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You’re at the Bridge Between Worlds, or was it the Distant Frontier? What’s the difference? Is there are a difference? Does it matter? Point is you are here waiting for Constance and Athelone to approach so you can get this meeting going!

“Jonathan, Philonune. Good to see you both.” Athelone nods at you.
“Hey Johnny!” Constance bounces around.
“Hey Constance.” You pat her round head.
“Don’t worry, this will be brief.” Athelone says as she looks at Constance, calming her down.
“What’s going on?” Philonune looks around then back at Athelone. “Is this about that human at the reunion? The one who threatened you all?”
“We have so much more to talk about than just him. I assume you two haven’t made any progress with knowing the whereabouts of Constance’s parents?”
“With old man Villiers awake, I think we're going to make some soon.” Lise’s dad woke up from his coma, so there is a good amount of questions he needs to answer to you.

“Good.” Athelone smiles like the only way she knows how: showing her horrific teeth! “I know you’re fairly sharp, but I should mention it anyway. The day of the fight, I need you to protect Constance at all costs – we as Judges need to be present in the city the day of the fight. We need to ensure the procedure goes as planned, and if any of us wavers…”
“We’re out!” Constance says, adorably swinging an imaginary baseball bat.
“Which means at best, Constance will lose me as her partner, and I will be forced to change hosts.” Athelone looks down at Constance. “At worst… Both of us will cease to exist in our own ways.”

“I suspect that’s not all.” Philonune says, folding his arms.
“Indeed. At any sign of treason to the Judges as an organization, the same sentence will be rendered. We can’t run away, we can’t ignore it, and we shouldn’t play favorites…”
“Wait, what about our contract? Isn't this considered playing favorites?” Unless…
“That’s a secret between the four of us, so take a guess.” Athelone winks in an almost seductive manner that deeply unsettles you.
“So tell us the human’s name so we can track him.” Philonune is ready to take action!
“We do not know. We can find him if he’s sleeping at the Distant Frontier, but this world doesn’t work the same way as yours. There is no correlation between where we find them here and where they are in the real world.” Athelone explains. “I want you to come up with a plan to keep Constance safe during the fight, and to defend her against any possible ploy from that worthless subhuman.”

“Alright, give me a minute…” You need to think! There's so much you can do!
“Kata said there's a good security system at the new clinic, and I should be safe from now on!” Constance smiles. “Also Mr. Detective and Bradford are always keeping an eye on me!”
“I won’t make you decide right now, but you have 24 hours to tell us your plan. Sticking with us at the Clinic during the fight seems the only option, but maybe… Who knows what your little brain can come up with?” Athelone strokes your forehead, and her hand is deathly cold. You don’t have a little brain! You smart, you good! Unga bunga! She stupid! “That’s all from us.” She finally pulls her hand away.
“See ya!” Constance stars waving.

You wake up. It’s 4:30 A.M. in the morning on this stupid Sunday! Maybe it’s Athelone’s fault all those damn meetings are cut short? Impatient weird-ass nurse… Today, you have another training session… Hooray…! You feel incredibly tired after yesterday's along with the tension of Poker Night, but you need to move forward and continue doing your best! Right?!

>Just gimme five more minutes…! Come on!
>Get everything ready! Time to sweat again!
>Sleep! Fuck training, you’re an injured tired man who deserves some sleep!
>Write In.
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM91m
Discord: https://discord.gg/AmjbaTR
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=do+your+best+quest (Rough Grammar ‘till half of the 9th Thread)
Complete Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-nIx_dvaNCPQ7zLg2BK_ucCyGNM741kAANxqXj7hdDs/edit?usp=sharing


Votes are counted until 20 minutes have passed. This rule doesn't apply to the last reply of the day.
Votes that require a dice roll are counted until 10 minutes have passed.

Dice Mechanic

We always roll 1d100!
I use the average (the mean) of the 4 best rolls and success will be determined by the difficulty I specify for the action or prompt. If there are less than 4 rolls I’ll do the math with the ones I have.
Above 45 is a success on a normal roll. Above 55 is a success on a hard roll. The hardest rolls I won’t specify because I find it more fun if I don’t.
Rolling over a 95 is a critical strike and ignores the other rolls!
We will roll after the voting is done.
>Get everything ready! Time to sweat again!
>>Just gimme five more minutes…! Come on!
>Get everything ready! Time to sweat again!
>Get everything ready! Time to sweat again!
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It’s time for you to get everything ready for sweating again! You quickly change clothes then make up your mind about what you’re going to have for breakfast. As soon as you leave the room, you encounter someone.

“Good morning, Johnny. Here are your pills... Oh, I forgot your water in the kitchen…” It’s Nariko! Your poor hobo looks so sleepy at 4:30 A.M.
“Thanks. I told you it was just a joke yesterday. Go back to sleep.” You point to the hell room.
“I can’t, I need to make sure you are okay…” Her eyes flicker closed and open.
“Amelia's here, she can take care of me. Where is she anyway? Don’t tell me she’s sleeping.”
“She’s in the bathroom…” Nariko is now standing perfectly still with her eyes closed.
“C’mon Nariko, go back to sleep…”
“…” She’s already asleep! How the fuck is she still standing?! You put the pill in your pocket and then carry Nariko back to her room. Yu Yan was definitely right about her gaining weight. Your body doesn’t feel as stiff as before so this ain't a problem… Yu Yan is sleeping in fetal position on the bed. You leave Nariko next to her.

Amelia shows up at the kitchen while you're in the middle of breakfast prep.

“Hi, Johnny…” Amelia has no energy either.
“You don’t seem to be doing well.”
“I’m fine.” She says.
“Alright… Ready for breakfast?”
“I’m fine.” She says, again.
“Amelia, you need to eat.”
“I’m fine.” She says; a completely broken record.
Wait, Amelia's not even looking at you! “Wait, are you even listening to me?”
“I’m fine.” She has her eyes closed and her voice is a monotone. You just saw this from Nariko!
You walk up to your sister and shake her by the shoulders! “AHHHH!" She screams rather loudly, echoing off the kitchen walls and hurting your ears.
“Don’t yell! You're going to wake up the others!” You loud-whisper at her.

Eventually everyone appears! Yes, that includes Bradford! Matilda made you and Osgood go once again in the van. During the trip, you asked Osgood about his girlfriend, since yesterday he told you something vague. He basically explained that Ruby has him on a figurative leash until he heals, but he decided to go to Poker Night anyway. She was not happy about it in the least.

“You just made up, what the hell are you doing?” You're not even this bad with Uccelli!
“She’s becoming too apprehensive, man. I just wanted a little space.” He's awfully insensitive to women. No wonder Scarlet got hurt the way she did…
“She’s going to get worse if you keep this up, Osgood.”
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You arrive at the abandoned house! It barely looks like an abandoned house anymore! Shit, what kind of black magic is Matilda is doing to this place?! The rest of the team arrives after a short bit, and Bradford is being carried effortlessly by Matilda.
“Bradford got his ankle sprained.” Matilda tips her head down, motioning at it. Is it supposed to bend that way?!
“I’m… so sorry…” Bradford’s words barely escape his mouth.
“I got a couple first aid kits inside. You two handle him.” Matilda opens the door and leaves Bradford on the wood floor, now completely new and free of dangerous pitfall holes. Osgood sighs and follows her inside. You only stare at Matilda until she stops and turns around. “…What?”


>“Can I join the rest with the training?”
>"Need any help with the training?"
>“How is this place looking so good so quickly?”
>“N-nothing.” Y-you too…
>Write In.
>“How is this place looking so good so quickly?”
>“Can I join the rest with the training?”
>“Can I join the rest with the training?”
>“Can I join the rest with the training?”
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“How is this place looking so good so quickly?” It looks more and more livable every time!
“Don’t forget I’m a professional.” What does that have to do with anything?! “Oh, and some people owe me favors. Don’t make too much noise inside, they are sleeping.” Curiosity increasing… but not too much.
“Ehm… about that. Can I join the rest with the training?”
“Of course not.” Matilda now completely brushes you off unlike yesterday!
“Why? A little training isn’t going to kill me.” You could eat another ghost if it gets worse… Maybe.
“I had a talk with my grandfather yesterday, and he finally instructed me on how to continue with slackers like these. It’s going to be painful, and your body is not up to the tasks I'll give. You’re one day away anyway, so be patient.” Perhaps that was the reason both of them were absent at yesterday’s card-based mindgames simulator?

“I don’t need to do exactly what they're doing, though?” Pushing the issue! You need to be at your absolute best for the fight, and being afraid of her will just waste your time!
Matlida just scoffs at your face. “Fine. Wait for Osgood to supervise you. I’m going to be giving my full attention to the rest and I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“Sure, and sorry for being insistent.”
“You’re going to be sorry later if you keep being that way. I don’t take kindly to insubordination.” Matilda cracks her knuckles. Useless. She looks at you almost approvingly. “You don’t look afraid. That’s a first.”
You shrug dismissively. After all you've been through in the past month and more, Matilda's intimidation and mannerisms are nothing to you.

After Osgood left Bradford back at the clinic, you did your own training routine alongside Matilda’s torture tests on the others. You felt so bad for the three of them, but you also felt glad it wasn't you! Osgood tried to cheer up the gang from his lounging seat against the house wall, but the exhaustion didn’t let them hear a thing, blood roaring in their ears from the strain.

Thanks to your training efforts, you gain +2 Athletics Points! You feel like you’re halfway there to the fourth level!

It’s 9 AM! Matilda left a little break for everyone in the schedule, grabbing Henry and your secret girlfriend and dragging them inside. You are carrying your little sister for the same purpose.

