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Cont: >>260292
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You blink twice and snap back to reality, it feels like leaving a deep dark hole and then taking a curious look around. A lot of cash (a lot of everything) is very tempting, but the herd is in no position to take a good lesson; not right now of all times, certainly. To learn while suffering the least; that is the true mastery of teaching. And if all it takes is for you to bend your horns and tell the broken horn Leader she was right, then it’s all for the herd.

Although, it seems you bended them anyway. As you rise your head, you notice the Witch giving you a curious look, which turns into a funny look as you almost mutter that you changed your mind; you repeat yourself louder, just in case.

As a matter of fact, you aren’t even yet familiar with the basics of your situation... and no matter how big the income of a casino, there won’t be cash to be earned among the fire. You ask the Witch what did she intend for the himehorns to do as she rescued the lot of you; if it was just a whim or if she had something in mind.
She shrugs.

“Make people happy and you will be rewarded; that’s all that matters to me. I don’t mind your size, your smell, how pretty your face, how long your horns, or how you do it.”

So she had nothing in particular in mind. The Witch nods… then giggles.

“A casino…” she sighs. “She’s just a child, after all… a child childier than you.” You blink at her. “Just tell me what your kin is good at.”

Haremhorns are good at most crafts you are aware of, and when strength is the question then musclehorns are the answer. Hornmothers are good… at complaining. An art the Witch wouldn’t understand, most likely.

“Then your kin has a lot of open doors to them. We are in no shortage of anything in particular; but great skill is well received anywhere, and I assume the caves were no exception. Try what you do best first. Should you fail…” she shrugs, slightly “Let’s just say I’ll have some patience with you horned ones. Just don’t be lazy.”

You mutter and stutter a “thank you” and as she nods you slightly open your mouth as you realize that there’s no point in rising your voice, since the Witch can feel everything that happens in her domain. Whether she wants it or not.

“Is there anything else for us to discuss?”

>Write in!
>You shake your head. “Thank you for... for being so kind to us!”
How moe.
>"Since we're all in the mood didn't we have a threesome to take care of?".
Unless anons have a better idea!
We have to show our appreciation some how.
File: nananana.png (13 KB, 155x186)
13 KB

Keep in mind you act like voices in the head of your MC! In this particular case she doesn't know "rape" or "threesome" mean, and even if she did her own opinions and belief would come into play against yours.

I do feel like saying; If you manage to convince the MC, then I don't mind going along with any kind of silly things anonhorn can come up with. But it has to make sense! =w=
>You shake your head. “Thank you for... for being so kind to us!”
No shitposters allowed!
Oh sorry, I actually just failed my copy/paste (that vote's from another quest) and didn't check back and notice until it bumped again now.
>You shake your head. “Thank you for... for being so kind to us!”

Writing now! I'll try to keep up the pace!
File: nobully.png (21 KB, 274x346)
21 KB

She nods silently, dim music and sounds coming from the tiny boxes her daughters hold.

The door closes behind you. One of the daughters is in front of you, she volunteered to guide you through the city. She turns and looks at you, then sharply tilts her head towards the city. You “hmm” to yourself and rise your hand with your palm open, a gesture Umo told you that meant “stop”.

You still don’t know what to do. You still don’t know what you “can” do, regarding the whole business money working thing. So… what now?

>Visit Snack/Alina’s manor; we go with the restaurant. You expect Trash to pop up from nowhere as she’s been doing so far.
>Go back to the theater and ask the broken horn Leader for her advice, that seems the most sensible way to apologize.
>Go back to the theater and just spend some time with your herd while you come up with something. Umo should visit in an hour or so.
>Headpat your haremhorn. Just because you feel like it.
>Visit Snack/Alina’s manor; we go with the restaurant. You expect Trash to pop up from nowhere as she’s been doing so far.
Must be assertive!
File: Snacks.png (108 KB, 566x548)
108 KB
108 KB PNG

The crow girl leads you silently across the city, nohorns turn to look at you as usual, whispering. It isn’t long before you notice the manor at the hill, barely next to the cliff.

And it isn’t long either before you are sitting at the table facing Alina for the second time this day, as you chew on another cookie. This one has chocolate chips on it, to your delight. You ask her if she wouldn’t mind making some for the himehorns back at the theater.

“Of course!” she replies, smiling as usual. “I love cooking, but it just so happens that I don’t eat that much. I could use the feedback, what kind of snacks do you think they’d like?”

