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Welcome to the Power Armor CYOA: Teamwork Edition's Operation: American Memory mission thread. I'll be your GM for this weekend; the anon with the boat fetish.

>IRC: #PACYOA on Rizon.net
>empty fluff wiki:http://the-power-armor-cyoa.wikia.com/wiki/The_Power_Armor_CYOA_Wiki


>"History is a set of lies agreed upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte

The briefing room as it is now is pretty much empty aside from the handful of individuals present there. Three pilots and two officers, one of which stood politely off to the side of the briefing stage, the other leaning so heavily into the podium in front of him so as to practically be laying on top of it. He stares with dissatisfaction at the pilots assembled before him for a moment before letting out a heavy sigh.

Lt. Lykken: "Really? The mercenaries? This is the best you could do?"

The woman behind him replies with a defensive shrug. He sighs heavily.

Lt. Lykken: "Alright, just let's begin."

The screen behind him lights up on command, displaying a digital map of the former US Capitol area.
File: 2_0 main.pdf (4 MB, PDF)
4 MB
Lt. Lykken: "This mission is to recover the digital contents of the US Library of Congress. Its a low-priority op officially put forward by the AC Historical Corps...but, well, this isn't actually an AC operation proper. It's really being run by GI; we're just sanctioning it, because apparently when they aren't crawling around in the mud drinking their own piss and smoking Devil's Lettuce, they're really into culture and stuff."

The woman standing behind Lykken gives him a disparaging look before speaking up.

Lt. Graham: "And also, the internet as we knew it ceased to exist when the invasion began, and with it pretty much all of our historical and technical records. We've been making do pretty well in the later with rescued paper books, know-how and AI, but we can't just recreate history from scratch like its just math. If we're going to rebuild civilization now that the war's over, we *need* to know where we came from! That's why those records are important."

Lt. Lykken: "Uh-huh..."

The map above Lykken's head gives flashy presentation of tracing a line through the area before suddenly zooming in and panning upwards to follow it.

Lt. Lykken: "Your route in has already been scouted out courtesy of GI operatives 'Biggus Dickus' and 'Stand Alone'. If you see them out there, say hi. Take the Potomac and Anacostia rivers as far as it'll go North, into the former Navy Yard area, then approach by land from there. The city's a wreck, but that'll work to your advantage when coupled with the cover of the storm, should you try and go the stealth route. Whatever you decide to do, the area is pretty low-key due to the lack of human population, and should really only be defended by drones. Once you do get detected, though, they'll raise the alarm, and you'll have a limited window of time to get the data before reinforcements arrive."

The display changes to include weather reports, estimated enemy strength and other statistics all shown somewhat too small for you to actually read well.

Lt. Lykken: "Oh, right. The sum of the Library's digital records exceeded 7 Petabytes of compact cold storage before the war started. Even if you moved all you collective porn around, that's beyond your suit's storage capacity, so we're borrowing a high-cap data tower from the Engineers. Don't break it; you can't afford what they'd ask in repayment for it."
>Ask questions now if you have them.
>Post bonuses with your actions, or I will assume you don't have any.

>Ready to go, pretty much.
"So, Washginton DC huh.

Are the American Remnants aware of these operations, have they provided us any relevant information from the last time they were at the capital? They were able to evacuate the President after all.

Should we, uh, avoid blowing up what's left of it as much as possible? I'm sure the place is still full of really important historical artifacts unless Reddit or TA tried to trash them."
File: 1509212954232.jpg (32 KB, 600x373)
32 KB
Pilot Name: Takeda
Suit Name: "Sarah"
Affiliation: TE Hacker
+/- 10 Tech Bonus for hacks and scans
+/- Com and Dex Pnealty

