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Welcome back friends into a new chapter of our quest with, I hope, consistent updates coming in the near future. I've been adapting to my condition, which should hopefully get fixed within the month so activity is probably still going to be on the lighter side, though I believe I'll be able to keep up with writing.

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn.
(Updated with Harkon and Mimiru)


The path to restoring your memories might not be so clear-cut anymore; the Blood and Zipangu rituals could still become your solutions but you'll need to reinvestigate options.

Sieglinde is preparing a Suppression of the undead forest, scheduled to happen around day 13 or 14. You'll have to resolve your own stance on this - she's preparing to involve people who've taken your ancestral lands for themselves. They would benefit a great deal diplomatically from this endeavor.

Side activities

Vilma duel will be happening soon.

You’ve gone and used up your privilege to enjoy Belphegor exotic bits, leaving you with two winnings of your gambling: Elina and Sieglinde

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.
Witnessing the very embodiments of your memories closing encroachment didn't arouse fear or feeling of self-preservation. These things represented knowledge, they were pieces of yourself torn away from your psyche, answers to all of your questions about your identity, you couldn't afford to be afraid!

Since you've awoken you've been feeding your incessant need for information, doing everything you could to learn about the world you've awakened in, its people and those who've so generously helped you. Now, without those silhouettes drenched in red, from the awakened Throne you didn't have any hopes of restoration. Even if things were dangerous you couldn't run...

''Later!'' Her Majesty had no time for your hesitation, she promptly yanked your arm around her shoulders, while wrapping an arm around your waist to lift your broad frame without so much as a strained breath.

''Y-your highness! Daiyu! No! Please, we have to...'' Protesting was useless, her ungodly strength locked you firmly as she took off sprinting, slug-like pieces from within the Throne innards peeling off to land around you in disgusting meaty splotches, wrigglings and mutating into membranes reaching for you in fruitless efforts. For a moment the idea of tempting fate with your new spell conjured a dangerous ambition you understood to be wholly self-destructive. There had always been too much distance between you and Frideger for your phantom limb to reach him, let alone anything else.

''I could tame this place on my own.'' The demon lord spoke huffing, running in a straight line heading for the exit. ''Can't do that if I want to keep you alive, you'll have to endure this setback, sorry!''

Rebuttals were useless, not only was she keeping in an iron hold but her mentions of dangers affirmed itself into reality. Creatures other than your memories emerged as beasts leaping out of this oppressive darkness and tendrils crawled out of that red vortex, massive bony fingers crawled away as if some massive entity was trying to squeeze through that maelstrom of souls. Speed thankfully was in your favor; perhaps Daiyu had done something to impose logic in this confusing plane of expanding directions because you felt the telltale coldness of the portal washing over your skin and extract you away from all of your memories, sealing them inside this star most potent artifact.

Returning into Mother Earth realm was a tumultuous experience because your carrier managed to somehow trip on her own feet after exiting and fell into a pathetic forward slump that inevitably threw you off.

''Uwa!'' ''Oof!'' Both of you screamed in a display of synchrony after meeting a hard stone floor, worrisome scraping noises followed as bodies dodged out of the way.

''Y-you! Dammit, don't come out like a cannonball!'' Sieglinde voice had an unpleasant shrilly edge that betrayed anger and worries in equal measures.
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Having dodged wildly, the scarlet-haired princess sported an evident scowl of displeasure on her lovely features and radiated an aura of intense disapproval as she stared you down in calculated enmity, mutated hands on her hips, projecting an atmosphere of frustration strong enough to choke you into silence.

''Hehehe ooh man.'' Another presence was standing a few feet behind her, a short yet imposing goat demon audibly scratched her chin with animalistic claws, fur-covered shoulders shaking with mirth. ''Not even back for a day and here you are eloping with your daughter boyfriend?''

''Now, please don't go assuming untoward things. Again.'' Daiyu rose to her feet before her daughter could steps closer. ''Let's walk a few paces away from that bloody thing, I'd very much like to know if your statement is true Belph.'' There was a dangerous twinkle inside the tall green haired demoness gaze of shiny emeralds that, were circumstances a little more normal, would handily succeed at making you scared.

''Stop trying to change subjects!'' Sieglinde loudly stomped on the ground with a blossom of carmine coloring her cheeks but still kept enough presence of mind to remain still so you'd move away from the Throne. Its makeshift door had already disappeared; no sign of disturbance anywhere to be seen, if anyone were to venture inside in its current state...

Chalk that up as another fact to reinforce this thing deadliness.

''Why'd you go inside of it mom!?'' Sieglinde almost pounced on her taller parent and contented herself with stomping for a face to face.

''Gave him what he wanted.'' Her Majesty casually answered, giving you a wink. ''Things worked out, somewhat, were safe right?''

''Somewhat!?'' The princess growled, replacing a few wilder hair strands that fell on her face because of all of her sharp movements. ''Arawn! What in the world were you thinking!? Mother is the Demon Lord! Anyone else getting inside that thing.'' She made a gesture for the Throne, making an exact replica of her mother various dismissive past indications. ''Won't come out, did you know what you were getting into?'' She asked in worry, throwing you under a sudden spotlight as all the women observed you in various amounts of attentiveness.

''Um I...'' You weren't paying attention to Sieglinde emotive drama. So many names were bouncing in your head: Frideger Cai, Myr, Bronwen Eliauslawa, Beatrice, Eliaures... Then was a spearwoman of surreal gothic beauty revealing a pair of titles, calling you Godling and mentioning a ''Lady White'' That startled the Demon Lord. How in the world was all of that connected to your childhood? What did you do? Who or what were you?

''Is he really fine?'' Sieglinde voice had lost its emotive tone, her eyes becoming a line of worrying glinting red that seemed to glare at you and her mother in something of a dangerous frustration.
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''Nothing got to him.'' Daiyu answered, this time with more pep. ''Physically.'' She made certain to add this precision while shaking her hand.

''Whatcha been up to anyway, Siggy?'' Belphegor wedged herself next to her niece, forcing her worried stare away from your person which, honestly, was welcomed.

''Huh? It's huh... well putting it plainly will go like this: Vilma became Mimiru legal benefactor and I've decided to make her my retainer.''

A loud whistle came out of the goat. ''Moving freaking fast aintcha? Already finished planning this Suppression and now you've gone and welcomed a new friend.''

''I suppose we are in something of a busy phase.'' Sieglinde answered while giving her long red hair it's familiar swoosh, her mother keeping a thoughtful silence with a quiet smile. ''Stress is getting to her, her fight is tomorrow and I think she's losing her compose.''

''Lass been living secluded for a while yeah? She's reacting better...'' Their conversation droned on, the goat shifting the topic into a brief summary of her encounter with this monstrous general Zazawu.

>You don't have time for this, you should get out of here and head for the library; it's the only place you can get into that can give you a chance of researching these names on your own.

>Pull yourself out of this stupid slump, the girls are worried about you. See if you can ask them about some of these names you've heard. (Specify which one)

>Ask Sieglinde for details about what happened with Vilma and Mimiru and head back into her room to meet back with the gang, you might as well distract yourself with their problems; you won't get anything by brooding.

>(Sloth) You're feeling lethargic, this venture into the Throne has taken a toll. A small nap wouldn't hurt... (Timeskip into the evening)

>Free Choice
Good to have you back Insert! How ya doing?
>(Sloth) You're feeling lethargic, this venture into the Throne has taken a toll. A small nap wouldn't hurt... (Timeskip into the evening)
Think about all these new names refreshed!
Also take the chance to record all of this in the diary.
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179 KB JPG
Gonna wait 30 minutes before proceeding if there's only a single choice.

Well enough for today, I'll keep a slower pace and we'll make good progress this weekend.
A sudden yawn almost snuck up on you during the demons conversation, bringing a sudden halt to your spinning thoughts. Tiredness unlike anything you've felt was putting a strange weight in your head, your limbs languished as if moving underwater and not even kind, lovely Sieglinde could hold your attention; it was an obvious observation but... you felt tired. Strangely so in fact, perhaps the Throne had sapped a little more out of you than you realized.

Maybe you're the kind of man who gets easily drained by emotional turmoil.

''Ladies, thank.'' You spoke without thinking, probably interrupting something. Sieglinde had been recounting your forest expedition in a little more details, taking time to inform her mother about all the hostile faunas and zombified vinemen.

''You okay Arawn?'' She asked you, taking a step closer and hesitatingly stopping, leaving you to wonder if she was perhaps seeking your permission to enter your personal space.

''Yeah, yeah. Lots to think about.'' You smile and, this time, you failed to contain a sneaky yawn. ''I'm thinking of taking a nap, getting into the Throne tired me out. Mind telling the girls I'm fine?''

''Yeah... No, I, it'll be fine.'' The princess answered with a forced smile. ''Let's head back and, just... do try to avoid getting carried away by my mom in the future, okay?''

''Ah!'' Belphegor guffawed while Daiyu seemed to glowers in pride. ''Like that'll happen, I think our pointed lad has a thing for old maiden.''

''Old?'' Daiyu smile had completely evaporated. ''Have you decided you can permit yourself to speak blatant falsehood because you're stuck looking like a kid?''

''Popping out three kids and having them all adults kinda put you into a certain category of women, Daisy.''

''I think it's time to show you a thing or two about a mom's youth.'' Daiyu cracking knuckles heralded an ominous future for sassy little Belphegor and before you reached the door, the goat was already fleeing with a Demon Lord hot on her heels.

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The girls truly were accommodating. Despite the recklessness of your adventure, your request was met without untoward comments and you secluded yourself inside your assigned room with well-wishes and gentle worries. You abridged today's result to paper and slipped into a dreamless sleep that, unfortunately, wasn't all that effective in rejuvenating yourself.


