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previous thread >>2706241

We're going to Mantequira to check on Yin, Zoe and the harpies as soon as you guys let me know you're here
Meillewds-guy here.
hi hi

Want Lyann to stay and help Stella, Alard and Miiyau go dungeon diving, or do we take her along to the office? I think there's more than enough hands there already
Have Lyann stay behind.
supporting >>2745655

hi hi


We share a passionate morning bath with our beloved redhead, then ask her to help Stella, Alard and our friends in the dungeon today, so we can check on our business without worrying.

Once we are in agreement, we go downstairs, and greet Grumnir, Miiyau, Alard and Stella at the breakfast table.

"You are using your dungeon runs to earn money for your projects, right?" - we ask Alard
"Yes, albeit miss Lyann was kind enough yesterday to share quite a few ideas to make money by other means, so I am thinking of arranging for some of them as soon as possible."
"May you share some of those with us?" - asks Grumnir in between bites of breakfast
"Well, she mentioned investing in the land around the current rockitship warehouse. She is convinced that before too long, there will be a need to expand the warehouse, which will raise the value of the land around it."
"...that doesn't sounds like a fast return, but that suits me just fine."

I guess its to be expected the dward is fine with the 'long run' investment plan.

"Besides that" - suggests Lyann - "You could invest in research, then enjoy a contimous % of the profit any ship using your technoilogy makes in the future."
"I don't think we have the staff for a research lab just yet. It does sound like what we want to aim for in the future, though." - comments Alard
"Uhnn... but can't we earn money a lot faster by hunting bosses in the deep floors?" - Stella has a milk mustache after setting her glass on the table

Ah, let's gently wipe it clean...

*gentle coddling ensues*

"Waaa~ " - she sure seems to enjoy it
"I'd be happier if you didn't see danger as a means of wealth. Yes, even if it works." - we tell her

"Are you going home?" - asks Stella - "Can you deliver some fruit to mom? There's things here you can't find back home."
"Alright, but then I will go to work at Mantequira, so I expect to come back quite late."
"Uuuh~ alright."

We gently caress Stella's forehead and nose, then finish breakfast along with everyone else before heading home.

Its actually a couple of hours before breakfast when we get home. Well, of course it is, we just finished breakfast in Bastion, and with the time difference, I'd say its about 4 or 5 am here...

We open the front door and head in towards the kitchen to leave Stella's package over the counter, then surprise our family by preparing breakfast.

The surprised one ends up being us, as our youngest siblings, as well as Ellie, are already up and about.


(Anyone remembers the name of our youngest sister? IIRC our little brother is Alrond, but I can't quite remember the name of his twin... )
our siblings are
Athena - younger sister (second child)
Alrond - younger elf brother (third child)
Elysia and Frederick - younger twin siblings (4th and 5th)
Thank you


"Big brother!" - Elysia surprises us instead by running over to us and hugging our leg
"What...? What are you doing out of bed so early?" - we lift her up and smooch her
"Ma?" - she gives us a 'I dont follow' look

"Elves don't sleep as long as humans, young master." - reminds us Ellie as she comes into the kitchen from the garden, carrying a flask with fresh honey in one hand, and holding Alard's tiny hand with the other

Right, Aritsu mentioned it a few times in the past...

"Right. I guess I just sort of got used to thinking Zoe was the first to get up every morning to help around the house."
"She usually is." - says Ellie - "Elves sleep less than an hour a day. We were coming in to go to bed."

Right, if its a little past 5 that means they can still roll around in bed for a while after waking up, and come downstairs at around the same time as everyone else...

Ah, but if Ellie has to take care of Elysia and Alrond while everyone else is already in bed everynight, has she and dad actually had any intimate time since they were born?

>We should offer them some vacation time in our island manor. We can hehlp around the house for a while, at least by....
>Lets ask some of our island maids to come work for our family here. They won't have any issues staying up along Elysia and Alrond
>Other: hire more elven maids/butlers to help take care of our youngest siblings.
um Elysia and Frederick are Linda's sorry I should have given more details, but to keep things moving.

supporting >>2745782
went through some of the old threads and Alrond is our youngest sibling and an elven.
File: jsdf elf.jpg (3.01 MB, 4087x5873)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Oh i was sure it was ellie who had twins, but now that you mention it, i guess you're right. Well, its not a big deal, I guess?


"Is that so? I guess its past time we hire a nanny for Alrond, isn't it?"
"..I'm this family's nanny, young master!" - Ellie adops a jar-like stance, with her hands on her hips as she puffs her cheeks slightly
"You are wrong, though? You married father, so you haven't been a servant for quite a while now?"
"Uuuh~ Even so, I've always taken care of this family's children..."

Well, she did take care of us, Athena, Stella and Zoe... come think of it, we sure gave her lots of extra work over the years, didn't we? Sorry, Ellie.

"You surely miss having personal time with father, am I wrong? Besides, it isn't good for Alrond to live attached to his mother's skirt 24/7, right?"
"He's stanting school next year, so I won't be able to see him most of the day..." - she sounds a little fearful of that time

Well, even if school is 3 hours in the morning with a lunch break, and then 3 more hours in the evening, Alrond only sleeps 1, maaaaaybe two hours, so that means he's still up and around 17 hours every day, right?

Should we compare elven mothers to the feared asian 'dragon mothers' from Earth that constantly supervise every single moment of their children's time?

"I'll bring the subject up with mother and father during breakfast." - we inform her
"E-eeeh? I'm young master's mom, too! N-no, I mean, I get a say on this house's businesses, because I am your mother too, don't I!?"

We can tell its hard for our cute (former) maid to be pushy, even now. Well, she's always had a helpful and obedient personality, though. Even years after marrying dad, she has always, always still referred to us as 'young master' hasn't she?

"Majority rule." - we counter - "If mom and dad approve, it'll get done, won't it?"
"...t-that is true, but..."
"I am sure Ellie misses spending private time with mother and father, don't you?"

Alrond isn't very sure what's going on, so he tugs tugs on our jacket and asks us.

I think its a good thing that he asks whenever he doesn't understand something.

"Big brother, don't make mommy sad...?"
"Hmm... don't worry, we're just talking about getting another elf to help around the house." - we pick him up - "Do you want one with fair skin and golden hair like mommy Ellie, or someone with dark skin, like the elf that sells the apples in the merchant's street? Ah, there's also some with black or even snow-white hair, you know?"

Yeah, elves do come in all sorts of colors and flavours... well, the last bit is too grown up a joke to tell our little brother, though.

"Y-young master, what kind of thing are you asking a child about!?" - Ellie freaks out a little bit
"I'm just asking him if he'd like some variety around the house..."

Well, both Ellie and mother are the fair skin, blue eyed, long blonde hair type...

File: elf elf and elf.jpg (460 KB, 960x795)
460 KB
460 KB JPG

"Besides, won't you and mom feel better if the new maid isn't dad's type?"
"Well, certainly, I guess it woul- wait, I haven't agreed to it yet. No, rather, I'm still against it!" - our cutesy former maid protests gently while taking Alrond from us and taking him upstairs to bed.
"Uhn. Yes, yes. Good night."
"Good night." - she eventually sighs, smiles, and goes upstairs

Alright, we are finally left alone in the kitchen, so...

>Lets take the chance to milk some fresh milk off our aurockin, Moccha and Crema*
>Lets pull out a lot of fresh ingredients and try our hand at making some bread instead of letting Ellie go buy it off the market in an hour

*I may have forgotten her name
on that pic, i've always understood that's bayonetta on the left, and samus on the right. But who's the one in the middle meant to be? Mortal Kombat's kitana?
>Lets take the chance to milk some fresh milk off our aurockin, Moccha and Crema*
>Lets take the chance to milk some fresh milk off our aurockin, Moccha and Crema*

>*I may have forgotten her name
you got the name right
>>Lets take the chance to milk some fresh milk off our aurockin, Moccha and Crema*

Heh, whom do you think we are? I used to be a chemical engineer, you know!?

