite your breasts
>Now lean back again, I want to bite your breasts
That reminds me, are we going to make her lactate, too? Right now we are only milking Lyann and Dawn, IIRC?
>>Now lean back again, I want to bite your breasts
What about Aritsu?
I want some Elf Milk.

As for Kya, I think we should wait.

Can we make Miel produce milk, as well? What about Tanis?
Oh, and send an email to dhconfig@gmail.com for a 4chan pass.
thanks, i can send you the money by western union or moneygram next time i go downtown.

>Can we make Miel produce milk, as well? What about Tanis?

you got me. I have no fucking clue. Since we gave them breasts, may as well, except that bees dont do milk, they do honey. Maybe a 'thin' honey instead of milk for miel? And as for the dragons, no idea. They are magically shapefhisfted after all, so I guess than depending on how thorough (or lazy) the spell is, it would depend on what race they are shapeshifted into at the time?

So my opinion on Miel is that its not milk, but something else, and on Tanis 'sure, when she's in a form that has breasts, i guess'


"Uuhh~ d-don't bite too hard..."
"That's up to me. Lean back, my princess."
"y-Yes milord."
"Good girl."

We make sure to enjoy our winged princess thoroughly while teaching her to do as we want her to, in bed.

Well, by the time we are done 'breaking her in' it is probably late enough for it to be early in Bastion, though, so we carry her to the bath and untie her arms, then start washing her with Dawn and Lyann's help.

We do end up pinning both Lyann and Kya to the bathroom's floor as Dawn 'assists us' in letting them feel our love, though.

"You're burning." - we whisper in Lyann's ear while riding her doggy style in the bath
"I am. I've missed you inside me, Master."

We actually can feel ourselves blush as she says so with complete honesty.

>"Good girl." - love her until we pour a load inside her, but don't let her cum. She's still being punished, after all
>"Good slave. You can cum when I do." - move hard and fast and hold back as long as we can before cumming together

To our left, Kya is trembling as Dawn imitates us, riding on top of her and using her tail...

>On her backdoor. Kya's pussy is an Eldric-exclusive
>To reach all the way into Kya's womb
>"Good slave. You can cum when I do." - move hard and fast and hold back as long as we can before cumming together

>To reach all the way into Kya's womb
Tell me when you send that email so I know to check my inbox.
>>"Good slave. You can cum when I do." - move hard and fast and hold back as long as we can before cumming together

>To reach all the way into Kya's womb
just did.

Also, I just remembered that we DID make Aritsu lactate, too.

By the way, should we have Kya go through 'toy training' so she's in the same level as Aritsu, Dawn, Lyann and Miel, or announce after this that she's in the same level as Mako so the 'toys' have to refer to her as mistress (in private) and obey/please her, just like with Mako?


"Yes Master, th-thank you Maste~er!" - cooes Lyann as we start moving as hard and fast as we can.

Soon, we are pouring ourselves inside her womb, and gently twisting her head to the side so we can kiss her while we cum, our bodies so hot it feels as if we're melting into one.

At the same time, Kya is trembling and squirming right next to us while Dawn emulates us, moving (just her tail) back and forth so fast and hard that lewd, wet slurping noises come out while the girls kiss.

"I love you." - we tell Lyann as soon as we're able to speak
"I love you, Master" - she replies with a happy expression

We give her another kiss without changing position, just resting our weight on her for a bit, enjoying the feel of her soft body sticking to us.

"Kya" - we tell her after a few moments - "From now on..."

>You'll learn to please and obey, just like all my other toys.
>You can call on Aritsu, Dawn, Lyann or Miel to do with as you please, my princess.
>Other: You'll learn to please and obey to make up for being so mean to Lyann, Aritsu, Miel, and Dawn.
Make her go through toy training as punishment for being mean to the others. Then maybe we can consider where she will be.
Sounds fair. She was mean to them, yes, but it was because she was angry on our behalf. We still should give her 'some' punishment/discipline, though.

Which reminds me, are we giving her the dancer/slave job/class combo, or going ahead with the plan to make her a pet?
I think that we will make her a Pet, but only after we talk with Okaba and Asmund about it, and asking Asmund for an undead to try this out with as well.

We don't know how Okaba would view us making his younger sister into a Pet.
And I am interested in the science behind it as much as I am interested in the fetish play aspects.
Just sent you an email, want to confirm that the email address you sent from is the one I should send the pass to.
>I think that we will make her a Pet, but only after we talk with Okaba and Asmund about it, and asking Asmund for an undead to try this out with as well.
You mean an intelligent one? That's gonna be an awkward conversation since Sbastia has no slaves other than mindless undead, and since they are mindless, pretty much anyone would agree they are more construction/farming machinery than slaves.

What are you thinking of, anyway? A vampire? Dullahan? Not many non-gross undead... actually aren't dullahan a type of faery?

Also, we could have tried the pet thing with Lyann first. She's waaaaaay higher level than the Alquian soldier we tried it with, so we would have evolved all the way up to mythic in one go if we turned her into a 'monster'.

bronze: Shattered
Silver: Fragment
Gold: Half
Diamond: Whole
Mythic: ??? Honestly i am open to suggestions for a name here, something that indicates 'beyond whole' would be nice

As for Kya, Majin as monsters would go

???? here too, suggestions would be welcomed

I guess we're going with >>2860008
>>Other: You'll learn to please and obey to make up for being so mean to Lyann, Aritsu, Miel, and Dawn.