“Johnny, what do you want me to tell mom when I leave?” Amelia is looking seriously ill.
“Shut up, you’re going to be fine.” Making light of something so serious…
“I love you, dear brother.” Amelia believes your arms are her deathbed.
“Nariko is brainwashing you with those TV dramas. Start watching those cartoons again, Ame.”
“Please don’t leave my side again.” Her voice so feeble you barely hear it within a foot away from your ears.
“I’m going to ignore you now.”
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You’re inside somewhat of a living room, where the three hardworking members of the team are bellyaching on the floor. Matilda stares at you and Osgood.

“I believe I went a little overboard. Apologies.” Matilda sees the results of her torture session. Her face is a simple blank look of shock.
“Why are you so cruel?” Osgood starts taunting Matilda! “They were begging for you to stop, but you didn't give a damn. And you call yourself a trainer?”
Matilda glares at Osgood, now wearing his poker face. “I wasn’t trying to be cruel. I absolutely needed them to work out this way. Now I know what to do with them.”
“Wasn’t yesterday’s session supposed to help you with that?” What is Matilda doing?!
“My grandfather said I didn’t do a good job with that, so I had to do it with his specifications.” Matilda gives a bored response.

“Are… are we going to have to go through that?” Osgood looks on at the others, sweat rolling down his neck – and not from the summer heat. You feel no fear, but you should.
You, yes. Johnny… I’ll have to see about that.”
“Why is he getting out of jail free?! What the fuck?!” Osgood breaks his poker face!
“No. He’s going to have it way worse. Hehehe…” Matilda grins at you, almost savoring what is to come.
You shrug and grin right back at her. “Guess I'll die.”
“She carried Bradford, so she could probably carry your coffin with you in it. You won't even need me to help." Now you have two people eager at your suffering. Great!(edited)

Seems like a good opportunity to chat, what with this being basically a team meeting?

>“Do any of you need some help?” Ask the corpses their last words! Can you help them to die?!
>“So… what were the results? What are you going to do with them?” Ask Matilda her verdict.
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day we continue tomorrow! Sorry for the short session.)
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
>“Do any of you need some help?” Ask the corpses their last words! Can you help them to die?!
>“So… what were the results? What are you going to do with them?” Ask Matilda her verdict.
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
Fuck me up with that word dump senpai
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
>“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners.” Ask everyone! With what happened with Richard yesterday, you want to know more about your team.
I hope they're ready to be reminded of trauma mentally while they're exhausted physically!
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“Do any of you need some help?”
“Just call a priest, boss. I think this is it for me.” Henry holds up his hand, then puts it back down.
“Are you religious?” You call him out. He doesn’t look like the type.
“I saw a god and it was a bear, so why wouldn’t I?” Henry has a point, but these gods don’t work the way you guys thought they would. Should they even be considered gods? More food for thought for you!
“Saraswati says it’s too late for sinners like you. Trust me.” Amelia speaks in the name of her bear.
“Just tell her to do me a solid.” Henry turns to Amelia.
“She says she told you not to pet her, so you're banned from heaven.” That bear has a serious problem with being pet.
“Hey I apologized, didn’t I?” Henry looks back at the ceiling.
“I guess you guys are fine…” You interrupt their stupid conversation, and someone else catches your eye.

“…” Uccelli hasn’t said a thing since you got here.
“Are you okay, Ms. Uccelli?” It’s weird having to call her like that after getting intimate with her.
“…I refuse to do any exercises anymore.” Nina’s conviction is gone.
“You’re always so quick to quit.” Matilda doesn’t seem amused.
“…I don’t want to live the rest of my days like this, that’s all.” Nina's all depressed.
“You’re fighting to extend your expiration date, you lazy cake."
“Ugh… Just leave me be, I’m in a bad mood.” Nina is in a bad mood.
“You’re always in a bad mood.” Henry intervenes, siding with Matilda!
“This ‘be understanding of your trainees’ part of the training is going to be rather complicated.” Matilda checks her notes, handwritten and perfectly even. Old man Spice would be proud!

“Okay, let’s change subjects. I don’t want the little team cohesion we have to fall apart like this.” You interrupt the conversation once again. “In fact, I want to build it a little.”
“How so?” Osgood wonders. He already looks uncomfortable.
“I don’t know if it’s the proper time to ask this, but I would like to know how you guys got your partners. I think knowing each other better is going to help teamwork and not dying."
“Aren’t a bunch of strangers in here today? The ones who helped her clean?” Osgood points to Matilda.
“Don’t worry, the student council should be gone by now. I told them to leave before 8:30.” You and Osgood exchange glances and shrug. Guess it’s finally time to know everyone’s backstory!

“So who's on first?” Henry sits on the wooden floor, interested all of a sudden.
“The one who asks should start, yeah?” Osgood is already playing the game.
“I agree…” Amelia sits too, yawning real wide like a bear.
File: 872.png (94 KB, 512x512)
94 KB

“Why me? I don’t want to start! I don’t know how embarrassing this'll get!” Henry shushes the two of them.
“I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to say anything.” Uccelli sits too. Doesn’t look comfortable.
“Yeah, I think we should keep it to ourselves.” Amelia doesn’t want to do it.
“I agree.” Osgood nods. You look daggers at the bunch of cowards you call your team!
“Since you maggots are too soft to start, I will. This is how I got my new lifetime partner…” All eyes are on Matilda now, leaning forward. Wait, she doesn’t have a partner…

Matilda tells everyone the story of how she scammed you for 3 bucks the first time you two met, when you were searching for information about the Megane Killer. Sitting in a circle with everyone like this makes you wish there was something cool like a campfire and not a table.

“…And the rest is history.” Matilda nods proudly.
“Oi, what does stealing money from Johnny have to do with anything?!” Henry looks at you.
“She doesn’t even have a partner, Mr. Collins. I don’t know why we're listening to her.” Nina's unimpressed.
“Don't you have any shame? Poor Johnny…” Henry now gets back to the real topic and points to the greedy woman.
“I don’t know if it’s more pathetic that she did it, or the fact Johnny bargained at all. It was only 5 bucks!” Says Osgood the insensitive.
“N-now everything makes sense…!” Amelia says all red. She's pointing at you with a shaky finger. “Your disappearances! Your nightstands outside! Your lack of interest for Nariko or Yu Yan…! You two are dating!” Amelia twisted imagination knows no bounds! Uccelli spits her water from the shock! Henry’s eyes are wide open, his head turning rapidly between the two of you!

“W-what are you talking about?!” This is a misunderstanding! You aren’t dating her!
“Oh, that’s why you two played together. Huh…” Osgood seems to get it too, nodding to himself.
Played together…?” Nina looks horrified! Nice going!
“Jeez, I feel bad for you now, boss.” Henry gives you a pitying look. Why? Is Matilda that bad?!
“I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner.” You stupid sister Amelia is blushing furiously, bowing to Matilda. “Please take care of my brother! You aren’t exactly what I expected him to like, but I’m glad it’s you!”
“Mhm…” Matilda is blushing a little herself, as she sits next to you. “Sorry about being blind to your feelings. I will try to make this work somehow.” Matilda looks down at your hand. Or maybe down at someplace else?

“We’re not dating, you idiots!” You gently push your 'new' secret lover aside. “She just wants to train me to beat Flint, that’s all.”
“Oh yes, that’s what I meant. I was joking before. He’s the closest thing I have to a capable fighting partner.” Matilda moves back to her original spot and shrugs. She doesn’t have feelings for you. You're not sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed.
“Aww… You serious? I was feeling so proud too.” Amelia puts her face in her hands. Nina is smiling at you behind everyone’s back.
“Yeah, of course. I don’t have time for romantic affairs; I have dreams to fulfill before I get to settle down. Also, he isn't paying me.” Matilda says without a care in the world. That’s not how love works, Matilda!
“Hey, why not train me? I actually beat him remember?” Osgood’s pride is hurt. “Now that I think of it, just train Johnny. I’m okay.” He quickly reminds himself what type of 'training' she does.
“Since you were making fun of me, I’ll decide who shares their story first.” You'll have it your way. Everyone is now looking away in a mix of anticipation and fear…

Whose backstory do you want to hear first?

>Matilda again. Her REAL story.
Who is our little sister, really?

Also is it just me or is the idea of Johnny dating Matilda infinitely more engaging and fun in comparison to the kinda dry attempt of one he's having with the teacher? Not exactly sure why, but Matilda has infinitely more chemistry with Ando's aloof sarcasm towards the world...
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117 KB PNG
“Amelia, you start.” You point to your sister. How bad can her deal be? Just sadness ‘cause Mom died? Hell, it’s going to make it easier to tell yours later if it is, though you still feel a degree of shame for thinking that way.
“No.” Amelia is being stubborn.
“W-why not?” That surprised you; she’s docile most of the time.
“I don’t want to.” It’s like her soul went out of her body.
“See? This was a bad idea after all. We should just drop this." Osgood attempts to weasel out of what's to come!
“No… Now I’m more curious than ever.” Henry is getting serious.
“I-I can’t tell you!” Amelia is simply refusing to do anything, looking hurt. You have no idea what’s gotten into her. She looks extremely serious about this. “If it means I’m not going to hear yours, I don’t care. Just leave me be Johnny.”
“Amelia, we’re here to help you too. You can trust us. I swear we’re not going to make fun of you or anything of the sort.” Nina's motherly instincts are kicking in.