It's been quite a while since we got to do some proper chemistry. Let's see, last was... the acid batteries we suggested Asmund and Okaba's for the miniature lightning gear, was it?

As it turns out, in the end, they ended up falling back on magic circuits to generate electricity. Can't really blame them for it. Its smaller and safer, and its only flaw is that the user needs to be able to provide mana for it to work in the first place.

Well, the wondruous thing about purely scientific tech, is that it works for everyone, but I guess it would be bad if such tech fall in the [ERROR]s hands, after all.

But, this a chance! Yes, a chance for pasteurized milk to make its appearance in Eiren, this new world of mine!

You thought I was going to say a ero-chance to play with my cute cowgirls? That is true, too, but... well, our parents and family are all sleeping upstairs, so that'd be a little...

Anyway, we can still have some fun while doing a wholesome house task, can't we?

That is why, out cute tomboyish brown skinned, yet quite cute and girly pet is currently biting her lips and blushing furiously as we firmly but calmly milk her generous, full bussom's contentcs for breakfast.

"M-master, d-don't rub the underside, i-it feels..."
"It feels good, right?"
"Yes, but... a bit too..."
"That's alright, then."
"That's alright, then ~"

"Gently rub, massage and squeeze. Gently pull, twist and pull, then start from the top again " - we sing with surprisingly good tempo.

Thank you, noble class! Thank you, singer job! Your gifts are well employed by making Moccha more and more embarrased.

"D-don't sing it!" - she complains while trembling.

Leaning forth over the kitchen table, the tall beastkin girl shivers as her master milks her gently but constantly until her milk is about to overflow from the large cans unto the table.

"There we go. Thank you for your hard work." - we caress her waist from behind while kissing her softly
"Yes Master. Thank you Master..." - she replies softly while we kiss

A large pot 1/2 filled with water
A fine filter
Another large bowl for cooling at the end
And finally! Finally! Now we have our own fine glasswork industry village! You know what that means? We finally, finally got our hands on a mercury thermometer!

How did we get the temperature scale? Using ourselves and Lyann as a guideline, we determined where 37° was in the termomether, and moved from there.

Anyway, the only thing missing now, is some ice for the final process, but we can easily make some using magic. Therefore, it is time for pasteurized milk to make its proud debut!

And so...

[Poor][Pästeurized Milk] acquired

Oooh! a new message as popped up!

[New coocking recipe acquired: Pasteurized Milk]

File: cute auroch.jpg (480 KB, 791x1500)
480 KB
480 KB JPG

By the way, anyone remembers how much milk did we agree our auroch girls produce per milking?


I feel like I should make a comment about it not being a [Craft] recipe, but I guess it's fine?

I'm more worried about ending up with a [Poor] quality product. Should I say its alright since its the first try?

>Let's keep going until we level it up to at least [Normal]
>Let's go for [Fine] quality!
>We still got plenty of milk, plus we haven't milked Crema yet, so let's go for [Legendary]!
>I wonder if using a higher level being's milk would give a better result... we do have plenty of Lyann's milk in storage, but I would somehow feel bad about sharing that... maybe not
>>We still got plenty of milk, plus we haven't milked Crema yet, so let's go for [Legendary]!
>>I wonder if using a higher level being's milk would give a better result... we do have plenty of Lyann's milk in storage, but I would somehow feel bad about sharing that... maybe not
>but we won’t share Lyann’s Milk; that’s just for us, our wives, and our Pets
supporting >>2745988
lets stop here for today, i got visitors. Continue sunday
>We still got plenty of milk, plus we haven't milked Crema yet, so let's go for [Legendary]!
Yo, is there an archive of the previous threads available? Didn't see one in this thread or the last one, but I would like to read this from the beginning if possible.
Thank you very much!
File: monster lyann 002.png (756 KB, 896x892)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
>>We still got plenty of milk, plus we haven't milked Crema yet, so let's go for [Legendary]!

Well, we ran out of time to bake fresh bread, but after making Crema and Moccha squirm, cry and moan for a couple of hours, we finally succeeded at making some [Legendary][Paesturized Milk], which means we can now make it at will so long as we spend the mana and the materials.

Well, that means we don't need to heat/filter/filter/filter/filter/filter/heatfilter/filter/filter/cool the milk anymore, which yeah, its quite convenient.

We still need to get the milk the same way, though, but we're not complaining. Nothing is too good for our family!


Such nobility.

Plus its fun.

Well, as for its effects, it grants [+50% hp and mp regeneration effects] for 24 hours after consumption.

Indeed, a luxurious drink. Its a bit of a shame that you need to already have SOME means of hp and mp recovery in place to get any benefit from it, but since you recover while you're asleep, it certainly suggests a warm glass of milk before bed it's the best.

Well, there's plenty of mp and hp regeneration buffs, though, but they mostly work during combat or while wearing certain equipment.

I wish [Menu] came with some nutritional info on the side, as far as ingredients go, but I guess that would be asking for too much. I'd still like to know if it helps a body more than regula milk... well, its fine. If there's no harm on it, I see no reason not to let our little siblings have it.

And so, we greet our family with a magnificent breakfast as soon as they begin coming downstairs.

The first one down was mom, then Ellie (with Elysia and Alrond in her arms) shortly after, followed by dad, Portia, Zoe, and Athena.

It sure is nice having breakfast with everyone.

>Let's talk about bringing one of our elf maids to help at the house
>Let's tell them about Stella

btw I am still saddened by the fact you guys didn't want to monster-ify Lyann, but what do you think about this pic for her as a monster?
>Let's talk about bringing one of our elf maids to help at the house
I like the picture very much.

As for the elf maid, I'd like to ask the maids that don't want to have sex with us. It let's us be more free around the manor if we know that everyone there is eagerly waiting to be stripped and loved in front of everyone else.
>>Let's talk about bringing one of our elf maids to help at the house
its a nice pic
>By the way, anyone remembers how much milk did we agree our auroch girls produce per milking
never voted on it but going by S03 EP119 2 buckets for Moccha and 1 bucket for Crema with each bucket being about 7 liters.
>I like the picture very much.
I like the way the corset seems to have a hole for the tail, which implies it needs to be slid up, but im not sure if its closed at the front or the back. I see cloth on both.

They are pretty tall with bust sizes to match, but that feels a bit too much... well, i dont really have an actual problem with it.


"Mother..." - we mention to mom about Ellie's long-lasting work every night, and suggest about hiring someone else to help.

Ellie was our own nanny, after all, and that was back when there was just the one of us. Now that there's arguablf hald a dozen children in the house, The manor. Even if nothing else, surely taking care of a manor this size requires more than just 1 person?

"You don't really need to convince me." - says mom while holding a handkerchief to Elysia's cheeks and cleaning a lil bit of a milk spill

"Well, We've been making a surplus as of late in the dungeons with your uncle Dan." - says dad - "I am sure we can affors some staff. We could before, after all."

"There's really no need!" - argues Elliezabella - "I love taking care of the children! Its traditional for my tribe..."

>"There's no reason you can't keep doing it. You'll just have help"
>"Well, my tribe hired a nanny." - we chide her gently
>"There's no reason you can't keep doing it. You'll just have help"
>>"There's no reason you can't keep doing it. You'll just have help"
>>"There's no reason you can't keep doing it. You'll just have help"

"Uuuh... alright." - our cute (former) elf maid gives up, dropping the angle of her ears a little bit

Dad gives her a smooch to cheer her up.

"Do you have someone in mind, son, or should I place a 'help wanted' sign on your university's dormitories? And perhaps a guild hall or two..."
"We're talking about someone who can keep up with all the children, so an elf would be preferred." - says mom

Indeed, like Ellie said, it is second nature for her people to tend to children to the best of their capabilities, and thus they're greatly preferred for the position of nanny, maid, or nursemaid.

