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Welcome back friends into a new chapter of our quest for establishing our identity, making merry with good folks and slowly but surely improving ourselves as a man, being in company with women of valor makes for a heavy onus, after all, you have to work hard indeed to be worthy of their presence!

Especially with the one and only Demon Lord making an impromptu visit.

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn.
(Will update after this session.)


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover about your past with them, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister Deruella, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing all of your current souvenirs. This is your only option if you wish to keep your past private.

Side activities

None yet.

You’ve gone and used up your privilege to enjoy Belphegor exotic bits, leaving you with two winnings of your gambling: Elina and Sieglinde

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.
‘’How’s breakfast?’’

Enough food for seven people neatly occupied the large table, dishes showing mixtures of sweet pastries with side meals of eggs rested on large plates of porcelains. Taste reflected the fresh aroma of homely foods and in familiar circumstances, you’d have easily answered with honest, polite praises.

Fact was, you were eating a breakfast prepared by none other than the Demon Lord (how she cooked such a volume of food without waking anybody was a mystery) and she waited for your specific answer with a terrifyingly charming smile. Brilliant green eyes half closed as her naturally sharp features made her beaming grin an invitation to relax, her flapping pair of odd appendages sticking out of her head reminded you that you were actually dealing with a demoness, yet an odd instinctive bell somewhere deep inside your unconscious awakened a primal dread. This lady was a predator and you...

Better not finish that thought, you're getting worked up about her political position. That's all.

‘’Taste like a mother cooking.’’ That was the best your wits could accomplish. You knew you’d be meeting her demonic majesty eventually but relaxing in this casual situation was… difficult, after all, she was perhaps equal to Mother Earth in reputation; the only being on this Star whose influence could pretend to rival gods. Her smile may be enough to instill you with traces amount of confidence, you still had to walk a tightrope.

Vilma shared your point of view by trying very, very hard to adhere to table etiquette while remaining silent. Her previous attempt with greeting her majesty was made in an endearing speech broken by stuttering that colored her purple skin in a darker shade of red, something Daiyu had found evidently appealing and rewarded the girl with a headpat that nearly made her pass out.

Belphegor, Elina, Teruko, and Hao were surprisingly casual, perhaps because two of them were already on friendly term with the Demon Lord whilst your tribal refugee still had a language barrier to deal with. Although you sincerely doubted Teruko omitted informing her about the two demoness identities, she remained preoccupied with stuffing her face with a breakfast rivaling her pregnant translator to bother feeling pressured. Daiyu looked glad to witness her efforts being so vigorously rewarded, each time she glanced at the tanned lizard woman you noticed a happy glitter inside those powerful green eyes, though she'd always catch you staring and she'd wink at you mischievously.

You did your best pretending to eat your meal, those flapping headwings were spawning dangerous instinctive urges...

''You didn't need to go that far...'' A constant, quiet flush was adorning Sieglinde pale face as she stabbed into her food with a grimace and adorably pouty attitude that demanded all of your self-control to avoid teasing.
''Oh? Would you have preferred if I brought your sister with me?'' Daiyu voice held a naturally graver tone that made her casual sentence coming off as strangely ominous. ''She'd have made the time, in fact, we got lucky her ward didn't catch wind of your message because even I wouldn't have been able to keep that adorable little fluffy lass from witnessing a gallant duel with one of your friends.''

Attention briefly shifted toward the lich who stiffened hard enough to pull a muscle yet managed to avoid clacking her fork on a plate. Vilma pale lips opened without exhaling any sounds and she quickly put a large piece of pancake in her mouth to pretend being occupied and avoid further embarrassment with her stuttering.

''Indeed, thee shall be most welcome mine liege.'' Teruko idly commented, pinching a strawberry and popping it into her mouth.

''It's still too soon, who knows you're here anyway?'' Sieglinde protest was weak, she -was- the one who brought forth this idea of inviting her mother for security.

She certainly got here fast.

''Only those who've seen me emerged from a portal in here, darling.'' Daiyu answered while pinching a blueberry out of a nearby bowl. ''Why shouldn't I come home? You've never asked anything in years, I'm more than happy to meet your new friends.'' Daiyu lips pursed together and she slowly ate that fruit, expression quickly changing into an amused grin on watching her daughter and, of course, yourself sitting right next to her. You opted to concentrate on your food instead of... watching this titillating vision, her majesty natural green color evocated images of natures nymphes.

''Well... I guess... I wasn't prepared?'' Sieglinde knew she was grasping at straws. ''I mean, you did breakfast when we were all sleeping and...''

''It was a marvelous vision dear, I'm glad to know you didn't lose this childhood habit.''

''Mom!'' Sieglinde lowered her head, scratching deeply into her scalp with one large deformed hand. ''You can't go and speak about stuff like that!''

''Mmh...'' Daiyu didn't answer, her sadistic smile was one of thorough satisfaction.

''I'd be interested in knowing more.'' Elina casually added and you decided to wisely lean back when Sieglinde glared at the angel, horns snapping in your direction, forcing you to hold your urge to grab one of them.

''Do you guys really want me to jump from this floor?'' She asked, rudely poking a finger in her last piece of pancake and bringing it to her mouth, grimacing at her mother who chuckled in turn.

They really were a close family.

''Wouldn't be the first time!'' Belphegor quipped. ''Arawn showed us you could do one hell of a jump without problems.''

Don't be mentioning that you evil goat! You were totally in on that prank too!
File: Sieg 14.jpg (104 KB, 500x867)
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104 KB JPG
''That's not how things happened.'' You replied, feeling beads of sweat erupt all over your skin when her majesty eyebrows made a cute upward inquiring twitch, Sieglinde was all but sinking any pathetic attempt at denying Belphegor words by growing a shade of red that was far different than anger.

''Oooh? Really? It'd be interested in knowing what would motivate my daughter to jump from this tower, it's about... 20 meters I think? Dangerous.'' Daiyu reached for the last strawberry, long fingers pinching the bright red fruit delicately and she began toying with it, using all of her fingers to poke into its sweet flesh, displacing it here and there with constant movements, her fingers eerily reminded you of a moving spider.

Maybe, just maybe, you had latent arachnophobia.

''I've been training him, had to show I was the real deal.'' Sieglinde had recovered enough wits to interject. '' Besides you always do it so don't pretend to be mad!''

''I like scaring young men, won't you allow me this joy?'' Daiyu answered and sloooowly bit into her food, causing an audible crunching noise as her sharp teeth dug into juicy...

Focus, Arawn. Not that way, it'd be rude to suddenly lit your body in steel-like color... You'll be sharing properties with iron before long.

''Please, I don't know when you've gotten this sadistic streak but you like toying with anyone these days.'' Sieglinde cleared her throat. ''Anyway! It's not really a bad thing you're here, it's just that were kinda busy, we only have today to fully prep up Vilma here.''

This mention provoked a quiet bow from the hood-free lich. ''Y-yes... I... thank you...''

''I have to go meet someone in the city, I'm not sure if I can stick around.'' Sieglinde continued after nodding at the undead girl.

''Zazawu right?'' Belphegor asked, winking upon seeing her niece nod. ''I can cover for ya, you already told me everything bout it and I've been waiting to see the old fellow. Why don't ya stick around and bring your mom up to speed?''

''You'd do that?''

''Course!'' Belphegor finger gently clicked on her empty plate. ''Can't have that many Supremes stick around. People are gonna choke themselves.''

''Does remind mineself that shopping in Throne Town bazaars is to be our occupation for this morning.'' Having silently finished her amazing collection of pastries and fruits, the short yet mighty lizard-woman made herself known while pushing away her empty plates, rubbing an affectionate hand on her rotund belly whilst gazing at the sizeable group occupying every inch of this table. ''A bell, mine dear. You do need one, tis of help to guide deceased spirits yes?'' Vilma silent nod prompted her to continue while replaced a long, thick strand of platinum white hair away from her face. ''Then you'll take one as thine weapon; fetching is to be our activities, yes? Elina? Hao?''
''I've been curious about the capital for a while.'' The angel casually answered whilst Hao vigorously nodded without understanding Teruko words. Obviously, these two would act as security despite the Demon Lord sudden presence in her domain. ''Would thee be in mind of accompanying us, Arawn?'' She asked, smiling at you politely before shifting her attention to Daiyu and Sieglinde. ''Or mayhap you are of a mind to stay with our demonic highness?''

As always, you're the only person without any concrete activity yet, the teacher words brought you into an uncomfortable limelight.

>Accompany Teruko group for a visit to the capital.

>Stay with Daiyu and Sieglinde, you have important things to share with the Demon Lord. You should be the one informing her about your unusual relationship with the Throne.

>See if you can finish your training from yesterday with Sieglinde, it should make for a nicely relaxed activity... right?

>Free choice.
>Stay with Daiyu and Sieglinde, you have important things to share with the Demon Lord. You should be the one informing her about your unusual relationship with the Throne.
As nice as a shopping trip sounds, this is very important. Better get it out of the way.

Good to have you back, INH.
>>Accompany Teruko group for a visit to the capital.
File: 4d9.jpg (334 KB, 900x820)
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334 KB JPG

Thank. I can't quite be as consistent as I want but at least I won't flake.

