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Welcome back friends into a new chapter of our quest for establishing our identity, making merry with good folks and slowly but surely improving ourselves as a man, being in company with women of valor makes for a heavy onus, after all, you have to work hard indeed to be worthy of their presence!

Disclaimer I'm currently ill so updates are likely to be slow, however, I much prefer doing something rather than nothing.

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn.


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover about your past with them, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister Deruella, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing all of your current souvenirs. This is your only option if you wish to keep your past private.

Side activities

None yet.

You’ve gone and used up your privilege to enjoy Belphegor exotic bits, leaving you with two winnings of your gambling: Elina and Sieglinde

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.

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Hindsight was irony, explaining how the crowd was galvanized into anger made it obvious you've been... rash in dealing with that oppressive lamia. You couldn't spin this tale with anything but truth else Vilma would be prompted to correct your mishap and of course, you didn't know if you were a good liar in the first place.

Trying your luck with the Demon Lord keen interest in your short tale was definetly a bad idea, you had become something of an attraction for today's lively afternoon.

''You went and grabbed a lamia tail -which is always flat on the ground- right there in public?'' Elina spoke with a flatness that tugged at your pride, the incredulous wince on her face brought a grimace out of you.

Kinda twisting the knife here, angel.

''Well, yeah.'' You answered casually, resisting the urge to rub the back of your neck. ''I thought I could defuse things by making her embarrassed or something, having her focus on me instead of hurling continuous abuses on little Mimiru.'' You waved for the careful blonde ghoul who kept observing Daiyu, her feverish eating pace having completely changed into a careful appetite after nursing her initial starving distress. This attitude brought mental images of a scared cat and the Demon Lord was doing her best to appear inoffensive by sitting still and smiling, any of her movements initiated nervous twitches out of the kid.

''Talk about high risk...'' Elina answered your remark, amusement replacing disbelief. ''... Don't pretend it wasn't your obsession.''

''I don't know what you're talking about.'' Yeah, yeah you did something stupid and she enjoyed pointed it out. Seeing her smug smirk made your gaze drift for her pair of magnificent carmine appendages that always reminded you of a dusk sun, the few windows in this tower made for a gorgeous view when Elina was nearby.

She noticed you quickly and those large spans of organic fluff curled inward as her lips made a soundless mouthy ''don't''. You responded by shaking your hands together, mimicking your way of rolling dices.

''Ahem, I suppose you've dodged the worst with that crowd and that punch was more than an adequate lesson.'' Sieglinde statement felt curt, her usual swipe into her hair betrayed an obvious frustration. ''What I'm wondering is what you intend to do with... hum...'' There she turned for Mimiru who's hunger had changed into childish gluttony, her pace was reduced to a near standstill of constant meaty chews.

''Naught needs doing.'' Teruko commented, casting an idle glance for the silent liege who seemed to acknowledge this quiet communication because those winged head appendages flapped thrice. ''Food to forgive this most unbecoming episode from Throne Town untoward populace, do you wish or intend to return for thine hollow, little one?''
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''Eh?'' This sudden shift brought Mimiru under a collective attention she wasn't prepared to deal and she glanced for Vilma -who protectively occupied her flank- for some kind of support.

''Do you want to go back home?'' Asked the purple-skinned woman, smiling fondly and audibly placing the child empty plates together, making it easier for the headmaid to grab and dispose of them.

Clearly intimidated, the short haired blond opened her mouth wide (giving you another glance of those eerie sharp teeth) and immediately hesitated before settling into an awkward nod.

''Chaperoning this one home doesn't sound too much aye?'' The scaled mother-to-be continued, glancing for this small friendly crowd. ''Otherwise, we could always offer thee hospitality, little dove.'' She turned for Mimiru who snuck one last piece of meat into her mouth as her plate was taken by the maid.

''Don't go imposing yourself now.'' Voice naturally grave yet smooth in tone and gentle of intention, her majesty finally spoke and instilled a sense of seriousness in this casual room. Sitting back in her chair, crossing one leg above the other, Daiyu twirled one long strand of healthy green hair around her index, casting an amused glance toward you and Vilma who sat beside the little ghoul. ''I understand your feelings but you should stay put for what remains of the day, especially after that venture in the forest.'' She continued, making Teruko cross her arms in a haughty huff. ''She's young, yet she's a smart girl with responsibility, we haven't imposed too much right?''

Stopping all movements, Daiyu crossed her hands to rest them on her knee, offering a maternal grin of practiced tenderness.

''I...huh, I-I guess I ought to go back...'' Mimiru muttered, voice becoming a quiet whisper that would honestly be difficult to hear on the otherwise of the table yet her majesty smiled and nodded.

''Then I'll be accompanying you home.''

''What!?'' Sieglinde managed to avoid screaming but still made the intimidated ghoul wince and look down in guilt. ''Mother you can't just stroll out...''

''Please.'' Daiyu retorted with a haughty puff that flawlessly mimicked Teruko prideful mannerism. ''I'll do what I want, she's living on this isle so I'm responsible for anybody wellbeing.'' Her majesty quickly shook an index upon hearing a beginning retort from her daughter. ''I'll be as selective as I want. It's about time I rub my nose into this undead situation.''

''Yeah, you'll make a whole lot of bloody ones huh?'' Sieglinde grunted, earning a casual shrug from her mother.
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Mamono politics is frighteningly simple.

''I wanted to take some time for us to discuss something with Arawn.'' Sieglinde continued, casting you a casual glance while sending her deformed hand through her hair. ''It's... important.'' She ended there, glancing toward Elina who nodded gravely.

''I...me and Hao could go with her.'' Vilma said softly and involuntarily straightened her back into the Demon Lord stare.

''You'll get lost.'' Elina pointed out. ''Sieglinde ought to accompany you at least, I can speak with her majesty.''

''Hmph, mineself is amply sufficient for guidance...'' Teruko muttered.

