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Welcome back friends into a new chapter of our quest for establishing our identity, making merry with good folks and slowly but surely improving ourselves as a man, being in company with women of valor makes for a heavy onus, after all, you have to work hard indeed to be worthy of their presence!

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

People met by Arawn.


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover about your past with them, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister Deruella, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing all of your current souvenirs. This is your only option if you wish to keep your past private.

Side activities

None yet.

You’ve gone and used up your privilege to enjoy Belphegor exotic bits, leaving you with two winnings of your gambling: Elina and Sieglinde

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.
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3.31 MB PNG
Afternoon of Day 06

The duel between Supremes had left an evident mark on the fighting grounds, with meters of sands left as a biohazard sludge of grayish darkness and walls pierced (with pieces outright broken) by Belphegor projectiles, you had to wonder how violent things could have gotten if a fight had dragged on.

Their confrontation hadn’t lasted five minutes.

Aunt and niece stood side by side looking worse for wear. Not because of their bout, instead their clothing looked ruined, made into cracked dry sheets because of all the Corruption that poured out of their bodies and subsequently imprinted into their attires, caking them in this deadly poisonous tar. Sieglinde glossy dark arms were marked by definitive acidic wounds that, thankfully, were already healing by showing uninviting white bubbles-like manifestation to plug corroded holes. Belphegor left eye was constantly closed with noticeable faint trickles of black liquid crawling out of her closed socket; she remained smiley and vibrant despite this worrying wound.

It’d be prudent to keep a healthy distance with them, for Corruption is a nasty hazard to humanity.

‘’I’ll be fine.’’ You tried your best to be gentle and confidence as you turned your gaze to the protective angel, she was taking safety a little too far by draping her arm over your chest.

‘’Yeah, yeah, aint none of us be getting Arawn ill now.’’ Belphegor retorted, wiggling her animalistic hands. ‘’Showed you some good stuff right, Vilma?’’

This entire endeavor had been for your undead friend benefit after all and her eyes widened on hearing her name. ‘’I…I…’’ She hesitated, looking to Sieglinde and her teacher flanked by Hao who tried her best to hide behind the much smaller Teruko because of her own state of ruined dress. ‘’Will it be that…that relentless?’’

‘’Yes, if this opponent is to be incompetent and believe herself mighty enough to consider thee worthless… then fortune favors shine, darling.’’ Teruko spoke with a sadistic upward curl to her lips. ‘’Battles are merciless; Hao didn’t stop, nor did our gracious Supremes allowed more than a minute rest, showing similar resolve will be important.’’

‘’I…see…’’ Vilma didn’t try speaking anymore and you felt a pang of worry for this introverted lich when her roundish features sharpened into a glare, a dangerous thought had blossomed inside her mind.

‘’Now’s time for a spot of purification, wouldn’t you agree?’’ Teruko turned for the damaged trio, taking careful measure to avoid giving herself too much momentum because of her stomach. Her voice flew into a gentle stream of foreign tongue that had Hao finally show an awkward smile even if she kept hiding her tattoos from your gaze with her arms.
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‘’That…’’ Sieglinde tone was grave and she cleared her throat to avoid breaking her words. ‘’…was my intention. It was good exercises but I forgot how unpleasant it felt to use Corruption.’’

‘’Feeling horny?’’ Her one-eyed aunt wiggled her eyebrows and you visibly witness your benefactor restraining an urge to give her dirty hair its usual flourish.

‘’Angry.’’ Sieglinde tone was made of ice.

‘’Now, now ladies. Us ought to be making ours way for the sauna mh?’’

A sauna? Teruko mentioned something like that earlier. Her glance turned for you in an obvious glint of mischief while Sieglinde pretended to inspect her arms, also looking your way. They were probably expecting a little comment from you as the only man present but you’d certainly not be going and dig yourself a grave now.

‘’Right.’’ Beside you, Elina came to your rescue; her gorgeous tall wing of soft red folded and she opted to take a step away from your side and stop being so protective, the two nearby biohazards weren’t actual dangers. ‘’I never saw Internalisation purification rooms, why saunas?’’

''Sweating is the least painful way to get rid of excesses of Corruption.'' Sieglinde answered casually, facing her angelic friend with a smile. ''By manipulating it through the usual means of Internalizations, we'll be able to safely purge ourselves; calling these rooms saunas is a gentle way to put it, really, it's more accurate to say we'll be stepping into enclosed cubes.''

This discussion was almost conjuring an alluringly distracting mental image that could single-handedly shatter your self-control, so you opted to observe the damaged arena while keeping an ear open for the ladies words.

''There is a little something mineself forgot to mention earlier.'' Teruko voice was accompanied by small sounds of ruffled clothing and metallic clicks that revealed itself to be a small pouch full of coins. Her small hands pressed into its content, eliciting yet more muffled sounds of scratching metals.

''Ours Supremes presence led to forgetting mine wish to venture into Throne Town nearby bazaar and buy a bell for our darling upcoming challenger.''

''A bell?'' That had your attention.

''Yes, yes.'' Teruko toyed with her pouch, broadly grinning upon being under everyone attention again. ''Tools of summoners and necromancers, spirits are naturally drawn toward bells chimes and they can be magically enhanced to cause a certain... sound that can stimulate these chaotic entities. Duels allow for equipment, so I wanted to get Vilma a little advantage.'' The princess paused, casting her eyes at the family behind her. ''Mine presence will be needed to help our gracious hosts so I suppose this fetching could wait for tomorrow even if we will not be training in the morning, otherwise...''

You, Elina and Vilma could get into the capital and buy the lich a piece of equipment huh?
File: Lich20.jpg (57 KB, 559x524)
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>Agree to go buy this item for Vilma, preparation is always the key to victory.

>Teruko likely has a better eye for these things, it'd be better to go tomorrow, instead you could do something else...
>Like peeking into those saunas, what kind of a man would you be if you let go of this chance?
>Or you could always try to do something else (Specify.)
>Teruko ought to be present for acquiring the bell
She's the expert here after all.
Not sure about what to do for the rest of the day... maybe hit the library and see if we can find some books about the history of the Elves?
>Agree to go buy this item for Vilma, preparation is always the key to victory.
>>Like peeking into those saunas, what kind of a man would you be if you let go of this chance?
>>Or you could always try to do something else (Specify.)
Walk into sauna. Sit down next to horns.
I'm tempted but that's a little too suicidal for Arawn. If there's no tiebreaker by 5 pm I might have to roll for it.
You have to stare them down right in the eyes while everyone is sweaty and only has a towel on or else they'll never respect you as a man.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Alright, unless another anon post soon I'll be breaking the tie.
You forgot the best option:
File: Sieg 05.jpg (350 KB, 800x1120)
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350 KB JPG
‘’Perhaps tomorrow?’’ You asked, turning to your two companions. ‘’Unless you two are familiar with bells, I’d prefer trusting Teruko about what kind of magical items would befit you best, Vilma.’’

‘’Y-yeah… I… I think I-I’d prefer having s-some advice.’’ Her voice, as always, kept this awkward timbre but she at least tried to look you in the eyes. Elina wordlessly nodded.

‘’Alright, mysir catch!’’ Teruko warning was accompanied by jiggling metal as she threw her leather pouch at you, pure reflex had you successfully grab that rather sizeable bag of money in confusion. ‘’Cannot be keeping money on mineself after entering purification saunas.’’ The white-haired lady lizard grinned, putting a hand on her maid who, you notice, was beginning to leak noticeable trail of tar out of her nose.

Being a monstergirl was quite difficult huh?

‘’Guess we won’t be seeing each other for a while, we’ll meet back at Siggy place?’’ Belphegor peeked at her nice who shrugged in response, it was endearing to see how easily Sieglinde caved into this communal habit. Besides, her room was ungodly big, she’d be lonely inside of it. ‘’Let’s get it on, we’ll be walking a few meters in front of you Arawn, gotta make sure no accident happens.’’

The little goat grimaced after her second sentence, spitting something into her mouth and wiping it off on her ruined clothing, looking straight out of a battlefield she still casually walked forward and led the entire group out of this underground arena, not even sparing a single moment for a group of nearby Mamonos workers who seemingly choked on raw dread upon witnessing Supreme aunt and niece, Hao’s appearance going completely unnoticed which suited her perfectly, she could walk with some confidence beside the pregnant summoner.

‘’We’ll go on our separate way now.’’ Sieglinde stated after your group walked up the long flight of stairs; late afternoon had drenched the academy in a sea of bright, comfortable orange sunny luster and many students lingered in the halls and inevitably stared at the two damaged Supremes in rumors spawning stupefaction.