You awoke in a startle, feeling sweaty, hungry and needy for bathrooms with the frustrating impression that you were dreaming something that already slipped through your fingers like sands...

Taking care of yourself revealed an erringly quiet floor, Sieglinde room was empty of activity and only echoes of working maids dispelled fear of solitude.

''Awake and well mysir?'' your general area was overseen by the Jawahir head maid, Priscilla. She made a point to walk up to you while replacing her glass.

''Doing what I can.'' You responded, leaving her silent for an uncomfortable while as she didn't know how to handle your comment. A quick glance into a rare window revealed the sun to be mostly covered by the horizon, resembling nothing more than a small ball of red flame that cast a potent dusk glow throughout the world.

''Our mistresses decided to spend time outside, it should be easy for you to find them as they had no intention of going far.''

''Thank.'' The maid nodded and went back to cleaning Sieglinde room.

Well, you are feeling better. Somewhat, at least your thoughts aren't being an invasive mess.

>Go join the others.

>Keep this chance to remain alone and see if you can learn about yourself in Internalisation library, you should be able to gain privileges by throwing Sieglinde name around.

>See if you can strike up a conversation with this woman. Who is she anyway?

>Free Choice
>Go join the others.
Tempting as going to the library is, hearing what the others know could help narrow the avenues of research.
''Thank you, Priscilla.'' She answered your words with a silent nod and a gentle smile, hushing you away with a wave. Off you went, feeling a surge of energy dispelling your drowsiness.


The Demonic Throne enshrined in its large four-story protective habitat was, by itself, constructed into a large decorative enclosure that had been preserved as a public park that wasn't seeing much activity because of the Jawahir family current choice of residence. A path led into a well-maintained garden and that also veered into a secluded spot of trees that couldn't quite be compared to a forest but was also wilder than a clearing; it was in this place of shades that your friends had decided to await today's nightfall and by the looks of things they've kept themselves busy.

Sieglinde, Elina, Vilma, and Teruko were talking together, sitting in the middle of the dirt, their conversation somehow veered toward the sun as Sieglinde pointed toward the crouching ball of flame and a soft chiming clang erupted from Vilma bell. Belphegor, Daiyu, and Hao were sitting sides by sides, the dark-scaled lizard-maid had put her humongous axe behind her seat talked passionately with numerous gestures, hands often pointing toward peculiar items of interests.

She was the one who spotted you first and with her unique language, she proclaimed a spirited ''Hiya Awaan!'' that quickly had you under intense scrutiny... then suffer a deluge of concerns as pairs upon pairs of feet loudly slammed on the ground.

''I'm fine, I'm fine don't worry!'' It was more panic than strategy that had you try to assuage the women's concerns. Elina had taken off flying and might have rammed you had you not thrown your arms forward and Sieglinde followed soon after, glaring at you with iron perusal that made you wonder if she saw you as some overgrown child.

''I didn't know what it meant to get into that Throne,'' Elina growled through clenched teeth. ''You're not getting in there without Sieglinde or one of her siblings in the future, I'll make damn sure I have a say in it.''

''If her majesty believed it safe then...'' You threw a mournful look at the Demon Lord who waved in response, thoroughly enjoying the spectacle of your agony.

''...Don't matter. Places still affect you, poison your soul.'' Elina replied growled and crossed her arms in a pout. Yeah, you made a mistake replying in the first place, but dammit it'd be far too weak to stay silent.
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''I'll make sure we -do- have a say in any future gamble.'' Sieglinde replied, squinting at you with a satisfied smile. ''I was thinking you could have helped our maids clean up this garden for a few days, you're lucky we've got business to take care of.''

Easier to earn forgiveness than permission... although that doesn't mean you can push your luck. Her majesty wisdom was a double-edged sword.

''You're okay, Arawn?'' Vilma question had been one you've answered five times already but her diminutive tone wasn't grating your patience. Teruko beside her, silently judging you with some awful up-chinned stare, was by far this evening worst experience.

''Yeah, don't worry. What have you been up to?'' Vilma didn't seem eager to meet your eyes. Sieglinde off-handed comments earlier had revealed something about becoming a benefactor... and retainer?

''Last minutes preparations before tomorrow's grand event.'' Teruko answered, putting a filter on her animosity. ''Time is now for the hour of Lullaby; dusk falls, nights crawl and spirits find slumbers, tumultuous emotions finding respite with our suns dwindling warmth. Tis undeniably an important time for summoners - and dangerous too, neophytes are rarely allowed to do anything at this hour.''

Explain why you haven't seen any apprentices conjuring anything during evening strolls.

''Vilma earned that privilege?'' You asked and the Lich did her best to hide her face with her hood.

''Circumstance pertains mine bending of rules to mine wishes, perhaps mysir would like to help? Thee seem possessing of an affinity with our charming conjurer.''

''I-I don't want to...impose.'' Vilma squeaked, shaking her staff to make its bell ring.

''We were talking about how to proceed, making sure everything is safe will need us to stand vigil once Vilma begin awakening spirits, we've been lacking a body to make it all safe really, so having you pop up is lucky.''
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Elina had also managed to swallow her anger, maybe... just maybe they've already forgiven you? Or they've gossipped about the situation for a few hours and came to a consensus, you've already experienced how open they tend to be with discussing things amongst themselves.

''Will Daiyu... Will her majesty assist?''

''Maybe if things get out of hands, her presence is likely to send spirits fleeing. What we want to do is give Vilma even more ammunition, allow her soul to swell with foreign entities to conjure them as a regular summoning.'' Sieglinde answered, smiling at the small Lich who nodded timidly. ''Don't want my new vassal heading into battle unprepared.''

The small undead didn't know how to answer and bowed her head in silent gratitude.

This isn't why you came, Vilma duel had completely slipped your mind; of course, the girls would try to help her.

>You can't concentrate on helping her. Everything that happened inside the Throne needs answers, you should go and converse with Daiyu and Belphegor. Both are long-lived immortals, they'll be your best chances to get some context.

>Commit to helping your Lich friend. You've put your thoughts -and these names- to writing, you won't forget anything. You'll get plenty of chances for a discussion in the future.

>Free Choice

Stopping here for tonight, I've got the entire next week mostly off so I think we can get back into our usual groove. I'd like to keep the thread running until we reach my desired ending point.
>Commit to helping your Lich friend. You've put your thoughts -and these names- to writing, you won't forget anything. You'll get plenty of chances for a discussion in the future.
We will help Vilma because we care about our friends and we've been quite selfish enough already. I'm sure we'll get another chance to talk to the Demon Lord after the duel.

Also, really like how you incorporated lots of people's ideas from last thread into the opening. You're really making me like Daiyu with all this (and all the girls really, gonna be hard to pick a waifu). As for the lack of players so far, I believe today is graduation day for a lot of people here in 'Murrica.
Oh I'm not begrudging the slow activity, I'm still stuck with my overwhelming fatigue so I wouldn't have pushed myself too far.

Who says there's only a single choice? Mamono culture is interesting.
True, but I'd like to at least try and be monogamous. Now, if the wife insists on the other hand...
File: 1527032279193.jpg (494 KB, 1920x1080)
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494 KB JPG
A bridge to take if/when we get to it. We'll have to see what the majority of players gravitate toward, although don't expect romance to be happening this soon into our tale.

Well, I shouldn't speak in absolutes, I've been surprised in the past.
Oh we'll get there one day, girls of this high a caliber are hard to come by. Though you're right, one step at a time. Memory recovery first, romance afterwards.

One last question, we gave into our flaw/vice unnecessarily at the start. Do we get any bonuses for doing so? A player's just gotta ask.
Yes, Arawn will remain alert and active enough to properly help Vilma. Daiyu hasn't explained everything about the Throne effects but suffices to say it was a very draining experience, things would have gone in a different direction had you not taken some shut eyes. Though nothing negative.
First time ever posting on any thread ever. Though I did read and enjoy the archives of the first story and most of what's currently archived of this one.

That said I vote for doing the Soul-link, during which we should attempt to make strides towards resolving the whole 'Sabbath' situation, which if the visions we got from creepy Elina were any indication, Haddy's soul may be stuck in the 'Sabbath' or some such. Speaking of which we need to tell someone about what happened that night in detail as soon as possible as nothing good can come from keeping it to ourselves, possibly tell Belph as we already mentioned it to her before. When dealing with our memories there might be a chance we have an amount of history with the Sabbath and should be careful about involing Elina.

Also we should try to find out what happened to Siegfried 'Suave-Motherfucker' Shieffer and what happened to the whole deavouring beast situation (and meet the numerous daughterus/exchange notes on monsterbits with Protag-Siggy and his Lizard-Waifu), and see if Mantis is still around (been a long time for a bug)/ if she ever got around to having mantis-girl daughterus.

that about covers my thoughts so far. Hope I didn't somehow screw up posting this.
File: 111.png (1.03 MB, 962x1590)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
''How can I help?'' Brooding selfishness will get you nowhere, Vilma has a very important thing to do tomorrow, isn't it your duty as a friend to support her? Dammit Arawn, get out of this slump!

With silent promises of future paybacks lingering on their faces, angel and demoness observed one another silently after your comment and turned for the knowledgable pregnant tutor whose gaze drifted between you and her most skilled apprentice.

''Mayhap thine magic could be employed in this moments of Lullaby...'' Teruko began, briefly interrupting herself when the liege lord of Mamonos giggled next to Hao.

''A-actually Arawn... Y-you um... you want to help, right?'' Always in need of confirmations despite having literally statted your intention not a minute earlier, Vilma seemed animated by an adventurous spirit carried her next to Teruko. You answered her with a silent nod while Elina and Sieglinde exchanged confused glances.

''You... Um I-I've been thinking of... about using my winnings from back then, the day before yesterday?'' It took a serious amount of will to avoid wincing.

