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Sitting next to a warm campfire and chewing on the freshly roasted rabbit meat you enjoyed your meal with a big dumb smile on your face.
It's not every day that you can enjoy a decent meal like this one.
Alternating between the meat and the roasted beets you devoured it like a starving animal.

There was always something so unique about the flavor of a fresh kill.
As it is killed the animals system is flooded with adrenaline, giving its meat so much flavor that is simply not present if it's preserved.
And the best thing is that you don't have to share it with anyone.
The only thing that's souring your meal a bit is the expressions of your camp mates.

It was only an hour and a half ago that the fires of your victory died out you decided to explore the caves for stragglers.
Even then the three that tagged along were a bit shocked by what you accomplished.
Where you simply stepped on the charred corpses, causing them to turn to dust they stopped to stare at them while you explored the caves for possible survivors.
Luckily for you all that you found was more death.

Some were injured as the goblins rushed to the exit, causing them to die of suffocation.
And even deeper you found signs of the foul creatures trying to claw their way through solid stone only to have their fingers reduced to bones.

In truth the only downside of you smoking them out was the destruction of whatever supplies the beasts hoarded.
The typical goblin nest is filled to the brim with garbage, mud and other unmentionable substances, most of which is either toxic or caustic.
When heated these piles of filth are capable of reducing almost any shiny thing that caught the goblins attention to only scraps of rust.
And you'd rather die than rummage through piles of goblin shit for treasure that may not even be there.

After abandoning the site you lead the novices away and set up camp in the plains next to the forest.
Which is where you proceeded to set up a campfire and cooked dinner in the night.
Of course they didn't want any of it which made you a very happy boy.

But it seems that your loud chewing has finally managed to push some of your 'companions' past the breaking point.
"How can you eat... after all that?"
The boy demanded.

You pause with the rabbits leg in your mouth and look up.
With the meat between your teeth you responded.
"With my mouth?"

Giving you a look like you just insulted all of his collective ancestors he went back to sulking.
The girls aren't in a much better shape either. The little mage is busy staring at her own hands while the hunter is looking deep into the quietly crackling campfire.
Of the three you'd say the mage is the one that handles it the best.
She might be meek but she is not an idiot. If anything she's just a bit scared.

Given his mixture of rage and confusion the boy must've had his whole world flipped upside down.

And the girl with the bow... You're not sure what to think of her.
There is not a hint of emotion on her face as she stares blankly at the fire.
Perhaps it affected her more deeply than you though, perhaps she is just coping with how she didn't feel a thing.
You honestly don't know.

You let out a sigh.
Of course you could try and help them through this but at the same time....

>Ask the mage what's wrong (easy)
>Try calming down the boy (medium)
>Attempt to figure out what's wrong with the girl (?)
>It's none of your business
>Ask the mage what's wrong (easy)
God damn it! I forgot to post this again!

>What's this?
A new quest set in a high fantasy setting.

>Are there/Will there be Chargen?

>Does this mean we don't get to pick anything?!

>Is this Isekai?

>Is this OC?
It's not set in an already established setting so kinda

No. Just fairly dark.
Expect to encounter the many wonders of the dark ages.

>Is Waifuing allowed?
There are just two conditions:
-It won't become the main focus of the quest
-At least wait a bit for a few candidates to show up
That's all

>How does dice work?
Whenever you make a choice which implies the possibility of failure you roll 3d10.
I will consider the best of X amounts (typically 3 but you can increase or decrease the amount with your choices).
I will also specify the DC you have to hit and a Crit beyond that. Failing to meet either will result in a failure.
There are no Critical Failures but it's in your best interest to not fail many times in a row as the cost of failure will most likely increase.

>B-But I have other questions!
Then feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer.
I usually check on the thread every 15 to 20 minutes.

Write-ins are ALWAYS (even if I forget to specify) an option and they are heavily encouraged unless two contradict each other.
I'll try my best to incorporate them IF they don't break character too much.
Also since this is a role playing game do try to role play.
You may approach things however you wish. But try not to make too many dumb decisions.

Have fun and good luck!
Hmmm... slower than usual.

Well I'll go and grab some food.
If no more votes come in by the time I'm back I'll get to writing
>Attempt to figure out what's wrong with the girl (?)
>Ask the mage what's wrong (easy)
>Try calming down the boy (medium)
>Attempt to figure out what's wrong with the girl (?)
All the challenges.
soon my friend

That's actually fair. Just ask how they thought this would go? This is what adventuring is. Especially if you want to stay alive.
File: dtx3ow5ol0ny.png (414 KB, 800x720)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
You turn your attention to the mage girl who is fixated on the lines on her palm.
It's not that hard to guess what might be on her mind but rather than calling her out you first asked if she wants to talk about it.

"Hey... mage.
What's wrong?"

At first you thought your words didn't even reach her but she quickly defied your expectations as she slowly raised her head.
Her eyes were dim, not that they had much spark to them anyway.
"It's nothing...
I was just... thinking."

Forgetting how uncomfortable she was around you up until now she spoke her mind.
And you might not be much of a people person but it's fairly obvious what has been on her mind up until now.
But rather than addressing the core issue with her you decided to speak your mind since it's obvious that all of them have issues with this.

"I just want to know how you thought this would go?
This is what adventuring is about. Especially if you intend to stay alive."

The boy then stood up in frustration.
"What did WE think? What are YOU thinking?!
What happened back there was...
That was not 'adventuring'! That was a massacre!"

Once the meat was gone from the bones you started eating the gristle.
As the cartilage let out all kinds of cracking sounds you responded.
"Ah... so that's what it is. You expected a fight?
Avana... you counted the bodies didn't you?
How many goblins were in there?"

She's surprised about your question and struggles to answer for a moment.

But let's ignore the pups."
You point at the boy with your bones.
"That's roughly five grown goblins for each of us to handle.
In cramped corridors, with either one hand occupied by a torch or having to fight in pitch black as a handicap.
Tell me. Could you fight off five of those things at once?
Goblins are a cowardly species. They only fight if they have overwhelming advantage in numbers and as such love ganging up on enemies.
Now even if you can say yes to that. Do you think your friends would manage?
How about not getting hit once?
As their weapons are often coated in filth and toxic material. One cut could be deadly.
Tell me...
Could you fight in such conditions and win?"

Silence washed over the zealous little warrior as he stood still.
Since it became quite obvious that you won't get an answer to your question then you turn your attention back to the mage.
"Now... about you.
I'm curious about something.
I don't know much about magic... but you are an elemental mage.
What's more you can only control fire.
Hurling a ball of fire will do more than simply hit a person you know..."
Why are you so shocked by what you've seen?"

I've never used it before.
I mean I can conjure a ball of fire safely but I...
I never used it to hurt others before."

"And now that you've seen what you'll do you're not sure you want to.
Then... why fire?"

She puts her index fingers together and starts fidgeting around.
"There aren't many mages in our town. Trisha is the only one and she studied magic in a city.
The only person who ever trained me was a performer who arrived with a traveling circus...
He juggled fire and taught it to me. That is the only spell I know how to do...
So maybe-"

"It's not that you are not cut out for it.
You managed to learn a spell with relative ease.
That means you are talented.
Either you have to learn something more suited to you or you just have to accept that this is what you'll have to do to others.
But no matter what you choose you'll have to accept the responsibility of magic."

Now that you've spoken your mind it was about time to turn your attention back to the boy.
"And you...
The same has to apply to you as well.
I don't know what your problem is-"

"My problem? MY problem?
I'll tell you what my problem is!
What we did... What we did was foul!
There was no glory! No honor!
The only one who has a problem is you!
People like you are the reason why some people look down on adventurers!
You bring shame to the same order heroes like Deacon!"

"The Tamer of the Seas..."


"The slayer of the Sea Mother.
A hero who came from nothing and rose to the top to save the world.
A living legend and perhaps the most important person of today.
I see now.
You heard the stories of valiant knights slaying unknowable monsters and saving the land.
Beacons of hope and champions of justice. I am also fond of them as is every other decent man.
But do you know whose journeys don't turn into tales and fables? Whose tales don't get immortalized by the bards?
Those that die. Nobody cares about the dead or the average. Only the exemplars matter.
And it seems I have to be the one to tell you this but... there are far more of them than you think.
What's more... you are more likely to become one yourself!"