", understood?" - we ask her while she is still spasming under Dawn
"Yes milord." - she replies softly
"Good girl." - we kiss her

Well, let's see, assuming it is just before sunrise in Bastion, we should...

>Go to Bastion, have breakfast with Stella, then dive into a dungeon again
>Go to Bastion, have breakfast with Stella, and ask Grumnir to make a collar and cuffs set for Kya. then visit those 'mines' and see just how good a investment chance they are

(rememer its nearly 2 am in Albion, 1am in Eopolis and here at Alquia, a liiiittle earlier in New Hope, and about 10pm in Manterquira so if you guys wanna 'stay up' we don't really have much choice other than do stuff in Bastion right now
>Go to Bastion, have breakfast with Stella, and ask Grumnir to make a collar and cuffs set for Kya. then visit those 'mines' and see just how good a investment chance they are
Remember that we have Miel with us, and that we are taking her around on another round of adventures.

I was thinking that we would ask Asmund for a volunteer; they would be released from our Menagerie once the experiment is concluded.
I was hoping for a vampire.

This experiment was to see if the Majin and Undead would revert to Monsters in a continent that doesn't have any of their type Civilized, right?
>>Go to Bastion, have breakfast with Stella, and ask Grumnir to make a collar and cuffs set for Kya. then visit those 'mines' and see just how good a investment chance they are
>This experiment was to see if the Majin and Undead would revert to Monsters in a continent that doesn't have any of their type Civilized, right?

for vampires... it would be the jade archipelago between the eastern and western continent.

Since we are done 'punishing' Lyann, do we take her along as well?
>do we take her along
Sure, but make sure that we schedule a day just with Miel.

Also, the 4chan Pass email should have been sent to you.


We service our beautiful empress a lot, kissing, caressing and cuddling with her before promising her that yes, we will do all sorts of fun naughty things to her after we are married.

She was sulking a little bit about it... well, its understandable, right?

We head back to Bastion along with Kya, Lyann and Miel... Dusk was waiting for us at the door.

Hn. She was properly worried about her mistress. I guess we did something bad to her, so lets apologize sincerely.

After that, we go in and give Kya a more casual and loving kiss than we would have the day before as we send her off with Dusk, then head over to our own room for a change of clothes.


>Lets coordinate Lyann and Miel's clothes
>Just let them wear whatever they are comfortable with.

Of course, we need to keep in mind that we are going to the dungeon mid-morning, though.
>Lets coordinate Lyann and Miel's clothes
Make sure that it's high class clothes, and that they have a change of equipment for when we go to the dungeon.
>>Lets coordinate Lyann and Miel's clothes
>>>Lets coordinate Lyann and Miel's clothes

We get our two beauties dressed in a pair of matching summer dresses. We're quite far north, but with their resistences it isn't really a problem.

Yup, the clean and simple look is the best on beautiful girls. You don't need to dress up beauty, after all.

A pair of simple wooden mules finishes off the look. Definitively lovely.

By the way, of course they are keeping their adventuring gear in Lyann's [Inventory].

"Big brother, good morning." - Stella gives us a light smooch, and we caress the top of her head in turn
"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"
"Yes! I got up early, and did some workout, too!"

Our imouto is full of energy today.

"After breakfast, I'll have a conversation with Grumnir, then we can go to the dungeon again, alright?"
"Alard isn't around?"
"Cousin went out to visit auntie." - explains the puppy (she's a wolf, though) girl
"Ah. I hope they have fun."

Breakfast is full of the local flavour, and we find it to be quite nice. A lot of spicey meat with flavoured bread.

No milk or honey, though.

"Should we wait for Kya to join us?" - asks Lyann

>No need, I suspect she's worn out
>I'll go fetch her
>I'll go fetch her
>>I'll go fetch her
>>I'll go fetch her

"Hurry up. Breakfast will get cold" - calls Stella
"Yes, yes. I'll be right back."

Ah, she lowered her fork while looking at us. I guess she's planning on waiting for us to come back before continuing.

That IS rather impressive, considering how gluttonous our puppy imouto used to be,


We walk upstairs and knock on Kya's door.

A few moments later, Dusk opens the door, and invites us in.

As we step into the room, we see that Kya is standing in a light, open silk robe in front of a full body-lenght mirror while holding two dresses against her chest.

"Dusk, why did you let milord in!? I'm not dressed yet!" - the princess chides her maid while blushing brightly
"You agreed to spend the night out with him, and came back smelling of him, elf, human, faery and succubus. But mostly him. I don't think it really matters, anymore?" - she replies calmly

Dusk really enjoys teasing her mistress, uh? Also, her nose is scary. Or is that just a succubus thing, being good at telling who got laid the night before?

Probably something like that.

*we clear our throat*

"Yes, well, we are waiting for you at the breakfast table, you know?"
"I am sorry, milord. I lost the track of time."

Yup, I think we can definitively get used to the 'milord' thing.


>Just turn on her dancer/slave combo and drag her out to breakfast as she is
>Its all girls at the table anyway. Drag her to it as she is. She can pick clothes later, but everyone is waiting for us NOW
>Just have her throw a robe on top and take her to breakfast like that
>Just have her throw a robe on top and take her to breakfast like that
There are servants along the way. They're not like our Island Manor maids, so be more considerate of them.
>There are servants along the way. They're not like our Island Manor maids, so be more considerate of them.
They were slaves for years before Stella bought them, so I suspect they really wont think much about one of their human masters dragging a cute beastkin-like girl semi nude around. And the ones Stella bought as children don't have any taboos, most likely, but sure, ok.