You really, really wanted to accompany them to the saunas, these four gorgeous women sitting inside a small cube cabinet of misty hot fog, relaxing without any…

Telling yourself you weren’t a hormone driven teenager did nothing to cure this bitter feeling of disappointment as you witness half of your group walk off toward the second floor, casually leaving you behind with all the students keeping a wide berth. Briefly, you wondered if you’d be able to spot Elenor and her cows, you’d need to go out of your way to confront them.

It didn’t exactly sound fun.
File: Demon 03.jpg (99 KB, 1000x1249)
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‘’So, what now?’’ Elina spoke, inspecting nearby groups of Mamonos, then gesturing for a secluded spot near the stairs that’d at least give all three of you some privacy.

''Want to peek inside the saunas?'' She murmured, her sharp traits relaxing in a mischievous grin that had you and Vilma stare in an equal amount of surprise, albeit for different motivations.

''I-I...huh?'' Vilma couldn't protest, especially when her angelic friend silenced her with a headpat.

>''Maybe... maybe yes?'' (It's not like you have anything better to do!)

>''I'm not suicidal, I've been thinking of...''
>''Going into the library'' (Research for elves, or maybe something else?)
>''Taking it easy'' (Loiter around the academy, perhaps explore somewhere?)
>''See what Elenor is up to.'' (What exactly has she been doing during your preparations?)
>Free Choice
>''I'm not suicidal, I've been thinking of...''
>See what Eleanor is up to."
Aaagh, I wanted history but potentially getting intel on Eleanor is too good to pass up.
>>Free Choice
Walk inside Sauna with her as your cover.
‘’I’ve been thinking about learning what Elenor has been up to, at least enough to get some perspective on her actions after that… argument. Maybe get a solid date or any kind of hints that’d be able to help you, Vilma.’’

Witnessing how your angelic benefactor emotions changed from amusement to a mixture of contained, resolved aggression made you understand you’ve gone and prodded a sensitive wound. Vilma showed similar enthusiasm at the idea, grimacing and keeping her gaze locked on the ground.

‘’Didn’t think of that.’’ Elina answered, brows furrowed into a dangerous frown. ‘’It’d be more accurate to say I didn’t want to contemplate that bitch, it’s not a bad idea.’’

Elina good humor had evaporated and she turned for her small undead friend, prompting you to imitate her. This sudden spotlight made Vilma squirm and her lips tightening into a taut line that only broke when she opened her mouth to speak.

‘’I-I um… you’re really…’’ She interrupted herself, turning her head to glare at the entrance of the stairs. It wasn’t because somebody had interrupted her little speech, she simply tried to find something to accuse her bad mood on. ‘’I-I guess it’ll be fine b-but… how? Do you want to go-go ask people?’’

‘’That’d be a way to confirm rumors.’’ Elina answered, leaning on the heavy stone wall while crossing her arms under her modest bust. ‘’We already know you’ll have to fight, I don’t think it’s important to concentrate on that angle.’’

‘’True, but we might be able to learn something by talking with students about Elenor, though I suppose our group is already known because of our appearance with Belph and Siggy. Might pressure students to let something slip.’’ Elina nodded at your words and you both waited for Vilma to speak, only to be met with continuous silence as her lack of independence had her listen, follow and obey whatever conclusion you’d reach with the angel.

‘’Maybe we could try speaking with instructors. Here in Internalization, they’ll need to know when a fight is to take place well in advance.’’ Elina continued, lost in thoughts. ‘’Alternatively, Summoners tutors would have known about it, especially if some third influential party is strong-arming politics…’’

‘’We’ve got a chance to stumble on her or those minotaurs, too.’’ You concluded, earning a nod from the angel and a nervous twitch out of Vilma.

‘’We'll deal with it if that happens.’’ The glowing girl grimly finished, punching her fist into her palm for emphasis. ‘’Getting a little perspective as you’ve said sound wise.’’
File: 4.png (278 KB, 650x750)
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278 KB PNG
Evening will come after doing (2/2) investigations in different areas or triggering an event.

Here is a list of possible actions.

Talk with students to uncover information about Elenor rumormongering
>Internalisation (Inside or outside)
>Summoning School (Inside or outside.)

Reach out to tutors and see if they can provide you with information about Elenor dueling plans, if she mentioned anything at all they ought to present a few clues
>Summoning School.

Try to find and confront Elenor directly.
>Summoning School.
File: 1394778034844.png (82 KB, 400x236)
82 KB
Well I guess that sauna was just too horny for us.
File: 6.gif (424 KB, 480x270)
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424 KB GIF
Such a perfect pun make me feel aggressive.
Investigate Elenor's location and acquire horns.
You'll need to make a guess on where to concentrate your efforts between Internalisation academy or the summoning school
Go to summoning school and summon an Elenor. Then acquire horns.
The battle plan I propose for confronting Elenor:
1. Get to 2 meters away from her.
2. Cast Soul Arms with as much mana as can be pumped into it as possible for maximum grabbing.
3. Acquire horns and shake her around to break her concentration so she can't counter spell. If she gets anything off swing her around as a shield.
4. Bully the bully.
5. If she yields then drag her back to the other girls by the horns and formally add her to the collection.
File: 15.jpg (277 KB, 884x972)
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277 KB JPG
Minutes trickled into a silent dozen as you planned your course of action. You didn’t have much time, afternoon always yielded into fast nights inside this demonic dimension.

‘’Let’s go into the summoning school, I’ve always seen Elenor practice in there during mornings and a few evenings, it’s a bit like her territory.’’

‘’Strolling into the lion’s den?’’ Elina blinked in response, wings following her surprise with a flap. ‘’Weren’t we supposed to be investigating?’’

‘’We will be, but I figured… why should we try to skulk around anyway? Confront her, maybe have her publicly speak about this fight, hell her Minotaurs cronies could let something slip. It’d be a better use of our time than shadowing whatever plot she’s been acting on.’’

‘’I-I… I don’t… know…’’ Vilma squeaked, immediately growing diminutive upon witnessing you and Elina look to her. Her voice came out weak and quiet but she, at least, made her mind known in a way that made Elina grimace.

‘’Don’t be so afraid of her, you’ll need to fight that woman soon, perhaps the day after tomorrow.’’ She pauses, observing her undead friend who put her palm between her breasts, taking in a few long breaths, listening to her heart… You probably wouldn’t continue with this bold strategy if she wasn’t mentally ready but once she reopened her eyes, that precious pair of amethysts held a kindled vigor.

‘’That’s true… I-I…. I’ve always been afraid of confrontations b-but you all… you’ve been h-helping m-me so…’’ She grimaced, unable to find words, rubbing her gloved hands together to create crease of leathery nature that seemed to always bring a tiny bit of solace to her stressed mind.

‘’Thing might not be that bad.’’ You step next to your shorter friend and give her protected hair a pat, squishing her hood on her scalp. ‘’Dispelling that fear, at least with that bitchy blond, should be another step of your preparation.’’

Of course, that hinged on the luck of actually stumbling upon her, you didn’t know her routine but she’s often been hanging around the Summoning School so that’d be your first destination. It was a good thing that you weren’t accompanied by the usual group; anybody besides Hao would make this brazen plan impossible.

File: L 2.png (1.32 MB, 1501x972)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Exiting Internalisation was thankfully done without fuss and the busy open ground of this grand academy made it easy enough to be lost in the crowd despite Elina angelic heritage gathering stares. Nobody tried interrupting you little trio, reaching the courtyard of Summoning dueling area took it’s usual ten minutes, where both of your companion’s attitude changed slowly, yet significantly. Elina steps had become louder, her hands often clenched into fists and she threw glares on a few people unlucky enough to be too close whilst Vilma stared ahead without any useless movements to betray her nervousness, you could almost describe it as rigor mortis given her undead nature.

…that’s probably a pretty mean thing to think about.

Fortune favored you when you happened upon the not-so-busy courtyard. It wasn’t quite deserted, a few tutors and students lingered but none of them had activated any protective alchemical shields. A tall longhaired blond with a pair of vibrant red horns was flanked by her usual pair of sycophants warriors bull-women, all of them facing a peculiar woman: a demoness garbed in a luxurious green dress who seemed to project a sort of high-class aura that had you wonder if, perhaps, this strange lady could be a noblewoman.

‘’Who’s that?’’ Elina frowned and growled. It was a good thing you came with purpose here, otherwise, your investigation might have needed to move elsewhere.