The standing boy then drew his sword and pointed at you.
Let me tell you what I think! You are just a coward who doesn't know how to fight so you resort to such underhanded tactics and try to justify it!
People like you don't DESERVE to live on the same planet as heroes like Deacon!"

You can practically feel your sword popping free on its own at the boys words.
You feel anger swelling up inside of you.
But for now you can still control it.

>Sit. Down.
>Want to put that to the test? (challenge him)
>Ignore him and turn to the archer
>Other? (write-in)
>So how would you have handled this? Enlighten me. Would you have challenged every goblin to a duel? You realize that they've already killed a few other adventures not to mention regular people. There's two kinds of fighters boyo. The honorable and the living. Now sit down.
>Want to put that to the test? (challenge him)
Offer him that if he isn't satisfied.
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 132x426)
40 KB
"So how would you have handled this?
Enlighten me.
Would you have challenged every goblin to a duel?
You realize that they've already killed a few other adventures not to mention regular people.
Do you know what that means?
They lost. The noble and honorable died.
While we who used such cowardly tactics live while the goblins lay dead.
We won. They lost. Living is winning. Dying is losing. This is what I believe.
Now sit down!"

"I refuse!
I won't sit by idly at the behests of a monster like you!
You even left the bones of the dead to rot in that den!"

"If that troubles you so much then be my guest.
Go back and dig through those piles of bones. But unless you know how to tell them apart then you might as well drag all of them out!
And you'll get no help nor coin from me!"
You close your eyes and place one hand on your sword.
"But if that's what you want then I guess I'll have to beat this lesson into your bones!"

T-There is no need for that!"

"Stay out of this mage.
He asked for it.
And I'll oblige!
But once I beat you I don't want to hear a word from you again."
Walking a few paces away from the fire but not too far so you can't see you faced the young boy and grabbed the hilt of your sword.
"Just know that this is what You wanted!"


Then came the reveal.
You drew your blade and the piece of metal glistened in your right hand.
Your opponent though still visibly fuming with rage found himself coming short when attempting to describe what he saw.
But in the end he was no different from all the rest.

He stared at your weapon until finally... he burst out laughing.
And YOU want to educate me on how to do things?!
Now I see you for what you truly are! A beggar flailing a stick around, pretending it's a sword!
I accept your challenge you mad dog! But if I win know that I'm not willing to hand over a single coin to you!
Maybe that'll teach you to not play adventurer with only a broken sword as your weapon!"

He drew his shiny longsword and held it in a low guard position.
In response you twirled around your shattered blade and held it in a reverse grip.
Tightening your fist you pondered on how to handle him.

>Stay on the defensive and wait for him to make a mistake.
>Break his guard with quick jabs and prods.
>Go in and go all out. Overwhelm him.
>Other? (write-in)
>Go in and go all out. Overwhelm him.
Let's teach him about reach and how his is useless if we're in the pocket shiving him.

>In response you twirled around your shattered blade and held it in a reverse grip.
Why is it shattered? Why are we still using it if it's shattered?
>Would you have challenged every goblin to a duel?
>You realize that they've already killed a few other adventures not to mention regular people.
Is this that Goblin Slayer quest that was offered back in /qtg/?
>Break his guard with quick jabs and prods.
>>Go in and go all out. Overwhelm him.
wanted to be here earlier but was busy
It's not Goblin Slayer quest.
I just happened to like it a lot so it influenced me.

As for the shattered blade, it's simple:
Years of surviving in the woods left the MC as a hardcore survivalist who doesn't waste anything and uses everything available to him.
The broken sword is still functional, only as a dagger.
So until it's completely useless he sees no point in getting a new weapon since he has a terrible tendency to break them
Also... rush down wins


Oh and please roll 3d10.
Best of 3
DC: 10 Crit: 20
Rolled 4, 7, 3 = 14 (3d20)

Rolled 10, 6, 9 = 25 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 9, 9 = 21 (3d10)

well just fuck his shit up, senpai
>Oh and please roll 3d10.
Rolled 6, 2, 8 = 16 (3d10)

fuck, you right, I misread my own saved roll thing

let's do it right this time
File: index.jpg (10 KB, 216x234)
10 KB
Who even needs to roll twenties like this?
The broken blade.
It has been by your side for a while now.
It bears no name, nor anything that makes it special.
It's just what it appears to be. A failure of a sword.

You bought it at a bargain sale and it performed just as well as one would expect from such a cheap weapon, so it wasn't a total waste of money.
But one strike at a goblins skull was enough to shatter it completely, ironically making it a much better weapon than when it was whole.
After grinding down its edges until it was practically a shank it was perfectly serviceable as a dagger.
And it's been serving you for months now without any further hiccups.

However just because something is broken it shouldn't be under estimated.
A sharpened piece of metal is still perfectly capable of killing, no matter what form it may take.
Though you do have to be very careful about the elements affecting the wounded steel.

But the words of the boy still rang in your ears.
Were it not for you these idiots would've died.
And now he dares to threaten to take away your rightful payment?
No... that won't do.
Not when you are so close. Not after these 8 years grueling work.
This is not the moment when you'll back down. Not to a runt like this.

Sadly there will be one, slight difficulty in this fight.
Holding back.


You let out a wicked smile and start sprinting towards the unsuspecting boy.
Raising his blade from a low to a crown guard.
His form is sloppy however, brought out by survival instinct rather than technique.
He then raises the sword above his head, perfectly telegraphing his upcoming move.

Once you are in reach he nervously shouts as he brings down the blade on your head.
The downward swing is so obvious the only thing you had to worry about is deciding how to punish him in the short time you are given.
Rather than going for something fancy you raised your 'dagger' at a slight angle, creating a nice slope on which the opponents sword can slide off to the side harmlessly.

Sparks fly as the two blades clash and though the strike had plenty of force behind it you still didn't find it difficult to parry.
Just as you expected the attack harmlessly passed by you, leaving the boy more than a bit confused about what was happening.
With a quick dash to the left you found yourself on the boys right side where you proceeded to thrust your knife in an upward motion towards his armpit.

Stopping just before striking him you let out a smile.

Angered by your actions he did a wide horizontal swing which you avoided by simply ducking under it.
Now face to face with him you tackled him with one arm stretched out and pushed with your whole body weight.
Falling backwards like an iron log he helplessly screamed as you threw him to the ground.

Placing your knee on his bicep you stop him from flailing around with his sword and accidentally hurting someone you placed yourself atop him.
With the tip of your broken sword at his throat you looked him straight in the eye.

"That's Two!"

He grunts angrily and manages to lift his leg enough to kick you in the back.
More out of pity than anything else you decided to roll away and let him get back up.

Both of you stand up and reorient yourselves towards your opponent.
"What are you doing?!"

"Counting how many times you died!"

Not giving him a moment to recover you continued your rush and for the first time you see actual fear in his eyes.
Smiling you side stepped his downward swing and with another step forward you found yourself behind his swords effective range.
You'll batter him until his body learns an important lesson about the reach of weapons.

Locking his right arm under your left one you began violently shanking him with your broken weapon.
Naturally he attempted to stop you by raising his plated arm but it really didn't matter.
It was not your intention to kill him and it didn't matter where you hammered him.
With each stab his plate armor let out an audible clang and sometimes it even got dented.
If you ever pierced his suit you didn't know as you got into the flow of things a bit too much.

At this point you forgot about attempting to 'kill' him by targeting the gaps in his armor and instead resorted to just brutalizing him.
Nevertheless it was effective as far as lessons came.
About halfway through your pummeling he started breaking down as the shockwaves made his armor vibrate and his innards ring.
Finally you pulled back slightly and stopped thrusting your dagger into him as it felt like you were getting close to puncturing it.

Raising your knife to his throat you leaned in close to him.
*huff puff*
"That makes three.
You would be dead three times over.
How does that make you feel?!"

No more!"