''Not without Belphegor.'' Daiyu giggle was a soft breeze that captivated your gaze, everything about this green haired hip-winged demoness oozed a raw aura of... something you couldn't quite describe. ''I suppose I can wait if this matter is so dire, otherwise, messire elf could always come along for another tour in Throne Town, this time without adventuring hands?'' Her wink brought a surge of redness to your cheek and you decided to stay silent as she casually relented authority and allowed you to actually make this decision.

>Go with her majesty, Vilma and whoever else decide to tag along for dropping off Mimiru home? You'll likely to witness firsthand parcel of Monstergirl politics...

>Insist to remain here with Daiyu and Elina in order to speak about your origin; you literally came out of a stone slab that is intimately related to Mamono culture... You'd like to know the Demon Lord opinion.

>Free Choice

>Insist to remain here with Daiyu and Elina in order to speak about your origin; you literally came out of a stone slab that is intimately related to Mamono culture... You'd like to know the Demon Lord opinion.
>Insist to remain here with Daiyu and Elina in order to speak about your origin; you literally came out of a stone slab that is intimately related to Mamono culture... You'd like to know the Demon Lord opinion.
Enough distractions, good grief!
>Go with her majesty, Vilma and whoever else decide to tag along for dropping off Mimiru home? You'll likely to witness firsthand parcel of Monstergirl politics...
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Already vote locked, sorry for not stating it.
Saying Throne Town inhabitants left a bad impression made for an obvious understatement. While You couldn't pretend to not be worried about Mimiru despite your suspicious with the girl connections, your own situation was... important, you've always been thinking about others so far, perhaps out of some odd desire to protect those who've been so kind to you after awakening but with the Demon Lord finally here, it was time to try and get some answers.

Those were the thoughts swimming in your mind when the girls set out to leave. Maybe you needed flimsy motivations to not get distracted.

''Do meet with the wise woman responsible for her district.'' Daiyu said to her daughter.

''I know.'' The redhead answered with a shrug. ''Not my first time doing this kind of things y'know?'' She tried to come off as annoyed but the faint redness of her cheek mad it obvious she was embarrassed by her mother nurturing.

Daiyu gently tapped one of her daughter big horns, long tail of leathery dark slithering up and down like algae in a wave. ''Feel free to extend hospitality to this little dear, tomorrow is an important day isn't it?'' It was a question cast for Sieglinde and Vilma, both girls grimaced in tension whilst Mimiru tilted her head in confusion and, of course, Hao beside her hefted her axe and gave the Demon Lord a thumb up.

''Guess we'll see. Let's go, better set out right away if we want to be here before nightfall.'' Clapping her big hands together, Sieglinde imposed herself and her party set out in silence, Vilma giving a silent wave as a goodbye.

They were an odd group to be sure but they'll make do; soon enough silence remained inside the princess large living room aside from Priscilla dutiful duties, minutes stretched awkwardly while her majesty enjoyed tea, waiting for someone to break the silence.

''Suppose...'' Teruko cleared her throat, hands awkwardly tapping the well-used table. ''...mineself ought to focus on some distractions, tis an important talk to be had''

''No it's fine.'' You answered before she could stand. ''I trust you, having your thoughts and impressions could be valuable and you'll be able to inform her highness about this week as well.''

''Okay.'' There wasn't any hesitation in her response and she promptly sat back with a satisfied smile. ''Perish pretenses of politeness, mine curiosity about thine situation is quire ardent my good fellow.''

''I guess we can go over everything then probably focus on the throne.'' Elina spoke, scratching a constant spot on her cheek when the Demon Lord kept a firm, but casual, stare at her.

''Tell me everything, I'll listen. All of you are friends of my daughter, I'll do what I can to help.'' A gentle smile graced Daiyu fair features yet a firm nod translated as a silent order for the glass wearing maid who promptly left and loudly closed Sieglinde double oaken doors.
''Hmm... I've half a mind of informing your husband.'' Daiyu commented as your shared tale came to its conclusion, her expression was a thoughtful mask of calm mischief.

''Do it.'' Teruko answered firmly, staring right into Daiyu glowering green eyes. ''Mine presence helped bring Hao into ours fold, never shall I think of this venture to be a mistake.''

''That wasn't my thinking.'' Daiyu cleared her throat, hips and head wings flapping awkwardly. ''Can't stay mad when you put it like that, anyhow it's about time to tackle the crux of this subject.''

Interlocking her fingers together, Daiyu leaned forward to rest her arms on the table, she took a moment to observe you and Elina. ''Coming out of the Throne like that out of nowhere... how was Arawn when he nearly broke his neck?''

''He...'' Hesitation made the angel stops and her wings flapped nervously. She glanced at you, seeking permission and you granted it with a nod. Those moments when you so painfully awakened were confusing, you scarcely remember anything up until Sieglinde screamed about a naked man.

''Arawn looked like a puppet.'' Elina made a point to avoid looking at you. ''He was naked but there wasn't anything defining on his body, his skin was grayish, he didn't have any defining traits on his face and the sounds he made while trying to speak was like... underwater gurgles.'' Another wing flap told of Elina experience. ''His body started to change when he saw me, I tried my best to think him human and...''

''He transformed into who he is now.'' Daiyu concluded, gracing you with an analytical stare. ''Peculiar indeed.'' You didn't know what to think of her smile, it wasn't cold but... her interest was scary.

''I've seen naught more than a young man doing his best to know himself and master his gifts.'' Teruko spoke with a definite edge of anger that had Daiyu nod.

''Never implied anything else, cognizance comes in all shape and forms upon our star. It is important to rebuild a perspective, coming out of the Throne like that... well, calling it impossible is an understatement. It's so full of Corruption that only a select few Supreme Monsters could dwell inside without dying, even so, all of them would be at risk of losing their minds and transform into...creatures you'd find in that accursed swamp.'' Daiyu cleared her throat. ''There's also the fact I haven't interacted with the Throne since I suppressed the Curse of Heroes, now it's possible a few livings things have snuck inside that pillar over the ages but a full-bodied young man is rather obvious, even if he was nothing more than a puppet, me or Tsukiyomi would have found something during our incursion; sentient entities always protect themselves aggressively in a sea of Corruption, individuals seclude themselves to become an island on the sea or... become one with a flow of emotions, losing all traces of individualism.'' She wiggled her hands for emphasis. ''Think of this as regular spirits.''
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''Do you... not have any answers?'' Elina asked carefully.