The very same you’ve been doing so far. Cookies are tender, yet crunchy, the donuts aren’t hard enough that you’d struggle with your teeth until the filling, and the variety of slices of cake more than make up for their size. It seems she has her way with bakery related things.

And even if she did kind of “steal your smallhorns” she didn’t want to open up a farm and she wasn’t completely obliterated by a haremhorn either. Yes, that matters.

“Thank you, thank you!” the horned messy cloud of blonde hair that is her head bobs up and down as she keeps nodding at you. “I’ll try my best then! I’ve trying not to overfeed the smallhorns, but it’s so hard, they are so cute!”

You warn her they know they are, and hurry to smile. She laughs.

“Although they still fear me, but I think it’s just a matter of time. Leaderhorn, you should bring one of your nursery haremhorns here. You haremhorn has been tending to the smallhorns, fortunately, but on her absence I’ve been feeding them with milk from the store boiled and then mixed with water, and I’m certain the natural way would do them better.”

As you notice how her speech changes when she’s with Trash, you wonder where the heretic templar is since she didn’t pop out of any trashcan on the way. You notice you kind of stuttered as you said so.

“She happens to live under a restaurant, as far as I remember, after all it has been a while since we last saw each other. Maybe you’d rather have me be less formal? I-I must say it will take me a while!” she giggles. You think it’s lovely; your opinion of someone can change a lot when it saves your smallhorns. “But it can be done. My former Leader opted for things to remain strict between the two of us, but she was like that with almost everyone, even the hornmothers.”

She pauses and then “hmms” at the distance; then her smile faces you.

“So, Leaderhorn! Have you been thinking about it?”

You have.

>”Keep being formal.”
>”Do not concern yourse… worry! Don’t worry.”

>”I’d rather bring all the smallhorns back to the theater.”
>”I’ll bring one haremhorns in here. They’ll be safe here with you.”

The theater may be temporal, after all.

>”We do it.”
>”I wanted to ask for more ideas.”
>>”We do it.”
What about the other two?
>”Do not concern yourse… worry! Don’t worry.”

>”I’ll bring one haremhorns in here. They’ll be safe here with you.”

>”I wanted to ask for more ideas.”
>>”I’ll bring one haremhorns in here. They’ll be safe here with you.”
>”I wanted to ask for more ideas.”
Writing in two hours or so! =w=
File: Trash.png (82 KB, 497x527)
82 KB

“I… I don’t really have many other ideas” she scratches her head, like apologizing. “Perhaps… I mean, maybe a shop… right? As things stand now doing a delivery service would be too dangerous, and teaching the haremhorns about nohorn mechanisms may take some time. And we’d want to keep the musclehorns out of sight, at least for a while, at least until himehorns get along with people. So, then… massages? Hair combs? It may be too soon for the haremhorns since these are things they only did for love, and someone may say they pulled their hair too hard or something like that and it could end up badly” she sighs. “How am I doing out of formality?”

You laugh surely but slowly, a smile sparks under her closed eyes.

“Let me try harder. How about…

>a bakery? We could have the hornmothers dealing with the costumbers (after some training... "some" is maybe generous), the haremhorns doing the food, the details and the cleaning and the musclehorns moving and lifting heavy things, like unloading the items.
>Or a shop? Did I say that already? We could show everyone what kind of things haremhorns are good at! And we could sell just all sorts of things.
>A pizza shop would be nice, too! Never tried? Its hot and it tastes very nice, also its fairly easy to teach! We should pass on the delivery, although.
>Or a bar. It’s fairly simple! It’s kind of like a restaurant but smaller, and you could have both in the same place! I don’t think we can help dealing with drunk people anyway no matter what we do.”

“How about…!
>a casino,
>an insurance company,
>a bank with muscles horns as loansharks…
>or a mafia! Na ra na ra na ra na ra na ra na raaaa! Na ra na raaaa… na ra na naaa… na ra na ra na ra na na na na ra na naaaa! Naaa! Naaa!
>or, or, we could just straight up put a flag on the theater and do dramas with himes horns and some folks with crosses, to make people spit at the sisters on the street!”

“Miss Suhuru, wouldn’t they spit at you too, then?”

“As long as they spit at them too I’ll be more than happy to drown in saliva.”

Alina flinches, perhaps at the thought. You wonder how Trash got in.