''You don't have to ask for permission.'' You replied softly, she won fair and square.

''My, what's dwelling in thine head darling?'' Whatever preparation the girls had going didn't account for this development as they stared at small Vilma in an equal amount of interrogation that, inevitably, had her withdraw within herself.

''I-I think that... I mean I have not...haven't fed in days, m-maybe I'd be much more effective in this hour of Lullaby a-and since Arawn was there in that market when I did that s-strange summoning...'' She grew silent afterward, hands nervously coming together in a tight finger lock.
File: Lich20.jpg (57 KB, 559x524)
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''You guys were trying to replicate what happened back then?'' It had been a weird experience, some type of ogre-like ghosts had come out of the lich to throw that lamia like a discarded dolls.

''Aye, then moved onto better things.'' Teruko answered. ''Vilma gathered bone dust will act as her main weapon but swelling her soul before her duel is just as wise; in normal circumstance, this would be the only thing she could do to prepare adequately... Waking and gathering spirits would allow her to conjures and constructs potent entities from nothing, it can also make for a fine spectacle.'' A satisfied chuckle escaped the pregnant lizard.

''You should have told us about your needs, Vilma.'' Elina walked away from you and stopped midway from reaching her short friend who had shaken her head at this remark.

''Indeed, don't be afraid to ask me anything, especially with your new position.'' The princess added after her angelic friend, tail slithering near Elina dusk-colored wings.

''It'll... it'll be fine. G-given Arawn nature as a mage I think... I think this could be-be helpful. I-I wanna try...something, I can make do without these lingering souls to win against Elenor.'' There was a strong feeling of hesitation throughout her frame and she couldn't look you in the eyes. This hunger of hers, this need hidden behind honest vulnerability was the origin of undead repression.

How many people would be willing to give up a part of themselves? Blood, soul, meat... All three of these cursed undead existences as they always needed to feed on such portions for survivals, forcing them to interact with society.

Although... someone else could do, she asked you.

>Agree. what's the worse that could happen with getting your soul munched on?

>Insist that she ought to focus on Teruko plans, this hour of Lullaby shouldn't be wasted on experimentation.

>Free Choice
>Insist that she ought to focus on Teruko plans, this hour of Lullaby shouldn't be wasted on experimentation.
>>Agree. what's the worse that could happen with getting your soul munched on?

I mean, we did lose a bet.
Can't she munch on our soul later? What's so special about doing it now?
>>Agree. what's the worse that could happen with getting your soul munched on?
We DO owe her this.
It'll reinforce her magic without having to consume nearby spirits if anything she could potentially use those afterward. Assuming everything goes well, summoning can be dangerous.

Seems like we've got a majority.
''Hey, I owe you.'' A synchronized straightening of spines betrayed an evident rise of nervousness from Elina and Sieglinde and for a moment you wondered if Daiyu knew about the dice game. She was thankfully occupied with the maid and little too far to be overhearing things.

''I-I don't want to pressure...''

''There's nothing wrong with being a little overbearing at times.'' You decided to interrupt her. ''You've got a little something in mind yeah? If that means munching my soul then I'll help out, though I really hope it's worth sacrificing this reinforcement.'' The falling sun had transformed the horizon into a bright mixture of orange and red that cast lampshaded lights everywhere, shadows of trees swelled like burgeoning flowers and moving grass made for an eerie sight now that you understood the importance of this hour.

''Today has been rather... exhausting.'' She smiled awkwardly in response but managed to calm down enough for her hands to relax. ''I don't know how to process what happened with Mimiru but... I-I think, I...''

''You don't need justification, how about doing what you have to do?'' She really was fearful like a cat until anger boiled her mind into a terrifying hurricane of wrath.

''O-okay let's go deeper... I don't think... um I suppose it'd be better to be away from too many eyes.'' She forced herself to smile and a quiet movement of arms had her pinch her hood off her head.

''Ooh? Are you perchance implying you'd like to be alone with our fellow whose so fond of worrying women?'' Teruko isn't about to let you live down your escapade either.

''I...I'm not good with... audience.''

Whatever it is that Vilma wished to do had her walk deeper into this open garden. The congestion of trees couldn't be compared with the seclusion of that wooden park used by your group for their many magical exercises but strolling deeper made it that much more difficult for dying sunlight to filter through leaves and branch and after a few minutes of walking, Vilma decided to plop down near a particularly thick oak a few feets off the main road.

''Trees and forests are second only to cities with spawning wayward spirits. ''Elina began, furrowed brows bestowing her fair features with an investigative scowl that betrayed obvious worry. ''Not doing the reinforcement ritual?''

Vilma head silently shook. ''M-maybe I-I could use them a-as...fuel. I-I wanna be ready y'know? F-feeding well... I-I think it'll be better than swelling my soul.''

''Aye, I've been a little too shy to ask about it darling, do continue at thine pace. Mineself always wished to witness a lich consumption.'' Teruko sat in the middle of the ground, showing impressive constitution and flexibility for someone so heavily pregnant. One of the many little differences that showcased monsters inherent distinction with humanity.

''Won't this be intimate?'' Sieglinde asked.

Vilma pinched lips was her only answer.
File: 244_lich_L.jpg (272 KB, 689x1000)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
''A-Arawn?'' The small lich asked you before allowing an awkward silence to linger. She timidly gestured for the ground, prompting you to sit in front of her and cross your legs to imitate her position.

This prompted her to wiggle adorably, pushing herself close enough for both of your knees to touch. ''H-here...'' She spoke quietly, holding out both hands of sweaty purple skins. Small things with delicate fingers, you couldn't resist a dumb smile when your larger limbs went to interlock fingers.

Her staff had been put on the ground beside her, a piece of cloth around the bell made sure to prevent any accidental chime from unplanned movements.

''It'll... it's s-similar to meditation...'' Her voice had an uneven tone as she tried to fit you and the girls in her vision; the unlikely trio of Mamonos and angel were sitting much like you with crossed legs and silent expressions of curiosity.

''Au... well not really I'm... this is awkward I... I haven't done it for three months.'' Irregular breathing made for a hypnotic bouncing of her healthy chest.

''Don't worry, you're not coercing me.'' You squeezed her hands, it wasn't going to be easy moving around in this position without being overly affectionate. It was certainly tempting to succumb to a rising teasing urge... but Vilma was a shy girl and this was important, you can't go sabotaging this movement because you're feeling bashful.

''O-Okay... before we begin I really... really need to know how far you want to go.'' Her purple amethysts glowered in concern and her fixed speech made it obvious she was far more serious than you previously thought.

''How do you mean?'' You asked, feeling a chill travel your spine and this time, she's the one who squeezed your hands.
''I-I can take a small amount... or a larger piece of your soul, Arawn. Depend on how much you trust me... I-I can do without consuming too much!'' Rising panic had her shook your hands and she briefly turned at the silent spectators, lowered head betraying her wish to throw her hood back on. ''I'd... it'll allow me to do a stronger summoning if you allow me to feed. Though I can't do it without consent, your resistance would easily throw me off.''

''Would it be bad for my health?'' You just got out of the Throne, worsening your well-being now would probably send Sieglinde into an aneurysm or lock you up somewhere.

''N-no! Not at all! If I consume your soul, a large piece of it... it'd allow me to-to create an aspect of yourself.'' Her voice grew so faint and quiet that you had to lean closer. ''Doing it would... be it'd be a strong entity with lots of presence in our world. Something different than necromancy, maybe it would... aid you.''

''How?'' You didn't like her implications, you've already been selfish today.

''M-maybe it'd help with your memories.''


''It won't be a waste!'' She replied with more energy than intended.

''Everything alright, you two?'' Sieglinde asked in concern, prompting a vigorous nod from the lich.

''I...I guess it's up to you, I'll.. even a small amount would help me against Elenor.'' Her sweaty palms squeezed against yours, her features spread into a wide smile mingling happiness and sadness. Perhaps this entire situation had been something she thought about for a while... and it hasn't gone as she wished.

>You trust her. Allow her to take a bigger chunk of your soul, she said you'll be fine... and it'll bring her that much closer to winning against Elenor.

>Advice prudence, Vilma is the kind of lady who gets carried away. Ask her to take a smaller piece.

>Free Choice
>You trust her.
>You trust her. Allow her to take a bigger chunk of your soul, she said you'll be fine... and it'll bring her that much closer to winning against Elenor.
File: yeah1.png (317 KB, 501x590)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
''Take what you need.'' Your quickness was surprising even to you. There hadn't been a moment of reflexion like you so often did before committing to anything, here you only gazed into the eyes of your unassuming friend and agreed firmly.

It took her a moment to process your agreement and when realization dawned her face was stuck into a marvelous expression of awkward disbelief that had you chuckle.

''Quick...'' She commented and you acquiesced with a broad grin. ''...Okay um. W-we need to touch foreheads... After that, you'll feel something similar your battery spell, you know how intent filter toward you? It's exactly like that... I think.'' She winced at her words. ''Nobody really explained to me their experiences...''

''I'll be fine.'' You reassured her with another hand squeeze and wormed closer, glancing for the peanut gallery who seemed to be sporting a shared expression of disproval.

''Y-yeah.'' Rosy scarlet mingled with dark purple when blood traveled into her head because of your proximity.

You had to admit, getting closer was enough to send your heart into a concert of wild beatings you hoped didn't translate to your face, Vilma couldn't handle keeping her eyes open when you settled to touch her face and you opted to imitate her when your eyes drifted toward her trembling lips. A scent drifted to your nose, soft lavender with a day's sweat was anything but unpleasant, an angry mumble carried by the wind almost had you burst into laughter, so tense was your nervousness.