''Not for something so broad, trying to define this young man who's existence accomplished the impossible is difficult.'' She interrupted herself to finish her tea, luxurious porcelain clashing in style with Sieglinde rustic tavern table. ''We could try to think of a new angle, perhaps there are a few crucial details we've missed.''

A new angle, huh? It's true you don't have anything concrete without memories, there's no certainty regaining them would explain anything... So might as well tackle this mystery methodically.

>''What if Elina summoned me? I know it's unfeasible since I've got a body of my own with its internal magical reserves, but wouldn't it be possible? Isn't the Throne something that create miracles?''

>''I don't know if it's a pretentious thought but, your majesty, what if this puppet body of mine was dwelling inside that throne before you began your own reign?''

>Free Choice
>>''I don't know if it's a pretentious thought but, your majesty, what if this puppet body of mine was dwelling inside that throne before you began your own reign?''
>''I don't know if it's a pretentious thought but, your majesty, what if this puppet body of mine was dwelling inside that throne before you began your own reign?''
...Hrnnn. It's lilkely Arawn has some sort of a connection to the Throne, but any confirmation on that will need further investigation.
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>''I don't know if it's a pretentious thought but, your majesty, what if this puppet body of mine was dwelling inside that throne before you began your own reign?''

All three women silently stared at you and attention shifted for the green haired demoness leaning back in her chair, arms crossed under her bust in thoughtful silence.

''I wouldn't call that pretentious.'' She began, relaxing her expression into a gentle smile. ''It's possible if we were to assume you didn't have any kind of emotions or needs for sustenance inside that mess of a place, doubly so since...'' Daiyu interrupted herself, lips pinching together as a glint in her eyes caves impossible hints for the thoughts swimming inside.

''I don't think anything could survive in there, but I've been proven wrong in the past and... well you're certainly living proof that I'm wrong. There have been tales of a few individuals seeking refuge inside that pillar, all of them documented.'' She raised an index at that point. ''None stayed long, however since you are an elf, it could be possible that you have an unknown connection, I'm not exactly old in term of immortals and my reign -whilst being the longest amongst Demon Lord- isn't enough for me to go on pretending I can easily answer mysteries.''

''Still, your line of thought makes for a strong hypothesis about your origins.'' Daiyu continued, fingers idly tapping the table. ''Another one could be that you've been shoved inside that pillar during my moments of... absence. There's been a gap during my reign where guarding the Throne wasn't a priority, especially since I've only awakened from the Immortal Syndrome during Zipangu crusade. That leaves an entire twenty years of absence on my part, more than enough time for a nefarious plotter to shove an innocent elf inside that pillar; though doing so in the first place would require... a very selective set of skills. One doesn't have to be a Demon Lord to interact with that damn thing.''

Daiyu was gone for an entire twenty years yet her noble house still stand? Was it Sieglinde who kept it all together?

Wait, don't get carried away now Arawn. ''So, my memories would provide all of our answers?''

''Hard to say, we'd likely get to know how and why you landed inside that container.'' Daiyu really didn't harbor good thoughts about the Demonic Throne. ''It wouldn't explain what you are, do pardon this term but it's difficult believing yourself a normal elf since you came out of there.''

''There's something I wonder, you know about sentient being inside that Throne...'' Elina voice was a quiet, tentative interruption. ''...there's a popular legend in the academy.''

''Doth means of Stalwart Gardy?'' Teruko spoke with raised eyebrows.

''Yeah, well it's a legend that I like... I thought that was Arawn when he came out, but you're saying there's nobody in there?'' She asked the tall demon lord, who frowned in reflexion.
''Not that I know of, how did this legend even come to be? Gardy is a name from antiquity who supposedly died in what was Luminaris, how could he be connected to the Throne? Or Arawn?''

Teruko seemed to share Daiyu disbelief and Elina squirmed in perplexing vulnerability. ''I-I... it's before I came here, I heard a few students talking about dreams of a protector and well, somebody mentioned a being called Gardy who supposedly dwell inside your majesty Throne.''

''Seems farfetched.'' Daiyu offered Elina a polite smile. ''Gardy was a prominent figure in his day who single-handedly protected humanity Pretender God and fought Mother Earth, Father Sky and his three great Embodiments to a draw. Our star has never known anybody so mighty; having him dwell inside the Throne... My predecessors would have found him long before me.''

''I think you might be an anomalous entity, Arawn.'' Daiyu continued while Elina face showed the briefest hints of a crestfallen emotion that disappeared so quickly, not even Teruko usual sharpness noticed anything; she was far too deep in thoughts to pay much attention for her angelic student. ''As for how to define that... experimenting would be the only way to gain concrete answers.''

Belphegor also came to a similar conclusion. However, your friend... why was she so interested in that legend? It felt personal.

>''Elina, were you trying to summon Gardy before I emerged out of the Throne?''

>''Your majesty, could we try to get some answers about who -or what- I am? I'd feel much safer experimenting with your supervision.''

>Free Choice
>''Your majesty, could we try to get some answers about who -or what- I am? I'd feel much safer experimenting with your supervision.''
We can talk about Gardy with Elina at a later date.
>>''Elina, were you trying to summon Gardy before I emerged out of the Throne?''
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With my less than optimal health, I've decided to stop for today, feeling tired so I won't push myself. I'll come back tomorrow afternoon after I see you guys decisions. Still, writing has been genuinely good, so I'll continue this trend even if I'm only half as effective.

For a bit of precision, here's what you can expect of those two choices.

Asking Elina will change the discussion into less concrete subjects about magic, summoning and potentially drift into the era of Pretenders Gods.

Experimenting will focus on the Demon Lord trying a few (mostly safe) things on your body to understand how you tick and perhaps interact with the Throne if you're feeling balsy.

Important information about your origin.

The Demonic Throne is a maelstrom of Corruption that erodes the living of their individuality, making survival extremely unlikely for anybody with a soul as they'll be reduced to little more than starving spirits. How you survived is a mystery.