We ask Dusk for a robe to throw on top of Kya, and the succubus nods and hands us one.

Does this thing counts as a robe? We look at what looks like a tiny, nearly transparent silk shirt that couldnt hide a koala, let alone a Kya.

"Dusk!" - chides the princess, quite red

This time the succubus hands us an actual robe... actually this one looks really nice, where have we--- ah, its one of those traditional robes Okaba wears in his country. Its a mix between an overcoat and a robe, with a beautiful print of white lines on top of a dark pink fabric.

Of course, it has two well hidden slits for the wings on the back. Its more like a traditional dress than a robe, no matter how you look at it.

"Ah... alright." - says Kya, with a somewhat embarrased smile

>Alright, then, lets go
>Why is she embarrased now?
>Why is she embarrased now?
The robe has some special meaning back in their culture, doesn't it?
>The robe has some special meaning back in their culture, doesn't it?
>>Why is she embarrased now?
>>Why is she embarrased now?

*Dawn nods* "As I thought, my lady looks stunning in her-ow!" - she got karate chopped
"Y-you!" - Kya's wings are flexing behind her as her blush reaches from her face to... well it dissapears under her robe.

So that's what she looks like when she's sufficiently embarrased. Cute

"What is it?" - we ask Kya
"I promise I won't laugh."
"Yes, but either way, you are mine now, so tell me what it is."
"oooh, should I give lord Eldric a copy of the door's key, then- ow!" - she got karate chopped again

>-softly- "Give me a copy later"
>Don't say anything to Dusk

"Uhh... its... it means I am in a serious relationship with a gentleman, and no longer available to anyone else." - she is obviously spinning the answer to some degree
"Hn. I like it. I approve. Because Kya is mine now, after all."
"...yes milord." - she replies, and blushes even brighter

We take her downstairs for breakfast, and then
>Head over to speak with Grumnir about Kya's 'accessories'
>Go to the dungeon again
>-softly- "Give me a copy later"
>Head over to speak with Grumnir about Kya's 'accessories'
Wait, don't we normally get the slave accessories made by Master Tazar, not Grumnir?
Am I misremembering things? Tazar is great at clothes, grumnir is great with gear.

If you want a sexy basque or babydoll or underwear for the girls, you go to Tazar. Sexy dresses that double as cloth armor, too.

But I am preeeetty sure we've always gone to Grumnir about accessories. At least i am 100% sure we asked him to make Lyann's current collar and cuffs.
Alright, I might be misremembering then.
supporting >>2860523
Ah, but we did ask Tazar for some accessories that were specifically meant as sex toys, though. Maybe that's where you got that impression from?

Hd does take full advantage of his elf slave, but since they seem to also be friends, as well as master-student on topf of it, and hers is a 5-years contract as opossed to a lifetime one, we didnt really poke our nose into it. They're both adults and got into it knowing what they were doing so...

>>-softly- "Give me a copy later"
>>Head over to speak with Grumnir about Kya's 'accessories'

The succubuss nods discreetly.

"Oh, the princess is lifebound with brother!?" - claims out Stella as soon as she sees Kya walking down in her pink and white robe, hanging from El--- actually, would it be Eldric hanging from Kya's arm? She -is- a full head taller, after all.

Well, that sort of blew off the lid on Kya's embarrasment-o-meter, as she is now a mass of nervous stuttering and blushing.

"Yes, Kya has agreed to be mine." - we lift her hand and give it a kiss
"oooh" - Stella seems quite happy about it

Uh, since when was our puppy imouto so knowledgeable about other cultures? I think we may have understimated the quality of education at that academy we sent her to.

Anyway, we share breakfast with our cute fiancées and even cuter imouto, then...

>talk to grumnir about her collar and accessories. Best quality for combat, please
>talk tp Tazar and make sure to ask for some fun, lewd functions. (since you reminded me that's the sort of thing we've asked him before)
>talk to grumnir about her collar and accessories. Best quality for combat, please
btw ideas on lewd accessory functions? all i can think of its giving them something like a immovable rod function. Basically when commanded to, it gets anchored on a fixed orbit with the planet and to try and move it would be about the same as try to move the planet.

It can't fall, it can't rise, it can't be moved in any way except with a stupidly brutal strenght check.

Would make Kya 'positionable'. Have her spread eagle on the bed, then activate the immovable function, and that's it. Or leaning over, or on all four or whatever. Once it is 'on' she cant move from that posture. She can even lean down against her jewelry and it will make no difference.

Honestly I can think of a BUNCH of uses other than for lewd stuff, like 'technically' walk on air, or hover in place. or block a door (just leave a cuff there in 'on' and its easier to break the door and squeeze past the cuff than to actually push the door open), etc
Immovable Rod is good.
All I can think of are things that affect the wearer, like making them more aroused.
What about generating lubricants and oils?
>What about generating lubricants and oils?
Aren't we saving those functions for the buttplug? Which I assume we'll talk to either Tazar or Sykia about.

Uhmm... the ability to turn off her ability to orgasm until it is flipped back on? Honestly I have several ideas but don't feel comfortable throwing them all out there.

Something simple, like making it so she can't stretch her limbs? because

Also i found this pic of the girl I based Kya on, but its NSFW so i can't post it except as a link

And speaking of naughty accessories, are we going the ponygirl thing with the girls?

I remember someone suggested we acquired some like carts for them to pull around our island

so anyway, just 1 vote and its for grumnir, right? do you wanna go with the immovable idea? it does has a lot of non-lewd uses so i think it would be fine to ask our friend for it
btw we are at page 10, do you guys think we should let it die and continue on thursday, or make a new one?
I’m not much of a fan of horse-play.