TE Engineer Support Suit “Sarah”
Size: Light
Adhesion – [FREE – drider]
Tremorsense – [FREE - Drider]
Spinner - [FREE - Drider]
Natural Weapons - [10]
Tentacles [10]
Burrower [FREE - Drider]
Levitation [10]
>Body Type(s) – Point Cost:
Drider [10]
Agent AI: [10]
Radio [0]
Advanced Suit Status [5]
Floodlights [5]
Hawkeye [5]
Thermal Vision [10]
Radar [10]
Terminal [10]
Spider [5]
Spyware [5]
Worm Platform [10]
Defense Maze [10]
Hardlight Projector [10]
Plasma Blade [15]
Heavy Bomb Generator [30]
Sticky Grenade [5]
Grappling Hook [5]
Capacitator I&II [20]
Collapsible I [5]
Collapsible II [5]
Kinetic Stablizers [10]
Camoflauge [10]
Lockpick Countermeasures [10]
Hardlight Projector [10]
Multi-Sensor [10]
Technician [10]
Engineering Kit [10]
Improved Kit [10]
Repair Kit [10]
Plasma Shield [15]
Plasma Shield [15]
Point Barrier [-]
EMP Shield [10]
EMP Shield [10]
Tesla Collider [-]
Avatar Drone [10]

Points: 360

Special Rewards:
Magnetic Force Emitter
Deflector Field

[DEX] [6] (+2 Drider)
[DUR] [2]
[POW] [8] (+6 Capacitor I & II)
[REC] [4]
[SPD] [4]
[STR] [1] (-1 Drider)
I just heard that this was supposed to be a game to introduce to the new friends, so I'll politely withdraw if that's the case.
File: welcome.jpg (47 KB, 512x295)
47 KB
Said newfriends are currently indisposed, so we'll probably reschedule for next weekend or something, I guess.

>If any anons have questions, you can ask them here.
what the heck is going on here? am i supposed to make a character?
If you want. This is a community game with an ongoing story we organize through a Discord server and play here on /qst/. We're always looking for new folks to join, though. The PDF in the second post has everything you need to make a character. The wiki linked in the OP explains most of the background for these games.
cool beans. got a link to that discord?
I can't invite anyone, unfortunately. Head to the IRC and I'll see if I can find someone who can, though. Hang tight for a minute, please.
Looks interesting. Is being in the discord necessary to play?
Not really it just makes it easier to send info/figure out if something is happening. I can send info in IRC as well.
Kinda sorta. We do all our coordinating over it. It's not 'necessary', but it is recommended. We do have the IRC for people that don't want to use Discord, though.

Go here, anon
And get in the #PACYOA channel.
Pilot Name: Wolfe

Suit Name: "Retribution"

Affiliation: Independent Mercenary

Independant Support/Command Suit "Retribution"

Size: Fortress

Siege Mode

>Skates [FREE-Crawler]

>Body Type
Crawler [40]

Engineer AI: [10]

Advanced Suit Status[FREE-Crawler]
Radar [10]


Radio [0]
Terminal [10]

Machine Gun [10]
Autocannon [15]
RPG [15]

Environmental Controls [0]
Medkit [0]
Capacitors I [10]

Plasma Shield [FREE-Crawler]

x5 Light x2 Machine gun [25]
x3 Scavenger [30]

>Drone Upgrades
Light: Airstorm [5]
Scavenger: Mechanic [10]

Points: 195

DEX: [1]
POW:[5] (-2 Crawler, +2 Capacitors) TOTAL: 5
SPD:[3] (-1 Crawler) TOTAL: 2
Bump for tomorrow. We'll aim for 12 hours from now and see how that goes.
Blitzpferd, reporting in. Looking into briefing.
And we're back.
File: AOR 1.jpg (586 KB, 988x624)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
It was a bumpy ride on the barge you were taking for the op. The storm had rolled in with force, dousing the area in cold rain. Occasional cracks of lightning could even been seen in the distance. Framed over the ruined former American capitol, it was a rather dramatic scene for a small operation.

>The red dot is your current location.
>The white circle is your destination.
Rolled 44, 24 = 68 (2d100)

Loose looks around the Naval Yard with his own two eyes, looking for anything out of the ordinary, or drone-like. Then, sighing internally, he activates Hawkeye and Sonar for pings despite the odds that one of them will malfunction with his outdated scrap.

"Welp, just you and me, Blitz."

>Rolling TECH for Hawkeye and Sonar, in that order
>-/+ 5 Malus from Phoenix Corp faction.

"Retribution reporting." The massive Fortress Crawler pilot says, seated in and running through some last-minute checks.