I'll wait ten more minutes for a potential tiebreaker (or voting another option) and proceed to make my usual roll if we're stuck.
Go shopping, we can talk to the Demon Lord later.
File: 31.jpg (434 KB, 600x1600)
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434 KB JPG
''I'll stick with you guys.'' You finally decided, throwing a cautious glance at Sieglinde who didn't seem to mind. You were curious about Throne Town, but honestly, you've heard more than enough dramatic stuff about these Javed vampires to feel comfortable with leaving your teacher sides, even if she's in excellent protection.

''That so?'' Teruko looked genuinely surprised and she observed the demon family for a brief moment before smiling. ''Yes, Mineself did give you a purse, mind bearing it as we go?'' She asked, slowly getting up from the table, promptly imitated by the other girls who tried their best to keep themselves proper in Daiyu presence.

''I'll probably talk about your situation with my mom.'' Sieglinde whispered as she gently grabbed your wrist. She was easily overheard by her mother who glanced at you with an interested smile.

''It's fine.'' You responded, giving the Demon Lord a light bow of your head. ''We can go into deeper details once I'm back.''


The girls took their usual full hour to prepare, the entire group set out as one big pile and you realized that Belphegor words yesterday had been prophetic. Nobody on the lower floor realized her majesty was back and the lamia guards almost kowtowed in apology after their casual greetings of your group upon realizing the latest addition. Stepping outside...

''Goodness those looks were absolutely amazing!'' Teruko openly giggled. Sieglinde and her mother had already gone their separate ways for some business in the school but her majesty presence already made for a fond memory.

''Can't believes how much a pain in the arse those nobles cunts can be, Siggy really is moderate.'' Belphegor commented, throwing a few backward glances toward the large academic manor Nobody were gawking at your presence anymore thankfully, rumors most have made your clique into a normal occurrence now.

When your coterie exited the shrine, a large band of adult Mamonos was lingering on the path. Many of them were tutors you recognized and the brunette you keenly remember from yesterday confrontation with Elenor was making a show of standing in the middle of this troupe; their expression of arrogant satisfaction made a turn for abject horrors upon seeing the tall, green-haired menace and they promptly changed their attitude into submissive greetings.

''What were they up to anyway?'' Elina asked, pretty face marred by a serious frown. ''They were clearly waiting for us.''

''Likely trying to put pressure upon mineself.'' Teruko responded, shrugging and wholly discarding whatever menaces her co-worker tried to pull. ''Don't mind them, we've somewhere to be.''
File: 2.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
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Her announcement heralded arrival into the large set of gates safeguarding the main road and separating this place from the capital; visions of towering buildings could be seen poking out of the horizon and the three isles of Throne Town imposed a sense of awe, monstrous civilization had nothing to envy humanity.

Manned by a visible group of ten women of various races, a beastly girl of animalistic legs and hands noticed Belphegor presence and nodded in acknowledgment; that'd be all the announcement you'd need to exit.

''Whoa, now that's an odd visitor.'' Belphegor commented, staring at, indeed, an odd person.

Speaking with an imposing Minotaurus was a visibly male monster of equal height. Garbed in long, study clothes fit for travel, his skin was colored entirely blue with a single horn jutting out of his head and a thick tail lazily floating behind him. With arms and legs thick enough to dwarf your head, this man presence was more than unusual enough to stop your company.

''Don't see guys like those often anymore.'' Elina remarked as this man continued his chat with the warrior-bull.

''Male monsters are kinda always suspicious.'' Belphegor casually spoke, turning to observe you. ''Cause all of them alive today precede Daiyu ascension on the Throne meaning they're either immortal or long-lived, kinda make one wonder what he's up to coming here...''

True enough, this male chat with the guards was over and he casually made his way into the gates, stomping naked feet making it obvious his big body was thoroughly sculpted in muscles, his pace quickly stopped upon witnessing your group and he nodded, perhaps to Belphegor, silently. Maybe asking further permission to enter?

''Wanna chat with him?'' The short goat asked the group, evidently not caring about being rude.

>Sure. What's a male monster doing here?
>Don't, you've got something to do. If he talked with the guards his presence here is surely accounted for.
>Free Choice
I kinda wanna chat, but what would we talk to him about? Can we ask Belph about it?
Ask him what he's doing here, who he is, what brought him into the academy. Kinda rude to impose on him like that but he's a bit of an odd man and Belph doesn't deal in subtlety.
Well then, I'll just leave it to Belph's judgement. If she wants to chat, we chat. If not, we don't.
''Why? Is it wrong for a monstrous male to be here?'' You asked, there wasn't much time to make things clear until that guy walked away.

''You not curious?'' Retorted the tiny Supreme, taking a forward step without waiting for further rebuttals. She didn't need any other motivation and walked toward the tall blue man who stopped his stride; you quickly decided to accompany her with Teruko in tow, silently shrugging at the goat capriciousness. Elina, Hao, and Vilma were standing further back, many of the guards eyed the tribal maid unreasonable weapon with mixtures of awe and suspicion.

Leveling one massive arm across his chest, the tall blue monster bowed after Belphegor clopping stopped in front of him and this honor was extended to yourself and Teruko lagging behind the goat-woman. ''Greetings.'' He announced cleanly, his grave voice perfectly mirroring his gruff, commanding appearance. ''Would I be wrong in assuming I'm speaking with Supreme Belphegor?''

''Ei, is me alright.'' She casually returned, waving one of her deformed hands in his direction. ''Who're you anyway?''

Yeah not exactly one for diplomacy, you had to share a discouraged look with Teruko who silently shared your opinion.

''Harkon.'' The man wasn't phased a bit, in fact, his big (and honestly mean looking face, that horn was a bonafide spear point) softened into a polite smile. ''Traveler, researcher, something of a scholar, I've been meaning to visit these grounds because of this popular new practice that has taken hold... Internalization right?'' His eyes possess an inner projection of light that reminded you of Daiyu's gorgeous gems. ''Are you perchance it's founder?'' He asked upon drifting his stare at Teruko.

She responded with a polite smile. ''Yes; a lucky discovery, nothing more.''
''Came here to learn bout it?'' Belphegor asked with a broad grin that looked forced, things felt... rather tense.

''Indeed.'' Harkon answered with measured ease and patience, his voice sounding like an old father. ''I thought I could visit yesterday but these gracious watchers informed me to make an appointment, and so I've come to visits and witness her majesty Jawahir jewel of education, perhaps learn of this practice myself.'' Pretty eloquent for a big guy, there wasn't anything suspicious about his designs, at first glance his endeavor entirely legal.

''Good Lady.'' He imposed himself a little big, focusing his attention at Teruko. ''Could it be possible for us to speak of your invention in the future?''

Teruko blinked in surprise at this frank politeness. ''Thee shall be better served conversing with tutors. They already know everything Mineself could tell you and mine schedule is a tad busy...'' Rubbing her stomach, the lizard-woman took a backward step, glancing for the three other students further back. ''I've many girls to take care of.''

''If fates allow then.'' Harkon big frame shortened itself into another bow, Belphegor observed him silently, stuck in a pensive expression of intense concentration that'd definitely make anybody uncomfortable. ''Master elf.'' Harkon greeting you with another nod as he took a sideways step.

Well, maybe you could ask him a few things.

>Ask him about his race, where he comes from.
>Ask him about his research, what exactly does he do?
>Just give him your blessing and let him be on his way, there's nothing wrong here.
>Free Choice
Disregard fellow man. Acquire goat horns.
>Ask about his research

We must know what he knows about, could be useful in the future. Then onward to shopping!

Not in public, the rumors that may spread man, it'd be a political incident!
Good, then people would know that Goatly is ours. It's important to establish hierarchy in the demon realm.
Too bad Arawn isn't passionate enough for that.

I suppose I can combine a little of both options to move things along. Since the scene will change, I'll probably have to answer tomorrow since I might have to write a fair chunk of content; if nothing is posted in the next hour expect it tomorrow afternoon.
>>Ask about his research
>>Ask him about his race, where he comes from.
File: rsz_023.jpg (5 KB, 147x105)
5 KB
''You describe yourself as a researcher?'' Harkon naturally mean-looking face softened into a warmer expression at your curiosity, He rubbed his large square chin in thoughtful silence, seemingly ignoring Belphegor invasive stare.

''Indeed, I've studied magic for several years and pinpointed my area of interest after a long period of soul-searching. I've grown a fascination for spirits and how they interact with living folks, though I have an unfortunate incompatibility with summoning or necromancy. Things get far too dangerous when I try to dominate an entity, so I prefer a longer, passive approach.'' A bashful smirk came to his rough face. ''I've done my best to create safe experiments that I fund with my true area of expertise: forging and magical enhancement.''

''Oh? Magical blacksmithing? Thineself speak of runic inscription?'' Teruko comment seemed to awaken a twinkle of joy inside the big man green eyes and he nodded at the professor.

''Alongside manipulation and insertion of altered materials in weapons. Runes are far, far more difficult to employ because one needs a dedicated forge and specific mages as helpers to truly imbue a weapon with eternal properties.'' His towering frame and piercing green eyes had him inspect you and Teruko then briefly glance at the other three girls bridging the distance. ''Perhaps I could continue to share my expertise at a later time?''

''Oh, yeah, don't let us keep you.'' This monstrous male eloquence belied his strong physique, there was a great mind dwelling inside that big head of blue. He bowed to you as you gave him a polite way out, his full two meters of height forced you to bend your neck upward despite his movements.

