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After hastily putting out your fire against your better judgment you quickly set off into the night.
Normally you wouldn't even consider such a foolhardy course of action.
But after awakening from that strange nightmare and spending the next couple of minutes nervously searching for whatever was stalking you, you decided to throw caution to the wind and stormed off into the night.

Now stumbling through the darkness the two days of sleep deprivation finally started to catch up to you.
Every loud noise, every flash of a beasts eye got a knee jerk reaction out of you as they were amplified tenfold by your hallucinations.
Looking back, your usual paranoia seems like nothing right now.

However with one wrong step you almost manage to twist your ankle as you trampled through a thicket.
Hissing and cursing quietly you grumbled to yourself.
"What the fuck am I doing?!
I need to-"
But as you were trying to calm yourself down you heard another rustle coming from behind you and you snapped back into survival mode.
"Oh... right."

At this point you weren't even sure if something was following you.
For all you know all of this could be just in your head, brought out by a combination of a bad aether trip and your lack of sleep.
Whatever it was you didn't want to take the risk of finding it out and you continued.
Hopefully you'll get out of these damned woods soon.
After one step however you stopped as your ears were assaulted by a strange tune.


It was unlike any song you've ever heard before, rough, coarse yet full of life.
Not the music of a bard but a man who played with passion.
Flawed it may be but its charm was enough to soothe your troubled soul and it drew you in.

Soon you saw light piercing the thick branches of this twisted forest.
An orange, bright light which invited you ever closer.

Pushing a brush aside you passed through the gap and you heard a surprised voice crying out.

You laid your eyes upon the strange figure who reached for his sword and in response you raised yours.
For a few moments you stood still, sizing each other up.
But eventually the figure next to the fire settled down.

You scared the crap out of me partner!"
The man let go of his weapon and sat back down.
"Siddown adventurer. You look tired."

Not being so eager to lower your weapon you asked the man.
"How do you know I'm an adventurer?!"

He gives you a coy smile and pulls something out from under his shirt.
Dangling on a chain is a silver tube, much like yours.
"Saw it dangling at your side.
Mighty brave of you... letting all the world see it."

"It makes easier to know who can be trusted."

"I suppose..."
He once more gestures with his head at a nearby rock.
Fire is still warm.
It's the least I can do to a comrade."

Sighing you sheathed your weapon and accepted his offer.
Shortly afterwards he resumed his strange melody.

You look at the strange looking lute the man is plucking, then you look at his features.
He's old. Remarkably old.
It's a wonder you didn't notice it up until now.
Then again... you didn't get much of a look at him.

His hair is ebon black like yours, not a grey strand to be seen.
But his features are a different matter.
The wrinkles around his eyes and all over his face were plainly visible.
He could easily be around 40, maybe 50 if you really stretched it. Which would make him one of the oldest adventurers you've ever seen.

"Lookin' for something'?"
He asked you.

"Just that instrument."

"Oh this?
It's called a gitar.
An old thing, can't find 'em anywhere nowadays.
Been in my family for generations... and just about the only valuable thing I own."

His music still sounded... wrong somehow.
Like he didn't actually know how to play it properly.
But it did manage to calm your nerves. So much so that you found your eyes slowly closing shut.
Which made the stranger speaking all the more irritating.

"Sorry about this.
Thought you was some monster.
I'd offer you some food as an apology but... sadly I could use some meself.
Oh... Name's Griswald by the way.
What's yours stranger?"

That caught you off guard.
It was always the same thing. "Adventurer", "Stranger", "Bastard", "Vagabond".

People either didn't care about your name, or they were simply more concerned about letting you know theirs.
As such it has become quite a rarity to hear someone actually ask for your name.

>Return the gesture
>Remain silent
>Other? (write-in)
>What's this?
A new quest set in a high fantasy setting.

>Are there/Will there be Chargen?

>Does this mean we don't get to pick anything?!

>Is this Isekai?

>Is this OC?
It's not set in an already established setting so kinda

No. Just fairly dark.
Expect to encounter the many wonders of the dark ages.

>Is Waifuing allowed?
There are just two conditions:
-It won't become the main focus of the quest
-At least wait a bit for a few candidates to show up
That's all

>How does dice work?
Whenever you make a choice which implies the possibility of failure you roll 3d10.
I will consider the best of X amounts (typically 3 but you can increase or decrease the amount with your choices).
I will also specify the DC you have to hit and a Crit beyond that. Failing to meet either will result in a failure.
There are no Critical Failures but it's in your best interest to not fail many times in a row as the cost of failure will most likely increase.

>B-But I have other questions!
Then feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer.
I usually check on the thread every 15 to 20 minutes.

Write-ins are ALWAYS (even if I forget to specify) an option and they are heavily encouraged unless two contradict each other.
I'll try my best to incorporate them IF they don't break character too much.
Also since this is a role playing game do try to role play.
You may approach things however you wish. But try not to make too many dumb decisions.

Have fun and good luck!
>>Return the gesture
We should be close to our destination now right?
Not really. You haven't even left the woods yet.
After leaving it you still have 1 settlement to pass through.
I think you should maybe start writing spook, it's not like it's a very important choice.
I guess you're right

Sorry for the slow start.
It ain't your fault.
Heck, you are here!

And for that I am glad
Chances are I will be here for next session too because I've got two weeks off.
File: Bluebeard.jpg (54 KB, 331x648)
54 KB

The man raised an eyebrow at that.
Strange name...
Where is it from?"

It has no meaning and no origin.
I abandoned the name I was given a while ago.
This... is my name."

Griswald kept plucking away at his strange instrument.
"I understand.
I won't ask why you'd do such a thing.
'Spose we all have our reasons."

Strange accent.
Are you from Midland?"

Northern Highlands."

This time your eyes open wide.
It's not everyday you see a northerner... even less often you see one away from home.
Though technically a part of Midland the Northern Highlands that lay at the base of the mountains to the north are a very secluded area.
Few people enter it willingly, even less leave it.
That is because of the incredibly harsh living conditions when compared to anywhere else on the continent.
Perpetual cold and winds strong enough to shear your skin off made the people who call it home hardy... but extremely unpleasant.

"You're far away from home.
What gives? If you don't mind me asking..."

"I don...
Was born an' raised up north.
Got tired of yak and mammoth milk.
When I was but a wee lad I decided to make a livin' south.
Ended up bein' an adventurer.
What was it? Some... 30 years ago?
Fuck me I'm old..."

"An' you?
If you don' mind me askin'..."

At his question you involuntarily jerked your head to the side, making it let out an audible crack.
Merely thinking about it causes memories to reemerge.
Not having the strength to fight these emotions flooding your mind you decided to answer the strangers question, if only to occupy yourself.

"Moons Harvest.
I come from a vilage called Moons Harvest."

Hearing your words the man looses concentration and the string of his instrument violently snaps with a sharp sound.
He stares at you for several moments before his mouth twists into a mile wide grin.

"I can't fuckin' believe it!
My friend I believe it wasn't just chance that brought us together!
This is great!"

He quickly drops his gitar and starts rummaging through his backpack for something.
In a few seconds he pulls out a bottle of what looks like red wine.

"I've been savin' this for a special occasion!

He points at it shortly before removing the cork with his teeth and spitting it out.
He chugged a few mouthfuls of the stuff and with a smile on his face wiped off what spilled.
Then he reached out with the bottle to you.

"Come! Drink! Don' be shy!
We must celebrate!"
You're not one to refuse free booze, especially one of high quality.
Midland is unbeatable in mead and beers, the East has their wine and in the West distilled spirits dominate.
Not daring to drink more than one gulp you savor what little you could.
Damn it is good.
Much better than the swill you typically have.

Handing back the bottle you don't dare to ask why he's so happy all of a sudden.
But you have a feeling you don't have to.

How little this world is for us to bump into one another!
You see... I am quite familiar with Moons Harvest.
Roughly 20 years ago I wound up there.
I was just a wee lad back then. Reckless... dumb. Got hurt pretty bad.
But that's where I met the love of my life."

He took another large swig of the sweet wine before continuing.

"Ahhh.... my little sweetheart.
She nursed me back to life and didn't accept any payment... as she stole my heart.
But I was a child back then. Had nothin' to call my own other than the clothes on me an' the weapon on my back.
She was also poor... so we didn't have a future.
But I made a promise..."

You gripped your heart.
As the man got lost in his memories so did you.
Feeling nauseous you could hardly pay attention to him.

"I promised her I'd be back for her hand.
That we'd be together.
So I worked my arse off for 20 years!
Now... Now I finally have enough coin to last for two lifetimes!
Even if she's just a wrinkly hag now... I'll finally be able to keep my promise!
You see lad?!
We were destined to meet each other!
So tell me! How are things over there?
Do they still make those wonderful rhubarb pies?! By the gods I hope I didn't miss the season!"
He takes a moment to finally look at you.
"W-What's wrong lad? You ain't lookin' so good..."

He's right.
You aren't.
And for the first time in a while not because of what happened to you.
This poor man...

>Tell him the truth
>Spare him. Let him live for a few more days in happiness
>Other? (write-in)
>>Tell him the truth
>>Tell him the truth
I am gonna guess that the place was destroyed an a lot of people died.


You couldn't do it.
Part of you wishes you could but you just can't.
So as much as it might hurt you had to remind yourself of that day.
With a heavy heart you looked at him and spoke.

I think you should reconsider."

What do you mean boy?"

"You said you last visited the village 20 years ago?"


"You won't find anything there but pain...
During the last war between East and West-"

You closed your eyes and turned away.
"No! Nonononono!"
Griswald then buried his face in his palms.
Hearing his voice crack your heart tightened into a knot.

When he looked up his eyes were red, barely being able to contain his tears.
I swear if this is some sick joke I-"
Opening your eyes you looked straight at him.
For a moment the man thought he was staring straight into a mirror as you shared his pained expression.

The dogs of the West razed the village to the ground.
You'll find nothing but ashes in its place.
I suggest you turn back and never return to that place."

He sniffled for a moment.
Lost in thought he remained silent for minutes.
Final after clearing his throat he spoke up.

"I thank you for your kindness Zsold.
But.... I can't do that.
Not after all this time.
I have to hold onto hope.
I'll go and... find whatever's left.
Maybe... maybe ask around the neighboring towns if anyone seen her.
If nothing else... I must make a grave for her..."

You nodded.
"I wish you good luck stranger.
You'll need it."

Then there was a long and awkward silence between the two of you.
He was practically biting on his nails as the same darkness that was gnawing at your mind for years now sank its teeth into him.
And you were stuck in a place you despise the most in this world. Your memories.
Finally Griswald spoke after what felt like an hour.

"Boy I-
I'm... sorry. I... I didn't even think about it up until now...
It must have been hard on ya."

You shook your head.
"That was a long time ago.
I don't care anymore."
File: Spoiler Image (120 KB, 894x894)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
"How long?"

"Nine years..."

"H-How old are you exactly?"


Griswald was mortified by this.
He didn't know what to make of this.
You let out a smile at that.
Poor fool doesn't even know half the truth...

But before he could respond in any way to that fact both of you raised your heads at a noise you heard coming from the woods.
He demanded angrily.
It's clear that the things he heard deeply disturbed him.

You however were interested in something else entirely.
"So you heard it as well?"

The fuck is this?"

"It's proof that I'm not going mad...
Something's been following me the entire night!"

Griswald then reached for a half burnt stick and raised it as a makeshift torch.
He illuminated the woods and spotted the source of the noise almost immediately.
A fucking kobold!
I'm gonna-"
But as he reached for his sword you quickly stopped him.

Did you say kobold?"

"Yes! A small blue kobold!

He pointed at the creature and with that aid you managed to find it.
Sure enough it was the same female you've encountered a couple hours ago. But it was kinda hard to make it out with your blurred vision.
She gawked at you from afar, staring for a few moments before she finally reacted to your presence in any way.
Seeing she's not in any immediate danger she scuttled away and out of your field of vision, clearly terrified.

"The fuck was that?"

"I have no fucking clue."

"You know it?"


Is it dangerous?"

"I don't think so.
It's a female."