"Ammo, Full. Shields, Ready. Drones, Ready. Let's try not to level what's left of this place."
Rolled 91 (1d100)

New operation. Let's get this done, over with. "Heya! I, don't think I know you, mister...? If we cut a line right into our destination, I think we'll make it in time. I can go pretty fast, yanno!" Blitzpferd would point to its tauric lower half.
>Tech for Hawkeye!
>Engineer AI: +/-5 to Tech.
File: 15544.jpg (171 KB, 1200x829)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Your hawkeye activates, and surprisingly does not explode. You scan the Naval Yard carefully with it. Nothing obvious leaps out at you, however, just lots of ruins and running water as far as you can see. The city is a mess, of course; full of collapsed buildings and roads. The streets are full of rubble and burnt-out cars. A problem for a regular scout team, but not so much an issue for a suit.

Your sonar just picks up rain. Its impossible to make anything out of the constant rumbling.

Welcome, Wolfe. I'd recommend jumping into the IRC so we can chat easier than through 4chan. The room is #PACYOA.

Your Hawkeye shorts out as soon as you activate it, displaying a pure white screen. Looks like you'll have to restart it.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

"If you are talking to me, I am Wolfe, to be polite."


"Scanning with Radar, just to be sure.

>Rolling Tech for Radar
>Engineer AI: +/-5 to Tech
Rolled 20 (1d100)

"You should really stop using that. You realize that it never works, right?"
"I can try, you know!"
Hawkeye off, restart it, and she'll just, just run towards the next destination, and be cool!
>TECH to restart Hawkeye...
>Engineer AI: +/-5 to Tech.
Your radar detonates like a star trek console, showering you in sparks and generally scaring the shit out of you.

>Retribution's radar is unusable for the rest of the game unless repaired.
Rolled 87 (1d100)

>Wolfe's tech roll is critfail
>regardless of that, welcome Wolfe!

"OK, I don't see anything for the immediate term, so let's just keep quiet and get to moving to the destination. It's mostly straight-up ahead anyways."

Loose begins moving north upstreet, keeping a close eye on the surroundings.

>Rolling Tech for Sonar
>-/+ 5 Malus from Phoenix Corp
Elena rushes in towards the zone for the op, scanning the ruined city.
"Yuki reporting in."
You restart your hawkeye and try it again. Your HUD distorts fiercely as you switch it back on, zooming in and out to the point of giving you vertigo. Maybe you'd be better off hitting it?

You move through the streets, stepping over cars and wreckage as you pass them. Your sonar still doesn't seem to be working quite right. Or perhaps its working fine and there's just nothing to pick up? You can't tell for sure either way.

>Noted. Are you flying in or approaching from the ground?
Rolled 97 (1d100)

>flying in.
>activating Hawkeye
>modified crit fail
You trigger your hawkeye, and it straight explodes, cutting up your face a bit. As expected of hawkeye.

>Yuki's hawkeye is unusable for the rest of the game unless repaired.
Rolled 3 (1d100)

>wherein more tech critfails ensure

"Ah, Yuki! I was wondering if you weren't going to be able to join the party... I hear a lot of tech failures, but I gave the immediate area a search with Hawkeye. Nothing to report. Still trying to get Sonar to ping..."

Loose Sexkiller continues moving up ahead, keeping a regular eye out for any drones or any other defenses.

>Rolling for Sonar, for the last time
>-/+ 5 Malus for PC faction
Elena immediately throws the thing off, eye shut. She assesses the damage with one hand.
"Speaking of tech failures, Hawk Eye blew up on me."
File: 1515319230564.png (313 KB, 539x424)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
You slap your head, trying to get your sonar working. You're rewarded with an explosion of sound in your head that leaves your ears ringing and momentarily deafened.

>Loose's Sonar is unusable for the rest of the game unless repaired.
"Ah, fuck!" Loose yells as his sonar explodes. He pauses to get his hearing back in shape before speaking again.

"...OK, you know what, fuck this tech shit. Let's just get moving." Loose takes point and continues moving north. No drones thus far-at least they're not drowning in enemies from the word go...