''A pleasure to make your acquaintances, all of you.'' He spoke with a renewed smile, turning for Belphegor who shrugged in response and Harkon took a prudent step back, eyes directing at you in keen interest... and you noticed a strange oddity dwelling inside one of his bright pupil. It was a set of strange characters that had absolutely no reason to belong inside an organic body yet... there it was, an inscription upon flesh that disappeared far too quickly for proper identification.

''That guy is an oni.'' Elina fully brought you out of this momentary trance, Harkon had already walked off into the academy. ''Thought all the males ones died off a few generations ago, never knew there was an immortal walking around. They're a race of native demons inherent to Zipangu.'' She added, trailing her gaze to you and Vilma. ''Long history of terrorizing humans settlements and raiding coastal villages, they've rarely proven themselves smart outside flashes of brilliance as sailors, I suppose individuals can always differ.''
File: Bazaar.jpg (568 KB, 1240x1447)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
''Yeah...'' Belphegor scratched the back of her head. ''...maybe I'm paranoid, I always get twitchy when I meet an old fellow I never heard about. Was trying reeeeal hard to scour my memories about any mention of a monstrous male called Harkon and I got nothing.'' She shrugged and mentioned the path ahead. ''Can't do nothing bout it, let's go.''

She set off on her own, quickly joined by the group while you pondered this man unusual presence. A magical forger, a researcher in spirits and, undeniably, an ageless demon; the world truly is a big place.


Throne Town had two major bazaars that acted as open-air markets. It's first, biggest one, was erected on its western side where the capital main entrance made for an organic center of trade. Its second one shared the same isle as the academy, its main road guided your group directly into it without any chances of losing your way.

''Guess people aren't wrong to call Daiyu school its own little city.'' Elina commented as she observed a wide crowd of city dwellers. Rarely was there anybody looking similar, races ranged from near-humanoid leathery winged succubus to serpentine lady-snakes or downright monstrous bug-type Mamonos alongside summoners who, somehow, were allowed to practice their craft by conjuring mounts and beasts of burdens to hold whatever items their masters bought. None of it seemed to phase anybody, more than 3/4 of monstergirls present were equipped with weapons and armors, making this market into something of an adventurers paradise, alongside an evidently lax policy about general armaments. It was in this mass of people that Belphegor disappeared into, needing to make her way past this island to cover Sieglinde appointment.

''This crowd is mostly students.'' Teruko spoke, keeping a careful eye on her maid whose oversized weapon made for an obvious attention grabber, your angel friend also didn't go unnoticed because of those red wings and halo.

It was a good thing you bought a hooded cloak, else you'd risk becoming an attraction.

''Y-you want us t-t...to find a b-bell here?'' Vilma had also pulled her dark hood over her head and was now fidgeting with her close.

''Of course darling.'' Teruko answered, her obvious mischievous smirk made you wonder if half of this endeavor was to make Vilma uncomfortable. ''Us friends need only scour this place for magical vendors, of which we risk to find many for this area is undeniably filled with bric-a-brac, bells carry a certain sentimental value despite necromancy untoward reputation.''
File: 6.jpg (468 KB, 1200x1685)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Sieglinde had also provided funds for this endeavor despite Teruko well-filled purse; the lizard had about 75 golden pieces which was a small fortune, yet the princess also provided 50 in case you were to find something truly amazing.

Simply put everyone kept a firm hand on their pouches because pick-pockets would have one hell of a payday.

''So, we'll only go and search something?'' You ask, finding this prospect honestly daunting. This market was huge, tents, wooden stalls combined with open shops and buildings to make a dizzying array of potential items, calling it a booming economy was an understatement.

''Splitting up could be wise, lots of ground to cover...'' Elina muttered and extended her hand, fingers wiggling and she seemingly caught herself a breath short of summoning her halberd.

>Go together and try to find something adequate for Vilma. Hopefully, these ladies won't take too long.

>Seperate into two groups to find your objective and meet back after an hour, you'll cover more grounds that way.

>Alternatively... you could do something bold. Let the girls shop on their own and scour this bazaar to buy gifts for them, it's this an excellent opportunity to be thoughtful?

>Free Choice
>>Seperate into two groups to find your objective and meet back after an hour, you'll cover more grounds that way.
>Seperate into two groups to find your objective and meet back after an hour, you'll cover more grounds that way.

Shopping for gifts is for when we aren't liable to get lost.
File: 13d.jpg (599 KB, 777x1100)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
>Got a storm coming. If I drop out for a while out of nowhere it's because of a power surge.

''You can hold your share you know?''

''N-no it's... it's fine. W-we can look together.''

''Alright, it shouldn't be too difficult to rejoin the others, we're planning to meet back on the academy's road. Here's to hoping we won't have to snoop into nooks and crannies.''

Your suggestion to separate was first met with a lukewarm reception but, strangely enough, Vilma had been the one who insisted to follow up on it and Teruko quickly yielded. Angel, teacher, and maid set out to cover the eastern side of the market, leaving you and Vilma to cover the western edge. A tall order, while the congestion of people thankfully lessened when venturing deeper into aisles, the market made for a long and wide sprawl of goods.

Doing your best to match your pace with Vilma slower gait, the lich silently accompanied you and you quickly set out to explore. Most surrounding buildings seemed to be houses of some kind, only stalls occupied nearby spaces, displaying a varying amount of fruits, dried meat, and conserved food neatly preserved into alchemical iron pots.

''Were in the place for foodstuff.'' You spoke, doing your best to avoid wincing at saying something so damn obvious.

''Y-yeah... I guess it's not here?'' Vilma answered, forcing a smile. She was standing behind you as you did your best to move around, wider Mamonos would often force you to round around their frames and you'd often need to excuse yourself when bumping into someone. It made for a surprisingly exhausting activity.

''Place seems to be one giant square, see here? Stall make for a wall.'' You had made a straight line, trying to see how far you'd be able to go and after dozens upon dozens of meters you ended up near an open shop called ''Cookies Cutlery'' where several live chickens were seen walking around a big sign announcing fresh meat.

''Say, think you could summon anything to help us look? A raven to get a birds-eye view of our surrounding?'' You asked the lich who trotted beside you silently. A few alleys opened up the bazaar for some probable seedy shops, though you might chance upon something; there's probably some truth about the old cliche of magical shops hidden out of view, right?

''N-Not... M-maybe? All these people make f-for a lot of interference...'' She grimaced. ''I-I should still...''

''No, no it's fine.'' You quickly interjected, succumbing to the urge to pat her head. ''Legwork will do, we've gone and inspected the food alley so maybe we can assume that rows have similar goods for ease of cataloging stuff.'' Maybe there were some guides to help, too. You hadn't asked or seen anybody obvious but wouldn't that'd make for an easy job?

''Y-yeah. Okay.'' Vilma smiled, she wasn't much for talking, her purple eyes held an obvious glitter of pragmatism that raised her guards against all of these nearby Mamonos.
It was sad to witness, it wouldn't hurt to loosen a little. Looking around for stuff to buy was fun. Nevertheless, you still had something to do so you took the lead and felt a pull on your shirt after examining a new stall of alchemical camp appliances.

Vilma had taken to pinch your clothes as your new venture led to a deeper crowd of people. ''A-ah?'' She voiced, stunned by her own action.

''Wanna hold hands?'' You couldn't resist a tease and she let go of your clothes with a momentous jerk that'd make for a painful elbow strike.

''A-au I'm... huh sorry.'' Poor girl doesn't handle badgering well huh?

''Don't be, we might get separated so hold on to me if you need to.'' She's not Sieglinde, you might need to be a tad delicate. While Vilma undeniably possessed a strong sense of pride, she was still riddled with profound vulnerabilities... You'll have to be a tad more active with her perhaps.

Quick browsings of the market went on to consume half an hour without yielding substantial results. alchemical items proved surprisingly popular with many gadgets crafted for everyday life crowding many people, then came weapons: arrows, bows, crossbows, swords... no forges in sight but there were enough tools of murders here for a small army and you'd have lost yourself examining a few of them had Vilma physical hold on your clothing ceased, she was a quiet, constant reminder of your reason to come here.

''S-say... hey, Arawn.'' Turning around for your companion prodding, she had let go of your clothes to point near a set of empty stalls where a young human girl sat on her lonesome, holding her belly.

''Is that a young Elina?'' You couldn't help but remark, earning a gentle laugh out of Vilma. Yes, first one of many to come!

Your words were on point, that early teenage girl was a near exact replica of your angelic friend if you were to remove her wings, halo, shorten her hair and replace blue eyes with red jewels. No traces of a smile on her face as she idly observed passing monsters who'd often shoot concerned glances her way. The girl clothing was neat and tidy, being a combination of a long shirt and skirt that raised a few questions of fashions with a cute little red ribbon in her hair bringing adorable girlishness to her half-tomboyish looks.

''She's... been here for a while.'' Vilma continued, wiggling fingers creasing her leathery gloves. ''Do you think... she's lost?''

>''Wanna find out?'' (Sure this might eat into your time. Who cares?)

>''I don't think people would leave her alone for much longer, let's continue alright?'' (Explore more isles, there's has to be spiritual sellers somewhere...)