"A fe- WHAT?!"

"I know... it's strange."

Should I kill it?"

>Leave it be
>Do as you please
>I'll help
>Other? (write-in)
>>Leave it be
>Leave it be.
Why are you following us lady?
probably because we saved her and she now hopes we'll keep protecting her
>Leave it be
Only assuming that kobolds aren't naturally known for violence like goblins are.
Oh they are! They are fiercely territorial.
But... that's the males.

And nobody really knows what females are like.
The only ones anyone has ever seen up close were dead ones
So we bring it back to a city with half-way decent researchers for live study, worst case scenario.
You lowered his arm with one casual swipe.
"Leave it be.
I don't think it's dangerous."

"You think or you know?"

"What is it that you can claim you "know" with absolute certainty.
I think..."

"Fair enough."
He sheathed his armament.
"But I'm sleeping with one eye open..."

That was enough for you.
With him at your side you returned to the campfire and sat down around it.
He did not say another word as his mind was occupied by what you said.
And you did not feel like talking anymore.

Closing your attempted to get some sleep at long last.
And for the first time in a while you were sober while doing so.
Luckily for you the night terrors did not follow you when you were lucid.
When you awakened you found Griswald gazing into the fading ashes.

"Slept well?"

You nodded.

"Good dreams?"

For once I did not dream."

"I suppose that's good."

"How about you?"

"Couldn't sleep a wink."
He stood up and swung his pack over his shoulder.
"What you said... stuck with me.
No more playing around... I'm gonna head straight over there.
But... If I had to face that... without knowing about it...
I don't know what I'd have done."
Picking up his musical instrument he handed it over to you.
It's the only valuable thing I have on me.
And if we never met again I'd hate myself for never thanking you properly."

"You really don't have to-"

"I insist.
Take it."

>Accept it
>You don't need it
>Other? (write-in)
>>Accept it
>You don't need it

QM intervention time
Gift accepted

Fiercely territorial is one thing, but do they actively prey upon people who aren't a threat to them?

>You don't need it
He should keep it. He'll need it if he manages to find the woman he was talking about, right? If music be the food of love, play on.
Bit late there bud.
Humans and the like haven't been exactly kind to them, so they share a mutual hatred with them.
And occasionally... they can get kinda dangerous.
But that's a thing for the future

Also I'll make an exception and accept your vote.
I was close to go for accepting it but then realised we would have no use for it where as he has been getting some use from it.
You take the thing away.
Even if you get no use out of it you can still pawn it away.
But as your fingers wrap around the neck you ask him something.

"Are you sure?
I thought you said this was a family heirloom."

I probably won't have any children.
If my love is still alive then... maybe. But in that case I'll just be glad to have them.
Please... take it."

You let go of the thing.
"If you find that woman you'll regret not playing it to her."

He pulls the thing away and takes a good long look at it.
Letting out a smile he swung it above his head and holstered it.
"You're a cruel one Zsold.
Giving a man hope like that."

"I know what living without hope feels like.
I don't wish that fate upon anyone else."

"I see...
Well take care boy.
If you do die... take care you don't become famous before.
I'd hate hearing about your demise.
Oh and by the way... that little thing stalking you...
It's been poppin' up from time to time.
Might wanna look into that."

And just like that he took off.
As he walked away he extended his middle and index fingers and waved you goodbye with them.
Feeling your mouth curl into a dumb smile like his you secretly wished the best for him...
Even though you knew better.

Now that you were alone it was about time to properly begin the morning.
But there was something you had to do first.
Standing up you screamed at the top of your lung.

Suddenly you heard a rustle coming from the bushes.
Sure enough the kobold popped up and once she saw you she gasped and ran away into the thick parts of the woods.
Moving to that spot you quickly found something interesting.
A patch of grass that seemed to be flattened in a circular shape, some berries neatly piled up and the bones of a small bird a bit further away.

"It set up camp.
Hmph. Didn't know they ate berries..."

Walking back to the ashes of yesterdays bonfire you dug up a few wild potatoes and baked them.
Once they were ready you dusted them off and took a bite out of it.
Chewing on your bland breakfast you really wished you had some butter on hand.
As you were eating however you decided to run a little experiment.

Walking back to the kobolds camp left one of the steaming taters.
With your belly filled and your mind fresh from your well deserved sleep you finally made it out of this accursed forest.
On your way you occasionally saw a glimpse of that little kobold following you around.
But only from a safe distance and only from the very corner of your eye.

Luckily for you it will be much easier to keep track of it from now on.
However you couldn't allow that little thing distract you for too long.
Now that you are only 70 copper pieces away from the coveted 3 gold.

You stopped for a moment and looked at the road which lead you here.
It went on for quite a while.
But on the horizon you could make out a tower... possibly a settlement.
It will make for a good stop and it may even provide you with some sort of work.

"Well... no time to waste."

Marching at full speed you managed to reach what turned out to be a relatively small village.
Certainly larger than Dirthaven but still nothing impressive.
At the very least upon arrival you didn't the same treatment you got in that backwards place.
With the presence of a Guild Hall and one small road leading to a relatively prosperous settlement adventurers are quite frequent here.

But rather than immediately heading for the guild you had to stop as you saw a large congregation right in the middle of the town.
With people clad in armor and carrying some seriously impressive armaments gathered up like that it might warrant further investigation.
After all it's not every day that adventurers stop in their endless pursuit of fame and fortune.

>Ignore it. You got work to do
>There is only one thing that attracts adventurers like that: Coin
>Other? (write-in)
>>There is only one thing that attracts adventurers like that: Coin
There is no harm is listening, so might as well see what is going on and then decide.
>>There is only one thing that attracts adventurers like that: Coin
Gotta take a quick break

be right back in a few minutes
Okay I'm back and wow....
still only 2 votes

Very well.

>There is only one thing that attracts adventurers like that: Coin
There are few things in this world that can garner the undivided attention of so many adventurers...
And since it also entices you it only makes sense to check out whatever that thing may be.

With your stature being shorter than most of these massive fellows you had to squeeze your way between them.
But having your face shoved against these golems had its upside, namely how you picked up a few things.
Firstly many of them seem to be injured.
Granted they are nothing more than bruises, shallow cuts or a broken nose but they are still there.
What's more is the voice that seemed to drown out the crowds chatter as you got closer and closer to the center.


The awkward mumblings of these warriors was nigh impossible with these high pitched shrieks drowning them out.
And you really didn't know what to make of this.
Only once you were in the clear did things start to make sense.

Inside was a square wooden fence, most likely used to contain cattle during fairs.
Next to it was a table so stacked with bags of coin it was pouring down its side like water.
Surrounding it were seasoned men and women adorned by injuries much uglier than whatever the small fry on the outer parts sustained.
And in the middle of it all was a girl of short stature, wielding a spear twice her size and crafted out of solid iron.

She twirled it around like it weighed nothing and slammed its pommel in the ground before addressing the crowd.

Those who clearly tried it just rub their wounds in shame at the girls challenge.
The rest who may take her up on the offer just take one look at the previous contenders and they quickly change their minds.
Looking at the table falling apart under the weight of all the copper certainly confirms their doubts.
This girl is something else entirely.
I wanna fight her
I don't, this shit is obviously rigged.
Twirling around her spear as if it was a maypole she surveyed the crowd but quickly stopped when she saw you.

What do we have here?
A fresh face! A new contender perhaps?"

You took a good long look at her.
She kept her hair in two buns but was a complete mess, perhaps from all the fighting but for some reason you doubt that.
Her eyes were unnaturally red, most likely the results of a mutation as she was not an albino given her complexion.
Even more proof of that was the one canine sticking out of her mouth which was so large it could easily be called a fang.

Such minor mutations that do not alter ones physiology are generally found attractive as people believe them to be a sign of good receptivity to magic.
While malicious mutations are regarded as the body rejecting the arcane energies.
And whether or not these rumors are true does not alter peoples perception of them.

Regardless... she is what the average populace might view as "ideal".
A few generations ago it was blue eyes with blonde hair, now it's red eyes with actual skin pigmentation.

But that does not concern you right now.
That bet of hers however does...

>Other? (write-in)
Worth a shot
magic mutant vs guy who is plain human every where except his one cybrog arm, I don't like pur odds, Also is it possible to mutate after birth?
Not worth the coin or the damage to our rep if we lose.
Yes but it's extremely risky.
Mutations after birth only happen when exposed to large amounts of aether radiation.

Now as you can imagine that often causes rampant transformations that can be quite hazardous to your health.
Like growing a third arm under your skin.

And she's not a proper mutant, only someone with unusual features.
A proper mutant is someone with large scale mutations, not something cosmetic like hers
I want to vote
but don't want to cause a tie
It's not the damage to your reputation you should worry about.
She beat a lot of other people.
It's the actual physical damage
Well hopefully we don't get mutated at all.
Leaving wins by one

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
"I'd rather not..."


Without saying another word you turned around and left.
You may not be a betting man but you still know when something is rigged.
Either the girl cheats or she's simply so good you'd have no chance against her.

But before you could get too far away you heard the same voice again.
"What's wrong?!
Do you think I'm somehow cheating? Or are you just scared?"

You turn around in your shock only to find the girl standing only a few paces away from you.
"How did-"

"Good intuition."
She raised and pointed her weapon at you.
"Frankly I don't know whether to be offended or proud.
Kinda both.
It's not nice to make assumptions like that."

"But only idiots don't do it."

"Hmmm... true."
She then turned around and started yelling once more.

At her command the massive crowd dispersed in mere moments as the adventurers no longer had nothing more to stay for.
The girl then turned her attention back to you.

"You know...
Maybe I approached this the wrong way."
She started tapping her own cheek as she was lost in thought.
"Okay! Let's give it a try!
You know... it's kinda refreshing meeting someone... different.
These chompski honks can put up a decent fight but none of them had the smarts to actually to realize they were outclassed.
So I have an offer to you!"

"I'll pass-"

"Oh come now! Don't be like that!
It's not like you got anything to loose!
Tell you what! I'll buy you a meal and a drink from the mountain of cash I just got and all you have to do is hear me out!"

You had to admit it, the offer was tempting.
But you smelled a trap, some ulterior motive behind her actions.
Then again the free food sounded tempting.
I'm not turning down a free meal. Especially when we're very close to our goal.
Oh wait I though spooky was still writing.
Oh my bad. Looked like a choice moment.
Unable to resist the temptation of food you followed her to the local tavern which she entered by kicking its door off the hinges.
Which the owner did not like one bit.

"Hey asshole!
Put that back or you pay for it!"

"But I-

Without receiving any aid from anyone you put the thing back and then went to the table where the girl sat down.
"I already ordered!"
Then she frantically started patting the bench, gesturing for you to sit down.
Not willing to put up with her shenanigans you sat down in front of her and crossed your arms.
"So I-"

"Food first."


When the barmaid brings your platter you feel like your jaw is about to hit the ground as she places a plate full of pork roast right in front of you.
Then if that wasn't enough she even gave you a mug full of cold, foaming beer.
Cold beer and pork meat that didn't have to be boiled off the bones.
You shudder to think about just how much that costs.

"I didn't know what you want or what they have so I just picked todays special."

You stare at the food slack jawed and gagging on your own saliva.
"I-Is it really okay for me to eat this?"

"Well duh!
That's why I ordered it."

Carefully you cut off a piece of the meat and with hands that shook like autumn leaves you placed it in your mouth.
There were no words to describe what it felt like and in fact you found yourself speechless.
Without even realizing it you shed one single tear before you could even chew the meat once.

She spoke up.
"That bad, huh?"
Then she entwined her fingers on the table as she began speaking.
"So... I'll come clean right off the bat.
My name is Szikra. And I want to be rich!"

She continued to speak and you ate up every word she spoke... alongside the pork.
Half of your mind was devoted to savoring every bite, the other one paid close attention to your meal ticket.

"I've been doing this adventuring stuff for a while now.
Like... quite a few months now.
But it makes far less money than I thought.
So my idea was to find someone to partner up with. See? That was the point of my fight pit!
Sadly none of those dorks managed to hit the mark.
So... I guess I wanna partner up with you! Someone with half a brain!
Whaddaya say? You seem competent enough! And I am the best damn fighter in the land!
You, me and a whole load of money that we can make if we work together!
Just imagine the payment of all those high risk contracts!"