“It’s not about that… I just can’t do it.” Amelia stares at you, then her eyes move away. Does it involve you? Did you cause your sister trauma without realizing it?!
“Does it involve me…?” The thought escapes your lips as you think it.
“…” Amelia remains silent but trembles slightly.
“There is no point in forcing her to do it. This is a team trust-building exercise, right?” Osgood's showing some concern too.
“It’s hard to trust someone who's not willing to trust you back.” Henry looks down at his hands. Seems like some past experience affected him. Trust issues?
“Sorry…” Amelia's gloomy expression starts to show.
“I’m not surprised.” Matilda says. “You are pretty good at hiding your feelings, Amelia. Except when he’s present…” Now Matilda stares at you.
“Hey, it’s not my fault." You hope with all your heart it isn't.

“Maybe a sibling talk is necessary?” Nina proposes to you. “You two can talk it out in another room. It might not be as bad as you think, and you can tell us later.” Nina smiles at Amelia.
“…” Amelia looks anguished, about to cry any moment.
“I’m calling it now: I’m not next.” Osgood is making his future self a favor.

What do you do?

>Let Amelia be! Maybe if she hears someone else's story, she will feel ready to tell everyone the truth.
>Hug her right fucking now and apologize for whatever mistake you might have made.
>Take her to another room; let’s see what’s her troubling past all about.
>Push the issue! You need to build that trust,. Besides, now Henry is starting to have his doubts…
>Write In.
>Take her to another room; let’s see what’s her troubling past all about.

.. oh fuck this is concerning
>Take her to another room; let’s see what’s her troubling past all about.
>Take her to another room; let’s see what’s her troubling past all about.
As tempted as I am by the hug option, that might just set her off worse. She needs space to breathe and collect herself, which she won't get if we're hugging her or if we do anything else in this room with the others
File: 874.png (136 KB, 512x512)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
“I’ll take that offer. What room can we use, Matilda?”
“End of the hallway to the right. We won’t hear you there.” Your coach says.
“You want to talk, right?” You ask your sister, whose expression of sadness is hurting you inside. She accepts the proposition, nodding slowly. You stand up and open the door, Amelia follows behind… But as she’s about to leave the room, she’s interrupted. You turn and look back with her.

“I hope we can hear it one day.” Henry seems rather irritated at your sister. Amelia twitches at this but stands still.
“Hey, let them have their space.” Osgood backs you two up.
"Yes, there is no reason to be this curious. Perhaps you should apply that to your studies more, Mr. Collins.” Nina makes fun of Henry.
“What a team… All against one.” Henry is still stewing…
“Take a deep breath Henry. At worst this is a minor issue.” Matilda chides him. “There is no need to be upset. Maybe you need a massage… Osgood, please him.” She gives Osgood a look.
“One; my arm is broken. Two… Did you really need to say it with that word choice?” Osgood is facepalming.
“I’m fine… Yeah, I think I’m getting angry ‘bout nothing, my bad.” Henry at least sees the errors of his ways. “Sorry.” Now he looks at Amelia, who doesn't respond. You leave the room.

You two walk to the previously mentioned room. This place is not as pleasant as the other room, but it’s mainly because they haven’t worked out the details here – it’s almost all empty, like they just finished it a few hours ago…

“Are you really willing to talk? I can pretend we did and that everything's fine, if you want me to."
“…I don’t wanna.” Amelia is about to cry.
“What did I do Amelia? Please tell me.” You're starting to feel the same as Amelia.
“I-i-it’s not like that… I…” Now Amelia is crying.

Out of absolutely nowhere, the bear Saraswati makes her entrance! Just like that time with Nina and Icioba! She doesn’t look one bit happy. Don’t you have full control of your partners?! Why does this keep happening?!
“What?” You’re somewhat surprised at this turn of events.
“Saraswati…?!” Even Amelia is caught off guard!
“Don’t you think it’s time for him to know the truth?” Saraswati gives Amelia a serious look. “If you aren’t willing to speak your thoughts, I will.”
“B-but…” Amelia is out of words.
“If you don’t want me to do it, you’re free to put me away. You have all control over me, just like I did over the rivers – I trained you to keep your inner calm pure in any situation, remember? So what’s your decision, Amelia Tomah?”
“…” Amelia’s heart is accelerating. She looks so incredibly stressed that looking at her hurts your heart.

“It’s your decision.” The bear floats in front of your sister. Even her cloud is looking depressed! “I can hear you inside… You want to run. You want me to shut up. You want all this to go away… Amelia, my dear child, it’s time for you to decide for yourself. Don’t worry about what will happen… Johnny Ando, I’m going to explain what happened. You have a right to know.” Saraswati now looks at you… Amelia is slowly trying to grab Saraswati's cloud, wanting to run.

What do you do?

>“I want to hear it from her, please.” Sit away from her.
>“Please let Saraswati talk.” Stop your sister gently.
>Let your sister run. If she needs space, she'll have it.
>“I want to hear it from her, please.” Sit away from her.

Amelia no ;-;
>“I want to hear it from her, please.” Sit away from her.
>“I want to hear it from her, please.” Sit away from her.
Inb4 she comes out as a brocon
>“I want to hear it from her, please.” Sit away from her.
gib spess 2 imouto pls
Give sister hug.
“I want to hear it from her, please.” You respond to the cute bear.
Saraswati takes a quick glance at your sister, who isn’t taking it well. “It is her responsibility. Very well, but keep this thought in mind: your sister really loves you.” Saraswati disappears.

You’re alone with your sister. This is quite serious. You are waiting for her to calm down so you can try comforting her, but she refuses… Somehow Amelia mustered the courage and finally starts speaking…

“I’m sorry, Johnny. I wasn't brave enough… Please don’t hate me.” Amelia wipes her tears away. Now she's all serious even though her voice is still choked up. “I-it all began way before you discovered Saraswati, probably 2 or 3 weeks before that. You know I always ask Dad why he kicked you out, why you aren’t coming back… Well, I got my answer. I was cleaning the house when I found it. A document…”
“A document?”
“Yes. Dad always told me not to clean up his room, but I wanted to surprise him. And I found it…”

You are slowly entering a flashback………………………………………

[1/I don’t know]
File: 875.png (95 KB, 512x512)
95 KB

[Amelia’s Biggest Secret]

Dad is always late Mondays! So I had an idea, hehehe…

I was trying to tidy up the place. Dad’s room is always a mess and this little surprise will help him feel better. He’s easy to please, but Dad hasn't been the same ever since Mom… Well, nobody has been the same since then. Johnny barely speaks to me, Dad is looking sicker and sicker, and we aren’t together anymore… I don’t know how I can help them in the long run, but Mom always said you should always do your best – even if things fail, your loved ones will appreciate it! I want them to feel I’m here for them, because that’s what family is all about! Right Mom?

Oh no! Daydreaming ain’t good! All of Dad’s documents are spilled on the floor! I shouldn’t have tried to clean the whole closet all at once! Or maybe I should have been more careful…? He’s going to get so mad at me. If put everything back, he’s not going to notice – perfect idea! He does need to clean up every now and then, though. Stinky dad…

One of these documents… has Mom’s name on it. Strange, very strange! Oh, it’s from her insurance… Life insurance? We had one of those? Weren’t we short on money to pay for something like that? I remember Dad’s struggling to pay the house’s loan right now. We had to drink terrible juice powder… Uck!
Mmm? There's something else here… Okay, that’s the house’s papers. They're in Dad’s name, so we ended up paying for it, huh? That’s why we could afford it. Heh, what a dummy I am! No wonder I sit alone at lunch and all the other girls stare at me funny!

Pessimism out, pessimism out! Wait… the dates… are awfully close. We actually paid for the house two days after the incident? There's another paper over here… an eviction paper from the bank a week before these?

Wait, no… He wouldn’t… He couldn’t… It can’t be…! No! Don’t overthink it! You always overthink! It was an accident; you saw it. There's no way in hell Dad was involved in any way! It doesn’t make any sense. Hehe, silly me. Also, that’s not how insurances work either!

There's no way in hell Dad killed Mom, right?

[End of Flashback.]

[2/I don’t know]

“That’s quite the stretch… isn't it?” You ask your sister, almost laughing at your own discomfort.
“…That’s not all."
“I was afraid you were going to say that.”
“That night…”

You are slowly re-entering the same flashback………………………………………

I confronted my dad. It didn’t go well. He was mortified and told me he loved mom more than anything in the world.

I tried to push the issue, and he ended up slapping me. I ran and locked myself in my room. He apologized for hours, but I refused to talk to him… I’m so stupid! Why would Dad kill Mom? He loved her, and she loved him! They were meant for each other and I… still question it anyway. No wonder I always end up alone…
Then why don’t I open the door and apologize? What am I afraid of? It’s just a mistake, right? Dad won’t hate me for this…
Then why am I not moving?
Then why…?

I cried until I fell asleep.

“Where am I…?” It felt like a dream, but something was off.
“Are you okay, dear child? I saw what you were going through.” A calm voice said from the emptiness.
“Who is that?!” I yelled out.
“My name is Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.” A big pair of eyes opened up in front of me. Quite scary!
“Oh… So I must be dreaming.”
“Something like that, but do not worry – I came here to aid you.”

“Why would a goddess want to aid me?”
“Because I want to make a partnership. Dear Amelia, I need your help too.”
“Why would you need me? I can’t do anything right!” I would cry in my dream if I could.
“Amelia, you are wrong. You’re perfect for what I need: a partner!” The eyes danced in the air. “There is no one better for the job but you!”

“One day I will explain, but today is not the day.” The eyes looked at me with determination.
“I refuse.” I glared back at the eyes.
“I can help you Amelia. I saw what happened… Let’s make a deal. I will cleanse your mind of doubts.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m not called the ‘Goddess of Knowledge’ for nothing. Me and my servants archived every piece of information we got our hands on! Take note of every happening, event, or anything your mind can possibly imagine! I have the biggest library any world has ever seen! The very heavens praise it with constant rain!”