>I do happen to have an island manor full of candidates
>I guess an add outside the college dormitory would get a cute student looking for a part time job
>We could offer the nomads a five-year slave contract. Surely at least 1 girl would be interested in earning her documents as a citizen and getting money along the way
>We could offer the nomads a five-year slave contract. Surely at least 1 girl would be interested in earning her documents as a citizen and getting money along the way
They're all good choices, but this one reminded me that Ellie is originally a nomad elf, so having someone from a similar background might be nice for her.
>>We could offer the nomads a five-year slave contract. Surely at least 1 girl would be interested in earning her documents as a citizen and getting money along the way
Just to be sure, we're not planning on seducing this maid, right? She's just here to help our moms around the house and be a nanny for our elven siblings, and we won't be bending her over our desk to use as we wish.
not as far as I know. We have more than enough maids in the island if we feel like it, right?

Also, are we hiring a elf of any particular complexion? pale, brown, dark, blue? It's been suggested our dad likes pale skin
If one is available, delicious brown.
Darker? Blue? More ash-colored?
>I do happen to have an island manor full of candidates
I mean one of the one sthat dont want to dickings should be put into nanny job.
Hmmm as long as the elf is differnt, i dont mind, thats a tasty elf
That’s a nice milk chocolate. Maybe just a little darker brown.
Even if she’s just a temporary nanny, as an employee of the Lightbringer Household, we’ll have to make sure that she is properly leveled. Probably put most of her bonus stats into APP.
File: Elf Druid.jpg (107 KB, 638x825)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
this is what i meant with ash-colored
Okay, let’s go with ash-colored. We haven’t had one of those before.
Ash it is

And so, we promise to go and meet with the nomads outside of town to offer them a pretty standard (for the continent) citizenship contract.

Five years of indentured service to our family in exchange for a sizeable amount of money to start their own life in town aftwerwards, and paying the temple fee to have their class changed to villager.

The contract will be automatically, magically renewed every 5 years if both parties with so, and there will be considerable legal penalties if either party ends it without a good reason.

Well, its something we can still do before Yin starts working, thanks to time zones, so...

>Lets go do it right now
>Lets go to Mantequira and meet with Ren before she has to start working
>Lets go do it right now
File: lionkin 002.jpg (110 KB, 620x457)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
You know guys, I'd like your input on a plot idea i've had for a while.

As you know, the former minister of the right tried to take over the empire by exiling Mako and restraining Ren's contact with pretty much everyone else, to become "the voice of the empress" to the empire.

I was thinking that sure, that was solved, but he probably had some help on it, no? So I was thinking that, since general Li, Ren's dad, feels awful for having been unable to, at the time, help his daugthers, he comes up with a plan now to "fake" a Coup d'état.

Even the previous minister didnt had the ability to make the utterly loyal (and surprisingly powerful, if they werent utterly loyal) imperial lionguards side against the empress, so if the general faked it, he could probably rally all the former traitors to his cause.

Then when they are all out in the open, he can surrender to the "loyalist" faction and thus be sure he completely erradicated all traitors in the empire.

His name will be forever remembered as a traitor, but he's pretty old, and doesn't really cares about his name. He just wants to make sure Ren's power base is rock solid.

After he's executed for treason, his real legacy will be a much, much safer life for his daugther, which is all he really cares about. He's old and about to retire, and he wants to do one last useful thing before he has to step aside.

He could even surrender to his replacement, and thus get "the kid" started as a hero.

Now, my questions:

Is this retarded?
Should we be "in" on the truth behind the Coup d'état?
That's a well-used plot device. Armored Trooper VOTOMS had it. The nice payoff was when one of the Rebels, a die-hard true believer, heard from the Rebel Leader that this was all a plot to get reactionary and frankly useless people like her all in one place so that they could be killed completely so that everyone in the nation will take them as an example of stupidity and rally behind the King.

But seriously, it's a dumb idea.

Damn, what was his name again, the captured Alquian POW that we experimented on to monsterize him, and he gained telepathy.

This guy would see what the General was planning, and tell him he's being dumb.
The General has a telepath that can read the thoughts of people without them knowing it, so why not just have him train up some Shadow Job skills and just mind probe the palace? If necessary, just make more monsterized humans like him to have a Psi Corps loyal to the Empress.

You know, instead of weakening the entire Empire and shaking the faith of the citizenry in their institutions being monolithic.

If the guy came to Eldric about this idea of the General's, we could be all "See?! This is the kind of stupid, useless, irritating obstacle of an old man that I have to deal with all the time! Finally, someone else who knows my frustration!"
heh, alright. I haven't seen Vertical One-man Tank for Offense & ManeuverS myself, but a quick wikipedia read tells me much of what i need to know.

Damn its hard to have an idea that hasn't been used yet.

Alright, I guess I'll have the general talk to the psycher and make a corps of sphychics, maybe call them the ziggs and have them all scramble to set up the bomb under the unloyal ones :P

But seriously, the problem is that then you have a group that can basically just point at anyone and say "he's planning to betray the empire, kill him!" and need no evidence because they're mind readers.

I'll drop the idea, though
I found a NSFW version of this pic >>2751610

here https://danbooru.donmai.us//data/__audelia_original_drawn_by_dandon_fuga__9b262c255ad92d2f2feeff7bcfcb221e.jpg

I love the face when you zoom in


We head over towards the edge of town so we can visit the nomad campsite. Of course, it is a different tribe from that we visited years ago, but it seems the honorary tribe member medallion that was gifted to us years ago is still good, so after a brief surprise, they welcome us warmly and lead us to their elders to talk about our business.

We explain to them about what we are hoping to do, and how Ellie is a great mom, but taking care of 5 children plus the manor just doesn't give her time for anything else, and how we're worried about her.

"Its not that she can't do it. And it's not as if she has complained, because she hasn't. She's a great mom, but we're all worried she may be working too hard."

The tribe leaders seem amused by our worry, and decide to help us, so they will talk with their tribe's members and ask if anyone wants to come with us.

"Come back in three days." - declares one of them, as she hands us some candies.

I guess they see us as children still... well, an elven elder is bound to be several hundred of years old, so a human child of 14... yeah, seems fair.
"Thank you."

They do indeed seem to be looking at us with warm eyes. Well, that's fine, I think.

Its not wrong for them to think we're just worried about our mom and want to find help for her. Yup, that's pretty much it.

In the end, it did take a few hours, though, so it is already a little past the beginniing of working hours when we appear in Mantequira.

>Get spotted by Ren, who is having a relaxed breakfast with guests in the garden
>Go straight to the office.
>Get spotted by Ren, who is having a relaxed breakfast with guests in the garden
If we are late to the office because the Empress wanted us to eat breakfast with her, then it can’t be helped.
>>Get spotted by Ren, who is having a relaxed breakfast with guests in the garden
>Get spotted by Ren, who is having a relaxed breakfast with guests in the garden
>>Get spotted by Ren, who is having a relaxed breakfast with guests in the garden
We needed our new rubber personal milkers product-tested, don’t we? Or did we already do that?
IIRC we already did that with the aurochkin (minotaur) girls, and we gave a set to Stella, though its still 1-2 years before she produces any.

Haven't given any to Zoe, but its still 4+ years for her so there's no hurry.
We should give some to Yin and her sister.
Speaking of Yin, it feels like we haven’t been back at our Mantequira Manor in a while. We should pop in and at least be seen around the house by the staff.

And we need to take a couple hours to read through Lyann’s accounting books so that we fully grasp our economic empire. We have an INT score in the 1,000’s by now; we should make use of it.
i assume that like proper beastkin ladies they take care of it on their own, but you're right. The rubber version is doubtlessly superior.


The beautiful empress spots her duke as he comes into the garden from the sacred millenary peach tree in its middle.

She briefly considers how he would be quite surprised if he knew the guards think he's some sort of peach spirit that brings good luck, after watching him pop in and out through the tree dozens of times now.

At the moment, she's in the middle of entertaining some northern city lords.

A city lord is similar to a mayor or a feudal lord, and they're not happy about losing their private armies due to the management reform initiated by Ren a few moneths ago. The base of their prestige and power is that they collect the region tax to provide security in the form of the city's army, but now taxes are sent to the capital and professional army corps are dispatched to the empire's cities instead.