Letting go of his arm you allowed him to fall on his ass.
In the end this fight only managed to prove you right.
The strong win. The weak loose. And losing means death.
You may not be nowhere near the strongest being in this world but he is still beneath you.
Looking at him in this sorry state only managed to reinforce your ideas. You need to get stronger. And soon.

"If you listened to me before there would be no need for me to make you sit!
Now get your ass back to the fire and go the fuck to sleep!
Tomorrow we'll go back to town, I get my payment and we go our separate ways!
I'll not drag some dead weights around just so they'd drag me down!"
Going back to the fire you picked back up what was left of the rabbit and dusted it off before resuming your meal.

"That includes you too!
Go and get some sleep! I'll keep watch."

"I-I-I'm sorry Mis-"

"It's not your fault.
I just got agitated!
Now go on! Get some sleep. It'll help you to clear your heads.
Just remember what you learned today and you might make it as adventurers."

Once the remainder of the food was gone the boy and the mage finally fell into a deep slumber.
The ranger however was different.

"I thought I told y-"

"I'm not tired..."

"Look if you're mad-"

"I'm not mad.
Lowan got what he was asking for."

"Then what's wrong?"

She hesitates for a moment.
"It... It's the smell.
That damned smell has been following me since then.
I didn't feel anything when I saw them and I didn't know why.
But this stench is driving me insane!"

Suddenly comprehension dawns on you and you reach for your backpack.
Pulling out a handful of herbs you handed them to her.
"Spit on it and roll it between your fingers.
Rub it on the inside of your nose. It should help."

After doing as she was told her eyes began to shine.
This is really good! So fresh and... clean!"

"I've been on the road for 8 years now.
It was rough especially at the start but I got used to it.
I've seen many things since then. Things not too different from what we did today."

"Is this... really all there is to it?
Are the tales of glory and fame just a lie?"

But they also don't tell you of the many misfortunes that happen to adventurers.
I've seen my fair share of tragedies, the mistakes of others and I decided otherwise.
I took the slow and steady route, working these menial chores for 8 years straight, drifting from place to place.
All to get power."

"Now it makes sense.
How much coin do you have?"

"2 gold, 99 silver and 930 copper coins once we turn this one in."

"You're so close!
Wow I... never would've thought.

But now that you have your nose fixed you should get to sleep.
Don't worry I'll keep an eye out."

"Yeah, sure.
But... may I ask a favor from you?"
You raised an eyebrow at her.
"T-That aether.
May I use it? I'm afraid if I close my eyes I'll see those bodies again..."

>Give her the gland and a warning
>Share it with her
>She shouldn't use it. Refuse
>Other? (write-in)
>Share it with her and give her a warning.
>>She shouldn't use it. Refuse
don't use it when it isn't necessary. Avoiding nightmares doesn't count as necessary
Actually switch >>2673352 to >>2673358
as he had a good point.
Well this clearly won

File: Monster_Cells.png (56 KB, 275x189)
56 KB
You take out the gland you extracted from the same rabbit you were eating before.
The fleshy bud that is the aether gland is a curious little thing indeed.

A mutation, perhaps the first one ever, supposedly forming after the birth of magic when humanity was first exposed to the powers of the cosmos.
It offered so many benefits to those possessing it that it became a dominant genetic trait.
Nowadays all manner of creatures be they animal, human or nex possess it.
It is so widespread in fact that someone born without one is considered a disability.

This tiny thing is responsible for the greatest feats in history.
Drawing in the radiation of the cosmos it transforms it into an organic compound called Aether.
Essentially liquid magic injected into a beings blood stream by the gland, it enables the use of magic...
And a powerful narcotic.

When squeezed into the eye it serves as a gateway to the Radiant Cosmos, allowing the user to see all of its wonders and horrors at the same time.
While not illegal its use is heavily frowned upon by the populace as it is remarkably easy to get lost in the cosmic insanity it opens up.
Some call it the nectar of the gods, some think it's a corruptive oil. All agree on one thing: It's dangerous.

Looking back at the girl you spoke up.
"Your parents... they ever tell you what it does?"

All I know is that it gives you visions.
That it can make you forget things."

"Of course they wouldn't tell you...
Even if they wanted to they couldn't...
It does not make you forget bad things.
It simply... shows something worse. By the time you wake up your other worries will be insignificant.
Luckily the sensation doesn't last long.
But it's still far too big of a price to pay just to get rid of some bad dreams!
So I can't give it to you in good consciousness."

"And you expect me to believe you only use it to be aware of your surroundings when you sleep?"

"I'd rather not say my reasons for using it.
But I can tell you it's not to forget."


"To remember."

"I see."
She rolled around onto her back and away from you.
"But if I'll have nightmares I'll blame you forever."

"I think I can live with that.
Sweet dreams."

And don't think about sleeping after that little speech of yours!"
Once her breathing stabilized and she drifted off to sleep you were left alone in the cold night.
You kept the fire going but paid great attention to it that it didn't get too large.
Only the soft crackling of the burning wood and the music of nearby crickets could be heard.
Looking up you saw numerous bright lights filling the otherwise dark sky.

Taking a deep breath you cursed your own luck.
Skipping a nights sleep wasn't something too unusual for you but it's never pleasant.
For a while you kept prodding the flame with a stick but even that got boring after a while.

With nothing to do you contemplated using the aether but opted against it.
If anything now was the time when you couldn't afford to not be lucid.
So that left you with very few options that were relatively quiet.

It's certainly been a while ago since you last attempted to use magic.
But there is a very good reason for that.
However as you contemplated meditation you heard a loud screech coming from the woods you left a few hours ago.
It certainly wasn't human yet... you can't quite call it that the roar of a beast either.
If it's a nocturnal monster on the prowl it might be in your best interest to go after it, least it comes for you when your concentration lapses.

>Guarding the camp is the priority. Meditation it is
>You can't ignore something like that
>Other? (write-in)
>>Guarding the camp is the priority. Meditation it is
Do we have anything we could use to make an early warning system of some kind? If not then
>Guarding the camp is the priority. Meditation it is
You are in an open field.
The best you could do is caltrops
Then let's put some down and meditate.
Do we have a shovel, can we dig?


Oh and please roll 3d10.
Same as before, best of 3.
DC: 23 Crit: 27
Rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 2, 5 = 17 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 5, 3 = 12 (3d10)

File: dark-night-meditation.jpg (43 KB, 500x650)
43 KB
Scattering your favorite traps, the caltrops, all around to secure the area you made some preparations for what you were about to do.
Taking off everything unnecessary, including your backpack and several pieces of your armor you sat down in a comfortable position.
With the only thing restraining you being the heavy bandages and what they conceal on your left arm you closed your eyes and began to focus.


"Take a deep breath...
And concentrate!"

You instructed yourself in the hopes that this time it won't end the same way as it did every other time.
Air filled your lungs as you inhaled and then worked on regulating your breathing until it was perfectly automatic.
Once you made sure you wouldn't suffocate you began.

Turning your attention inward you attempted to reach that disgusting postule inside your neck.
Trying to find something, anyything that might unlock its secrets.

Sadly you are painfully aware of your shortcomings as a user of the arcane.
Magic as an art relies on studying the universe and understanding its functions. So it is less of a mystical, incomprehensible ability and more like an acquired skiil.
And as such there are people naturally more talented at it.
Some virtuosos are capable of performing well above the average after only the briefest of trainings.
While other naturals can utilize aether in another form without any prior education.

You are... none of those.

Every time you sat down and tried to reach the source of your magic it ended disastrously.
So in an attempt to try and avoid that you took things slowly.
But the main problem is still the fact that you don't know what exactly you are supposed to do.

Concentrating intensely you feel a cold shiver running along your spine and through your body.
You capture that sensation and try to force your body to perform the same reaction.
Succeeding you feel a slight buzzing sensation in your limbs.
Clenching your fists hard you attempt to redirect this feeling into the center of your body.

The shivers leave your arms and legs, making them feel strangely cold.
Finally it reached the gland in your neck and... you felt a jolt.