>''She's fine, I've been thinking we should be adventurous. There are a few shops in nearby alleys, maybe we'll find something good out there.'' (You won't find anything in this big market, go exploring)
>''Wanna find out?'' (Sure this might eat into your time. Who cares?)
''Wanna find out?''

''Yeah.'' Absolutely no hesitation, she made one vigorous nod and you found it incredibly difficult to avoid keeping a dumb smile on your face; it was a situation straight out of a little story, Vilma's compassion was endearing.

Making your way closer to the girl was the easy part, trying to figure out how to make a good impression wasn't so straightforward. The lass looked angry, raising images of a wounded animal as she glared naked ire upon passerby which obviously counted you and your lich friend, yet Vilma was completely undaunted, boldly trodding walking forward.

''Hello.'' She spoke quietly, smiling and waving with actual confidence. ''My name is Vilma, could you tell me yours?'' Her efforts went unrewarded, the blonde held on tighter to her belly, knees reaching closer to her face as if trying to protect something or herself, yet Vilma stood still and stubborn, leaning closer to the glaring girl that, upon closer inspection, was definitely younger than your first impression.

Much more of a child than a teenager.

''Are you-you hungry?'' Vilma asked again without her usual wince that always came after stuttering.

Again, no answers and you found yourself scratching the back of your head, hostility was radiating out of that kid tiny body and for a moment she focused her gaze upon you, prompting the best smile you could muster. Probably a dumb one but hey, a man gotta look gentle around childs.

''Here...'' Vilma had taken a few coins out of her pouch. Gold clicked together into three pieces, more than enough to feed two people, and held an outstretched hand toward the withdrawn blond.

''You...eh?'' There finally came a sound out of that lass and the disbelief in her red eyes told of evident intelligence, a kid that at least understood money's values.

''Are you hungry?'' Vilma asked again. For an almost cripplingly shy woman, this undead was doing a much better job than you'd ever do handling this kid.

''Yeah, I...'' Slowly coming out of her spiky shell, the girl relaxed her legs, constantly rubbing her stomach. ''...I can't um... accepting money means you'll want something?''

''Your name.'' Vilma answered firmly.

''I'll give you these pieces for your name. Then I can come with you to buy something good, how about that?''

''My... name?'' The girl repeated, blinking in surprise. ''It's not a good deal...''

''It's that one I want.'' Vilma took another step, lowering herself on her knees, holding out her money palm for the kid.

''I...see.'' Hesitation still lingered but the appeals in those coins soon won over hesitation. ''I'm Mimiru.'' A small spread on her youthful face with, you keenly noticed, a pair of sharp looking canines that, combined with those red eyes and human features... that kid was a vampire. Or something close to it, she did a full broad grin and -all- of her teeth were sharp, mean looking weapons. She'd tear into flesh better than a shark.

Definitely a Mamono.

''Alright Mimiru, do you want me to come with you for some food?'' If Vilma noticed those physical traits, she either didn't care or swallowed her hesitation.

''Okay, it's your money.''

''No, we made a fair exchange.'' Vilma firmly retorted, rising to her feet, then observing you quietly, perhaps... asking permission? No, probably not.

She'll stick with the kid with, or without you.

>Accompany them of course, even if you feel like a third wheel.

>You're here for a bell remember? Vilma is getting distracted.

>Free Choice
Can we accompany her and ask her if she knows anything about a good place to get a bell?
Yeah, of course. If you want to ask anything, feel free. Arawn doesn't have to be passive.
this is fine
''Food stalls are back there, right?'' Vilma continues, taking a prudent step back for the child to stand up. The way Mimiru is clutching her stomach isn't how you'd describe someone being hungry, although this could also be the idiosyncrasies of a child, it appeared she was nursing a wound.

''Yeah, yes... Um, you'll come with me?'' Droplets of cheers brought a genuine smile to her face, one that wasn't marred by greed for money.

''That's what I said.'' Answered the purple necromancer. ''Lead the way and we'll follow.''

Yeah, you wouldn't be able to interject now. Leaning forward and clutching her hand that held these three generous pieces of glitter gold, Mimiru tried opening her mouth whereupon you witnessed those deadly teeth again, she ended up snapping her jaw shut loudly without uttering precise words. She nodded and timidly walked forward, not quite won over but at least willing to try and trust Vilma's... or maybe she was afraid of something else, the crowd?

''Hey kid.'' A sudden pinch from the lich had you almost grimace when Mimiru red stare concentrated on you. ''I mean, Mimiru... do you know any places with bells?''

Your question made her stop her gait and a thoughtful finger placed itself on her lips, the way she so intensely gave your words pause was rather disconcerting. Were those things that rare?

''You'll probably find them on the other side.'' She pointed eastward. Damn, look like Teruko group will have better luck. ''Maybe you could find stuff to the south, these shops are mostly holding foods, tools, and weapons.''

Yeah, you've certainly spent enough time learning that. Maybe you didn't think about asking anybody because this... kinda felt like a date.

''Thank, let's go then.'' Mimiru nodded and slowly walked forward, letting out a timid, tiny whine as she tried to hide a surge of pain from her belly that had you exchange a timid glance with Vilma. Mimiru was a courageous one because she actually walked ahead of you, not far enough to make talking uncomfortable but with enough distance for easily taking off running if she'd desired.

Was she a street urchin? No way, not with those clothes.

''My master...'' A soft whisper floated out of Vilma's mouth, almost trampled by the crowd brouhaha. She kept a firm vigil over Mimiru who'd often stop to observe you both or rub her stomach.

''My master had a young daughter.'' She quietly continued as you already approached the food aisles; not bothering to inspect any shops made for really efficient travel. ''I think she was about Mimiru age when she...'' Hearing her name made the little blond momentarily stop but she didn't wait or asked any question. ''Half the reason why my master took me as an apprentice was to give his kid company.'' This was a sensitive topic, a raw barely healed wound that couldn't be casually prodded for details. You stilled your tongue and nodded to her silently, Vilma wasn't ready to share more... but you had to share an observation.
''You don't need to a justification for caring about a kid, Vilma.'' While you wished to address it delicately, you needed to be firm about it, her wide blinks was more than enough to make you understand her reasoning.

''Mmmh!'' She couldn't retort because Mimiru let out a joyful whine as she loudly inhaled lingering, delicious scent of cooking food emerging out of that cutlery building. ''Let's go look!''

Her stride was a set of bounces and, going against your expectation, Mimiru went looking into the nearby stalls instead of that big shop.

''Aw this is veggies place.'' She whined, earning a tiny laugh out of Vilma while nearby shopkeepers threw scornful looks at the peepy kid.

''Want something fancy?'' Asked the lich.

''Not really, maybe some sausage...'' Mimiru shrugged, though she kept scouring everything with a greedy eye.

''Sweets?'' You decided to intrude, keeping the blond slow pace while walking beside Vilma.

Kinda felt like being a dad.

''M-maybe.'' Mimiru murmured a quiet answer, trailing a tongue (that, amazingly, wasn't maimed because of her teeth) on her lips. Yeah, she'd like candies for sure so you and Vilma kept a lookout for chocolates or sugary sweets, slowly making your way out of this ''vegetable spot'' as Mimiru put it to land into more general foods, fruits mingled with pieces of treated fishes...
File: 19.jpg (192 KB, 794x1044)
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192 KB JPG
''Oi kid! What the hell did I tell you this morning?'' This sudden bellow came from a nearby booth and it immediately stiffened the little blond into a fearful grimace that also had her drape an arm over her stomach.

The offender made herself known, slithering quickly into plain view, bystanders made a wide berth between your group and this rude snake-lady who, honestly, seemed way out of place manning an open-air store because she was garbed in fancy clothing displaying a prodigious amount of cleavage and enough make-up to be a whore.

''Come on repeat it!'' Ordered the blond, red-scaled snake woman who let out a long hiss through clenched teeth and finally noticed that Mimiru wasn't alone. ''That's your... no, it's not.'' She detailed you and Vilma with mixtures of accusation and interest before focusing on her little victim again who seemed ready to crumble under this lady admittedly intense pressure.

''Who the fuck do you think you are?'' Vilma immediately snapped and stepped closer to Mimiru, gently grabbing onto her shoulders. A gesture that was accepted by the intimidated little girl.

''What'' The snake had the gall to look victimized. ''Is this how you treat people that have been wrong by your kin!? I caught this twerp trying to steal one of my items - a rather pricey dessert- and my mercy was to have her out of sight for at least a day yet, here she is!''

Mimiru only kept a firm look on the ground, although the way her face twitched and snarled made it obvious there was more to this story, she was scared yes, but also angry.

''I don't give a shit.'' Vilma snapped back. ''Get the fuck out of here or I'll make you.''

''What!?'' That dumb snake repeated, perhaps putting on a show for onlookers.

You have to admit, your own patience was growing thinner. There was such a good vibe, too...

>Insist that, indeed, she should get the hell out of your sight. Pickpocketing can't be proven through mere accusation and honestly, it's for her own safety.

>Ask what Mimiru did and see if you can bait this snake into being a little more honest with her own actions, too. There's more to this little drama and you're pretty good at controlling yourself, so do what Vilma can't and be inquisitive.

>Free Choice
>Acquire snek tail. That'll learn her.
I know this is probably a bad idea but I say we ask these two some questions. Starting with the snek of course.