Let’s go with the immovable idea for now

Nah, let’s just ride it down and make a new one on Thursday.
>I’m not much of a fan of horse-play.
Pity, i'll admit i liked the idea a lot


After breakfast, we give Kya time to dress up in a more local style, then go knock on Grumnir's door.

As it turns out, our friend was still sleeping. He has been staying up late every night since he got here, as he has been doing multiple experiments with the local materials every day/night.

By the way, Miiyau sleeps across the hallway. They really are just really good friends... it feels slightly odd. They get along so well you'd almost expect them to be in a relationship, if for nothing else then because they have been together for years, but there you go.

"Oh, young sir, good morning to you. Do you need anything?" - our friend asks us in a good mood

He'd obviously washed his face and changed clothes before opening the door. Probably used a [Clean] spell too, so the face washing was more to help himself wake up than anything else.

"Ah, I wanted to comission something, but I don't know if that is alright? Since we aren't at your place, and all that."
"It depends. If its something I've done before, I can always just use [Craft] for it. If its something new, I'd need to do it by hand, though."
"Well, I wanted another set of collar and cuffs..."

Our friend rises an eyebrown, and invites us in.

"Oh? For anyone I know?" - he doesn't gives us shit or teases us in anyway
"Lady Kya."
"Hmm hmm... I see. She's a caster, right?"

>Yes. so something that can boost séll power would be nice
>But she said she wanted to try using a sword and be ready for melee if needed be

"Also, I was thinking... could you add a specific ability to it. I was thinking on making it so her accessories are, well... immocable on command. Its just an idea I had."
"Sure." - doesn't even asks us why
"...thank you."
"So, what do I have to work with? She flies, so, does she fly with muscle power, magic? A bit of both? Just because she has wings and flies it doesn't actually means she flies on her wings alone."
"Right. I remember asking years ago. A bit of both."
"So, its better if its as light as possible, then. Thick enough crystal imay be too heavy. How about that glasteel you showed me once. Think you could get some?"

Well, glassteel is almost ruby-red. Not sure if that would make it in good or bad taste against her caramel-colored skin...

>Glasteel is good
>Maybe something in gold
>Maybe something clear and transparent
>What would be the lightest thing you can recommend?
>But she said she wanted to try using a sword and be ready for melee if needed be

>Glasteel is good
I would have liked to try Palladium, but that's still a secret material for the Empire.
Though I did find out that Palladium is a real metal, so maybe we should rename it something else?
really? i was thinking paladin + alloy, what does it do?

And palladium isnt very light, though it is VERY strong, so its not really ideal for this job anyway.


"So, glassteel and what else?" - asks Grumnir - "We need a gem to help channel and stabilize magic through it... you said immovable? How about... ah, but blue gems would clash with the glassteel red. Maybe pink, golden, or white?"

He explains us that
>Pink pearls are good to stabilize passive, constantly 'on' abilities
>Golden rubies are good for empowering effects. Squeezing a bit more juice out of a enchantment
>White gems used to be hard to get until we acquired diamonds en masse and explained Grumnir how to work them. They are good with on/off type of skills.
Palladium is used for catalytic converters and is a catalyst for chemical processes.
It's extremely valuable, more than gold, and very rare. There's only about 5 major locations where it can be found.

>Use Diamonds
Since we're going to have an Immovable Rod on/off effect.
oh so its mined as is? its not an alloy? somehow i expected it to be an alloy


"Alright, do you have a design idea? Suggestions?"

>A thin, large band with a large gem every 90°
>A tall band with a diamond-carved angel on the front
>A tall band with a large diamond at the front, and a thin metal ring hanging from it, large enough for two fingers to pass through
>Could you actually make the body of the accessories with diamonds linked by glassteel? You know, use the diamons for what you'd normally use the glasteel, and viceversa?
>Other (suggestions please)
>A thin, large band with a large gem every 90°
Sometimes simplicity is more aesthetically pleasing.

It's an element, part of the platinum group metals.
>It's an element, part of the platinum group metals.
see!? Further evidence i was telling the truth when i said i am a manager, not a chemist!

No utilitarian/sexy ring hanging from the collar and cuffs, though? makes me a bit sad. Its just so fun to play with
well i decided to include a ring on each accessory, its just too useful in many ways, plus it gives off just the right amount of "this creature is owned" vibe even if its attached to a cuff made of solid diamond


"Alright, give me a few minutes." - our friend asks us for the materials and gets to work

[Legendary] Glasteel and diamond collar of enslavement (x1)

[Legendary] Glasteel and diamond cuffs of enslavement (x4)

A five parts set of slave collar and cuffs crafted for the princess of a exotic southern kingdom. In addition to its high quality enchantments and properties, the more parts of the set are worn, the more effective its unique properties become.