Thus, the city lords are in the complicated position of trying to complain to the exalted empress without actually being impolite, opposing her, or actually complaining, It would just be improper to do so, after all.

"Please, oh heavenly bossom!" - cries one trying to sound dramatic without causing drama - "The delay in action as we await for our funds from the capital could prove disastrous in the event of an emergency."
"Please wait, I've just spotted our duke and minister of the right..." - she replies

She quietly signals an assistant to go fetch us.


"My lord duke, the empress requires your pressence at a meeting with the city lords of Zhanzhu and Bengzan," - the small man bows as he speaks

Certainly looking towards the Peach-Gazing pavillion, we can see Ren discreetly gesturing to us with a 'come come' attitude, gently waving at us with her fan.

She is sitting with two elderly gentlemen dressed in what you can't help but think would be someone's impression of what's fashionable and elegant in the capital, if said person was coming from another continent and had never actually walked the capital streets.

That is to say, their clothes are so loaded with 'traditional decorations' that they resemble a good luck figurine, of the type you've seen for same on the streets (they tend to have flagpoles, bags with good luck charms, holy scrolls attached to their clothes, and amulets hanging from thin golden cords all over)

Well, noone can fault them for trying. Probably.

Ren in the meanwhile, is wearing an elegant and simple, masterfully crafted robe of spiderkin silk, dyed pink and white, tied with a matching sash around the waist. It exposes her beautiful shoulders and neck, as well as quite a bit of cleavage, yet manages to offer a peerlessly elegant impression at the same time.


Other than her robe, the product of recent trade with Lapsiona, she is also adorned by a golden hair ornament that looks like a delicate version of a ship's mast and sails, a not-too-subtle reminder that she owns the nation's merchantr fleet, that the dress is imported from another continent, and that she's in complete control of which supplies get sent where.

>Greet her politely and humbly
>Greet her with a shocking (small and light) kiss to flaunt our influence before the norhtern lords
>Greet her politely and humbly
>>Greet her politely and humbly
I just remembered about GAINZ.
It makes us vulnerable to permanent-death, but what if we never put ourselves in a position where it could happen?

We send in a party made up only of our Pets into a Dungeon, so that they grind XP for us while we have GAINZ turned on for us.
If we need to go in ourselves for farming or whatever, we turn it off.

If a Pet dies, they just return to our Menagerie on a 24-hour cooldown.
sounds fine, and yes, the 24 hours respawn is why i wanted to make lyann into a pet, but noone liked the idea


>>Greet her politely and humbly

"My beloved empress, your humble servant waits for your instructions." - we greet her politely
"Yes. Please sit with me." - she replies in a good mood and shocks the city masters by sliding over to make room for you

We hear about the situation from Ren and the city masters...

>Suggests to allow the city masters to keep 5% of the city taxes for a local police force and emergencies
>The will of the empress is absolute
>>Suggests to allow the city masters to keep 5% of the city taxes for a local police force and emergencies
Even though it’s a blatant grab for power, the response time argument is valid, unless we build a massive internal teleport network, and I don’t think General Li would like the security implications of such a network we’re to be compromised.
So there is currently no local police or constabulary force?
>>Suggests to allow the city masters to keep 5% of the city taxes for a local police force and emergencies
File: ren is a genius..jpg (65 KB, 638x630)
65 KB
>So there is currently no local police or constabulary force?

Not police per se. The city masters hire and train their own amry/police right now. What Ren was after was assigned personnel graduated from the capital's military academy as officers oversssing the training of local guards as police.

>>Suggests to allow the city masters to keep 5% of the city taxes for a local police force and emergencies


Of course, we need to emphasize who gets the lion's share, though.

"Why not send a mere 95% of the city's taxes to her majesty, and keep 5% for a police force and emergencies?" - we suggest
"T- ninety five...?" - one of the city masters chokes on it
"After all, the expansion of the merchant fleet will require a vast amount of resources, but each new ship represents a 30% growth in profits compared to our current earnings. A mere 5% of 100 is a pittance in comparison to 5% of 100.000."
"..." - both city masters

Ren nods nods.

"Our new rockitships can move through the skies." - she mentioned as if she was explaining it to children for the first time - "They ignore reefs, currents, and seasonal winds, not to mention shorelines or mountains..."
"Actually they need to ascend a little to cross over mountains, it slows them for 5 minutes..." - we try to add helpfully from the side
"Yes, yes." - agrees Ren - "Mountains do slow them a little bit. Just a little bit. Still, as our northmost cities, Zhanzhu and Bengzan should by all rights be the shortest route to the eastern continent, yet neither enjoys of proper docks at this time, forcing ships to go through the docks here in the capital, regardless of their point of origin."
"Y-your majesty, are you going to use the taxes to improve the existing docks...?" - asks one of the city masters
"Yes! We're going to send specialists, engineers, and materials from the capital. Of course, we'll be hiring local workers. The economy..."

By the time the conversations are over, the city masters feel much better about their future.

"Of course" - finishes Ren - "Since you will keep funds for a police force, I fully expect you both to run a flawlessly secure pair of harbors. I would be most upset if even one visiting merchant was to be mugged in your towns."
"Yes!" - they both agree

They just promised to a 0% crime rate, though it may be a while before they come to realize it.

As Ren excuses them (read: dismisses them), she straightens her back and rolls her shouldrs a little bit.

"Ah~" - she sighs/moans as we're finally left alone - "Rub my shoulders?" - she asks
"Of course."

>Rub them by kissing them
>Gently caress them
>>Gently caress them
And at same time kiss her onto cheek at first then to lips
>>Gently caress them
>>Gently caress them
File: ren swimsuit 003.jpg (459 KB, 700x990)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>>Gently caress them

Our beautiful empress wants a shoulder rub.

Well, it can't be helped.

It can't be helped.

"Hnn~" - she cooes softly as we sit behind her and start caressing her shoulder
"I'm sorry if I ruined what you were going for." - we apologize
"Its alright, because they are now looking forth to the future." -she replies
"Yes. I'm replacing them soon, and by then they won't have their private armies anymore."

...my cute empress can't be this scary, right?

"An," - she shifts forth a little bit, so we have to stretch to rub her shoulders

As we move closer to compensate, she moves closer as well, as if she had changed her mind. And now we're right against each other.

"Got you." - she says with a smile, and turns around slightly
"Yes, you got me." - we reply, and kiss her while our arms wrap around her, our hands slipping under the edges of her robe

>We're out in the open, so lets go back to just shoulder rubbing
>If she doesn't minds, its okay? Let's get a little fresh
>We're out in the open, so lets go back to just shoulder rubbing
>Unless she makes it an order.
supporting >>2761244

sweet pic
Do the Shadows wear anything as nice, that shows off their curves?
File: shadow costume.jpg (306 KB, 1667x1000)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
we have discussed that at lenght. It was widely agreed that:


Therefore sexy suits are obvious
Then we need to find an excuse to have them dance for us.
File: ideal mai.jpg (1.42 MB, 1500x3897)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
<-- like this at the very least, but more like in >>2761411 after our own suggestion.


Our hands caress our empress soft body under her robes while we lock our lips with her, and thoroughly taste her delicate tongue.

After a few minutes of such enjoyable display of imperial loyalty (we do love our empress, obviously), we feel a chill up and down our spone.


Letting go of Ren's lips, we turn around, and tense up as we notice Zoe crouching behind us and slightly to the left, knees together in a very lady-like posture as she stares at us with an obviously dissapproving look in her eyes.

She's probably using her tail as a counterweight, since she's balancing on the balls of her feet, a thick pile of documents on her thighs.


There's 2 harpies behind her, much more casually kneeling on all four as they lean forth to stare at us with a more innocent, curious look on them.

>Ah, have you girls been alright? I came to check on you, -shameless-
>Hn.... - slightly stupefied -
File: maicopy.jpg (135 KB, 750x750)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
what? why? that feels like such a random comment. We've had sex with them (the 5 guarding Ren and the original 2 guarding Mako), but why dance? Or are you proposing we disguise them as dancers in the open, or what?