In time perhaps, but not now. We've got a scene here, too many eyes are on us for us to get away with it.
>>Insist that, indeed, she should get the hell out of your sight. Pickpocketing can't be proven through mere accusation and honestly, it's for her own safety.
It's the people watching her get acquired that'll make the punishment effective.
Little bit of conflicting opinions here, can't be diplomatic by intimidating her.

I'll wait for a tiebreaker for about 20 or so minutes. Getting a little tired Then roll for it. I'd like to proceed a little more tonight before resting for tomorrow.
I'll switch my vote, im not to committed to my original vote.
Alright, words it'll be.
''Putting aside assumptions of ancestries and general unpleasantries...'' You have to swallow a bile of raw anger to keep a level tone to your voice and Vilma throws a scornful look in your direction, though she could also be glaring at all the curious onlookers.

''Oh? Then why are you protecting a thief?'' The woman snark is even worse than Elenor. Goodness, it's so hard to hold back from slapping her face right there.

''We're only accompanying a young girl and buying some food.'' You retort, earning raised eyebrows from the reptilian blond. ''You're the one who accosted us while we minded our business if Mimiru stole from you... well you've already settled that haven't you?''

''Of course, I have! I told her not to show herself again yet here she is, beguiling a pair of good-hearted fools.'' Another hiss came out of her mouth and a small forked tongue peeked out of buxom lips you felt like punching. ''Barely lasted three hours! If you've gone and picked her up like a stray and feeling responsible are you going to shoulders her wrongs, too? That's foolish!''

''You're assuming a whole damn lot, calm your scaled ass you neurotic cunt.'' You like to believe yourself patient and good at holding back but this isn't a situation that warrants such efforts or maybe she's that good at getting under your skin; nearby laughs (including Vilma) were enough to feel rewarded, as was this shopkeep open-mouthed stare of disbelief. ''Whatever little deal you had doesn't matter, who saw her steal besides you?'' You wave for nearby Mamonos, pointing at a few stalls without anybody stepping forward.

''I'll have you know that my word is more than enough for I just so happen to manage this entire aisle!'' An organic thud behind her revealed her snake-shaped bottom half dangerously clapping on the ground. Dangerous, that thing could whip pretty fast. ''I happen to find merit in honest labor and wish to work alongside my compatriots without suffering a thief presence!''
''What else do you do with thieves?'' You retorted, casting a glance toward Mimiru who, amazingly, wasn't crippled by fear anymore, she was observing you in keen interest and smiled when you crossed eyes.

''Make them understand they are unwelcome.'' Hissed the lady whose features were matching her reddish make-up.

''Yeah, like belittling and scaring a little girl instead of teaching a kid the proper meaning of consequences and laws.'' You begin clapping in her face. ''She's got money now, enough for treats, foods and a good time and if you acted like the goddamn manager you pretend yourself to be, you'd actually try something better than beating a child over an entirely forgivable crime.''

There went much of her countenance, the lady snake face twisted in rage but, to her credit, she managed to hold back enough to wrap her arms under her bust. ''Thieves only understand painful lessons.''

''S-she...'' There came a tiny voice, a childish tone that, despite being broken by fear, still tried to be heard. ''She, that...'' Mimiru cleared her throat.

''Shut up, just get out of here.'' Hissed the lamia, provoking angry murmurs amongst the bystanders and all of your self-control to avoid sucker punching her.

''No, you...'' Still, Mimiru voice had dropped enough octave to be difficult to hear, yet she held forward a fist and rubbed her tummy with her second hand. ''...Punished me, I thought... it was enough.''

''Wait, what?'' Vilma tone had become completely emotionless, from this angle you understood that none of the folks observing this drama could have seen Mimiru gestures because the lich was hugging her protectively.

''You punched her?'' You could hardly believe your own words. Her casual shrug sealed it.

''Like I said.'' The lamia smiled in thorough self-satisfaction. ''Painful lessons.''

Ooooh... this is pretty bad. Something was snapping inside Vilma's head, a completely thorough absence of emotions drained her humanity into a mirror of terrifying nothing that deserved an undead label; rage so strong that it left nothing behind.

Yeah, she'll lose control soon unless you do something.

>While I could offer greentexts options, as usual, I want to see what kind of actions you guys could come up with.
>I'll still provide options if you're stumped.

>Free Choice.
File: DGB88YEXsAA1QFa.jpg (38 KB, 437x596)
38 KB
Acquire snek tail in one arm and tiny person in other arm. Carry around until they both apologize since neither of then can behave themselves in public.
File: 12.jpg (858 KB, 800x1200)
858 KB
858 KB JPG

Tempting, though maybe my players have gone to sleep. I'll attempt to pull off a little writing marathon tomorrow like I did in the good old days so I'll stop here tonight.

Here's a set of options.

>Leave. Just, leave with Mimiru. This is not worth it, Vilma shouldn't build an infamous relationship the day before her grand duel.

>Slap this snake manage on her face right then and there for admitting to beating a child and demand she compensates Mimiru for this crime. You're not the only person who heard this admission.

>Attempt to shame her, galvanize the crowd to boos and shoos this snake away before Vilma explode.

>Do nothing and let the lich handle this, she has proven herself once, her anger isn't unreasonable. It's just really, really scary.

>Free choice
>>Free choice
>Acquire snek tail in one arm and tiny person in other arm. Carry around until they both apologize since neither of then can behave themselves in public.
>>Leave. Just, leave with Mimiru. This is not worth it, Vilma shouldn't build an infamous relationship the day before her grand duel.
>>Do nothing and let the lich handle this, she has proven herself once, her anger isn't unreasonable. It's just really, really scary.

Vilmas sexy when she gets mad
>Attempt to shame her, galvanize the crowd to boos and shoos this snake away before Vilma explode.
Motion like you’ve had a revelation, then say “Oh! This is that racial discrimination thing isn’t it! I’ve heard about this! It’s strongly frowned upon because it’s stupid and inappropriate in all situations isn’t it? Then i wonder why someone would make the poor decision of making such descrimination public knowledge in stead of hiding it?” Be ready for her to try shit, if she takes a swing, or looks ready to, body reinforcement. Pray things don’t backfire on us.
Tldr: you’re racist and stupid, with a side of not wanting to die horribly.
Side note, i should have been asleep long ago, so if this post looks a bit doofy blame that for me please and thank you.
File: 1364152500652.jpg (203 KB, 800x806)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Instead of slapping her in the face, can't we just grab her tail harshly and reprimand her for beating a child? It would basically fulfill the same goal and ties in nicely with our now established mamono bit addiction.
You could try, that's about the best way I can put it.

You can vote to do that if you want, it'll make you agree with >>2530263 on a similar level so it'll be what I'll do.
I vote to do that then. Time to acquire scaly tail!
I'll see about starting the updates in my usual hours of the afternoon, so nobody should feel shy to votes if they want to.

See you folks soon!
File: Celestial qt.png (672 KB, 900x900)
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672 KB PNG
I'm really bummed about this but I'll need to pick things up again tomorrow. Terrible sleep combined with my always present bad health make consistent writing today a genuine ordeal to go through instead of the usual pleasure it is, I'll rest up for a proper session tomorrow; I want to cover more ground with this thread if I can.
Hope you feel better soon, but take your time if you need to.
Hope you feel better tomorrow, INH.
File: Celestial Smile 2.png (1.12 MB, 1250x1000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG

It's rarely more than a day, thank for your concern friends. Only need to take it easy, it sucks how I always get blindsided by this damn insomnia of mine.

Next update will be a fun one, I'll post it tomorrow even if I'm crippled.
I just started reading this quest, but I'm thinking I might stick around. I hope you feel better tomorrow, QM! Prioritize your health, it's definitely more important trust me. We can wait.
Darn, hope you feel better tomorrow dude. Always willing to wait for quality.
>Attempt to shame her, galvanize the crowd to boos and shoos this snake away before Vilma explode.

This gets my vote, too! Let's try making the lamia look like the on in the wrong. I suggest we involve people.

We pat Vilma in the shoulder to ask her to give us the chance to show this snek who's boss here.

She still thinks being whatever manager nonsense, protects her from getting shit on. We HAVE the bacing of Sieglinde, Belphegor, Teruko AND, if push comes to shove, likely Deruella's and Daiyu's.

If this person wants a match of authority, we can give her one. If she resorts to petty insulting "theief, thief!" again and again, we shame for that.

If she threatens, resorts to racial insults or as much as SMIRKS at either of our monster friendos, Insta-focus and punch to the snout with invisible arm spell!
ALSO. That thing Mimiru tried to take, the expensive dessert?

Let's offer to PAY for that, and if she refuses, we can use that to argue that she is an awful merchant.
I appreciate your enthusiasm buddy, however, the choice has already been made. You'll see how things unfold tomorrow.
Er, dude, I don't think you know who we're dealing with here. This GM is out to make us suffer enough to make pic related happy. If you think making all that public knowledge is a good thing then I can only recommend that you play more games set in WH40k or Lovecraftian vistas.

You *really* need to know what "high mortality" campaigns look like. Only reason he didn't get higher body counts among primary cast members in the previous quest is because we all got that and acted accordingly.

Not that I dislike that INH, I wouldn't have you change a thing. Please, keep it up.
I'm going for a bit of a different atmosphere here, death isn't quite a priority for now. Thing's will ramp up with time, but I gotta make you guys care before attempting to harm people.