> moving up like a regular person with no tech rolls.
"That's it. No more Tech. Fuck this. We move forward."

>Sounds of impacts can be heard over the comms as the Retribution moves forward.

"Goddamn piece of shit fucking..."
Feh, this thing was useless! The Hawkeye is tossed aside, and Blitzpferd enters its proper stride of "RUNNING DIRECTLY TO THE DESTINATION".

"Let's do this!"
"It's a shame."
File: 300px-Rhll_wire_rope.jpg (18 KB, 300x159)
18 KB
You pick your way through the road, your progress only slowed slightly by the cars littering the streets.

Retribution begins its ponderous movement, pushing wreckage clear of it's path and making a huge amount of noise.

Blitzpferd rockets ahead, blowing past Loose and knocking aside everything else in front of it. It looks like you're going to be the first one there in the blink of an eye, until you spot a flash of dull metal as a spasm of tentacles lash out in front of you

>Blitz, please roll three DODGEs
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Elena raises her rifle and takes aim
Rolled 63, 3, 78 = 144 (3d100)

Oh, man! There's things here. She should probably dodge. Maybe by going faster.

"Amano, take actual defensive maneuvers."
>Dodging! Additional -10.
>Duelist: Dexterity -10!
Rolled 37 (1d100)

Loose can only really watch as Blitz blows his speed out of the water, and Loose can only really start running to keep up.

And then Blitz gets attacked.

"Blitz, next time keep with us rather than full-tilting it!" Loose yells as he preps a War Lance throw. He switches on Overboost to make sure he clears some of the distance faster.

>Popping Overboost
>Rolling Dexy for a War Lance throw.
>-30 Dexy from Melee bonus, AI and PC.
>just in case it wasn't clear, Loose is aiming for Blitzpferd's attacker
Rolled 45 (1d100)


"Attacking." Wolfe reports apathetically.

>Activating the Autocannon, he opens fire at the attacker.
File: Techkill-matrix.png (258 KB, 600x350)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
You swiftly adjust your direction, dodging the first swipe cleanly. The second swipe comes within a hair's breadth of you, but a miss is a miss. The last one belts into you, however, nearly knocking you off your feet. Good thing you've got four of them.

>Blitzpferd HP: 13/15

You quickly take your shot, but its hastily aimed and goes wide by a literal mile, the laser beam carving up a building a dozen blocks away.

You throw your war lance, but the aim is a bit off. The warhead glances off the drone's round chassis, exploding behind it and framing its ugly visage inf front of a ball of fire.

You autocannon spins up, peppering the drone with shells and tearing large, smoking holes in it. It slumps to the ground, the lights in its many eyes going out.

The city around you is suddenly filled with the sound of shuffling metal over concrete.
Rolled 16 (1d100)

Elena takes a breath and attempts another shot.
Rolled 80 (1d100)


"We have contacts. Rally. Rally." Wolfe reports.

>His autocannon begins firing again.

>+10 bonus from ACC and FR.
Loose continues running to Blitzpfred, when a certain noise reaches his ears...

"Welp, we've been spotted. Book it to Capitol hill, we're here for the data."

Loose keeps his eyes peeled for more drones as he continues running to capitol hill.

"Blitzpfred, keep with us!"

>Hoofin' it to Capitol Hill
Whoa, tentacle monster! How lewd. Message gotten. "Keep moving? Shizuka Amano's my game, and speed is my name!" Listen to her latest (and never to be released) track, "Boost Boost Boost", today.
File: hog660_1500k_geohull.jpg (939 KB, 1500x784)
939 KB
939 KB JPG
You try and take another shot at the glowing orange dots as they light up below you, but your vision is still a bit hazy, and you simply carve more mass-scale graffiti into some buildings. From your aerial vantage point, you have a good view of the area. The number of lights below you is increasing. Two of them notice you in the air and take flight, their tentacles splayed out around them.

>Yuki, please roll three DODGES

Retribution stays the course, opening up with its autocannon again, absolutely shredding another drone to bits. The storm of bullets proceeds to tear into another behind it, and another, dropping three drones into sizzling clumps of metal. More press in past them, however, their many metal claws snapping at you as they hit your suit like a wave.