Vilma silence was a telling answer and for a while, you wondered who that succubus could be. Brown hair, good clothes and occupied with listening whatever tirade came out of Elenor mouth, she visibly nodded a few times and said a few words, whereupon both women ended up in a calm exchange that lasted a minute… thankfully, that seemed to be enough; this discussion must have lasted a while and they reached some kind of agreement as the elder demoness walked away with a smile, disappearing inside the Summoning School where, you keenly noticed, another hip-winged individual held open the main door.

‘’Clearly not a tutor.’’ Elina concluded.

Now, the ace of the summoning school was drinking from a ground handed over by one of her friends, seemingly beginning a new discussion with this clumsy pair of tall warrior-women.

‘’Feeling like breaking her good vibe?’’ The angel sneered, craning her neck to observe you.

''She's really... making it happen.'' Behind you, Vilma uttered a murmur empty of emotions, her stare lingered at the now-closed oaken doors. ''It's... so petty. Wanting my place like that...''
File: 31.jpg (434 KB, 600x1600)
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434 KB JPG
'It is not evil to defend the things you love.'' Elina words came swiftly and she earned a silent stare from her friend, whereupon the angel tried her best to smile. ''Don't feel ashamed of your anger, it's a motivation and a fuel when faced with such injustice.''

''I didn't think... she'd do it, honestly.'' That might have been a very important realization for the little necromancer. ''Let's go see what she has to say.''

There it is, Vilma had stopped stuttering.

Stopping here for tonight I had three paths well planned out for this evening and you guys went and did your own thing again. Not that I'm complaining, this course of action is compelling in its own right. I'm surprised how often it happens.

>How do you wish to approach Elenor?
>Aggresively and domineering. (You aren't here to be friendly, demand to know about the duel.)

>Diplomatically. (No need to be too rude, try and see if she'll come out on her own about a few information; she's a little arrogant...)

>Free Choice. (You can always try backing down, although your companions have worked themselves up into a little bit of a confrontational mood now...)
>>Aggresively and domineering.
>>Free Choice.
Don't need to find out about the duel if we take care of this right now, see >>2490854
File: 45.jpg (143 KB, 850x574)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
That'll need a communal agreement. While I'll take a single vote if there's one anon present when I'm active, things a little too drastic will need more players to agree.
>>Diplomatically. (No need to be too rude, try and see if she'll come out on her own about a few information; she's a little arrogant...)

>Diplomatically. (No need to be too rude, try and see if she'll come out on her own about a few information; she's a little arrogant...)
At first, then get aggressive if she starts trying to bully our litch
I like how brazen and reckless you are in your strategies. I disagree with them on logical/self-preservational grounds but if you're behind other posts I suspect you are then I gotta say you make me smile. Keep it coming dude!

Agreed. We like Vilma, wrath may not be our official flaw but we can't just let her be bullied. Hopefully she's gotten trustful enough of us that she won't confuse our righteous indignation for pity of any kind.

No violence though. We can't get directly "hands on" for a myriad of reasons. Not the least of which being our own piss poor solo combat ability at the moment. We're support ATM, can't step into the ring directly until we either weaponize our soul arms or become the second coming of Garrett/Styx which we can still do and I'm still gonna aim for it but I am fine with becoming male Lucy favored of Khaine the bloody handed if that's what the people want.

Also, really don't wanna clue her in in regards to our origin or capabilities. Being a "soul" mage is not something we want to advertise to hostile parties if we know what's good for us and our allies.
File: 1500349798490.jpg (60 KB, 552x460)
60 KB
I am a simple man with simple wishes. I am easily identified by posts about acquiring or grabbing munsters by the horns.
this sounds good.
>Second coming of Garret/Styx
>favored of Khaine the bloody handed
Who says we cannot become both?

After all, Khaine is the lord of bloodshed. And stealth is but one of many ways to shed blood.
File: 1524178386883.png (996 KB, 1084x1358)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
One last silent stare with your companions was enough to instill confidence in their resolve and you set out with both of them at your sides, cutting through the empty courtyard, your arrival was spotted by one of the minotaur twins who promptly warned the other two monsters. Your arrival wasn’t greeted, the long-haired blond demoness showed a scowl of unmitigated disgust at your presence, sharp red eyes projecting dangerous passion that remained thankfully under control. The bull-women were even more obvious in their disdain, with grimaces of rage akin to growling dogs being held back by leashes; tall, taunt bodies working well enough to project a genuine sense of peril.

Not that you’d be shirking now.

‘’Fuck you being here for?’’ The leftward warrior growled once you, Elina and Vilma stopped at a respectable distance. You couldn’t tell whose twin just provoked you so you preferred ignoring her for a moment and concentrate on their demonic leader who managed to rein enough animosity to appear polite, if impatient.

‘’Easy.’’ You hold up a palm, immediately feeling a surge of arrogance that had you almost try and bait their rage. ‘’Dodging each other and skulking around is tiring enough, let’s not get into a shouting match when we can make a few things clear about this conflict.’’ Diplomacy wasn’t exactly your strong suit, doubly so since you hadn’t exactly planned how to handle Elenor admittedly impressive self-control.

‘’Oh? You’ve heard something worrying?’’ The blond spoke, carefully wrapping her arms around her belly, face kept into a careful mask of neutrality.

‘’Quit your bullshit.’’ Elina immediately growled in response, earning a worrying set of insults from the twin that needed their mistress to wave at them silently to keep things from falling apart. ‘’Since you can’t get Vilma expelled you’ve moved onto another strategy, going around trying to impose a duel whi-‘’

‘’That so, those are the rumors?’’ Elenor interrupted, interlocking her hands together in calm satisfaction, locking her stare into the angel sky colored-eyes. ‘’I am answering an insult to my ancestry, with not only a pair of witnesses having heard every word from this evil spirit but many more in this courtyard observed our conflict, with dueling laws as support I am truly in the right to demand defense of my honor... But I haven't imposed yet, because I know she's lacking strength. I do not enjoy dealing humiliations.’’

A fight had, in the end, only been a conjecture by Teruko and Sieglinde, it was good at least to have genuine confirmation. You couldn’t be satisfied with something that obvious though, why exactly involve a noblewoman? Not only that, nearby students were giving this exchange a keen interest now, whereas they didn’t seem to give much of a damn about your presence a few minutes ago.
File: El 1.png (1.26 MB, 848x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
‘’Yes, that’s not something we are trying to avoid.’’ A tiny chuckle flowed out of the demoness pretty mouth, her disdaining gratification filling you with disgust. ‘’Why are you being a coward?’’

This was more than enough to make her blink in surprise and promptly grimace in frustration. ‘’Coward?’’ She repeats, immediately defying your insult. ‘’You accuse me of such funk when shielding a soul leech whose too fainthearted to confront me? Instead, she has to use a proxy protected by the Demon Lord?’’

She glared at Vilma, forcing you to restrain an urge to test your new spell on her guts. Of course, the little lich was the nexus of this demoness animosity and a glance at Elina revealed she felt similar protectiveness for the stuttering necromancer, though no matter your aggressiveness, Vilma still had some pride so you couldn’t quite step in right now.

She realized it a little late, amethysts eyes glancing from you to Elina with the blonde losing her patience, huffing a haughty ‘’Typical’’ that caused her cronies a few rude laughs.

That’s when Vilma decided to speak for herself, she threw back her hood and glare at her enemy. ‘’Dueling laws require… they need you, the offended party, to-to issue a challenge be-be-‘’

‘’Stop your farce with this broken speech.’’ Elenor interrupted her with bubbling violence squeezing her throat, making her voice coarse and mean. ‘’You’ve already shown more than enough aptitude to be understood, stop trying to look cute and court this male with a pretense of vulnerability.’’

That came out of nowhere and a few seconds of silence had this bitchy blonde all but glower in delight, Vilma naturally purplish skin had gained a reddish tone and her mouth closed loudly, scowling in anger that had her gloved hand audibly crease from the intensity of her closed fist.

‘’Answer the question.’’ You decided to step in, Elina seemingly focused on observing around; something dangerous was going through her mind.

''No.'' She faced you with clear animosity, glaring into your eyes, meeting anger with anger. ''What has happened in the past doesn't matter anymore.''