Yet... you felt something foreign, outside of your body usual idiosyncrasies. Hot serpents of heat traveled into your arms, feeling of humid freshness cooled your head yet sensations of travels had them reach upward, cognitive tendrils traveling beyond your body: the gate of your ego into this world and it was your role to allow them. Vilma description was apt, this experience was similar to your second spell but she failed to mention this... rawness of intent that could only be described as a hungering hole, her nature as an undead couldn't filtering and it was hungry despite being wrapped in guilt. Anticipation and joy salivated at the banquet you've so gently offered.

And there it was, a sudden sensation of loss, there was no physical manifestation of this completed ritual, only a certainty exactly like casting a spell. ''A fair chunk'' was still an incredibly small amount of your whole self but its sudden disappearance was enough to send you into a sense of lethargy similar to your episode after exiting the Throne, sedation spread throughout your body...
File: No hints.jpg (68 KB, 367x701)
68 KB
...You came to a few second laters, jerking awake from this unexplainable loss of consciousness. Vilma had wrapped her arms around your torso to support your lax body. Your mouth felt dry, opening it only allowed cool air to enter and dry an already unpleasantly corse experience.

''Thank.'' Contrary to you, the lich had a spring of energy to her voice, she rubbed your back and squeezed, allowing her warmth to comfort your cold body. ''You feel warm, fluffy... I...I feel safe, Arawn. Your soul is...I don't know. It's safe...'' Yet a shaking voice disclosed concealed dread.

''I...It's always so weird, consuming souls...'' An audible smack of wet lips had her grow silent and, from your position, you could easily see a trio of worried monsters. Your lethargy made it difficult to actually speak to you decided to force a smile.

''It's weird...'' Vilma droned on, hugging you close. ''...something doesn't quite belong.'' The bliss in her voice was gone, her hold grew protective.

''Vilma...?'' She didn't answer you coarse query, her body came alight in purple luminescent - her very own innate magic- and a manifestation was conjured form her will. Like an upright mirror, an oval-shaped tear in the world opened like one of those many demonic portals and offered a sight beyond time. A garden, maybe a clearing gave a diminutive view of a strange individual of metal, a purely material creature made by human hands sat on a makeshift bench carved from a cut tree, vines and plants seemingly sprouting out of its metallic frame; a pair of small human hands were placing an aureole of blue flowers around its round head and therein stopped this scene, locked into stasis.

''Arawn.'' Vilma tone was sweet and gentle. ''Ring the bell.'' It wasn't an order, she seemed... charmed by this scene but you, on the other hand, weren't so easily carried away. Bells are tied to spirits, their gongs attract them; would it be truly wise? You don't have time to seek information anyhow, Vilma has... spawned something out of you.

>Follow her instruction. She used your soul to create this, don't squander it.

>Keep still, you are in the hour of Lullaby, this is too dangerous.

>Free Choice
>Follow her instruction. She used your soul to create this, don't squander it.
>Follow her instruction. She used your soul to create this, don't squander it.
>>Follow her instruction. She used your soul to create this, don't squander it.
File: 1526870499622.jpg (376 KB, 1240x1754)
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376 KB JPG
I'll be answering this little cliffhanger tomorrow, don't want to push myself too hard now that I'm finally starting to get better and write consistently.

You guys have been doing pretty well.
oh good, i was starting to think we were being too trusting with vilma and our soul
File: 1527633028081.jpg (159 KB, 850x1304)
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159 KB JPG
You're a resilient guy, the thing that's making this an actual is the fact you managed your vice by resting up.

Sloth is something you'll need to continually manage here and there without falling into overindulgence. Had you not taken a nap, Arawn would have passed out after this exercise.

I need to make sure I don't reveal too much with what's about to happen.
Dang it you really are good at instilling self-doubt in your players INH. No matter what choice we make you always manage to make me think it was the wrong one!
File: Concern.gif (84 KB, 200x181)
84 KB
Insert you are doing me a frighten.
>You guys have been doing pretty well.
I-In what way do you mean this.
General relationship with the girls, trusting them in their field of expertise, leaving a good impression on Daiyu, not pushing yourself too hard.

Aiming to start in about two hours.
File: imageedit_2_9713796392.png (203 KB, 235x479)
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203 KB PNG

A muffled clamor on the road revealed that Elina and Sieglinde had gotten on their feet but Teruko prevented them from going further by grasping their legs, imposing herself with enough insistence to force their compliances.

''It'll be safe.'' Vilma couldn't see the girls, perhaps she believed you were hesitant. That strange portal-like phenomenon filled you with dread, whether it was mere fear of the unknown or a deeper existential anxiety wasn't something you could accurately guess.

Your arms felt sluggish and the lich staff was big so you decided to grab it near the head and lift it high enough for its protective cover to slide, causing an awkward chime to resonate clumsily without any kind of reaction.

''Y-yeah...'' Vilma continued, nodding on your shoulder. ''It's a being of souls -yours- so it'll be drawn by-by this sound. I don't really have a-any... authority over what's happening, but it'll be fine.'' Her voice was a whisper, her attempt to convince was clumsy at best but you decided to let go of misgivings and trust in your friend, liches are undead with an intimate relationship with souls and Vilma... she's a good girl. She won't mislead you.

Mustering more energy and shaking your head to dispel the clouds of drowsiness plaguing your mind, you gave her staff a firm shake.


The following chime was a soft ringing of metallic nature that melted with flowing wind whose force brought another ringing.


A second toll much like the first, shades of nearby trees seemed to dance, moving under unseen pressure whilst their firmer bodily counterpart kept still.


The still image of Vilma creation blurred to herald an arrival, a summoned entity made from your soul was coming because of your beckonings.


This fourth and last chimes brought this entity arrival. The strange oval mark had become little more than smudged over colors as if someone threw a painting underwater yet it also grew consistent. Watery freshness drifted to your face and a silhouette stepped out of this small opening in complete disobedience of common relativity inherent to Mother Earth reality. From your soul, molded by Vilma natural expertise and capability as a dying race of monsters and your usage of a summoner tool, a tall figure jumped out of this hole in reality as if falling through a sudden crater yet landed without buckling its knees.

It was the exact same creature that appeared inside that magical phenomenon. Gone were the plants, vines and flowers adorning its metal frame. Standing before you was a tall being -easily two meters- of copper or bronze reinforcement build over a sleek dark exoskeleton with a cubic head whose face presented a single large topaz cut into a large rectangle which glowered faintly, often growing bright in sudden unexplainable flashes.
This is strange, you could only compare this with Belphegor alchemical experiments but there's no way this could be a construct; it came out of your soul.

''W-wow this is... do you feel it? It's fluffy, I feel safe...'' Vilma whispered gently, features smoothening into a gladdened expression of relaxation as she gazed upon this being who, frankly, felt far too present in this reality to be described as a mere summon.

''No? Is anything wrong?'' A curious glance for the girls on the road revealed them as a flabbergasted trio of open-mouthed astonishment.

''He's from you, this is an embodiment of your soul Arawn, not exactly entirely made from yourself but... Liches like me can conjure begins out of souls, creates avatars of people personalities though... I-I don't know if... are you like that?'' She asked the being of metal and it proved it's cognizance by shaking its head. Then balled one of its hand -of long fingered copper- into a fist that it tapped on its heart.

''I don't really understand.'' Vilma continued wit ha bashful smile. ''I-I suppose... Arawn is s-special.'' This unknown summon nodded, creating a squeak of metal.

''This is what you want to use against Elenor?'' You asked as the creature straightened its spine.

''No... not really, maybe.'' Breaking the hug(and handhold), Vilma retreated to sit comfortably beside you in order to face her summons whom she graces with a pointed finger. ''I wanted to see an aspect of you, Arawn and I think this guy could help you much more than me.''

''How?'' For a moment you thought to have heard an odd occurrence, a low whistle blew past your ear while the creature of metal continued it's standing vigil.

''Ask it things? Maybe-Maybe... get to know each other?''

Rather similar to your experience inside the Throne...which perhaps is the entire point of it all, not that Vilma could understand what happened yet, however, this phenomenon could be a proof that you aren't empty of memories.

...Or this could be a dangerous venture, you are in the hour of Lullaby; countless spirits are resting throughout all places of existences, easily awakening by soft chimes of bells. Aren't they violently attracted to empty vessels? Won't such a body make a perfect target for possession?

>Get up and try to dialogue with this independent summon. It came from you, surely you can reason with it?

>Stay put, you've already tried your luck once today. There's no Demon Lord to save you now.

>Free Choice
>Get up and try to dialogue with this independent summon. It came from you, surely you can reason with it?
>Get up and try to dialogue with this independent summon. It came from you, surely you can reason with it?
Vilma can just unsummon it if need be.
File: 1525828488864.jpg (64 KB, 800x795)
64 KB
''Alright... hopefully we can get a name.'' Clearing your throat, you rose to your feet and calmed your wobbly legs to start firmly and bridged the distance with this new arrival whose head had turned to observe the three faraway girls.

''Precious'' A voice emerged from its tall body, a resounding metallic scratch managed to avoid being grating despite the sheer abnormality of its sound.

''Yeah.'' Staring and gaping at it like a moron was a genuinely tempting proposition, how did it even talk? ''They're my friends, perhaps it'd be better to say ours?''

''We are entwined but you are whole.'' Making a circle with one long coppery finger, it tried to pass on a message by pointing at you afterward and probably expecting a reaction you had no clues how to deliver.

''Got a name?'' You asked, allowing yourself to relax. Its response came as a soft negatory headshake.

''Yours matters. Not mine'' Okay, a clumsy communicator. Lack of emotions or noticeable sparks of humanity was obvious given its body, Vilma likely had a deeper connection since she's the summoner.

>''Do you think you can help out Vilma tomorrow?'' (Move this conversation forward, see if you can bargain with it... Maybe that'll give you some hints about its disposition.)