>Wolfe, please roll six DODGES

You two make it up to the Arlington Library. As with the rest of the city, its a wreck, but that should make it easy to get inside. You'll need to head for the basement and hope the archive is still intact and the Elena can reach you with the data tower.
Rolled 5, 98, 80, 19 = 202 (4d100)

Elena breaks off and attempts evasive maneuvers before taking a potshot.
>3 dodges (-27 DEX bonus)
>1 shot (+20 COM bonus)
Rolled 16, 19, 59, 87, 58, 84 = 323 (6d100)


"Alert. Alert. The enemy is upon me. Requesting assistance."

>Wolfe guns forward as fast as possible.
Rolled 99, 48 = 147 (2d100)

"Oh, crap. Elena, I'm coming!"

Loose activates his flight and blitzes towards Elena-she has the Data Tower the crew need-and attempts to murder a few drones, readying the Ultra Greatsword.

>Flying to Elena
>rolling 2 Dexy to attack the attacking pair of drones
>-30 Bonus from PC, AI and Melee bonus. +10 Malus from the Ultra Greatsword itself.
Rolled 73, 66, 96 = 235 (3d100)


>Slightly panicking, Wolfe fires off all three of his weapons.

"I am being overwhelmed. Requesting assistance.
File: 20040209102809_36.jpg (55 KB, 750x600)
55 KB
The first machine sends a tentacle punch towards your face. You lean to the side and dodge it neatly, bringing your rifle to bear. You try and get a shot off again, but you're a second too slow; a tentacle knocks your rifle aside as you squeeze the trigger, sending the shot wide. Two more tentacles lash into you, knocking the wind out of you and throwing you off balance, sending you tumbling to the ground.

>Yuki HP: 10/15
>Yuki, please roll and easy DEX test to right yourself

Retribution manages to shift its weight and dodge a couple of drones as they attempt to ram into you. The rest hit you full force, tearing at your suit's hull with their claws and laser cutters. Your suit AI pings you with alarms and damage reports as the machines begin eating through your hull.

Retribution HP: 9/15

You ignite your suit's boosters and take to the sky, ultragreatsword unfolding as you run the enemy down. You swing the weapon, but its considerable weight works against you, pulling you past the target without hitting it. You manage to twist yourself and kick at the drone as you fly past it, tearing through the machine's hull with your leg. Its partner sends a flurry of tentacles after you.

>Loose, roll three DODGES

You fire everything. With so many drones on top of you, its almost impossible to miss. The metal squids fall like rain around you, twitching even as Retribution crushes them underfoot with its steady advance.
Aww, Blitzpferd has no aerial options or ranged options. Ah, wait. "Take this guy with you!" A courier drone- colored red and silver, with a few yellow highlights- accompanies Loose Sexkiller, lighting on Elena's armor, and assisting her with aiming.

>Deploying Courier Drone, sending to Elena. (Their choice on which weapon, and which effect.)
Rolled 60, 37, 34, 98 = 229 (4d100)

Loose swings too far with the Ultra Greatsword, but at the very least he gets some of the heat off of Elena. The drone's attempts to lewd Loose are met with Loose's evasive maneuvers and another swing.

>3 Dodges, then the Swing
>-32 total bonus for dodging, from AI/PC/Dodge bonus
>-20 total bonus for attacking, from AI/PC/Melee bonus and Ultra Greatsword Malus.

>Coughing can be heard over the comms.

"Heavy damage received. Deploying drones."

>Eight Light drones armed with machine guns deploy from the Retribution, alongside two Scavenger drones.
Rolled 51, 95 = 146 (2d100)

Elena coughs and gags reflexively, attempting to right herself and gain some distance before taking a third shot.
>DEX test (-10)
>Shooting (+20)
You narrowly dodge the drone's tentacle swipes and swing again with your ultragreatsword. Once again, you over commit with the attack, nearly pulling your arm out of its socket; if the weapon wasn't attached to you would have thrown it away.

The drone continues to focus on you, at least.

>Loose, please roll three more DODGES
>Loose's arm joint is damaged. Attacking with this weapon will be done with an additional +5 DEX penalty until your arm is repaired.