That's when Vilma interrupted her, stepping forward and slamming her foot down she almost screamed. ''D-days of intimidations and k-kidnapping-''
''Shut up!'' But Elenor wouldn't even allow her to speak her mind. She graced Vilma with a gaze of pure disgust as if looking at raw human waste. ''You have belittled my parent, looked into my past through uses of this nasty craft of yours and spewed enough falsehood to justify slaying you in broad daylight. I've wanted to show some humanity, nobles with a vested interest in this academy want you gone and I've tried to reason with them on your behalf if only a tiny bit because I know you are a vagrant. Not anymore, I don't care where you'll end up once you have no places here; I didn't attempt kidnapping you back then, I was trying to choose the lesser evil.''

Tiny trembles of anger and loud, ominous flow of air through clenched teeth showed only a surface about the short lich boiling anger, diplomacy really is a mistake with this one... She was perhaps one provocation short of blowing a fuse and you didn't know if you should allow her.

>''Hold on. What you attempted last week by forcing Vilma into Throne Town was somehow benevolent?'' (Try to keep things diplomatic. Sieglinde already informed you about those Javed... no way was it in Vilma best interest to be shoved into their estate.)

>''All I'm hearing is excuses and a weak girl too afraid to stand up against a victim that managed to stand on her own two legs. Cowardice isn't honorable, make your damn intentions known.'' (It's time to start being aggressive.)

>Let Vilma speak for herself, even if she's prone to be getting carried away by emotions.

>Free Choice
File: 1455441449778.png (239 KB, 813x407)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>>''All I'm hearing is excuses and a weak girl too afraid to stand up against a victim that managed to stand on her own two legs. Cowardice isn't honorable, make your damn intentions known.'' (It's time to start being aggressive.)
>>Free Choice
"Don't make me come over there and grab you by the horns."
>Let Vilma speak for herself, even if she's prone to be getting carried away by emotions.
She needs to get strong enough, and self-disciplined enough, that she stops hiding behind others.
Let's try keeping things diplomatic for now. I wanna hear the BS she has in store for that option.
File: Apple 01.jpg (150 KB, 800x1067)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I'll wait about 10 minutes for a potential tiebreaker.
Agression or letting vilma talk seem good.
Would love to see her tear her apart like she did before.
File: 13d.jpg (599 KB, 777x1100)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
Elenor tirade resulted in a prolonged silence where she glared at the shorter lich, forcing to muster enough self-control to keep your urges of wanting some answer out of that succubus from making you talk and trample Vilma attempt at dialogue, which for now only amounted to harsh breathing and deadly glares.

Elina was at an equal loss, sharing your hesitation and alternating her stare between you and her friend until a clearing throat from your antagonist forced this indecision to an end. ‘’If there’s nothing more to say…’’ The tall demoness glared one last time at the diminutive, purple-skinned undead before settling on you. ‘’…I won’t be wasting any more time with such a failure, standing beside weakness will only waste your own potential.’’

‘’No, no. You’re not going anywhere.’’ With the swiftness of a punch, Vilma slammed her foot down and pointed at her aggressor, stopping the blonde mid-walks with the tall bodyguards exchanging careful looks. It hadn’t taken anywhere near as long compared with last time, but the lich had already reached a threshold of anger that, at least, didn’t manifest with tears crawling down her face, she was openly snarling at Elenor.

‘’Finally, being serious?’’ Answered the demoness, conversation shifting into an atmosphere of raw hostility.

‘’Enough to call out a snake when I see it.’’ Vilma retracted her finger, fuming at the demoness smug smile. ‘’Skulking around plotting honourless bullshit with a noblewoman while pressuring students to take your side instead of coming face to face to tell me your goddamn problem. You’ve only stopped harming me once I… once I became friend with Elina and then you kept on hounding me every afternoon as if… I had offended you so know what? I’m damn glad to have called out your mom for the desperate whore she was.’’ This sensitive topic immediately destroyed Elenor smug satisfaction, her red eyes opened wide and a dangerous hiss come through clenched teeth. She took a step forward and stopped when one of her friends put their big hand on her shoulder.

‘’That way at least I know why you hate me! You say to have acted like such a bitch for days on end for my own benefit? Not because you were jealous once I became Teruko first student? Are you that deluded? You think I want anything to do with those rotten vampires in the capital!?’’

‘’How did you…!?’’ Surprise clashed with rage enough to stop movements and retorts.
File: EL 2.jpg (491 KB, 1483x1971)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
‘’That’s not important!’’ Vilma only stopped for a breath, feverish beating heart making her slam her palm on her chest, overfilled eyes almost leaking out in emotional tears only held back by pride. ‘’Why do you want my place so bad!? What’s wrong with being Teruko student, she’s the only one willing to be my tutor! Nobody… Nobody at all wanted to take me under their wing! Even after I asked, again and again, I… I would have had to leave if she hadn’t taken pity on me.’’ One long breath to compose herself had your friend take a forward step and stop, flaring emotion showing far too many changes on her lovely features to find a single adequate descriptor.

‘’For the inventor of Internalization to take a pair of outcasts as students – which now seems to have increased to a total of four- is more than enough for people inside and out of this academy to take notice. Your existence is sullying this establishment reputation. Nobody would have minded had you been forced to be expelled on some bogus charge and ejected into Throne Town. A significant group of nobles is of this opinion and their monetary contribution isn’t insignificant, so I tried to find a solution…’’

‘’By kidnapping me!?’’ Vilma roared in abject indignation.

‘’…I’ve ended my deal with those bloodsucking scum.’’ Elenor spat gracelessly on the ground. ‘’If they have a problem then I’ll burn whatever freak that show up to intimidate me. Whatever plot those noble cunts are cooking up isn’t my problem anymore… I cannot forgive your words, my mother she… she was desperate, I ‘ll give you that but she wasn’t a whore.’’ Gleams of tears flashed inside the blond bright red eyes and she was the one to point at the lich now. ‘’Stop being such a damnable coward, you shame of a student! Your very existence is a cancer on Teruko pedigree that’ll tarnish all the goodwill she built!’’

‘’Who the hell do you think you are to go and decide what’s good for a tutor?’’ Elina couldn’t stay silent anymore, her wings flapped violently, sending a refreshing gust of wind that sent Elenor long blond air fluttering alongside her skirt.

‘’I’m not… her stubbornness is almost a legend now, I… I only wanted a chance to prove myself to her.’’
File: El 3.jpg (1.37 MB, 1536x2048)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Hold on this entire drama seems to be worse than you previously anticipated. The girls were far too worked up to feel this incongruity, something in this entire situation didn’t quite add up. Why would a noblewoman be strolling inside this cadet school, why would a group of nobles be so persistent in targeting a single girl? This is far beyond mere oppression, especially since they are toying inside Sieglinde territory; doubly so now that Vilma has been seen in her company for days.

‘’I don’t care.’’ Vilma slammed her foot down. ‘’You… I want this bullshit over with.’’ Having reached a conclusion, she faced her antagonist full-on, with stretched leg, a pointed finger and hand on her hip; with Elina conjured wind still lingered, the small lich managed to project rare charisma, her rage was so honest and passionate that it was almost gobbling you up like a wave, dragging you into passionate anger. ‘’Elenor Jucunda I hereby challenge you to a duel with everyone standing in this courtyard as my witness! To bring a conclusion to our feud, I want to fight the day after tomorrow. I don’t care about any reward! She slapped her fist into her open palm. ‘’My victory means you won’t be undermining me anymore, you’ll leave me in peace and allow me to keep my place!

Vilma had nearly screamed her lungs out, rage settling into a much more passionate glare, she observed her bully without any fear. With an audible flap of wings, Elenor stepped forward, out of the protectiveness of her Minotaur friends who, honestly, seemed rather fearful. ‘’I accept.’’ She answered much more elegantly. ‘’We shall duel before the half-crescent moon is to show herself, let this celestial body help carry your burden of sorrow.’’

That... hadn't exactly gone as planned, you didn't get much intelligence. Nothing noticeable anyway.

>Free Choice. (Quite a lot of options are possible here, I'd like to see what you guys can come up with.)
File: 5.png (601 KB, 1240x1748)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
I suppose I can always give a few options if you guys feel overwhelmed.

Ask and I'll provide.
File: 1360115298855.jpg (75 KB, 657x697)
75 KB
Acquire Horns. With soul arms if necessary. Refer to previous battle plan.
A few options would help me to narrow down what's possible...
yes please, im honestly not sure what we even can do or suggest right now.
Cause fucking off to do something else is the only thing i can think of.
Oh and telling vilma how cool she was when she was chewing her out
File: 201.jpg (59 KB, 600x848)
59 KB

>Leave it at that. Vilma spoke her mind and established the duel, there's absolutely nothing you can do. (Timeskip into Sieglinde room.)