Then she began salivating almost as much as you were.
Her cheeks even got quite red as she imagined her future.

>Ask her for more details
>Other? (write-in)
Nah man.
If you have to choose I will mark it with greentext

This was just me having to think up how to proceed because I really didn't think you'd refuse
>>Ask her for more details
>Ask her for more details
>>Ask her for more details
>Ask her for more details
Though whether Zsold accepts depends far more on what his primary motivation for adventuring is. For some reason, I don't feel like money is a great factor there.

>high risk contracts
Zsold just spend 8 years playing it safe.
>>Ask her for more details
Gonna need a little more than that lass.
Yes he did.
But make no mistakes he also intends on accepting more lucrative jobs once he acquires the relics.
Though not for money, you are correct in that one.
I would maybe willing to team up with her if she was willing to wait until we got our relic. Still hoping for mage.
>Ask her for more details
Maybe we can finagle some copper out of her to get our artifacts first.
There really is no point in waiting for this any further.
So... while everyone is here please roll 3d10 for a quick observation check.

You can try to guess what her deal is, if you do that the dice won't be considered.

Best of 3
DC: 13 Crit: 19

Rolled 5, 8, 2 = 15 (3d10)

Wait, relicS, plural?

I guess I should wait and find out, but I'm curious now.
Rolled 2, 6, 7 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 4, 4 = 12 (3d10)


I remember you saying that the relics were something more of instruction manuals rather than instant power-ups. Hopefully Zsold will be able to keep his head well enough upon finally getting one to slowly build himself up rather than immediately pursuing far harder contracts.

Also, I wonder how using those relics would compare to receiving instruction from a skilled user of one's chosen art. Or perhaps even learning from both at once?
I say relics because there are 3 of them.
However 1 costs 3 gold. So you can only afford one
You can see http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2672239/#p2679789 and the subsequent discussion for what OP's revealed to us so far.
They are superior to a mere trainer as they are inherently magical.
And though these are just copies, they still contain the knowledge of the originals.
The first 3 who became legends.

Of course there were fighters, rogues and mages before these 3 dudes but they overshadowed everyone prior to them that nobody cares and just refers to them as "The First".

These items are so powerful that anyone who is even remotely famous probably learned from them.
>You can try to guess what her deal is
Let's see. What do we know about her?

She claims to want to be rich. We might assume this to be true, but even so it's likely that she wouldn't reveal her truest intentions to a random stranger. So we might consider that this money is a means to an end for her; she wants this money to achieve something else.

She has an overlarge solid iron spear. The emphasis on its unusual size and make suggests to me that such a weapon is rare, possibly custom-made for her or even unique. This suggests that she already has some degree of existing wealth. Indeed, she said that she has only been adventuring for a few months, and that it's not profitable enough, despite the table overflowing with coin behind her earlier. Not to mention what we've seen of her spending habits.

Given these considerations, it's apparent that her goal requires far more money than our comparatively tame goal of obtaining a Relic. And that her circumstances prior to becoming an adventurer already granted her some deal of wealth.
With the last piece of meat down your throat your mind slowly started to clear.
Deciding to wash the taste away was a bad idea however as that too filled you with bliss.
Letting out a loud gasp after finishing you wiped the foam off your mouth before responding to her.

"Now just hold on a second."


"I hear what you're saying and I get what you want...
But I hope you don't expect me to just agree after this little information.
First off-"
You point at her with your fork.
"I don't know anything about you beyond your name or that you are a capable fighter.
Not outstanding! Capable!
Because your name doesn't ring any bells to me!"

"Of course it doesn't!
I only started recently.
But make no mistake! People will know my name soon!"

Normally you'd write down such comments as the ravings of someone who is full of themselves.
But something tells you that this lass is more than just talk.
So you feel yourself warming up to her.
After all... there is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence.

I'm going to make a guess here.
You are no mere upstart, are you?"

She giggled at that.
"Now what makes you think that?"

"That spear."
You pointed at her weapon.
"Solid iron. Not even the shaft has any wood in it.
Ungodly heavy... and pretty much unattainable to a regular person.
There are very few blacksmiths who'd make something so ludicrous and those who do ask a small fortune for it.
And given how you handled all those people... I'd say you have no problem using it either.
Are you really just a newbie?"

She let out a big dumb smile and responded as if it was something very obvious.
"Of course I am silly!
I only started a couple months ago! I said that already!"

"Then where did you learn to fight?"

"At home!"

"At home where?"

"In the castle."

At that your eyes snapped open and the utensil fell out of your hand.
"Y-You're a noble?"

"You said it yourself.
A peasant can't afford something like this beauty here!
Even my armor was tailor made for me."

"T-Then why are you out here adventuring?
What is a noble lady doing out here amongst the dirty commoners fighting in the mud for 20 COPPERS?!"

She shrugged.
"I got my reasons.
But I mostly just need money."


"Because if you have any goals then you need money...
That is the rule of this world.
Dreams aren't built on good will. They need a foundation of gold.
But if you're really curious then no... I don't need money. I HAVE to get money to get anywhere.
What I need... is power! Political... and actual."

A bit late but still...
Pretty darn good observations anon!
>What I need... is power! Political... and actual.
Hmm. I'm going to assume that she's on at least decent terms with her family. After all, if she was disowned, she probably wouldn't be allowed to keep her weapon and armor.

Is she perhaps trying to redeem her family name from some disaster that happened a few months ago? Or else attempting to build a legacy under her own power to escape the shadow of one of her relatives?
"But I can play this game too.
What do you want?
Someone who backs off after something seemed slightly fishy...
Careful. Overly so.
You've seen some shit haven't you?
Then why continue?"

You smiled.
Looks like your gut feelings were right after all.
You are similar. A bit.

"I have nothing else. Literally.
This is the only way I can make some coin."

"Judging by your shoddy looks I'd say you are either not very good at your job or...
You are just scraping by because you crave something deeply.
And you don't smell like a failure to me. Just unwashed..."

"You are right in that.
I live off of scraps so I can save up some gold..."

"Ah... the artifacts of the First!
The one and only way out of peasantry.
But what do you want to do with one of those I wonder...
Why crave such a thing? What is it that's worth living like a dog?"

"I have my reasons."
You lean back against the bench.
"But I too need power.
I'm tired of being nothing. Just another face in the crowd, another grain of sand, another lamb to the slaughter.
I've had enough of being weak. So I gritted my teeth for 8 years.
And now that I'm at the precipice of true power I think I can finally start thinking about what to do with it once I have it."

"So you don't have any plans?"

"Oh I do...
But getting there is the hard part."

She smiled.
"I knew I chose well!
We are not so different you and I.
And who knows maybe once you get one of those items we can help each other..."

"You have no interest in them?"

"They are not for the likes of me.
Many tried teaching me, none of it stuck.
Only the basics...
Other than that I had to find my own way."

She untangled her fingers and extended one hand to you.
Her previous, more cheerful voice returned to her.
"So... whaddaya say?

>This is only temporary
>Sorry but I work alone
>Other? (write-in)
>I Will work with you for now and see where this goes.
>This is only temporary
A trial period - we work together until such time as it is apparent whether the two of us are suited to continue doing so or if we would do better to split up.

That said, it would ease our mind somewhat if she would wait until we obtained a Relic. If she intends to drag us into higher risks than we are used to, we should like to be at least somewhat prepared.
Also I am probably gonna crash now, see you next session.
Why the hell not?

The story checks out, and it'd be nice to have somebody competent to watch our back rather than a gaggle of teens.

But I mean, given how close we are to obtaining the relic, wouldn't it be better to get started afterwards? We're too close to take risks now, so unless she's down to tag along for some copper missions, she might want to wait.
You take her hand and shake it firmly.

"I accept... for now.
We'll just have to see if it works out."

Say... how much do you need for that relic of yours anyway?"

"70 copper.

Without responding she rummaged through her bag and threw one sack full of coins.
"There. Take 70.
You'll pay me back once we are rolling in silver."

"I-I uh...
I can't accept that."

"Sure you can!
I insist.
Besides... I'm curious."

"I thought the relics don't interest you..."

"They don't.
What they can do to you however, does...
Aaaand that's about it for today.
I think we made good progress.

Tomorrow however! We'll be getting into the meat of this whole thing.
Class choosing.

As usual thanks for watching.

Here's a list of stuff where you can reach me:
Twitter: @SpookyngQM
Ask: @Spookyng

Much like last time questions are fair game but I reserve the right to not answer what might be big spoilers.

See you guys tomorrow

Oh and I might do a quick spoilery update tomorrow to make latter choices a bit easier regarding the different classes
Well I already know I wanna go mage but what do you guys want to do?
Yeah but... what kind of mage I wonder?
Given our current circumstances probably something that can use metal magic if that's a thing.
I feel like Zsold wants to become a mage, but realizes it'll be terribly hard given what we've seen of his affinity for magic, and doesn't have much hope for it. Given his pragmatism, he might pass it over.

In terms of his personality and combat style - playing it safe whenever possible and favoring indirect solutions over straight-up combat - I feel rogue might fit him better.

In terms of what /I/ want to do, of course I damn well want to play a mage, so I can explore how magic works in this universe.
Evasion swordsman

Weeaboo fightan' magic
Close combat rogue/mage multiclass using combat precognition and space- and time-manipulating magics.

Because with how cautious Zsold is, why the fuck wouldn't be become a diviner? And with how his primary weapon for 8 years has been a broken sword, why would he gimp himself by switching to something totally unfamiliar?
I mean the thing is the relics are suppose to teach you to be better at it. He might not have the talent right now but relic will probably teach him what he needs to know.
Yes, but even if he's receiving magical instruction, I imagine he'll be better at something he already has some existing talent with than something he doesn't, at least until his skills starts to plateau. And he's had 8 years of practice shivving things.
Spell thief?
Again it teaches you the shit you need to know and it comes from one of the best adventurers around, chances are what ever he picks will speed up his growth to the point that head start will mean nothing. Also he's is a good survivalist, not a rouge.
File: 534531213207.jpg (311 KB, 832x1032)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Blue Mage!

Except without the getting hit part!
File: dota2.jpg (11 KB, 600x260)
11 KB
Omake #1: What makes a Hero?

"Welcome to my humble shop traveler!
Oh come now don't be shy!
Come in and browse to your hearts content!
What's that? Do I sense uncertainty?
You do not know what makes a Hero? Well you're in good luck for words cost no coin.
Please! Sit down and listen!"

The fat shopkeeper lit a match that burned endlessly.
"What makes a Hero?
An age old question with many answers, depending on who you ask.
Courage? Bravery? Sacrifice?
But let me tell you something.
Anyone can be a champion with these qualities... but not everyone has what it takes to be a Hero!

He opened a large wardrobe and radiant light peered out of it.
"Behold! The legacy of true heroes!
The artifacts of the first!
Whether one prefers the sword, the staff or the knife they can find great power in these.
Still unsure?
Then allow me!"

He took out a massive book three times the size of his head with the greatest of ease and blew some dust off of it.
"The Compendium of War.
A holy book for anyone who devoted their life to the sword!
Written by Abrolhos the Master of Arms who not only learned but perfected every aspect of warfare!
It is said that learning even a fraction of what's contained within its pages can turn a mere peasant to the greatest swordsmaster in the Free Lands!
But... perhaps it's a bit too daunting.
After all becoming the master of every aspect of war is a bit too much for us mere mortals.
So allow me to help!"

The fat shopkeeper flipped the book open and turned to a few key pages.
Well drawn figures, clad in armor and wielding weapons were revealed to illustrate the complex techniques hidden within.
"Perhaps you seek immortality. After all... those who survive the fight win.
The Bulwark!
A symbol of hope. An unmoving, unflinching pillar whose armor is no longer a mere suit, but his second skin.
The book can teach you how to move even with an entire mountains worth of steel strapped to your body, with a shield and weapon to match."