“She always leaves the windows a little open, that’s how she sees what happens inside the house. If you want her too look at something just blow at it.”

She goes to Alina and gently blows at her face. The vampire shakes slightly, then one of her eyebrows rises.

“What did you wanted me to look at?”

Trash shrugs, sad. “I forgot.”

>Pick one!
File: eating.png (20 KB, 304x381)
20 KB
Guess it took almost three! ;w:
We'll put everyone and everything under our thumbs. No more nice-horns!
>A pizza shop would be nice, too! Never tried? Its hot and it tastes very nice, also its fairly easy to teach! We should pass on the delivery, although.
Delicious pizza.
I vote for restaurant or bar.

I mean, Haremhorn are pretty good a preping food and probably make loads of dishes. Meanwhile a bakery or a pizza place are very specific things and I am not sure how familiar our Haremhorns are with these dishes.

I we have a secret to make Mushroom booze or beverages we might couple the restaurant idea with a bar.
File: somany.png (19 KB, 228x273)
19 KB

You wonder what a mafia is.

“You go around scaring and blackmailing people who don’t do things you like. Then you hold them over a cliff and ask them things like “how’s the weather” or “you prefer pineapples or ladders” and things like that until they start screaming. There’s usually a lot of pizza involved.”

Alina “stares” at her with her usual smile as her chin rest on the palms of her balled up fists.

“They just intimidate folks to get what they want” she shrugs, again. “It’s not that funny actually. It’s just, I really really want to see a harems horns in a trench coat and a small leather hat having a smoke, and telling me it can be arranged. It doesn’t matter what can be arranged, we could be arranging anything I just want her to say it.”

Trash finally looks at Alina. The heretic smiles at her, almost tenderly.

“Of course, I’m just joking here. You got to keep them little horns safe for now. How are they doing there at the theater?”

So far, better than you expected. It’s heartwarming, since Enna just clutched a lot of herds. You make a point to ask her about that behavior the next time. Horns towards Alina, or Snacks, you ask her about the pizza shop.

“Pizza is simply bread with tomato sauce and cheese over it, then baked in an oven. You can add a lot of things to it, and I’m sure haremhorns would learn the basics fast enough. I feel like their talents would be wasted somehow, but a pizza shop is very good for a first step since its simple and easy to understand. Both the restaurant and bar would take some more hindsight, but would allow haremhorns a lot of room to move for their creativity and skills. Some would have to work as waitresses, others would have to cook… it would be more complex. It’s mostly a matter of how much do you think nohorns will like himehorn cuisine. As for the bakery, it’s a mix of both; it has variety, but you won’t need the waitresses and it’s mostly more of the same on different shapes and sizes.”

You ask for her opinion. She smiles widely, almost surprising you.

“They. Are. Great.”

Even if they live little, haremhorns do nothing else than help in their small lifespan. That’s “fun” for them. That’s how they get their fill, their satisfaction; by being good at their jobs.


>What will it be then?
This is just a flavor update, since I'm going so slow lately. ;w;
I'm still counting votes from >>263274

I think I will do this more often! Just add extra-stuff for background while anonhorn votes.

Seconding restaurant. A pizza shop would be great because I do love some pizza, but probably the haremhorns would be happier having more freedom in what they can do
File: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.png (190 KB, 641x606)
190 KB
190 KB PNG

“A restaurant then!”

You nod at the Witch. Both Trash and Alina stand by your side; along the snowhorn. She somehow "ambushed" the lot of you, saying she wanted to leave an offering at the temple.

“Finally” the Witch says, leaning on her couch. No daughter of hers is around, you briefly wonder where they could be. “What will it take, then? Besides decent clothes.”

Alina is staring at the floor, her cheeks a bit red. Umo was the first one to ask her why she was wearing pajamas in (with clouds and all) broad daylight, and Trash “kinda forgot to mention”.

“We did some math!” It’s Alina, lifting her gaze and dragging her tasty smile along. “Here, this is all it will take.” She extends her arm towards Enna, the papers you all just worked on gently clenched on her hand. The Witch looks at all of you, one by one.

“Don’t get scared now” she says.

And your fingers hurt as you grip the handle of the wheelchair because Enna just… appeared, in front of Alina. She takes the paper and studies it intently; then frowns at Trash.

“Come on” she says.