6 slots [Legendary] [Glassteel] & [Diamond] Collar
* lvl 7 [Blessed] +200% Spell Resistance
* lvl 7 [Disintegrating] Using a skill or spell to deliver the killing blow on an enemy refunds 200% of the mp spent to use the spell or ability in the first place
* lvl 7 [Sage] Each time you spend MP in combat, your maximum MP increases permanently by +5, but removing this accessory causes the effect to reset to 0

6 slots [Legendary] [Glassteel] & [Diamond] Wrist cuffs
* lvl 7 [Grace] These cuffs +50% to critically hit. Maxs out at +75%
* level 7 [Hatred] Double range on skills and spells

6 slots [Legendary] [Glassteel] & [Diamond] Ankle cuffs
* lvl 7 [Greed] - Monsters drop 200% more money
* lvl 7 [Renewal] You heal double your constitution bonus each round

Set Bonuses
Spikes: This accessory automatically deals X damage plus 10% of your maxumum MP as magical damage to attackers that hit you
1 parts ~ X = 45
2 parts ~ X = 65
3 parts ~ X = 85

Unbreakable: Heals and shields (temporal hp) are X% more effective on you
1 parts ~ X = 25%
2 parts ~ X = 80%
3 parts ~ X = 200%

Oh, these are pretty nice. The [Sage] effect would go nicely with the mana shield effect from the [Archangel Staff] we picked up 2 years ago, though Kya really wants a sword, though...

>Her safety is first. Get her to use the staff
>Is fine, lets see if we can get a better sword, first
I think the unbreakable + the sage + the manashield staff would be great.

I wonder if you went to sleep or if the thread dropped
>Is fine, lets see if we can get a better sword, first

"These are as good as I've come to expect from you, boss." - we comment after examining the collar and cuffs for a while - "Do you think you could add the immovable bit?"
"That's already in. Its just a effect, not a enchantment. Added it as a slave menu feature, you just need to choose to give her the ability to turn it on or off."
"Is that so? Thank you very much. Now, how much do I owe you?"
"Well, you did supply all the goods, so just 15k for the handywork."

Well, its basically a token charge, so we pay thankfully.

"Can you help about the sword...?" - we explain to him what Kya wants, and show him the staff, hoping he can copy that ability
"Uhmm... this is a defensive skill. I could copy it into a shield, but not a sword. If you want a mana-focused sword, how about..."

>Manamune: Each time you attack or use a skill in combat, your maximum mana increases by +3 up to twice your base mana. The effect resets to 0 if you lose ownership of the sword, so you can store it away without issue, but not hand it over or sell it.
>Muramana: Adds 3% of your maximum mana to the damage of any attack, spell or skill you use, as type-less damage.

"...either way, I could add a mana drain effect into the sword itself. As for a mana shield, like I said, that's a skill for a shield, maybe an aceessory, even"
Ha, I see what you did there.
I think that’s for the best.
And how about putting the mana shield on a ring for Kya, so that she can still use it if she switches to another weapon.
what, no muramana comment?

>And how about putting the mana shield on a ring for Kya, so that she can still use it if she switches to another weapon.

I was thinking earrings, to be honest, but I guess a ring is fine. In D&D you can pay twice as much when crafting an item and make it slotless, so it doesnt use an item slot. Then it could be a pin on your clothes or a nose ring or an eyebrown piercing or whatever.

I think a small hair accessory would be nice. Ring slots... we probably want to give her a resistance to fire and a water breathing ring for each hand so she can party with Fahima and Lyra safely, same as everyone else around us, I think
By the way, I feel you guys have totally forgotten since noone has suggested we do it for a long time, but you do remember we can 'equip' our pets as gear, right?

We have only ever equipped Krabby and Fahima, once each. Krabby was a super heavy armor, and Fahima was a fire-centered staff.

Just throwing that out there, since its been literal years since it came up, and it seems to have been totally forgotten.
So, wanna go with earrings or a ring?
I forgot that the water breathing and fire immunity are on separate rings.
Oh, wait, change that to a slotless hair bangle if Grumnir can do it.
File: kya brown.jpg (1.06 MB, 837x1200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
sure. We still need to rearrange her hair into twintails anyway

>I forgot that the water breathing and fire immunity are on separate rings.
that reminds me, those were 'cheap' rings that didnt had any other features since at the time we were buying them en masse for our pets. Should we splurge?

And what do you think of this pic for kya? It bothers me a little that it has no wings, but otherwise seems great
Yes, if we have the money, we should splurge to get a single ring that has all the resistances and immunities we want, and distribute them to our Pets, fiancees, and friends.

I like it. It's got that toned, delicious brown body with the blonde hair that goes great with it.
And the 'wear your pet as equipment' thing fades into obscurity again

By the way, I was looking at it, and 90% of our pets reproduce by egg, don't they? The only exception being Moccha and Crema.


We talk with Grumnir for a bit more, and decide on making a hair accessory with the mana shield ability. Since it is something small, we decide to use the bit of Palladium we had on our inventory... it was, after all, specifically for accessories that we were carrying it around in the first place.

Well, it has six slots and adds quite a bit of magic resistance on top of the mana shield effect, so we now have a lot of items requiring new cards. Perhaps we should go farm some mana-related monsters for new cards.

The accessory comes up to 10k on its own, but there is a problem with the sword.

"Uhmm... well, you don't have to pay for it if you don't want it." - says Grumnir, a bit baffled

Its a shortspear. Sure, it can be used one-handed all the same, but we were looking for a sword. Well, it is not a bad weapon by any stretch of the imagination.

7 slots [Legendary] Orichalcum & Glassteel Shortspear of Sorcery

Manamune Blade: Each time you attack or use a skill in combat, your maximum mana increases by +3 up to twice your base mana. The effect resets to 0 only if you lose ownership of the weapon, so you can store it away without issue, but not hand it over or sell it.

Mana Drain: 200% of damage dealt is added to your mana, This effect cannot go over your max mana.

Mana Shield: Damage dealt to you is substracted from your MP first.