>Something doesn't feel right about this entire situation. It's reckless as hell, but perhaps you could try speaking with Elenor in a secluded area.

>Confront the blond about your doubts, especially that noble, right here in front of everyone. Put some pressure on her.

>Free Choice
>Leave it at that. Vilma spoke her mind and established the duel, there's absolutely nothing you can do. (Timeskip into Sieglinde room.)
I'll wait another 10 minutes to see if we'll get more votes.
We confront her, but not brazenly. Let's see if we can get a good whispered conversation about all these irregularities going. Try to get the whole group moving someplace with less ears if we can. If Elina could get a nice gentile breeze going to keep people who are far away from hearing us clearly that'd be swell too.

Basically, I'm looking to compromise with the confront and secluded options. I'd go full secluded, but I'm honestly afraid for any members of our party to be alone right now.
Given the animosity between Vilma and Elenor, it'll be close to impossible to convince everyone to speak with each other.

If you can cook up a good dialogue to defuse things and anons agree, then you can try your luck of course.
>>Leave it at that. Vilma spoke her mind and established the duel, there's absolutely nothing you can do. (Timeskip into Sieglinde room.)

hmm, talking more would be nice but i think she needs to get her ass beat and humbled by vilma first.
Darn, can't think of anything good. We should inform Elenor that this whole situation is off and something's not right though. They want Vilma gone for some reason and given how far they're going mere prejudice against the undead isn't a logical answer anymore.

My guess is that the nobility around here have skeletons in their closets that they fear a powerful and fully trained necromancer/summoner might be able to uncover (if she hasn't already, they might know about what Vilma did with Elenor and that'd scare the shit out of em').
File: 17.jpg (791 KB, 1300x935)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
Maybe you were overthinking, fooling yourself into seeing shadows and a potential mastermind instead of this situation being plainly what it was: petty jealousy from an all too proud woman.

…or perhaps you were only comforting yourself with empty platitudes. Something stank, a nagging feeling you were missing a bigger picture almost robbed you of the satisfaction of having seen Vilma standing up for herself. Elina picked your slack, perhaps without even noticing it and congratulated her friend whilst Elenor walked away, taking a carefully measure distance to avoid so much as breathing the same air.

‘’Something’s off.’’ You speak loudly, turning for the demoness who briefly stop her stride.

‘’Excuse me?’’ She asks you with furrowed brow, your statement meeting an equal amount of confusion from your friends.

‘’This entire situation, this drama that started two months ago between you and Vilma is feeling extremely odd since you’ve gone and mentioned these noblewomen a few times, you were even speaking to a blue blood earlier…’’ Elenor hadn’t quite turned around to observe but her red-eyed stare shifted in emotion, growing colder and careful. ‘’It stinks, it’s unusual.’’

‘’Aint concerning you!’’ One of the Minotaur barked, to which you shrugged. You tried.

‘’You might be imagining things, it’d be better for you to support your friend. My title is one of the few things I’ve earned through my own merit, I fully intend to defend it.’’ She set out with a prideful gait and, despite how much she hurt your Lich friend, you realized that you hated this blond a little less than before.

‘’What was that about?’’ Elina asked with Vilma behind her shielding herself with that usual hood, casting inquisitive eyes your way.

‘’Dunno.’’ You answered, glaring at this ace disappearing behind the summoning school large doors. ‘’Guts feeling, you did good Vilma.’’ You decided to distract yourself with rubbing her head. ‘’We got a date so we ought to concentrate on that.’’

‘’Let’s…’’ Her voice was a hoarse squeak. ‘’Go back home.’’ There was emotion in that statement, enough for her to hide her face by looking down.

Yeah, that’ll do. Peanut gallery makes things uncomfortable.

File: Sieg 17.jpg (299 KB, 549x800)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
It was during those precious few minutes when the sun disappeared under the horizon yet still lit up the sky in soft colors of darkened blues that four healthy young maidens made their entry inside Sieglinde unreasonable living space. With the headmaid being the only person present on this floor, this Priscilla dutifully prepared food for your group and you were enjoyed food while discussing new developments until interrupted by these revitalized women.

They certainly looked much better. New clothes, no strained grimace telling of hazardous overflow, they oozed an atmosphere belonged to preening maiden happily satisfied after a long bath.

Shame they were completely dry, to think these beauties had been sitting vulnerable inside a sauna… Ah, you’ve failed as a man!

‘’Enjoyed yourselves alone, darlings?’’ Teruko invited yourself to the table while Hao jumped on the bed to stretch.

‘’I huh… we…we have a date for my duel.’’ It was unfortunate you couldn’t laze around amidst these mighty ladies -Goddess knew the urge was there- Vilma statement earned serious frowns with Hao being the only girl radiating happiness, her stretching quickly evolved into an exercise to cracks joints and fingers, causing far too many audible pops.

Never change, tribal girl.

Thus, Vilma recounted everything that happened, which wasn’t a long conversation. Only long enough for Sieglinde to send her headmaid away while Belphegor jumped on the bed with a plate, muttering something about kids.

''Reckless...'' Teruko muttered after the end of that short tale.

''S'fine, kids slapping each other around is much better than passive-aggressive bullshit.''

Sieglinde silently sat, throwing you a curious glance before concentrate on her plate of food.

>You have time for one action before ending the night.
>Should you speak with everyone about what's been nagging at you?
>Or do something else for tonight, they don't need to be burdened by your paranoia. (Specify)
>Should you speak with everyone about what's been nagging at you?
>>Should you speak with everyone about what's been nagging at you?

probably monster politics maybe sieg knows whats up
Hm, I think I'll update tomorrow. Mostly because I'm a tad tired I don't want to slip up and give you guys too much information
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Let's all get paranoid. Knife-eared types know all to well how easy it is to knife someone!

Drat. I was hoping you'd get a bit punchy and let slip a critical bit of info you didn't realize was such.

Side question, what kind of music would you like the duel with Elenor to have? It's gotta be Metal because hey, that's just how it is (metal music is best fighting music). What genre though?
>what kind of music would you like the duel with Elenor to have?

I'd say this.


You guys are honestly going all out preparing Vilma for this, I already had it all planned out but I might have to change quite a few things after today.
File: 1.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
Finishing supper brought an intense sense of lethargy that had you wanting to share space with Hao and sink into her highness mattress. She was truly enjoying herself, rolling around, twisting her taut body to find a comfortable angle for her spine while groaning in satisfaction and relaxing into that luxurious bed, satisfied in the fatigue of an active day behind her. It’s only when she opened her bright green eyes and observed you that she remembered her position and, none too subtly, rolled off in a squeak.

‘’Now now, no bullying our shy tribal one.’’ Teruko poked you with her fork, you had to restrain a yawn in response. Despite your body’s pleas your mind wasn’t so indulgent, today has been busy indeed with training and an awesome set of duels but Elenor encounter had been spinning in your head for the better part of an hour, quickly added by that previous emotional confrontation that resulted into all these days of training for Vilma.

‘’Sure.’’ You agreed, pushing off your plate and taking your first swig of alcohol. This pint would be the only one you’ll get today because Sieglinde was a true penny pincher with the stuff, mumbling things about hating drunks. ‘’Could I ask of you all to listen? There’s something that’s been nagging at me.’’

‘’Finally! You’ve stopped agonizing about it?’’ That was Elina and you quickly went under everyone collective gaze, you’d have bobbed this short haired haloed blond if she was anywhere closed to you.

‘’Oh? Something a little deeper than youthful drama?’’ Belphegor gazed up at you with a cheeky little grin, only to shrug at your seriousness. You had been thinking about it for a while.

‘’I’m not sure if I’m paranoid, suppose getting all of your opinions would set me straight.’’ Clearing your throat, you finished half of your fruited alcohol and began a tirade you hoped wasn’t going to be tedious. ‘’There’s a few things Elenor said that bothers me.’’

‘’Outside being a cunt?’’ Elina non-too-subtly interrupted. Talk about being weak to booze, this is the first time you’ve seen her consume something besides water and juices and she’s already showing hints of reddened cheeks.

‘’That’s another problem.’’ You can’t disagree with her on that point. ‘’It’s about those nobles she mentioned, we saw her speak with a brown-haired succubus who struck me as a blue blood so I’d wager she can be trusted on some level about having important connections… or, at the very least, insider knowledge with a group of aristocrats having a fair amount of clout here in the academy. She described them as people with a vested interest in this place, providing it with significant monetary gain.’’
File: 21.jpg (922 KB, 3507x2480)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
‘’That’s broad, mother was adamant about making this place apolitical and keep Internalization open for any Mamono who wishing to master their Corruption… it did require a few concessions to richer vassals but this kind of cronyism inside my family territory is illegal.’’