The drones in your suit's carrier bay deploy and surround you, swimming through the air and firing their weapons as soon as they activate, keeping the squid drones at bay just enough for you to keep moving. You scavenger drones deploy and immediately dip to ground level, sifting through the wrecked drones for useful materials.

>Retribution has arrived at the Library exterior with Blitzpferd

You are able to regain control of your flight, but your altitude is still dropping currently. This time the shot is dead on, spearing the squid drone right through its largest central eye. It immediately goes limp and falls to the ground.
Rolled 6, 55, 82 = 143 (3d100)

"Fuck!" Loose says as he attempts more evasive maneuvers against the drone. "Gotta stop overcomitting."

Thankfully, Elena shoots it dead moments later. "Thanks. Now let's book it to the Library."

>Rolling for dodges
>-32 Bonus for dodging altogether
Elena makes her way to the library, reloading her weapon.
Rolled 23, 33 = 56 (2d100)


"Hunkering down and deploying into Siege Mode. I will cover while we complete the objective. Commencing repairs."

>Mechanic Tech bonus of +/-5
File: Arlington_Library.jpg (881 KB, 1912x1050)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
The drone wacks you with its arm. Before it can follow up with more, Yuki's shot ends it.

Loose HP: 12/15

You are outside the library with Blitz and Wolfe. The squid drones swim through the air around the complex, but Retribution's drones seem to be enough to dissuade them from coming any closer for now.

Your scavenger drones do their job and try to recover anything useful for repairs. Unfortunately the squid drones must have been too fragile for their own good, because they haven't brought anything back. They instead return to your suit and try to conduct repairs, but the damage seems to be a bit too much for them right off the bat.

>+1 HP. You may continue rolling to recover more HP per turn. How mch you get depends on the success of your rolls.
Rolled 27, 77, 5, 48 = 157 (4d100)


"Continuing repairs. Deploying the rest of my drones."

>Two more scavenger drones are deployed.

>Mechanic Tech bonus of +/-5
>Engineer AI bonus of +/-5
"OK! Now that we're all here, we've only got so long before these pesky drones get reinforcements, so let's make this quick. Me and Blitz will take point to clear the way for Yuki, make sure there's no drones in here. Simple enough, I think. Let's roll."

Loose attempts to find a grounded entrance (one that he and Blitzpfred can enter) and proceeds forwards from there.
Alright, area cleared sufficiently. Blitzpferd would wave at Elena and Wolfe, assisting Loose in finding someplace to enter the library, and if there wasn't one... That's why she had pile bunkers on her fists. To punch things.
Elena nods an affirmation, rifle reloaded. "Right behind you."
File: uzun-merdiven.jpg (56 KB, 800x500)
56 KB
Your drones continue their work, making progress on repairing the damage to squids caused to your suit.

>Retribution HP: 14/15

You break into the library and quickly look around. Almost nothing remains of the fine architecture that once filled this place, and years of exposure to the elements has reduced any paperback words to mold and mush. Luckily, that's not what you're here for. As you press on through the shattered halls, you find a wide stairway down to the lower levels of the building. Blitzpferd has to duck a bit to make follow after you, but manages to make it down. After a couple turns, you find yourself in the maintenance wing, blocked only by a locked metal door. The server room should be just beyond here.
The door offers flimsy resistance to a squad of power armors. Loose tears the door from its hinges in spite of the pain in his arm, revealing a dark room filled with rows of servers beyond. Elena quickly drops the oddly phallic-shaped Engineer device on the ground and presses a button. The machine hums and locks itself onto the floor. Ports along the tower's side slide open and wires snake out, plugging themselves into server ports. One by one, the machines slowly spin to life, and the data begins downloading.

Outside, the squid machines continue to circle around the library. The temperature of the rain drops to freezing levels, turning to hail.

The hail suddenly intensifies, turning into falling blades of ice.

>Wolfe, please roll 12 DODGES; 4 for you, 8 for your drones
Rolled 67, 50, 27, 1, 16, 8, 20, 100, 67, 93, 95, 99 = 643 (12d100)


"Weather is becoming hostile, be advised." He reports over the comms.
Loose takes a good look around the room with his eyeballs, and then turns towards the entrance, readying his blade (screw the pain).