Perhaps the idea of being a wall does not suit your fancy... when the war rages around you.
Then why not go for something else?
The Maelstrom.
Those who are never without a weapon... for the world is their arsenal.
Anything one can wield can be used as a weapon and they know this best.
Their hands can wield any armament they may come across masterfully.
Break or steal their weapons and it won't achieve anything. The equipment of their enemies... or even their enemies themselves can be used as extensions of ones body.
After all... what's not to love about overwhelming offense?"
My my you're a curious one.
Do you perhaps seek more esoteric arts?"

He flipped the book once again.
This time the pictures were different.
Instead of two figures, there was only one.
And rather than fighting poses it showed one figure going through a series of rituals.

"The Reaver.
For when one needs to face practitioners of the arcane arts.
Or.... when one does not want to rely on some... tools to get the job done.
Rather than trying to learn how to use some clumsy instruments hone your body to be more powerful than the strongest steel.
Channel the magic in your body using the pain of others and yours. And smash through stone, iron or flesh with your bare hands!"

No reaction.
The shopkeeper then swiftly closed the book shut and tossed it over his own head.
"Still nothing?
I see! Then perhaps you'd prefer staying out of the fight altogether!
The Shadow bound Scrolls!"

He took out a rolled up bundle of sticks on string with arcane symbols carved into them.
"Lenore... the living shade!
Do you wish for sight better than that of a hawk? To be able to behead someone from so far away that they never even see your face?
The archer is the vocation for you! After all, why shoot one arrow when one can shoot five?
I see it didn't tickle your fancy.
Then... how about pursuing the lady of the night to her own realm? To become one of the Shadows!
Nobody can beat... what they can't see!"

Once again, no reaction.
"Is subtlety not really your thing?
Do you crave power which can put mages to shame? Then how about becoming an Artificer?
To craft deadly traps and violent concoctions that can bring down entire castles, not to mention the people inside!"
I see you are a man of fine taste then!
After all... why choose any alternative... when you can have the power of the gods!"

Putting the scrolls away he took out a crystal ball standing on three metal legs.
He raised it up and showed it to the customer.
In it a brightly burning star appeared.

"The Scrying Stone!
A bit of an odd one this is. As it's not like the others.
You'll find no instructions here.
This creation of Vylon, the Father of Magic is only a tool.
A tool which allows you to decipher the secrets of the universe!
Gaze into the Radiant Cosmos, learn how it works and bend it to your will!"

"You see it, don't you?
The five headed star? The symbol of magic!
Divided into five schools, one for each head and three levels each one can turn the meekest man into a demigod!
The two "Low" magics... Elemental and Abstract."

"Do you wish to create, modify and control the elements and the forces of nature?
Learn how they function and recreate them with pure aether via the Elemental school."

"Do you seek a wide variety of spells ranging from enchantment to telekinesis?
Do you want to have a spell for every occasion?
Do not let its reputation as a school for "Scribe mages" fool you.
Every spell that can't be found in the other schools is in there somewhere!
To know how to handle every situation... that is the true power of Abstract Magic!"

"Or does "Easy to learn, hard to master" not sound challenging enough for you?
Perhaps the High magics are more of your thing."

"Maybe you heard the limit of Elemental Magic and got sad?
After all... not being able to influence living material is quite a draw back.
But fear not! For Blood Magic is there for you.
Similar to Elemental but more complex, it is the only school other than Abstract to have any healing spell.
And if that does not tickle your fancy then perhaps drowning your enemies in their own blood does!"

"But... why waste time changing the cosmic radiance into something so... mundane?
After all... making rocks out of this divine power is almost an insult!
Then don't! Harness the sheer power of Raw Magic!
Obliterate anything that dares to stand in your path with overwhelming force! Or shape it into items of pure energy!"

"Whatever you may choose however...
Please stay away from the final school.
You heard the tales haven't you? I assure you... they are a far cry from the truth.
Our feeble minds can't do justice to the absolute horror that is the final school... and level of magic.
The Outer Magic.
They say nine out of ten men who try to wield it die.
But that couldn't be farther from the truth. 90 out of 100 die. 9 of the remaining ones go mad and wish for the sweet release of death.
But the 1. The allure of all that power. I admit it's hard to resist.
Just remember that there are only 5 people who "mastered" it. And only a few more who can claim they can "use" it."

"So... what'll it be?"

Omake: THE END
So is this the updates for today or are you still gonna run a session? Also now I want mage even more.
This is just a side story to make the choosing of a class easier.
I'll still do a proper session
>Making the choice easier
Well that did the exact opposite for me. I was pulling for rogue but after seeing all the choices there's so many interesting things. Not to mention that they almost all fit the bill for how the mc acts in different ways.
I think I am gonna aim for blood magic because it will let us heal.
The point of the relics is so that they give you what you want, not what they think fits you're theme. A muscular man might fit the theme of warrior but if he picks rouge he will become the better rouge.
Abstract can also heal.
In the regular "lay on hands" way.
Light shines, wounds disappear.

But this can take time if the wounds are more severe.
Blood magic "healing" is quick and can replace even lost limbs.
But this is expensive as it's literally reshaping flesh to close the wound manually
I'd rather have have healing that can fix more severe wounds and it be expensive than have cheap heals that can't do much for someone who has take some major damage.
Also being able to replace lost limbs sounds very fucking useful in a quest that has some inspiration from berserk.
I'm torn between blood magic an reaver

I don't want to be a pudst ass mage and want to still use blades in combat, so reaver can help us dealing with other magic users while making our body stronger and blood magic we can be buff and quick also

So I'll say blood magic since many of you seem to be interested in beeing a feeble magic user, this way we can at least kick ass too.

But really Reaver is the way to go.
Also, I was meaning to ask, what the fuck is Isekai?
I don;t think it works quite like that my dude, just because we pick mage doesn't mean we can;t use sword effectively. Also what mage only uses magic and doesn't have a murder knife or a whacking stick on their person?

It means the protagonis of the story does not originate from the universe where the story is set.

Some people like it, some don't.
But it can be a deal breaker because it's kinda like a copout in terms of story telling as one can fall back on the "fish out of water" analogy
Eh I like it when it's done right but you will find very few of those today.

I would rather be a sword first and magic as a support or fall back. That's why I prefer Reaver.

But I would back Blood Mage as a compromise.
File: HimikoTogaSmashTap.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
After receiving a small loan from your new friend you two didn't waste much time and left the settlement in a hurry.
She wants to get to making money as soon as possible and you want that relic.

Upon leaving the border of the small town Szikra looked at you.
"Where to?"

"Golden Wind.
A village to the north that was built on the junction of two trade routes.
I'm willing to bet there is at least one shop selling what I want."

"Excellent! Then let's go!"

But what you did not know was exactly just how far away it is.
The map you own isn't exactly accurate, it's more for orientation rather than precise navigation.
Sure it has major landmarks on it and it's mostly up to date with settlements but it's by no means reliable.
So you marched, not having a clue on just how much you had to travel before you reached your destination.
If you had to guess it's probably more than a days worth of travel.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it you had company this time around.
"So... you don't have a horse?"

You let out a snicker.
"I'm no lord.
Buying a horse is expensive but maintaining it costs even more.
So it's not a luxury I can afford."

"I see..."
She responded but it was quite half hearted.
Something caught her attention.
Do you ever get that feeling that someone's following you?"

"Errr... no."
You lie through your teeth, not wanting to admit that you are quite paranoid all the time.
"But you're not wrong.
Something's been following me for days now."

She stops using her spear as a walking stick for a while and twirls it around.
"Want me to handle it?"

"No need.
At least... not yet."


You traveled for quite a while and to her credit Szikra did not complain much despite the long march wearing her out.
For a noble she's quite hardy.
But if only she kept to herself you'd hate her company a lot less.

"Say you've been an adventurer for a while, right?
Did you kill a lot of things?"


"Even men?"


"What was the worst thing you've killed?"


"You're no fun."

Are we continuing in this thread or making a new one?
File: goulash.jpg (41 KB, 550x288)
41 KB
When the dark gained purchase over the sky you abruptly stopped.
"Let's set up camp.
I don't like traveling in the night."

"Afraid of the dark?"

Afraid of what it hides.
Things that are normally safe become dangerous and monsters that normally hide come out."

Without saying anything else you quickly dropped your bag and started with a quick fire.
Szikra just watched with starry eyes as you got to work.
So fast!"

You look up from your work.
"You've... never made a camp before?"


"Then... what did you do when it got dark?"

"I kept going until I reached a settlement."

You chose not to comment on that and instead went on to prepare dinner.
Cutting up the meat, potatoes and the one red onion into tiny cubes as well as slicing up the carrots you began cooking.
First you took out your pan and unflipped the metal strap on it.
With one switft punch your pan unfolded into a pot and you began.

Starting off with some pork fat you slowly cooked the onions until they were translucent.
Adding some dried and ground red peppers for taste and color as well as adding in the meat you continued.
Once the cubes of flesh turned grey you added the vegetables and instead of water poured a bottle of wine over it.
After adding the seasoning you were practically done and so you sat back and waited.

Szikra leaned over the pot, closed her eyes and started sniffing it.
"Smells... sweet."

"That's the wine.
I had to get creative without any drinkable water."

She takes your wooden spoon and using she takes a sip of your little stew.
Her eyes shoot up as she accidentally drops the spoon back into the pot.
Why does this have so many flavors?
Where did you learn this?!"

You shrugged.
"On the road mostly."

"This is good!"

"Hey! At least wait until it's finished!"
You slapped on her hand before she could get carried away.
But it's good that your concoction turned out well.

Looking back over your shoulder you attempted to find the kobold following you.
As you expected there was no sign of it.
Clever little creature is smarter than you thought.
Turning back to the stew you started thinking.

>Take out a piece of meat and put it down a few paces away from your camp
>Try to fan the pot so the smell goes farther
>Forget about it and just eat
>Other? (write-in)
I think this answers your question sufficiently
forget about it and just eat.
No point in feeding that animal, we want it to go away and if we keep feeding it it will keep following
>>Take out a piece of meat and put it down a few paces away from your camp
>Take out a piece of meat and put it down a few paces away from your camp

Might as well. Also I'm rooting for artificer, that or blood magic.
Are you guys planning to fuck the kobolb, sell it at the city or taking as a pet? I don't get it, I just want to know what's the general plan so I don't vote on wildly diffent things hehe
Eh I would be okay with taking it as a pet but I doubt anyone would wanna fuck it, This section of 4chan hates furries.
That's 2 to 1

I asked because I wanted it away from us, but I'm always willing to reach a compromise so as long as you are not planning on waifuing the animal I wont oppose keeping it around
Dude waifuing it would be like waifuing a neanderthal ,unless something happens that makes it smarter and more human looking anons aren't gonna waifu it.
Never doubt anons my friend, speacially when it comes to their kinks.
Reaching in with the wooden spoon you fished out a piece of meat and blew on it until it was just hot enough to touch without burning yourself.
"What are you doing?"

"Just watch.
And try to be quiet."

Turning around you walked a few paces away from the camp, all the while trying to recall exactly how far it remained the last time.
"One, two, three....... Twenty.
Just five steps short."

Gently and without making a sudden move you placed the food down and walked away.
Upon returning Szikra shot you an inquisitive look.
"Is there something you aren't telling me?"

I'm just trying to test out something.
The thing that's been following me is a kobold."

"And you're feeding it?"

You raise your hand to stop her quickly.
Focusing a bit you could hear a strange rustling coming from the tall grass.
A few moments of silence and bam, something rushing through the foliage.

You walked back and checked on the bait.
Seeing the meat gone you smiled and walked back to Szikra.
"Looks like it's willing to take food."

"You mean steal food."

"It's not stealing if I gave it away."

"You are deluding yourself."

But there is something about this one.
I can't put my finger on what exactly...
But it followed me all the way out here, away from the forest where its tribe is.
Call me crazy all you want but this thing wants something."

"Well whatever."
She raised her arms above her head and gave them a good stretch.
"Can we eat now?
Food! Food! Food!"