Also, I personally like this one more than most, but feel free to post any pic you feel is okay. And be warned, i've been banned for some amazing shit.

One time I posted a pic of the Venus of milo in a discussion about art as part of treasure in typical D&D tables. Apparently marble nipples in a 1700+ years old sculpture known worldwide are NSFW

And once I got warned about a pic being 'indecent' by a mod/SJW because the silk dress was too form fitting on a girl so it looked like she was nude.

Just warning you. Don't post anything you're not sure of for about another hour. I've noticed the 'guardians of public morals' go to bed early.
"Good, are those the documents that I need to approve? We finished our policy meeting a little late."

I just felt that having them give a lewd dance to get Eldric excited before having him held down so that Ren could have her way with him would be a kind of prank she would like to pull on him.
supporting >>2761489
>>Ah, have you girls been alright? I came to check on you, -shameless
I remember party size being limited to 6 members; correct me if I’m wrong.
Each day has 5 Pets party up with Eldric and go into Dungeons.
GAINZ grinding pet rotation:
Day 1: Tanis, Miel II, Atruma, Mr. Krabby, Tiel
Day 2: Tanis, Miel II, Tiel, Mr. Krabby, Rosa
Day 3: Atruma, Fleur, Tien, Nina, Lyudmila
Day 4: Pamela, Kiana, Aurora, Fahima, Matty
Day 5: Janice, Lyra, Moccha, Crema, Sophia
Day 6: Adrianna, Fahima, Lyra, Janice, Tanya
Day 7: Sikya, Tanis, Kiana, Aurora, Miel II
Day 8: Nina, Rosa, Adrianna, Lyudmila, Matty
Day 9: Pamela, Janice, Nikita, Tanya, Sophia

Overworld/Raid group (no GAINZ, depends on having time to snatch Miel away):
Eldric, Squidward, Miel, Miel II, Lyra, mr. Krabby
Swap Miel for Tanis or Fahima depending on availability.

The following for just one or two floors of a dungeon each day, just to have something to do together with each of the women we love.
Wife Party Honey:
Eldric, Miel, Lyann, Aritsu, Dawn

Wife Party Ninja:
Eldric, Mako, Ami, Mai, Lyann, Miel

Wife Party Sisters:
Eldric, Lyann, Aritsu, Dawn, Kya
File: mai 001.jpg (140 KB, 735x726)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>>>Ah, have you girls been alright? I came to check on you, -shameless

"Good, are those the documents that I need to approve? We finished our policy meeting a little late."

>I remember party size being limited to 6 members; correct me if I’m wrong.
That is correct

I dont understand your rotation, though, the party of day 1 has 4 tanks and the one for day 4 has nothing but glass cannons.

I get "the idea" of rotating the pets, sure, but I hope you aren't going for that specific distribution?
I was just throwing up a list from what I can remember because I’m phone posting. I’ll come up with a better rotation when I’m home.
File: 1246085199057.jpg (118 KB, 738x899)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
"Yes!" - Matty replies happily, and crawls a couple of steps closer, hoping for some cuddling
"We're working hard!" - adds Janice
"Big brother, why are you playing with her highness out here? We could use your help, you know?" - Zoe inflates her cheeks slightly while her tail stands out rod straight

"Well, that's because Ren is very beautiful and lovely." - we reply
"Uuuh..." - Zoe isn't sure how to reply
"But, you are right." - we kiss Ren again, then let her go - "I'm sorry, I came to work, to begin with."
"...yes." - replies Ren as she pulls away - "We should continue with our schedule, as well."

"Master, you can hug and kiss with us, too!" - says Matty as she waits right next to us in her office lady attire.
"Yes, yes. Of course." - we smooch her nose, and she smiles as she sits back, looking happy
"I got a kiss!" - she declares with a smile

>Pamper everyone a little bit before we go (pamper)
>Lets just calmly stand up and go with them to work (serious)
>Pamper everyone a little bit before we go (pamper)
Make sure Zoe gets a kiss and ear scratches.
>>Pamper everyone a little bit before we go (pamper)
I don’t remember us dealing with the civilized goblins deep in Mantequira’s dungeons. They’re intelligent so they’re Ren’s subjects, but they also can’t leave the dungeon unless we kill the Dungeon Heart and release all of the monsters.

Day 1: Tanis (Tank), Pamela(DPS), Lyudmila(DPS), Tiel(DPS/Crowd Control) Miel II (Healer),

Day 2: Mr. Krabby(Tank), Fleur (DPS/Tank), Matty (DPS), Rosa(DPS), Lyra(Healer)

Day 3: Atruma(Tank), Fleur(DPS/Tank), Tiel(DPS/Crowd Control), Nina(DPS), Lyudmila(DPS)

Day 4: Atruma(Tank), Kiana(DPS), Aurora(DPS), Fahima(DPS), Matty(DPS)

Day 5: Janice(Tank), Sikya (DPS, Moccha(DPS), Crema(DPS), Sophia(Healer)

Day 6: Janice(Tank), Adrianna(DPS), Fahima(DPS), Tanya(DPS), Lyra(Healer)

Day 7: Tanis(Tank), Sikya(DPS), Kiana(DPS), Aurora(DPS), Miel II (Healer)

Day 8: Mr. Krabby(Tank), Nina(DPS), Rosa(DPS), Adrianna(DPS), Lyra (Healer)

Day 9: Janice(Tank), Pamela(DPS), Nikita(DPS), Tanya(DPS), Sophia(Healer)

Day 10: Tanis (Tank), Nikita(DPS), Moccha(DPS), Crema(DPS), Miel II (Healer)
We could actually double up some of these so that we have 2 shifts a day, or even 3 shifts a day instead, for 24 hours of XP grinding.
File: yin 035.jpg (285 KB, 1920x1152)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>>Pamper everyone a little bit before we go (pamper)
>I don’t remember us dealing with the civilized goblins deep in Mantequira’s dungeons. They’re intelligent so they’re Ren’s subjects, but they also can’t leave the dungeon unless we kill the Dungeon Heart and release all of the monsters.
I believe we didn't, either.


We smile and move over to smooch each of the girls with a little butterfly kiss in turn. They sure are cute, obedient children, after all.

Zoe also gets a few gentle ear scratches, and an extra smooch.

"Let's go to work." - we tell her after the second smooch

She smells of milk and sunshine. Well, obviously, cause she's a kitty.

"Ah~ y-yyes, big brother." - she says all flushed , turning away slightly

Lets give her kitty ear another smooch... yup, soooft!

"Zoe is cute." - we smile and rub her head a little bit

Ah, she fell back and spilled her documents.

Well,. we help her pick them up and carry them back to the office after kissing Ren goodbye.

As it turns out, they had managed to dispatch all the piled up work except for the documents that needed our signature, so they went around the other offices to pick up anything else that needed working on rather than waiting for them to send it all at once next monday.

I see, so that's why it always arrives in huge piles. No wonder.

Also, it sounds extremely impractical that all paperwork takes a full week before reaching our office.

"Ah, my lord, work is done!" - says Yin with a smile as she greets us.- "Well, it is going well enough I asked the girls to fetch more."
"I see, that means they're working well, then. That is really good."
"Master!" x8

The harpies in the office greet us happily, but don't leave their desks.

I see, they've really grown into excellent office ladies, I see.

>Tell them to come over so we can pet them
>Go to their desks and smooch them
>Calmly thank and congratulate them
>Go to their desks and smooch them
>I believe we didn't, either.
We should talk about it with Ren the next time we meet. Or perhaps we should bring it up as a discussion item for the next minister meeting.
>>Go to their desks and smooch them
>Other: Also give Yin a kiss and a good groping. She's our concubine now.
>>Go to their desks and smooch them

can i get a thread description?
File: all my money.gif (967 KB, 495x278)
967 KB
967 KB GIF
>can i get a thread description?
you got me, i have no idea

>>Other: Also give Yin a kiss and a good groping. She's our concubine now.