“S-so, what?”
“I feel doubts in your heart. Perhaps I can help you clarify your questions. Ask me any question and I’ll answer it… If it has an answer at all.”
“Was I wrong? About what I asked my dad… Did my father kill my mother?”
“I’ll answer your question if we join forces. Perhaps you are not going to like the outcome, but I will show you every detail.”
“…I accept.” I nodded.
“Very well…” The eyes took form of a boring lady with a fancy banjo. “Let me show you… show you the truth.”

[3/I don’t know]
File: 876.png (109 KB, 512x512)
109 KB
109 KB PNG

Day one…
When Mom and Dad received the eviction note from the bank. Dad’s work hadn’t been paying him for the last 6 months for some reason. How Dad stressed out and said he won’t let his lifelong work go down the drain. Mom comforted him with a hug and told him ‘we will get through this.’

Day two…
The family’s insurance was running out in a few days. When he signed a contract with this employer, they gave us one year of free insurance. Father decided to call a ‘friend’ for a favor only he could do, and it needed to look like an accident.

Day three…
It’s Father crying with a twisted smile and the insurance money in hand… He will finally pay the mortgage… and the other half of that money is going to the perpetrator.

“I’m sorry, dear child. Our bond cannot be broken. I’ll be there for you from now on. That is my pledge...” Saraswati starts playing a sad melody that I wish to forget, but one I keep hearing at night.

[4/I don’t know]
File: Spoiler Image (108 KB, 512x512)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

I woke up… And went straight to Father.
“Amelia, you finally woke up! I’m so sorry about yesterday!” Father seems glad to finally see me up.
“I’m sorry too! I was so stupid!” I gave him a smile like I always do.
“Come here.” He hugs me. “I know it hasn’t been easy since your mom died… but we will get through this.” I hugged him tighter.
“C’mon Amelia, let me go – I need to make breakfast.”
“…” Saraswati appears next to me.
“W-what’s this?! AaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!” He screams in pain as the shock from her attack goes through his whole body, through his muscles, through his bones.
Then he goes limp in my arms.

“Don’t use Mom’s words on me."

Dad didn’t die. I visit him every now and then. I lied to him and told him about a problem with the electricity or some dumb shit. He actually bought it… And I ended up forgiving him. He’s still my family, and being there with him is what family is all about. Right?

[End of Flashback.]

[5/I don’t know]
File: 878.png (70 KB, 512x512)
70 KB

“J-Johnny… the person Dad wanted to kill wasn't Mom… It was you!
Amelia breaks down into agonized crying again. “I’m sorry…! Sorry… for hiding everything from you! Once I stared at him in the hospital bed, I knew I didn’t want another family member to die… And I didn’t know how you would react! Please forgive me for lying! Please forgive me for being an awful sister!


>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.
>“Why…? Why would you hide this from me?” Denial denial denial.
>“I need some time. Please.” Bathroom. Pull yourself together.
>Slap Amelia’s face. She's being hysterical, and she hid this from you.
>Write In.

(Last Reply of the day, we continue tomorrow! Sorry for the long ass reply.)
>Say nothing
>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.
We're family.
>Say nothing
>Contemplate revenge
>Think back - honestly, what did you do to deserve being killed off? Was it just because you were the kid from the previous marriage?
>you stopped talking to Amelia after our mother died? Fuck, you,

>you were a fucking asshole

>are you still that same asshole who ran away from your sister just because she "acted like an NPC"?
>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.
>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.

Jesus Christ.
>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.
Asshole is about to have some words with us, and he doesn't get a choice.
>>Hug her. You don't need words. You don't need apologies.
Words will be had with Asshole Father figure 2. What the hell was he working on that was so damn important that killing one of your wife's kids is a good idea?
Pretty sure it was the eviction notice, which also implies we have life insurance on ourselves.
mean here.
>Dad’s work hadn’t been paying him for the last 6 months for some reason. How Dad stressed out and said he won’t let his lifelong work go down the drain.
He wasn't being paid for 6 months and yet didn't leave it or try for other employment because it was too important. Why? Makes me wonder if he's involved with the war.
.......I will place 5000 fucks on Kashing knowing about it.
I say it's either the dictator, God, or that cult. Having a army of Flame users at your command, or using flames as the means for weapons, drugs, or even power sources would secure things for him. Painkillers that prevent someone from feeling fatal damage, stims that bolster the body, a record of knowledge, tech that can prevent enemy tech from working, this shit has great value for someone who wants more. That's not including the gems themselves.
File: Spoiler Image (127 KB, 512x512)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
“…” You’re digesting the information. Why would he want to kill you…? Why did Mom have to die…? Did you really deserve it…? Was what your sister did right or wrong…? Do you really want to beat the shit out of Joel Tomah…? Does it even matter now…?

“I know… I know we promised each other to tell the truth… But… But…” Amelia’s tears keep pouring down. You interrupt her words with a silent brotherly hug. “I… I…!” Amelia embraces you too and bawls her heart out… Your sister really struggled.
“It’s okay…” These empty meaningless words come out of your mouth.

A long time passes. Enough for your sister’s tears to dry out completely. Amelia doesn’t want to face you, but someone else is: The bear. She’s crying too! She hugs you back!

“Sorry for ever doubting you! You’re every bit the great brother your sister proclaims! I give you my blessing, Johnny Ando!” Saraswati looks cute when crying. “The skies are always going to be by your side!”
“I don’t know how to feel about this, really.” Your body feels empty after the revelations.
“It’s a sibling moment, you bear. Don’t ruin it.” Philonune appears to scold the sage animal.
“Rawr…!” Saraswati is taken aback, but continues hugging you.

“I prefer it like this…” Amelia says, hugging you for several minutes now. “I thought I was going to lose you... and I was going to be all alone again.”
“Hey, the case ain’t closed yet. I don’t know what I’m going to do though.” You tell your sister, and you feel her getting tense. “But I don’t hate you and probably never will, Ame. You’re all the family I have left, and nothing is going to change that.” You give her a pat on the head.
“…Sorry. I know I failed to the only person I shouldn’t have…”

“So what now…?” If it was a TV series, you would have faded to black a long time ago.
“…Your choice, Johnny.”

What do you do?

>Dismiss the meeting! You need to go home and think.
>Dismiss the meeting! Time to pay Joel Tomah a visit.
>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
>Continue the meeting! You'll visit Amelia's dad later.
>Write In.
>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
We owe it to them, but still.
>Continue the meeting! You'll visit Amelia's dad later.
He's gonna pay.
>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
>Ask Matilda when we get back if she has any opinions on how to execute someone, and if asking her grandpa if he has any buddies that don't mind helping a schoolboy deal with a dead body.
>Ask if anyone wants to help us kill our stepdad.
>Dismiss the meeting! You need to go home and think.

"Some personal matters came up, and I have to go attend to them."

> Think about the comment about us not having an interest in Yu Yan and Nariko - we do seem to have an influence over them that no one else has, is it more than just housing the hobos?...
>>Maybe we should have a conversation with them?
>>Ask Amelia about it
>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
>Continue the meeting! You'll visit Amelia's dad later.
>Make sure to have roger or richard dig up evidence against him.
>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
>>Continue the meeting! The others still have stories.
>>Continue the meeting! You'll visit Amelia's dad later.
not really exclusive and I would like to know what his deal is. We should deal with Neko as well though. Lower the enemies we have to deal with in the coming battle.
File: 880.png (122 KB, 512x512)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
“Do you want to continue the meeting?” Why are you asking her if it’s your decision?!
“I-I don’t mind… I’m more happy than sad right now!” Amelia tries to be cheerful again.
“Don’t push yourself.” You pat her empty skull. Tch, it’s really not the time to be making this type of joke.
“I treasured every moment we spent together, Johnny. I thought the day I told you the truth was going to be the last one. I don’t need to push myself anymore, if I’m happy to be with you!”
“Amelia, your words hurt me more… What kind of person did you think I was?” Her dad wanted to kill you, not her! Why would you feel any sort of animosity towards your precious sister?
“But what I did is unfor—”
You interrupt your sister gently before she can guilt herself any further. “We are not going through this again, okay Ame? Let's go meet up with the others. The others still have their stories.”

You two are back to the meeting room. They are spinning a bottle in the middle of the table…

“Okay, your turn. Truth or dare?” Henry tells Osgood, the bottle pointing to the Cheater Prince.
“Uhh… Look, Amelia and Johnny are back!” Osgood weasels out of the challenge!
“Were you guys really were playing truth or dare at a time like this?" You thought they'd do something else while you were out, like napping or talking about other things. Not truth or dare!
“It was the only way to entertain them, Johnny. They seriously wanted to peek.” Nina says, like she’s disappointed in herself. Maybe she suggested it? The others look away in shame. “So how did it go?”
“It was… tough…” You tell them this much, which concerns everyone present. “By the way Matilda, do you know how to execute someone as painfully as possible? Asking for a friend.”

J-Johnny…?!” Amelia’s eyes open wide!
“…That’s something we should discuss in private, and with money on the table. Give me a call later.” Matilda responds laconically.
M-Matilda…?!” Amelia's jaw drops!
“We are not planning murder now or ever, alright?” Nina intervenes! What a party pooper. She gives you a 'we'll talk later' look.
“I know he sorta deserves it, but…” Amelia's conflicted expression tells you everything.

“Can we please stop talking about murder and ask Osgood something?” Henry points to the other team member.
“I-I mean I haven’t said truth nor dare.” Osgood defends himself.
“Hey, we should continue the meeting as planned instead of playing a dumb game like that." You take charge!
“I mean, is your sister willing to tell her story now?” Henry asks the question to the air as he plays with the bottle.
“…” She stares at you. “Up to him.”