>''What aspect of myself are you, big guy? Tell me about yourself, I'd like to make a new buddy today.'' (A bit heavy-handed, but it feels better than staring in silence waiting for this construct initiative.)

>''Why did you call my friends precious? Do you know them?''

>Free Choice
Went on for quite a while without answers, let's do things differently.

You guys are free to ask all the question you want, even writing them up and I'll tally the three most popular for my next update and proceed to advance the scenes a few steps that way.

I'll end here for tonight in order to accomplish that, the quest will resume Tuesday.
If our name Matters, let us introduce ourselves. It might be redundant, but let's reply with that to "My name is Arawn."

We should say that we intend to make the most out of this to learn more about ourselves later, but first things first, Vilma needs help tomorrow.

"It is nice to meet you. When we have the chance, we will have a lot to talk about. But before any of that, a friend of mine.... of ours, needs help. Is there anything you do to help Vilma tomorrow?"
>>''Do you think you can help out Vilma tomorrow?'' (Move this conversation forward, see if you can bargain with it... Maybe that'll give you some hints about its disposition.)
>''Do you think you can help out Vilma tomorrow?'' (Move this conversation forward, see if you can bargain with it... Maybe that'll give you some hints about its disposition.)
Damn my chaotic work hours! I would have said to ask it to help Vilma sooner. That said >>2619035 is basically a better version of that option so I second it. I believe he meant "is there anything you could do" on the last part though.

Also, the big helpful summon is a magitek robot? Summons can be mecha units, it's those little things like that that make me like you. Imagine, a robot zombie horde to inflict upon our enemies. Muahahaha!
Yes, I meant tht. I rewrote that phrase so many times that it came out weird.

Also, I feel like if I had not replied this late, the updating would have continued, but I have been busy with exams and assignments for college, so I didn't check it in time ;w;

...Vilma just summoned Arawn's Stand, I am feeling.

Nice. What will we call it?
File: tesla-lab.jpg (121 KB, 622x500)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Holy shit you're right, this thing basically is his Stand! We'll need to learn about what it can do before we can properly name it in that case. Ain't like they got Tarot or Rock/Heavy Metal music in this setting.

That we know of or can't somehow help bring about in any case. It's not here yet (to our knowledge) but who says it ain't in the works? Give an Electrical mage a guitar and some basic knowledge of how their magic and magnetism are related. It won't take much longer after that if they happen to be musically inclined.

They'll just need that adequate spark of crazy to make it happen. Y'know, this setting's equivalent of Tesla. Ho boy will things really get rolling once that shows up. And we may have already met her. Belph is a candidate for this IMO, not hard to imagine her making a similar scene to this famous pic.
File: 1527218036883.png (769 KB, 1024x1188)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
Summoning is a strange craft. Absorbing and manipulating wayward spirits created a standardized type of summons you've seen directed by apprentices in their incessant practice duels, magic was also a very important factor. Teruko provided an example during your escapade inside the forest where your battery spell and nature combined with her mastery to create a surreal draconic sight that promptly annihilated a hundred shambling corpses and, of course, she also showed one of summoning greatest accomplishment by allowing a fairy to act into the world, an adorably shy little thing who warmed up to you over an evening.

The conjuring of independent souls was believed an incredibly dangerous venture by academics and tutors alike for its inherent risk with bringing a being of cognizance into a state of servitude. Standing here in this small forest, observing this being of copper and obsidian led credence to such warnings, albeit with new questions that had you confounded in confusion.

Namely, how in Mother Earth good grace could an intelligent being have been summoned by the Lich from a part of your very soul?

The answer will have to wait, you've already wasted more than enough time lost in thoughts. ''My name is Arawn Loukanos'' You spoke clearly, giving your chest a thump and the metal entity answered with a nod that squeaked awkwardly, it's yellow gem glowing faintly. You'll have to take the lead in this conversation.

''It's nice to meet you.'' You gave a casual wave and the machine imitated you, bringing a smile to your lips. It really felt present. ''I don't think we have the time to speak at length even if I'd like to.'' While you didn't pause for an answer, it responded with another squeaky nod. ''I'll get straight to the point.''

Turning to the sitting Lich, the construct followed your gaze, breaking the dazed bubble of charm that had been poignantly gripping her heart, making her find a particularly interesting stick to stare at.

''My friend has a very important day tomorrow.'' You went back to observing the machine, prompting it to return your stare. At least, the head movements made you believe so. ''I'd like you to help her out, protect her. Not sure how or if it's even possible but... she snacked on a piece of my soul, that ought to make something happen right?''

''Arawn...'' Vilma murmur was almost filtered by the flowing winds.

''Yes.'' Came an almost grating voice of quieted non-organic noise coming out from the sides of its gem. ''Protection has been our onus.

That was easy even if this raises some important questions. ''What do you mean by that? Ours?'' Could this, too, be a piece of your memories? No way, it was part of you in the first place, it didn't arouse any feelings of familiarity.
File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
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526 KB PNG
''Arawn is a protector. It pointed to you, the softening of its voice belied a lack of emotions, you could almost imagine a smile. ''I've tried and failed to protect my precious one. It made a soft wave at the road where the girls twitched out of tension.

''What do you know about me?'' Resolute stoicism failed you, these words came out hostile and impatient and the machine settled its head back to observe you, droplets of green inks melding with the yellow hues of its unique eye.

''I know how far you'd go to protect them. You awoke with nothing, you were given succor, time, rest and patient information. All of them are precious, you don't have to feel inadequate.'' Oh that stung. Not in a bad way, a wave of embarrassment had you unable to keep looking at this machine, heat coloring your cheeks betrayed rosy coloring that could mirror Sieglinde cheeks.

''Arawn...'' Yeah, Vilma heard and her voice had this spot of warmth to it that made it difficult to turn and look at her. You've only been up and about for a week and now that you've taken an actual step into gathering the shards of your past, knowing you had a foundation a place to belong was recomforting beyond words.

''A coming storm.'' There wasn't any gentleness inside its artificial voice now, it's head turned with a concert of resistant snaps toward the forest. ''The hour of Lullaby is always treacherous''

''I-I don't see anything.'' Vilma answered while you silently glared at the vegetative horizon. Outside an entirely disappeared sun and the resulting increase of shade, dusk hadn't changed much outside the previous meld of scarlet-orange into an inky bluish white of coming nightfall.

''This guy is a soul. Probably perceiving things we can't.'' Knowing this was soon-to-be goodbye was enough to instill pragmatism and discard your lingering emotions with that cheap shot, for a golem it certainly read you like an open book.

''I have forgotten many things.'' It's head slowly turned back to observe you and Vilma, it's gem having discarded its droplets of green to show the usual uniform yellow. ''Be careful in this hour; something vicious lurk around us, many things have grown interested in your awakening.''

A chilling warning to be sure, faint transparency revealed that it was about to disappear and, given Vilma obvious distress, this dispell was entirely from the machine own making. You might have enough time for a single answer...

>''Hey, buddy! Got a name?''

>''What's so dangerous about this hour? Who's interested in me?''

>''Who is it you failed to protect? Could I help you?''

>Free Choice
>>''What's so dangerous about this hour? Who's interested in me?''
>''What's so dangerous about this hour? Who's interested in me?''
File: 1.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
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190 KB JPG
''Think you could give some pointers to dispell those cryptic words, buddy? What am I supposed to be afraid of at this hour? Is there somebody after me?'' Vilma got up to her feet, her face a reflection of worry and resolution as the being of coppery metal had grown inconsistent enough for objects to be seen through its translucent body.

Its answer was to silently step forward, briding enough distance to make it possible for its metal hand -full five digits of obsidian- to land on your shoulder with a gentle thump. Such proximity would have been a great opportunity to marvel at those pieces of exposed engineering but something in its stiff mannerism translated warnings.

''Brace and observe'' Were the words of this strange being of soul, no warning could have you adequately prepare for what it meant.

What was a world of shadows and encroaching nightfall regained it's light, your vision swam, becoming shaky, colors blended together in an overwhelming way, forcing you to close your eyes to shake off dizziness, Vilma voice grew faint and disappeared, her presence was inconsistent as if underwater.

First, you witnessed the color red in all of its invasive brightness, projected by an invisible sun that discarded all flimsy ideas of logic. Nearby trees looked sick and twisted, grown into simulacrums of life even worse than those abominations inside that undead forest, here big eyes of putrid oranges sprouted out of barks and faced had been carved into neverending grimaces of twisted emotions. Movement revealed creatures unlike anything conceivable, mutants of wriggly flesh bulged into twisted humanoid shapes, standing still to look right at you in a blind bulbous gaze. Quadrupeds could be seen feasting on an unknown corpse, to spare your eyes this sudden carnage you opted to observe skyward where a familiar maelstrom replace the sun, its inner core of darkness replaced by a red manifestation that hurt your eyes.

''Buddy?'' You don't know how you managed to avoid losing your cool but, thankfully, this coppery construct was beside you, made whole again, it's yellow gem filled with an ominous red color to warn of imminent dangers.

''They are looking at you.'' Buddy voice had more consistency here, in this damned place of damnation. His sentence rang true, your first examination had you willingly discard this truth; these shambling monstrosities were observing you, all of them acknowledging your presence and stepping closer in measured strides.

''Souls should never acknowledge livings this way.'' Buddy continued to your stupefaction, instincts of self-preservation begged you to embrace focus, it was taking everything you had to keep this urge in check.

''This Hour of Lullaby is when souls are at their strongest for those few still awake are free of distractions. Be careful, Arawn.''
File: Sieg09.jpg (81 KB, 800x850)
81 KB
With a tap on your shoulder, Buddy coppery frames grew inconsistent, disappearing into another phenomenon of watery disposition that blurred colors into a messy unidentifiable whole.