>>Go to their desks and smooch them


"Don't leave your desks." - we call out - "I'll go to you, alright?"

We smooch our cute office girls and gently rub rub their heads.

Of course, Yin's kiss is noticeably more lewd.

"Hnn... brother, you're kissing miss Yin like you kiss big sister...?" - Zoe's left ear flattens against the top of her head while she looks at us
"Nya!" - she doesn't really replies, but looks away and wanders off to her desk

Oh, who'd knew she'd be so defensive on Lyann's behalf.

"It's alright." - we say -"Lyann doesn't minds."

We talk with Yin for a while, asking about the girls performance while signing the documents she hands for us.

Perhaps more importantly, she says the labs have produced a number of new blueprints, and Ren wants us to pick the next imperial project.

Alchemical Labs ~ Solid buildings are constructed where the curious can mix, match, and ignite various materials. Science advances, in spite of a noticeable increase in minor burns, temporary deafness, and smoky streets

Irrigation Networks - Modern materials and machines allow the creation of vast networks of irrigation, making arable land more productive and rendering dry land arable.

Central Market ~ This great national market brings in goods from across the whole of Eiren. New jobs and experiences are created as the population finds new ways to indulge itself.

City Wards ~ By dividing the city into a series of wards, with the citizens of each ward responsible for the upkeep and patrolling of the walls, city defense is greatly improved

>Alchemical Labs (+15% science in the empire)
>Irrigation Networks (+15% food production in the empire)
>Central Market (+25% government pproval if approval is already Fervent (it currently is), +10% food if approval is fervent, +10% money if approval is fervent)
>City Wards (+300% defense in the capital only)
cantral market is just for the capital, btw, in case you are wondering why its so strong. Its basically a world wonder
>>Central Market (+25% government pproval if approval is already Fervent (it currently is), +10% food if approval is fervent, +10% money if approval is fervent)
>Central Market (+25% government pproval if approval is already Fervent (it currently is), +10% food if approval is fervent, +10% money if approval is fervent)
>Central Market ~ bonuses only trigger while population is fervently loyal
+25% population loyalty
+10% food
+10% income

[Building a central market in your capital will provide your population with luxury products from all the planet, increase the variety and quality of foods available to them, and increase wealth of all citizens thanks to the constant flow of good and services. It will take 11 months to complete. Do you want to proceed? Y/N]

It sounds like a luxury-type structure, but the fact that it will increase Ren's popularity by a noticeable chunk (not that she needs it, but its still nice) while also raising everyone's life quality in the capital is quite attractive.

Besides, if you ask me, I'd be the first to admit that I am definitively biased, but when it comes to 'bread and circuses,' I'd much rather build a commercial structure than a colusseum.

I guess that's favoring the bread over the circus? Hmm...

From looking at the floorprints, it will contain three mana condensers, allowing it to store and use the excess mana from the vast imperial capital to supply running water, refrigeration and power to the entire structure as needed, turning it into a super luxury structure, for the times we live in.

It will be built across the street from the harbor/rockitship docks, so cargo can be moved to it as soon as it arrives, and will be the first thing travelers get to see when leaving their ships.

Choosing 'Yes,' a new message pops up.

[Approval up! 80% -> 100%]

Eh? Even though it hasn't been finished yet? How does that affect us, anyway?

Focusing on the term causes more information to pop up...

[Approval is the measurement of your people's happiness. Higher ApprovalSmall.png Approval leads to increased productivity while low approval decreases productivity. Approval is displayed as a percentage (%) however is actually calculated in points between 0 and 100, values outside this range are truncated to fit.

Cities in the [Heavenly Empire] have a base Approval of 60 which decreases by 10 points for each new district. Every new city colonised decreases every city's approval by 10 points.]

Wait... that can't be all, right? Is there a way to check the approval history of the empire? Or at least the city.

Not sure how well the tab key works for what I need it to, so may need to erase this post depending on how it goes.



There's a very helpful (it doesn't actually help that much, i'm being cynical here) chart showing a line over time.

But, matching important events we know of against the dates... yup, approval during the reing of Mako and Ren's mom was at 90%, then plummeted down to 50% during the time the former minister seized power, and then went back up to 90% when Ren took the throne back... then went down to 87... 85 ,,, all the way down to 80...

It feels like... yeah, the little spikes down, each matches with us having those labs, rockitship fleets, and experimental forges built.

[The Heavenly Empire is a highly traditional society, and does not react well to new technology, expansion, or (type of) government change.]

Jeez, but to think that just having the imperial bloodline back in the throne meant a +30% approval peak...

Level Effect
Rebellion (0% → 10%) -50% food and industry in the city
Unhappy (11% → 30%) -20% food and industry in the city
Content (31% → 60%)
Happy (61% → 80%) +15% food and industry in the city
Fervent (81% → 100%) +30% food and industry in the city

And empire wide.., 50%

Well, fuck. These people really dislike new things in general, don't they?

Expanding by conquest? they don't like it
Expanding by colonizing? they don't like it
New technologies? they don't like it
Being at war? they do- well I guess noone likes that

What kind of bullshit traits are those? Isn't that really harsh as far as 4x games go!? Let's see... bonuses, bonuses...

Traditional Ruler +30%
Multiracial +20%
Troop Moral is unbreakable and will fight at full efficiency regardless of unit health. Troops cannot be bribed.

That actually makes me curious about what exactly bribing troops implies.

Diplimatic Pressure Empire can spend approval to force a truce, peace or alliance on a
(Civilization Unique Ability) targeted empire.

Beloved Traditions Empire-wide improvements are all unlocked 1 Era earlier, without the need for research. Building at least 5 empire-wide improvements moves the era fortward, unlocking new improvements.

Ancestor Worship +20% approval on cities adjacent to historical ruins
+10% income on cities adjacent to historical ruins

The Motherland Gives the Empire the knowledge of the position of every other Empire's capital.

Empire of Faith Starts with alphabet and religion

Language Square Can peacefully absorb roaming monsters as new tribes
(Unique Tech)

Well it didn't look the way I was hoping for, but it doesn't looks bad enough to need deleting either so I think I'll keep it as is.


So... peacefully absorbed races increase approval, and we can absorb them through Language Squares. Since each language square gives us +3 slots and we absorbed the aurochkin and honeyfaeries, we should have a free--- we don't have free slots.

Honey Faeries

...ah! The palace gate guard. Are you kidding me!? That one guy is using a race slot!? Seriously!? SERIOUSLY!?

We need to either kick him out, raise his race pop somehow, or build more language squares. Well, I guess we'll need to build more squares either way, though.

Uh... so by absorbing all those races we raised the approval 20% each... fuck, we really lowered it with the new tech, then. I mean, we got +60% and we still were at just 80%.

Moreover, its just 50% empire wide, but if they can advance "Era" by building empire improvements rather than research, I guess I could see how we're meant to play this empire...? Its still weird to see a 'race' that advances without actual research, though that's debatable since you still need to be able to equip your troops with better gear so.... you still need some research, but it has to be accompanied by a lot of new races and empire improvements. Yeah, I get it, its not that bad, really.

By the way, the empire-wide effects of approval are:

Level Effect
Rebellion (0% → 10%) -50% science and income in the city
Unhappy (11% → 30%) -20% science and income in the city
Content (31% → 60%)
Happy (61% → 80%) +15% science and income in the city
Fervent (81% → 100%) +30% science and income in the city

So, approval affects each city, but individual cities can have different approval.

To especify, the capital has 105% because Ren adds a +30% by herself.

The rest of the empire is at 50%, but we can raise that easily(?) by absorbing a new tribe into the empire.

Also, we need to build more empire-wide improvements to 'force' the Era to advance and unlock new improvements.

I can't decide if that trait is OP or shit, though. It sure is nice to have the ability to get new building floorprints without research, and it means really good infraestructure, but it also means quite a bit of tax goes into upkeep of that same infraestructure...