“Right… Guess that’s better than before.” Henry smiles. “Again, sorry about before.” He pats Amelia’s back, almost making her trip. You glare daggers at Henry for touching your sister at a time like this. Sure he doesn't know, but still!
“Sure, whose next?” Matilda seems interested. “We aren’t going to make you tell yours again so soon.” Matilda gives Amelia as comforting a look as she can.

Who’s up next?

>Matilda’s Real Story
We know our girlfriend was just a depressed girl, and we are keeping her adroalewd to ourselves, lets make the antsy guy talk next.
“A teacher should be a leading example, hmm?” You give Nina a knowing smile and her eyes narrow.
“I refuse, I’m a te—” Nina tries to say but gets interrupted.
“Awww! Not again!” Henry is getting pissy. “What’s the damn point if everyone's going to say no?!”
“You were the first one to refuse, Henry.” You remind the ex-delinquent.
“Mr. Collins, you understand revealing one of my deepest darkest secrets to three of my students in the same room, isn’t the best of ideas?” Uccelli seems rather mad. “I already have it pretty bad as of now.”

“I don’t think anyone would use this knowledge to hurt you. We're part of a team here.” Osgood tries to lessen Uccelli's distrust.
Henry sighs. “All this meeting is doing is showing how little we can rely on everybody.” Henry is having doubts again.
“F-fine!” Uccelli is determined now. “I already know you think very little of me, so this isn’t going to change much, I hope…” That’s the saddest thing you've heard a determined person say. It's even more painful hearing it from someone like Nina.

“We don’t think little of you, Ms. Uccelli.” Amelia tries cheering her up. She doesn’t come out as convincing as other times. Must be still recovering from the talk…
“Yeah, Amelia is right.” You try to smile, but something isn’t working.
“You can pay me to stay quiet if you don’t trust me enough.” Matilda shrugs. “You’re just making it harder for yourself and your wallet. Eventually everyone here will be exposed whether you like it or not.”
“Yeah, that… Not including the innuendo.” Osgood joins the strange pep talk. You finally start noticing how many innuendoes Matilda is making lately. Is she aware?

“Right, right…” It’s time for Nina Uccelli to reveal her dark secret past! If there is one; for all you know she’s just depressed… “The day I met Icioba, I was…”

You are slowly entering a flashback……………………………

File: 881.png (96 KB, 512x512)
96 KB

You are slowly entering a flashback……………………………

I’m at my friend Carmella’s house, drinking… again…

Earlier in the day, I was scolded again by Principal Galishoff. Three of the trouble students I was ordered to keep an eye on — Jeremy Cole, Henry Collins and Jamie Lang — were causing mayhem individually outside the school… Worthless brats… Why do I always have to put up with their shit? And that rancid old dirtbag, who the fuck does he think he is? There's no other teacher that has to put up with shit like this except me! What kind of no-brained manlet puts all the pressure on the new teacher? Every fucking week it’s like this, I’m losing my fucking mind! Fuck, I’m swearin’ again… Pieces of shit, all of ‘em. It’s all their fault!

“Easy there, Nina. You’re drinking too much again. I told you I’m not going to carry your ass back to your apartment again.” Carmella takes my glass away from my shaking hands. I’m resting my face on her dinner table, too exhausted to lift my head up…
“Give it back…” I mumble as I try to grab it without moving too much. Carmella isn’t amused. “Not even… paying attention to me.”
Carmella just folds her arms. So condescending like always. “Of course I’m not. All you do is whine. Jeez, you already drank another bottle? This shit is expensive on a social worker's salary, you know?”
“Y-you don’t listen to me anyway… You're always looking at your phone… We’re supposed to have fun together.” I grab her arm holding the phone and try to pull it away.(edited)

“I’m talking with my boyfriend. Better than hearing you ramble about your students not paying attention to you. You know, having actual fun.”
“I stopped talking about that years ago…” She never listens to me.
“Oh, I'm sorry. What were you saying?” Deaf bitch was too busy using those mindless phone apps.
“I'm saying your boyfriend is a fucking jackass…” I slowly walk to the kitchen for another bottle. He is a jackass, by the way. Probably already screwing another woman behind her back. Carmella's so fucking stupid.

I hear Carmella's footsteps on the floor tiles, walking quickly towards me. “Stop talking about him like that! I told you before!” At least she’s paying attention to what I’m saying now.
I grab the bottle but her hand grabs my shoulder at the same time. She pulls me back, nails digging in, and I ended up tripping and breaking it. “Oh shit, you made another mess?! You idiot! Every fucking week!”
File: 882.png (95 KB, 512x512)
95 KB

I barely pull myself up on the wall next to me. “I’m… Sorry… I just…”
“Just shut the fuck up! You don’t understand! You’re so fucking toxic. Look at yourself!”
“Uh…?” Who, me?
“Always making a bloody mess! You’re pathetic.” She looks so ugly with that expression.
“Don’t worry… I’ll clean…” Where's the broom again…?

“You weren’t like this before. What happened to the Nina I knew…?" She pulls and drops me on her couch and goes somewhere. I also want to find that Nina too, but where? And why is my mouth open? This isn't whiskey… “Nina! NINA! You’re puking, for fuck’s sake!”
Is this puke? “I’m sorry…”
“Yeah, you’re sorry. Get the fuck out.”
“Ah?” Is that her? Did she have a conehead?
“Get the fuck out of my apartment! I’m sick and tired of your shit…”
“Hey, at least… call a cab for me…” Did she lose a few pounds?
“That's my lamp you're talking to! And no, do it yourself – you stupid cow.” She drags me out. I’m outside her apartment, and the door shuts. It hits me and knocks me down on the cold concrete. “I don’t want to see your face EVER AGAIN!

“…” I want to cry…
But I need to come back home. Oh no… I left my phone inside.
I knock on the door, barely enough energy to hit it. “Mella… My pho—”
“…” I want to cry…

I don’t know how… I don’t know why… and I don’t care. Somehow I ended up walking home… to my stinky little shitty apartment. I searched for the keys everywhere: under the mat, in the flowerpot, under that floortile, up my – not even my wallet is here. Fuck, I left them at Carmella’s… What am I going to do?

“Door, please open…” I try punching it, but my hand hurts more. “I beg you… I just need one little favor.” It starts to hurt to speak.

But what's a door going to do but remain shut? I ended up falling asleep outside like the walking trainwreck I am. Hmm? This dream feels funny…
File: 883.png (140 KB, 512x512)
140 KB
140 KB PNG

“So… so lonely. I understand.” A cruel sinister voice says from somewhere around me.
“Do you…?” I don’t know what is going on. Is this a serial killer outside my door? A pair of cruel diabolic eyes open in front of me, but I’m not afraid.
“Yes. You’re being cast aside for nothing but being yourself, like a shell. Right?”
The eyes circle around me, making me dizzy. “Then what do you wish for the most?”
“I want… I want…” What do I want? What don't I want?
Revenge…” This feels more like a nightmare now.

“…That’s not what I want.” Am I going to throw up again?
“But it’s something I can provide! Not only that… Company too. Won't you join me? I’ll gladly take you as my partner. I know you are feeling lonely, an insect under so many feet on all sides…”
“I… I don’t know… I just want to be happy.” I feel like crying. My eyes ache but nothing comes out.
“Then I'll simply provide you happiness no one can crush. Be my partner, woman.”
“Yeah… Let’s be happy…” I can feel it already.
“I will make the world mine and make you happy. That is my pledge to you. HEHHehhEHHAhhahHAHa…” A devilish creature appears before me. Looks like one of those bugs I used to go catching back home… Mantis?

I wake up. Was that a dream?! A nightmare!? What’s wrong with my HAND?! What’s this flame?! What’s going on?!


[End of Flashback.]

“…You all happy?” Nina’s gloominess is depressing the entire room. She wants to cry. You feel it and so does everyone else. Amelia looks broken again. Osgood and Matilda close their eyes. Henry looks down at his palms, guilty. You just feel like you should say something to the woman you love.

What do you say?

>“I’m sorry I made you do that.” Regret this.
>“Do you want a hug?” Maybe ask her first?
>Don't even bother asking. Just hug her tight.
>"Henry, apologize." He's part of the problem.
>“So who's next?” Not here, not with the others.
>Write In.

Who's next?

>You and Amelia
>"Henry, apologize." He's part of the problem.
>"Henry, apologize." He's part of the problem.
>Don't even bother asking. Just hug her tight.
>“I’m sorry I made you do that.” Regret this.
Sorry for leaving so many '(edited.)' this thread. I'm being way too carefree today... And also I forgot to add it's the last reply of the day! We continue tomorrow and sorry again.
File: 777.png (296 KB, 300x440)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Do not apologize for your quad sevens in >>2717777
>“I’m sorry I made you do that.” Regret this.
>Don't even bother asking. Just hug her tight.
>"Henry, apologize." He's part of the problem.

Change my vote for Osgood to us, and we talk about it while cuddling our teacher.
>“I’m sorry I made you do that.” Regret this.
>Don't even bother asking. Just hug her tight.
>“I’m sorry I made you do that.” Regret this.
>“Do you want a hug?” Maybe ask her first?
>“Do you want a hug?” Maybe ask her first?
>“So who's next?” No way you are letting her be the only one to bare her soul
File: 884.png (93 KB, 512x512)
93 KB
Without thinking twice you decide to get up, walk over, and hug your secret girlfriend in front of everyone – and while hugging you apologize.

“Bold move.” Matilda seems mildly impressed for some reason.
Amelia gasps loudly as she blushes, hands to her mouth, no longer saddened.
Henry doesn’t know what to do as confusion is the only thing his face expresses.
Osgood looks like someone who saw a person fall down in front of him, but he didn’t know for sure if the person needed help or not – but while he was too busy thinking, another bystander does help that poor person and he stops worrying.