The Demon Lord isn't the only one who can interact with the Demonic Throne.

People have been known to survive short-term exposures with the Throne.

There's been a significant gap of twenty years in Daiyu reign where guarding the Throne wasn't a priority, this could explain how you've gotten there - assuming someone is responsible of course.

Daiyu acknowledged the possibility that you could have been dwelling inside that pillar before she came into power.

Elina spoke of students sharing a dream about a ''protector'' after she came to the academy two months ago.
Thanks for running OP!
File: El 3.jpg (1.37 MB, 1536x2048)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Always a pleasure. I think my current troubles are seasonal because I had similar health issues around this time last year, so we'll take a slower but steadier approach for now until things settle down.

Thank for you guys patience.
Get well lad
>>''Your majesty, could we try to get some answers about who -or what- I am? I'd feel much safer experimenting with your supervision.''

Get better insert
>''Your majesty, could we try to get some answers about who -or what- I am? I'd feel much safer experimenting with your supervision.''
Let's allow the arch-succubutt to conduct an experiment or two.

I really do like how you're portraying the Demon Lord here INH. Like I said in the last quest, this is *exactly* how I'd imagine her to be in this given world. Hard to put it all into words but you're hitting it out of the park on this front. Can't wait for more of her in these threads going forward. Best Demon Lord ever.
Can the monsters in this setting have male children or can only humans, elves, and dwarfs?
Monsters only give birth to females, it's the biggest source of conflict between them and humanity.

Planning to restart thread in an hour or two.
File: 3.png (652 KB, 750x1000)
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652 KB PNG
You were tempted to ask, perhaps confront would be a better way to put it, Elina about this specter of antiquity but she seemed a little too vulnerable for such a discussion with Daiyu and Teruko presences. A defeated smile on her fair features almost made you grimace, you opted to change the subject instead of lingering in this increasingly awkward atmosphere.

''Your majesty, could we try a few experiments to start getting some answers about who -or what- I am?'' Phrasing it that way felt like taking your first step into admitting a lack of humanity, it wasn't exactly wrong to believe that given how Elina described your... emergence. It wasn't something you wanted to admit, why would you remember your name if you weren't human?

''Hm?'' Daiyu blinked in surprise, brought away from deep reflexions. ''No more time for theories?'' She asked smiling, slowly uncrossing her legs to make herself comfortable in her chair, a casual movement that somehow managed to captivate you long enough to feel ashamed.

''I'd prefer trying to get something concrete.'' You've spent a lot of time worrying about the people around you and wonder about this world mysteries, perhaps it was a way to distract yourself from your situation. ''I've no idea where to begin but if I'm truly an anomalous entity as you've said, then I'll bow to your majesty wisdom.''

''Don't go putting too much stock on my judgment.'' Daiyu retorted with a chuckle. ''Belph is the scientist and my daughters have keener eyes for solving mysteries. If you don't mind brute forcing a solution then we can operate with my usual methods; simple, to the point and dangerous.''

''Ominous.'' Teruko commented and Daiyu shrugged, making her set of wings flaps in synchronization.

''No pain, no gain. I'm not talented enough in alchemy to offer proper shielding against Corruption so we can do something bold and deal with any consequences afterward.'' Green eyes drifting for Elina, the Demon Lord spaded tail wiggled in her direction. ''Your holy will prevent any serious mishap.'' Turning to you, her majesty interrupted herself with a sudden yawn.

''Mgh... sorry, don't mind that.'' She quietly voiced, rubbing her eyes. '' There are two things I think we should do.'' She held out two fingers and leaned forward on the table. ''First is a safe option, I can have you come into contact with Corruption and see how you'll fare afterward.''

''Preposterous! You'd risk mysir health on such a casual venture?'' Teruko shook her head while Elina lips pinched together in silent doubts. ''Corruption is poison, a sanity draining hazard that affects men terribly! How can this be safe!?''
File: 48.jpg (209 KB, 600x858)
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209 KB JPG
''I can remove it since I'm the Demon Lord, darling. It'll suck, it's going to feel awful but I'm not going to let him die or transform into a beast.'' Daiyu answered with a knowing, smug smirk. ''Few humans are known to be immune to Corruption degenerating effects, trying this out would help put some perspective on his situation... but it's true that you're risking your health, Arawn.'' A serious glint in her eyes followed by a firm stare at you made it obvious she was serious - it was a real risk - and you'd be the one taking a step into it.

''Alternatively, we can try interacting with the Throne and see what happen.'' Her majesty delivered this sentence with such nonchalance that you wondered if she was kidding.

''Isn't that thing a... maelstrom?'' You were the only one to speak, Teruko was glaring an open-mouthed stare of disbelief while Elina nervous toyed with her hair.

''Yeah, it'll be dangerous... but you came out of it, prodding answers could be constructive.'' A firm stare toward the pregnant lizard-woman and the heavenly maiden belied her previous casual act, her majesty was in-fact quietly intimidating. ''It'll be us two, I won't risk Teruko and Elina well-being in case that pillar decides to act up.''

''That...'' Elina protested but Daiyu firmly shook her head. ''...alright.'' She relented, blue eyes drifting toward you.

''Answers are never easy.'' Teruko growled, plopping down in her chair while keeping a hand on her round belly. ''Don't feel pressure mysir, you've no obligation in risking thineself for curiousness sake.''

Do you even have any other options? Speculations, questions without actions... it's everything you've been doing so far.

>Take the low-risk option and test your sensitivity to Corruption.
>Wildcard, go seek the Demonic Throne and... do whatever it is Daiyu wants do, she's probably been vague on purpose.
>Free Choice.
This is going to be horrible but-
>Wildcard, go seek the Demonic Throne and... do whatever it is Daiyu wants do, she's probably been vague on purpose.
How could I resist the wildcard option?