When you reopened your eyes, the weight on your shoulder was revealed to be a hand of glossy darkness that almost had you jump for the road, only for a certain redhead to stand obstructive with a worried glare.

''Huh?'' When did they get so close? What happened?

''You were spacing out, dude.'' Elina was occupying your flank, outstretched wings of dusky red sending a chill up your spine as you remembered all that redness... She was also glaring into the forest, directly into a spot occupied by a crowd of abominations that, thankfully, had absolutely no hints of existences now.

''I'm fine.'' You growled, rubbing your eyes and letting a yawn filter through your emotional defenses. ''He's a good guy.''

He hasn't exactly answered your questions, though, given his previous statements, it's highly likely his memories are spotty at best. Either way, what the hell was that...? That maelstrom was in the Throne!

''Really?'' Sieglinde voice was a perfect match for her frowning feature of disbelief. ''You were stiff enough to make Vilma yell at us, this kind of... absence is worrisome, nothing happened?''

>Confess to the girls what just happened.

>You'll speak about it later. Vilma doesn't need these worries before her important day. Go back home.

>Free Choice
Confess. They won't buy that nothing happened and their imaginations might run away with them.

They're going to worry about us either way so there's no point in hiding this.
>You'll speak about it later. Vilma doesn't need these worries before her important day. Go back home
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Unless another anon votes or someone changes their minds 10 or so minutes after my roll, I'll go with the result.
File: Sieg 14.jpg (104 KB, 500x867)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
''Nothing too bad'' Sieglinde intensity had you gro coy, although you couldn't resist a cheeky smile that had the redhead radiate disapproval.
This was a perfect way to wind down after that trauma-inducing sight.

''Do I need to have you on a leash, hm?'' Answered the princess who gave her long curled hair it's usual swooshing.

''Think you can handle me?" You replied with a confident smirk, her bravado tickled a spot of your pride that wouldn't have you back down against this statement. She didn't expect this rebuttal, her eyes blinked in surprise that quickly gave way to an defiant smirk.

''My, how interesting...'' Teruko broke into this intense atmosphere without a care in the world. ''...I've no idea how it is that my darling conjured an entity from thine soul my dear Loukanos.''

''It's fine, Buddy is going to make himself useful tomorrow.'' You replied at the professor who tilted her head in silent disbelief. ''I'll tell you guys about what happened during that, huh... staring period I guess? For now I'd like to get out of here, I'm starving.''

''I'll hold you to that.'' Elina stated before glancing into the trees where that crowd of mutated freaks had been shambling toward you. It took a conscious effort to avoid shuddering, getting out of here would be welcomed.

''So will I.'' The princess answered, locking her attention toward Vilma who seemed lost in thought. The Lich kept an absent-minded hold on her bell-staff and walked leisurely, not realizing her relaxed pace was actually slowing down the group. ''Just... you're safe right?'' The princess asked with genuine concern. She was probably still sore about that combination of Throne adventure and dubious summoning.

''Yeah.'' You nodded. ''I'm fine, I'd like to have all of you meet him next time Vilma is able to conjure him.''

Sieglinde satisfied smile convinced you that she was satisfied with this compromise. You didn't really want to speak about this red world right now, it felt too raw to be spoken about casually and... maybe it's something the Demon Lord ought to know, that maelstrom was present inside her throne.


In the evening of your 7th day since awakening, a mood of leisure festivity had a group of 8 people inside Sieglinde room, all of them had enjoyed a supper on a table far too small to be properly accommodating yet rubbing shoulders and thighs with demon and angel had been a rewarding experience. It was quickly revealed that Daiyu was a big eater, scarfing down twice the volume of Teruko ample meals with scarcely any pause.

You didn't know if her image as sovereign of monsters was diminished or reinforced.

The evening proceeded into more relaxed activities of discussions where Sieglinde into a little more details about today adventure with Mimiru and Vilma.

''We'll be seeing her again.'' The princess concluded as her mother finally had enough food and leaned on the table while clutching her stomach in painful satisfaction.
File: Sieg11.jpg (464 KB, 855x1090)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
''I'm not really... I-I mean it wasn't a-a mista-a...Right?'' Nervousness had steadily risen onto Vilma small shoulders and the horned redhead shook her head and almost scrapped your face.

''Nonsense, we weren't able to meet her sister but at least we've taken care of her rent if the Javed mess with her, it'll make a perfect excuse to investigate or -at least- tell them to get fucked.'' She huffed in satisfaction and took a healthy swig of fruity alcohol, tonight was a privileged moment for the princess because she actually allowed more than a single glass of consumption!

''The wise woman was oddly resistant though.'' Sieglinde continued, locking eyes with her new purple-skinned retainer. ''Means we've got plenty of things to worry about, so don't worry too much about tomorrow. Everyone took good care of you.''

''Y-yes I... I don't know how...'' Vilma pinched lips brought a ping of worry into your heart.

''Don't go feeling inadequate now, you'll be like him.'' The princess casually pointed to you with her thumb and winced hard enough to shake your shoulders as you keenly remembered Buddy words.

''You shouldn't assume too much, your highness.'' You managed to avoid sounding grumpy though your gaze strayed for the bed where Elina was sitting beside Hao. You could tell the maid-lizard was trying to strike up a conversation but the angel wasn't receptive, she seemed thoroughly lost in thoughts.

''Yeah, sorry. I dunno why you give me that impression.'' Sieglinde shrugged and you concealed your grateful sigh in your mug.

''S-say... Sieglinde?'' Vilma pipped gently. ''Do you... um, d-do you have any balcony? I'd... like some fresh air.''

''Take a left and keep on straight. You'll stumble on it. Were kinda deep inside the shrine and give a big view of the forest away from Throne Town, it's why you don't see it from the ground.'' Vilma silently nodded and rose to her feet, her plate was still half-full but nothing in her stance betrayed weakness.

''Would you like company?'' The princess asked, running her eyes on the table where her mother was completely zoned out after her food, Belphegor was literally sleeping on the table (encountering Zazawu had been particularly draining) and Teruko was in a moment of satisfied solitude. She had brought Titania out of her shell and the girl was sitting on her belly, speaking far too quiet to be overheard.

''I... wouldn't begrudge it.'' Answered the lich who had left behind her staff on the table.

>Accompany the lich and the princess. (Would you also like to bring anybody else, like Hao and Elina?)

>Insist you'd like to speak with Daiyu and Sieglinde, you've been waited to meet them both all day... there's something important you'd like to discuss.

>Stay in the room while the girls go on their own, they could use this time alone.

Choose one
>Speak with Elina and Hao, the angel seems rather tense.
>Strike up a conversation with her Majesty, perhaps bridges a few important topics...
>Free Choice
File: Red 20.png (901 KB, 945x1228)
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Didn't have enough space to say that I'll continue tomorrow. I might end the thread after that session and pick things up for this weekend, make a shorter thread. Either way, there's still more to do.

Plenty of stuff happened huh? These group evenings are precious. Hope you appreciate them.
>>Stay in the room while the girls go on their own, they could use this time alone.
>>Speak with Elina and Hao, the angel seems rather tense.
>>Strike up a conversation with her Majesty, perhaps bridges a few important topics...

shes only here for a while after all
We should also try learning Haos and Teruko language while she learns ours to make it easier it may also help us in the long run.
>Accompany the lich and the princess.

Try and rope Hao and Elina into this as well. If nothing else I'm quite sure this will result in one of those breathtaking vistas you get as you play through the Souls Series and the like. One of them may well point out where we were Vilma munched on our soul/we got read by the robot.

Also, if said robot did de-summon of his own will against Vilma's desire, why did it do so? It's a question worth asking after all. It obviously had everyone's safety as it's foremost concern. Vilma herself felt like she did for good reason I'd reckon. So why willfully evaporate into the ether?
Rolled 3 (1d3)


Usual rule applies to break this stalemate.
>Accompany the lich and the princess.

>Strike up a conversation with her Majesty, perhaps bridges a few important topics...

Argh, I want to make sure Elina is fine, but I am wary of letting Vilma out in a balcony accessible from outside
What started as a quiet escapade for refreshing night air naturally evolved into a group adventure when you decided to tag along and badgered a pouty heavenly girl into accompanying you alongside her chatty companion who couldn't grasp the situation. Still, Hao proved herself good company and stuck to your side with child-like eyes of wonders that'd often follow the alchemical power lines traveling throughout the roof and walls, trying without success to understand their function.

At first, you wondered if imposing yourself like that was against Vilma wishes but her quiet smile spoke of a good mood as she stood beside Elina whose tense features had relaxed into a relaxed stance of neutrality, whatever demons ruining her mood had either been pushed back or forgotten.

''Maid is shy! Ksha...Embara?'' Hao was a chatty fellow despite her inability to form a complete sentence. One of her hand kept a constant hold on her long skirt of frilly black and white despite her new addition of long pale stocking, the tribal lizard was a warrior through and through and always complained about her frilly uniform.

''You mean embarrassing.'' You answered, making her head tilt, curved horns on her face giving an image of a protective sideway visor.

''So? You think...'' Her words proceeded into her native tongue while she tapped her clothing. ''...don't like it, them outsides.'' She pointed to her naturally sharp eyes with a grimace.

That frilly uniform certainly garnered attention

''Our Hao doesn't appreciate her clothing?'' Sieglinde asked from behind you, prompting the girl to whirl around at the mention of her name and nearly slap your guts with her fat scaly tail.

Careful now, that girl is pure brawn. She's already proven herself yesterday.

''I don't think Teruko would appreciate removing it, she does like people in uniform.'' Elina graced the foreign lizard with an awkward smile that left her confused and, given this awkward position, her walking had her almost ram into a wall.

''Careful Hao!'' You threw your arm in her direction and she whirled around fast enough to avoid an embarrassing collision.