"And just after we made that accessory, too. I guess the idea was just fixed in my mind. I can keep it and refund you the materials if you want me to try making you a sword again." - says our friend

>No, this is good. We can give the accessory to someone else
>I still want it, though. Come think about it, Miel also needs a weapon upgrade
>I still want the sword, but I'd like to keep the spear as well


<-- how's this, then?
>>I still want the sword, but I'd like to keep the spear as well
The sword goes to Kya, and the spear goes to Miel.
>equipping Pets
I'd like to experiment with it, but maybe next time.
I want to see what happens when we equip Squidward, or Matty.
File: Kya Mkubwa.jpg (52 KB, 375x523)
52 KB
I also have this other pic version, but the problem is the skin color, so maybe we could use this pic for Matty or another of the harpies instead?

>I want to see what happens when we equip Squidward, or Matty.
So much hentai
Well, any of the harpies gives us wings (and therefore fly) of course, but Matty would give us an AoE effect on our ranged attacks,


"Alright. I would feel bad charging you for the spear, though."
"I can't take it for free."
"Alright, I guess 5k would be as much as I could accept without feeling like a cretin."
"Alright, thenk you."
"I could..." - our friend explains us

>Use the remaining glassteel. The sword WILL be red, but it should be an excellent blade.
>Use more traditional materials
>>Use the remaining glassteel. The sword WILL be red, but it should be an excellent blade.
Oh, what about the fairies, like Miel and Fleur?

Summoning abilities to summon swarms or plants, respectively.

What do you guys think of this pic? It took me YEARS to find a good male angel for Okaba, and this is as good as it gets, it seems. Seriously, pretty much since we started this thread, i've been looking for one. If you have a better one, PLEASE post it


6 slots [Legendary] Edge of Sunset

Manamune Blade: Each time you attack or use a skill in combat, your maximum mana increases by +3 up to twice your base mana. The effect resets to 0 only if you lose ownership of the weapon, so you can store it away without issue, but not hand it over or sell it.

Giant Slayer. This weapon adds 15% of the target's maximum HP as extra, magic damage.

lvl 7 [Vampiric] You heal 100% of the damage you deal with this weapon.

lvl 7 [Sharpness] You deal double damage with this weapon.

Yeah, that seems like a really good sword. It has no mana drain, but we can get that by adding cards to it, so its not a big deal. Does the giant slayer add 30% damage, then, or does it just get doubled? It probably just get doubled, right?

"Oh, this one looks like it has a nasty attitude. Is this sword for you, young lord?"
"I said it was for Kya."
"Uhmm-- its not a very lady-like weapon."
"I think its appearance isn't that important."

Well, it really looks like a mean sword, but that's not blood or anything like that, it's just the color of glassteel, so it will look more 'normal' as the material gets more common and popular, I think.

We pay 15k for Kya's new sword, and than our friend for his assistance, again.

After leaving, we pick up Kya, Lyann and Miel, then go find Stella and head out to the dungeon again.

This time we have more people with us, how should we organize the groups?

this one probably looks better since you can see the staff so it feels more wizard-like
Party 1:
Eldric, Kya, Dusk, Lyann, Miel, Stella

Party 2:
Tanis, Miel II, Tiel, Moccha, Crema, Fahima

Party 3:
Atruma, Spelth'Gagaron, Fleur, Squidward

Party 4:
Krabby, Lyra, Giant White Mantis 1, Giant White Mantis 2, Aurora, Kiana

I know Party 3 has less than the 6-member limit, but they have Fleur and 2 dragons, so they should be okay.

Hopefully 2 fully grown dragons can keep Fleur in check.
Yeah, the picture is very good for Okaba. The facial expression suits him.

But is the skin color is wrong, correct?
File: Stella Blonde Brown.jpg (69 KB, 471x702)
69 KB
>I know Party 3 has less than the 6-member limit, but they have Fleur and 2 dragons, so they should be okay.
Yeah I was gonna ask about that but you're probably right

well he IS very dark skinned, so it actually looks pretty close to ideal, I just don't like the art style in general, and the hairstyle feels odd for him, and yet it is still the best dark skinned male with wings pic i could find.


This time we start at very different floors.

The white mantis(es?) are pretty low level, so we have their group start in a double digit floor and work their way down to the 100th floor, where they should wait for us to pick them up later.

The rest of the groups will start on floors 300, 270 and 260, respectively.

And so...

"Is it really alright for me to use this?" - asks Miel as she receives her new spear
"Of course it is. You needed a new one, didn't you?"
"Thank you very much, Master." - she says while looking at her new spear
"Say that with a kiss." - we tell her as we lift her chin gently

Uhm, her lips are really soft.

"Thank you." - says Kya after receiving her sword.

She leans down to give us a kiss, a little embarrased, for several reasons.

"Good, I'm glad you liked it."

She nods, and tries swinging it a few times in practice.

"Why is a caster wi- no I got it." - Lyann stops herself 1/2 way into her comment while looking at our own blade - "You are a bad influence."
"Ah... kind of, yes."

"Me! Me!" - calls Stella as she approaches us
"What is it?"
"I didn't get a gift yet."

>"You can't get a gift everytime." - give her a smooch and a headpat
>"Alright." - give her a cupcake
>"Alright." - give her a cupcake
>Other: And give her a kiss and a headpat
We can get her a sword or a mace made from glassteel once we get some more.

Ah, though we should go ask Ren for it to be okay for Kya to have that Palladium hair accessory.

"Waa~" - she looks so happy after we give her a kiss and a cupcake.
"Good girl, good girl." - we rub her head gently

Well, let's go.