It'll be obvious once we reach that stage, were only 10 thread in. You can relax.

Suffering is only worth it after lots of build up.
File: JcJSwaez.jpg (32 KB, 334x440)
32 KB
Ah, alright. I guess I was too late with my vote.

Shame, but it's alright.

>>2536012 I don't think I voted anything too outrageous. If anything, the whole 'randomly grab tail/horns' suggestion seems the most likely to backfire.

My post just suggested trying to win diplomatically, rather than with force, which could get us into trouble plus injured, if we were unlucky.

I have followed the previous quests and participated, so I know how this works.

I just don't think we should be worrying about things spiralling out of control yet.

And, in my opinion, strategy and cunning dialogue trumps hotblooded rage-driven violent actions.

I vouch for trying to stay away from that route, for now. Which is why I voted for sloth as Arawn's main flaw.
File: 20.jpg (304 KB, 595x765)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
You knew it was time to act fast, while Vilma hasn't shown murderous tendencies with her rage so far, facts remained that you've witnessed her loss of control twice and its resulting overwhelming passion. If she were to repeat her episodes with Elenor in this crowd... it would lead to unpleasant consequences, especially with liberal admissions of necromancy that wouldn't be so easily swallowed by this audience.

Perhaps it'd be better to redirect that snake woman ire on you - if only to cause a bigger scene - so as to give the lich enough pause for controlling some of that terrifying anger.

''What do you think you're doing?'' The snake-woman snarled at your movement as you walked closer, her twitching bottom half was a full-on serpentine body of red scale that gifted her with surprising nimbleness, in better circumstances you'd have been undeniably charmed.

''Stop speaking.'' You reply while mirroring her attitude, barely stopping to return her glare. She faltered, light hesitation traveled throughout her body to make her crawl back a few inches. ''I don't care about your reasoning, you've admitted to beating a kid and I'm not about to let it slide; nevermind the fact she could be walking back to you and buy that damn thing off of you, no, you had to be a cunt.''

''Will you stop these savages insults!? Why defend a stealing urchin? This bazaar is a lawful establishment organized by her ladyship Jawahir, not some get-together from no names sellers! Her Majesty is gracious enough to prioritize independent peddlers in this extremely lucrative area of Throne Town instead of favorising noble houses, orphans have more than enough space inside the Isle of Faith, this girl should have been escorted away by guards- '' Arguing will lead you nowhere, her delusions of authority had taken dangerous hold, you'll need to be bold (and stupid) to keep this useless, unneeded confrontation from devolving into something much worse, murmurs in the crowd told of an underlying anger... and worries about Vilma stare, she hadn't blinked once in thirty seconds.

You reached for the lamia scaly half, nearly two meters of organic reptilian skin, and grabbed it to stun this villainess into silence. Sure it wasn't a horn but in Mamono culture wouldn't it amount to exactly the same thing?

Her reaction was much swifter than anticipated. You heard the punch before feeling it, affording you a few seconds to brace against a solid fist slamming the side of your face. It was one hell of a hook, you felt it on your cheekbone and it sent you sprawling on the ground, your recent training at least instilled enough reflexes to avoid a pathetic headfirst fall, you still crashed down there with a throbbing cheek and thrown-back hood.

''W-what!? What do you!? Who do you think you are!? I have a husband you... you.''
''Vilma, don't!'' Whatever this snake has to say doesn't matter anymore, you spoke before looking to your short companion whose fuse was so easily burnt out.

Your warning was useless, a ghastly shriek resonated above the excited brouhaha of your larger audience. The lady snake went flying, thrown away like a doll to land into nearby stalls to your left while colliding with a few startled passersby, everything mingled into noises of broken woods and painful wails while Vilma manifestation of raw magical might flickered into nothingness, features twisted into abject horror at her own action.

She was still holding onto little Mimiru who smiled a wide, bright grin at this drama while an ominous, stifling silence lingered amongst all the witnesses who, like you, failed to process what happened.

A phantom had manifestest above Vilma body, a large bulky phantasm that reminded you of Harkon deadly physique reached for the offending lamia, plucked her up like a flower and threw her away casually for a painful landfall.

''What the fuck was that!?'' Someone in the crowd screamed and you got on your feet, your friend Focus was already gone just like her hood.

''Hell no that was no summoning!'' Someone else roared, the crowd was so full of different races that it was impossible to find anybody standing out. ''See her skin color? That's a goddamn leech! Who the fuck throws people like that!? An uncaring undead that's who!'' With all kind of mutated humans, the first conclusion is to accuse someone of being an undead? No, it's probably not this simple, purple skin like that is likely a popular sign of being a lich...

As you got to your feet the crowd frustration reached a boiling point, people moved about, helping the distraught and stunned lamia alongside the people she crashed into; no serious wounds at first glance yet that didn't assuage anyone's spirit.

Vilma couldn't utter a word, so you decided to turn for these hostiles folks, about 3/4 of this crowd were armed so this made for a very dangerous situation.
''Stop!'' You hollered extending your arms to try and garner more attention, your pointed ears should be obvious despite your hair. ''She went and punched a kid under our protection and you're telling me we were supposed to stand there without seeking retribution!?'' You were reaching, your lie being met with silent confusion from Mimiru, you were hoping to play on the pride of Mamonos culture.

''Then challenge her to a duel fuckface!'' Someone retorted, a tall beastwoman with dog-like protuberances.

''Undead ain't deserving of nothing!'' Someone else barked. ''Only thing they do is kill people! Shit never stopped since Nighil!''

''Ow!'' A piece of thrown wood -likely a debris from a ruined stall - went flying toward Vilma and slammed her right in the head, immediately scaring her blond charge when she stepped back from the shock.

''Crawl back into your hole you rotten ghouls!'' Ammunitions was in abundance given your area, piece of cabbages, fruits and vegetables began to fly with rocks and further debris slamming into your short friend who, thoroughly overwhelmed by this sudden collective hostility, hugged Mimiru to spare the kid further arm. Boos, screams and mutual rage had all the Mamonos in a frenzy of throws, while you seemingly went completely unnoticed...

You've gone and made things worse, regrets will come later.

>Rush for the girls and hug them, this crowd doesn't seem enraged enough to pull out their weapons, your only choice is to endure.

>Give in to rage, strenghten your body and show this crowd there's something much scarier than a lich standing right here.

>Free Choice.
>>Rush for the girls and hug them, this crowd doesn't seem enraged enough to pull out their weapons, your only choice is to endure.
File: ....png (105 KB, 400x318)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Give in to rage, strenghten your body and show this crowd there's something much scarier than a lich standing right here.

>You've gone and made things worse, regrets will come later.

Oh no, how could this have happened?
File: Hey.jpg (191 KB, 662x1169)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
It's fine it's fine, you guys went a little too happy with monstrous bits touching.

I'll do my usual 10 minutes waiting before making a roll.
File: careful now.jpg (117 KB, 392x469)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)


Alright, let's see where fates land us. My roll will be canceled if another anon vote quickly enough
Get between the girls and the crowd. We need to able to see if deadly force is incoming. The instant it looks like it is we go full tilt on the magic.

Let's try not to go Elf vs. Mob until it's truly necessary.
You can't let this continue, every second soiled Vilma clothes with food and bruised her body because a few particularly mean people decide to throws harder debris. Your veins lit up, a projection of gray steel hinting at your inherent capabilities and you pour enough magic to almost forget all of your previous learning in measurement.

High Body Enhancement cast.

Placing yourself between Vilma and the crowd was done in such speed that you almost tripped into a second faceplant but, thankfully, you manage to hold on and feel a few pieces of cabbages hit your torso, your interruption barely stopping the hysteria and you began to soundlessly punches incoming projectiles, imitating Sieglinde duel with her aunt; your arms blurred in speed that combined with your reinforcement to pulverise anything organic and nearly shatters the harder pieces.

Of course, you are nowhere good enough to replicate the princess momentous achievement but anything you miss land on your body without any chances to cause pain because of your reinforcement - even missing a piece of wood that clipped your face was like a breeze caressing your cheek - and after a minute of this activity, the collective frenzy lessened as everybody realised you weren't about to make things easy. The volume of projectiles slowly diminished, allowing you needless respite; reinforcement also enhanced endurance.

That's when you bend to one knee, grabbed two nearby pieces of wood and threw them back with all your might into that mass of bodies. ''Ow!'' ''Ah!'' A pair of skirmishers immediately screamed, your aim was nowhere near perfect but there were more than enough people to make up for that.

''What's your deal, elf? Taking advantage of all the favors of your race huh!?'' Somebody protested and a collective wince traveled in the crowd when you picked another pair of harder projectiles.

''Let's make this our arena.'' You answered firmly. Never before had you felt such anger, all of these women had been accusing -harming- your friend, someone under... no, not under; a friend you had to protect, it wasn't right, you'd never stand there and let things slide. ''If all of you are so stubborn at replicating humanity childishness then I'm going to break every single one of you cunts over my goddamn knees!''
File: 8.png (361 KB, 598x721)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Another throw followed your flared anger and your victim managed to raise her arms in self-defense to shield her face. ''Draw your fucking sword and I'll kill you!'' You screamed at another monster, using your last missile to aim for the hand clutching the handle of a scimitar. ''I don't give a shit about any of your pride or whatever absurdity happened in the past, this girl is my friend and I'll defend her with my life.'' Was it dramatic? Absolutely, yet never before in your life had you been so enraged yet, this situation felt... familiar. Feeling your fists strain and bones crackles, you took the defensive stance that you practiced yesterday.