''Nyeheh!'' She answered with a wide thankful smile, full-toothed and almost childish. A fain blossom of red on her tanned cheeks had you momentarily stunned until you realized she felt bashful about your hand gripping her small scaled arm.

''Do you guys think... P-people will give Teruko g-grief over H-hao?'' A refreshing coolness in the air accompanied the lich clumsy words, the straight path for the balcony was ending with a wide vista already within view.
File: 2.jpg (62 KB, 528x1181)
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''Detractors ran for the hills, people have been extremely quiet since my mother dropped unannounced today.'' Sieglinde answered with a satisfied hum. ''With enough time Hao presence will become natural, our half-truth became genuine anyway so there's honestly nothing they can do anymore; this girl became Teruko helper. Though, I suppose my mother presence made it impossible for us to nip this problem.''

Indeed, yesterday all of you discusses possible solutions about these nobles being jealous of your professor influence and while getting to the source was tempting, Daiyu security was far too tempting to pass up with Vilma duel and the Suppression mission.

''When is your mother expected to leave?'' You asked the redhead.

''She'll stick around for all of my preparations, my letter was about asking for help and... all of us saw how fast she came.'' She laughed awkwardly.

Woe betide anybody giving her Majesty children grief.

''Oh! Good!'' Hao exclamation acted almost as a greeting when your group finally emerged into a large balcony built into the very ground of this massive tower of rock. There weren't any doors to separate it as a genuine room, instead, the path opened into a grand rectangular space that offered a majestic landscape protected by a waist-high barrier of rock raised from the ground. The garden you've spent the evening inside was well within view, offering a nice set of geometric colors that managed to stand out in the half-moon light and the forest you sojourned in stretched into half a mile. distances had trees become sporadic, ground changing into spotty plains that barely had any distances to grow before changing into wides cliffs raised above a grand ocean of lukewarm inky azure.

The temperature here was refreshing, summer night wind was nicely cooled by all of this water and it brought strong gusts that made all the long hair of your companions flow in an organic, hypnotic dance of melding colors that truly enforced how beautiful this squad of monsters was.

Chairs and tables lingered the ground in spotless clarity but everyone naturally moved for that big barrier impeding a deadly fall and offering a majestic view indeed.

''Throne Town is inside its own dimension.'' Sieglinde spoke while keeping a hand behind her head, her wild locks of curly scarlet was easily lifted by these energetic gusts. ''Long before my mother reign, this sea was made by an unknown predecessor and has since acted as a protective barrier, it's why you don't see any boats. It leads nowhere, though it makes for a very nice view.''

Demons were crafty, nothing betrayed this city unique position.
'We should try hanging out here more often.'' It was plain truth and you had to point it out.

''Yeah.'' A sad smile spread on the princess pretty face and she abandoned the idea of keeping her hair still to rest her mutated hands on the thick rails. ''Maybe.'' She didn't speak more, but you understood more than enough. Her melancholy told of a sad history, this room likely bore witness to something particularly sad in Sieglinde life.

''I like it.'' Elina spoke, clearing her throat, doing her best to dispell the lingering gloominess without being entirely successful, something in her traits betrayed an uncharacteristic languor that pinched your heart in worry.

''Friends, guys!'' Hao voice was accompanied by a whump of collision as she easily lifted herself to sit on the barrier, tail dangling down into a deadly abyss; Elina had nearly jumped down to prevent the worst. ''Speak! Tell me! What's...'' tilting her head in self-brought confusion, the tall tribal maid ignores the pressure of everyone stares as she poked the side of her face.

''Dreams!'' She expressed with loud enthusiasm. ''Share it! Hooopes!''

''You...huh? You want us to speak of dreams?'' You asked your new friend in confusion and she nodded.

''Yeah! I hope... Hao really hope Villy wins! I want... yes I can battle!'' She loudly slapped her fist into her open palm. ''Can't... So hope what I do! Yeah, hope! And dream!''

''Ah... huh...'' Vilma voice gargled into noisy nothingness. ''T-thanks... I-I... I'm kinda scared.''

''Yeah! Fights magic!'' Hao nodded, probably unable to understand anything in depth but... she was trying and, more importantly, her cheerfulness was no façade; she had been worried about this atmosphere and tried, in her own clumsy way, to remedy it. ''Elf! Awaaan! What is your dream?'' She pointed at you with intense seriousness, leaving you dumbstruck.

It was rather unusual being put on the spot like that. ''You mean, my ambition?'' You asked and she vigorously nodded without fully understanding you.
File: 21.png (322 KB, 559x789)
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''She's a strong-armed one.'' Sieglinde commented with mirth and, upon being faced with a darling beaming grin from the tribal lizard, she returned a bashful smile and turned her head to observe the horizon to hide a rising blush.

Your ambition though...having to actually share it is actually making you feel bashful; sure the girls could easily guess your intentions, but to actually speak it out loud... It'd make your words so much more important.

This tribal girl is sharp.

>''I want to know who I am of course. Perhaps my priorities will change but since the moment I woke up, I've really wanted to clear the mysteries of my past.''

>''Helping you guys. I know it's kinda cliche and I've got all of my personal mysteries to unravel, but I always feel much more worried about all of you. I had to force myself into being a little selfish today because honestly, I really wanted to accompany you back into Thone Town with this Mimiru business.''

>''I'm not entirely certain. I've so much to discover about myself, having an ambition - a dream- feels like staring into dirty water. It's murky. You guy gave me directions, I can't hope for anything else.''

>Free Choice
>>''I want to know who I am of course. Perhaps my priorities will change but since the moment I woke up, I've really wanted to clear the mysteries of my past.''
After that who knows maybe go on a few adventures settle down have a few kids its hard to say but alas till I get a better idea of who I was that'll have to wait.
If they ask for any details on that part go strait for teasing.
>''I want to know who I am of course. Perhaps my priorities will change but since the moment I woke up, I've really wanted to clear the mysteries of my past
>''I want to know who I am of course. Perhaps my priorities will change but since the moment I woke up, I've really wanted to clear the mysteries of my past

Also, even if we discover who we are, Arawn still has no clear goal in mind, but hopefully it will be one that doesn't compromise our friendship with them girls!
>''I want to know who I am of course. Perhaps my priorities will change but since the moment I woke up, I've really wanted to clear the mysteries of my past.''

Though whenever the issue of our precious friends comes up they always seem to jump to the top of the priority list. At the very least, it seems that if we had the option to either regain a memory or help a friend in a pinch we'd choose the later. The thought of bad things happening to them... well it's not good for us!
File: 3.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x1350)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Wedged between Elina and Hao, you couldn't face all of the girls so you decided to lean forward and peer into the wide horizon, doing everything you could to mask the rise of heat coloring your cheeks.

''My memories, I really want to lift that veil clouding my mind...afterward, I expect my priorities will change in ways I'd rather not attempt to guess...though.'' Echoes of faraway cicadas and mellowed singing birds made it obvious your audience was listening, rather Hao was beaming in that adorable smile of pure benevolence that managed to raise more heat to your cheeks. ''I want to believe I'll always prioritize you guys, come what may.''

''Maybe I could go on a few adventures, settle down and have a few kids.'' A choked laugh beside you betrayed Elina amusement, the very first smile you've seen on her today.

''You'd actually like to be a dad?'' Sieglinde asked in disbelief, although her gentle expression betrayed a sweet mood.

''Of course, maybe it's my adult body but I suppose immortals aren't freed of this natural desire. I'm pretty you'll feel it soon.'' You leaned on the rail with a broad grin as she blinked upon receiving your claim. ''Teruko will grace a new life in this world very soon, I'm eager to see how all of you are going to react.''

It was something you wanted to say for a while, a little ammunition kept in your pocket that earns sets of blank-faced embarrassment that made it obvious that the girls all thoughts about this peculiar reality in various intensity.

''Aheeem!'' Sieglinde cleared her throat. ''Don't go assuming so much, my good elven sir. I've got a great many things to worry about...''

''Yeeeah.'' Elina agreed, wings flapping gently as she rubbed her face. ''I'm not exactly apt at raising kids, got a few things to worry about.'' This brought you reminders of what happened a few nights ago with that ominous sleepwalking.

>''Your Highness, what about you? Surely you've more than enough dreams to share with us.''

>''Are those worries your own ambition, Elina? Think you can give your friends a little heartfelt revelation?''

>''And you, Vilma? What is it you've dreamed of? Has your ambitions changed after coming here?''

>Point to Hao. ''You, share it! You'Ve thrown your question at me, now it's your turn to handle it!''

>Free Choice
>''Your Highness, what about you? Surely you've more than enough dreams to share with us.''

the ambitions of pretty much royalty are usually meaningful~ let's see wha she has to say!
>>Point to Hao. ''You, share it! You'Ve thrown your question at me, now it's your turn to handle it!''
>''Your Highness, what about you? Surely you've more than enough dreams to share with us.''
>''And you, Vilma? What is it you've dreamed of? Has your ambitions changed after coming here?''
Hm, look like we've gone and hit autosage.

Sieglinde option it is.
File: Sieg 01.png (1.15 MB, 991x1421)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
''What about you, your Highness?'' You shifted your stance to observe the redhead beside Elina who retracted her wings to make vision easier. What a thoughtful girl.

''You'd go and ask that huh?'' Sieglinde replied in fake frustration, throwing a haughty huff for good measure then leaning forward on the rail: alas most of her body was hidden by Elina red appendage with only the snaky movements of her long deadly tail jutting out of the angel organic obstruction.

''It'd be far too easy to return the question to Hao.'' The mentioned girl swung her legs while pointing at herself and you voiced a quiet ''later'' that might have been understood since she nodded and gazed at the demonic princess with a listener attention.