Currently we have...

Aquaculture Labs
Mandate of Heaven

That's it. SERIOUSLY!?

We need 3 more to advance age. By the way, in case anyone forgot, we had the labs built, and it grants an empire-wide research bonus.
The Mandate of Heaven prevents natural disasters as long as the ruler has approval of the gods, it seems.

Eh... were there a lot of natural disasters during the traitor's reign? It looks like there were, but he blamed them on Ren. Just how scummy can you get!? Fuck that guy.


Anyway, it looks like we can't cancel the Central Market construction now. Ugh, I know we are using RPG mechanics, but isn't that too unrealistic? I mean, we just approved it.

Alright, let's try building more Language Squares then... and it says we have to build it in another city.

Alright... that's fine, the empire has 13 cities. If each city can have 1 square and ... oh, there's actually only 3 cities without language squares.

"As expected from a multicultural empire" is what I should say...

Still, 3 more squares means 9 more races. Who should we absorb...?

>Rosa Faery
>Island Elves
>Other (Dragons can't be absorbed since they don't gather in groups large enough to count as a tribe, don't ask)

Rose Faery seems to be Flora's tribe. I see, alright.
>Flora's tribe.

I meant Fleur
Weren’t the Miel Hegemony Hive in Heven building a Language Square, to take in the nomadic Jungle Faeries and the plants there?

We should Civilize all of the tribes we can on this continent.
We should try to civilize the Goblins from the dungeons, too.
File: bee drone 007.gif (29 KB, 329x448)
29 KB
Yesm we basically handed over the Language Square tech to Okaba. You can hand over tech as gifts. Maps, tech, gold, population, cities...

Technically its gona like this

The Protectorate got rockitships as a exclusive tech upon entering Era III

We gave it freely to Sbastia, Heven, Alquia and the Heaven Empire

Heaven Empire gave Lanquage Squares to the Protectorate, Sbastira... etc

Sbastia handed over mana condensers

Heven opened trade in exclusive resources Rubber, Oil, and the Aquaculture Labs tech

...by now we basically got all our friends to hand over 'exclusive tech' to one another. Which would be a bad idea if we were actually trying to conquer them, I guess, but since we aren't, does it matter?

And we haven't yet given the ships to Miel, so technically they're not really a nation as much as just a 'people' right now. I guess they'll use some special rules for a roaming nation. But, nothing prevents some of their citizens to move to another nation, either. Their racial bonus (from the POV of a nation) is a 5% food production per "population unit" (queen/hive) in a city.
I don’t think we started construction of the Throne Ship yet. We should start that; maybe accelerate production by using quadruple work shifts.

And has the Language Square been completed yet?
Oh, now that we know about the Nation interface, can we open it up for the Protectorate and the Hegemony, since we essentially control them?
File: dancing Fahima.gif (938 KB, 400x289)
938 KB
938 KB GIF

Oh and if you wanna know

Heven's (Okaba) ability gives a bonus to science directly reverse to his tax. At 0% tax, the kingdom gets a 50% science bonus. At 50% tax, 0% bonus. Research-type victory

Alquia's (Mako) ability gives: 25% - 60% Tax Rate will give a 0% - 60% Production bonus because a huge part of the tax gets reinvested in infraestructure and loaning money to new businesses. (of course it has to be carefully balanced with approval). Commercial-type victory

Miel Hegemony (when available) ~ Roving Cities. Can relocate cities at will and can exploit resources in all adjacent hexes regardless of who actually owns the hex. Commercial-type victory

Sbastia (Asmund) ~ +1 Corpse per Battle (unless total defeat). 8 corpses can be turned into a brand new infantry unit, or used to upgrade a infantry unit instead of money. Military-type victory

Opal Kingdom (Honoria) ~ No Settler production. Unlimited City Size, and each District contributes Food, Production, Science, Security and Income. Population-type victory

Yellowleaves (Aritsu/Sinoe) ~ Can only expand by expanding the forest. Can transfer population from the capital to any Forest-covered Hex to start a new settlement without expansion dissaproval. Allied Forest-covered hexes provice +20% Industry and +60% food to that ally. Diplomatic-type victory.
>Oh, now that we know about the Nation interface, can we open it up for the Protectorate and the Hegemony, since we essentially control them?
Need to be in the capital

>And has the Language Square been completed yet?
A long time ago, yes
Then we’re the nomadic honey Faeries assimilated into the Hegemony? We didn’t hear much about it.
File: doing it wrong.gif (1.99 MB, 260x237)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Yes. We haven't checked with the locals in a good while, after all.

Also, there's two empty slots for other races. I guess you could say that since they can't freely relocate yet, there's a "proto miel hegemony" right now? Since they can use the local resources without triggering anyone diplomatically, but still cant move their settlements. I guess the logical step would be to also absorb the rosa faeries, and shouldnt the third race also be a sort of faery? Mostly because of size issues, since we probably want them to be able to fit easily in the ships and hives.

Uhmm... maybe we could go sort of go the other way and make the city itself be a race? like a gigantic construct, though honestly Im thinking their cities would be a mix of tech intertwined with the rosa faeries, and thus they could "grow" new settlers.

What do you think? Should we say that the Hegemony truly gets started when they absorb the rosa faeries, since they sort of use them as ships? Or do you prefer to go with building the ships in a more traditional way?
File: delicious fanservice.gif (2.37 MB, 350x197)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF

I kind of like that idea.

Have the roses and the bees start an alliance. Their ships are a mix of plants and magic, how's that?

I guess it would be plants providing materials for living ships, bees as workers, african bees as warriors. There's still room for 1 more race, though. Suggestions?
I would say that the original intention of the Hegemony would have been plant-based mobile hives that move along the ground, but the introduction of a normally civilization-exclusive tech, the Rock-It Array, allows the Hegemony a completely new type of Hive Settlement, the Hive Ship.
The Throne Ship should be unique, a traditionally built ship with Rosa Faeries growing over it; should anything happen to the plants, the ship itself will still remain able to fly.

As for one more race, maybe succubi or aurochkin?
Though another type of faerie would be better.

Water Sprites? Give the Hegemony aquatic units, but that would mean needing to have pools on the Hive Ships for them.

Wisp type Faeries?
Or maybe traditional fairies? Pixies and such, who can fill the role of craftsmen and artisans. Or magical artillery.
File: hips dancing.gif (749 KB, 640x480)
749 KB
749 KB GIF
>As for one more race, maybe succubi or aurochkin?

Isn't that way too big? I was thinking in something faery-sized. Which reminded me the plants evolution line goes like this

Thorny Maw
Thorny Stalker
Thorny Demoness (first humanoid shape)
Thorny Faery
Thorny Faery Queen (Fleur is at this level right now)

Also, we still need to upgrade Fleur to [Sacred]. I mean, sure, she is a super genius from a plant's point of view, but still mostly chid-like from our own POV, unless you want the hegemony relationships to be

Honey Faeries (ruling caste AND worker caste)
Warrior Faeries (warrior caste)
Thorny Faeries (cute pet, building material and cattle?)

Actually that feels properly alien, so I think its fine. Plus when I say cattle, I assume you understand I say it because they're basically walking food producers, not because they're gonna get slaughtered or anything like that,

Or maybe its more
Honey Faery -> civilians
Warrior Faery -> military
Thorny Faery -> resource

I somehow feel the final slot should be for a research type, but the succubus are too tall, unless you are imagining HUGE ship cities
File: too lewd.png (1.72 MB, 1209x807)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG

Uhmm... maybe...

Honey Faeries -> production
Warrior Faeries -> military
Thorny Faeries -> approval
???? -> research

That feels like a pretty intuitive way to handle population balance and bonuses to a settlement.

And of course, some hybrid units as well, with warrior and honey faeries for massed infantry, or thorny and warrior for super heavy endgane units (well, super heavy for them anyway)

I feel like there's a need for a fourth faery type.

If we assume the pie is (obviously) 100%, a settlement distribution of production, military, research and approval would be as simple to manage as deciding what % of population does what.