"Hopefully it'll take care of the squids for us, then..." Loose remarks.
Blades of ice crash down on you. The ones that hit Retribution shatter harmlessly off your hull. Your drones are not so durable; half of them are speared through to the ground, destroyed beyond recovery. Sensing weakness, the squid drones surge in at you while something definitely not a drone falls from the sky above you, arms covered in wicked-looking blades.

>Retribution, please make 8 DODGEs

>The rest of you are free to act. It will be two turns for the data to finish downloading onto the Engineer drive.
Elena nods in agreement, scanning the room for any other entrances.
Amano would whistle, watching outside, and preparing herself for what would inevitably be a very not-fun run. "Hey, uh, I could possibly take Elena with me, and run? Depends on how badly we need to get moving under all this... It's pretty, though."
"anything going on up there, Retribution?" Loose calls over the Coms.

Then, as a passing thought, he turns to Elena. "Hrm, since we have a bit of downtime... I have a question for my own purposes. Why'd you become an elf? I'm just interested in your reasons, is all. Uh, if any."
Rolled 66, 32, 69, 77, 93, 22, 86, 7 = 452 (8d100)


"This is Retribution, enemy is swarming me, be advised."
Rolled 38, 80, 19 = 137 (3d100)


>Wolfe fires off all his guns, blazing.

>+10 due to Engineer AI.
Loose tenses. "Oh, fuck. How many, and is it just the same squids from before or worse?"

"Requesting immediate support." Wolfe drones apathetically.
"It would be better to go assist Wolfe."
Elena is clearly avoiding the topic.
"Alright, heading over now! Fall back on us if you can!"

Loose activates Overbooster and starts dashing out to the entrance. "You didn't really answer, so what's the enemy comp like, Ret?"

>Activating Overbooster to reach Ret's position.

"Hostile weather conditions have gutted my drones. I am being swarmed by the enemy. Something big, sharp and not a drone is also descending upon me. Situation is critical, my survival is not looking likely."

"Affirmative. Suppress them as long as you can and fall back on us. I'll be there as fast as possible."
Rolled 98, 95, 100, 89 = 382 (4d100)



>Wolfe commands his Light Drones to open fire.

>+10 to roll from Engineer AI
Rooted in place as you are, its extremely difficult for your suit to move. You manage to throw off a couple of the drones as they hit you, the the rest of the squids rip into your freshly-repaired armor. You open up with all your guns, bursting one machine after the other apart, but its not enough to stem the tide.

>Retribution HP: 8/15.

You currently have four squid drones directly attached to your hull, beating the shit out of you. Two more hover nearby, only holding back because their brother drones are in the way.

The ice suit lightly touches the ground and watches the squids attack Retribution. After a moment, it lobs a grenade at the crawler fortress, which explodes, coating it in a weird, sticky substance that begins to harden

>Retribution can no longer Dodge until a successful Easy repair roll is made to clear the material off of it

You bolt upstairs and outside. As you throw the entrace doors to the library open, the frost suit spots you and leaps into action with a burst of speed.

>Loose, roll 6 dodges

Your own drones act up now. As if guided by revenge for their fallen comrades, they blast the squid drones off of you with their machine guns in a display of unexpectedly fantastic accuracy.

>only two squid drones remain
Rolled 86, 51, 69, 85, 86, 94, 3 = 474 (7d100)


"Reporting, enemy suit has locked me in place using some sort of Ice tech. I could use some cover. Opening fire." Wolfe says.

>The guns and drones open fire.

>+10 to combat rolls from Engineer AI.
Well, time to get outside. "Elena, everything ready? I don't have a good feeling about what's going on, outside. I'm heading out now!" With that, Blitzpferd leaves Yuki to her own devices, moving towards the source of commotion, and hopefully moving in close enough to give this unknown suit a punch or three.
Rolled 6, 44, 70, 40 = 160 (4d100)

"Commencing repairs." Wolfe drones, ordering his Scavenger drones to repair.

>Mechanic -/+5 Tech bonus.
Rolled 79, 56, 14, 46, 90, 88, 37, 30, 84, 85, 5, 98 = 712 (12d100)

"Woah!" Loose yells as the frosty suit bears upon him.