''You'll have removed me if anyone wants a piece of a leech.''

So fixated were you on keeping guard against this crowd that your awareness of your surrounding failed to herald a certain someone arrival. A sudden screen of gold appeared out of the world ether to separate you from all the Mamonos and a floating angel, garbed in luminescent blue metal armor and holding a familiar halberd, she floated a few meters above you, waving her polearm.

''Disperse!'' She ordered, dismissing her shield. ''Move, get out of here or I swear to Mother Goddess good name that I'll make you!'' Shrill sounds also resonated behind the crowd were monsters in showy armor exhaling into small hollow horns and began a rather violent display of dispersing the armed bystanders.

''Quite the spectacle, heard throughout this entire bazaar.'' Having cut -literally- through impending shops were Teruko and her maidenly escort who kept growling at a pair of suspicious onlookers. ''Swift as the wind darlings, we've got what we came for.''

>Yeah, get out of here.

>Don't, stand your ground. Perhaps the guards could at least help out Mimiru...

>Free Choice
>Yeah, get out of here.
Take amiru, we can return her later.
Let's go for now. We take Mimiru along.

Let's also ask Vilma if she's hurt.
>>Yeah, get out of here.
I don't trust Mimiru near Teruko lets play it smooth but cautious.
File: 1396658138065.jpg (160 KB, 566x800)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
''Yeah...'' Your tone comes out dry and hostile, you decide to let go of Focus, abandoning your reinforcement and did your best to rein your emotions. Teruko gestured for the makeshift path carved by her maid who beamed a friendly grin when your eyes crossed with her set of spirited emeralds. Elina loudly landed behind you and Vilma wordlessly walked, having picked up the kid who stared in wonder at this sudden injection of strangers.

Making a gateway was easy since the guards were coming from a single direction and nobody was keen on trying to stop your group. Teruko took a moment to walk the length of the market before doubling back on the main road. She had also been holding onto a large stick that you hadn't paid any attention to, a dangling piece of runic decorated metal made it obvious she had found a good item, though it's lack of chimes was worrying.


''Au...'' A whine brought your solemn walk to an end. Having exited the market to walk a few dozens of paces outside, Mimiru voice revealed that she wasn't quite so keen to follow.

''A-are you okay?'' Vilma asked her charge and this invited many curious stares from your three other friends when Mimiru feet clapped on the paved ground, Mimiru didn't answer, her big red eyes observed your group of friends in overt curiosity and hints of suspicions.

''We, huh, picked her up.'' You couldn't explain it any better so you decided to walk beside the lich (who had thrown her hood back on) and give her shoulder a pat. ''How about you?''
Vilma looked up at you with hollow eyes and a neutral face. No trace of joy or anger, she looked empty, without morale, drained of zeal without being exhausted. ''Yeah.'' She answered casually and concentrated back on the girl.

''Mh, that was kinda scary, but fun.'' Mimiru walked a few feets and turned, skirt flapping around from her burst of movement, her grin was honest and good-natured if a little fatigued. ''Thanks, girlie, and elfy. You two would make great dad and mom.'' She couldn't quite take off running because Hao was in the way and, despite the dragon-girl empathetic grin and undeniably gentle heart, she made for an imposing sight with that axe.

''Ah...'' Flash of guilt inside Vilma purple irises had her unable to keep observing Mimiru. ''...I'm sorry we couldn't get you food.''

''It's fine.'' Answered a jovial red-eyed girl. ''I'm used to hunger.''

Goddamit. This is really making you feel terrible.

''Do allow mineself to impose.'' Teruko spoke up, finding a good measure between insistence and politeness, yet this interruption brought a pout on Mimiru face. ''Girl, would I be impolite in believing thineself an undead?''

Mimiru eyebrows knitted together in confusion. ''Um... you're asking... Actually, I guess it's obvious, everyone always steps back.'' Having reached a conclusion, she opened her mouth wide, showing all of her unnatural teeth, her gums were also colored into a darker shade than normal. ''I'm a ghoul.'' She casually informed, gazing at Vilma with newfound camaraderie.

''Got anywhere to go?'' Elina asked, having discarded her weapon and armor.

''Only have a big sister, she's out of the city but I can speak to her.'' Mimiru grinned in pride. ''I'm good.'' That was a bold faced lie, she wouldn't try stealing at the market otherwise.

>Since it's only noon... why not invite her into the academy for a healthy dinner?

>Don't say anything. Vilma ought to be the one handling it.

>Try your best to have her leave your company, you can't afford to take care of an urchin, especially with your identity being such a potential headache.

>Free Choice
>>Don't say anything. Vilma ought to be the one handling it.
>Since it's only noon... why not invite her into the academy for a healthy dinner?
>>Don't say anything. Vilma ought to be the one handling it.
Still don't trust her the vamps seem to "own" the undead in town but its her call lets just be watchful.
File: 1.png (564 KB, 948x1500)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
You didn't know what to think of this kid. Sure enough, it's been a coincidence stumbling into her but the Javed influence extended into nearly every undead of Throne Town (as far as you've been told anyway) but, even if it was the case, could you honestly reject Mimiru in good conscience? She hasn't done anything suspicious and you've gone and ruined what was an already bad day for her, a classic case of good intentions gone wrong.

An awkward silence began to spread where everyone had the same idea: let Vilma handle this and Mimiru clearly didn't enjoy being under such limelight because she began to eye Hao in fearful glances that'd inevitably lead into an escape.

''Hey...'' Perhaps the lich was still affected by that mess at the bazaar, her wits were perhaps a bit sluggish but she finally managed to speak up and illuminate Mimiru face with a childish smile. ''Come with us Mimiru, we can give you good food and you won't need to pay anything.''

''Inside that biiiiig castle?'' Mimiru extended her arms sideways, lifting one leg in excitement to sway left and right. From here you could easily see the massive academy that was Daiyu personal demesnes.

''Yeah.'' Vilma nodded, slowly regained some pep. ''I'll make up for that terrible attempt at giving you food.''

''You don't owe me anything though, you already gave me money.'' Answered the little blond, prompting a quiet chuckle out of Teruko. You'd say the pregnant was being thoroughly charmed by the little girl as she observed Mimiru with twinkling eyes and a soft expression dripping with motherly feelings.

''Then... how about being friends?'' Vilma continued, walking closer and patting the little blond head. ''Friends treat each other.''

''Mmhm... I guess since you'd make a good mommy, I can follow.'' Mimiru yielded quickly, her previous raised guard was all but gone; perhaps that drama with the crowd had a good outcome?

''Yeah, it'll only be for a few hours.'' Vilma answered gently, stepping away from the ghoul -that now became her charge- and turned for everyone else.

''Tomorrow a big day, darling.'' Answered Teruko who shook her staff for emphasis.

''I know.'' Vilma answered, she didn't try to justify herself and you knew firmly that she'd never let go of Mimiru now that her hospitality was accepted.

>Do you want to have a conversation on the way? (Specify)

>Stay silent and keep your thoughts. (Little skipping ahead into the Jawahir shrine)

>Free Choice
>>Stay silent and keep your thoughts. (Little skipping ahead into the Jawahir shrine)
>>Do you want to have a conversation on the way? (Specify)
Ask Mimiru about the town and her thoughts on it.
Also we should try summoning with Elina sometime i bet shed summon something like FFX Bahamut.
File: 21.jpg (463 KB, 800x889)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
>Also we should try summoning with Elina sometime

She came into the academy because she was interested in the craft but hasn't been able to do it for months now, despite Teruko excellent tutelage.

I think I can combine a quick conversation and shift the scene without taking too much time.
I was thinking between our power being a "paste like" and her being an 50% soul she could shape it in a way to work as a pseudo summon a mix of our power and her soul.
I'm not sure how to explain it better.
Experimenting is always a good thing. Your power was described as support, so it's important to keep that in mind.
File: 2.png (637 KB, 1000x1000)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
''I think it'll work out.'' Elina added, making a lazy gesture for the gates that'd need a solid 15 minutes to reach. ''Some food to forget the bullshit, we'll salvage this day into a good one, kid.''

''Do mine thine words, sacred one.'' Teruko openly tut-tutted. ''Impressionable one amongst us.''

The angel rolled her eyes and decided to walk ahead with Mimiru staring in wide interested at the glowing blond woman. Really, those two looked so much alike you could readily call Elina a young mother.

Setting out into a calm walk had the girls feeling protective as you were placed beside Vilma and Mimiru, the little ghoul had warmed enough to grab the lich hand.

''Say, Mimiru.'' You spoke, earning questioning looks from both girls. ''What do you think about Throne Town?'' This question wasn't entirely born out of goodwill even if you so wished otherwise, you had to know her stance as a potential Javed mole... While you had no idea how such a person could cause any harm to Teruko with the Demon Lord now in town, knowing how Mimiru would answer felt important.

''Mh...'' She was taking her time thinking over. ''It's a weird place.''

''Weird?'' You asked, prompting a nod.