Handing over your plate to her you shared your meal with her.
But with only one to spread around you were forced to eat straight from the pot.
She started off by taking a spoonful of stew and meat and shoved it straight in her mouth.



After breathing through her mouth for a while to cool off the food she finally swallowed it.
"By the gods...
Why does it taste better now?!"

"The flavors come together during the cooking process."

"I never tasted something like this!
If I knew adventurers can eat like this-
Is this thanks for the meal I gave you?"

"Why do you think that?"

"Well... I mean it's obvious you used some top notch ingredients to make this."

You crack up and almost choke on your own food when you heard that.
"Most of this is wild stuff that I dug up.
Even the wine is the cheap stuff that you can't get drunk from.
The only thing worth a damn in this is the meat."

"T-Then how?"

You shrugged.
"Don't know.
I just use whatever simple ingredient I come across...
And toss in a lot of spice to give it taste."

By the time you finished that Szikra also managed to end her plate.
Licking her lips clean of any remnants of the stew she spoke.
"Well it certainly beats noble food any day.
All that fancy stuff but no flavor..."
You however took your time savoring your meal.
It's not every day that you don't eat garbage and even you have to admit that this turned out pretty good.

After finishing up your portion you looked at Szikra who already laid back and was in the process of patting her belly in satisfaction.
She let out a loud burp which managed to disgust you.

"Are you certain you're supposed to be a noble?"

Grabbing a small splinter she started picking the small bits of meat out of her teeth.
But I was never good at all that lady stuff.
They tried to educate me of course but I always preferred blood to shit like sewing.
How 'bout you Zsold? What made a peasant boy pick up a sword instead of a hoe?
Survival? No that can't be.
What moron would seek survival by thrusting himself into the thick of battle?"

You really did not feel like answering that.
But you also had a feeling that she wouldn't let it go if you didn't tell her something.
"My family."

Protect or kill?"

You raised an eyebrow at that.
"That's... quite an unusual reaction."

"Kill. Got it."
She then stood up and grabbed hold of her spear.
"Okay Zsold.
Get up."

"Wha- Why?"

"You didn't challenge me in the ring so I intend to find out how good of a fighter you really are.
If we are to fight together I need to know what you can do!"

"And how did we get here from me wanting to kill my family members?!"

"Well you'll need practice to do that."

You let out a smile.
She's quite correct in that.
And it feels refreshing to hear someone not probe you for further information.

"So what is it going to be?
Get up already! I need to work this dinner off!"

>Don't feel like fighting
>Other? (write-in)

Get some training on
"You'll quickly find yourself disappointed, though. Staying safe for years hasn't done anything for my swordplay. Or my sword, for that matter."

To be clear, picking a Relic unlocks the ability to learn all sub-classes associated with it, rather than forcing us to choose one, right? Even if delving into two sub-classes would make us less proficient in each than if we were to specialize?

I'm imagining picking up some degree of melee combat from Szkira and combining it with the sheer variety of abilities Abstract Magic provides to create our own unique combat style.
Everything you said is correct.

So for now focus on choosing 1 out of 3 potential relics and worry about subclasses later

Rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8 (3d10)

Lets get the dice warmed up.
You stood up.

"Very well.
But you might be disappointed.
I focused on survival for years so my swordplay isn't anything fancy.
And neither is this."

You drew your "sword" which earned a chuckle out of her.
"Well isn't that embarrassing!
Aren't you gonna complain it's cold outside?"

"Very funny."

Leading her a safe distance away from the camp the two of you raised you began by warming up.
As she was preparing her shoulder for the upcoming duress she spoke up.
"Oh and fair warning, I'm not gentle even when practicing.
You won't learn anything without pain."

Cracking your neck you responded.
"On that we are agreed."

Taking up a defensive stance you raised your knife horizontally.
Szikra on the other hand began twirling her spear around effortlessly.
The heavy steel hummed with each rotation.
Hearing it made you reconsider if this was indeed a wise choice.


She shouted and with one quick step she thrust her weapon forward with such speed that you didn't have enough time to react to it.
Luckily for you when Szikra pulled her arm back your instincts kicked in and you jerked your head to the side.
Turning your head to the side you saw that the tip of her spear would've been only an inch away from your face if you didn't move.

"Good reflexes!"
She pulled her spear back, this time at a speed that you could follow and she readied herself properly.

If she can close such a sizeable gap in an instant this will be problematic.
You looked at your sword and saw that it was trembling.
"Okay... Let's dance!"

>You don't like revealing your ace but you have no choice. Use your left arm.
>Try to pick up her pace. Dodge and weave
>There is no way you can match her. You need to go on the offensive
>Other? (write-in)
>Try to pick up her pace. Dodge and weave
>>You don't like revealing your ace but you have no choice. Use your left arm.
>>You don't like revealing your ace but you have no choice. Use your left arm.
Might as well find out what it does for our own sake but i hope in the future this whole our character knowing shit we as the player don't fucks off.
>Try to pick up her pace. Dodge and weave
The point isn't for us to beat her; it's for her to gain a measure of our abilities, and us hers, so that we can work together more effectively.

So we're eventually going to go through all those options. Then we may as well start with the one that gets us injured the least - playing defensive.
>There is no way you can match her. You need to go on the offensive
>>Try to pick up her pace. Dodge and weave
Dodging wins

Now it's time to roll 3d10
Best of 3
DC: 15 Crit 20

Rolled 9, 9, 4 = 22 (3d10)

Too fast too furious.
Rolled 2, 7, 8 = 17 (3d10)

well then.
Rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4 (3d10)

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and- uh, dodge!
This is... alarming
You said there were no crit fails buddy.

This time you focus more closely on her hand.
She moves way too fast for you to follow her but that doesn't mean you can't predict what she will do.
Not even her movements are instant. There will be a warning.


The next stab came with the intent to kill.
But this time she didn't have the element of surprise on her side.
Seeing her preparations gave you enough warning to know what to do.

Bending your knee you ducked under the sharpened piece of steel much to her surprise.
With a grin you leaned forward and kicked yourself off from the ground in a mad dash.
She might be fast but if you fall under the effective range of her weapon then you win.
Your burst of speed may be impressive for you but it doesn't seem to faze her.

After pulling her spear back she pulled her arms further apart and did something you did not expect.
She swung her polearm.

Stopping your momentum almost gave you a whiplash but it was necessary.
Seeing the swinging blade coming you hopped back, narrowly dodging the attack.
This however did not seem to disturb her too much as she altered the trajectory of the swing and reoriented it so her weapon would assault you once more.
Now you weren't so lucky and felt the tip of the heavy weapon cut the skin on the bridge of your nose.

Continuously hopping backwards while feeling your blood trickle down your face you attempted to lean from side to side to duck under the arcing swings of the spear.
"Did nobody ever tell you a spear is for stabbing?!"

"They did!
And I said Fuck 'em!"

Seeing how her tip cuts proved ineffective she altered her approach.
For a moment she stopped endlessly doing an 8 figure in an attempt to dice you up and pulled her spear back.
Thrusting it into the ground she used it as a pole and launched herself at you with both legs extended and aimed at your face.

Despite gaining a sizeable distance from her she managed to close the gap once more and now she was attacking you again.
You got to hand it to her, she is something else entirely.
But you're not about to loose just yet.
You drop your sword and extend both of your hands.
As her feet strike your palms your fingers wrap around her leg and she lets out a yelp.
For a moment you are pushed back and feel your leg almost slipping on the wet grass.
But you steel yourself and manage to hold your ground.

Letting out a smile you swing your arms as hard as you can and slam Szikra against the ground.
She rolls for a few seconds before getting all four and looking up at you.

Panting from the exertion you spoke up with a grin on your face.
"Well how about that?
Guess that's one for me."

You extend an arm to her and she accepts it.
As you help her up she wipes some dirt off of her face and smiles.
"Not bad.
Looks like you got the basics covered."

"Just the basics?"

"You'll live.
That's what matters."

She walks over to her spear and pulls it free from the soil.
This time she holds it with one hand as she twirls it between her fingers.
Now that I see where you stand let's stop this little warmup, shall we?"

Bending her knees she starts walking in circles around you while she keeps spinning her weapon.
You also pick up your armament from the ground and give it a few test swings.
As you observe her movements you start feeling nervous about this being just a warmup for her.
In all honesty you don't know if you'll be able to keep up the pace with her. But you have to try.


>Squeeze as much speed out of yourself as possible. Push yourself over the edge if must
>Now it's your turn to go on the offensive
>Empty your mind. Focus.
>Other? (write-in)
>Now it's your turn to go on the offensive
>Empty your mind. Focus.
>>Empty your mind. Focus.
>Empty your mind. Focus.

Let's see those dice again.
Best of 4 this time
DC: 20 Crit: 25

Rolled 6, 2, 5 = 13 (3d10)

She's stepping it up, I see.
Rolled 2, 4, 7 = 13 (3d10)

Brain farting how do you roll again?
"dice+3d10" in the options field
Rolled 6, 9, 1 = 16 (3d10)

You might have to roll one for us spooky
Rolled 5, 3, 3 = 11 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 4, 9 = 19 (3d10)

This is the magic option, isnt it?
Rolled 2, 2, 8 = 12 (3d10)


Qm rolling


the DC was a mixture of your choice and Szikras motivation

Why is the DC so high for the magic stuff anyways?
Aw fuck I should have guessed it was the magic option. I thought it was more the martial arts kind of empty your mind thing. Definitely regret picking it.
Are we actually gonna get to pick our class today spooky?
File: Spoiler Image (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB

For a few moments you follow her movements with your eye.
But you know the second you move one muscle she is going to pounce on you like a starving wolf.
So you stopped trying to keep track of her and lowered your gaze.
Your vision got blurry as you stopped focusing with your eye and concentrated on your breathing.

In. And out.
In. And out.

Each breath brought forth vigor which spread through your veins.
You felt every pump of your heart throughout your body.
As the world slowly faded away you started picking up certain things.

Your breathing boomed loud in your ear.
Not only that but so did Szikras steps.
Finally you were getting it!


You heard the sharp edge of the spear shearing the wind.
It was coming from your left side.
Raising your hand you attempted to block it.

Szikra gasped loudly when she struck your forearm and her spear let out a loud clang.
But before you could start gloating you also noticed something.
The spear did not stop and it now pushed your arm inward.

The impact was bad.
Not as bad as having a spear lodged in your face but it still felt like you just punched yourself in the face at full force.
Your head rung like a bell as you were thrown backwards and fell to the ground.
Holding your face in pain you attempted to assess the damage.

Your nose was definitely bleeding. But at the very least it did not break.
Your ears were ringing and the world felt like it was spinning.

"Oh crap!
Zsold! Are you okay?"


"Crap crap crap!"

She hurried to your side and tried to help you but she quickly stopped when she saw the wraps around your arm.
Her weapon managed to cut a sizable part of the bandage so now she could see what was hidden underneath.

"A... swordbreaker?!"

Strapped to your left forearm was a slab of thick metal with wedges cut into it for weapons to get stuck in.
Smaller than a shield but easier to conceal, this thing was little more than a clump of iron.
But it got the job done as long as you used it smartly.
Sadly it was also incredibly inconvenient as it constantly pulled on your arm.
And after managing to clear your mind of all distractions you also managed to forget about it being there.
Those two aren't as far apart as you might think
>And after managing to clear your mind of all distractions you also managed to forget about it being there.
I'm a little confused by this statement. Did having the swordbreaker on our arm and forgetting about it cause us to fail to defend against her attack in some way?

Without that line, I would have just assumed that we failed to block her attack because we failed to brace ourself properly or misjudged the amount of force that would be behind the blow.
Well, yes and no.

You failed at blocking it that's true.
But you forgot about the sword breaker being strapped to your arm so that was extra weight smacking you in the face.
>But you forgot about the sword breaker being strapped to your arm so that was extra weight smacking you in the face.
Ah, that's fair. I wouldn't imagine we'd try to block without some kind of protection on the arm, though, given how she's been using the tip of her spear to attempt to cut at us.
That was the drawback of 'emptying your mind'.

You forgot about power, weight and momentum.
You saw a strike incoming and thought you could intercept it.