“I’m sorry I made you do that.” You whisper out as your embrace your love. After burying her face on your chest, Nina is not reacting at all for some reason.
“Y-yeah…! Group hug!” Amelia this isn’t an AA session. But fuck it, your naïve sister jumps at the chance and hugs you both.
“B-but I have a broken arm!” Osgood just gets closer to watch.

Matilda just starts laughing as she moves next to the group and awkwardly pats your embarrassed teacher’s head. Henry doesn’t know what to do, but decides to get closer – which makes Amelia silently glare at him. He slowly moves away.

An uncomfortable amount of time has passed since you initially hugged her… Hug time is over as everyone moves away from the absolutely awkward couple. Nina is still not moving, with her face buried on your humanity.

“Ehm… Are you okay?”
“I wanna die right now.” Her voice is muffled.
“Don’t say that…”
“I’m too embarrassed, what else do you want from me?”
“The shaming session ain’t over, you know? Maybe someone else did something even more embarrassing.” Osgood shrugs.
“But still…!”

“Maybe you should take on the mantle, Osgood, because it's your turn now.” You point to him.
“What?! Me?!”
“Yeah, why not?” Matilda grins behind him.
“F-fine…” Osgood replies. “Just because I feel bad for you, Uccelli.” Osgood acts like an honorable man. You wish he was one instead of a backstabbing cheater.
“Do you want some water, Ms. Uccelli?” Amelia appears with a bottle.

Finally Nina moves away from you with a faint smile on her face, and takes the bottle.

“I made a fool of myself, didn't I?” Nina says as she takes a sip.
“Yes. Yes you did.” Matilda says with absolute zero chill. “But Johnny, you’re ballsy… One might think you stole this woman’s heart with that move just now.” She grins. The comment made Nina choke on her water.
"No, I already stole her heart." As you say this, you hear Nina coughing profusely.
“You’re going to end up getting slapped again.” Amelia comments.
Again?” Matilda's eyebrows go way up.

“EHEM!” You fake cough, needing to put everyone’s attention onto someone else. “Henry, apologize to her.”
“What?! She called me a worthless brat! I think we're even.” Henry is not taking it.
“Sorry…” Nina is so defeated she ends up apologizing.
“…Fuck, don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry too! Okay?!” Henry is embarrassed. He actually bows down.
“…Let’s forget this ever happened, okay everyone?” Nina says while patting Henry’s dirty head.

“Yeah, let’s dig in on Osgood’s.” Matilda grins to the cheater prince. “You can’t weasel out of this one even if you paid me.”
“Shut up.” Osgood the weasel bites back! “Ugh… Okay… Uff…” He’s preparing mentally.
“Take your time…” Nina tries to be supportive, but still sounds broken inside.

“Fine… Once upon a time, in the vast land of Po—” Osgood says but it’s interrupted.
“Are you seriously opening with that…?” Amelia, you like those type of stories!
“Hey, it’s my story, I tell it the way I want… Anyway, where was I?”
“The very beginning.” Matilda responds blandly.
“Stop interrupting me! And fuck! It was a joke!”
“Language.” Nina couldn’t contain herself.
AAAAAAAH!!” Osgood screams and clutches his hair.

“Just ignore them…” You tell your poker nemesis. Like it wasn’t obvious...
“Fuck… Don’t hate me after this, okay? This needs a little context, so it can take long… It all started way before this… Once upon a time, after being accepted in Blue Echinacea College years ago…” Osgood says. Isn’t that the school Amelia goes too? It has a college too? Whatever…
File: 885.png (115 KB, 512x512)
115 KB
115 KB PNG

You are slowly entering a flashback………………………………………

It was my first day in college, after the class introductions – I was sitting in the back as always. You know, what I really like about this is these classrooms are pretty big, nobody will notice me here doing nothing… None of them either… Look at them, so full of joy and hope… Dumbasses.

“Osgood, you're here too?” A pretty girl asks me. I never saw her coming. What the hell?
“Uh…” Couldn’t come up with anything. Fuck.
“Don’t ‘Uh’ me, mister. It’s me!
“It’s me! Ajna Ravlic!” What kind of name is that?! Of course I don’t remember!
“We went to the same club!” The horror movie one!? We only watched movies in the dark! Of course I didn’t see you!
“We were in the same class in school?” So? There were a lot of people! Get a grip!
“Sat next to each other…?” I-I was too busy studying to pay attention!
“Uh… Sorry, I don’t remember you.” Nice work, brain.

“That’s okay… Are you busy right now? We can eat lunch together.”
“Yeah, I like lunch." Hear the cafeteria food is good here.
“Great! Let’s go.” She grabs my arm and forcefully drags me somewhere.

We spent the rest of the year together and became best friends! Of course we weren’t the only two, we had a group. We usually spent time together after classes having fun, watching movies and such. She also confessed to me when we were in school. She didn’t properly take care of herself and she was too shy, so it didn’t really surprise her that I didn’t notice.
File: 886.png (108 KB, 512x512)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

One day we were in one of those old sketchy-looking movie theaters in the west district. Practically regulars there by that point.

“Yeesh… You always scream so much.” I tell her after the movie at the lounge.
“T-they are supposed to be scary, you prick. You say it like I like to scream like that…” She’s mad. Why watch them then, idiot? And stop with the like, like, like, like. It's fucking annoying.
“Hey, she helps with the atmosphere.” Oh, it’s another regular. Some manlet… What was his name again? He looks like a total creep.

“Mr. Craig! I hope I wasn’t being much of a bother…” Ajna responds to the potato. I saw them talking together every now and then. I always have to keep an eye on them – ‘cause who would trust a guy like that?
“You’re making my friend’s business prosper; of course you aren’t bothering me.” He laughs really loudly. Is he faking it? “Besides I’m happy my movie selection's working.” He gives you a big thumb up.
“You pick them?” Perhaps he isn’t so bad? The movies he picks out are quality compared to the usual trash I've seen. He's got a good sense for this…
“Yeah! Even if my pal’s an indie movie guy, he’s too much of a wuss to pick proper horror movies. And couples like you are always drawn to ‘em! So everyone profits!” What couple?

“…” Ajna is blushing. Oh, I get it.
“There's no way in hell we’re a couple.” Probably feels embarrassed by the idea of being with a guy like me. “A guy like me? I wish.”
“I mean you’re not bad at all… The problem is that you always hide your eyes.” The blushing Ajna moves my bangs out of my eyes. “S-s-see?”
“You’re quite the charming prince, boy! Even I might fall for you!” The potato man chuckles. Please get the fuck away from me. “And my bad, you were always together and I thought…”
“I-I really wouldn’t mind if it were truth!” Ajna blushes.

And that’s the moment I finally realize, after all these years alone, forgotten, and sad – the wonderful reality that…


Holy shit! I’m a 10! Maybe an 11! Since that fucking day I decided to cut my hair, and soon I started scoring like I was a world class athlete in the minor leagues! So many bitches, so little time! I was the KING! Those 2 and a half years were the absolute greatest! Life was beautiful! The sun was shining and the birds were singing! I could do no wrong! Nobody could take the happiness away! OSGOOD! OSGOOD! OSGOOD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[End of Flashback.]

“That’s… not how I was expecting the story to go.” When you thought Osgood was oblivious about his charm back when you were dealing with Scarlet, you were wrong!
“So you get to bang and have a demon?! How the hell is this even fair?!” Matilda is extremely angry.
“Shouldn’t you be angry because he’s basically a despicable womanizer?! I mean, it’s even worse with that girl in the mix!” Henry is perpetually confused.
“Girl's fault for falling for him. Like if you saw Mr. Gaumont on the street, you should expect it just judging him by his appearances.” Nina shrugs, no empathy at all. Maybe the Carmella situation burned her to that sort of thing.
“Osgood. You disgust me.” Amelia’s empty stare scares you.
“I-I’m not done! Let me finish! Besides, the whole point of this is that I regret it!” Osgood stops everyone’s comments. “Ehem… Now we are 1 month and a half before I met Johnny that day…”
File: Spoiler Image (128 KB, 512x512)
128 KB
128 KB PNG

You are slowly re-entering the same flashback………………………………………

It was early night, the sun gone, and I was getting playful with another girl. Suddenly I hear someone knocking at the door. I told…. Ehm… I forgot her name, to wait while go check. I just got my pants on; hopefully it’s not someone important!

“Hey…” Oh thank god it’s not someone important! It’s just Ajna. She looks so gloomy and… awful! She's let herself go years ago. Fuck, I forgot we were going to the movies! “Let me guess, you forgot.”
“Yeah, kinda.” I scratch the back of my head. “I have someone in here, so could we rearrange the date for another day?”
“This is the third time!” Anja is about to cry. Fuck, I don’t need a scene right now.
“Ehm… My bad? I can buy whatever your favorite dish was tomorrow if you wanna. I know you're a keeper.” I shrug. I don't need to do anything else.
“…You’re a piece of shit. I hate you!” She yells at me and runs away. For some reason, I decided to go after her. She’s so out of shape I easily grab her arm after a few minutes of running. It’s hard to chase after someone barefooted.

“Wait!” I drag her back a bit. Where the fuck are we? I’ve never been on this street!
“Let me go!” She’s crying so loudly. “I hate you! You’re awful!” No, you’re awful! Have you seen your face lately, girl?! Hey don’t spit on my face, you classless mutant!
“Calm down…” Okay, this is where I work my charm. I can’t be on her bad side; I need her to lend me her notes for college. “Hey, I’m sorry – I didn’t wa—” Then someone interrupts us.