Sadly I can't stick around to vote more, I got work in the morning.
Early thanks for running!
>>Wildcard, go seek the Demonic Throne and... do whatever it is Daiyu wants do, she's probably been vague on purpose.
File: 1519925606367.png (737 KB, 770x1280)
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737 KB PNG
Just how monstergirl are the monstergirls in this quest?
Take the low risk option.
File: 1518067053724.png (875 KB, 1000x1412)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
The majority are regular monstergirls (human woman melded with monstrous or animalistic features) but there's also a significant number of humanoid ladies, like the majority of demons and the Demon Lord here.

There's also a small minority of outright monstrous monstergirls, insects are exclusive to this type.
I'm nowhere near as efficient in gathering my thoughts to write compared to yesterday. I'll continue tomorrow since its still a free day for me.

I'm planning on seeing my doctor soon, I'd say this situation is likely to continue for another week or two. Snail pace is better than nothing, hopefully, I'll be better tomorrow.
File: HeadPat.gif (6.88 MB, 460x344)
6.88 MB
6.88 MB GIF
Hope you get better
File: 1512005340577.jpg (1.67 MB, 1000x1500)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Alright... and what kind of quest is this? An adventurous lewd quest?
File: 12.jpg (800 KB, 1312x1290)
800 KB
800 KB JPG
Bit of mystery, slice of life, learning about the world, establishing an identity for ourselves and politics. There's no big obvious objective outside personal ones so far, things are slowly but surely ramping up however since we've delved nose first into a peculiar problem about undead girls being oppressed and an ally of ours is to fight a duel of honor soon.

Had my disease not acted up we'd be progressing far enough to get a much better view of what I'm aiming for, for now, players are tasked with establishing their own objectives. This quest is a low burner, though once a crisis happens expect things to move quickly.

Lewdness might happen if romance bloom.
File: Spoiler Image (180 KB, 349x391)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>Lewdness might happen if romance bloom.
File: 4.jpg (562 KB, 1817x2752)
562 KB
562 KB JPG
I made the mistake of introducing romance a tad too fast in my last quest, I'd prefer to take a slower approach here... But plans are always subject to change.

Also expect sad things.
>Take the low-risk option and test your sensitivity to Corruption.
Get well soon INH!
>That first spoiler
Ooooh boy. Has Arawn gone and made a target of himself in some measure?
File: 10.jpg (240 KB, 1006x901)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
''There's absolutely no insurance that both of thee possesses any inkling of clues about what it is that's about to be done, aye?''

Teruko consternation to your agreement with her majesty wild idea was a definite understatement that had her stand up and glare at the taller green-haired succubus who grinned in return without saying anything.

''Mineself does understand it's not official by any means but it does remain true that Arawn remains mine student, he's all but a fledgling mage so do try not to break him.'' You wanted to add a little retort here, you aren't exactly fragile but... this is one of those moments where a man shouldn't go and weasel himself between women.

''It'll go fine, I think. Better for you two to stay out of it.'' Daiyu was showing a wide satisfied grin, finding no end of joy at the pregnant lizard lady reckless courage. Who else would be bold enough to try and loom over this supremely powerful woman? Maybe that's why they seem to be close friends.

''I'll stay outside if anything bad happens.'' Elina said, getting up from the table, her tone felt rather cold. ''So if you need me for anything at all...''

''I'll fetch a cute, diligent heavenly girl right away.'' Daiyu responded with a nod and a flap of headwings. ''Let's go messire elf, better finish what we're about to do because once Sieglinde hears about this... let's say it's easier to earn forgiveness than gaining permission.''


Rethreading old grounds filled you with apprehensive threads as, with Elina walking beside you, you remembered your first night here, how the angel was shambling in awkward sleepwalking throughout the labyrinthine corridors of this confusing floor.

''You okay?'' Elina asked as she caught you staring, Daiyu quick natural stride made it difficult to leisurely chat.

''Yeah, don't worry.'' What happened that night really was gnawing at you, that entire business with the Sabbath was some messy affair for Sieglinde family, there has to be more to it than a civil war if Elina had been murmuring about them in this semi-conscious state...

However, once her Majesty opened the path for the Throne, you couldn't afford to be distracted anymore.

''No backing off?'' She asked you, looking over her shoulders after straightening her stance. Those doors were impractically big, she had to push them with all of her body weight, making for a most tiltillaing view of her developed curves and straining muscles.

...Don't get distracted.
File: 33.jpg (845 KB, 1500x1600)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
''None, there's something poetic about going back into the how things began.'' You looked at Elina one last time whose pinched lips betrayed worry. ''It'll be fine.''

''Yeah.'' She didn't believe it but tried to all the same.

Once you stepped inside, Daiyu closed the door without further remarks and you found yourself half-glaring at the spotless, spartan room of marble-like material and it's giant pillar jutting out from the middle. Two days ago you came back here for a different purpose yet you felt this familiar squeezing feeling of uncomfortable dread in your guts by simply standing here.

''Right, let's go. I'm not too sure how to proceed myself, to be honest, Teruko put it rather bluntly earlier though...'' She stopped her walking a few meters away from that thick, giant pillar that disappeared into the roof. ''Don't assume this thing to be alive, it's an artifact - an object- that hold a maelstrom of Corruption. While it can hold living beings as you've proven, the Throne itself isn't a living thing; even plants have more presence, so don't go thinking you can speak or reason with it.''

''I'll need to avoid getting carried away by its unique Corruption?'' An acknowledging nod and dual flaps of wings from her pair of leathery bat-like appendage affirmed her agreement.

''There's two way we can do it, first is a safer option where I'll open the throne and you'll plunge your arm into it. It doesn't act like regular Corruption, so you aren't going to be poisoned... Though there's always a chance it'll imprint something inside of you because souls-like entities actually dwell inside, if we knew you were immune then you wouldn't need to be -too- careful while interacting but that creates its own problems. It'll be pretty hard to get anything, but if you're stubborn enough... you could do a little miracle.''

''So it's all about mental preparation?''

''Something like that.'' Daiyu snapped her fingers and strode closer. ''Since you've gone and already decided to be reckless we can do something crazy and actually delve -into- it. I'll have to go with you to make sure you don't melt, dangerous I know, you won't exactly be able to hide anything from me.'' She winked with a grin. ''But if you left something in that mess... like a part of your soul or a piece of memory, it'll be naturally drawn to you. Assuming it hasn't devolved, of course.''