Trash laughs. The templar is holding a painting towards her chest, the nails still there pointing outwards. The witch keeps on reading, her eyes going back and forth fairly fast. You tremble as she glances at you, then she turns the page. You had to leave the haremhorn outside; she can’t stand the presence of the Witch, and you are dead sure she’s willing to endure it for you. This time there would be no point. Umo seems to take her presence in stride, but this is the third time she swallows in something like two minutes.

As for you... you feel tiny. Like a smallhorn in a very big body, struggling to raise one of the arms to scratch your head. The Witch grins at Alina.

“My sweet child… a fountain?”

The vampire turns to you and then to Trash, both returning the look. Then she nods firmly at the Witch, who rises an eyebrow.

“You will fight me for that.”

“I came ready. Oh my great Witch, to whom I pledge my allegiance...”

Enna frowns, but slightly. “Proceed.”

Alina clears her throat.
“What if I told you that appearances matter just as much as what’s on the inside? No matter if it’s a person, a chocolate bar with a fancy envelope, or a restaurant?” Trash turns the painting as she places it on Snack's chest with one swift motion; the vampire flinches, most likely because of the nails. Then she grabs it, one hand over the frame and another hand below it. “What if I told you… that a restaurant, too, is a canvas? And that, whether outside or inside what matters is still the art? The drive? The intention?” The horned messy cloud of golden hair turns towards Trash’s white hair. The templar clears her throat, goes behind the snowhorn and gently pushes her forward, startling her a bit. Everybody looks at Trash, waiting for her to speak.
She doesn’t.
Umo then pouts hard at her.

“Done. You win. You get your fountain.” You stare at the Witch as she puffs her cheeks slightly.

“Wait! That wasn’t the plan!” Alina cries out.

“Don’t worry. I’ll deal.” The snowhorn has a grim look on her face as she walks to your side. As you look at the templar, you notice one of Trash’s eyes twitching.

“It is pretty big.” It’s the Witch, hiding her face with the papers. “But this does seem clever, you don’t have to pay your employees after all. Where will this be?”

“In my house!” the vampire almost yells, happily.

You gaze at her, eyes wide open. You aren’t the only one. The Witch blinks at her, then puts the papers down. The vampire turns to you.

“...as long as Leaderhorn is okay with this!"

You wonder what the alternatives are.

"None as good as that one" Trash slightly shakes her head as she talks to you. Then she turns towards Snacks. "You sure about this?" her voice suddenly kinda shrill.

"I did all the paperwork and the talking already! All that's left is for Leaderhorn to say the word."

Even Umo is staring in awe. "B-but how did you manage? I mean..."

The vampire shakes her head, and then one of her fingers in front of her face. "It's done and that's all that matters! I'll tell you all about it later!"

It seems she doesn't think you will refuse. You wonder why. Yet, you recall what you spoke with them before you came here, and then you remember what the broken horn Leader told you; this is your chance to ask from the Witch, like Alina just did with her fountain (you just played along because she said those are cute and that the sound is very calming. You've never seen one yourself).

All it may take, you think to yourself as you swallow and stand from your chair (that always draws the eyes towards you) is either a good reason... or a good story. Do you have any?

>Ask for things! (write in)
>"I shall not ask more from you; this is enough for me to thrive. Thank you, great Witch, for lending us your hand at this moment." You wonder if you should or not be formal with the Witch... you'd rather play it safe, yet.
>>Ask for things! (write in)

Ask if you will be provided with raw materials to start this "restaurant", and that we will need Trash or somebody else to be a guinea pig to test if himehorn cuisine is tasty for other species. It wouldn't hurt to also ask for materials for more typical himehorn activities such as making traditional toys for the smallhorn or just being busy when they aren't cooking.

"I shall give you enough money to pay for all of this." The witch taps the pages with her finger, her face seems bored. You blink; and she's at the altar again. "...unless you are forgetting anything. From there on, you will be on your own. Do you deem this fair?"

You nod, and notice everyone else is as well. Snacks starts talking but is interrupted by Trash; both look at each other briefly, then Snacks raises an open hand towards her.

"Enna gives us the Enna's and we do the rest. I used to drop dishes on tables and Snacks used to make snacks for me and some other folks, so we know our gastronomy fairly well." You wonder what that is as Trash scratches her head. "This place looks so big when its empty... why me? Why don't we risk the Umo?"

"I'm a himehorn too." she states dryly.