‘’Vilma’s situation isn’t happening inside Internalization.’’ The way Sieglinde eyes sharpened into a fine line was all the answer you needed, you were firmly on the same page now. ‘’Two third of Summoning cadets join a noble armed force after finishing their training, but that’s not what has me worried, if we were to trust Elenor statement, it means there’s a faction that want to expel Vilma. A concerted effort like that goes far beyond mere oppression, was anybody hostile to you after coming here?’’

You question the short lich who seems to be juggling feelings of fears and apprehension. ‘’N-not… no I, I came here two months ago a-and for the first week, well… I was left to do my own things, w-waiting to-to be assigned a tutor.’’

‘’Next week is when things started getting physical with that demon and her big cows?’’ She wordlessly answered your question with a nod.

‘’I’ll admit it stinks.’’ Belphegor wrapped her small arms around her head. ‘’Still sound to me like a petty lass being a pain in the ass.’’

‘’I’m not saying it's to be ruled out, Goddess knows that blond need a serious smack in the face, what I’m wondered is if things truly started because of something so simple, it seems to me she targeted Vilma before being Teruko’s student.’’

‘’No, not quite.’’ There came a quiet interruption, the white-haired lizard spoke softly, red eyes digging an imaginary hole in the table as mind gears worked a feverish pace. ‘’Mineself finalized tutoring training shortly before Elina’s and Vilma’s arrival and subsequently requested this lonesome girl with potential to be mine first apprentice.’’

‘’E-eh?’’ Vilma was caught by complete surprise and Teruko glowered a gentle, proud grin while stroking her stomach.

‘’Tis plain truth darling. I went through the usual administrative steps of our academy, they wished to impose me with Elenor and whilst it was indeed tempting -for her potential is real- I impose mine right as a teacher and named thee for mine first apprentice once I knew thee were a lich, thee had mineself very curious. What resulted was a languishing agony of excuses and preparations that thoroughly expanded mine patience after a month. I threw away notions of respecting a defunct bureaucracy and subsequently took thee and Elina as mine students.’’

‘’Y-you… you did?’’ Vilma had believed for the longest time Teruko had taken pity on her yet it had been pure curiosity, coupled with incompetent leadership, that led into their encounters.
File: Sieg1.png (283 KB, 800x800)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
‘’I don’t like that timing.’’ Sieglinde commented, breaking the good atmosphere between instructor and pupil. ‘’Could be coincidence, but if Elenor started pressuring Vilma after Teruko made her intention known…’

‘’Means they intended for her to leave by her lonesome so mineself would be teaching whomever they wanted.’’

‘’Petty little shits, now that’s what’d to expect outta nobles and immortals.’’ Belphegor grumbled. ‘’What the hell would motivate that anyway? I know you’ve got clout for being the pioneer of Internalization but it ain't like you’re a noble house onto yourself, hell ya ain't even a Supreme Monster.’’

Belphegor question was left unanswered, eyes fell on Sieglinde who seemed genuinely stumped. One of her big hand completely hid the bottom half of her face as she cupped her chin, second one making constant tap on the wooden table, Hao soft snores adding a rare sense of comfort to the redhead intense atmosphere.

You might be close to something here, maybe if… you think about it a little more…

>‘’Elenor and Vilma’s situation has evolved to become its own problem, but the way it started… what if it was aimed at undermining Teruko?’’ (If you take a leap of logic and assume Elenor didn’t target Vilma out of pure jealousy -after all how could she know the administrations decision as a student?- then, it’s certainly painting a rather bleak picture isn’t it?)

>‘’I might have given in to paranoia, I might be reaching a little far.’’ (Trouble between students is normal, conflicts are organics. Elenor is jealous of Vilma, it’s honestly that simple.)

>Free Choice
>Free choice
Rub Sieg's horns idly while thinking, "It seems more likely that Elenor's pettiness is just being taken advantage of by someone above her, than her being a mastermind."
Start with:
>"I could voice further ideas, but with no proof whatsoever I admit that I'd be sowing potentially needless paranoia..."

If any of the girls want us to, follow with:
>‘’Elenor and Vilma’s situation has evolved to become its own problem, but the way it started… what if it was aimed at undermining Teruko?’’

I wonder if Arawn was old enough that he had to deal with political cloak and dagger like this in his previous life.
A combination of these would be good, but no horn rubbing.
But if you took horns away from us, what would even be left?
File: Red 10.png (1.11 MB, 850x1303)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
‘’Far be it from me to sow needless paranoia, especially with Vilma duel so close and Sieglinde endeavor next week, I’ve no proof to back up my suspicion so maybe I shouldn’t continue with dangerous conjectures.’’

‘’S’fine dude.’’ Belphegor casually answered. ‘’Operating blind and assuming a few things always happen when trying to figure out what kind of bullshit somebody’s been up to.’’

Right, Mamonos are on the heavy-handed kind, what’s with these dueling laws and grudge fight settling political matters. ‘’Alright, I’ve got two ideas after thinking on it now.’’ Clearing your throat, you finished your drink and begin speaking.

‘’First, it’s entirely possible that someone higher up decided to take advantage of Elenor pettiness, she doesn’t strike me as a mastermind. Her clumsy attempt at kidnapping and the breakdown of her deal with the Javed is proof enough that she’s on the reckless side.’’

‘’Yes, she has become a problem of its own…’’ Sieglinde speaks, resting her hands on the table. ‘’…She’s been observed conversing with a few nobles that have always been direct vassals to her benefactor. I highly doubt she’d put her entire presence here in jeopardy out of jealousy.’’

‘’Don’t go underestimating stupidity.’’ Belphegor retorted, earning a chuckle out of the redhead.

‘’Elenor and Vilma situation did become its own issue.’’ You briefly gaze at the lich, finding her concentrating on this conversation. ‘’What’s really bugging me is how it all started. Teruko proceeded through normal administrative channel to make Vilma her student and yet the ace of Summoning decided to make her life hell one day later? Isn’t that timing too perfect?’’

‘’You mean?’’ Sieglinde widening eyes told you she reached your own conclusion.

‘’What if it was an attempt to undermine Teruko? That’s what started everything.’’

‘’…mineself?’’ The tutor voice had dropped an octave and she glared at you, not angry at you, but genuinely frustrated at your implications. ‘’Truly?’’

‘’Let’s make a little thought exercise.’’ Sieglinde cleared her throat and stretched, deadly tail stirring from its resting spot on the ground to hover beside her. ‘’If I had a grudge against Teruko and she happened to have taken refuge inside a giant fortress under the direct influence of a powerful liege, I’d try to do everything in my power to make her life difficult.’’

‘’Think of it like wanting to become a nail you step into.’’ Belphegor casually adds. ‘’Grudges from immortals are never-ending, if they can’t kill you, they’ll want to frustrate the hell out of your daily life, they actually like involving people close to you. That way you’ll make mistakes or, like constant erosions, your position will be undermined and you’ll grow vulnerable in time.’’
File: Red 20.png (901 KB, 945x1228)
901 KB
901 KB PNG
‘’I’d begin with observing you, learning what you are up to, your objective… while knowing what’s happening in your personal life in details could be genuinely impossible, what about your public endeavors? Becoming a tutor, who you’ll get as apprentice, any break of the academy rules… getting this information wouldn’t be too hard if I were to explore options about how many noble houses have invested themselves in various parts of these three schools. It’s cost a whole damn lot setting things up, but there might be a few jealous people here and there who sees your climb to fame as a thorn… or people could be convinced with enough money. Logic isn’t a factor if I wanted to get to you, I’d spend a fortune knowing what kind of stuff you were up to last week.’’

‘’My red Supreme can show herself a scary woman.’’ This made Sieglinde smile, a guilty luster in her eyes transferred to an awkward emotion on her features.

‘’Perhaps Elenor being your student was some type of deal, maybe that demoness was actually forcing people hands because her desire was sincere in being your pupil. You decided to choose Vilma and made the administration know, which slowly but surely prompted this escalation… and now here you stand with four perceived students whilst your first pupil challenged the ace of Summoning.’’

‘’A frighteningly realistic scenario.’’ The professor mumbled and you could only groan in response.

‘’It’s what I’d do.’’ Sieglinde leaned on her chair, trying her best to put on a comforting smile. ‘’We both know who you’ve got an enemy.’’