As if lightning struck in your throat you reeled back in agony as you felt a sharp pain spreading from your gland into the rest of your neck.
Involuntarily you closed your eyes and fell to the ground.
The only reason you didn't scream until your throats bled is because you were unable to due to the rapid convulsions.
Practically foaming at the mouth you tried to get up but failed to do so for about five minutes.
Once you regained enough control over your arms you got up and wiped the saliva off of your face.
Reaching to the back of your neck you quickly withdraw your fingers as it feels like having needles prod your skin.

Now it will hurt for days!"
You grumbled to yourself.

Every time you attempt to use the gift you were born with this is the end result.
Though a bit varied each time it always ends in you cursing your own stupidity as pain overwhelms you.
You've consulted doctors about this before but results were inconclusive. Every other charlatan said something else so you opted to not listen to them.
But despite not knowing what you are doing wrong or why you can't use magic easily you still keep trying.
Some say that every great fighter, be they mage or warrior, uses magic in some capacity whether they acknowledge or know about it is irrelevant.

So naturally you want it.
Sadly now that you managed to maim yourself once more it's unlikely you can try again for a couple of days at least.
One time you pressed your luck and got bedridden for several days as a result.
Thinking it to be an excellent exercise you picked back up your traps and put them back in their rightful place.

Once the Light Well rose you decided to cook the remaining beets you had for breakfast in the still hot ashes of yesterdays campfire.
When the others woke up they wasted no time addressing you.

"Good morning...
Are you still eating?"

"I'm grumpy in the morning.
I need something to occupy my mind."

"C-Can I have some?"
The mage girl asked and you passed her some of your food.

"Watch out it's hot.
So... did you guys have a good rest?
Are you ready to move on?"

"Hey! Don't we get breakfast?"
The boy asked.

"Eat your own damned food!"

After everyone got ready you packed up and resumed your journey back to the town in order to receive your payment.
People certainly seemed a bit livelier than at night but only by a bit.
They returned to their usual chatter which did not interest you that much.
Only this time the mage girl spoke to you.

Was there anything unusual during the night?"


"I-I mean I'm just curious!"

>I heard some sort of cries from the forest
>I was just practicing while you slept
>Nothing worth mentioning
>Other? (write-in)
>>I heard some sort of cries from the forest
>>I was just practicing while you slept

I hate doing this but I think it's time to do a little "pause" right here.
Tomorrow I'll return and will write the continuation of the thread.
Has anyone archived the last thread?
>>I heard some sort of cries from the forest
>>I heard some sort of cries from the forest
I wonder if we will be learning about the MC's arm anytime soon.
I archive every thread personally when I make them


Here is the list, including Chapter 0

And you'll learn about the arm when it becomes relevant
File: 1cfw1ob.jpg (873 KB, 868x1228)
873 KB
873 KB JPG
"There was not much.
I heard some strange sounds coming from the forest.
Must've been some beast.
So I scattered some caltrops around the camp."

"Should we watch out?"

"No need.
I know exactly how many I have and I collected all of them."

"T-That's not what I meant.
I meant... it was powerful enough to wake me up.
Shouldn't we be careful?"

You look over to the forest.
Being magically impaired really is a detriment it would seem, if she can detect such things.
"I doubt it.
Most likely it was nocturnal.
If it didn't attack us yet it won't now.
But... it sounded quite familiar. Can't put my finger on it though."

After making sure everyone was alright and nothing has gone missing in the night you packed up your little camp and went on your way back to Dirthaven.
Since there wasn't much that stood in your way you managed to get back quite a ways before dusk. Though the journey left a mark on the three following you.
It's quite obvious that they aren't used to traveling so much.

Upon arriving into the town you wasted no time and entered the guild hall.
The local clerk practically jumped up when she saw your arrival.
"You're back?!"
But when she saw her friends being safe and sound she practically lost her breath.
You walked up to the counter and retrieved the contract from your silver tube and presented it to her.
"I-It is done?!
J-Just a moment!"

She then pulled out a rather large bag which jingled satisfyingly at the slightest motion.
Your three companions greedily snatched it away and quickly rushed to a nearby table where they proceeded to count your pay.
You were about to join them when you heard the clerk call out for you.

"Erm... please Ser! Can I have a moment of your time?"
You turned around and nodded.
"Those three...
They were my friends for as long as I can remember.
I can't thank you enough for saving them. And... neither can they, even if they don't know it.
And I can only hope they didn't cause any problems for you."

"Don't mention it.
It was rather easy... and I only did it for the money.
It will be up to them after this.
If they learned anything they might have a chance... if they didn't-"

"I'm aware.
They teach us about the dangers of your profession at the institutes.
But try as I might I couldn't get it across to them."
She then poises herself and becomes the professional clerk she usually is.
"Will that be all?"

I'm planning on moving away from here."

She almost looks disappointed when you said that.
May fortune smile upon you on your journeys adventurer!"


Now all that was left was the issue of coin.

>Just take your share and leave
>Sit down with them one last time and help them out
>Tell the kids they might want to choose a different profession
>Other? (write-in)
>Tell the kids they might want to choose a different profession
Adventuring is not easy. It is not glamorous or honorable. Those lucky enough to have the choice should truly stay as far away from it as possible. If not for themselves, then at least for those who will miss them.

But if they still insist in pursuing this lifestyle,
>Sit down with them one last time and help them out
We may as well give them some last small help in not dying.
Wowee zowee I missed Spookyng's new quest.
Nah mate.
You can lurk the archives and catch up.
File: thinking kobayashi.jpg (49 KB, 636x836)
49 KB
>lurk the archives
Finally manged to catch a live session.
Also this gets my vote.
Don't judge me.
Starting a new quest feels... weird

And I can't tell who is a newfag or a veteran of mine
Also I don't feel like wasting so much time as yesterday.

Wins due to someone else voting for it

So how does this world work in terms of power scaling?
The ceiling is quite high.
But getting there is incredibly difficult.
Even creatures that are born far more powerful than a regular human have a hard time growing past where they initially start.

But a mastery of magic can elevate one to incredible heights, limited only by ones creativity and talent
File: 2Xi0Aq3.jpg (181 KB, 1200x632)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
You walked over to them and sat down next to them.
""How is it?"

"200 copper!
I almost can't believe it!
So much money from just one job!"

You waved your hand at them.
"Only 50.
Speaking of which..."

They slide you your share and after counting it you pocket the coins..
Normally you don't like carrying much coin on your person but with this amount you are still comfortable.
But they are right in one thing.
What money you spent two days ago you made back twice over in a day.
That is indeed satisfying.

Sadly you can't quite celebrate just yet as you had one last thing you wanted to tell them.
"And now that the quest is complete we shall part ways."

"So... you were serious about that."
Avana spoke up.

With this coin I'm only inches away from my goal.
I will depart to the nearest large settlement that has a store selling adventurer supplies."

"And I for one am glad!
I don't think I could stand you for another day!"


"Do you seriously care about him Avana?!
The guy who did nothing but called us useless for the entire quest?!"

You cough and break the two apart before they could really go at each others throat.
"This brings up something I wanted to tell you.
After seeing how you handled yourselves during this little trip I highly suggest you try your hands at a different profession.
Adventuring is not easy. It is not glamorous or honorable.
It's a job that happens to pay well and one that the realm needs. To protect the everyman us adventurers are thrown at the monsters of this world en masse.
Most of the time a threat is stopped not because of some hero saving the day but because the beasts get tired slaughtering us.
Those lucky enough to have the choice should truly stay as far away from it as possible. If not for themselves, then at least for those who will miss them.
And from what I've seen you are not cut out for this.
You are glory hounds and novices but lack the innate talent or strength to realize your ambitions."

The boy then glares at you.
"And I'm telling you that ain't happening!
I will not live knowing my life depends on an adventurer waltzing into town and slaying what's about to eat me!
What you say may be true but there are enough bastards like you in the world and not enough heroes!
That is what I want to change!"


"No Avana!
You remember our oath! RIght?!
If we die, we die! But at least the people we care about won't die with us!"