"Don't worry Leaderhorn, I didn't bother you with this without a good reason! Remember, I was in a herd once."

You forgive yourself for forgetting; it's just too hard to believe. There is nothing more scary for a himehorn than a goldenhair. Not even two goldenhairs are more scary than one, and sometimes you still get the chills when you glance at her.

Then you consider asking her for things to keep the haremhorns busy and the smallhorns playing; but as it stands, there's few things Enna's can't get you here.

>Ask for things! (write in)
>"I shall not ask more from you; this is enough for me to thrive. Thank you, great Witch, for lending us your hand at this moment." You wonder if you should or not be formal with the Witch... you'd rather play it safe, yet.
>>"I shall not ask more from you; this is enough for me to thrive. Thank you, great Witch, for lending us your hand at this moment." You wonder if you should or not be formal with the Witch... you'd rather play it safe, yet.

She... yawns, from the couch at the altar. And she takes her time. Then she turns to you.

"This audience, is over."

The door closes behind you, a snowhorn, a vampire (you recall Enna's blank stare at her small white horns) and an odd "heretic" templar, the only among you without horns. It seems all that once a templar pledges allegiance towards Enna, she's no longer a templar; but to you (and most himehorns) that's the only way to call humans with white hair. Even if some of them have it black. The haremhorn walks towards Alina, who's pushing your wheelchair; the vampire just pats her head, crouching a bit since she's almost twice as big as her (as she does, the haremhorn glances at you... somewhat scared).

"So! What now?" Umo asks, suddenly a bit more cheerful.

You ask the vampire how big is her manor. "VERY big." It's Trash that answers. "Seriously, how did you manage?!"
"Let's just say I made a deal with a kind old man." she replies.
"Don't let my mind wander Snacks."
She pauses; then laughs. She walks around the wheelchair and crouchs in front of you, her closed eyes hard to see under a bright mess of gold.
"We are here to help. Ok? All of us, here; we are here to help!"
I'll update again in a while! Kinda busy at this moment. =w=
File: ...uh.png (25 KB, 301x228)
25 KB
And a black hand grows from Snack's face, tearing her face apart; the rest of the arm rises towards the sky. You lose your breath as you stare in shock until the black arm stops growing, and amidst the open hand open towards the sky as if begging for help a small blue fire lights. You slowly look down; Trash, Umo and the haremhorn, along an unfamiliar visage are stuck in time, no more a face in their heads.
It is back.
The madness has returned.
You use the Pathfinder, a searing pain rushes through your only arm; it makes you think of the color red. Snacks is still crounching in front on you, staring dumbfolded; and Umo and Trash are at both sides of her, looking at you in confusion. You tell them you are okay, and then Umo says "oh!" and starts to explain to the both of them about the Pathfinder and the dreams. You also listen intently, suddenly sweating bullets; and let your eyes wander towards your left hand, now resting at the wheelchair's handle.
I actually forgot the pathfinder was a thing.
Assess situation if we're still okay
Eyes closed, you take a silent, deep breath; then release as you open your eyes.

Hand still hurts, head, albeit slightly, still spins, phantom limb still hurts... but not enough to keep you awake.

It seems the painkiller pill is working.

You tell everyone to hurt you badly should you drift to a sudden sleep again, as you realize this might be the first time in your life you felt so tired.

This might be, as far fetched as it sounds to you, worst than that time you kept awake for five nights in a row to work on the big gate the templars just blew open, like the baloon Umo touched your horn with accidentally.

Not even that made you flinch that much.
File: naaaananana.png (10 KB, 116x135)
10 KB
Next quest in a while! I've got to think a few things over now that the stage is set. Feedback is very appreciated, of any kind and degree, with or without sugar on top. Just don't bother with the speed of updates; I'm very, very aware of that, but what can you do. ;w:
File: Snacks.png (182 KB, 817x1188)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Here, have some Snacks as a token of appreciation for lending me fuel to keep this quest alive. I'm learning as I go, so expect typos, slow updates, plotholes and an excess of smallhorns.

See ya!
You're the same guy as the other Old Leader threads, right? Damn, sorry about your quest drying up like an actual case of desertification.

I wish I could catch up.
It's okay, I write this quest more for fun and learning than anything! =w=

I think it took me too much time to set the stage, its just, I had too much fun having my characters talk silly things. There's the archive if you wish to catch up, I'd appreciate the advice.

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