‘’Javed…’’ A name whispered through clenched teeth. ‘’…Rocky history, that. Mineself and hubby murdered one of their own, an influential woman so I suppose it’s more than enough to spawn an unhealthy grudge.’’

‘’They’ve got the money to slowly infiltrate themselves here… up to a point anyway, I’ve already identified most of their agents -a majority of which left Throne Town throughout the week- so they only work by proxies and using other families to gather information on you. A few of them did come here in the last few days, but I have five succubi on standby amongst the guards who’ll always follow them.’’

She’s no slouch with security.

‘’All of that is pure conjecture, there’s absolutely no proof anywhere.’’ You concluded, earning a frustrated sigh from your demonic benefactor.

‘’We could go into the archive and identify which families have invested the most money in this place but we could easily be led into a few red herring, nothing short of hypnotizing someone or a whistleblower would get us the information we need in a reasonable amount of time.’’
‘’Maybe start with asking why Teruko request took so damn long…’’ You asked, to which Sieglinde grimaced.

‘’We’ll only get some excuses, they’ll gladly appear incompetent to leave things at that.’’ It was disheartening getting your options shut down but you couldn’t begrudge Sieglinde about that.

‘’Say.’’ That’s when Belphegor spoke with a wide, broad smirk as she leaned close to her niece. ‘’Why not ask your mom to come for a visit?’’

‘’Aba…what?’’ Now everyone on the table could only observe the short goat in an equal amount of astonishment.

‘’All you gotta do is send a messenger to Zipangu saying you’d like her to come and watch a duel from one of your dear friends…’’ She winked at Vilma who tried her best to appear even smaller. ‘’…she’ll be here tomorrow morning and you’ll be able to speak about your little project face to face too. Not only that!’’ Her clawed fingers clacked together, she was really enjoying herself. ‘’Dem nobles are gonna be walking with a real tight arse when they’ll realize her majesty came outta nowhere, you’re worried about something regrettable happening during your prep work right?’’

‘’…yeah.’’ Sieglinde admitted in a pouting whisper.

‘’Getting mommy here won’t get us any closers to a culprit, but it’ll at least ensure security.’’ Belphegor concluded, plopping down on the chair with a satisfied huff and, for some reason, pointed at you with a satisfied smirk.

‘’That’d mean…’’ Elina had regained enough presence of mind to add her opinion in the conversation. ‘’…revealing Arawn, right?’’

‘’Hey, I know about it. Daiyu ain't gonna eat him whole, she’s a good gal.’’ Belphegor immediately answered.

It’d also mean losing any possible investigation into this cloak and dagger issue, at least temporarily. It might actually be in your best interest because both Supremes will have to concentrate on preparing this Suppressing mission, being free of any worries would be a blessing.

>Agree to this?
>Or would you prefer keeping your existence a secret?
>Free Choice
I don't see why not.

Last reply for tonight. Thanks for running INH.
>>Agree to this
"I'll try not to grab your horns when she's around. Unless you want me to."
I said 'last reply' but Anon, promise me something.

PLEASE let's not try to grab any part of the Demon Lord?
File: 1.jpg (232 KB, 461x455)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Always good to have ya anon. I'll see about running this week.

That's a precious logic.
File: 1496274424721.gif (840 KB, 500x650)
840 KB
840 KB GIF
>Agree to this
We would have been revealed in time anyway.

‘’I’ll be fine.’’ It was going to happen eventually even if you successfully stretched things out, your situation with Sieglinde and your existence as a Throne entity made it impossible to avoid encountering her mother, she informed you of that herself. ‘’We have plenty of things to do, we can’t afford any potential dangers.’’

‘’Are you…’’ Sieglinde interrupted herself, taking a few seconds for a silent stare in your eyes and yielded. ‘’Alright, I’ll get things ready.’’ While the sun wasn’t visible from here, you’d be willing to bet it was getting late. It didn’t stop the princess, she ventured for a nearby desk, pinched a pen with practiced ease and began writing a letter without taking much care about the material.

‘’Oh… oh it’s happening?’’ Vilma squeaked when Sieglinde got up from her chair, clutching her piece of letter and soundlessly walked off with a kind of stiffness that’d probably stun someone if she were to bump into them.

‘’Gal trying really hard not to look happy.’’ Belphegor snickered after her niece disappeared in the curvature of the lit corridor. ‘’Don’t worry, continue things as normal. She’ll join up later.’’

‘’Mh, it has been far too long since mine last meeting with her Supreme majesty.’’ Teruko commented, getting up from her chair and slowly piling empty plates. ‘’Mysir ought to help, us ladies have to prepare for night. Would anyone be a dear and wake up mine maid?’’

Dishwasher huh? Prince of Luminaris and soon-to-be meeting the Demon Lord, here you stand packing dirty dish to an alchemical appliance you’ve no clue how to operate.

First time for everything. You’ll have plenty of time to work on that journal of yours… Might need a subtler way to go about it though.

Day 06 End


Day 07

Familiar echoes of plates roused you from a most comfortable sleep and you had to repress a groan of disapproval at having been woken up like this. Sieglinde bed was made of dreams, one massive sheet combined with an equally titanic mattress to wrap your body in warm, fluffy comfort that always pushed worries into a corner of your mind. Having the princess and Elina beside you, both of them clasping your hands, was reason enough to greet every morning with bliss; such commune repose was undeniably extremely unreasonable but you’ve grown to adore resting like this even if Hao kept on agonizing about your presence until she could fall asleep.

Perhaps Elina night escape had left worrying mental scars, knowing she was here beside you without moving in that alluring full pajama of silk was… well, you’d say you were honoring every man on this Star by not being overtly prude.
File: 2.jpg (165 KB, 1225x1000)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
The table used by your group was showing sign of disuses, Belphegor constant scratching and Sieglinde fingers stabs resulted in something you’d find in a common tavern. A few plates -those you washed yesterday actually- were placed with metallic covers hiding their content and as blurriness finally cleared from your eyes and energy kindled your brain (you didn’t move much yesterday) you notice the oddity of having someone preparing breakfast for everyone if the bed was full. At least, Sieglinde and Elina were still firmly asleep.

An unfamiliar woman walked for the big round table holding onto one last dish of wafting flat pastry you identified as pancakes, she moved with swift grace to carefully put this piece down and cover it with that unfamiliar cubicle. A flow of green hair fell past her neck and stopped on her lower back in one continuous smooth motion similar to this sheet keeping you warm. Her movements carried smooth momentum for this near-uniform piece of silk with a pair of thick bangs on the side of her face forcing her to replace them often with her freed hand, a limb of clear skin and long feminine fingers. Wings, two pair of them, noticeably sprouted out of her hips and, amazingly, right out of her head too; both appendages showed a mixture of brownish darkness that looked surprisingly clear, if not outright grayish on some odd spots, with an unhealthy dryness that made you wonder if the branch linking with her body would snap like a twig.

Gorgeous, brilliant green eyes peered your way, or more accurately toward the bed at large and you pretended to be asleep without budging a muscle when gazing into those piece of emeralds quickened your heart and worsened an unfamiliar heat that had somehow been wrapping your body since your awakening. A tiny smile nestled on her maidenly features, leaving you to wonder if you just got busted… though that also made you keenly remember this demoness curvaceous body that kindled all of your senses and urges in a deliciously alluring way that combined with this sweet aroma into an invitation to actually get out of bed despite crippling lazy urges.

You almost felt like panicking.

It was damn obvious who this could be. How. How did she show up fast enough to make breakfast? Wasn’t this lady in another country? You didn’t think Belphegor would be so literal!

>Keep pretending to sleep.

>Get up and try your best to introduce yourself. At least you’re wearing adequate sleepwear.

>Free Choice.
Acquire headwings.
>>Keep pretending to sleep.
Changing >>2498582
to get up and greet her properly and accidentally stare at her headwings.

Let's see, I'll wait 10 minutes to see if we'll get a tiebreaker then roll for it.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Alright, unless another anon vote within the next 5 minutes or so, I'll go with dice result.
>Keep pretending to sleep.

If we get up the girls will wake up and I'd hate to ruin whatever the Demon Lord herself is planning.
File: 33.jpg (845 KB, 1500x1600)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
The Demon Lord is making breakfast for a bunch of people.