There's no certainty of safety with whatever you want to do, she's offering you a way to judge what degree of risk you wish to take.

>Take a safer option. Seeking pieces of yourself left in that messy thing should be done when you can safely retreat.

>You've already decided to be reckless. Go into that pillar with Daiyu, she's the Demon Lord; she'll keep you safe and it's about damn time to get something about yourself that isn't your name.

>Back off. This was a bad idea, you should prepare adequately before trying something so stupid.

>Free Choice
>>You've already decided to be reckless. Go into that pillar with Daiyu, she's the Demon Lord; she'll keep you safe and it's about damn time to get something about yourself that isn't your name.
>Take a safer option. Seeking pieces of yourself left in that messy thing should be done when you can safely retreat.
>You've already decided to be reckless. Go into that pillar with Daiyu, she's the Demon Lord; she'll keep you safe and it's about damn time to get something about yourself that isn't your name.
Fuck it, let's go!
Man the girls are going to verbally tear us a new one, aren't they?
>Take a safer option. Seeking pieces of yourself left in that messy thing should be done when you can safely retreat.

We're not ready for this anyway, so we should play it safe in that case.
>>You've already decided to be reckless. Go into that pillar with Daiyu, she's the Demon Lord; she'll keep you safe and it's about damn time to get something about yourself that isn't your name.
>Acquire head wings.
File: Adorable Demon.jpg (85 KB, 602x1041)
85 KB
Was about to roll for it. Gonna close voting there.
>>You've already decided to be reckless. Go into that pillar with Daiyu, she's the Demon Lord; she'll keep you safe and it's about damn time to get something about yourself that isn't your name.
Egh, I should have just gone to sleep instead of staying up for one vote - now the suspense is gonna eat at me.
Ah well, I'll catch up in the morning.

I hope the dice don't screw us over.
''I'm confident you'll protect me, your majesty and I'm not so possessive about myself that I'll begrudge sharing my secrets... you knew that I had no memories?''

''I figured it'd be the case with how Elina described you, though given that you somehow learned about your name on your own...'' She paused to vaguely gesture at the pillar. ''You must have gotten out of that with a morsel of yourself, though its possible everything else is gone.'' She turned to you, looking into your eyes without any of casual assurance, a serious pressure emanated from the Demon Lord and, in a way, you could say you were having your first true exchange with the grand leader of Mamonos. ''Don't get desperate if you can't find anything, it'll kill you.''

There was a moment of silence between you two, one where Daiyu barely blinked, glowering green gaze searching yours long enough for beads of sweat to erupt all over your body.

''I think you'll do good. Your lack of memories should actually help keep you safe since it'll strengthen your emotions and reinforce your ego.'' With this last comment, she bridged what remained of the distance with this giant pillar and tentatively placed her palm. ''Open up, you piece of shit.'' She growled and punched into the marble, creating a visible indentation that spiraled up and down to create a messy rectangular shape of what could only be described as a messy shape of a doorway, one drawn by a clumsy child hand. Pieces of stones peeled off, only to disappeared inside the white structure, dark fluids bleed out of this wound and, to your horror, it opened fully into a gaping messy maw-like opening of pure swirly darkness that somehow kept bleeding around the edge.

It reminded you of Sieglinde portals, except organic and wet.

''Not your first time taking a portal, right'' Daiyu stated coolly, dipping half of her arm inside that jelly mass and extracting it without complications or reaction. ''Since I'm here I'll be calming thing down, the Throne is its own dimension. Come.'' A slow beckoning had you swallow hard, nerves erupted in goosebumps all over your body but the way her majesty fingers wiggled was enough to instill some form of courage born out of fragile pride.

Dipping your hand into that mess resulted in a cool sensation like touching a particularly thick gust of flowing air. Daiyu put her hand on your shoulder and helped you step inside, both of you holding onto each other like close lovers.

Inside was... nothing. A world of darkness with endless shiny stars greeted your arrival, your feet stepped into a strange floor of glass-like whiteness that stretched into an endless horizon, the liquid substance covering the innards of the Throne didn't exist anymore, breathing was effortless and a glance behind you revealed that same wound-like phenomenon inside a dark wall, making for an obvious escape point.
File: 1.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
''Now to step forward...'' Her highness relaxed her hold and forced you to walk alongside her, taking a few steps that reverberated into an endless echo.


Some of these far away stars turned red and moved inside this fake night sky.

''Like clockwork.'' Daiyu grinned and changes in this place had you stop breathing. The entire world thinned to create round-like boundaries, what was an endless span of distance contracted into less than five meters of space and all these stars, shiny pieces of luminescence now looked round, small enough to be insect yet forming visible eyes of hostile reds that stared in abject animosity. Others had transformed into faces of with misshapen skulls and above on the roof was a maelstrom of fleshy red and abject darkness. Something dwelt inside, a keen sentiment of being observed twisted your guts in fear.

''Six years and still mad as all hell since I came.'' Daiyu chuckled and turned to observe you. ''Not feeling anything?''

''I'm weirded the hell out, milady.'' You answered frankly, doing your best to ignore these moving eyes in your field of view.

''Good, these things can make people hear voices and whispers or make summoners see very disgusting things... seem like you've got some resistance.'' Keeping one hand interlocked with yours, her hold squeezed down playfully. ''Don't go running off, you'll get torn apart otherwise.''

''What... ought I be doing?'' If the Throne isn't alive, how in the world are all these livings things dwelling inside?

''Seek your memories, distance doesn't work here as you've witnessed.'' She waved for a starry wall and something inside snapped back. ''What is it you truly wish to know, Arawn? Pieces of your childhood? what happened in your adolescence? How you came to the Throne? Nothing is going to be obvious and... well, things could end up messy but that's why I'm here.'' She pointed to herself, thoroughly indifferent to all these phenomenon. ''Use your magic, maybe scream, there's not a whole lot of way for people to make their presence obvious right? Don't think too hard about it, if there's anything of yours here... it'll seek you out.''

Perhaps you ought to focus on parts of your past.