As you can see Zsold has some issues with magic
Any particular reason we are gonna find out?
"I'm so sorry I just-"

"It's fine..."
You groaned as you attempted to sit up.
After shaking your head a bit your nausea finally faded away as you managed to reorient yourself.

Thank the heavens.
I'm sorry for going overboard but you really surprised me there.
You built up so much aether so I didn't think about holding back."

"The fuck are you talking about?
I suck at magic.
It's a small wonder I'm not foaming at the mouth from attempting to use it."

"Then... what was-
You know what, never mind!
Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah but... let's call it quits.
I'm feeling dizzy."

"Yeah yeah sure!
Do you need anything?"

Grab my bag... I have aaaaaa-
small leather bundle in one pocket.
Can you bring it to me?"

Without saying another word she sprung up and ran to get your medicine.
Once she found it she handed you the piece of leather held together by a string.
Using your broken sword you cut the thread and the strip of leather unfolded, revealing a gel like substance in it.
It's the only thing other than regular healing powder that you can make and your only remedy for internal injuries.

You slurped up the thing eagerly and attempted to stand up right after.
For a second you stumbled but with Szikras help you managed to straighten your back and went back to the fire.

She spoke.
"Sorry once more for knocking the wind out of you."

"Just... forget about it.
Now. Get some sleep.
I'll do the same."

Night Zsold."

You couldn't respond for several seconds.
You're not at all used to other people wishing you good night.


But you did not follow suit, instead reaching for an aether gland and squeezing it into your eye.
Someone had to keep watch after all.
But perhaps it's because of your mild concussion or as a side effect of the green gel you consumed your night terrors weren't as horrible as they used to be.

The next morning you awakened relatively refreshed and as an added bonus your head didn't feel like a goblin was humping it.
After making sure you can stand up alone you went over to Szikra and nudged her awake.
"Szikra! Szikra! Wake up!"

"Nnnnnn... five more minutes."
As she rolled around you saw a pool under her where her drool accumulated.

While she was struggling to wake up you got to putting out the fire as well as packing your backpack.
But as you gathered your stuff you noticed something... odd.
Inside your sack you found a bundle of faintly smelling green leaves.
Picking one up you tried to examine it closer, giving it a good smell and even a taste.

It was bitter. But not too unpleasant. Like many medicines sold by doctors and mages.
So you placed one under your tongue just to test it.
Soon enough what little was left of your headache vanished in an instant.

Upon closer investigation of the area you also found a set of footprints that did not belong to either of you.
File: 37166-full.png (658 KB, 899x674)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
Once your companion managed to finally get ready you departed to your destination.
Golden Wind.

The market town was exactly how you imagined.
Merchants, wagons by the dozen and of course plenty of adventurers coming and going everywhere.
There were also commoners and a few gentries of course.
And naturally plenty of security.

Rich settlements like this one can maintain actual guard regiments which maintain security and dish out justice wherever needed.
They are also remarkably useful when one needs to ask for directions.
After consulting with one guard you managed to find out that there is indeed a shop which fits your needs.

"So Zsold...
While you handle that I think I'll browse the market a bit!"

>Do as you please
>Make sure to purchase supplies like food and something drinkable
>Other? (write-in)
I'm gonna go away for a few minutes

don't worry I'm not ded
>Make sure to purchase supplies like food and something drinkable
>>Make sure to purchase supplies like food and something drinkable
>>Make sure to purchase supplies like food and something drinkable
>Make sure to purchase supplies like food and something drinkable
Some medicinal supplies wouldn't go amiss either. Better to have and not need than the other way around.

>You built up so much aether so I didn't think about holding back.
[contemplative noises]

Also, the kobold managed to sneak into our camp while we were keeping watch, juiced up with an aether gland.

That is somewhat worrying.
Okay I'm back

"Just make sure you buy some food and something to drink.
Medicine as well.
If we're gonna do some more practices like that..."


She waved you off as you went on your way and entered the shop.
The place looked old, unusually old. With faded wood and glasses so thickly stained it's unlikely they'll ever be completely clean again.
Sitting behind the desk next to the entrance was an old and very thin man with a moustache.

He greeted you with a tired voice.
"Welcome to Howard and Sons... Adventuring supplies throughout the ages.
What can I help you with?"

"Mister Howard-"

"I'm not Howard.
Howard was my great great great grandfather.
He built this place generations ago.
And I must tell you sir we are a respected establishment. As such we don't do bartering.
You can do that outside at the stalls.
Thank you."
He spoke in such a bored tone that he made you believe it'd cause him actual physical pain to give a damn.

"I'll just help myself..."

"You do that sir."

Moving to the back you started looking through the shelves, searching for the items you so coveted.
It honestly baffled you how badly organized this place was as things were scattered around seemingly at random.
You'd expect to find these three relics on golden pedestals they are that important.
But no, you had to check behind every corner just to find them.
It's honestly disgusting how many things one can get away with when they have no competition.

Luckily for you however you located one copy of each artifact.
Now it was only a matter of finding a place to put them as you still weren't sure which one you want.
After knocking over a stack of books you brought the three items to one table and neatly lined up.
Sadly with how cramped the whole shop was this little trip of yours wasn't that easy and as you brought the Scrying Stone, the last artifact, to its rightful place you tripped over a strange gizmo and bumped into one of the shelves next to you.

Looking up with a worried expression you prayed that the thing didn't collapse on you.
But it seems that fortune has smiled upon you as nothing serious happened.
As you let out a relieved sigh however something fell on your head with a quiet bump.

Scratching your head you looked down at what hit you and found a small, dusty handbook.
After wiping it clean you saw that its cover was completely blank.
No title, no mark, no symbol, nothing.

Curious about this old thing you flipped open to see what it was about and finally found something which helped you identify it.
With large, bold and overly stylized letters it read:

"Strides pocket guide to the Three Realms and to the Bardic arts of tomfoolery!"

Down in the lower left corner you even saw the titular "Stride"s signature and a tiny little heart next to it.
The title made you scratch your head a bit.
First off you have no clue what a book for musicians is doing in a shop dedicated to supplying adventurers.
Second was the so called "Three Realms" that the book referred to.

The only "Realms" you know of are the Empire of the East, the Kingdom to the West and Midland.
But these are collectively called the Free Realms.

"Three... free... three...
Oh I get it!

You shook your head.
This was no time to think about that.

Curious about the books content you quickly flipped through it and what you found made your reel back in surprise.
Despite being clearly very old the book still smelled as if it just came out of the print.
The letters were also very clear and not faded at all.
Someone went through great lengths to ensure this book was preserved by some quite powerful magics.

The actual contents however were nothing special.
For a handbook it covered a surprising amount of different topics.
From various regional customs, flora and fauna, to wooing women of all class (yes, even nobility) to actual combat, a bit of magic and even espionage of all things.
However because it speaks about so many things it can only has a very minute amount of information on each one.

But its mere existence is so puzzling to you that you just HAD to know more about it.
So you took it to the owner.
"Excuse me!"

"I thought you said-
Oh by gods cock! Not that thing..."
That was the first thing that got a reaction out of this man.

"Erm... is something wrong?"

"Lad... put that thing back where you found it.
It's cursed."

And you are the empress.
Curses and hexes are only a fairy tale told to scare children into obedience.
Anything and everything can be explained by magic in this world.

"It's a tale as old as this here shop.
The writer of that book was a swindler who managed to sucker my great great- oh fuck it! Howard into buying it.
Cost a small fortune too. But that silver tongued bastard assured my ancestor it'd make him rich.
Balls it did.
Every time someone bought it the damn thing was returned here.
Some of my forefathers tried destroying it, tossing it away.
But it can neither be harmed nor gotten rid of.
It always comes back here. Once a stray fucking cat dragged it back to the porch only to keel over afterwards.
Do you understand? A dying animal used its last strength to return that thing here!
So put it back where you found it and let it gather dust lad!"

You looked at the book and back at him.
Sure enough now that you take a closer look at it even the leather cover seems unusual.
It's unlike any type of leather you've seen before.

"How much does it cost?"

"Oh for the love of-
You want it?
1 gold! I'd be spitting at my ancestors grave if I accepted any less for it!"


>You've got a deal
>Try to haggle
>You don't like the sound of that. Return it
>Other? (write-in)
>You don't like the sound of that. Return it

We have no reason to get it, we also need the relics, and cannot haggle.
>You don't like the sound of that. Return it
We need to save our gold for more important things, don't we?
But if you get it you'll have 2 gold to spend on actual armor and weapons
>>You don't like the sound of that. Return it
Fuck this.
>>You don't like the sound of that. Return it
we're here for the relics
(not interested in becoming a bard, as I suspect thats what that book is for)

Its been stated that a relic is nesseccary for our success, we are so close to one so why stop now?
Well think of this as a... fourth relic
I'd rather get set up with a proper relic first, and come back later to get this if we're still curious about it later on.
Oh make no mistake, this is a proper one
Eh whilst I do respect bards I don;t really wanna be one.
I read you loud and clear

File: Red-Book-Diaries-3.jpg (54 KB, 817x539)
54 KB
Even though you still don't believe that this "curse" is real that story was enough to make you reconsider yourself.

"Very well...
I'll return it."

"Make up your mind will ya?
I'll get a heart attack at this rate.
So... do ya want anything else or are you just wasting my time?"

Not honoring him with a response you returned to the aisle where you found this thing.
Unable to locate where it was previously you just left it on a shelf and pushed it in safely.
But as you let go of the thing you could swear you heard a hushed chuckle... you're not sure where from.
It sounded like... everywhere. And this time you are certain you are stone cold sober.

With a cold wave running along your spine you decided to go back to the relics you originally came for.
Now neatly lined up they awaited your choice.
Whichever you choose will lead you to a path of power.
The only thing you had to decide... is exactly what kind of power do you crave.

Or the arcane?

>The Compendium of War (Fighter)
>The Shadowbound Scroll (Rogue)
>The Scrying Stone (Mage)
Want that reaver
>>The Shadowbound Scroll (Rogue)
>>The Scrying Stone (Mage)
Phenomenal cosmic powers and also being a damn good healer is nice.
>The Scrying Stone (Mage)
A contentious vote. Perhaps we should talk all this out?
>The Shadowbound Scroll (Rogue)
>The Scrying Stone (Mage)

Our dear companions comment after the spar hinted more to us about magic, I wanna explore that.
I feel like most people picking mage have similar thoughts to>>2696780 or that as is tradition everyone thinks wizards are the most powerful and will be the best.

I'm curious about the people picking rogue, though that fits the character really well in my mind.

I want reaver because I like the idea of countering magic and only having to rely on our own body. We also won't be hampered by having a friendly around or close quarters like we would as a mage. I'm also just a sucker for monks.
You still here spooky?
For myself, as I mentioned in >>2693609, I feel that rogue fits Zsold's cautious, non-combative approach to situations. But looking at the sub-classes, none of them really stand out to me in terms of appeal.

For fighter, I do like the idea of an unarmed, counter-based defensive style combining Bulwark and Reaver but we do already have a quest revolving around punching things. Still, fighter seems mainly to revolve around direct confrontation, which doesn't suit Zsold's style.

Mage seems the most flexible to me - I'm hoping we go Abstract, which seems to be a Swiss Army Knife-style catch-all school - rather like Artificer but not limited by material resources. With enough tricks up his sleeve, Zsold can not only play an effective support for whatever allies he happens to be teamed up with, but employ a more tactical approach to combat that suits his personality.
I was thinking something like counter and disarm and then use their weapons either against them or as makeshift projectiles. And while fighters would be more straight conflict, I'd like having it as a fall back, not necessarily using it immediately.

Plus no selling mages is always fun.
I don;t think the class no sells mages like you think it does.
I understand but... majority wins

Mage it is


I am but Captcha is a supreme bitch now.
This might be the last couple posts for the day
Does anyone know what the fuck
"Your computer or network is processing queries" mean?