With Lyann throwing massive debuffs left and right, the fights are pretty safe, so Dusk is fine despite her relatively low level.

We switch Kya to slave for a bit and level up that class along with dancer, aiming to unlock Scion for her, so its good that between Lyann, Stella, Dusk and ourselves, its a very safe party even as she wanders around at single digits levels for a bit.

As for the second group...

They're running around and mowing down opponents. Tanis and Tiel are leading and smashing monsters as soon as they pop up, while Miel II is almost constantly healing Moccha and Crema, and Fahima is providing support from the back.

Thanks to giving everyone [Fire][Absorb] rings, Fahima can just go crazy with AoE attacks to do damage and heal at the same time, plus her fier aura grants everyone a small regeneration effect (thanks to the rings), so they are advancing with little issue,

In group number 3, Spelth and Atruma keep admonishing Fleur until she finally slows down and starts saving the drops properly. Squidward is more than flexible enough to fit in the hallways, but it plainly looks like some kind of horror movie as tentacles spread into every room and hallway looking for prey.

Group 4 has Krabby acting as something of a babysitter for our mantis, Aurora and Kiana, but with Lyra to provide healing when needed, they are doing a good job of leveling them up at a fairly good speed.

The problem is...

"Eh? These guys are all monsters, aren't they?" - adventurer

Yup, they are all pets, and there's plenty of adventuring parties on these floors.

Krabby tries to communicate. He uses [Bubble]. It isn't very effective.

>Have Lyra step forth

<- ive been saving this pic for a while, do you think its good for our witch harpy?
Before choosing, is Lyra Ranked as [Mythic] or [Gold]?
Oops, I meant, is she [Holy] or [Divine]?
Lyra is divine and gold
Then have Kiana try first, and if it fails, have Lyra step in.

They should be safe because they're tagged as Pets, not monsters.
Aurora should also have a go at talking with Adventurers, too.
safe from getting killed, yes. Stolen, not so much.


"Ah, good morning." - greets Kyana as she bows slightly in her maid uniform
"Oooh, what a well trained cutie." - says one of the adventurers - "Hey, Rickart, bet you can't get your ogre to do that!"
"Eh, a full pet party? Must belong to some really rich guy." - comments another - "They're all rare types, too."

"Ah, sirs?" - she tries to get their attention but they really don't mind her

"Does your [Menagerie] have any room left?"
"Ya, just the 1 slot, though. What do you think? The crab looks pretty strong."
"A bit too strong. Could you actually take it?"
"Just got to weaken it first."

"Sirs, I really wouldn't advice..." - our horny maid tries to be heard over the sound of their greed, unsuccessfully

"D'you think the others will run or fight?"
"If they're well trained, they probably won't attack other people without a direct order." - says their hunter as he readies his bow

Kyana looks back at her fellow pets with a clear 'what do I do now?' expression.

Lyra gestures her back and just tells the others to follow her.

She starts walking over to the adventurer party that is blocking the way.


Yup, her aura is drowning them just by being close. There's a reason why all our pets have an accessory of water breathing on them.

Having been caught totally by surprise, noone was ready to hold their breath, The effect is the same as if someone sleeping was suddenly thrown into deep water with a lead weight around his ankles.

"Will they be alright?" - asks Aurora
Lyra shrugs - "They'll start breathing again as soon as we are past them, and should wake up on their own."
"What if some monsters attack them while they're unconscious?"
Lyra shrugs again

And so a story about a vicious, ill-trained water-type pet starts circulating around the local guild.

*** meanwhile, we are at the doors of the boss room ***

>Boss dps

>Boss dps

>Boss dps

>Boss dps

Dusk... probably just cover Kya?

>Boss dps

I hope one of them remembers to tell us about the Adventurer party that tried to steal them away from us, so that we can hunt down that party and give them a beating/use our political connections to have them blacklisted.

Boss dps/use Steal to steal interesting loot

Boss DPS



Cover Kya, CC


Hey, we have [GAINS] and the XP buff turned on, right?
>/use Steal
I thought you guys had forgotten

wait why kya and dusk on cc? Sure Kya is taking dancer levels now so she can use some basic cc, but why dusk?

yes we have gains on.


The boss turns out to be a massive gem elemental, and rather than summoning ads, it seems to have a freezing gimmick that removes one of our party members from the fight for 3 rounds.

Honestly, it was a pain in the ass when it removed us for 3 rounds, since Lyann had to tank and her gear is really not geared towards that.

Thankfully she has a pretty high dodge, though, so she came out of that with only 40% damage to her hp.

As for what she could [Steal], she got a [Crystal Shield] with multiple defensive buffs and the ability to [Freeze] a enemy that strikes its wearer for 3 rounds, 15% of the time.

It has 7 slots and fairly good defensive abilities, so it was a good catch.

She also manages to [Steal] the elemental's [Will], which means her own magic resistance has permanently increased by +3.

As we come out of the freeze effect, we see that Dusk iand the elemental are both about to drop dead.

>Heal Dusk
>Attack the elemental
>Heal Dusk
I thought Dusk would have some CC skills, and knowing her low level, she wouldn't be able to hit the boss hard or take any punishment it dishes out.

The shield should probably go to Kya so that she can try out being a melee fighter and off-tank.
Well she can pull aggro with taunt skills, which is fine against normal enemies, but this floor is about 100 floors deeper than she can handle

We should probably level her as well, though im not sure how that conversation will go?

"Kya, i need you to hand Dusk over so I can-"

Would be funny


We heal Dusk, then resume our role as main tank until Stella and Lyann finish off the gem elemental.