"And I'm not saying that we should just quit.
All I'm saying is that this stranger knows what he's doing and that we should listen to what he says!
But if we want to be more than meat in the grinder then we'll have to get stronger!
So the best thing would be to either take things slowly or spend a few more months preparing!"
This Lowan guy is a real card considering he was trying to take our cut of the money when we are so close to the MC's Goal of what ever it is.
In his defense he did not know about the MCs goal
Hearing how determined they are you let out a sigh.
If you are in such a hurry to die then I can't stop you.
But I'll tell you what you need to do in order to be more than another tally mark.
First: Find someone with knowledge in the medical arts.
Learn what herbs and plants can be used as remedies to treat, cleanse and cure poisons in wounds.
Second: Stay away from quests meant for large groups. Most of the time they are there because a smaller group failed there previously.
The pay will be terrible and you'll live in deprivation for most of the time. But you'll live.
And once you saved up enough coin... specifically 3 gold, go and get yourselves the relics of the First."

Suddenly their eyes shot up.
The boy in particular looks like things suddenly make sense to him.
"So that's what you were doing!
You lived like an animal for 8 years for those?!"

"He was... he told me."
The archer girl nodded.
"Do you think those can help?
I heard those are just a fairy tale to rob people of mountains of coin."

"That's what the poor try to convince themselves of.
But one fact remains: Any adventurer even vaguely worth mentioning possesses one of those artifacts."
Following that you stood up from the table.
"Whatever you do from now is your choice.
Just try and not get killed.
May the roads treat you well."

Then... you left the guild hall and the town itself.
You've been here for about a month, fulfilling menial chores for the citizens.
You can't say you'll miss it.
In fact you'd be glad if you forgot everything about this town.

After stepping through the boundaries of the settlement you took out your map of Midland.
It's a bit outdated and with the ever shifting borders of it, navigating it might be a bit tricky.
But at least it gives you a fairly good idea about where the different towns are located.
Granted if any one of them gets demolished things could get a bit tricky.

"Let's see... where could it... be?
Golden Wind?"

Your eyes were drawn to one particular spot.
Not a large town by any means but it's built right atop the crossing of two large trade routes.
It must have unusually high traffic and a bustling market.
A perfect location for a shop dealing in esoteric goods sought after by travelers.
There is just one problem with it. Namely the paths leading to it.

Since you just left back end of the entire planet there is no chance for you to hit any of the two large trade routes.
Meaning your options are limited to walking around a large mountain which would cost you at least a day or two.
And the other one goes through the valley next to said mountain. A much shorter but possibly more dangerous route.
Both of them lead straight to a smaller settlement where you could possibly find some work to reach the coveted 3 gold pieces.

Now all you have to do is pick.

>Long, safe route
>Short but risky path
>Other? (write-in)
>>Short but risky path
>>Long, safe route
One guy on his own, with not a lot of high quality stuff on him, gonna vote to go the safe route.
>Long, safe route
We spent years playing it safe, and just lectured those kids on doing the same. Don't throw it all away now.
Playin' it safe it is.

In that case roll 3d10.
Best of 3
DC: 12; no crit

Rolled 8, 8, 3 = 19 (3d10)

inb4 somehow still crit fail
Rolled 3, 9, 10 = 22 (3d10)

I wouldn't even be surprised by it.
In fact I was thinking about tying every mundane activity to a dice roll.
Getting up from a chair without failure would've been a 5.

I have no doubt in my mind if I did that crit fails would be abundant
Rolled 6, 10, 4 = 20 (3d10)

QM rolling for foraging
How long did it take you to realise that was a dumb idea?
File: perfect-red-currant.jpg (50 KB, 400x400)
50 KB
"A valley...
Most likely serves as a funnel for monsters and beasts.
Too risky."
You let out a sigh as you roll up your map.
"Looks like it's more marching for me."

Without wasting much time you started following the road arching around the small mountain.
Such formations are relatively uncommon in Midland with most of the country being flat plains, thick forests or uncrossable marshes.
Only way up in the north can one find anything larger than a hill with certainty.
And only very few people visit the north willingly. The cold, harsh winds, the snow and the much more dangerous fauna makes it a nightmarish place for the typical midlander who knows the luxuries of spring, summer and fall.

The dirt road was well paved but was rarely used, leaving many ambitious weeds and small plants to grow in a few patches on it.
A bit before you reached the base of the mountain you found yourself being surrounded by trees from all sides, their roots providing yet another hazard you had to pay attention to if you didn't want to trip.

But where there is danger there is always opportunity.
The lush greenery may be dangerous hiding all manner of things like wild beasts or poisonous plants but it also provided one with nourishment if they possessed the necessary knowledge for it.
And experience you had, having lived off the land for years now both as a necessity and as a means of saving coin.
Roots, berries, mushrooms to say nothing of all the meat wild game can provide.
Just by carrying some basic ingredients like fat or perhaps a few onions you can whip up a wide plethora of meals that can provide you with the necessary energy for long journeys and soothe your soul with tastes that can make you forget all the worlds troubles.

It was when you were feeling a bit peckish that you decided to pick some red currants.
You were in the process of of shoveling the sweet and sour berries into your mouth when you quickly raised your head to a noise.
The loud shriek sounded eerily familiar to you. It was when you heard it again that you realized where from.
It was the same sound from yesterday. Or at least it was very similar to it.

Except this time it was close.
Uncomfortably close.
About the time it took me to sober up after the thread in which it was conceived.
The whole reason why I wanted to do it because my last MC had a strange tendency to succeed in the impossible but fail at the most basic of skill checks

I just wanted to do it for a laugh but it'd be ultimately too much effort for a cheap laugh and it could seriously slow down the quest
Well this MC doesn't seem to have that problem, he just rolled very well on a good plan and beating the shit out of a novice who is way too into honour and stuff ( here's hoping we never meet those guys again). If we had succeed that mediation roll then I could see a reason to worry
File: Spoiler Image (104 KB, 892x896)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Not bothering to wipe the red, sticky juice off of your face you reached for your weapon and slowly turned around to where the sound came from.
It was too close and too tempting to ignore.
Yesterday was one thing, back then you had to keep watch and it was far away.
But now that it's this close you simply can't ignore it.
You'd rather surprise the creature before it does you.

Crouching down you went as quietly as you could manage.
Within a few minutes you could hear the creatures grunts increasing in volume as you got closer to it.
Slowly you peeped through a bush to see just what was making all this racket.
And when you saw it you finally remembered where was this noise familiar from.


These odd creatures may look reptilian in appearance but they are in fact mammals.
Considered by many to be just "worse kobolds" as pests, the truth is that there is quite a bit more to them than that.
Smaller in numbers and slower to reproduce these creatures still pollute the world quite a bit, having scattered tribes practically anywhere where the ecosystem can sustain them.

Clever and physically more imposing they are dangerous enough that they could reasonably challenge humans to a one on one fight.
Though they still prefer swarming opponents due to them still being relatively low in the food chain and cowardly as a result.

Upon a closer look you even see that it isn't only one kobold but two.
One male... one female.

Rarely seen by outsiders and heavily guarded by the tribes these creatures are living proof of the... deprived nature of the kobolds.
Heavily sexually dimorphic, the males are larger with rougher scales, more pronounced horns and possess aggression that can rival that of many larger creatures.
While the females are slender with wide hips, smoother skins and larger eyes.
It is speculated by Magus who study these things that the males prefer 'cute' mating partners as evident by their remarkable interest in attractive human and nex females.
Generations of selective breeding made these two halves of a whole seem like they belong to an entirely separate species.

So it is quite shocking for you to see one.

But at least now you know what was that awful noise.
The male is trying to pounce on the female, having it already cornered but struggling as the female attempts to resist.
It's probably a male low on the social hierarchy who is trying to take advantage of probably the only chance it'll ever get to mate.

Normally you'd just turn around and leave as you are not interested in watching animals breed but there is a slight issue with that plan.
Namely the bundle of spears on the males back.
It is probably a hunter. With their incredible sense of smell this one could probably track you for days if it ever picks up your scent.

>Sneak up and kill it
>Challenge the cowardly creature to a fight
>Chance it and run away as fast as possible
>Other? (write-in)
>Sneak up and kill it
Fuck it, this thing is clearly already hunting us.
>Sneak up and kill it
We haven't room to consider honor or mercy here, only survival. We're close enough that the hunter will probably pick up our scent even if we run for it. We'll probably have to kill the female too so she can't report our passage to anyone, to be safe.
>>Sneak up and kill it
We're going in sneaky beaky like.