I had to struggle for 10 minutes just so I could post once
>"The Reaver.
For when one needs to face practitioners of the arcane arts.
Or.... when one does not want to rely on some... tools to get the job done.
Rather than trying to learn how to use some clumsy instruments hone your body to be more powerful than the strongest steel.
Channel the magic in your body using the pain of others and yours. And smash through stone, iron or flesh with your bare hands!"
You are correct, I did misread a line. Though it does mention being useful when going up against mages.
google thinks that you are a bot or your computer(/another computer/smartphone/IoT-device) on your internet connection is part of a botnet
Bummer but what can you do? Figured I'd be pissing in the wind anyway. No one's going to go Eldritch mage either. Which I think we could do, due to how funky our aether control is.
If that's what you want to do then go Outer, not blood
I wouldn't be opposed to it but I would like wait a long time before we try to go for any of those spells.
Unless there is some guarantee from spooky that us failing wouldn't instantly make us go insane.
I probably wouldn't do it anyway. It wouldn't fit Zsold to go for something so risky unless absolutely necessary, or supremely confident in success.
Which is why I suggested waiting awhile.
What if we did it, but in an equally slow and methodical approach as obtaining the relics? Spending most of our time learning meditation and stuff, possibly getting a sanity artifact, until we feel confident.

Eh, being a bard wouldn't be bad. Sure we'd be a jack of all trades, but that's what we are at the moment anyway by the look of it.

You recalled something.
Szikra claimed she felt some sort of magical energy from you.

And now that you think about it...
Sonya mentioned something awakened her during the night you were keeping watch.
Maybe it all connects together.

Regardless of what the cause may be you can't ignore this.
If you want to succeed you'll need magic.
The flesh is weak. Without aether running in his system no man could ever do so much as scratch a great beast like a dragon.
Without magic Deacon would never have beaten the Sea Mother.

You must get to the bottom of your disability.
So your choice was obvious.

Walking back to the old man with the orb in your hand you put it down gently before him.
He looked up from the town newspaper and at you.
"Stop cuddling it like its your first born.
That thing was made to withstand a mountain being dropped on it."

"Fuck off..."

"Okay okay.
Anythin' else son?"


"That'll be 3 gold."

You reach for your coin purse and drop it before him.
2 gold and a whole bunch of silver and copper coins.
"Count it."

But the owner does something surprising.
He turns the bag inside out and lets the coins flow out.
After one passing glance he looks back at you.
"Pleasure doin' business with ya."

Stepping out of the store and having the orb hidden away from prying eyes you attempted to find Szikra in the bustling market.
At first you thought the task to be daunting with hundreds of people wandering the streets.
But then you heard her voice and remembered who you're dealing with.

Loud shrieks of "Wooo!" "Aaaah!" and "WHOAH!" penetrated the crowds noise whenever she found something that caught her interest.
Once you found her she had two different treat in each hand and one in her mouth.
Probably each one from a different vendor too.

"Oh hai!
Dhid yhou fhind ith?"

"Chew Szikra. Chew.
Then swallow and you can talk afterwards.
And yes. I found it."

Ignoring the first part and straight up swallowing the whole piece of meat on her stick she continued.
"Cool! What did you go for?"


Oh and good news! I found us some nicely paying work!"
We ever gonna learn what this sea mother was?
Aaand this is where I think I'll end things.
Captcha is not cooperating with me at all.

So thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed yourselves.
Archive is up as usual.

I'll shill my accounts once more just in case.
You can see on Twatter when I'll be running and you can ask things on Ask.

Twitter: @SpookyngQM
Ask: @Spookyng

If you have any questions to me or in game characters then feel free to ask them and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities.

See you guys next time
It's not really important.

Basically a humongous sea monster which was large enough to destroy the entire continent the quest is set on.
It basically towered above the tallest mountains of the region and when it stretched into the sky it was visible from everywhere above ground.

Think of a large Cthulhu monster and you'll get a pretty good idea.
Crazy nihilistic asshats disturbed it so it went on a rampage that threatened the world
File: EkZuKY7.jpg (321 KB, 1920x1080)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Here's some illustration for you if you are more of a visual guy
What do you think of your new travailing partner so far?
> That group of adventurers left
How would you react to learning the stranger picked the mage relic?

He makes good food!
So it was totally worth it!

Hey Lowan!
How are you gonna kick his ass now that he can use magic as well?


I-I'm happy for him!
I just hope he doesn't get hurt while practicing it
>The old shopkeep

What was the most convoluted way for the cursed book to return to you?
What exactly is your ace you don't like revealing?

It's the sword breaker.
I was just not sure about revealing it to a girl I just met...
But now the element of surprise is gone


Whew boy...
Well it ain't happened to me so I can't doo it justice but...
My daddy used to tell me stories about this one time.

It was during a smeltering hot summer day, when all those new adventurers spring up from the ground like mushrooms after a rain.
One of whom bought the book for cheap.
Daddy went through a rough time back then so he sold it for a few coppers.

And the guy with all his friends were immediately slaughtered by a pretty powerful necromancer.
It wasn't their job or anything, it just so happened that this asshole managed to raise enough dead to create his personal army and so he rampaged through the land.

After the battle this diabolical asshat stripped the poor boy of all his belongings in preparation of turning him into a rotting minion.
And he stopped his conquest when he found the book.

Now get this!
Shortly afterwards the guy just went like "Tada!" and turned himself in!
True fucking story people!

Naturally he got brutally executed and his bones were ground to dust so nobody could ever bury him.
But the book remained!
Not even the Church could get rid of it!

After a little digging the graveguard who was unfortunate enough to get the task tracked down my pa to return the bloody book.

Now of course he didn't want it but, and I shit you not, the Guard PAID my dad to take it back!

So... yeah.
That is the wildest tale that I can remember.
But that crap is so old that there are probably worse ones that were simply forgotten over the years
If that tale does not prove the book is cursed I don't know what will.


What was the closest fight you ever had?
How does Zsold compare to that?

Hmmm... let me think.
I'm not sure if that counts but when I started out my instructors were pretty tough.

Some of them were of course big pansies who didn't dare to hit a noble girl.
But I had this one rough mother fucker.
He didn't care. He made me eat dirt like everyone else.
He was the best!

I don't know how well I'd fare against him now that I'm better...
But I don't think Zsold would last long against him
why do you hate your family? Is it one singular reason or a bunch of them and if so can you name a few?
Man, shame we got stuck with mage. Our MC fights really well and I wanted to improve on that. Meh, I'll try to push for body magic insted of fireballs. Or that elderich thing. Either that or blood magic
Damn, missed so much of this thread. Damn wife's birthday party, I couldn't come out and play with the other kids because of it.

Would have gone for the bard actually, less money and a mix of sword and magic

As for questions

Adventuring trio, where are you right now, did you get any contract?

Guitar dude that I liked

How long until you reach moons harvest?
I have nothing better to do!

CAn you tell us some of the tenets of the dead god?
Have you ever had to deal with someone you knew?

>New adventurers
What are your next plans?

How are you handling the group?
Have you been discriminated against?
Have you ever been to an primarily elven country? What was it like?
What would you do if the group didn't come back?

What made you choose a spear as your weapon?
What was your perspective on your spar with Zsold?
Have you ever met royalty? How were they?

What was your early life as an adventurer like?
Did you admire anyone as a role model?

You okay mate?
Probably won't be touching the eldritch mage thing for sometime if at all. Blood magic is good tho

My two brothers.
And I hate them because they deserve to be hated!


We decided to head towards the East.
Maybe in the cities we'll find a place where we can learn and get stronger


About a week.
That's as fast as my old legs can carry me


Tenents?! That awfully sounds like something a culter would ask!
Boy if you didn't realize it yet the Dead God, as the name implies, is dead!
It can't speak, it can't think and it can't judge anyone.

You pay the price, we bury you.
And in the halls that we pried from its dead fingers you'll find your eternal rest.
If you were good, you get sweet dreams.
If you were an arsehole you'll get nightmares instead

Head East.
Maybe find someone willing to train us properly

They are easy to handle once you get to know them.
Usually if you rein in Lowan that's enough.

No... not that I know of at least.
I've only ever been to Dirthaven and the city Kharibdis.
Here nobody cares too much about my ears.
And in the cities where people live alongside a bunch of nex they are less hateful.

E-Elven... country?
Do you mean an elven settlement or city?
No. I lived here my entire life.

What would I do?
I... I'd pray for them.
And post a regional request on the questboard so someone would get their bones back at least.


I dunno.
Guess I picked it up because I was weaker than boys my size so I wanted to keep them as far away as possible.
I grew fond of it so I kept using it.

He surprised me that's for sure.
He's not the strongest guy I've fought but he has guts. I like him.

I did.
Mostly it was tedious.
Can't stand being in frilly dresses and pretending to be a snob.

Eh... they were a mixed bag.
There are nobles I honestly don't mind being around.
But then there are also ones I want to punch in the face so hard but can't because it might spark an all out war between alliances.

Nobles and their fucking pacts and shit...

Hard. Made stupid decisions... paid the price for it every time.
But I had no choice to keep going.
So I did. Slowly and carefully.
Since then I've been just scraping by, sometimes I didn't eat for days. Mostly when I wasn't too good of a hunter.

I uh...
I know it sounds childish but I guess Deacon.
His tale of slaying the Sea Mother was my favorite as a child.


But thanks for asking.
I know it's foolish but... I can't accept the fact that she's just... gone.
>To any of those 5 that came do outer magic
What do you think set you apart from the rest that pursued this and either died or went mad?

Kobold Bard. Yay or nay?
This isn't a question to any of the characters, but could we get a more detailed rundown of 5 mage sub-classes' abilities so we can have some deliberation on our choice ahead of time?
>The 5

K-Kobold bard?
What? I erm...
I guess yay?
I wouldn't be against a better explanation of what the eldritch mage does exactly, all it really told us it the strongest and don;t do it but we don't know what the magic actually does.
well that's ominous.

But since I kinda explained what their ranks mean I'll just cut straight to the chase starting with the 2 most common ones.


A favorite of battle mages and THE most used magic type out there.
It is considered low magic so it's easy to learn but hard to master.

As the name implies it revolves around creating non-organic substances and reproducing natural reactions.

For example:
-Fire requires 3 components: Oxygen, enough energy to kick start the reaction and something that can fuel the fire.

How this works in terms of magic is simple.
An elemental mage typically learns how to do fire first and then they can use what they learned in other fields.

Step by step they learn how to substitute the components one at a time with aether.
Once they know all three they start mixing them together until they are capable of spontaneously producing a ball of fire out of nothing.

And they use a similar process to create pretty much whatever they want.
Skilled elemental mages can create stuff like iron by effectively turning raw energy into matter by organizing it into atoms.

The pinnacle of elemental magic is considered to be lightning, seen as something pure, highly destructive and incredibly hard to control.


This is less a coherent school and more like a collective category where spells and techniques people can't put into the other 4 are placed.

It can do a wide variety of things and as such it is favored by people who enjoy having an answer to any situation.

Spells like telepathy, telekinesis, the enchantment of items such as the magical contracts all fall into this category.

It is also one of the two schools that can heal, the other being blood.
Not only that but it also has a lot of defensive uses as it can erect barriers and seals of all sorts.

Generally a creative person can come up with whatever spell they want so they naturally gravitate towards Abstract which encourages this

Pure energy is the keyword in this one.
Beams of pure energy, lightsaber like weapons.
Constructs made of pure light and shockwaves that can level entire keeps.

But given how it is considered "High" magic it is hard to learn and even harder to master.

Transforming aether into matter is generally very safe as the compacted energy is much easier to handle.
Using it in its pure form is dangerous however.
As the same amount of energy required to create let's say a pillar of ice capable of impaling a man is enough to blow up a church when used as raw energy.

To shoot these technicolored energy blasts one must have absolute control if they don't want their own weapon to blow up in their face.


This is the other big one.
Essentially the same as Elemental magic but applied to living, organic matter.
Oh and flora is not included. Elementalists and Abstract mages can do that.

No. These boys are into blood, flesh, bones and skin.

They are essentially highly capable flesh smiths.
But there is a catch.

They can not just rip out someones spine and be done with it.
The flesh they control must belong to an unconscious man or a corpse as aether coursing through a man who is wide awake can interfere greatly with blood magic.
And naturally seeing a guy manipulating blood and flesh can stress a man out so their bodies are full of the stuff.