Apparently we are the first to even reach this floor, so there's no accumulated treasure, but as the first to ever take it down, we get the best drop item possible from among its drop table.

[Diamond][Crystal Egg] - the egg of a diamond-class monster pet. You can add it to your [Menagerie] and let it hatch an elemental, or [Fuse] it with one of your monsters to obtain a new monster.

"Hmm." - we hold the egg in both hands.

It is ostrich-sized, and feels warm despite being basically a huge gem.

"Lets heal everyone and wait for the other two groups, then go pick up Krabby's group."

"Big brother, can I have that?" - asks Stella as she leans over to look at the egg, then looks up at us with a smile as she wags her tail
"Eh, but Stella doesn't has any hunter levels, right?"
"...I wanna try and eat it."

>"You can't" - playful karate chop
>"I ...no. Just no. You'll get sick."
>"You can't" - playful karate chop
She can farm this boss for another one if she wants to eat one.
I’m curious what will hatch from it.
[Diamond] means that it will be one step before its endgame physical evolution.
Yes, but that also means that if it doesnt starts with high int, it will likely never get it

May be better to fuse it with one of our pre-existing monsters instead.


"Aww.." - she looks seriously sad.

You wanted to eat it that badly? But Stella isn't that big a glutt- ah, she really is.

But no, I am pretty sure that eating rocks would be bad for you, regardless, so no.

We add the egg to our [Menagerie]

[You have added an [Egg] to your menagerie. What would you like to do with it?]

>Hatch it (need to pick several options)
>Fuse it
Come think about it, it would be good if we hatched it to use it as reference for the future.

With [Diamond] as power cap, it can basically go like this

>Animal Intelligence and [Diamond] species
>Holy intelligence and [Gold] species
>Divine intelligence and [Solver] species

It can be humanoid, beast, or elemental. Other types of eggs can produce other things.
>>Divine intelligence and [Solver] species
I meant silver. sorry
>Hatch it
>>Divine intelligence and [Solver] species
We have plenty of humanoid and beast types, so maybe get an elemental?

I don’t mind the grinding of XP to increase a pet’s intelligence, but I do want variety.
well im gin out and be back in a couple of hours, hopefully the thread will still exist
Going back through the archives, I came across how we cut Ice magic spell costs by 90% by visualizing cold as molecules becoming still rather than as a feeling.

We should see if we can make teleport spells easier by envisioning wormholes and Einstein-Rosen Bridges, and if we can create a super ice spell by envisioning a Bose-Einstein Condensate.
wait you mean to cast, or to craft portals? Because when we cast stuff sure its a big difference but when we craft items with a specific ability we need to create circuits for it and its totally different

hola on, divine intelligence is human or better, i dont think i have any non-humanoid monster in store that is both that smart and not a humanoid.

We could get a humanoid elemental just fine. Look at Fahima or Lyra, but a non-humanoid elemental with divine intelligence? I'd need to invent one
Anyway, in the meanwhile, the options are like this:

[You have chosen to hatch your [Diamond][Crystal Egg] as a [Divine][Silver] species. Please specify the following parameters]

>Elemental Humanoid
>Elemental Dragon
>Elemental Faery

IF Elemental Humanoid is chosen

IF Elemental Dragon is chosen

IF Elemental Faery is chosen


I cant think of a purely elemental non-humanoid monster with divine intelligence. If holy intelligence is okay, though, we can bump it to gold and then I can think of some

[You have chosen to hatch your [Diamond][Crystal Egg] as a [Holy][Gold] species. Please specify the following parameters]


IF Elemental Beast is chosen

IF Elemental Ooze is chosen

IF Elemental Hivemind is chosen
These are all great.
We don't have an Ooze at all, and I'm really curious of the Hivemind.

But I'd also really like a female Crystal Faery, that'd be a great addition to our Menagerie as well as to the Miel Hegemony.

We've got to farm these [Diamond][Crystal Egg] from this boss.

I'll vote for Elemental Faery, Crystal Female.
>We've got to farm these [Diamond][Crystal Egg] from this boss.

*coughs and looks guilty as fuck*

Eh... buddy...

0.001% drop rate.

Because don't forget, I use Ragnarok drop tables, and they're like that. We got the egg on the first go because we were the first to hit the boss in a "multiple of 100" floor. If you want other eggs and don't want to spend 8 more years (well, I guess technically you could get another on the next go if we get REAAAAALLY lucky and also dont forget to bring Lyann since she has all the 'loot improver' abilities) we probably should just hit other dungeons.

Remember that normal ppl dont often wander this deep into dungeons and theres a lot of dungeons, so we have pretty good chances of being first so long as we arent trying the eopolis dungeons.

So, anyway...

Elemental faery, crystal, female, right?

Anyone else has anything else to say? Otherwise we'll go with that. Also, im gonna make a new thread because we're on the edge right now.

And I dont say that trying to be edgy, i mean we're about to get thrown out
Speaking of which, i just remembered that yeah, Lyann has all the drop tricks and iteems on her! Including a double drop effect on her slave cuffs set, so we should get 2 eggs instead of one. Do you wanna do something specific with the other egg?

Stella would be happy if she got to eat one, but she's Stella so she won't resent us if we keep both.
Get a Metal Hivemind
New thread here
We’ll let Stella eat the next one. With our new dungeon farming and xp grinding schedule, we should hit floor 100’s of new dungeons regularly.
So dungeons in Alquia, Heven, Lapsiona, Sbastia, Silverspire, and Black Lakes.

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