Then please roll 3d10
Best of 3 as usual
DC: 20 Crit: 25

You still here Spooky?
Rolled 6, 9, 4 = 19 (3d10)

of course

I just went and brewed some coffee.
The night is long and full of sleep depravation
Rolled 3, 3, 8 = 14 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 9, 5 = 15 (3d10)

So this is rolling to not get caught right? Because if failure leads to us taking straight up damage I am gonna be mad.
Since you got pretty close I'm gonna cut you some slack
No if you wanted to cut some slack you wouldn't have had us encounter these guys when we passed the DC on the safe route of all things .Heck this is technically our first real enemy encounter and you've gave the DC of 20,
dude, calm down
With DCs like this, this going to be even more grimdark than Grimdark Quest.
To be fair, we have something like a 60% chance of meeting a DC of 20 on 3d10 BO3. And I don't expect that failing this one roll means we suffer too great a consequence, just that we missed the chance to completely trivialize this encounter and have to face it normally.

As for the safe route thing, fair enough that having to take on an enemy that 'could reasonably challenge humans to a one on one fight' might be a little much, but being pursued by something or other /was/ foreshadowed, and we don't actually know that what we would have faced on the shorter route wouldn't have been worse.
There was no doubt about it.
You had to take care of this little problem.
No doubt the kobold will pick up your scent from just how close you got to it.

Drawing your weapon you slowly walked around the bush as slow as you could manage.
Luckily for you the hunter seemed to be enjoying himself as its soon to be mate was trying to resist it.
The cracking laughter of it combined with the helpless wailing of the female were making enough noise to mask your approach.
But where you made a miscalculation was the same thing you were worried about a moment ago.

The creature jolted up and slowly turned its head around, looking at you with its slit eyes.
Its nostrils contracted as it was sniffing the air.
You practically saw its eyes being filled with blood as you rudely interrupted it.

Letting out a reverberating roar it drew one of the spears from the bundle on its back and threw it at you with stunning speed.
Luckily for you its aim was not the best and the sharp tip only managed to cut into your right cheek as it passed by. You can only hope that it was not poisoned.
Feeling blood trickle down your face you readied your weapon as the beast prepared to lob another spear at you.

There is still a pretty large gap between the two of you.
Far too wide to make it in one mad dash before it could attack you again.
And even if you did there is no guarantee it won't just use its spear normally.

>If you can't rush it down you must fight it from afar
>Throw caution to the wind and charge
>Fall back and look for that spear he just threw
>Other? (write-in)
Do we have anything reflective?
By "reasonably challenge" I mean if the two ever met with no weapons it would be a fairly equal fight.

A kobold is smaller than a human and weaker but possesses better natural weapons.
>>Fall back and look for that spear he just threw
Or anything that spells horrible, because my idea is basically over stimulate it;s senses as a hunter and make a dash for the spear.
>Other? (write-in)
Advance as quickly as possible while remaining cautious, with the intention to dodge the next spear. It should be doable, since the throw will be telegraphed as all fuck, so you'll know exactly when to raise your guard. After that, charge the fucker down.
>>Quickly get something reflective and try to shine some light into it;s eyes, then fall back and look for that spear he just threw.
I feel rushing the spear would be a bad move, since we'll only have one shot (at least until it throws another spear at us, which isn't something we want to be waiting on, since we'd be enabling it ti fully dictate the terms of the encounter) and presumably are less trained in spear-throwing than it is. Meanwhile, we'd be making it harder to put our favored weapon - our sword - into play, and comparatively easier for it to use its spears.
And your vote basically just boils down to the charge it option worded differently which is why it doesn't fill me with confidence, of course our guy would attempt to dodge the spear, it's a matter of if he can.
This feels a bit disjointed... but I think I can make it work.

Okay then!
With these write-ins in mind let's roll another 3d10
Best of 3 once more
DC: 14 Crit: 22

Rolled 7, 1, 3 = 11 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 7, 1 = 14 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 10, 5 = 25 (3d10)

File: d86.jpg (59 KB, 286x323)
59 KB
Poor kobold
Why couldn't I have rolled you earlier dammit.
How frowned upon is it to skin kobolds?
Not at all.

Though some of the more scientific minds believe them to be the next species in a while which will achieve full sentience nobody really cares about them
Okay, just thinking we can skin them and use them for something or at the very least sell their skin so we can get more money.
File: 636252780450300625.jpg (256 KB, 740x1000)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
You straightened your back as the kobold prepared for another throw.
Sneaking around was never your specialty anyway.

The beasts eyes narrow down on you as it quickly pulls its arm back and lets loose another throwing spear.
By rolling to the side you managed to easily avoid the second projectile which earned you a surprised glance from your adversary.
Its mouth hanging agape it stared at you as you smiled.

"How about you try that again?"


You don't know if the creature can understand human speech but it's fairly obvious it got angry at you. Perhaps it can understand what a smirk is.
Nevertheless it prepares for another attack and you do the same.
Aligning your left arm so that the light piercing the foliage directly shined on it.
As the kobold pulled its arm back in preparation you quickly pulled some of the bandages free, exposing the metal lying underneath.

The light shone in its eyes and the beast faltered, dropping its weapon in the process.
Seizing this opportunity you quickly rushed backwards where its previously thrown projectiles were.
Once you found one you quickly sheathed your sword and picked it up.
By the time you stood up with your new toy the kobold managed to recollect itself and it leaned forward for the tool it just dropped.

The shaft of the spear spun around in your arm a bit, carried by the weight of the tip before you tightened your grip on it.
With one fluid motion you returned the javelin back to its owner and watched as it soared through the sky.
You don't know how but you managed to strike the creatures despite never throwing anything larger than a knife in your life.
Howling in pain as your attack struck it in the left shoulder the kobold found itself falling over from the pain and the weapon lodged in him.

Seeing this you took your chant and rushed up to it.
Its main hand was still perfectly fine. If it managed to get up it could still attack you.
So your only option is to get close enough that it can't.
Wait so we have a metal arm?
File: Spoiler Image (120 KB, 894x894)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Though you are fast you are not quite as fast as the wind.
Seeing your advances the kobold got its second wind and for the sake of survival ignored the wound it just received.
Reaching for the spear which he dropped and was now rolling around he pointed it at you.

Continuing your charge you raised your left arm in front of your chest to hopefully block the thing.
As the javelin hit your arm it stopped dead in its track and once you pushed it even further the shaft of the weapon slipped out of the kobolds hand.

Throwing your entire body onto the beast you pushed your left arm upward in an attempt to push its jaws as far away as possible.
Scratching wildly the beast struggled as much as it could, scraping your back in the process.
Drawing your knife you raised it to the kobolds throat and with one quick slice began exsanguinating it.

The scraping grew weaker and slowed down until all the strength left the vile creatures limbs.
Panting from the exertion you freed yourself from the grasping claws of your prey and stood up.
Luckily the leather armor you were wearing managed to protect you from the worst of the creatures assault.
Though you suspect from the stinging sensation that it managed to do more than scratch your back. It undoubtedly drew some blood.
Sighing you took the spear that it used to poke you and lodged in its skull just for good measure.

"Now then..."
You turned around and looked at the female that just sat there petrified.
"Onto the next one."

Raising your blood soaked dagger you looked at the female as it remained motionless.
Unlike the male this one had a greenish coloration to its skin.
Her big eyes were drawn to the blade in your hand and the blood dripping from it.
Its breathing was quite loud and frequent, indicating panic. Perhaps from the males forceful attempts at mating, perhaps from your presence. You really didn't care.

But as you raised your knife to slay it you saw something which made you hesitate.
The kobold shook in fear, closed its eyes and expected the worst.
All the while tears ran down its cheek in a scene all too familiar to you.

You've seen monsters like goblins cry and you didn't think much of it.
You rationalized that it was just a mechanism for the monster to save itself.
But this... thing is only slightly smaller than a human. This is a being that's more than a pest.
Killing just this one could have a bigger impact than slaughtering a hundred goblins.

And you can't help but feel sorry for it.