They are highly revered as the most skilled ones can serve as healers who can give back a mans lost limbs, heal age old wounds and scars or even reshape ones body if they so choose.
These procedures however cost a lot of money, time and raw resources.

But people also fear them a great deal because most of the time they'll be drenched in viscera.

I vote for raw. Only because I like having superior firepower
Blood looks better as time passes, but I'm still interested in elderich

And this is what's considered to be the holy grail of magic.

I mentioned how 5 people can be considered "masters" of it.
But that's a stretch.

They are the only ones who have the faintest of fucks about how it actually works.
Everyone else is just guessing.

But they aren't the only ones who can use outer magic.
Yes it drives most people who attempt to decipher it crazy, but if they have their wits about and don't kill themselves even they can use one, maybe two spells.

And of course there are those that got lucky and also managed to learn a spell but decided it was too risky to go on.
However... it doesn't matter how insignificant that one spell might be it is more than enough to get them through life and blow out of the water almost everything the other schools can do
>But since I kinda explained what their ranks mean
Those ranks being the Low magics, which are easy to learn but hard to master; the High magics, which are more challenging to learn; and Outer Magic, which is f̵̩͈́u̷̱͓͙̞͈̝͍̬̙̕c̬͙͉k̦̱, right?

Does this have implications on their inherent power levels, or does it solely refer to their accessibility?

>The flesh they control must belong to an unconscious man or a corpse as aether coursing through a man who is wide awake can interfere greatly with blood magic.
I take it that necromancy would fall under this school?

Where would things like flight, illusions, transmutation, spatial magic such as teleporation and conjuration, time manipulation and divination fall under?
So ludicrously high rewards for fabulously high risk.

We best be praying to the dice if we tread this path.


Actually do we have a feasible chance of getting outer?
Probably not.Not unless spooky is kind and decide that failing the roll won;t end in an instant game over
>ludicrously high rewards
>if they have their wits about and don't kill themselves even they can use one, maybe two spells
I would only consider the reward worth the risk if that one spell we learn can do practically everything, like a Wish spell or something. Being able to summon Cthulhu or make black holes out of nothing isn't exactly something you want to use often, and what's the point of risking our sanity on something we're not going to use?

I dunno, Blood magic seems rather limited in use to me. Flesh-crafting that works only on unconscious or dead people? That means that we won't even be able to heal ourself or augment ourself in combat, since we'll need to be knocked out before we can be affected by our spells.
I'm set on outer, at least is different I guess
I think messing with our aether is fine, and that's the main thing for me, I don't want a clasdical spell casting wizzard blasting spells I was hoping for something more subtle or at least different like outer
Necromancy is a different matter altogether.

Not only is it absolutely forbidden to practice it, not even the study of Necromancy is allowed for institutions like the mages of Torre.
Who are less combat mages and more like scholars who attempt to figure out how the world works through magic.

Technically it is not even considered magic by the law.

the different ranks have some bearing on what each type can do.
Higher class magics start out inherently stronger but they are of course more difficult to get.

Technically an Elemental mage who is talented enough can compete with a Raw mage but it's also true that a journeyman Raw mage could also whoop the ass of a master Elemental mage.

It all boils down to how talented one is.
And typically the more talented people pick the more difficult schools.

Since you have the orb you already have access to all five schools.
They are not locked off or anything.

It's not an instant game over if that's what you're worrying about.
But you do have to accept the risk that comes with it
For myself, the entire point of playing a mage is to have a wide variety of options both in and out of combat - if I wanted to excel purely at fighting, I would play a fighter - which is why Abstract appeals to me. The other schools seem rather limited in scope, but Abstract is basically the kitchen sink school.
You can't affect others normally.
Your own body is free game however.
So continuously using your own blood to create weapons out of or heal yourself after a battle are doable.

But these also have a price.
After the fight you'd need either a lot of food to replenish your lost blood and cells or use the flesh of the dead to mend your own wounds.

While in combat you use up your own body to fight.
But once you start rolling you can use the bodies of your enemies.
Just be mindful that if you ruin someones bones with blood magic you'll be marked as the most vile of scum that ever walked the earth
So less limited than I initially thought, at least. Do people we heal still have to be unconscious, though?
But since these are medieval times you can get away with whacking someone in the head hard enough to knock them out, then put them back together

Or just prepare some sedatives ahead of time.
Okay, so mage isn't my first choice but let it never be said that I'm a sore loser.

With the choices narrowed down, I think I'd like to opt for blood magic. It seems to have the same 'building block'-esque feel that Elemental has, but comes with it's own flair. Flexible enough for Zsold's purposes, with an easily acquired material resources. A bit of finagling and some skill development, and it can probably replicate a lot of what the Abstract can do in at least a roundabout way, but it also gets some minor healing, which is a huge bonus to an adventurer who lives life on the road. I figure there are also gonna be some buffs, debuffs, and straight up blasty stuff to be done with it as well. Basically, I'm thinking that it has a lot of flexibility and potential, in exchange for having resource management and a high skill ceiling.

Also, the most important part:
Bloodborne references.
Wait, hold up, why not just carry a bunch of phials of blood around?
>A bit of finagling and some skill development, and it can probably replicate a lot of what the Abstract can do in at least a roundabout way, but it also gets some minor healing, which is a huge bonus to an adventurer who lives life on the road.
I'm not so sure on that. Abstract magic seems to cover enchantment, abjuration and mind-affecting powers at minimum, which Blood magic will be hard-pressed to replicate. Not to mention Abstract magic can manipulate plant-based matter, which Blood magic explicitly cannot.

It seems to me like the higher the ranks we go, the more limited the scope of the school is, in exchange for increased potency.
A lot of what it can do, not all of what it can do.

Like, telekinesis. Blood tendrils. Seal/Barriers, crystallised or otherwise hardened blood. Wards. Bloodsoaked string connected to the blood mage who wants to be alerted.

But then, it also has the more direct abilities, too. Hardening the flesh, forcing it to move faster than it would otherwise be capable of, blood spikes or bindings and whatnot. Regeneration.

I'm not entirely sure where the limit lies on what exactly it can do, I could be talking complete bullshit and none of the above is even possible, the final word will be Spooks, of course, but blood magic really seems like the jack of all trades school, average to good at most everything, but requiring a (somewhat) finite resource in exchange.
Voting for this with >>2696975 preparations.
>They are the only ones who have the faintest of fucks about how it actually works.
>Everyone else is just guessing.
>Of course there were fighters, rogues and mages before these 3 dudes but they overshadowed everyone prior to them that nobody cares and just refers to them as "The First".
How good was the First Mage at Outer Magic?
Could you give an example for the DCs for learning spells from each magic school? Because if we were to go for outer I don't wanna be fucking blind sided by a DC of 27 or some shit.
He wasn't good at it.
Not because but because he knew how it works and exactly how dangerous it is.
And he wasn't willing to accept that risk

But he was an expert in all others.

Over the years very few people took Outer magic very far.
It's practically a miracle that 5 people can use it competently
and here's the thing: Those 5 can not be more different from one another in just HOW they use it

Creativity is a big factor. And boy you got some!
I like that.

But basically if you can come up with shit like this and tell me exactly how you are planning on making it a reality I'll pretty much allow it.
So all that stuff like blood wires, blood spikes, blood bindings, they are all fair game.

But that's not exclusive to blood magic.
IF you can bullshit a good enough reason for making shit like technicolored lightning as an Elementalist I'll probably allow it
A DC of 27 will only occur if you willingly do something incredibly stupid or poorly thought out.

A crit might occasionally appear but a DC is unlikely.

And no, I'm not giving exact numbers.
For the same reason why I don't tell you the DC beforehand.
Statistically people will go for the most likely option
>Not because but because

And this is my brain signaling me to go the fuck to sleep already...

"Not because he couldn't do it but because etc."
Getting some kekkai sensen vibes from blood magic right now.
What's the limit on magic? Or at least our limit starting out? Will it be an mp system or spells per day or what? Right now it looks like it would have been pointless picking any other class because magic can just do whatever it was they could do anyway.
>IF you can bullshit a good enough reason
Oh, so that's how magic works. Alright then. And I'm guessing the same principle holds true for Outer Magic, right?

I imagine the DCs will be higher than if we just had an appropriate spell pre-bullshit though.
Reading this again, it came off way more combative than I wanted. I am curious how the system for it is going to work and what the limitations are.
Shit, blood magic sounds pretty good right now then
In addition to apparently great healing, it can also do the jobs of the bulwark, sneaky rogue stuff, and the artificer minimum.
Just remember to bear in mind the school's limitations - that it's harder to learn and use; that you need a flesh or blood medium to work with (using your own body works, but I hope I needn't explain the drawbacks of consuming yourself to fuel your powers); that many of the less subtle abilities will cause you to be ostracized by most societies; and of course that its flexibility is constrained by your creativity (and dice rolls), to name the ones most obvious to me right now.
I would point out that the last drawback you mention applies to pretty much everything.

In any case, higher skill floor, higher skill ceiling. Swings and roundabouts.
Also if we harden some of our blood under (or in) our flesh so we have built in played armor, would that really consume it? We could also just stop hardening it and return it to our bloodstream so it shouldn't vanish. Using some clever bruising we could have a makeshift buddy camo that we can also return to the normal places when not in use. Make a thin hardened blood spike and assassin's Creed some dudes then drain them. Keep extra blood in vials like that other anon said. Keep everything hidden under a decent cloak or something. Not to mention spike traps from small blood pools or potentially stains.

It's very easy to break.
>I would point out that the last drawback you mention applies to pretty much everything.
To an extent, but, as I see it, the Low magics have a far wider inherent scope than the High magics.

For instance, there exists a far wider variety of non-organic materials than organic ones. Therefore, it will, in most cases, be far easier to create an object with a certain desired property with Elemental magic than Blood magic, where we may have to bend over backwards through several hoops to impart that property to flesh and bone - with similarly prohibitive DCs.

As long as you can keep applying that creativity to whatever problems we come across.

I'm not actually that against Blood magic - it's my second choice out of the five - but I want to make sure people consider the potential disadvantages of the school and give the others a fair shake before leaping on the bandwagon.
Nah it's fine.

There is a limit of course.
But not in a daily spell cap or anything.

You see you need aether to fuel your magic.
And that comes from the aether gland.

The gland draws in cosmic energy and transforms it into an organic compound that floods your body.
And it has several limitations.

It can only produce so much aether at any given time.
Naturally your production increases based on how stressed out you get but there is still a ceiling.

It is much like a muscle in that regard.
You can force it to perform beyond its limit but that has its drawbacks.
If you force it too much it will get damaged.
Normally it will heal back and your body will react to this increased demand so it will grow back a bit stronger.

HOWEVER if you push it too much the side effects will be far greater.
Permanent injury to the gland can cause it to loose some of its power or it could just flat out cease functioning forever.
And there is also a slight risk of death since if it explodes in your neck that might cause some problems.


No. Believe it or not the non magic classes can get pretty fucking powerful as well.
As I mentioned before, everyone at a high enough level uses magic to some extent, even if they aren't aware of it.
Mostly in the form of physical augmentation.
So using aether a warrior could literally swing around entire trees without much issue and could tank hits from dragons without being hurt too much.
Deacon for one is a warrior who managed to slay something the size of a mountain

Yes it works for Outer magic but you'd have to first figure it out
I wonder if we could make a spell that can analyse objects and people.
Would we be able to control our blood if we put it in someone? Like stab a spike of hardened blood into someone and snap it off, then make it liquid again?
Only for a very limited amount of time.
Once their aether mixes with yours it becomes significantly harder to manipulate
That's fair.

I have to be honest, the fact that blood magic has some inherent limitations actually make it more appealing to me, since I am at least partially inclining towards it based on it's narrative potential. Having a slightly narrower focus, as well as tangible resource consumption/use, makes it more interesting for me.

Being able to work around it's in-built drawbacks with enough skill allows for a lot of over-time development, and I think it has more potential for flair.
So is the next thread gonna be on Saturday?

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