“Hey you two. Hand over the money.” Two thugs are in front of us. One has a knife!
“Aaah?!” Ajna is afraid. She looks at me. The hell do you want from me?!
“The money, now.” The other one growls out, taking a step forward.
“Nooooo…!!!” Ajna hides behind me, what a bitch! I had to think fast. I didn’t want to get stabbed so… I pushed Ajna towards them and ran away unscathed!

I run! I run! I run! I don’t know where, but I run!

I ended up crashing into someone…! It’s Craig!

“Fuck me, kid! Watch where you're going!” Craig shoved me aside, not paying attention at first. “Wait, Osgood?! What the hell happened?! You look like shit!”
“Thugs… Ajna… I…” The words struggle to come out of my mouth, but I point back toward where I was running from.
“Shit, they even took the shirt off your back!” Craig is furious. “I’ll go get them, call for help!” Craig runs to the scene of the crime!

I ended up calling the police. Somehow Craig was able to beat the thugs and save Ajna before something irreparable happened. When I got to them, her hateful words pierced my heart – I never felt so pure hatred for another human being in my life.
File: 888.png (120 KB, 512x512)
120 KB
120 KB PNG

That same night, after kicking that skank out of my fucking apartment, I stared at the stars from my window… Then I looked down…
That sure would be a nasty fall.
Anyone would probably end up as red paste on the sidewalk.
Anyone would probably be lucky if they survived with at least broken bones.

I thought “Why not?”

So went with it. I started to run, but ended up tripping and falling in front of the window like the dumbass I was. If only this fall lasted longer… It was like a dream… A beautiful dream like I never had…

“Osgood Gaumont. You’re truly one despicable human being, if that. A shameful portrait of your race.” A cruel and demanding voice says from the emptiness.
“I know…” What was wrong with me?
“Do you consider yourself a failure?”
“Yeah…” Like a bit character that exists to die to the slasher.
“Do you forget what was important to you?
“Yep.” I wasn't even sure what was important to me, but there's gotta be.
“Are you a coward?”
“Yes.” What the hell do you want from me, you gym meathead?!
“Then you are useless to me. This is farewe—”

“W-wait, you can’t say a bunch of cryptic shit then leave! Besides it’s my nightmare, and I decide who leaves and who stays!”
“A protector, a true defender of the east… My right-hand man cannot be a coward, Gaumont.” A pair of big eyes open in front of me. They look like they've never been opened in ages, bloodshot and worn, but they're hard and cold. Not empty like the killer, but strong like the survivor chad's.
“Gah…!?” What the fuck is this.

“You demand everything from everyone, but something must give. Now, look me in the eyes, and tell me you’re no coward. I dare you.”
“But I am a coward! Didn’t you just see what happened?!”
“A coward doesn’t seek redemption… Osgood Gaumont, if you agree to aid me in my quest – I’ll show you the truth: You are no coward. No longer.”
“Aid you? Okay, now I’m sure this isn’t a dream. What the fuck is going on?!”
“The Great War is coming, and I need someone to join forces with me. You have all the characteristics I require. You lost your way, but together we will find it in the fight.”

“Wait, a war?! Shit, I don’t want to get hurt! Fine, I’ll help!” At this point, it’s my survival on the line! I'm not going down in one scene!
“My name is Dhrtarastra, the Guardian of the East! Let’s prove the world your worth, Gaumont. Let’s preserve the world you once sundered.”
“Right, you already know my name. I hope you prove me wrong, man.” For everyone’s sake. I bowed in front of the strange-looking deity in front of me.
“I will.”

I wake up…

"Well, guess I’m screwed...” I say as I look at the sun coming out of the skies, then at the black flame flickering on me… “But that’s fine.”

[End of Flashback.]

“…Wait, why aren't any of you feeling bad for me?!” Osgood realizes everyone looks just a little sad.
“Because you’re shit, bro. What else?!” Henry is rather mad.
“The only reason you have a partner is because you’re a coward! You were afraid of getting hurt in the war!” Amelia is mad too.
“I know, I know! That’s why I’m trying to help now!
“This story pisses me off. It’s like you got a get-out-of-jail-free card for all what you did to that girl.” Matilda sees it from a storytelling standpoint.
“Look at me! Do I look like a winner to you right now?!” He points to his multiple injuries, some still healing and some scarring over.
“Well, we could punish you a little.” Nina smirks, finger on her chin. “I think we can all agree on that, right?” She gives you a knowing look.

Should you punish Osgood?

>“What happened to the girl anyway?”
>Write In.

Who’s next?

>You and Amelia.
>“What happened to the girl anyway?”
>“What happened to the girl anyway?”
>“What happened to the girl anyway?”
We already got the story from her granddad, so this shouldn't take as long to explain as other backstories do.
>“What happened to the girl anyway?”
>Suggestions for his.....new Training regiment? He CAN turn off his pain receptors, just for a bit.
Then we can do our info drop and expand on killing a dude.
The point if this isn't to pass judgement, but to learn about the people fight on our side. It doesn't matter who we were but who we want to be.
>“What happened to the girl anyway?”

File: 889.png (131 KB, 512x512)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Before you all execute him, what happened to the girl anyway?” Feels like something you needed to ask to complete the whole saga.
“I told you, Craig saved her and then she gave me a myriad of insults, then I—” Osgood starts recapitulating.
“I mean after that. She hates you, then what happened to her…?”
“I don’t fucking know, dude! I tried to apologize once but she almost threw her kitchen sink at me… After that I think she quit college too. Never saw her again, had to study hard for my last row of exams thanks to that.” Osgood shrugs. That explains why he needed to go away quickly the first time you two met at Craig’s.

“But is she okay?” You ask rather bluntly now. What if something worse happened to her thanks to Osgood?!
“I don’t know, I kind of forgot about her since I got in this whole ordeal.” Osgood replies. “I hope Ajna's okay. Maybe I should ask Craig about it next Poker Night.” Osgood now seems faintly concerned. Guess he's not the same fuckup of a person he was before…

“Are you freaking kidding us?!” Amelia is the rudely-awoken bear. “You wanted us to feel bad for you, but you didn’t even bother to check on her?!”
“You call yourself a man? What kind of behavior is this?” Matilda is angry too, cracking her knuckles.
“Mr. Gaumont, we are going to punish you a little. I hope you don't object too loudly.” Nina gives Osgood a nice warm smile!
“W-wait… I s-said I was sorry!” Osgood is crawling away. His back hits the wall and he quickly turns to look at it, panicking.
“You’re apologizing to the wrong people, man.” Henry strides up to Osgood, baring his teeth. “You’re gonna wish that sink hit you before…”
“Hey! I almost killed myself for it! I really felt remorse! I do now too! I’m not a bad guy anymore, I swear! I’m trying my darndest! Please…! Mercy…! MERCY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

…And Osgood was no more. Rest in peace.
File: 890.png (86 KB, 512x512)
86 KB

“…Fine.” Matilda explains very briefly the situation of her family’s dojo and tradition. More or less what her grandfather told you, sans the little details where she seems to be off the mark:

She believes the Gym forced her grandfather to sell the rights, with no mention of the mafia or the ties with her grandpa and how losing the gym finally took the fighting spark from him. How seeing him like that hurts her inside, and wishes to see him be the old man she once knew.

Also, a long part was dedicated to making hamburgers for some odd reason… Seems like it was extremely important as that brought joy to her and her pals. One last thing: she never mentioned anything about revenge… She’s keeping that for herself... She may be hiding more.

“…I dearly miss it. I felt like I lost my friends… And I want to build that again, but this time with my own two hands – and with new people I can trust. People who aren’t going to abandon us.” She closes her story with that heartfelt speech.

“How noble.” Henry claps. It's annoying but nice.
“Feels like something from an action film. It’s a little hard to believe…” Amelia is enthralled!
“Yours end up with talking to demons. Mine sounds perfectly plausible in comparison.” Matilda feels offended. “I know I only know Judo… So it’s going to be next to impossible for me to teach everyone the way my dear grandfather did. Even so, if I’m not going to surpass him, this task is not worth doing.”
“Matilda, you should work on how you treat people then – I can help with that.” Nina seems motivated to help. Didn't she vow never to do exercises again just an hour or two ago?! “Honestly, you don’t seem the type that wants to be a teacher, but –”

“You aren’t either. You don’t know how to teach people or care about them, or else you wouldn't have felt the way you did that day. I have no idea why you would lie to yourself about what drives you like this.” Matilda's cold truth shakes Uccelli to her core!
“…I didn’t mean it that way, I’m sorry if I offended you.” Nina seems sad.
“I don’t care. I’m just telling you the truth… How I see it, at least.” Matilda seems at peace with herself.
“That’s something I should start working on.” Nina is starting to reflect on her own motivations. Good for her!
“Hmm…” There are many holes in her story, many that could deter her from her ambitions.

Should you say something?

>“There's something I need to tell you…” Tell Matilda the truth you promised her grandfather not to tell.
>Give her a hint that things aren’t the way she thinks they are. She’s curious enough to find out the truth on her own.
>Remain silent. It’s not your fight.
>Write In.

Who’s next?

>You and Amelia.

(Last Reply of the Day, we end the thread tomorrow! Thanks for playing!)
>Give her a hint that things aren’t the way she thinks they are. She’s curious enough to find out the truth on her own.
>Give her a hint that things aren’t the way she thinks they are. She’s curious enough to find out the truth on her own.
>Give her a hint that things aren’t the way she thinks they are. She’s curious enough to find out the truth on her own.
While it would be rude to her old man to say it outright, he should have owned up to this shit before she gets hurt
Forgot this line between the two posts:

“Hey Matilda could you tell us yours now? I’m curious.” You pretend you don't know already.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
>Give her a hint that things aren’t the way she thinks they are. She’s curious enough to find out the truth on her own.
>Remain silent. It’s not your fight.