>Steel yourself and do what must be done
>Forget about it... This is not a threat to you
>Other? (write-in)
>>Forget about it... This is not a threat to you
>Forget about it... This is not a threat to you

Empathys a tough thing to fight.

But take away the spesrs and other gear, so the kobold has less options for their inevitable attempt to murder us.
> Secure the Corpse of the male and leave whilst never lowering you're guard.
I want to give her a chance and yet at the same time I don't completely trust her. i want this guy's corpse because we maybe able to salvage something from it.
>>Forget about it... This is not a threat to you
>Steel yourself and do what must be done
One less set of eyes to report our passage to its pack, one less threat to our safety.

Besides, we've seen how other members of its species treat it. If we feel sorry for it, at least make its death quick and painless.
Now this is what I call a vote!
Maybe I should start the threads around this hour from now on

Anyway, mercy wins with some added practicality
You shut your eyes and curse under your breath.
Taking your shroud you wiped the blood off of your blade before sheathing it.
"Now I have to clean it... great."

Hearing the click of your sword the kobold looked up with still glistening eyes in shock.
You shoot it a glare and it immediately goes back to covering before it gives you a careful peek.
"Go on! Shoo!"

It doesn't seem to understand your tongue.
Sighing in frustration you began picking up the spears that littered the ground and collected them into a nice faggot.
Removing the quiver from the male kobolds back you attempted to put it on.
Though only just barely you managed to make it fit at its loosest.

Placing the javelins in it you then took out a length of rope which you then used to tie together the limbs of your slain opponent before swinging it over your shoulder.
Now carrying an entire kobold on your back you gave the female one last glance just to make sure she doesn't try anything stupid.
With your new trophy and gear in hand you left the scene and returned to the beaten path once more.

Carrying the carcass was quite draining but not something you weren't used to by now.
But once the light well started setting you did not bother to keep walking and instead set up camp immediately.
After putting down your kill you started by gathering some wood and got to working immediately.
After using some dried grass and your flint to kickstart the flames you got to the kobold.

Your regular knife was not the ideal tool for the job but you made do.
Starting by first striping it of what little clothes it had you then skinned it.
Scraping off any excess fat that may have stuck to it you set aside the leather and got to working on the rest.
You continued by removing any horns or claws the creature had as they are sometimes sought after by doctors. For what purpose you aren't entirely sure.
Then you slowly and carefully extracted the gland from its neck and pocketed it for the night.
And that was about all that you could do with the thing.

From what you've heard kobold meat is not the best when it comes to eating as incredibly sinewy.
For a moment you contemplated trying it out but after ignoring the warnings of others regarding the taste of bear fat you'd rather not risk it.
So you carried the thing away from your camp and threw it into a ditch for the wild animals to find.
Hopefully the meat will be enough to appease them and they won't come after you next.
File: 949.jpg (51 KB, 416x416)
51 KB
Now that you've taken care of that it was about time to prepare yourself a meal.
Rummaging through your backpack you withdrew your trusty pan.
Not feeling like making a stew or soup you didn't touch the metal strap on it and placed it over the fire to heat it up.

From a wooden cylinder you scooped out some pork fat with your knife and plopped it into the pan.
Once it started sizzling you added some of the wild onions you picked and fried them until translucent.
Adding in the beans and the various green spices you kept stirring it until the beans were done.

Unable to count how many times you burned yourself by eating straight out of the pan just after finishing the cooking you waited patiently until it cooled off.
When you finally dug in you devoured the entire pans worth of food in just a few short minutes.
Feeling blissfully full you let out a loud burp before setting your pan aside.

As you sensed the food come settling in you retrieved the aether gland from your pocket and prepared to squeeze it into your eye when you heard some rustling coming from a bush far away.
Reaching for your sword you awaited whatever made the noise to jump out at you but you were left wanting.
After a few minutes you cautiously holstered your blade, concluding that it must've been a beast that was attracted to the kobolds corpse.

Still fairly cautious you scattered some caltrops around the campsite just in case before proceeding to sedate yourself.
Should that thing return it'll rue the day it messed with someone under the influence of aether.
Closing your eyes you slowly drifted into a deep slumber while your senses expanded beyond their natural capacity.
Becoming one with the cosmos you felt your consciousness slipping.

This time the dream felt... different.
Previously it was always wildly flashing images or strange visions but this time... this time you are much more lucid than you usually are.

A road starting from nowhere, going across the stars, leading to a choice.
Around you was the radiant cosmos as if it was expecting something from you.

Not sure if it's good or bad that our regular drug trip has been replaced with this.

What is this, a spirit quest?
Also I am probably gonna go to bed soon.
probably has some some sort of metaphorical meaning relating to the MC's situation. Let's go with
since he's apparently just got enough money to buy one of those relics and move up in the world
So as to not make a tie.
Forward it is

Yeah also gonna collapse next update.

There are two roads ahead of you.
One leading forward, one backward.
All it takes is one step forward for you to choose and all other roads crumble into dust.

Then the endless incandescence that fills the void between planets, the Radiant Cosmos dies out.
It is now dark. Darker than anything you've ever witnessed before.
You feel cold.

drip drip drip

One drop hits your neck and it feels like needles being jammed into your flesh.
You take one step and hear a sound.


You tremble like an autumn leaf and look down.
Bones. Everywhere you look are bloody bones.
They cry out to you.

They speak calmly, for they are already dead.

You look around desperately.
There is nothing.
This place is what eternal damnation must feel like.
But as you were about to loose hope you see a glint of light.

Shining brightly in the endless night it makes your heart skip a beat.
You run towards it and as the light grows you finally realize where you are.
"A tunnel?!"

With each hurried step you hear the crunching of bones, like the last windless wailings of the dead.
Each killed recently, doomed to rot forever in this hole.
All who enter to retrieve them face the same fate and just add to the pile.

You are almost there.

But suddenly a shadow drops down from the ceiling.
One small mass that grows until it looms over you.
Its mind shone more brilliant than a star with sinister light.

You have no idea what it is.
But as its claws hungry lap the blood flowing through the air one thing becomes certain: This is its realm.
And only one of you will leave it.

Just as you felt your heart was about to explode just from watching this horrid creature you felt something tugging at your mind.
Cracks began to appear in the cave, on the bones and on the creature.
Soon it all shattered before you like glass as you were dragged back into reality.
Your mind clears. The horrific visions influence vanes and reason returns to you.
A vision, much clearer than the jumbled mess you usually saw.
But you were disturbed. Your racing mind enhanced by the aether picked up motion in your vicinity and so you woke up.

Drawing your blade you quickly slashed in front of you.
You demanded but no answer came.

Perhaps it was just an animal wandering too close to you, perhaps it got scared by your loud awakening.
Regardless you probably won't be able to sleep tonight, knowing something lurks around you.
But... right now... you are glad that's the case.
Aaaand that's a wrap folks!
I didn't get much sleep yesterday so I can't go on any longer

Archives are up and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
I'll try to answer all of them sooner or later.

As for those who might be new...
I have two places where I can be reached.

Twitter: @SpookyngQM
Here I'll post my schedule and when I'm running
The links to the future pastebins will also be available here once I make them

Ask: @Spookyng
You can ask questions here as well

See you guys later.

>Oh and one more thing
Let's try a little game.

If you have any questions to an in game character just put it like this:

>Question to X
Why is it that...

And I'll try answering them in character
>Question to mage chick whose name I can't remember
Still going adventure? If so are you still going to use fire?
We all agreed to keep going.

B-But I think I'll learn another element first
As for myself, I wouldn't normally even be awake at this time, but hopefully I'll catch some other sessions.

I assume we ought to avoid anything that's likely to be a spoiler.

>Question to Lowan, Avana and Sonya
So, guys, what was it that made you so set on adventuring in the first place? Also, who or where did you learn your respective skills from?

>Question to Trisha
Hey there. What's daily life like in that town of yours? Also, what's your opinion on that adventurer that took those friends of yours out to cull those goblins?

