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Hey! It's Syrniki, posting a bit of an "in between thread" for the players of Primal (a bronze-age fantasy nationbuilding game) while PrimalOP is on his vacation! Here, you can interact with all the other nations you've discovered so far, gush about how your nation is awesome, and do anything that doesn't actually require rolling (though if you haven't rolled for this turn yet, you can do that too)! New players can also try and join in if they want to, using the template detailed here:

Nation Name: (What your new nation is called)
Nation Race(s): (What kind of peoples inhabit your nation)
Color: (Your color on the map)
Fluff: (Helps determine eccentricities; you can add on to it (or delete no longer applicable bits) as your young nation grows!)
Location: (where you want to start on the map)
-Don't fill out (unless told to)-
Settlements: (player-named capital)
Population(+growth/turn): (Generated by GM)
Food(-x/turn): (Determines pop. growth)
Structures: player-fluff government building
Defenses: (GM generated)
Military: (GM generated)
Tech: (GM Generated)
Resources: (GM Generated)
Bonuses: (GM Generated)
Flaws: (GM Generated)

Anyway, a recap of what has happened so far!

Previously on Primal:
>The beginning of a new era! Thousands of years after an event in which the world was clensed in flame, the land has recovered to the point it can once again support primitive civilization. Nations both new as well as the ruined remains of once great empires scramble from square one!
>Outsider presences! A series of rifts have opened up on the main continent, releasing several groups of beings from foreign realms; some wish to indoctrinate, while others wish to conquer, the native inhabitants getting struck in the crossfire as these alien invaders fight over the land, subjugating the "lesser" civilizations in their wake!
>Coming together! The nations of the west are learning to communicate with each other in methods aside from violence in order to accomplish their goals. Can they hope to stand up against the advanced alien threat, or will they find themselves with too much on their platter? Stay tuned for the next session of Primal to find out!
>An ancient evil? arises! Summoned in a bout of madness by the outsiders, a cult of pale-white comedians with a wicked sense of humor have set upon this primeval world in an effort to turn it into their personal playground after their native world kicked them out!

IRC Chat Channel:


Previous threads:

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/219837/ - Thread I
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/242151/ -Thread II

Um, I'm not exactly PrimalOP, so I don't know everything about the rules yet, but I got some nifty documents and can try to answer any questions potential new players got!
Boho, if you drop by the IRC if you have time.
Is there anywhere else I need to fill out this info to join?

Nation Name: Tammis
Nation Race(s): Celto-Norse breed of folk.
Color: Green if possible in some shade. Apart from that I don't really mind anything
Fluff: The people are an old breed of hunter-gatherers who only recently decided to settle down for light agriculture. They are highly religious, and dedicate their worship mainly to their fertility godess Crnu.
Location: Eastern side of the continent, between the bays.
File: 1466305668203.png (993 KB, 2000x1500)
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993 KB PNG
Nation Name: Karajan
Nation Race: Murlocs(yes, warcraft murlocs i find them adorable)
Color: Yellow
Fluff: a group of Murlocs clan united under the banner of the Drah Bihru bloodline after a bloody conflict of the unifications of most of the Murlocs population, higly religious, has started opening up on trade and developing techonolgy past their cultural norm
Location: as the pic posted
Settlements: Sleg (capital) A city with a lot of ditches, moat, water channels, and fisheries
Structures: a mini babylon tower which houses the royal bloodline
File: 1466305668203 (1).png (993 KB, 2000x1500)
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993 KB PNG
oops here's the right pic
File: image.png (43 KB, 380x380)
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Zarel seemed unfazed - albeit slightly tired - as if this was a regular occurance for him
"Now that that is settled, I believe it is time we begin teaching you and the other fairies of Ice Nine how to make the most of their ice magic, is their a open field or valley where we can train? It would be a shame if all this work on your village went to waste with a stray, miscast spell"


A minute more of staring, and Syrniki snapped out of her apparent fascination with the recovery process. "Of course- ! Uh, aside from that one knocked out fairy, there's a rather large empty field that we were planning to build something on later, but isn't being used at the moment! In fact, we could probably use the extra ice generated for praticing to build later; the humans come down to trade secrets and watch over us every once and a while, and they're stroung enough to haul that stuff away! And I mean, everyone is ready for training!"

She directed the group of windchime-like ice creatures to a large clearing, of which only a few sparse bushes made up the terrain; the majority of it was a flat, even field covered with a thick slab of hardened snow; a human being would probably sink without snowshoes, but the twenty fairies gathered on it left only the lightest imprints of their socks and shoes on its surface.