>Proccing Aegis Nanites, Limiter Release (+2 DEX and +3 STR) and Celerity, in that order. -5 HP from Limiter Release)
>first six rolls are dodges with -47 Dexy bonus.
>Next four are melee attacks w/ the Ultra Greatsword. Two on Frosty, then one each on remaining squid drones. -29 Dexy bonus total.
>Last two are the War Lance, both on Frosty. The second hit has less damage due to the War Lance being unloaded at that point.
Elena packs up the suspiciously-shaped TE device, securing it in her armor.
"I'll be with you soon."
She starts out after the others, rifle ready.
The Frost suit moves with incredible speed, but you move to match it. Your blades clash in a flurry of strikes, each mighty blow of your greatsword met with a rake of whatever it is the Frost's talons are mode of. Simply put, you tear each other apart. With your enhanced reactions, you dodge half the Frost's opening attacks. The other half carve though your suit and into your flesh. As you lose your off-handed arm, you slam your greatsword into the Frost's neck, cleaving downward and nearly cutting through to the other side. The Frost suit screams and retaliates by stabbing you in the gut repeatedly with its claws. You feel cold spread through your belly and the claws tear your innards to shreds. You pull back and smash your blade into the enemy again, ripping most of its face off, before stabbing downwards through its chest. In a frenzy, the Frost beats against the blade until it snaps off from your suit, before kicking you away with a clawed foot. You fly several meters away before landing in a bloody, crumpled heap.


The Frost takes a shaky step forward and makes a gurgling sound, Loose's greatsword still rammed down its throat. Retribution's salvo finish the defeated Puppet suit off, riddling its ruined body full of holes. It falls to the ground, purple fluid oozing from its body in a pool around it, mixing with the rainwater.

By the time your wrap things up downstairs and make it outside, the fight is over for Loose and the Frost. The two squid drones that remain don't understand the concept of a finished fight, and try to attack you both as you clear the steps of the library. Retribution's drones cut them down as they make their move.
Oooh-whoa, whoa- Oh. "Data's downloaded! Give me a status report, you two." Blitzpferd marched outside, searching for the other two suits.
Rolled 89, 68, 5, 46 = 208 (4d100)


"Loose is down. Assume condition Critical. Redirecting Scavenger drones to repair his suit."

>Mechanic and Engineer AI -/+ 10 Tech bonus.
Your scavenger drones circle around Loose and begin trying to repair him. They manage to patch pieces of his suit back together, but there's not much they can do for the meat parts. If Loose is going to live, he needs to be evacuated back to base as soon as possible.

>The combat portion of this mission is over, and the data has been retrieved.

"Recommend stabilization. Use Medkits to keep Loose alive." Wolfe drones over the comms.
"Loose is down? Hang on, I'll go after him!" Okay, medkits are- There, right, okay. Blitzpferd follows after the Scavenger drones, with Amano exiting out of her suit, medkit in hand. "Hey, you alright? Where's it hurt? I'll try and patch you up as best I can, but we're gonna have to RTB, ASAP."
Loose is extremely unconscious at this moment, but somehow not dead by some miracle. He's thinking of three things: How amazing that fight was, how much he wants every last bit of the Frosty suit, and busty, beautiful women crowding around him.

He's kind of too unconscious to do much else at the moment.
"Load him up on me." Wolfe says. "I certainly have the room for him. He'll be safe there."
Okay, he's not THAT dead... yet. "Alright, gonna take that silence as 'everywhere'. Beginning application of medkit! I'll haul him over, once I'm done."

True to Amano's word, Blitzpferd returns to the Retribution shortly after with Loose (and his suit) in its arms, loading him up.
And with that, the operation comes to a close. Loose is taken into Retribution's cargo bay and everyone makes the long trip back to base.

Loose clings to life the whole while back and is taken to a waiting EMT. They begin to take him to the medical bay, but after some consideration they make a detour to the Engineer ward of the base.

The data tower is returned to its owner, and the information within copied to Armor Corps' servers; the history of humanity has been secured. Mission Accomplished, thanks for playing.

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