>Question to female goblin
[inquisitive goblin noises]

>Question to graveguard
...So, how /you/ doin'?
Okay who the fuck is following us.
You can ask spoilery questions but I may or may not answer them

As for the others:

We decided to pick up adventuring for two reasons.
Our home town was very poor ever since the mines dried up. With no merchants or other travelers passing through people didn't make much money.
Without any coin people had to exchange favors as a form of payment.

We didn't want any of that.
We grew up in poverty, often having to worry about whether or not we can eat that day.
The only way out was picking up the sword and risking out lives as adventurers.
And the other reason you know.
We rarely had any adventurers passing through, meaning if any monsters showed up we could only pray for it to go away.
So... I guess we wanted to protect those we cared about.

I guess... I guess it all boils down to us hearing about the great heroes of legend.
How they protect the world from the horrors that lurk within and how they become fabulously rich in the process.

As for my skills...
I uh... I didn't learn it from anywhere.
I bought this sword only recently and before I practiced with a stick in the woods.

I'm only here because Lowan managed to strong arm Sonya into joining him.
It's always like this... and I always have to watch out for them.

I learned my skills from my parents.
Ma taught me how to survive in the woods, how to navigate, which plants were edible, etc.
Pa taught me how to use the bow and to hunt.
For years I followed and helped him.
I originally planned to follow in his footsteps...

I um...
I was taught by a fire juggler in a circus.
I-It's not much but I think it's pretty neat...

It's quiet.
Most everyone wakes with the roosters so they can get to working, either in the woods or in their gardens.
Usually people only stop when they have to eat.
The only time the town is really abuzz is in the afternoon when people visit the tavern.
I know I shouldn't do it but I can't stop myself from closing shop early so I can dance to the music!

The stranger?
I... I feel sorry for him.
Every time he came to town people glared at him.
But he was always pleasant with me. Cold... but pleasant and polite.
I truly can't thank him enough for helping the town for a whole month, working tirelessly.
And I know Lowan and the others can be tough to handle... but I'm glad he kept them safe!

[decomposition noises]

>The Graveguard
I'm doin' well. Thanks for askin'.
The coffers are empty, meanin' I ain't got much work to do. Thank the heavens.

And I got a nice bonus in my weekly provisions for handling the necromancer.
It's been so long since I got some actually good wine I almost forgot how it tastes.
I do worry about how the MC is gonna make any friends given their personality.
He has his reasons.
But yeah he has a very low tolerance for stupidity

And you shouldn't worry about it too much
>Question to Lowan, Avana and Sonya
What will you do if you run into that adventurer again?
>Question to lady kobold
What are you going to do now?
Fuck, I meant female /kobold/. Oh well, I'm sure she wouldn't have let us in on anything /too/ significant. Surely.

>Question to the MC
Where'd you get it into your head that buying the relics of the First would be a good idea? What are they anyway? And after you've managed to do that, what's the next step in your master plan?

>Question to necromancer's deceased spirit
Any particular reason you made your home around the Crowhall area? And where'd you pick up your craft?

>Question to Deacon, Tamer of the Seas, slayer of the Sea Mother
What's your opinion/experience like on being an adventurer? Where'd you get the skills and resources needed to manage the feats you achieved?

>Question to kobold hunter's deceased spirit
Were those spears actually poisoned?


It's a know fact...
Those are the Relics of... well the first. Their copies at least.
Containing the secrets to their vast power.

The Compendium of War.
The shadow bound scroll.
And the scrying stone.

If I am to pursue power as a warrior, rogue or a mage, I'll need one of them.
And once I know their secrets... then it'll be time for a family reunion.

>The Necromancers spirit
[I lived in Crowhall, I knew the area well.
And it was where my beloved was burnt at the stake. I couldn't afford to take her remains too far.]

[The knowledge is there. It only needs to be found.
But it is a costly thing.
It takes many sacrifices to even find someone who dabbles in the arts.
It costs even more to prove ones intentions.]


It's not an easy life. Only with sweat and blood can one succeed.
But there is a reason why so many stick with it.
It doesn't take long until the lifestyle becomes a part of you and you no longer crave your home.
For the adventure will be your home.

It's a paradox.
For in the wild your life is worth less than nothing as one can find dead bodies behind every corner.
But you have nothing else in your life, so you treasure it.
I would not give it up for anything.

As for your other question...
I couldn't tell you.
I fought valiantly for years, pursuing one ominous goal.
Each day I found myself facing a challenge greater than the last. So I had to grow with them.
When I faced the Sea Mother I thought I failed. That I couldn't stop the cataclysm.
But standing face to face with the beast I couldn't just lay down my arms and accept my fate.
I fought tooth and nail, until the beast that threatened to drag the land under the ocean laid dead before me.
And now... everyone calls me a hero.

But I am still just an adventurer.

>Kobold hunter
[Poison?! No-No! Poison bad!
Split-tail no use poison! Split-tails brother licked weapon to scare pink things once.
He forgot it was poison. He dead now.]
>What will you do if you run into that adventurer again?

"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do to him!
I'll kick his ass!"

"Yeah... fat chance."
Avana scoffed.
"Maybe invite him to a round and ask him if he'd be willing to do another contract with us.
Learning more from a veteran would be beneficial."

"I-I... I think I'd just ask him if he was alright.
He seemed like he doesn't need more bad things happening in his life..."


Looking around.
It accidentally stepped on a twig.
Freezing in place at the noise it began to sweat.
Then it heard loud screaming.

Incredibly nervous, she did not dare to move for several minutes.
Certainly not until the thing close to her stopped making noises.
Okay so we know there is a mage route and I wanna go for it.
>Split-tails brother licked weapon to scare pink things once.
>He forgot it was poison.
Ah yes, truly an embarrassing way to go.
Actually I wonder if it's possible to use all 3 artefacts.
You don't use them.
They are compendiums of knowledge you can learn from.

You can also mix and match but then you are splitting your attention and your power diminishes as a result
Is it a time thing or like a dnd level like thing?

It's the old "Jack of all trades, master of none" matter.
If you devote your time and energy to mastering two things then you'll obviously have half as much to pour into one
in that case my vote still goes to the mage one, always sort of disliked it when layers have the chance to gain lot of magical powers and yet go for something like barbarian.
I honestly can't think of a quest were the players didn't choose magic unless it wasn't an option. And then they usually go for alchemy.
Magic is not beyond your reach even if you pick something else since just about everyone has access to an aether gland.

Even warriors and barbarians use magic in some capacity at a high enough level, whether they realize/acknowledge or deny it is irrelevant.
Mostly as physical augmentation but there are records of people doing some crazy stuff
Good, I'm kind of tired of charismatic MCs

I'm afraid we will have to scare that fucking female kobold away, once she sees we skinned and took bits of the male with us she will probably run for her life, as I don't plan on letting her and her skin and horns get away a second time.

Question to Avana?

Have you learned anything from this little adventure, will you try to be brave or to be safe?
I always hate when everytime everyone jumps into the magic train. But I could go to something like this>>2680044
Having body magic to be a kickass fighter


I uh...
I never shared Lowans enthusiasm.

Pa taught me to never lower my guard and *gulp* I heard some of the old tales about the things roaming the woods.

So I'll try my best not to underestimate the dangers we will face
File: 1385808567959.jpg (145 KB, 1849x926)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I think those are the leftover remnants of /tg/s influence.

Granted, wizards are fucking powerful if played by competent people but they too can fail.
And I'm pretty sure that was that way because of dnd 3.5. Though they tended to forget you typically have to survive long enough to actually get to a level where you're worth a damn.
Yes but what if you wanted to run a high level adventure right off the bat?

Let's not forget the tale of the elf wizard Elsimore who buttfucked the BBEG thrice at their first encounter before the GM kicked the dude out for single handedly ruining his game.

If a wizard goes off, it goes off hard
If you wanted to run a high level campaign right off the bat yes wizards were the way to go in 3.5. My group always liked to start at level 1 though and struggle up to greatness or die trying.
Also that was the psionic campaign right? That was just bad dming and kind of a shit player on top of everything as well.
To be honest that whole session sounded like a clusterfuck from all sides.
Both the players and the GM were horrible.

However how the dude handled it is simply so legendary I can't help but feel respect for the guy
He definitely did something right if we're still mentioning it all this time later. 3 scratches is nuts.

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