>Express the desire to know how you ended up inside this hellish place.

>See if you can learn about parts of your adolescence instead.

>You want to know about pieces of your childhood. Who helped you, who nurtured you, maybe even how you lived...

>Cast a few spells and make your presence known without precision, see what's going to come out.

>Free Choice
All options are equally risky yes?
Of course. You can always try a custom choice but nothing is safe here.
This is a fairly important choice, so I'll see about waiting for more than a single vote before proceeding. You've finally got a chance to learn about a piece of yourself
>Free choice
Investigate why we love monster girl bits so much. And acquire head wings.
Ok then. Grip Daiyu's hand a bit tighter then seek out a childhood memory. If nothing happens, cast soul arm and see if that causes something to happen. Be very careful too, this place is scary!
I like you, you know I can't do that.

I'll wait for a margin of 30 minutes to see if another anon chip in, getting a stalemate will have me roll as usual.
File: ii.jpg (82 KB, 576x816)
82 KB
When Daiyu felt your hand squeeze, she graced you with a gentle smile and a nod, a cascade of hair drifted to touch your shoulder, instilled a spark of passion and courage into your lacking spirit. Walls shifting, eyes observing and wriggling and this maelstrom overhead... How bad would it be without the Demon Lord?

''Hey!'' When your voice resonate in empty echoes exactly like your steps, a wave of activity traveled inside these numerous red eyes as they fixated their gazes on you. '' To all of you pieces of me out there! Listen to me! It's Arawn! Arawn Loukanos.'' The innumerable eyes pulsated like a living organ. ''I want to know about my childhood, where was I raised? What kind of kid was I? How... has anybody raised me? Are my parents safe?'' Raw hostility manifested into a reddening atmosphere as these eyes, these numberless corrupted things wanted you gone, if not dead or worse.

''Listen to me!'' You screamed this time. ''Show yourself! Where did I spend my childhood?'' Beside you, Daiyu slowly hefted her arm, pinched her fingers together and clacked audibly and the walls retreated inward in fear.


Emerging from the darkness was a sound that spread in unearthly reverberations, a hollowness slapping against a solid piece of... something that, thankfully wasn't meaty.

Thunk. Clunk. Thunk.

It was a walking cadence increasing in tempo and volume to announce an arrival you didn't know you wanted.

''Easy'' Came a gentle, soothing voice beside you, Daiyu green eyes possess a shine similar to all those infernal globes but her expression was gentle, she was the mother of three immortals and had put on a gentle face that'd calm anyone worries. Your rising panic disappeared, allowing you to wait for this manifestation arrival...

It was heralded by moving organic red lights, all these giant eyeballs swimming like tadpoles moved to create a doorway of slimy substance, out of which emerged a man.

An elderly one, of long thick white hair covering his face, a pair of chunky eyebrows that seemed almost ready to cover his dark eyes, a full beard went to compliment his rough features which twisted in a humorless scowl of disproval, one of his hand - big and calloused- was wrapped around a long walking staff that was origin of this sound as he tapped it on the floor a few time, as if calming down a room.
File: Unsightly.png (66 KB, 411x518)
66 KB
''Why'd you have to show up?'' His voice matched his appearance, a gruff sound that wouldn't be unlike a growling bear coming out of hibernation.

''Because I need you to tell me who you are.'' You had braced for this, prepared mentally for whatever was about to happen, myriads of question swam but, above all, you couldn't show these creatures weakness. You were standing beside a lady of utmost authority after all. ''Where I lived, what exactly happened to me as a child?''

Something in your candor brought a surge of mirth inside the old man as he chuckled to himself and shook his head, throwing down his red hood in the process. ''Why's that matter so much when you went and left anyway? Better live free of burdens you careless murderer.

''Arawn.'' Something on your face must have betrayed your boiling feeling, her majesty voice combined with a hand squeeze to calm you down. ''Your memories remain whole, only given false life and twisted by these souls dwelling inside the Throne. Don't get baited by its easy provocations.''

Don't panic, don't show weakness, demand without giving, this is a memory taken from you.

''Are you going to keep on being such a pathetic, winy little ship Arawn?'' He spat and slapped his staff on the ground, talking to you as if you were human waste. ''You really didn't amount to anything.''

>''Tell me who you are and what you did, old man.''

>''Who is it that you accuse me of killing?''

>''Are you dead, old man? Is that why you're so bitter t osee me?''

>Free choice
>'Are you dead, old man? Is that why you're so bitter t osee me?''
>''Who is it that you accuse me of killing?''
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Let's see how we'll proceed.
''Are you lashing out at me because you're dead?'' You asked, doing your best to keep your emotion even. If this truly was the first step toward recovering your memory... Ah, no you can't afford to get distracted.

A sardonic laugh escapes his solid frame and he began to pace sideways, his staff coming on the ground in constant echoing slams.

''Suppose you never did see my head get lopped off for helping. Former cleric of the Path getting executed because of your fuck up, ain't that a bitch.'' His laugh continued, joyless without feeling forced and his pacing took another direction as he closed the distance by a few wide meters before stopping when Daiyu let out a particularly nasty snarl.

''I'm sorry if that's what happened, you're still going to tell me who you are and what happened, old man. You're a walking piece of memory, you'll tell me who you are.'' Sympathy won't make you take a step back, you glared into his somber eyes and the man reacted by rubbing his hairy chin.

''Frideger Cai.'' He answered, his tone changing into a neutral politeness instead of that constant hoarseness that was a second away from spitting. ''Was the court bishop of queen Bronwen Eliauslawa, you've gone and lived through one hell of a mess lad.'' His demeanor was changing, not so much hostile now, he looked disinterested. ''Your incompetence killed a good, innocent girl too, suppose I've always been too naive about people despite my age, couldn't stop believing in em.''

>''How'd you try to help me, Frideger? Were you looking after me when I was a kid?''

>''Who died because of me? Was it someone precious to us both?''

>''What mess are you talking about? Where did I spend my childhood, Frideger?''

>Free Choice
>>''How'd you try to help me, Frideger? Were you looking after me when I was a kid?''