It’s the kind of unlikely statement that’d probably be impossible to believe if you hadn’t seen it. Liege lord of monster, most infamous person in the entire world, the greatest enemy of humanity and, to a sad extent, your own elven race acting like a generous mother… You tried your best to avoid any movements and keep your breath even, tiny peeks revealed her sitting lonesome presence gazing at the bed since, really, there wasn’t anything else to observe and that’s when you notice her garb. Her majesty Jawahir was clad in a tasteful kimono of dark material with bat-like red motifs that hugged her body in a tasteful manner, hiding skin while highlighting curves, such a thrill for your sight that you decided to close your eyes properly when she stood away from the table, being careful to avoid making any sounds after pushing the chair away.

Slowly her steps carried her to your side of the bed where, obviously, Sieglinde was soundly asleep, big hand covered by exoskeleton wrapped in yours. Cold sweats and nervousness piled enough for you to demand a straining effort out of your trained self-control… it was obvious this queenly succubus would want to step closer to her oldest child, you couldn’t hide this handhold, Sieglinde was clasping it far too firmly, any attempts at being subtle would give you away.

‘’Hmm…’’ Her voice was a soft tone of mellowly honey and you kept yourself very still once the audible noise of moving feet ended on your right flank. ‘’…I hear a ribbiting frog.’’ She murmured, close, perhaps leaning over you. Imagining this Supreme Lady looking down at you in this manner was… was…

She rubbed your forehead. Admittedly her touch was gentle, her palm was refreshingly cold and wiped beads of sweats that threatened to crawl down your face.

There was no way to be prepared for that.

>Roll 1d20 to see how hard you jump.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Reflexively acquire headwings in retaliation.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

And the dice gods say...
File: 1360530058614.jpg (98 KB, 800x500)
98 KB
Merciful enough to not scream like a girl.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

File: 20.jpg (98 KB, 859x1102)
98 KB
Natural reflexes and far too much worrying combined to make you sit upright in a single movement, carrying Elina and Sieglinde arms forward in, thankfully, a safe momentum with only enough force to wake them.

‘’Aahum?’’ You heard a sleepy voice to your left, an increasing luster of gold near in your peripheral vision revealed the angel woken state whilst Sieglinde red eyes blinked open silently, hand squeezing yours into a comfortable embrace.

‘’Good morning’’ You tried your best to save what was left of your pride to greet Sieglinde mother. She silently answered your words with an acknowledging nod and a smile… no a beaming grin of sharp thin proportion with only the tiniest of white lines to reveal her teeth. An instinctive fear ran up your spine as you could only compare this expression to a predator, this expression reminded you of someone else...

‘’Whaawawa? What are you doing here?’’ And so, it began. Sieglinde groggy mind finally planted itself in reality and from this angle she could only stare right into her mom bust, unwrapping her joined hand to prop herself on her elbow and force the tall demoness a few steps back.

‘’Am I not allowed into my own home?’’ Retorted the succubus, putting up a terrible act of looking sad and wounded while all over the bed, groans, growls and gasps revealed your companions awakening and subsequent realization about -who- was standing so casually next to the bed.

‘’So soon? How!?’’ Sieglinde glanced down at her admittedly… casual nightwear and proceeded to pull the sheet to cover herself while her mother raised an eyebrow.

‘’I was already inside Zipangu royal castle to meet with your sister when your messenger arrived from the portal. I promptly decided to come back home last night!’’ She clapped her hand together with a faux high-pitched laugh, you also heard a few repeats of ‘’Demon Lord…Demon Lord… Demon Lord…’’ repeated by Vilma like a litany, then a surprised scream from Hao probably meant that something unusual happened.

Not that you’d attempt looking away, it’d be downright rude not to give her majesty your full attention. She was also your benefactor mother.

''You've certainly been busy hm? You always adored sleeping with us all when you were a k-''

''Mom!'' Sieglinde screeched and the green hairedSupreme Lady bit onto her index in amusement. ''I... yeah, I've been busy! Really! Just you... did you make breakfast?''
File: 12.jpg (179 KB, 850x1273)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
''Why shouldn't I? Hi, Belph you slept well?'' A little wave toward a casual presence reveals the goat sitting at the table, nodding mid-yawn.

Really, talk about nonchalance with the Demon Lord!

''I... well, I guess um...'' Sieglinde face had gained an adorable shade of red.

''Maybe you should begin by changing?'' Asked the motherly demoness, giving her long hair a familiar swoosh that genuinely stunned you. Such a perfect replica of Sieglinde mannerism...

''Yeah!'' Sieglinde was slowly but surely regained proper mental faculties.

''With the gentlemen present?'' Daiyu greened eyes looked at you with an unusual glimmer, a flash of luminescence came and yet in a second... Spooky.

''No! Arawn just... get out, go get changed!'' Another morning without enjoying ladies in pajamas...

''She makes really good breakfast.'' You heard Belphegor say to a silent Teruko as you made your way outside under the curious green gaze of her ladyship Daiyu Jawahir. Your spine was so damn straight that a vertebra began to hurt midway out of the room.

>Ending here for today.

I'll come back tomorrow to ask an important question, I'm a tad too tired to properly put my thoughts into words for now. Day 07 is certainly shaping up to be busy indeed and I might see about restarting earlier this week.
File: 11.jpg (65 KB, 950x670)
65 KB
I got a little question before closing the thread (went and archived it). With summer coming very soon I should be getting more free time and my health tends to do better during summer.

I've been thinking of starting a new quest because there's all kind of things I want to write that wouldn't really fit here in ToM (or risk bloating things up into ungodly proportion) and I've gotten better at pacing myself.

I'd like you guys opinions since you're my faithful players and gauge what'd interest you folks to help direct my plans.

Would you like another quest set in the ToM universe? (Could be running concurrently with our current story or made in the distant past where monstergirls don't exist yet, it'd be a very different tone than what we have here.)

I've also got a sci-fi/fantasy homebrewed setting cooking up, I'm not too confident running something with it yet.

Or something set in a canon universe? I've been mighty tempted to run a quest using the Ranceverse setting, though I'm not sure if many people know about it, I love that series to bits. Otherwise, I could also try reviving my old attempt at a Muvluv Alternative Quest. Mech vs Aliens is always compelling.
Hi! I am not sure if I'd personally enjoy much technology things. I am not familiar with Rance either.

As for making a secondary quest, I would say, only if you feel capable of it, and keeping this one as the main priority, (since I am already invested, hehe.)

If the new one would exhaust you too much to keep working in this one, then I'd prefer to stick just with this one. Otherwise, I will check out what you end up writing, as well!

Thank, I'd need at least 2 months to plan things up for something new so I'll be able to judge how much efforts that'll need. ToM will remain my main priority, just gauging some waters for now.

Heheh, I see. Anything of a hint you could tell us on what you have in mind? Or would you rather build up the suspense?
I can't quite say for now since I'm still bouncing options.

And I have to prepare things here too, Demon Lord showed up much earlier than I anticipated.
I feel like we're already messing around in another same cannon setting even if siegs adventures already timeskipped without us.
So Same ToM setting but in the past is my preference.

Too bad we never got to make enough moves on the demon lord with sieg to marry or something.
Thats some Top Tier Milf.
>Too bad we never got to make enough moves on the demon lord with sieg to marry or something.

Her situation was... very messy. Still, it's been 13 years since and things have changed for the better if you remember back when we incarnated Athena and became something like a best friend with her.

Old history can be learned by asking about it.

>Thats some Top Tier Milf.

Glad you think so. I've spent a long time creating this family, it's why I had you guys start here; narrative demanded I give them a very needed spotlight.
>we incarnated Athena and became something like a best friend with her.

What does this mean?

I really thought athena and the mantis would marry sieg, what with being with him from the beginning and soul linking with him.
Whatever happened to the robot built from the snow girls soul?
I didn't pay attention and forgot to finish my explanation properly. Basically, there was absolutely no chance for Siegfried to get into a positive relationship with the Demon Lord but Athena managed to salvage things on that front, while this history isn't vital for the plot of this quest and what kind of rapport you'll build with Sieglinde mom, it does provide explanations as to her activities.

>I really thought athena and the mantis would marry sieg, what with being with him from the beginning and soul linking with him.

Well... I shouldn't go out of my way and reveal things, even if they are obvious.

>Whatever happened to the robot built from the snow girls soul?

Emeth is alive, that's all I'm willing to reveal.
You can do whatever you'd like though I'd hope you'd keep this as the primary thing you're working on.

If you did either the distant past or the Muv-Luv option would be best as it'd mean you'd have to juggle less details between the two. I sadly know little about the Ranceverse save for what the "hyperweapon" is but hey, maybe I'll have to look into it.

Also, gonna take the opportunity to thank you for getting me into the Muv-Luv series. Truly it was an experience worth having.

Come on, ya knew we'd go for that option.

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