"Okay, this is almost the entire settlement; teach us your stuff, Lord Zarel!"
fluff: Murlocs population are spread out thin in most of the world water bodies, except at the east coasts where most of the Murlocs gather, endless clan battles took place in the island(where Sleg would be), till a clan stand victorious, the Clan of Drah Bihru, subduing all the other clans under their rule under the banner of the Karajan. Murlocs belief varies place to place but are more commonly related with water element. Since this is the first time Murlocs ever had a coalition bigger than a clan, it have gave Murlocs of the east a huge cultural revolution, spurting the growth of technology and infrastructure other than huts on stilts in Murlocs history. Thus the first city of Sleg was made. Murlocs subraces varies from place to place, currently known to be under the Karajan are: (most common)Amphibious murloc,(amphibious)scaly-fish-like murloc and (not that amphibious)Deep sea murloc. Murlocs size varies but some says they can grow large if given enough time and food.They lay (slimy)eggs instead of giving birth, thus allowing a lot of hatclings(tadpoles) who grows quickly to be battle ready(weak when still very young but plentifull)
"Now, to begin with, lets see what you know so far, I presume you know the basics of ice manipulation and ice creation, let us start there"
*Zarel begins showing the ice fairies how to master the art of manipulating ice and snow, his two guards giving demonstrations while he explains*
"Good, you are all learning well. There are many other types of ice magic to be mastered however, the secrets of summoning lesser elementals, creating flames that freeze instead of burn, turning physical matter into ice, lowering temperature from a distance and the ability to bring back fallen allies, although that may be outside some of your capabilities, so... what would you like to learn first?"
more fluff: Clan Drah Bihru are notably the strongest out of all the other clans, not because of their numbers but because of their size, speed, and strength. They gain this through inter-clan-breeding by choosing(or kidnapping) the strongest genetically murloc. After long generational eugenics, clan Drah Bihru are able to lay strong hatchlings that is known today. With this advantage they're able to bring murlocs under the banner of Karajan. Clan Drah Bihru might as well be considered as battletoads/fish of murlocs society

pic related 9000 hours in ms paint
Diamond waits impatiently outside the gates of Sardax, playing with ice magic and a poorly enchanted staff.(it's center of mass shifts constantly and unpredictability.) At last he is tired of waiting "My lord Sardax! Is this how you treat the high judge of all the Coalition! Leaving them out to wait for hours at the gate! I thought you civilized when we first spike of 'the law of the cosmos'. Are you no longer interested in this?"
File: 1430127467679.jpg (456 KB, 1000x1414)
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456 KB JPG

The ice fairies demonstrated their abilities to varying effectiveness; aside from a couple initial funbles, the entire (a bit small population) seem to grasp the improved technique swiftly, showing noticably improved coordination in opposition to their initial manipulations, which to a skilled observer were less fine movements and closer metaphorically to forcefully pounding the crystal water into shape with their minds. Syrniki led the practice by levitating small orbs of snow, which quickly hardened and formed into sharp icicles with the motion of a hand, proceding to fly like darts as she fired them at a nearby tree; a few struck the trunk like arrows and stuck through. Her seeming second in command was busy collecting a large mound of snow and then shaping it into a large, seven-foot tall block of crystal clear material.

After a few more sessions of practicing with her icicle throwing, Syrniki replied to her teachers. "I don't really know; fixing shattered fairies and elementals sounds like I'd be really useful; if I'd known that you can do that sooner- well, I probably would have kept a lot more fairy wings.

But that sounds hard. I guess for now, elemental summoning? What's that like?"
more fluff:
Murlocs of the east Bay before Karajan
Murlocs rarely work with metal and almost never touched fire. They've become expert carvers, working with stone, shell, coral, wood, or bone into fabulous beautiful and amazing scenes, patterns, function and designs. Murloc weaponry and armory(rarely) are oriented to those materials they could carve or loot examples; Shields, Spears, Clubs made out of anything, swords and knifes made out of bone or coral,nets, Atlal, and poisonous(make enemies unconscious, collected from a fish called Sleopalrg) blow darts or they could go with their claws and teeth when nothing is available. They can mount anything as long i's not too small for them, usually huge Sea turtles

Murlocs are pack fighters, preferring to swarm opposing forces with overwhelming numbers and attacking silently. When pressed, the pack breaks and murlocs run back to the safety of water hiding. Waiting for a chance to strike back. murlocs are cunning foes with sharp senses and sharper reflexes. Naturally, murlocs are incredible warriors underwater. All too often, when a murloc group retreats to water, it’s to draw enemy forces into the numerous hidden murlocs' waiting claws. Underwater, murlocs use their aquatic skills and numbers to decimate enemy forces.The strongest combatants can die of drowning or blood loss when engaging in underwater combat with a murloc army. On land, murlocs are not nearly as dangerous. Despite their agility, most murlocs are ill-equipped for the rigors of dry worlds in long deployments. Murloc forces rarely move far inland (except to find large bodies of water), preferring to stay near the safety of water. When forced to battle on land, murlocs employ similar hit, run and hide tactics, attempting to weaken the foe before going for the kill.
* mounts could be other murlocs too
If you were paying attention you would know that you just dropped your nation right next to a conqueror.
huh.. makes me think

should i move..
this is boho checking in
Rasputin here (on phone)

Now where are the devils and elves
High Judge Diamond here.
Lenin, here he is!
File: Game0.png (989 KB, 2000x1500)
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989 KB PNG
Nation Name: Tribal Federation of Kragor
Nation Race(s): Ogres
Color: Dark Red as on the pic
Fluff: Four tribes of Ogres would come on the southern shore of the land. Knowing, they would be the only ones of their kind in this new found land. They banded together in a tribal federation for survival, progress, conquest and security. They named themselves after the Kragor tribe as they were the strongest of four tribes.
Location: Picture. <---
That area is actively occupied. Are you certain you want to place your nation so perilously close to a mage nation, your second closest neighbor being a conquer?
Not counting the coalition, I mean.
Hey Sputin, thought you aught to know, Ruby is second heir of four children.
Interesting. Any more info on her family?
Her older brother is named Amber, she has a younger brother named Legalas, and she doesn't speak about the youngest, her sister, except that the littlest girl has a great interest in dancing. Ruby doesn't even remember her name, "Annie-something"
Oops, sorry. I'm running another quest>>299443
You can't bump it, it has hit the three day autosage. PrimalOP should be back in a day or two though.
can't wait for the ensuing slaugther

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