Move/start a settlement on top of some anomaly or rare resource, and give it a research-oriented population

Have more battle-oriented populations when needing to move into wild lands to follow seasonal bloom over jungles or swamps, basically making a industry/military-oriented settlement.

Again, it depends on how big do you want their ships to be. I genuinely imagined they would remain 'faery-sized' inside their ships, and only grow larger when they have to go out for whatever reason, if even then. More population in less space, needing less food, and less materials.
I think it’s okay for all of them to think of the Rosa Faeries as ship resources and cattle until/unless they reach the Demoness level.
As for the Research type of faerie, yes, but what kind of faerie fits?
Water Faeries, or maybe some kind of elemental Faeries?
I’d like another faerie type, just so we can take more Faeries into our Menagerie/harem just so we have a complete set (and maybe get some kind of Set Bonus).
File: dancer animated 001.gif (5.7 MB, 480x270)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB GIF
heh. Well, we do have Lyra for water and Fahima for fire if we're going with spirits or elementals.

Faeries tend to be associated with plants, insects and tiny tiny elves, I guess.

Maybe a sort of scarab faery? Though I tend to associate scarabs and bettles with herculean strenght (for an insect, or for anything if we go by relative weight:strenght).

Uhmm... maybe we should look at it another way.,. geography? the honey faeries feel anglo-like to me, with the warrior ones feeling african or central-south american.

Nah, I dont think that works. Let's see... faery myths of the world... uhmm asian tend to have fox spirits as faeries, but we already have Yin as a beastkin

I sort of like the idea of a cool and intellectual faery. Hindu? They did pretty much invent math. What's the hundu tradition towards faery-like myth?

If we go wth a type of insect, I feel it has to be a mostly flying type. No ants.

Agaon, maybe a type of bettle? lets see... all the civs here work around science, production, approval and money, plus military because its fucking military and your civ wont get anywhere without an army, of course.

We clearly have the military, approval and production bits taken, so maybe we should focus on the research bits?

And even if we don't, it still needs to be a type of faery or another really small 'tribe'.

Oh, I'm reminded of a Luis Royo painting of a fary riding a rat against a snake.

The point being it just needs to be petite enough to fit well in the hive ship, and we'll need to add more tiny races anyway if we want to add more tribes to the hegemony anyway.

All I can think of is having some sort of djinn be actually tiny. How about earth djinn spirits being tiny humanoids? or maybe we should stick to eusocial creatures?

Lets see... moles, ants, termites, spiders (?), bees, what else? suggestions?
Maybe instead of eusocial, something that needed to develop intellect because of small population size and weakness of body?
octopii? i know theres an actopus-like sea creature that is also pretty smart, but cant remember the name now though i remember the animal itself.
Octopi and cuttlefish have adaptive optical camouflage.
ah, thanks. Yup, googled it now that you gave me the name. That was it.

Do you think some water faeries with a few tentacles for hair would be nice or not? Or just have them be mostly transparent but able to change their coloration at will?

Im asking for ideas here, guys
How about able to change color so it’s like cuttlefish adaptive optical camouflage, but in their rest state the skin is almost translucent. They have 2 pairs of tentacles coming out of their backs that they use like extra arms, where the wings would be on Honey Faeries.
uhmm... i kind of like the idea of the tentacles coming from the top of the head and falling backwards like hair. Rather than flying, maybe they "jump" short distances with a system of propulsion that works way way better underwater.

I like the rest of the idea, though. Since we have Thorn faeries, honey faeries and warrior faeries, what do you wanna call these ones?
I suppose tentacles from the head would be okay.

Just calling them aqua fairies sounds like a cop-out, and octolings is taken by Nintendo for Splatoon.

Maybe Sea Nymphs?
Or Sea Faeries.
File: 1291661581733.jpg (94 KB, 563x800)
94 KB
Would crab girls work at all?
I tried to get krabby to evolve into crab ppl but i was shot down, so now im bitter and not gonna let y7ou get crab ppl either :P

aloso she looks like she needs a glass of water. Looks parched

sea faeries... isnt there sea sprites?

Anyway, if we are going with octopii faeries, let me see...

uhmm... kraken... kraken related words... argonaut... ago faery? nope

bubble faery... how about they have an organ that fills with water that they carry about so they can leave the water? I kind of like bubble faery. It could be like a natural, tiny helmet, but soft

uhmmm they 'swim' with jet sprays... spray faery? jet faery? stream faery? honestly bubble faery sounds so cute.

aqua faery sounds like downright lazy writing

drop faery makes me think they fall all over all the time.

maybe an insect that spends most of its time in water, or that is at least famous for going into water? I can only think of a spider, though i blame that on the bubble faery idea, which is now stuck on my head

nymph... isnt that the name of the water vector of some insects? whats the name of frogs when they cant leave the water yet?

man now i really wanna find some way to make the name bubble faery work. It just sounds so cute to me...
>whats the name of frogs when they cant leave the water yet?
Pool Faeries?
Pond Faeries?

...I still think bubble faeries sounds super cute. Lets go with that unless anyone dislikes it? Let's see... a membrane stretches like a round helmet over their heads when they want to go:

>Under water (they breathe air)
>Above water (they breathe water)
>Above water (they breathe water)
>>Above water (they breathe water)

Hows "Harpy secretaries and empire building" as a description? are we still adding "Bastion Day 1" to them?
Bastion Day 1 ~ Empire Building Day 110
Giving the bubble fairies a Ring or Sustain should let them be on the surface without needing their bubbles.
Could the Rosa Faeries evolve into an aquatic variant for the bubble Faeries to create underwater Hive settlements?
Sure, there's plenty of water plants after all
Great, that means the Miel Hegemony will have Hive settlements and Hive Fleets in the air, on land, in the sea, and eventually in space.
>Under water (they breathe air)
Wouldn’t them breathing water make the settlements/hive ships needlessly partitioned between water/air-breathing sections?
Our guide on leveling and providing them access to dungeons for grinding should allow the elite beast tamers of the aquatic hives to capture and use sharks and krakens to protect their settlements.
Yeah after thinking about it for a bit, I think we should go like this

1 - either find a new brand of water plant-type faeries, or have the thorny faeries go through an elternative evolution at some point to adapt to living on water

2 - these new faeries will be the bubble faeries. I think its better if they breathe air

They can either swim freely with air tanks and a round helmet, or be connected to the surface with a 'hose'.

Alternatively, they could have something like a rebreather. Plants DO make our air after all. They can't do it if they go too deep though, since they still need sunlight to do so.


> they breathe air and go underwater with an air bubble around their heads
> they breathe water and go out of the water with a water bubble over their heads (honestly seems the less practical option to me)
> they breathe air but can make it themselves, with some limits
> their 'bubbles' is actually something like a water lung that deplies when they are underwater, so they can breathe water indefinitively as long as it is clean
> other?
>they breathe air but can make it themselves, with some limits
>Other: high level evolutions allow them to convert thermal vent heat energy to separate oxygen from the water, to allow them to live at extreme depths. This is only available to the Bubble Faery Queen evolution.
How's this for the evolutions of Thorn Faeries?
File: 1442904334024.jpg (208 KB, 912x688)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Or these?
File: plant 004.jpg (728 KB, 1600x2365)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
That's more like the last 2 stages, though. The basic thorn faery is mostly just a large maneating plant of the toothy kind.

Those look like a demoness or faery, and a faery queen (final stage) of their evolution, but are pretty good for those.

I like these for the bubble faeries.

<-- this would indeed be Fleur's final form, unless you would prefer if it was even more human-like?
I think it has enough human bits to be attractive while being plant-like enough to be exotic.
File: Iweko Akira.pdf (177 KB, PDF)
177 KB
177 KB PDF
nm this post, just need to show something to a friend and this is the fastest way. Anyway, everyone okay with making the new faeries a water evolution of the thorny faeries, right?
Yes, I’m okay.
Are you going to create a new thread since this is on page 9?
New thread here

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