I think she would lose some trust in us if we showed any semblance of knowing the truth about her past and withholding the truth from her.
Sorry, I'm postponing the last reply for tomorrow! Sorry again for the inconvenience!
“Matilda, before you do anything reckless in the future. I would suggest you to talk with your grandfather or someone who was involved about it.” You tell her.
“Explain.” Matilda is concerned.
“I feel like you’re jumping the gun. Did you ever see your opposition with your grandfather’s gym’s rights for example? Do you know for sure the stuff that happened were for those exact reasons? You’re smart, you can look into it.”
“You think I’m lying?” Matilda’s eyes narrow.
“No, I think there is more to it – probably, I don’t know.” You shrug. “I just don’t want you to get hurt for nothing.”
“Johnny knows better than anyone, Matilda! The part about getting hurt for nothing!” Amelia chimes in. Thanks Amelia, it was really worth for you to forgive her...
“With those reasons in mind or not, I plan to train you anyway – Johnny.” Matilda grins.
“It’s not about that.” You scratch the back of your head. You’re no Osgood, you fear no training session. “Alright, who’s next?”
“Henry!” Amelia yells.
“Sounds like a good idea, tell us Henry why you are the way you are.” Nina says with sarcasm.
“Can’t be any worse than Osgood’s.” Matilda backs the rookie.
“So… It’s finally time…” Henry seems a little bit nervous. “This one is going to feel pretty underwhelming in comparison, so don’t get mad at me, It all began almost a year ago…”
File: 891.png (121 KB, 512x512)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

You are slowly entering a flashback………………………………………

At the principal’s office. I got into trouble again! Violence doesn’t solve anything my ass! But it gets you in trouble anyway. What the hell, man.

“Sorry Mr. Collins. After reviewing thoroughly, I don’t think you can be part of our school anymore – I’m sorry.” Principal Galishoff says it like I'm at some funeral, even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Those kids started it!
“I told you it wasn’t my fault!”
“I do not care.” The dumb manlet just shrugs.
“B-but there must be something I can do! Please don’t expel me!” Can't do anything but beg. This is going to be… what? The third time?
“This is an offense serious enough to see you out for good. I know you have been causing trouble before you got here, and that this is your first real offense, but—”

Someone interrupts the conversation by opening the door. It’s the P.E. teacher McKenzie! He's looking pretty damn scary…

“Heyo, here are the reports you wanted. The kids are doing well.” McKenzie smiles as he puts a bunch of papers in front of the principal. “Hmm? What’s going on?” Oh, now he notices me.
“Another severe case in front of me…” The principal laughs. “Perhaps you are interested?” What are they talking about?
“Are you causing trouble, kid?” McKenzie raises an eyebrow as if that's not the reason I'm in this stuffy office.

“Mr. McKenzie, did you forget my name? I’m still in my workout clothes!” I mean, I heard the teachers here were pretty lazy, but we just had classes together!
“E-e-ehem. I'll never forget my dear student…?” He’s waiting for me to tell him something he should already know. Great.
“Yes, Henry… Sorry about that. Maybe I can do you a little favor here, hmm?” He now looks at the principal. Galishoff just glares at him.

“You mustn’t! You already have a lot on your plate. A reformatory would be better in his case; he’s no green at heart at all…” The Principal’s looking like a hawk right now, going from McKenzie to me. He's real serious when he wants to be…
“W-wait, I don’t wanna leave!” I gotta interrupt this. He hasn’t even bothered to hear my side of the story!
“Galishoff, I’ll take care of him. Don’t worry.” He smiles, easygoing. “You like sports, kid?”
“None in particular.” Uh, nope. I have a bad feeling about this.

“How do you feel about basketball?” Mckenzie just smiles real big. Where is this going?
File: 892.png (89 KB, 512x512)
89 KB

So I ended up with him teaching me what he knows, and joined the basketball team. If I ever skip just one class, my ass is done. I can’t fail, not now!

“Okay everyone, this is Henry Collins. He'll be part of the team from now on… Or else.” Mckenzie doesn’t even care about doing a proper introduction! “Say hi to your new teammates.” He elbows me without even looking. Dick move, but nothing I can do about that.
“Hi! I’m what he said.” I feel like I’m in the fucking military.
Wait. The hell? It feels like half the team doesn’t even want to be here! Is something going on?

“Yooooooo I’m new too! Let’s do our best!” A hyped-up weirdo spouts words real loud and fast as he walks right up. He doesn’t look like he has many friends, but what do I know? “This country is strange! It's like nobody cares about basketball!”
“We’re more of a boxing and soccer nation. Well, soccer's replacing boxing lately.” Mckenzie explains. “He’s from abroad. Treat him well. You two plus some in the back are joining the junior practices.”
“Name’s George Adams. Let’s get to the top!” He starts laughin’ hard. What a hyped up dude! Heh, maybe this won't be so bad?

And so the first 3 months pass as fast as my interest in Ms. Uccelli’s classes goes down the drain. The whole team got pretty hype about beatin’ the other schools and shit. In a way, it was my revenge on everyone else for expelling me… but we were starting to form a bond too!
Me and George were running this shit. He had all the raw talent, and I had… all the camaraderie aspects or whatever. Also Soh Futaki joined us as a strategist type. Wasn’t like Mckenzie gave too much of a fuck, but the rest of us were cool with it.

We weren’t perfect, but nobody else really gave a shit about basketball… So maybe we could turn into the best team in all Prancijan!

There was a real dumb problem though: four of the kids involved with the team were basically dead weight. No skill, no drive, no fucks given. Me and George knew it was time to cut the fat now, to not cut losses later. After the school, we had a little 'chat'…

Us? Out?!” Jamie didn't expect this after doing nothing for this long? “You dumbasses…!” He tries to leave. I move up and push him back.
“Get serious or get out.” I don't have time to put up with their shit.
“Chill, my man.” George holds me back. He's good about being reasonable and all that. “Look, if we want to be the national champs, we need the best, dude.”
“You retards! We're not here ‘cause we wanna be! McKenzie needs to fill out the stupid team, and that's why we're here.” Jamie Lang's mad for no reason, trying to get past me. “Nobody gives a shit about basketball anyway.”
“Yeah, basically. So get the fuck out.” Jeremy Cole's repeating me now, like he does to everybody else. Really gets on my nerves. “Or do you want to get your asses kicked?”

“I'd like to see you try, bitch!” These punks are nothing! NOTHING!
George just sighs and takes some stance. “Okay, fine. Let’s see how the Prancijan boys fight.” Even George is on this. Let’s do it!
“If you get beaten, you’ll stop bitching – right?” Jamie's ready. “Don’t forget your bitch-ass asked for this!”

And then we started the 2v2! It was going okay until Soh found us… At least he was nice enough to not tell anyone, but he basically forced us to resolve this 'peacefully', so we all gave up. That same night, I got a call from Jamie. Probably still salty about the good hit I got on his right side when he was busy with George.

“Hey, fucko! You’re pretty good.” He's laughing like it's funny.
“Hmm? Why don’t ya say that to my face tough guy, and not over the phone?!”
“Calm down, jackass. I want to make a deal.”
“Deal? What deal?” The hell is this guy doing?
“We can't ditch the team, but we can help you if you help us. You pack a super mean left, so we want you to join the school gang.”

[End of Flashback.]

“Don’t tell me you joined them.” Amelia interrupts the flashback, folding her arms and trying to look mean. It's not working.
Henry turns his head and starts whistling, putting his hands behind his head. His whole look is screaming 'I don't know what you're talkin' about'.
“Why?” You can't help but ask.
“I mean… Who gives a fuck about basketball, am I right?” Henry laughs so hard he actually starts rolling on the floor. This goes on for at least half a minute you think.

“…” Amelia is dumbfounded.
“…” So are you.
“…” So is Matilda.
“…Language.” Nina couldn’t resist herself.

“What?! You two know how exciting it is to fight, right?!” Henry points at you and Matilda.
“You’re a fucking idiot, man.” You tell him blatantly without any chill whatsoever. Matilda nods next to you in agreement.
"So violent and reckless." Nina seems disappointed. "Also, language." She gives you a look, and you just smile back.

“Whatever… Where was I again…?”

Sadly we are going to have to cut this flashback short, ‘cause this is all the time we have for this thread! Thanks for playing!
I just got caught up reading the archives and this thread and I've been noticing something that hasn't really been mentioned so I'm not sure if it's just me, but so far Johnny seems like a huge asshole. The only people he actually seems to give a damn about are Nina and to a much lesser extent Amelia. Everyone else he either pays some lip service to while thinking about how he doesn't care and that they're a nuisance and/or straight insulting them to their face.

Even when Scarlet was having a huge breakdown he keeps thinking about how annoying she is and how it sucks that it's taking his time while lying through his teeth to get about how he "really cares about her".

It feels like that ego stat is actually real considering he keeps thinking worse and worse shit about pretty much everyone around him. He's just a less capable Flint, who is also a giant douche.
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Two announcements!

One, next thread is going to be the quest's anniversary, please vote in this poll to see who is the most popular character in the quest! (I'll actually will do something with the results this time):


Two, I'm taking the weekend off. So there won't be a thread this week, sorry!
I'm going to be voting here instead: Robert, Trevor, or Francis? I forget his name, but the guy who only appeared for 1 panel to tell I think Mikhael Ka-Shing who Johnny Ando was.
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You are thinking about Howie Dewitt, right? (He appeared twice before too!)

Sorry! I didn't think anyone would actually vote for him, so I didn't include him!

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