I would have gone with how we ended up in the throne but finding out our personality would be neat
>''How'd you try to help me, Frideger? Were you looking after me when I was a kid?''

I'm thinking we're going for clues to research later. This question seems to be the best one for that.
''How'd you try to help me? Were you my guardian?'' You weren't supposed to be told about your past, memories should be familiar, native to your mind, it's normal to recall them, yet none of his words led to any kind of remembrance. Perhaps, if this man was a living piece of yourself, you'll need a way to merge with him to truly regain precious pieces of souvenirs.

''When did I not help you, lad?'' A flash of hostility in his dark gaze almost had you take a step back, Daiyu stalwart presence thankfully prevented you showing any weakness. ''Myr left when you were barely big enough to walk and that queen took you in as a pet to gain points with the clergy, not a whole lot of royal court were trusted with elves.'' He spat and twirled his staff, looking skyward to glare into the maelstrom before settling a warmer gaze on you, filling you with a strong sense of déjà vue.

''Good.'' Daiyu whispered beside you. ''Slowly becoming whole...''

''I believed you were weak, always withdrawn without much to say about anything, best damn listener I ever met though.'' A chuckle, warm, fatherly yet firm snuck out of him as he spun his staff and nearly dropped it, only to grab it midair a second from the ground. This... really felt familiar. Like apples being red or green, this man mannerisms was feeling natural.

''Beatrice was a godsend thankfully, little lass probably had a crush on you cause she rarely left you alone, even defended you when Bronwen kept being a punk. D'you know how many time I slapped that fuckwit with my staff? Never enough.'' A loud rubbing of his bearded chin resonating in this uncomfortable emptiness. ''Course, don't matter anymore cause she's dead, though you really couldn't have known any better...'' A long, tired sign sagged his broad shoulder. '' Sorry for lashing out, lad. It's just a shitty situation. When you bought me inside my church basement to show me a pair of monsters, I probably lost a few years.'' Another laugh interrupted his rambling. ''Can you believe it? A pair of moths inside Eliaures royal grounds? We managed to sneak em out in the end, made some strange friends during that week...''

A wheeze suddenly escaped him and he leaned... no, Frideger was pushed forward by another silhouette standing a few steps behind him, one firm hand holding a spear that had been embedded into his spine, yet the old man in a red cloak barely acknowledged the weapon killing him and stood still.
File: 27.jpg (126 KB, 1280x733)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
''Should have trusted us, Godling.'' Another voice of complete hostility, a feminine snarl spoke through clenched teeth as she further impelled poor Frideger.

''W-what are you doing here!?'' Daiyu yelled, almost pointing at this unknown assailant who, likely, was just another piece of your memories. ''I saw you last week!''

This person was a tall spearwoman of long nightly dark hair that filled her back like a blanket, even falling over her face where her pair of dull blue eyes glared at you in sheer animosity. Despite this violence, you could only describe her as beautiful, with pale spotless skin, feminine clothes that managed to meld an armor formality with nobles grace and fey-like features that'd betray elfin ancestry had her ears not been round.

This woman didn't acknowledge the Demon Lord, perhaps she wouldn't even be able to because, after all, this was a piece of your memories. ''Slap away a hand that tries to help and sic Lady White apostles on us, pretty gutsy for a kid who kept getting his ass beaten.''

''Lady White!?'' Daiyu gargled, blinking wide and barely managed to keep a lid on her astonishment. ''Ah, crap, I think it's about time...''

Silhouettes were slowly appearing out of the wall of slimes whose constant eyes projected enough redness to invade all colors, making it difficult to identify anything but shapes. A man came to stand beside the spearwoman, youthful traits placing him in his late twenties, a woman with closed eyes stood on her lonesome on your left flank, holding onto a sword handle without blades. A pair of women with strange features, wings, perhaps even traces of furs, were hugging each other in a corner, two kids seemed to be playing together... Many shapes, all of them tied to you - all of them yours, your memories- had come to greet you, dwelling inside this grand demonic Throne.

''While I'd love and teach this thing another lesson.'' Daiyu firmly held you, draping an arm over your shoulders. ''You're not safe, not anymore.''

>Leave without fuss.

>Stay. Fight her off if you need to. This opportunity is what you've wanted since you've awakened; these are your memories! Your identity! Everything important to you!

>Free Choice

Stopping here for tonight. Made good progress with today unexpected recovery, not sure if it'll continue but I'll welcome the chance to progress all the same.
>>Leave without fuss.

damn, this is getting interesting.
File: 1.jpg (817 KB, 1900x3550)
817 KB
817 KB JPG

Glad you think so. I'll try to return Friday this week, lots of things to process after this little peek into your past.
>Leave without a fuss.

While I'd love to stick around and teach this damn thing another lesson too the fact remains that as a combatant we're currently dead weight and these things will exploit that fact. Especially if that spearwoman is who I think it is. That girl was utterly ruthless in combat, a real killer.

We can try this again later, once we've leveled up quite a bit more. At least we have stuff to look up in the library now and that's better than nothing.

Also, when we get the chance, ask Daiyu about who "Lady White" is. Sounds very important if it got that reaction out of her.
Scene Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhCCI8khCW4

Actually, scratch the no fuss part. We instinctively get that this is a fight we cannot win and thus we allow Daiyu to drag us away and out of the Throne with only token resistance as we break down and deliver a litany of questions. “Who was Beatrice? What happened to her!? Why did you impale Frideger!? What the hell is a godling! ANSWER ME!”

Of course, we probably don't get any answers but I think this fits Arwan as of right now. That's just my opinion though...
>Other: ghost hands to grasp what is ours as we go. If it might work, then it’s worth it.
Not quite leaving without a fuss, but a safer option than not leaving when told.
>Leave without fuss.
>(Reluctantly) leave eithout a fuss
We have enough info to process from this short venture alone.

Rest up INH. The suspense is great!
F-friday?? I-I can wait that much, Hahaha.
>but I think this fits Arwan as of right now

Arwan is cool as a frozen cucumber but his memories and shit are really important and right in front of him.
hmm, thats hard to judge.

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