Sieglinde ferocious gaze was cast into a forlorn horizon of darkness, numerous thoughts jousted in her head and before long, she turned for the group with rosy cheeks colored by a telltale sign of honest bashfulness.

''I've often changed my ambitions when time brought its crisis, these days though, I've been... I've decided to act on something simple.'' Her hand softly went through her blanket of curly hair, almost audibly sliding through its luxurious length. ''I want my mom to be happy, I want my family to remain whole; maybe expand one day, who knows.'' She cleared her throat, momentarily looking away with a grimace before settling back to offer her profile for the group.
File: Red 01.jpg (874 KB, 1049x1500)
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874 KB JPG
''It's been a lifetime since my mother has looked so relaxed, happy enough to tease me and my friends. Our family broke apart when... when she gave birth to a stillborn after my father abandoned us.'' There was a sharp intake of breath that brought a grimace to her face, Vilma couldn't quite handle this revelation. This wasn't how you imaged things to develop, although it wasn't bad; far from it.

''Yeah, that's it really. I'm trying to make the world a better place since I was born in a position of power and my sisters -Deruella especially- are ambitious persons. I just want to keep my family whole and endure whatever trials this era and all the coming ones are going to throw at us.''

With immortality came a certain perspective that she aptly described; enduring was a proper watchword for there were no proper ends for people like her.

Or you.

''Sorry, I've spoiled the atmosphere huh?'' A guilty smiled had her gaze down into the forest.

Your mind drifted toward a certain discussion you had with Belphegor when she explained her worries about Sieglinde corruption, she also made a point that... she had begun reaching out to people without any explanations. Elina, Teruko, Hao, Vilma and yourself could be described as very lucky people indeed.

''No, don't worry.'' Elina voice had taken a soft timbre, her face spread into a genuinely peaceful smile; one you remember seeing after your awakening, an expression of such utter gentleness that it left you dumbstruck and perhaps a little speechless. ''That's what you love, huh?'' she continued, wings flapping and Sieglinde laughed in embarrassment.

''That's a romantic view, I like it.''

>Try to inquire about Sieglinde past? (Name the subject)

>Deviate the subject for someone else, see if you can get them to reveal their dreams, too. (Specify girl)

>Free Choice.
>>Deviate the subject for someone else, see if you can get them to reveal their dreams, too.
Sounds like you have more worked out then I do, how about you Hoa?
>Deviate the subject for someone else, see if you can get them to reveal their dreams, too. (Specify girl)
Hao's turn.
First, we acknowledge her goals and approve of them, saying they sound like goals worthy of respect.


>Deviate the subject for someone else, see if you can get them to reveal their dreams, too. (Specify girl)

"It's Elina's turn~ Let's see what our angel's got!"
Lizard it is.
File: 1.jpg (275 KB, 1920x1080)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
''I respect that. Worthy goals, must be difficult given your family position.'' You announced as a silence had settled itself in the group. Fresh gusts of wind filtered into the balcony, displacing clothes and hair.

''Y-yeah'' Vilma quiet voice supported your statement, the princess didn't say or acknowledge anything, her lips tightened in unseen tension before relaxing with an embarrassed smile.

The closeness of the Jawahir family was endearing, Sieglinde truly loved her kin.

She's been under a spotlight long enough. ''Say, Hao.'' You turned at the tall scaled girl who tilted her head at your prompt, this gesture almost made her look like a puppy. ''You too, speak of yourself.'' You tapped the middle of your forehead with an index. ''Dream! Ambition!''

She plopped down loudly, naked monstrous feet meeting a ground of stone in an echoing thump and spun on one foot (nearly slamming you with her tail again) and proceeded to extend a thumb up. ''Yeah!''

''Gotta admit I've been curious about her.'' Elina murmured, turning around to face the maid in deep thoughts, pinching her scaly chin in a way reminiscent of Teruko's thinking gestures.

''Hao's...'' Her cheerful expression changed into a hurtful view of inwards discords that had you wonder if returning the question had been a wise idea. ''Hao has a dream, yeah... I... stronger!'' She slammed her scaled fist into her equally protected palm. ''Strong, strong... help friends too.'' Her fingers danced like instruments as she pointed at everyone. ''Hao needs strength.'' She balled her hands into a fist, psyching herself up by shaking her arms up and down. ''Because I, Hao wants... revenge''

This last word came out as a whisper with closed eyes and a mixture of embarrassment and guilt that revealed a deep, deep scar inside her gorgeous green eyes. ''R-revenge? Hao are you... Y-you aren't thinking of-of leaving?'' Vilma took a step forward and the tribal girl observed her in confusion, tilting her head once more in that canine sign of befuddlement.

It really was endearing.

''Mother is gone.'' She stated dryly, eyes narrowing into a fine line of dangerous animosity cast toward the sea. ''Tribe fault. Dunno how, when, who... but tribe fault.'' Before you and the girls, this tall warrior hefted a fist to repeat an affirmed oath made long, long before your meeting. ''Kill them all one day.'' She asserted with a resolute smirk of peace, it was more than sufficient to send a chill up your spine, so relentless was she in this endeavor that she wasn't radiating any hatred.

''Yeah, tribes... never again, will find this thing, justice yes?'' She asked the assembly and nodded to herself.

''Justice for your mother?'' Sieglinde asked voice choked by emotions while her face tightened in worry. It was quite the whiplash compared to her confession, here stood a girl who lived through her worst nightmare... and still came out smiling.
File: 2.jpg (382 KB, 1920x1080)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
''Yeah.'' Hao's hands crossed on her belly covered by the frilly apron. ''One day.'' She murmured. ''Now I stay here, help... debt to pay! Always!''

Her position was similar to your own, having been brought back from more than a year of distances, her entire world consisted of good people charity and the only thing she could give back was her skill.

It's a damn wonder and testament to her will that she remains cheerful.

''Friends!'' Hao hands clapped together, resonating loudly throughout the balcony. ''Go back? Late, cold...'' She rubbed her arms with an awkward smile while pointing backward with her thumb.

''Perhaps one day I'll help you out...'' You heard a chilly whisper from princess Sieglinde Jawahir who, undeniably, held family as sacred and didn't hold any ideals of fairness when it came to abusing her position.

Slowly but surely, these girls lives are becoming irrevocably intertwined.

>Ending here for tonight. I'll announce when I'll archive the thread, my brain is a bit too mushy right now. I'll also provide a summary of important points tomorrow.

I'll be restarting this weekend, we've still got a little more to do before we get to the duel, though I need a rest. For now, you guys have a whole lot of think about, it's been a busy thread!

For now, you have enough time for one activity before the girls go to bed: if you guys can come to a consensus on what to do then I'll begin next thread with it, otherwise, I'll offer a set of choice come Friday or Saturday.

Who's best girl so far?
One more activity before bed... How about we talk to Elina? I have the feeling we are always skipping her.

We want to know her dreams and hopes, too.If not in public, we can always ask her in rivate. Let's decide based on how she looks like she feels, about dragging on this conversation on the way in.
I like Vilma best~
I like bell the most so far she seen shit but she has this could be worse kinda seen it all vibe going for her.
Hao and Sig are next though Sig has the I'm slowly dieing mystery feel to her and Hoa's a I'll kill them all someday lets have fun till then (she was my favorite till that).
Vilmas alright and I want to like Elina but it feels like she either has a stick up her ass or she's depressed about something the few times she not like that she shines though.
Some Elina focus for next thread is perfectly doable.

Thank for the feedback so far, it's true our angel is in a little bit of a slump.
We could try to help her summon that could go both ways though if its up to a roll for results.
this so much

As for what to do i have no idea.
Get our journal upgraded security wise?
fuck, could have found something for that at the market.
Teruko could enchant it or something?
File: thinking.jpg (157 KB, 1920x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I'm not surprised about this, Vilma was originally planned to be a npc you could help out, Elina awkward friend with great magic potential whose a bit too shy to rise to greatness, Teruko student whose happy remaining in the background.

That certainly went off the rails. Her arc is coming to an end and I think you'll be surprised how many little things added up, where even focusing on other girls actually helped more than giving her constant attentions, there's nothing you can do anymore to help her case now.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make Elina opinion flip around after I give her due focus.
Sieg, Vilma, Belph. In that order. 4th is a tie between Teruko and Daiyu.

Teruko's enchantment is likely to be double-edged. It'd be encrypted all right but Teruko herself would likely have a direct line into it and she would likely parse out bits of it in some way whenever her latent sadism kicked in.

Well we couldn't just leave the other girls alone could we? They'd feel left out, maybe even jealous. That wouldn't do at this early of a juncture.
that would suck but it'd be worth it if we do the blood ritual to get our memories back.

Reminder that if we soul link and die, all our waifu/links die with us.
Unless that's not a real thing, i forget.
>Reminder that if we soul link and die, all our waifu/links die with us.

Not something I can confirm or deny, this is info from the previous quest though it's been 12 years since so a few things could have changed here and there.

Anyhow, it seems like you guys would like a little discussion with Elina and, thinking back on it, I have failed to portray her accurately here and there. I'll have to remedy that.
Maybe. We don't have that info for certain here and there is the matter of our own magic to consider.

We are a "Soul" mage after all, we may be able to do things with it others could not. Heck, we may one day be able to form and break such bonds at will in a harmless fashion. The target would probably have to consent on both counts however.
Do we not have a favor owed by Elina? Perhps it's the time to use it on something cute, rather than on a prank.

I do want soul link. I am not planning on dying anytime soon.
Same here, gonna go for the soul link option unless tempting fate with that Throne or something else starts to have big fat bonuses attached.

Like I said, our own magic alters the calculus of risk quite significantly. We're basically presiding over our own trial if ya catch my meaning in regards to a soul link. What is there to fear if that is the case?
Man, I want to go get my hands on those sweet sweet crimson wings

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