''People become mean after seeing my teeth.'' She answered with a displeased grimace. ''Otherwise, they'll give me stuff and worry about me, that's fine though once they go and call me undead, they tell me I should be going into a big, scary mansion.''

Right. Of course, she'd be herded into that area of town.

''Sis don't like them much, tell me to stay away.'' Mimiru shook her head. ''That's what I'm doing, we have a house though it's empty besides our beds so... I don't stay there. There's a big mean spider lady that doesn't like it when I go home too, but she's easy to ignore once I slap the door on her face.'' She huffed with pride. ''Throne Town is a big, big place, it's fun to explore!''

Complicated living situations was an understatement, perhaps surviving between abject poverty and being outright kicked out, it seemed the Javed didn't have influences on her yet. Still, that's how she seemed to be living, as a survivor

''You'll go back there?'' Vilma asked with a speck of worry in her eyes.

''Yeah.'' Mimiru shrugged. ''I'm hungry.'' She rubbed her tummy, bringing this conversation to a close.

''My, a stray...'' Teruko murmured, rubbing her round stomach in thoughtful empathy.

You couldn't put it any better, this place really is rough on undead.


Voracious was the perfect word to describe a ghoul appetite. Priscilla, goddess bless this dutiful maid, was present when your group showed up unannounced with a famished kid and not only did she not make any comment, she promptly set to work to make a proper meal for such a selective race of monster, roping a few guards as helpers due to a lack of maidenly staff; everyone but herself had today off on account of Daiyu arrival. (Her Majesty insisted upon it)
File: Sieg09.jpg (81 KB, 800x850)
81 KB
Using Sieglinde room as you eternal gathering place, Mimiru found herself graced with meats. Beef, porks, fishes, and chickens combined into plates of carnivorous delight that she dug into with animalistic greed, forgoing any attempt at using nearby tablewares to grab her food with greedy fingers and tear out chunks after chunks of cooked flesh, proving beyond doubt her teeth sharp resilience.

''Ghouls are exclusively carnivorous.'' Elina spoke the obvious, watching Mimiru entranced eating with amazement mirroring your own.

''Very hungry, too.'' Teruko continued, holding onto an apple and feeling bashful about eating it. ''Always a bad reputation because of that, yonders times had them dig up corpses as... actually, let's not speak of this.'' She silenced herself by crunching into her fruit.

When Mimiru expressed interest in sweets... was it an attempt to hide her race?

Either way, there wasn't much discussion. Hao was sitting on the bed with her axe plopped down, Vilma occupied the chair beside her teacher and Elina had fetched a book out of Sieglinde personal library but was far more interested in Mimiru to bother reading.

The kid was eating her own weight in meat, it really made an amazing spectacle.

''Feeding lost young girls in my room now?'' It was in this atmosphere that a familiar voice made herself known, a tall regal redhead walked into her personal chamber with one big hand on her hip while the other sent her curled lock into a familiar stir.

Next to her was someone a head taller, sporting gorgeous green hip-length hair, bright intelligent eyes and a smirk that straddled a line between deadliness and seductiveness that it inevitably straightened your spine.

''Agu!?'' When Mimiru spotted the demons, she nearly choked and slammed her forehead into the table as if trying to phase through.

''Mimi!'' Vilma was already on her feet and grabbed the girl by the shoulders. ''It's okay, they are friends too. You can continue eating.'' The ghoul's cheeks were full but the panicked looks in her eyes and her welled up tears made her state of mind obvious.

''Mimi? Ah...'' Then Sieglinde noticed the child agitated state and her annoyance crumpled in guilt while the Demon Lord silently stared, projecting a motherly empathy similar to Teruko's. ''...You guys will explain. Got your bell at least?''
File: 1520520242368.jpg (65 KB, 506x506)
65 KB
''Aye, that we do.'' Teruko answered, pointing her chin at the staff resting on the table. ''Us folks are being good people instead of those inbreds rabbles dwelling inside Throne Town.''

''Harsh.'' Daiyu answered, leaving her daughter side in a slow, deliberate walk that oozed raw sex appeal, the way her hips seemed to dance was titillating all of your instincts. ''Not entirely unfair, still harsh.'' She stopped near her pregnant friend, looking down with an amused smirk. Teruko casually shrugged, seemingly immune to her majesty pressure.

''Well, we still have plenty of things to do.'' Sieglinde added, her own march possessing far less presence than her mother. Her red gaze was directed at you, forcing you to look away. Yeah, explaining things could get awkward... you kinda did something really stupid here.

One hell of a good impression to make on the Demon Lord huh?

>Ending thread here.

I'd love to continue tomorrow but I'm not entirely sure if it'll be possible. While the scene isn't entirely over, you can take this as a way to think about what to do for the rest of this story day.
Don't forget Vilma has a very important fight in less than 24 hours!
Well we are gonna have to explain Mimiru, then likely talk to miss sex incarnate about our true origins and everything pertaining to that.

Seems the fight is scheduled for the Afternoon which is fine. Also, we haven't pissed off the Demon Lord have we? Because that would be bad.
Daiyu is enigmatic but you haven't left a bad impression, she finds you intriguing since her eldest daughter was sleeping close to you.

Still, her honest impression can't be predicted for now since you didn't have a chance to sit and talk.
Explain today's events.

"Quick summarization of the events: First, we went to the market. Then we separated in two groups. Then, we met Mimiru and offered to treat her to some food, since she seemed - WAS hungry. THEN, a lamia merchant bragged about how she had physically harmed Mimiru, and then punched me in the face. I had previously grabbed her tail, but still" :U
I believe, we should tell the Jawahirs what just happened. Starting with.

"So. A lamia merchant punched me in the face. I had grabbed her tail moments before that punch. But still." :U
(I thought the post didn't send so I re-wrote it abridgedly and sent it again. My bad. >w<. Anyways, that's just my impression on how we should tackel this. What do the others think?)
Try selling it as us trying to seduce, charm or flirt with her to shut her the fuck up or mollify her, cause who'd imagine such a shrew cunt actually landing a guy.
File: 63.jpg (586 KB, 635x900)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
I'll take whatever suggestion you guys come up with and open the new thread with it on Thursday or Friday. Don't feel too pressured though, there's no real way to put yourself in a good light on that front, you don't really need to fear serious consequences, especially with how you reacted with the crowd. Getting angry at them was a good thing.
I say we admit the blame head on on that matter. Could things have gone much better without the bit with holding her tail? Of course. But ultimately we grabbed it, for the better of the worst. We accept the responsability for that.

But Arawn IS sick of seeing bigotry among the denizens of this place. Discrimination against the undead. Difn't these people get heavily discriminated against for similarly petty reasons?

It should be them who understand best how wrong and toxic these attitudes are. Yet, they endorse it. Of course Arawn would be mad.
Lets explain what happened then go either have our take with Daiyu and Sieg or go practice with Elina both if possible.
If you guys have any questions about the setting or its people, feel free to ask. With the thread closed, we can proceed into a more general discussion.
How many years ago did the "Age of Pretenders" end? Because as far as I can tell once it ended the "endless" cycle of demon lords and their monsters vs. the "races of man" (Humans, elves, and dwarves) began. That cycle remained pretty much unaltered until Daiyu flipped the tables in a "mad" desire to dissolve the lines between to two by ushering in the monstergirl era.

I actually think her desires were pure in this regard. Sadly, she isn't the only one who gets to potentially mess around with the "rules" it seems...
File: 22.jpg (238 KB, 750x800)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>How many years ago did the "Age of Pretenders" end?

The Age of Pretenders is the equivalent of antiquity, it ended with Mother Earth and Father Sky purging the world of these false gods (with no small amount of angelic help). It ended about 1600 years ago, although people in your corner of the world are measuring years after the successful closure of the Great Crusade, meaning it's 235 AGC in your current story day.

>Because as far as I can tell once it ended the "endless" cycle of demon lords and their monsters vs. the "races of man" (Humans, elves, and dwarves) began. That cycle remained pretty much unaltered until Daiyu flipped the tables in a "mad" desire to dissolve the lines between to two by ushering in the monstergirl era.

Correct, there's been many Demon Lords with varying amount of impact. For example, this guy Nighil that was mentioned in the crowd? He was a vampire and a very successful leader who managed to really hurt humanity, he's also responsible for the creation of all undead besides vamps and ushered a terrible era of ruthlessness. Still, there hasn't been anyone like Daiyu who went and granted true sentience to -all- monsters; she got monkey pawed pretty hardcore since the Throne went and projected her biology into every monsters. It was still a net gain since they are all free of the usual mind-controlling influence that every Demon Lord had, for better or worse.
Add another iron to the fire if Daiyu is, as I believe, pure in her desires. Gotta un-monkey paw this somehow. The fact she was apparently OK with granting sentience unto all other monsters is one hell of a leap of faith.

One may well desire their minions to be as dangerous as possible, but that's a two way street. Minions who think for themselves may get traitorous. A ton of minions with capacity for independent thought? Yeah, not the logical thing to go for. But it is the right thing to go for if you have faith in a higher ideal.
It'll make for a compelling subject to discuss with her.
I am interested on Daiyu's stance about the events that took place in Luminaris, with the elves.
That's something I'd prefer writing about in story given how important it is for you guys. Definitely a touchy subject, one she'd have more insight on than her daughter.

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